02-02-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Can't Unsee It

Friday, February 2nd

Today's Mens Room Question: When did you NOT need to see that?​


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He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to a offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And I wanted to go in Arizona our 2762. Now. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith and low Limbaugh. The wide car. Yeah aren't men's pro. OK here comes the bad joke. Pitches the return of dead birds as the FCC. Get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines events are shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with it click clack are getting your heart you know former pizza employee tries to rob old employer with a gun. In the current employees beat his ass. When you get duct tape to your airplane seats I'm guessing you're probably not sitting in first class. Missing climber I gave her sue as a gift to a person she thought was there. Something fishy is going on most local mass in Hawaii this summer not getting air and it 45000 dollar unicycle is stolen from the red panda. I saw coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All around bad news good day to you and yours aren't there are some things that you just don't need to see. For example subway riders of New York City they recently had the misfortune of witnessing a dude masturbation. I mean I was living subtle about it authorities sit in the chair that jacket pulled over he was standing apart the door pulled out of jobs and gave them to. And a net that's their big trouble he's literally just standing in the middle of subway with the dope you look at the face it messed bit. And the cops obviously there are now looking. But that's all right a Nebraska man you want to to a local Burger King several times any study won't dead. Let's just say he played royal resolve Wahlberg you know respect is that you walk outside it would walk back handed over the failed to discard all the time. And Florida and make it may have robbed a bank in the rain down the street they get pouring money Iraq now the good news for him and for him doing that. That's all he needed to do to be found not guilty by reason of the sent. There's more than the guy in Australia he was recently arrested after he and I quote wiggle his penis at a neighbor for forty seconds. I'm not making this up he was charged. The theme of the week. And then a California man took full advantage of his apartment complexes do by using every single machine in the complex. He was used every single machine make it. And that apparently was a problem for some of the neighbors so look it's not always unexpected nudity but sometimes. They're just think even need to see that even need to see that you just didn't need to see that so today's question personable. Would did you not meet the thing that. Pro big joke by a four point 999 polo like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter have been survive and to your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Hey there Soledad however television and number 2762. Our program would have ran back. Erica on the bad jokes but does he targets are trying castle will be kick off the bad jokes right before would Greg tells with a shot of the day. The exciting return coming up Denver's is the FCC and another round of profile licences they were gonna talk about things that. Mandy. It's never going away may have won the will be forever instilled the regardless of whatever the situation was good bad ugly. You'll always remember that but the ones you seem to remember the most of the ones of the worst dad williams' song stuck in ahead this number song elect announcement and then it is firmly burn in my head without an old story homeless guy's penis I'm on the phone waiting for a bagel. And his duty turned the corner because he has repeatedly turned the corner of maturity open. And I don't know look like a pasty hot dog and I was awful on 12 but for some reason. And that moment that I sought the 2 weekday morning and trying to get to be able to go to work my death cab dame man and one CD we were a little road we will put a huge. Massive pile of human excrement over the dream of communal shower and all. I wanted to do was take a shower and as the number walking those room. You're had a Wilson matter and they come as a bit of a barrier wall and as you come around the corner. Does better is an and I can't explain why it's burned so vividly in my mind but it was very much this animal. Mean in the pac. I know he's so organized and they're not gonna feel like you're clean when you're done but what exactly what I did they teach our Margaret I can't do this but I hit and it sounds stupid all looked at a solid kids born all this stuff but even more than that. A part of human poop sitting over dream in the communal shower is formally burned into my head man. Have there yes a little showers and tough. There yet but that's not what I spent I spent like crap doesn't want people an average even guys and have sex I don't care but a pile of crap like I can't actually we work. Ladies we were outside smoking a cigarette and some guys said down and have has asked a lot of Spence and he didn't seem to mind elsewhere got it was a lease extensions were