02-01-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Bites Off More Than They Can Chew

Thursday, February 1st

Today we play the game known as BIG DUMMY!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. On our affiliate Dubai united five point seven in New Orleans and I did not got the ball on jas rock station and lowly Sacramento and one of our new affiliates are ninety point three Medicaid. In Fayetteville Arkansas do we have any gigs sounds. I don't. You have nothing would really take soaring cab beard and do RA and we've got to send them something and then line you know. Because tech got a slogan what's the slogans and read the station aren't area. You're listening to the men's room and any point three they tag Fayetteville tacked. Our appellate tap that cook yeah exactly that Doug that's that goes to that does to tap that. You're losing to amend drilled on 98 point three they can't Fayetteville that's. Tap that delegate to adapt and then about a program. That decade Dario territory today Deseret details we will ahead Jim Minneapolis vs food to be gave no I Sherlock is coming up. And in the meantime the game. Is big dummy if you like to be contestant 8449990. Look in the meantime we have Donald on the line is playing for team sober and working on question one. There is your question and what century we're the first Winter Olympic Games have. He. You talk the way my stomach growls. Moon. They're our. The system which like talking to my own bell who did you get the eighteenth century yet. So are my stomach. The 24 infantry 1920 when it. All right what looked for a soft drink to be consumed an outer space space. Soft drink. Yeah yeah who. Tang is not a. All. Yeah. I was gonna like yeah tomorrow night out against and you Deng is not a soft. Area. Oh god likes and and I don't play him. And I don't it. It's my choice you have. Cannot Wear black it would've been happy local control policy Ellen guests right her gingerbread really wanted to clear pressed so. I don't space. There is why Minnesota man who demonstrates I sort of a different light lies at the three but we're going to do so I think this is why don't they learned that. Oz is so good that they could be delicious but I'd I'd just think yeah I. I didn't know easily girls who have faith. But didn't look so I would ad for Pepsi clear who was an idea reversal of the astronaut record. Wasn't. Yeah I want to say advantage Palin and you why because it would be Crist being clear in space makes them. Number good on earth however not from his base worked and worked here yeah. All right your question how many oceans border the United States. Food. Again with the starlets out. Yeah fresh that how minorities say 33. But he Selassie use of the articles yeah the third that's what I thought about wife Hillary hosted on students can game is big dummy four point 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play. Hello Loren welcome to the man drew. Has no. Lauren you all right Lauren. Are lower than 500 miles away from your phone. Yeah yeah. Well. I look a lot mental mail Linda. Laura and are you sober not go. But we're not so remark at least yeah. Laura would you rather fight as they drove the size of Andre the Giant heard an MA fighters the size of petered English. Then main players look at unique which. And get personal the date of that are you OK. Yet OK okay. So we're not over it's passover right Lauren how did you get there the question are you a liar you were Willis glove. We're. There's nothing okay don't don't wrestle and I don't want an evidence and I think the less we know this it will be from what I know best and that's over. I hear your questions to things we learned today. Don't ask questions people wanna be updating it made it safe I think that the at. What state is the Nutmeg state. Ooh yeah urban Nutmeg Lauren. Now who can't. It's like a soccer. Well who want low. And nominate him. Hall mom I had. You can't say other radio. And are. I don't know about them and if you're really running game or would you have done no man yeah although people what are you favorite I don't know I was trying to think of a messy joke I don't know. What for nominating me yet I okay what does he answered among Americans in Vermont. Connecticut Nahar I don't couldn't close your book. Hello Jeff welcome to the bedroom. OK okay. Jennifer you silver. And I worked our way so we're okay Jeff thank you for big stuff I don't puts that question so what we can be done through thirteen. And lord for some people call that drunk or not but I. Any other day of the week well we just did a routine question of do you think the percentage is the scene now we can't tell our audience more sober people so political watcher I don't call men's room Falwell wardrobe by six foot sorry to six year old the size of Andre the Giant. Born in MA fighter of the size of Peter Baker. I. I don't Peter de could she had me less chance is killing me. Look at this picture okay just kind of all and they had a