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Wednesday, January 31st

Emails, Who Sucks Less, Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's tour. Listening to. He's thrilled. Hi Larry Craig and I just got up and down day is moments away also men's or rules on the way our question what number shocks people when they hear it's. About you 844999. A lot hello all the more welcome to the men's room. And I. I got to. Never as Ortiz broke it down and Greek and ascent. Three concussions could Galilee to Iran horses and it does that all at once and fell about a mile. Very hard slug wanna Baghdad. I played but our rightful. I got hit in the head with a baseball actually thought off. And that the picket Ashley bridge is absolutely wrong. I try to be like the 08 at this and this and I liked Eric light at end but I remember it isn't news and but I made it and how weak. I manually there you have it on the totally. Made it obvious that the party broken down and I oh lead at dirt bike accident when I was younger I. And wrecked half my age get in my helmet back in the day. You are well what does your face look like and he'll look what do they get the skin from. I'm. Glad I look great. And her daughter at least that my good side there. Pray they get it right back. I'm glad. In graphs from the back at my late feud yet prepared in every girl on your eight on a lap back. And it got to 1111. App. How long did it take for all that through. To grow back in the scoring the go away and lets them. The surgery and I like eat on but it tech about. Or by the years that get back completely let you know our. It at. Allow. Yeah was the last time you broken bone. I'm it was about six years now I let drunk and I would guess eating and we checked the jet ski and credit. Think one of the get it out of the track and it got washed out I would say it and it Al Amin it broke my bat at a really good. I'm Dana announcing your own riding the jet ski when this went down. Not yet I spent there that they are writing it into a. I don't do you have another autumn's. Actually yes I have a chef brand name of the audit and are better. I just feel like auto instantly be a little crazy I can ask you had a black photos of them offered this is quite alert mind exactly like gas or do I I just joined other auto moves like this autumn very nice and stuff but she's a little. Crazy and yeah maybe a little accident prone okay that's a good problem to me does not sound like a name that would be wild and crazy it sounds like you're a mile an island's guys you know. Well if you change that right I know doesn't she have to lose yeah otherwise I'm picture. Yes and no real doom aren't like a librarian in the game to someone who's nice and as a good disposition doesn't get real angry fund to be around your enemy not too crazy I spoke bogey on the ground on the if you get her drunk though she's great town to be around but none other than that you know. Straight month the I think I think I'm more bottoms like this really. Oh yeah that's lastly do you have anonymously she graced him yellow column basically prove what you believe to be drew bottoms and hand the juvenile fire today between goatee guy and I know those super villain at that. Here but what number shocks people they care about you make far far 9990. Hello Corey welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. Sir in my magic number removes its sixth. Let me the most let's let drinking and salt. Non stop drinking for since my. What I mean were you working with time the global what was the situation that you're six months of nonstop. Great. Well I just capitalization. Boats sure. Or monkey shirt working. And same and it's not my question. And would you say you were gonna fishing boat like well OK okay how much money did you come homeless. I came home I think is long or any album in cash right. Sort of can't read right. Okay and it was it. What are you supposed to go back outs and used those and delayed order on it's and then the voter did you stop to scientists stopped the job. All the most broad it was and dry dark and man this season ended so I look. That it won't Jerry just got back my name Bruce and drinking persons must show. We see six when street I mean likely to light is simply you woke up or would you like it was in the dangerously drunk every day for six months. And that's I looked at as grew two. Called mr. The background music in that sort if there are. Room eighteen did you come how much were you drinking a day I guess or during this year so. How many of those eighteen packs were it was a just view. It probably news. Through them by myself. Go ahead pick ever. And that's all alone yeah. Good god man and what why did you stop this. Well. Not repay it and did. Since so yeah you have to get the right amount of money that's the only reason is that it now did you read the shakes are here and I had the money does Alabama anymore money and I'll go second on. Very much a what you do the other two months you're on the boat for four drum for sixth yet to left over would you do. Oh god why am I don't what what do you almonds do you drink NASA. I also enjoy a much more targets surely it is okay burner while you're out money. All right I got one more crush on him if you're all hosts