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This is dumb men's room. It's those big black car 9844999. Hole play profile that's coming up me and. I've got your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right McDonald will be offering Disney themed toys and it's happy meals again for the first time since 2006. I'm assuming they destroyed emerge of deal would business. EMI guest says David affect the frozen to comes out next dress them to do that or onwards and having. Well the media likes Star Wars appeals kind of old generation frozen is to keep it to me. That's a money maker into a trust Mansour happy meals. I'm hopeful that the idea frozen that's salesman Reza wouldn't exactly are gonna have to see the whole meal should just be frozen. For the fifth but did you see the pattern why is that it that it wasn't that. I mean I just threw right at. That is there frozen I have to admit I sort of bring back a little chicken nugget yet. Elian Alia people collected those men and amid a North Carolina got kicked above flight took off Fisher ran out of of the tarmac and try to fight the baggage handlers. Why I only just come off because he got kicked up a flight North Carolina. You know how do you know getting his bags back. That might be what it is. I don't know. Several strange little what is the follicles and don't let them reflect your bags still go your own where you were going. You know I'm not good but not gonna take the time to look quite right you got kicked off the flight that's on you bright yet right yeah. But that they you do that by cracked knowing how heavy some of the bags are the people that I've traveled lived. I'm going to assume that you don't want him as whether every day bag you know Halard. Who picks up a fifty pound bag of frozen in the air every day round or underground another one rat pack and I got that would now be the gentlemen I would modified enough. But however if you again. At least he's real aggressive get thrown off the floppy that you pick on the baggage right what the bad guy do it. And the thing of how alt on the tarmac at all the airport and we'll. I mean that the fold so all of airport employee. Then into the waste of time pretending I'm happy to see you know they don't have a look at agreed to Thursday into their life. Yeah that's a guy named bag from the conveyor belt stars' public they are an arms folded and leave them back in it's been focused you don't have to be happy with the guy get a manual work and they never have to be happy to see you because strictly speaking they never should see you the truth is right at the freezers in Australia just completed the most thorough research that's ever been done on the fabled mind. Sorry I didn't read that removal on. Although there you're I don't know abandoned and now gone around and look at home while on the fabled well. Everything is OK and on the fabled doorbell that some women have a spot. These violent yet and it. We'll probably geez Bob yeah eight analysts say that tells her she's David Banda Entergy love and special sauce I Kenny G was ever Kenny g.'s via. I could G six likened GCX. I. I edited G spot there inclusion is that it doesn't exist poll on it its visibility ignorance really didn't find it. I can't tell you when I was a little this is all of loving it is all do it's I don't know managed as researchers in Australia they were here gee whiz. And N and there was no way about it NAFTA you live if I think good attitude out early July miseries and Jose easy day and a give and help them rank the thing today. Tournament a man in Florida tried to rob a 7-Eleven by pointing his finger at the cashier's seven guys. It allows. I've anymore and he gave him money some way over his bitches cores how to put it to keep till my finger pushed again this. That's their ths actually declared didn't give him any money and you run up on a bike last year the conference to look at farm. Why the certificate because there's some nut bag trying to rub people witness I have as you can you know for threatening. Right but that they ask that evening and overnight had a robbery right as an attempted robbery usually give me money and I wouldn't you yes or is it me making a really stupid request but was it a finger gonorrhea with you don't like that in the shirt thing. Man the fact that the cash she didn't give many might tells me that he just kind of in the finger again frat which means is that just stupid doing in the shorter days. All right how of that even a crime you can do a show on the night and overnight shift of several of got no chip in and does live camera that you. Thank you don't go again I serve another basically with a coffee tasting it. It's funny frown Christie who comes in there through you know through the morning. A new survey found a third of us have experienced things like depression anxiety and loneliness after been watching a TV show. Yeah I don't know to be true but I was suitable spent. Considerable consecutive hours alone doing nothing right that wind it is done and that adrenaline rough is gone away like. Right now there's sit in my Harold and doing you feeling and you will be about myself. All right and I accomplishment that I might ask well what size larger meat I I go. Media about his job you did OK okay guerrilla arms right Mike that's right. Give you read a whole medium by the state. And I pharma Tuesday that the I'm up I'm gonna go on thinking it was what that. You gotta drowned Saturday night you know apple more things somewhat more peace they. Potatoes let that get QBs led by I am favored everything the Democrats are well. Our out of their lives is it says the