01-16-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Makes It Nasty

Tuesday, January 16th

Mens Room Blank Question: I once knew someone that thought _____ was normal​


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Are losers coming on now 99 Iraq in Kansas city Kansas City is a rock station. And also the legendary WA AF in Boston thanks for us coming onboard there against the drug charge dragged out the goddess in Spain today. The ten greatest jock jams of all times and a positive dirty story returns and it basically says given pouring your beer all wrong your entire life. Our question today mr. blank questions style I once knew someone who thought blank was normal 844999. Obama. Our appear more comments come and talk about my god has called said his body now drinks Petrie is owned EU foreign government events as some of his look of urine therapy it's a thing. Her don't know if that's. I would not know. Soros has eight kids are amazing my door of football's on to win and improve my led duke where have all the loose balls will top states and I can fund. This guy goes growing open Buckley Washington I thought every black person it's almost either my neighbor mark Gary Payton. At that time that probably makes sense yet. I want there's someone who thought blank look normally 449990. Look ironically I just watched Tommy Boy but. Black sheep like sheep OK they're faced least takes place in Buckley. Hello big nasty welcome to them Andrew. Older now. I'll bitch solar. Yeah we're. I got a little bit trying to get a hold special to be here. Nice are fantastic you live Marleau gave me Mo are predicted to. Well thanks very orderly appreciate that you guys ever have sex while romp and imagery having sex while were on like. Is it ever distracting relay hang our men and women yearly deficit. It depends on if you're talking about trooper. It's largely we don't know that July and our order much I'll let you never yeah I think it's a big now what made you guys are guys. You were talking a couple of days ago Libby was last week about. How you look at it for the man and there's like that looks great right there at the popular women who are they go to their kid Kerry are. There are no targets there and are very insecure. Somali sir your bow our look Clark's money to a boil Cray onto the back. That the Taliban say dude are you never know how that happened. That they Nancy. Or distort but I'm about being real quick. I was glad my brother and let right now I'm in a boating kind of looked good so argues you know we're playing man as a group would do or should around smoking and I am a good time. And I awareness. While maybe congress in those sort of joke about how can get them squared the ball a whole lot of gains. And somebody piped out yeah I'd be taught you to do standup. And how Larry you know we got blasted off it and I'll and I looked. And he goes yeah I'd let you know you know east below that are weak opponent will be jokes so I asked them like they broke that who really look good look voter will do their Albert Albert you mean like I so would you say you stand up my do you look at what you need. It will blow you sort of you'd like to have crouch and tortured you know ball low towards good. The toilet you do you shoot. An hour barn so you're always you're. And I know this step all right we didn't get along and I was listening. So you were taught imploded again that's our daughter but he did the nets are right there are doubts. Both are here. I am an old son Taylor had years later. On down here in the water short whereas in a walking down a little walking my dog world. And up. When I got to blow who'd like a really got a got a good not one to use his public toilet tried use I'll do about the Durham told it like bad things Gordon is great you're talking about the so arguing there and I are like oh they are true try to script where I gotta you know the senate. Unfortunately. Yeah it is it's in the whole world so. I drop my pants are squad doubt our aim just like their chief earlier. I'm a big goal and I'm big got urged question among the bag they'll say you're able to triple a good bit like bombard car. And you see that how they got that sticker looks like a baseball would have wished that in the windshield. Yeah. That's a dude they're discouraged though I don't know live on the back to the wall robot I did lose 00 yeah. And urged so they're like good ball Obama look to our bloated it cracked the horse and the there aren't a big server brought it it's all of a sudden nobody was going to be easy one I don't believe. So I look bad edit I'm not done yet I still hold our sidewalks automobile all the loaded threat equal what they'll. Are you blow it open without it but that's what that's great K bro one I deleted it. And over there are great right there reduce our time looking back I'm gonna let Eddie working on the right. My brother's little more hygienic and it was cleaner. It's you'll only Donald ball had been admitted. Do if I did the Sydney goddamn good why is this that are at the distance not through somebody there's you don't say look you know the big western military base. Dole dole pulled stand alone it's. Quite. I like peanut butter fat. Just let's exhibit didn't create a boat. It Kurt Arnold and our good. Save and you could go live Bluetooth isn't ideal model power early departures Bobble heads are they do when you're bringing over like that the contraction of the storm HRC. Like you're darn it spread to squeeze in what could read it and that's the way to pull yeah what I would indeed what I didn't pull likely to date it's. Bull I if you're member. Well against him Garnett finally called the show. You call the best possible to an end user made my god they and that. Yeah our bid broke this honest to