01-17-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Betrayed

Wednesday, January 17th

Mens Room Question: When did Mother Nature do you dirty?


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You watch or not. Here is real. This radio program a person. Trying to look. Offend anyone. And lord. Invited to join the party. Yes he's done. Other than secrecy. This is now. Thrill. They say. A radio more than three times. Wow. An audio on the result of our 2750. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do Ted Smith and laden ball. In my car. I imagine a. Jack good return of moves Sox less tax. Popular words and phrases that should be banned on the word. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines read your job the day fund those three males. And everyone's favorite TV time would take a flat period in Cairo to a Japan where train engineers can now tell locomotive to bark like a dog for me. Meanwhile a Canadian Canadian funeral home creamy it's the wrong body. Is that right there. 8 AMP. There wasn't me it was the next hole. She's lovely answer boy who started cutting grass today now making six figures is a team that. Lexington Kentucky surgeon shows up with a most blood shot eyes you've ever seen at seventeen year old grocery employee fired for trying to stop shoplifters. People just let him. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've. It is good day team you and yours are let's face it. The weather the weather in most of the lower 48 states have been pretty crazy and been pretty terrible. Granted it is wintertime and then when the weather's suppose he sought but. Look it's ideal places where doesn't usually suck that bad. Alabama Texas Tennessee Georgia all of them of bright red snow and ice. Tools have been canceled some of the states have already declared a state of march nothing's happened yet. They've already declared a state of the birds help an American Hockey League team in Charlotte. And guess is what their name is there. HL American Hockey League one step below NHL there an affiliate of the her return and yet solved that a tropical depression. They are in fact the tennis the third the Charlotte checkers as though Baghdad though like the fast food. If inventiveness I think they played checkers or read. Really I think the play in the checker while. Anyway that I turn and then reschedule one of the games and are gonna play a little earlier because of the weather but the thing to me some historians. None of the quail directly but so the game's gonna be two hours earlier due to weather is that bad. And I don't want any of the fans to actually braved the roads to lose hockey players are gonna fray blamed for men don't want it should be noted by the way that team routinely sells out that we. But if you think that's cool let's go to Russia or with negative 88 degrees I cannot possibly pronouncing your name city so I won't bother. But negative 88 degrees that's what are we five degrees warmer than Hillary Clinton's mind. Could just see you know negative eighty degrees that's the coldest temperature ever recorded for any permanently inhabited settlement on her. So yes you can go to an article you told. People live here year round that's the coldest. It's ever been the go to California with wildfires mudslides the drought but the story may and they just got flooded most of ridge. And descriptions the BK look. The weather and mother nature are not kind to us always. And as with today's question is when did mother nature do use dirty Big Brother Joseph caught a four point 999 all you can like the midterm on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and in those emails the men's room administer my doc out. You are listening to the avenger radio network. And still. Have gentle man is now now I'm gonna miss on number 2750. What do. Guaranteed future repeat return of blue socks lies and we have popular words and phrases. Then people think should be banned it in the new year on the word ones that were kind of a burned out in the previous years of those coming up front for a drink it tells with a shot of the day. And now today we're gonna talk about mother nature and mother nature doing you'd dirty. We can talk about all the crazy things that have happened last year weather wise. The hurricanes. The the wildfires. Monks live. Freezing temperatures. The freezing rivers the cold there's been a lot of crazy things that have happened over the last year. And if you've had any experience here on this planet depending on where you live at some point in time. You have more than likely run into some type of phenomenon that's weather related to order nature related whatever the deal is if you live in the midwest. You went school and knew that there were drills about a possible tornado coming in you know he knew what to do you knew the drill into were to go the whole deal now on the East Coast. That was more of day maybe here comes a hurricane waiting game but for the most part it was like. Oh I hope we get two feet of snow tonight then we will have to go to school tomorrow so as far as weather goes in that area of the country that seemed to be the one the I admit it depends man. As a little kid I lived in Rochester