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Thursday, March 1st


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Anthony what tour about here is real and the members of this radio program are simply. People would call it educated. They are merely stupid. And that's trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Invited to join the party. This is the. We'll rest our case could give. All gathered in secrecy. This is the we're you know they stay shake your radio more than three times. And your play in wind that why can't you are listening to. Whose real. We'll look it was sort of a 2770. Said that. Along with Steve the through hills. C Ted Smith. The I had my car. Limit blues. Okay let's get it my big day today. Dead meat and potatoes as soon news feeds and bulls though I Sherlock is back. Can write a play profile list both headlines about your job today but mostly males. And everyone's favorite. TV time but it went back and really got our you're gonna Panama City, Florida our neighbors see dad and daughter having consensual sex in the backyard. Meanwhile a man blacks out and take super home that he 16100 dollar charges found on his car. Of Alaska climbers realized and Ali is covered in 75 years of human waste. A Russian woman hates rival to make things cheesecake with a poisonous taste and a school bans kids from touching snow. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Hello bad news good day for you and yours today is the day that we play big dummy the game showed that rewards you. For your stunning ignorance. Larry that the berries and so there's professional. Air travel more new gallust Weasley in the category we'll. We split. Capital and were picked up his fifth rate for October averaged more rested. We will continue to ask him questions until you get one that question right because as always. We want you to leave a year smarter than you showed up now today is our biggest that we ever it's two way tie between the locally Kimberly. And equally lovely Eric Bogle who dug deep and found a way to answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better well of course that there. So there was a goal in el Fuego are being dumped it. Think it doesn't play big debacle 84 point 999 only you can like events are among FaceBook follow sun's Letterman to live and to those emails to the men's room at men's in my back out. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Home until then I go on Minnesota over 2000. Our programming. I'll guarantee future rethink. I don't approve everything from the future that is exactly we are a thing that failed to Adrian potatoes other head yet today has noted news of peeps. Are in the news as they sometimes are at this time a year the closer we get to eastern a mouthpiece and as you know we just got done with Thanksgiving on this replays of the fact that Easter is here already and a Christmas is next week this is not. To a big news we have soda news and on news about bulls. So if you are in the balls and gone out maybe hang with your friends you guys wanna go out new ball polls vols beeps soda is gone holiday peeps instead ask him to do this do miles right. Burton we're gonna do is Melanie in this will be a repeat to go on holidays we repeat right it just doesn't matter what replayed it fits no matter the time of the season. They're they're new flavors of peeps opera holiday OK so does that mean they're out there different colors different flavors of stunt the standard what normally pink and yellow. The new flavors new flick I mean I feel Libyan new color to go with it America you don't know the flavor of them what is the lately deduce that arsenal assume let go but if you had a marshmallow does not days like PLO's Lenin. Pink is that so. I doubt that what is frank is the stronger America I don't know it crap different or march roller. I did the at a labor. But they have news about it coming and that adds me to be they don't know I sure like coming up and today in the play gamely the day of the game we play the game known as big dummy now. Yes ma'am have one of those days for speaking knows not every time we play big dummy we do a little men's or Opel and Leslie wanted to know. Would you rather have everyone know what you're thinking at all times. Right or would you rather know what everyone else's thinking overwhelmingly by about 98%. Everyone went what they wanted to know what everyone else is thinking. They do not want people to know basically. What they are thinking at all times so at that goes to say a lot about what goes through our individual minds. No one wants to be able to have anybody read their mind at any given to us. You see that making comments about new story. Give it lumping that say your name was dumb things you may in 79 says the you can print right we don't have to go to Europe that you just voice. You can still read what everyone else is a threat result now I'm still I'd rather have people see myself. Thanks in other people's thoughts are. I think it oddly normal I think other and both sides of registers and is a horrible situations so. This week on our men's room full of a different and we got a suggestion from a listener Mike. And we've taken notice of a Mike's ideas here and added on the a couple extrasolar men's room poll today. Would you rather have. Eight tiny rock that is always in your issue. It is just it's always in your stride matter how many times you can not get rid of this time Iraq. That is always in your shoe I have a pair of shoes and no matter what happens guaranteed with a two blocks I get a teeny town Iraq and there I don't know how it happens it's one pair specifically. Seems to attract the teeny tiny Iraq's I know exactly what pair they are I sometime between you remember which