01-31-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Rinds That Bell

Wednesday, January 31st

Mens Room Question: What number shocks people when they hear it about you?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. That are present I find our money for seven days the indeed at BP Iraq in Anchorage evident beer it to Humphries this morning at 965 WC MF Rochester classic rock station. And our friends at Rockwell three in Fayetteville, North Carolina that would be Fort Bragg welcome to program who sucks less men's or rules all coming up and say we're gonna talk about numbers went to Jones. Has 22 girlfriends not only that those guys in Minnesota Boston with 27 do you lives yeah and again not really must be proud of there. But a couple other stories. One involving a where the hell up the guy who who somehow left 38 grenades and cyber world. And I'm Merrill sort of talk about numbers today in the numbers that Shockey guy gave blood a hundred times. And plans on doing it even more. And his name is Tom Petty ironically enough he's gonna go for 200 they've they've given twelve point five gallons blogs that a lot to the numbers what we're looking forward number shocks people when they hear about you 844999. Old by the way we we are just talking about how much more calls for a brawl it's the bigger the cup size. The more expensive abroad so comic comes and says I have been key cup. And I pay 75 dollars a brawl. Our Magnum condoms more expensive than regularly know miles a religion Obama okay mom I know how we know yeah I had no idea why it doesn't pay anywhere from ninety dollars 250 bucks abroad because overall size is 38. 3838. Eaton. I mean. Why are settling into crime and why every cent. All we're okay. I that's why I Wear a snorkel burned there won't be neutral and more with you that the that the dual role in the war room. Hello Eric welcome to the manager of all Mattel on top. That number surprise me when I heard it is that it. So a number society would. Your value of they don't exactly steered into an empty it am I am five or less then what I have a six foot six wing span. Here 511 with a six and I would guess and it's real noticeable everywhere you go. I'll well mighty arms easily touched may need. Damn man and man oh man crew Mac I'm not at all but I can read something that at six foot 51 and you can you dunk. The and still two years ago when I. Had you surgery expect that so do you world's greatest volleyball player who's going to be summoned for you Iranian night. There I'd be boxed and I have today using out of my injury good. I'm doing a good that I'm saying it I wouldn't even fight killing due to reveal the joust. Woody way. About a buck seventy. What do you unusual like if I saw you would it take me while to figure out what it is about you or is it a media like look at this guy. It's an I'm wearing a tank top personally this year it's obvious. I'd guess where I'm almost certain and you don't you don't normally so if you box when you step into the ring I would imagine sometimes you. You can just see the look in your opponents are like you've got to be kidding me. You don't notice and what side my hands are down by my side so I usually just had a coupon bent out. The oil that harrah's be down by her thighs and outlook what are the voters there and walk out somehow pick out because everybody is trying to get inside give your body shots he can hit him is that there is that seemed to richer Protestant. Yet it is usually take to get inside is where they're gonna have some trouble you're right I mean like you might as you can in that attack you permit it. I just see you try to throw a hook and if you miss you might get yourself and basically everything that I guess that's going on a lot of the vol eight. I do say if if I was browsing your corner we year jabbing. Jack and I Jack daft. Keep away from our Atlanta athletic your arm out straight into the diamond out had a one straight out but your hold urgent. Really that should be bound Drago did in Rockville and that you are squared my men were available for dead. Carrick maggots visible problem what the tough thing right of the bat boxes are shorter dude you possibly longer arms like that's a big advantage. We'll just visits every single just gets the inside the bro put the hard part is getting any yet he enrolled it's easy gonna he's connecting with people like you gave I get past the wall of jabs or you can get on the ends. Yeah yeah yeah they I don't you like what's morally inside yet at this. What's now a number shocks people they care about you a 449990. Please bring about a prisons get over the fans. Right the volume do the good the hello Don welcome to the men's room. Auditors. Are job. Now I standard you have most struck with which speakers and their oil Ariel. Then they're Polaroid permanently owned a hundred in May eat in EU code injection blow an airplane charts. You you add that live in your car is ever thought. Never thought Amanda. Probably you know these kind of added that overtime. It's now or does any breeze for the drug. They'll ask you never never found her a happy yeah they'd actually it Owen Owen to the as I've often done this or that I am well the beggar children my brother Eric Clapton in these social labels often. Let plutonium. Dick I'll let you