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This is the men's tour. Listening to. So here we are as good as minor categories today are our reds and the Internet and also the return of as the men's room in the meantime it is our random question question for four I'm glad I don't brands. Hello I only saw welcome to the men's room. I allowed to allow. I think Jeff has paid to do is Taylor got to ask you questions okay. Whose speed gun on you. Who's he gonna need a cleanup can't be the last two days and I have better in the bathroom and can't be all over the place whose feet you. Seeing guys you know event in this matter if we use a public bad the leg of a sporting event in your domino whereas someone flip flops. They're so what's brave backlash from the Urals. There's a bar is Stephen act occasionally go to close the State's new look at their bathroom your feet and it was like two inches and are there and it you don't know and also our oil and you don't notice a man so collect really got to go to this kind of walking hand man and it's it's it's very troubling. And very I told again ask me we are going to be at. So he got on you if it. Had been really good friend though. C and they can't stand can't spare me. Where. Newton and I had a piano accompanist switching in and Obama to keep it on me to keep it warm you know. And I totally out of all of in my hand it's that's zest. I am not a rookie again and they didn't tell me. Oh really. Yes OK you got lucky. Yeah and it clearly editorial scare warning and think that he's that stupid. Would tell what do you think burned this random quote drug test. One of the guys that are aware he was met and that you get my math over and over and over again and company he's. That he should know I'm always an indictment. And so they kind of got suspicious. Another blow them and allies that on you they tested everybody. Yet every Lanka idea guy misses it's funny in retrospect but back and CBS radio Baltimore years and years and years ago. And we at a ball sold talk at the time who calls me into his office and as we closed the door and his words were hey listen. I'm not judging and I'm not saying they are unique to notice I'm not saying that you need to know list. But I'm religion of CBS concern drug testing within the next two weeks and I'm like the UF in kidding me. And it's like man I. Again I'm actually a little we both know I need to know and I went off on them as. Most ridiculous thing this is epic radio and look sales and open and I got were scrapping or system anyone of programmable we all got some of them. They have the fire going god damn radio about who they believed and suffered two weeks. And I warned a few Jewish people Heyman tempo. Listen for our bill. Not and are few people that I knew for a fact would want to know who's in advance and we are all really pissed about this in two weeks goes by. And as we understand that CBS's gonna begin implementing. This drug test so the balls calls me back in his office and on display here we go and the failed leaving me like look. I'm still talking we I'm still doing stuff I didn't like Arafat I don't I just I don't believe in itself is so listen you sit down and needless to. Does that with the job market drive it good you're absolutely correct when gunfire nobody said I loved her spiritually you're very passionate about what might. Yeah I don't do that again and reason we asked who has begun on you we briefly brought up this story. And few episodes back but it's worthy of a full a disclosure. A New Jersey man is suing United Airlines. Claiming he was urinated on by heavily intoxicated passenger sitting next to a Daniel card was on flight at 1871 back from LA when he says an extremely drunk passenger boarded the flight and sat next to him. As the cross country flight prepared for take off to Newark Airport. Cart alleges in the suit. Did the inebriated man next on and wrote Tony for quotes. Took out his penis and aimed at that card and proceeded to urinate all over cards leg while card was confined to his seat. Due to an imminent departure. Of the flight. Scarred city tried to wake up the passenger who was passed out who's held quote strongly of alcohol but he could not. He then alerted the airline crew who were according to the suit refusing his request the time to rogue relocate his seat. After several requests cards said he was finally moved from the urine soaked seats but was forced to endure the remainder of the flight to Newark while remaining in his urine drenched clothing. Only can they do. Once the plane now landed in Newark law enforcement or there to energy in the FBI interviewed both carded a drunk pastor once they were removed from the plane. Drug pastors that he had no recollection of the events of the flight so I might and last year remember he was in a bar and out of the LA international airports and then landing in New York. If you if you could issue. The pastor's stated he consumed at least or rum and cokes while at the airport bar out to. Yes I don't know Papeete