02-20-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Has A Screw Loose

Tuesday, February 20th

Mens Room Question: What about you is not part of the original package?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. So our friends and I think got a five Hamilton was only and are Brando Philly a 1057 EX and lovely Peoria Illinois join an unknown also too it's a wc enough Rochester is. Classic rock station that would be 9652. UN meet a big Joseph Torre today write cancel the drug charge coming in to sit and today the ten best rock albums from twenty years ago. And the return of what you don't need to know the rude people addition our question today as we have a couple stories here one of them involve actually two of them involved. Fake breast implants saving people's lives will bring you those those stories coming up we have the story of a penis enlargement surgery leads to a man's death. Dick Cheney had to basically have the wireless function. That was controlled news desk computer wise removed from his heart at some when times are worried that. That some is gonna hack in and assassinate him hard act to basically stop the heart that he didn't have from beating. And we have the a new trend at New York's Fashion Week and that would be the pubic Merkin. Or is they said Ronnie Beale merges these South Korean designer labeled it the oriental garden addition. Where all the dresses had tops but nothing in the bottom bodies while. Small market yet why you like oriental flavor noodles red stinging me says that is truly the oriental rug right that is. I miss it if he if it's a great Beijing as that says something else. So we want an all what about you was not part of the original package 844999. Cola hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Oh project ahead on camera. Yeah I'd unfortunately guys yes I don't have any breast implants European enlargement or anything but I do have a stake to. They toothless Tiger Woods. A couple of different things out of my various brought to. The bursting oh no little chip bright 910 years old. I used to like to push buttons a lot I mean I guess I still can't do that. I pushed buttons and Iran buddy of mine and I. He turned around and swung and in the face and drop might do doubt about half an inch or so. How mom. Yeah net debt to understand that push it up and put the bar across didn't let it heal first few months and then it was good I had no problems but then went out about fifteen. I I was working on a charge and days and a bit long breaker bar. And that's what does opera actually locked me in the states and those spit out some. My god made us a man and clearly she's did you ha. Poor and also all technically I only lost one. But when I get myself and I faced I knocked out. How shall Bolton I try to keep this is the key that the one that I originally had gotten hit. That one. Would done or blown out that dialogue. And so it ended up turning blue. And man. And how long are high schooler right there are close to it I decided I'd better get taken out there and ask you what happened I had to fly the blue. You're the original Bluetooth because it's a dead to them on you literally had a Bluetooth and a little apparent before Bluetooth to a school. So how long did you have a Bluetooth before you finally set I had this guy ago. I had a Bluetooth there for probably a good solid year and a half Purcell. You bet your parents are like hey man your job the truth is blue looked at this thing removed. The ultimate cost of money like they want a paper I Alvin. They're stupid blue and go and I don't wanna spend Mario or Mike you ugly bleeding out of the phrase goes a lot. Are there has been a mile and I'm pleased the blue. We don't have so don't have the money for them around on him as some Pall malls and at twelve bags are very luckily it. If ever a little easier yes yes I will spend Ramallah seat out almost rather get hit the junk then the the I think I. Now which plays I don't want no gives. We do I don't want to upset agree with you man I would not want to get hit it made any time anybody like that movie from American history. Well it current sound echinacea. I cannot watch that stuff if they do anything that he expects it. Don't have to Jordan for for front teeth that. No I only up one artificial okay the the other one what they say they just act budget glue around this week. Top of my left brought to it is is age it's just blew. But the hole right to the garden and I have a little thank all the leopards at the retainer with the dark. I'm deaths and all those are so here's my my last question as far as this goes. As far as your Teamsters overtime goal boldly get the yellow or brown or just go to page right so do these these stay wider. The rest of your mouth as the years go by. Or they. Neatly like senator Grassley to those things than. It is a little bit different and color. But now I've got it has been in only eight years or so since I got the same but the biggest issue let's say. Is that there at the actual retainer like 800 dollars and it spoke on the multiple times. And so I just gave up on and I still run but it's it's still broken it basically just hanging in there. And I have had to happen to be a couple times if I get to talk a little bit too fast or yell really allowed herself then. It does pop out my blood talking to these 21 times I'm also a party getting all excited a little bit dropped in my brought to. I landed on the apple has now. Dell apple and they dated and I I think a negative situation no matter how much it costs whenever they will pull on retainer for him. You get a new. You know. That. Yeah I need I need to go get implant done and I think that those things got 23 all of land do. You're talking about just