really are until it happened I am one pared the does that. I know they do it but I don't remember they do its abilities that you walked in I can vote. I can walk across carpet in a red rock anywhere than a hundred yards into the open shoot. Or so either of the little time Iraq it's always your shoe teeny town and you have a popcorn kernel that is always in your T. You can pick. On that thing you got that bad boy it. Now pretty loves so is going to be there it's going to be always is annoying all as a popcorn kernel could possibly be the funny thing about a popcorn kernel as man. Sometimes if I'm on drugs like. And popcorn two days ago. I don't know I brushed my teeth three times within that time period Richard how bout you like that is late one of those little C I'm out of that thing's been it would clarify down in my gums or I don't know how the hell that happened about Monday morning and had popcorn Friday exactly. Or any hair always in your high. So our men's room poll today would you rather have a tiny rock always your shoe a popcorn kernel always in your teeth or a hair always in your off. Ponder that torch here and I go or hair style and back your throat. It's been too long. Act and no matter what you do that bat boy with a. Bush acted wizards it's evident lately. And I first time at a had a proud of the different where it was a Devern dad. It's not a there was governor now obviously have some people descend I doubled the fat. Today OK our. Memphis is human being I would have no problem that Perot. I think I wanna go the popcorn kernel you're thinking about the air being there for a fund recently taxpayers get back Cuba out at other reasons and it's he's right it's awful it's hard to just never ends I'm not taken popcorn I have I would take the blue rock and that you indeed brought you know no way your owners don't don't give me I don't tell your feet. Not that I thought about it that people have dentures you. That's a few feet you're in trouble I know Robin trouble but I can still eat later start than that what does that tell me what is that that that put stuff now we're like every little placement as it all those nerves lately punch like what little places like your shoulder pain and a well it's more it's more everything like halogen reflexology I guess at least they're physically talking I mean there are little points on your foot like against the needed to push a button and like you're you know Republican necklace after it controls everything on your foot. But you're living in a reflex like everything like if you don't like him only someone else do you wouldn't you have to be able to like poked about a foot crank two back in apparently apparently like your foot holds the keys to everything than your brain for the most part relate anything on your body like you is other than your brain this exact second most important to everybody our planet Venus is number one brain number 20 and then your feet as far as I'm concerned you are only good may here's the difference good your brain and our European style thought Newbury. Now an element all of them for repeat itself ought to break like man don't do it seems like I'm actually in charge which you know and stay in in this moment. If I made that does not matter what to say brown. And I know you're right I'm that you both can happen anyway right. Which is still a live Libby did have a penis now now I would I don't know I was in their heart in the temperature right then paint penis on race car through it without. Are there was big damage far far 999 all of who's our first contestant right to play the big game. Hello Trevor welcome for the men's room. All. Overturn a plug into the show. And Aaron for the defendant Drupal would rather have tiny Rocco is your fuel TV and popcorn kernel always in your teeth or hair always in Iraq. Obviously the rock. The life and I'm glad I'm carrying bags and I just stick my cure rounding get it between my toes and I can go longer bit. I felt man I've done that Red Sox but right now and every technique. Creators of our quote it's never ever going to not beat if you don't you don't stop eating once it's in there. But it's still bad it's and gets a little rabbit and the American I think I can deal with the annoying level of the current I'd rather do that and Emma Booker noise level of somebody threw KFC employ. All right I hear those I don't know beat through. All right here is your questions and ninety and forty fat. What chip assault that resulted in eight sailors being eaten by sharks. We need. Me to the question. And I no idea I was via India. That is for a team. Dog got Quinn held the bird bone chilling rendering of. Don't they don't like if I just like that doubted that it wouldn't exactly. Yeah animated. Good let me tell. And cap smuggling. Well people who are on the seats up. Salty I'm glad you could be in Iraq I don't filling up anywhere you could be a rocket. And you go to Nashville right. They like. I love everybody is formally go out the big thing to discuss industry for a long time are things just change the same thing the personally beer truck driver your whole life and you start Democrat mineral area. Aren't regular iron now. But that's just the initial Deadliest Catch exactly that we're gonna do is give them problems. Not oil top stories everything you'll want to honor. All right in question what does that the government kept. Are you. You are correct that gave his big dummy for 4999 Oleg who is our next contestant to play the game hello Taylor welcome to the men's room. At all. Thank you very children it's over. I am so yeah I sort. In the show the marine recently here. Benadryl poll would you rather have a time Iraq always in your fuel Bob burned popcorn kernels in your teeth are here in your