think what we're flipping her thesis future if they keep seeking the debate when they agreed to Bud Light. It's got a really but like it's got to be like be available later ice right. I mean it it has been in and he's not I can't could be high life yet. They're both unbelievable go to AA goes into not just ran out of money and exactly exactly I doubt very much anymore at an area compared. What Della number shocks people when they hear it about UH 44999. Cola hello Jake welcome to the men drew. Here on the odds. Are against the U. It doesn't solve a number certainly. It is finally something beat Tuukka out of the nine. China and the amount of different substances in my one friend did it once I don't Brady back in the open. Good god man what were the mind can you name won't. You have sort of started to but a handful of people. And they had mixed with alcohol. Later on went to a guy's car and get some cocaine but it pulled out Chad BC's. Rape which was GHB. Other than the other one called GPL old. Some guy gave us some Turkish it's. We eat. Yeah I was the only a handful. So let me ask you this ma'am when you mix that many. Substances together in 1 evening what does your highlight. Oh man it's lay up and down like one minute you're saying they're like shape in the next minute kind of spiritual roots don't know what's going on. Blue print to Portland was gonna actually be able to go to sleep. We just looked at every night you wake up and you're still just as lit as you were when you. Or you don't sleep so that the whole time your bodies just hard. It's. Are halfway through the sirte has started that's allies worry he's you know quite a permanently if this time but. Scott which do I just also just crash and auto Obama slips for the rest today. You pull it out to you thought you'd become permanently stoned. So I was done Gloria is a guy you read a ready for what is the festival. No I don't. Little redundant Seattle four little ruler showed just what they would do another outlet did you vote if they can't post and I had it just kept going. Why our man that is that is browse my the last time you have you make steered your mixture substances. Oh I can't do anything like that anymore nobody does not like me your money is not like you're from all the punishment you put the three main. Yeah it's. Not sort of say to Harden. I don't know what they're doing time. I like eating and like sleeping side. I give electronic crap up. Dana breeding is leaving there's nothing wrong with the eating or sleeping tiger. Our methods ever were role where you don't need to do either of those may not allow you I don't need to do either of the idea certainly don't need to go to leave for a week straight now but when you get into things that sound like I don't know some energy put into a corpse this is not my idea of the drug and with the economy and in my power threat. Isn't that the stuff it's like just comatose in a sun sentinel but isn't pretty well that same level of just craziness. You. Now. Ten and what you know it yet just had to either drug expert on the stuff. Can mean a Kenny you can you can overdose. Seattle it's not only it's this Feagles I know I'm no good I know you've got to be very tough with the dip late. Real specific would be you have no right to think you similarly the debris so lake with with cat a mean people with these OC get stuck in cables. Right right I've seen people on K I don't turn myself but I seem view on academy. And it's that disassociated. So they're not even there the right to their city on a calculate the if you take too much to do just kind of stuck there. I don't know if it's good stripper backed trip and he used to be known as cynical portrait course trickle. Right yeah yeah and I let when I knew exactly I'm in the olden days. Lisa I GHB Greg we heard over this last week when the guy from Storm Chasers passed away. The GAG is the date rape drug but also some people try to do installment dose that they suppose we have a great time right place for yourself you off didn't we'll just cross got myself yet. I don't have to the storm tourism he took too much GH beat cooked. Imagine if that was your storm chaser he knew that I could you eat I don't know cruise ship got a cruise ship and Rafe are damn yeah damn man who's gonna dancing was the last last night of his life lawyer Wallace yeah Zach. What he did exactly with a pop songs that I can't even do it Villanova we think boom boom boom boom boom boom you big test busted dancing in 99 that put the it is in May have literally ran just a song that I am that's how we got just a Saul yeah that's only values that he overdose of that stuff now. It's a storm chase. And cementing dates starting unit died early both don't they lived tornado on a stale that in killed no not that bad like I drive and portable inclusive Caribbean cruise to dance like its last night your life one more thing. Four ports of call. Illicitly one time at a certain facts all I walked over and told everybody else there that he he he's just in just its academy. There's the first song it don't make and another guy that was there who had done it before looked at that your daughter before he has no idea how good you take it can think ten minutes easily. You better get back to your tech. Class