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Wednesday, January 31st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Right itself is standing by car 984 point 999 a little play profile this in minutes. And regret your headlines and only one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working off all right at 35 year old man in New York fell through an eighth floor window while sleepwalking phils weeks. Things and survived AM. And I could never do that on purpose if you're gonna fall you might as obviously. I wouldn't want to be away for and I would map the mother would say to you know this oh yeah no matter that he played there. Pass fell off some good miles leak site. I think he's full position or is dead now fourteen feet. I'm learning and far enough that sinister then. I didn't remember anything perhaps he could if they think if if if if if if the I'll never forget that terrible feeling of just falling backwards and that. Night the last thought I had with those leaves are for expressing my face the wrong way and regulate how bad is this gonna hurt. Yet and it's amazing in a fourteen foot drop you can have all the soft friends family probably took forever. You know me as his three year old is bald and Israel that's they now over them with a concussion got six hours for nothing ever came back to. And Afghanistan as the president Castilla right 48 feet. Forty feet is what I'm thing at six stories they feed the earth did you wake up on the awning in a mile and what that I hear he's most of right. I wouldn't do I don't think. With a loud clang. Hello regular bowling now closed flat. According to a new study some women really are more attracted to married men because of someone else victim they must leave it must limit their catch. Yeah that that's how you go through life right. I look I just know that theory anytime I have a serious golfer it's even more women and interest of their date. And then decision single game it's things can definitely bring god and you need though he did hired escorts. As tired as well I have to go I hit with the collateral McGahee no food and other things that I. Yeah pretty good number but don't murder which girl would be so you stick with few feet in front you know what Israel we gotta you know have been five times like this is still are going on there have been five different women are really think this guy today. Think it's good if that's why have a beer just commitment. Of the year but you can never fails Brothers overnight about I don't really got a time Jim. So prone to load them for a mighty Casey got to that I had to deformity all the maybe if if the simple fact. Upon a lot of reason DeVon and maybe December this mama. Committed to covering your follows maybe need people to see where your jaw line would be if that's correct idiot. So let natural shade fight and they don't want news followed up here with the about it it adds up. A recent weather pattern over Washington State that looks like an angry dragon is trending online. But marriage act other Addai has. I mean diplomats debated raspberry into the sky that fit that I didn't have them come through phases they're exactly. It didn't fit is drugs. But they doubted them this guy like aside from the having. Just stared at the shadow of the facility clouds are just gonna have to look up to see some Clinton I think as the dragon. Gomez has been fixed. How realistic and as they look of its turning on the high enough for me because like like you said you can see a bunch of stuff. Allen effect a teapot balancing a full hour to put the Internet is talk about how much to look like a dragon like was there are contoured and there. I could see the picture but that's a good question. I then maybe they're Meyer actually green dragon flying over Washington knows that looked like he's wild if that's right so angered cloud dragons. It's how the Snoop Dogg no no it's raining. I you know dragging clout obviously you convey. Is it putting dragging cloud a slight drag cloud each use what tracking cloud break but yeah. Now moved because it was an advantage. There's a family and British Columbia that selling their house. And they put above for sales lead because hear about this now that put before cells and it read that there moving because they're neighbors are quote Ailes she's. Does that and help sell our that a violent battles ever and I table that. That's you she would be nice to be knew that before you Bana plays or rented the place I want lesson about the house that you never really CA hole score around here no matter the walk ability school or schools schools will score in the how about the able school because a lot of holes in Missouri that is pleasant ridge John Broder. I mean yeah everybody all your meets those who would get stronger the block party feet above my lawn when Israel go left outside too long your wife you know what I mean he's one of those. Guy's gonna say so than an appropriate Charles. Sunday's naked