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Wednesday, February 28th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Hi our question today four arguments I may be or may be horrible why should you have been arrested 844999. Cola. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. We'll talk on Iraq. They don't do it that well sir Harry you. Fantastic thank you. So. High school rugby. On touring Canada. And you know he's going to be going in the let me players still host team you know also on stand with all the players between mask. Yen. Or are there. And they've got. You know party so they had a cake for us in the middle the backyard Merle there you know 161718. Streak in Asia and Canada is nineteenth but it. They'll. Everybody there haven't had time all of sudden you know we see the light should cops come up and you come up. Everybody scatters I don't you know I'm not. You know we've had deer in headlights or whatever but I'm not too concerned about them the whole beer or anything like that lookup on the ground. He says. Hey you know we lead up to you know it obviously drinking but you know that they ask. In each day you know here we are there guys from the bush you know what I cleared out. Any new and I said you know work here on the right between work to. You know to play a good run bigger egos. Okay. Where you trump we simple Seattle and you. Now lady goes who's your coach and we talent and the guy could scooby what type of Australia. I remember him tell him that he had his top. In millions. It's pretty much well lit this guy looks like I mean this guy who got bought you know the whole deal. Tell immediately try to have a good time he turned out and you guys delay. So he had to think coach. He's had the same coaching was fired up he played the same team. I think they code they may be the same deal back backed down it was before my day. You know where high school you got a little bit older than we were let down. Still he got thank you tell him that the comes at high. Yeah yeah it is thought they'd be asking why and how old were the circumstances that you met this now believes all the super. We did not true yes it was really yeah. School deal and you know I really let me but not stupid they give me your dolls in my school kids in a foreign country the play rugby bump into a cop that I just happened enough. Yeah yeah I'm sure he knew. I would agree look and rugby I would think is one of those sports where. The rugby matches that I have been too which were only in college and I know that there are clubs sports as well it was gloves were I think what I was in college but. I mean it always included decay. And it included a pay you would if you're eighteen years old nineteen years on me you can hold a club playing around me you just he was like. It it might have been easier it was easier for us to go and we have a buddy who played rugby. Who wins it'll time it's easier for us to their rugby match in drink. There is to get into some of these bars absolutely clear second birdie eighteen years old and most of the time it wasn't one K it was like. The guy at a truck and those like. Maybe two or three kicks and then after that he went to somebody's house rugby and drinking kind of go hand innings I can't imagine that affected your high school changes any of that and by her. Thanks go to you derivative new like every new bump into a cop is because you're drinking and you've probably proud of his rugby player GAAP. Copper are gonna say maybe or maybe you learned a wise would you have been arrested 844999. Cola until one day my kids so it. Dead cannot play rugby too. Why do one place and and says I love the sport like I'm gonna ask you this again and I want to temperatures. Are the man. And get bit really join the way and it probably threw me out of look at you'll have fun but this is not what entice you to want to play rugby sums of luck. We play rugby and and we get together the other table we drink a good bet that makes a estimate ya go have fun play rugged. Hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. All of fellas you guys go on job. Well you know just three years artists start out you know years have been bigger over the age and I've volley game although having a career you know a better job changes that I don't know grew up. At RB Peterson let go what eight ask you start your thieving ways. All probably Al guards Daryn you know do little kid that I realized how much money Kinect and game boy and everything else comes into school and stuff but didn't work out almost started getting around in stores and cars and houses and so our you know Hollywood crew. I would say I want it hung around the bad influence people because probably the better books. But. But I never really scared I was really cocky so there was an urban thought Brady thing but the ones I know actually really I'm only here Biden was aren't an extensive drug habit and down. So I had a better answer cocaine army. I just bought a new car. I'll still on top of the world. And I was just. I don't know there was still riding to the cop hunting the whole time. So on taken him hit after hit from us Nader just you know getting high in the car. The scooter on its new owner who am I did you know I don't know and tell you Q are you already know. Armed. So are always oh well we're guarding you probably saw me what you are needed just pull over so you know what is new car got you know a lot of wired cool little compartment and has also tighten everything. I did pull over and I look DOJ v.s bear. I'm look like I should be pulled over army had a bit says that's good news I looked like a criminal