02-02-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Breaks The Streak

Friday, February 2nd

Emails, Ted tries his luck again against the FCC, Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day​!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Matt had his testicles chopped up by as girlfriend and a fit of jealous rage according to court documents. Zahn nor a no fly allegedly used a scalpel to remove her boyfriend's genitals. After he confessed to his sister then he was attracted to another woman. When she looked on his phone which he has said bill found pictures of other women it is claimed that she load him into a sex game to force a dating him. And chopping up both of his testicles. A court papers said she offered plays sex game and tied his legs and arms with four scars it caught high testicle and trash can. Then she took out two bills allegedly Barbeque woods and force them into the man's mouth. At about 2 AM she pulled his underwear off and started accusing him of being in close contact with another woman. She didn't beat his head face and chest with a aluminum stick Digi took three samples of a syringe and injected it all around the man's groin. Next he took a scalpel and started to make incisions cutting a left testicle and tying these Canaccord with a thread. She got off his right testicle and stitched the cut but a thread slid off and the man started bleeding profusely. He was then taken to a hospital in does that stand merge she was detained. If found guilty she Biggio for ten years in prison however an expert said the victim could still have sex in the future he suffered stab wounds to the screwed him amputation of both testicles. It is penis is still in place he won't have children but he will be able to have sex. According to a doctor than he's A okay his body will inevitably go through hormonal changes like declining libido obesity and chronic fatigue. He will live and might stay a man by using hormone replacement therapy to replace his lack of test on your diet. Our question when did you not need to see that 844999. Obama tie with regard to the questions and comments he came and I really didn't need to see my dad with his junk in his hand. The door Goldman I didn't know he was doing Billy Joseph the lead leave. After my mom died we were clearly got a room with founders sex toy collection Newton. A ball did about relate watching bees the elderly porn in the. All along and Joseph W that is nobody looks like we'll trump Turbo mode due to exactly this candidates are some of mob bent over getting railed by the guys she'd met the day before. I into the giving the top rookies at a baseball cards into their motivation to ensure. Call for those were great shoes content. I saw bones tendons Caldwell would peed on offense assault bums Ted Shaw added I'm reading a better word were the above. And then this one and a I don't know if you need now a lot of people who say bandit is much more models I don't know if he means his buddy or Jimmy as a child. What he did not an agency was his boy hunched over Ron Jeremy style performing karaoke and himself. Aren't self taught himself yeah was it the same guy who we saw the tenants hog this compliments. I am and man. Yeah you don't like OK you already are aren't about black black black black man but you can dogged about masturbation liquids and natural urge everyone goes through but the bat like hey man look I don't I don't know to tell you see somebody who is homeless and you realize they're they're going through a tough time in life there could be a number of different reasons why they've got Joe's place. It could be situation all the great job related to be medical related it can be addictive it can be all kinds of things. But when you see a guy who's going and is down Muslim but. He has a ten inch penis. And even though his life is crap. No matter that. Is still regularly and he's gonna get laid but the good news is is that when all's said and done hopefully pick themselves back up out of this he still has a ten inch penis. If he gets himself out right right exactly and other waste right now though I yeah I'll I'll take. The house with all I want to tiny piece of Italy we don't and you're out there when thousands Ahmadinejad Bigby was lit out knows. New York that's nonsense like you know what you're better would rather be stuck I take that house. The way it did sound when did you not need to see that a 449990. Hello I baited breath catch just a pension some of the homeless people right now a dispute that adds I don't gonna giant dog and I've verified I'm good. When I was out there and heard it was a Brothers about assumed packeting. None seem that happy batted they did that most Arabs and donated it it didn't overcome the earth do you get that thought do I did it was Smart dude dude when he's DeMarre in every capacity centers like yeah. Hello rock welcome to the bedroom. Boy. Okay. I love yourself and ask that you play you my top five. Days but I've