out by the pool on the bag terrible smell and I thought I don't think about the real flavor what's that. Quite literally that's their lucky day yeah. But gets you drunk it's just kind of inappropriate things to me. I don't know is this what people say about her as a result of the pros the common thing that happened the neighborhood I think it's just a one and every group dedicated. Half. I don't you know Levi was falsely flag I get strong season for everything. An amendment. Move wolf. According to a new report the big food and drink trend is your will include wait for it charcoal. That's not bad so are most goes. Cauliflower. Outside there you did that and needed to. Need. Who's eating charcoal. No they're using it says okay what Charles and all like that that the trend would be barbecuing. But it tells me that a tropical storm of the bedrooms it's unlikely that cauliflower will be to put it that I don't you come up cooking with charcoal and isn't nearly. Charcoal flavoring knickers some gonna put me in the vaccine link flag flogging me stuff. So I thought that I thought that maybe it's trending because it's been a face masks most recently yeah people think it's gonna clear for hours and now there's timeout putting in food to clan and it's a hole. Yeah there we do with cookie which are allowed to doubt that it be fair idea of charcoal toothpaste. Death ever owns a lawyer you always have by the lovely in black. Correct and look like yeah we're gonna call mine a little like a British person. Path I think there are UK listener that. I would I go to a dentist in the UK on my liberal mind and I pitted that duke could even have to go to school for the industry in two days. An emergency yeah yard. I mean I would go but I picture a lot of things in England is happening of the evening was company. The royal gonna have to remove those mode news and it's. It's. Potato gangly east. Why what do you do at least he saved it as a message me. Does give me the rendition. If you pick it. I think you know all those you can identify it hit it and that's been our own body better put this over you know losing count backwards from ten. That's taught over again if you think that that's a rough. The food. Kill yourself in that I have a the. To think that if it if it's a cool. Daryn but I think NFL I see a few more of these stories is your doctors in New York just published a paper on a woman who bought a big pair of eclipse glasses now and Zimbabwe's second speak live burn her presence. Bernie crescent shaped into a red of this from back on these are nice they crescent shaped indoor red in the hunt. Is he suing them I would hope so yeah probably find that out to Democrats but does that I keep an eye on that story all right. If it back. As soon as she did. There and Robin the New Brunswick Brunswick were cut in the most Canadian place possible. When I was at a tale about a one hour now that you are not headlines are coming up one hour from now first they gave me a loan. Is precepts. Sarah ultimately turn on how profile this his plane yeah. After a ten miles that the symbol game where we share with you real like news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Arnold and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true the people and the decisions that people make. Bless you wouldn't do you think it makes the story a story. A couple of days welcome to the Madrid. On top our debut understand how does your day to play. A duke and please view view view yesterday. Well it helps if you solve African video today I had a good deal for you but here is your story a authorities in Texas they sent a federal prison impact. He was arrested a mixed picture. After you'd call running back yeah prison with a big old bad at home cooked food at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office they shouldn't receive. It's if you can use it he corrects I'm glad I asked there were closing the prison grounds and run and oh yeah when it's time. Dave are you like a mountain greenery either early duty dying over the initial impact well. I OK it's. I was on the tarmac and on the go back and we agree to call my long one probably that the star worsening. I'll put it away at it they got a tip that people running out of rhythm going on the private land owned by the local rancher and a smuggle contraband. Back in a prison. Now the sheriff's office narcotics investigators and US marshals police some surveillance at the facility and in fact they witnessed the vehicle from Baltimore duffel bag on the private property. Minute 45 year old man seen running from the prison grounds to retrieved the bags and good running back. The giant gum and may even help them complex on drug charges. He was Karl while running back in the breezy with a bag what's inside the bag well that contraband including a large amount. Home cooked food. Now the mag also convey marijuana three bottles of brandy one bottle whiskey multiple back big move loose leaf