average couple spends how much time how many minutes a week having sex. Less than three are the studies at camp physicals sex yes the gulf right. Yeah all right four point I think a hole every hole and everything combined from beginning to you're gonna let a tent alright I'll say 45 minutes. Australian eleventh tournament 69 minutes. Okay good picture there. Okay. That's good look while exact a Dublin you gave placed an ad offering 3500 dollars for someone to get their seven and eight year old kid the sex talk for the that's just that come along and wanted to cover everything from sex and gone to pregnancy and transgender issues they're not going six amendments. I think it's whereas if you can't argue kids about sex and your so you know. Thrill as dot com has put together a list of the most underrated city in. Every state. He we saw some on that list man and a we can't figure out specifically what their criteria is because some of the cities some of us have been two in overtime the brunt of the city the response from the birth of the burden of a I'll come if it but it. Let me explain the the plate. Robert totals about one of the cities like OK they have like a quilting museums on the way I'm like okay. That would be and is not even interest thing you can see that the point of interest in the town about that does not meet you under rated two of the quilting museum and coma. A fire department in Tennessee had to rescue a man from about forty feet up in the tree on Saturday night after he climbed up there to try to get his drone. They got him down safely but as of today it is the don't still stuck up there about the drums on tomorrow with the invalid in the germ even on this repeat this under the don't affect it. I mean I would because there's a stressing tax vacuum it intrigues you ask. And more importantly he went forward and things are right. I'm thinking you got nothing to back down when you get you can get back down with the slippery and it's right lions camp. Let live and the jaguars get them then they think they they can climb up trees they they don't go very far is oftentimes we can't get back to clue what they do lately as the biggest of them into the eye of the what I thought that. What I love up there that fell and broke its back I'll play Egypt and OK all right it's aggressive what our game and I didn't know our ideas make your bed. Sometimes death everyday I did it every day thirty cents 37%. Of people say that they always make their bad according to a new survey. And only 7% admit that they never make it a rarely make my event. I think once you start doing it you're. Count me in the apple and you don't write about Cuba probably 45 days a week now. Yes because I'm totally takes a long it's basically you know it just me. Two shoplifters in Phoenix were arrested after they ran from the cops and jump defense into dual. And police station parking lot dissidents rules trying to hide it yes in the police station in front of these days apart and I never find a seriously. We're that he defense or a police station parking. But I really doesn't say whether you know I think people should be messing around with cart to. Maybe they do it because they know if you supply offense idiots like them what food. Let's just climb the fence to get away from the cups than a rough neighborhood since it's like putting the that's like putting based on the trapped in their own thing. Amanda what evidence about the New Jersey after having spent all night at a frat party in West Virginia and found that he had made out of this expensive mistake yes he did. A sailed out of what are now they are dark and I don't know it one hour from now first the good love. Kris. The drug to police are on how profile this is playing a short ten miles that the simple game where we share with you real like news story. Something that happened right here I'll play and our of our. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people in the decisions that people make. LSU what it is you think makes the story a story hello Anthony welcome to the men's room. Wow aren't antennae. You understand how does your games way. Fantastic here's the story in this gays in the bulls looked when he rural transit he broke into a business and Van Nuys California on Monday night. In the use the computer. Watch more instead of watching porn online they brought a little CD that was filled pornography. And I would like to point out. That was a mammoth plant now the owners of the business as it turns out they live upstairs told the wife found them. She would downstairs note to computer resign on the which in turn lights on. There he was shocked and of course naturally he screamed which got the intention of her husband and her son. They tackle a guy held him until cops showed up. Yeltsin model I took some cancers facing burglary charges do you believe that this master matured predator is black and white Maxi or viewed. We're Wear this at all. Or and I California systems on Alex. Madden. I'm Alina and light on this one what do you guys think. He broke him. He broke gets even still some cash. But the reason he hobbled around there and they have a computer he had a porn dvd loses our whole house it's a store but the the people who own the store liberals that. To the bottom of the storefront I don't know come business of laws but they live upstairs he broken grabs and cast all the other computer instead of serving for more from our end. He had his handy dvd that. I think it everywhere a break and she went into the computer and when business was indeed edu was an old school late CD-ROM and a bunch of portable dvd. We had a dvd breaks in