02-01-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Makes Things Uncomfortable

Thursday, February 1st

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Super Bowl Dipping Sauces, Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. I don't know I saw this coming up ahead seven out dead meat and potatoes. Like those sauces on your wings for other Super Bowl all that coming up with the head Jeff. At any time the game is big dummy for Ford 9990 let's see those are next contestant ready play the game hello hunter and welcome to the men drew. Under children until. Not sober hunter. I'm sure we ever shot and killed an animal. Putting yet and yet ridiculously low back chairs the BB gun was pretty cool off until Siegel that let you kill Siegel. You can looting and only trash and it's well trash Rebecca Hudson 910 poems and that that's good. But he titillated championed the idea that they kill their mind is does he flew literally champion hurt him here in customary closing didn't guy uses a new way. And I heard evidence he was ready to load studies later this there was an I guess it is. You know he's he's great and no French Fries in the camp how would you rather fight a six draw the size of Andre the Giant or an MMA fighter the size of petered Eggleton. Socially nor did Germany you'll you'll see him he noted that the need to go deep debt in an edition model also. A little scooter senator to go in the six year old under the Jack. Yes and Jack. Called students got to cut with an international federal I don't know if that's Alston. 3333336. Didn't back bureau and a six year old. Pam am OK okay I will probably that you are also different there are always Super Bowls did Troy Aikman with. Hello. To me. Pretty went to a Jimmy in the moment Barry Switzer that's exactly correct yeah that's exactly it. There is no dummy for parred 999 all of those are next in Desiree play the game I honestly forgotten about Barry Switzer won a series. Berries and I don't know I know all of whom do they throw the keys and say just drive it straight. Did nick and I happened in. In Tampa with Tony Dungy is well. Didn't gruden basically put that team together the tragic imminence of the championship. Basically in Tampa yeah those grooves but gruden Steve and then Tony Dungy comes in for one year they know they like go to a little short same exact thing the de Chile coming for one year. He was there for awhile after that but the first year teachers there there I still feeling sorry it just seemed like Tony Dungy was coaching so when he did he make switzer you read the stories that is terrible for my family didn't win a super although they just went right they will want to put on yes they do and they beat the they beat Oakland that you write with gruden. They beat Oakland I think so maybe not everybody haven't won yet resembles the sap super. Disney dummy four point 999 all of those are next contestant right to play the game but not come out before remove off. If the comments coming up an object at rest stays at rest okay acted upon. An object emotional content of this game and all choppy every action has an equal reaction I took every action has an equal and opposite reaction. An object in motion stays in motion an object at rest stays at rest and those acted upon by an outside force. OK so you're having erection when your sleeping that's the outside force. But that was it was at rest but don't amount to 2000 object in motion okay yeah okay aren't. It was big dummy for 49990. Who's our next contestant ready to play the game she would deal we have he's employed them so easily learned a school much easier to. Hello Larry welcome to the men drew. All on its. Larry are you sober or not sober. And I welcome the show that we appreciate it very up miserable today. We drove by the six year old the size of under the giant or an intimate fighter the size of Peter dig it. They could be a more since I go with the little man. You gonna go Peter de good you did today adding staff. He thought it was management. The bigs does being stuck and hurts like hell but it takes you out the dingle dangle there. Are what weather phenomenon is measured. On the Fujita scale. Who cheat. They'll. Go with it typhoon. It hasn't heard a lot Google yeah. Believe tornado tornado after tornado left little left OK I was never just another. But generally be allowed to take the only thing if it F four or like a really bad voodoo like an F five and vibrant. I don't know how you would measure a tsunami but I would. Guess that second. And argue logo. Tsunamis like tidal wave right did you think they make their estimates public water came in and the level right so in Indonesia what Chris was 2004. When that hits in Greece although the images and everything and but at some point in the broadcast les pointed exactly how much water coming in how highly regarded as terrify my goodness yeah military and aren't what instrument did you to play in the buckets band. I have nerves were. The blue moon. Oh there's no government birth. We'll work. Rogue priest. Empire stadium that was your original name of what stadium in England. You broke up can you tell and again. Yeah empire stadium that was the original name for which stadium in England. When