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Wednesday, February 21st

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Others are Broussard saw authority has these slang word that your state is known for and our question what did you parents try to protect it from growing up but what dumb thing. Did you do anyway a 44999. Old Le hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. 00 love digits are stopped. In case or you shout out okay. To do the US men's curling team. Out of they do I'm following the one game totally legal today who are they poorly competing against a against already lowered a lower you know going to be the canals. Okay okay. On what a I would say hello garlic and cheer or logon with talent to win a deadline what did your parents try to keep you from doing grown up. Well. Logging day. Tried to keep me can be no longer. Lawrence it's it would step family business so my dad's side. Stanley trailed my mom's side they're going up it was you know go to school do your sports that mean. Gillard raised grave there chair and I knew nothing about blog. Didn't hear your brain you even heard. Are they just do what they're going you know eight you'll go to school go to college you know gives once you do something else above them what they were doing. Yeah I will you know they knew lifestyle they knew what it you know what it was about what it detailed the actually Kelley business and the daily trade. I'm. All sides and ask your question when you say the lifestyle what what does that mean does that mean go on fast does that mean drinking doing what does that mean when life started and. He can do you know yeah I actually two there's a lot of to achieve low testosterone work hard play hard. About your lives. Yeah I did take over the territory. And so and in no way any kill it that some very adjourn colleague Bernie and twenty years look here as well early uploading. Years later he's finally gave up blogging. Dad and I never look back school or not and I just got I got so low Beck called our I called an old almost says I called and hopefully get a job that some murder and Bernie. And she said no we are going there I told her you know you can't stop nearly eighteen now. So much and I commend you said it's something you actually enjoy doing. Once I started doing there especially paychecks it's mostly early eighties. Yeah mid eighties then I saw the paycheck so loved the work at eighteen but only. I saw no reason that you are hated school. Romero and everybody did but yeah like you're Jordan doormat I know from about but a little bit when you know not knowing a lot about blogging the whenever you click on one of those dumb slide shows on like MSN dot com or whatever that says here's here's the top. To endangers the jobs in America it's that's always a crab fishermen in and logger are always one and two or vice Versa on that so. He did twenty years that you were in that industry how many of your coworkers passed on if that's true. Co workers themselves I've I've personally. Tacked out close to thirteen bodies. She's crying to Sullivan twenty years. Like knowing I will enter Kenya on twelve years there and shoot that smells and has maybe that's why your parents are hoping that you would do something different has been on the dangers of job. Memorial La yeah and gave myself was better backed out spirit you know we can initiate what do you do. I yeah. Imagine being hit by a baseball bat the little sordid sort law. And in the great cajun culture glow as an internal organ broker is you don't lose your Ferraro's stuff fault that you're gonna put the tree in fallout. Not a rich really not a knock on wood but I followed. You know other wages such steep crown and stuff but I I saw him. General street ground that our hardware all steel. Yeah rolled downhill forty KG he sees the Mike Weir has 45 degrees you know. Or eighty G slopes. Well I could see why your parents and want to be given what law do you think when you get to the bottom of that hill left you've rolled down at you know a hundred times he's running like a news cycle its stock up. How do you keep thinking Dele oh walked back out there now it's such. If you think Danica breakfast and got into a. I've been out they went Delhi to parents try to protect you from growing double a dumb thing did did you do anyway 844999. All done something horrible and again. Hello west welcome to the men's room. Or are booted so who are. Iron man on the community and yet it. You know have the millennial studies and earlier don't you. That's what's the center are no that's an urgent that the threat we have on our show and that limits him like a long ago to be out clearly at noon and nicest guy in the world and he's not in the different portion of the studio so I got an act before the end of a men's or anything you don't wanna talk extra millions don't did you did you warn some good Roberts. And one probably been a couple months later he had a medical emergency while driving his car and I think an entire rundown and went into a tree. Man that's