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Tuesday, February 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. So let's say I don't think our 9844999. Alone will play profile this coming up in. The headlines only one hour from now firstly check into my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working odd shift. Yeah well guarded and if do. And don't make it worse not ruled the correct me it's until. Pyongyang North Korea Hong changes so what that is you check it could get there did you solicit there's not enough green either. It goes. And you know the measurement. Oh very there. Our guys did get out but at all can well let's turn on drums Louisville and I don't know yeah. We drew BM today you don't know. Resume the life. Oh goodness well okay that's the gun company Remington is filing for bankruptcy protection. It's probably because people who are worried about gun control stop buying so many guns the president trump got elected. Well sure I mean there are making their task owls Obama they. So my ligaments or Roma Obama few days ago which you never say limits it is a constitutional rights of the kind of hard to do. And they did a windfall of cash at the airport. Oh it definitely give people burn ought to gonna lose the right by guns they went out bogged down in the referrals we have trumpet their flat in the sense of urgency isn't bad. Exact. According to a new study they have found healthiest cities in the United States notice say they're well you know is considered mostly warm weather about a Boston's up there for sure. Three of the top. All right then I'll say Seattle San Fran Portland you nailed it though absolutely nailed it San Francisco's first Seattle's second Portland is there. How to put San Diego and the outlets who began their you don't feel a lot of body fat. May you really Don anybody. And everybody is beautiful effects of the process that just the people who were there to say the weekend wedding only it's ugly woman go to visit you can't yeah I'm dead there if you're an ugly person San Diego the many step off and we said that was let Arlen Alan are couple years ago for no reason other than to walk around check out San Diego we could not believe how ugly we were compared to a. Moments like Huntington Beach that a sitting brands and Amanda Texas recently got his fourth do you lie and tried to fight it by claiming the blood alcohol limit of point oh wait discriminate discriminates against alcoholics. It's got to take him look. It's gonna take him a lot more alcohol to get to the point where he needs to be drunk and obviously exactly what he's saying but the legal limit is still the legal limit and that still means you're intoxicated whether you're used to it or not but it doesn't matter to me like. Look I think he'd smoke and high we know about it anymore hi I keep trying and keep smoking overwhelmingly negative testers say I do here. You're hot and arresting me for shoplifting. Is discrimination yields close to maybe it's his argument was people who booze it up at a higher tolerance and to drive fine after a few drinks. But as judge them by NF plus the blood alcohol level was way forward. Four times the legal limit hole lipped his car and got arrested again he doesn't LLC it'll get him yeah you flip your caller makes an error and you can't obviously you're not at that point that you're trying to tout here. A woman a northern Carolina with sick of people stealing packages off of her front porch and does he got even by filling a box with 500. Live cockroaches. I own mind at least although they sold the bus and I guess an item on our and I you know jeopardize your career sure they stole the box that's great. That and I want to put into when they get inside they ripped that thing open and then they just infested with that almost makes you gotta do is order cockroaches you know to me like. Because everybody's gonna package at the grip before they have guys who are worrisome of and I'm just gonna assume that one out of every three times can be stolen I sort cockroaches in my death. My torture yeah. It's gonna seal that box loved had. And I'm telling you they give him the stuff is safe and get out of it. They can go anywhere and anywhere they want to sacrifice. Get back at those states. 31 box they'd never steal. Does it take the time electricity to run and a super computers that mind bitcoin is an Iceland just announced that. Crypto currency miners there are on pace to use more energy this year that it takes to power all of the homes and Iceland. Thank you and that's impressive. Cancer people they use. Then minded court and I just using it there for some reason there's some untold. I don't know. That channel of bitcoin that you can just drill into and his second out in your computer I guess I don't know. I think that's exactly they mean by reminding him shore right when I'm here to think that after. Needs supercomputers of the super drills. People still more satisfied with their job after they get a raise according to a new study. Yeah artist bowled out for no asp dot com click yes it says that feeling isn't permanent though within four years or less that feeling will be totally gone and you'll go back to being bitter and unhappy well I guess is that's right around