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Wednesday, February 7th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. It's understanding I'll think 098449990. You'll play profile that's in minutes. The headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right PepsiCo did some major backtracking after report went viral that says they've been working on and instead of to Reno's for women. They now claim that the statement made by the CEO was misconstrued adding quote we already have to rideau for women if they're called the read those. All gaffe talk tough now straw. You know ms. garment the I wish we didn't bring an right now they came out of nowhere and you leave the comedy humans. And they may have met were making to read those that he's likely. You know well I thought guys a little cup for women if you either it'll busily eating a female human being. Who would drive back. Yes at camp. SpaceX successfully launched its falcon heavy rocket yesterday and miles has been talking about it nonstop. The same and they safely landed bolt reusable booster simultaneously. That was a breast. You grow they also shot via the Tesla tomorrow right exactly a miraculous tablet displays. Well have played a loop of what loop of life on Mars but David Foley over figures system. If everything goes according to plan the car will drift into an orbit around Mars and some experts think that it'll get torn apart by radiation and less than a year. Yeah that's not gonna happen I read the update unless apparently. They kept upward trajectory of this thing falls so right I'm going tomorrow please send more than likely it's windy enough for the as rebels and it might just log space roughly forever as we perceive as articles about the gonna get a brand new test right didn't they didn't miss Smart they already know that they've missed much. In space to the test and we're going. Yeah so strategy has loads. It could remotely universal GPO. I do it the way they missed. I long for the day that we actually master space travel we can travel to space like we traveled in between states and we got to be able to drive around like who held to sleep that has loud here. Also some collectors are gonna get that one day they said he steps there's satellites all over hair and her money. Dennis Herrera. The original space Tesla. Mean it's gonna worlds it's got a letter what else at their children. Lyle McDonald's wrappers. Taco Bell. For the fifth with a fifty years I think the sport are still out there are other Russian damn come on ten where you're on the road man a dollar thing. Everywhere log into the neighborhood where one of the guys that it might even go to the are still in orbit right about back to the change anytime soon for liberty burned up on reentry. RI brain around a bunch of people in the eastern US got a tsunami warning on their phones. But luckily just like pose a life it was just a mistake. Tsunami and boy oh. These of the do little different about a tsunami warning vs a nuclear. Yeah we can relate you're not happy about a tsunami warning but this that you have to pick one of these shootings happened. I'm taking tsunami well 100% of the time yeah you played with when you think about tsunami thing mothering a fiery thing about the Pacific Ocean for the most part and on the whereabouts Dixon who no tsunami where that activity is as you know presents you Indonesia area wherever wherever you know the hotspots are you don't really think about the Atlantic ever getting hit with one of those lands. But there's so much property there's so much of it's it single rod overlook him a tsunami hit the East Coast there there houses in North Carolina. Literally on stilts on the beach to almost all the way yeah on the war I mean like I can't imagine the destruction now happen in the Atlanta. A question. Are we hearing about this tsunami warning that was a mistake. Because of what happened in Hawaii and this actually happens regularly and often the people get these warnings. Or is it just that some for some reason we have an uptick. In false alarms are you know technology based on the fact that a get a phone whether hand and that's where the alerts come from a I don't have to be driving to get an AMBER Alert right right before it was flash on the screen Memphis portrait revel instead of us thought I would know all right look out of his car. But I decided that enjoyable myself. But now but now all those alerts are flooding is just more technology. Sure enough you know and the mistakes made by us or the person involved the technology a new study has found the best states to be in if you're single this year. The best dates to be the best state to be it I would assume anywhere with people. I would think you'd want to be more in the city in the state like you could say Texas but I would argue well but Houston or valves and also let you off because they are undecided exactly all worked out look moved into where there's around people there out of yesterday's yeah I would think any state would marijuana legalized. You're younger you're going to be in those areas provisional reveals some guy on the corner written off. Basic stuff that I think are the best