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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Hi Fraser it's all the same background around profiles and take our 9844999. All you'll play profile this coming up in minutes. Have read your headlines suddenly one hour from now first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working are out of 41 year old man in New Jersey stolen cash register and accidentally left his wallet behind god damn. Why is that your wallet how. And up this YE. In the collision of a crime does anyone feel the need to former won't put powder blue packets are you ready for this he got arrested when he went back for. Come on man I mean do you really blame the guy you left your name at the crime scene so I guess right and it tends to go get it back there yet as the smartest you don't. I think it's gonna happen eventually and we'll we'll see as their lifetimes. You know certain establishments have always been cash only and they've kept it that way either by. Now wanted to take credit card company thieves and all these different things they're not having to do all that I really think you'll get to the point especially with the iPad to see when you're signing stuff and you your card. They don't get to the point where Adobe credit only business is based on where you are. And that way you have to just keep people from ordinary routing. There this afternoon. With the we dispensaries in Hawaii. In other words you can't go in there and rob money to get a big dark they don't have fears that the activists that have pretty much chance to just get online at this. That'll happen is that this. Late fourth that's the good thing now and look at ardea film plane and knew they probably don't remember about paper like a party afford to go bowling in Texas like for Friday night they had a blast 120 dollars. The crowd and over my exact a woman in Louisiana tried to fight an obvious are all being arrested for public intoxication. So she apologized but bring him a cake that said sorry I tried to bite you couldn't. That's one of the if you don't forget I brought Putin into got a Wal-Mart which he had a restraining order to fix and it probably already have them written. As the wall or the media and a very good read in my view I did that phthalates are for frozen my Thong underwear. So average closing my genitals through children had a good feeling there may have paid for all occasion happy divorce. As. You know and if it's simply wrong do you have much McKay and that was basically an apology what kind of kick which he gets. And while I know no me involved. And get a yellow cake which have a process followed by get haven't met this. I would be sitting really random and just leave it on someone's desk and I tell looking from my sorry did you live I'm. And that's a hard fought battle a horrible my opinion of the new golf about it anything I think that's okay if if if if if I meant what my dream is an event. In a weird day work that it wouldn't who have let me pick up my best. Mike I was young lives without doubt yellow cake chocolate and classic. I hit nova Roma fantastic finally I'm not barring all right how we cannot say that. And says that he's agreed I would take the wind and I mean it. Finds horrified not want from what I don't write a death. A whole foods in Denver is getting a Mac and cheese bar next month. It's flat tire shake the the synthetic oil oil AZ makes the season with a hot noodles that be my guess it's gotta have like different noodles or may be different geez this isn't just a bunch already need the bounds of decency you pick from why what how is that a far. Boss hog farm food means iPods already mean you have regarding may I mean if you've just got a part of something sitting at a table list I bet you'll pardon if if if it. Different kinds in my law bars the Israelis the video. That's taken back his teeth lobster back at how he's. I've actually bungled Iraq in four midnight. Not packaging you know you can have a likely would mild target value does have a Beagle they have baggage fees than he could put like you said the bacon bits and a little hot dog visas in there and tell me that sort of catch up on it if you want to go partner Mike and he borrowed socks my scored so easily score right as a I don't look back into let's let the yeah if you know they're looking I'm glad I'm good the guy digs like I hit a bullet. Because I said at the most legal might. Here but that's about McEntee. Now I cannot be your wife no kids accidentally may lie there and you know Jeremy and I didn't know that I use if I have a memory of it happening. I don't know product through its my G yeah I mean nowadays you can't do it is smack if she's got approved a lot of us who fly it. Whenever he laid back in the day about with the backup routine that apply to adopted on no out of the box store program move. Like little bread crumb topping one man they don't knives are against other I think if the idea of hey that's not fair to that is good stead for the sport. Ahead ma'am I don't think you can turn your toaster upside down I think that big drama that come forward now. That's not think about it and it would still badly how advanced it is someone like toast bread they grounded up it's Roland good but it did not like take your own solar system to add health maintenance could she goes in the sandwich bag beat the living hell I don't know bottom of the blast is on the ball up in the sprinkled on top your magic she's gonna make it and that's money apparently knew that was huge you know string back comes up my nose like that does this. And broke my fingers and there on your finger you are at a Tony by girl man what that hospital near Pittsburgh after his girlfriend gave