beat out four to be back. He's trained fighter mean to choke you out who might you might there may look I got to five it did man and and looked at through than if they don't meet your vote question. Tortoises. But put his little ass and Andre the Giant body lives it's just a different game won't. It doesn't always missed my hand when a move without the way you feel implant so ninety's that found that a hundred I'd move my hand on waiting to slap in the face as he missed my hands are you about one time to connect when Andre the Giant dome and it it's lights out. Game is old. You are is your question. The first for dummies book was released in 1991. Was it Bayless for dummies mechanics for dummies or dogs for dummies. Okay yeah. Don't vote for another. I'm guys here you don't have this book. Directly wanted to limit dogs were added that the criminal resource Pacific. All right what is the only animal with four needs. What or need for these are no. What else. No that's. Edge I think it's just a random factor read somewhere. Of Israel again I don't I think when we go to Julia looked I don't really say or do you saying it had been the other way it's not considered a knee or just not my break on every all the other ones that in the yellow eyes Eliza and he just because it's facing backwards because that was used to call your and he would have facing backwards I don't have one of those. But I still think it is at the same as your knee. I would think it is but I guess they determined that it's not so and he's going one for any sperm so what does that what does the thing called him right so a formal horse aren't. And I got like my backward facing me on the on the back away what do we call back. If the need only perform facing life mom myself I need right now he still has to be a good just Disney's going to different directions boom he's got a joint there. That is the but there's going to be so Bono tell Amanda something better rotates counseling can bring about rank right just like if you could order him to George just meet. They gonna do with the formal round ball that would be kneecap I am. They don't commitment probably have vs accidental deal a blow to I think it's a backwards and what are. The quality color and meet the face back then neither but it isn't just one giveaway may or if you have any if you let us face the other direction it is to be so I don't need any. I mean throwing around I mean obviously it's not because the horse doesn't support me no no it doesn't makes the only one that does an elephant I know you call it even got it right even got a check in the apartment in the thigh in the leg is now is is is the need but it's not the need is backwards. Brett who legally otherwise we'll tell you that they unite track turn off to a hearty good part about the drubbing by the drumming from the thigh viewing try to separate Dallara at that meet. Chemistry thing in a note backwards as nominee that's what I'm saying I think it's miss an Indy Olga. This is big dummy route for this is why not now. Now what is it it's got a bug me how won't be able sleep nights I'd look it up rear facing means okay. And then in that basically they call it rear facing knees but for animals they'll walk primarily on their clothes. It's called edge. DJ degrade a did you integrated cellular calling did you ever in centigrade that's a thing animal is cult I don't know if he should have those kids over there degenerates as good. The jittery and worried that if an animal locks on his digits or toes piled up did you ever. Well you know I've also somebody says it's a hock a ham hock at all. Because it's again it's like hey I'm delicious and hard work is a gun was real economy means what that this is due to do all 40 good animals forty's. That's small Wheldon talk I know that is the only in the face is fact words they're not only me it's what did you ever run to do jittery or something like that. The whole guy they think we're just talking about me dizzy and dominate it's even saying here that elephants and therefore needs they have to elbows and Sunnis. Oh come out hot and horrible as bad wrap this is they have to elbow on the side who says that. You don't go quite a living. There needs to move like that dry skin on your elbow your problem at all drag that you are actually am gonna look like that's the only part of view and opened the look the thing in answer enough that I thought noble than just an arms on come on man. Game is big dummy it 44999. All of who's our next contestant rated later games hello Bryce welcome to the men's room. Okay hello more ice OO OO and I. Right she's sober not so. I'm pretty overt you know his own list up there and let them you're in your normal sentiment. Right an interim belligerent but I think through the size of wandering the giants or an enemy fighters the size of petered English. All all I want you to grown nut but a and it's not always be Derrick thought all the fighters on the field that you year old band. Nearly all