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Tuesday, February 6th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. So setting my take on 9844999. Hole play profile missing in minutes. Anger at your headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right and you study ranking 100 biggest cities in the country from best place to celebrate Valentine's Day to the worst. Based on everything from the cost of a nice dinner to the number of chocolate shops. He you know you could I think in theory. Make a play for the ten best cities based on the amenities of the city what they have to offer everything else I think the last ten that are cannon nit picky because. Look man I grew up and I held holders to unveil all the better to think that ten worst hell holes to be in there is basically all your due. That's exactly what so that would be the hardest thing to do we always think oh San Francisco be a wonderful place devil its actually the highest death exactly right I mean and we know that and there you go sell. You can do that job that you're not gonna go like all I don't know though you know Williamson west Virginia's the words when no candidate Bret somewhat mission is the worst place to do a lot of things. I think that's exactly our place get a Pizza Hut or please find Chinese foods or don't have and we're pleased that they've gone Taco Bell got to drive an hour away I mean it's it's just a bad place. Right so no matter what league they're gone that's the hard part of a not perfect inning and then also New York's wonderful oath. Those as they're you're they're coming to Vegas is grave the word I actually Hialeah Florida. Hialeah Florida it would depend which are. In 22 as far as I romantic. Delays and Italian restaurants is literally just being on the beach it's a beach town right right right as well and you know if you need to get out of town to go on its feet for Valentine's Day. Think you go down that they egg factory here 2000. Check captain Jake involved tells me there's a reason the casinos survive for a reason because you know what that's the closest thing that a lot of people have been anything that has. Entertainment good food music all those things like look at the one place you go. One out of ten men will break wind on a first date according to a new survey all right all right and today and earlier on purpose. I don't know my cover our working on in my mouth like did you Cleland celebrities like that I hey man I've got let's not are alive you know did the trick is is when your when you're leaving the day when you're leaving dinner you you open the door for a let him in the car and then blow glass all the way as you can practically everybody darts on a date as to when you choose to do it right the other person Iraq. We go to the bathroom whatever and Els says one in five men citadel. Yeah with yeah. I just dead that's never been all were comfortable now with a few of the door and totally inappropriate no one wants to hear you know. I don't know I'm a go to bat for me was two guys they don't care if he recites a world amateur girls through the same way about it admitting though in the bathroom together and he had no problem of physically they couldn't if you can put up that barrier do it. But don't intend may want them to peels floor you know once you release that muscle. You don't let them like what I'm hoping in front of the are far from and I try not to do both of the same time for somehow that's a bad luck there. There's an ice cream shop in Scotland that has a new flavors so spicy that you actually have to sign a waiver before you eat it short should watch. It's apparently 500 times hotter than Damascus. Which I can test. Because how can you possibly measure that and mighty wanna be miserable Friday but yeah I don't his and my point don't you think substance the why you hurt yourself suite called face a deal flavored ice cream always I mean ultimately it's not going to be enjoyable. You know I really like burning ferry. Don't just go to do a study in what kind of foods people are eating in every city and found where different types of cuisine are the most popular. Does anybody have a have any idea where the best place for pizza is according to serve it. I'm announcing New York City right you know it's not so I think there's a lot of factors involved in the study is that riddled I didn't read. Specifically about pizza veteran about the other food items. So it's the number of restaurants and people to go to those places to actually eat the food as well from. So it's not the people don't decide the futile enjoy pizza new York and they don't have the best seats in the world I think anybody could say that it's the number of people who go out and eat pizza. How particular spot so might be Chicago. Our our Phoenix has got a pretty big pizza seeing them it could be what battle. But it's hamburgers amber as they could be Detroit at Detroit Philadelphia murders style definitely Los Angeles. DC actually it is these Jesse hunt okay barbecue. Oh how little you Seattle Houston town Tennessee Memphis Tennessee living can't sit here and be on the guest about coffee Seattle yet. If they could still ran it freezers in Japan are working on a new potential cure for baldness that involves a chemical found