birth. Many got arrested for selling heroin to people who came to see is bad. Yeah man you're gonna make his money I don't know whether you are out of favour of the baby when Wagner a little bit until the rest of available words. Let's go home I did it you can do is stop settlement although mentioned racing will be there to look at. On the money for a look that bad the bad move by the people who look like oh you have your baby cool I'll give you look at the hospital. Why did this late in the face and brother still selling like member addict I get there it's okay man cannot come see that baby and and I rovers double bass pedal and I'm gonna says that babies TVs we take away their that your first initial and I heard you got an eight about eight pounds maybe it's. Yeah I brought my torn down donations to the baby this. That means Mac. Okay my neck of agents hello Mac debate. But if that little enough. Some a look at all the expense from their parents wedding in San Francisco in 1974. It costs 2000 dollars which is like 101000 dollars if you adjust for inflation. The wedding costs have exploded since then and they have. And if they had the exact same wedding now it would cost over four 7000 dollar. I got. That's all taller of golf and you say the weather don't say as to whether. Or you can go to these flowers for all ma'am Thornburg fell apart you say whether the price James believe me I'm getting distressed her own fault for it to you about slave. Where did I do Dresser polygamist gave it any thing else you Byron white man don't say whether you're in front of egos and suddenly they're winning prices. You know it's the same crappy food right DJ always say wedding flowers. There's a there's is that we don't do what is the problem I have no I don't you know it made me think my life now thinks he should save them money for home and I'm utterly. Right and I think that's about the conversation that attack and Brad that. You're trying to drop logic in that moment right it's sort of thing what are you ready SA I think that we're screwed Mike that's my point we are screwed we are. There's no kind of gives India that may soon come to a talk about their you come listen. Eight hits cat's case India I think you're out of it what went. What that would limit in our Don even I just walked in its intention. Ohio I don't know and I did what I don't get up myself I have I have never had a I have never I've rarely had a case of the that I did not enjoy. Candy is one of the more undercarriage things in the academics and she's in with a they're just note this uses Internet does that does that abuses are marsh Capone or some crap like Taylor who offers something. Some love marshmallows bread and advance after the fake I'd go all the bread firmament of this case and he needs a Popper it turns out that common sizes. Been kind of wrong all all thank you might tell us. Apparently supposed to go a little bit on the bigger side in the destroy all the access. See disappointed there are three big is the point. Cutting off the hello I am confident fight forever I. And if you think it's indicative of the fifth at our regular things reasons I realistic expectation Eminem anatomy the day. A girl found few dollars on the street and tried hard to find its owner. Did you find her and no idea and organized okay. Two dollars and finally a woman Lilly is at is babbling doctors with a condition that she's been dealing with for three years and erection. They held out of our mouth that you like I cannot dock on a one hour from now the first the game elbow. Recess. Siva drove him to please tell everyone how profile this is playing as shorthand miles that the simple game or we share with you a real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are and they do listen to a story. Based on the stereotype you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Robert welcome to the Madrid. Yeah. I'm Robert. You have been out of your game is played. I am sad that here's the story you may have heard about the last week of the restaurant. And Long Beach, California it's called sweet Dixie chicken. Sorry sweet Dixie kitchen. And they get pretty good Yelp reviews don't do weeks ago. That's when a guy he was eating there any real cause of a fried chicken that they were serving him tasted shows like that chicken from Popeye. Amity confronted them about it as waiter admitted that they bring in chicken from Papa and it felt ripped off considering that they sell there tickets and which for twelve dollar and fifty cents. Which is a lot more will pop up they posted about it on yeah. And once we Dixie kitchen responded they didn't deny they actually bragged about Vincent quote we proudly served our pies spicy tenders. It has always been our goal to be too local food and gas shot him. As we all know the great chefs of top box. Now the owner eight. No owner did try to clarified on FaceBook basically she said that most of the stuff at every restaurant has brought him. Like they don't have their own chickens laying eggs for existence or cows are making Romo for Korean male we about it I'm that was her explanation globe. We will continue more businesses say we have the way we've always done. Honestly we make nearly all from scratch and when we can't we use the second best thing available to us. My question is do you believe. Then the owner of sweet Dixie kitchen isn't as black white makes you or Jean who I'd rather be the person identified defraud. There's an event. And you're wrong. Or I had gone. Abdullah cliff Smith you. Edit that edit the well and there pin about this story. Didn't not. Not finished yet to ask about the owner. Some brass and glass and it's you're what will you Jewish. Q this. Sounds yeah oh no urgency with the