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Friday, January 19th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Resulted are standing by car and I'm right now 844999. Polo player profile this in minutes. Andy headlines on the way one hour from now first which I get my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working are at a hospital in Washington State was placed on lockdown once somebody's black umbrella was mistaken for a gun. Yeah a lot of good the weird part is that it was actually a novelty of relevant disposals and sort instead. Sort of understood the umbrella the supposed to look like a sore for a gun and yes free money back quick moment I won't have complete disorder photos ago. Well and no pun intended what's what the trigger happy alarm being raised here. Do you think you run a weapon it flat. I mean did you see the picture means got to kind of slung over your shoulder grab and it has had its host this sort of like. Obviously like to leave piloted that I would think it's an umbrella with a weapon. Did you weigh whether to go and restore what you why are you hear me. Play any given to have. Damage your day happening I read crappy I'd probably that would probably pretty Smart. When it was slower over your shoulder people don't. The hold up a place with a gun slung over their shoulder. I don't think you walk into that over the shoulder of a pull off the third shooting below continental soldier and crazy people do things may have put that one that shouldn't cost a total lock down because he's walking even with the Dover you know even if it wasn't done. Okay he's a walking would that would that AR fifteen over his shoulder was some strap on. And you're arguing with someone who might shoot a complacent doing anything the files and logic you would get ready. They say bizarre I know it doesn't make sense man. If so what is gonna hold up the plays they're gonna come in without being pointed in ready to go. Because they don't anybody tackle and a woman walking because the data slung over their shoulder not able music like you may given us more thought to raise the comfortable. And Stanford against notre. Food on. The world's largest just indoors is on sell for 235000. Dollars why would anyone. And because the big I have denied it's actually 836 foot tall building in North Carolina that just looks like a Chester drawers. Okay has built back in the twenties because the area manufacture a lot of furniture. Mike is just it was one of those novelty stores that looks like what they were selling. In a good hardware storage giant hammer Chester drawers or just heroes right basically the same thing right I'm Clinton met in my room. Paul perceived to be noted that even with the SEC we think that really like. Gas Barack. So like get that Martha they were at I think eight feet and make it functional and I want anything called Chester now just adjust my name is just the girls that it's beautiful hopeful gets through a nickname aren't. Having great is that it was a joke just the mullahs there death war you never Erica Sylvester Chester area. Says according to a recent survey the top things kids want to be when they drop a pretty much the same W would've heard twenty years ago. What's that doctor veterinarian police officer fired giant scientist famous. That's only a little unhappy man with a everything that's going on in all I wanna be it as YouTube guys. I want to be you know. We'll be had a plan for would you plan on doing on YouTube viewers thought OK then I think a lot of prodding the teenagers are for the kids to our kids. Federal court they whatever they wanna be police and firemen pro athletes. Share naturally all the government so far been nice. We'll come through the school make it's it's what I do you like Ryan a little later eye opener Jason YouTube would do if you're drinking underage drama high schools are pretty dangerous. There's actually dale and I was a kid that's of these Italy have one of three jobs rather please mr. firefighter or doctor. Somebody say auction itself as an auctioneer later in life like now at some fun. Until I was a kid the trash and still over the back of the truck that was a sales pitch right that that was the only job. It's looking wrath of the bag of its out so yeah I can yeah fire a missile that they're fun trash guys that it would do that is also. Did you ever get an opportunity to run on a back of eight truck you fell like that job because I've done that before. Feel like in the back of the pickup trucks are so like that yes every other night I upshot a number held onto the back of a vehicle drove completely behind the evidently comment my dad that who worked in the backyard just working with his would distract here. We removed when we were moving from one side or the other because it was my does deliver little rocks in the middle but can we take it over to the other side in the Dublin over there a jump on the back of the united same thing a solid. To govern dad. I might and might they got me back the what the garbage people could jump on and off the back the trust and his would you want to do to connect yeah but also my neighborhood when I was a kid. There was a girl that worked Rite Aid also with the trash woman and she was attractive Sunday night. I love that's attraction. Because that's the truth that the president Carlos Guevara I don't know at. He's unheard he thought trash yeah that's what I want my life is beautiful. If it becomes the fifth. I learned a little trash it label them but I'm. But you don't when you look a little boy like eight or nine you'd like it's like your first crotch like I love that jacket over it that the most of my son checking out these chicks ma'am I think they're gonna watch. And I don't from the bachelor party or something but that it was