just watching there and is that as I understand story yeah and then they arrest. That corrupt yeah there's not attended go on here and I. And I think you feel like to be any money. I don't look at it definitely film a lot of foreign found a way to break in the one Kimberly he's only 28 I mean that was the one thing as Illinois get a dvd of boards doesn't like fifty. Right 55 like that would be my natural I think this is an older guy not real tech savvy. Still as is DVDs. Part of me is also kicked in what the hell was this dvd knows that good Brett no entree view but I would not give up this dvd I'm gonna guess point. You know so I I historic eighteen key and when I'm at a white guy came in and bludgeoned porn on one of our display. Yeah. That's like a lightning. I'm into the white. Final answer to sure I didn't I would define an annual black white or Mexican or Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned them men's room. About a six California and a homeless man who was having a break into a business there and setting it on the computer check out to Barney had a dvd CD somebody away. He got down to business but unfortunately for him the family lived upstairs above the business so the mom I guess heard the ruckus downstairs when it comes down. Dad comes down kid comes down Agassi all the guys down enough eventually he was busted. That is correct and Anthony we ask you do you believe this guy I was black white makes you or Jew. Into normal little bit but me I'm pretty resolute you went whites. And are. Maxed out. California. Makes me from today and people that were familiar with the MI's comments came in 100 resumes max's that a good Vincent Van Nuys movement. Now relative is all that matter TV time but today. Because you're pathetic life. Into countless hours in front of a talking box and the mid drew presidency. I think what I think it's fun to see in any sports arena. Disrespect. How I say that I mean it just kind of fun to see if I don't mean Mike. Punch in subdued her column is mom's a war or something like that. But we see good. I think he's a tasteful disrespect. Short Perrier and having I don't know if so disrespectful Audrey you're about to hear hear listen to here. Ideally Billy. To James Harden plays for the Houston Rockets he crosses up the dude. And it's the announcers say that he falls over and then mr. Harding just kinda stares at a certain. All right some good amend your FaceBook page and check out their vehicles and jet to see I was watching this scheme block. Is that one hardened. When he crossed the mark with a guy falls over on trips over his own feet just takes around issues Brett. Any steps back to the three point line but then he just stand there for like a second and a half of the Bosnian and just stares at the dude. But every nobody kinder reacts and then Benny finally puts up the three in switched. That's what makes the worst that he switched yeah you don't economists have thought Garrett then is that it's like have you but the fact that you made the shot as gracefully as did life dad didn't know where to look cool there's just not. And I I mean Susan watts have been very it is just brutal I think hard try to see afterwards gouged you but he was doing registers okay like he's not quite what puppies they like I think the first victory season like it I'd just bring his Anglo. If I look even if you. For real broke somebody's ankles I still think the first instinct when you call somebody up like that is you can like call me. And I feel bad later in late in the moment that you crashed the drama you know who like Duncan on someone if you could you know he's probably across. And easy to highlight our mammoth testicles just hit him right in the face you know recollect but and yeah. I think it's better when you see the compete do you get dumped on Alitalia you know inning and it sometimes me and I do think nowadays. Especially because it's so prolific now I think a lot of guys are Smart enough to get out from underneath that hoop you'll but there's sometimes you just don't know the trailers with that other dude. And you too much time you turn her account somebody's just nothing to break yet at. But either way that's at got to be one of the most disrespectful because he might by the way. Mike I would say one of the more respectful human being dying now and might there not a guerrillas from Atlanta's ass over there is that he's I had as a threat or all of the other guy's fault that you stay on its feet I think it was a clearly it. You know I think there's a lot of crap like denim sportswear if you don't care in a really ignited invested in anyway like you don't understand why there's no excitement of baseball you are still like a back flip is a big deal to everybody so he understood the game he just he used to think that that's bikers there it's photos and agony NB a can't stay on your own two feet come on not. A child's play since the pros is the lead governor billion dollar. I did he's got the reaction of spec known Mike talked a moment. You know what kind of bounce it around here. Some day the bring it up someday that delta. Believe we should give back get through the gap to vet SNL skits put. When number to a negative. We should be our number do we want four right through and skipped yes skip one of over come from 15. Right we started to number one privately number two right what had skipped three yeah we play three should we play for. Abuja played like it doesn't have to be done in five date. It's. That it doesn't work for me I got I have mock chop them. Explores seeing. Instead here's the other rock legend Bruce Dickinson and while big. But