tobacco. Packaged snacks and fruit while this guy anyway he was pulled back into jail on Turkey to escape and possession of marijuana. My question is do you believe that this enterprising young teammate was black lights makes your age. ONL all. Over three bottles of a arming every bottle of brandy one bottle of whiskey. Dave I think this is as easy as yesterday. You know what brand of brandy it does not and a nose mouth and go home cooked food wasn't the big difference only a white person would try to go back in the prison. Both real bad that the dude got started escaping from prison and he did complete. The team back command like I know you can't bringing contraband but could he obviously he could be extinct anytime he wanna do. The bad yeah we get out but he can come back in you know it's not the first time we didn't. Rolls his own cigarettes. But do you what do you make in prison medical attention you get any well yeah and now what plus knowing that I eSATA. Facility that's not that's year round obviously and is now a drug conviction on day when he thing and it. And your light final answer. Yeah I guess Al Ahram we're gonna find out it feels like why Nancy or Asian next fat as a tease you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Sulphide phases of Florida and a criminal who got a chance to it out of the prison systems of them to introduce Dave worked out things in the way he was out Panama they work release time deal. But it's. You know bringing back a whole bunch of contraband which he had to sneak back into the penitentiary yeah but he was caught. He looks he had 323 bottles of brandy bottle whiskey loose leaf tobacco. And a whole bunch of home cooked food habits right me I don't know the move was a good enough to. Well risk being re arrested the day we ask you did you believe that this guy was black white makes you Asian NUM quite. Yeah car. He's Kyra imagine in an ironic. Let me say this game tonight when it if I no matter we don't know I don't know exactly. We didn't. Now rob did you Soledad Sabatini Sabatini. And now. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. So once a year the president whoever the president is we'll give the State of the Union Address. Which is basically time the president of the stayed up there and backed out stuff that when I do this and that may take its overall profit in its right. I will say as a kid for some reason I was wanted to be the guy that yelled yelled out that stuff. Now. All right so Michael Ball low bullet. I just last I heard the allegedly Paul Ryan did a browser I thought that was specifically like I thought that was used to do it worked in the chamber the yelled makes a guy got to give them a kid like I was he's deregulate Michael Buffer. And get him open and it costs much had a child every phase of their college is more tax. Yeah I mean. I now age you can have that job that he my job and Rudy do you like I yellen San whoever you are man I'm out should. All right so you always have a State of the Union Address right. So if there's a Republican in charge or Dem so if there's a Republican in charge then you have an official response from the Democrats afterward frank. Eight years of the Obama we had a democratic presidents we've ever official responses. From the Republicans this is how a lot of people got to know Marco Rubio. There's the whole water incident and recaptured and water in his mouth was struck. So Stephen cope air. A lot of people know Steven Cole barely leans. Kinda left a little bit. He tends to it be that way kind of but he works on CBS and after the state of the union. Yet on actor Michael Weatherly and they had an official. Response. To save union. Good evening I'm Michael Weatherly millions you know me is doctor Jason bull from the dramatic television series bull 9 PM Tuesdays only CDS. Many of you just witnessed president Donald trump state in the union and whether or not you grieve when he said I think all Americans can agree on one thing. It's primetime speech preempted my show ball. How can we call ourselves a great nation millions of viewers were deprived of their fix of doctor Jason bulls offbeat charm psychological expertise. Undeniable sexual magnate. I speak to the nurse working two shifts at the hospital and a steel worker who comes home from a long day at the metal place. All I want. After an honest days work is to see me Michael Weatherly as bull lead his team on another sixteen minutes. Thrill ride through the heart pounding world jury selection and this isn't just about all I speak on behalf of all Tuesday shows in prime time and CIA assets of originally and long ones that this is asses in the black issues it's because. Preempt our primetime television shows. We're preempting what it means to be America. But I believe in a better future we may not get there today or tomorrow. What's after that Thursday. But I have faith in a brighter Tuesday at 9:8 central when Americans will again turn on the TV and she