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Wednesday, January 31st

Mens Room Question: What number shocks people when they hear it about you?


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He would sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program a person. Trying to offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. They say. Oh radio more than three times. And your. Wow and. Okay another 2760. Along with Steve the throw hill. We Ted spread. A little ball. In my car. A good time demands a OK return a boom Sox won us. We were reviews a men's room rules. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines about their job the day but most are emails and everyone's favorite TV time which it click clack. Data John are you really happens again this time of the Taco Bell is a man is arrested for throwing aside garrido. And his boss today. If the united denies emotional support peacock from boarding a flights which is absolutely nobody's house. Maybe a friendly skies why would 85 plumbers says the toilet break. Canadian bank robbers caused after pulling in this Tim Hortons for a doughnuts and shakes. I do corner refuses to renounce a breathing man dead maybe because he was briefed that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's or. Here's the question. A love their kids good day to you is yours all right there's a guy named Tom Petty. Not that Tom Petty is different topic this is the time maybe if you haven't heard of before well. He's been recognized by the Red Cross because you recently made his 100. Blood donation. He's been doing here for the last thirty years and oh yes sites and I'm reaching 200 billion which he says he can get done in the next seventy it. It's a very mobile push it a normal course. Meanwhile and Bangor Maine residents they are there were attempting to break the record for simultaneously. Opening beer can't. Sadly they fell 28 beer cans short holy man it's over 1122. Beer cans for the same time. As I'm sure you all know the record is 1149. Years. That was done Japan that won sixty. And why we're talking about here that the guy named Danny Boettcher now he has in record setting. 27. That he lives in the state of Minnesota I don't know if you say congratulations to review the way he's the record all the and then her music producer extraordinaire Quincy Jones and he's. It's four years old and during a recent interview according to him he has 22 girlfriends around the world age 28 to 42. That's just how would you so look when it comes to numbers will have some kind of personal numbers some ridiculous number about a pure good of whether to arrest. Hospital with a broken bone. Moved to Monday. Hours trapped on a plane. Monkeys have been chased by who knows. But here's what today's quite a bit. What number shacks people would think you heard about you Big Brother Joseph caught a four point 999 alone like humans are among FaceBook you can follow us on Twitter have been survive heads and those emails to the men's room at men's or my back out. You are listening to the men's or radio network. All love HL. You don't have entered the men's room hotel Del Rio are gonna show number 2760. Little hard. We have I guarantee future reap the return of who sucks less coming up. And once again we will reviews of men's room rules which you have helped create over the years are all categorized and ready for your viewing pleasure they're reading pleasure. If you check out men's or mod dock on the double treble to come more into our rule coming up profile this is on the way and as we said we here at. Jo number 2760. If you. Surely a thing and yourself how in the hell and these people that on this long. And that truth be told it. The number is higher we just. Stopped counting at one point and and then we started counting again right mature early probably a year and a half swear the block shows are two years' worth or. Somewhere in their and a terrible years shows it's been but has yet it but not right now 2760. And that's that some. In the world afraid she'll really has now not as impressive as Quincy Jones and it's just start with Quincy Jones Quincy Jones. Basically did an interview with GQ magazine where he stated date he has twenty to go conference all around the world. All aged 28 to 42. In fact he's really not interested in anyone is old age. You see me wood and 84 year old woman are you crazy. There's nothing there's no upside you've got to be kidding me. I'll I'll bring you more of the quotes from Quincy Jones but yeah it makes no bones about it goes around these and he's got a girlfriend in South Africa he's got a girlfriend go to god and okay Blake every city in Brazil. Pretty much in only cover Brazil and do you like that interview is phenomenal. He gives out so much information news just lately a lot of and a man 84 right he doesn't hear anymore. It's a lot of he cares if you're an 84 year old woman well is not meant to shore up. Any that saw the you know. Hell anybody in our relationship it's it's hard enough to maintain a relationship with one person who. Very difficult you know I'm saying yeah but there around the world meaning there booty call when he goes to that place right that's what I paid for misstatement. And we designed