the time the prices are kind of out running your raise and your parents do not want called inflation. Thank you off of living goes up than most of the time your salary does not reflect you know my rent one at this year's gonna go up next year in the year after that. It is. Things go up. Pastors how do you feel about getting naked in the gym locker room that asks. Well only a mom or only upon not a member of the legends I think I don't walk in there was my gym clothes on so that's gonna happen in the ballroom Internet. The wrong one. According to a new survey only 34% of people said that they feel comfortable walking around totally nude in the gym. I don't walk around totally naked eye ticket towel at me just because I'm trying to be respectful of other people like us over until inferior. That was that was one of the biggest critic says that I had with what my job at the pool what you just walk around agenda and oh man. It was terrible especially there in the elders wimp. While it over to my cellular OJ double toil paper OK am I walking in and there is just satchel carrying grainy. Greatly olds that no way and they have no shame zone and it all goes on bleach I don't know of one leg up on the bench they're dry and there but. Think when you grow your hair out man takes a while for gravity take back yeah no I just noticed a slow process when he finally tutorial on your pretty happy with what they're very proud of that I guess and oh yeah old naked guy in the locker room just comes with the eight. Right there as well they call me shaggy thing goes for metal balls he's been a swing if you put on the path to site click click click click click click click right. They never ceased to shock me either because they were done swimming like half hour. Nice going there to clean up and they're still fully nude right talk guys I wanted to know any more you lose their heart thank people like to talk to each other make it did you do. Is that just a senior locker room lady to stock to each other because they're sex drive is pretty well for the Donna is Mike you'll get there. I used to going to like this team room in a patent suit now I'm spread out full make you guys. South uncover the next day and then Syria fit a year papers dean dome but what are on the rocks and who may edit tape drives suck. That's why things that we think steamer I mean according to a new survey fit fitness. I knew that gets hit it thin mints are the most popular type of girl scout cookie. Yeah I'd tend to see those more on people's desks and the other five problem within minutes is is that I also think there's if you like them they're the easiest to eat a lot of I agree that the people in those roles leaving on news of the day and Perino I'd like wow I had a lot of goodies that followed by probably the worst ever is Somalis. Suppose my favorite really and beats you that's my fare so well not anymore they got some new flavors I don't even orders the most. The tag alongs comes in at third. 9% of people said that they hate girls got cookies I've probably find myself in there and another 5% of that they've never tried them. Well I'm gonna go good and that's that's kind of shocking just. I don't know how you can't have tried a girl's got to be because they're just they're parked outside of approach they don't ever you're never had anything at McDonald's. I don't sooner given that a girl scout cookie grew up in my. A male Amish car do you go to the grocery store go family home here's a little boy. You have a ton interaction with the girls Catholic my sisters and Girl Scouts as a real I but you can but you even by just by going to the grocery store and their. Come from ever Hershey store that I represent I look at him as though it can't get yankees. You know I do woman. An 84 year old woman in California was arrested for her method this silence or noisy neighbor kids clothes that I'll sell about a one hour from now thank you are dark headlines are on the way one hour from now the first good mood song. Is true. Exists. Strong enough to please everyone how profile this is playing. George and miles it's possible game where we server do the Charlotte news story. Something that happened right here on women are. And as you listen to story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make will ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. It. We had a caller on the line and the new dropped off we are all. I'm. I did have a nice where he was there but he was that did learn how close our our schedule until profiled a soft short putts today. Miles you understand but the games play there are here if you start not Amanda. He's in custody in Colorado. After he confessed to fatally shooting nineteen year old Mattingly bulletin but even through death. We still suicide. Now according to the restaurant or. This clown told investigators that he shot the team after entering a Craigslist ad in the women seeking mid section titled quote. I wanna had to hit a myself. My claim to be into yet because he'd suffered from depression involved but he could help the team but he ended up shooting their effort couldn't talk her out of suicide. You try to commit those. Anyway is that the New Britain for four shooting there with a nine millimeter gun that she had