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Wednesday, January 17th

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This is dumb men's room. John Rivera whose size class family a popular words and phrases that should be banned coming up on the word right before during its those who shot of the day. Look man while Romney arm wrestling movie topic you I do not know the Robertson took the warnings as recent as 2009 pulling John is there anyway we give audio of the trip what I want to hear. How they sell this thing up pulling John is that John Resnick isn't troubled. By wouldn't call it quits should he retire when he's on top. Or wait until someone takes this title. After 25 solid years of total world domination John is aware that is deep throat and maybe need here he just doesn't know. The cause. It is all about our guys are prodigal arm wrestle. Is is a documentary or I don't know we I don't know I have no idea the name of it is pulling general. Illinois reflected documented by some patient I'm just saying and that could be it could be. Yeah and I repeat them but either way it's a movie and I'll arm wrestle army does not splitting hairs on the John route sorted through that I could be a comedy about our wrestling still in the top five and it could be complacent and so far I'm saying that it has the possibility of landing in the top five of the greatest our residents not to take a stand man at the top five are not the only job. Top five yea urinate. Top pocket to add up aren't you put up Favre I don't put that top three as well I'll put a top five just the name. Poet I know I Obama and I minute wait a minute 1986. Hands of steel. A side board is programmed to kill assigned I'm in hand holds the fate of mankind in his hands. He fails in hides in a diner in a desert run by a woman who likes him. There are people who I mortgages move this is a typical suburb movement. The people who sent them are after him and so was the local arm wrestling champion directed by Sergio Martinez. The one movie that he's ever done so this dude this side board he's a sizable he suppose you'll find is a failed to vastly hides out in the desert diner. Luckily the woman runs Donald slice and bought. Aside from the people who said the wanted to kill him the local or grossly champion has decided he wants to take on a cyborg around us you've got downright take anybody count media room. That's my kind of movie are rustling cyborg. Once again as far as the genre goes. I'm say top three for about Islam you know one of their right forearm there's five or copter cyborg copped to remember our lives or to nobody if you sit aside board can't mountainside or almost. When did mother nature do you had 3844999. Omaha hello Shep welcome to the men's room. A little bit. Oh yeah. So what about hold out and about all of the times that mother nature wouldn't doubt it didn't eat I'll. There was a time when we're driving cross country. Why don't meet and it snowstorm and all the got wiped out by trucker. Series the real popular place to get into a regular drive across the country and why does why does it would drive through why don't we must be a part of her in the winter of you don't have a choice I guess it sounds yeah. Moving pretty Kentucky. A year ago. Outskirts. And you know I've loved men got moved out of Kentucky you know enemies. I enjoy it Kentucky that's our fellow local urban so you can't go I permanent gives you reviews of them the and a different. And it hurt so I called at about simply was. I don't about seventeen years old my wife and I we were out toward the ocean shores. And in our run around or playing on the beat the tide just gone out. And other little poles and worst comparable public despite each other Ammon to get time and I see that poll that they get it nice and big on the jitter. And I'd jump in it would all be this flasher and I disappeared so. That's how when I don't know all about seven or eight feet deep and how we write in soccer are the kind of died I couldn't feel the bottom. Oh the lazy pop right back hill. Oh no I went all the way down because I jumped in are trying to do a commercial art that I went all the way down light went down a little bit couldn't let the ground started to freak out and finally at the garments bong back out to see my might it might beautiful patrol. On the ground laughing her. I appearance. See how he finally died. Yeah how are around. So instead of me worried about who's she's doubled over laughter. Oh yeah and she's still expected to stay so. I. Kind of like your real close to quick say it. Database only bill they just a big sandy puddles. Close people who went and other major do you journey for Ford 999 Obama hello Kyle welcome to the men drew. It's. I had so I got a pretty funny shirt three guys that without accurate couple mud buddy is when we want to we went up she's the glamour there. And the gorgeous up there and we don't write down basically cliff to get to the spot we're we're about