the six year old Jack Bogle I grant you wanna punching kid I would just say I am. What food did you do to instill deep down you just wanna punch it didn't affect you. Why you won't want to get the things I can feel it. I don't know I don't know the legal. Fries really you hang out that take a break and be back he'll get back to more of big dummy if you'd like to be a contest and 844999. Hole you're listening to the men's or radio network. Jeff coming up. That's about sauces and just an hour that's right has made details on the way to meantime a game. Is big dummy 449990. I believe we have Bryce are on the line he is playing for team summer and we're just get around question number one here. Our bread here is your question. What's. I got a question really quick all eyes yeah I saw I recently started drinking appeared in eight milking also we want. You drum. And on our. OK now you know so long as you're no longer the person that you normally don't but he's right now right idea of what appeared to got sober anymore. So people don't get to lead 88 and half of the year. It was lights you personal and there's definitely some Muslims. Look at these I'm sober living in the moment you're street demands so. People may have a say I've been sober in the mix film and how much time you vastly different or did you guys he's he's not so if he says I've been sober for twelve hours. What they're telling you and I do not women drinking who do you know the idea timeframe behind like all right there there are brutal for. Do you operators sober Garrett was there. All right so go to quote you know I am used as. I don't hold up in court. I can you tell the girls of the tired of questions what they at least were Oliver collects Clinton and now it's a cease or mollid you're. Burning. I will boom. It's on this show. Mike Hart and myself or just a moment Somalia that was from a we need you might collect the same thing. It's a personal Coolidge trivia. Oh and I don't care and miss you do the disdain and Lake Bell are you and I don't know what to do you have in common yeah. If it goes there. You should both be bad let's look at everything went belly down all to gamble and possibly have a problem and a little bit not get hit you think it could. All right according to the numbers which American serial killer had the most victims. Well. I intend to. Boy Jim Jones knows she'll do all of I think yeah. This material around the community that I don't either. He's a murderer. Yeah I think dvds are made based on what it. Sir can I know the name Gil de Cologne should I mean we've all heard of whispers. Who's the guy Lindsay people. Donald yet now thank you top that thirteen support I don't know hundreds of Gary Ridgway you know what like 49 bodies are socially Green River children were killed Sony product. Soria who is married happily among they'll kill him my uncle. Are you question what is the lord is late that lies completely inside of camp. The gun and I I don't know even in Canada. And. Horrible and my guests and it's deliberately left. Interlaced. And dark day. Great to they're related. Great to better okay look cool through a hairy men go every summer groove festival this particularly to go to red there. How many stars are there on the pulse trillion fly. I knew John you've got to. Uncle did Mary Gibbs. Keith Urban. Ejected in Jacqueline thank you Crocodile Dundee here's the had to work OK yeah volume and torture us know and probably brother Christian. AC DC and the little strike that's that the semi stars is that. All of so. Since. And Jonathan. The wind doesn't blow over most of are priceless in five. What is the capital city of North Korea. Well real yet are you. I had no idea had to say that Pyongyang Pyongyang just there's lots that. I now while letters there's an ancient man who well I didn't do what I think government Els did with the way for someone on the news to say I don't I had a basis not to drop the F bomb at the time. Here is big dummy 844999. Nolan who's our next contestant ready to play the game polo match welcome to the men's room. Oh god. I meant is over now filled. Silverman welcome to the show. I don't miserable today was ratified a six drove the size of Andre the Giant turn enemy fighters the size of petered English. But I have to go it appeared that glitch thankless and don't even if it was six year old defeated the folded it don't. That's what I'm saying manga format. They Darren David. Mark your question. What state as he only royal palace in the United States. In the New York. California. Why yeah. News. Thanks and. What president uttered the words ask not what your country can do for you. As which you can do for your country. All warm and it. Job map and a lot of the original you'll speak. Ask not why not you or you country be a maturity and as we can do my. Eagle by John and Jack. Kennedy Kennedy did the alleged activity and you by his girlfriends he would project. Yeah really yeah I would I have no idea in August oh. So we