god troops already in Missouri that I don't as a brother do now many still God's eye with a yeah there are yeah are our kids have been out there are well aware that detection but a little doubts without objection so. A looker like five years I don't listen under the digital their cities and other colleagues. Does your brother had like a roommate and her girlfriend and nobody's gonna your dog though it is. The back but I heard you had a girlfriend but are loaded logo are all true because of the project als Gonzalez Gaudenzi. If you think she probably was a lunch or out of joint federal local all drugs and number one thing that's more than you've shared with every listener out there and I believe this little bit. If you get up to twelve for big masks the Jews and our goal whom stay and enough. With the dole dole a world. That is great working with the leg so you know. Ireland are all seeing sober. Okay. Yeah Atlanta with that. Big nasty guy they have. He'll be here and from a big NASA was again at the end of the year call black man I want to do is jump on our boots on the blank was normal 844999. Hole. My how to drive the pillows so I'd be welcome to the men's room. Arizona roars. Okay. I figure I'm in there today not lose our youth. I'm still lives it's got to campus something you can't. All right so I used to work cut back crystal mountain has won the custodians for my entire time throughout high school. And for Samad about the toilets where some of the people out there were pissed dropped monsters. Might. They won't break down the drain so. Well a couple of knowledge that we had this sect saying car trunks. Quit smoking crack down at yeah it's it's a. We're pretty much exactly what it is it's the senate stronger we used to dished out in the Curlander start to break out what cats ceases. Those. I'm working out there one night and mannered guy who. Let's go to club that great either very sound and and where word game and all the fun I open up on the solid doors. They're saying you're literally sticking. Out of it or let our dirt two inches. And it's about fired into rat he's. So our bureau there like a Arctic now. A step back. Go to sober look out and you're saying yeah you do Richard Barrett graphics that are incident. Okay I sat back. It is just you really are stepped La. Abetted this that he heard that thing in and what is going all the people their diet and what is glow like what am I missing out. I wanna try this a what if I knew I keep e-book we can prove vigil in the he had just I mean what do you want the shot right did you want density I wanna do did not go down the toilet whenever there's that. Is it too heavy isn't it they know they're big and death. Could be in the hands of a billion there and I need to go they'll tell us they did students I know I mean how many how many days would you have to be backed up. Do you think these people back to everything that I don't totally be I don't know man just seems like such girth. I don't believe there's that many people using the knives and utensil dude I'm I'm blown away by a new we read that thing on radical guy improvement from when Google's movement. You be sharp Tony do blow from an early age is only thing if you clog did the toilet it's too much paper. And I flew. Right generator like I never had to pull out giant food you know who votes and I I see people beyond floors that he be sure all floors they list. But never break it up never do I have to like college for back up their assault occurred. I was going on today this goes from payment while we led liberal thing by the way big nasty cauldron at the site you squatted down to spoil the basement Cooper wal but the says big Matthews Larry is give them job. The patrol as big nasty is my hero for Tony to big mess these should be a regular contributor. I got a drug boom standing up unavailable the highway a month until I heard a big nasty. Holy as cold you're already playing basketball here it was all oops can he not part of I think Rick. See what he loved big nasty at Dayton as the best all of twenty team big nasty is hilarious just tuned in so well I did. Big nasty for everybody figures before I have much yet. You can either Ethiopia he beat me if I think it. We're talking about a usual things that people do and they'll have to be grope. Now granted deaths big nasty story with fantastic right but now we've gone down a blueprint is almost moved homes okay which disturbs me more of an improvement. Because to me into homes so you can extract not shop rite rat. When do you don't want it back quite leave it where it is just touch chopper down rescinded I was well okay we'll move on. I want to someone who thought the blame goes earlier Morey calls on the way 844999. Alone you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you. And gentle men's room. Just wanted to barring a bear all the odd look there right way coming up with a positive dream story ironically enough Fred before we drink it tells with a shot of the day are miserable I question today I once knew someone who thought blank was normal 844999. A lot guess Stewart is dead James James welcome to the men drew. I hope all. It you know and oh yeah. OK it's over duke on her right keep local Leo in an attorney showed duck you Luigi to Amdocs. G after the last he called you should isolate some of that stuff and make the most out of it always smokes none might you know that our. Yeah I feel like I need to reach our very narrow Lucia hour that I. Currencies. Anyway ops yeah I grew up with Bob. At least for parents as am I thought. Drinking boatload of alcohol and die doing lots and lots of drugs then doubt smokey and Berry Jane it was like to tutoring with normal. How although how old were you when you started doing that. All started. I go about