the crack it leaks on the top. Now but when you go and you work out at a gym any go into the locker room and you'll see it because it's just. There's certain people who have decency who have the ability to cover up in in in the right situations. The don't go over the top as far as their duty and nudity is concerned than you have the other group. The just doesn't care they have a leg up on the saying can move you know cut their toenails to the boys hanging down or whatever the deal is like sometimes that they just going to the gym. You see more things in a locker room that you democracy that you do. In normal day to day lives is regret it random players make it but at the same time is just a lot of stuff you don't want us. You don't steal but to prepare you expected to be there you know only if that's an approach is no place for that to happen is so auto save and it probably doesn't burn in your brain the same. It's one but it'll more than walking to a gym owners are making guys stand there and go out stamps are meant it's different over the door for your home and there's a make you guys standing there goes bugs me is. But the first time I went to a GM. Like in in in my high school lake we just kept equipment and stuff from the rule those showers for every abuse Justin really shower. Simple. That my uncle insisted me in my cousin Tom went to the gym with the east Jim and and take the shower easily. Asia is they actually got there have been shower with the with the another group of people like. We're taking a shower and drove Garnett right solid all right all right so let me back up and Tom were kinda I think we're a little bit are right we never been in the group shall now. But your shower with a bunch of other men before right or anyone for that matter that's still. You're right I expected new people we walked in there's an eighty year old dude Ben Dover in his hands because Washington is is northern but. Like very specifically. Rule or call call call call up bright guy. All share. It so why the unity was expected like I did I give you that guy right now he's burn your head. Yeah he's again Ohio State football players you walk in life but back and technical. I will I own that men failed I was up I was visiting I was visiting my grandmother and she was in the hospital. And at this point in time. She wasn't in the best shape and the room that she was in kind of operated like a like a nick you were pick Q in other words there was a bigger room. The nurses were in that room there were ten patients in there and because of where she was in her stage. She needed to have constant monitoring it wasn't too much longer that she was going to be around him I think so I go there and I don't realize. The severity of the situation. And it was strange because at some point and has always Holdren. I was like thirteen twelve do you weigh it was one of those deals where. I was on that line of a kid being allowed in this room right rather you know it but I think with the situation of where my grandmother was a white guy day and that. So there's this guy and he was like directly across from my grandmother. I keep in mind you know like the beds are facing each other. So he's over there and he's a smaller. Yeah and. And he's got a hospital down grant. But his knees are also up in the air like. He's got his leg legs up kennel like he's a married to give birth you're right knees up. Spread out and I'll look over. And I think I saw the biggest rupiah senate yeah. That I had ever seen in my life and I I could not believe. The size. Of these tested. Well. And over there are like moaning and stuff I looked over a Mike all my guy like food. They were like laying on the bed by the self reflective. None of you thank you get the you know my ears in a dog with a real long tongue and a different angle Africa has got what they look like they were I mean to this morning and hanging about now rests yeah they're resting on the bed and had a long way to go to get there but they were still. I can put this thing was was that he was out of it and so the entire time as I'm sitting there talking to my grandma and let's look back at this the last I'm really gonna help them. If you remember feeling the guy gonna learn burden here is designed just good to see if it. So the last thirty reload my you're running even even my my when I came out of a relay got things like. She's my grandfather somebody said like you know how wasn't how should do Armitage who didn't do it if there's guys. This guy's balls are using the computer is utilized. He's just short of a like it is down his open at home moms like her somebody who is like Alan you know so she goes and I think she probably thought when the distilled. My grandmother couldn't see how far I don't think she knew was going around it's easy good by this point in time might. His gallon is above it is yeah yeah yeah yeah he's learned as a starter crash hurt basically and just everything is just hanging out his legs a wide open and I thought he meant just like. Those occurred did you go pull all the way around. I don't know I just didn't get up all the curtain around them but these are frozen right out just like no one may well for everything all our guys have you know and artist airing at your testicles from those that are valued motive. We are. Piano wire