he did just the nastiness of feeling like anything's going on your mouth and together Dennis today which was not not. Thank god uneventful but it's the same time if there was a euphemism I merger didn't keep politicking ahead and I just got on the ground liars and move you know but that every time in there and I'm always just hoping to god nothing's really wrong in my mouth because it just sucks when the summit row of the but I always think about. This is this going to school at named Delhi and and Debbie was a tall tough tough individual. Her sister was equally brutal her sister is like a year younger than her her sister could beat up like people there were 45 years old I mean they were just. A gang of a family called the clintons who have gang and you go around it and they would just be delivered a letter anybody. You're just just because that's what they did and they were taken and because that is what they do that's what they did they did these fought everybody so. I mean they found god they thought it didn't matter I just I mean and have the tumble into a win when she fought anybody in Hong. And then you don't like how I can I'm going to be a fast you know. So. I will never forget this is girl who was just a sweet girl quiet to herself. Probably one of those situations where one of the guys that the group was interested there was interest in this girl whatever the deal. She's at the water fountain and she's drinking from the water fountain. And daddy comes up behind her and grabs the back of her head and smacks it down the hole. In two seasons for this man got into into the into the law of mountain right and I mean. Teeth just drop. Blood to start porn out and I mean I have never like it took me two days to eat. After after witnessing I'm not getting other dog dog at the chooses to have like what is that evidently it was it was so how all the wouldn't you rather like an eighth grade saying I was brutal but I mean just like seeing all those teeth fall out in the in the dean's they made when they're doing what he yells like. Almighty god like oh my god do what is wrong with the the one down what about you eat bottom of the that is today. Well I think about every time ago the business I I will never because as far as heat goes to the one thing to do it's there's permanently etched in my brain and I will never forget that sounds. I'll never forget the look of horror on the girl's face I'll never forget just how just awful one generals like it was just stuck with me. Thank you and even when I played sports is like a little over roof Bolter recruit Ryan Reynolds I know at that you know liquidity coming out like the pain involve a new thank you. How about you was not part of the original package 8449990. She sounds lovely about. Well now she's Dylan hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Guys who yeah. Out regarding the details are humans. Are Bob pretty good actually good news. Blowout but I've got got to read it all aired a model my left leg from the knee down their carbon fiber now that a flat result. Military flesh eating disease what happened. Motorcycle accident in the badly divided up by the end of operating here and cars ball Bible my motorcycle and Iran or terabyte Blake and the dew voltage to the real accountability all liar on the freeway that it needed to do bother are at odds. Oh you say this was a family trip. No president accountable buzz kill you know like they're trying to I can get out to paradise. Listen okay so. Do you put over the top of the car. I'm assuming. An idea what happened over the next four months ignored our call but Fogg allowed would have Italy and how. And implement played I will open a coma what they admit in America you all broke. And I went what what year was this like what moments of were you McComb. I didn't hear about it. And that's amazing you think by forma I guess they didn't have enough time to do all the surgeries they needed to do to put you back together. Well while I was really solidly backed up by it I compound attracted the cream around the same side of the education that's got a rock area. I tore all the ligaments in my right knee I broke two vertebrae in my back all the ball to my left hand and that head injury as well. No but so I'm assuming you wake up after four months you don't know what you've been asleep in your realize. How did you realize that you're missing the lower part of anyway remember to tell you did you sense that well. Well you're interestingly enough that they that they have a board of I'd share that might solve it and that they shout your helmet. You know they they they had been metal insert the new republic and there's a lot and they're both big and ironic crush your way. Well firstly you know. No I am okay. Verizon is the real thing to say I'm the only idea. Soccer. I can't say that word Jeff. But aren't you elite tournaments and I completely understand. Did you did you see pictures of what what you look like when you came in did you did they document any this stuff did you want to look at. What was going now if you order. You don't know where they're at connect question but no I've never seen any pitcher and you think you know I have vague memories of the last couple days that Harvard fuel. But that's really about ever had anything to look remember I woke up and nursing all the Puyallup dream. When you're not an arm I don't I don't remember having any memories. Lieutenant come and you know what though was so reliably you're one of the few people when you say a man I don't bring my foot off Amanda as you actually might be able to do it. I've ever thought about like a high hiking Rainier or something around this kind of on that same tip. No we could be one of the what are the