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Wednesday, February 28th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. So let's say mile thick collar 9844999. Hole you'll play profiled as in minutes. And we did your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check it in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not toward chaos. CNN just released a list of the countries with the best food in the world. I'm the go to Italy. Thrill. Italy or France I would yes Ted. I mean it's got to be Frist I have no idea mower and. You know it. You could make the argument Mexican or Chinese immensely to buy any country you go to drizzle you can find Mexicans and make the argument of America. Which is a melting pot of all. There's a good food we do enemy surreal aspect about Marty small aspect but here's the thing I think we get a lot of credit for barbecue. Otherwise. Other who likes hamburgers and hot dogs and I they. Right beat him they they still say time. The world perceives our food really hamburgers hot car and barbecue today arrested yacht race craft but it's FaceBook isn't good and any good for you either of them that the death. Because three fried beans are good for you have to put all that Florida. This fight for it I did a law. The new trendy vegetable for sale is. Paint let us. What is that I mean I know lengthen it and let us that is pink is that it cabbage or is an actual people as lettuce is because the tell lettuce and lettuce from. Do they do something to it to make it peak or lose some rare thing the grosser or more isolated over chargers. I have no idea I think that's I think he's you've nailed it. It's starting to show the places like whole foods and it cost from five times more than regular green Linus and my thing is I think it's just like you said it's just a gimmick. It's pink it's like that purple ketchup that they tried to sell you as a guest. And on man look I'm an adult site to move past the idea of like purple patch of good and what's gonna face the same but I actually could not move past the purple ketchup. Like I'm looking at them like I'm my my my brain is not accepting what it seems like alien do it kind of was. Yeah and unnecessary like it's made from tomatoes we know why it's the color film were cool with that. Right right gentlemen how many pairs of shoes do you Wear in a week thrill the president would run three or four miles. Three or four rating Ted our count how she's. This post. All right pricing through airport are at 61% of people win or two to three pairs of shoes according to a new used to his service. 18% only Wear one and 1% where more than seven pairs of shoes in a week. Indictment. And it really depends on your job I think if you're working construction and stuff like you brought rock and won there it got the boot Booth rent a man on my commercial being nice to go to construction site among the worry about it going home right when I'm home you're home so. But seven pairs of the week. I noticed that the machines game I would like Datsyuk. Now if you go to the gender put on a different pair shoes and you're a couple different pairs of work shoes here suit guy I think it's funny to zero and at our event and I. I was senator Bob you know the whole little area I think ideally be fun to have like seven players fresh use everyday that would cigarette aren't like every week. US news and world report released its second annual list of the best date still live in. That's states deliver best states do have the top ten. You do and ill. But I think it it was hard to say because you can say like California but you've got a lot of money to live there so if you make enough money to live in California comfortably. And I think that would be great I think I would never have their way of judging things like isn't is lead week is we've legal. Because that's going to be an important thing is going to be a tough thing but it surely it's gone I don't wanna go someplace whether to litigate like you've thrown in jail isn't gonna keep the weed and im gonna ask now playing pretty good to go out Chordiant amidst it would put Colorado which are generally really bad Oregon and Alaska Hawaii Washington. Down find that. Optimized here are Ayala no legal way Minnesota Nolan away you saw no he'll leave north acorda. No legal way to New Hampshire know it. Not now Vermont that notoriously. Washington State. They do movies Nebraska no no we were in Massachusetts. Legal weight Vermont's. The Louis and Caldera I don't know who you believe that just kind of makes to the doing the other and although this may be I mean. They also makes spacious places except Massachusetts red arrows on the little well in Massachusetts I've heard is a very spirited beautiful place this trip was great about a woman doesn't talk trash I've only ever been involved. Because that's true that's run better messengers of. A woman and Arizona recently put a one point eight million dollar offer on the house. But then pulled it when she found that the couple who owned it had been filming foreign there for the past twenty years. She pulled out of the deal like that guy thing thank you miles. Thank you miles. I blew it