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Thursday, February 1st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. I'm still resulted standing by color 9844999. A little player profile this in minutes. The letter and I've got to wait one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working all right employees at a goodwill in Florida found a loaded grenade launcher in a pile of donated stuff. How much terror last week. What is segment called for a yeah support now considered to goodwill I discovered the man wanted to look for good will still had a grenade inside. And it's got to be just in the state. Is they think. Now loaded grenade launcher and very big double box in the corner doesn't know the box got NN regular budget boxes against messed up and extend something what's what's scarier. It's scary that somebody legit put it there are sticker that somebody just misplaced a little baker gave a few as one double miles O'Brien right and others some guy in the conversation now look at how it. You didn't do a little rug with a single loaded grenade launcher right next to the chainsaw on the old. Danang in its Florida so there that's a good point getter. Better model wears the but that's incriminating bouncer because that's really think Doug Peters and Florida. Gave her mama. Get liquid diet tomorrow the third but and that's the real aggressive you know blew the thing that he's been the very end if yes. LZ gonna kill Ted. Well you receive make those usually does little pistols they have like Arizona and stuff to just hold you shotgun shells per until it's makes. I think I might note to plan ahead for opinions please mr. Smith heat. We'll blow that turned into crocodile salute. Or shoot near revolt took all I. A drug driver in Louisiana with a blood alcohol five times the legal limit stopped in the middle of a sobriety test. Because he was quote going to jail anyway it's. He was right deadlines because of the play. You folic that he didn't want to win Austin and I'm just fail me on all this stuff and get to these cards which far do you think that he quit and I'm thinking as the foot race. You walk in a line and I think an instance there's the vote of the vehicle's fuel vigorous I went yeah and I diseases it bought next and I was jumping back. This fact. We colored from Amazon would just ran into a new patents further her wrist band attracts employees hand movements. That terrifies me all right. Saw. No you know bill supposed to be here but it looks like he's going to be run and laid out in China right now pick pick pick and he is still known. Here as he says you know that is good car I don't know that I know if you are scared about if this new way you relay today and I Revere well no he's made it maybe is great and we think. Those figures I know how about some guy who is bill playing dungeons and dragons in my office again. Who he's going western grip that's different people all all off the occasions when Nazi. Yeah it. Yeah it's a good golf guys sincerely graph marathon you're the casino we know we thought well there are so Obama borrowed by exact. To cleaning the vacuum again it's fifty. If the. The feeling I'm I was peeling inherit this. There ha ha ha ha ha na nah not if. The the shot in some corner we don't know later recluse who did the track my dancing with the Mickey and flak jackets beat the accident. Yeah dude I was original agreement with all the birdies made tomorrow palaces gimmick you come back and see if it gets a what can emerge and he. This guy I wake up in the morning skinny cucumbers and then back to sleep before our guy. Scrambled eggs every morning. That's important that the back of the life of tiger they did boom for whom want to apply it to my man make it a nice segue through the exercise. I always sit on my hand before it's gimmicky company. He couldn't. Thanks to the principles. Burger without bad. You know you'll excuse if you and just this. And also cucumbers. The sprint at that time. Similarly you get results on equipment equipment whenever not at that never happened there that if you don't think you're apple the thing I think that. And we don't need all that in between garments and timid and you're gay recently found fifty gold coins with a metal detector and thought they were worth over 350000. Dollars but they weren't. Turns out they were just prop from a TV show on time. Mom. Man. And I thought depending on the TV show you a little much of not garner met this guy about this metal detector he had dreams of striking it rich signed today is as. You never want and he digs down there's a bad with a string tied around the top he opens it up with real dollars I lose. And it finally happened I mean you've got to think this guy is still fist. Far be solved man sales of metal detectors would go wow thirty full lot actually when you buy that thing you have dreams of riches. I'm unaware of relative anonymity about 530 yeah I remember him away from my wife early. When Amazon's dragon battles this. According to an annual