state for singles strap yeah he's. It doesn't have the worst day it is Arkansas but how Lyle and I think I can apply I was there in Atlanta I beat up on how. Phillies let's Virginians are a lot of sense at this time anything else to. Deuce side by side photos of the same straighter going viral because they look like they're taken from slightly different angles but there actually the same photo is just an optical illusion. Well all of the blues agree we're going to. It was a blow black dress and a new direction beginning nobody else was just walking as there will be sacked him vehemently Todd clouds are also easily at least whose body heat is Greg yeah I'm glad it's the world we live in man he's planking I'm gonna snort smuggled and also the Texas gulf. Think it was not said it's been proven all the blue black dress. Things move too fast. Says sugar company encourage employees to bring their dogs to work 28% of America says yes 35 say no. I'd say no and and it's like look it happens on occasion I get it but were we live if you walk anywhere near an Amazon campus. You begin to wonder do more dogs technically work and Hamels on the beat. Why is that do dogs remember Cubans to work because every got him for support of Amazon apparently most. Have heard all blew an all time. I don't know where there's people in the office don't like dogs in America and whenever I don't know if I had already dead might. Yeah like after hours serve or once in awhile but like half I don't know dollars in heated plus your thought about this. We estimate that hasn't dog doesn't like your dog now feels pressure bringing it. Yeah I mean yeah I'm looking forward to my left on the phone negativism is still some dogs like to do and I think on the floor they scraped harassment suit you know to me like because there. I don't glancing to be extracted there just. Scrubbing the floor with a ball if he's basically it's like Jeff Jeff Nadal you guys love yeah I mean a pillow into the corner over. There are big and like everything else he's in a plant. It's is just your usual office etiquette if everybody is okay within your dog isn't you know you Doug's lays behind your chair doesn't disturb anybody and it's one dog. Yeah I wouldn't. All right fine let's let's not get to banish him about it but if all five of us if we you know if I brought my cat mile brought his cat. Throw brought his cat. And I'm running on you would go in my my brain in my would be crazy to bring an end. You bring yourself that's looming holiday here in Florida is being investigated for allegedly waxing at least one child is yet a brow down I think those in more. Top of the bat and was out of those in Washington says Florida where I'm looking Boswell muscle may do we have two different states boy oh boy did you do well thought it was alone because we are whacks of preschoolers universe if she's she's an. Come antennae devil they knew if I may just like the middle part of to go out there isn't there a particular orbit on a piece of like you know Scott Stevens is ripped it. He used to have to have residence at the top one on it had to really be bothered somebody maybe he really was totally today are like we'll just Althea now with Maryland I hope that the candidates and did you in December I got a forehead mustache with a beautiful. Mcqueary got a new ground it's a miles that's how my as zip somebody else says forehead mustaches are real big thing. You can go usually not of that weird baby here if you would years you know when you're 34 years old or older you get the more that stuff kind of goes away. The unit where are you don't know my dad made a cigarette parking enforcement might amid a warm room with a car that they ticketed in England. I don't know why why a sale about a one hour from now thank you might not headlines are on the way one hour from now first the good news blown. 36. This is thrown out to please everyone how profile class is playing a historic day tomorrow that the simple game where we share with you a real life news story something that happened right here armed limit our. Or are. And they do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make less than what it is you think Lisa's story a story might harm what does the name of today's contest. Dammit hand if you can think if if there. It is an engine into the just all evolves there ma'am I'm calling from all the good stuff. Is known and Harlem home from Vermont's. Countries that some Vermont announces sat around our desire to they speak English in Vermont my did you check. Hello Sarah welcome to the bedroom. Or die. Hard Serra yet saying how does your games played. Real fantastic here is you started for the record. You can't do little around the parking lot with your private parts on display for the whole world. So I think maybe I should just say that a top on. More now is what they 62 year old man stands accused the Albany generate ninety. Rule each exposure case. According to the derby police officer was sent an 11:48. AM. Radio into an address for a sexual exhibitionist. Now police were told the man in the parking lot was displaying his private area surgeons gave you those private there'd be as teams and