crazy illustrated guide actually activity and there's so do you such a cool guy many root cause we could not believe just how genuinely nice he was and there isn't. Up completely and insolvent stack and man roller and we Jim Mora renewal and re. It is the most delicious shrimp or does that ever tracked admitted he had stories and does he was in Akram and right when it was just going critically wounded Zoellick who. Like the rock and roll era of wrestling you're right in the Moore yeah yeah yeah definitely. So let's now and your parents trying to protect you from growing up wrestling. All though. Not bad if it didn't want to watch rated. Up like that I mean the bad start if you're reluctant band camp links. So okay so that's terrible hadn't with the epithets or no more golf so now I guess learned somewhat woes the albums the first oriented movies so. First. HBO. Recounted dad some box of corn I had my third great. Oh sorry during a game didn't we were yet we are wise and they're like we need a match he doesn't Ali blazer is like in the crazy like yeah I'd like. It must warn you obviously. They're like at least formula but also that you Ramallah tennis. Some all my Old Dominion the man why don't know when you're a thorough and I remember the old dilemma and our remote little empirical black you hit it. Was it cowboy hat on him because he was getting honest school. Maybe you know some important going on here and any had a little and you look at this girl lawsuit and your. You thought this is what sex is all about a third added that's the one to remember if he'd be glad Godzilla cowboy I had you know rather rude I do remember Long Dong Silver and I will say this right. You're in third grade you discovered this huge porn stash of your friend's father might. At that time. That is I think also. As an adult if you found that month reportedly dead you are guiding creepy what is wrong with the only call the cops I don't know black midget or call the cops there were nerd a New Orleans. Are you know you're my buddy black in that mom so you know and I guess they all went black support that yet. And they're like little people and it does affect what your taste are because Manuel go to the same thing to see the same thing I think. Chris Rock is gonna new Netflix specially talks about that is like men from a porn is like. Now need a black woman with a huge jazz and an Asian that and then the ground just to get my rocks not we thought you could. There are. It is overdo it I guess that you need black admitted to download I don't want one woman at a liquor. Brought the word broke let out. So we want to go to Chris Rock me in my buddy a general all and the only thing left was handicap eat. So I didn't know if I had to be handicapped or not what the granite two wheelchairs. Or about Friday. Okay we're. We did and we actually rolled out into wheelchairs to be a bad like it I didn't know if you have to be handicapped would not be in seat. So you know I had a practice sinister nature goes through. No they'll tell you still not a joking are you. But it's a rehab no question I mean like in our bathroom here in the handicapped stall we can use it which I use all sides. If you're part even of the don't handicap like you can't parked in the parking place right so I had no I don't know see the light. Did against the rule. Smooth move. Want to help about learn reassured that they you know we have the answers question what you're saying and I'm like no way in my electrical or. Mountains pinnacle luge. You have a thing about and they senator airport to see like nine million people being wheeled around you know and mile delay you got up and walked to the day from there. Here's my problem is that man some people know about the. The car and we've put the shares down about immature. Whoever thought you'd act you know the eleven I've heard a little low in you know by the time we got barely bullying that. And I give people showed to the odds of that airport late in the gates far away in their elderly and they needed car Breyer had a reveals that there are some people normally you were lazy I'll Wal-Mart is a better example of that in my in my bio mom and my grandmother's hometown of West Virginia you go on the Wal-Mart and I've looked. I'm not exaggerating when you walk into that main area. It looks like eight it looks like a parking cars a parking lots of those cars era and then there's a small amount of baskets. So there's more of those drivable Brower right there are actual baskets and you get in there and I'm gonna say at least 20% of the shoppers. Are on that car grant and it's a big store but what percentage of that 20% due legitimately. Needs to be in the and that's the real question right alongside a fifteen I don't pseudo code if not they do it I would take this car and driver out. There are sure to Alan O'Dowd I think about it though appreciated and a little. What are your parents try to protect you from growing avoid dumping did you do anyway 8449990. I'm never faithfully I had to be in a wheelchair and it just