class problem. Food is correct. You are on the upper you can do Google now now set up your movies your boom NBC relies on human being. What numbers actually able when they hear it about doing get your emails go to for the men's room and then to live dot com also return those thugs last. And is on the way next you're listening to the men's or radio network. I've got plenty you know they've done years old says he has a 22 girlfriends around the world Elmo about each other they're all much younger than he has. Our question what number shock to people when they hear it about you and here come those emails in the men's room admin from live dot com. Because people are surprised to hear that I have never sneezed once in my record is 22 in a row. That from Ghana which means I guess he sneezes all talk he's never he's just one time Arnett how I got a body like that good yes to sneezes all the time. Like if he starts leave her sit in a bar man and he start until just get up and leave the article it's gonna be a minute. What is it would look my brother threes at these gorgeous needs to request news period we know except. I think 31 doesn't as major he's really loudly he can't do requires a. You know it's like they're restaurant you're okay roll better placement yell loud sneeze and I think I'm usually one public. Yet to be dark and I think. Law's prize a final my husband and I have six children all of it's as Robin I had been married four times first to Israel high school just to get Delano of the house and beyond their own. That was five years second almost eighteen years to kids the third with thirty days thirty days and now number four. That from the Bonny Lee cowboy. Guys number 600 CC's the amount of C leaning each of my breast implants Jesus. 6000. CC plus size does that make their oath I'm not sure 6000 CC so. Could I should be a motorcycle I don't know it. Our guys is pretty similarly our guy but I'm the oldest of 33 grandkids. I'm almost the oldest of nine on the almost over for my grandma was also the only 38 when I was born. She was eighteen when she had my mom but it was okay because she was married and my mom had me it's funny. Also okay because she was married my family is in camp would either they are mormons rock on that from buck. BI guys much rising number is age when I started college fifteen. Literally straight out of junior high. My parents refused to say meat to the local high school to get ahead I had no idea how to handle a and erode die a virgin child. New road divergent. No divergent child what does that mean. You know what it means is your new road I bird OK we don't know what that is just heard RD attendance and high school they were confused with how to handle her severe bipolar disorder OK we're still a few years of her life so no parents to allow us to repeat that deal. And now I'm on my way to becoming a professional dog trainer. And my sister is spending as much time as she can volunteering with the humane society with a nine opening her own that no kill cat shelter in the future. Mean and then I'm down without. Guys I am a true motor vehicle addiction registered 37 and I've owned around the sixty different cars in my life not sure if the exact number anymore but in the past two years I've had six different cars and I'm about to buy two more. But hey I enjoy myself don't lose my ass all the transactions and held up PS just moved back from Cali few months ago missiles in do you guys good to be home. Not a huge number but four I was in the marine stationed in Okinawa Japan. One week I came down with a huge headache it continued for a few days. Decided to go to so called doctor said doesn't in my hospital looks like meningitis. While Leo and find out of the Spinal Tap. Doctor stuck my back spinal column she missed try to get missed again if those who've never experienced a Spinal Tap it is paint ball I would only wish that some ex wife. Hole. Putting Dick Bernanke. I want the doctor called and specialist finally got the sample Spinal Tap number three sample came back negative however the three holes in my spine of let my spinal fluid leaking. The solution a blood draw from my arm and injecting it into my spine he's Spinal Tap number four. Want to wanna see a grown man asks I've grown ass man cried watch a Spinal Tap procedure cold chills. Number of the surprises up people the most are number one that I have broken my nose nine times fights hockey accidents. I have had eleven discussions all from hockey and lastly I have worked in 46 states in the US patent. I was a national trainer for security company and would travel all over and train people how to install security systems. What's been eight weeks in a state it was crazy. Al PS my wife is that to breast reductions because of back issues Jesus to. Means they grew back didn't really do you have the burstein and now they're one and I'm from the FedEx Mike maybe she got kept it in smaller. Really over bankrupt our small are like regulate what is Sheila lost weight stuffs it and even the reduction is that when that he's still don't fit didn't. Guys magic number 28 on seventeen a broken 28 bones in my lifetime I suffer from a condition called us steel Genesis in perfect. And perfect and aka yeah impropriety here in her back