study the best places to get married this year or Orlando. Los Vegas. Atlanta. LA and Miami why are you telling me the Cleveland dropped out of the top five issues gaffe. Well old world news. Indianapolis we'll exchanges so much you can't keep up about stuff singing anywhere in Florida is just gonna be two bombing entering. I think well I'll tell you my friend I went away Miami was awesome what does have this path. You know watch the Pro Bowl while black. Did you white suit. Now we can't get behind. It was it was growth and cocked but it it was a ton of fun and kept. Does the best way to lose these when growth and how. Hot horrible and it's not a fun it is so humid it is so hot like you feel to ghostly all the time but you're having a blast I hired them like. It's the most fun you can have won't feeling discussing a gradually fell little pool boy clothes off and is a limit you don't have time to change you've got to where you went closed. What. You can never really good. Oddly enough the bridegroom use those same words for both the wedding and the night after the wedding gross and hot through the cashing out of it while it Allegra women are gonna tomorrow whether the rule of law. According to a new study we are relocating as much as we used to. Just ten point 9% of Americans moved last year and that's the lowest rate in fifty years ago back home and not gone ten dollars in note nine of the people it is and and I think that's against pretty standard. Now I cannot move this here. The smooth like ten miles. Yeah this is why all one near thirty. I hope no room. All right I kept size up the roots yes you did. And you're back to roots. I think he yeah and vital had been black it's that if I if if if they couldn't time them onto roads. No margin coming along. I think if I can't find any cut topic is Mike who lives across the street from it. And a guy who doesn't because if there's a church over there I think a lot of great and a into the neighbors who have. Is my fifth. I OK no that's. You move next door to your sister miles and miles away from the the national instant stuff. I'm best friend I'm Michael Moore Moore won it my best friend or husband. The dead. It makes everybody we get the audio rubber feet. I forget what you admit I didn't would get a good read that this lap that I thought cut ties banned until I added I do not want to add. He's. I will overcome. And finally people can't I think it's bigger ticket. You've got to don't quite know book. People can't get their hands up move on certain body part of Abraham Lincoln's what bipartisan avail about a one hour from now it is like instrument. They are guy headlines are coming up one hour now towards the guy who love. Street sense. This is a drug to please everyone how profile this is playing that's our camp miles that the simple game where we showed you know real life news story. Something did happen right here. I'm planet earth. Our our. And as you listen to the store and based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make molest you when it is you think they story a story. Hello Conrad welcome to the men's room. I thought wow I Conrad you read you understand how does your day was play. I do fantastic. We go to lose and we're police in Slidell and asking for the public's help identifying. A house burglar who try to hide his identity. With a towel. But only after realize that he was on camera while he was incited a home. Now alters responded to a residential burglary and approximately eleven million and all the all the suspects stole the homeowners surveillance camera in an attempt to cover of drags. Little did you know the video back up to the nano. Well the police there have been eligible to help identifying the suspect he describes being a home mail and we'll lots of hair and the suspect is also word a large cross match. That's much like he did you question is do you believe that this genius is black and white Maxi Ortiz. I'm Blaine and toward black and white initially what are you guys again. Frosts. Cross I wanna say to me eliminates Asian. Yes. White people don't normally Wear a big crops. Some do. Just the I'm just trying to figure you concede jewelry. External. They specifically CPT to cross from the outside the captain. Whose son of surveillance and we like was it just called across. Was there any reference to bleed. That did not say bullying it simply says he hopes. I sued to do it the rumbling normally is shown. But normally get didn't. Where I don't know. I'm announcing a lot of people a lot of women Wear jewelry that has like a bigger cost that's normal low hanging necklace and how he would keep the entrance it yet. Ha ha ha ha ha. I don't know art house burglary house burglary right grabs dump over space and realizes Cameron's. Chairs the camera down thinking that this battle over strength doesn't know it goes on to the cloud but the council of foreign. You were jewelry to a robbery he. You know I'm gonna guess why Conrad Conrad I think I'll go on black. Yeah I got some relatives down