wasn't fake but a buddy of mine. Before. The city Baltimore got an NFL franchise back via the ravens they had a Canadian football team and it. So whatever but the guy used to work with into giving you jobs and a ticket brokers saw that in the early take a thug so while alma Baltimore stallions and yes so the Toronto already announced cape town and he calls reopens grey cup champions he says that's correct he says look man. There's a guy I guess is like fringe group one of the guys from organ out of this kid went. Every art announced game whatever the case is a look he's wheelchair bound. If you push him around gives you field axis might count me and real nice kid man but it was the first time I've been on the field I would just say that slick Willie the morale was fine he was a good conversation with. Once we got to the field are realized those wheelchairs not bill press report. Our enemy little spongy and everything so I realize like I'm having a hard time pushing this game and mature on the sidelines and front the front got 40000 people don't. It's somewhat humiliating satellite. Leadership. Got Richard proportions cleaned all the tall dude it was humiliating. Humiliating and but moved. Deep into the game. The wanting to skipping reports imitation degrade lovable. Is that an African accommodated instinctively Brill remember those plays came flying out of balance and and the state would hold in my legs they were about to to run his ass over. I got forgot about it loosely. But they spent a rose thought was indicted hit I'm like you know I tried did for me. I'd I'd I'd wanna get ticket then I didn't like I make no mistake. It's you just came with a bright. Our question what are your parents trying to protect you from going double a dumb thing did you do anyway we get your emails on the way for the men's room add men's or my doc I'm coming up next you are listening to commend her radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Why kill your parents try to protect you from drawing double a dumb thing did you do anyway Erica those emails in the men's room men's or live dot com. Always on the thing my parents try to keep me from as a child was chewing tobacco however at the age of eighteen being around others that chewed. I started two for four years quit after swallowing the lot and vomiting all over myself you guys are well. After chilly Willy Chile early I don't know anybody who didn't try dipping for what at least sometime and in throw up look cool as you know we're grown up especially. All the baseball players visit gold and I don't know all against over the oral Campbell. From the usual big running bad guys in argues the duke remark on how large school bordered on hold yours. An end and chewing tobacco or even two which is. I mean just crap just driven out of people's cheesy amount just like just the big thing at Shaw the amount you don't know on the day it's not my queen mother do well enough to do you rising laid off my grandmother would be the one to do a what they called shawl which is to relive those old man and when you get got to miss that about be my younger generation growing value and their granddaddy Gregor and Heather Graham all access cigarette every once a lot of shot of whiskey. If you guys say I come from a. I lost my virginity in my current boyfriend in the backseat in my car definitely nothing special and we also did it my parents' bed and some of my siblings beds still. Among actually found out a few weeks later about finding a condom in my purse until we Els is terrible child holes on the road to hell and also told me my boyfriend wasn't a man. Then when I turned eighteen I got a ten to two days before my birthday got a nose pierced I knew they would like it then or any the choices I made but. They'll get over it that from Mary Mary your greatest thing. My parents' biggest fear was is getting kidnapped. Why would they tried even though I would only hop into bed to pick up trucks she still be my ass after a loss Mumbai because the driver took a wrong turn and I jumped out. My mother father of both ran pretty wild and are you for the to a time I was born and for sometime after. At some point my mom who still smoke pot told me that she did not want to be running around getting stoned so author ever won the Triad come to her. Well I try to a mile and eventually and thing about being high for the first time in my mom seem like a poor idea. Eventually we got to a smoking together and for a time I was my mom's connect that from germs. Your personal with the parents. Now. My mom hasn't read brown is once considered no but not you guys never sat down sides look down and well. I don't believe there and we I think maybe sometimes it worked in those Cubans you round and you didn't do stuff and I have a roach clips. That was meant it in Onebox slow so you want my parlor with a pretty handy guy as well also in the garage you wrote cliff that he can use them for their intended purpose. And remember as a kid grows shuttle was odd I opened the box and among other things to