never give it still solid incompetent. Okay. So they can find out there in the modern big Brad she's at a restaurant that they've ever heard. No matter who are Lugar a bit genetic yet okay. She's okay. Think what's gonna happen I don't know how I'm all right Dan hello I'm not only said name it's right there in a name is Asher please god shenanigans in Compton. It felt god I've been out there and learn if it was like Tom you don't have to look like the other does brunch. Cincinnati into this picture of what Jo white do you think I like our big other shenanigans. Oh my other big brands like diet Internet film right. So what evidence and they don't light up employer and they are delighted that people wait in that he did the door open and the rapture. And let others like I've got to tell. No eight point seven band and that you know apple might get impatient you look at Democrat the don't even go. Or learn a little. What hurt. Wait didn't let it. Enjoy everybody at the job. I'm. So glad that I doubt it like a law you know. Did you cancel did you cancel the muffin and just bring me. It's just we told how to move bested the narrow. It and the horrible happy Mother's Day game. Accolade but they're big breasts. Adam Adam yeah what is he did. It when tiger won the not all again. They carry it be over big in my daughter and all you've got a I'd rather quiet. Going by the dugout I did that well. The good happened. And it still might mean another Mikey here let her own about 82 like. And there's no immediate and dot com yeah I'm sure they told. She didn't know whether always. I don't know why didn't he. I guess has been able. Like a clown Garth what does he have another one agrees it's. But yeah it like it did. It is about that would take it out at me like hey nobody had thought about everybody. Go out David did. Did you go to did you get nuggets. Alt. One of the Bob McDonnell's plan. Why don't the medalists and you go to. Inevitably if you need to score drugs I don't know winning McDonald's it will be I know the voters know another one here for sure rhetorically and open air drug market leave my body work of one Baltimore where flexing tomorrow all of them were rough but this won't was one where you would do specifically to Barbara and not inside the thing it's like would you walk inside. You just got to be outside a building with twenty as they're depending what it is you needed it on the Tokyo I think is because of back in the day when you walked in the McDonald's amend he had money your buck. The German channels which there was Ruth Chris. I. He's played out trying to tell little at a McDonald's is just affordable for everybody. That's like people just to be more apt to hang out there. Greater reminder best drugs there I know I think even that I got a drug thing but it's like you're almost whatever he got a dollar to really. Go to battle to make it work oh yeah when you do not need to see that 844999. Cola. Hello old home. Tyler welcome to the mid June. All. I thought I'd be as descriptive as possible so I 08 garbage man or the studios Tacoma and it worked in the middle of summer. And we had a rear loading garbage trucks we have to wield at the end of the back a couple left her office also can't. To report all they're the bat in the bottom of the can't exception there. And Atlanta like rap on at a key time to get dislodged. And behind the bag. Al flops. What I I thought was a catch our eat eat like a rabbit I couldn't really get our portal was. And eat hopper caught after the coming down and it changed. The animal. Brightness center and split at. The rag it just like. I heard. We do I go Jesus Christ. Yeah pretty. So I was the animals in the best of your knowledge dead before it was wouldn't have. Oh yeah it was this summer series opener can't I can't 120 side and it puts all the only reason to demand it's meant to. I did notice they're gonna have yet to decide. Maggots on the previous day Amanda that's. Unexpected cutting human animal and I have this maggots makes everything worse they did you know there's a I'll bet my bottom line is flying how some like all right it's a fly out of cash no he was a maggot alone point oh is Liza look much better than my is that safe better than to have pull out and ordered his majority violated deer carcass in the man. There's a dead deer and know what do you notice the maggots and it's some comments save dead deer carcasses gotten fifty times Grossman was before. By the way all day from Red Robin says Dorman wrote Robin doesn't our donuts circle Todd flood is the law Debbie so. Just as far does onion rings and delicious was heard this I mean I noticed I do not know that's our hey man you know oddly enough to bring a putting undue reason or Venus and now we're learning all new things about government. I did another. A reporter ring ended Daryn on our unity get a combination lose getter and get it done bettering get a doughnut. When did you not need to see that 844999. Cola hello John