to embark and response. So it's out it's all night since you are about forty yards well my buddies had never really taken me now kayaking. And it's just touch almost Whitewater. Going into a corner with a bunch of big old boulders recordable Briard. And as soon as I embark on new summed up I was gonna happen. A lot about forty yards. That's what my back and and that a whatever. I lost almost all of this day it's up did this and then. I get out. I got my backpack out of the kayak and then attraction it's taking you down the white lot the Whitewater area and finally had a light go to saint. Anyway it's one to the other side of the so let the record. Detractors about half a mile road just nothing but chicks steps salmon berries OK. Why don't read the wide river yeah. Yeah yeah. Well. As soon as I added to delivered. I've seen it slow spot which finally crossing get a warm up but either way. Or may what in my everybody is one that was originally locked in Canada tipping his. Did kayak and Elop says the iPhone. But we. I saw that spot now like OK I can do this so that seem to have been out of my left. Ought to my left about twenty yards out and there's this little river water swimming up southern there. Well. Well god Apollo cool maybe it's just silver lining to it is going to be good day today. It goes down comes back up about 101011. Feet liquor means and steps like. He did not compete gone up on its side and it started trying to rhetorically. One of the outer dude I was admit I imagine clawing Najibullah. Are limited bench seat English Channel but I don't mean all that kind of stuck it charging me a picked up the rocket outside the shoot in today. And went back under water. Came out to the point where he was switching you know. If I would have been there already grabbing. On. They tried to bite me again sidekick data. And finally had talked to my right that was about the side of the steering will. So I picked that up and vicinity pops back up I thought I killed it or not but I dropped. Well it would solve this daughter. Any message you again. Might kill them yeah I'm sick what do you think happened is clearly he's aggressive move huge crowd to rock the size of a stir well. On the police were you thought he wanted to Brooke and he goes home again peaceful kayaking trip down there ever murdered in honor of the older. I think he's sitting dropout 402 did did drop but her throat Hamas you through the boulder at at the odder you murder of the daughter. Yeah pretty much that's pretty expected. It to death somebody had great for the sounds like one for Outside Magazine you know me like back today just go brought up that killed an honor with a ball when the mother nature did you dirty a four point 99900. Say his defense that's going to be alarming new Buick. I'm against Siena honor. You know nature and it's tries to attack in. That's terrible right so think about the size of an hour. Now picture of Auburn is decides to view now pictured you looking an animal that significantly larger than you in huge charging it. Yeah we don't have rich at it as a new big like dude you got nutrients like shut up don't yell don't yet but one of the slapping an element is I don't. Who do about it bitch and and get in bed with Little Rock confinement. Hello Steve welcome to the bedroom. Although yeah. Roll. It out the lap belt where mother nature it simply make you hear it. Was popular total white out. How long does the white out glass and they could essentially what is just a blizzard of extended wins are what. If well that's good well thought. Fortunately they're our credit. We were terrible at all the end and I feel that word left there around the World War II. And I got dropped. According he'll sign it. About a mile from where. Our. They have what I. And it rolled up Dwyer and I got started then start at all it and they'll play. And what they're. Can edit. In my and the automatic stay. And first let out the we're probably. Fifteen minutes. Cleared up her free time I started running toward the band. And got hit with another one. Bad list probably. One minute there after the hour and you lose all bets you're actually able. I thought that certainly. Not super eight they'll let us not to leave it built and did not tell up from down or anything. No you can't argue I have been a lot in a freak you out you turnaround literally got waited how would you know I don't know you can try to calm yourself down a little bit because if you make one adjustment with a glove or your goggles or anything like that just to kind of being able to cede to wipe your face when every turnaround of has gone like oh my god that happened fast like Brett you you put your arms out you can't hear it. He's it's insane and you stand there like god that's Sox. Doubles wideout who he landed in neutral. Delta plans to god what an unbelievable as there was little white balance Matt fund. It was just done a little bit terrifying because just a little bit terrify you know like put it