at Dickinson wants more capital we should probably give him more Calvin today. Involved you are right now being selfish. For the last time I checked we don't have a whole lot of songs that feature of the Calvin. But how about. Months over the service. Everything. That's what. Got people up the only prescription. Is small cap back. It's. Christopher Walken is your voice you're in and Will Ferrell obviously with your he gets it came out. Now. Nine. 2000. Now. Yet that was great to get there only done one time. They did an eighty they did a bunch basically that. The senate from Netscape from what I can remember was VH one did a show called behind the music right rhetoric so they're kind of parroting that they did one with. When Will Ferrell was Neil Diamond I was great panels the same thing that when I think was the bigger what might be you know behind the music publisher cult whatever was there like. He was well trails like you know like. He's tired of it on gobbling. Love on the rocks or whatever is like roses song about a hooker in Tijuana. That Jones other a lot of dramatic evidence yet. I don't know racks and a public view can be death right easing and that weird point and you can't get to the mail this irreverent movie and I think. Yeah you're right there at right there more caliber some of those one off skits and that's an opening up Saturday Night Live and even talk Maryland doing this list which one day. My friend up the whole west. We're gonna get that wanted to protect its funny how many of those skeptics sticking your mind you like it was unbelievable that the you're really don't want the one time and has that one thing and people still quote I'd be able to album. As they via NPR ladies room. You know local rule this slightly coach what do ball I think on this Tom liked what I am only trying to reach when he's ready yet without Baldwin. Out of Baldwin by the way. He's getting a new talk show five days a week. But you have to remember he had went on MSNBC to her and he got fired from that when I think that was only like five years ago. And how well we'll do what I mean who knows. He does well what many things but the characters she plays in. BC imagery puts forth that we Steve the very similar. Yeah and remains on the I don't know what that show would be. Right and I think Alec Baldwin I think he's doing well right now two and on the president trump stuff. But really people like that character of his presidential like and you put him on a show five days a week you're find out Yemen. And you are going out brawl he's also got nine kids under the age of four I think you're using another house as much as possible. These jobs and a suicide rates. That is always a famous sketch there with him a peach wedding and they are on NPR not a fan of NPR Zach Galifianakis. Thanks so he likes NPR it was sort all the time and sometimes even NPR to bite back as he told code was. Into NPR then. I have a T shirt on of the station I've donated money to Niger supporting I hate him 500 dollars to station to get the teacher from Bangladesh yeah. So the radios on and these these critics they get rated review a movie that I know that and then I say to myself by students off. But I I listened to it and this is what one of the critics that. Let's hope this is the end of Zach Galifianakis is career. Really does that hit critic goes I hope you're right. Yeah times a friend of India and NPR link tied result. He follows the paparazzi around her day right then and the paparazzi gets a call. Hey we got does Zach Galifianakis who rose cafe. The paparazzi daggers. No thanks that's coffee money. That is very we're just gonna something like him or specifically kinda and they don't like you. The whole idea of between two ferns lousy idea PBS Jordan a little off an old boring stage with them you know two ferns and yeah 100% expect their eye disease is funny and I do believe him that he has PBS and NPR shirts that some bang and then that threat there is got a replica. Over the end of his career may two crates. Thank you NPR and now we've got real things accomplished. It's. Jerry Springer who is always Barea. When he do you Jerry spring whether or not you like homer don't. A pillow with him you know nowadays people he'd still be a mayor of a major city right it's no use checks anymore. Her husband Jerry Springer is always been very honest about what ratio is right beneath it gets kind of stupid things and that. But he was in an interview with the Daily Beast and basically just a quote like it's stupid. But he says he doesn't get you lead this criticism which are kind of like I'm cut out a pair Fraser were a bit this lesions that look AM. Everybody doesn't think stuff and he's like you know you think the people my show they aren't rich enough things are good luck and so we call them trash. Beneath lake and a celebrity's promising thing and saying oh my goodness you know like this person. We would look at it completely different your favor rich they need help them going off the rails. Look at some of the show right to think you know it is a Geist cheat on his wife with a baby sitter you know think. Writes that guys trash relate Ewan McGregor star. Yeah yeah. Well Schwarzenegger has right there he has to learn about nick oldest sitting in Dayton Ohio says you know I cannot believe you're having sex of the baby sitter you know we should do. We should drive since Manning announced for Georgia to me like that's the follow out micro money buying generally they don't know. They know he's having an affair and they bring out the baby sitter OK and call off so they don't know why they went to Cincinnati initially. I