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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Real miles and spread. Got pillows or seven on Friday night Iraq in Kansas City, Kansas city's rock station also ninety Iraqi and lovely Sacramento California. And our friends of 1057 EX in lovely Peoria Illinois a lot of of the program big dummy is the game. And Jeff coming up with Ted's meat and potatoes we have some zone in his Korea. Pizza bowl news as well and of course. No as Sherlock coming up in the meantime the game is big dummy we have Xavier on the line he's playing for team sober and working on question number five. I exhibited here is said god in the movie Spinal Tap what volume does amplifier go to. I demonstration. Are. There yes okay. It's. Both and good then I'll go to and everything I theft. It's one about it if fantastic group. What US bases border is marked by the regional Mason Dixon. Annual border and actually want. To go out. Employment. You don't tomorrow I'll no one expected anything more besides they've learned there is that the two or three county area there that it's part of a court. I didn't get the Maryland Maryland. I mean right it's the border like the whole top. Aren't well. What is the correct name for virgin camp. All the decision downstream Doug Doug Michael Gordon gem. It. They're here know your birds and cal knowledge Erica yeah you gotta be good news with caddies out big bird's talons from 400 one's allies get a final in your wheel house. Our dinners they done it for par 999 Olin who is our next contest and ready to play the big games easily here because you west. Hello each would welcome to the men's room not care. It. He's what he's sober and I felt. But it doesn't bug so there's some leftover KB's to a team and our men's room only play here golf. Would you rather have a tiny rock always in your shoe a popcorn kernel always in your teeth or a hair always in your eyes. Something and now affecting my reflexology. You know the Iraq in my youth. Rock in the shoe. I get the feeling that rock would beg for mercy. They were begging dig out of yours you've probably one of those guys who know everything about reflexology aren't. Not a legitimate computers you have felt terribly grainy look I saw Lauren and had been like you know find out what was it was about I looked up for a massage and that's what my wanted. Targeted as you can trust their itself aren't. Blood flow started this book so let's look rankings and valuable insights and mr. Bragg who's on your feet man. No I never got a recession until. Out of total drug came Israel around the collarbone on the on the mini tours and ensure just make me sick Marmara the local my head with Katrina proposal at its chief calms me you know turnaround and in. Banked on. How many tournaments I mean this is on the street didn't contribute to culminated in different no longer season. Little about it. True liberal democratic course as little lonely only in all the different. Modalities as you call them just every upgrade all the time so they reflect not just experience. Every six months. And it costs a lot of money concessions to pick a different now modality in. In Holland may rely on a trip to Bellingham and motel Katrina associate double sergeant duke owns. Down here as best stuff and look at Sega does not sound right now Diane when I love he lived it to reevaluate. Everything. You lie do you think it's the whole building on the whole Leo. Not super picture graduated. Bracelet and it sometimes at a downtown Seattle or wherever we're in a we've run on a three day. A fanatical and you know I didn't ask remotely so nothing would repeat laden. And destroy traditional so. He's in the hotel room and do drugs and just webpart get done. Now you're talking a little. All questions Google the word crazy guys that are ultra total gunshot going out and knows we've been adultery case. Because this sounds like legit operation. All right here's your question. What color is your tong when it's June room. Yeah. These guys saudis were both general color. Yeah especially when it's whites and frost on the drug to look like if you're done is reasonably germ free it'll be pink. A lot of people who really object these wood is a unique individual is yes is it just meter. He segment as a business look I'm telling you Heyman Rima girl we yeah. Rented a motel room this molten iron to three days for 3 days okay and am. She's practicing herb what you've got to get recertified. So that's very that's part of that of that yeah all right are okay. There's big dummy par par 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Martin welcome to the bedroom. Our mark overnight. So remarkable and the show. All right mark Norman Drupal would rather have a time Iraq always in your June. A popcorn kernel always in your teeth don't really go to Iraq and issue Iraq a few very positive that I'm running it was on network if you absolutely. Others cannot question about shock I can't believe only a mile. I didn't care is really about it. And I do believe we'll put problem to me. Of life's little annoyances that one of the top. But if I can I can deal with the threat like for me about it while they do throughout the millions of dollars and I'll stop and get that rock our own. That you round. Only reason you put off with a pop oracle stock in his teeth is because you can't get a that is. We don't mean the week and who is because. It's that you wait itself open to go home and have introduced that if you can give out immediately you but you can't write anybody. It never is and undermines the bop Google's book energy you'd have to cancel it out there it's been that tired of hearing your theory is that Iraq doesn't matter as much you can deal. I. Could