02-01-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets In A Fight

Thursday, February 1st

Today we play the game known as BIG DUMMY!


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You what sure love to hear is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. Parallel to go to Arizona we're 2761. Along with Steve the through he'll. Do Ted spread. Then ball. I had the my con. Okay are in the men's pro. It was really play big dominate. Just meat and potatoes heads to Minneapolis. It's always Sherlock is back get right to play profile list plus headlines events and shot of the day but most are emails. And everyone's favorite TV time with to click black community I don't know as a porn hub comes to the rescue. Offering Philadelphia up 110 gallons of blue but degrees there drive Mowlds. Meanwhile it'll warm Florida where a patron picks up a mannequin bar mascot named Cheryl and then gets up the world. Was in Florida where they sign language interpreters are giving deaf people a chuckle. People at State Capitol can't stop touching a statue of Abraham Lincoln's face tough hole. If an ambulance. The refuses to transport Cleveland man shot sixteen times that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All of bad news good day to you and yours all right today is the day that we played big dummy. The game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how were you call us we will spending category will. We. The categories will advance the flu has requested from bank capital. But you were picked up to separate itself from her averaged more. All reputable name Joseph. We will continue to ask him questions until you get one right because as always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up to date. Our biggest army ever with a two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and the equally lovely error. Both of whom go deep and found a way to insert nineteen consecutive questions wall. Can you do better we'll ports weekends ago it was a goal and all we go on big dummy. Think it doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All you can my commence their month FaceBook follow us on Letterman survived and did your emails to the men's room and mints are my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is you. Now I've got a lot of pressure on our 2760. Was a large and charge programs we have Korea today. Judge made a Mattel the head Jeff is back and today as though we know what happens on Sunday a lot of he'll be throwing parties etc. etc. etc. In honor of the big game. The head chef brings to use some dip news and we all know one thing us. I'll lose dips whenever the deal as it's more than just the main courses when it comes to which beneath the big game self. I had Jeff coming up with some mud news about that no I Sherlock is also back. Don't play another round a profile that's of course today we play the game known as big dummy is an easy game player to play for team summer. Or team not sober now every week we do a men's room polls we play big dummy and last week the poll. Was we asked you to pick one of these to eat. And that was either gonna be proof flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored poop. As far as the contestants have played big dummy it was overwhelming. Most would like to eat fruit flavored ice. Yeah I deleted it and actually ice cream but it is flavored to taste like boo. That was the only disagreement as to why he proved that it's a nice and you know I don't want to. Right thing and I would strong message to the demands on the texture as we said late to put a few days later I screen the thing is I cream melts in your mouth. You don't mean in your kind of used to that ought to put in your mouth proved just stays there you got to choose the poop. You got to work it you don't know what I did the night before well did you write you know what you're right to the bill would depend on the consistency. Of the poop and then you've got to figured out from there. All right so this week our men's room poll is gonna be a doozy. You're really gonna have to do little thinking yourself you'd get in a fight yeah that's a fact now. Would you rather fight a six year old procedural and the size of Andre the Giant. By the way HBO is coming out the new documentary about the life under the giants and I cannot wait to see it looks like it's going to be a millionaire it's his life from. Growing up to the just how difficult it was for him to be that big arm plane stealing cars to sleep and bad image of just basic stuff and now. He was always mean come on other known as a break even though he was one of the you know most prolific professional wrestlers of all time it still didn't stop you know the day Saturday gig. Because he was African bit as a mile and a black thing do we just not help make ground. Mike got an egg egg because they won't get yeah. You don't lose it at exactly believe unintentional arrived to help at all alone and you've got to pick a candidate that he's the size of Andre the Giant. But he's got the mental capacity of the securities because you will be six years old and the pain threshold of six year old. Is well no these don't like Andre the African giant but it's it's a six year old all right you know his own strength. It's not gonna play well but he's always open until six brother cry when you don't eat well even hurts I mean what does that do I heard yeah. You can