welcome to the bedroom. A girl bump up on. Eight candidates what they your offer my thanks. Manuel. I work at a photo lab then and the ball mark. And their global Shia led Bay Area download pictures up their own in the net that's what the picture look that ultimately they can edit it further after that. But others old lady wouldn't. She's like I need to help Korean comic setup by the volume of course. And I'd like OK so it's gonna download all the pitchers up your phone and then you're gonna select the one you actually like are you acting kidding me. But what what's wrong and you'd like well your receipt and DPX. Clients these. So our game. RA and then Toshiba Colin we're part of and just like her grandkids then you know having a nice day the park and then you'd like Barrett is Lara was. Another nice old looser how losing. It broke up sixteen. But you said she won the Fisher printed. Usually get picked up her grandchildren I recommended a one of these penis pictures turn it up you know me and I say by ten. I was like you did have prize at this. Yeah. Bring that up there the sense of right experience that we have really nice gift to get some aerial picture my boyfriend speaks with. What are you do not need to see that would get your emails coming up the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen my sales. Bad jokes Kelly Johnson as those Matt Jones to the email at the men's room Edmonds or live dot gobbled the bad jokes right before drinking and those with the shot of the day you may announce September a few emails here for the men's room amends in my back I'll. Tied to when did you not need to see that my brother has a girlfriend guys that is not pleasant to look at one day she shows up. With a magnitude quarter pounders and Fries and of course a Diet Coke. Watching her eat this is almost a crime after she eats the diet right meal she raised her shirt and said you can't beat that value. When she had her shirt up. Her stomach was below her lady parts. But as I watched her do this her gut look like the US highway map blue and red veins all over and stretch marks. I can't look at a map without thinking about this damn shame on the on the military anymore. Unclaimed PT EST can't believe my bro bombs ugly is with her. Isn't that crazy of me and now we did ruin. I'm glad that I mean everybody does it. Welcome acorda Pryor's rise I think he just finds that I'm frankly doesn't matter what you eats like I ever so disgusted. My name is Tammy and when I was sixteen we were camping with a family we were all sitting around the camp fire fire when I look across to me and see my anti engram pause bright shiny glistening like a candlelight knots. Oh my god I wanted to die I just politely got up and walked away but I really it was McGrath buy more underwear. Guys on the delivery driver. Anyway rolled in an Alley about six months ago to witness almost guy receiving karaoke from homeless woman while he was smoking crack. Fast forward to a few weeks gods a good day same thing drama lift gate turnaround in my god damn not again different Alley or different people. Bag around 7980 when I was a junior high we had a neighbor family living down the street. The dad died young leaving mom and two teenage kids they were to report and survived on welfare and food stamps Monday some woman living in an apartment complex of the street. In and of committing suicide she shot herself in the head while sitting in her recliner. The bad part was nobody noticed until a couple weeks later when the people next door started to smell of needless to say after two weeks recliner and everything else in the apartment had to go couple days later I was at their house the details. And it could might show me the recliner that they it's like from a dumpster at apartment complex. They're gonna have a real bolstered. Gross is that an oversee. The amount about had a heart attack when she sought in the garage I don't remember how they got rid of that but the smell stuck in the garage for a couple months and then my. Hello guys liquor and horse. Used to work as a security guard so I've seen plenty that I did not want to probably enough for a lifetime and I'll give you guys the top three things I experience that I hope no one. Will ever have to see. The first was when they brought in a man who had a stroke during the stroke. As he got a catheter. To say that this man was not well and down was an understatement because of which it made the have heard a station process very lengthy. I spent thirty minutes face to face with that guys Dong. The second was at her drunk man punched through a plate grant glass window and got his forearm down to the bomb. I don't hold his arm steadily while they stitched it back together it was so deep that I could see his tendons moving when he wiggle his fingers Jesus. Final homers one by far. Was this guy who came in drunk and high on everything under the sun if I recall right he was on proxies mushrooms crack heroin and pension