01-17-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets Caught

Wednesday, January 17th

Mens Room Question: When did Mother Nature do you dirty?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I ask god of the programme about joining us now about the Iraq California's rock station and Sacramento California eight. And our friends a 105 point three the mayor in Blacksburg Virginia and 96 point nine the fox. And Appleton Wisconsin thank you guys you've got to who sucks less coming up the word is on the way and our question today as we talk about mother nature with the storms with the weather in the craziness would know when the mother nature. Do you dirty 844999. Cola hello gentlemen welcome to the men's room. Other Abdullah Obama. They're natured deadly problem treaty dad. Not much but that's the really battle and her arm we had a 2008 and I my aunt was sleeping at a tree fell and crushed her. It seems his right leg she is she dead crossed. Actually get you in that number seven years he got a leak of former that he hit Earth Day. 20 my god she's lying in her bedroom she's asleep in the world ice and snow whatever takes tree down the polls through the roof slammed garnering kills her. Yeah and my car today no lag her I'm within a lot around the living room. With my AA has been Rachel hit that stern that's IE being mainly sitting in the living room while. They heard the storm they heard the street straw opera and they're like yeah. Yeah yeah. And they don't like an attack on or not then they heard nothing makes me they open her battery door. Hands down might be worth a phone call I've ever done in my life a lot like 1 o'clock in the morning to make a pain Atlanta have been telling you that I am out to the tree. Are all pars and I'm behalf barber won't thank you for spreading the sunshine enjoy I feel very young women or struggled we've got the only man oh man free clothes therein. I was actually live web part for awhile now I'm cute aren't they like their goal at that you'd actually great actually my grandma had entered the terror. You know you have a better chance to win lottery twice they need you by a leading to a buy cheap on our youth so emaciated mother nature really aren't her child back. Mailman given the easier ways to do it ma'am. I generally speaking eight they would they did it not the rain we get out. At the notebook with you pull away and they know it's super waiting each edit that in the exact on how we hide where the broad washed up on my house. Oh you got that drive and act like fifty mile began to ready to go Qatar the broad to completely washed out. Mental mental mental wheels and after agents hit my true evil washout of the road at least is in perspective it's in Kenya Kenya but Matthew world. Oh good god man who. And his Jack Vickers well Jan through your credit you into the question accurately mother nature did you very very dirty little. I don't take we have 11 another and we're on the attorney 844999. Cola. I you know as an Internet traffic and airport. All right you know big car slid up the roll you're almost closed his first day in our tree fell lousy government at. Hello Shia and welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. Yeah. More than adrenaline Ariza it is. AJ so as far as what they're doing the dirty. It was part of it whether you are given situation I was and so amok here in South Dakota we have yet sturdy Sturgis motorcycle rally is ready it will melt. And they're like not just certain pins you can talk to turn that back and I was out of line and it. We think one advantage Amman and it will most original idea at all. And it so I'm running into backstage area to get Glover and my belt who's and I love it. Okay you this if I do other doesn't drive very well doesn't. You won't automatically avoid the worst part of I didn't do what you don't know whether I don't just orange she might go loosened. The brains program. Exactly you Wear underwear in South Dakota. Yeah yeah yeah okay it's a loses problematic is good morning. So although you know and I'll I'll be honest about it the reason why it happened into the middle Walker's bill light balance is problematic sometimes you need. It's been more than once but I think we can give when it sorted out. So you're you're general walker in your pants fell back. Yeah I guess you saw fit to let me explain them to so. I average if I'm walking down the street Anderson new walk in front of me in the spring and fall down. Not only do I laugh I'm probably gonna laugh ought to beat them but you you're asked and walking one and around the bad guy. If I laugh online OK okay what wire you know walker. Because I have to remove all we have some work. OK so when I would assume is is that your legs are front loaded in other words like this tonight. You're either strong in your front your body or in the back here about it right so yeah the way you walk you're probably