sixteen. It seems about right man as far as we'd then that our call. Did you live and let out a farmer wasn't just the the mindset so another words today limit. Or did they just don't know that yet. They've lived it RIE I grew up in federal way but I. Both. Ariza and I've only if you masturbating in the bathroom while TV cases in your pool. There through the Marines. There are no treaty caged but there were girls who work cardiac events earlier that beauty yes. What television what Gloria parents deal when they when they hippies in The Grateful Dead way would they. Transit journalists today live and a communal way where what do what do they do did to designate themselves as hippies. And that the army and they know bottom. More just the general practitioner fashion. I'd lose good people that I got high. Yeah it has doubled and I'm grateful that lol everything else I thought that was different on rock crawl under great rock at all. Where are they smoking weed in front I mean look you know it's evil and why aren't I mean this thing without smoke pluck. My kids mostly CB stoned they used on the home style. All noble we're growing up our brother and I would would regularly regularly. Rader stash regularly does he know. All but noble until we did I get a lot truckload auto don't get it out would be a very big bulldozer Arnaud and it. I get asked when you of these crazy hippie parents and all that how did you and your brother end up like you know it. Slogan we know that like our young successful. Oh yeah my brother's a highly successful map IP dot ease he's he's a professional he did it blue collar but as I professional blue collar you're gonna get and you know at least what it has prevention I am a truck driver and I do. Fairly well for myself aren't I don't go to Washington anymore but I you know I hate you instantly knew that this Oakley is truck driver and oh why don't you try have Biden played it over two or three years team so our. Okay since it's. There there there appears to us. Yeah I don't I don't player all of that up any more and I got time. Well what happened what why why have you been hard sober for three years. Basically. My. How right my experience carriages belt light goes beach was down the toilet so. It was time to quit it was just I needed. I needed to get my head out of my four point of contact as we sustain a military Adams. Just you know straight out wire right so I've started at the meetings and all I kind of bank. Well good freelance job all irked okay. Twelve these elegant dancer who rituals don't I don't see their readiness by trying to. Man I really need to shorten numbers that you know at twelve noon. Collins signed its online I've got a boot Bob line goes normally 44999. Nolan. Hello all I rob welcome to the men's room. Oh bed chill. Prime. I was very her eighteen year scope hurt southern. Don't want him for a whole day it hurtles monthly call. On the tampax hotline. Harper I hate that we actually I know we are over onto the track and the ailing the code takes kids rode into town. Yeah well and okay Marion gray hole and you are you check in when media man Mozilla's. Are you take and they need that we make in the connects you know what I'm saying do you balance menstrual cycle the trained poll do you bring that to now we we saw an eighth grade would a woman asked to leave class solace and go to the bathroom. And you'll battles Hubert only women's leave mine and you don't see here for the rest of the day and then she comes back and rank the. Shia would change her. Ever learned products. And she'd come out wit dirty fingers. Yeah. I need would slow bed time now it's. Today yeah. We did. Yeah. And now and a. Would just wet wood just I don't don't have what happened I don't know what happened oh my god man literally just. You've got a phone number to a different world know like something weird happened in the universe you and I caught in the good feelings somewhere and send some different alternative universe someone Connor phone number and I'll call the third the matrix. Like there was a glitch somewhere and somehow which I thought someone like Colin do like we celebrated Christmas all the toys out of Brad and I decades and these guys they get that worked every Christmas Day and I really fairly good 02 days later goes on. All open. Stuff my rebels want mama M looked to be fair to see you know and we're not sure all the information might provides Ballmer would be computers enables say your main. It says are calling from impose any details that might. Might want to meet you know in advance they'll put it up North Pole earlier word to say about said the guy's name in the says serial killer vote question. It's my way to say hey man I don't want to know futile freaked out right OK we knew careless decadence going to make to a girl boy and might seem to understand that what might. A third and I've been a lot of warnings daylight. Whacked out of a dog you don't doesn't as James you know ride that all the says we YouTube might be getting more. In my defense is not a whole lot of variety of the calls and I'm getting today and you guys and here's some of the stuff I'm turning away the deathly I don't know if that's correct my thought we usually did a unique environment and you for the most part I mean you lived in a rural area about it I mean. Surely there's something that's normal for your family. That. You didn't realize was you know pretty unique and my bread and butter I guess why rice and butter is one of those found out it's. Unique that that excites you bats like everyone's head of bubbles to relate thestreet drivable move. Yeah also the nude in just based on what your family does for a living and and it's the auctioneer business today is up and in the ladies I want you to listen up OK