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This is dumb men's room. Listening to its real. It's just got out of the shadow of the day is on the way and the return of no as Sherlock in the meantime the game. Is big dummy 844999. All of we have David on line. Playing for team sober. Yeah bumps are real quick about tumor. Also very great in the movie he too were able to shoot outs and Al Gore who is also illegal. It was gonna outright I grant another we're gonna name at all all of the first season of entourage she plays a spiritual leader grows wheat had no idea was it. Coconut aren't bird the great role. Are there to question. What is that national language of India. I. The league I you know and not hold up and wanna saying it and our. No Baghdad that they embody the it's coming into. It seems that any rating is accounted for ranked forever. Stole. 47010. Yeah don't Gandhi did his bank bank and who designed the golden disk on the Voyager spacecraft. Oh Ireland. Who designed the golden disk on the Voyager spacecraft. Oh. I don't know that you've heard and. Welcome to build. Cadillac exactly and it's a little while the door to allow that he stuck the one thing jar. Ali Stephen Hawking these states who want. As marathon training apparently. What magazine did John Belushi and Chevy Chase to the comedy star. I wanna see that night. It's. I didn't listen three. Questionable period. Recent history and what year it was the first article rooms. I. You can got to know that but I on the today. Chief vowed then and war. It. Only know they recently. Arrival in 20022050000. There hasn't heard on the line. A lot of people believe that the answer to those questions are very on the tenth Smith put on him to assure you that has been debunked on house notes. But who was the Teddy bear named Becker. You're Brazil. The president last Dayton. Every. Every president should have some type of item this named after them. But I'll tell you should stick with the animals the Miami so people self conscious in Hollywood everyone I think it depends on who the president. I had so what would your bad for Jimmy Carter or peanut peanut absolutes and have a peanut butter may be OK here are based on his brother. For Ronald Reagan may be a delicious gently being that'll stick around forever like the best Chile Bolivia Morales is in those movies about join my jelly bean. He loved jelly because it there's big from the logo and the one thing he would do that would George Bush a senior isn't he got a vegetable did you know he hit a broccoli right. I don't like black. I'm not any catches for Atlanta and I don't definitely I mean you kids in Haiti broccoli in a school but straightaway like the series that I'm not joining on this I can't stand it on the right now if I don't I can't I'm not as definite pattern that either. I don't have to do anything right now but he did you know Clinton. There been a big star apparently stopped cigar hall. And I rolled out to make amount. Yeah a layup that was that was his SpinRite works right there and help a war warlords or heart that I had to drive nugget. I guess right cigars. Here's lay down a 449990. Look who is our next contest and right to play the game hello Christie now welcome to the men's room. Hey there. I'm here. Well. Fifties over it's over. That's over fifty it. Right Christina legitimate roomful. Would you rather have a tiny rock always in your shield a popcorn kernel always in your teeth or a hair always in your eyes. Here only in my I have every ink OK fair enough I. A sort of guidance only taken them this is going to so we resiliency through right back violently. All right here is your first question. What singer rose to fame with his adaptation of the bombed by. In 1958. Think he barely. You were. That is not a Baghdad here here in the right. No big balance. Had their Christina. What is the highest number of Michelin stars a restaurant can. It. 33 Hillary. Feels so we. Can look forward start to go fire fight that's the thing it. Britain's got nerve. We're in trouble brewed over Europe and you need you always been a Michelin rated place. I don't know. I don't know if I do not that I know you would know when you is there any in Vegas. And that's my game and only we going to based on the price of certain places I've been to. I feel like if you're not be vigilant rated should not be able to target girls are now putting it on the menu like IPO was there. But that's guys yet right and are appealing about Michelin rated Elaine hey about oil weapon to buy a missile thing you can win an Oscar you're never miles Montgomery anymore your house for more what are. Miles ago so it's Michelin star rated I loved it plays hell of a yeah manner given it's always weird things you they have to have an office in your city you don't know who they are color there that's like something he's just don't have a restaurant that has wonders in our office could just call your restaurant Michelin a warbler. An event stood there dagger. Wanna go to guy for Michelin tyres or logs are grilled cheese and that Bristol-Myers of aren't getting answers no Stephanopoulos. Okay. So that I felt maybe the one for interest and I went to a Vegas. Okay. Here's a question which of your fingernails broke the fastest. I. The middle think you are correct that is the farthest away. And we'll get there won't be guilty of far away we have more time to run code then helped. How different video game and your great uncle and his failed within but the Judeo. Whenever it's very cute the way of. Let him out there a flare up but I'm young group. I hear the question. Other than captain hooks him one of