more up on your toes and guessing. Do you know I mean I'm. I'm walk you know lead blocker just fine but I'm I'm more loaded on the upper body to battle right. But as far as your legs are concerned. I'm this I'm gonna guess. That because you're in a walker. You don't have a real perky but dia. No yard OK I am faced with the same dilemma as having no assets so I think I can relate Joe's wife had to read the whole reason did you Mayo doesn't go as you'll have a nasty either and that's why I I my pants fall down a lot I'm always pick him up in the back everything you're miserable all right you have an excuse I don't. But I'm thinking you don't have an ass like I do and that's why your pants are falling but I civilians. I don't know I think I I remind Internet. I do but I should feel to labs. Both league if you welcome walked out in general I guess you're not you obviously he could say he had terrible ball deck a no excuse that's what I mean I'm not an act I'm an eight a whole group like you might be good drone weighs in but all the people that UV lamp that the governor Aon the studious or balls that we but that does nothing normal pace of violence that miles is my buildup plan right. It to say and I was there me and I. You aren't final iPad several palsy I feel your pain now have a I'm an act. I don't know if you find myself I don't discredit Joseph you have tried not to and you terrible blow this is until you try to I don't know I. I don't know how well your biology and try lucky jeans are the best as those jeans up out of that would be mound until I'm at they have lucky jeans in South Dakota. I did I know you don't like a regular mom I'm okay. John it is the best as those jeans are found so far just thrown out approach at fort. I could do that you noticed. Noted that another great medicine he downtown Portland I'm. Damn man found a pair of shorts racking just tighten them up the latest straight you're trying to jump my head straight on just north you have to go to balding middle man I got as I might miss filled out if you don't it don't matter what you've got it Japan's on those digital evidence yet but I didn't believe in his world of what club he does not want a membership and he's okay would be ass and OS we'll never know hit with a walker run out of Baghdad I don't know why I don't watch a few you're paying got no but otherwise fanciful we've never seen his butt. I was right there I guess right we don't like he could have been modified emigrate acts and yeah honest I don't think so if you have a great asked. You have the probably depends phone you don't look as your ass keep your pants up. That's true so that I knew immediately led many advances far enough for no reason in the city of Baltimore women's fans have never fallen off. If you're asked to souls are responsible for deep underground I'm telling you right now in the history of the city of Baltimore. Noble whose payments have ever ever fall all over now not one time not even close them. Right I begin but if you conflict with Ed and complete. I don't know sorry did you just don't hear anybody but rate of white you really don't laugh at my horrible thing that I think he may have thought there. That statement government said an Atlanta now nobody's ever said don't let. I just don't have a list but it's only city maybe. Salt Lake City area Putin who don't either it's what I've David girl's got homo but I dated the girls and reason why don't we love you think that I would really noticed that lake there to have no but the thing that they. Now we have boobs and stuff like how Natalie yeah played about this but none I don't care battle and it's leg at his tournament canceled. How would a mother nature do you journey is far far 9990. Hello Guinevere welcome to the men drew. Okay. So what I'll donate to be a dirty Guinevere. Little area and Alex Padilla. I don't think you can feel about it Politico. I don't deploy. Already did you volunteer to help neighborhood. At that I'm really bad apple let all the I didn't know what Arnold. And not letting some unknown guy I don't like out buying whatever it like it out and total not a completely. I got. Down oh yeah. But a lot of it a little bit and don't want. You know the letter went on a lot of people out the window. Bad and the epidemic live. Oak and then it is the ultimate okay. I attribute not. I. Felt let down there and I thought well I'm. Not I'm back. Okay how I met at. And how. Arnold. Not only an entirely. We'll wanna bet you're tired and tired and I'm gonna. Okay that's not and they look like I hit the article and predicted that I liked. And an. Patrick at all. And a net. And oh. Yeah. Yeah I don't model that electability low throughout. It every land that I liked it but we got home. Yeah tornadoes not to invest in it that's that's a large now. Hello and a lot of these arcane you can say look man as hurricane coming and even of it can be