give them a shot into like OK I mean thing if you imagine. You know you don't want to write the face right front part of an adult cause terrible procedural drug fight this dude bring it to he's the size among gives giant but he sit. You tag human face and tell me if it doesn't hurt he's gonna get picked these six yeah. Hit number one knows it if it's not great path I can get up there and hit them. I mean Andre the Giant is a large Manny even connect on the dole until those knows doled steal all his knows how tall was he was the almost eight feet tall was a seven foot six does that does that pump and I it I don't know what temperature Jack. He hit man and another trying to think drivers don't want is trying to think what kind of punch you would have to I mean you're actually punching up word and I can't think that you. But it is essential to the court that you slow he's strong he's just hugged you can win 7474. The other shoe size of 24. OK remember loads introduce and hand how much anyway 520. Hour day and took a 520 pound seven foot 46 year old this man he's in first grade so he's right at me like. Joining get to the social mix of things never realized that maybe he's meant that you write any can't play anything on the playground which sucks because we need out there for a reason and you citizen I'm don't have you reluctant to lay off for second grade classroom. Yeah to do impaired Dietrich dumped I mean. I haven't since I was there it's amazing. It's like it's it's we owe it to the washing machine it's almost human dramas it's almost like it's it's it's a room for just really small people it is everything is scaled down to the smallest size like the desks and chairs again and realize that when your kid believes it's just that that you at the time but when you go over these parent teacher conferences may and you walked into the classroom right in. The teachers sits at their teacher chair in the only two options those little content but told my knees are to my ears and you're trying to think anything anyone's gonna last this year's debt and they did teacher's desk looks so big it all the things like 56 I'm not I do remember like my Brothers a vice principal. And I want to his school. Earnest when he's teaching but I went to the bathroom consciously p.s are alarmingly record low tomorrow night exactly get right to a squad as the peak. So you're gonna get and delights them and your first option is a six year old the size of Andre the Giant seven foot 4500 at some pounds or her. You fight one MMA fighter besides. A Peter think she accidentally you're taking Peter think I'm taking candidate look I know I know he can fight man I did it but I got reach. Are you lucky man tag and a few time adjusting the papers say in that Andre is 74500. What about 520 past 520 pounds aren't little six year old mentality. Looked what it what do you think Peter Dick ledges or does it matter pound for pound because he's an MMA fighter he runs for five roses for five or five. There and I thought I would say he weighs 100 pounds under ten pounds he's he's pretty enough. On fifteen married. By coming out you're only got to talking about a wrestling weight that exists in high school sure. So this isn't too you know I mean this is into crazy he's four or five. I don't he'll wait. Ozzie how they do Andre yet it's a secret way you like your right eye to things that he's 45 in a way around a 110 pound and got out of hundreds and found seeking new and MA fighter. And I'm I am not on taken the child he's gonna take India. Well do the problem is too if you watched it back in the day these cities all the tournaments and like Japan and stuff frightened and there's video is a very tiny men. Somehow beating giants really. He's got to chop on down and then Thalmann and arm bar something pop. Crap I had to say and if he's a skilled fighter. He's still did you have the right but this show MA fighter has made it all he's a good fighter jet fighter he's Sunday I'll take my chances with big giant these contract. I'm literally only a foot shorter and end ten pounds lighter than mighty mouse Johnson who we've actually had in the studio who did kill any of us and are absolutely or body that he faces and any time product. Yeah yeah. No I mean if I got an amazing skills are not gonna win period he's gonna get you on the ground within two seconds right. If if that. That is what I think I would rock them that would be my guess what I'm fighting the baby giant is not going to be easy it's not good the American herta dude it looked he's not going to be as coordinated petered language but it's this is one thing. If he connects once man. They give us one draw on the ground on her on the ground I got 500 part of town to secure become an okay now I don't thought they don't. Don't miss the read I'm I'm going date with the drinker interesting poll Woolsey six that tied the game is big dummy for 4999 Paula who was our first contestant ready play the big game hello Xavier welcome to the men's room. They're a little bit here and running and has. I think in the end I think the first of November go to tech friend named before in the history of my life. The Marines they I don't know. No gonna happen you gotta love or anybody Connecticut. I the other reason for the are used over knots over. Our complete. Our dialogue and volume real so now we Branyan okay and now. So Xavier would render would you rather fight