the option that's not you can models right now let's talk. Do any owners the person who ordered all that stuff I stick. Yeah I mean owners who wanted to instrumental of that that's how she chooses to run her business. And she defended it saying look we knew meticulously the Aggies we don't have notes that produce Kurt tells the producers know. And obviously we don't have cooks like to make fried chicken. To instead of Bob's. Well being down in California I need the really only three or white if they Mon beat it. All Ben. Yeah I think they could thank you know you're racial profiler. The consultant just yet but then well until season's not a fried chicken. Blank you don't know how to fried chicken. It's gonna be lighter June. I really like Paula I I don't need Dana noted in why it doesn't do it all accredited to make it each speaker. Saw Jesus loves you like final answer I'm gonna go like Ireland I'll find out if you have. Like why meciar Jewish next patch with the team you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. And men's room. Profile as you probably heard the story. About the restaurant down in California they're actually selling pot pies fried chicken was not identified on the menu has filed by scratching and the guy goes in there and has whenever chicken. They include love that which was there chicken tenders is like him. His sons to Islam like pot pies and the white Newton out of it even my partner EP inquired today is this pot pies fried chicken and like absolutely it's locally sourced from trying to get the best local ingredients. Even than to lose someone we don't have cows that produce the bill we don't have to do that produce they doubled down. Yeah absolutely don't remember we have Popeye project went about the white testament to pot pies but Robert we ask you did you believe that the owner. Who gave that offense is black white meg C or Jewish and in the end he went whites. Our. How has James had not stopped off on time gets published fresh chickens that tests the one you see if you like. I've been in the biscuits are certainly look at it now relative to the time now for TV time a day. Countless hours in front of a talking. President's. Now it's always fun to make funny hitters. I only have so much room for this kind of joke right here is it's about the arts. I have a decent sized beard so I really can't say much but Jimmy Kimmel has been in Brooklyn all week taping shows there. I don't actually know the Imus I guess he lived there for couple years and they did a show there once like five years ago. Anyhow if you know anything about your I think I think those relatives are from that area too that's why the Italian style the pizza stuff I think you're close to New Jersey he might aren't their Africa earlier than I think. It's like his uncle called all those guys. I think he did grow up there and I think most of his family which makes sense when you live in Las Vegas originally came from that New Jersey and New York area yet. And and he's Jimmy. And it's like it's all the pizzas delivered to the West Coast from new York and all that stuff of these is looking first battalion fixed so if you know anything about. Need transportation in any of that stuff in New York City specifically Brooklyn. There's one section called Williamsburg. Right it's super expensive now it's now eight. It's like Seattle or Portland organ I think inside their rule Brooklyn I got so those kind of a big joke how expensive it's gotten how hipster is this man. Last like Kimmel had a very fun game. Where you put up pictures is in Williamsburg. Or picture of a civil war guy from Gettysburg I don't play well. Bird. This. Generally. He brought more. And burger Gettysburg. Everyone says getting Burt let's see. He is right there. Couple games. It appeared below the William Berger Gettysburg. Everyone says William bird let's take a look. You do it looked so violent. Let's see another. It's getting burned. Getting Gettysburg. Things get well. So I put up the full bit at the other than you FaceBook page so you can see like how it goes but the last. The one you don't see coming with Letterman is also it legit looks like a picture from the battle of Gettysburg and they've letter grade as just David Letterman be like our data Gettysburg and the company that I got a which I now it's tough to make fun opiates I really like my beard I always forget when you live on the West Coast I think the more prominent. Yeah you know it's like anything ma'am do make fun of tattoos Ametek that you guys at some point you just don't care if you're that depends why you got. The thing about hipster drag of I love the girl whatnot do you haircut right now and it didn't put a good ironic mustaches like there's mandate that beards. And her sisters and I mean you can look at him you give aid had definite difference in the and the Bible becomes awful. You know personally shocked when I see some NN senior wow so she's from back east they're like so we need to keep the beard and yeah. I'm all around that problem right I got a house like I grew a damn thing now Clint Willis was just get rid of them you know you keeping your hair. And I'm that I may enable people say they have you know beards mustaches for 2030 years before they get rid of the nation a mile off the kids they'll recognize and nobody knows of the LA are never my farm and it was good right before Christmas and media is always. Had to say it's been a little bit bigger and seventies gets smaller as you go on but. Always had a mustache or beard side burns a hole I guess he did this sideburns. Most are shortage say about the sideburns and Beers or has had a mustache and it would we you're looking at him but obviously I recognized my own pop. My cousin of