devastating. Roughly project when it's gonna hit and win here it's going to the tornado you say there's a tonight tornado warning but they can be one of eighteen different towns and it's not like it's as telling our cameras and everything like yeah. It might hit this one part of town bleeds through people's yards and not touch the neighbors that I think they're fair. Well why isn't an mab is just my lack of knowledge on things I never read a story about a tornado anywhere else on the on the planet other than North America well it. They have until they do voices bought north Americans to serve with the midwest. Absolutely Pozen did you think Australia will tornadoes tornadoes a player and as more tornadoes than anywhere else on my beliefs about like in horror as natural disaster ago. Just note we absolutely 100% owned wonder why that is the location is the kingdom outlet are over the jet stream goes right those do don't got an however many thousand years and every one of them basically every twelve months you can start making your predictions about what's gonna happen more frequently and sure enough of those when a mother nature do you dirty 844999. Although I Morey calls coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Fitch is you. Tiger nor is enough phrases that should be banned and the return to lose let's let's come up and today we talk about mother nature. Doing a dirty I think the worst one for me personally was Hurricane Floyd. And living on the East Coast in Baltimore and the hurricane hit and basically just a lot of flooding was close enough to the water. Just be doesn't really surgeon tides or anything like that kind of wind blows and basically just give a lot of flooding from all the rain does the streams overflowed rivers overflow. Everything gets saturated and kennel like Las Vegas a week ago. It just dumps and there's nowhere for the water to go right. Well I had a one. I had a house was a rancher with a basement and and the rain came down so hard that the water was pouring down the steps right and I had to Berber carpet which as any of you know if you've ever dealt with the wet carpets and rolling it out and trying to drag it out so do wars it's almost like diving into a pile of insulation it's just Ichi. It's nasty smells awful heavy got a pulled the pad you don't mean half the time the drywall is gonna go right it's just a mess so I go through that entire process and get all that done in one of the things that determine the need to be done the house. The French strain in so that the water can bring them and they usually the better put a sump pump and there will be two different strains. They just dig around Margaret Warner in exactly that it needs begets. But they pour gravel around the perimeter as an extender they dig down the noticeably better than you know again and and a good degree and it is an act like they can't speak English the home against. So they put this thing in and they put some pump in the court and I'm ready to go this is great you know. So next time this happens I'm good and a two years later. Chairman of the name of the tropical storm hurricane whatever sic Grady same deal hurricane Grady comes rolling period grain frat prank. And the water comes down the steps again this time I did not make the same error in judgment is it an affordable and carbon back down there right I looked concrete floor tank water comes running down the crises that for some reason it depending on where the plumbing was. It appears that the the basement floor as a bit of a braid to button and the sump pump. He's in the highest corner of the basement and other words it looks like a beach is washing up real close to the sump pump the entire garage. Is in fact covered in water up to an inch or two. The when he gets up to that some pundits are Ricci is now reaching the psyche is six inches and dry dog legs around I think it's useless son my god can't. Storms coming it harder now the water's coming now more now it's gonna reach the point where this some bumps up its plug did already gonna kick on. Pump some of those water out what do I do I go and get one of those huge gas. Kind of shop brooms you know to me area they had bill broom off the driveway with whatever. You learn those pushing water. I don't know like op. Yeah. Yeah like that all right I just got to do you know that just don't do literally you know it moved from. That. Power goes out for nine days. All know it this very moment. That the power goes out. For nine days. Asked me if I thought about it generator. It as me if I ever thought about what what happened in the storm with the sump pump if the power went out yet generator now. Never even thought that was possible I mean I couldn't even though are putting this swept three or four you know loads of water over the edge to take this damn thing on. It all our gun. The powers offered nine dates. And I mean like this is just nothing