math. I spent my entire eight hour shift. Sitting a rumor this guy as he sprayed diarrhea involvement flew in a blanket over his lower half and look like someone turned a dirty goes on non. It was putting on the floor and he was missing the bucket with the each puke. Nearly in the shift a resident doctor came in to take his vitals and I was near the curtain. He had nothing left inside them are short get rid of well I was wrong. He saved the best for last. When she reached over him to check his blood pressure cuff he unleashed a torrent of vomit straight into the air and coated the poor resident. It was everything I could not to laugh my ass off after he's spending the entire day. Dealing with this crap rock on guys that from K. Kevin Campbell friends all our mid twenties drinking heavily around a campfire. Neighboring day ever comes over and starts hanging out. We all start talking and telling Johnson stories at one point he stopped and pulled out his wallet from inside the wall it's people that are very worn piece of paper he had folded up in there. He starts telling us about he was one of the only people to have seen the predators girlfriend. He then holes of the paper he's been unfolding imagine the predators faced with a mass but the thing is screaming with the all the things open up. But it's a woman's vagina which again NC. What. Why do you have that I work. What tinge to them as Newton was every time you put it in the that we could. I now unfold the picture just seems brutal. It now poured out Portugal vacation friends not 2009 mid day lots of people walking around a busy area would get around the corner boldest suit pants down those angles fully Iraq just going down self. While watching the crowd. We want to show for a minute laughing our asses off that did give us something to tell our friends about back at the hotel did not stick around though guys to see the finish. When I was fifteen went on a mission trip to San Diego where we were feeding the homeless on a hot day there was a hose running and a quite large woman in a wheelchair rolled herself over to the hose. They developed and proceeded to put those down or sweat pants where more and more of the hose kept disappearing into. That from the bag that's not okay. I'm not okay it and. It's here receives a but he gets a mastering beneath you pretty sure they were. Oh sure I showed up I surprised my dad wanted showed up at a south. And yet the air conditioning you open the door and actually. Why are you sweaty glasses so warm and here again and he's easily tripped and sweat in the flake gas and I know you don't work out and you and I have been to see you either. Now boy any comments. Do you says the coworker had a client accidentally send picture of her not emit. Amid the dice clay really very awkward in B new rules her because she had very distinctive finger and it's. I want to run our run Herbert chicken and it popped and you tallest off all over the place the bus or was that fed into the pigs and made that yup. There's only guy I'm an Osaka Japan and others lot of skill groin area but rather popular shopping district. A saw homeless man washing his hands with a straight what was you're. Hall. And the really sad part is it probably made him cleaner and jagr attempt for a few extra emails in the men's room amends or buy dot com. Always told my son nick was his on his second trip around the sun we listen you guys every day can get a little kid's face an alleged. And some turtle wax which he imitates every time he hears it thanks guys from Ian. Please go up. Then drove home again it's just my buddy Darren we may share the same in seem though we definitely have different days in car brands. How to suck it up up Kagan some dirty Germans thanks you all and cheers that from. Oh. And on appeal both they would feature the Wimbledon through to each position and this season. Yeah and you have the both the agency. We've got a handful mortgage. Guys and our partners Tony some Labor Day. His name is Adam Getty get a shadow guys how about your penis is too small thanks Mattel lows. Psalms and he's cured is turning really old today can trigger shot now would maybe a little turtle wax and now hitting the window thanks guys from Nathan. Okay. Robbery. Everybody's baggage got Tony two years about dying today wondering if you give me your peers is too small and some dirty Germans thanks guys out from ball. So and I don't continually need some ultra book this applies to books and looking at this knows how soon and deeply. Andre you can come over here and we could be to get deficit. It was her crown talk. Hope so I'm doing and where let the let's two today is my home girl raised 24 birthday. She doesn't get the party tonight since she's pregnant. But let's see how about child killing your panties. And something from the dirty Germans thanks guys from Amanda. It sounded. Had sued. Our field but they roof of the city's street with the move. John don't forget to eat your