the crocodile in Peter Pan am swath. Why swallow. Well. Live in an alligator. Know what what did the crocodiles. While the good off definitely am a way to look at it and one other thing that is well. They. It. Or he. Green. Block the import. Alarm clock. I christianity's 2 o'clock. Question five the Penske would drive I don't flared up getting into bed to get over president and that is what looked like to talk to tackle who. Immunity. What German city is famous for the perfume producers. It right there and and and especially when it really didn't you what do you call for field. But for a guy. Or on the call. Our goal out of my area there ago I didn't hear German some reason I thought France and honestly. John Paul goatee I'm not if it's talented young. There isn't a Demi Moore parred 999 onto and other contessa liner Ian read it and maybe give it cracked hello Corey welcome to the Madrid. Yeah. I glorious over and over. Over welcomes the show's glory. Mentally I think I would do I would rather have a tiny Rocco is in your Hugh popcorn kernel always in your teeth are here always in your eyes. I mean that guitar and always is a right go with a rocket mush you. All right. Agreed rocket issue it is. Hardly the first question clearly intelligent man whose inventor of the flush toilets. Or Betty. John. No fluff what he didn't want to look. You're Dracula movie toilet he didn't do the fourth book the follows forward and build goto John commode and John Burnett around there and that's no different men a couple of stores but don't look at the power of. All of the people right field history. Has been fouled her name what does that Lou Gehrig did not want Lou Gehrig's disease named after but it understood okay we don't contribute packet that you morsel. But John grabber invented the steam for the world to use in the way we choose to remember him is caller actual excrement and crap and I think he was doing hey man. That's that's not what I was looking to get them to the. Okay. Yet again the guy in that at the toilet right. Because I thought of what John Henry yet ya okay down if you just had a bootable. Surely in this guy is a bit and it just goes out new and used it yet you see this guy out of a bar whatever I want to let John. Man got in Pakistan and Israel all have that drinks on me. I just got only things in my house so let's say thanks and absolutely got I brought we'd kiss the same. Question at what year did the first world war. Oh man. Oh and I just got to get nineteen. Thirteen. Okay 94 the court and doesn't the red Barack and he had a pink Teddy grew out of the left. But it. Started the court according to Einstein the most races with the you know according to Einstein and what's equals MC squared. I'll tape edited. With what letter the decision. Equal that it short right. Me I did I know that out of and I do yeah. I like your confidence that a ball would not companies that. Aren't. I would zodiac sign that this is a crash. Ahmed. I don't know his story use our good it's also the name of a bad disease. Comes in many forms. Kills your dog every time. I don't do that star crap. Shouldn't I don't know it and uses in the world the worst disease in the world that kills everything we can't find a cure for it and never have been able to. Smoky quality act chipped it. America Jezebel noted that there finalist. We knocked on the door and someone answer my confidence came I'll match coming up ahead ship tentative potatoes on the news feed news bowl news Noah Sherlock who by the way do. Ever get through emails than men's room and men survive back down that is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. The smiles and I still don't have Kevin how sensitive details as soon as the news and bowl news first amber if you emails in the men's room and men's in my back. I just gig on here on the birthday emails literally have guys please please it was my little girl Caylee. A happy eighteenth birthday she is legal boys so let her have it tell ten it's okay. Humorous are gonna come gate may be some attempt from down under. And dirty Germans about wanting a tad too intent from down under about where to put said tad too. We are really proud of her except for this whole tattoo BS that from the dead. Oh it's. Yeah. Yeah. That's who. Elected to want to skin it. That development hit. Did that Lago it's okay. That's just get a grip stance. I would have Inca is attached to write about you bump to argue the so that the reason it's that actually could do the Montana trips they have. We'll curse of under rip. Happy days are dead my daughter Maggie I had a birthday breads as kava are now hitting the window and a second and kept gay please. It's. I was guys love doing say very happy birthday to each job that will leave it up to you guys to give the good news that his order. Of men's room originals Osgood is in the mail gives a dirty German talk about how moist that meet will be. Love you Papa Bear had a birthday that from Madeleine and AJ. Yeah are you with on demand from Rich's sausage. If you need at least overt. Ya correctly this needs who more twenty explode Joe Mauer. Likud took. Oh god my boyfriend Donald larger shell isn't doing all the time today he is 25 wondering if you give them a shot that was him and drove penis. And talking all over each other. LOL thank you guys that from Madison and broke Ernest well want to let your dog and I write down right now our maintenance and present level of parity I don't as Lewis however there was celebrity among other kids stormy who has an international muscular Donald probably hurt him and probably human things whether it's like double the