know was John F. Kennedy but woolly yours buddy or her clothes or order a girlfriend those who is Jack yeah. I mean I just heard his name before I said at a biker and he did you short on the a pretty positive and wasn't even like a movie god Jack and Bobby about him and body grown up. You know it yeah I think was called jag about I all I thought it was important Ozal solo Jack and Jack and Bobby. Yes there is very Delray four point 9990 lose an excuse Desiree play the game. Hello David welcome to the bedroom. Or all of our. I did you sober enough over. October David looks into the show. They're they're miserable but rather by a six year old the size of Andre the Giant or an enemy fighters the size of Peter dang good. All pink piano and related letter. Enemy fighters remain gay run. Then people feel bad you punch in Beirut. Aren't you question the facts of what is an airline's home based call. World. You'll. Maybe. It's. It'll be. I'm confident they're left. The future we get the. What country provided most of the settings for The Lord of the Rings movies. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks Jack and try New Zealand's most like middle earth. Don't know back to none though that we did is they donated 44999 alone who's our next contest and write a play the game. Hello old Christopher are welcome to the men's room. It's very sober now for over. Over there. Very sober Christopher welcomed the show. Are you heard the whole Christopher worry golf. And they wonder what exactly would look like well I thought both. For you to you know most. They got to pick one and you want 500 playgrounds and I'll let let them let foot flight that diet then I began it is secure event. All right your question. What is the state capital of Pennsylvania. Hello out. He's Asia right now. These these these pieces. I'm drawn a blank. Drinking Yang Ling and Harrison terrorist terrorists players. Left known for a while the fourth quarter. I just know it's near Hershey didn't and Hershey highway actually exists there and Bruno's and he still chuckle. Couldn't. I'm if I'm I did you know last time I was in Hershey Pennsylvania. I stopped and she nobody's that were you fired up for us to get themselves and gas station who can I don't understanding you've never been here to make more you have nor do I think it's sort of all right blind people or people Seitz who has more nightmares. Am angers her when you see my. I can't block she has much airplay air's. How all because it says here so this is blind people out four times more. Yet four times more nightmares and people site OK but my thing is now when I am in a nightmare or in any dream state art and I have me. Vision of where I am and other words but that's your reality that's my reality I'm just wondering like how more crazier reality could be because in this reality that I had never seen. I can draw anything in the low that I want sure there could be dragons are to be all kinds of stuff in on sin against but I don't know that looks like. It's just my own terror in of that regret. Right they go like this so I have you received no lights sensory deprivation chambers where the where you go in there and then after awhile you start. Opening isn't the same thing there I you know they don't have that input so there might fill in the blank. And it gets worse and worse or. Dude I've done this thanks a bunch that makes perfect sense to remind those bills or whatever boys you'd need to make whatever narrative and what against of your blind it's more negative than positive. I today and yet there was a red Braylon a red light blinks get out thank you sour. I treasure the times stock and music comes on the other news comes completely wake him anyway so winner and they add deprivation chambers late. You are mounting negative rotor delay positive stop for just weird. I mean it depends what time I was in there and I was just home. Coming back again poured out of little pitcher coffee cup. I'm just laid up there with my my nose my mouth above water is really the only things undertone to tennis to go water yet and let their butt naked and near like what their noses I don't understand you gotta like an hour and regulating the out of a well you later in there and you get that you haven't now you know I I don't think I'm getting this annexing I think dink dink daily life story like. What just happened. Rush is largest. Everything I mean it literally goes spit in the near downtown and I Jimmer have one of those oh yeah yes I'm saying like again it's bizarre ha. Then you wake up and you kind of wash all the salt off of read a great drama like living in Utah did his big dummy is far far 999 alone who's our next contestant right to play the game hello Jason welcome to the man drew. And they know what I want to. It's been sober themselves. Number Jason welcome to the show. All right Jason was ratified as they grow the size of Andre the Giant. Or an enemy fighters the size of Peter vaguely. Thought like five freedoms