on so long as part of the united contract of of carriage there's an obligation of the airlines remove passengers who appear to be intoxicated on the imposed on Bravo move up. Carr believes law enforcement intervention would have not prevented it this but he says he had called to inform of the incidents. To alert them of a he is suing for assault negligence breach of contract and emotional distress. According to us David's we have not yet been served with a suit in due to the pending litigation we cannot provide further down. You know it and give you two had about a manager what really started when America as a champion on your leg is bad policy United Airlines urinate on our customers but we built into it about about turning to put that on the in flight video brand friends friends colleagues. Try not to urinate on the passengers next few icons again he didn't remember like the guy they need another didn't we didn't eat of course it. Hello Jordan welcome to the bedroom. Old oh god. Darn good program. What's out and look into the program. All right Jordan what do you think is the you're in question was who was the closest that you've come the death. All meant. You know it's a little funny I was. The closest I've been that debt is you know here it's brought out. All you know yard upon your hair there and I've made my mom. And my brother did it at you bet you thought Matt yeah I will be are they they all knew that my big bat brother was. And decided that yeah not bad guys pretty much you know so slammed up against the wall. And you could do a brutal man yeah I never made LaMont right I. Yeah back. How close to become note to wanting to kill you I'm sure he told you many times that he would like to. I would rather come paid that they look like big so it. And I bite it but in my brother that's. There's still this way Jordan is still big intimidating guy. Yet definitely you know. Ahmad and I appeared to take it now a little bit older. If this thing happened packet take him modeled after crowded outside net it. Okay good things good and I'm agreed to lose boots with the pound difference. All mattered all mart. AGU but it silverback gorilla. The French silk verbal back and they'll look at the you have a good relationship with the brother. All you did your brother I was getting going home don't I don't I hit a few if you build my guess silverback gorilla is it the an army reason we asked the closest you've come to death as a story in Australian teenager has survived a terrifying encounter with a great white shark. Whether harrowing screens alerting her father. Who was certain that it was about to leader there a lawyer and was fishing for squid from my kayak golf of these south Australian coast near Norman bill. With the sharks struck and her father present a small dingy nearby with his son and another daughter said she was thrown in the air and landed in the water can do though Garrett. This shark is just rolled and all I saw was the dark side in the white belly and just huge bins and white water everywhere he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Didn't look like it was going to eater why is he said the animal circled and hit the kayaks several times as he rushed to his daughter's aid. It's an Mitchell dragging her from the water over the shark. She didn't want into the book he reached over the shark to pick her up and bring her and fool out of myself I don't think. That is amazing I don't like our trajectory yes. That does spine tingling scream that not only me but my son and eldest daughter heard is something that you can't just describe it. All night we just sort of said bag and said. How have we got out of this alive. White an estimated to be delaying or longer of the kayak over sixteen feet. Then stock their motor boat for about ten minutes as they headed for safety. Girls gave a minor cuts and bruises of the ordeal was everything you picture in the jaws movie I I'm sorry I can't wrap my general would be higher than that. I saw wasn't in the water I saw what it was I saw it then. They are now patrolling the area trying to see if they can locate this over rather large what are. Then early this dramatic emotion of NN the ocean what would be worse that in Canada there. Or the scare that came just two days before when a diver survived intact after being forced to swim five miles back to shore. Shadowed by a large tiger shark after becoming separated from his votes in Western Australia. Quote I thought this is now I'm going to die the man swam a five miles back to shore with the tiger shark on his ass the entire time I. I don't know man because on the one hand like in the tie act like the answers just hit the fan it's all reaction adrenaline and general survive. To be obsolete for five miles and the whole time on thinking at any moment the single bite my out I'm vegan diet or what is the tiger shark has been nice that I watch a swim back. All of well known from baton and there are no further from my demeanor I got your back if it violates our family's pet