penalties teams their own words. Guys like Jewish job hunter pronounced hundrer. They have to join I'd birthday he's given so much to his friends and family and did he is and know what your favorite bands is that not correct. What's yet. But yet and I look like a bird they give to him is a promise not to get drunk and take myself out of all the concerts this year called AS. Maybe some dirty Germans talking about woodshed lobbyist Gary T that from your girlfriend out on and all of your friends. And I just. The name of the room is a few this it would show. Yahoo! and I was enjoy children warm. Particularly through the floor in the morning good. Only his wife and I longtime listeners Ivan listen you guys and starting got my wife was about seven years ago thank you for that. To daily and a beautiful wife turns Tony nine plus someone old enough to drink on top of it. I like to request you guys give her maybe some thriller dead German dirty dog that would be awesome dirtier the better and trust me she can take it all. Maybe original place damage if we have time thanks guys then lob until that from Jane's. Yeah. And says you can take control of the total to strengthen their music. Ticket now how can you take two. Oh I spoke to the snack. I gave birth antibody Alfredo authority on terms or other suns can I get here comes the dope pusher. And a big old lead role on AJ gay and thanks guys and rock god that from Kyle yeah. The course. Yeah. So says mother marriage AJ advanced thirty dead birds they were both huge fans of the show. I'm on a few Joey chestnut and the second of cupcake thanks guys they also meant for marais. Yeah. Yeah. That is wanna get my girlfriend Jennifer days yet that he's 37 today and since she is older than me I refer to her as my cougar. She does so much from me and our son every day between work cooking cleaning and putting up with my crazy schedule what the hell the you do she'd love to get now hitting the window of the dirty is to Germans talking about means a world famous red hot dogs. Which she loves guys they snap when you buy into on our refused to eat them that from mates. Oh yeah. I'm sure the husband does not want to often. Personally local woman who seems to enjoy windows solution we would take care of that feel good. If you'd like these red hot dogs so much to back picks oxygen. Although the white hot dog was famous main. I had a one of the rod just Serena is now the white hot dog council the northeast. And gets out. I think. I don't think it's famous in Maine and it it is figures in the north okay I'm okay. Earlier real duke had seven yeah that the white hot doll. Who is most I want I don't where did that. I think I'm weird nickname for the one might be viewed in that neighborhood. Oh everything I don't ever go to America and well you know when you stole my I don't know but really can dump it with this thing wide out if it. There. Aren't gonna help. Let's get a shot throughout fiance said he had a birthday from Randy sorry have to work laid out on them on the dead and German thrill thanks guys appreciate it. That it may have a I was an alien MS. Sandy and yes that Cindy strong name like Dan who bill. Combine that thinking and a little Fuzzy ball bat point. Yup and Watson and Elmo doesn't plan to tickle. Altered to start losing to show when now WA AF in Boston first picked it up and since you guys. And the show's podcast that made my three hour roundtrip commutes. A whole lot better what about day a birthday shout outs and so what I know listens and I wish myself by happy thirtieth birthday. Around the sun but the LeRoy Jenkins and the dirty Germans being extra dirt date. Rock god bitch is best regards that from Max. Yeah. You teaching who needs special abilities and she will you led to the fullest tomorrow. Yeah and I know what you live from the whose bakeries that Paulson won't be the only one providing clean. Guys that are here jobs while some amazing sexy husband Shane bond happy birthday it's his 45 Trevor on the sun. I love the death please GeMS of turtle wax. What's a maybe dirty Germans at the end that would be awesome that from Stacy. Look go. Ahmed is the tone early in the year a truce with the experience. Guy like. Our guys a blockbuster of the fifth birthday how about let these internalize with a LeRoy Jenkins in the Paz thanks guys appreciate it from jolt. Please close. Hi guys do you know have you tabulated. Yeah yeah maybe you're okay yeah I be happy and god I create good paying you and you know. But glad. Young as a daisy chairman of the front. Available through news world fame on men's and I've done come another sign retailers. Shall I fly to millions of boost out of there turnout no. The horrors tonight. It's. People in this crowd are fired up why they fired up my house why they fired up. Because they wanna hear about the food. I thought I I think. Kids love beads. Well people loved by NP okay. You know. I mean there's an upbeat stuff out there it's an Easter staple. That it started showing up they got. In yellow. Which we established where lemon and pepto bismol I keep thinking of the singer pink make your statement. I hate. Acts so they just couldn't help that they gathered to have eight new flavors. Are right of peeps. Do they explain what they're currently I know it's made of a marshmallow I'm just saying if you eat a marshmallow and even people at its two entirely different experiences. Yeah I don't really like I know the marshmallow famously in Dante is like Marc-Andre I think I would view it nor should they think Marshall to meet its naming Marshawn Lynch is kind of like it is that you keep the color and should be