cleared down it was like Els in the middle of the festival people on Macedonia and problem was 2000 Milledge got I don't know and you do dollar to be that they had merged with that. Well this ad hurts did macaroni and certainly not it still sucks yeah I still like to see what our policy won't Rolen in Madonna wanna get it and it. Drug MTV grey yeah you know I think damn lucky to have the golden boot from the San bossier boob. Went to the boots collided with total move exhibiting flu like the perfect club stores they. Like a nor'easter. In the Hud moved from zulus who wanted to connect I am. When did not mother nature do you journey had your emails on the way for the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Plus you'll win another major do you darted. And we've got about your emails here for the men's room women's room. I dot com. Come audible com. Card. In front of golf. Down god. Yeah I am. Guy is not a story about how major screw me over four years ago I was in the job corps in Mount Hood national park. In Oregon Delaware four to six feet of snow. Well everyday kids there had to shovel sidewalks of people that walk on them problem with this is the about three inches of ice that built up well one night. Right before we had to be in for the night I was walking down forty degree hill I slept coming down off the step ended a full 180 straight to my face broke my job to places. And four of my front teeth. And got a concussion. Worst part was they made a rule out that that everyone outside had to keep their hands. Outside of the jackets to get yourself as everyone hated that especially if you didn't have books you know that from Zach. Our guys black ice but the vehicle windstorm tree through the house at from way of a legitimate Robin. On the weather to be dirty wells in the air force I just spent three years in Germany and got orders to and or go to. And due to the oil boom there was no housing there or rent was. Two K for a one bedroom in North Dakota the rent is 2000 dollars for a one bedroom come. Wow so I decided purges my first home with my VA benefits well two days after closing up my house if flooded. And my house that I only spent two days in the was literally underwater for a month in the middle of June chi tea. The icing on the cake was during the rebuilding process the city allow developers to build several hundred Condo condos. Homes north of down therefore lowering the home value. So I was stuck with a undervalued home and a 70000 dollar loan from the Small Business Administration I filed for bankruptcy shortly afterward screw North Dakota. HOPs elvis'. That from Richard. That's crazy there's so few people you can think the it the houses expensive because there's nobody there is not out yet that isn't too much work and not a of people and no place to bush. A big from Alaska I've had my fair share of harsh weather to instances standout won mutter where it snowed six feet in 72 hours through and a wake up two hours early east data show love my truck to get to work. The other time was up on the north slope. Near Prudhoe Bay temperature dropped to minus 77 shutting down work to top it off. We had phase three conditions imagine the sandstorm the marine guest mentioned earlier but snow. It was a wall and things went from cleared to give zero hands and her fifteen minutes it was a crazy night and by morning we have snow drifts almost ten feet. In places thanks you guys rock that from David really come into peanut gallery not really you know I. In all of loans and lines I've basically sand and snow are nobody's friend and effects even if I am when I had time for a few our emails here for the men's tournaments are buyback. Malarial fellows on today we are celebrating Solana as thirteenth trip around the sun. In a police Elvis celebrate her birthday by getting your an Al leading the window. Andy Katz birth sound effect. Thank you for the awesome show and keep up the good labs that from dean. Oh. I think really an older but again for the goes wrong wanted to be kept giving birth is in fact the daily double not the audio Daly does or does alleges that from victims and our. And then the name. You know could include now. Guys there's nobody Morgan story first trip around the sun and we are longtime listeners give the man's internal sex enjoyed just not as a dirty dirty German talk please. Aren't we looked at coach with a little cooking competition and we both made junction. I'm enough to get back to my childhood we'll make up the fun day. Ensure competition it's. You can look at 2000. And other equally jam. Lewis who I am. Had to merge into my buddy my pronounce Sid the sloth I think he's thirty idiots and dirty Germans from Stephen dead thanks fellas that from Zach. I look Sonoma is a movie tickets to promote business into the ground to open. Yeah and I'll bring the man. You guys as my wife crystal 32 birthday. Loves the show lose and whatever she gets a chance and you get little kids they salads followed by