haired man does know as a way to live with it written it was special when that needs to go to the story there is guiding frank Smith. Who was not related to my family I mean you don't like this idea he was a family friends everybody thought he was related to us yet again as my one uncle that really like the but he had in reality that was so big pop and I remember like seeing him in a hallway that stairwell. This is the high school that my dad my uncles and all gone too and he starts talking here Unionists mideast it right but I can't stop staring that he has a second pizza for. Right this isn't a child who doesn't Dominique this could be his belly button. And I remember telling my brother music that's frank Smith. So I second penis you idiot just don't like but to this day I mean I can see that they BC francs for this dude it was late breaks I completely that thick like hang him. I oddity. In America Dominic at that a builder report. 57 year old man phases indecent exposure other charges and Orange County after working out in his apartment complex is Jim while naked from head to tell. A consultant at the apartments off real Ronde avenue until deputy Susan part of mega man and he complexes Jim. Just before 10 AM on Wednesday. The consultant arrived at the gym defying Gary Haynes attendant who is naked and utilizing every machine in the gym. The consultants are alerts this alert and maintenance workers told deputies he ratified Hayes riding a stationary but he was nude. Without even socks or shoes the workers said and forms the police were coming Hayes immediately left the gym. After deputies arrived the complex were flagged down by men who told them the same making guy. Was lying in the grass and masturbating near pocket that they could kill as deputy found Hayes near the bond still masturbating according to move forward and you know. Deputies handcuffed case then took him to the apartment where he got dressed without incident he was booked in non. But in jail on charges of exposure of sexual organs disorderly conduct and indecent exposure they let his ass go for the grand total love. 15100. 600 bucks 600 deputies vital oil also interviewed a landscaper who said he saw Haynes wandering the complex several times that morning always naked. Landscaper says he also saw Haynes urinate in the community suing school. Saw V leasing consultant told deputies Haines had been engaged in similar behavior for about two weeks or so. And 600 bucks got as I assess the complexes in the process of evicting him from his apartment according to the report so. I can work out making and walked general pounded master bait and for 600 dollars among. That's that's almost worth that's that's chump change everything in my opinion and a pool you gotta be in the pool duty 600 dollars just to read. Drain the pool and input new water there aryan man you know we've I don't person people I know that believe you man up they'd. It's all the best known that they anxiety. Always perceived like you don't let the whole MP in it right I get to say hey man compete and blow them of their people got all my oldest us off let nobody out vital turnaround a happy Baghdad and they do I totally different it's completely different from understanding their peanuts too I could see your feet I know that Jamaican bubbles we have to look Macon bubbles. Like Durham bull in a mega ball. Yeah I'll be on top I'm gonna how well bubbles out of my home. If you move would enough it's not the same not to that's what people that area and seen deal. Listen I I'm saying the end result is no different it's just about did you put it best what you said look if it's like working. So visa him him once go over and hang out my kid to do so you know I love kids are gonna Bronfman the Ted what's the moral streaming of the kids. Well Meryl you're darkened go read the exact same statement it so why does read your quote people wouldn't understand why sentiment has not left my house. So to me that's all it is is that people know you bring the ball would you know their world you see me in a pool either I'm peeing actively. I'm going to be in the near future or impede. Recently agreed to I don't know that I could well pull that if I step out I don't know around you how big hit to a bit yes. If you like doing in the pool you have a right to feel the blood if you wanna do that I don't do a person. I think I'm right you can't no one I don't know. I think there's more coming up on the outside peeing into the pool from stockman is does that line all think he's in water same every right. But edge is now okay we now have an appearance by an unwanted penis. That that that's true that the that is okay notified turn my back to you but still generally know. And now he how cool are you turn your activity. I just you know the deck of if you could could but not the booming I don't think matters I think you'd drop logs off the edge in if you Putin employers so when he would just to both be discussed between the only Justin but again in the pool we assume you have an accident. Eternal boy and I see the message heard Florida ready I'm like oh boy if you got out of a pool dropped short a addressed mangled form a loaded like Romero who's been in a mask. Thing right now. Eight and save the day I I figured I would ever okay. I think I would just in the