things that happened in the deal is it but the prosthetic leg of the problem are proper etiquette and at that guy got. Props for my guys that build that buck. I'm my knee the result my quad let's put together to show worked so my need to band although like I can't handle rough terrain well. I'm Luka OK then so am. I can't imagine my feel like I didn't think about world software major had command and it's got to what I would freak out I know my response. The first words out of my mouth. What's so what about you is not part of the original package a 44999. Hole although I Murray calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure it's. The article says borrow one for the proponents of cosmetic surgery. A Canadian woman testified that her breast implants may have saved her life what her ex boyfriend shot her almost said the the golf. The woman. Of Alberta Canada by the name of was driving with her former boyfriend at the post time for Magnus Fernando tour now this guy sounds like he has a Casanova. When she apparently though got fed up with chore. And told Fernando to get the hell out of the car. These me from handle the Magnus told prosecutors that she pulled over on the side of the road and basically dropped to Fernando off. After Fernando had walked about a dozen paces away from the car. Witness heard what she thought worked to pops which prompted her to jump from her still running vehicle and had to a restaurant close by. Lleyton has said that a bullet in her her right breast. Brushed her chest plate and exited her left breast before it nicked her left forearm. My implants took the brunt of the force she said as on the trial date. They were gone. They basically explode. Well sure she gush on the movement and she told the defense lawyer that the shooting was all the Tora by the way Fernando settles accident schori city fired the gun accidentally and removed from travel bag but that and explain why went to another couple's home. Held him at gunpoint and hostage and try to steal a car. Anyway say that horrible mistake he's constantly shooting into his girlfriend yeah I went on to the only double some on the shooting and held the occupants gunpoint. So he had to change the story but yes a league has by the way isn't the first a report of breast implants protecting victims in the last year. In late January Orlando police reported that a Florida woman's cosmetic condition saved her life when she was stabbed by her ex fiance a.'s new girlfriend. Who our question what about you was not part of the original package 844999. Hole you think maybe four police forces across America then save money and Kevlar some William old copy multiple breast template. Right just as protected no load day and sexy. Six rows per cup Q my two by two minute and he's got new incensed that. Of course she has made in a London. Hello outlets now welcome to the men drew. Oh and there are no bonus so. Goodbye. Hello in a hello Zach welcome tournament. On not. Well. So late. Was part rules and aren't you know well a couple years ago I say got into their work. And because of that had to get surgery. And the posts ago placed aware of it and then I controlled the clearing the function rooms of my right foot. All right and dependent Ruder faced him loose given to me from my dead guy. And there's like achieving that goes over the attendees in that kind of protect it and held the glide. And that came from a pig. It is the tendon on the back of your leg or is it on the front of your. Sort okay that's interesting so your your partner and Gephardt paid. Do you know the dead guy's name laser like name I don't know you know the name of the pig. And we know we have citizens name was porky how bad would you feel. So are you I have actually not that I guess agreed to an up or to base so the tendon itself from a cadaver. Why do these very why they had to use the page she for lack of a better term as opposed just as she's from the cadaver. I'll lose because base says the material that is it's pretty much. Close to our. Cheating like. They can use today and our body will reject it. Look at. There's nothing bad about that went OK so great Kim yet polygamy receive income isn't the only thing it can't do your full function of your leg now can you run could you job. Are you don't yeah absolutely but I had to deal like. Mud and sing to us are citizens there has. Somebody else's tendon in your body is gonna have formed this kind of time to attach strengthened I guess become more talk than not right how long ago was. About two years earlier who cut. It's crazy you know a man like it if I love someone dearly and god forbid someone passed away but I knew their body parts were you know helping other people obviously that's that that that's that's something. Was that define new. That you had like you know I don't know what my relatives you know attendance and your leg like that I'd I'd shake your hand man on Amaechi you know and and that dropped to the ground to hug your cats in my dog. I'm gonna do it all I don't hear that last part of who I know now back in block you know. Was it. Who's the comedian George Lopez. When you need to be kidney transplant via his wife gives a McKinley avenue divorced. And it is illegal Obasanjo's deeper than that I think it's her idea of does either devoid general argued that far but I generally about rightly she gave him a kidney and they need more from her wasn't that long in between and I think it was pretty wham bam I'm in an ambulance there I want to thank you holding did need. And then filed for divorce happen when about fuel is not part of the original baggage 844999. Cola. Fellow Lucas welcome to the men's room. Or mom. Oh yeah. No I I have prince Albert. And different number I don't