out for you well. What fluids are driving around their man in the brought mob violent like furniture up no no no no. OK it's just it's always on the furniture hey here's here's the thing okay look you guys are you by this out today. Our act. We even just walk into the room where your kids are gonna look for anything in their room and a. They've got like these they would do this for twenty years we have. So you can look up twenty years where the movies and footage of what they've done a good. But I wanna show you fifteen scenes from that room yes Sheila really wanna have happen is your kitchen counter to. So what are her friends he's seriously in the port I know the porn stars are talking about I have watched many of them ladies video. I don't know that I can walk and then go off Christ is the house didn't you would be united front house yeah. It's important that he's doing scenes in rooms or via you know what do you do OK that poor in my home I am and I noticed is my home without him about you but I want to point out I'm focused on what. It doesn't matter what else is happening in the background I'm looking at the. See here's what I wanna have happened I want one of the kids to grow up and start getting into the California agent as stars watching those second panel that. Aniston do you have to I don't know there are new to wrote a really really need you the black white test that I'd never do that. I'm the black Lexus ET I am like this this genre foreign. Is you know like a mom and she's a little bit older me by the time those kids are our guy that I could watch all of them windows. Actually like all of look at his older attractive to a female here. Been married a woman in Taiwan managed to squeeze through the ten inch opening in a climate scene earlier this month to steal seven stuffed animals ovals are that but the entire thing was cut on security camera she was arrested for theft. They know stuffed animals man. Not nuts for going in trying to steal something she's not from what she was trying to steal yeah I know she's mounts because she's done something and alive for she could fit 310 inch hole. That and I don't like what are best tennis is like a crisis I'm just saying goes through MF and and this country if you could fit the return mental and an adult. You give would've assumed from math right. And you're feeling stuffed animal for me and that Cuomo that I'm just guessing she does not have a long history of good life choices. A sixteen year old kid in Michigan was joking recently and his mom didn't have access to a phone. So she got on FaceBook and sent a message to the wrong fire department 800 miles away. She's the one they cycled through they called the correct fire department and saved his life growing under one and how they can get all that done the kids choking. And this succession can happen and the kid is still safe. I don't know coming out to slow choked but at least right did it may have an astronaut and a girl and a when a paramedic showed up they said look hey man calm and Spiderman mommy in India. We're gonna save your life anyway she didn't have a phone levels. Want to look at it this was say say there's emergency import when you're looking for the Portland fire department. They aren't that you I don't. This one about one I would I would think is a situation and a future. Could get the Bellagio and Vegas was arrested for stealing 25 lobster tails by shutting them in his backpack. They were valued at about 75 dollars each so that's about 18175. Dollars total. In lobster tails. I always moral authority or something yeah right you can eat that many options failed generally and the unthinkable assure people like lobster that much they just like talking about lost. I don't like lobster that much. I do it's OK I don't know if I'm does that mean I like hitting just and he seems again if it's a very nice thing to do that you have a lot of them are I really like crustacean. I'm glad favorite foods. Really are the unthinkable happened when a lion was birds have three lions out for a walk all an unthinkable thing to that bay I'll tell tale about an hour but our whole staff thank you and I got cannot Donnelly a one hour from now. Ortega who loved. Men's room preset. See you throw him to please everyone how profile this is played I sure can miles it's as simple game where we share with you real like news story. Something that happened right here at planet or. Earth and as you listen to the store based on the stereotype you believed to be drew a people and the decisions that people make. The last few hundred as you think makes the story a story. Hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. Auto guys. Sean you understand this your name's place. Hit delete fantastic here is your story now just note this story unfolds inside of an interrogation. Room to keep that in mind. Inside of an interrogation room. A funeral home all the hall police headquarters. The 45 year old question you first filed a report. With the police saying that he was the victim of crime. He said that his brother had robbed it. So although detectives did do due diligence and realize obviously he's telling a big old eyes so they