New York. Never had snowed. It it was not. A faith in did not exist regulatory let it did not matter what happened and we moved to Baltimore and what would've been my first day of school ball Morgan apparently January I think. It's nova is only three had to do in schools was out for Forte got an I couldn't wrap I didn't understand what accounts in my parents will. What's a snowed in really kind of tailed man like whether it's vowels so places closed down went but why why does based on where I was broken. In Preston county in West Virginia they had a big military type looking vehicle that also doubled as a school books. Because I would end up happening is is that they they would take that you just needed to get to school at some point times they would take that thing around basically Alou. Think of as many kids who could walk to the point area as possible and get them to school because another would be in school for like a month and a half into the summer. Trying to make up those days blah or blah all that the but but the bottom lines as you prepared border you're not in those situations and search certain places like Rochester new Yorker. Well better prepared for Lou lake effect snow would then most of the world is what would you get out and North Carolina. Or when you get down in the place where lug that they don't have salts they don't have plows maybe they have a few but not like in the numbers of the Baird for a northeast so now they won't point in time I I was flying into Dallas. And the weather just got horrible I mean it got horrible and it was freezing rain. And so they don't have any plows down there. They don't have any salts or anything like that and we were the last plane in the before they closed down the airport and I'll never forget the run homer via uncle which was just insane. Sparse cars going up there's a lot of elevated highways there yet so as far as the temperature goes they freeze quicker short. You know the four leaf clover to come up and all the different things and you have the roads are elevated. That the that the entire place froze in the nor. Another instance that I remember was and I believe this was either north or South Carolina. They put all those new reflectors on the roads and they did how are you how extraordinary debate that just popped a ball up right alternate went through they weren't taking the road you know having that that the plows hell they'd they never need to them before but. Like we say depending on where you are you Al west coasters have gone through earthquakes you summing up never experienced in my life but it's I don't feel the need to. Completely different animal then. I mean and I'm assorted people are due to it is what it is sure it's scary and might. I don't think you get to go right. You've been through it and I understand so in your mind you've. You've now taken it easy for both of us have not experienced it it's not something I want to reach regret now at all. Other worst West Coast crazy to. At least like the East Coast it's consistent start up in the northeast it's colder right right you get down to DC named by time you to George and stuff in Carolina gets hot. Bless those kind of while at the northwestern used like a lot of moisture in cooler temperatures. And it's like LA. It's like hot and humid stuff. Bring you to sit Diego to Tennessee apartment B protocol but it's like Elway you know muggy said eagle is not in it doesn't even for instance. At all and you'd go to let's go to muggy tomorrow city a globally are going to think you have been plagued the Bay Area. But I I had a buddy that lives like the north there in San Francisco area so we weren't his house it was like eighty some degrees were swim in worse but outside the illusion. We got to the ferry back in there that's there it's it's go or for that definitely if I thought it was the same outfit and then. Ever Cisco sells more important jacket sunglasses. Shorts long pan I have my winter coat there on Memorial Day weekend like seven years ago right flew down Mike Coleman a long weekend whatever. Flight out of San Cisco. A great trip when I'm back like a few long pants would generally short visits Memorial Day weekend normally. I cannot believe I have to find a store and by god in winter coat didn't play 42 degrees outside what's so what's the worst what what what what elements do you hate the most snow. Oh cold to me is it I don't know the cold and I hate us no one of the resides snow a man number we got snowed it's cute but this race tomorrow but. When I got older not old enough to have a job when you had bad snows and would receive was somehow always had a job I have to go to work all console. My level of hatred for snow and and it's it's not is warranted but man posse of snowflake a fire undergone have a shoot out here that is how much I hate. The snow but in my mind snowed just means an awful day at work all horrible time getting there in no one elusive don't get as just how my mind a quick. And backlash you're right one of these really to do on this program. The State's Super Bowl Monday all right day after the Super Bowl is whether you like football or not chances are it was a party to go to. And they like to dream feel