a McDonald's french fries. Why don't we have to eat the French Fries then if you wanted to get hair could you just have the chemical you know I don't work on the world America about an hour. Well our ball I've been McDonald's french fries my entire life there's not enough of that chemical and friendly ride my he had a disloyal to your full of BS I've beaten so many of those Fries. Still ball exactly like there's not enough of that chemical you know a good thing you know after the pros and. The CEO of Hillary I was just find out there's like TNT and everything it. I think it's the CEO of Doritos is a woman by the way just announced that they're planning a new line of chips for women that'll be let's crunchy. Have blessed she's about her I think. A couple of bags that fit the birds. Mare part of that they don't women want less crunchy should ask her man I don't know why are they really called maybe your read those. Now organized says I have no idea. Fresh on Twitter has been very sarcastic and after violent eyewitnesses say maybe this is a tongue in cheek segment of all of Reno ladies. Well it's god I don't understand because they're making it less fun chipped it doesn't crunch as much it doesn't have a much cheese powder so. Normally people won't rent chips Robin. It's so we don't inconvenience. You put it loud crunch. There only men can do now are looking dirty. It's not actually gonna come to fruition like parity I think there'd be admitted its faith go ahead but it's. That's why that's stupid. Yes I feel lady is stupid. Because you get the burritos that crunch less for an hour away and everybody knows ladies made fun things that I think it fat at at at at at. Never thought I only are plunging too much I just don't like the current out of the law. I could also afraid of all the things ever had an issue with the relationship I don't know that the sound of her eating was six. Yes no matter what you don't like closure mouth when you're talking to be needing mom. It was the fifth the fifth. But 56 year old man in the UK wants to ban all energy drinks we talked about this earlier today because he drank more than 25 of them in six hours. 25 or six hours he overdosed on caffeine. Suffered a brain hemorrhage and had three mini strokes and almost died maybe should be Tony five out of Colorado's Mike conceiving at. Name me. Fans learned dramas that nothing bad gonna avenue and a lot of parties are talking about this with a with states where they legalized. Medical marijuana marijuana there's animals. And look at you eat too many of these. Animals stimulate the cup to Canada Europe the tree fried and views and how latest upheaval from noticed the same thing you think you gonna stop people from drinking an entire gym bottle of Jack Daniels of the sitting. That's not how it's supposed to be consumed so now if you wanna eat five pizzas. Don't call Laporte the next take he can get off the toilet is 850 right and no one's asking you to do that this is voluntary. You're the one you're in the he had. No granite we'll lower the man beats and I'll do some value final revenue report for this it is hard to get out so that fact before I guess you could try to save me from myself. A 63 year old man at Jordan has been waiting for a new kidney for six years and no one in his stamina was a match. But his granddaughter recently went to get tested after she turned eighteen and she's a perfect match and they're hoping to do the surgery in about a month of school. New Hampshire the woman no one half a billion dollar powerball has made what she calls a huge mistake walls a tale about a one hour. Now regular dog would have been I've got an a one hour from now towards the goodwill alone. True precepts. See the prohibitively time on how profile this is playing a short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you a real like news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Or let you listen to the story may some stereotypes you believed to be drew people in the decisions that people make. Was wouldn't you think makes the story a story hello Justin welcome to the men were. I know on us but our doesn't understand how does your game play. Yeah. Doesn't you can. I was checking your health is very important but here's your story now there's an old thing about illegal represented herself in court. Because it's a guarantee that your client has a pool while the cliche may have been proven through the seventy wonderland was arguing against a summary harassment charge. Before district judge didn't lose Union County. Now things got worse than a mere summary offense when the district judge. Found the suspect and guilty as charged now despite having been advised by the judge and to watch his language earlier and hearing. He apparently just couldn't resist. As the gavel on his guilty verdict went down to suspect moved to the judgments that quote. I'm gonna have to get my 44 Magnum now the third responded quote are you threatening me because I just a bit with the threat but the guy was. The now faces charges the terroristic threats harassment and disorderly conduct last report he was Lutheran county correctional facility. And 250000. Dollars bail. Do you believe this guy threaten to Jones is black and white Maxi Ortiz. I'll believe it