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Wednesday, February 28th

Mens Room Question: For arguments sake, why should you have been arrested?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Carlos Sousa WA AF Boston's rock station also nicely five WC MF Rochester is classic rock 1033 the courts in Iraq and in for Wayne Indiana and good morning to our friends in 947 K easy in the Alaskan rock alternative. Still filling the effects of hanging with you guys after all these days here and as fat content got a big show today we got there turner who cites last as a men's room is gonna treat you like an NFL Brett I draft prospect. And today we're talking of the time whether. You wanna talk about her not for argument sake maybe you were may be a warrant but why should you have been arrested 844999. Cola by the way just a couple of comments that came in and we're talking earlier miles you know the story of driving to an island act. And but you drive through Georgia you have drugs in the car and it's it's just kind of understood Georgia is terrifying place to draw certain places Jesus filter on view of that kind of stuff I don't think we jokingly. Teddy sent to the senate environment car. We're getting pulled over the satellite we give Georgia. Pitcher S in the truck well Sony John Denton it's a brand that don't put thrill in the trump have throw drive as long as both you guys in the backseat. Driving miss things. Since I don't like that and thought about it didn't seem that they can and then there's another guy says as a white kid in the mid ninety's and Georgia probably 100 miles an hour. At a state patrol go by at 120. Miles an hour with a wave and did not don't think the same would've happened a far different though. I don't know no no I would agree with that man genders. To this day you'll hear lake if you heard what the group from the jewels yet but killer Mike who's from Atlanta he's like I was dubbed young kids like. Julie delay and they go in Georgia. Right now that yeah I am I don't take it out of that I had there at the Pacifica I. For our hero segment you are may your input so why should you have been arrested 844999. Omaha hello Patrick welcome to the bedroom. All of yeah. Him. I told my story is our public when he won. My buddy and I trigger on the fire we run out alcohol he resided drive to a liquor sort of bite more. And after we got another client I got a great idea you know let's go to white pass and local bull and burst on the right. And so we get all the way down into Packwood. And realize that there is about a foot of snow on the ground beside eternal Alan and I don't turn around I put my car in the DH. On the opposite side of the road and we've got their per about two hours trying to dig my car out in the get back on the road and here come the cop and somehow I don't know I was. Honestly felt kind of the front. Could you talk to the cubs did he talk to you. So we talked the talk. End to the drug Erica let's go to our Kyra copy may need. Call let's go to our driver and I don't have any money in. You would think it has only out and then yeah somehow. I don't know how I mean I it's kind of a blur Rihanna as the leader I mean I guess they were going a bit and a pipe between us. You still friends with the guy. I don't get as a yankees don't know keep close like I'm crying in the front seat which is also an indication I'm probably still broke it. And he. I don't know what the hell he said LLC offer them folate and accomplish something but I mean that's unbelievable but he managed. On your behalf to talk the cop out of taking new way. Oh yeah I I sure I should look at the bill and reason. Tucker driver. You know in the car you just an old cop ready you're fired didn't want a guilty or. It all right here is out for whatever reason this is this the least of my personal experience. If you're talking to a copper whatever their son he should have done that like sorry you know like ideology. Or your parents you know who laid down on you sometimes you feel guilty about doing stuff and you're just like. All right mark feel like are right here right erratic in a crowded immoral lower as a regular book but men for some reason. What a tow truck driver gives you that look like to have Dan here and if it is cracked it just hurts worse than anyone else it's like. I. Hopkins. Like the toads are never like he's just like he's a singer isn't he outsmarted you and because they didn't say anything that would you like to thank god damn I feel horrible you let cops have to say subtract your parents feel that happens is they feel that I don't feel bad but no explaining why I have thirty guiding you through why you moron as we're told truck driver popular anyone Mecca as this is the boards are either it's like look I don't need to tell you why your native we both know your affidavit that's why honestly that's elation live firemen. Like paramedics. About what you've been gesture whenever I noticed there to help oh yeah they know your lap and we're out there out novelist guy might it say when you go to your doctor for your physical tell mature of tube and but man telling them look we're the just the truck that bit the tow truck driver real. Look at sea witch is dead where your cars now located I got there the skid marks for anybody else is looking around is that did you like. Year and he did you like. I know man hasn't moved to our advantage now. Little did they got 76 stations go on the austerity deal he worries that regular line it