there's and you weren't light in the cockpit me over. So I'm okay well. What are what are those apparently you know we turn our guests that are blade I mean I took the outer layers of an excuse me over there anyway so he comes out and use given me really hard time I'd ten tag. And he's are probably as I zoom got a car was stolen or you know what in my car and whatnot. So you'd ask those questions that I Sotomayor idea and I didn't I wish I was kind of nervous but I shouldn't I'm getting angry because you just feel real jerk. So bottom you know he asked some washout a mighty blow like registration my phone I know you Anita paper one I should know and wait fifteen government pat you can have electronic grid he didn't like that. I don't know Moscow when you tell them the law would be your right or wrong generally their response is pretty negative. And me. Yeah yeah I think it went kind of downhill from there is so I completely forgot. You know the fact I don't need to be adjourned until this guy because I can easily go to Joseph right now. So. He he actually. About been drinking and I just come back her modest commitment dealer's house. And goes right after work so unlike most of the damn right now what would you even absorbent drinking I don't smoke I have you been drinking. That was not the right thing to. Idols are on hand you your not upping your game here well okay. He I do electronic registration day Libby had put the are you drinking mature on cocaine at this point. Oh yeah unloaded our read about it that you got your drug habit so yeah that's. Plays on the right now you knew the drugs but these guys are yeah is not. Split that got a good sense and yeah. Well he got me out and then he you know when you blow it rep logic here what was I don't know you've gone through the ropes and a couple of are so all the truth I just bought the car I had everything I needed on me of course carry them and you know. Almost knee high boots and vinyl pants since I've been pretty much just look like a criminal and so he's sure there juridical cars pull up and they're interrogating me and asked about it's they could search the car outlook social strain to date. Am I know you can't searched my car and why would you wanna searched our car I was like I'm not wedded I'd be wrong. So bad cop is it frustrating when talking about gender police the other cops arriving there. And they. The guy named Rebecca paperwork used really really good things that you don't need it you know you need to watch your attitude in this net. But I just did you learn how to do that now. That I think I've had to bet I'd like now you know I bet I bet the leaderboard now and I. Lay in the survival instinct and Branson just shut your mouth you just good good knee high boots and vinyl pants you draws only you'll like criminal so one of the three musketeers. My god knee high boots and vinyl or like Lance. Any chance of victory in there about about twenty dark there and they're you know below boots. Yeah I love how hard hole how hard is it really kick your 55000 dollar a year Coca. OK okay yeah I'll know I just down David Ortiz. If it's ups. This could be god man but I'm pretty sure they have to ask the search your car. That's okay you see all of all the George it was they would request here so I don't do a lot myself we like have a lot of dinner parties and we haven't hit the table and in on a nice. Obviously I tell her after dorm or do you want me to do wanted to snort cocaine in her dorm and EI they're not mutually. And in no way do I believe. You were sitting in your car it's your tutor and whatever you called guest's new intruder do there was a guy named for have a divisive it's an engineer knows so I believe you still don't that is there's a legendary place where they used to back in the day these steps have curtain tsunami have a private room Richard Kurtz. And anybody who is famous the wanna go and do any kind of drugs in Canada much as you did not wanna be seen. No matter what the situation was who's with who are you this person. What's going on you go and this place and it puts you in a curtain Booth and pretty well the only damage you see anything is like a head Bob through the waiter waitress going like. Gonna get you anything got a good shooting things yeah. But the hearts are great but behind those curtains where some legendary stories of how would you you know police talking to the people they shouldn't be famous people and they're doing things they shouldn't be doing. This whole drug scene where deals are being down like the whole deal it's it's a legendary Kana. Place and it's not know inflation talk some clarity more relieved but it's they gotten there. When trying to use the same name again and I like look man you're gonna use this particular name for something now right out of it be that part in front for another us. Right I'll write so I get there you don't use the I. I don't bar that had the curtains but I tell you is that it's legendary. All my dog and another onto I was musing about that Omar what it was a return on reopen it with a different neighborhoods like look man nobody wants to do too watered down version of that kind of place. Angle on the airmen and all I know there are honest I'll take maybe we've been there all aspects of our room and oh yeah. All of places crazy person stoker is about just under three of us that bad he's not even replace some think in Augusta I think we got her own life after. We hope you're okay I've got to write doesn't notably here the white guy used to go clothes do. Maybe. We should do a tour it's like hey man all of those are gonna cut into your history. Yeah