decided to charge him false report. And while charging him a false reporting a seventeen year old girlfriend was and another interrogation room. Talking to detectives about a different crime and video shows the skies are knocking him banging on wall. Eddie Jones whose door open basically telling her to get bail money together because he was probably going to be arrested. They're so the government watching this because it's an interrogation rooms will bring your dad. But the story continues ninety minutes later. The video shows the guys stacking a chair on the table climbing on top of that there have been messing around with one of the ceiling tiles. Obviously. He's trying to hide some of what government offices catch him and act in the firstly they thought was that he's trying to escape but again during another room watching duke. Toledo running ended third that it wasn't runner escape. He was actually hiding his cocaine and school while the people mark at the time they arrest them they did not know the vehicle came down and they did not nobody's going to walk. So prosecutors into them charging the sky was drug possession and Johnson's and believing that only nine months. Would you believe that this criminal genius who's sitting in the in the interrogation. Room and has gone poppy ceiling tile. I just contraband is black and whites make to your age. He said oh all right it only mom on the browns you've been direct. Full. And let. Go to the station. I'd the shortstop and batting policy July. July bride got his girlfriend and another bright she's been inserted something different Ari go through bad but Sergey yelling through the wall she can hear what I did it I think. Well let's basically arms and got to face we would listen and then he puts the chair and top table folks up there ceiling tiles are tightening its confidence. In an interrogation group. You'll stick without violence I don't know what are you guys they get. I mean it sounds quite easy showed up there originally to report something. I have been yeah I had been any jail and watching guys scream on the phone to tell live like dumbest buddy go with drugs get back to the block. That was a black man. I have to go black a look at that I've seen catcher Ramon Saudi jail. Who threatens another black do you. Yet they paid a black did get a chill up the top station to report but they have a life. Now out and that's why would go wide with cocaine. Format dvd time you final answers now really go at almost like a light pipe like final internal file reveals black whites make. In our Asian next bat with the team you're listening to amend your radio networks. Men's room was smiles a thrill. Plus days as you Omaha Nebraska and a guy who was in the police station their file they file false police report against his brother. Some raising has girlfriend another round. But do the interrogation he's claiming this then in about a brother but either way they still have a one night camera when they're out of roommate knows that he jumps up and tries to hides in the ceiling tile. I thought he was found a scapegoat when they went there instead Kansas State is like I'm not only set him up that's reasonable miserable and hiding something. And I don't know why he didn't know we can create new girl gets mail. On these this is a class that threat here came up and lose all while it's somebody Escude a man did you think this guy was black and white makes you are Asian and you went. Like my friends. The bush. Wow a whole. Ted back blacks are. A new outfit that is news I was so then he went to lie to get the brother in jail something and that's the thing in this case says you have to record. Yeah granted a good and I think it's I think I'm a fan I'm agreeing with former city so it's pretty much. Black in me as a citizen watching the only way to and then there was one of the governing authority bloodied up that he's got to lose all known known really is I don't want your blood usual underdog you I don't know 'cause I don't get out of the I love to talk I did not talk much enough. Good man right here if you get into any British her fans for goods like usual thank you know Jack now crawled even without that penalty we talented. Yeah. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. People love Christmas movies. One of the best Christmas movies of all time and I miss they'd die hard. Did you say die hard for real and it does his signals a die hard in overtime we bring a die hard to Christmas through it and look Amelie camp that it came out at Christmas. Chris was was only referenced by the fact that he was in the building in first place but otherwise is. There's nothing Christmas the amount of Manila I would I'd rather than out to captain Chris Hughes the I don't care does not have dad if you get off fired up you do real I I'd go bad Santa horror. Christmas vacation. Look like the minute you right obstruct our Madonna on. I won't citizen diehard. Came out thirty years ago. Right to be for reals thirty years and yeah she's screwed in now diehard I mean he. They made it tougher now at least always they fly five yes. Some kind of and I remember the second diehard my neighbor across the