like twelve women and another thing goodbyes are standing outside this restaurant. In leases stare into the glass and it doesn't realize just into the glasses or is brought up its own way. Hey man you just give those women out there a major no no no doubt now and they would make eye contact and you have an apparent I asked how. Of idea that this. Have a fast if if if I feel so that aims cheeky multi hit who's naughty boy and I insisted it. There's no you know real broad range Obama think that if he could pull off a hot off. Mean crowns their big. There's a new millennial park millennial paint kit Kat that's. Made with the new type of ruby chocolate that was invented last year thank that takes the lead deliberately didn't read it. Yeah I mean what I don't go to our candy the real world Julianne as we know is crazy maids. Yet those green green when he knows different flavors so this pink like flavor. Had a chocolate through you do whereas people what awful awful awful awful but did for my download got a new blog about it it's. I'm a movie and I did you do voodoo Victor if there's. If if if if if if if if if at. Happy tactically the those that guy who's the villain of principle because I do you have momentum well. It's. I don't see him to be here if you put up the jays got a flavor if you look at it I'm like most know the big. But it stuck up than who we love you forever grave. It lets you record with interest and I don't think. They you know Gordon they footprint got a hole. And even for what was the deal you would get shuffled what the crap we bring it you don't court amid a medical journal. And people can't regular animal out of trouble like a guy like going outside of that David Corn they're a bronze medal made jerky. Most Nucor salsa beat what do you drink your beer that's a unicorn horn exited the village where girls can. Do you. These iPod challenge nonsense continued us. YouTube started pulling down the videos this week also somebody posted a video themselves facing a tide slide foot is trampled down. It bakery in Springfield Missouri started selling donors that look like tide pods this week. Anna's pizzeria in Brooklyn is selling at double tied pod Cal's zone. It was sad that. Fleeting this crap. I would agree with the youth. Did double bogeyed the real world total regional anyway let's just create more can you natural selections gonna take care most IE series that got out so. I mean the cupcakes are right they just look like its iPod. Historically it has no time behind hit it and so we'll get maybe real dive up the pizza is weird because after they put the pizza they had colored cheese. I will say this would do like about the tide by Jones is the means that are coming out. Tell you should be one about the cotton candy in the walls confront it is if it's not a rebound and underneath your car if you descends through this thing there's also Mountain Dew on the other the I think it's beautiful it's it's it's out. Amanda Florida got drug drove through a Bank of America drive through but he didn't plan on doing any banking Posey got a Zell about when are we now. Megabyte gawker lines are no way one hour from now employers today oh. Three cents. Yes throw inevitably turn on how profile this is playing with George de Mayo the simple gate mortgage your review real life news story. Something that happened right here I'm planet earth. And I do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask what did you think Lisa's story a story. Hello Lisa welcome to the men's room. It. You know needs to. Know all. Good I just heard. Well. Jim brought him to guard. Yeah I must have put yourself with your pick it. And implement broad I believe that you understand how this here game play. I fantastic here is this story now this is good marriage communicating. Way better than everything. You trial in general talking and sharing listening. Everyone knows that stuff does not work so. I'm 42 year old guy from Somerset England. News of sat back in November when his wife. And good night out with the friends. Now apparently been open to get shot back in August when I wasn't all that well too he's there working another job to help pay the bills. He didn't think inspire them why it was going out to a park and golden a bomb threat and tomorrow's evacuated and at the close to the well accomplishments we've tracked the bumper dam of this guy he was in court this week and we got a six month suspended sentence for making waffles French. Those whose pay the bar about 400000 compensation. And do 120 hours community service. No word on how America is the question is do you believe that this genius is black whites or Asian. I got a gallon this year it smooth out. I mean I don't I don't mean it works by eight but it. Where's that again to visit England. I'm regulation. I don't know on trans Atlantic specifically a gift shop. They opened a gift shop and suddenly swells they hope he takes on second jobs she's when we're friends he's jealous about this golden palm print tomorrow. They closed down for the night. Police finally tracked him. Yeah now I. I've been off fuels white but. I've been wrong and they don't follow miles each month plus like I feel like. Again our building rightly busy gift shop things that I neatly and now meant to be back no no no I got up at the moment. If you don't really yeah. It's important and keep it if I. What is the reason yeah its final hug her. Let and other big trouble and it just I'm thinking a little bit not an eminent explains. My final answer. Find out the double as black white mixing or Asia next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. Should the men's room. Five days is saying look we have a couple days and they open legacy new boutique shop been really it was gone and got a good shot there are we're doing a