choose. I'd like popcorn kernel that you like I can deal. Can go to Iraq you ever met try to work that's going out ignored stone apparently guys have been proud of that because you just can't wait. That's weird that it. All right here if you question. The Ben has cut the men's golf is awarded to women playing well. And the Venice cup it's awarded to women playing. I don't know. Know what I could get. If the court dipped. Bridge to bridge are up. Bridge. Who knew that you Google agreed competitively and that it would have been that would be the one game at a called the Venice cup because so many bridges in Venice. You know they might do probably not but they are I might have been there ready go back. Our policy. And ballet bowl or into the body by bending at the need. Is called the what but I'll get a hint. It's also a high seeds that. Oh and. Column. This. Do on duke I think I'm like can go they disagree. Remanded him to ponder on that. Good until super populate. And everybody golf than just saying she'd like bam it hit that found duke case it seems that the new cool things are absolutely does nobody. Nobody needs he made amenities in cheese is melted dinner. Let's see here to question what city would you find Hyde Park. Hi there park. Which in theory should be the hardest place fired. Yeah. Chicago. Don't think about in Finland Finland that. Only have a concert tonight for our. All right question number 04 Martin. What is the first elements on the periodically. A a package. You talked for a very good. Did is they got 844999. All of the we have done via contestant on line the Broncos were you think they are OK go for its. Hello Ian welcome they. Wow Minnesota and on film. Welcome welcome in a I've been through polls to dread and Iraqi you're cute always popcorn kernel always in your teeth are here always in your eyes. Have to go to shoot. It was. It was a shocker. And Jack and able to garments dominant. At the rock the humanity when he says otherwise doesn't say what they hear the popcorn and basically always using your eyes and the centers that would have been a rocket the rocketed through tournaments of the year. All right here is your question who's the Greek equivalent. To the Roman god nephew. Cool man I didn't. Fanatic is on I'm his every guest men positive things that Smart obviously. Although he did samples and calls and dispose of that conflict it Hogan's track. Two knots over has dual attendance us do pretty well I can't believe the polls so far it's got to be about 85%. I would rather have a tiny rock always an issue needed to finish popcorn kernel always in their teeth or a hair always in the eyes of let's stands there you can also vote if you follow us on Twitter. And it's men jamaat I go to Bali and hedge have announced heads meat and potatoes as those of Sony news. Beeps and bulls no way Sherlock is coming up she would try to play one more question here of for the Brigham ignorant. I'll ask you guys okay all right. Well as I've university. You know nothing Ted you're gonna quiet. Because Ted is going to know they. Ted and an early on in this league could make a bet right now do you think miles an open Q yes I bet he knows that are aired it the feeling of history are well and civil war specifically not the America I now look anytime at all why battle the battle blank is obviously our little soft black bag. And Oracle's it but it's two separate names. So in this case. The civil war battle cold blood in the battle of bull run up for the north gulf. What was the battle bowl raw and cold side. You know displays yup. You've been there there's two of them first and second. First and second. Well there was also first and second bull run by. You've been a ruthless and this city or town get and are located in Virginia among. Manassas Manassas Manassas he not been an essence your hat. I don't have Marlow Perry have been all right okay and I know that in the survived the same man than him and to me. Steve they've done is again may four point 9990 a market dozens more your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with my. And if the knock out other heads not to pay is about to innovative materials against the zone and news story today peeves and bowl news. I'll go another sort of the world of eating out. On holidays approaching those are my people flavors to choose from and Minnesota news and is on the way with a hedge Jeff. And dead meat and potatoes are great time again as they've done a 44999. All the Steve who is our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Jeremy you welcome to the men's room. All right. Every sober now for over over. There were out of the show thanked. Larry I think in theory if we will like that I'd bring it. Miserable always dramatize Iraq always in your view a popcorn kernel always in your teeth. Or a hair always in your. I'm blown away how incredulous together about this at the rock and should be easy to deal with it happened like. So frequently ridiculous. I agree ma'am. I get up all walk around prosecution is gonna have a elegant and apparently Julio. My issue I always like it might actually get your first three colors that he wears shoes over admittedly it what is going to happen. They're grounded. Into. I can take off my shooter. You know I wanna go to bed I don't forget this hour a thing machine usually gets some pop up on Carl is. Is it's just. The words immediately kind of like that's like on the accurate sound like between like about what you can't get a different. There X. I it's amazing guys even eat popcorn kernel it's worse than I eat in has done popcorn. It is coalitions are you heard your question. What SNL alone was nominated for an Oscar for his part in driving miss they didn't. Commenting. Are we asking this question