stuff schools I just wanna make sure you're aware of them. Now investigators they saw the man later identified a suspect with his hips that. At his feet was a bad wolf two bottles old black velvet Canadian whiskey and the cartoon. A Pall mall menthol cigarettes. Now he said he had no medical problems that he had not been divided the police who support states and I quote. When I was a pull up his fans he had trouble doing so the required assistance later during our encounter his pants pulled down again. Now no windows reported that she's almost as private parts again that's the pianist and does this. That is private parts out she moved her car what do they do inside of a follow. While he was arrested on disorderly conduct charge my question is do you believe that this man whose. Job is hanging up the world to see is black and white makes you would you. How how old do you Q 62 sagging using Mario yeah. And I'm. Trying to add all grab bag I don't know what do you guys thing. He probably knew that an iron he was hoping you would cigarettes. It didn't wanna vero beach Florida you know and as far as menthol cigarettes are concerned. Typically you would say though be black and I think on the East Coast I have been to Florida I could not believe how many different packs of menthol cigarettes for bond account that I forgot existed. Forgot that breed and cigarettes are so cool and subordinate and a half the walls you know and everybody spokesman calls that. So I don't think in Florida you can you can make that correlation. I have a hard time seeing a naked do you drink it black velvet in black. But I liked it much easier see a white youth smoking a bunch of men young and he's also make it drink and have blacked out. They had to go back to Michael how just it is like. Hey I've been a lot of really drinking at an all white like Ellen always liked the premier always is what I would go attend on this from senator does not part of our store is a margin. He had thought I was leaving her thinking I'm gonna go light finally answered. I'll have time we'll find out whose black like. Makes me or George next bat with the keys. You're listening to the men's are ready and our season. We had a Florida and profile lists and day an older gentlemen 67 years old and just hanging out as well and drinking and smoking menthol cigarettes. That is bright man and for no particular reason begin mine that is 1130 and more timely some late night thing month. The cops get there he's got two models Mike Bellman he's got a amidst all cigarettes and his young pizza but Sarah we ask you do you believe that this guy. Was black and white makes you or Jew and an end you will whites. And I. It's kind of average maybe that would today and now it is sure. I can do countless hours in front of a talking. Presidents. So I love Saturday night frank. Sometimes you'll see a skit on Saturday Night Live notre kind which you know like what's going on with a certain thing. Because so full disclosure. I don't watch MSNBC. Yeah I tried I don't know in your opponent I don't either they do the radio I'm sure they do maybe a few funny people watching I just I don't remember him yet about it. The they have a show called morning GO all right got Joseph Scarborough. Meek I. You know lot of I keep reading about them because they go back and forth and drove all the times. But I'm numbers seem to show I don't know is Scarborough do you like like a big Republican guy hits kind of like the shows like she's sticker you know that'd. Did they not hook up per day so they're in OK okay this the point that's how I know I live has been re doing these skits about them kind of flirting on air before they got gage and afterwards. And how can awkwardness so here's one of the this is a fake what are ranked from Saturday Night Live making fun of their flirting on there. Because. And I'm I'm up next an overt and passed it I'm in the driveway the cars running this. This park your heart just how well park it's completely morally banker I'll meet a guy like no. Enough okay you're being so they can get because you know everything is my hitting buttons he. It does not. Push a button. Dennis. Mike Barnicle. He's going out this bill. I don't know what's going on this just goes puzzling it's game tonight. Are they the they've been joking about this from Saturday and arrive for awhile like and and I've seen simply highlights from the show and if they're they're together and they're engaging to tell they kind of like an out shoot and I to each other but it's not really over the top. So you listen to this audio also keep combined debt Willie's there and so are two other peoples of the two of them are talking and there's four other people on this act. You know what. He can rise. You're always right out there. Yeah attractiveness. You're getting better I think revelation have you ever not been likely that I'm not yeah that's good now about how we discussed a lot of these. It's. I can only do we generally don't medicines and engagement and some yeah. It's like everybody's in the parents listen up and you understand that we're all people. To see nobody want to let you know. You know anyone that we're getting. Let's