device are due to the poor get up in late go to the corner. They just drop the late start peed in the corner I'd be more okay with that that he had somebody. Oh sure I'm so DVR to hear the splash effect when you do not need to see. At 844999. Cola hello Blake welcome to the majority. I laugh. Though the thing I didn't need that he. Was. Well no less than we were. If they kept trading the big our big that we had. And though he waited a little long to. That's straight into their hideout they eat pounds. And Billy had a mud on it. He that at that track my brother were sitting. On that kept the the big. All being I laid in my mom had my dad. But night. In and night stand. She was gonna you know cut that it that. And. I'm Jared is now leads fairly larger thing and ideas and sounds off. They yeah I did pretty awful so. And their credit and then pull out all the stops though. And you restricted your debt and of course the big jolt did well in she got close and knocked her hand upward. And so my long said that after the fact of course you'd she thought she hit my Brothers ripped. And she did Lleyton like in the movie telling some sharp. That's something you know take a few seconds and then this third string blood yet. And she was waiting for that it never happened Bryant. She hit the hamstring. The big. And then we took it off you know off the bed and just the way it was like trying to walk around on this link laid. They really. Really hit it pretty hard LA you know. So terrible play like I was sick normal. And L Winfield got out of there are now I want you to visit I loaded the now we can storms slam man's weight they did was it also has little love it around on a bad leg and no doubt has risen. No not yet it yeah. It hadn't happened because it jolted double digits god it's answering. Opponent does that if I played in kindergarten about the big yeah I. It. Is not out of it I think it's super suburban vote. Because. It is the of course nobody has lived through it and if our own more than any other animals do love him did you stop beating more product after that. Oh no Kono held none in Omaha no matter or magnitude damn Salinger and they were at a how are all the do you have to castrate pigs in how many pigs on average read history. I'm well well letter Angolan news out there like. Twelve Romano that they were called the yearly saying and you know it just depends how many I don't know yet. So on. Yeah yeah that's part of I yeah I use it against Kansas called the gas trader to come over again. I was surely credibility I did it ourselves I guess yeah that it's worth it. What you do is use the book like there there is no particular contract medical instrument it was just like MA at a buck knife and cut this thing off both in the use pork. Yeah I mean mommy didn't you think they delegated. Now it's. On another. People who need to eat stuff. Including myself yes they wanna get a poor job and you're home and that's another doing a what do you what do you go pig after that history doesn't it given the command. It plays on a hog anymore becomes something like catastrophe as a ball hog has got testicles and sets out and basically we got Astrid I don't think it's not a. And I haven't done in coming years since it's been a long. That's still well it's just like randomized fuels. Yeah castrate that big in no time they come borrow a barrel barrel BA double ROW to design of the different cells should. She never had Cecil who feel so terrible for the for the pig I do not know how bad I would definitely look mentally feathers that story I wanted to be eaten eventually with an implicit in is the part that he missed his own story goes my and I did it does the image of Nablus the struggling because you can't wait for. The hamstring. She stressed. So if so who do you pick loosening the strings and wrap my head around Kabul just such a couple and I thought I expect the thought what happened at the paper that embodies later in October ever make a little tentative and avoid the things like a but I still have my ball. Well don't agree I don't mean don't more about my kid I will limp. I do that didn't sympathy when you do not need to see daddy four point 999 all of Mordechai is coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. HL. You don't have turned the men's room. Coming up cars are now. Says vs the FCC our question when did you and I need to see that. We go until. Sydney Australia. And out a city man has been charged with a than to behavior as well as willful and obscene exposure after police allege he twice wiggle his penis. And a fellow residents in his apartment block as far away about 430 on Saturday the accused man aged in his forties was living in that. DY. And city's northern beach when he allegedly heard swearing in yelling while he was watching TV is flat. A fellow resident walked out to see what the noise is all about before the accused allegedly exposed himself to the man for about forty seconds before pulling his shorts back up. This was allegedly in full view of other residents after being advised calm down man allegedly exposed himself again to the residents. Police were called and the man was later charged originally public says man charged with a alleged penis wiggled. From the from Sydney Australia this. Our question what did you not need to see at 