why. How would tend to agree with threatening the judge's big white box. He's also crazy enough to defend himself. He obviously thinks he's above the law in all cases they would be NFC settlers as Lucy and therefore original. I'm gonna harassment. And I have thrown a moment you don't even judged. The course of this hearing and you don't now about language on leaves on the council that Baghdad and all the rest of the bond dissent as if it if he were a minority that is one flagrant thing there. But I'm saying this guy's wide based on his arrogance. And I think the judges had enough of that and plus the fact Malia threaten a judge and an Angel and the type of in the type of firearm that yet. A 44 yard forty force for great wasn't dirty Harry he roll roll the forty format order for a podium through fifty cents a year it. I don't know the 44 is a theory but got fired one firebomb through. You know I did W dot Baylor sorry ma'am but I don't know you know white guy blades. That's right he's a way to do it doesn't look right acquired recently five different the gas fired ones I just know a fellow like me and they don't want to I don't. You find that it brings out my good to replace that some what you did gun kind of leans quite. I don't know how much is the bonding and 250000. Dollars for people my app then threatened he Joseph drew to go on the agreement Jack up your. Jack up your bed I don't think it was that high initially but every threaten to do it's like you know what we're. Two minute gone in the harassment and then knowing chargers guardian there I gotta go white. Just a new us to blue white final answer. Our yeah and Carrick and got we're gonna find out abused black WiMax the or Asia next fat was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It is you. Its. Got a guy thinks it's. A good idea they go do Trout they're not have a lawyer defend himself and you sit there for harassment case apparently he's pretty good grass are because even that the judge says again you're guilty of all that he's still threaten the judge GAAP weighted. Directly renminbi descent I'm going to get my 44. After the judge found guilty but I don't we just knew that you believe was that was black white men easy or Asian. And you my friend that you will points. Did you see you know you're not alone a lot of comments came in ovals we definitely both wait deadly white dude why can't carry nine millimeter. And some people point out the DMX. Talk about a sport form biggie. A simple you know and then ultimately won the left know exactly Cabrera I'll put an end up flat. You are correct our. Profit in the door. You know you should look for four. You'll get all this morning that I went like this then they need to go to the Port Authority to go into your mind on your wrist problems. How rough it is all the time to time deeply damaging. Yeah sure centralized. Countless hours in front of a talking again the presents. Obviously a lot of people are emotional about the Super Bowl whether Europe from the Philadelphia area. Or from the Boston area. You're from the Boston area. Your motion is probably not the heaviest of emotion strength now you'll your back the patriots lost the game. I think when made might even be worse for that is. The gods the coach Tom Brady dropped a pass to. They could make you what here's the point. Conan O'Brien is from New England Boston area all right so was bill Burr so they said we'll give bill Burr on the day after the Super Bowl Writely you guys didn't. Talk about how great the pats are. Pats didn't win over still don't cut it. Super bully should've laid out these so I saw his whole body and grab it you know it's funny it was more on that play you actually saw his age. Santana pocket he looks like an astronaut you yeah yeah guys he's gonna live forever yeah electric co owner so yeah you know it's this race fans in the pocket he looks 25 this afternoon starts run it's like directed. Last year it went last night when he threw that pick six when he dove to tackle that guy did look like somebody threw a dead body on about. That topic at a you guys mentioned it today this conversation as having friends watching the game. Do you think Philadelphia intentionally runs that play were foals their quarterback catches. Touchdown because the patriot guard tried yes and no I think they already handed in the playbook but I think of the time it shows to do those kind of a the nephew argues that a public polls Africa for a touchdown I drug by the patriots may 2000 break. I think there's an even working on for for weeks and the reason they were working on it for weeks as they notice that in man coverage in that situation if nick full spread out there's nobody that's going to be able to cover him. There's nobody assigned to him. So the idea was was that nobody's gonna be on a man on man so he should theoretically BO. I still like I just read today that falls actually called his number he did that coaches like. OK okay you got Peterson is RD aggressive Writely you better on the aggressiveness but you gotta be pretty short called that play yes I did enjoy that moment. We'll see this you know lake. And I and I hurts you know some sports person talking about it but I agree like this probably room for more trick plays an NFL football. There