because we caught believe Brian castle labeled those like. Corey this exercise aura between her thighs are site for children but. There is that weird asked tongue twister kind of thing that I that you said like apparently either auctioneering school if you can mastered this. This goes a long wait for an engineer and well there's there's a or option. Dad is one of the one of the first things that you learn and auctioneers goals how to do a lot of these. Different until it is won on that comes up as one is the story of Betty Bonner medalist in ladies I'm really honored got I want him to think about what he's doing with his mouth when he says that. Anybody in mice about to make himself the sexiest got their man armor or not. Barack many about a bus a letter but it has been better if I put him about him about a better such about a bit about about a put it in a better batter later bitter about it betters it is better Betty about about a minute better about it. Wow yeah I've learned that since I was thirteen. That's different. If you started I don't your grooming for our engineering when you were thirteen Pollyanna see that's different but nobody does that's unique it's not that is unique in fact I have like. Eight people alone and are auctioneers and my family I imagine yeah. That's not normal right now below normal don't have anyone in North Korea about compassionate a lot of people that don't have a top and their family and Laviolette don't have a doctor or lawyer and ever hear how different I have a lawyer. Does not maybe you don't ever get our shuttle cock in my affair that right so. It's not that everyone as a cop or a lawyer in the fairway but if you meet someone says I have a cup oral lawyer who is suitably prepare. You're not surprised it's not even interesting because so many people are cops were lord there's not even a lot of our leaders just on the face yet when you're the families are rarely like all the is the world Iraq. That's insane like they fly to other places those been like had knighted and now that I hotel six in Chicago I don't think Wright didn't get pretty much that lets them say like that you you come like from the will Linda family of the high rise trapping OK people in my you won't play Richard the auctioneer Barack. You don't rise. Let all the players men do that's so it was very honestly I just leaves many thought about some butter but he's had this doesn't matter if I voted him about it and am about a better such about a minute that about a put it in a better battery meter better about it matters it has been reading about about a bit about about it. I if you ever do that Richard go from bullet amid avenue and listen to anybody at certain make you gotta go he's got a lot of credit is due back. Just do I have that he's just whoever devised so hard on her years did you have believe that I realized I got to ask you go I'm what are you that right now just do what you gotta do you do that while you're there there's none out about there's thirteen to thirteen auctioneers in your fans about. Bitter about dish but I'd run graphics but about a bonds nears. Who would you rank lacks. Who I rank last word not a warrior one right below Honolulu and you know living elect on here comes the hawk fan mail that is anything you'll find out if they listen. They're all equal. No my dad's above all the rest of your dad is the ass kicker Nick Diaz aren't I hate I hate to say about it but. My grandfather kind of faded off their last year's golf now are probably just forgotten probably if you're an idiot I guess like of that and he was also one that started it all we kind of crafted op of him and just kind of perfected his man what is the biggest sale of any of your family members on one individual item IA sold as you. I sold a had to been it was a high end Porsche I think. And I had to bid for like 4111000. Dollar Jesus Christ. It would go that was what is sold for well we put it on offer for that I don't know if it actually sold. But we had to call a dealer because for some reason he wasn't locked in on the island to see if he would actually sell for them much. But I did manage to get a guy on on an offer for that as I saw my dad wants at like 405 million four or 5000 dollars on some Lambeau. I think Dianna that's code for labor DD it is. I've come to MI and introduce a favorite make comments coming in salt can record mice bedie bumper so that I can give as a ringtone. Could you can just do about my isolating yourself off podcasts or something bad didn't do won't result of phone's gonna ring to put it in it. Betty about about the letter matches it is better better if I put it in my about a limit battered medicines should not have been a better butter put it in a better batter later better better better such as better Betty about about a that a better about it to people like bitter butter. Belinelli that's what I wanted to make it better aren't as close as Mike and say old Abbott and Ken gamble or build a dog can't I want to someone who can't lie angle was a normal life for more or 999 all face has batter life. We have batter batter bitter barrier and bitter batter him a little better than that no matter maybe a little better run rally in her breast. Hello Marty and welcome to the bedroom. All or rock along Morgan we need yet. I get into that we're doing great. Though another about acting your age there's this kid that their dramatic different country I don't remember exactly where. And on bail into the bath there and then you're sitting on me here knows. You can't get. As it flew open limit. Whether Sarah Padilla you know my friend out and and analyze what billion dollars the star right there and you just kind of looked out of there recognize that they thought. You can hit it at that brother worth. And