eyes. Definitely don't a couple of Matsuoka got to go RP. I'd go Harvey. They gross look at religious hard. You know on the bottom look a lot dot must look at why did you walk a lot about your shoes. He's I don't I don't know I did do it okay now dude you know prior to the people are out there of people like you. Art here is the question what is the largest country in Africa by my in the area are getting hit it's hard to deliver aid. Thumb I'll go live at. Nigerian. I'm the go list. So west Don yeah. He's been Albanians Putin has made a cantaloupe Angola and Elizabeth that I write a little help them at Atlanta Hillis a W Levy to. You made it sound apprehending an Atlanta boy it now. You're gonna expire about the movie blackmail threat megabyte whenever. I predominantly from I did Ancestry.Com. Syria Al zawahiri. The house okay. I've been fired and I completely. What are The Blues Brothers first name. And think about it. I that's not my time I looked at Albemarle. Don't burn Jay Leno does. I think you made a country in Africa as a god I don't I took a look you don't either. Cuban airports although I usually like is it's like you're gonna lied so you can plot authorities ago the dude I would get a gun went oh god you just say the Al going in you know it's it's and has told the people love how fantastic that would. The real loser in my private vessels digital it's the only places for a totally cool killer whales. Elk. I got Arnold it is crazy. A gun. All right I question what is the twelfth sign of resorted to disappear there. Oh. I don't actually umpire issued just a hybrid based on their. Jack have I ever day and then it out of W sound. Al gun yeah I did not know I don't outgunned do you have an Al the other guy has more union on what is it again here in the government definitely you wanna gotten out of the country but don't go onion passport gave away. Follow me don't worry I'll Vermont Tonya it it. Thought brother rob. I'm the president about god. There is no doubt they are more content. If you don't. David rigged on a par par 999 hole I was an ex contestants had to play began trying to come in pretty sick of it if I don't look good Lugo don't go and I. And if it. That in addition there are I give you this guardian didn't didn't think the league's. And both loads up well yeah. An hour. The deadliest over those children. We do visit al-Qaeda if miles really what about the Georgia president whoever it. It's the prime minister of ground. I think prime minister resound more that I don't joke he made up the country I think I can order a lot that's true you know what else about whether you're African country that one thing none none other has. That's not get later on yeah Italian agent and you know that I definitely I. Jeff Clement Drupal would you rather have AM a time Iraq though is your hue of popcorn kernel always in your tease her hair in your eyes. I'll be picked off 00 where she's all about so what is going on the Nuncio to learn people today. When you're shoot it. I'm really not just don't be so where's your life. Or what about still barefoot do they still kind of smoke and out of bad are they okay. I'm at a loss and solidarity that. Well I can go everywhere apparently they'll work it wears united don't Wear whenever I am. I'm let me ask you this when you're walking barefoot is easier on crash ground branch. I can't we have grass you know valuable over it and I think if I think you walk barefoot but it's not like you if you walk across the parking lot full of small pebbles when that nurtures each. You used to it up well. Did they can start it out well. Topple out head of guys. How Nashville hello John Nance stumbled right out everywhere no grass he had to Wear shoes how nasty are how nasty your toes like you're your your fingernails and toenails. OK I'm. That's my definition of nasty you need to look to see that body eventually with a wooden ugly ass toenails. Debt to the out man in Iraq. And adores the person with the biggest foot. What Antonio person it's nice to me that you. Took my data with Gaza jungle ride and I'm out like it's only some got a fungal infection for sure. So I think tough villagers living across and got the pool is like I I did here. It if that's absurd that the Bogle doing duties that I never felt more works for person I don't know than when he told me got a man are panic here. I think that poor woman ogle good for law. Yeah it couldn't give them throw that I was imagine how important was probably had to go fishing on his feet for like two hours before you start to grow and spread drama that. Now he can't get here and if you do you queried do you get out of original there's a table saw it. I didn't question. Nunavut I believe most of the correct Nunavut with the last territory to join what country. Harman. About Newton gold. Though Canada. Tiles did not believe him out until you're gonna go that is now gone. Man the grass got to be analyst. Disney Demi is far far 999 all of who's our next contestant read play of the game. Hello well welcome to the men's room. And I don't know. Released overnight field. So we will look at this year. They will bedroom Paul would you rather have a tiny rock always in your hue of popcorn kernel always in your teeth or hair always in your time. All merely sound like a little stuck. Foot almost have to go with the hair and here any time and energy yeah drive me nuts. I'm a bailout. All right so there is a question. The Netherlands ordered two countries Belgium and want. Benevolent quarter to go to fell through and the. If you're running not Colin Powell left. Yeah. Terrorism it's in the that were to be close to what we do and. Our next question. In 2003. Who became the first Latin America Indy 500 career home runs. In Major League