01-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Grabs The Knife

Tuesday, January 16th

Mens Room Blank Question: I once knew someone that thought _____ was normal​


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. Yes he's. Other than secrecy. This is done. Thrilled. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. An audio out of Arizona our 2740. And I know. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do you Ted Smith and Auburn ball. Add to my car. Good all right memento. Detonated by a judge dry gasoline to sit down and not today the ten greatest jock jams of all time. Jockey jam a positive trading stories says you're pouring your beer all wrong. It really played profile this plus headlines and those are shot of the day fumble is very bells and everyone's favorite. TV time but to back factory and in turn our new go up Pennsylvania police looking for pair who stole Wal-Mart shoppers credit cards. And then individually. It's booted out. Meanwhile a men's skirts baggage fees by wearing ten different outfits and won some played and he won over the I'm going Virginia governor leaves new incumbents pillows with a space. Missing phones found after twenty people destroy a pizza place and mormons make in 93 year old as their new leader. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh allowed bid. He is good days to you and your dialogue however you will raise. That was normal to you and you know you know until you find a different for example. No one has a move that no one is a book live from boot knife exactly were the sounds like that you don't have one. That's why you don't know today nobody. Is that the one that read any very recently shared the story of the moment that he discovered that who knives. Are not part of all trust me it's worth hearing him. Explain details but let Howard as commander of certain conditions that you raised honored to leave us some things are offensive or perhaps some things are acceptable. And I goes a long way toward how you even been erected coworkers and of that we have nice things that people find offensive in the old. I include those of you the boy you can resolve a walk around the office. We used to work through Baghdad. I'm not saying karma got up but it broke his job a little bit of Chris Brown Chris Brown bought his kid a monkey. Now what may have some people I mean look I've had a dog had a quarterback recently got a captain gets schooled so Dubya ever. Some people snakes tarantulas. And I find that strange but most of all people Google why own a monkey Chris Brown things as normal Justin Bieber had a monkey Michael Jackson had a Monday. These are things that people fundamentalism. This is what we wanna talk about today it might be you as you get older brought to the world and find out what you thought of normal about the case or perhaps you. Crossed paths with someone who was a little different than you based on what they believe to be true today's question is the bedroom filled the boy. I once knew someone who thought blink was normal. Big Brother Joseph caught a 44999. Alone like an interim on FaceBook pulse on Twitter events are my fans and your emails to the men's room and then or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and it's no battle every hour Michelle number 2740. Nile. We're everyday guaranteed death future replay future reaping earlier this shows get a guarantee I'll sure going to be a huge drug charge right castles and decision. Today the ten greatest jock jams of all times as the playoffs get in the swing college basketball Larry to do their thing one thing we know for sure when the Arenas get full. That tunes come out and in certain cities may have their own certain sigh LA but for the most part. There are some universal anthems. Which you'll hear no matter what the sports no matter the situation. You wanna get pumped up you might hear a little hells bells you might just hear the beginning of hell's bells might just hear the bell. Some people play up to the guitar if. You're gonna hear rocked pretty gonna hear Iraq Darrell all we know you're gonna got a lot of crap and there is a let it depends on the don't want you are my hand is it isn't it why Iraq early start with Brad Bryant I mean they they were seldom play pop and really pump you up not the way that you need to adrenaline that. To go win some who the da okay there is one broadcast network. And obviously they are they are famous for what NFL game is being played in that city. They play the music for all of our etc. of that city. So Monday Night Football until it's fueled this Sunday night okay well there was one that initially did it all the time like you donated your plane and draw patriot players get Iraqis here Bob Seger you'd hear you know. You name it Sony did Jack White young compatriots from playing and they they came out Errol Smith and wait. Just Marmara weather as our right the Boston. 200 Seattle sound up why should pearl today and tomorrow April yeah that was number one among almost nine what's it like it is pearl game. And that's if you are and this is this is bizarrely Pearl Jam only the only main instrument OK don't. During the we all there's certain songs that you cannot believe that they even have popularity or they're still existence if you go to an Orioles baseball game. It Camden yards during the seventh inning stretch they play. Thank god I'm a country boy from John Denver shore people get up they clap they starved its its. Only a Baltimore it's only Camden yards I don't know why they all John Warner were on the blanket cities. America in and I always found it hilarious that they're playing thank god all of the song otherwise your theme right like you're playing thank god I'm. And I don't care it is what it is normal. In those black guests that he misses the tune. And easy broke stay in the boyfriend got a McMahon still baseball games I know you waited till my Bobby Womack and also a hundred intensive treatments aren't into won't definitively I would basketball floor her Kawika Bob