it. Only got. Me a little while the O two arena I don't know that I can name another stadium. Well I'll write you watch T yeah yeah I know he had words every bridge. Where's Tom there's one place just of the stadium of light the stadium of light yeah that's the name of the stated yeah that's her I'm pretty sure that's where. Are those old Jean Marie like Lester the daytime diva like income yes. There's big dummy four point 99902. In another contestant Ryan played two games hello Christopher welcome to the mid drew. Halo Chris Cooper's. Live Bono. I prefer sober enough over. Unfortunately former first welcome the show. I'm miserable today it's about getting into a fight but rather funny thing throw the size of Andre the Giant or an enemy fighters the size of Peter vaguely. You know we'll definitely got pinned in this summer ago suggests you're gonna go the six euros. There granted it is really go seven for 500 went down. Yeah 520. Pounds six. By the way while we had a completely backwards. Tony. It's great. Tony Dungy built the Buccaneers and then gruden came lose containment brothel when. Phase we would only bowl first. And endure dungeon vividly do and they've Manning and and then he got there OK. As you're absolutely everybody would do our guards. And they beat the raiders a year. We must got that right go to bitching about it I'm assuming there is no good that we got that part right now nearly bar we have exactly that no guarantees. I'm sure everyone will levels. All right here is your question what company brood harp lager. Pool. I had no idea who this day is bin Laden's. You didn't. Hear news from. They rode together. They've got a new announced it is it's an American style though. The whole American style and then it's. About time. You make Eagles are here forever blue pill is not part of your question the correct word. For a female dude is not due debts it's worked. Apple news. Yeah I had no idea to hole it can do. Well they do great range and so I was a little more media so I feel secure any female range handle whatever you reduce the AppleTV didn't. John Kennedy is our media duty a duty and just we're concerned that's gotta run but I lady cavaliers. Carl what is surged. What does search for more unborn are big boobs or small groups. Oh. Or. You can put it eloquently did some nebulous the thought into small deuce. It is not a big Booth head. More surface over. Completely. And obviously I looked OK I do think Lou count me in left cut at the you got to move the once it. All right we're going to have a beer bottle what does acronym IP a stand for. You got a big drinker right. I'm getting you know I know look you'll Danica lo a lot of beer aside create. Peer imperial Palin will see. Uphill. There is an imperial Taylor. There isn't imperial itself will not rest a different kind of an animal that you write that does exist. But that's not the bad news editorial idea right back aerial India pale I. EPA. Technically I'm right just not correct enough. Didn't expect correct enough also known as wrong yes. And what city did Rosa Parks famously refused to give a perceived on the books. Pull. A little bit. Montgomery Alabama I'll do all the people who go to Washington. You've never been this you know this could be just don't know why people on the bus to Washington. Now may have particular trails they subway made the correct another bus that's. Chris Evert if we got killed in a lesion I PL would you drink it. Oh okay and I would do my head and I PLO. I think we got to tell you Rolando and running a good idea is that idea because I will fail you're going to write it Internet is inevitable right we're just telling you told me and drew a political I kinda idea there. The logo have a little yet learned from rise yeah doubles just to be letting go going to do I don't going to be for the logo he started double steal put crazies organ of the ID failed and I have. So easy he will go crazy for. Most adults have comedy canine teeth. For. Marrying us and 1494. Tenancy manner very important here as of the vanities yeah OK okay very good a game. They're gone again known as big dummy still to come hedge DeVon house of talk as far as your wings go. What flavored sauces deal I got there as a Super Bowl is on the way and also the return. I'll know as Sherlock and dirty Germans coming up with your email requests in the men's room and men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Yeah Elena was traveling south we'll find out with says meat and potatoes reversed we have time for a few emails here for the men's room mad men's or live dot com. Oh just today is my daughter may have. Third birthday she was born at the end of the Super Bowl and I'm afraid she's going to be a pats fan because of bats. I took today off to have a mommy daughter dates can she please get a little kid faced sandwich that from a lady bear Jenna. All of the first is my daughter Claire seventh birthday hopefully no brawls that are cheese such refugees party. If possible would be great for a second up cupcake and the dirty Germans and what they do to singing rodents at parties. Thanks as they also guys that from charter Chris from Oklahoma where the wind blows down your free canals listening to us on the