the born out to dinner and all the tools like being overwhelmed the the world so it's like being an MBA player. Yeah essentially address every Johnny go to our I may sure maybe have a shot while he's going around the world correct okay visited the city to city. Yeah ideology over there right right into that out loud it doesn't matter they know they're gonna see the same interview and none of them are more decay or governor already understood very few professions allow you to have that a type of lifestyle I. Maybe if you're a rock star here pop star. You're an athletes. Other than that you know I mean it's a celebrity's right iMac you have to be you know to be rich and famous politician I don't know he noted there some numbers are good some numbers are bad. Let's go this one's a person collecting recyclables along the road on the Eastern Shore of Maryland discovered what are believed to be. Dozens of military ordinances. A total of 38 grenades nine of them were found off the road in Dorchester County. That's a lot of grenades one person to have it is but I don't know anything about the person who's the subject of this story but I just get the feeling. That if you talk to his neighbors are people who knew him they would not be shocked that he was mostly Muslim yet they're trying to figure out who only 38 grenades nine of them live. Including nineteen devices with a fuse but no explosive filler. And ten inner devices and they were all deemed to be hazardous it's a pretty good number there well really military so for they were military grade things. Then we go to Minnesota this is terrible in Minnesota man who holds a record for the most drunk driving arrested was released from prison at the end of last year. Danny Lee badgers 61 released from custody unit during. Five years in prison for his most recent drunk driving arrest. He blows stop sign on his motorcycle. And sought clues outside breath test revealed he was operating a bike. Who is a. More than twice the legal limit breathalyzer test his criminal record though that's the impressive thing and it's a resume of course he's been convicted for SA record 27 drunk driving arrest. A local board member of the Twin Cities chapters of a get of Mothers Against Drunk Driving said that number is reprehensible. I find it completely outrageous he is a danger to the public. But he hasn't conditions upon his release siesta abstain from alcohol is prohibited from precluding places that serve alcohol so it can't go to Chucky cheese. He is for read it prohibited from possessing a firearm. Are randomized unannounced searches for his home to be candidate time. He is prohibited from driving etc. etc. etc. but the number is what is the most depressed. So. After 27. Do you virus. That's the function I don't do five years right and that's it doesn't look that bad of a deal for him all things considered. Yeah I mean. Did he do you are as if the blown to the car for the long ago it was Wright's been tremendous amount of money would stay all the star for it mark. Deservedly you're not whatever not matter but after 27. Times worse Diaz is a cave man you can't buy a gun don't go to the bar. My my brand awareness of how hawks still did five years I don't know man at the d.s I don't know when Kent and I. Evidently. Didn't that guy attacked went. Thirty years ago Tom Petty was he young employee at a Chevron when he heard about a blood drive the company was hosting any encouraged is the workers there to participate it. They had regular blood drives so I started giving here and there said padding I've been a longtime volunteer since I was teenager and so that one was one way of giving back. That he would be his wife Joan at the Chevron which had its worst gunning down. You've places as romantic ghost several well that's where he started working in league Jim Jones should they look rambling you can draw the shell station Exxon mobile no matter there's nothing quite like the show and she also took part in blood drives put upon retirement she realized that. She no longer had to go to place to donate. That was when I said why don't we start our load of blood drive. And so. Let's turn up any ground that 11 only have a lot of Aaron I'm doing here and I still remember those times keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. That's what I said why don't you start our own blood drives blood not a blow dry that. And so in December of 2002. The pennies held their inaugural Asbury United Methodist Church blood drive while rolling off the talk I sure does it's the AEU in C. Collecting around a 25 units of blood just over fifteen years later. The church is blood drive has become a monthly event that typically nets around fifty units of blood each time that he estimates. About 6000 units of blood have been collected all told us they held a number. And on the day where they had day. Kagan balloon celebration. Mode they celebrating not only was the national blood does senator there the American Red Cross where they recognized petty. As it was his 100 time giving blood meeting he has donated. Approximately twelve point five gallons today that's a lot of blog right now so that's it's an impressive number. And that's what we're wrong guys because he believes that right you're