a little Ozzie Ted thanks guys you rock that from Casey. And it ten years from now that good news that time of the season and make a special body pie but. It. What's an opponent look not positive it's an accident down I don't know if that is looked up illicit sex body tied within minutes. Does not always like oh lord Robert added birthday. Idiom and original face sandwich it's a dirty Germans thanks guys that from jasmine. Sandwich and a comfortable they Google's. And those who would doubt that you'll see this. And now and scuba diving business. Just sucking down. So you can play later that night. And I am able to just throw. Attorney for our turnaround is done to our fellow door number Kyle. Let knows penis is too small and have the dirty Germans talk about tone so lumber from the guys in front ten. And I do not know much about the number of the Jammu and also love to go to work. I know plenty about numbers and come by and removed through most of my shoulder who conceived of good look good on the. As I doors my dad Jeff happy fortieth birthday today lose this you guys for a long time and just started letting me listen you guys this year. When he takes an hockey practice or when are running around doing errands and stuff. Old be honest Colby's taking you let you listen what your mom's not around. I think you're Jones also on and I would make my dad's birthday if you give a shout out. How about a big old LeRoy Jenkins had from C notes Colton. I. Guys always job my friend Greg had a birthday longtime listener or whatever the sausage comes up he can't stop talking about your meat. Getting you know now hitting the window and the dirty Germans thanks guys that from Casey. Oh yeah. Just like consoles too didn't she tasted what she does she want to. Not a great neighborhood and about something good often at odds with some insight from. Hi guys here you go. Happy have you had to go. Yeah card. This at any time. I I can't thank you to the new. Big day doesn't guarantee German brought by a men's room. So available through music world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Im sure might apply to. Lou real time for public's reactions he knows how does Madonna have almost there's someone that the blood goes normal my wife thinks that masturbation is not normal. She has never master baited not even once she never did it as a kid or an adult and she thinks it's weird that I deal. That from your East Coast listener Curtis went figgins is we're did you walk again again still a mama this is a day and a guy who ate my toenails menu and again and his parents told him the finger toenails and a lot of final proteins yuck. Well we lived on a sailboat in Hawaii and while we're rolling ashore in our Ding he picked up my floods and begin chewing on my tone and who am yeah I said well why. That from sin. Mean why would anyone think that's just okay. You know really why would you think way you normal clothes I'm Jimmy grad your foot start eating your toenails. The car now. Reboot I don't know people do on day newsmen are I don't know the bad part of that and should not be as part of that Ding he lashed out there rather ironic to me. We drank beer while coo coo attempt by the whoever runs and we drink beer with pain in the ocean any stuff he's got okay. The guy's gonna bunnies and life goes another sharp a student class are river chatting him up one day and he was a super good mood and canceled the deal was he leaned in real close. Like and said hey. A lost my virginity last night. He stated his fist I gave him the courtesy fist bump and asked him how when he said it was great but it hurt putting the condom on super confused. Italy's plain that he put the condom on over his berries is enough the tribal chiefs cry he thought that was how you're supposed to do it I about passed out from laughing. Rock on that from Adam. I would be hard to do people decide to little Tom. The live tweeting for doughboy. I don't let one little beard nets they were in a cafeteria rent. Yeah pretty much what are you newly made him a guy's got ten children now for the gold after months here flew out to Pennsylvania to visit my brother just got hospitalized for high blood sugar. He drove himself to the emergency room the blood sugar of over 12100. And was immediately admitted it would and a diabetic coma was hospitalized for about a week at this point. So I show up as I am his remaining next Afghan at this point he had finally woken up and we were talking about how lucky he was to be alive all of the sudden. We heard something that sounded like a pit bull rally from a stomach. And then not long after. He let out the allows parts I had ever heard in my life. The smell was also the worst thing I have ever ever smelled in my life. Not getting the ladies at the nurse's station came over and shut the door but these are not ladies it's scary easy. They even went as far as to call made it's got to come and sprayed the room. We laughed until our sides hurt I was in