do things upon the bars the roach clips. But in the same like all wrapped up in paper and with the most instances the rubber as a kid I couldn't wrap my head around it over years goes by animal rights. Hello equals two CC's. Obama try to protect me from riding a motorcycle she was always worried I was gonna get heard adding care wanna ride so I got one when I was seventeen and everything was fine that was until the day that a lady decided pull on crummy yen helped me do my own Superman impersonation. Well needless to say I found out that I am not a man of steel the due to bad bad compound fracture I'm now parlayed meta tag team. And gave it time for a few extra emails men's room have been jamaat doc out. How I'll say this as far as two wheels and an engine I think that anybody who knows anybody is somewhat concerned that eventually something bad showing absolutely does eventually. So on the matter is going to have a. On the told someone always happy birthday to my son not Ivan he is turning six today I can now believe how fast the time is going. Please give them a little kid faced sandwich thanks guys that from the dance. Gentlemen always hard on sun Bubba I happy birthday it's his fifteenth Joe Brown the son. How about an Al hitting a window and a LeRoy Jenkins love dead and Shannon. Oh. Yeah. I don't there's number Tim Tony and I don't think you're right and so here I go Graham and Al hitting the window you like that and you guys talking all over your selves about in 1970 Opel GT. Thanks guys that from Naples. Oh yeah. I remember these meetings Sunday eulogies he unless I'm juicy and limited by it and Maria I think it was just I don't pull accidentally small alive as little has been to launch a monument at the little with a harmless and cute and funny Google and you oral sex I look offers on its us ignorant but the advice on a pop ups than you can do other positions. Sorry about Bernie Ford you're this year guys and out on top of the Beers going down soon I could use a birthday wish from wild and I love you guys keep of the great work thanks guys that from John. Yeah up fully well that oil back while they both staff and other frolic it's like wallowing in the mire. I gotta say my fiance Shane 34 the introduce meters show early in a relationship and I was never de love you guys. He is the most incredible kind loving person loud rock rock rock follies including Indy that it and a lot of alarm. Got a big old bomb ripped followed by the dirty dirty Germans discussing would. Thanks like guys appreciated that from Kieran. And I do not know much about fluid but if we don't you have spent Susan almost. Arizona universities judge my fiance Brian he's 34 we've been together nineteen years. And he loves the show about a classic fish sandwich and some dirty Germans as an every day love you guys in love you Brian thanks guys love Tina sandwiched. General for your book they want to take a look at some of the camera often done my share. Guys always my brother rob had a birthday 37 year old. And he's a bad answer ironworker and girl penis and the dirty Germans would be appropriate. Thanks guys appreciated that from. Are provoked them MySpace. Guys viewers my dad no could you wish my old ass brother party ardea happy birthday. Now let's see here this. Thing witnesses who is older than dirt and has shaken a hand of Jesus. He would like your penis is too small and the dirty is nasty and Germans that you can put on the air thanks guys that from the fifth box. Quote I saw die by Ian Miller first time Lesnar thanks guys. Today's top 41 around the sun right here I'll play editor fired recently I went to Germany thanks your show up on every person and it was a dirty pervert. I leonidas to gets a mere dirty is German talk from you and the lovely model fox. Thank you guys so much that from Justin the exterminator and sometimes sperm and Nader and. We are both you would drink wine from his stupid. I'm intense thing bush stepped Neitzel person. Did you ask god darn good buddy Eddie sharp this I gonna compete in the dirty Germans talking about Mexican food that from the contractors a key ports oh. And gone with no send out some of the Mexican crew with the rule of multiples pension. His teammates can lessen mix is valid name. I hills that is not order don't even want it doesn't come out guys I'd like you make a birthday judgment had radial bastard forty today when the heart is wearing SOB's around listens you guys every day have a classic fish sandwich and a cut that bitch off. Next dollar thanks guys you rock that from Davis fish sandwich get rid itself. Red column all along time lows around 41 years old having original face sandwiches and dirty German doc thanks guys that from Andy fish yeah. Now it's up to most human things to appeal this is known of these boxes cost them. Only as her day job my brother from another mother the dirty snake AKA Iran have a shot you got enough for me next time until the weekend bitch. Give me your penises too small a cut that bitch off and the dirty Germans to wish that dirty snake