up and down on. If you don't tow truck driver now I don't know man Needham and for our USA maybe or maybe you learned but why should you have been arrested a 44999. Cola. Hello long unwelcome to the men's room. Hail us and our love. And on top recruit. OK okay. Carl how will work you're particularly. I came a little blue weaken more the more we can look. And I don't want my arrest. And they were in two. It's. It's. And. You can say other radio. Children there. Yeah I'm working night. I alive yet it's got us is how my wife and I got to your body go live to be quiet. Our stop and think it's only time I try to go quietly sit here loose off he he he creepy if it's it's important. So they don't love art. I can lower knocked on the door and they asked me out when you're a union and Wachovia. Then and so that we have a lot for your rest while they build on the related no more relevant to actually not just people who weekend. Turnout to be pretty cool and they just only we'll handle it and also. Why why was her warrants out for your arrest. I'm glad to go right to manage look at that look at that. June Beijing go. Well with a guy. But I came always gambled though he did so you're good at these these numbers Stillman lit. You know what if I don't you go back to its nexus there's still worn out rearrest. Not an Arizona wildfires on news that he's working OK I went back called include Bob. And the other definition of the law read before it was sort trafficking ma drugged and I'm okay. How did you and not to get arrested for trafficking drugs are good that feels like 10 sure fire ways to go to jail. A lot of thought well I. Think it's all cool. Feel OK well now the other you have door about through all of the all of the stuff that you've done your lifeline is just don't go to Arizona don't go to Arizona and I get to fill his wife is would take about death pretty much and don't argue with you. Yeah that's the only state can't go to no. We'll need to know you know aren't that I think there's probably like three appealing to any state that want to live there and there is a war. For something some more series and others I just get the feeling the since I get for more on his man. I wouldn't travel lodge looked like he might be to do who's simply forgotten. So let go visit his friend and LA or somebody in the late payment we've waited for him it. Our man I forgot about that how bad my bad for our USA maybe or maybe you aren't good so why should you have been arrested 844999. Hello hello Corey welcome to the men's room. And doing. It. Well we don't marry you. Doing well and to so life story told like I had a couple of them but I think he says that's why should tell you about the time that. My movement will remain the friend of mine stolen keg awesome idea that Portugal frat house. It at that as you may get out guys need to get through the good book bag. Well yeah I saw that worked at night I was a bartender back at that time and I you bought total walked home from work and common buddies he would he would love to. It again and how much are you know salukis are they need it to this address you got to cash. All right Cherokee national. So I had to keep up the structure to the spot and he and my other buddy you're up on this is not a little one actually on the ground floors up on the on the next blow up this little about the kind of sitting and I think the track Garrett had just stuck it out there and assumed to be trying to Lynette started whenever I had no idea how they found out about this keg in there to welcome by inside. And think they conduct their intended to be like preclude wasteful and so like I heard. I ride the trucking detect up to be red and a return to the doc he's there and do discreetly let's be loaded down and battered truck and took it home. Hardest part about that's those findings among with a tap. That's like I think damn man and agony that cameraman we we get taps stole the parties present instead of the tab with the third lowest death okay yeah that's they're that it happened illustrated the other idiots they should take right now and are right away there's on example ever stall tactic. And I had no doubt his know our guys they checked me out front she still had big saves sailor these guys so we were just looking across the Alley. I think. That house. God okay. I know could dry up north Calvert and we were looking rerun of the top deck look at across the Alley there's another guy like house the last like seven or eight dudes and they had a case enable Afghan. We want to progress both of these anti death but kinda nice they had to come back over and they knew so but it was like me in my cousin to make his two friends. They weren't going to that thing at the school right so make so richly they walked in our one body they're going to a camp. They're like going up given the business right you bring that element you know MF in case this mental block they come in the kitchen. There's four of us they don't know just standing there. And they were like. Hey if it's RK you're like yeah aren't good. If you are accustomed to living room they were like that's gonna walk it back and they were like you know available just take it back. Learning who. Can get people. Everything worked out everything dregs of Ireland and you're good yeah I think we have a complete. You are dead yeah all right. I think he's okay we don't like when unit's position at the plate we know we're in the wrong but also relate. Between he rusty like we could take complete