into lab at Jacob's ladder. Jacob's ladder was Jacob black in remembrance of our about the way there's a trivia question I your work or prince Albert was the answer nothing about it. At Jacob's ladders just latter out the front or actually with only two but there were a little too close together. Kind of love each other a long way until I removed one of them decide just how little one now Linda. So do you need to afford tactically to be Jacob's ladder. Yeah yeah yeah so. Occasionally restricts you gotta stay in school and got us that school are you can do this you can do this piercing anywhere you wanna do when your body that's right you do it on a single card no no because it it's not certain as piercing in the sense that it goes deep enough into the slash that it retains. So how many do you plan on getting more of miles without me knowing it does Gould images and turn around and their news. Do you guys trimmed up pretty huge penis with. With eight I was terrible our I didn't know what they want at least. It's over I don't know if so I don't I don't aside you know Kamal can opinion on how would I thought about it. And it is listening in your considering the prince Albert just stop. I agree with the idea but it's it's kind of happened kicking the easy way out if you're gonna go about getting a prince Albert and then look up app injury via an app it really make a lot abortions because if you could go. How many radio amino Thorman out barely anyone knows who the hell happened dreaded audit. It's it's. Pure silk and others just the front of the shaft through this you re trying that out the top three eureka. You replay Franklin one of my favorite artist by the way. But please continue to. That the app it really actually goes from the back of the head all the way through open you know I. Oh apparently damaged. I hope my little ball moved picture oh hold him man you're gonna stop tomorrow go about it don't really only volume and value of your real good lord commands are you considering doing that. Hello I'm not going to intensity over a gambling and gambling hall and I don't mean you Myanmar turns him to lose he's gonna Google this side. And dealing with a handful employing his side to side so AM EPA. James. HE AD ER a and EYA I believe in reunion yeah images. I at all. He easily could rise whoa you loosening its hate workflow. To not do town. Mean that's sentiment this widowed now it is no way to think and yeah I sent the results don't matter it doesn't really do anything for the males ideology it's I mean heads up play kind of kind of just a self mastery sort of distinction and that does give a little added pleasure cheers that your partner I don't know I had out of your actual injury appears when Abuja and much more sense because the anatomy. Of the vagina I didn't think you know for years I don't know man. The last when you brought about who is who when I was TV's movie Heller is about ten had to come rolling out. And then about bad as ago I took a look like to include not only in the order grappling hook and does it looks like. It was like you you shot a grappling hook from your penis like you to launch position is too cold here for that that is. What about is not part of the original package that was definitely and aftermarket that on. 844999. Cola Wyoming and that was. I just did new beautiful picture high ground well I hope I'm curious to find out what's going on detective that I around here you only a day's business. Everything you thought to news. Hello Alyssa well welcome to the men drew. And it blew them. Well I think I called my eight year aren't quite in all I was you've bragged they bronco I think you're parked on that aspect they don't get. Crashed about predators or noted that the vacations aren't remembered here. OK I am a better not so. I had a lot taking vacation and could they carried away from my house because that. Is proud lead paint it to earn my birthday. Add Iraq what ended up happening and we're getting it from my arms fire and I ended up. Levine on a lot against snapping my night shattering my ankle. And I have played as you didn't take aliens steal it down about holding them together all the guys you wanna leave the house. You act because they can't take vacation anymore. Want to listen. You would have done the same thing on vacation put it this way. Aren't gonna snap. A station I went on vacation from what I decide to stay home for. Doesn't that allow vacation that's just I mall. That was me all for more vacation like you have gone somewhere but like you could have been some more warm and tropical beautiful it is still broken ankle. What I've got to imam would do these things and wonderful place. What is the common denominator in all this is alcohol involved is there anything that. We actually stone cold sober and I wish I welcome when asked. So every time even injure yourself you've been sober. Yeah maybe usually governors are drink and the next step. As they get some good things that's a great ideas and what I cereal is not part of the original package 844999. Alone. Hello my guy Aybar welcome to the man drew. I don't own your name is the answers when we got terrorism. It is it is lucky you. Yeah there aren't so lucky anymore because Vanilla shows horrible. All of this and now the sun now you're looking is is there not so good for you. They the original guy ever known the wrong back in our amid that's cool what I saw a commercial from the new ones decided at a later guy's hair and I was what did you think about my Gruber. Gruber what are the bank of guys are just as Jack and I hit I great city yeah. And guys what about you is not part of the original package. Well. We didn't I was in nineteen I think subtly. Could not seem to vote oncoming