the times about nine years old and it was Christmas. So he in my hand come over for Christmas. And it was just really strange we're not piecing this together my cousin who loaves my father just wouldn't talk to. Mental problems like are you got it is an embryo Rafael from a teenager admitted to turtles that was all right dude and they've really excited about that we got Nintendo's so we plug his Nintendo. In a TV up in the bedroom whatever but the whole time he just wouldn't talk to my father so. Christmas comes and goes my aunt drive back and resume like forty miles away at this point and she calls practices. You are nephew. Was crying in the cause. Because he couldn't believe that his and my mother. Was kissing another man being my father and let me my brother we're cool with it. And that she gave him a hug when they came in about Aruba man this summer and had to explain away bad is your own cool he does that say ball has been devastated about it Roy's no one of such an able the whole day. Yeah man I think pics of myself without the beer man whose creek. Plus there are looking up to pick out his head jaw line. Take it OPEC. Bigs they were supposed to begin event alive then had a beard also. I his but it one point like I went completely clean and I was having now having dinner with a friend of mine you guys all know nicely and yeah he'll wait did you grow back and use. Yeah he's got to just all going together right now. Plus is like alt space yeah thank you think you miss it well you know you an honest opinion asked for an. Yeah no kidding that's nurture. For years we've heard back at that wow we didn't hear about it it's pretty obvious between David Letterman the rivalry between David Letterman and Jay let. Yeah obviously Letterman can to meet in early may kids. Animosity like a note. Oregon is kind of a straight on about David Letterman. Right in those I hear about the the wreck then they I mean like that's way introduced himself yeah and I don't think Letterman appreciated what happened payment cut without Leno and Conan but I remember before that ever happened. Yeah I get back what twenty some years and that's what happened to him he Yemen has him at that I have bad lies but you banking them and then. Acts so David Letterman was awarded the Mark Twain now price. For American humor at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Lovely brunch with an expensive. Thank thank you for the suspect to just thinking what is what I really expensive. It's just too much a brunch it Kennedy senator Lou in New York City right we could see the never got them there if I aimed it. So Letterman with this award a lot of people are out there. The Hollywood route reporter. Reaches out to Jay Leno may say hey you know could you give us a comment to whatever like you guys kinda they did the stage right there's only so many of those people that hosts a late night show. So of course Jay Leno talked about his mutual admiration he had for each other mutual. Yeah he he got there because they Isa head. Basically just that it's like whatever it's to sports teams are two boxers you track he tossed trash talk each other doesn't mean you don't respect each other. Let us then also the robbery was very serious did you to have thick skin in the business he was working and and that I like death is to me this is classic cheese if they scan fiction thick skin thick stand. Back and I'd give them quote it gives them credit you know that is led an atomic date. The thing about. This is Leno talk about the Letterman even when he was mean to me it was funny and that's all that matters and any throws in the classic Leno thing. But I'm thrilled Davies getting the Mark Twain award it's a great award. It's Mark Twain and it gives my Mark Twain prize in 2015 creed. OK. Okay yeah. I'll act. It's. Play him he could even just put out you know press release I'm glad he's really reward that I've already one years ago. Right to it I guess I matters more now. I would do the same thing. Love that guy he absolutely we have very deserving men aboard because when I won it. Yet he go to that room at airports now and I'll see a bear community and just like that he got fitted within us newsman and Owen in the two years ago were creeds dunes and then. Fact. To Tivo you know him from college football. You know him from trying to be Major League Baseball player and he continued that for the year I guess. I think so the we didn't hear much of the other Tim Tebow I don't polarizing person now I've always said whether or not you might Tim Tebow. I always said I was playing touch football I wanna play with Tim Tebow right. Are you sure he's really got to did you did you excited and now Tim Tebow is doing some sports announcing this is him that he went to Florida. But he's giving a speech to the Tennessee Volunteers. To get them fired up whether or not you you tell me after the speech if you wanna be a Tivo T eight. You step up a little one thing to find you that's your effort that's how much you care because in this game Alabama better than you. But let me tell you one thing that you better bet they'd better not be better to them and thought heartened moment very fine how much she cares everybody wants to. Disappointed are working all these things I don't believe I'm good when you care about them that. What makes you get up the work that's what makes you got disciplined so in this game don'ts list don't get. And Alabama don't be scared of deep down don't sit and entitles you walk into that stadium and you play what's your brother you fight against. There right now. And humble and understand where your blessings come around put in this game isn't. The pride you take some pride in the T. Once stepmother. And have leadership