free air and frankly. We don't feel like talking about TV commercials can do it when those who can do for mark our words right in you know strictures wrote down all the we'll take on Monday are now the beauty of taking the dale. Everyone else's work for Willie if today to recover. It is they've relaxed in just watch the crap you want ground kind of made up what are nothing spectacular about the dates have been that you saw last year. My kids got a god damn snow day unsuitable Monday and look I love my kids and I was. Hey just because now I'm up way earlier than I've planned by getting a very exciting news or home and so it did not help me light snow. Was that a decision around my house threat to my visa my underworld it would relieve the plan. I'm outside can be hidden face was flushed malls. And mega this no name who is and I. Hate it yep I hate even an eight day all snow road before well if he's hot yeah humidity the most really. Yeah I don't love it but this would have been all offers you can put on another short. It gets so hot you can't please get off right it can't pull hair off to commit. Let's look good on you Paulson I try. Let's go to Siberia here for a minute and I believe you what man I'm not butcher this but it's a good luck on all macondo Russia. Already considered the world's coldest permanently inhabited town saying to a mind numbing 88 degrees below zero this week. To give you an idea that is colder than the average temperature on Mars which is eighty below zero according to space dot com. Now amazingly 88 below is neither a record low temperature in this remote diamond rich Russian region which is apart of Siberia. Are residents there to golden stride as evidenced by social media images of cold weather itself reason stories about stunts in the extreme temperatures. Women posted pictures of frozen eyelashes while one media company published a photo of a Chinese student. Who got undressed to take a plunge in the thermal spring how stupid. Over the weekend Toobin froze to death while they tried to walk to a nearby farm after the car broke down. And all those students routinely go to school when it's forty below believe it or not schools canceled throughout the region. It's twice as cold. It's a negative light black man it. Credit to students and only you know dude I'm still gonna walk to class I know it's negative forty what can you do I am glad to know that even in the limits liked. Related cancel classes that the negative 88 freaking degrees outside our by the way. It's how many minutes of daylights were recorded last month. In Moscow. Collectively collectively. Collectively this is a record that's impressive mrs. Craig's. Old. I'm from him as a eighty or eighty hours some nice admit Sarah management so and it's whatever I think 4547. Minutes an entire month they end. Six minutes six minutes of sunlight to minutes of basically what they can register as daylight sunshine. Dear god and I and quality irons in one month it's over a month long period that is that is. That's some crazy weather now here we had a situation where is Steve noise bring this up. Others have been sold as up solstice parade and all this crap and you know normally that. Sun comes up we've got a by 615 probably goes down at 94510 o'clock in the solstice on the West Coast where we are in Seattle here. It was the shortest recorded it. Daylight. Day in the history of Seattle. On the solstice Norah not on the soles. The solstice day was the least for right or puree it. Ever and we're not just on that day and it Paladino did this yes this so it was upper leg. Fifteen to sixteen hours on some whistles but the days that this city recorded the least amount of bubbly vehicles on the reaction ever recalled light. Our reach or was that day so we got them so I'm was up. All day in Melbourne flight made it here and I remember that day if you like you've got to if you're pogo stick and don't buy enough the sky gobble we re just double clerical and his feet above your foot in the summer solstice in Seattle we. And I've definitely had some resources are where teachers Jordan backed up we had when they're wearing jeans abilities we are. And you just don't know so we do this solved. Alabama in the Tennessee. Oh boy south Texas got hit spread across Mississippi Alabama Georgia state of emergency declared in North Carolina by the governor Roy Cooper. All of North Carolina will be impacted him we brought to the earlier time of the story about this from did spend about the eight HL's Charlotte checkers. Who believe or not is an impressive number how many hot dogs they sell last night during her 30 win over the bridge ports. I'm tired I rode the red band coming out docs. One game one night on doing my realize likely Atlantic talking. 