to secure the size of Andre the Giant or an MMA fighter the size of petered English. I'm up in the oh with a six year old staff and yeah will be too fast you all you have to check out in the. Do you look act. We're going to like I had to another mile six year old. You remember this stimulant and it's outside and as you did that they were flattened like command inside network applicant a person that decision yet on. Used I got a mile. And a good. Thing. Remember a team that are in. You swept the deal with these rows and they deal do you live with me and it's Joseph kicked a little worse. Than many find. It the I'm gonna Arafat here is your questions about where the bad people think you get up by one of them are not quite the baby. Don't flight leaving. Yeah that's good though when you want to know hello I'm not. If. It's. It doesn't get fired Dalton walked out the I don't know what they did I now you know we got. You know I don't. Right that's that's viable course. Quite Unionist Ichiro those days don't know that it. And they did it matter that he is shorter played pretty good did you man that's all until after the I usually question. What is Barbie as a Barbie doll what does barbies last may is that Roberts Manchester or Livingston. Oh. Italy again as a wedding and. There's no better. Manchester. Robert. I don't think anybody want to hit it sounds all fancy there are few and test. She's. At bats into Barbara from the box. Apparently can. And your question technical aspect after I was the only mom used in the may know phonetic alphabet. Let me tell phonetic. The NATO phonetic alphabet. There in other words may know as the me North Atlantic Treaty Organization phonetic has in the phonetic alphabet with these in the military. I'll get to know but that was the question that kind of broke up. All right what do they only months that he used in that made old phonetic alphabet. Yeah. Yeah. You're. It's against the former lover about November. This event there's nobody. Quiet. And for November oh. Yeah up. If it's if it's you know it's good that how long it's 3600. Seconds. All the it out under that. They're. Good luck finding a key chain was your name on it. There's no doubt may have far far 999 alone who's our next contestant Redd played big games hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room. Go back. Jeremy Silverman sober. Both in the showed during. And drew pulled it. We're gratified picture on the side of Andre the Giant or an enemy fighters decides to Peter de group. I think I would have thought that that they're all century old under the terms. You're that we can get out part of all day all the ball well legged out here. I'd I'd I'd expected. The dominant dominant figure oh. I'm taking the six year old because even be that big I can still apples as mine to. I'm picking the six year old giant and bringing Wesley shot. There's Burton says my twin boys are six year old take MA fight here hurt the baby dies and does make him mad you're done. I got a guy adds Peter big woods weighs the same as me. And I'm 61 Jesus cry many MMS one all season long one on my god in your penis looks huge master gonna design that big but on Youkilis I guess you know doing the right. Let your mind that I am very overweight and I sing hello once it's like I know I'm meth. It doesn't seem that they you know the healthy blue eyes of he passed down fell flat on your face your penis would save your life. Correct me if that that the CI Jeremy erratic. Hello. At the. I'm. Let him. Pelosi got in. Los got a welcome to the men's room. Your powerball. Car. There are designed to move its idea really. The good half and half a million of them and what's your whole studio you can see this thing like the whole screen just goes. And it's just minutes slowly just build back up people call it's insane ideas questions aren't method isn't about that but the word chow. Carol check out our intent that I'm a buzz in with we shift. We chef I for a foul and we ship what is the average human body temperature Jowell. I'm not a book of alcohol alcohol I'm. In cells. It okay. I. 41. Negative. We have four I would get 37. Who admit to our. And they. Often yeah. I mean I think in Australia they use the magic that matters it everywhere you plug in English colony I didn't know they have that with a mean like we do there who and yeah everyone Everly I was in Liberia I think those in the league you can of the bomber who care game is big dummy a 44999. Allah was a contestant I believe that an alien act that was basically dead arm yes you have to CNET staff before really. That okay. Hello tend to welcome to the bedroom. I hit you over until. I also for the next fifteen minutes Americans about it. Kids know our men's room pulled a six year old the size of Andre the Giant turner MA fighter the size of Peter de would you would you rather fight. See my problem was fighting petered English would be the fact that all your guys no matter if he's an MMA fighter not. All your friends are still gonna make fun of you are losing to a look and so until ten. Want to say thank you know it's a fading I had in my prayers. To unify. Beautify under the general update yeah I think if I'm. You're right filling in for sure I know after today if you and that immediately if there I think people will fight charitable. That's what I'm learning that they like book it would take care of the children we that the kids. Never