currently part of my Obama nobody. If it was a definite advantage of these in the tourist brochures is if there but more than a dozen incidents with shards of Australia's coastline this year. Including the death of a seventeen year old girl Malden fueled a full view of her parents and western mountains. This. I hear you but I mean this isn't shocking to people around me it's an H barrier reef it is all of sharks are now home. And this is the point the people keep going out there anyway him. I really GAAP. And it's Australia look argument that everything in Australia particularly when you live in a place where there and and more about what actively punch you in the face main kangaroo boys out there trying to kill you it's just what that spirit of confrontation is like here's a two legged deer those two why we're a bit. You know here's a scary part about Red Robin and you say you had a friend a move to Australia. And that they get to get involved at like one of those youth camps re Kennedy like and an Iron Man out of. Yeah they like it seems like it's triathlon. Big east right so they do sprinting down the beach. Toward the water and they swim I'm not sure how far how fast they need you eaten right yes they do the same thing with these kids in that in life guard him down and honing to be California writes similar stuff except it's it's more based in race you know racing men having to practice any kind of seizing others or anything like that but yeah I don't know off their boat as well but I know they run and swim. Ocean then as. And construct and let it start and salt water like having sharks in the water is bad enough if if you live and play through its frequent like Australia Huntington Beach and then to go away. Wait we're not done. Also there saltwater crocodiles which they bonafide guy named I'm sore and very the worst because they each sharks and had attacked a open water so let's go bay so much other sort of mass commands or we'll break it tells with a shot of the day we get your emails on the way as well from the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Question question and here come those emails on the men's room events are live doc jobs. There's got to go from today I'll be Telus I don't know if you remember the story about the Bozo the rested for peeing on a family at the Metallica show in Glendale Arizona. There I was next dog and those splashing all over my legs. I tended to punch him about friends stop me because he didn't wanna get kicked out Metallica's his favorite band and it was his first show he's shown to. Our guys are Lucy as a Scarlett Johansson movie or she gets abducted and forced to be a drug meal when in the process of transporting the drugs. Which were placed in her stomach. The package ruptures and releases an experimental drug endorse system that allows her to now travel through time. And other goodies you know what yeah I did a movie abuses of the house I disagree with my movies sides and it just it wasn't yeah I screwed that up. I don't know for some reason is there was there are cared for our planet of the apes and I know you think you're probably thinking Lucy is the nickname they gave me some old fossilized my Delany did right. But she was not part of planet of the apes I've been doctors say psych and Italians feel things he won the cigarette. I guys collect another one says the Wii party founded as it's on the island of reiterates an Iranian the Mediterranean other rows were almost completely mimicking those describe that play them so apparently there is president now so far yeah exactly you're kind of moving on birthdays I guys today is my son Levi pronounced bat man's twelve trip around the sunny loves losing your show. You guys make the commute so much bare all Canadian original face salad just suck it up to update and you guys talking on all over each other. Thanks in people out rocket you're surely that from Lisa. Fish sandwich oh. So yeah I don't know why vehicle. I think all the finger full go to prison you know there's probably an immigrant you know Obama take if there's an ongoing romance and roll you right Cornell you can thank god. That model to Venice and I don't care what I'm saying you're targetable pink eye and pinpoint traffic. Movement on the desire in my email you allowed to request a birthday shot up my little brother Jerry who's turning 29. Guy gets internal axle and Al hitting the window and oh dear Jesus in the plows. Thanks guys for everything that from Big Brother Russell. Guys there's not beautiful wives Tony for a birthday always are happy birthday and thank her for being a great wife and a great mom. And for staying with me for all these years even though she doesn't understand why listen you guys she doesn't understand why I like to drink and smoke that greens. The. And if the dirty Germans good doctor that would be great thanks guys that from Marco and are you can dobbs host a logo of the book the acquittal both things are beyond that we'll Dutch boy put my finger and the no I didn't come