307000. Odd dogs typically talked I don't know that our factories feeble 7000. Dow's big and every you know become a rite itself. Due to that it plunging temperatures and forecasted two to four inches of snow in the Charlotte area the checkers. Had decided to close the arena. For the game against the sound tigers they were supposed have a 7 o'clock start that game has moved to 5 o'clock. No fans will be allowed inside the paid attendance for this match will be zero game we'll be first of all when the south according to the checkers C military black. The solvents are infrequent and sort of sporadic and a very very unpredictable. The forum forecast the storm got worse Charlotte schools that the government closed little Bubba got. The average more than 6000 fans game yeah. So it make pretty good money. And do pretty well and they've got great attendance. But they said look we just everybody home so our immediate staff all our executives are in the game. We had game officials because they were in town we have a few special off ice officials we had everybody we need to running game. Nobody we didn't need and according to black she actually ran the penalty box you could talk there aren't so yeah. Forget that. So 7000 hot dogs the average 6000 people like I said. How bigger the people Sydney in this arena who's right 6000 people rent the game is sold 7000 job. Sending everybody an arena had to say hey I want my job easier or better than one out of seven vehicles in Norman and we knew you know wanted to won't. Or is this just like 3000 people and they got like twenty out of the I'm bacon. About 3000 of those 6000 got hot dog but those 3000 are responsible for the 7000 not Mosul. I know. Also under these people even like. This team no okay. No no no no no well Ali. Cited the name of the arena no I've gone to go checkers dot com initial low side of your favorite or Charlotte checkers parents. Will we learn here was that the other night with a sullen down. All they are updated this part of it it's a throwback. Brett throw back the clock and essential so the prices are cheaper sold half hour one or two dollars depending on seating location hot dogs were a dollar. Sixteen ounce soda skids for a fifty cents a small pop gone for a fifth day since. That's pretty cool. So that's why they sold that they conduct that was that was still got Ilan are thrown back price by cost it's about how hot dogs Joseph. It's hot dogs like bugs and they're gonna get to move them and I'll still get a hot on the stadium food to these kind of like being an attic real event in the summertime. I had three top dogs that they are staying hot dog isn't there are there and I did Erica the third straight month and to whom he does that account. Exactly our question how would a mother nature do you dirty 844999. Cola hello Nicole welcome to the man drew. I had about forty years ago I have lived and they get and I went in the dean dean he'll get. Matt in like 10 am and we had a the alarm go out on our sound like everyone around saint flash flood. So I didn't know really what else what is out there are condemned from watching him. That's when rivers shows huge penis it just that supposedly does that last through hard guy I've ever replenish. Much. To act. I had came out I am not knowing that. There are very aren't you a little extreme. Would really hate being down almost a key down when I stopped then and then not about I got last. Diet that Jerry and the big track just I mean this to lend me some heads. Tell you know yeah yeah get a hair yeah. I even backwards he's your guy does don't do today mart and it's. I know you don't appreciate that were from outside looking man that is Colette. Mike Shanahan and okay at only induced mag would do whatever that would be back though that an Angel gets it's wings because there really is fun people don't know me I'm seeing people go to the people just. It's one of those things shoots after the fact yeah. I did I did accept it you know on and then I went home and what made even worse I just need to know that department. And completely. A whole apartment with absolutely said hi how much water. Why don't you probably an end but it's still not enough water not you know like if they let them label all I had beat big huge wired and then my apartment like a week a kind of nine did you end up listing in the department urgently. I am staying in the apartment and instead sections at a time. No evidence these remote you know motherly similarly well least in the United States were met in the desert areas. The flash rains happen in the wintertime so if you're in Arizona you're gonna get. The more the majority of your rain for the year is gonna fall in December January February they have these flash floods but the one that I that I have always been for. It's flash flooding is cool in article it's OK also my amazing. A lot of flooding a West Virginia just comes down about Michael wall sure president of the loss amounted fueling the bottom of the barrel he. You know that's what yes you know it's gonna commute southwest clumsily delivered the bottom of the hill and trust me as far as that destruction goes is nothing worsened flooding weather in her case Florida's just it's just so much so much damage but. I would like to be in the desert and see a hub boots. He says store all that I wanna see I don't know why I just think you did you see the blue when you're out. In two of them you're too good just before you don't it's harmed physically fit into the euphoria coming out to this war say yeah how tall was. I mean to disguise the minutes clouds of sand right Bart mama does look got a helmet to me this is almost like when it hits