in that and Louisiana down there and I. I'm of the they could Michael miles daylight. You're like final answer. If there are gonna find out it feels like white ninety or Asian Mets bat with a team you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Phases of Louisiana and Robert trying to break into a house and know they really succeed the two of them but he got cots on these security surveillance camera even though he had been written down because we. Images go to the cloud either way he has been captured he had done across chain around his neck you try to cover his head with a towel to avoid being protected but I guess that more. Any Indy fail we'll comrade wins few did you think that he knew from black white makes your age is a new agreement miles and you went white. Ash. At all sorry man. Yeah Ted you know and in fact look it through with just how good. Yeah Cano and right to vote for Republicans if you pick. Drew we don't rob me look good. Yeah. Now proud TV is all about clarity talented. And now. Sure. And did countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Super Bowl performances is there one that stands out to you that you remember spreads. All right and that there is no one likes a mama. I really I just. Bruno Mars did a great job one year. The first time he didn't wanna say he's done a couple times most of the performances themselves are fine but none of them are particularly memorable to me. I mean even Janet Jackson thing the the fallout was memorable but I I didn't even see when that happened. Yeah I mean I think for meat. Yes but how remember. I remember Bono and U2. Although that was already celebrated I think there was like the first credible I went there after September 11 and Bryant and his jacket at the flag and it. Like I remember that how I I don't remember Whitney Houston go to a National Anthem yeah break is that was the first time we were Arab war in the Persian gulf we had been a war and you and you know decades in the business and is looking at that list in its entirety as you go back in time you see like in nineteen. Rambling on a girly marketing and Aaron Aaron there it was just it was a different halftime show. So what does that more famous halftime shows. With Katy Perry as is a few years ago but mainly just. Memorable because left shark there's two sharks that were dancing with the right and then left shark it appeared kind of messed up some that dance movie didn't know what he was doing. So now after two years of silence left shark Brian god has come out it was a what he has to say about before minutes left shark. I'm in a seven foot blue shark cost him there's no cool there's no cool enact so what's the other option. Obama played different character okay Ottawa this is a moment here and America they thought you were totally loving this so naturally what character we are you going for. Is underdog is that every person now showing I'm I don't have to be perfect you don't have to be perfect nobody has to be perfect and I. And you would like to me like I'm looking in the hazard at this you planned this 100%. Then you planned this character and it isn't it ever her seat. Actual steps tonight. My free sound young man not necessarily to you rehearsed being a little goofy humor herself a little goofy we thought there was maximum yet multi. Totally. Yes poll data via all left shark. It to come out there to two years of hiding and be like god planned it she practices won't know but I played I intentionally sucked yeah I. Lion house consistently why you know his line based on this right. You don't. You're not dancing with Katy Perry at the Super Bowl are on stage at halftime by accident that's only comparison they need to get the job and that's what you do it. You put the time and effort and obviously you have the ability to dance in your doing a four of the biggest pop stars along the biggest dangers for one of the most watched veteran. You screwed up because the thing is. In view of that opportunity you would try to do your best because I don't would you put your resume out like hey man how out of love shark. But Kate Herbert are performed at the Super Bowl during halftime one of the biggest pop star and work will come to. But now you're the guy Sharma of Sharma met the shark is a liberal snowflake. Yeah well and what sharks would favor is because he didn't know the dances by the way if you wanna. Revisit Katy Perry at left sharks crazy moves cash you check out of it I do Nolan chart continue to dance and her group and continue to go on tour so either he did that because he did know all the dances. Based on the songs as his normal part but just not dressed as a shark. It's obvious I think I don't know what I hear him say that would that doesn't convince me that left shark was really probably average of his and they are going rogue. Yeah I think I would he went rogue at all I think he just forgot some of the dances and I will see this would you re watching it it's not as glaring. Price as at first I also this of pop