absolutely is it's and so the patriots are very good team a bag male point eight million trick plays with some of Philly did but. The patriots really the only team brought don't look in every game you watch one or two rooms gonna it's gonna. We'll twice some seconds of the try to run a reversal the kickoff of failed miserably at some balls we call yeah yeah yeah well I mean just yet to be aggressive in the super. Ready Asia I think we should do it all the time muted college football or how trickles down as deathly. A lot more room for that kind of fun stuff and we're absolutely like the odds they explain it defense anyhow what's the verdict that they took place. And you've got a guy following old school rules now and out punted on fourth like I watched that game but was it a punt. Yeah barrels one ponds in the entire game which we think about go to cared about defense like run every trick play we can't. The little you don't think about about you know Europe pumped coupons if you have a Super Bowl rings like what is it like I did do I know who punted do we know I was it was it was eight draft guide because of it is and you got a guy and the Super Bowl with a Super Bowl ring it in play and now literally a remedies boast of played out if it was a Eagles. Yeah there is one series of back up and is not getting easy third what are they did and still has got custody and gave him into words the denials of a punt and you still like I played one little play and degrades my job on the theory of the job is to make sure that you don't play. I did the right strategy is that you should never step on the field you've got no wants to see both teams obviously fulfill that strategy. I put of yeah 74 dead and I'm in slow us as pretty exciting a lot of score goma. Probably both had some rough times from the Super Bowl. Kevin Hart's wasn't the worst but obviously. He was really feel himself these lately he's talked about Easter eggs before they end but he treading on stage and if a securities like not like it there's our little man. Yeah it's even like they it's just funny to think I don't know everybody's gonna try and push something like that's Kevin Hart there there's there's a ceiling. He found out harshly. I do like the picture of memories like looks completely diffuse the cardinal William canard rarely do we are we know who you don't if he didn't pick and. You know we know we were in and in in just on the same tip you talk about that that ceremony and that that whole deal. When we are Baltimore. The guy that was our hook up who got us a lot of different things once we got the ravens facility. Was a guy named Chad steel. And guess Chad Steele is a media relations guy for the Baltimore Ravens exclusively and throughout the year that is his job is get a Bosnian given burned. Who is of overall chief of media relations but this guy does most of legwork and he is the brother of staged revenue this year is that's her job skills also a gigantic man he's hard to miss he's not going to blend into the TV camera now. For the Super Bowl the last three or four years they have asked him to come and and Beattie media liaison. Because he's good at it for what they believed to be. The team and the quarterback that's gonna be doing most of the press at the end of the game Iraq say Rhonda what Peyton Manning. They brought them before with Tom Brady and once again they bring him back. To beat Tom Brady's liaison for the media after the game's only thing he's there to do keep people are from Tom Brady said you know give the interviews do all that stuff. With the idea being that Tom Brady is going to do all these interviews. I thought champ perhaps the second in the in the decade Tom bradys run right off the field he doesn't say anything to anybody but the reason they hired him was to be there. To do this speech the championship now the whole deal they didn't hire anybody predict all this crap it's just so you know nick olds doesn't haven't gotten. He's got I guess daughter would beats headphones off you know he's gonna have got to look like they the patriots are planning on this right what anybody loses I don't blame offshore they wanna get out after the suing no Kevin Hart had a very. Tough target not a well Haley Joel Osmond you would know him for many movies and he was famous for being a little kid six cents or you're active I see dead people okay yet. I'd really like him in the new Iraq Russia but he was the highlight of that movie. Seriously. But anyhow he was in Vegas for the Super Bowl right if you know anything about Vegas is two weekends. That a super pac for sports Super Bowl weekend in March Madness recapture. So he goes down there basically he gets there Sunday night misses his flight so they said hey we'll puts on standby at 7 AM. Everybody knows stand right Haley jaws when clearly doesn't get there at 7 AM or get their first flight. They're like hey the flights booked with it anyhow he starts Thorne has seen the cops show up he if he rots. They don't find him by the ticket counter and comes back in AM. Thanks Ed. We can't get on this one either so they basically the same script again apparently he yelled at one point quote I'll destroy you. Cops responded again he fled the gate a they tell you odds were pretty sure we get arrested or