street was firemen thanked and Chris roll. And pot black guy. No and now. Although that was late ever fight again by an event of his match I'm trying to think like I couldn't be much lower than like ten or eleven sure but he only had like an infant baby. So Hemmer went back I mean he comes over and just say this movie I hear much negotiate with my mom my mom's like. All right fine and he took me to see die hard two I did are you see it it was like we gotta go see this this movie's unbelievable that's fueled up study diehards and a very important for. I know what I think are important but everybody part of our culture right everybody knows that. Released they'll keep CIA mother yet. And now Krueger Rand is. Because none of them in the eleventh the web although you weigh whether to get all your comrades and I guess I never even have recognized it and say movie to me. Dude c'mon man and thank you sign a URL now aren't you see the same mood now. Because remember there's no one the one evil guy like we the cougar. Now. Similarity between die hard and and the first lead to a bigger boat like this are it. The white guy's crazy and angry and he's got a gun and he's gonna deal with abstract and G is actively going to go seek out today. The black do that this is out also has ago and would really rather not be part of any of this America but Carl Weathers is never his partner Carl Weathers. I don't remember an advantage like any lower. Now man assay and the actor that played. Yeah or are diehards and love Carl Weathers in the Karl grieved by Karl whoever it is you lose. Yeah I don't know either way but the whole time he's there at the top right leg yet he was still way I don't want to be dealing with the much shoot anybody but I don't. But Danny Glover saying they leave a weapon like I'm hoping to set right after that we've got. Might have done parts right there's been a bunch of them do you think the world needs another diehard I don't and I bet you're about to get well Bruce Willis is on Jimmy Fallon and they talked about it. That's why I love. We all do diehard. As your first win your first big blockbuster films. It's the thirtieth anniversary of the film yet wow via. And there. Like that because golly Canada just a big deal it just got added to the national film registry by The Library of Congress. I agree that this that's. And first it communicated to you expected it's going to be the biggest thing in the in the world than that now or use every movie you know there was there was. A slow start on the island but resent it. And it's only a bar and really talk some Lyndon. And now there's rumors yeah just saying again and now that I heard sixth I'm about to we need out to California to start to. See what but the script books on so well yeah I think so it is. You can watch a whole interview with mentioned FaceBook page his armies and slaying of I don't know PR campaign there's a malignant authorities very unhappy killer sockets aren't the only fact up here I screwed up when I sit Carl Weathers. I know. The the black the black dude that was the cop in die hard. Was also. A the father on family matters or death name was Carl Winslow. I okay. There you go no arguments. For a moment I thought he was good doesn't it is I wish I was good governance and they match. All you say. I used foul resident right questions is like look die hardest thirty years old it's so cool is we've girlfriends 26. Readily came out. You know before you grow from those born it's kind of weird. I think he would tighten. May god and man oh man I'm not a little girl. Seem dire. And it's resulted in movies is that used to have hair and I said yeah man that used because looking. I mean that's on the sixty upright like. The rich older duke threatening noticed that yeah he just sounded very uninteresting. Not think that my dad you guys armies and slaying I can't I I don't know if he was doped up on something and actions can be tough he's actually talk about interviews I've seen with him he's generally kind of funny very dry sense of humor but he's he is engaged but. He'd he's not an excitable guy now he's very even though not quite to that drive but yeah. But I'm saying he might have some painkillers and Emma. Keep I don't from Burton would you hear how hard Jimmy's just trying to get him to. You can't you know which every fairway Jimmy Fallon as well as his pitches what's the dog Jack Russell in arms constantly jumping up in the air and to me that's for Jim O'Donnell fireball. Yeah I mean constantly he is just a hyper guy and then you have some light. Bruce Willis personally Harrison Ford as people littered this like look man. I'm here because my publicist told me I have to be here. I will answer your questions what they were dreading enthusiastic about what was it like to do Bubba. If it's cool. Yeah you never tapering of Jack Russell's makes it tick tick. Step out there as well Jack Russell he loved her zoo zoo zoo zoo yeah I mean he really odd man. Now turns out so Bob I don't take any it'll seasons you. I guess you'd say ticket that's really sorry that it I've taken some liberties with the I if you guys. If you think it classical great bands or groups