not talk about it but you do what you gotta wait why shouldn't I might be what do you think you know that's really what about the kids. Can you yeah yeah now is even. Nothing cross the line. It's like yes I texture and that I'm sorry to wait until we're married okay. Yeah I know why don't watch that show I am pretty sure I'd I agree. Yeah you can watch the whole Oklahoma all pretty dollar and commend you for its okay Jeff it's unbelievable I never had an ad now Bay's there's always try to say it if you lasted to have in the Edmonton and you ideological will have dinner doctor to reject now are excellent well why would the one guy that's I would I politics now oh I do think the one nice thing contract well. Talk local franchises like nervous less like you think putting our people my contract is self reflect it did some senators up and it would be that I bag laughter well like I'm one of those people right. But there's sometimes I've been some bad spots right whether it was like training for a fight they're just in the wrong place. I think it's still feel like why you like laughing a what without merit it's the pain in the back that's going to be the best out of the pack with. Pat pat pat. It without a thought for a minute I'll just go Laphen Pope can move on car loads of gathered there and I hope what we know people who don't judge your haven't sex. So there because like they're shtick yes. I guess. Yeah clearly we don't I mean granted a number want to show but you all I know about it is what I just heard don't like that hasn't always been late. We did some of the shows about and they haven't always been to get now exactly and I remember. Finding out whether you're just based on a trump tweaked. There's gallon after them for something they said that's our product and that's why before that it didn't relieve and I mean I heard of them unheard of Scarborough I didn't know the mayor Rudolph do more excited. Yeah well I think the big thing is that show goes up against FOX & Friends and if you see the president's Twitter we know he watches threats I think sometimes he'd. How does its last month. They're more left. Frankly the killers Reynolds you know you've. They all sounded you know probably learned more watching the African today show I would rather watch hold inside Iraq and Andre why drug runners and listen to that gravity interview somebody I don't care about who's a celebrity on TV for reality show I'd rather watch that. I mean. Yeah I don't I think a lot of I with a bachelor's and MSNBC right which is in news network branded a lot of shows. Are gonna start reaching that point soon richest everybody so saturated with politics all the time just like. The funny ship like just be funny or fewer talk about entertainment for quite an uproar. You guys everybody here knows Michael B Jordan of course is huge jacks here. I have everybody here that threaten our suffer made mass effect or. Guys you both know them you just did go with Nate I yeah assuming you know who's been. One brother Robert who can look at the as I see on PBS. That he's been in a bunch of movies I think he's in the new black panther. He was Apollo creed son in a Donna Sheehan and street yet I thought that he was Wallace did a good movie man has actually yet it's actually a good mood so if Greg you've seen Michael B Jordan a ton of times that huge a lot of movies he's a huge movie stars he goes to beholden to him. Who right yes that exactly would you please give Michaela took steroids basically what you get is Michael B Jordan. Act fast like a tiger is gonna go to be an iron nugget and in many is Michael Jordan at the rat Michael B Jordan but he. The policy as a lot of money but he has he still lives that so many was found at a oh and generous about it. So you're living with them now are you gonna move out at some point in the U should immediately. Yeah I guess. So let's get a look I love my parents you know what we have a roommate relationship where an which is centrist thing you know a home you get home cooked meals. And but you also have random trips to let you know the the kitchen in the middle and I it and just some random Romans that just might be a little uncomfortable from time to time. Sometimes shirtless Matthew little maybe we'll make it. We'll make it in the American. Which of your mom are you with who's naked. You me okay. Oh man governments of Brazil I'm very. Now dangers okay. I think nobody wants special moment. Oh and don't lose and mortars and bury a mom like and god and yet he's thirty years old come on man. Thirty Euro thirty years. And Islamist probably not that old sparrow now he is probably in her fifties or so I don't know the whole story I've had short more than likely the prime living imagine that people. That could be better I can you probably how's he says I didn't more than they usually got what a roommate situation. But still I to then they'll put it fellas like him sitting there. But you still walk around this open the fridge make it at night when you live without you guys that without its well I first of all when you get up in the middle of the night even if you're just diapers and has put his or do I thought this through. What's