white you swimming with the white restored by late may he blacked out right now and he's going to be Baghdad's I was gonna happen and and life is weird that way. He won't back down. A resident couple times what really doctor Tom Petty. We go by town that Samsung's better if I don't think there's a few like that who's that who's the got a at the name of an athlete and those guys know this guy's screwed up some and there's somebody famous and liked athlete does something that this guy is famous for going on Twitter and being like well what it idiot do now we are really get vale is dispensed Judas that you suck I will say this that the worst I've heard as far sharing a name there is a sportscaster in Baltimore city. Whose name is Jerry sandusky. Also when this stuff was going Mehmet and Penn State this guy like he was on TV like in tears like our match him now. I'm Bob thank Jack yeah our question what Della number shocks people when they hear it's about you 844999. Obama hello Matthew welcome to the men drew. A whole lot villages on top. Create good girls are you. Are you though they're not getting ready sure the big game that I have no interest in this weekend who drank here. So let's consulate number shocks people they hear about view. Well it sure is number that the one that seemed so surprised most people. I had failed over Tony can you ladies. Did you say that's not a big number I mean that's goddamn ridiculous. I'm all restaurant. 400 like there's something like I mean a tragedy in number in general numbers not a huge numbers this is the religion are how many times have you taken you or given you I. I I I. Good at keeping track it's way to the edge like say over. I've never castle that's what you tell you quit being dragged went through Madrid not passed one yet. Not everywhere but absolutely Tony who has given you the test that you keep failing that like there's no consequence. Mostly eluded me the word change when I want to quite similar lawsuits Udall over it so assured. I mean you had to when he do different jobs. Hello my whole career that was turned to each other film guilt they've reduced due Aguirre and so you took a couple of years or you don't there was a couple of years are alert to dinner just indifferent to our company's. A recent vote solar power hired and you know I look at it resonance I look at your resume and us are looking you have all of the talent and the skills that we need but it says future. And the last nine months you've had eight jobs and in each case you fail the US will we'd give the UA to. Like how why why did they hired how did you talk yourself and giving it out are you a good surgeon. Love yeah two guys who are you nowadays it is Richard velocity UH I'm back on. G got a chance to see you know I'll get a court keyword edit delegates how hard up they weren't sure felt that the time OK will you doing at the time. This was mostly just social log eighty's and ninety's okay but they still drug testing glory due to slow the lead. Yeah I was always always pot on code that allows you know as possible return of the ideal blind side Jed HA a year on double secret probation and you know Rickey quote sirens here. Lot of law did you tell him just then my luck I'll be in a cup for a bag and saving the cost to the test and everything I drug that long it's gonna it's gonna come solidarity. You could actually I did in one boss that I really appreciate that that's also looked at aria. There and in Tallahassee tomorrow in north in New Orleans of all places in the restaurant industry of all industries and well and it was a really good brought about senator have a friend. In a woman we clicked we like each other in sold the last thing what she said while. We do drug test here if she said is that going to be a problem I assume that absolutely is no problem because I can tell you precisely which you'll find in my yard. And that our decision money Amare to figure that mcsame thing just like I can't I can't hire him. I can't do enjoy dude you're fired when he we've and other assorted goodies in there but it. You'll find where to look for like at that time in my life like whatever you're looking forward you'll find. And that it's of that Bruce an opponent how mad I was like George we get results it's in that. So they just sucks now. Everybody says the same thing would it just sucks is I can go home and have a beer debt and the next day new isn't good Comair you'd trust the media dropped rats and that's the thing right right. You smoke weed it nice when you go home the next day you started it might authorities I work Bret I don't know you know I didn't do you may have I mean look man if you failed 23. In a row and that's when you stopped coming. I lose they lose good JC ravens don't work is the least harmful thing that stays in your system along the shore. So no matter alive you know it. Nicotine or stay in your system for a week at times sometimes three days depending on your metabolism. Cocaine is an about it that window all the most of the drugs that. I don't even know if you contest for who intelligence probably they have the technology with air technology and enough through your intestinal believe that was passed now disarm flashlight and I just nobody to college. You used