over here a few to Smith symptoms the Korean War and Thomas. If he's carry bags. Hello zillow says my cousin Diane birthday I got her out on your show awhile baggage she demanded I write in you guys today. Gonna get a barber shop they sandwich or maybe some dirty German talk from Robin. Love the show stay awesome Matt from Robbie Beers it. New movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's a daughter on the side. Nowadays I wish I he's still around a zero in the morning and afternoon. I pretty thin advantage plan I. Lulu out 072 but whom are setting up. Again and it cut coupons I've. You lose some Williams who do it's. Time who Daniel who grew committed to Google and Google guys did you enjoy Sarah Brown senator. Happy birthday from the dirty Germans in an angry had a birthday from Robin please. Yeah I do enjoy you let me put my blockbuster you read. God help them through mind and come over here and screws up. Yeah stack. (%expletive) up today no ideologue as did you Jerry Brown on the senate turned her on your show about four years ago she's an avid listener now gonna please get a cut that big jump next dollar. And some very dirty Germans thought she can handle it thanks guys appreciated that from Tom. I know. Net column. Our military decision of the big time momentum and Mayo tomorrow cool you're less mobile screen pull. Don if you couldn't find it's about trying to beautify and. Hi guys here you know. I mean I mean they love. Okay. Yeah yeah our. Yeah yeah and I. I could quickly here you. But he says. He doesn't guarantee German drug. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another fine retailers. And im sure might fly flew you. Thank you just an online right now for your guess is as good as mine we'll take color 9844999. All your guess is as good as Mike and appear. In just couple minutes we have published emails do to get to all of its ultimatum. As I boarded the plane to come home I looked down the I'll LaMont and I see. A lady with a nine patch. Oh yeah wimp I'm at bat at a local lawyer Abbe suckered in and of staring branded and reached Cairo seeds and guess what yep I sat right next door. The flight to LA seem to take much longer than it should've. I mean making idle chit chat with a one eyed strangers not the easiest thing in the world but she asked me where I was headed after LA and I answered the Seattle about you. I'm not getting should make this she was headed to Reno. I got you both guard those there but also we humanly got room before I can get it in the mail anyway. Glad to be back then from the ginger minutes since they were to borrow an assumption that. Reno Nevada is the only city in America that I pet store the food and the wind out the door and around the corner he. If you Jerry do you know I patch eight and 1 half to 4 o'clock this is I mean this is from the head shelf. You guys do realize. They are deep frying the Turkey at Arby's not the whole sandwich right. So the new deep fried Turkey sandwich and Arby's we kind of thought that maybe this is like gay wholesalers but it Libby for Ireland down to rest girls but no no idea. The deep fried Turkey. In input not just regular browser crush our dreams and other ironically we thought Osgood sorry we'd like to live yes exactly who we pick a subject canned food. Guys what do people from New England like so much of their footing games. My wife found out that people use canned potatoes instead of just standard fresh potatoes it's kind of gross but not insane but what she found next can bread. Can brown bread canned bread is used with a lot of New England dinners would sound like an option for Posey that never existed ever. Mexican getting canned tortillas Italian can bread sticks Asian canned sushi anyone. And you guys had can bread work and I see this with my eyes are my own eyes that from day. I'm downtrend camber and never heard the other night that low for brown bread the comes at a McCain kind of that was Brett opt out of the low for brown broke don't go to Kate I bet that's exactly the brown bread making any thought I would oversee and and I feel it. I think I haven't really let some yeah. If you thought he saw a break come out and I'm guessing very camera and growing and I don't know who underwent the circumstance you'd think. So the memorable and Lewis goes all right. I think Gary you were a lot his stuff margarine to something here that's what I remember correctly from when six did your action assess for us. I'm working on a plaster job on the weekend this is what I witnessed my buddy who I work with during the week during carpentry fell off of being about ten feet. He landed on his hands looked down and said oh yes my wrist is broken. Then looked over at his other wrist and screamed oh damn my other wrist is broken. I took into the hospital when he was settle that I told him now you'll see how much your wife loves you when someone has to wipe your but it's. That's for Mike autonomous amount and finally from me as an Arab that's in my mind was from the world of what