taken there at their enemy fire. You won't think what the things to get third time the dates that today's today's man leading man immunity to do let the good news new remote. Our goal from Mason. Fresno. Fresno California. If they're totally Fresno. Figured as an house lovely Fresno. Our prayers go man is looking maggert about it started did you get an in and out burger pull off off. They got some that this. How did you bother to get him in Alberta. The I don't I think in and out flu is if nothing else you would only help orient the raving about it's really wrote I were you go. They're a lot like Labatt blue murder at all. Out Gortat I guess OK okay that's good choice and the movie I'm originally. Outlawed it and but did that he over the gave up. Ronald jockey of pride there aren't competitive are good luck Brett. Do you believe. That power wise chicken is named after. Geno pat Quinn's character from the French connection whose name was Jimmy Popeye Doyle or the cartoon character pop. Good in all day. The audit pop our guy and dungeon everywhere on the show on it and we put an idea pub are taken as they've gotten G backwoods character. Jimmy Popeye Doyle and affirmed connected and pricey up pop ice commercial or either pop eyes I think. These people. Love Gina no doubt about using goes like we don't wanna get sued by the pop by people so we'll just say it's named after this character for this movie who does not eat fried chicken in the two and a half hours of the movies on the screen so I think it's more likely that he's one of those guys where he loved the character and in his mind he was a bad ass like he wasn't a movie no I really wasn't as to do and they were Papa. Walking around the best in his pocket he didn't news may Demi par 4999 all lose our next contest and write a play the game. Hello Jeremy welcome to the Madrid. Asked when. Jeremy Silverman for over. Over Jeremy welcome to the show. Harmon's revolt if ratified six hero the size of Andre the Giant hurt in MA fighter the size of Peter vaguely. Politic at that moment but it's gonna go veg that they dig it man big man who did learned the dangling what's LA it is the big branded tea. We couldn't get much movement called me didn't you DeVon it's a go. Don't kid that died of opening skit with this big you can be given time all right. Here is your question. True or false. About Melamine free like. What south American country. That happens to be landlocked. Has the largest native. Believe knowledge may be several MI countries have navy's. This particular lay in my country located in South America. And actually has beat the largest of the land locked me that's 6000 men and segregation. Zero course. Thank you do the math and you're not alone apparently there are other countries that those plea to the south American countries landlocked. 6007 mission. I bet. They're very well. Amounts and want your. Libya right where they scored their name dude I have absolutely related matter your marching where they store their market. You know and handling the ball way. Now I feel like a small lake on the West Coast over the accident and I mean catalog blow it and it got to take cocaine or other some. All of us and we think we didn't build a name and needy for the greatly. Era we didn't. Yeah because it goes turnout there as host Arnold George later. I liked. Yeah it might that be weird to sicken me beach destroyer or something and the result coastguard caught and I drove to Rochester. The Coast Guard when you go Esther jurisdiction essentially buy it and I was like naval vessel. Float the only candidate Canadians. That bright man a little creepy sons of bitches with the don't know two or Kurds still put to rest. You broke and they all you wanna give them a lot of the trip to great and little. And meanwhile real break and come down here to Costco and leave. Is this if I go back there are more right. Drinks in the most all right. Once daily show host is 18 native American and actually grow policy reservation in South Dakota. With the Drew Carey Bob Barker or pets agent. Our biggest cattle toward getting our logo ms. drew we'll Portland felt that they. Familiar room. No bunkers are there market. How does that make. How does that digital and that's exactly advanced to the extent that stands in the other to monitor it right. And the alienation Fink commander makes a woman. I don't live up Bob Barker who. He was smooth as butter back in the day because he will I chairman questioned through. College times a week do sloth scoop. 