down is gonna go I don't know Latin subpoenas in perfect bracket on that right debt the only game. Moved zipper back I don't know what's going on them but they're not perfect. And I. So far from perfect that it needs to be no and perfect out. Cause Lebow's be more brittle that normal my second is twelve it's a number of surgeries and I've had I've had to rod in my right leg as a result of the show Q of the also Mort. That from Jack and here's why one spoke four pounds of weed and you know it is mentioned Jersey. Of course four pounds a week. I mean you know how is that there's no way you have much four pounds of weed is I mean you might spoke four pounds of weed. But it might it take any like 365. Nights. Right and every friend you have you know and nailing down a few days come out any comments Amber's gonna region well. And I don't think it tried to be funny these are just the types of things I've been single day normal ejaculation is about a teaspoon mine is over tablespoon. And Amber's gonna stop there. Oh my god you know yeah like good god man how when I believe. Those of you brag about. I'll always helps when your baking to a timer if you let your emails in the men's room amends in my back off. Organizers my son address these they've turned around the sun and I want militiamen had Bieber take an AM original they sand wedge. And you guys talking all over each other about Lagos thanks so much of that from Adam. Sandwiched welding you know about Legos and there's definitely a little about 2000 blogging and I always jog kind of had a way to combat America's battle Ahmadinejad was brought from Dick run pretty well heeled Wimbledon autonomy to and I have to get Smart ass because there's got to him you know even though he's an easier literally break we'll know next thing you know it's an event bring him here. Guys is always make happy tenth birthday from Aspen and Dave what they've big old Mike Cox called and Vince Neil I just said that. Rock god supplements appreciated. Just said that it does is wanna get shot up my brother makes Tony say these are hard working son of a bitch. That deserves the best opinion as a tune up penises too small. Followed by a LeRoy. Yeah. And that fit into Mellon. Talking about plumbing unquote favorite things two reasons number one delay a lot of like the material it is on the west bought. The guy is not good Villa whose been losing to guys for longer than ever is turning 26. Would you guys mind throwing in some very dirty Germans. Thanks guys that from the best rock wife ever. Named jail. You are above the government do what looked like the movie review troops on. God can move again author of the policy of the third. It is obvious though I'm turning a dirty thirty today get regular bird they saw me a ladies man they sandwich in the dirty as Germans the occasion. Thanks guys Iraq gone. Can advise you. These sandwiches. I'll feel both fell for the role of the teacher if you would. Don everybody will be that when you get him through those black for us and we'll keep his job. Robert Joseph lame with a lady's man they say it was he has 32 today thanks guys I cannot buy healthy sandwich said you'll like this once there's a 39 birthday I plan on getting after tonight. Could you put me out was internal sites and you like that Kirk cousins style pleased. And Chris is a should look Moroccan has. I'm like there was a birthday to my husband Jeff amazing guy works are just landed a great new job could be more proud can get your peers is too small of a sudden I'm gonna gay thanks guys from Katie. RJ shadow to my six B a sexy husband Billy. And original face eligible suck it up to update from our two year old daughter who threw up all over him right when he got home from work yesterday we love you that from Kim best yeah oh. Johnson and I'm 47 now and all that slippery slope to fifty. I would like to request to your penis is too small and Al hitting the window thanks guys and while the map from Darryl. O line guys Hillary polls have you had any about it. Yeah I decided okay how we haven't gotten paid. I know I guarantee you. Mid day meal as a Digi Germans brought. Also available through these real shame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Know im sure might apply. Electra is losing your segment I heard the complaints from a Brandon about while that bottles ironic because I don't call in radio stations are thinking of something funny to call in and say to make Robin laugh. Normally if some funny enough to get an audible juggle from her it must be pretty good. Additional on the podcast in the new Abbott the radio station will be 98 point nine Iraq in Kansas City. That from Jesse. I as far as picky food and weird things gentlemen my weird thing is I drink my milk only after I had eaten everything. I first noticed when I was like fourteen and I'm thirty and my now wife was even weird and out by wouldn't we first got together that from GM now I would say that's. People are weird it out in general. By certain people who drink milk during Emil yet like for dinner yes yeah for lunch now. You're already got a music directory and glass and upbeat if he's begin. Afterward amendment you know does that present yet I was scared you either enjoy milk with food reward or you don't or