happy birthday thanks that from bearcats. Spirit no. Medco and moon of the solutions to Hulu a local chef boy R&D. So did my 47 heaven oh my god what I have does that brow and and and pro penis love the show rock god Matt from Todd. My yeah. Crawl and protein and it has always my husband not too hot to handle Randall heavy 51 with a bong rip and internal sex. Thanks guys that from the lovely life. While Barbara San Miguel on porn sells another it's awesome Mexican bartender needs some dirty Germans. That from the bearded viking. It's a little bit chilly outside about the way your books of blood. Hi guys go. Have you and you have gone okay. Yeah yeah tomorrow okay is happy yeah. I gave her a good group. May Israel and Brunson and then removes Nelson also available through the music world sings on men's lives doesn't come another fine retailers. In the shrine fly. Oh I grew just in a good afternoon good morning everybody. I'll first thanks all the ever put in the show commute about an hour each evening so really enjoyed it left a real quest as far as sitting as it and spent. The various back stories are fun and interesting since you all have a years in the biz and most the songs benefit from a little more time play especially the quote songs you hate to admit you love this. And the strange mashups. To request seminal guy have a some stuff from the seventies and eighties. And a lot more time to let's songs play in any event be well give up the great work after Walt Walt deceiving getting. Sending Israeli stuff gone up to curtail and we've done and I yacht rock and Purdue all right that we know what elite gold Disco company in the seventies and mainly. What did you like Toto Ambrose almost brand comes on the same. And parent all of them were low but none of them with a girl that seemed to be the general sense you definitely feel that all that's right exactly you're definitely not wearing leather and Mike got some suggestions on your list that you add a TV time what Ted on the worst national anthems ever in. As Fergie did her thing at the NBA all star game and her thing that was the most notable thing of the entire game and broadcast apparently. There really laws. The list was missing Carl Lewis is wonderful National Anthem performance. That we've talked so negative I'm sorry your list is completely incomplete probably one of the most infamous National Anthem fails all time. Is Carl Lewis that from blind Paula believe his up and scans and more on ball isn't completely incomplete just saying incomplete. Mike you incomplete sort of eight complete you are frank completely complete unbelievable as far as I think we're done only redundant silicon they god know learn has these slang word to your state is known for each and every of the fifty my first. Now the men's room wants to know the. Yeah yeah. Today diver whose size class Steven broil you bring us three stories from the new. Who's out and it is up to us to determine which of these three stories self police now if you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter and and survived. The debate is already underway and who Sox last it and personally to thank everyone for the very kind emails and comments every week when we do this again that. Let me point out I do not pay these people to act this way these people share our planet. This is one time a week we really feel the need to share some of the decisions made and as we do every week we got three stories in this case we have Amanda New Jersey. Who'll be taking on some social media trolls. Will be taking on and yeah to a floor well lawmaker bullets start in New Jersey. Or New Jersey made deliberately. Crashed the stolen bakery truck. Into a Planned Parenthood clinic it should be warned about deals into the pregnant woman. And two other people's names more calls house seats and faces numerous charges stemming from the crash. Including aggravated assault theft and attempted to calls widespread injury or damage further target for a possible about the 31 year old man. He pleaded not guilty during a court hearing and prosecutors New Jersey. So they seek to have him detained until struck my keep a mind to say he's not guilty and by being on video still in the truck in the driving it directly into Planned Parenthood. Another 300 people there were two patients who want staff member of the retreat at a hospital for minor injuries but dude broke drugs. Was not hurt although he did steal from local bakery. Authorities than they would disclose the possible motive for the press no declined to comment further citing the ongoing investigation. But that's only because there very very stupid. Now spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office so you know formation of the static connections is clinic but she would not say why prosecutors believe the crash was intentional. Other benefactor wants video from driving directly into. But we continue. Let's talk about lovely lovely social media when nothing is sacred and must face and in this country if we can find a way. To say it's us or