lot of money you lose so much so that the big guy game gets a second job. I'll pay the bills Sanchez just pull through I guess his girlfriend slash wife wanted to go out with her friends won the ninety was working their wanted to end worker whenever the deal was either way he's like I'm not having any of that. So we called in a bomb threat to the club where his girl and her friends we're gonna go out for the night. And were made they shut down for the night but habitually compacted down to be fair pretty light sentence of six months. I suspended sentence he has to pay the clock back 12100 bucks 120 hours community service believes in spite of all that we asked you did you believe. The sky was black and white from exe or Asian and in this case you went quite. Given a bald head and miles said mandalit. Guess what bush and I had. 8000 back oh yeah back on track I'll let you make sure okay thank you so much are now abroad TV news loves it is for DB to amity. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. A lot of times you see famous athletes actors whatever I should days much actors but a lot of athletes will endorse a lot of products. Secure so back. You'll have whatever. Whatever city you live in right you have your local ones which generally you're gonna see that it got the NFL team your baseball team kind of prohibits cars or whatever. And then you'll see like national won was steals. Great reads. Yeah house over Marlins somewhere else and look from a local supposed to come down to a Terence Smith poured don't talk from day. Think it's a good. Good good deal on all the digital photos and stuff they have all of the new 28 team model they have not doing it for 25 years found nothing like me. End they can be on the fence there a fit. It if you went up north stars anymore. I think epic. I. When they get I got three month lease on the camera is the. Why there's special ones to right so so like Peyton Manning Pippen is Papa John's that's all across the country you had some dirty. But he was good to Papa John's mayor of Newton. Are urged jiggle it twice in the garlic salt. And all state flags at the old nationwide nationwide one nation Brad Paisley. I've got to admit I'm not a country music fan. Ira car so we to have lost the eight that. Am at the five commercials and I thought it would you like the song or indoors I just like the Peyton Manning looks at Brad Paisley and and I know who it's the eight. But achieves a piece of series when easily give them singing talent itself and it won't feel it here yeah like it too when Brad single one side usage just about you. Be about anybody a mostly yeah I I am tired after government you'd prefer if not they are usually already youth. Any gas and sometimes you think I I always thought like maybe they just pick whatever the biggest paycheck is this that. So Shaquille O'Neal I was doing an interview with the people asked about its endorsement and I thought this is gonna be like a big joke but Jack actually has some good points here. I'm over lowered the pro or go do it always told a story about. A former first service should read these woman who do look over there very we've sort turnabout. Senator Bruno just shoots or events. Vs your miserable your book. And every reason they're doing and not so what do you call for supporters of fruit loops mobile home field if it took a lot of deals don't close. A whole school. Homeowners and shared principles. So I don't want to give money to promote rude rude to him. We're just so. About a local farm and rode his motion rose employees are working Americans do. Good your soul I see how. And one whose home security right. They've removed from wonders affordable closure of the struggled journal Toll Brothers endorses on the revenues plunged. Right Lara would you want like yeah they have sheath of deployed because I was kind of goof drama although we've used to go and I think obviously. And they have their red earth that would like Kobe Bryant and Rotella he didn't know who knew tell was it's obviously at a time product huge in Italy what I did about quota and then draw but it Italy did. He knew teller and goes over here have as I've learned is and every heard of the product until Kobe Bryant introduce it to me now. I rarely go to the grocery store if I don't need to tell and no picks them up. Don't when he first started when an MBA you can sold a lot of Afro Sheen is so. Expect so obviously have fully roots of the men from FaceBook page for the what's Seth Curry. He literally turned down lake we'll say power aid and eatery because he's specifically wanted to pimp water who could and that's how we got to bed with Britain. Well and that's sounds bad to Asia on his own Currie. I'm she incurred for for curry a team owner Jerry Rice for curry right but it does this not as Garrard has. It's his means to have carried you have reserves at a commercial let's that he's like in the cafeteria. Any say the hall. Thanks guys because it's like the specialist Currie. He's a high drop like 25 last night like a big fan and just like there's like I guess this guy really likes the current question for the and that it like it's. The just special for lunch shift that they have no idea what's going on there. Gordon Ramsay everybody knows him from being a famous chef. I believe he is on like kitchen nightmares something like that he's only is he is brilliant on Twitter. OK so on Twitter a lot of times people send them pictures of their dinner whatever and Gordon will send back kind of be. I'll call up my mouth but a little bit of a curt response yeah sure that I should be. No shocker anybody apparently his daughter already has quite the potty mouth was herself I thought. Am very early on in life you know that those words and we'll see never use them. I'm so you that's when