is to let you know this cat isn't movie I had no I really you know. What you're hitting it. Seven. One issue political. When you are saying that they're very good today here. What everything else alone was nominated without the record broken with baby derby applied the only group probably the most solid in an educated guess you can link. What bet did. I mean you got it wrong target guy is armed and Dan Aykroyd and her eligible and how the hell did you guess then acknowledge. That. All right what is the name of of the mealy cushions in churches. Couldn't dealing couldn't walk nurture to deal and the need to commissioned a very healing commissions. Ensured the owner Neil feeling and you clearly. Know. Is that not a I am not a budget it approved. Was lesson here has heard serious. Because if you remember back. I didn't call. I think about the ten under the nomination I'll probably a little trouble okay our problems. And I take that back. What in the world is that. He's picnic at very ago. As Signet is a baby watch. All. Had a bird right it is birdies I thought. That. Should be. Flocks wrong. Q where would you recognize that things of public. Safety. Can you move to newer babies walk and at the. What European city is the setting for the game assassin's creed you know. So. Berlin. Parents again after. Lots of Paris to London England it's taken very proud of. Our question five Jerry. What did my true love gave to me on the eighth day of the twelve days of Christmas. It. That statement win. Made the little bit out of there. Thanks for that very Christmas we have eight live that life saving. Yeah. Eight liked hitting women or girls that leads the mill didn't do it are already there out there and cat and I'm they're out there Mark Taylor yeah at the Belkin makes you think they're a million gallons. Made the Milken rule don't salt do okay this thing aren't. I had it wrong. You thought their elected I thought it was backdating. Cookies have to listen. Alan drink Cambodian press. Yeah it. Along to Bob. Snarf reliant notable characters from what nineteen ignored too. Finally summed it up my Alley. Under. There on some finally once I finally figure out your Roberts north stars are far from our front our. Light air all the bad as a threat I don't remember what they protected or what they did but. There's some Baghdad and always showed up and they did the thing right but all of the kind of bad as in Norway and evidences do Smart. And my deed he contributed nothing only didn't panic aware how was he Carriker. What do you what they would comic relief he sucked just north powerful large group or star of Disney Demi par par 99911. Was our next contest in right to play the big game good adjective when I got to snarf doesn't. And no joy in our. If you've got us in our physically out of your mouth but. Your nose. What are you doing a personal coming out of an orifice I think yourself mentally and through your nose that's nothing yet. They give your to suck liquid up through your nose my business and our Fredricka I could easily snarf seemed to me it's like tonight at nine. High school kid related to our friend nor did he he he like oh my god my daughters are. Nothing she's my everything all over to our friends figure they've nothing to iPods and no I think if it if hello and welcome to the mentally. Oh oh here it is over the summer. Okay how do you miss that I'll. Yeah I don't ever talked to Donna. On the Missouri I'm not know her I mean it's over right now looking at video of the carnage and I'm sorry to so tournament. I'm miserable always relevant time Iraq in your view of popcorn kernel always your teeth or a hair always senior high. I. Already. Got. Here at NYU and Williams your final time. They're at it like it. I didn't you know aren't you don't want. I don't care at the top and Ronald McDonald complained about the same thing of the two for Z haired redhead that I think. All right your answer questions something that is described as the best bad. That's fine. Resembles what I can say at best spine DSE. I in the US are. I bovine as the mayor feline as cat yeah had a three RP SPs of this is best. It is a tae Bo Bo what kind of insect doesn't resemble. But the best finds out of the country. Jennifer watts was on a heavy metal rock crews would you go. Go. Out afterward. And I wouldn't be our record is no rock groups. Yet it. How bad crews. He's got. PP PP if it area thought that it is still thinking about the band in the bug and a how many checkers those each player start again. Oh. Fourteen. High concentration. Why didn't never during every shot out of alcohol. Is one outs what does the term for an ounce and a half. You. Gonna dale Mahan. Is that right. It's did you use the Jagger for I'm assuming she said Jaeger yeah you could have been Coulter yeah. Yeah yeah now and you. Lajunen. I jagr yet to Jeter quoted Jaeger was is the little silver thing that you for the liquor in the meantime it has got its announcement. Art that's all right so a shot at target to throw the shot one ounce and Jaeger. So I want to happen other two sides of the Jaeger that had the appropriate amount for a shot and any other end of and or shut up because it seems like when you go to place inside for the measure to read it was announced it decides to write because when they're measuring it out liquid Europe. Air Arab or whatever like you'll see them use that. To measured at a doesn't seem like the normal size shot and well they have run well there really is the other baby is the problem is you're just so where did not use our. All of mr. Hughes departure and it's kind of free porn shots also would you go to somewhere like a casino the airport right to medal rounds are always an idea and kicked. David Denning a 44999. All