after freezers that is. For argument say yeah maybe your maybe horrible lies did you underestimate get your emails coming up the men's room Edmonds or my back down that's on the way next. You are listening to major radio network. Men's room with my. Got another turn a roadside plus the first time for a few emails in the men's room habits remind acknowledge. Question for arguments they may be where maybe you were at the Y. Should you have been arrested I was nineteen my girlfriend. Who was 21 the we were doing a little pre flunking outside of an eighteen plus club and about to go inside to confine my ID so both get out and are looking when to cops pull up. And they see all of the blues opened a non open containers they asked for ID I tell my can't find it. And dumb I'm 21 well it comes out that I'm nineteen in my friends were. I. Guess furnishing to a minor. They did tell ST in the car and they talked to of one another for a few minutes city some in the trunk close at. Without rumble in the jail the one officer gave me his card instead go home and I figure pulled over to get the officer his guards we leave buzz and go home. Wake up the next day and look at my trunk the cubs took our empty containers and put the remaining alcohol in my trunk thank god for miniskirts rock on bitches. That from Samantha. Samantha you say thing government discouragement I want you to understand something. It would be different the firework diminish her dad would not enough to say what I would rather think Joseph can cleavage miniskirt. To our form. John times I mean transition have been arrested was a year of stupidity I spent in Reno Nevada work in swing shift on the front line of a casino. Everything drill has to say about working in the kitchen is true and more nuts than you think this is 19781979. There was a time after work that we were blasting the music and we had to weed out. Other than a duplex in the next door a neighbor banged on the connecting while also being young and dumb we bang back and turn of the music. It was after midnight after all next thing we hear is the unmistakable come knock on the front door. Officer looked in when I opened the door and told us to turn the music down and as I was finishing up lecturing us some being good neighbors. He looked over the got a table saw the we'd laid out look back at us with a signs that boy is he better get to Everett that stuff too and he left. Needless to say it was all consumed ASAP. Also driving through Reno hit hot box in the car ran a stop sign again it outside of me from moving violation. And laughed I feel like look what I know Reno which is not extensive but I just have this sense that if you're in Reno. You could be arrested at any moment for anything and are probably right at from a Scott official appliance repairman for the men's room. Guys are should've been arrested for drunk driving. I was throwing day I get together with the bodies and of course alcohol is involved during this time my brother. Was working the night shift and it was my responsibility to pick him up the next day well next they came and I'm still drunk. Get up walk my ass to the car pick up my brother my brother look to me in the car and asked are you drunk and I said yup. Didn't get got that from Jason from San Antonio it can't look manic comments. There's about a million of a man and it goes down basically the same day my prince should have been arrested. For drunk driving. You know we're got a lot of comments about our sleep is. We were talking to a guy who got in the wrong call oracle lead in the club of skeptics are sent troops and console. Tons of comments came in and settle my and we don't know what brand Corey had we speculated Toyota or Honda he said he had a common car but they. Everyone pointed out the back in the day. We'll lose Honda or Toyota they only have like five to seven different cuts of keys. So some of the comments relate so it's easy to make mistakes those are the decent people. The mirror the other comments like we get our hand of one keys we knew we imported percent chance of Reeves still submerged car. They do out all of a lot right so the keys once they piece together the war a lot of cuts and I mean. More than ten people say oh yet user handle one of these keys man may go to mall parking lots no one said student parking at the school. The distill people's. I have a good old days but it makes sense. They something does. When I tell our viewers are emails after the men's room amends in my back off. How much does my son Parker is turning nine today the last you're being a single digit midget could you give them an original barbershop quartet fish sandwich thanks guys that from Brian's. And I again if you said okay so you know oh my god you run. Brother can now it's okay it's geez man it's harder on the side. Hey guys I'm John Munter birthday song and today is his eleventh birthday and also mine as well also have an original face that was along with a birthday song thanks guys. And lots of love that from Melissa fish sandwich. Just one I wish had a birthday to my old lady Kindle. She's turning to what they do today and listened to you guys religiously she would love LeRoy Jenkins. A little kids they sand wedge and an Ozzie Ted love you baby that from sterling. We. And it's dad. Did you have had hit her with what zednik who got right era it's. It's a great day hundreds of that goes with snacks through it we get the trustees and put him indeed Jesus. I'll look at my son Gregg turns 23 pronounced. Levity. That's his streamer name on twitch. He does gain casting for rocket laid out we're both avid listeners please grant him the