you don't. I do not mean much cereal that's it and so you would never had a glass of milk for any occasion. Well why are being cool I feel it's our that's not true so but auto loans Orioles was oratory isn't house after she goes bad I get stoned probably eat about for a room. And I pour the smallest class about it is they're specifically for donkey okay it's about a hundred I've a got. Now whilst. Now rice Paul and apple lactose intolerant part. Yeah jets broke shake every day right exactly but it home are now brigadier and I'm glad I don't I don't know days and nobody is delicious. A look now as occasional blunders show this morning I am a NATO from Tucson that. Arizona. These are your daughters Soria snoring dog is our New York pizza the best we can you guys who really tried to be fair for some at a Seattle blog my blonde but still. It's got nothing on my hot dogs. Doubts over his death part of the country list that goes down to the you'll they don't watch football game a bear down. And to barter for dead the bond is a Mexican soft Furl not a flat bread and Fred Meyer cells tailor him in the deli department I don't know. My grandparents in it calls from a Jersey showed me this and I changed my life later rich is that from yeah I'll be your friendly neighborhood Coke dealer. No ice snow totals mean Cofield those guys did worse in this affair. Really see was from Arizona residents to suck air oh yep I'm not going to sent to every secular figure this is New Mexico as a duo what are go to Mexico. Our guys are girlfriend does not eat corn on the cob type writer style she eats it around the calm all the way and it annoys the hell out of me that from Matt. How was that about how does that translate to the bedroom. It's too bright I mean that the right. That's a good idea moment feel like I like her I'm not sure why he want to hear eat corn that's why. That's why and finally delete emails to a corner where you want to porn like all my god. Almighty god. Gentlemen a wild enough few weeks back beach at Smith mentioned the Joey chestnut is competing on the Amazing Race this season. Well my wife and I've been watching the show together for years so since this season has started every time enjoy appears on the screen now shout outs Joey. Chestnut. I did this for about ten times my wife violet to me and said why the do you keep doing. I began to explain how the men's room once featured one of his contest during the segment and now use the globe as the sound bite. She any of blankley conservative. I don't care just don't eat it it it it it right on guy's up for America in north Vancouver BC and beautiful cat that's our man Arial the. Coming on the program reviews of men's room rules but burst yeah. The newsroom wants to know. Sox. I gang divers are still as Stephen Doyle you bring it every stories in the news every week and it's up doesn't determine which of these three stories suck police. Now if you like demands for a month FaceBook follows on Letterman survived the debate is already underway on The Who sucks lives and that I'm gonna type now Mike walked into the office earlier today is a man. Today's two socialist is pretty grip and I'm sorry bulletin did do such let's not lose break and also all right so we got three stories today we're gonna start Maine. We're essentially that the plea deal struck with a former top. So they give up when he sexual assault charges dismissed will cherish for the site. We have Baltimore when the police there that if he'd come in police in Baltimore they were instructed by supervisors. To carry a toy gun. That would make implanted just in case they shot an unarmed person that. And we continue. And miles you're well aware of those who told me about it for years would drug companies. The flooding of small was Virginia town of all kinds open to it than to put in perspective they sent the town of 3000 people. Once he won the. Million pills over to near record 3003 California 21 their mama grandma knew that a sport means so much hasn't done well let's start in May work twenty sexual assault charges against former Lincoln county sheriff's deputy Doug can have hatched the third. No we dismiss this portable play agreement calls for him to plead guilty to providing a police for minors to consume alcohol. In November jurors in the decorum there they are that the 47 year old. They found not guilty of two counts of sexual abuse of minors and pershing marijuana to a minor. But they said they were honed on the other twenty charges of sexual crimes involving three teenagers. So it is cruiser while under. The super court judge there have been declared a mistrial and remained charges which included sexually abusing three women when they were younger. Those 61 when she was six and providing marijuana to all the he's a former deputy of the year and Betty and he'll plead guilty to the new misdemeanor charge of exchange and the outstanding charges being dismissed with prejudice what does that mean. That means he cannot be tried. On the charges against. And it appears as the ability to appear before court overtime agreed to pay a 1000 dollar fine and serve no jail time. How about backboard male and a good lawyer. Now let's go to miles underground Baltimore back in April 201613. Year old boy image