legendary cat down there. Oh. And moon normal Turkey she's going to multiply and won't. I just played too cute clap for the mouse music. Won't whose musical rent. They should you get extra pizza did nothing bet that the Iraqi civilians who got pizza then after woods. Dad who took performance and think that people taking too too close to the six foot branch. But soon through food are you hungry I think the rat and he's an old blue beads around goes around here comes up pizza. It was an important part of that grade. Only had my boyfriend Jared 31 birthday today listens to your show every single day. And get a shot up please heed especially appreciate and Al hitting the window and a little Ozzie Ted. Oh yeah. That stated commitment that it's a very day has come Monday analysts say the State's ball. Regular day jobs are Sundstrand as a driver 32 years old today. For Trevor how about a cut that vigil. I read now. Neck and we're Travis how about an original barber shop they sandwich we're so proud of these guys thanks and from the mob of BP and I can if this. And email so you know oh my god you run. Brother can nine enemies and win this blue cheese and it's under on this. Eight. This is gonna get a birthday Jennifer my beautiful and amazing girlfriend patty. I took her down the Fort Worth, Texas to get away maybe some dirty Germans talking about her and a mandrel penis. Thanks guys and keep on rocket man from the crab man and broke two units. Feel move they move to blow smoke it's my name is small. Yeah happy birthday patty who provide the kind of a provides some six. Guys my friend John's birthday he's a dark. It is blazing in the birthday song and given some dirty German things about our guys appreciate. Diluted sophisticated and drew a classical music I would be Beethoven you would be a new book. Ya and I'm going to endorsements. Since should do expect it to. I did Sarah today is my Big Brother 34 birthday he picked up his life and moved after my father died help me in my little brother. I don't know what a lot of them without them I hope maybe you guys again some dirty German talk. Lovie David from Sara and your nephew only come. Out. I don't spoke to many surprises but Jimmy does he didn't know. That is left yoga to about four. That Paul is considered the yoga for. He's got to clean that up with his brother did. Guys Tyler Porter has aboard dated it. Access. Today is my husband George 39 birthday I want always have a very happy birthday this year it's gonna be amazing because we're having another baby I love you a lot that. The neural activity could have batted I observed for design. Level. Well there. The program. Lou ruler of ordinance in it and some who virtuoso a the Thanksgiving at my really good for the larger than they. Is to me who's. If you think that's what did she break deadly trend of correction things with it anyway. I love my birthday again and I'm pretty sure no and although for me so I haven't heard they some of the they'll leave all Jagan thanks guys out from Jordan. Well. College Austin is our father David's birthday wish him happy bird day Intel that we miss him and hope to see him soon keep fighting Padre for his birthday can a get a European as is too small in the dirty Germans talking about his favorite soccer team. Man city thanks guys that from Dan cam fishing kielty. Oh trust before you book that you envisage mountains into. Yeah and thank Muslim city fans and show you what ten. Limited to a jump on the giant family. The truth dude who. If you've ever if you work for me it's extremely you do not need a mayor and city peninsula take years with the German. Now let's look at what they won't be good if I didn't American athletes dancing at the bottom out. Guys there's Terrell I turned 48 today Lizzy guys a long time since the buzz days Lovejoy your show almost as much as my wife Tracy. Thanks so much for all you do have buddy your penis is too small. This is unless the podcast every night Oregon makes me laugh on the worst today's today's my 52 year on earth. And I would like to hear the dirty Germans talk about getting old and Viagra also probably could talk about frolic in the frolicking the bold staff that would be great rock god and keep it weird that from Lloyd. Yeah those who absolutely nothing really to buy. Take two men who new direction for more than. See you getting older which is just like sex. During your background. Yeah off looking good footsteps. Hi guys serial. Yeah yeah I'm OK have you had any card. Have you had ever paid me. You to see you big daddy didn't it's. Also available through these world fame on men's lives doesn't come another fine retailers. Need him trying to fly. And I that this might shock you every once awhile we get really nicely what. I don't know if you're on social media in his view the hell's going on there but everyone's well we will like this is some liberalism this is not country and of course what would that we this this we didn't rightness of this and O'Neill's witnesses witnesses on planet new music through this all we get a nice email we should hasn't got to them it doesn't happen enough. How many engine to be your dry as a voice and it might not gotten any Iranian President. And you know oh look back