following birthday wishes. A barber shop they sand wedge followed by you guys talking all over each other about streamers. And big game casters you guys Rogge Iraq banks that from big daddy ray. Beers it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's the daughter on this. And television cameras and he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and news and and not. It's Greg Ellis it was bound to western symbolizing knows about I realize that and this is the only way my god. Obviously ultimately the end zone meadowlands. Hasn't gone that are raised sales that he's learned here is the choice I thought that I was murders and once she's very little god damn loud a little bit about my neighbor innings on the back in order Mario killing her champagne true. Hotel today marks my 26 trip around the sun and I would like to hear and Alan fake. Followed by a LeRoy Jenkins and Sarah Palin for my cousin who was born and that's at born on leap day got to 'cause only big two dozen at a birthday this year a cheers guys that from Andrew look at. News. Oh yeah. My name is Joseph. I am 28 years old I would love some dirty Germans and it's not gonna go okay thanks guys. Oh it's. I. Equitable thing you didn't run them at BMW. Big massive win. So much fun with religions please. Oh there's my sister Rachel's 3030 anos you know the birthday song and the Barry dirty German stay classy bitches that from step. And I appeals coaches who thought of each upload knuckles Medina. I'm sure thirtieth birthday out there are lots of attention notes into the room left and not forget about the Monday. Goes to do is my boyfriend Kyle Petty 33 love them to the moon and back and get some dirty Germans. Give a little dirty talk about his 944. I'm assuming that's Porsche. Thanks guys you're the best that from Terry the LA librarian. Bulletin performance. The nation to my kids. I feel it's small red sports stars you're gonna love my little bit rocky. How much does a lot of Osman turns 33000 your show every day and his name is bill we. Had a British got out about turtle wax with the U like it in the applause. Maybe a bomb ripped to thanks guys that from Shelby. Okay. All week. Yeah my name is Amanda sue into a 39 years old gonna get a cut that big job next dollar and a European has his Q school. Thank you guys really smile every day. Itself. Not at all. Us. I don't know what her last name is but I hope it starts in the next. On all. My dad. There is no reason to. Can I get a notch and I to my home malicious Jeremy howls for his big fortieth birthday have Ottawa that ever is that bro thanks guys from star lot yeah. Yeah. Crawl and guys up from Kelly to my bride Michelle for a fiftieth who is not liking a original faced sandwich and some dirty dirty Germans to ease the pain of this day. Thanks for all you do love the show that from Kelly. Fish sandwich and but soon but we will put them level only each one being. Yeah we need to keep our diets of two dates with Clinton the first complex. A beautiful. A breeze the other hand. Oh happy it's. Yeah. Hey happy yeah. I day or day you don't you. Big day I had thirteen Germans brought. Also available through these world sings on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Know him shoreline fly do. Hamburg electors here oh Mattel is yesterday you guys were giving tete a hard time about his dog named Tigger he and being that he grew up in DC he would hope that the dog never got lost in you had the L forum around the neighborhood well. When I was growing up at a neighbor with a black lab named digger. There was a period of several years where you would hear the Ariel in the dog's name repeatedly had dust luckily for him we're very small white town. I always wondered what would have happened if that shelling fell on wrong nears a dead you're not alone with a questionable dog naming. Stay heavy bitch is that from Forrest Patrick who wasn't questionable I don't know when I don't know what made that by the way guys the NCA commented come in earlier saying hey Ted. Don't feel bad about maybe you don't Tigger a friend of his hat in the dog account whenever they named their pet takers like. We couldn T grow Seagram he looks like that I am a parent I thought it has crossed the line that are. A little us. As far out of what to say that I don't know Ortega. I mean a decrease in like honor guys let's see here in 2010 while conducting field training in Colorado for the army. I got down into a prone defensive position with my M four rifle. Right when I got on the ground a rattlesnake strug Ford and latched on to the end of the barrel my rifle. Once a latched on I dropped eleven stood up as fast as I could which caused the rattlesnake to let go of the rifle and I took off the other way have a great day keep kicking ass. That from Jason. Let's see here guys. As far as your animal encounter a panic a little baby blossoms in the yard and raised one the other one passed away from its injuries. He was Seubert till he got up to about thirty pounds a litter box train himself got bats every week without complaints and created himself for about eight hour naps each day. It was like having a mellow elderly dog that would occasionally climbed the drapes archer was a good boy from DN got a picture it's pretty crazy. Wasn't it cute. Me I'm man you you know what do any gas in and customs or does that animal were there. An IQ now like this are right Mansoor her debt show and I'm latest deaths because I had to be ups sorry it's only reason I guarantee is worth three. Walking out around my girlfriend's house holding hands and asked trying to get the mood for what should have happened