they can about the policy. On staff they just gone and we. It's amazing. Great Gatsby posse and we had to leave us saying. I'm showed you this your final thoughts while my youngest son and I said that's. I think you can Matilda said it's time the now. I was host an apology for the twins I need much time was spent. I mean I now sixteen dropping that Bob had to back crazy now c'mon you essentially did in front of them. That's it doesn't know Joe's sounds kinda. Oddly sexual with English people say. No eight are you Errol hey that's not me not before the little kids are not too. Not meaningless and all eight rag not a metaphor and wanna noble friend. Yeah they almost say for a producer did not pay will get not in tonight yeah we see it that way they ought to pictures of French re. Mean I his picture Austin Powers. Hi I am I've visited all again on merit not edit yeah asked to blow not only with the the speed and it did not say it's. Everybody loves the bats where. Watch it all the time now while I was tweet about later I was trying to go live tweeting whose difference I'm watching and tweeting as the actions going down. So if you watch the bachelor bachelorette a lot of them are ready to get married yet. An album frankly don't make it. But either way. Everybody keeps going for the keep seeing if it's not us magazine C&A BC and once you quote a mass bachelor wedding. No basically. They wanted to lately the last three couples that have been on the bachelorette. They're all still engaged in federal none of them have got mayor. They've probably contacted the center hey we have this ideal let's note the lawyers say we don't get married. That's my guess. Yeah those aren't just thought of this yesterday right Girardi contact of a Michael we're gonna make sure we we can do this. Can you just wait until we can give a degree in Latin on this and we can do one big ratings blitz right. Yeah I'm with you that I wanted to I mean even if you didn't know this was coming up if you're a bachelor couple. Even though you might want to break up when you actually don't like each other and we think financially it we'd it would benefit Judith Stacey and as long as you couldn't faked. You see you all the tar and and that's probably what's happened here at all if it it. Yeah but I've I've listened to him life. After almost be like my issue right I mean it happens in regular life all the time yes it does. We get that could be ended up our highest levels it's a rightness. Of earth eight. That would be obvious they're like I would be like look I know you'll wanna believe me I wanna be with you. But we're only really famous if we're together and we're bachelorette are awful yes who we should stick this out as long as we can. Millions mommy the one that the when the bucks that trend is who with a two. Who that too did have been. Do you grass and wrong now always the blond haired girl in the kid that they've been together for ever from home area jail or whether or don't know notice though these are reality stars that are carry them. Either on reality star maybe maybe there on actual national erode that I can't remember the name of the still together for a my brain's right I didn't watch the show I just I would solve them together on the other day on TV shows like. All my goggles to earth Spencer and. High eighty Heidi Montag and Spencer talk about from the OC yeah I go to the UC I know I'd the OC was a fictional show about Orange County which you reference. Is that built the hills OK yes thousand and the Lukavica in my family oh. Have to fit because it wasn't about you pick up a million different whom. Like bay hill come home and rule Monday Mike does a pretty part of Texas. This paragraph where the ends of the barbecue. Yet I homemade pickles so they were all that show but they were actually already a couple. Right in the hope to do again the game like a reality show yet but that kind of blew my mind Minnesota's like Wylie I guess they really did love each other luggage. Joseph the lawyers and I'll give it a war to be either view can spell it. Yet that was crazy. Yeah but that's let's say they were already just a normal couple and I got famous as a couple Oka as opposed to like the back there and they're answering these couples Greg kind of put in Britain each other thing that I did not expect you to pull out tonight. United I don't know I don't know I don't like this married in my. Through the bachelor and incomes. Eat the net he's due to decades signed on yet. How all right a you know it we're at that deep into the new year people are all about fitness Judy felt it's a pretty funny your fitness fails here. This past stories for you guys this first one is for Matt Tucker sultan that's. He says my friends that bought a treadmill and told me it's just for show when guests come over. This one's command making no money she says I brought it here at suspension training system from the TRX website. It was the only time and credit card company has ever contacted. Who's ferment Jeanne red and she said I couldn't afford a personal trainer sort of follow a lady and her trainer on the circuit. CSC copy hands and are you copying me. This is from that pass to Amy she says my husband once tried to follow the body for life diet. They want us I'm eating cookies and I commented that it wasn't his three day can explain that he decided to break his three day afternoon. Small chunks to. Three hours now. And then I got don't want want more hours left. We re very good. The lessons from endeavor web verified she said but since her body nordic track incentives so long and lonely that are kids green and good big nordic track. I used it. How I feel like they'll find that the heat of the credit card company called things is fraught gap that an actual exercise equipment on him that that