like things that. Go with marshmallows like there should be like a hot chocolate flavor or a small neighborhood if they are enemy like. So we're in a marshmallow world cannon but I but they don't do that. I'm with you man an ad ABC I've seen some which is kind of doctor up peeps now. The place that he's a chocolate covered peeps got to peeps yeah. Who believed. Your recipient of the microwave has yet to stick and it Lola and it I don't have a things immortal human growth the small hours right now it's more about her if you take like flop Leo they hot chocolate. That's about the sleep right there it's being sweet potatoes recruited him so we've Ted Friedman did it began camaraderie out. I got some sweet potato beat. What are the new flavors they're gonna come out with its sour cherry. OK aren't I TO this'll be everywhere you go to grocery store units and sour cherry peaked Jack. A sadly we are nicknamed when your friends tell our chair. Then they're gonna have Neil politics that's going to be available at target. The empire wouldn't what is all the strawberry chocolate Vanilla people. Yeah yeah I don't I don't know like Hillary I target more room. Where the only ones who get Seles. We have problems I don't get them. At the very specific things you buy an analyst Udoka yes I do it and it. Grocery stores now there's some wild stuff in their man crazy stuff. I would about a eleven sharper. Dipped in college Pete outrun a driver who can mouth that's only available again act. To our days are all manner exists wealth I think in the flower cherry you get everywhere aren't. Thanks target basically look if it's dipped in fudge you can only get to target the sirens are orange you're ever attempted by available only to our our net. Who each sherbet. What targets did change the slow there tag line man target our home of the footage but you're gonna presume doubled I was about you don't to be believed and which are but it's sure aren't due to mobile Rubin and eat it okay. They have a pancake and Sarah labor. I'll try any of these it is on that's available Kroger. All right the drug is to Brodeur only. Yeah Kroger Fred Meyer family and culture and then I mean look they you know they need to deal silence right and then I sit there is great at giving you five. Then there's three mystery flavor of the meaning original blues is that what you are a pillow Wal-Mart a candidate it was clear I bet you what is your pit crazy. You gotta go to Wal-Mart to get peaked just sell some zone affiliated targets as a man we disqualify judge. Yeah a small yards. Reader Gupta tells. This it is the largest with two pieces of bread it was something in the middle violated as they always figured out that recoup. He acts. Yeah and then break every other person shortest web parts are chair at these regional I'm wrong that he did a real candy flavor. It it has made shortly you'll Walesa might want to read like let's that they went whether it's a new flavor ablaze and out of the deal is until you taste hours or did she how they've come close to whatever it is you never even know what's right good or not it's also weird where you grow up right. Like I love the cracked chipped from Maryland I don't think out and they never. Right but then if you go over to like England or something they love what the prawn chips in this matter really into a bag of ketchup chips from our neighbors that nor Hoya and I are those that's that's great. Now if you I get a credit rigor they've simulated the face debt they nailed it. And the problem is a popular and eating crunchy cat what they did it Q well I got hooked into a bad when I was there last on Mike again. And the toll it. I now we got a list of the top Ted sort of the volatile tattoo and so does multi multi okay of all time and I. It barks root beer. Is that the only Revere analyst at the negatives are okay anybody's going to be your showed up a couple times but yeah so under the top ten in history. You know it I iced. Yeah wages is all time broken arm Rupert. Or. And kissed orange soda. That hopefully is the only Lawrence owners orange crush McEnroe Angeles. I'm trying to think of all don't they just crossed them the other document your bowel. What they brought the door to build our own song goes damn okay yeah but many people are very specific right there so it does this won't be great so depriving Welch. It was similar kind. Right I think if I am not giving anything else you that don't like those targets a great don't break. Cherry Coke. And everybody you appear in the light him up. Since I would give me cherry Coke was never my thing but people and people really like equivalent to the soda machine and there are a lot of everything the last but my it was Jericho I didn't I only Valladolid zero through this Bryant yeah Allen's everything I think that's I didn't think process and Astaro was bright object meets an old daughter that I went to regular Coke oven don't do. And a Coke Coke zero you know. And then I think the human diet even before at cherry hit her right who doesn't that's the that's the tale all right there it is an. Orange crush I had no goal really to do. Soda is it is free it is has twice the sugar at exactly why my we don't. It's flat bad news is they've delicious the seven. I thought up throw up. Did you see atop a seven I don't know I drink you don't write all the time in the would you have a stubborn may be like 7UP because I'm always drinking right just a little different. I look like this 7UP has the cherry flavor it's pretty. Did it to delay interject your days in a crisp and clean no caffeine when they were due looks brighter somebody a veteran