traffic closed driving down the street all the way to work when their. If you lost your vision of. I ate my eight billion injection winks. Blurry and Fuzzy all want to end. Its freaked out and I think it's probably rare and remote. Aren't going early morning but I got it to another. Always being told yeah tiger aren't spunky but I. They're not that I can tell you and I think it's an okay area. I think I might know what you have I don't know are sure to bring distributed as other duty duties such special. I do. Think. I'd do it hi I'm doctor substance on from the I do politically with the. Didn't. End. Turned up our territory next yeah I'm sorry which is. Character code experience. Your cornea is it true what ever beaten. Discharged so warped and melts and turning to a topographic map. Vote like a mountain range and sit and bitch normal. Although it missed quite oval shape right apparent soak museum down. Yeah and I got. Salmonella to sit Carter got my cornea a slight started it would also stitched dark. Almost you got brand new corny you can take it according you know from a cadaver. After Oden or doctors who front corner you'll forgive ever and that's still works in war because that seems to me like a people die at our funeral milky and weird right so I just assumed. Nothing about them as useful when I was in dead wrong on the outage and you look like doubles in a trailer park boys and his big colored glasses on us on the. The bench to look at it is actually that's where your eyeball it Blake. Your eyeball like basketball great record hit it like. Serial all the people aren't popular basketball and there it's like he's buried outside part of your eye okay. And I can die due to cornea mighty you know whose eyes you have. I used here but I forgot that I didn't quite achieve it eaters as anyone's at a Davis and as it once and like you know by the way you have beautiful lies you say thank you there stands I think you have a good paying American I think that that. Oh. I'm sorry Larry Picard that's all I just I think its own gaming guys I would remember the name I can on any thanks. Yeah I we sent there are you are entitled to a terrible guardian today and it's been really. Really long you all think you're. It is I would like. One day I had woken up and my right I can't. It like shut down like that nurtured checked out of Iraq I Wear. A wild and weird he had been too stressed there are did a worker to art. In general do Hayward I woke up and they are conducting whatsoever and it freaked me out I ended up picking and then walked the few hours later and I was able to you again Burt. Did they tell you why this may have happened I mean it's fine and dandy dole this happened. What. It should genetic. British. So are this is genetic now once they say Houston LA is there anyone else to your friends as I issues at all. Yet there's a number you are welcome I have my did you have taleo one of those tables and your face down only a massage table with your face or hold firm for hours at a time to make sure that that all held up. And no. But I must be some announced my mom had to do that for what and who has faced that shooters something that's and then maybe your corneas or redness to go and look I don't know would you want. I feel like if I had to guess the summit organized and I were to delay but you knew corny as you want them stick to inform you I've bought feel like a slam back. I don't know and I thought I don't know maybe you can come out of our parents that don't know what's now what about you was not part of the original package a 44999. Old line I mean. I don't know like I know that the cadaver from an enemy and they they do they do. I have not had been lucky enough to not have to utilize stimulus parts but. I'm sort of wrap my head around just yet do you wake up afterward we're kind of surgery there's been a bad accident we've got a call earlier that was in a coma for four months and a sailor Heyman. This is what I'd do we repaired usually on the mend good juice so you know. Animal guy you know. The lower to feed your intestines. Are from someone else. Went and looked good that's great or you have the eyes of someone who no longer alive but he I have a kind of weird doesn't feel. By someone else is our moment right like I'm someone else Bob ball's in my head man. I don't know I started doing definitely another name I think are just stare in the mirror and relate from outlived federal and Akamai. You've admired for burba with functional noble want them to do so yeah load for smoking. Sir Samantha like I look at my kids and drives are so bright with the tees and such brand as a threat they are not poison themselves hit man to not addicted to anything that's not disable the dinosaur. Like I think they still look healthy they don't name and I look at America feel badly don't let this happen you may. Five these surgical tech though like and the one responsible for bringing the trade and during surgery as a guest on deaf with singing Billy Idol way. I was doing really about Fraser I hate. What tell about you is now part of the original baggage at 44999. A lot more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. True. The charge right doesn't come out since ventilation best rock albums from twenty years ago the year that was 1998. Will go back twenty years. Four or sit and spin all right the story played takes place down on the a woman whose breast implant popped when a kangaroo attacked her said her fake double these actually saved her life. Sharon Hinrich claims that she's even grateful for the feisty rule as the ruptured implants have now been replaced. With even bigger ones. That'll teach you Rhode Australian care worker was riding her bike with a friend when he mailed