you. So when it wouldn't ride the slide what did you come and how far are Meehan through right now. Five feet missed six so you can't see five feet for. Roland did you see the same coming from the distance is George Tenet and you just and you know I don't know it's like rain right he's a governor yeah you're right I'm in the desert so. You could see that the incoming but when he gets there I mean just imagine magical horrible thunder storm with wind hit in the face of rain. You can't move over this that now I was imagining it's stuff that hurt this sample right did absolutely awful run for cover and don't militant and most people do go to you guys to buy most people you didn't. Now but of course here we need a weird it was still a huge trigger another blue eyed drunk he kept Ryder yeah. It's that the mother nature do you dirty 844999. All of our golf going up you are listening to avenger radio network. Israel with. No rush job recorded temperature of minus eighty point six degrees turn it. Hockey game I canceled in Charlotte because of the weather situation there at the. The I guess her American Hockey League Charlotte checkers. Which is basically part of the NHL and hurricanes affiliate they had a game scheduled for 7 o'clock but because of the conditions. They're gonna play game five and not only that but there's not going to be anyone allowed inside the arena sort of played to an empty house based. On the weather so our question when the mother nature do you dirty 844999. Cola hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. Up again and an hello. On doing well man how about yourself. Are doing dead I got hold for a busy day of doctor king and I am bound to enjoy some homemade soup. What kind of homemade soup to debate. Now I'm married chicken boy omelets some. Ground these got to middle America. Oh anyway tell us tonight UN with chicken bully I'm not trying to steer here off the question period and you went from chicken bully on and then you put ground beef in mid to into the soup. Crock okay to look like a pro career just thrown it all in there I guess you just want. On to put a port stick in there are updated hello I'm Jim don't mean just stir the soup with a slim Jim Singapore dinner. Luckily they have those I wouldn't strike adding I believe Daniel and then go and among other things these dirty. So back in 2014. I was driving long haul. Kicked up a load out each in Salt Lake City more quotes juice Salt Lake City you cannot coach Riley to Utah I'm only now Mac. Utah very Wyoming on BI. Going eastbound. Toward Illinois that were not going to be dropped in this dump off option now Lamar and red meat. Because that's what the company wanted me dead. Amateur hour over I Iran Upton Sinclair. I I don't know that I don't. Salt Lake City meet her until I just really really noise and knowing that Chicago is like one of the state capitals until whatever whatever aren't so you're driving through Wyoming delivering meat for you to ultimately finds David alone. Correct so any hill I want you actually know about Wyoming at that they do not like Qiyue plow their roads or anything like that. So I actually you know exactly what I like I know the mountainous area Q my eight write you there was just eight guardrail and and then and I keep all down to my. Have less ability and really that tragic. And ice and everything on their church so I'm I'm just going along the way it looked into my music. Nick also in my truck gets quiet. And that it is not good because I lost track shapes so the first thing in my head let's do not panic and don't get the breaks in it breaks your gonna Jack and I can conduct any. It'll back and stern you I turn on my hazards. I basically you it's ice skating around getting around people. And almost crashed a couple of times. Did you crash. You know I didn't I Janet I would do it is built to meet all Iowa. It's relevant that that was those demanded that you wanted to meet Nadal and me early on yet because it's still a look it's called. There's I use the advice stop by like Darren OK good so when he called 911 regular cooler out of my trick interact every movie it's I've taken revised. I got to because it's still coal. Well admittedly it's yet to open that could eat could you nick girl whose style I do you get to look at Q and does not. I do and stuff on my leg. In other words you just turn the engine on. Looked up the hood put some pork and beans and there opened up again and boom you got lunch. Basically I would keep it can't. I have on punctured merit being led leaving an action Q in their program and our men now want to embrace my break open it up impairment yet. I'll tell you today you know homemade soup in chicken boy Jeremy Graham B. There right now I cannot believe you don't have your working more you need to send your submissions to Gordon Ramsay. Do send a followed this footer count say here I want to look at my delicious chicken beef soup truck cooked veggies. On the Bus Cook on my eighteen Wheeler. When your mother nature be dirty. 844999. Ole us Telecom the return of those ducks last and the word as popular words and phrases that should be banned in the coming years. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.