of those are next contestant ready to play the big gave patients an hour to two mile. Okay not out of the land. Now that would that would trigger if you would think of what's to does that count for anything that man about it until it is averages don't who shot that I. By the end Giuliani. And. Ultimately the payment of college he's been Allah are a little shocked me geoghan in the cigarette. Hello Cody welcome to the mentoring. It or not. Hello I'm Johnny is over until. Tony men's room Paul would rather have attacked Iraq only here few of popcorn kernel and then deeper hair always in Iraq. Then blew off a show man this is bizarre to me. I don't think you're good to meet with eve night I hate it when there's no IQ that's the worst seamless and I I've if if I was thrilled that like you don't know where you see all the time you always have I than he'd go life. If you're lucky person them. Yes but dominated the league by a court all the time that's why we know we don't like that as speculative. I know would like Orlando started miles that sometimes you find that kernel a couple of days later right you brush your teeth but somehow hung out and there. And it didn't heard about it I just don't see the second day you put that Cuba gonna keep the pebble in. I would do it and you wedge and seeing him on animal dollars a barrel and a little bit of everything that same levels and assuming it's tax effect. Here is the question that you could circus. What is a one ambulance doing. On the ambulance by an ambulance but you can look forward. And I'm not getting the clue. And let go all. The person who like. I blunder around the tigers' attack. And he's. I think avail that and I'm like how do you April walker. To law school. I think if a lot of myths. Could Jesse take your blood of the third well go go growth and you expect to remove the good new tools to. Our question what the nation's legislative body is known as the House of Lords. House of Lords you may yet what country. I'll country. A lot of that we're on armed. Donation loading and. You weren't. But is it for all Britain Italy UK but listen I just. I just let go a heart I was about to get technical little white. And there's a Demi Moore parred 999 all of as our next contestant read like the big game but it was just a moment. Hello Jake welcome to the man. Oh yeah. Thing is over itself. Over Jake welcome. Men's room full figure and always have a time Iraq in your view of popcorn kernel always in your teeth or a hair always in Europe. Awful. And guys had a boy Smart person thank god. Keep myrtle. The colonel. Colonel run out of grade in ticket things event. Well tomorrow what they I don't know how you run out of we're trying to figure that out earlier how does one run out of what flower him than bullying. He's out there a moment and another an editor David hated in the UK but here they're having a gravy shortage. Even gravy shortly I don't come out and people engraving these guys they've really stepped up the system bowler and they came out those great because fifth. You know I don't really problem with the great EV. You wanted to make our tails out of them now look what happens now would you like a great track and you're running out of grade would you regard people futures during. I believe you graded from a problem into. Our question. Encephalitis. Is the swelling of what organ. Encephalitis. And I don't act. It's the slump. Over again. Anchor. The loan. Gift the Brady and bring it bring. What literary characters sidekick was named I'll show cars. So. I have no idea. Millions of any since yeah. Seeing how they're going through. That they thought of when bill. I shouldn't stop when I got the letter to answer we got it right but did you feel so good about how I'm feeling I'll have a brother now don't like they have the other guard Greivis. It forget your residents weren't you eat it. That the first entered the replace Michael Keaton as bad man in the original movies. Lol I can figure a man. Who we just talking on the Internet. We work yet is about the cigarette tonight and out of me in my career I'm feeling physically produce that look like a program. You lately. On. American Psycho guy a Christian Bale. Now held. Including Iraq yet he was so badly with a left. And everybody middleman always said man what they always legacy of the best in the all the double the world Deborah of the captaincy. Was like I bet network coming never it never did look warming Gotham now. Totally yeah. Yeah always very and apparently it's never Daytona there when you put all the people who played bad man through the years he never would think the colony would be almost worse. No he was not almost an Elvis he and he admits he's the ball or don't you just went public in hindsight if you never all the movies and you're gonna watch them all want to go to companies got to be a great man I've got version one of folks are it would have been. I don't. I I like OK and I'm looking back I pick him to be the jags I wanted his team and it's up where people were killed when they picked him quite a lot of backlash for the saw the movie and then like I. But you know he's a good act like you know. George Clooney we know is a good actor Christian Bale we'd always get active and make fun of and have let you know as an actor about killer excellent. Some movies that I like it you may need to Medicare throw away but I don't know if you're Gannett. Literally like him bring about Tom went bright peoples okay. Yeah I mean I can't think of a role rice and Damon in Baghdad they can actually noted business. I here's the question which came first Netflix or who. I. I don't against at a million probably gotten it makes sense now but I think about it but I'm a win in my capsule and can. To the