them we're gonna go ahead do. Great for political business right well those gays strolls on social media the using photos of actionable victims of domestic violence. To make false claims that white people are being targeted in racially motivated attacks at black infantry. And you. According to both feet this it won't vote in the third on Twitter detected eight year old woman whose assault the boy boyfriend for hours on that and he pled guilty. Another Joe's ex wife of former White House aide rob Porter. Who accused him of domestic violence in the saying look. They post are being created to make white people look bad because god knows as a black man that's what we need. Other images you by the trolls are short don't sweetest woman number four looked long story short side for using the victims' photos to propagate those. Ford Everett just releasing the movie black males. Controls of decided you know what let's make this a racial and hit him. My little thing I keep hearing and and I've not seen a movie but I heard berg. But how did you say it becomes political conduct were kind of does not real needs are is the black panther. It's a movie Jesus Christ made more money than Star Wars aren't against what there's no time to clean with all relax the freaky movies dummy. All right now speaking of Internet trolls. In eight tour Republican Florida lawmaker and he was fired because he started spreading conspiracy theory and we hear this after every mass shooting. About the survivors of the Portland school shoot it from me telling you just Africa's state he was a staffer to while Robinson the son Harrison. He used a government email account email the Tampa beat her briefly went directly to remain newspaper. Claiming that two student films speaking out against gun violence were not students here but actors that troubled avert crises when ever they act. He also attitudes claimed that. Yet you do consumers to video containing a news clip showing a seventy year old student the saints did he think last summer in California after shooting better now. His comments were strongly denounced by the Marion County around sorry about the kind of legislative better. And then again later by the house speaker but the conspiracy theories go far beyond the skies off. Media holes they've accused the student activists of being crisis actors blab blab blab about a block but this guy would directly to the newspaper and say hey. That's when the strategy that happens all too often I can go ahead and I'll make these kids look bad but apparently it's their fault that they got shot. That's our rules so we have guys New Jersey and still to bakery truck drives and Planned Parenthood we know why. Yeah control console to media about a drum turned to blankly at the premiere as it were into some kind of race war which it was not. And we've aid to the floor a lawmaker of the context of newspaper directly to confuse the students. At the school Florida of being crisis actors well. Let's say that the guy in New Jersey you deliberately crashed the stolen bakery truck. He sucks the most I reload. Analogy breaks down the two other things it feels social media now. Speaking of social media if you like the men's room on FaceBook miles says is it me or is this game managed to find out a lot worse material the last year to. Wonder why that is or else we. I've man this is what I've tried to explain we hate to be the bearer of bad news but it didn't seem worse in the last year this is. This is a reflection of what's happening. But he says also going and number two of gizmo with a brain would believe that well you're getting beaten up by going to a black panther movie and miles rivalry with the based on one thing why do you think people wouldn't believe. Well number one and an ally in the opening weekend in Iraq any movie in history and and I don't know the total numbers of an agreement on everything is can be up there. The second thing is. The people that believe this kind of thing are the exact same people who would not go see the black panther anyway. Everyone else is much more savvy on the Internet that we are there's a reason the kids are doing what kids are doing now in having an uprising as you would say. They know more about social media didn't show as far as these trolls that are trying to go up all these different conspiracies or whatever the deals were ever comes from. They're smarter people than you out there who realized because are either box. Those are something else as a people tried to thrown a lot back except for the guy in Florida who actually was the source but I think. Yeah most people quickly debunked but I think my kids. But it doesn't matter I think two thirds of people. Need information of about 13 of the stunted unfunded believe whatever you tell the latter if it fits right in a good fit for what you are to believe and you can go itself on the black panther thing is. Our recent stupid school shooting things remarkably stupid third a lot of people still believe that's that's why the trolls keep them out of their loved