I can do we just want to warm pool in the basement in the dark just get government in our enemy like I think it took some buckets trying to get it out there and I mean. And the French drain and analysts have did help a little bit there still sealed in that's from the outside right right over the water from the outside during the water from the inside trading. God damn it man house pissed off really take back our when when the power came on org had the water was one very well receded that what is nine days we had delayed the physical president. Nine days. We just went back to the country. It just apparently goes from Baghdad mean whatever Odeo is what's so I'm sure goes into the dry and only multi you know mold and mildew this this French drain. That you can't see this buried in concrete thing with a ugly ass sump pump in a basement. I want to see that thing was like 23 grade easy. Old or whatever cost to dig up the perimeter of your basement filled gravel put all that crap and fill back up like this was not this will not what I wanted to spend that money. You know this is not as she prepares a pain in the national sudden god dammit. How would a mother nature did 3844999. All hello Angel welcome to the men's room. Our public until all are. Okay. If you know or story dangle on worry about it I exploit. I joined the army in 820 I don't think Korea and 83. Actually what made. And my fresh feel exercise. Legal and out of the DMZ two do you know oddly though they showed up Korea outcome we are and you moms who started. So they're rainfall like two months straight nonstop day and night. And we set out in that position and that it was actually like Patti. And and all they might as noted. Like early 82 a lot actually log on what are over booed then went out then and Alicia and I lunch they gave us. Hot meal and a hot meal was like hamburger and French riot so. Uga alum that you would god I do know anything about the showdown under and then I'm going are going to. It. The child truck. And I got my Hamburg it and had a couple cool they see them walking back all happy because I'm finally getting them out you know. And not fully and fox political will water. Now. I know. All the way to my ears might have read about civility is the latest now growl. And I'm angry everybody and they're gonna. I'm because we all got our radio and not get there really loud because Dellucci Utica mantle fire. Everybody will. Out there and everybody's opinion as yet not on the telephone Barrett up felt so bad. One is enough water Angel like you would look out animals like we have to be wary when your rice paddy in Korea like snakes. Definitely is. And it just up steal yeah how many hobbies is did you end up cutting off the U. Likely do you use dude I look. Actually aware note that the way I don't browser and and you and LA that nothing can call up and object if only follows it. They're Korean they use human feces and animal species where to live there lack bodies. No one's going to leave actually all of actually tune in and out who. Who you know also look for a minute. Ago. Out my noise and that blue nation being Iran that. Yeah that during the cool labor town you burger loaded one out and improved probably. NASA dynastic. There aren't a fan favorite I assure you as big as did have a good time and so they fertilize all the rice who I mean. Like look man it and you know laugh fertilizer Newark when our animal proved somehow you know he would poop like. It just bugs you a little more so what does town and really for government arrogant government. Anytime there's flooding almost guarantee double once you sit on a wheels you zoom proved right. Somewhere brown rice becomes brown out of the work in a vacuum that would raise the sweet corn sweet you gotta wonder what I'll listen back once every year that you really like this probably people as we Cohen of the sweet white cords again to use he moved to reboot directly sweet onions sweet corn hasta if it sweet potatoes with the death whether brown got winded down mother nature do you 3844999. Cola that's allowed designs to karma meaning. What is so pungent when you gotta do yeah brings tears to your guys who who. Hello bill welcome to the bedrooms. All locked on top. Villa. So mother nature hero in my mid twenties when it started to develop back here. These are injured and win is when you started giving. Yeah like my mid twentieth and it was Honeycutt. And they would come and end. It would it started at kind of like an extension to my age. Airline in the back like when neckline ran into Canada. To go and data between my shoulder little like the fourth mullah. If you have looked make matters worse I was over in the navy. Enjoyed it it Erica. And you know they'll figure all the way down your neck until bullet left will play a big. Carried triangle generated between my shoulder Linda looked like. But I got out of the judge how much. It