vegetables can bring the corner provided through. I got our car just sound effect it has been it is backed off a part in the elevator earlier. They're designed to give birthday shout out to myself. Roy Jenkins. Thanks guys appreciated thanks so much. I. Bridges closed my roommate I have a 26 birthday his name is Ian we're taking him to a run bar tonight to celebrate. How about I get to the two lovable dirty Germans tuition happy birthday thanks guys out from Al the biologists. Yard field local people will think he's the only the main reason he isn't here. None of course the answer is yes. Why the rumble of food food. God is love 3030 today out joining if you guys figure a big old Barnett and severity dirty Germans thanks guys. And Iraq god appreciated. And for you but I want to visit to a Canadian wilderness CO moves him. Yeah I've been benefited from the sounds good I sound effects like pulling through. I support here at 39 germs around the sun beds is and I did not burn up. And can they get maybe some Robin talking dirty in German Foreman might as well go out in style thanks guys that remark. Not offense like myself a lot of times. You know where. But Charles Illinois less sexy husband Dave brown sour both a very had a birthday today on this 47 foot. Gonna get some dirty dirty Germans and you guys talking all over yourself love the show guys that from cajun tops. How much the sequel so some of you Richard. Think he. Yeah so listen to some. I had so daily salsa Ambrose it's clear right now if you truly are gone gradually when I was introducing myself Capitol Hill I had our little bit on the Luke yeah janitors and I don't know and honestly just diamond sourcing and Laverne and greater Trenton this titles and local. Our guys here you go oh. Yeah it's. Have you and it's okay Abby had a thank you thank you to you do because. Gaza did you Germans brought by men's room. So available through these world sings on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shy fly. Lou no lawyer all of inches and wild and I worked get as Safeway meet warehouse up for the most part we are all in good shape so I asked would you fight his six year old the size of Andre the Giant or and MMA fighter the size of Peter piglets. Sixteen of us said a baby giant except these Samoan who was 350. He wants to fight Peter de English thanks the last gentleman that makes my day I'm not the only 35 year old kid around and keep that lap up we love and have a great day. That from Justin at the meat driver. I there's a nice word bitch is a big fan of the show to start losing back in October and was happy when I found you guys had the podcast there. I've been listening to all of your shows for the previous months thanks to the men's room app. I'm a trucker and your show makes a long drive shorter PS from your does that refer shelled a man would no arms no legs can't walk would be called scooter. And from and it all here's one that's a pretty interesting it says that guys we are coming to read festival. Do you have any idea what time at the different bands will come on how things that from lit. Do you think that we just got Lindsey email old like five residuals late or don't I'm not an all female pharmacist vote early and led to be out of through death but oh well we'll read possible we don't know where we don't have let's we'll know details for its is something we know what happened and future of that's what we do that's it will be the first to know I've seen a cent less exact. I do you and all the band went out and. Yeah now on the Barack I'll I'll let you guys know later they'd go oh yeah just email me directly. It is I think we need to go back in time the last time we played Ted vs the FCC if we could let's go back intact. Plus it's a big watchers. But plus being the box the best big locker room that ever plucked a fish. She AM she AM Sam is a sheet Slater. Sam. Slates sheiks Sams the best she slit her that ever swift a sheet to a contract. But if the pig (%expletive) but bucks pigs are hurt my clinics plus the best. Weak big blocker could ever plucked a big chance they sheets and I. All lawyers suing you wanna do or die. 03 140. This. Do you know yeah. Right now riddles and rhymes for Denver's the FCC we're probably up till like record a morning articles better last it was unbelievable worthy Israel I don't know above wall smile and my total vessel they just that any new wave of my head is just burning like sinus headache. Anyway we came in today and believe it or not. A listener known as Elvis the one and only Elvis how would you run decided to whose charisma Clinton her 21% worse it gets these things are right now swindled now runs when upward. So I enjoy it. So there's there's there's makes Denver's is the it's in ticket now is complete and it's thanks to our body Elvis negotiable when he reminded. Well who wouldn't. No I didn't hit. The culture believes it. Here we. Jogging. Fund balls this fun docking fund balls this fund to. Be sure deduct