I'm euphoric and wolf I don't think he's right I'm John Denver. Itself. In knowing that I'll think about this watch in the maybe that was the hour through your mom your whole package I'm Denver. We do on your life cognizant that if if if you're correct almighty. All right dude. Steelers are on applied and play outside it's a blade of the jaguars. And one thing I realize this and I kind of forgot about it but when I wince with. The wife back a few years back to watch it Thursday night football game in Pittsburgh my brother my sister live there. So gonna fly in or ravens fans there steeler fans and Lorna ravens are gonna Steelers on Thursday night I believe or not the ravens some a couple of skip I'll. It's unbelievable they're related Heinz Field they do on this Thursday night but I remember rules the fourth quarter. And it is didn't down to a man in the Steelers have a chance. And they're gonna fire up the crap. I and they fired the crowd with one to weather the playing hockey when they're playing baseball. Will deploy in football. And you can't believe. This song fires at the crowd but it does any stakes renegade. Not even sticks of Benedict he's shocked if anyone listens to them or likes any of their soul comes I won't start up. Who moon look Harman do things we are without power all yet today's I don't regret bird loses its god damn. Like 1979. They're all on the world under its normal I'm loyal guy and are against the number I'm Donny Ira who do people just know you hate acts parent brand of garlic you know Arab brilliant example. The flyers if you play well on your arm bell river the only other city people know what in an old mobile longer you do dual gripe isn't true but all of a ballerina. In the crowd gets fired and no big thing not for Rio goes and but still the things forever to start picked I mean even Tommy shots at how is the busiest possible if it. You collect this kid this is even isn't even real. They don't play that regular IC lighting of the beer man and his pack didn't they don't even know what's going on the next night to play a bar in Scranton raccoon and even none out Pittsburgh they sold out 40000 people there's one near renegade. An ago next dumped out to them playing for a thirty people exams place if that's MT go to Pittsburgh and I believe finished with a renegade you go to hell that's. Boom mama I guess yeah. I don't gunfire you well I don't know how does that fire you up and ten non of the greatest jock jams of all time skillet up with the drug charge rank castle. As we will sit and spin today and are quite. And today it's a minter blank question I once knew someone who thought the blank. Was normal I know we talked about parts the other day in and not too long ago we talked about bluebird on trying to get on this road demand the story comes out. And it's a story that a guy posted on Raddatz. Basically though when I'm gonna read to you is a guy named Terry crews from buzz feed he basically broke this down because yes curious about this'll be a so. This comes from him and he says so last week. Read it you desert littered bunt. Shared a story that introduced needs of the concept of a blue night. A knife for proof here's part of the story my family groups big. Maybe it's genetic maybe it's our diets but everyone births giant logs of crap. If anyone as a way to make a poop you know that sometimes civil flush it lays across the hole in the bottom of the bowl in the vortex of draining water merely gives it a spin as at march you. Growing up this was a common enough occurrence are Emma had a boot up. It was an old rusty kitchen knife and hung on the nail the laundry room only to be used for that one specific purpose. It was normal walk through the hallway and have someone god Eric did you do it and I. I thought it was part of the standard gets the other plundered the toilet brush. And blue night. Fast forward to Tony to. It's been a day or two between boobs. I'm over a friend's house my friend it was the local dealer always had guests over because you can't buy weed without sitting on your ass and sampling at for an hour or so sites use myself and lay a gigantic entered. I looked down and see it's a sideways one. So I cracked the door and call out to my friend he arrives and I asked him. They meant which boot knife and it's good at what it. If not I need you to boot not blitz. What the deficit group that. Obviously he has won but maybe he calls it by a more delicate name a sequel cleaver had done divider. The blonde they'll go I if I explained to him what I want and wildlife. He starts giggling and laughing them lots of people start laughing it turns out the music stopped and everyone heard my pleas in the door and also turned out but none of them had blue knots. It was just might have done family. With their kept up mouse. I told this to my wife last night there was amused and horrified all the same time it turns out she did not know what approve knife was either. And we had been using the old rusty knife hanging in the utility closet as a basic utility knife. Thankfully she did not go blitz it was approved knife but she did use it however to open some Amazon boxes to pick up half. So fast Agile and getting her own utility knife now. And that is the story of the group that is used in earlier Steve you know you you grow up. What you know the what you know is what you know Karl Brack Jeanette have you ever heard of that no no. Well listen I think the bus windows when you look at it and I truly believe. When you were growing up that matter whose house she went over to if at some point they give you launched into that point it was tuna salad I. Every one makes it and that some people put celery some people don't some good blood boil lay some people don't sound stupid but like. You groping your house and over your parents may do it openly Camden me so with whatever mayonnaise and whatever else etc. it. That's true to who to be true in every dharma would someone's house and attitude among this is not the tuna I'm used to eat. Google's