music street is the first thing today where every watched that video artists like. This looks ridiculous but porcelain tradition is the outfit she's with her good looks ridiculous there's dancing charts there's a dip the beach ball. Going on here yeah. Well and I will say I mean even if you look at some of these iconic think David Bell write them but he kinda is is a pop star. And you look at some of that stuff and it's likely. It's a strange yeah it really pop for what they bulk of its popular music's obviously changes all the time but at least he was always got a weird. Oh he was consistently we're gonna Katy Perry doing what would happen well Lady Gaga benefits that mold of artistic pure. Yeah but I think it's hard. You're right. And I think if you're artistic about it it's a little bit different but it's hard because it's just pop music you know who I'm Justin Timberlake in Miami when they brought the sharks is that what they want a charge so little as the significance of the biblical ocean themed. Was the song as you put a California girl provoking idea Detroit with the school near me is our legislators are via press politics I don't know what her all the song is about the beach but I'm guessing aren't I don't know I don't remember the name that starts in advance I'm just wondering what does it not the military and land shark no longer stadium her leg what's going out there was just her performance of demanded sharks it's got you. Which the constant burning and correct. They should they it's an outfit there they were like had wakes up in announces strong quote fake checks. Think sharks. IDC. This where I saw one of the commercials coming up pretty good. Alexa law loses her voice and have the use other voices they can be creepy you're just kind of funny but there's some good wins out there. At the I was amazed I was watching some people's league does an innocent guarding me and I know watch the Super Bowl commercial with back. Like that is party B yeah from now you know she deserve Burke. Pringles this year try to convince you to stack leaders to make new ones. Stack Flickr sold to tell you my tasting flavors they have stack them individually so that the dust Russ rubs off from one to two next. Correct basically I think they just want you to buy more cans of Pringles. It could be a process that I had combined and I got a lead honestly the more I have Pringles and I've O I was go for the little tiny mini cam it's in your hotel room you. If they're not as good anymore. Maybe just the power was better for me is akin. No I think your pal forces did a much more delicious. Are you go either that we as good a horrible but you don't need a payout for potato chip but well I realized I didn't taste more just the our special opportunity it right GAAP and does he eat more cardboard flavored. But there's something delicious inviting viewers to believe you are sort of like a delicious garlic really consult off cardboard what does delicious crispy scoreboard. Like I'm OK without Carly nobody even more to mood inclined to give potato sticks. And pretzel. Moving our moment terrible proposal potato sticks she got a can. As a kid I mean yeah I do put you know pretty both. Yes because I am but I would flavors would you stack. I go sour cream and find our egos are driven on it and then play either barbecues and they go to I agree I don't at a bar I met the barbecue do not give play. Bank well anyhow they want to stack up. Natural light. I think this kind of a good idea natural light appear the icy drink that by the truckload how old were. Eighteen all right. I'm with you I still love natural light they're given away one million college debt relief to 25 winners and I'm like well yeah you're late. Back to Steve's heart that your actual light they took all the sales and you gave it away. Now basically if it yeah. But it just makes sense to like the idea college binge drink our beer and let's pay for rewards them. Once they are regularly but I gonna drink and an odd if the time he thought that was going to be the next Bud Light. Those Budweiser is Tim tonight a light beer it was great to was delicious it was affordable housing man you gonna buy this by the truckload. Now. I will say I've a buddy in Saint Louis and he still basically exclusively to expect great beer and a they didn't cold and you're going to pick it up was that move has given no stormy. I'm. Stormy Daniels before her. I mean storming it. Our stormy nah I got your mantras if you're gonna have outlets and I told might disagree. If you're gonna have a porn star involved in a presidential scandal sure I don't know you can pick a better person in stormy Daniels friend her name is stormy she's a tall blonde with huge fake tubes like she looks the part right yes and she obviously signed this non disclosure she can't say anything but doesn't stop the story from there when it views. I think your boy I wish I'd probably just went dorm but that's what stormy is perfect read. I'm disclosure tells you everything you need to