dummies do. While the trust him and then we get that going on. Debate continues on who sucks glad to be like him in Vermont FaceBook or follow us on Twitter. At men's room live all right still to come to drink it tells the shot of the day is on the way the next door has these slang word that you're stage is known for that's coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. He's really went my. Friend's profile that's coming up Bloomberg. Got them. And we'll find love that job must be back dominated play as. The fine viewers and readers of their element web site. Based on your stage what. Is these slang word that is more specific to your state then any other any given mind on this deal. There are many states use these words however one word in particular seems to define the state more so than the other so what I would do for you here Steve. I'll give you the term you see if you can guess these states that is involved a five podium spot okay. These slang word that is used in this staple of the state is known for lower 48. Alaska Alaska are right referring to the rest of the US as the lower 48 not counting Hawaii you know that you listen to us on 9478. KC Indy every morning. Let's say you're up Yonder. Up Yonder. Which could mean one mile or twenty Gary here I got that I'm trying to think may in my marlin the it's somewhere like West Virginia or Kentucky or Virginia vaginal area of the country that play well you're not too far off it is Arkansas they are friends of ninety point three decay can favorable that an eye toward his food. The slang word your status report due to tell you guys have a very gun that's exactly correct although they say hello is included in the California lingo. Dude is primarily on universal's lying turn you cannot beat Washington safer hello I'm not looking through lists but I that's got to be true I would if I referred to something as a fourteen or what state of mind. He AKA a hike that takes you up to 141000. Feet that is the giveaway that's got to be lowered NN or Washington Colorado guys are bad wherever he goes all the way thorn jittery given her I'm all right we know we most of us as vacuum cleaners but in this state they know it as they sweeper others say don't sucker as they sweep. And if you listen to a someone 033 affords you notice Indiana Indiana is correct the term is Coke. As in these Sony. But there's also noted is a Coke in all the firings sodas are coached mechanical do you want. A doctor pepper what do you guys who wanna go q.s for new color regular cup Oklahoma. The state is Kentucky's down if where did it. Massachusetts. Down the shore. Maryland no that's down the ocean isle to download stories Jersey. All right bless your heart Robin. Bless your heart and as he means I can't view him heard it and let it does not threatened by north can't tell you that. You know unfortunately that is Mississippi North Carolina or learn to use younger. I don't bury it down our item we manage grades. The chances Sears to pure race. Israel now. Anytime an advantage usually go to dinner and ask Nancy a trial to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we've chosen unidentified woman and listen I'm not and perjury about encouraging her behavior but. I do believe there is something we can learn from monkeys. I think you'll understand now a woman. She was shopping minority hardware store Indianapolis social last week in the security guards spotted her shoplifting and video camera so he called the cops. And they went up to the woman beekeeper and store Italy showed up right that's what you're supposed to do. He didn't realize that she had countermeasures ready keep in mind she had these countermeasures. Read the according to the police report she quote reached behind dirt dug into her opinions. Pulled out ain't him full of species which means of authority there. In the third at guard striking human jets. Believe it and are up their work while he was dealing with the shark in or all bad. She ran out of the store the cops are still reviewing security footage trying to track her down. Wow listen and I I'm not encouraging behavior but you know monkey bread to get mad they're offense the third turn Edgerton. I'm telling you it worse because through no animal there's no person and Joseph is really getting hit with group. I think I'm posting your. Because she already had that as reply like. Just in case and stopped I can buy time if I hit him with the terror ended turns out she was 100% correct and Ashley defecated in her own paints. Just to provide. That kind of defense who flung clue I think the I think that's healthy flying Cleveland steamer the flying Cleve Bryant on the jets into the browns shocked I mean could you that's a well straight an appropriate. We've bore those bonds imagery this movie because we think that yeah may not act so over the tong and download. World to party in our Tommy's. Down the home around Arizona. Gidzenko are nine online right now a 449990. Low profile this coming up in minutes. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.