I went. Hello enchantment and hello Jim. My name is Michael watched Michael listening to you from saint George Utah about 52 year old recent college graduate in single club you've been living little boy. And working against the issue is can she appears in 92 pages and my inability to find the business administration can be. Nonetheless my lawyers said she'd some of a bitch. So we have new music to. Also our local radio sucks so I decided upon radio program and the 'cause that you're guys is Abbott up on the men's are now may look up book over the chaos that is my life. Thanks guys eternally grateful a new and faithful listener. Michael woods. I dare. This is not Salt Lake City I know freaking idea or as you're absolutely. Oh well I blur from Provo I don't know where it is caveat yet here's a lose your mind she says the best Ben and Jerry's flavor. She got the other day. You guys are talking about Ben and Jerry as Jerry may be crave some so I go to the grocery store and wall locked there was a new flavor I never heard of before. Urban suburban urban or rural and urban suburban Jesus EZI uses that I guess what that's my. It did a good thing out brandy and burned to and I am burned caramel ice cream with chocolate covered Allman flakes and I Carmel and urban sauce ribbon. That's labor ever stand by the way thanks guys love to hear your talk about Ballmer. From DC did you know very well listen to score on even look at and easy to use his eyes aren't that easy Jesus you still can't don't spin and put it on your don't have it my Lilly that exact. This whole world Augusta where the bar was working that. The shadow you're shadow vodka now homey on the drink brand look and yeah. That he and I think. Another return I know I Sherlock but bird's eye. We're. Only good thing from OK. Wu. Yeah afternoon weapons the crowd is fired up. I hope we get this time a year you the Super Bowl comes around whatever and so it's it's good for sports but let's via its it's just an excuse to get together and eat food that you eat do you think he's absolutely right but I'm gonna I have a goal this year. If I can't pick it up with a finger I've we'll only pick it up with a toothpick. Well wait a note about her famous sausage dip you need some kind of a scooper chip Brian. I gotta be honest with you miles I do that for the friends. For others aren't you'll do it you'll Jason yourself easily won by April good Italian though that two bit of the owner I've got naps expressed AMOCO up. All along our camera on I hit a bad idea about the bloody Mary gap I guess I don't eat as much and I was so we have our fingers. Dumb go to Cuba to fingers and your sausage in the although I'd say you're holding the weekend. Or this group are still here talking until I recommend for your sauces weaves and Nadal it's led to massive debate every time. I think the week in is that. A program that was a huge you start it was bad but that's not the one I would pick for now a lot of people goes oops oops that. Scoot schools aren't as strong as a wheat pit. Scoops are pretty good pro life and I or I'm there's Google get through a seven layer dip man that's the ultimate test. And I he's ready to break him a similar to editors on a broken recent chipped in near Baghdad trying to scoop got Linda's and helped give up sticking Israelis horsemen would go in like two hours later. And you realize that you have scooped in the old soggy chipped yes so when a lower case at hand as broken soggy chip you know I mean it's been in their for a lot of art saga chip. Yeah. The gravity of it looked like you are you talking July ya president in different doesn't like guys it is over recruitment of the radical and brought it took office. God. You're delegated it might not be more regular chipped it to the go to guy out really didn't really out of it and get it out there and a lot of trouble out of our futures soggy SCHIP later on you know what I wanted to do that next time I believe the Saudi Egypt now ominous scream at somebody gets a trip Saturday. It. The moment as a man. But fortunately it's gonna be an event we should be recent vote of course. I took my point is though Super Bowl Sunday not with a tally most who are gonna sit down have a state. Now I think it's finger foods but you're talking chicken wings meatballs cocktail weenie all that kind of stuff buffalo chicken depth Hulu and yes. Media blt dip following Patton I don't mind those damages to those ideals sliders it's a good vibe that's got. They get paid those and community I can never argue that got Costco plate of Turkey and we'll things yeah I don't feel members showed up about that that's a winner. The greatest Super Bowl kind of inspired food store and a hat is that. A few years ago the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl I'm in Seattle at a grocery store as I walked down the aisle there's a guy. That works there he's going folks were just got to we need for a I was confident. It is stop what you're doing good turnaround now stop looking for them down we don't look at L week puts up one of those yellow things were just go to companies now you'll definitely observing. Cocktail we. All right the chicken wings out with he's going to be huge thing so what I have