nexus because that what's normal to me clues I don't view and maybe you're led Cameron became the wire it's the same day the boot knife it's a bit extreme. But again you don't if you were opened the situation where everyone in your family and drop them sideways giant launched. According to family is when you just assume that everyone does because everyone you know does right so what I've made sense and then this Ford dude. Later in life. Very innocently asking for equipment in his car and asking for like a plunger said that to put that. But it's never I mean I've just never heard that a number of I don't know why put a bright that Selig had a legal whose whole childhood without realizing his family who uses its open. They're anemic kids talk about punters. Right do they. I don't know what could have a talk about why do reform health talk about why would did talk about what Jews. We have video games only reason why do that the ability of little plunger which. If they had it seems feasible. That that would come up with conversation you know maybe I'm wrong you Laura boring as skidded. This moment I stand with god you bump out against it. I the tour on and establish why do you think when he went to see is we DeLia adopted to date. I don't know if it 10 o'clock it's wrong and we had any who nods and I was like eighteen years old I spent one summer and we were we have to me into two with hundreds of start I was four of friends. Got a place in Ocean City, Maryland. I relive their first summer. Ocean City has a pretty big tourist area where that place fills up and quadruples in size there's all kinds of jobs for eighteen year old to a secure future it's whatever the hell. Plus you get to beat the beach there's girls there you're away from your family. We found this basement garage apartment and when I mean baseman is is that there was no door. To the bottom of the garage that we lived it was a garage door did you physically picked up and tell you entered this department of Iran in fact there was a status a set of stairs on this on one side. The way up to the above apartment with the above apartment was where this guy lived and he owns they're the residents aren't so he was above us we were below him we are basically living in his garage that he had converted. There was a small sinking kitchen at area there was a toilet with basically a curtain that you pulled around the corner you bathroom. We had a couple bunk beds in there and if we just lived with that garage door open for the most part doing our thing yeah now. The only problem with this place was it did not have a shower did not have any kind of about the numbers like that however. Out of toilet outside yes it wouldn't hurt with a curt a much in accord. Outside and there was probably I don't think he'd charge you for the privilege of living that men could have been more than we've got a dollar and might have paid 400 dollars a month. I think it was like a hundred bucks and so you bring it down 400 dollars a month. To live in a garage delivered a garage. That winds tore. Pretty much indicates you know I think 150 to live in that basement just had a toilet bleach you have access to about how we're okay one block away from the beach like this did not know that is we married is eager to set up six tents in the backyard says here live here in the summer we've been like you were down find great thanks. Now all we didn't realize until we first started after a few days was was that. Upstairs because we had been invited up his lay out was essentially the same as ours. There was not much there was one big room he indication of the quarter where the piping was toils in the same place he had a shower either. So he's shower was actually outside which is a shower that we use what did this got a little on the beach yet. With wooden slats are right. And that. Join his shower was not outside he'd just use the public shower I thought there was an outdoor shower on the side of this garage that had wooden slats ran there was an outdoor shower. That was the shower for the facility. OK so we didn't think much of it we knew we had a shower there. We did not realize that he had a shower there of until like the second morning it when you look right out the kitchen. Window which is one of the few windows in that garage is looked right into the south. I mean I think it was just the way the plumbing was with the replacement water USA right. Solutia so literally you looked right out and there he is just make. To showering every day. Now it turns out he lived there for like thirty some years he lived there ever since his mom had on the housing front that she sold it. Somehow they now sell them back bag guy he's lived there is dire left and when he joined the winner he showered outside that's all we asked me was just completely normal friend shower at. That was his life that was the doctor beach for its cold the winner it's freezing. It's absolutely freezing not only that like. This lads like just had obvious holes and it might even as you know an eighteen year old you wanna go out there and the you know I was just like cameraman Erica CME were basically behind a house right on the road. But this du jour and outside he never been there no no I mean what do you know choice but it just seems so weirdos like the stooges are silently. It's just a week and the sound legal it seems weird doesn't it. Yeah yeah you a lot of beach leases at outside showers for lake right by it. You would still have an indoor one because it's called eventually. And number two days every outdoor show our opinion is pretty cupboard he walked down with a towel around him and he delegates will adopt careful this year booze and something sit there are things out. And in the meantime we're just like if you're the sink wash your dishes or get a glass of water you'd want to have that Jerry is naked as well Ron you know just may gauges and they're showering got to look at it every once while you look over he does get a look in the windows. They do it's I've got to when he did