won. Mr. President. Paul. Can you imagine. Yes we can Mr. President. He sued apple video at the loser rough FaceBook page as I was watching over the last thing I don't often watch Coke right. But actually I saw that I think that's funny itself yet as just the deeds that there'd be like him in between into my show. I do a good job GAAP. I was you know it's funny I was talking to somebody else last thing they are talking about the show they wanted to watch an awfully. Dearly. The state of the union a British they canceled TV for that thing no Arabic yeah yeah. Doesn't matter what network as CNBC this is where the African Union iron. And then I also because of politics something happens and then we use the same work right so I you kind of annoyed with gates. Everything to placate this and that but it's like your original Watergate happened at the border Watergate Hotel so that's why it was Watergate so then you have the state of the union. But like do you notice now late with and I see. Roger Goodell doesn't think the state of the union. NFL right everyone and they had to play gate. My girlfriend who say like so that's obviously this is the state of the union huge crowd of football Lee does not even call no one cares Brett member of this is kinda wanna watch football. Interest thing maybe important absolutely. Yeah in any capacity we enjoy it but that matter. The NFL football Roger Goodell. So. For a lot of years there won't bite you are gonna stop watching sports center because basically we just would lose their what was that whole slogan and embraced debate. So basically I don't get the only air shows you wouldn't get a lot of highlights you just get a lot of do you kind of yelling each other's stuff in a pre planned argument that was scripted it. So in the last year they took it. Taken Scott Campo as BP and put him on like the mean you know he's not out West Coast midnight East Coast right to heat and I. He's TARP solace out love as soon Pete bows watch the last thing he does a good job for somebody like me to can be casual about sports generally. I'll turn it on and stick it stick with the expected lipstick lesbian jokes that they earn our living Gonzales got them pal. But he was talking about gambling in the NFL and he was. Blatantly honest usually here's Roger Goodell answer to gambling in the NFL and it's ridiculous right we got to protect the integrity remain shut up. Right he and I like it's got PayPal on ESP images like this yes of course would be yet that you have a team in Vegas think there's already. Tons of gambling that goes on and you monetize this and make money into the NBA has come out Philip K if you do it we want 1%. Which I agree it's not about the probably not gonna get but at least they're forward thinking and I like MM thick it's something that already happened. So you're not in denial about this coming once something is illegal and you legalize it you get rid of the criminal activity. You legitimize it in and then you make money and you tax money in making go to things that you need. Wouldn't marijuana is not legalized in the state what happens is is that most drug dealers make money. From selling leaked them or don't ladies actually don't pay taxes on it it doesn't benefit anyone in the crime goes up because there's a market for this illegal thing. So whatever it is it doesn't matter what it is if you can monetize it make money off of a mug look. Pharmaceutical companies know this for years if they can come up with a drug that simulate something that's out there that our group of supporters a reason that Lindsay Lohan doesn't know cocaine anymore because she has redolent. Certainly there's a reason according not love is not a hair and active. The American fleet lighted and clean as it. I can't help brought that up that was how we kind of started the whole thing was like look there's some movements that are just happening. Certainly can't stop easily the legalization of marijuana is happening on parole and I guess it's Roland fairly easily gauge is the same thing with the gambling but. The difference there is he's the commissioner PR but you don't you go to England or whatever you can bet in the state. Does the familiar all right they want a car like word and not only seven people are throwing matches. Now teeter on getting that now that that won't happen now that that's not a possibility that's already happened but it's not happening right now. Now a lot of people like. I have a lot of vices. Gambling just happens not to be one of them sure but for a lot of people replace that cocaine or methamphetamine. What do you do eleven on eleven it's a lot different than throwing a tennis match. While listening to for a lot of people that's part of the reason they watch these damn gains yes you don't. Do you think you a big number on Thursday night you what I have the gamblers won the playoff game man and something happened where oh ohs when they came back on the field. The final game of records