going on with your body that by the time that you get. To the kitchen and you might have flagged down the half husky yet so that's going one way or another right conjure up title nine so that's. It wouldn't you wake up on Monday and directions say our dads they would use your he got mad with little as Morton would only meet African Mel got to contain it like to get a glass that's a great empathy sympathy he. Children's film not gonna have the I have you know the right move was only the law for word family moments just the silhouette of your dad said in a gallon about that husky. If you cut. I guess by vice here and beat people keep a glass of water next year ban Gary's Garcia right for multiple reasons the number one seed parents don't you jump that if you do like. For most parents don't see you John I know for a fact like everyone's allowed downstairs to get a glass of water and and it's pitch black and I leave. All my windows opened is really going got a bad it doesn't matter he can't read I'm I'm sleeping upstairs the windows are open. But when I get the water. The light turns on on to the refrigerator and it shines right down my junk. The sources like this pasty select a region already in the morning like it's like this this lone spotlight just comes down on the court. Crowe's we go street and there's like there is an apartment complex next door of his only limited to see is jump his latest violent let all of a strong doesn't gluing previously Stewart. Sometimes when I shower I forget that the underwear the queen of warfare in the dryer. So I have to walk out there I just trying to walk outs of the agency might but what they do my junk that normally get bad when you are more complex. Like the people across the street. Are they learned in big immigrated to think I don't mind flash and in my book McNamara asked this out of my I feel proof lots of all the two. I issue right really doesn't matter who we received prior did you get a tattoo and residences so. They guy's doing over there. I come from both. You guys heard. Shocking news. CDs are not doing so hot for half a couple stock or is ever decides that carried them Jimmy Kimmel had a couple. Thought them aren't sure the bombshell revelation. I read today at best buy and target are planning to stop selling CDs. In their stores to which. I shaved banks find it harder still selling CDs and restore. Do you return younger members CD's release those shining this. Get scratched almost immediately. And they would sit in a binder in the backseat your car until you sold the car. So peaceful took. How I heard somebody else and only nation to save like that yet explained here. Parents or grandparents of Spotify is he now flaky and it makes it well I mean it's the triple AI I Saddam Mike Leo. You know my home right now I could even plays CD if I wanted to. No actually I've got to preceding their Errol and so while I already play the other so much anyway we're not turn it down. Don't you have and always legal hassles like you ungrateful piece grab the Mike I just don't have anywhere to play it I would not take effect right. That's all this because I would love that I know probably don't want to deal won't do it again and have a laptop that they have a computer home run on them you know now I just outset to last that's the last thing you've got a got a little die iPad so you know like I can get online and do my thing I can't print any finger goes in the music or I can download a movie under the I can download music I just came right that's really funny thing was. Yeah and Mike. The other thing I think a lot of people need to let me like I have one of those dvd slash CD player since in six changer in this event like the height of technology man. But now he's livid you don't really need dvds and believe it. You don't really have there's a reason can download movies are dropping out somebody ordered that all yes they Campbell leave together they were both dead that if you're building a computer that little thing that you're putting into a laptop. Hard drive and a regular house computer than I can and that nickel and dime on that they don't want you putting in music regret they want you buying music they want you buying. Digital movies they want trying apple own I tuned right there why would they tell you they pewter look if you want to gonna cost like 400 more dollars go to mile how I would do the same I would hey you know I don't have Wagner. That's going to prepare and get it at their house Joyce groupies. Thrilled when you meet for the six see each agent is cable talks about its first CD. I remember the first CD ever bought was Elvis Costello spike I bought an electronics store in Seattle. Okay. Six this CD changer earlier one this but I got to change. From my stereo. Three days later so we're broke our house and stole the six disc changer. The stereo and the CD in the chain drive sitting up then for two years to get a new stereo. With the CD changer when I did I went there. I've bought spike again it was the first and second CD. You are the first TV dot. First CG a new. Faith No More of Christ. The real thing faith who I do not. I don't remember I remember the first