to do a bunch of mushrooms just because you could be clean short. Just was on the outlook of four counts as one part of the deal what doe number shocks people when they heard about Q a 44999. Cola. Hello Joseph are welcome to the men's room. Goal it's. What's surprising number. My surprising numbers and everyone is always. Lord and shocked when I talk about my family. I have a nine biological sisters. Six biological Brothers. Dear mother had sixteen children in one mean five years. Mile mine did you eat food growing up. You barely if I if I could end up on all the others of you say how fast do you eat now on a roll out. Yeah I know that's that's that's one that that that that's one universal truth about people who come from big families. It's just survival of the fittest. You learned from the first bite of food you have in your mouth if you want seconds if you want anything involved at any kind of food. You better do it now does not gonna mile I think if I that many kids like look there are no such thing as seconds. I guess this is our American satellites manned well a lot of food visible thunder played like how did you get what did you eat. Hello mom mom made a lot of hot vicious and a lot of hoops than a lot of stuff that went a long ways. And dead just came home and had sex last minute let Catholic. Look at what we got the Tampa Barbara that they would peace good economics. I do say they they followed how many how many nieces and nephews do you have do you even count. You know that's on I have 23 nieces and nephews I was an uncle by the time I was eleven month old and I out fourteen I'm mark great uncle fourteen times. Yeah you remember any of these people can you name how other nieces and nephews. I just probably name almost all can you name all of your siblings. ER. You're good man you can move or out of an artist I'm number. And let them out you Burt they'd like it almost they all their birthday Easter. All right let's not go overboard and I know what I used a wide net you can barely remember their birthdays are this is Brett I was really go to gay guy he is a hundred people like that is suited I don't. That word word you fit into all of these people. I am number fourteen of sixteen verse two younger and make. Am weird downward for Trojan condoms it's. There has now he did not okay. And it was all of us you know grown up because. My oldest Brothers and sisters were my friends same age as my friend parents. Him to be a little we are planning and so my parents were the oldest their grandparents. Now how many how many kids were there per room I'm average real world. It's. An average I would say we now let granted that the spread out between twenty you know about many years so. The most I lived at home at one time what's and the out of that sixty. Did you ever to Q did you ever Wear a shirt that someone else had stop war and euphoria at. I'd pour everything someone else does award except the mom would not let us do damage down stock so underwear. Okay but okay mother of an hour. How much you want then we look good our portal where her. No I don't like that yeah I would literally not. It would feel so he and your parents thought she is probably a size two bigs you'd continue to grow and them. Are you more than our guy yelled go and do on the yeah yeah as your trip and up bird six months before he's going to. I now know one last question for ran ads and stay ends now. You've got the siblings and nieces nephews granted all this stuff right. Do you does the entire family ever get together in other words all the siblings and then all of their all spring because we know you moved far away for a reason. We have yet you know a lot actually the last time out and which I am now fifty years old. The last time that happened and at that time how many people there in lies when I was in key Corey so no it doesn't happen. And we're did you guys where Wu Wu was a town that you grew up. Right so late to Wisconsin. Race like Wisconsin okay and race for the university do you have a do you have a lot of kids yourself because of this. Directory aren't so you say there's no way at all all of our Brothers and sisters and none of them had Morgan's great. But they don't know that yet again the real president Loren L Robin and quits I no longer send us an I think we found the Libya should act. We're looking hours earlier. Yeah if I don't bring your own place where they Kennedy and I think it's embraced Wisconsin the heavens could that I've replaced the RadioShack anywhere before civil aviation I think if you have clearly located random I've read them right out of business so things an update. So when he eighteen whatever. Even said no well the Mosul in the house kids it was ten and so does think about that any rational way and let people your kids in the house. I can't head of the well would give them a preschool woman's Lincoln did all this crap and I I cannot wrap my head around. I don't take eight of them I just wanna yelled at toothbrushes. Didn't know we got through Q I know that toothbrushes. Two I feel I'm as the match toilet paper with the food payment installment thin. Oh we are all held values and everyone out of beta when it what dollar number shocks people they care about you it 44999. Olaf. Although