yeah. Well Emily ice cream chips and you don't put nominee credit card they think it's fraud if you bustling you know. My how they would call me a fireball vegetables. But he's an boot camp for fraud it says here your please totally vegetarian cafe. And we know they can't be you know we can damn right it's not me I mean I still swear in all my life like. Miles and you had a treadmill that you actually used and but I dated a girl like used to tread the like you're about the only two people than ever knew to have home. Work out equipment and use it it's like you can basically with a coat tree. Log and houses are both ways in all of the mail was there Jack can tell you Medicaid issues. I think nowadays for a lot of new work out at home it's just a total dollar something and it ended 21 other out then again at a runner people still find bow flex its. Throw in eighty new resistance training otherwise I'm president of flights I would mimic kimbo. But it I think one of the great things about working out is that if you do it in your honor regiment it's forcing you to get out of your house it's forcing you to even though you're not being social to be a social environment shore gives itself out. Good for him and we know that you should not work out of home state money whenever we're talking thirty dollars a month whatever given yourself a dollar every day that's probably pretty good health investment. Ushered in our political what the gym and it was like to get to talk people the water fountain just don't leader Adam yeah editing or how far it's good advice over. Wherever you are trying to severe blow placing it will be hearing is that does it and that's it. Did you despair in the animals right until the tablet into worlds ago most there. Yeah sporting events okay. If they're not just stared at those dudes or ladies at the what adventure at that. Yeah and you get presuming he's there too long and a big freaked out by condemning them. So the NBA all star game ranked. But people get selected to it and then they're gonna have to cap and LeBron James Stefan curry are gonna pick fifteenth. Right seems pretty exciting plus to being if you watch NBA all. All those guys there's a few beats going on stuff the kind of sucks though. Is they're not gonna they're not gonna broadcasts and picking the eighteenth. It'd be cool to human undoubtedly. That arguing about like which also are they wanna play with their. I mean honestly if he kind of funny to hear me LeBron James I to meet easily the best basketball player of the planet right now. Pretty funny to hear LeBron James kind of the other side emulate not only that do it alone lagoon. You know and it's stuff Kurd or whatever man I love James Harden so great beard. Back for good news. The reason alone guys are picking the teams are guys that play each other days so they know who death players are so Alex let me do I think I personally what are just do it day of. Would you do a pickup game back in the day. But they're the team captain now you did you pick a guy from the stage he comes down you got a shirt on the flip it both ways it goes white red or whatever seeing turning inside out that's a great idea right and that's there was wears red blue that. And just like it was junior king norm Travis gets vehicle. Yeah right or not always was. Yet it affects folks are meant Belmont tunnel role won't understand I thought always went. You pick for for positive for bats like paper based volume on the right it doesn't matter what you do on late you know they're gonna pick last. And they were always two dudes they could be on the same team as they were both really really good. Yes let us they had to be captain and a very important. I was like being a captain when I got to do it ball for picking teams definitely sure yeah. Finger captain duties ended and we would give the team that was about. So elegant and no longer insure everybody acted like right rally the troops are features that we do that they petite that was it. Also a pick up football people is picked me to sort of run people over. Did the whole smash. Oh yeah a 100% especially if it's don't come across somebody out there. Sometimes miles and you appreciate these kind of people they interviewed by local TV they're funny on the spot. So they come up with a funny name. Remember what got us Jimmy Kimmel got a pretty funny story here from a Long Island love my. Plans to build a new high voltage power line between going seven point two miles underground between union deal and then broke. People we spoke with a worried about increased traffic near the bathroom. And that includes huge GE. He works so liquor store in Garden City and in so. So they don't we talk dealings idea they did. Instead what's your name he said he Janus. They were voted down. Are back to the station they tie it up. Put it on screen now one person what really huge. Anyway. You or whatever your real name is good regulations. Casey heroes come in many forms and. That's a great point there like that nobody nobody as you point it got to you were running at eighty but there is. Under his picture like nobody just sit and even how well or do you think it slates. In other reported as the peace and and and I don't know how it works completely what would you pawn Indians got to get into the graphics and what does it mean. They'll let you know it is still I don't care I know exactly what is. I'm absolutely. Putting labels agree I guarantee though liquor store got a whole lot more business after that tell you there are. Did you day. Are you you didn't fire and I get better go to retail and then we had your headlines gallon of what my cock in minutes you're listening to avenger radio that. And Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. No format the drug evils in the Bank of America drive