then the get. He's still remember the drug easier does no matter how old he is like mayor and I was horrible moments and I didn't know. I'm from a different country and to openly during the whole. Among classmate login last week pavement which you do. Today he hits you could at a bus attack. I've seen that adult people if I haven't seen them I've seen the remnants of an a student. If you know it was a good order and Arlen but there was the remnants are like all that definitely happened to our and that's partly right they are today the number yes and ironically that's why I think it's fun but. But the fact of his kid didn't know or zero mortified he was in that moment play got to be awful but do that. You that's now recruiting a little kid with his dad and it was it's a standup you know like four I think it window of would have flown the dead plus the water to put his and other. Act. That's I don't know at what age start split between the very funny but the baseball game man and Kidd fort Everett might at its argument armor Amazon my son definitely has to take a leak. My daughter does not but I can't does Lieber you know and and she's Wakefield was like four years old when. Susie comes with me and I take her to lose an order of merit side taker to Edmonton and nobody else. Well some beer and he's doing is saying and pants down to Angola ask any amount of so my daughter she's like when when he finishes obviously and we gotta wash your hands and realize she's walking toward the Euro. To wash your African and American at that moment I stopped her at. You don't realize how loud you yell in these moments for you desperately don't want your kid to do so but the election is about to get attacked by it's almost like I created by god knows like she says he's gonna offer him the my glance over I see her about putter heads mural. Yeah. But free general my arms are Beirut. And don't ever put your hands in there just don't Frey can do. To promote their port now think you must go either to be women threw her weight for me out here. You can I go into the boy's bathroom anymore that's horrible for everybody. It's like you don't wanna taker in the air I've really been there dude in the big they're big guys and their ability extra children and they are like man this is bad for everybody do hated and luckily argues that the little game with no one else in there are so Mike our analyst. Let's just do the same machine didn't know geez look at that and I realized in what you don't receive your engine moved no short she things that are Roman. But it she almost touch it freaked out quite a horror on an MO hello chase welcome to demand for. Oh you haven't gotten quite. Yeah. I. What's your story. Well thought out back in the military. But really weird could call at all. Well you'd go to the store ordered deployed by the third extra large teacher. And I cut a hole very ought to be. Those business and I used to be you'd masturbating. But it did this bonus check. Clean it up with seizure that weight kept it clean up what it all and you wanna Todd suitor he did little. Updated do you wanna touch these that if I get deep in like you don't outsell. Did he did he think this was normal. Absolutely. So evil like everyone would to distort about T shirt you'd cut plea of that normal. Did your browser which came in the program that normal they would still teacher to behold freak out. I. I mean we brought up the conversation I mean when you're overseas yet a lot of time there yet to talk about things. And the wind right out got a funny we actually had what looked at a kicking out the trash you can sleep soundly teacher opened up. We're just on. The textile. They'll look on the jets face like what is going on here and then coming out feel like NTELOS like a I think it would happen and we found out who was. And that conversation ensued was just absolutely ridiculous. That we thought it would or. How good was sent them leisure and that's a lot I don't know I mean you'd like you said he picked up from the dollar store so there are now or myself. You never know I mean but. Cali he would advise her to back to cut a hole that you heard. Just the methods to do it in this guy's got your back on my life you know I mean and. If I know all right it's not address with you one of our. Or are like that guy in the book you're so you could ever have got it in one Malaysia won but that is forty likely due to parents don't do it exactly it's just. In my own sick sense of humour with his he commissioned guy our noncommissioned officer. Commission or. I don't know what they do what we're what we're it's. Water where the bruising round when you can lose the religious thing or what was the I used broadly the East Coast somewhere I think a New York. Did a good moment please let's not put this guy hole and I don't. I think it does not increase goes to its own mind. So I don't see them as guys doing now he probably married heavy family why there's no idealized throws. Larry has cute kit. Was more fireworks are some big corporation now donate shirts the goodwill every weekend. Ellis. Old and Iraqis who. She I have never. Keeps. It's just never know I think it's a good bet that he beat people off if you go to is gone and it's all Koppel who couldn't shirt semester break. If you think eighth is why. He wants silence knew someone who thought the black goes normal we've got more your calls on the way for 4999. Cola. You are losing to the reds are ready on network. Shotgun draw a charge dry gas cylinders since then the ten greatest jock jams all times that's coming up and Germans are blank question today. I once I knew someone who thought Blanco as normal and we take this story for May ready username Leonard bunt ironically enough. And he basically talks about the