make clinch it goes. And then they leave that. Bit but I didn't I drove away it was hard enough let loose didn't do any good. On you if you actually consciously went and bought you conjure. Up oh as a sergeant Scott may have little. What do you think about that is is safer to drink Yukon Jack or actual papers I don't know until it's either yeah today they are. It's a date of restart them don't drink Yukon Jack. Another. Area and then on. I just don't know anybody that drinks Yukon Jack. Now not currently no. Exactly I mean all the balls would the but we I should have houses yes I don't think of it is not top of mind over it's kind of like oh yeah I remember that that wasn't a good idea. The first time I had Yukon Jack this from a guy that had spent though the previous half an hour. Rolling joints to roll inside of plots. To speak good friend that I think I'd I think the whatever shocks people they care about you a 44999. Nolan which to this day I don't know why he was doing that I'm over the latest idea. Hello Michael welcome to the bedroom. 00. Although yeah. Yeah well my number is 3.3 three. And that's because they used to work at this restaurant called steak escape will be made chili cheese steak sandwiches. And every day sure about a year I'd make. A twelve or semblance of thought quadruple meat cheese birdies Turkey chicken bacon. Everything on and and I noticed stop looking at today. I. OK I didn't see that it is not crazy right turn off highway go to quick ones how long did you not pollute. Well I'd I counted it for a year I worked there about two years and so. I pretty much you know just counting in my little flip formative time. And or a year and you know grew to nearly 3.3 commuters. This with the so you made a steady diet or TCU eight you only proved about a 120 times that here. Okay and do you BOT steak every day. I have and then plus so that we really get a lot of business and so I'd have their own account or just eat. Not shall try and he's like popcorn chicken and not a cheesy ranch mixed together all day. Are you yeah heavy guy you skinny guy. I weigh 1:16 am I your body must be born in this stuff like crazy that you don't mean yeah it you can put it as you had to be a teenager when you're doing this right. Yeah I live in 2006. Probably. 1617. All right it was approved substantial. Yeah I mean I typically true for about a half an hour. Yeah exactly it. I don't think America and dialogue to do and we you know when you improve and old time it. Yeah I've got much time you know you get the ones that breached the water sea exploration Fletcher. So our guy out did you make a couple of what I learned I don't like couple islands at a time in one sitting you know I mean but did you crash did you double ground ball. Oh yeah only. It was substantial. Nonchalantly to break her gets above the water later mentality everytime I think that's a big deal you say it only gets every time have you and your gondola doctor. The for a physical and raw. I mean I did like 2008 and then there's nothing really wrong with me. And I did you move everything I would say decade ago may at least pulpit every day you're probably every day hills of what is your diet now what does it look. Are you proving every day in and. EEM apple do today sometime and yet that the four times to know us some water coming out man that. It's added he's achieved. You do realize that Thursday does it we have a rule here that does says that if you put more than three times a word you're allowed to go home especially amends or moral. Operable all the armed time. Is that your preferred place they are just he's at a time issue we dislike the comfort of it. Now most time adapter yeah you raunchy talk about it go to the toilet just. Unload. I'm guessing you're. In and out of their less than half what our pitchers standard order talk about. Three to five soft tacos extreme she's just mean she's. Okay and how old are you in the bathroom now when you prove. Any more room. Ten or fifteen minutes depending. You don't believe if you have the most exact time what do you earlier rigs. I designed ever Kate chemical fear equipment Troy waterways slaughtered. Oh and conveniently enough he's like that's great and you can police and let's use the wastewater industry related destroy it. If I don't use the less than we do that's amazing you would you say DD changes Diana Ross was praying he's good yarn are you check it she stated yeah. And unless I did Campbell Alberto lifted but I'm trying to. But you don't eat chicken cheese steak every day now and I really goods it was a really good and it's well. That guy look I I did not see his called going that way now's a great nice turn of events armament that was I love what a good proved story comes on an hour. That in Zurich are now. And he talked about people who once every 3.3 day he's right muscles and the bookstores and and that well but remember he started keeping track in this flip phone at the time night and he did the math of the in the bureau works after putting more than usually wants every 120. Days I never have trash but no 120 proved an imminent that kind of track map who I don't know if that's an up or not. What are thirdly I mean I don't I got a new genre of trash is a lot of friends though he's been tracker short got a lot of good