given to. He said he told she told him that he can keep the gun as payment for killing her is all according. Now her body was found in a wooded area east of bowl the previous day you're more from told police that she was missing and that his Glock nine millimeter was also missing. According to the autopsy she had a potentially lethal level of heroin in her system and you've instilled. Days earlier she had some protection order against the man that she said have been stalled deep. The Steve about a month numbers to gators. They connected to suspect that case more than a hundred text messages. Exchange on the night she died police have confirmed a loot. She had to put up and seeking hit man Bob Bob Bob Bob do you believe the goes crazy as mojo is bright white Maxi or he's the guy who came in and until you. And some rocking music. I'm gonna go. Unreal what. Since it's tough about this game. Trying to face off. Why else do play well I also think it's pretty white I'm a young can agree. Frank is a mean. That's such an elaborate weird excuse to go forward excuse begin my shields on a protection order more than likely this is the guys who was trying to. And it's homer. Right to college towns secured to a few different people through as you might suitable. But also like. Why people love Craig's list. They do man and they go to an all time but also that he biggest specific kind of fed. Yeah I want someone to kill me you know like I would never even think. The new answers that that was cool I'll do it. Arlington which finalists. And I kind of sticking points feel like Alice we're to find out if you black white meg C or Asian net. That was fatigued you're listening to the men's or radio network it's is you. True class sizes to Colorado and I Craigslist asked. And that it's a completely that's precisely half laugh all you go there. I'm big on my movie Bruno loves there was a girl boy thing it was a chance to meet up I guess but when the guy got there he claims that she didn't want to live and horror. Yet he says that she plays and and incidentally at Lincoln assisted suicide didn't wanna live if you want someone to kill her for a I don't think anyone's mind. Including the police keep in mind the day before troops killed she'd taken obviously restraining order against the quote unquote stole from Kent who strongly believes this guy my guy as you guys believe this guys wife its 98 and racial consultants both went white. Why is correct who did vote. The White House. In that. Bush had. And you would not. Oh yeah right around the Allen makes against this. Now pro TV is not time several Timmy salmon did. And now. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Now I think what ever major city go to in the United States like there's always gonna be kind of a local news personality. Person man woman or whatever who's there for the community. So in Seattle just jokes just Jones just just right number one just Jones it's kind of thing and I. I would be shocked if people don't know who Jesse Jones is in the Seattle area. No. Through the Baltimore before that level and show us that he like the guy who goes out and have someone screws you over. You called Jesse Jesse goes out and he grabbed bronze the business that you know. Screwed you over on XYZ you're getting get this he didn't get that gave you got a ridiculous bill in the mail Jesse Jones will go and put a camera in their basement. Although they tried to call a million times they'll respond that are in this stuff Jesse get right to the point you get to 15100 dollars back. Yet these super personable in a tournament that there was a guy DC that was like that to members named that was just using. Number he did a whole thing on parking lot states tolerates you know. So I. Base leave Jesse Jones Paris seven with a penny did here was that a lot we will don't realize this but you can buy up other peoples to. I can and you can buy it for much cheaper. It's obviously he went out. In the station and they bought about 121000 dollars. Worth of our medical debt that'll allow them to wipe out a million dollars of some of their viewers debt that is awesome yeah. I you will constantly have medical bet both turn this hospital learn this doctor or in this lab every penny that I have. Goes to dead and survival. So does that mean that. If you can't afford health care you just don't get to live. So we have Cairo's spent 121000 dollars and purchased. One million dollars worth of medical tent that was owed by viewers and our region. And then you're not forgiving. Every single senate. That's pretty also Barry also even brought you Jesse Jones yeah. Did you see something like this before you probably have a last week tonight. Which John Oliver on HBO they spent sixty grand. To basically wiped out fifteen millions 151000015. Million with a bit. Fifteen million worth of medical debt back 2016. Basically they sell the debt to another company and he's super deep discount that companies gonna crash for the money well when about the interest pilot right. The rest of the world says look at our country go what is wrong so I think this is not everything but medical wise you have to think yourself would look I knew some people from Canada. And they would travel a lot to the United States they