later we got interrupted by anything baton decided at. They set me damn thing rapidly growing at around I had grabbed me on both sides man had he come up faith don't even know. Way to promote out of my head who got the front part but that bitch got Maine got away having looked like John McEnroe swing and Burnett leads as that sensitivity sex while the got three rounds rabies shot the replies yes you know it's out of doing that woman of the day as Kevin's right that from day. This happens you're absolutely have to buy it back to. Kind of retarded master bedroom but first. Yeah. Men's room wants to know. Sox. A talent never goes back left even through failure bring us a three stories from the news and every week it's up to us to determine which of these three stories. Sox Phillies now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on to order a men's or live. He debate is already underway on who sucks lights if indeed and as always we have our three competitors in this case we well some. We have a woman let's just say she won her boyfriend to crack her back he decided not to and things went south. We also dog about who's legendary. Television superstar one Heather lock. We remember her from novels plays and virtually nothing else might. Gmail to back in the news that decisions that miles maybe she gets Pratt and we'll get your story and there we go right down the road to Portland Oregon where. Let's just say. Not all race relations or a working out so great but again let's start. But the woman to want to go back cracked in the vote short story Gisele Taylor she's 27 years old. She was arrested in charge of animal cruelty why. She got angry at her fiance because he wouldn't crack the back we don't know why you don't open argument ensued but he turned her down but. The arrest report says she then went to the garage and grab the nine millimeter handgun and load it. Now as she told officers he just intended to scare her fiance but which he didn't get the response she wanted I'm assuming a try to match. Jim pointed out of the two year old boxer in the trigger. She hit the dog and a proportional and killed Jesus then she drove away from the house what was arrested short time later believe that she's free on 5000 of them. And services. Now we're gonna Heather Locklear. Apparently domestic violence is something she likes throwing down with and she very. Officers go to the stories she is the aggressive so her brother. Drove up to her house and put her brother got there she and her boy for were already into an argument and I guess things are going south because her brother. Actually called police say look man my sister's about to go off the rails well when we come to get there like any domestic both people fired up she had some choice words not into the world but. The cops that love. We still have to at least take you down to be legislation for processing Heather didn't like that two months so in addition to some of the choice words. Of the three officers that were there and she managers who sold each war. One she spit it believe it or not he got the best part of the deal and the other one she bids and then the third officer that's right he got kicked in the world. As you may have guessed she was arrested in if you remember her name it's probably because. This is not the first time she's gone down this bad bad. No lord but now let's go to Portland Oregon or a 41 year old white dude. Dread the six his pit bull and a black guy that was walking home from church before the northeast Portland right. To those guys and called target of his aide of course the embalmed and told him and I quote. Your written to roll neighborhood. That's what he drives things dribble I'm lucky for the black dude the pit bulls as they disobeyed disobeyed that order because some black guy can walk. Just want to get away from the situation. That's why do followed him with his pit bulls go all the way to be part trying to get the dog to attack and then you threaten to disasters such and such through the black guy his quote. I was really scared I guess so even the way the cops called this guy believes taken to jail but he got sixteen days for. So basically what we have devil woman pulled out guns and shooting her new fiance dog because the jobs that would detract from back I wouldn't say she sucks the most. I would agree that give Heather Locklear who knows what Heather Locklear does but it's a what you gotta stop assaulting police officers who work. They're not there to harass him they were called there because you already assaulting the boards and by the way she going to be pissed on report we mean jeans jump was an office knows. So again the concert please bear to you have to deal would view it in the hole broke your call to cut government. Her brother called cop that's on him to got an end. You have some races due to Portland who just sees a black eye walking down the streets. Besides he has to say something and it tries to get as fit bulletin type guy to pit bull I'm unlike Norton pat I don't know I think there any irony that he wouldn't attack. I so that the my girl or submit pit bulls probably amount if you notice being black folks we're kind of tight. And Biden were almost every day. I mean only because. I think it's it's terrible but just when it is dog who attacked the black dude you played the Donald could get that terrible to you but you never attacked though it's still such beliefs. And he still did the deal done. He got it I guess is he eighth I'll see how do abruptly AFLAC they. I think that it I think that I think that Catholic beliefs sort of my home of the golden age to go ahead and