is sexier on yet. I'm just gonna readers says it was written this comes from our body weight and he says. My name Wayne with the way my bad experience with sex smile well there was two times. First meet my ex we're going and it ante on top she slammed me so hard is snapped like a care. Okay. Yeah she kept going while I was talking with a high pitched voice I said I need to go to the doctor she's say hold on I'm about done I said five. The second time was my second next we're going and it. I'm going there and a bunch of I find total paper it was bad editorial if they. It. I think that's his fear oh I'll Miley does the today. That interest you think he he. If are jealous I'm really your guess there's as good as mine it's amazing in the play you would get on the line to pick a gag order for there you pick a category you most like to play. And then from there you try to get as many right in the said category before three strikes and you're out Steve Lim contestant rather play you're again. Box hello Lauren welcome to the men's room yeah. Our values yeah. Florida we're ten categories they don't win don't you fly an airplane that I held on what's going on you lose. My dog yeah I. Windows broken and I didn't get a news day at all. How bad it's. Well. I guess you're not yeah OK stay here yeah. They're category yeah we have it's part of the world and the Internet is the most influential web sites of all time time. And it's we have you know they send those rat infested cities in the United States of America which category I would like to thank god your guess is as good as mine is going to be here next moral. OK okay. Yeah. How slowly that you want I can beat her up. I'll be most rat infested cities in the United States of America it's okay. Admittedly narrow and we'll track. Yeah I'll get out of a very popular. Pesticide company that goes around and I guess renovate its annual list of the most rat infested cities here in the United States of America and we have okay and by the way you can drop out of the top modeling and I'm but it turns out we have teams and cities that are most read a message before three strikes you're out what is your first guest on your guess is as good money. My guess Crowley. That is corrected his number two on the list it was also number two last year as well move past. And then against Baltimore is having lived there that I think you've got to be on the. I never really to Baltimore let us. I'll run through elementary kids. How pray you are due for only number eight Baltimore has some of the biggest threats to ever say not in my inaugural the most rat infested city but for the guys of the rats are unbelievably Australian brown Brad apparently made with the Maryland more bread and when they get together they create small wiring cars pretty much can you never see him playing this big roaming the streets and I don't know to me out I thought this rags to do over that they can that's all I ever knew. And I think we'll be vocal rats a white dude only worry about the things the right where the big melts the rest that are tomorrow would be the coyotes around midnight yesterday out there. Now. If they're unbelievable. And the roller coast that you like. Same for ever and I'm sorry are you guys throughout the ten of the ten most threatened doesn't cities in the US what is your next guest yeah. Chicago's number one. Again. That is for the third year in a row of Chicago has taken a tough spot as the most rat infested city in the United States America that is true you are delivered three Lauren. You've got three strikes remaining and seven possible more cities on your guess is as good as mouth. Please don't lead role he's. Tacoma. If they show. I now. Tacoma Seattle not on the list so you know homicides they may be trying to like Sam playing in her look like anyone about what he's Detroit lately. Let Detroit DC Philly lose a bit more time BC wouldn't think he's he's got that. You know making the joke what might add my own bullet did hit a good thing right here is rats all over. Are out of law eighty. Washington DC her class you know when here's the thing bonus it was number three last year's to a drop two spots good job DioGuardi are they'll. Drain that's why now that they got rid him any rats just more moved to another city that hasn't put it possible that Washington DC. OLA Al east Los Angeles, California rat infested really yes and later are okay all right so so far as far as the ten most rat infested cities. In the United States lord you have one strike you've gotten correct. Number one Chicago number two New York. Number three Los Angeles number five Washington DC and number eight Baltimore Maryland. I wanna get it. Philadelphia it is gunmen ninety's I had quarter or early that's rats travels. I definitely Detroit. Do Detroit. Yeah look it's number 7 NEWS layup for a number. Relations balloons under the laws like New Orleans good down there yeah. Because there's other things yeah I was in those big whatever that's our goal I think New Orleans. And oh really