something. Or there but it's also like. To put its biggest after Super Bowl Sunday they give you miss that original flight thug you write it neurons stand by taking into an inning to back in June my beautiful if you're on standby anywhere you can be on standby in Houston Texas chances are if everyone shows up this supposed to be and that flight you're not gonna get on right when is busy like you say. She is no way at no real chance there. Think of all what's the Smart people and Jimmy Kimmel thinks the same way impacts the game. Symbol should be a national holiday but it nation spot presidents' day out for Super Bowl Monday the fact that we have to work. The morning after being acquired as Americans to watch a game. Drunken no less is right. It's downright unpatriotic and I'm calling on president tried to do something about it right. And he's right on the avid sailor out crazy right I don't care you can sit around all year round I do not like NFL football I do not like sports. In America. Has the time being negated their biggest sport more than likely you were at the function with some people rapids and accepted beat your old Super Bowl Sunday and well done and yours into July 5 would be another good candidate for that Gloria I'll July 5 is just stupid it. I go to warm all here just stupid because you have fireworks ignite. A while I have the next did at all. Most pleasant and I take great kids regularly give us new viewers stay right at the present New Year's key pad to vote no I don't write it's the summertime both Farsi which Rudolph still least address. I have. That's date to work and then go and watch the fireworks that ninth and then to have your barbecue the next day where here you have the day off. Yeah yeah I would do. Thank you still have to work the so luck but he's a liar berth in the Holiday Bowl we celebrated on the fifth. Yeah I believe it is celebrated so late exactly that for you it's just yet you have a barbecue that flowers and everybody the other Super Bowl Sunday whether or not your football fan but you might like the commercials too. So face the YouTube put together with the basically the most viewed commercials that happened over the Super Bowl. Shockingly. From this list unless I forgot the commercial before. Is not O'Dell Beckham junior and Eli may have a little Lola I thought it was great. Now. I've heard two things ever they only took what did they are two to practice and come out and which I send that person told me that I you know until Beckham junior can dance period I think he can dance yeah I think Eli probably dragged back time and you they probably need some help but I mean you look on the inner half of the justice. The day he's it's a lot. The one with the the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials standby you. So people were very angry there's no Clyde sales. It's a joke just moments. Right after that again the groups looks huge Super Bowl spots. Marvel studios. Avengers infinity war. I it. I had no idea what's going on mice given me the fist pump this guy did everything that's right. Jurassic world fallen Kingdome bio how many more drastic world's gonna make I don't know as always done Megan money. I mean I'm with ya it's just. I don't think you'll relate to fasten fears except the dinosaurs. Or what do you world. When the world's on the list with dinosaurs. Via actually next unless west world season to the official Super Bowl that after that plays a lot of emerges movie commercially yet solo. It's and it's a star worst thing not a soccer fan. Tom Clancy's Jennifer I have both I'm going to be more violence and Hope Solo economy and opinion if Bob likes the fight. The king. The butt head king. The biking I'm pretty sure delivers food. Pepsi commercial that Groupon commercial. And then the Alexa loses her voice commercial which I thought acting. Two or three times reported air I still think that's a funny. Great commercial too it was I remember seeing it but I think we're all talking and I didn't hear and it's also great to be in the middle of you noticed him. Deep pinnacle of of a football and every break. Stay tuned for all knew this is up I know this is us coming up right after the game which I'm sure it was one of the more viewed chose the David can only try to put on the new show. But whatever should you put on after the Super Bowl is already like a big show and it's gonna have a right to attack this is us at its highest ratings ever likely thought the threat of. I almost put it no answer assault this morning yeah about like this is a Scott big ratings boost from Super Bowl what you don't F things say I. And that the most watched got their thing and America right if your show comes on right after that there's a really good chance a lot of people. Currency and also say this the way that things have got it used to be that during the Super Bowl. For the first time ever. It's the debut of new commercials that you're gonna see for a one. And if if the campaign is a solid campaigned as a spending a lot of money to put this thirty or 62 spot on. And you wait for that because you hadn't seen it in when the curtain pulled back he's like oh god that's the funny commercial. You can watch 80% of the commercials for the Super Bowl. On buzz feed dot com right before