844999. All odds are a couple of comments on commander says first are you guys are so funny made people think about stump or try to predict. Mean he's. Oval and watch your language hankins is traditionally used brutally Meese Meese what I did not need to see who did both chosen patchy in Thailand. Oh. I can just believe I don't know yet about them but I believe what 100 Bruce what did Lou what do you mean just in a roundabout way I would be heard while just I mean. Listen to what he sent the adult shows in Thailand yet America to let your imagination run wild I guess I mean any thing. That we get this time I am and you know to me like I don't know I mean I say I don't need at least everything I think go when I think of dialing and he just corroborated by me I just go to the beaches there was a beauty of solar is an annual goes. This guys have like a member unseat combat god bless commander in a while they always thank you never see is too ugly people kissing. I know they can't help being ugly shore but stay at a public she's you hate to Kabul to just make an out I mean just make an out and you can. Look they're younger. There obviously into each other it's a new relationship UCL a all mankind as someone who's been in relationships before and you look at it and it's just like. You're disgusted but at the same time you kind of wish you wish you. Or shore you know when. I don't I hit it last week. Which is also one like you just tell they were in Newark up front though they were kind of all over toddlers and make announced yet but is it's now on deceit not fun but it's like. I think I'm pissed off of their overall level of happiness I got hail the winner as an owner is this stuff is a real happy and they like me don't tell. Well this data knowledge it was just lately out in my Catholic. That's got to be a new release our guys just don't make out like that the bottom are gonna get laid within what ten minutes to get home you have ramblin' rams lefty yeah our mutual friends that something like that it's human while it's yet because it's a new relationship. The loud cry that room see my dad is getting old he failed in the shower a couple of months ago. And let's all jump then need to see that look like Donte'. And then finally this look like Don King my father Fred his hit movie pollution are now slowed to. When I was a kid and real full length mirror behind the bathroom door I would wonder what the hell was doing there. So found my mom has allowed friend you know the type bright colored clothes no boy control 53 and 300 pounds and has an opinion on every possible subject. So seventy that I had into the bath and upon my mom's friend bent over cheeks spread wide shaving about cracked with my RAZR all. All gone he had the look like she shaved to strip and to reduce rubber pad and I've never seen anything like incidents like god. A strip into a dish discover that the that is the description of the day's Illinois your razor man. She shaved her blood crack with your reason and don't there's a little known I would rather you get out of the pool MP back into unfortunately. A razor seems like it's just fair game for everyone involved but it's not. I know that there's no way it it seems like it's one of those everybody does it no no no I use this RAZR yes they well you know what you're. I have a degenerates and I was girlfriends razor to shave my face. Sharma in an apparent jab slow you shave anything else and run. So does not share my our pets okay but only with someone else's razor. Outrebounded our rule bluntly that the boys like I'll buy you the Mallory. I've appeared but I the beard Trimmer I don't I never trimmed my beard outside a mustache you know orchestra and tubes in our business okay I've played my buddy used my beard Trimmer once right. In a pinch that I didn't say anything I think you can use my beard Trimmer and he said all right then used it and then when he was done he looked at me and said. To be clear I know you shake your junk with this. I need to shape. And are now we never spoken to they did win now what did you not need to see that a 44999. Cola. Hello does then welcome to the regular. So I used to work got me into her sheltered downtown Seattle and back. Where you knock on this gentleman's door that it bunker coding and I. Majority have their political news coming and then that luck getting there is a naked man who gave me and watching people aren't. Cluttering up and ready they opened the door he really doesn't go. All. I know it's. Really think I thank them. I had breakfast during active today moved it should be serious thing that makes me share still today was the icons. Doing pretty eye contact and just the fact that he's and is open the door all my card approval of our day it but it is an uncle Albert. Click on broken up. Yeah basically it's going to I don't know. So opening Eudora Bakken waterfalls and had there's nothing you can do about the timing bomb and opened the door and Joseph has got but he put upon us. No to do that close your valuable you can give us that now man out me is that good he could go to entered. Pantry measure ready ginger Chan brackets with the Contras in my face create more hours on a like a sting went solo. When did you not need to see at a far far 999 Nolan. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.