don't know why but better yet would you not know why you're there. They've never not surprised guests on the show. That's I'm saying like hey let's go to sensitive about religion so world that we're having sex with a babysit. Cancel on that trip slogan again to be fair for the people want to show you beat the people win the monthly security. Anatomy. What you do the other day you can find it when your baby. And anyway he was the mayor since then the state to show in Chicago outgrow it right there it's like a free trip to Chicago you're gonna get to be on TV. You know and who knows right if you're just dating maybe it's like oh. He's got a propose to me and it's like no. He's looking up with a babies younger volleys and your sister right exactly but things now he's a good note I have everything in our on our luck opera I if if if it. How deep does ago. There. Jimmy Fallon with a lot of funny skit that's what I like he's got real news anchors are okay but what they're doing is just reading fake headlights and of these stories are true. But it just these are actual news anchors reading means that kind of fake news have. I'm going to read the next news story like my teeth aren't crazy glued together. The dirt curtains closed the mother until the until you turn donated her her whole. Now FDA reports that rock cookie dough is now legally considered a vegetable so a penny mindset as you for eating it straight out of the fridge. Darren idiots. No news check me out I'm reading the news when my eyes closed. And I'm nailing it. Ski mask enter the bank today but they were robbing it. They just had gold faces. News meaning a big boy meet put on shouldn't save big boy words mean being important the important yes. Equally important. You bet she. Breaking news it's now illegal for anyone to call themselves a model slash DJ who. Am happy that afraid I'd say now let's. Eight forecast. And no closer look at my head our opinions behind its. I wish the mile DJ was a real thing. I'm miles you know mountain. Yeah outlined in a business card before. DJ Dov Gruner. Dog walker. Baby sitter Jeff and I night's wedding planner. Yeah. It's of the days that just like their regular nine a virus to cure but if you ever asked donors acknowledge each final a if you put a look at the difference and councilman that the light. This guy and Egypt and right as we live man tell you what a DJ Obama well no. I automatically don't believe. Yes definitely that's a tough John re beginning to. Get to the people who do what are good yeah make a lot of money which you can't suck and do it. Eagle why they make so much money the big time DJ. I would guess just on the on the crowds they draw. It is the best business laid plan ever ranked so if you're a major rock behind you Metallica can't put a ton of money off your tore right. Would you have to spend millions Holland that cigarette oh right right you're right which is eight fiesta I think he's one inning. Like when that guy shows up in Vegas the club starting out the lights that rarity at the south is going to show you open I don't forget that these two buddies they're gonna hydrate. The F an easy for the club to. At first they like those guys right there is stacked it catches it too easy business model does fly into the no middleman red a plugin and you play. Nothing I can do decked out the fate of a daddy did you go to Alabama over the open you know at the pay like nine million people. I mean the Backstreet boys and there's a limit her residency in Vegas they are fed up with that everything. Yeah that's true. Yeah I mean I would think that's why a lot of acts when they go to Vegas and do those residency that Friday and makes so much money you know to change not doing it all behind it on travel to pencil us. And then when you come up and the Metallica are you too I mean the amount of tractor trailers they use. Since it was one of those strike those new to just bundles. Probably. The weird thing about that we are having a discussion we were in Vegas about how cool would be to have that exact scenario where. And nickel back was starting residency so OK and you're in you're doing how many ever shows you don't have to go on the road. You can get a hotel room and stay in a one hotel room and that we thought to ourselves and these are whom are live freely admit that I fraudulent of the net but. You're still in Vegas after two or three days of Vegas. Vegas is hard on you if you're not on to war and you're just there you know I think that I go to the did you get used to it got to manage yet to figure out yet been cleared out party is hollered. Amid the bill's point plugged a professor work what you like them and they are professionalism thing and I will say. If they know the next night they have all. I could feel my gavel we take alternative. Everything Vegas says the offer but otherwise manly and no matter what I get a reverend and played bay is the crowds there we don't have to travel amount boss I got my own place. And and every fourth day fifth day. Article Grey's. Org about Bob on yeah I think I've gone wild is I got a couple friends that live there. I a couple of like they were dislike well when guys crazy he part real time but that I had an element that was there and he was just like thank you just it's so used to it that it's late. But they basically make Haiti go into the strip him either they were published runnerup you know I mean for a premature to bunt the mass of hotels leaves that you currently almost become numb to it. But they just don't know physically is everybody when they go to basis say what you are I am right but you're ago. Crazy for 38. It gets