of people that are saying music together who do you think. There to me there rat pack. Who's this kind of cool in the more recently it was like a three for contenders usually solid boy bands are like yeah yeah I think they pay it no insurance but just groups of people that synchronize go Motown. Ready to have had temptations of the four GB Iraq. The greatest band of singers together was Spice Girls. Oh I doubt I doubt if I didn't rebound so I don't feel that that Gary has brought us Mel beat you don't believe she was on the real. I mean he's been 7 NEWS. Also you haven't seen an extra seven more money into the separately but all five I'm a guy is really really nice Sony does I could get together. You know what though would have spy skills money to that is found in the last episode and me is that there's going to be impossible. Tore some didn't some thin hope we signed back with Simon up close possibly. Let's guys who works I don't Arnold you're. Okay well okay oh yeah I definitely I don't know albums that they even put out when they were doing whatever it is they did. It's like I'm not positive. You know only will be like two or three I think it's like one of those ninety's touring actually should have like nine bands with them at all play one song that you know can I like there's been an grandma. Here's the spice girl chore or just to a resident of Vegas with The Backstreet Boys did I think that would make more sense like the people want to see if no one of the Brohm will on the Vegas and we'll see it. I was like man I know they were popular I couldn't tell you a song they did I just had zero interest like I did that hate them because I never knew enough about them in our. Now I have a funny five dollar bet that was MLB from The Spice Girls I. On the show called the real. Five dollars may may even knows about Chile's. Our network EO RE AO RE eight health who real on what state. BG. So close our right now ES via the ET her. Oh come job. Can I get you dollar for the Robin thank you the look you're giving me I wasn't even aware that he had an off shoot just for women. Puck yeah amid a couple days just molestation girl. I mean that's not a dumb like that meant it does that you'll understated. BET her easy because that's how come out of town is that coming out of seven of the past Oprah Winfrey candidates another episode of Oprah when everything on girl. Don't forget coming about nine Oprah Winfrey and attend Steve Harvey wrote it. So always steal ansari it's Oprah Winfrey the originals Steve partnership debt one dissenter on the oh and I felt I let him out of place I think they. But it is I don't know if anybody knows that you know I've never heard of that I mean it's the same thing is the view were the talk grab your rights for women. Around a desk talking and in the interview people. Yeah I mean it's not a new formula I've just never never in my life's gonna hurt the network that's got a lot of real he. What went wrong girl networks we're talking a lot about the ladies here in this that episode. WNBA basketball all year and you are to a girl. Channels aren't they go on the liberty going up to fly the Saturday. Girl. Are. The world field hockey if you do not on the girl. That has not on a new thing. It. My knees plays an amount that was like pat how does it Wear a I don't know it's a woman's car or on grass and I'm really comfortable taking it. Are ranked when you think about whiskey. Would you think about men did about women. I loved ones as they treat. Thing about Tennessee try to make a tennis then make Al all rocky top maybe Kentucky mentally ill I. I do get that whiskey generally is kind of maybe you might think that is the mainly drink Billy plenty of women drink whiskey ever lose. Right there's no doubt about that need to be one of those. Is they don't mind to do was younger brits strong thing is like a woman who occasionally had the cigar like you're not gonna get bits that which is nice. Madam how bad did exactly the other thing is not about that we don't you like I had the judge is about it. Like Sony you. Amounts may get help as wondering about that now why have sex. I don't know how does occasional moments of cigars drinking whiskey like this did the Fedora come with a dog Genzyme is cool. Eight the report is everybody treats whiskey but it's even go where explains. I'd maybe they're advertising just to women now. Here's a little bit of blues news and I've heard this the distillers behind Johnnie Walker are releasing a brand new version of their trademark Scotch whisky. The stuff in the bottle is absolutely no different than they've changed the name to Jane walker what little lady version of the mascot. Female drinkers everywhere we'll say finally a brand this condescending to me. Ladies keep your eyes on the shelves or Jill mean. Jack when Daniels. Who winless vets. And then she. I think I'm what's the on the slightly what do you have an appointment and quite low listen you know Mike there's certain brands of wine. That I that I will drink are right India may have you know bubbly or whatever it's my buddy always gives you a hard time you're three suburban housewife and they look I know it's marketed