decided not to be beaten. The majority of our of our our FaceBook yeah my dog I had called my name they'll say the same thing like it's Heather Locklear you know exactly what you're getting into when you bought it it's like Dennis Rodman getting a DUI you kind of expected you New Jersey seaside police she has a history of this kind of failed they make it right. They just say no to argue that output also Heidi can I think that's because it's Heather Locklear. If this is that due to edit history and hopefully not my knowledge and I don't know we I don't know what I would make every break she beat the crap out of it deprives the statement after she tried to bite off is no fool like Dublin knows Heather Locklear and no one nuggets who she'd just connected with this those old high school sweetheart. So like for some reason they got back together and she almost bit these type we think well no big rally was well. The pit bull would not might we got people scared dribble. The only person in all of these stores and actually tried to bite anybody morrow was a grown into what I think I think pretty. Jack Wagner took a bad beatings began the reason imagine if she beat his legs. Top organism on FaceBook follow us on Germans are lively debate continues with new socks less I would drink it's just gone over the shot today the return. And as the men's earlier treat you like it NFL draft prospect with a few questions that's all coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. It's it's you. Penetrated does go to show there's no way Bob Burris it's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. You'll keep us you know. These sky. It's. Is my mom hole real questions that need answers and yes we can help this. Is as good. Branson and drove the. Got a question for anybody here in the men's room to shoot us an email have been through amendments or live that comic Pacific to have some instrumental as we go or flip the script on this one today. As NFL draft prospects are heading to Indianapolis for the annual scouting combine. That's will showcase themselves to booster draft stock they'll do everything from run authority to do bench pressing two the vertical and everything else now. As part of that they will also meet the teams to answer a wide variety of questions when I say a wide variety questions. I mean just about anything only the NFL could get away of this graph all right so. The USA today they've compiled a list of the fifteen weirdest questions NFL teams have as draft prospects. Have to come oh god I'm gonna ask you guys these questions are okay all right now I'm a draft prospect. All right here we go back do you find your mother attract. No object now. Do you like meant. As people bananas that you love them. Yeah daddy. So oblivious to implement this wrong answer you will be 51 of your best friend 52 while we all do like Kenya does daddy daddy hit fairs and sexual or just hanging out there. I didn't questions for for a good job. We're going to do the president played football and HR nightmare. When did you lose your virginity. 1710. For momma prostitute no. Steve would you rather be a cat or dog. Cat where does the sunrise dance in the east where does that set in the west would you share your Internet history with a Steve. Borrow boxers or briefs dead boxer briefs which kind of pitcher you. Tune up and Ted finally are you afraid of growth. Cycle very dump it probably would agree that somebody else. Still you ring. Israel knows just. When news. Data then there's usually heads the very best dance even throw another find out who are. Tells them yes indeed and today we tells mr. Tony Garces I think that's laces think of Amarillo Texas now. Tony was one of 100 people attending the faith city mission church. When a guy comes busting through the door with a gun. All right and an gunman held all 100 congregants and the church staff hostage. So one point of view the congregants that finally get it together and amends to Russell the gunman to the ground. And that's from Tony spring and action and did the Smart thing and got the gun away from all right so. They tackled to the ground for the sky to fire John Tony man bravery up truck runs over manages to snatch this guy's got. Unfortunately. For Tony it was at that exact same moment that the cubs also came busting through the church goers they see Tony with the gun. And they shouted thanks to. They went to the hospital in stable condition he's expected to recover and be fair hopped off. All wrong I mean it was unfortunate but he said look man. He's like I would do and it didn't discuss the situation gala is that an org or com shot by the cops but I love his final line is I think it's too resorts. It's life. His goal public think about those I had a gunman and I don't know how long the sky was an again obviously it's tense situation we know that this country anyway has lost its mines and here's a guy. You know in their threatening to kill people what do you Russell to the ground you're the guy just reached over grabbed the gun and I mean Bob moment. You put your hands and I gonna pick it up bass from the cops come and they know the responding to a possible shooter there's obviously combo thing about the culture walking him. There's a huge group of people on the ground you got a guy Nicklaus shot. So what more of those boos and drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni jet lag so over the home and down the throat to party in our tummies. Now hold grab their job. I did Deco or nine in line right now get a little profile that's going on 844999. Old law. The show and many news continues on the men's room radio network.