the game is even on the air to watch a lot of them they did concentrate this year on releasing less of them before that's a Smart idea related messages seem like OK well if priority know what's. The already reported for really good commercials going to demolish journal all of those camera like all right well I would rather just washed wanna keep a I would be more inclined to watch the commercials. But I've I know what most of them are going to be a good job I thought the Crocodile Dundee thing. They did about religion but they released all that stuff early in when they released it early people are singing. All right as the enemy bride doing a spot fear is Helms worth the whatever he really in this movie they just they released all the trailers all the different things exact same commercials so. It wasn't that I was I think those were surprised it was actual move because we were speculating that it wasn't but they released all the commercials that. And I don't move yes. I believe I thought the old joke of it wasn't I don't know was among Colorado okay are they wouldn't let up and pleasure move our rights without my little boy like yeah worked OK I will work for me beginning because I didn't know. In doing that played a much ardea everything so I didn't know you know those like real or not but he the whales like. A game and I've seen the commercials on non interest. Like at the end when he's he's he's just a commercial for Australian. Tourism I was like oh alas that's good yeah. That's I don't know I got my problem that occur eight okay one is that part is I've walked away zealot I parties seem so I think that the whole of the north really making this a movie now as and when I was like well this is better than have a criminal and we'll come up with you know I have another idea out watching the civil walls I think. Like everybody likes the rock for nobody has like a rock movie rightly. Adam we know we just need this one man his performance and aren't trained at the same residential address and I think at this point couldn't we just like in the newsroom and added that dishonor. Something some did three. Rock the volumes yes the roster he'll run Bennett he'll be on SNL he's going to beat the living crap out of bad guys to be really really bought up. Yeah right he'll be tanner and ball but obviously like every year we took this late. I had at least a lot of money he does. Actor John Mahoney do you recognize his name the data on Frazier and correct but any rate he was always very good on Frazier I wanna say man what thing about him believe them of our remember this right. He didn't even start acting into it like fifty Purcell bulletin. Which is that this is crazy to me like if he did a good job on the show and finally do he has not been acting long at all. Year. I don't is that true with him. I think so I think my 100% but I feel like that's the guy who said these wheels started out doing Micah theater in Britain. Okay he's a Tony award winner but I do. But anyway he's he's obviously best known I think for being the father Frazier he was also caught on in movies like eight men now say anything. We got a lot of women my age where he's from I don't make men out but he is. Believe the most famous arena data on Frasier. Younger Frasier visited dad lives with he's retired cop with got a crusty and then they have a a live in. Maybe you need anger and I mean you may like may or whatever she always helps them out in his character was at the harsh things to say our. Be afraid to shake up your routine and it took me there are some Utah and in big leagues today. Don't think I want you to do we do well euros one and I want to change and error so why. And so those sickened me yeah. I should get a cup what happens is that I'm. You've got an eye and cheek swab to fat. The craziest thing I grant me mine and. How could that happen at least not yet and just do it I. I keep it. I was laughing loyalists that are heroic kind of forget like oh yeah that that was certainly I'm only have an Al bush shows menace one of those like Steinfeld probably second Melissa stand the test of time as far as just being in reruns still being popular people still watch it. Frazier espionage that hasn't gone away how long did Kelsey Grammer porphyry because he was supposed to be a bit part on cheers for people like him so he did. What seventy and 82 eateries that freer and ran from my 93 to 04 attacked him and it's still on in reruns and syndication you figure cheers was ten years maybe some of America they're they're Shelley Long and then the Kirstie there was only 22 years of Francona and then Woody Harrelson for the show's on at least. At least now. Yeah you're right below like Frazier really like I still like him best to sideshow Bob. So you guys you're right headed Frazier ran from 93 to 04 in cheers ran from 82 to 93 him. So you gotta do the math in 1982 to 2004. What's that twenty years what are some years it. Frazier and end but I don't think he showed up on cheers and or maybe the second third season and successful for the royals right both on huge. US Skelton Grammer got afraid of and in the meantime we had ten months and use telephone group Tony it. If you opt in Kansas and I got my named Tony Medicaid joke if they did so we appreciate and I got