enjoyed driving that was part of the things you like driver around and every time that they came whether even if it was a night or weekend. They would go to with Sears and Roebuck equivalent in Canada. And you would buy a pass that was temporary health insurance for when you were abroad has been recovered under the Canadian. Plan. All right so when you left. Canada you were still covered by Canada you just had to go and you had to pay twenty bucks rhetoric is so you when you trap would you be OK but. They were never willing to step foot in this country without that back up plan because god forbid they get in a car accident or something in a bit hospital. It has don't have that don't wanna why about the retirement to pay further the medical bills. Yeah I mean medical bills super center a 100000 dollar bill for about 2000 dollars worth of service. Yeah but I'm in a thousand with a bit. The news charged more because you can. Good well Jessica yes I think that's awesome and get. Right in a lot of people are gonna find out that Jesse Jones took care of the debt. That's sensibly get him. Anybody who watches any Olympics at all. How often on release body. It's. It's a lot of figure skating right now and as much you save the you don't like figure skating in my mind when I said only figure skating and turn it on. And the next thing you know I'm. On the whole segment and on figure skating until they switch their sports and I realize I've been watching figure skating for 45 minutes it's entertaining it's enjoyable I don't understand all the aspects of the scoring and all that but it. It's better than the other crap that's on. All right so I'm not a figure skating. I do like the Winter Olympics do thing to remember two things to remember. Is they do have other channels within the NBC right family showing stuff so alive writes sometimes you can see stuff lot. And then also. It's funny like figure skating gets so much hype undecided the fee is 80% but like skiing all of that back on and they're shooting it and it's opinion but also. Snowboarding it's pretty fun. So whenever you talk snowboarding delay I think they have the different names rightly you've ever been snowboarding your life like Timmy when they're jumping off south legislators snowboarding in that in the park. And then they also have a higher price prank. When was brutal on those guys they were as of today. I was all right the women's the other day they had a like the slopes are now one of the wind was brutal and that was dangerous. I don't know much about snowboarding but by the time Mike. Half the olympians had crashed in couldn't get a score up I was like. Yeah so whether my viewpoint you're gonna canceled every other than upon amount that they needed to do something so in a panic you and I must give a little Adobe say if. It's so when it comes to lose that half. Half fight there's an American she's only seventeen right earnings Khloe Kim she's been kind of famous the she she she shoots out funny tweets on Twitter turner competition to copy and angrier this or that. And I know Utah she's a seventeen year old kid shell might make it last year while a blast a living call by the she was thirteen seed they would lettering and red since she's lake. She gives you joy you forget like right this is child go on now from cal fallen from California who's that drew over every morning. Up to like big bear mountain or some that this is her kinda. Having a chat after her run them and realizes that she's on the TV and does her own play about what. Yeah I mean when it is not there showed very love goes to I have I have. It kind of jeopardizes everything and you're not in control of what's about pop this up oh there it is there's ram. Yeah act up. And that is so happy as they look I've done my fresh out not I think the first since I was the most nerve racking. Until I got a summons grabs as she goes lands bill. Hey I gotta be honest if she was thirty doing that I'm at the catching if she really likes or something like she's. 200 some opponent go out completely if I would feel like I was watching an event you think they might even seen tsuboi an event. And there was another girl for some other. Country that did batting crashed out. And she just kind of stormed through all the people like issues with sustain their first score and I. I can tell she's upset and thought I like she's sixteen brightest thing that I would be well know the other grounds they all but that would be tougher. Supposedly adults to handle crashing out the Olympics like let's just her sixteen Euro and. And why so you have teenage daughters right we always hear people started aids taught you like. Put them under duress stormy always seems to be roughly what the going to do all Olympics are great for being just to do each bag apparently got a seventeen year old accounts for watching her little deals going on like. She's seventeen years old you automated when she was thirteen from California but she was doing on here she goes seventeen year old blah blah blah blah blah. And all of them my daughter went what that epic Judah he's practically. You're seventy in her parents are proud yeah I mean like their parents and South Korea join the Olympics I'm sitting here doing African homework. My man has