indicate where a touch that it debt to get that extra point but the very into the game at the very end of the game and that just messes up. Vegas completely that's how much they chose not to take it they write you know knock down rather instead of taking that extra point cover bread when I covered right vote. Millions and billions of dollars. Editors at the keyboard fist yeah it means something because it's relevant to the game people gamble that's what they do. Well I mean even if you don't gamble right lake is so many ask me who's gonna win a sporting event my first questions and it what's the betting line. Like who's favorites that would everyone's. Everyone that go maybe we don't want to be big significant event to get into a boxing football hockey doesn't matter. There's a significant match. Or game affirm what one of the first three questions and when. Yeah we before Christmas is huge in Vegas and it shouldn't even it is because you have NBA basketball you have college ball games I college hoops and college hoops people are betting on everything Beagle they're for a week just to bet on sports. Because they can do it there yeah so many do we make you more throughout Bremer but not why do you think it's a hot time. Yeah and you talk about illegality of it and whether or not to throw matches earth their own gains and everything and Osama funny you were seen yet. Cinematic masterpiece that is good for us. The reason they get caught is shaping points of policy copped. I'm perfectly wasn't the only. All like you watch that movie that's that's based off true stories that run real gangsters and stuff they were doing that stuff but what probably happened with the got caught she reporting from. I was of that term do it that's a bad thing well shaven points. We just sounds kind of cool to resume that your being delicate when you're changing your Chester rendered the rules un general Michael shaving points. Brent that's fair I'll take that what. Probably for the Super Bowl number one you if you like commercials be excited this year are you sure well. Mean every year would this man you just and they released fewer free hand OK so you might see some that you actually like. There's kind of some weird ones now play. That. There's an Eminem that for data veto plays a human version before a threat ever NM while sailors they cast that well. I image. They equally John Lovett sir who would you have played the green imminent you know is Al want to that's the sexy Eminem she wears heels over. Boom who's a sexy Eminem you station new movie do. I don't know but we don't one who's got played to take Kaplan party. Kind of sound stupid. Then I'm racking my brain who I want to leave the green. What is she hot it is yet to be leaked to veto look more like an Eminem well. The whole thing is she supposed real hot imminent if it was a more Scarlett Johansson we give the gators so it's got the right voice right. I hammer Kirsten. Well little one curve on the green Eminem she drowned man Yi. I think it did and I don't regret I go to won't curve they Granger. You couldn't collective circumference of did you guys know that Anheuser-Busch controls exclusive category rights on the Super Bowl bonus up. The men's original red. They do good. Yet since I never thought about this that's what you never see another alcohol spot. OK but the only one that can indeed they pay fortunately once we would you grade Omega commercial that gives the horse is mentally exact size veils. Well you cry. You know commercials that make you cry for the symbol we made you cry yellow tail wind they're trying to work around to begin by buying up local ads and eating market that's Smart. Well the crazy thing is you buy up eighty at the local market the calls more than just put one analyst who allowed ambulance does Australia right. Up in his right. As pitchers are out yet so rock to rock Iraq as you got to put it yet but that's the only candidate from America. I the Super Bowl is in Minnesota which can be kind of cold and rob got across. Ground at the thought about it. Okay and it's free easy free easy with that again creeping its its. And I didn't know what am oh draw. Say mama a two of those of the pressures on was much. Yeah actually we should me check on that the protocol there was remains it was freezing freezing freezing freezing and your kids would even say that every unit told them. Now and I knew that only a few good that he may go partly to. And and go potty that cool man. Yeah you're right we knew that did you get to see stuff like I tied the medical pot departments school here cool usually word. Of it and it's. Just as I talked about couple days ago you know think ala. Beyond the viewership for the grammys terrible nobody cares here still when Rachel last week of course of course you know and CIS is always in there and TI yes. No island state of I found in a body without the mother steels and crawl that is. If it. Alex Daley about what got it to a political