loan fund balls while chugging fast fun balls talking fumbles fans is more fun than ducking vastly chuck fumbles. The way we do Ted nurses the FCC theory that one time through then three times fast. So our local folks there is approved a government. And the ability to voters should. But I essentials pack. And seen. Jockeying fun because it's fun. Looking fund balls it's fun and be shorted duck flung fund balls while clocking faster fly balls. Clocking five balls fastest more funding ducking fast lead shocked but not suited to address. No John overall idea that the government. Just keep on both his front Duffy football is fun. He shorted dump one fire involved while dropping fast fun balls clocking five balls fast is more fun than death teen athlete shot by involved god. Check it fund both despite that the front balls despite bee shortage duck one fund balls while talking fast front because she's. Didn't want people involved with fast is more fun than ducky vastly chuck football game alone could get involved and the people but all that fun. We shorted stock one on balls while plugging fast plug balls could be let go fast is more fun the decade vastly jacked. What ball. You'll lower hormone thing you can match. That's OK now I floor board 990. Even on the bad jokes to the men's room mad men's room lives I'm not good. Drug charges and announce we'll pick up bad jokes coming up next. You're listening to the reds are radio network. My. Of state for foreign 999. Hole and a way to go with a bad jokes. Hello Leo welcome to bad jokes. I laughed all the top. My brother got married and I really the first always. Hello Steve welcome the bad jokes. Aren't thought ma. Definition of Arctic edge what is the definition of a perfect pitch and we've all bad Julie would eastern you don't hit any of the back. What do you call it now with three legs when you go down through I tried debt. Hello Melissa welcome to bad jokes. Please follow them what is efficient manner and and it. When the fish and a group of gratitude to. I Al drought there in the they're saying we're and it painted I would of the green grapes at the purple grape. The green great save to the purple grape creek did you worry. What's the worst thing you can do to a blind man bursting you can do to a blind man other than be miked through the mud bugs. Hole. Blunder in the toilet. It's. Hello I lied you know welcome to bad Duke's. Oh yeah. So why did people appreciate terminations overbearing. What do people appreciate formations over burials. I earned it. Hopefully there is well placed there hello Allen will be the bad jokes oh all job. Why couldn't a toilet paper off the road like good the tulip neighbor across the row. It was stuck in a crack. I don't know I don't plotted every manager during adapt. And deserves to be ready. Men's grill no. Just two days. Is that there's usually heads is entering dance dance even thrown vilified you're. Tells him yes indeed and today we chose to boil and oral from Oklahoma City. Oklahoma although his story takes place in El Reno Oklahoma I look I don't know this guy isn't the best boyfriend and earn. Or basically he's completely unbeatable I'll let you decide now on Tuesday afternoon. The courthouse in El Reno Oklahoma they received a bomb threat in the entire place was evacuated. The bomb squad came man and it's about two hours from them the sweeping tire place and figure out the good news. The wasn't actually a bomb boldly eventually copped the occur on Trace the threat to back to our hero Brian. And when they arrested him the next day he came clean and he admitted why did you see his girlfriend had a child custody hearing of the courthouse that afternoon. But you couldn't afford a lawyer so I dreaded buyer more time with the bomb threat. Now turns out he was arrested on one count of making a threat by explosive means and now he himself needs the money to come up with a look good. Is that the plan now that's the point you'll make a bomb threat comb and call it in an Oklahoma. Yeah I have a little bit of first Oklahoma says yeah well you think about think about everything about that every. Every one of those threats will be take answers. Yeah but what we should no matter what no matter what. When they announced that a on the same page yeah well let Obama's daughter out most of loses is as golfer that she can't get custody of her own child that should tell you everything that you need to know what is she doing right. That legislation might lose because you get especially if you're the woman who did it on the guise of one of the burden of proof for. Totally I guess and she's on a whole lot of things can homered for the blues and we drink this booze because we think it yeah MAI bank still over the tone it down the throats of party in arts how many days. Down and I hope out of their zone. Particularly I'm not alone right now 8449990. LaBroque. While this is coming up the seconds and. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.