have only one reason you sunny mound issues not because you have nothing to tell also that tells you everything you need to go. But when bad I just thought a majority it would have to object handles what would be in the stormy Daniels. You go to bargain order a stormy day and you know the Jack Daniels part we got today Moscow. When that storm too big chairs over. Donna Daniels entered Jerry's its hi Jack Daniels and Colo one went ice cube and then you take about Jackson's. My home. Are you insinuating that. And then over about rates if stormy Daniels you could he show you could just could trigger dark and stormy ginger beer in round that's never would have a breakout. Back at Andre story NATO does that make of Iraq how. She's like she doesn't really answer the questions so of course we have to go to the hardest hit a reporter Reno Jimmy Kimmel to get the truth. I know you either do or don't have a non disclosure agreement which. He didn't have a non disclosure agreement do you have a non disclosure agreement to marry. You can't say when you have a non disclosure agreement Bob if you didn't have. Non disclosure agreement he almost certainly could say I don't have a non disclosure agreement yes you're so Smart and I thank you very much. I might give a guy and he figured out. Fights that's stormy Daniels right manufacturer feels of people right now its intent. A Philly you just make it front you know the president to the right with stormy dates of those for you folks it is it hurts me that I'd like to Kennedy's. But we gotta talk a frontal. Joseph Kennedy did today's I was in who's obviously who's the grandson of Bobby Kennedy because that he gave. The lake real official rebuttal. Audience democratic. Response. Correct the democratic response so I don't know if you heard he had a ton he had very shiny lips. Un. What do you brunt of the space right and it's it's. It's one of those things right like I'm part of the daily rubio and remember like had the mile water submarine water immediately for whatever reason if you're you official or bought only keep you suck some some just doesn't go right doesn't collect. Right you just got out now ruins their neck four that there was this guy what they Toronto writes obviously Joseph Kennedy's been catching a lot of flak about a shiny look at this if you look at it. Or shot and it jolt. Eat eat eat eat eat it it it's good are you doing before this I think if he's talking about a little bit. One final question do you couldn't completely skipped the curse of the state of the union response I Twitter had a field day. You shiny lips and did you bring your chapstick this morning. Did I did oddly enough I does that go a little bit bad light on the chapstick which is probably a wise choice. Shiny I candy for the rest of his life there's no matter what he says what commanders on him at mount. Prefer I like about the fact that he is speaking to. Basically people who have only lived in the United States and only speaking it was their entire public. Boone. Amigo yeah. For a day here of yards. It. Befriended a friend a true or non. Is he out thought doesn't let that guy. How he think he beat me if I don't know that we all being examined in the country. One of the best jobs I think that anybody can have this year working around Super Bowl is Darius Rucker Darius Rucker is booty. Well he you know he's been called booty for a lot of years he is shooting in what one of the Odyssey of a great band that doesn't get enough credit which was who view the blowfish. We all know that carries extra six successful country artists as well as a massive content are very well that in that that genre so. And also. Darius Rucker loves football. Ever since I was five years old unlawful Paul and hello how physical is like. I love the chess match the game I love you know Arnold speed of the game. And that's why I think I love cause trouble before me walks and approval polls has got to cut the speed so much more and but I for me to tell the American football season and policies. Eight sums it up pretty gore Mariah. Aaron and I bought billions every hundred yeah well the dolphins' front estimated crack. I underground. The was missing the green is the Jesus who Darius Rucker as the best job though he sees all the pregame show ogle and my girl talking about this but what is known is probably an hour late hours before the Super Bowl he'll be in the parking lot like playing a song. And then they'll bring him on stage and go live earth before the phone or preacher checked off our act. They don't really go on them odd that he would kill my guess would be he would go patriots he has. Asked to pick because of Jesus skins fan growing up in South Carolina which are going to guess and he would hate the Eagles naturally if my no correct guess would be the pay the public. I was sailing above it like I'm sure will be a massive honour to be the musical act we Timberlake is. It's the place to see provoke. But I'm like wait a minute bedazzled me to do the free party and the