for you for the top eight sauces all people peak with. Chicken wings top wit with chicken without it also is fees and this isn't just assault that would go auto wind but also salsa is that a company are the ticket. It's 8% of people say nice to play no cells. I don't know that yeah it's okay I'm down with a plane when it's all it's still good but it could be better. In some places do breaded chicken wing and they put the soft hats aren't yeah I've never playing chicken wing and I don't know that men on the dollars and just went and so I was just talking regularly cared about that yesterday got nothing we there are some that we can agree on we both like the deep fried wings out Pippen insults you keep it clean right you're gonna record. So surround job. So Raja oh it's just too much. It is but I've eaten chicken wings did you guys that would that beef that's all space was named Lisa ratcheted up good Oca not a good though my first day I guess the popularity life. Numbers six and reactive. Path. My money teriyaki sauce but sometimes it gets too salty delegates sweeter version yet again as a seeds and you know I mean mean. Time is harder to get off fingers into yeah I could argue that you reported by I've met a cool earpiece here Pete teriyaki. Blue sheets all right moderate I think I know it's going to be number one what are you gonna guess we're well it's going to be between buffalo ranch and I just don't know but it's going to be one of those two. They raised protests at honey. Mustard honey must all solid arms and I think that way. Hi there I was very Hughes got to be make your average revenue in April the owner Gannett. I'm intact and I can move tumbling pleasure. Your good vials barbecue it's got to be in their honey barbecue all the bar guy like him a barbecue yeah icy winds a macaw highly Hickory until they Hager domain has been in the Jack Daniel's barbecue. Numbers. She buffaloes also hops off to a gun. You're kidding me they have beat the friction that didn't aren't exhibit number one yeah I really wanna. I'm excited about our love Brad. It balanced the act Canada and you don't care the couple oak. This proves once and for all red disappeared a blue G says all of us react if you go low originally with the rose made of blue chip they learned. Well originally you have to fight. The rest of the black grandmother saying they don't even though there whom. That other hit a matter of right and happen Harlem and this and it doesn't let me ask that the Oslo didn't believe this city. And a New York wasn't able to stay mad and I can't have read these chicken wings. Fan and I. It could be at stake it is stated that Google book by the way that's in my book how to make any situation uncomfortable truth and you know how to ruin it be moment. Jim's breakup of Hillary's. But the little watch roots. So whether you're talking about. Hey man. Wasn't sure who would want to write. This is enough they have really been what does is look the other problem Martin roads. And you sound like literally today you should watch this is us the guy's an alcoholic Vulcan. How would you like to relish Germany where all the black Republicans. Didn't. Like it's it's it's. A brother can have black out of so don't look good Nuba who who ruined anything to lose this attitude about it possible part. Do you know him as he offended your work links. A great weather but gore bred into Super Bowl gather you're making it into very uncomfortable all out the dips you having hop songs we have hot sauce could put onto. Is she she'll join with the pepper do we do about it I don't want to be between vice dean. While I'm out this week T-Mobile. Is a bunch of sugar. But that. Poke poke. It. Go to drill rigs but out of most notable right. Well I'm I'm. A positive. Good that we have why we have wind and I mean you can ruin nobody reads this. Triple a you're tired for forty dollars now regret you could come out of the party wanted to ask you who want aluminum I think women there in five minutes you're out. Hopefully that raised garden are presented and a hole in one media aren't ten minutes and minimal I don't I figured out a little on what part of the day and just knew we didn't do all of that it has. Has it been like he's got now a public you have to make you didn't think anybody else is a cultural progress I think at the Greek giggled and what the province the Internet at. Does that. And our right is that if if if if if this blog Twitter what they called ahead old man oh man oh man. Stop by the way that he sugary cereal have pizza for breakfast. Healthier for you could definitely host yeah if you can keep the classic after a quick. If he's so is that it's either been only good as it needs of our bracket are gone up. I'm glad that good night. If if if if you don't think it is and man I code and drug itself a shot today is on the way there turnabout know as Sherlock. It is next you are listening to the major radio network. Fitch is you. Screw the little injury Joseph Salave'a is mentally at first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes would also gave birth stories good headlines. Nude and. And Sharon I. In woman wears a mini skirt didn't negative forty degree weather and get frostbite Doug both legs. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock it's negative forty degrees that you put on a guide diminish. She lives in the somewhere in Kazakhstan. The good news. This headline reads did you cut back on drinking in January you'll be getting hammered all the time again by July. 8 well. And he beat you know you don't ya tie the drive by you taking the monetary and credit act of breaking. 41% of companies have lost employees looking opponent work. And we. We all used to work with these are all different people but in radio that not only do they look at porn at work and awards and understand then we're looking at porn on the computer. They would bring an even though don't pull my rhythm briefcase full of porn magazines and black bags right until they would they would monitor the computers as you should have been to stare at the portal. But we work or guys who brought so what's morning. That he was and is responds everything was already so the most is that bathrooms and eminently do you cannot base your sub master banning. Have more right that's the long story and his response last balls when it comes to got give it to process. Already. And then. We could do it. Our female friendly members of the most typical people liberal arts. But no. Jarrett god and also the ones we dependent. That your mother's. Tom Petty died of an accidental drug overdose. No. Social. And not. The last step in the sibling H share is put it right side up. GU Alec cares you're kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl rock and had instructions to assemble the chair when they were done assembly would sure be fun aggression we're pleased right side. So did you would not sit on the terms I dam keeping them an estimate there had to be an incidence very wrong with his chair and very important. And work. The iPhone x.s 1000 dollar price tag scared everyone away. And show my. This might be my favorites this might be my favorite. Favorite headline of all that I just. I don't know how dumb in what could possibly think we are with the headline read a few days ago the state of the union and State of the Union Address will be about America. I know that. You're not. That is precisely. With the State of the Union Address is Brady is eight of the union the union being. The United States of America yet they want to let people know that it's going to be about America which is precisely what the F it is that's why they call it mad man. They could get giving teens alcohol to teach them responsible drinking made that. Well monkey's uncle. Sherlock. Norwegians are likely to settle United States. Hello. Chara not cut the and teen is dead after daring gunman to shoot. G oil occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Cheryl not if it all right around it emitted during a time. Bloody end this series to be ready. Men's room knows just. And as usual we had to do during the Afghan Stevens trial find out nortel's to yesterday's and today's total personal for me frankly I am going to raise this toes. To my parents all right so as little today inexplicably Kevorkian understands. I know both of these people. And you spend any amount of time welcoming its old record and in spite of that today they've been married for 54. For in the 54 exist he. For. African leaders and I can't stand it that I don't think it about Barack. Many of Bridgeport that someone can follow me on this and you can understand. Why when I was growing up I thought maybe you're the witness protection program at. So they meet in Washington DC then we moved to Virginia then Rochester New York. The Denver Colorado. The back to Rochester new York and moved to Baltimore Bono live in Baltimore. They lived in five different houses in one city including but not limited to one town called Dickey bill. The next hour called khakis and read into that in a way of what they retired moved to Mexico and moved to Texas. The New Mexico dug up a wrong move to Mexico moved to New Mexico then Texas and now have settled in a Pacific northwest to be around the grandkids. But as of today 5414. Years and they moved three times and here. You know what that's a strong point that that's Noah. They live in an article shoreline and then they live under huckleberry retirement and now recently they have moved to replace let's see my. You still still married. For 54 year let's see what I thought about that today it also led me to believe that perhaps the reason the moves so much one was trying to run away from the Evelyn. And then somehow you discover there's no reason to move them threaten I got to move across the country the other one file. I don't know back to the plays they just let double file among the five different houses on one frigid had a shown up anyway congratulations on 54 long. Long impressive and their laundry list yeah I mean upload at I. I mean a lot of ladies they have to say nineteen years was enough for me man. And it went through that we've bulldozed homes imagery does lose because we think it's yummy now national over the toned it down the throat to party in our Tommy's. Down the whole hour vigil mass. I did the killer not a line right now is 44999. A low profile this governor. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.