called out there damn memorably called gonna agencies and trucks is are things. Yeah I'm I'm I'm literally what I really is dragged it back out yes. You've got salmon out of the ten most rat infested cities in 2017. And you have to strike for Manning Lauren what is your next yet. Holloway those things in New Orleans nutria. New yeah it's now how does and they museum once I got the big bucks to breath yeah. I daylight the most key nasty. US but I didn't do house. Yeah I am for and I don't know how to fill in San Fran might be there. I think anybody Soledad it's pretty pretty darn. It's not worth more on the last Lauren you're almost learn to make history here was gonna go to and pretend there are two cities remaining. You've got one strike so far. And preloaded. I'll tell you may be a Boston or Cleveland now quote me on this. I was following dynamic I got my work done good bully or do you know. I honestly man got beat Boston and I'm guessing. The local market. Back as far as any unfortunately in fifteenth place come oh balls they leave they're cartoon choice is remaining. You've gotten eight out of the ten most Brandon best cities in the United States correct you have to strike slip one strike remaining. I do not take my husband that would it to assimilate Houston and then those hot there's a big ass hole yeah next the water. There all of. Only they can you know Dallas itself to us. Just in Dallas and salt rants. How is it. Oh he's been. Hey yeah are. The wild act clothes are hang out Cleveland Cleveland gay men and thirteen the fact they have put out we're asking is Diego. San Diego not unless you know Nebraska we got to always say if Randall really covers California ran. And yes it does a remote wasn't represented that was but also we got Detroit Chicago got better is so. You danced around them and actually Lauren danced around on one. His first wrong answer. And cameras and Lisa. Tacoma. Zero Seattle Seattle is now known or not it is number nine Y. Triple threat. You steered him wrong on the hill. Portland home with the Dow was down. All of Dallas Florida was number two news they're using. That granite no the hotel hotel downtown new name they put a lot of effort in America I think that I do the target is or. You know released its annual list of the ten most rat infested cities in the United States here you go a number ten Dallas Fort Worth and number nine Seattle Washington and number eight Baltimore Maryland. At number seven Detroit up from ninth last year at six Philly. Five that was DC or San Francisco in third place LA number two new York and the number one most rat infested city the United States for a third year in a row. That would go to Chicago. Kabul during adult with a shot today the return of bath amends rim is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Kind of profile as the dragon go to a Saturday but first. It's been said that there are no stupid question un. We disagree. You'll keep us get over. Is my mom. Questions that need answer. This is as good. Do question president drug issues and email for the men's room and undermined dot com make this subject as the men's room and ask away we'll start with a one. Old journalist. I have a company potluck tomorrow and wanted to blow them all away with dad's famous Frank's red hot Jagan death. I know I've heard people ask you the recipe before but I can't find it online anyway video sent it to me thank sent from Kurt bock out. Did you have any advice for the guys to recreate your world famous. That the buffalo that those who don't know my family also involved with the frank family uses a week did for everybody just went ahead with the recipe on the back in the bottle. But in this league myself model Frazier and I you have oil hitting the franks website I'm sure they have an affair under arrest is when you think. I wanna trust that I liked this guy I'm not sure where he couldn't find it online with a straight guy I. And behold round of trade this just beat you Google brakes red hot ticket it. Do what I like about it is people have a model free threat right and they want to make of that and they never thought to just turn up bottler. The visibility of the models adds yet it's also funny is through with got to think it's about what I would say this is stuff. It certainly good data that rest be on the back of the puck you have to tell people how to make the sausage did I do not OK everything was given I I don't Palin franks did chicken and it's the first thing that comes up and it looked brand it's delicious you can't go home but being the recipe is out there and everywhere. We've a lot of Ted how did you miss you wouldn't be in the alphabet. I mean if I knew I wouldn't have done exactly. The path. I'm an idiot can't answer out of the three of you who smokes the most we'd. That from shot on the bad as bus driver I don't think it's fair to ask of the three of us adding that there while but in my cap to be included the most deadly Mike hawk I think got a I don't think you might probably just chiefs