above all authors of the Baltimore police department. And look we can't ram when you faced by the police about what we all bootable from. So the cops gave Jason during the chase the police spotted kit only begun it would be turned veteran shot and youngster wasn't critically injured. And it seemed like a pretty open and shut case right justifiable. Use of force. But our people are starting to wonder because of all important points apartment is currently in court over one of the bigger scandals in the history of American law enforcement. According to the Baltimore sort of startled when a nineteen year old woman from New Jersey overdose back in when he left. The authorities against racism or from the drugs and led them to a drug grew into Baltimore and discovery go to Baltimore police officer. Was involved in a particular drug group and about the time they finish investigation. Eight members of the quote unquote the lead going Trace task force have been charged with crimes ranging from racketeering. The robbery. And then there's the revelation that the supervisor of the unit instructed officers to carry toy gun just in case they found themselves in the jail on the it needed the platform and an unarmed person that they shot and street number one of the officers was arrested. They couldn't figure out why yet toy gun in his glove compartment that's pretty good festival thing. I didn't mind these revelations put out speculation six of the eight indicted officers they've agreed to cooperate with the feds. And or testifying in open court one officer that was scheduled to offer evidence against the crooked cops. He won't get to do that as he was quote unquote mysteriously shot in the head with his own weapons. The day before he was set to test its. But they don't believe it's sort. At my hometown battle well yeah Baltimore city. And now let's go to what was what Virginia Ural summer grounds miles were drug companies. Basically they've holes tiny towns in West Virginia with a deluge of addictive and deadly old Buick builds over the last decade there's. According to an ongoing investigation by the commerce committee. For one example drug companies collectively poured twenty point eight million hydra co own and actually go to bills into the city of Williamson West Virginia. Between two years of 2006. And 2016. That's about six million pills per person. And that's it six million Jews were hurt and other nations currently grappling with the up amicable Hewitt addiction and AM. Overdose death sentence for disease control prevention may have to me than an average 115 Americans die each day. From open your overdose West Virginia currently has the highest rates of drug overdoses of the country and I think we figured out why. Basically want the company behind it they also delivered four point four billion had a coat on and I should go to bill's. To a city of just thirteen hundred peace now the Oceana what did they did that in the seven years between 2008. And 2015 and in Beckley, West Virginia. They say company there that didn't hesitate to vocalist bring the orders. For tens of thousands of hope you'll do is is placed by one pharmacy in the span of five days. Yes of the war on drugs. You do math on back well as far as. Men's or FaceBook pages concern Lloyd says three sucks released its business doing what they do making money people will have to take pills they don't want to prove. Scott has three such a les Gina much still when your bank in your sister. And Brady says that Scott would have your sister as well but there's more on the same gift I guess three such police demean the people that Tehran could choose not to do drugs the very least. I hate to say the pharmaceutical companies by a mile sunk the least three such a least he needs serious amounts of drugs to willingly live. In West Virginia. While I'm from West Virginia says Josh dot dot dot dot. NTR says to such a lease to the sounds like they are cracking a joke cops do black humor well. I mean I would always say eat baby number two. Bags tops all the meat because I lived there for and just CNN's. So par for the course and if that's terrible are easy to see it's actually you know I really do that surprises me believes all of this is news. Adorned with us. What would have thought man it's still mess I would go drug company I got artillery throughout the way you don't have yeah drugs. You know if you are like amends or month FaceBook files on tournaments or might bow allowed back on the they continues airport. Who's our thoughts are still to come Madrid tells Shana dale Blake and we weren't used a men's room roles coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room. Don't have a drink and tells with a shot of the day about bird and. It's. And I asked cliff jumper flights that I don't ever want to Lowry reviews amends or rolls. V complete list of roles is on the website there funeral men's remind our common are all kind of in separate categories depending on the rules and a few of the rules that you put into law. Including. From the article five you're a man of god dammit act like one no man shall ever be required to buy another member day gift in fact even remembering your buddies. Birthday strictly optional that's for Morgan. Another rule never dress