direct color of the hardness that flaw I'm sure mentally and all this you know specific monitor your health what did you he'd always stood by and heavy wiper 48. Hours without whooping I'd be freaked out. Only freaked out but I would. I would it would be top of what number shocks people when they hear about you a 44999. Hole although I'm articles on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you is you. True. Courtney Jones has joints your girlfriends scattered around the world then various countries he knows them all brawl between the ages I believe he says. 28 years old to 42. He has women everywhere Cape Town Cairo Stockholm Shanghai. San Paolo Rio old you name it embers they'll probably every town there. And he enjoys it and he is enjoying his life at 84. Years old. So our question today what number of shocks people when they hear about 2844999. Cola. A couple comments that came in we talk to a guy who during one Europe his life thanks Tuesday. Proved approximately he was 3.3. Once every 3.3 days or just want 120 times in the entire year that's that's ridiculous that you ices up. I who bully wants a weak always have. I do go every day then that's when I wonder what's wrong with me puck. Once a week to week. I guess everybody has a different cycle I worry I'm pretty regular on a daily may well ma'am I don't even like to leave the house. Fight because I know but if I haven't proved to take. So I'm have to prove before we get some star walk it right when you leave the house is gonna hit you on via you know champion leaving the house before approved it was my house is on fireman a weak government. Down to go. I think sometimes late on the weekend that you wake up early to do something. Can it take off my little. Almost guarantee got so it's like I'm trying to think at the house is on like can I know that comes comes down it's their. However do we we recover seizure about a brawl sides of the more expensive abroad or the bigger the cup side the more expensive brought double different women chimed in with the respect to brawl sizes. This comes from Steffi. As an army has all these ladies beat. She wears a 38 double. She says it was a terrible back problems and that she does and then finally this is far harsh numbers you would gather around more bra sizes coming end. Oh great what else we have we've got to a forty K. Forty K forty K senator retirement plan that the it's an honest and although money in this broad come from if you've been a lot of Murray marathons I like an effort to iron. Forty K at. Forty K there was another on the me fluke hurt now that's really that's just a backpack and a study of an item that I may not move my apologies no authority in between him and it would still stay there era. The six foot California king cobra for OK bam 44 double. ABC Enrique. This fiction like two changed in my Forte I thought yeah. Saturday. Near the millimeter a forty care if toward the end than this welcomes and Lucas. As far as the number that surprised people. Says I'm 27. And I look 45. Oh no oh yeah I'm at 27 and look 45 that means. Every time their age comes up whoever they're talking to Russia Britain early 47 Gallic would have I mean could you explain that more intact so it does everything right immunity yard do you feel like you age more or is there are certain thing that's happened managers and think. And then got the questions coming analysis who was Quincy Jones followed by who the hell is Quincy Jones Quincy Jones they've very very long tenured long time and so current music producer and and Michael Jackson of famous for Michael Jackson many artists before that but as far as this isn't the reason we know usher and most of those close Israeli he. Was he in Motown to. I'm sure you probably at some point I would also I think he wrote one of the truly great songs or woman be shaft the other being the theme to Sampras. Yet distressing you like it Quincy Jones on either produced or had sought to determine you know one of his daughters or Rasheed did you drive oh yeah. The comedic actress this committee I should collared actress actors that I know her from companies so what she was on what parks and rec. In the machine something now Billy she's on something. Like I keep seeing her lately and I'm not sure what it's attached to the she's out there you'd recognize you so he's got to show there would lose her day. Including the hello Zack who welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. Is I thought they get their data but didn't create your diet is Seattle every day so yeah all manners and who would commute. Better about my better side of net many tablet collapsed my lung. Jesus. Down. Yet to three times the amount that slog into our marriage is this like some rather it's everything he's been lucky. Oh or in a million thing but yet it's so rare condition on the birdie on 69 now ordered all of this afternoon I explore and they say when you throw on editor Gerri I could be your approach to pass along all the way to nurture us all and technical that it collapsed. That's basically what happened both arms and almost let me ask how how quickly did you grow old school closures spurts that you've you know could you can you can pinpoint it like like I mean. My record year old got a couple of liquor like. They say it is my