or look at the fact that it. By the way. Patrick Ward Burton patch is whoever it is because it's mostly fizzled and someone suggested Florida as the shape of the green Eminem I rebel Wilson. Yeah Seth Rogen. Wasn't he peca for effort. That's not bad. Welcome Sokol. But you know what candy to be too sexy I know you wanted to be I I think you learn to deal voluptuous. Yeah through to the bigger the better. This sailor got. More than I like about food as much as I'd like it and physically attracted to it. Did you put European assume now some of those silicon so it putted Randy I'm married to Uganda media availability beginning instantly. You'll be hesitant to do it in Newton put it. But it will be all the ink off your penis and evidences including food courted big drop you do it and did incident and let the management that. Pat's death for mentally imparted. Yeah apparently played that it doesn't matter who serves mashed potatoes of the park there what kind of party are you having more Mashhad and I donated a dinner party. Now I played on a long holiday to even then it's like how the day dinner but the door and holiday party. Little conservative mashed potatoes and not sure dinners and a lot of the party on the into the lead and I feel like if I'm eating part meeting mashed potatoes on surround about family. Generally speaking in front of the state house or most eating family and we're kind of off the knee mashed potatoes with friends but when you do you put idiot would god damn right first order of business. Come on over the gold and having met the data. I know due to the bone stuff mountain. All right I got too depressing stories also involvement from people that. Well just bad people that work on kids' channels. You probably heard this one performer glee star mark sailing died. An apparent suicide in his 35 the day and you need to know about this this guy is about to go to prison for seven years. For our for owning child pornography. Like the the biggest library ever of that. A library of congress of child from they found 50000. Images on a phone drive. Yeah I know and even Gary glitter and god damn cold as a lot. Yeah well it would his attorneys like our users while while while we sit uses. He was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgment like no offense may have been like. Beat your guy didn't get plate caught drinking in public affairs some unity might not that any breaking angles are presented. That's a different level lately that you child porn is how I ER 50000. Outages I have a hard time putting naked team this is a different level of like what's acceptable or not yet. 50000 images. I'd ask be he was on glee filled a lot of unfortunately children watch that one lot of children watch Disney. Is former Disney star Adam Dixon was arrested. For armed robbery AO INC alum yeah. Based really severe garner him and his girlfriend we're going around the Sanford you know valley sticking guns in people's faces and that maybe money. Two of the victims and their seventies. And a very Disney licensed drug addiction. Yeah politically isn't and when you need to cash in about drugs. That Gary has two prior arrests by the way both number dropped but yet that's brutal when you go and check out these are going to be signing autographs at Disneyland than. Now I think disease got it done with them on that one man yeah I think Disney as far as the protocol goes we knew we knew rob people gunpoint you know a mouse like. We're gonna look at gold book I bet though he's been in all the secret places before the sentinel he's got the complete Disney VIP treatment all right that was too bad stories but now right here have a great story right here. Okay. Steven Spielberg is remake in West Side Story I don't come I don't I got every I. Out everybody that I downside billiard governor and up on worry I doubt everybody Juarez he's doing the thing travels around harm or damage eases you didn't write it it's the same stuff would lead why you re treading. Yeah all people expect you to bring he will you do do something something original. Story so well as well L'Oreal wasn't. Originally came out they like a dead woman then we had to have dual boot don't exactly right Spielberg tells you something about his treated known explain some things you know. You suck and I even brought up or just wait you're there and I just love the jets the fact. Beat the sharks are from Jones. Memorabilia aren't uncheck the get what you need to remake that you just need to go see the average it. Spielberg may have I will do that it's amazing the original one they did 110 cost. Jesus cry generally yet only two films pay very abrasive or get ahead I'm Elena would might not be in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I knew I don't have again this time of Taco Bell and manners arrested for throwing a hot burrito at his ball season. United Airlines denies an emotional support peacock from boarding a flight. Which is absolutely nobody's