to meet. But I you know I enjoy their product tour events that you LAB if you heard girl now some are in Georgia we live. Right exactly no appointment as a teenager walking in comic view were uncut on BT with I think there's probably Johnny white gotta love this. Come to his program our regular study Cashmere and make them told them recovered at this as it. Or at least you got it you gonna call that a on the at what was it Johnnie Walker Jane walker but I think you've got to change the recipes ready something specific about it right. As opposed say hey do you euros product of many hundred mile tune is is done here during like the heart is Jim beam UK well thank you that's a good point I brought that up earlier might additionally James B if you like street Jude being dark I don't know for which those commercials to me work also a little right like you should eat right like he says what she needed a female. Vernon. Right of the Jim beam actually destroy Jim beam right I'm sure that worked out pretty well but but they made more money. Yeah she started doing so that your girl. Yes he's got to go hook up a meal components and it's not like Wesley all the fast facts folks you know aren't as an a perfect world yeah it would be great. Like every gathered late. Me and Mila Kunis and we just drink whisky ago go it okay. All right but it is hard not to watch blacks wanted to I I would be completely Dallek raisins. Never seen that one. All right so call now Richard appear corruption. With STD do you think prevents most women are a lot of women from being on the bachelor parties. You're correct while yes not a lot of things we found out this basically found out recently that they had to be on the bachelor is a big deal right. And it's not just like you show up in your hockey near. I had a real speech but you got think think. Thanks for the it's a lot of the deal if the dudes always opt in yours. All that being that don't currently have a job. But I got ideas that's the levees so why did you say I own my own business. Right so they go through all this stuff right in the ass and this and that but liked her precinct is a big deal they got to get tested the problem is. Sometimes the producer is the first time to tell them may have heard peeks out there so they don't even know and then they go into the battery if all they should do that ahead of time they should roll those reels way before they start your. Just the venue better news. At no point did this executive for earth like a producer and I'm sure by the executive producer Saudi low on the totem pole like. How in the beginning to TV. So I can tell women they have herpes because. That's horrible it's a great feeling it's like the kid goes in college that say this in my blood type this is my father my mother's blood type and in the blob. Teacher said well that's impossible then the next thing you know like Monty allowed bad. Where my uncle rise like this they've got a surprise there was the go over the area it's. Also kind of like the NHL draft or talk to her account binary they asked some weird questions. They asked the ladies. You do you have an out of body experiences. Do you think you control things with your mind. Have you ever wanted to kill someone he's obviously not itching to trophies of the mine and that's it simple enough frank. Yes I mean seven is a pretty strict kind of tough thing to do I think they're admitting that they know that they're gonna have sex may be and yeah. I had a problem of those in the past the lawsuits don't get me wrong they make the image these girls are these women basically signed their life away. I understand acknowledge and agree the producer may use a reveal personal information which we may be embarrassing unfavorable Shockey humiliating. Disparaging and or derogatory. A new subject to pass may subject me to public ridicule and or condemnation. Condemnation. And major trainee a false light. Which. We've all slightly out Graham you and the other stuff not bat amber was lying to the problem herpes man and I just not what isn't right no oversight daylight because if use salt if you use a lot of problems there's a lot of profit but if you solved. What you believe to be herpes would you like to take a food on the right. It's this mole the ass piece of cheese and spit in the heat means just it is the nasty thing you've ever seen in your life you go like almighty god. Oh my god I would never eat that. Herpes is the best looking hamburger you have ever it is that that the bomb is glistening the burgers juicy there's bacon dripping off of it it's a site. It's just it's a track. So like it just seems like burger with. Source on it no but I think you'll see members had only heard I think they think if they did a herpes bachelor bachelorette. You'd see the best looking people you ever seen in your life a young television show they're not ugly map. Suspect that's. Silent in the overburden unaudited unaudited hungry for faith never ever did it and I've got oh my god you are listening to the midterm radio network. Please and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real heroes of Africa where do you lion with bird takes three lives on a