the military I've been in the OC gas chamber I would take that over my Brothers farce. Any time. Damn man I was impressed. Isn't a far it is kind of like he accumulated parts of the bacteria eating the crap and go light though the bacteria eat something to get them like they kind of far to release the gas and you can essentially you are about the middleman for four. Yeah I. Why they go back to like think about my when they and what the first remembering our beer they give a super long breed detailed tour of what it is boot the brewing process. So the goal for all the stuff in Italy India profession may have different term for things are so intimately and what he's talking about the fermentation process. To get that nice they can and all that kind of thing under bear lake so. So big east Eads sugar in them in the sugar fart basically the oil exporting in a bathtub with a ball governor Brad W far that is essentially it's these parts that's what all the foam isn't beard is that while. Yeah it is but we don't fail like that I might I'd just want to know. We stand Pennsylvania I'll never forget this those working for Deloitte into huge at their data center in Spring Valley Pennsylvania. 2003. Goal through some layoffs in some of the work errors were understandably pissed off submitted a walk in the men's bathroom with the door opens in the middle of floor. Is a huge stirred with a footprint smear our continued footprints I. So apparently someone's revenge on Deloitte was due crap in the middle of the floor and some poor bastard stepped in and and slid about two feet around with doing their shield. Give a classy. Information tech peeps rock on that that from bad Chiang and you can who he knew she knew and this will insist I did get. And it do you part of my game New York City audiotape. It just come for the bathroom and had to get an inspection weird because he felt something down there was doing some recon workers of the Muslim. So I laughed and told him to try and pull it when he gets home the next day he told me that he got it in the bathtub and started the Tug on the worm. He ended up pulling out a string with a turn on the air. Dodd pork tenderloin these are done for drinking the night before the it even got all the climb over the day of that from way thank you Wayne for that leads wow we really do you not notice you're meant. I don't know much about I guess at some point you notice this string from the pork tenderloin and I think I that they knew they'd tied it and moving on and sort of saying oh my god you know. She didn't leave any bacon rapidly take a stroll up the good news is he didn't have to reports coming up popular words and phrases that should be banned other return of the word but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John and blue. I time of the neighborhood Sox let's even throw you bring us three stories in the news all of them sock but. It is up to us to determine which of these three stories some Phillies now view I'll follow the men's room on FaceBook or I'll follow us on Twitter and jamaat. Debate is already underway into who sucks let's hear it in a long commanded there is no shortage of horrible stories out there in the world. But again trying Matt good and I'm the darkest of paths of these threes are there. There are annoying but mostly they're just silly but it does show too much but essentially we have a yacht club in Florida will be competing his. Against an anonymous woman out of Florida and you'll be competing then against the mother. For Minnesota but let's start at the yacht club or in this case a guy by the name of commodores Scott Howard. Of the westerly got clubby wrote in the email that members could be voting again in the near future to decide whether women should become full members. At the club and I did mine in an earlier vote a majority of voting members. They supported allowing women however the distances to work out. To make you go all the way through now. Women who are mirroring to club members that you become associate them and while they can run committees they can organize parties of the club. Thank you but it's all gone down to whether or not they could vote or say in it and so single women. And married lesbians are committed even as the associates. But you're not married to my game and can join but their husbands may not become associates that's a status that's reserved. Otherwise anyway this guy an email soldier gay guy in huge joy you can be a formidable but your husband cannot do for my. But he can take on the role that women would have agreed to recommend. You do like him but he can't vote. Commitment all this comes down to was essentially women are kind of farm club of the Campbell put the thing that really took this to me. Was the fact that this particular guys say look maybe we just don't want women to vote I want you think by the word to use percent of we are going to vote in our club. It would ruin the and I quote friendly atmosphere. Who emotional got