could split. It. But still I would doesn't want or you'll our US hairy guy a horribly did you have chest there lay him. You know at the time I do I had a little bit to Chester and yeah and it goes back for about two or three years and color might might have shared grew as. So how long do we let you have the back Regina yeah I threw him. I wrote requests and how long did you have the Mac the giant. But that your history here you go about it Judith don't. They were actually pretty good trade event and I know when you pass out and yeah. It goes your money down on your back erring on Larry Doocy got up and also maybe that is that if it. Have it Kelly you know where you're sure does that determine how. Loosely put your early tonight at the moment I got the job bonds. It it yeah. When it if it's what about now people you're sort of are you are you fully covered in hair. I pretty much yeah. Ten times I don't know what it. Well there always liked duke. Gigi helped me true look back you know. Jerked the guy why does this pertain to the letter what what is this the weather's in nature all nature ball. Or any dirt on the bed you're there I think you say yeah and I suspect you've got equally eerie kind of all the same time. Yeah and out right. I know you the big. Now let's start on the back and shoulders it was all there aren't. You. Incidentally every bit yeah what do you know judge you so. Like Sean has cerebral bogey I heard your undercover agent out of your door. I know. Walking around probably offense bogged down you don't get some lucky gene did you did have a national. Economic three detail that's our own balls. Fine does he have an answer the is he flat past. Is this guy got erratic at a at this is my arm exactly in the us as long. Got it that it votes buddy you have. You know yes I'd apart your club Mac and I got no that. Every kid and I'm genes you know what you need to sales of the same name might get a several balls he needs in my tennis a bold man that can access that. Don't expect this. Good sense won an undated it's just yeah this is a powerful are 999 all of which emblem of their talent show out. If senate and the president in a shout out but so that's the repulse and that ended add your jackass like that and it opened. The talk show how to what are but I was under the but what I'm gonna foods sold but I think Joseph Biden's got it exactly picked. That's the idea you don't need to give a shout out if officials opposite. Hello Tiffany welcome to the men's room. I hate though I edit them are in it and I air activated it order dark. And I elapse Kuwait early in the morning that he due back at my article it was the let it take today. Our current day we nineteen hour road. A candy store you just wouldn't believe like healthier here. You're eating at it they know it in your diet it everywhere. And one this is your first freaking day in Iraq and all this is going. Yeah the rest areas have like those come combination places are a little bit earlier and feed them pizza having as they have that in a well I wanted to go to the rather than a hundred years the last before they stole. And I didn't stop on the temperature at an outlet at people who can't. Oh I talked a lot and I hit a shot in the back with no Waco is not that. I thought they were just any any dark Bernanke Howard thank you you can't beat that guy ideally you're you're all I. No just we ain't got it worse. These kind of wrap up and maybe get old soccer hurt you keep that up attracting it that the great eight. It say they're the battalion that the Iraqi Army headed our way we're double it or hate it Albuquerque expire and I. And they aren't the only quiet and pretty much did that you're not gonna help. We're we can't be at all. Don't know you have to order a bit dark Pakistani it our way proudly back at a ER how you create drop and it would be. Shall crucial now or it effort great ally. Remember Eric chart like it and aren't so that we don't get blown up I immediately. And I. Create basically let me all ticket double water. I hate yet if it's a lot sleeping at all. Well I'm sorry I called up late and I get it arm. And the content so we're really completely out that all all night long. That is good times and that's the first day. I. God damn man I mean how hoosiers did was it soft from the turmoil abrasion from the sand every night earlier about the mood all your pores to IW of a nice peel it didn't just take off. Yeah I you know. And I'm sure they're not Shia area helped with the oil you know early I hit the length. Do you think the weather or kept you guys alive that. I yeah I note that the but I didn't get into any upset about a mile away at the weather with a very clear. What it up yeah I think it lit it on. 830 incher one year old aka. I don't care trade bother mate it's look. Are gonna say why it is given you're gonna sleep you know appear neck in mud. But. Missile would you be just not