Humphrey for a I didn't drink you want to brag brag on Melo well don't make me work during this thing. Fifa except if you miss it off like Justin Timberlake he's gonna miss half of the game because he's backstage where to go on taking as much in his vocal start taking everything is going all you. Brian is the first that these. Yeah yeah I'm telling you Darius got the got everything going on here. About why some say it's stormy Daniels and advice to Jerry's civil syrup whipped cream and undisclosed liquor that comes from a bottle with a label and in undisclosed later undisclosed looking for a job very soda and strawberry soda instead of Coke that will be these prudence and Jack Daniels is Robertson. Also too late just played a stereotype of like a porn star whatever we have to put them in the super fancy and and it shouldn't belong in there assuming a smells like and I'll. Hello hello hello gaffe that Harlow coach Jerry cotton yeah that's what it would be. You have buddy usage and a lot of Vanilla vodka. So then when Vanilla Coke like reemerged and we couldn't drink it that they still denies that it is like booze to a senator Graham yeah. Recently the bottle talks that would like you via the rumor. It means I'm often either. But the market talks are people don't even though right thumb by the way some of points a Darius Rucker he hates to be called booty. Yes but to be fair. If you are the front man and bam you called who he and the blowfish. Forgive us at all and who he. In the glow we ran into so will we see you ever would assume you Rudy into memorable of we ran into the hallway Allentown Baltimore he was absolutely just displaced as we were so hot and who's gonna go play golf. News is like yeah. Man yet nice to meet you now get them very nice to. He was does so it's no really I'm we all realize when used to in country music are still was he was up here at station next elicits country right. So he's in the elevator and I'm walking by. And like dished three duel in there and that is code that is. The other stuff into. Yeah. OK thank you thank you got the white man. And Internet address and he fatality to protect a patent on the fifth ethic that I think at that occur. So we don't see these Wrangler jeans MR now. Speaks. Well Mahan our technology designed what I listen. Darius Rucker he's sober now does not drink any thing of all I know he's friends are there Marino and the spurs and we've she's a hard court dolphins fan well. You know let. You're right the other guys in the blowfish. With the Redskins fans but I mean literally I think that a little unfinished rooted for the Redskins and he's up but he really right he wrote that lyric in there right the profits they decry so obviously we should realize he's a massive dolphins are. Yeah I Russo who it is and it's not a already damaged areas numerous such separation between duty in the blow. I just can't believe me I. IC was the pressure musically I know there renew this voters right I don't know how little nugget military Vick is my buddy played does soccer for the University of South Carolina which is Darius Rucker driven well the real blowfish trivia Tony who is the drummer and who read the book a blowfish was the goalie for the University of South Carolina assaulted I would event northern big dog dialogue law there. He was in the box that was as news at six foot I don't know club located at the food if it. It and it's South Carolina. College football games do you go with they play. Right before the games to get everybody pumped up into the game puck comes out well. 2001 a space Odyssey. Really do like the host aliens going crazy back then you broke open a copy that's the name of the Japanese mascot it did not caged. And they dropped the screenings at their ballot knots. That's only if our government. All right so if it's editorial read your headlines gallon up wit my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening the real. I'm here to support Bob Barr comes the rescue offering Philadelphia 110 gallons of blue to green is their drive polls. Meanwhile we go to a bar in Florida where aid patrons six of American bar mascot named Cheryl then rolls. We'll stay in Florida where they sign language interpret nerds are giving deaf people chuckle. He looks they capital can stop touching statue of Abraham Lincoln's face knuckle. An ambulance refuses transport Cleveland man shot sixteen times it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Here's Mike caught. Hash out Dario in the Utah State Capitol there's a bust of Abraham Lincoln on the fourth floor that seems to have attracted the attention of tourists over the past twenty years. Specifically his notes there's no reason to employ over twenty years have been rubbing the nose of the bus just like merit. So much so that the protective layer has been completely rubs dolphin nose. Now Melissa is this Gold Beach. Well yeah nobody knows my one of the about a low I don't get it. Probably good luck or something Roberts notes rose to hear the guy go Beers. I