list to be tough guys and in your seats who gets a blitzer is much easier now connect. There really aren't you compile it for the red cups all appeared trick in his stomach at. Actually I think the guidance they do you want to fill up before beat the dead man to hit it is that you have the savings oh. Are you say maybe you are may feel horrible why should you have been arrested a 44999. All although I'm or your calls coming up you are listening to amend your radio network. Hey Joseph you know have turned the men's room so I sent down to Florida Lake County Florida and a woman. Was arrested for allegedly striking her boyfriend. Because he went to check on dinner according to the lake county sheriff's office. A deputy received a call about a domestic disturbance on the evening of February 25. Dispatch said that the female half of the altercation. Was that the paled Paisley mart located on county road 42 the boyfriend was still at their place on. Think pamper wrote. I don't know. Only an hour don't help on a bad move and you might are about exactly 51 year old Teresa wore an area go the team named told the officer that her and her boyfriend we're drinking alcohol having a good time within suddenly had nowhere. He just randomly punched her in the face with a closed fist. And she did have a red mark on her face growing officers she claimed that she lost consciousness and when she woke up. She ran her boyfriend's car and left and then headed to the pays remark which was the only place it was close now to the boy for a he tells a bit of a different story. He told the deputy that they were indeed drinking. And cooking and watching a NASCAR race and having a good time. That according to his story about things got weird they started having sex but didn't he remembered. He had dinner on the stalled and he was cooking and he didn't want the food to burn so it took just a small little break to check on the flute. Florida woman not having any of this she smashed it television on to the floor to her boyfriend asked what goes wrong. And instead of answering with words she just screamed and started striking him closed fist. Had a look at legs I hate bush or the front door told her to leave. She just charged and again so he stuck his hand out the blocker creating the red mark on her left cheek with a bomb the sand. But he said she ran off with his vehicle. They boyfriend had a swollen left eye a red mark on his stomach the woman was determined to be the primary aggressors so she was arrested. And thrown into the lake county jail and her bond remains. At 2000 dollars that's it. 2000 out there remains meaning she still there yet. 2000 about 2000 out well guess what he might need that money to replace his TV. Progress say maybe your made your butt so why should you have been arrested 844999. Cola hello Andrew welcome to the men drew so. Or oh. All right so. About 22 I wouldn't. And in my body. Werder. I doubt I edit this part Bart police station and the library. And it was this season we're all the streets were dropped all caught all over the ground. So we were taken out of got a light on fire. And I was over certain files cotton council. Streamed to stay to see out our data where everybody behind me. Or lighting units like little blond look at. In silicon. And brought the gun because we get bought out slowly ground. Are you guys messed up and all. Else you're we're. OK now get thirteen I understand this activity. You wanna do I wonder like are you on some unlikely he's like really let's start it on bad about it I don't know much about you to all but it doesn't stop me that they knew it's all one you're sober and two they're just not a lot of others don't gadget out turn up. Exactly and we do is very hard come by so we hadn't heard it yourself. OK so I'm we don't know I got my environment. I gan yeah. So all of swaps didn't library caught in no doubt astute. I hear my buddies start yelling and I turnaround. And cursed be obvious or easy the last well it caught and they drop didn't go well important to grant. And I took a rarely am very content is just check everywhere in a circle is go on all charged up so now but. This summer aside it's. Creeping towards some bushes and trees are brought over there and start out try to stop an out. And I look around. About ourselves can we we gotta get out your good word not put this out the spread wager back. So we've all got to take offs and he's like no way we got to put it out. So I turn around and I see how much spread within this last couple seconds. And every. Option to put it now we went through my head was bullied at school sector like an out. We gotta go so we took off. And I am. Related. Well to report blocks away to our other bodies out and start here and siren and mercy and smoke. And pretty much fire spread towards the tree and bush it is and got. I don't know how much of the park where ups because I didn't go back up ports are probably. I ordered a loss. You say OK but also said that goes right behind the police station rank. Yeah it was nice subtle library so we it was probably about a block away buttons. Pretty good they wanted Clark. Then on Oneida. Damn I was advantages like I never went back to the park. Never played ever. Until he moved out of state for argument sake maybe alarm have you learned that a wise did you have been arrested 844999. Cola where your calls gonna dissect it's also a lawyer turner whose Sox last and as the men's zero. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.