buck rake kangaroo left. On the war chest and pushed off her beat offer breast. You think he dipped is that like a kangaroo Bentley day. I didn't intend out of rebel movement. Sharon was. And she was she was freaked out. Arizona's. And her race to get help. And figure out there I guess there are riding on a a wine trail. In southern Australia she suffered three cracked ribs grazing and internally her breast implants had both ruptured. She was treated at a local hospital and since you and lay the next day almost two hours away we're surgeons told her. She was lucky to be alive but they did say that the breast implants stabilized. Yeah or more ribs have been cracked and the whole Lotta more difficulties and now she's added because she has a bigger breasts and she had before. What about you was not part of the original packaging for 49990. Harlow Aubrey welcomed to the men's room. All we don't presumably armed hug you. As I could not be allowed them you know I'd be really love. I know don't you know and sorry sorry sorry sorry. I am well in the court metallic crank because I'm now on the phone in good hands down on the numerous. So I would love a seven clean out rain or real quiet. In my back. We had a big yard with my dad and I crashed my floor Wheeler or by all of that. Big kill your list. Is there any forward and I did like a backward somersault and because did that well I'd I'm oatmeal it came after me. Up the hill and it can't put its league and didn't happen but. The hole all week why won't let it fracture of the my L one vertebrae weekend. A gigantic mirror ball because. He well is the spinal cord. So you just missed that that number. Yeah and the by the way don't go for a miracle round so loosely you world pars telling us the story. I'm getting sand wedge bar runway four wheelers I'm sure like without things can match like it's a mere repealed blew me every hill. Yeah wow all monitor all the. Although thank you mirror girl you know those miracles there didn't have my god I want powerball is good. They're friends a miracle in. Well older than break your back against or yeah I would the Bert fractured I'll want to know. It would mean that the vertebrae just like Bert it was obliterated throughout the tissue into back. So what do they love says give us those who you're sandwiched between the singer backs broken some assuming your father don't Teresa in the get you but. Is it that Farrell and I won't wanna say I think her back is broken wood base say hey we were kind of against the trio are going to move this thing in and risk moving. Oh good lord she called 911. And I would support of the being watched it like moat the momentum of me being wished I ended up. Like I bounce with the clock and ended up sitting on top of both of my leg. Kind of odd might leave but. My ballot on the grounds that might be worth all the under my leg next and my dad knew it was. He watched the whole thing get thee behind me on his quad. And she doesn't really need to know how they can you that you're likely that you're like what could be worth seeing Padilla. But I think you have to move like I pulled my leg dot mentally let me. That's hurting really bad until I was wearing overall and Cutler rolled out until my dad. Decided to run his hand down my back to the that was broken and I. Lorraine is in my exactly just backward. Because that would all the it. Did not done here today did they have decent wished that the part was shattered what order they had to they've replaced that car domain can go the other part storing get that Berber rare. Today 3-D printed all. I don't know I can't say it may but if that idol is that your final. Play into coma I don't want content and that he had been inundated me like he because back when I did it what it. Kate let the situation what you're looking. Vertebrae together a top three in the bottom three. And then the middle which would have been one I would have gotten little little mobility. Being seventeen he was like well. I think I have an idea I think I think either special way he didn't special break. Only in the top and the bottom one and then the broken one together. Oh I have much more of the ability and someone. You could. Go. How woods I would to less mobility do you have than the rest of us who didn't at least merger miracle of being sandwiched by yeah I thought Mel pull RS. I had about a five inch choke my back that does not look it just flat. And it is not an eerie cool you know you run your handout is buying you can build upon both the. Did they carry on nine while some people died that's kind of a fact governor now new thing menus. You need to get our morals it's that guy is anonymous and booms out there and indeed other vick's so well we'll obviously you have a little little kid there so I mean with the practice your back hurts more is that they immensely picking him up. Yeah well I can't idea chronic back pain that you put it back but. I. I mean yes it hurt but it just wasn't. I don't you can do though I wasn't given that small just take your foot gently put her on the ballot in his push him across the floor. That way less than they don't know the American remember you can lie and say you didn't do that but hopefully a savior back did you ever get on a quad again. Brotherhood that you're. And here and target younger than me and my credit it any different than me I guess he did quite when he led thirteen legs. Would you Jones yeah. I don't I don't know why I let him. We didn't hear right delegate Cynthia right there aren't afraid to myself and I got it back with a full head and he could've probably gotten more than a but could the rear of. He needs him right I would never gonna wanna oh. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.