album my bobbled. A lot I was the first set I bought was an uninsured detail that. And then OC diesels album first I remember that won't remember the CD just because I got a CD player for Chris N and give my. I've always been crotchety I've always like vinyl people would CDs came out when. I heard my principal looked as if you're good enough speed of sound she is different and I do not like the sound. Boomer parents got me CD player. And at that point on what I guess I should buy CD and whose Faith No More real and and like anything goes takes technology hope a while to catch up call so my moral blow out of you by cassettes because of what others knew the car. So cards right Jim Ottoman music no ma'am there's still believe the CD player of a car that was like a thousand dollars and like I never gonna real for a bat. So there's a gas station run gore from my house and right nights of ends installation you still buy if you consider Afghan yes nice. To Robin might just over the first CD you bought. It's tough to be like I can very clearly remember in the first heat heat it was like when I got that boom box. My parents K eight new CD is that you show national seating. But I'm still kind of Tora which I think the first that I thought might even have Bob Marley greens and I think it was the cars greatest hits. Probably my greatest hits either way it's lights yep from it was queen's greatest hits town do we is that you see these there was like oh that's what you greatest hits. Any kind of big garbage or should not abandon could have an actual just garbage music so at least you know tour. We're doing a column Giles had a lot of greatest hits options. It's kind of funny too because I owe them over twelve million dollars yeah I never had sex with a girl that in public Steve Miller mango is it's Jimmy Buffett Bob Marley one of those in the collection. I think I think I have all of those. Sounds like he's got a tight. Think he beat me PPP PY school football type that likes to throw it. Pretty much equal input O Steve Miller petty like and remove the floor at. What about the and panel thought they would you lobby to keep its the first CDs. I think they're both it's that great stuff IDC Arnold Schwarzenegger oily knowledge I've done all right so I just some last night for the first time in awhile. And I thought he's from Austria. He's lived in California California low forty years but he looks like it a point. But he was red cowboy boots that you don't smoke cigars but Emma you know if you take an Austrian and put amendment in California institute. O'Donnell could do anything you know thank you put on a space out there and again and Arnold an astronaut. It at the well writes I saw my Sid that seems kind of weird we think about Arnold and think about action comedy action comedies politics. But now he's. To a lesser series for Amazon. Got outside the player federal Marshal who immigrated from Europe as a kid pump. This will be his first TV series what's you know you don't count hosting its liberty happiness so yeah. OK okay. Okay including yeah yeah. They are gonna show you why all of a separate so that we it is do you get to determine which of these penises did belong to an actual celebrity but we don't Pete is number one well let you know I have defeated the seats is a steady day of the other elements of the show wanted to run that thing. But I have softened up the the plumber ought to be I'm more interested in celebrity of people are rumored as a what do you need to my good with the vehicle NHL I don't watch that. I am. Yeah ratings are back with a good to be in effect. I guess negative I coming up headlines of lawyers Mike Hough you're listening to the men's or radio net. Please and Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real. Hi Erica all we had DL wearing a dental student takes Celtics with cadaver heads for fun. We go to Scotland where police have a 45 minutes standoff with a stuffed tiger delight and it was not on the run. Sheriff's deputy in trouble in North Carolina Robin local bank. Three cars match up better cars when street racing hall with the inferior crank. And they demand covered in vegetable oil drubbing on LSD is arrested in Pittsburgh has found the headlines. It's time they did. Mike car crash out Sharia and hands out parking enforcement slapped a nice hefty part in violation on a truck but he does so would be exempt from parting violations. Yes and NHS blood donation ban was found to be a violation and was cited Hamas school on an English press. I don't know right ram c'mon this part to their usual parking bay the views and a hundred different times but censored since her last visit something in the parking requirements are changed. Somebody claim the spots or there was and knew beyond. On nine parting nearly. But at the ticket has been rescinded every since its issue and discussion between council and NHS are under way to resolve the issue from ever being a problem in the future yeah. Well. We're here for like five hours. Three months got them blood drive you son of a creative. Save the lives com. Around the world naked and smaller than cooking oil and tripping on LSD. A man of Pennsylvania was