like you know have caffeine. Well early but like I will want to I want the caffeine deliberate poke but I must say I didn't know that that is are we don't have I'm beating me up you know you Waltz right to introduce Cathy yeah is there a quiet crappy set of like give me a drink of I'm not an open and that's right it's the best one of the nice things about spray. You have what late okay. About do it deserves to be analysts had done as Kagan into a dinosaur like he's is that looks like radiator fluid like Mountain View that that's rare notre put them. But as bright my fridge right now short little time about mean we'll do still dance and data. Our eight and W root beer losing had a realist right yeah I mean ray and that's the original rupiah as a B and you know I don't even like root beer but looks like my hat's off to the idea of it. Any guesses if. So right spry young it is Fredricka respect for my money I thought they spread bestseller that. 200 yards and 800000. And you would be bra. Okay. Or ask somebody better go to college. The ducks aren't there ever Nadal. And he does not make the top ten I'll I haven't gotten over one time now there's no way back. Carl baby I'm human into biodiesel. It's Coca-Cola are our I don't know. Actually thought about and there's no diet mention a novelist the highest rated diets I was Diet Coke became a 29 place. Diet Pepsi came at 64 place at Pepsi. Finished outside the top ten and twelfth my dime world it would be diet doctor that. I don't do the diet world I public yup yup Pepsi is an Indian man. Afraid of all time. I guess yeah. But he came right well Kentucky thank you and it's definitely a particular order a drink Intel's with the shot of the day the return of no as Sherlock. Is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Around about profile is on the way to Israel during a dealt with a shot and they the first RO seemed to throw hill Colmes the gloomy exploding birth story could have lied it's. And show. Nation of Islam leader very content delivered into some of the speech. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock. Did this thing and it has been to his entire career so don't study gave another speech and these dogs are intrigued. Big studio. Thoughts and prayers don't do anything. I had no fat. I. Besides her beads. And she. Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment bowling. And simple. I'm. Happy and. Not and millennia old getting help from parents can afford homes hello. Charter knock. Parents giving you money helps a lot of the debt than anyone Maloney ammonia to go the longer. Russian athlete filmed in I don't do doping shirts. Fails Olympic protest GULO prayers are you kidding I cannot believe it knows Sherlock. Giving people money and debate the matter of poverty. Life well and catwoman screenwriter in mid catwoman is not a very good movie. And a. I got paid though no deal about where you save Merrill. There's no such thing as consensual sex when a person is in police custody at. No they act. And and I. Jennifer Lawrence does not regret dropping out of middle school limited sporty railway well and and relieve you of this. Antidepressants work major study says. Well yeah. And if they wanted to read it during attack somebody out there and his standards to be recognized. Men's room. Only days. The toast of our shots and then. As usual way ahead of their very best chance even throw how to find out nortel's yes indeed in today for the third time this year. I take my hats off to one low mark chambers of Essex. England yes that's right if you're from earlier this baby nor the story goes just know that Lamar was pulled over by police. A genuine worry seventy all right you've bowled over by police and didn't re seventeen they suspected. That he had drugs on them. But when I went to search room. He didn't have them we'll be pieced together. Is that he simply swallowed the stash which is nothing new what they did was storm in the tank weight from the poop though collect evidence carry on a case. Five days went by he refused to poop they said no problem we go back to the judge he says you know what you can extend it another five days that he has to stay that. Ten days past that guess what he did do you do boob don't want you to remember something about Bosnia. He's still EB. He says his team he simply refusing to prove because Hedo who's. The wolves you groups of the evidence that they have a case against as long as he is not provide evidence a bid to leave they have to let him go. Looking across a partial forty days 25 days 3035. Alleged gunman as of today are from the more as of today 41. Cramped up refusing to prove while in police custody. To keep his drugs somewhere in an event some really good drugs I don't understand it's just list of eventually. A bid through. They have to let go outside of her out zionist. I don't know man I don't know they have a 24 I don't want a 24 hour want to. If he asked for food they get a form I want MBE is laying around pain I don't know they're not describing how he has been of them in fact he continues to eat. He is that who he is on days. 41 impressive of not proving just to keep the drugs inside of them and how much are the statute works in England but I think he's trying to wait that out. On the defensive at eleven go. 41 it is so important is booed him a drink this booze because we think it yeah main drag all the tongue down the world to party and our tummies. Now I'm all out of Arizona. Did the conine a line right now a 44999. All you'll play profile this coming up in minutes. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. On the radio network.