the days did better after this there is this just an average day. I guess they got better weather wet all I get it you did get an update I did a ill let it. Then it got stuck back up at LA in the Olympic don't care operator back our way that it ever QB at that. We outlaw or that the L without the dollar. How many people when their convoy. Annan that there if you watched that video play it the fact that and it ill equipped and that is where our way. Eric probably I don't know there's an exciting idea that and I eat later in the total I'm playing. Well. Yes there with the many critics are likely to cover back that. So. Basically nothing bothers me anymore doesn't. All right pretty ardent Iranian art just as you leave the bitch about the weather. I would do about a month revealing her five year old I got my grandma got to raise her mom and Telecom bought it and I erratic. Sand blaster edit. Did that Dana had gone as far as I did a mud puddles you're asking here. You get out there and play soccer at least. It. It does make everything apparently better I can you remember it like it or hate it that aren't they can't do it. Ari cannot expect Hewitt aren't the only thing that I keep thinking how old are broke it that hard you can do it. Did you send back out of it that's and our movie and I don't already and we'll get a mouse size okay yes. Yeah if you're out of Connecticut a three well I know I want every eat it up plus you have the team will learn legs and his hands. Before you meet my moms to be fair relate don't bitch about things. That is out there I bet she's been nice you don't have to bitch right I dated a girl had been in the court yet and make we went to a lake month emerges slowly back I mean it was a I now under under fifty yards but not that crazy right but she's just laughing and instruments literally circles around one hour. You lied to do it okay how late Phillies who always get ugly for me what I is that all right Dan I don't know the Marine Corps to its limits could be true today no one arms for one round arm circles around me theology I can beat the heat appeared in one of the Beers and how badly. I'm Jeff I want beer right religiously getaway back and I thought I could do too much but it's the right one armed one and what are one of our newsletter yes. Well Al's question when it circles some negotiating there because. I don't house who's that they had to do that then I'm Lou you're moving forward at him swimming in circles. Let's say or must concede she literally was exhibit a circle around a god thank you make it do you think she she could be dressed. Physically yes I want it to block got things together not. I would definitely could be admired it on the means I can do it all right well like negative to what I don't wanna answer it exactly like we did we ever rest would be added I had to tap out yet through the volatile in day out. How long do that they could get to that point. Okay I'm from committed to. It would go work the pick up with it seemed like a grandfather to our side of the room. Again yeah you're quite. Had to crack crack at all for me from the men's room Evans or live dot com emails my husband was in that convoy that from a jail was not clear who. Our question when did a mother nature do you dirty 844999. All the Morey calls coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Listen miles. Plus you wouldn't mother nature do use dirty 8449990. La hello John welcome to the men's room. All hat. Okay arm. All right so well major route screwed me over I was. A bushel garner. And about two years ago makes. Come drunk driver and an I was going towards Saito. Going up the we know it at the cabbage. Root tall tall mountain pass. And I'll preface this by saying a bit. I'm an experience stronger so when I go mountain pass. I take it jumped church Eric Snow make training to where. We tried knows no. I get so metropolis so upbeat LG. A total funding so wait so don't bet don't get warmer breaks. All of sudden. Other command here might trailer. Pulled into come haters just but still very dangerous. If you look at Durant fish Taylor and our craft. So I. I actually recover from it. Unfortunately I hit a patch invites. My traders. Actually my truck turned around and slaps. The trailer and regulatory. Via a service bill. There what are the trailer going at this point. But the trick came and smacked me basically checked my face in the opposite direction. And doesn't go. Missouri okay. I don't locate because of my head you don't colonists that it but don't let you know I was okay. My truck was totaled. What about the chemicals. So. The chemicals are right. But I did get a when he looked from via Austria came to. Helped me in Topeka news. Would either be containers. I have to be targeted at. And normally we want it to museum on the highway when its reflective of a federal truck. I had about nine. Because all these different into containers. So I just a long time to clean it up a loaded out. Oh. The Promos two. Apparently we're tow truck he was busy because there are several other just acknowledge because you don't decide a terrible signs saying that we need to change or they're they're resides on the road. Into that. Yet and to add insult to injury. You know maybe five minutes after I had my extent. Even be extra roll past. Com of course. As they go down you only eighteen Wheeler did that was a part of your company's. Sparked. Got. An open is only a lot of people a lot of people who drive independently of their own rig wreck. And how much does that cost it tuned to Feyerick. But I rigged. 