a three way he brought a member of even that Obama now mind. We continue now let's go to Florida the story kinda makes me chuckle what if your taxpayer essentially got screwed but. An unidentified woman. Chip the passing forty money in the walks out of grocery store of buffalo more money than to expect it to go to the cops. She won a scratch off to. But she paid with fake money which 100 borrowers and try to talk to him about 100 legitimate dollars. Then purchased herself another threat to our ticket and won. More money and they made him picture we're celebrating him to go for storm and she left. Well the problem is live and realized it was counterfeit money until well after you've gone and other content contractor down I was the FBI is also involved because one it's counterfeit money. And to do essentially defrauded the state because it is a lottery. And again fake money back she hit humbled to overtake him. Am debt and I'm Brusca. And though we like he knows counterfeit money should celebrate piano oh she's happy. That would go to Minnesota were mother. Joseph the press conference to announce our intention to sue her own seventeen year old trend is your child. Who's seeking gender reassignment. I that's a long short and you need to understand two things about. The lawsuit specifically challenges a Minnesota law that allows miners to access medical care without their parents not. That we can understand the demand that your kid they shouldn't have to do. The difference in this case is the fact that her kids. As a may have to pay. From the parents in which case she's living separately from the parents are managing your own personal prayers regardless or extend the miners Inco. Made for the kids emancipated taking care of themselves in the mother I don't know were the fathers and all the for the Marlins made it clear that she doesn't even have an entity and interacting with. Do you mind you get emancipated you both agree that that's okay. You've publicly stated you were the interaction with the kid but at same time you kid is made the decision that they made and I tried to sue them. Based on the fact that made that she. So we've got global women are admitted they just care vote. You have the woman you counterfeit money to walk out with a winning scratch off tickets in the local the local Florida lottery. Undertaking on the Minnesota mother. He's falling a lawsuit. If you're a kid who's emancipated. But she's suing them go as a kid wants gender reassignment sort dank beyond. He's looks as lottery lady Suggs Phillies Gerald says lottery Dow after she sucks the least. Sierras as scratch your lady for sure deadly the least Stuckey. Some people are saying that look the lady maybe she didn't know that she had a counterfeit. Hundred dollar bill may be but a day goes counter that are deadly such less that's more of a faceless crime counterfeit Lotto lady according to Michael. She's still fled but not a. You could say hey you could say that the mom and that's who would lose. The child. There's simply no camera right now that's horrible right did you see your own kid can especially keep going through something that I was he's very important tools are there emancipated but I would say Louisiana lately that on the second the least is like that child is already emancipated from that mother threat. Like that child really wants nothing to do with it hopefully he'll fill the court case out at that point 5050 you have to think about it thank my mom's. I don't agree with whom most of the cinema where they say idea why don't kick in the reason why save. India and I would not be above that quite hey man quite go there and you know what like if you knew you could pull an album back to your ass dude to I would not do my kid. Postal and lottery I already Iraq right he just don't feel bad these debate continues if you like a miserable on FaceBook or follow us. On tour events are live in who sucks less artillery entering its own shot today is moments away and the return of the word coming up next you are listening to the minter radio network. Did you know. You don't have enjoyed the men's room out profile is on the way and yes we'll drink it tells the shot of the day is most went up. I remember how who aren't. And again here today new year. Believe it or not. Australia. Just revealed that their choice for 2007. Teams word of the year. It's it's definitely unit itself. Maybe follow discovers that goes there's a bunch of different sources and they pick based on current events in popularity everything what they truly believe. The word of the year is going to be some most dictionaries. This year they got a big words that were related to our current political climate so to speak. So for example. Word of the year dictionary.com. They went with complicit. OK so complicit was that aren't. Miriam Webster was within minutes. Look at her. Can live through the hash tag gets nominated for your the world and Collins dictionary what with fake news frankly