first time that he went over to a friend's house. Clogged up the toilets and asked his friends of big get on the old good night for the poop stick whatever they want the guys yemenite credit. All of friends get a laugh and know what else blew dive and explains it. Something that they had growing up that they hung in the utility closet and it was a knife and any time you can use of the downer you describe a little off the ball. You and got the Pope not to put knife in that he asked all those friends you got the little blue Biden. No nobody knew and then turned to find out a does is go for the same thing and let's her know that the prove night that he uses is in the utility closet which she regularly uses to open up Amazon packages which he now says she will use anymore so. Our question I once knew someone who thought blank was normal 8449990. La hello Jessica welcome to the men's room. It auto jobs. An Obama light. No earlier when oil will likely lose what does that what does that mean bush grow old my actually we learned a shadow. Okay. She her out you know I've been a bad. That's what it is butter and it would just freeze in my mind for Jessie again. You do your bitter better. But we've got to talk to assert that a lot of us a motor villages has done better if I voted them about a memo about a minister metadata that about it but it innovative animated and about a bad as it is not a bad about about a bit better about her. Lucy gets some love your old though product line there might come Mike's bidder blogger and hit it could have been out of butter that are batter. And rice and price yet. I just got to know your story. Yeah I was headed into Colin tired from the the other stories that I clearly don't par for the course that the late but so my best friend and I back when we emerge. You know lake middle school leader and I I mean you know when you start to develop. Or whatever airline act I insert it might cycle late not too much longer knowledge and experience she cat Lola she started. You know I told right serve I can't find is that we're comfortable and so she published a normal day it didn't take her long to figure it out I've. So I believe leadership and a meeting where anything is uncomfortable I think what he's talking about it turned out. She didn't know diggers it was certainly that the plastic applicator and mocking your health. A couple of days with that all of it absurd. Wow. You know this is why a good health good teacher is necessary in the public schools you know I gave. Conflict instruction there I mean you know like you can fetal and I believe you and are saying and well she also lets you really release diet and she would turn beet red it like she couldn't say you are again on so long as tired. So bad she can't really get her own way explain in writing towel now and that's how are true had to. Never looking instructions. Is your right I guess yeah I mean she did I don't know I think she is bigger gators put all of that ultra. Wow that's yeah I think there's a lot of people out there yeah monologue man and I don't care and look as the dude you know like. Brad Evans depository forgot about it insert something inside my body that's one of the few times and as a guy I can promise you I'm going to look at diversions. I want you get that right I might skew the directions on I keel when we goes inside my body I'm Devlin read when I got it. Your hair out. Let's check it. That's America so our government your kid there's so many times like that where you just you know I'm. Like you said when you grow up you only know which you know that's that's all you know and you assume that that's the mole and I brought this up a number of its two or three houses down from me. There was a family that not that this was stated that they did not know that you could resell car. Okay and they basically just drove the car into the ground every single car they had nine cars are relative like a lot. And it just started with the oldest one and were told to wait until the last one they put there in May know of the move. Dad weeds all around they just kept the cars on the property. Then you know you can you can get money for those pile of trash there was a washer and dryer it was beside the cards they got to know like they didn't get rid. It's kept stuff they just kept you mean maybe someone else would want this washer and dryer that's out in the yard for five years I don't know if yes or they're gonna. Surely that Mercury lynx from 1984 open fire back up again to be just fine go to mile. Not I was it they just whatever they had. They never got rid of it. It was one of those things is the inside of I was like where they owner not I had no idea I I elect could not imagine you can imagine. Does this sometimes I wonder what people think he bought crap on a long what do you walk in the door opened her home was actually somewhat clean yeah because there's nothing in their home and all just goes outside. I would have to think it's the same thing ranked I would look so but I just don't I think I've been in a mansion before that the people were quarters in it was just wrote weird because there is room after room. In it was kinda organized but it bush stood as full there was right basically there was like a living room you could hang out and in one bad. That's done that family the back of their whole look was tarps. In a big blue tarpaulin roof friend was cinder blocks holding that TARP down a blogs up there got a neighbor like that I mean it's just like you had three year repaired. I once knew someone who thought black holes are all paid for foreign 999. All of old line to get the a drug charge governor frank Cassell and greatest jock jams of all times the way it was instead. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.