long walk. Meanwhile in Taiwan to a paper prices about to rise 30% so there is no more toilet paper and stuff. Couple has married a whole foods to about five times more than probably show that. Would you take it Domino's Pizza driven by a driver less car if you go to and align with bird takes three lives for a walk. It is time for your head. It's time to eight. Its peers might come. Had our jobs are in South Africa the unthinkable happened lay's self proclaimed lion was spurts of three lions out for a walk them is that director Mike this is only unthinkable if nothing bad happened correct. Greed only unthinkable does in happily. Those of you that no non being incredibly. It's ironic it's ceases facetious that's the one club bought one of the animals chased a passing him Pala. When they finally got the lion and actually attacked a 22 year old woman I was visiting the camp to interview the manager pole to pole here in did not go well. Did it go the way it typically goes into as a dad this is now aren't you seeded. The fans. Man oh man they're wild animals landed. Insisted it like he wanted to make a point that this was not like a visitor this was not a yes or not I guess this was not just some. Random tourist. Those walking around a lion enclosure she was actually originally dared to do some things she was interviewing the manager that was their foreign assignment Alia the legalize it and then she stopped for a moment to take a picture courses line comes out of nowhere because he's being walked by and line whisperer and the rest is even with throughout enough now. It's. Around the world a couple of contracted hook worms on the beaches of the Caribbean this initially. Agreed to have the pictures taken by doctors to be put in the British Medical Journal. Tell doctors identify the resulting infection to their rear ends they had a bunch of bags. Sections on their black guy but worm its red and fortunately journalists begin to die more into the story in the pair that had their asses photographs were worried about their friends and family getting wind of their passes that were readily accessible to the public. You win the grass really man he had you know I I have cliff erratic sometimes and as all the horrible article be taken out. While they're trying to do their best for science I guess it's just there's albeit at a lower his Canucks are no bad ass right there I've seen that rank this problem was it wasn't so what's the journal a good journal protected their identity is Rand. Other news sites who knows why they started miles north of great to have like buck morrow they would like the Daily Mail a couple goes on vacation and exploit the multi user comes back here but work. They wanted to figure out how to set guys have been so they figured they could track him back to the exact week the exact time. Where was the cruise that was taken and then they're worried that people that a reason like you said the Daily Mail or whoever it is I grabbed a hold of the story. Falls of mr. reading about them like care. And once you know their parents you know Kerry Gephardt were extremely easy to connect the dots there I'm glad you grew up world I'm sorry if I got a blower is on a cruise a beach illness are all those at all the beautiful thing in my mouth carried out more than bought or just. I can I don't know if you've been doing this can't imagine telling my employer Burger King going like man I can't command balls against the Butler got the slow learners. Again we cliche route maybe never commit again that. Commend the British Medical Journal. For the abut before and emerge there is an emergency aid Taiwan has led the residents to clear the shelves of the product and record in record time. Apparently the cost of the Pope to make toilet paper is such a riser surely salute announced that the price of total neighbor could see 810 to 30% increase. This of course and the residents into a frenzy and began to buy the product like shoppers on Black Friday and no. Is there really be innate greed that I mean look ran a vitamin didn't leave the market I'm gonna tell you the price to beat these gonna go with people go crazy may have backed right. But the stakes there is the kind of like having disposable diapers and clothe divers are other ways he just don't wanna go through that process the right. Weber as I was shocked when it in its last ten to 30% increase that is not that much depends on where you are. New kids on how expensive it was to start but I still no white dress underneath and right should get a cheap gas that goes well. Well John I think our job of that so I know it doesn't sound like much and when I was a hit a good fat in my view that's a pissed about it it's scent raise and a stay. Yet but have you seen the price of staff that. Why they do bad then he's. It's right that's a very headlines and admire our. There was an exam there turn and no I sure like big dummy on tab they had Jim will be back would dead meat and potatoes and another round a profile that yes indeed everything you said is true and if it's not prove it. We shall return tomorrow so until then please do would you do mess in for a lead the state. It's day. You can.