could. Is that a random as well thank you. Bill go boy I think now the downside to this speech they lost they Vietnam hinted that the 45 Thad Allen. Turns out and they were scared of Alabama. They were scared of the title the lower part it works it well OK I go to lab. I've learned a big mama I don't repeated speeches but I've learned to be humble about that. Never used. This crap I haven't used it but I got it to man did this and ladies. I think the jets yeah like as far as fuel was a college like an improvement from him. I get that relate I I think he could go back to a college should be coach right now. Value depending on the wheel position. I mean obviously you fly back up quarterback coach wouldn't you want a coach for me quarterback coach. Or you think he could coach the moment to get through the college only coach the month. Parent I've right Z dominate that area look he's not gonna sit Yankee beat technique stuff that's from the sale of those expected camps. Let's send quarterback know the doesn't these statements speak the how many shifts there it feels good to me beast he should scheme everything I don't like read the defense to win a third of ball. But I mean allows you dual attack them and anybody will argue that indeed so badly. The greatest throwing style. No he doesn't know thing you know until quarterback Garrett camp and high school and Chicago. And all they were doing was working with your technique as far as the way you're throwing the ball about coming back from a school I was just scrambled. Wrote I have some basic knowledge that didn't have before. But as far as him trying to anger notably go to manager changes throwing motion that's that's pretty tough tough to do over a summer. Well until it was weird things coach you can make small little adjustments but not all that's there's some people that are very good. They can teach technique they can do this and that when it comes in the game though they can't do much for now you know they're they're not the best female they believe that your release point should be at the year I mean that's always been the stuff poets are people have thrown a ball for a yeah it's a does that work they do with a guy like whenever skills that is get him get him as best as he can beat them that's a sad though why Tim Tebow successful. I think it's. You that you guys in its interest things not our currency's insurer I didn't at first season did you notice the absence of absinthe. Alcohol was there and access and edit it. If they get to Wear green buried thicker and thicker ship with up with a straight your kids they. Stranger things kids. Yeah mr. printer it's a bit of its just a college degree trick if if this stranger to this show they can say they go to jail her strange kids. Yeah. There was no not a lot of cursing and now has their children there. I. Well you know I've co creator of air concrete game rough stuff fair them. Truck stop where it is is put in real life it's far worse. Easily I can't believe McCain any era basically. It's a complete the kids straight overall are you what do they like twelve or thirteen in the summer. Obviously pro cursing and of course they are. It again noted helmet and mom looked the part of the script would have wanted to do. It out of my OpenId to have you all keep that check this demo. The checks go to my account and I into the count them. Great to basically just said hey you easy he wrote a bunch me in there and then him and that puts depending on ash you keep it to last year in the first season they decided taking an all out there and now this year with the kids kind of courage and they did today. This season they annoy you and your it is scared I would ever has no contest approach I. I understandably. Well the kids of popular treat it you've seen the show you understand that in those situations. Go ahead and curse like the first time according to my mother the first time German cars I was ten years old but believe me I was not a personal markers for the first time you heard me say anything. I screamed in giant S bomb in the middle of a movie fear the reason she says she denied demand I don't remember this but. We would see the movie aliens I was ten years old and up until that point nothing like alien bursting of the guy's stomach had ever happened yeah so she's like you're sitting in a row part of me with your friends I'm sitting behind whatever. And thing breaks out of the stomach ambassadors like you don't relies. Only half as of late they can't get mad because. You're the only appropriate person with the reaction not only that but kids that age that's when they talk like that when they get together in groups where they can you know just my. Many don't know my yeah. Available on or around there I don't know it well golly what hookers you know if you have made me think we're annoy you only have been as you have four kids in the woods on a bike chicken mushrooms whomever they still should be cussing up a storm snow here in their friends the yeah I had it under careful look look for noted that I know that allowed Iraq. They're very appreciate or get your headlines anointed by god you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real I'm here in Oklahoma where Thong wearing man covered in gasoline as long you live accounts. Meanwhile a poacher goes after rhino and Africa and rhino that announces with a new record drops. Fumbled through. So I did this why like kind of size you've been wrong but no one feels any better a bus driver in candidates vying for singing CMC music factory that ninety's structures sweater. And doctors and apply woman flooding book for her forehead it is time for a headline. It's time day. Yeah it's Mike caught. All right our top story in Italy a woman