freshman year certainly electric in here so how do everything you know a lot. How tall are you as a freshman and how tall are you as a sophomore. On the freshman to sophomore year was probably like Bart and the six or. Jesus aren't these can grown. Yeah and then I got a lot and all of it are. Do your three grown khaki bubble that you know I mean like you know the higher you get into the all your life growing as the balance you know the system get bigger to. Yeah I know on I mean I'm six and probably two or he had like caught all all I mean I think I'm about doubt. What little girls that I was done all of actually have a pretty funny story about all of the time so. So along the food category that that's the that is there was pretty intact and down on an article about a month old broke up on merit. A much session here when it collapsed on. And that. Hope they tried everything still thought in his reviews. I didn't think about a week. They're long then we got to get the idea we're gonna do and Panama Canal it would look like the next day but that terrified me. I'll go my dad went bar. Pretty much everything else to talk about our menu and South Florida. Jam packed stay at home how hard is it for you to like you couldn't move on an airplane could have. Oh absolutely yeah I mean like your knees and become another Doria to do with the door open I'm guessing. Yeah if we don't want it. I think that you ought to be honest tonight lot of rumor merits our momentum taught at a laboratories very small. That's it now and overall turnout could do could you call the airline and a look dude I'm 69 can I just sit in business class thirty have to pay. More naive enough to let sometimes like we travel a lot of all about it all so sometimes they're a great. They compete they look at our roster that you treat it a bit here if there's. Until you start. That edit this to go to. All about right what about an irregular like I'm playing ball on a charter flight of fly the what are what about the just. You wanna fly did you know wherever he family anything I mean how difficult is a free to get on an airplane and it's in the seat. I'm basically you know it's an if or at. What I have been almost got back. I absolutely. What is the most expensive article of clothing you have to by ms. Japan's as a huge if you do get the suit and how much is that early. You're probably I mean public feud is most stores don't doctor ordered altered they're in there are are all part and they are out there. It's really picked up. Advertising what's nice you do you have. Or seeing your token Nordstrom rack occasionally has one of those they have to be honestly I stare at those don't even look like shoes it looks like we're just thought I'd iMac did the exact I'm just like this is this is unbelievable like this is that there be real good it just looks so big and there when you put an issue barks a loosely here to tell you gonna hold our enemy and putting O'Meara clarion call for him this is actually what else stated they allies is a pain in the ass from your 69. I mean doors some doors not all of them put on. I guess and then they're getting on the ground bending over are working well so anything they're gonna go quietly go down slightly better start. Bad. W I mean I have a California teen. It's quiet now on so it's a good bargain I could find dirt. I'm all saw how how far your feet hanging off the into the bad. It's just not okay I was like a social grab sentiment that any basic hotel like you can go to your body's thousands say the spare bedroom or anything like I don't like running the twin bed as your death sentence Gilligan have lost it or it earlier. OK when I wake. Look he was. Yup I mean you know it would kind of Carty asked in a city in the world economy out of the I mean there's no good. I got all in the most of them but it's the there but I don't really go a long road trips with people out some guard and got our our. We're gonna guard you have computers. Wolf Blitzer that technically under Seattle so my computer now gawker article about it that it loves. So that. Flood. Out of doctor am I really what are you play college bought. Well and Washington are all nice partner excellent and I'm always someone just kinda missing Ross early they sell big shoes frequently. Yeah are out and urged all. Classes this series also personal yards yard show out there but I am an moderate. For a Roth appreciate. So everybody defense and I don't know and store the summertime the monthly data managed in that go mode gives us you know. What doe number shocks people they care about you a 44999. Cola. I'm David hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. And so on top. So I have totalled six car. And why is that he does that bad driving. Look say 5050. And jedi candidates meet each candidate either another person are mechanical failure woes the first car you total. Told no. Super. Legacy and how did you total. Being an idiot. Specifically been down that roadway around him at turn rocking out just Mahdi. Dog ran out of road and instead it decided that had been dogging. Deal worth their I have swerved enacting a new out on backwards down a bit too wrapped around a tree. And get the best dog won five bucks for his dog for as well as the saying golly probably not last but I've found it would