arrested after fighting responding officers. Police received the report about demand destroying the contents of a home and assaulting the five people sign that apparently just take analyses started the trip break stuff. That's all the people outside the colts always family members grandchildren everybody right. Even begin to attack police before taking off on foot through the snow naked. Right to self police that day is the man but because of the icy conditions he felt the ground and wasn't and the way that he fell and rolled get to dislodge the conductors of the teaser before getting back up and running again they tried daisy and again. It didn't work because he was covered in vegetable oil in the blazers didn't stick the. Yeah. I do. Don't say how they manage to stop him but he was restrained and arrested him by NASA held a messenger it's all pleasant typically feeds Crisco and it. A Phillies beat duke Briscoe made a run resident Matthew didn't shaft. I look mail will try to tab you but we slipped off we try to restrain new book we slipped we tried to take human W marvels victory. Now the glove I got them and I have to shoot I don't want to shoot you. Matured Griese. Idiots on LSD Carmelo the NF. Both to be a good time not that kind of attacks that game on him today has agreed to their death. It's sort of like them much. And no insect discovery has been made and apparently there's a beetle in Japan that has an amazing defense mechanism together heard about this around this morning to go out there after being swallowed by a toad the beetle will shoot 8212. Degree chemical mix from its flights meaning that causes the toe did then vomit the beetle back up. They're all right you've been out for a white guy do you think that the did you read out they have this done it yet they actually fit it does lead to resurgent Japan actually fed the deal to explode. And 44 minutes later the dead towed actually vomit at the B election. There and they said. So they did a sort of how we're really Beatles. Most of them will be backed up lived an average of another two weeks because. Some of them lived up to another eighteen months and imported outs of The Beatles aside from the fact that far expire until something goes out. They said that the power shelled agents killed in the so tough. If you will stay in the stomach I was gonna say Phillies know there are 45 minute Silva told squabbles this thing back and Alison King get himself a known as beatle decide the data. It basically does drops a fighter deuce and toads gut grant it used to be a world tour. See now how one notable thing I don't believe I mean obviously the deal and so he'll try to get all whoever egg drop what you wouldn't news's. The Beagle obviously does it a whole lot of oxygen advocates in the stomach for 45 minutes is still be alive it's an insect or weird right and not to mention like what happens to the told afterwards as just get really bad Fuchs and he's good to go or does the don't like eventually get poison from it. No percent of those believe and it's like sticking your finger mammoths were so nice and do it does not too great for a few seconds after it. So does not continue to pursue but given the toads and a B and funk and among some apartment about the wonder how long it takes to like build a far back out. If it right agreed to plead 212 degree chemicals. Plan I didn't get our employees against an expected at 212. Degree toxic far and nobody told you what what animal doesn't do that top brass on thing any Google LIN examines from. I love that that Jersey that's a bird. This is our shot of the day and Stalin a farmer called police after seeing a tiger stalking around his herd of cattle. Freed police arrived on the scene shortly but remain in their crews still they figured had a good game plan on how to approach the animal. After about an hourlong standoff with the animal the former eventually inch closer wrinkles into the tiger in his truck only to find out that it was a stuffed toys. Again they took the poll also pictured you know what obviously. Then they sort of picture from the perspective of it you would not know that is not real time right. I have his headlights and just for an entire pavlik will result from the back to some sponsors and it was like installed Q why am I gonna go out there and spoken to either read. Things are getting a little ridiculous at Yale University the university had to issue a statement that it would sure that is donated cadaver will be treated with respect. After a student took a self he would do severed. Heads during the workshop. And the photos then post it on my private chat room the story does not reveal however what happened this and after they found the phone. OK if I just two enemies are still where who's she's she's ever had to wait let me take yourself being as every headlines that. My god I heard have you missed any of today's show's gonna catch up on previous tabs those just download demands are map that is absolutely free see you next time for big Demi had shifted to meet of tales no I Sherlock. Yes indeed it is all true we'd be a bomber back tomorrow so until then do what you do best and Orly this thing. And you look.