12 or three. All Manning a blue but look there's a slow and the metabolism got to put an avid and a movement of a little move quickly and don't know anything quick. I would well yeah holdings lock master. Probably come into this regalia a bad day and I have beaten her parents start to the second cricket match Lou. I'll split the difference and then they go like. I've been busy floor. What we. If they would have. How big matches. They weren't they live at the rugby played a violent predator to all of this thick. Nobody has got to swing gets calls it can they just don't believe that. Your question even though one of the biggest hits ever is I believe that can flat. What already is actually afraid to fly takes about. You are telling him well. Kelly won't fly ball fly what are you dating a Leo who would down on the plane crash. They're already scared of flying by doesn't let them. Help your case march. I guess yeah I don't know that he was currently dating her now that no I understand she he had. They can hurt by the nice to exert no anemic when she died I think their relationship was before that did it with him. There isn't done if you'd like to big intestine aid for far nine at 99 all the more contestants on the way you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You know have turned the men's room. I kept going up steadily if the Fed knows all about that's also when time has the Super Bowl approaches that shift coming up with Ted's meat and potatoes dominant for the peanut section yeah Amanda and. It turns out we are some of the few people that are not on our knocked up and are sloth knowledge I don't know about the loss a senate is slow as they move. And effective it proved once a week what was the question I just can't believe it's not more predators that just take this thing that itself. Says the slope comes down to the ground to poop in that's what's most vulnerable that's why Italy doesn't want to week ended June live the size of banana that's a rare thing to witness. Slow flow through street some sort of biological waste to understand this is an aversion for predators won another interesting fact about a sloppy draw one's coming him one other interesting fact about sloth. The pumps out about 13 body weight could you imagine a hundred page eighty pound man pushing a sixty pounds approved once why Powell. Interestingly enough float scrap up most of about a way when they do finally take a weekly don't slow people up honors law malveaux and they're so tired and they pumped out and. Everything domain four point 9990 lose our next contestant ready to play the big game. Oh mobile code to open and welcome to the Madrid. Bloom. I'd say okay right. Like I am dolphins and it's your actual name after. OK puffed open his sober knots over. Delaware sober dolphins welcome to the show over dolphins. I'd done miserable there would you rather by his six year old the size of Andre the Giant flipper and MMA fighter decides Peter Nicholas. I think they're gonna think you'll just like committee okay. Want those visuals of him yes he's got young niece has brought you lose a big guy this is the the best shape his knees are ever going to be passed through the weight everything eventually is good you know Terry Donald. Police finally toward violence now. Sorry for a question multiple choice the bacteria population on your skin. There's approximately. 1000001. Billion or one trillion. Let's go one million. Trillion won through. Wanted to really get. Yeah. He left by the news soaked. Start in 1960. Georgia Tech won 222. To zero over school from Tennessee called Cumberland College. What sport early point. 222000. Well. I'd love to. No influence over both football and think about it. Soon it was Georgia Tech consultancy cold club over top. That's a softly that is that's critical mass beat. I was soon got it. Penicillin is used to quite what type of infection. Other bacterial. Just tell them good round of Disney donated more for a 999 all those are next contestant right to play the game. Hello think welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. Hey hey man I think it's over now so. I am silver silver thing welcome to the show. Miserable. Unified as they drove the size of under the giants are fighting an enemy fighters the size of Peter the English. We go through six year old. The flight lessons from watching a man that's young thunder dome actually thought. Got everybody's gonna to perform on some other big one other thing. Started to question what is the highest enlisted rank a folder to hold in the united states army. Brigadier general. Sergeant major. Thought I don't get lost on a good rank you well you are originally from go to a lot of buys an address or work. And tell the ladies that bin Laden. That's why he's alone. Because he actually says who didn't came up with a three laws of motion. Can't do that. I've heard the job that I didn't care what other three laws of motion yeah I object that's in the emotions say he's an ocean. Number we do record lows she is now better motion. Well some can always usual ocean ocean that's right turns out no one world that's the world will I have no idea of young threw. Like something in motion. Faces friction and stops. Hello this is bad outside well that's your right it just sounds there. Name is may downgrade if you would like to be a contestant 844999. All the more big Demi coming up insect. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.