sucked. So do you bring the size of his dog is his we're definitive you. If you don't plan though. I deem it in your kids' defense. Cool we can't think lived in San Clemente that's in Orange County to write four I laid down to earth. Yeah but he's mourning the drew over three hours left to go snowboard it was a weird story and her wishes from us like that doesn't make it doesn't compute. Yeah what doesn't your flying into the John Wayne airport UCL those you know. He really hasn't died it's billboards for Ireland. Now I think he lives at Tahoe are big bear one of those things that like. His mother allows them to have citizenship and a couple countries who so then he couldn't qualify for her to use music but I believe that the snowboarder from Ireland that he had citizenship. They have got a guy that is got from South Korea and he was in pairs figure skating and it. I've you watch a lot of things in basically what I gather is is that it's there's a tight knit group of people who do this kind of stuff sure me and it competition hasn't eased somewhat limit and I think they know everybody. But there are certain ways to get in and there are certain ways that you cannot get an and if you're. In pairs figure skating in your party paired up and have been for 67 years with the your partner your pretty well have the routine down even to a couple of Olympics but that guy who's who's. From whatever country he might be up BM bacon on his country's team because there's other people had them so what does he do. He gets a citizenship and South Korea he's been there since 2015. In preparation for the Olympics and now this redheaded kid from Boise are always really proud. I'm. South Korea. Which is crazy because you're watching his like he done that redheaded Franco didn't look South Korea to me you're used to grab the wrong right exactly like what. Remember too they do that alliance in soccer as well. To me. Blake we have some guys have played for our soccer national team right. That they don't live here they live in Germany it's feature right Herrera and how to get on the team. We have massive army base in Germany. All Ole Kenny don't you hire these tight which is the bare its oil producer that someone guys odd. That the body counts for a school they're outside the atrocity they just how stuff all over with someone I think England if you play just like in their league enough to give you citizenship hot. But if you're good folk you know soccer player in. The plane in the Premier League probably still play if it resulting. Jimmy Fallon always has so much good beings and you know I think all of us missed here's some lyrics sometimes for years Fallon talked about to miss you there misheard lyrics. Favorite mr. lyrics from you guys hear this for his wounds from that die gun Alley. She says my and once saying. We're up on ninety get lucky as well won't the Mexican love me. Yeah. My. This one is from that digital yes I think that's elusive bohemian rhapsody where. I'm just the pool boy and nobody. As well as firm at KU rose three. He says when my son was five because of the list of luggage hand where well. This is from that. The music in me. She says my husband Lowe is messed up once things here I go again as let's. This lessons from that Johnny AFC. For the song you sexy thing that the words I believe you know we can miracles. Where. Von Miller. Mean who prefer. I think he misheard lyrics are only embarrassing when somebody looks that she gets you same route. Did you have no idea assault and you don't know you're sick as the greatest value Cingular allowed URL as ever once look in the UA. You being funny present which you think they say a lot of music whether it now. Whatever it is uses code that's within that Seton. Social you don't know the code you have no idea with the songs about the somebody tells you go out and I have no idea yet polo match even as a little kid read take things written literally. In a grown up in the seventies everything was a love song. Right so that's one thing is apparently most intricate notes. But then you hear some blogs and for the love the do you and I want I want to taste my actual healing right but as a kid to meet you used the word Obama. Middleman and there's a lot of hopeless romantics in the world right know realized when he said I'm beginning every inch of my love he might not have been talking about his heart. Like a hobby to have this revelation and didn't deal at all I got an industry is really like you only give every inch of your loved your kids most of the time as soon as short period of time until they got bell sounds don't even saves it's just it's not every instrument now that we know. Pull unload that most uncomfortable one for me was house of the rising sun. And to this day I don't know why. And it may be a search in my mom with two you've met my mother's very it's not really her thing. She refused doesn't look talk about sex she is you know that's logs and I don't or else the oil if you look at other well thanks all know like. All right why he's with. The rising sun as you can are we still gonna go get donuts. Saturday mornings he's an embrace of conversation. Some at a bar out. Recover and rising sun get. I got a camera way to make an incompletion just proud that you