believe there were trying to do some TV stuff or elected people blog post or some did they put out dvds engine that ran some howler a filly that was. Something like that literally everything needs to mail it in came back to they were oh my how the dvd as heroes I had them access and that. There's they've done a four part 9990 lose our next contest in red play the game. Hello Conrad welcome to the men's room. And I don't want to read his children and throw it over to over come ran. Would you rather it. Have tiny bronco ignorance fueled a popcorn kernel always in your teeth during here always in your off. I'm thinking like a Kenny Lowe first dog tick in Iraq in the shoot. All right. Why he's ticketed him and because the ridiculous people aren't just value allowed the guys who were to drag people. It's like an intervention this is what I had the pole and however trying to help you understand the benefits of the problem if you vs the other two I hate that will issue. I mean I can remember late you know I think my feeling hang out we got stopped. You rock you are dead aren't the fire and even and I can't act it was right got to my issue storm on the date so Barack much of a little cock. Now are we have this as a my teeth and at some point I'm hoping this date goes well it's just she seems we stuck in my gums all my enemy act announced before Ruben everywhere I'd just assume the gums sock and is not something against them. Aroused over dinner we hear you war. You can't ignore she'll notice to give it beyond one gets it and you can get a former tow truck Conrad. Hold the ally and Aaron got big dummy and more of my contestants on the way along way as well on the edge of announced his meat and potatoes on the news. Heat and bulls in the news that is all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. You. I I'll bring it tells a shot of the day is on the way and the return of no as Sherlock in the meantime the game is big Demi 844999. Always Conrad there in place Alia we do have a I have read welcome back to the program on up. You guys I. I'm OK I've got oil were real stubborn update now governor apparently there was one liberal political degree used tombs. Our apology Janet Ringo album we don't need an excuse I was 500 coveted group flu bug in the one person said well. All right your question what animal has the longest Hong relative to its size. Eater. Salamander. Can really. The community. Which country. Holds the penis BZ. I look at it we can't me. I'd love to get old US today. Iceland now it. I don't know that it. It's like a serious revealing a dedicated to end up about the different. Gonna wait and see that these museum grumbles about penis go through in. Would you go. About one and cal instantly Tony Blair in the town. Check out all the things to do you know I don't appeals museum with Sweden all countries called beautiful blonde women. Hanging out pains maybe there's tons of good looking beautiful women in the penis musical and I told to me in my body we. It holds Abu wonderfully sweet right now and two black guys on my way we have social three different. This plays like Puerto Rico and 100. That was our goal we were like I'm telling you. We get those done. All right here's the question what movies. You. I don't know we always talk about a man who look like little look behind the images I did go to miles this country. But I Alan Garcia I've gotten it would help gaga Kanye lay on the grass while that is something else. That is I mean it's the series where they do have a they don't blog quite a quite a selection because all kinds of different animal and as a blonde woman in there and an out and 1 picture of the morning at a mean of me. What movie one Robin Williams and Academy Award for best supporting actor in 1990 site. A. I've done rat out my tournament poet's society. The win allows government but the yellow legal study panel in that same vein of via. Toledo a weapon and die hard it's kind of close but not really. Well the thing was like. When he was Farley. He was kind of saying to do was just out of his mind right bullied to the serious role. He was roughly the same you just scary because the right he grew a mustache and his beard that's serious roll out a new new like okay whatever he's prepping to do this is going to be dramatic move and if you wanted to be funny he just shape he is most. Grant is just my opinion but I did I think most comedians well funny. To argue drama are serious people write big we're going to brown I think it's harder fury drama person to go and try to do actual count. Yeah out of your. Game is very Demi Moore parred 999 Olin who is our next contestant right to play the game. A hole and David welcome to the man. And I. Maybe sober myself. I. Over David welcome to the show. Here's our men broom ball would you rather have a tiny rock always in your view of a popcorn kernel always in your teeth or a hair always in your eyes. I would take a year where there any act and the ID act here in the iPad and now colonel in the work. However clearly Eric I'm used to OK you know. Does that mean you always have like Iraq you're saying in in this shower drain if the pick up and up and kind of put in the toilet. Yeah I'm glad that your job the violent and I have a caroling around you know in a month some announced a pick it up for a the ones that are always turned gray in the Braves. I just think you're tired coming here I just turns into something else sold to get your hair is your responsibility. I agree if it's your heroes don't get involved my body here falls off man. Okay game is big dummy for foreign 999. Although still a job had jumped on an identity of its Minnesota news feeds and boulders on the way. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.