through and he orders Taco Bell. Try to be done with school as a teacher on a snow day you have third class on the line instead and as I would be loving. Man and a brother party had a face burdens on parents now a Canadian man pulled down by making unique snow sculpture with a thousand. Starbucks is testing cash flows stores and it's still not keep the person in front of you for being any less annoyed is time for your headline. It's Sunday. Here's Mike Conley. I got our employees at a Bank of America branch in Florida were a little concerned when they found a man passed out at the wheel of their drive through lane. They when that led to the car being on the wind until demand came to and rolled out his window at which time he probably asked the teller for a burrito. Please call someone. If it was no. Upon realizing that he was not in the Taco Bell drive through he drove into the parking lot and passed out again that's where police found a man arrested and good sense that. Harry ever radar thanks. The as stupid does he do Brito of Taco Bell. So it's so much go to that doesn't it all good all the debris go other places it is not that they don't have a good three doses and they have so many other things look the other thing to you about that that's a safe place. And everything to get their remembered you who who do I go for the contents of marine. I I was with a little bean burritos. Yeah good. I've always been a fan of just their basic soft chicken soft taco superior. Just the basics there's no Rome Italy oh desire breed of the basic core wealth of three other grand I'm sour cream and I visited Korea. There aren't very big Breivik talked about he did not know by the way. What do like the supreme Mets but a lot of footprints of the things he was annoying though clearly this week JG excuse that this can't agree on is if you had a different name did you RO RT that the African and that argument you know there's. Would you like to dial up service. Oh didn't always of how little jealous he wanted to talk about they had sour cream guys. Oh yeah that's a sour cream guns. And everything is sour cream gun. Few boulder train Mac icy Antarctic Darien. Hello I is that a euphemism or do you legitimately immediate legitimately do as Saddam McDonald's losing it's a look at cult down the scripts are the sounds. Economy not one shortage of gas I don't know. Why targets offshore accounts for a few. We chance of America find love through a red blood started to like these guys didn't get a phone call. Somebody's. Bill. Today I didn't think when I do know is that a little bit and kind of find these outside outside the odor is now back both cold you might get back. It's old shot from the under the symbol on his. OK okay. Via car got a little flight in my drum gut that's always designed to help Gary. Her little girl and who tells me I'm not claiming air and evening our time through the some guys around the world technology saves the day again. The teacher in Memphis Tennessee was about to enjoy her second day off due to inclement weather. I you know. I still don't let your outfit. Could oh yeah I. Went to the for. All your open. Again this I had an awful wounds they knew it. Anyway. Do about 302 down due to inclement weather when he started receiving messages former student says that we're trying to get ahead of little work. But we're getting confused about the text Jackson received so many messages that she decided still in her get a get the cameras to fire the FaceBook web videos to. Okay. They did. Get a notice. He. Just thought okay that's right there in her home lawn face. What environment did drug doubles kids the socket like listen you little mother efforts. All right it's a freaking day off not just where you look for me what kind of kid wants to get ahead so bad. That I'm god they've been deep freeze no they weren't. You can book your teacher to teach you painted. Why it yet I don't fit fled into the fold if I could give it. And I think can be cool. The Atlanta based on what all online classes should be is the teachers just sitting at home eminent double copied teaching McLaren may have looked that far far away but what I'm scheduled to do it this is the day off. Yes well every kid you not yet exactly how brilliant bounty of riches. That's problematic features and that's the only reason Barack we go to my. Home state of Washington where things seemed to be getting weirder and weirder by the day. Apparently ten years ago a man decided to pull frank on his brother and fort directly onto his face didn't. While most people be a little upset about that call being a brother the brother continue to grind on it for a decade until it finally snapped to put a lot of vegetable oil all on the stove turn to Don and left. And actively burning down his parents home does that mean his brother still live there. I've been against this guy if you burn down your parents tall guy is because everything connecting you to go at least 29 addictive. My money says that he's got bigger problems George Bush was still president win the French opponent of respective. George Bush George W probe of the member states would have broke apart and in your face you have you done this for so alone. You're so angry about that in his later finally he gets your revenge. You burn down your parents that it should be noted that he was hearing voices and is now being about yeah I mean there's more to it should be noted you'll Arnold thieves thanks. Will you can't like that it is all about and I think I had like the bat. I got the idea of Brazil CN next time the return of your guess is as good as mine a random question question a word in profile list database of what we heard from my talk only four of five of those who return until then don't you do best and morally they say the. Day beautiful.