to match your girlfriend or wife unless it's Halloween. Section ten no man shall ever feeder be fed by another man it continues. Unless in the entertainment industry no man should Wear makeup. Never be a part of a candle party that from Robert to know meant to take longer to get ready then his wife or girlfriend. From Derek section seventeen do not skip ever know man shall ever skip. No mental ever attend or be a part of about how baby shower wedding shower etc. And another if you call another man have a points never called just for small talk for that brings us to. This email that we get here from the heavy haul trucker. I would like to make an admitted to the rule that no man shall call the man make small talk. An exception should be made to this rule to allow semi truck drivers to call one another to make small talk in order to stay awake. As semi truck drivers we drive eleven hour days it's hard to stay away sometimes and the best way to stay awake. Is that you call your body and talk sincerely guys on heavy haul truck that's fair enough that is fair I'm myself. Yeah I mean that's pretty specific nights ago and make that call. Eight I don't want to fall asleep at the wheel but seems clear we we would that realism Plaisted just somebody calls because I would lead. They've been. A decision airmen and by woody don't none other board. Earlier I only did you call that while you wanna go around it a miracle I grounded arrogant at all I guess that that that's the boy you know outpouring though. So we will make an amendment based on that fair enough all right although from everything I Iraq you can stay alive there. All right here's another guys I comb through the rule list under bathroom etiquette and I'm surprised that I did not see this. A coworker came into my office and said I have to go use the little boy's room. I propose no magical bathroom the little boy's room just say it out loud it is super creepy I'm gonna go pee in the little boy's room. Now from avenue listens in Saratoga Springs, New York on WC MF in Rochester it Amanda got what I. A few were saying but appealing to any time a guy is going to like you was ordered proved unable to Colebrook but the bullet. The little bullies drew I don't know guys have not done a term for bat every time we say it. We never say the word back you have to go to the bathroom at the moment you actually physically go to the bathroom we certainly don't call them Batman and we also will say go pop. Now. Don't let go potty got audio I used more than a little boy's room right until potty sounds crazy but I use that when the types. Don't go program. Haven't yet I don't know the company rightly there's some people on their ground the deck aren't aren't going to head during the blizzard the other easy Fella that we get him home and I got a huge move. Come and am gonna get this out for dinner gets a look I've made the mistakes late party wants to work goes of the goddamn kids read what I do not part of who we are. Have the gentlemen drum roll to shoot us an email to the men's or amendments or live dot com be sure to check out all the rules that you felt great throughout the years. Add men's or live dot com are I want and were admitted to during attacks. He adds this is just a few red. Is that as usual we had does it bring gas cans even throw up on outdoor toasted here. The dean and I believe Mike Hart has the story coming up later and headline probably more details but today we chose Norwegian. Airlines okay so recently. They had a two hour and twenty minute flight that was scheduled to fly from Oslo to Munich Germany this is just one of their standard flights it's no big deal. However only twenty minutes into the flight basically when I got to the Swiss border. The plane was before Rick. Forced to return. To Oslo apparently they had an emergency on the plane now what was the problem. It seems that the Boeing 737 was suffering almost say is. Toilet issues or not entirely clear what they. Toilet issues word but I just wanted to know one thing about this like this slide that had the current lame because of that toilet issues also ahead. 85 plumbers on board the flight at the time they turned around because of polish. 85. Plumbers they were going to Germany for whatever plumbers go to Florida court. I literally. I did a lot of drinking involved Abbott to lose the thought it doesn't matter if something goes wrong 85 plumbers going to Germany do you think about this aren't social and has a heart attack on a plane duties or doctor I don't know but I don't think about the problem ploy that would disable. Deserved plumber nobody is completely different ages. You said they went out and urgent 85 plumbers interview Edmund RYN Alexandria. That's. Closure of the mass were plumber on phones that ran out might crack fast enough. The hunt featuring donkey and the threat Peter but I thought contract that as well and at Auburn and Oregon courts as well. We have more of those boos imagery does lose because we think it's Yemeni guy banks over the tolls and down the throat to party in our tummies. Down a hole that there's no yeah. Get Deco lines nine online right now he four point 999 only apply profile that's coming up here minutes. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.