Baseball. The last halt all I marched straight ball so. And it was 500 career for what we'll with a career homer. For Latin American reach 500 in the real world in south San Jose they can be manner whereas they register in the got a better look at. Okay leaving sentencing if you saw him I think he's had gotten a look at him through that he'd been given the green drop the last part. All right there is. Always a cowboy now as I did it he's attractive he's a vampire. And Disney's snow white's what kind of animal parts those Huntsman gave the queen. Of eight. No lie I would never got that I would not have known that into an even noble story and I mean even as a kid. I checked out does it I can say the columns I have seen more Disney films in my adult life. As a result of having children than I ever did this child has as a child I didn't like them so I'd stop watching now I'm like obligated to sit through. And I grilled it's no why not let stuff it just kind of blends for me I'm not exactly sure I cannot remember all of I don't Cinderella it's gonna clean his evil stepsister senators share slip clipper rocket Mali's slip out mount my son what these planes and it's clearly you do your attitude that I you know he's sleeping beauty as the bare bones got Obama fall asleep right. Where's the poison out. I'm confused secret. You just I don't know Disney does compute I know 72 or three of them what Snow White is seven dwarves okay are simpler. Is she sleeping in sleeping beauty I think maybe it's a bad apple Oca I'm. It was really done any more people are 999 all we've got more vehicles and contestants on the way you are listening to amend or radio network. Big Joseph you know have did some men's room. No Madonna had seven houses we have details go to news these news and bull news that is on the way with dead meat. And potatoes right at three of them play in the game known as. Big dummy 844999. Alone who is our next contestant ready to play the big game fellows savior welcome to the men drew. The experience so I don't wanna thank. Should. We thank you literally version that they do ludicrous defeats coming up later. The care he's over knots over. So I look of the show. Xavier miserable today would you rather have a tiny rock always in your shield. Popcorn kernel always in your T forays there always in your off. Oh or colonel. Wrote I am I going with yet I'm right there would have thought it drives me crazy I was in broad retreat and drugs you know it's up to all the way around I just I can't imagine. That's a mistake in your feet hurt the most in one of the most important thing that you out. A holding your group. Gerald what I'm not gonna lose my feet it's just uncomfortable overtime after wall. I feel for you we saw it last time you had a pebble in there and didn't have to like get it out almost immediately. Well I got it last week. I'm just like last gives these fields were a walk a lot vote like Reynolds let it rattle around with the guys they need to do like your. Toe volleyball. You know it's a little rule always on a local funeral in. He kept its occupants were all just gonna live and discount we've agreed with. An eye on ice that's less about bad that I do about via. The popcorn kernel he's. That. Ought to do while. And buried here is your first question multiple choice. What does the word Shogun translate to an English military commander warrior. Or play right. Well I think it's just Japanese. Warrior. You can do would be warrior warrior. Military analyst. But. And the military commitment. Children's warrior wouldn't be a warrior warrior. But how to jail until I wanna vote each and every building taller than they do all devoted to all I am a product out on the street at two government and we're delighted. And like they do is we won't like three years or Christmas in the rap about God's orders and on those got a little gods that joke out of it OK that. There's a propagate killed by everything else. Questions are two types of basic Scotch and was single malts and single ones. I. They're old ring. You know scarlet and gray and blue. We know left. Thank blog as a leveler Scotch drinker. Our guys got some way to analyze given a man like Janine is now you get there one day crowd in your fitness. Ever his original manager. This is our problem and I was gonna level with command its descent. We'd take shocks of everything so I'm the Jin is not included in good drinks. It is never crosses your mind because we bring everything we go to the ball or if you say bobcats never hate you want about it. It's like you wanted to injury like Bob can you want to do what tequila right. We don't think it was anything that W put in the two miles or four and Black America. On the dead silent stroke them wrong with. Wanna think of jail and I think of what Jim takes a little fluke yeah what that means is we have a price that's the point of getting it right engine right it is terrible to take a shot. It doesn't stop us art here is your question what are the two cities in Charles dickens' a tale of Houston's. Just an addiction to know they are real cities. Minneapolis Saint Paul. And it's. Children. How would you remember historically pro Vick and the would wax poetic about Minneapolis thing little Erica. It's an integral to village to city detailed concerns about London and Manchester. Londoners. Europe and soccer vote get your team can patent a little bit. Because I was able to hang on the line for a man will be right back room care. Those account to bear this from witnesses if that's what I was kind of let down them when captain. Here's make done if you like to rig a destiny for par at 999. All of Laura big Demi. Coming up along with a return a no way Sherlock and heads have announced dead meat and potatoes coming up.