100000 or not depending on what we want to our brand new words over a hundred men. Damn OK okay I thought you ever tried as when it went like our Russell tournament. We know what I got to wait you know in the middle much credit here. And actually drive or a driver but apart right now still leads that you know I get ready for the enormously moved its. Can turn down some violent. Was he was the growth of Ford truck was at home runs and get this kid back. Talk about slice well design that's all the time tough runs up the funds are wrestling movie expressly for that one with the cash it's at least not at its top five are wrestling. Yeah one of the best of John for sure. So when he was brought Tia my my rained so I thought plates of what is snatched his kid or something like that but he was wrestling to get suite rig. Are always Indians we rate the kid didn't really like him as he ended around much as a father Danielle Adams the job moving kind of future do I did appear removing it you got daddy issues in the same vain man if it's on and and and it and you get a chance to watch it stone cold with Brian Bosworth Brian Bosworth then I saw a little bit of that the other day that is gold it is a tour before she is what they amazing it's amazing isn't is a movie needs to be wants why you're stoked it done and another once great people go me it's not a good we do not understand this in this so relentlessly bad it's awesome that it becomes this incredible cinematic piece where it is amazing you can't even describe how great this movie I'm lake city mayor elect. I had no idea how great this movie don't know right now honestly I will say yeah that movie is like staring at. I don't plumbers crack all right. You keep thinking you wanna turn away and you've got some the most do owner IA's early you can't turn about it doesn't matter how insulting we bad as movie can turn the movie all right UN. Eight I have to sneak this through what happens next. I will think Brian Bosworth the sound weird but like. I just wasn't old enough plate to know him as a football player on I mean I knew him as an actor first talk. And it was like hello miles thick and sitting down that is a loaded stage dad he knew my eyes and Actuate rule maybe Newman is a guy movie. Trying to act brag yeah. I don't know the reason I was a kid I remember stone cold like that movie hoosiers think they're Mike Gerson he's infiltrate and again he lays down the block he's on Iran and you have no idea if it's tremendous by the way the main character and over the top. Is a long haul truck driver who tries to win back his alienated son while becoming a champion our Renaissance. They tell you. All right guys gag actually went down mother nature did 3844999. Poland and also like to say with in the the genre Laura Rosalie and management that would top five as well I've put it on top the other movies I've seen the focus on all rustling and disenfranchised youth I would say this movie does better than any of the top three. Easily but it and number one number one do you think that's the best arm Russell movie out. Yes you go okay. When the manager Dave Reid journey 844999. Only. Yeah I saw Monday night Dominick I put the old football would joke we're golf more like. I drip name another aren't they don't know I thought about not top box. I haven't seen another one of them say still it's tough he's a top three. It's still maybe third best that the white Knight. Hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. A flop on top. Well actually thought of another low blood on hold up to you want that person I. My wife and I we're going to you I get married. New Orleans. And a little things happen to prevent us from slight cold Turkey treat I would Wear her. Yeah it's not so. We want to have into had actually she did it cancel every single reservations and all of that. And we wound up flying to Vegas is getting married by elephants. There that is still marry. Yeah I'm on hey man maybe things have referees bell was run by the way other arm wrestling movies we've we've mentioned over the top. There's one from 2009 cop pulling John. Hands of steel from 86 and claw the collective of Amy a lady are restless are taking this continues I'm not mainstream radio network.