and up the most when he does get always how margin right now dollars and just on the he's the guy you. If that they did a piece those I need an internal microphone at your mind Meyer now that there exists no matter of how much Joker you know. Erica Tug his feisty I don't ourselves here. I don't know I box might you what though if you could ever see how much we knew smoked in one pile in your life dialogue that might be impressive. You already come back and won big pile. I think that we also I really cool just the argument though it would you rather see batteries rather see the pool of beer you drink the week. Look we're both of the I think the pool bureau be more impressive I think to be more impressive but I think you feel worse about yourself a human beings on the site of cool like if you don't know that I put okay yeah yeah intent from they have like you know like little small Arizona the desert polls you know. They apply. Now. The big pool to be a real big will it be if he can indoors and I hate dead. What's the name of the pain cream that you said your mom uses it's made from lead thanks guys that from Janet well if you live in like the state of Washington where it's legal and can hit a tough global oil that's what we life you know OK yeah it sounds cool to blow but I try to remind you of that so it's only in. The Eagles it's LO or it's always something you take your rapper and tracked down did you blow oil and other asking another one for my cock here all the guys question mostly for miles my cock with a regards to the Boy Scouts. What is your take on girls being allowed then how many Eagles got myself and believe that this might be a bad idea. Thanks set from Tangier Joseph the other thing on Mike Cox. He's. Earning less gas. Isaiah drama girls I mean I just thought well the point is like look. I don't know girls got to do besides so cook is soaring is what it is OK one other Girl Scouts about the game like look man this thing girls want to join Boy Scouts is based strictly on the fact that they do stuff Jimenez babysit read books and I saw women get in fisticuffs over the cookie sales in front of the grocery store. Our bats empowerment it was that high there's not a baby I I think I think it's it depends on the troops different troops are involved in different activities. If you want your daughter to be involved in the outdoors camping canoeing hiking enjoying all those things the best bet would be to go to an activity where those exist mean so it's a more activity based in me that it is sexually based jokes are depending on what. Activity like to be and look there's a lot of reason little girls only get exposed camping and hiking and all these great things is because the troops don't necessarily do that. With a Boy Scouts does. And let's not act like we can't be in the same room with women Mike Pence and other sexual desires regardless today so I haven't think that it would be okay you know doing Magi have so little that I tag of the got a question for as amends and to shoot us an email to the midterm. And mr. my dot com ever manage to bring intact. Are you ready. It's not as good as usual we had to do Greg gas cans even throwing vilified on nortel's to. Yes indeed today and we chose an unidentified young man from the as they call oil rich city of who fought and west Russia he was recently dumped by his door from some time. After he was busted on closed circuit television committing a crime what did he do well keep the mind even arrested previously for arson. And once again. He gets busted for arson partly because he was caught on video lighting the bales of hay on fire fox but that's not why she dumped enough. Part of the reason he but the fires when he discovered that he was armed closed circuit television and thought that he can start inferno. That would burn the cameras and get rid of the evidence that's still not why she dumped them. The real reason she dumped them in a real reason he set fire to try to burned close circuit televisions are recorded describe him. Because his crimes involve him. Having sex with a horse all golf whereas in the high you get up that high well they said he took its time I can't even give you all the details let's just say before he undid his pants and into the or of which he did. He did a finger check first like I'll. We're all god. That all of this is caught on video after he finished he smiled and with a cigarette not realizing oh man he was armed closed circuit television and yet. When he noticed the camera I'm done with a horse he saw us and our message if you could pick if he wasn't it at a civilian government over is dumb man yeah habits that. So that's why she ended up breaking up with them now for the arson. But for the such a divorce. So important Boozer retrieving boom because revisions yummy our bag over the song and down the world you've already. How does doubt now and I bet John. It doesn't online profile that we'll take our nine right now 844999. Alone. The show and then again. And you know men's room radio.