you wave I mean my hands around the INN today make you rob van therapy have like the issue religiously permits down dude. He was a guy who walked on the steps and he had the backs Garber with them have been wouldn't long one there like he came prepared for his shower like he literally walk down when all is toiletries. All his stuff how that all our community when they're took an outdoor shower. Ranked it was I mean. After the into the summer I kind of enjoyed it secretly when we went back. I kind of like the aspect of being able to take another shower that's dissolves covered in sand coming back would be few but that's the important humor at the peach. I like outdoor showers to deliver one I love it's when that every day. Bright and light and now because I thought I think you know greatly there was like there is there was doors and stuff he could see through the slash wealth. He was underneath the stairwell sort. But on this guy sealed yes everybody doesn't matter were it was like where you walked in was opened. Like you might have been covered like you know three force of the wall right but but for the most part when you walk him which is facing the back thank god but the slash still an inch caps of course it's gonna be aired tied to visual it's dry out the wind blows the end of it he doesn't stay war. I mean I definitely remember that was just like I write you know like you go two or three days that they should putters today the reason you enjoy an outdoor shower it because it's a novelty. Because I don't have to take an outdoor shower so when you get teach hey it's definitely cool yeah. But federal government figures out now that's an of his life and it's where he lived in matter of fact. About one body pat. Odyssey two or three years later was in Ocean City down an area was drunk with a group of his friends and went and knocked on the door to see you still there is still days. I barely remember me didn't remember a rock solid as a duty to Marie 'til we leave. They act well I don't weren't exactly that's utter every summer there's new version is a guy living below generated good and is it. Notice get a clear bells you know annoyed would you resume and I've tendered door. Remember me particularly if you don't written oh why are gonna lie dormant. Johnny the other shattered. I want sued by someone who thought the Blanco was normal 8449990. I'm double garments to come in and out the story that really inspired today's question is about the gotten ready user. Who grew up with a coupe not moot if all the super we shall leave the sum the college says thank you for the prove conversation. My nine year old son is rolling the laughter in the backseat of the car we have a new thing in common we loved red. No guy says I'm giving the boot knife. I don't plundered this for you to actually did talk about one volatile says I gotta put the for Christmas when I was seven it was also. Out of my uncle had a boot my growing up that was loaded on removable bottom life. He used an actual we actually man there's guys that look you're not alone in his is dead and whomever is on muscles. I'm giving a boob what is this what is this power of the people have to stick one to decide that I am not aware. I don't know I mean. I mean about another condition that you have a stunt that I that it happened so much yet that you have utensil to deal could mean every once in awhile I'll streak a boldest moves are often there really isn't very off. Nobody ever wonder under limited yes and why don't you have a habit that. Sunday morning where it's just a lot of us a lot of stuff like if you don't it goes from like the water all the way up like it's a private island now and should get it. But. I don't know I never thought about cut number is flush of the ghost don't you grew cracked it till he he got but I. I know you don't know well yeah it doesn't go down like if you're not backing of important it is gonna wait it out. But the seat down check in thirty minutes from salt and try to give. I thought if it ends up back there like I don't know what's total shock to write merit as you turn thirty months later it's gonna turn to milk chocolate resumes week. But clearly it's dissipating he give my number I thought you know Robin. I'm gonna grab whenever government when you were in the men's bathroom the other day did you see what the person into the back of that ball. A scientist and it could you believe a human being to do. It was thought it was as the drag you know it's like thanks sure brown crown against him back to the ball yeah it was almost like the movement sideways instead of them was carries straight whereas a bottleneck there I'll write yeah that you bought old directly under your buds and I'm asking NASA left her right how does that have legs in the middle of your back you know forty how to look you should get back what I was I knew someone who thought the blank was normally 44999. All your calls on the way you are listening to the men's room. I'm trying to charge black athletic since then today the ten greatest jock jams of all times that is on the way to mr. likewise today as we do have. A survey questions about office etiquette. Certain people think that it's okay to do certain things orca the people like you're a man who would do that aren't always the evening. As basically what are questions about today men's or my question style I once knew someone who thought blank was normal a 44999. Cola just a few last comments. About the troop knifed in the natural comedy about to this question so says. They steaks make awesome proof match. In case you're wondering you re doing your house you're bending your drivel rules wouldn't states that rather hours. So my son all the boots a sizeable putts again and so we have approved state for him jumping up. That is not good not. That means your son's backed up for like a week. Is out immediately look I think so many analysts and each approved in the seats a Coke cans full of food every day anyway let's all compressed but different people to dip like