used to live in New Orleans and think I know stopped at a stuff. I'm very gruesome New Orleans allowed slug it occurred Barack. So I had sex of their bird that's I would go on there. It's Meryl Streep is joining the cast of big little locked. Big little luck I think that's a serious because I feel like whatever you bring up Merrill's street it has to be this massive thing and raise real fired up and. Great the talented the very divvying them deeply jitters. Merle shoot like even GS tabulate a man come on to say and let me what his big little lies and hate to be Beckett. The little lies that are better is what is that a is a popular as it hit its popular in it wins a ton of a war HBO HBO so haven't that was a race watchers Boone as can Nicole Kidman. She agrees Salim Woodley. But have you seen in other I have to order rallies its feet in bed I mean is it has a guy can watch it horrors and comment from. Eagle watching okay at others murder and stuff but I love love love Reese Witherspoon she's very attractive on the end there is there's sexy time and there's murdered their. And it's and so are really nice in California. OK and I guarantee Merrill's street think kills someone who's next season teach go easy Fillmore yeah plants you my a lot of. Murdered and you don't like look there's two things something of one Meryl Streep and I mean her character not her as a human bay. I did they do move where she's ever often pulled out guns and a few bitching and settlement ahead in the it is usually Julia Childs you say Reese Witherspoon. A YR is she's cute but I can't think of a movie she's ever been in that I want to watch. No John Maine yeah. Enjoyed a mostly Gervais bad movies that you don't release cavium chick flick kind of thing. Reese Witherspoon when GM. What someone is she the one has the cocaine around her neck. When movie like sexy late. Was like a book and made a movie out of it and look where maybe I just think the movies to watch the lie I was a good moving OK they aren't RO intent growing tension there Michelle gill out there yeah I know I elect them and pick up. There will return we all like that the but right so basically that if they would look big little lies RD kind of dominate their right because you go what a bunch of awards at the end he's the Golden Globe boobs. And now they're adding Merrill Streep to the second season that you did kinda imagined but the show get a lot of attention. You have to things she's somehow gets a lot of attention for not seeming to want a lot of attention. And. I don't know man quite right you don't read batters is not wait a celebrity in the sense of we have to read that. This is to jesuit universities Hewitt or if you shut slate dot and so none of that which are right if someone brings her up there's. Fourteen minutes of love that you most must go on her before you can say Internet. It's just a good TV show keep in mind from. Since 2000. 2003. We showed you do and she's got a miniseries called angels in America January episodes stints on a show back in 2010 to death and no account. Sources say she'll make around how much per episode. I don't you know him. Not that much what does a 100000 men is at 800 teams 8801. Powell almost a million dollars I think his kids can make chased. As president of the Korea Baghdad are got to get your headlines on the way would my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Please tell you Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well the giant ball and Yahoo! are 84 year old doesn't like noisy kids so she shoots at them. We'll Florida where a 7-Eleven employee dodges they Cuban sandwich throws it his head that was thrown at him. But our guy goes out. Apparel. For Al Williams because he can't buyers had to principal offers cash from students who don't get a male fans and our New York landlord if that's at the basic point seven million for ruining graffiti it's time for your headline. It's time to hit dead. It's nice car. I shot try to go to California or an 84 year old woman has been arrested after she could take no more of earned noisy neighbor kids and tell a drastic measures. For the kids were riding motorcycles in the neighborhood she grabbed her handgun ran out Liotta began to fire the way. I ask. Okay the car and the woman was arrested. Yeah noble fire are feeling generous lot. And I arrow says she looks exactly like a woman that you would picture. That would shoot at her neighbor kids for being too noisy and close their eyes picture and 85 grown woman who bought a gun and opened fire kids. You're right like once he's a bonus higher than the other he looks exactly the way you think she would look. Yes around the world for all Williams found himself to be the latest person under attack from a blind man. For all of the clothing line that he sells Andy sells his products online like a lot of people however his website is not fitted with a certain screen reading technology. At the blind community uses to browse the Internet you know reads the words on the page and then they have. They have some sort of a program that will read that what it's red and it's not on his website. A blind man by the name of Victor Lopez sees this as an injustice and has filed a lawsuit but this is nothing new for. But does nothing