mean. Yes the second guarded totaled what. Toyota Prius has to do that. Let's just want to know left hand turn around a blind. Turn units globally and a truck hit me going 7080 miles per hour and then we'll. I'm stupid enough it didn't hurt me bad bad messed up my mom in the passenger seat on day. All that's that that's not good and aren't a third car. Now I'm going certainly didn't track. And Hillary down Carl you'd totally use sound cards a nice car. And necessarily only look to mechanical failure I'm at a total sleep woke up and it. On the east side hit the brakes only one breaking gauged sir with all due respect you on wheels not a mechanical failure. You're absolutely asked about it saved it into why don't celebrate by he had no okay. You were asleep ma'am I got to hit the breaks like that to keep your weight leaving what about the fourth car. That would yeah I rear ended a pickup trucks. Back into it suddenly stop and I've I've spoken was and Paula I. Oh and they get you ruined and apologized for. You know the fifth goal and added I'm doing and anyway that's especially him Paula Abdul you're from ruthless of this car. The other Toyota Prius and I went and the six car. Ol' black this okay. Do you enjoy driving. These damn now I I got caught they like can can I do 40000 that drive people work a year. You were you heard a driver for working you work as a driver. Yet that is amazing anyone else see what's inherently wrong and exactly. It totaled six guard from them what to look. Driving records or driving record but we knew fall asleep at will employment a mechanical fish and my god that's why I'm like the guy drag you drive through a feeling you fully asleep to the wheels the fault of the car what number shocks people they care about you a 44999. Cola. Hello I'm Jay welcome to the mid drew. Bitches on top. So my magic number. It's 46. That's my agent nobody believes it. But they'll believe you do look like crap for you look younger. No well I mean them. Look I look way younger but. It's a fun game to Clinton Barr would tell what is and. Facial hair oil oil what is it about you that the given babyface. Yeah I got out of all of yeah I've got to just a younger look I guess so. They he had most people. Would guess may be. 33 tops. Okay and you always look younger or liked. When we turn 11 with a hard to get yet. Yeah I employed college young I have my twenty year reunion and I got an award for looking similar tonight school. In you good looking guy. Am I you know I thought out there again I'm not gotten out of you know I'm not an ogre a good. I think there have been fantastic give like you always look young but you were stolen art are you like you're captive who goes Ron Howard's brother Clint how like olive colored grip. I don't look at they're great to talk to these eighteen year old you've ever she's at work that everything is never he knows good look at you now are you do you still get carded. Aren't on down are you single guy. You know I'm delighted to think about who. And I do not not monorail OK in America China relations blitz it was that did did your do you are younger women are attracted to you. Yes OK okay well maybe let get away how old is. That's the fun game to let it used to play at the bar when the unemployment young lady would come open and now you know one of chatter whatever. That that would be the game that we would play is just my agent and they would get my agent and most of the time they would say well that was nice meeting you. It is senator old man police etc. if you didn't in my body once you're in at a club on Halloween night we had. So he's wearing a suit. But then might he's got like a mask on that guy looks like he was a gorilla or something very social and he had like guerrilla paints. Writes he's dance of us who've suffered a million out for awhile. And I knew what she said to overheat and as mass golfer that you that very quickly. And then. Okay well I really I was on goods as you saw yeah if you do aegis aegis. He was in his early forties the time she was like Tony to amateurs are better off than he was younger it was about his book she was she was just. That's really tells you realize he's dancing whether debt. Yeah and he's this guy and he got away with the problem. Well I didn't like you've been to renew the collective guerrilla what is that what he just said too late they find out how old actually and us and they sincere when numbers jacks people up and take care period tell about you wait for Ford 999 cola. Hello dammit hello Marc welcome to the bedroom. Oh you are the Jews are god. And all our current cards. So my number. Is 38 periods are Israelis. Bragging rights about what. Most. Are brought Israel and orgasm in one session at. 33 times. Do you even know you're my mortgage. Well do you put it is better than it was all. I guess you did did you give your giver. Hurt throughout but I know the marriage didn't need to pick a lot. 33 times I just don't believe you man I just don't I don't yeah are. All change Australia should older mother the next day and actually occurred to me they got. Have you ever heard this from anyone else in your life pretty this just click with your current wife. You know I was gonna. I don't want one I'm told me that there is no such great demand that the out lap