very headlines coming up with my doc you are listening to the men's or radio network. Please and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well I know I thought he says you're gonna guard your hair back in order to large McDonald's Fries. If I 560 million dollar lottery winner says she made a huge mistake but we'll still get a prize. CNN employee finds document support the national security tucked in back of airplane seats and a woman and boyfriend have argument and cars so she jumps out going. Sixty down the street and bizarre case of adoption incest in Virginia and Virginia. It is time for your headlines. It's kinda hits. Here's Mike call I don't know hand. Should a woman now one half a billion dollar power ball has made what she told a huge mistake when it told a relative that you won right she wanted to except for winning is anonymously for obvious reasons but one did whatever from. Concerns but did what every red blooded American does and sign something without reading. She's out of the back of the winning ticket without knowing that it actually relinquishes her ability to remain anonymous. Yeah I mean look at the report problems and have been having half a million dollars number one knows but but certainly. You don't want everyone to know. She wanted to set up like some sort of a charity that she gets older the money through or send it to someone that. But more importantly she didn't wanna go to the grocery store would everybody's in your world and has. 500000 dollars and your bank of 500 millions of sorry about that yeah 500 borrowing dollars human million freak and a look every relative. Look I'm about to go to Ancestry.Com. To see if I'm relating to was brought low by the federal prison today. Terrorists she's now working with her lawyers to find a loophole to allow her to get her winnings and stay out of public battles see where that goes. Around the world we've been talking about it all day that one of your favorite fast foods actually has a chemical that could cure baldness a research team in Japan as some of the chemical damage. That method. They and I axis are so worked on this then methyl Pauly so those things. Just give me a shot a vast that it's a cell instead of beating like nine million plus that thing into silicone is actually used in the trial fry oil I McDonald's and it's gone and served saying that it could be used to mass produce careful. You don't actually have the eat the French Fries to get air. Obviously it doesn't work we intend to do better on the head area why I feel comfortable know that there's something in my food again grow hair well it's it's like you've got to put her under the jets are finally win a food they can do it Monroe why you wouldn't that might eat I like to think about here yes right there's absolutely. It's actually in the oil they say that it's there to prevent splashing. Car itself which I mean keep the ice out of that that's fallen by the cure for them right. I'll why the world what a woman leaped from a car moving at sixty miles an hour. Well arguing with the boy if you guessed that she was in a pilot their boyfriend you're absolutely right. Almighty you miss that goes of those old pretty good window of time back in the day where that that haven't to be a lot. Women just jumping out of your gonna fight like under now now I go ahead. Oh goodness. I want a woman was so it says that her boyfriend during an argument that she decided she could take Nomar. And instead of waiting for him to pull the car over the video shows her fling in the corridor open and and her leaping out of the cars speeding along at sixty miles an hour they are on the freeway and she just bails out. She really did think that the truth. You think. I'm away Aaron Zain now about a cargo at sixty miles an hour. Yeah I cells. I mean I've been man of the car but not madman who writes I just never understood that are needed to do just gonna hurt yourself like right right nothing beneficial would behalf of my you doing. My guess because they were in the left lane a saw the video they were in the left lane she's my guess is she was like hey pull the car over I'm done and so leave her door she starts opening. The card just. Three years all the way over their shoulder and then she dumped out of mr. on the field goals kind of on the at least the just regular ceramic items stop and a good job traffic in Arkansas man was stopped by police for not wearing his seatbelt while driving but upon learning of the man was driving without a license are proof of insurance. They arrested the man by the name of Shelby Miller. However that's not his full name. His name is Shelby mustang GT 500 Miller you've gal don't talk about anatomy is why he does not have a license. But when I your name is Shelby mustang GT 500. I mean come on man I there's things that your parents like the gym and after they did that well there what it did it's still a ways it is good for. It's still unknown whether cities that had to realize that my. I and I heard Jozy nice time for the return of who Sox last the word is back profiled as a we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed in the long term we'll be all about whose marriage but we shall return until then. Do what you do best importantly though say. Stay beautiful.