hit it that knew him for this is one of over twenty companies that he has filed a lawsuit against for the same thing. Including a jeweler and I cosmetics company says he's just trying to make a lot of money get rates is basically just. That show what he's on his wife until. It's like the person who goes on the do not do not call list to the do not. Spam list or whatever if you get an email you'd call that you can basically take on the court yet he's just doing this on a bigger scale for a lot more money or show right he's tripping and falling in any piece of that as anything you wanted to funds that are Rosie guidelines. Like is he actually blood does it matter to him one way or the other. It doesn't matter to him Omar and other it's two point going to be could find all of these big time money operations that don't have the dog uses a tag on him correct. It should also be noted that celebrity owned brands tend to be the latest that he's been targeting so. I don't either he just coincidentally is just going on the celebrity owned companies or wars he started the night is dark for a woman in Florida got. We'll settlement guns got hit with a to mr. meter battery charge after she got into an argument with a 7-Eleven worker about the heat of her pressed Cuban sandwich. Should come back after getting this damage to go and argued with the clerk to reach heap the sand wedge. As the argument ended the clerk reached out to take it from a woman who then throw it in the clerk's face. When I held my permit early pleas for called and she was charged with misdemeanor back. If you look relatively good scenario of a nickel likelihood that interest I don't think you should throw delicious food like eight and if you do throw food like brocail. It was a delight and horror and that was the problem now the world hoping you don't wanna hit somebody in the head with a sixteen years. Here's my theory this is not the first time that these two have butted heads. Probably more shell continues to cooker sandwich under under what it what she wants it to be. And finally she's had enough. Because they they got into an argument incredibly quickly I'm thinking of I'm acetylene worker. And somebody comes in and says hey this thing isn't as hot as I wanted to be a big old sorry about that and I threw the thing back in them. No and I do until you're not either did I don't know stole all fall. I mean is there any consideration for Republicans. Seven elevenths like a restaurant right it's that venom I've been told a convenience. Store excess of anything he's playing there's no Michelin stars that rents like conveniently if you want to eat we have something forward but it right it's. It's are going to render it rolling on these metal rollers rocket and don't break the 55 keep your expectations in check things. Isn't there of of Michael that you can use yourself and tell dad as a bestseller we're the ones that again Florida. Had I walked into a 7-Eleven this guy was going off on an incredible tirade one night and he had have been part owner right. He's like I do not know whether you do this to me they require five to keep hills. In all times available to make it two ways if you play like they have all the problems knowing stringent things like where he's like let. I'm just not I don't wanna waste inventory waste food but yeah every money you have to present this spinning food I guess for people who have. One of I had how would anyone needs to look basically says he just you know after three or four hours a rolled around there are dozens of drawing happen craft went our way several eleven secret shopper really out of bed and Juliet 32 team goes through you know you're gonna sell through and he's like look I don't mind making the food for anybody and any time and it's a waste if I noticed certain point in time like you know I should not have to put breakfast things on that roller after like 6 o'clock at night most pivotal bloc of. All right you guys remember awhile back when a landlord a New York was facing a lawsuit from graffiti Boehner when he painted over and destroy the building that they attacked yet. Right saying that they're graffiti what were some part of they have the right to keep them off. A judge as just awarded them one point six million dollars I now. One point six million I'm just thinking. Don't know Mike could you affordable. Avoid the lawsuit if you just accidentally had somebody come over with their cans of spray paint in the screwed up your art. Maybe I can understand that you drew a really nice drawing that you still vandalized this guy's building. Yeah runs a little and are like like if you get to my house and hung the Mona Lisa I understand financially that be great for me but. I think it's an ugly picture doesn't do anything for me and then I want to take it off of my wall in my home and this got way to work before the run three foot its unsolicited. Glenn is unprotected anybody can come over and do the same thing that's appeared headlines without my. Good I other return of the word news sites less profile has a wandering Intel's of the show today it is indeed it is all true we do know about those events but we are back tomorrow until then please do what you do best and for a lethal things. Stay I had beautiful.