put your hand until you know the size of under the Dodd looked through northern new grow into that threatened public kick of the junk. We only like kids because of the aside from some of a guy here's the question holidays sauce it's made from butter they amateur and what other Keydrick. Oh yeah. Yeah he's got a big haul on this stops there and I have to go at any. Family man oh man oh I also causes Quetta is gonna guess flour or lemon. Brad I don't know holidays. And have a Lemony flavor that marinate. Now on the holidays is discipline and just it's yellow no al-Qaeda announces that Obama has no cash but at a new one of those real women I know what it's like learn what they put on them. And the holidays. Holidays goes only eggs Benedict and nausea and principles and that's to get real estate Steve interstate Oscar to stay with relatively safe that was our mistake David. I know I was a well I'll either right I would just the vegetables that is vegetables on top of the state. I would that I have like asparagus spears city assembly spinach and give me some CP. Not but it novel in the state Eddie you think back and I didn't that's as fate would have forty malt liquor. If you could make this big thrill of Wisconsin where more meat market. Friends say what number you know three available data and on this thing getting regular reporting an effort to revive the good news right now iMac and Mac. Eight and. Game is big time 8449990. Look who's our next contest in red play the game and hello and welcome to the member. Don't go and I had this overpass over. Over unfortunately. You're not sober. Note to earth. Why would you say oh he's had fortunately. You don't really think your unfortunately not over so that means you're not happy that your hammered. Correct one out why why why don't have a negative drunk man did. In the muck around quite baby when I do. More romance. And until you know. All take dead of big debate me about it all the babies are. Babies in front of him I says it's okay. Hairdo Andre the Giant in his. Yeah yeah okay I this that would influence on the Connecticut metadata that is better than it. Easily push it and stay put up a little stroll. It's my. Yeah. There is the last name of the inventor and of the modern tire isn't gone wild fires so good yeah. It's. Senior. Yeah last name of the inventor of the modern tire isn't Dunlop. Firestone good yeah. I don't know parent. Wanna take together into one of the three Q3 oh yeah if these digital art out of trouble here is my wonder are you what are you doing you know wind tunnels. Don't know I've been down I've thought all right give your window I was. Now I got is cannot. I'm glad you said you know it is a veggies that you are not owe her old work. Pulled the apple over these tracks. What is wrong with the Paul all of our. Game is big dummy for 4999. More contestants coming out you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Jeff coming up dead meat and potatoes had to a Minneapolis for the big game in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. Paula who was our next contestant ready to play the game hello Joseph welcome to the men's room. All our. Jolie is sober now for over. Does over nuts over Joseph welcome to the show. They've just right arm and Drupal which ratified at six year old the size of Andre the Giant or an intimate fighter the size of Peter Nicholas. And the like don't speak good of a baby. And it's good to. We have tonight. We're learning a lot about people that. You're a little. I hear your question what is the largest planet in the solar system. The lord. But poem furious. Remember you don't know always guessed her. That's what a little. Tired you're injured what do what does the name of the numbers system that uses only ones and zeros. Thought. Well all you. It is. Administrator for news of a yeah I don't really. I have. I don't want to down. He's in there and. All right what is a doctor checked me give me a second round is ridiculous work what does the doctor checking when they use. It's. Stayed mum on it for. Its big Mo man no me either. It's big momentum meter. Sic phenomenon under a white ball harder staying mum and our Gary let's say they have an ominous signal Manama that knows you normally have this big. Big mama mama mama mama there. Big moment phenomenon when I'm on I'm coming out of Iowa and I'm detecting what is. They sit. Think tomorrow kilometer sea level out of the phenomenon. When just. Blood pressure. Wow. Well most they'll the as I know they've got these guys delay like the cuff link but the cost files in a best suited to your users figured out. Stigmata an hour how can I guess that thingy sticking your ears of the little black tip on the it. TiVo's big mama mama Maria and I was gonna guess. We considered mama mama Lou Lou you know just a big mama mama there's big dummy for far 999 fellows are nice contest and ready to play the big game hello Donald welcome to the men draw. Sony sold enough over I. Into the show Donald thank you. The Drupal. Would rather play as they drove the size of Andre the Giant art in the may find the size of Peter negligent. What can you guys haven't brought up yet it's not movie elf here English Mickey out. He multiple barrel but so I'm gonna go it now under the guidance. Some guys. Those very good Donald although I'm gonna play big gonna get an appearance seconds. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.