that OK I had thank you believe the word or not these guys. Macaroni dictionary mentally just released their word of the year and they wind whipped. Milk shake duck. No military ship docked milk shake duck. Do you guys you gentlemen have any idea. What a milk shake Duckett the only thing I would have pictured is like. Nick Cage and weatherman ever sort of Marino are filling maybe Google or milk shakes it's going to be new fat Indian doctor. Out there that has got to be a milk she can get out of a blast she put it back or are mostly made from doctor okay. None of Walt but. Ultimately you're gonna like no kick duck I've okay. One is a milk shake duct. The definition is quotes a person who was initially viewed positively by the media because. Blood is thin discovered to have something questionable about a questionable about them. Which causes a sharp decline in their popularity I would call them celebrities yes pretty much and there were a lot of milk shake ducks last year. The most prominent gays lately that would be decade Heaton. Yet the kid that was Primerica and fully he was her that if mom of the races exactly it went viral and everyone felt bad for the kid turned out the mom had a history of posting racist up on FaceBook so. Basically the term it milk shake duck. Comes to a tweet in 2017. About this phenomenon quotes. Don't hold Internet know of milk shake ducks are lovely don't. Drinking milk shakes. Five seconds later we regret to inform you of the doctors races rash. And I bet that happened that's a look at the cute dog drinking amid take on the rank on Clark president of take duck is just thank you rob when people get that looks. Yeah I worked on Europe cannot drag that he kicked my dogs and anytime on lake superior state university in northern Michigan. They input analysts at the beginning of each year as they do every Euro words and phrases they wish people would stop using it because. So this is the 43 year they've done this is not in the new Internet fat. Here's the five most annoying words and phrases they say should be banned this year any any guesses. Everything that was word of the year from the other sources collusion. Not a bad guess. I'm fairly popular words some of them include a company pay. A fascinating cover events. Gig economy was described trinity working odd jobs sitting evident by the Clinton. They news just get rid of it. Nothing burger has tons and unpack. Mean you want to analyze that complex topic there's this guy okay you know on the word are routed alluded to during exact. Let me NG zero X a few red. Men's room knows just. They got as good as usual we had Jose Greg Afghans even throw a little fun out Nortel. Yes indeed and today we toast an unidentified 35 year old man from Winnie the New Jersey and look I have a lot of questions about the story. But I'm just gonna share. These media swerving through Wayne New Jersey last Saturday night naturally the cops Paloma over. He's lowering the speed she's making strange alien movement obviously the cops knew that he was on something because we're sure. Frankly what drug might be and then they spotted the bottle in his thing wasn't alcohol though was. We'll look over the cover mood enhancement medicine for a cat yes of course it was a bottle of over the government may have to have been some for debt. The garbage talking something called cat nip cocktail. Which by the way it's a drink for cats that's supposed to help them of their anxiety and there's a big warning out of the says hey man it's not safe for people. Especially because you're not yet another guy was charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. Not clear why he decided to drink his camp rudimentary medicine more than met the police started with derby without debt. Yeah so this guy after about what what catches my student fans there's not an overlook doesn't underworld Robin to really get that stone but by a man decided to drink. Was a cat nip cocktail grates a mood enhancer for anxious to that out of body get strung out on nip. We never had a terrible used to put net but as we debate away more so they could cut we'd figured smoked more from self like let me we don't you ever seen a cat or Canada oh yeah I'll call out cannon ball security all it's exciting Barack happier that began you're gonna get scratched. I don't know that that's the I'll do. I seem like cats go crazy as it cats just laid it tomorrow cat man he would zoned out like sit on his butt lift us from Paul's gonna finally a Buddhist monk. It just served wonderfully three hours maybe you could throw stuff and you would move believe drink beer with a good. Hello how are we done is absolutely fantastic meet her. Reborn is part of my drink this booze because we think at a young age gap national over the tongue and down the throat to Barney in our tummies. Down oh yeah they don't. Gidzenko are not the line right now 844999. A low profile this coming up. I shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.