library calls on the way you are listening to a major radio network. Went. Fuzzy joke. Says that he asked Tony to go for 84 years old talking to GQ and you're the details. Or what he says in the article. The notorious ladies man said the has girlfriends a different countries around the world but they are all aware of each other. He added I've got Tony two girlfriends hell yeah. Everywhere telling you all he's got a lot of those there. Cape Town Tyrell a Cairo Stockholm she's coming in next week Brazil. Below more as a days and Paolo Rio Shanghai got a great girl over there from Shanghai I'm man Cairo wooten. He added about them on the wrong about each other on the line and it's amazing women get them don't you forget there thirteen your smarter than we are don't you ever forget it. And he said he would not date anyone his own age as he prefer younger women continued why not why I mean for what man there's nothing there's no upside gotta be getting. I got me some technology out there they keep fat fat old away from here. Moses of their old. He speaks for would you be surprised he's what in the young ones are aggressive now oh my god they're fearless man all over the world. When you've not been dog all your life god gives you beautiful daughters and you have to suffer a love him so much they're here all the time. I'll let us to make his daughters who that is and I don't regret ass. Jones also revealed in the interview with a magazine that is a fan lose support growing up that he had to eat rodents. He said we used to eat rats man I'm telling you minority you know I think back about that that's scary sheets and his downs the waterfront and tell us just get the ones with a tales moving because you know there are alive. I am Quincy Jones did attack Andy Grove on rats now has Tony drove it just. I think trophy rats and now we eat in Iraq trying to step women all over the world what have you done as good evening Lewinsky is. Do know don't. I think this is. What this is. What numbers shocks people they hear it about you aid for foreign not nine not Angela. I'm totally comments there we got a high school that we called niner. Because he would brag about how we whacked it nine times in one day YA. Why would you tell people I mean even if I did like nine times you know what I wouldn't do I would not let you know that's what I want ice with a guy that bragged about lake thirteen or fourteen. At and ended in a scene yeah wow I had him convinced more than I've got an attitude I mean yet late night and day. Right that's a lot yes yes I was allowed by anyone's standards. 07000. Feet underwater. Guys it's a big deal. Yet what what's the average for the liquid diving is what Obama about a buck fifty some around here in Boca I think an out it's as if you're an experienced guy right JO thrown Soledad yeah a thousand feet of apple got to keep around two when my ears start to pop and get down to pick up my historical that a drop. I don't see I've been hit by cars seven times in the last thirteen years on foot viking walked away from all of them. You know that. I got to know that it. I think I've seen I think I know that person is there's only so many people that have been hit right walking or biking that often. Yeah oldest woman April. She says I 32 brawls and over 210. Pennies puzzled 500 cyclists how much is that worth. I don't know if she might have 64 brought in to a contender and if we go to other Torre secret and we get a standard brawl because I am on the standard borrow a standard brawl has brought us is not a sexy woman and. And what's not overrule overly paddy is okay or does not like a ton of leis are weird isn't it business. That wraps it us like your standard just on wall functional brawl that somewhere awesome like basic underwear right out of Iraq. How much you could do it two for fifteen days Davis. Who invited deal. That's an unfair because I don't know if you've ever seen a receipt Obama Harry followed her breast but you're not even talk and getting sexy stuff you're just talking about getting basic things and I think it's it's now. That's if you have a fairly. Average ish side is brought to you if you have a very large broad large cup sizes suffered yet you have to pay extra when leaving the bigger the more material the more expensive it is at depends is that the only clothing item that does that ball. Am no man shirts done what he's doing do you order to Inez joy they charge more. Yeah on an idea I don't know charge more for our women's version of something anyway. You'll just do it I mean you buy your get a fair today issues at the same brand has issues you're wearing. As you say Brad something you pay eighty bucks for your ten issues and on his night he's Jimmy's eighty bucks do regular you know prices I have to I have to the size and you're dead might be normal growth and I have a job that I mean that's why you know what I'm saying is like I just thought appropriately like there's certain things in the mid size wise thing that I well. The Gambino lunch is not as big a forget the same thing now but on. Puts solid numbers shocked people when they hear about UH 449990. Look for a golf governor of its jackets you're listening to answer. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.