lawmen. You know they. Know where a woman out so try to chart it is personal challenge. Out of respect to the challenge there already years if you bill. There's a lot of different ways. That particular each. And I did it a point showed Gil de. Well you ultra the most reliable they're fuel. Okay. Have a strange question we'll do you have a goatee. Why is that a crazy question none are great little. You do it right you can artificially you just always replace them to wait and see everything of this that I know this guy looks like. Me as a goatee he's got to go team Jeff Han. That's an interesting thing you pulled out of the global picture of the guy with a goatee is that not exactly who you kind of picture we were just talking to guests. But Obama anymore what else togethers as you'll give Garrity. He's got a goatee he's got like I do well built the big dude is a bigger guy the big dude I don't know that he shredded but he's a big competitors say you had a huge nose from all those lies he's found guys or is dead. No I think despite this export regular ago but I think you'll sunglasses and up on the back of his head occasionally. The public I don't know I have to say that it's got to go T events in the summertime when he walks inside. It was sometime you know sometimes the players coming through the back when nova I do picture there on the back of his head upside that. Right that's that's what I'm yeah he didn't have that activity could easily do they keep this. Thirty sometimes you got a mother albeit gone for vehicle sports car a yellow or a merry me on the spot but I. All the good Booth plaza. One number shocks naval and air about you a 44999. All of our calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen my sales. Still other startup whose Sox last and yes will once again review some men's room rules that is all on the way our question today. Do you have a numbers and what numbers impresses you Quincy Jones recently said in an interview that he has. 22 girlfriends meanwhile we've got a guy in Minnesota who unfortunately holds a state record for the most drunk driving arrest. Guy named Danny Lee better was just released from jail he has basically. 27 drunk driving arrests which is in fact a state records or to our web numbers are numbers that might shock people about use so what that number shocks people. About you when they hear it 844999. Cola. LO Corey welcome to the men drew. Yeah yeah yeah. Saw my magic number is thirteen and the Bruins headed. Right. That's the number up perfect game I have all. Oh yeah. Okay do you do you go for the ring you go for the watch word you you got all I guess. Well you only get wondering a year and I did over five years and embolden. Quite some time. Why haven't you bowl obviously if I'm good enough and have played and and embolden often I have thirteen for the games why are you not bowling now. I would take it too seriously and it just got to be an enjoyable. But it's all right now listen thank you for saying that I make this argument all the time on the rare occasions I go bowling. We're there to drink eat some really bad Fries and than stick our fingers in the holes and all the people even French Fries and placed their fingers and and we have a lot of farm because some of us are better than others are and we certainly would like to do well bullying except the red great so whatever score score but inevitably. Within two lanes of us is some guy probably like you that know what they're doing in every time they don't get to strike the pissed off and always thought doorman. I never want to give so good something that you sucked all the joy. Let me ask you this bowling Alley culture wise is spending a lot of time there obviously like you say got to practice to be that good can you give late. Yeah actually okay calm. Unworkable and I was my first job and I was. Nineteen year old and actually ended up having a freeway with 231 year old ladies. Who are on the front thugs. Sorry the fry cooks. They weren't good enough and they were just customers coming and motherly look recently course. OK you are. They knew a couple of guys that we but I was sort of way and they stayed out there I believe cloak you all are hanging out very. Progressed from there damn it's. The one his love of bullying really block it. So how many after years did you bowl competitively. It's the ice might burst herbal Arctic ink. And then my last on what 22 and pretty much quiet about point where you project. Other college athlete I called the WSU. Okay and the more you sponsored after that'd Hemmer anybody picking up and Didier opry ball none other like that. Now look at our as enough time gone by the week you go bowling and you can just enjoy. Yeah I think so I'm. I know probably according to the past ten years and a couple of them were the other 215 to sixty well if they come back pretty quick. I've never I never had it forward to come back just to play Saturday respectively guy good it's evident just say an element I'm not do and enjoy it now I don't get it cleanly it's fun it's a good time management so I don't it doesn't fly and back to the East Coast and challenging adopted. All good golf app. I want numbers jocks people when they hear it about you ate four point 999. Cola. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.