don't feel like after awhile his nose just looks so wanted that now you can't help but rub it like give all different ballgame ballgame. Mike at the University of Maryland on campus and from one of the library it's. They have a terror strike. And so their there's one leg of the football stadium that they ran that they run out five to this one in front of the main library the campus is supposed to be good luck for your fans if you rub to studios notes. But seeing things he has the Sheen on it right and it's like shy because so many people's increasing their hands revenues net of. As for good luck if you look as good as hooligans because of the zones are still feeling his wanna go but doesn't that I guess what part of the statue of David throughout room for good paycheck at at the small part of as saying yes. Ahead. Room you'll figure a way that it it feels left. Around the world Florida officials are having a crackdown on an interesting issue. They found the woman that offered her services as a sign language interpreter during televised briefing wasn't conveying their messages at all. They found a bit instead of talking about incoming hurricanes other weather warnings and even briefings on wanted suspects. Thorne was instead speaking gibberish including warnings about pizza and a big bear. Only at the moment great team voluntarily went to these places and said look if you need to do press conference I'll offer my service a gun as he goes up there and just starts waving her hands rather no one questions. And then deaf people watching on TV going what that Ellis says. And finally she got causes a complete fraud right generous and multiple times oh yeah for all kinds of froth out but this is brilliant analyst but I love this woman. This is also. Just to golf on television star waving her hands around debated that's great. If nobody Jack nobody Jack merit and nobody's watching the things that nobody actually checks. No you know it's does that deaf people actually watching and saying anyway and now they call around that's exactly what happened is that you go bust. One time it happened at a depth personal that you watch in the prison Howland was you know way Louis Armstrong for a while I don't get it out sure. But let me get a few of these every year in which case nature scores against man however this month got a little bit of a twist on it. A man from COLT Croatia who prided himself on big game trophy is made his way down to South Africa to Annie lion to his collection. He did manage to bring down a line on the voyage but on his way to claim his prize he took a bullet of his own to the shoulder someone shot him. The 75 year old was airlifted to the hospital but died of his injuries is he still unknown who or quad shot him. The guy who shot him should be able to take his head and torso home and they get them out and run the ball however the other animals ray today condemning needed. Boil it petrified undisputed big game animal like we don't know taxpayer whenever I think I'm sure you can you can make it look real enough. Yet the that would be cool Magellan badly like you walking my shot a croatians. But who took the fifth of opponents in line instead so Croatia's South Africa or not he's been a growing what are the other thing grows beyond a kayak. Course he went for the old one healed exactly who's. In Oklahoma man's does girlfriend going into court to fight for custody effort children but without an attorney so we decided to help. He came up with a brilliant idea of calling up the courthouse and putting in a bomb threat devised reference from time to get an attorney Eric that works every time and fortunately he now needs one of those off yes he does. He has little to do. And I got it and we'll Andre. Equivalent due to a technicality a man was shot sixteen times and able to get an endless has taken the hospital. Police found them on the side of the road having escaped the shooting but not before sustaining sixteen bullet wounds if please call Bernie do as for the city was so overrun with calls of their ambulances were already going to other destinations and because he drove out of Cleveland city limits. The city would not send one of their own ambulances to pick him up even though he was shot in Cleveland. Because he drove out of city limits is that no fees your problem. I ended about it but it how it'll violated my crews are Mike did you ever watch the Dukes of Hazzard non now oil analyst Louis okay when they left hazard coming through all bets are off. Everything all they had to do just cross that Kelly love little Roscoe might have been shot on any time to get shot sixteen I thought it was a joke like are we get the browns when I was sixteen. A man who shot ten. Doesn't realize that you got the news. Led genuine present there Michael DNA sample return a bad joke Sanchez vs the SEC the Saturday another round profile there's this is David is all drew we'd be all about the bench but we shall return until then. Would you do bass than poorly this thing. Okay.