statement now. Don't you know it is time to leave act. That is it and fight family feud always does great things sometimes they have good combinations of people I know the earlier going to be excited about this one. The car dash Sheehan and Kanye West are doing a celebrity family feud. Yeah I know you're thinking but is it Kanye West RD any kind in the Kardashian family's votes that west against the Kardashians. It's Chris Jenner Khloe Kardashian Kendall Jenner. Grandma Mary Joseph Campbell I'm sure a number soon. And they say a cousin. Okay chance paving naymick thousand. Not big enough yet. Does the launch of cousins career and then came in Kim and Tonya you're gonna have their own team lets members of Kanye spam. Yeah I don't know man. I'm out I will say this if your core your pilot parent Courtney Garnett shooter carried chatter it's kinda weird. Chris is 83 Q who won't mother but Mary Joseph Campbell she does these part of ma'am because she got the call and they didn't. Where she was available via you know what a family feud I'd take Ramallah thing. Chela and I'll play a few would you play the feud over jeopardy. Well if you can make you feel a lot better by yourself in jeopardy as I would try jeopardy but you just gonna either feeling like committee we got no challenge what about wheel of fortune jeopardy here the feud. Well ultimately prices right. But at I think I'm a broken off if you are I'm confident I'll buy could beat the other team will forge an assist the local real. Yeah I have to spell that right issue I'm never in real real fortunate that across words I think I had Linda that would be the guy be better playing. Now I'm with you though prices right is that correct Cambodia wanna wanna play let's go make. Money paid Derek Brazilians are headlines John Allen Mike Cox you are listening to avenger radio network the timely and twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. During a Panama City, Florida our neighbors the dad and daughter having consensual sex in the backyard. Meanwhile a man blacks out and it takes over all cities 16100. Dollar charge appears on the scars. Other Alaska climbers are allies and Ollie is covered in 75 years of human waste a Russian woman hates rivals so make the cheesecake with a poisonous taste. And a school fans give them touching snow it is time for your headlines. It's kinda hit. Mike Cox. I'm all right not a man woke up and is on the New Jersey after having spent all night at a frat party in West Virginia and found out that he had made an expensive mistake. He did you directive at least 200 dollar bar tab after having drank all day. And going to the bar but then he made a mistake of calling and over to take him home from west from home from West Virginia campus twos on the New Jersey. The mistake because of them over 16100 dollar you Shuler you only take you to New Jersey. Yeah I. And did a little bit of research that at least 355. Miles that he made Denver driver plus he took it over accidental. Did he really yeah a damn about it the biggest were having this thing down payment and I'm from Jersey you've gone back to Jersey you can get like an African Prius you give me. I did like yeah I think each we get back out or something like I gotta go get my bags so hopefully you already ball. I'm just if I'm not over driver I'm pissed that I got that call. Why that's a huge fare that is but now I gotta drive all the way to New Jersey for West Virginia and then back in my didn't take him back and in the middle of the night. Ahmet miles I think it's been a failure have. You got him available how much of that you have to get to keep. I mean I don't know the percentage is yeah right it UIB work you made money yet. Are you never lived upstairs and like next I had heard a mega money from that Larry grounded and very friendly 700 miles an nights a month. Around the world and other fine Dell out of Florida man was battered and arrested for having sex in the backyard of the home that was not his own. However the woman that he was having sex with a was a zone it was his nineteen year old daughter. I affair where residents are within says NASA where it would stay Florida animals and. Am a mop in it I. The team reason at all you. He received it. Just if I met up there I find this couple have insects like all right IDs both. Now the last name of the Salem both of these. You are married couple. Good you're dead. An injury like your grown jail full oh yeah that you. Consensual act climbers have the knowledge of the Alaska but creating a bit of a problem an estimated 36000 climbers over the last sixty years have left their waste on top of the mountain. And researchers found that not all of the weight is actually decomposing. The new rose yeah exactly so new rules are being put on the plate to allow a single crevice that climbers can dump itself crevice. One gremlin and I had to throw him in a multiple crevasse is in the name gets streams that are filled with two back right. Right so eventually that water you know like anything else flows plenty of that area muddies the water a little red associate if true environmentalists as every airline then that might knock him out very widely original CNN San there returner Ted vs the FCC bad jokes profiled as a once again we will drink it tells with a shot of the day it is indeed it is. All true but in the meantime we'd be old about Newton. So until next time please do what you do best and relieve the site. Noon and beautiful. Truman's mandate before a lot of studio audience who wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester to limit. The presentation knows. The man through radio network.