went to the hospital with the condition that is baffling doctors. For the past three years the woman has been a screening blood from the sweat glands on her face and home and boom it's rare condition called human to Hydro assist him at that had droughts that seem to had drugs. He makes you the grosses and it. I just. I was at night packed every week for three years before you go to the doctors. If your hand it's always an are covered in blood in your face is just covered in blood she's real chill much. We'll kill eight real key they don't go ends June 10 to break out and play sweating which is either sleeping or doing something physical and the conditions seem to get worse when she stressed. So it's basically just some conditions that somehow. She creeps blood through it would say none none open cells are somewhat somewhat out. There's gold and stuff you have that is not right. God to AMA members swept Mandel pillowcase. Are you haven't sexual division yet most when I'm. How my dad was. All my dad I know it's not saying anything about her are all old barn react if you're 5050 aside this is my reaction. I mean it's not if there's nothing in here about her head. And troubles with consciousness you know she doesn't go Palin pastel walls she's doing this there's nothing about. You know she she needs blood transfusions because it is as I mean it just he just let's plug right that's so. I didn't look past that she's a beautiful well I think some of it they're they're trying to determine whether or not like they're slightly injured are bleeding. She got like some sort of cut or a very thin sweat glands calling them the lead or Arnold what do you like your friend who believes he can believe it or. You know maybe just maybe it's one of those things where blood looks force winds mix of water. My game you're certainly not your forehead as bad as it needs to look at them again because you know believing you're sweating. Around the world a man and Oklahoma was pulled over speeding on the high oil of the story for the stars what happened after the officer got the car. What he approached the vehicle he found the driver was naked covering his genitals and whether pornographic magazine in the passenger's seat as well as the near empty container of gasoline. Hey check out our crash. You could see this on CSI Miami around my house glazed or go to guy who did that well it's. Numbers on Venezuela management govern itself and oil get naked driver on the beltway oh yeah you only about a month up on the OK and that is on the job over the major would be knew that this time of the abscess manatee was masturbating while he was driving map brown was the driver. As soon if it is even point out is he doing. If you could fly out of it and they've fielded brilliantly as but it did say that you that you learn a farm itself. The guys right fraction maybe just wanted to feel credit. Anyway he then proceeded to hand the officer his loop cover of license. No. All. Like even though he offered the officer. Skid to wipe it off with a rag that was wrong. You. Good. I can live without Davila. Detector off. At all. Hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope the kid but the but the event after a quick check the man was arrested for driving with a revoked pleasant which was actually revoke back in 1985 clubs both guys credit for 32 years with a revoked license. There have been below this guy you are also thinks. That he's got that tells you he's done that all those years and never been caught many did Vasily him. And what kind of lives with overdo it wouldn't wanna kind of music you listen to it. I think you movement now. Maybe in. They go on the beach if it's if it ain't hitting de LA and include student both years Michael Jackson's beat it. He had needed. Offensive. Maybe just listen to Vasily bombs on double file listening to us on the cat is going of some sort of thing. In Nam man beat the media minute media believe maybe that's our president Edmund didn't. Damn night made a bad. They ambient. Soldiers illegally entered a wildlife area in the hopes of killing Reynolds for their hearts. Yeah they do a lot but in his struggle karma a rhino appeared out of nowhere and gore of the poachers leaving him with a severe leg injury oh is on the morning and was arrested. If you can I the other day it came I don't know Ryan a right now through if you pick up a bit of wrongdoing got them filled mouth Mo Fo this thing right now you. You are tracking an animal leg got they have big in you he came out of nowhere I know I know look I know there's a big international market for the horns of those things really gets a rhino horn for Chris when guys all honey should never I don't want to say a number of our a lot of ever and I around I'll thank you. Thank you as the level I violent thing you'll get the caller my god it's him Hillary necklace and I believe they would grind it out like a lot of bit. Tiger penis Ronald Moore below is an aphrodisiac Democrats. I was an aphrodisiac I can average these days we'll get to know whenever they're trying to move whenever the grind of an animal for no reason toys and doesn't gonna like sex thank you got to mobilize national sales pitch that you like dealing ever stuff. Right as I can land on the pain. Got to drop Sutter doesn't work that I. Not them coyotes started surrounding my house but it's not it's not a done and it says that the package coyotes other details in the air that the that's a very headlines that. I got the idea of Brazil's finished up their chart a profile they sit and spin is back and the word makes its return on her next episode. Yes indeed it's alternated his final tomorrow. Until then please do what you do best and orally for the sake. Game beautiful.