my daughter man blood sergeant groups looking got him seven year old trucker it's it's unbelievable. That her little Merrill past menu you'd like Omar I give her. When did you eat the got to cut it with a stick now it's not enough durable guy don't mistake it does the I'll put my outlook that's abnormal enlargement I don't know if I don't OK at a bit as far as you know what you thought of normal you know growing up discusses. I thought all chicken nuggets can new shape of dinosaurs until I was about to them. I try okay it's the prayer. Yeah. With the only difference is this like my kids preferred to damage or should not it's not because of taste but just because it looked like dinosaurs. But they are in fact a waiver that not all millions come in shape and dinosaurs don't taste like chicken you know I don't know about. Obama bought more earlier right Orioles games baseball. To get into Baltimore. Oh. You know in the national problem everybody else. I do like Australia is that right right so who we are ready difference for an event had nothing you do is even like Maryland football games lumpy would still yell and sure. So forget what we were act. But I'm excited to yell oh my brother has been a gimme on for hours like you beat you build a Buick you will be the first oh voice everybody will follow. This summit dumb ass kid and I don't fathom that this although we have beaten him to one another I wanna play ground we were somewhere in the south and isolated little kid yelling you're in the nationally at the. And I do my brother my. If if if it wasn't someone who thought blank who was normally 44999. Nolan hello Shane welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Him. Again target which it from number two over then number one per second. It started that error and eat my buddy backing in I'll recommend they only started drinking and high school early high school they dared him Q. During you don't get so he. Well and bitter row quickens. After that it just seemed can you know you you can add Adair many do it in on the drunk very got to create Geary got let. I mean it has the same guy who would play can gas have a car actually slow a little bit initiation would the air we knew we just have it nailed but yeah. Halfway yeah. Is he gets up those males and stupid. Well I mean I never seen anybody does look like that let me see it didn't care what we use anyway to this day he was so great is on the the last time I come in revolt about 28 years old he started doing it at fifteen so. Eerily like get deducted buyer for your body you know iPad apple cider vinegar to bat and. Right so it straight here and so he's started doing it for a corn Gordon helped benefit. Didn't dare put any heard about how it that would benefit to be here a bit. You know Manny Pacquiao did or whatever there was a rumor about they'd like see and he doesn't it must be a good thing you need to kind of stuck wheel that. Talk and you think he still does it our aegis class then ejected army was still drinking his own urine. Only added to what 56 years ago but I I guarantee on a bad you know and he's still he's still very grumpy. Yeah I am I guarantee it. And Jack Peter as he knows that's the little right. Well probably not be as it doesn't just a little luck. So there. Aren't that can. Ozuna shot and apple cider vinegar every night and them a lot of deference I thought it was great Ellison getting sicker or anything like that in general and they're this article so it's almost crap right. So hasta taken that I had set. So what do you think but I do I think I just got sick I think he just got sick I don't be done to go to held I don't mean I was in God's name reckless to reach Joseph and about was failure patient days political ambitions or agency appreciation a 00 patient and whatever the first one seed from handled you collegiate into windows era yeah I was thinking well you weren't the originals all of the the original Barbara was here yet so you may know how important. You would damn play games mostly you're doing a better thing we didn't play you're sick. So much I'm not doing the right here and it's the yep just out take it. I only stop the stuff is so tough that. When it'll be he just some of the health stuff we just look at the last ten to twelve years and some of the stuff has come into. For like there's a two year Q were you have to be drinking mr. ED Matt. And then you write a year later so we look around get not doubt you look like you never should done that this that I live file wasn't someone who thought the blank was normally 449990. Look at the record I like the bigger bad Seligman bigger. A white vinegar and that's my father whatever it is you do write other than smoking other little smoking cigarettes it seems that sort of legal things go. If you wait long enough they'll tell you about it have been. Night very limited underworld YouTube users a month of July to the want is beneficial for your heart right. Don't bring all we do much golf events on the comes out this is a man to do because it's not a bad. Actually it absorbs like look of them smoking cigarettes if he'd just wait long enough. Whenever your door and it'll be held don't eat fat is Judy fat don't do that would you love to do that in ever change did you say that your grandmother had the equivalents of elude legions of dude she hit winners and which is annoying guy builds a case is okay out mono have guarantee you couldn't see in it but the thing is they my grandparents. She would always just being bad number wrong with this is for you wanna watch TV in which you would sit there as she's talking to you because she reducing our. She had the half empty half don't know content. As is talkative. Stand and that's aren't out yet. It's but the thing is Richie spent and you knew there is more a matter here go and I didn't hit cardboard our alluded Judd dude. I thought it was normal I I want side there's someone who thought the blank was normal Fallujah. I don't love the show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.