lost when he met this cat three or Fred thanks guys plywood 85 plumbers and the toilet break Canadian bank robbers caught after. Pulling in the Tim Hortons for a doughnuts and shakes. And New York court refuses to bring out the breathing man dead. Seriously standard headline. It's kinda hit. Mike cop out I've got traded runs like a man made his way to a small town bank and rob the place before making his getaway with a one part of a car outside. The very may have escaped the scene of the crime but they were caught in the most Canadian place possible. The drive through that Tim Hortons then they normally it's pretty substantial drive through it's like got chick filet there's there's 1510 car home life. Aaliyah because this golf either donuts. Now he's the only place in each town it's GAAP. Braylon they acts of war be in the middle that case which I don't know why he ducked into a drive through for the in the middle of a phase I think cells that you all don't know I Regina Glenn to some degree gas not too far off from making its insisted you're gonna blame you also need to have the ability to. Run back out. If you get out you need the ability of a different vehicle than the woman who actively looking for that to them. Any views and in the Tim Hortons and you'd understand how to stop. Dude and everything down and it won't work this it's important although I am demo and around the world in South Carolina Taco Bell worker was so incensed about avenue work the morning shift that needs a drastic measures to show his displeasure. He started throwing a fit inside the restaurant upon hearing the news and when told to calm down of the employees for manager with a hot burrito thing. He then broke his ads and on the way out the door was arrested on a number of germs faster than wasteful Maria never be allowed back. Now they'll probably got them really that isn't my good you'll never eat at Taco Bell again by the and my thing where it puts your picture above average after an American because now our freedoms our weaponry and we are not gonna put a weapon in the hands of a crazy man who's about your weapon only for your Amos. Think that 86 listing your local bar never wanna end up off the aft. We got a flight I know we can flight bound for Germany was loaded with upwards of 85 plumbers and was forced to make you turn for the most ironic resenting. One of the toilets on the plane was malfunctioning you let her sister in the shot of the day. Yeah I just find it amazing what look at him as for doctor asked for blog. Friends I also think there's an 85 people implant. Is everybody okay here we've already been out for forty minutes before we turn this around studio forty minutes back the flight is two hours and so halfway there all right. So can we only minutes can we all agree if I pass on Gatorade bottles or however we need to make this happen that we can just. It's only get two hour flight guys if it's bad enough festivals comedy back fire plumbers van was figure out a way to make this happen unproven environment by. Right I knew about it would you party like dirty like halfway through Detroit if he just would make more sense to keep go because it takes about the same amount of time to turn around play forty minutes difference. Exactly select men c'mon guys. Pull hooked. Or are you know just do it in the toilet and then we kind of have the later countries Singapore money put Bolivia anyway now it's just a flat right Matthew flat. Exactly. Kill and it's food in the car roll bar every event. Or market the servicing of business is refusing to acknowledge emotional support animals as actual service animals that go well they should. The most recent they're ridiculous gays come from the United Airlines that denied a woman's request to bring her emotional support. Peacock onto a flight again what condition these so from every goddamn peacock vulnerable while I was talking to Robin a ten about this now wondered if people aren't just seeing how far they can push aside do. Well here's the deal you go to her in two grand page apparently with someone dead. Her whole life is like taking artistic semi nude photos. Of her in her peacock. For the peacock is spreading to cover up certain things. Growing academics and Syria are so this is just a complete bunch of crap. This is not as a quality guy yeah he'll lose the support goodness I was going someplace to make money with said peacock to be an overlay Adobe reader Johnson is I convinced him that you need manic comedian friend the monkey or like a traveling show right and I'm gonna go. He's on my support. And he's my find me drive the minimum partner and I like dean what dads every analyzing that my guy and Eritrea next after returned. Are they Demi had to have his bag now who did we but it does know as Sherlock and another round profile list yes indeed it is all true we are out here for now we shall return. Until then please do what you do best and for a lethal say it's. Day. Beautiful.