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Monday, January 15th

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Websites and Beer!, Plus Aks the Mens Room and The Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Around profiles coming up also we'll drink and tells with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our Randall question questioning for 4999. Old friends rat hello and welcome immigrant. Friend. And it's. Kind of the boring there. Swinging it. I RER. There I think it down to the fifth yeah. The other news out man it's just never comes back your whole line up. Unless let's go to. We ended the fight break out in public. When we're used to play and whether you or your friends are just people you know blew into the fight break out. Oh this. I don't regret that I could ready. I actually being any light it got up I had. You all of art. I gotta get a couple of people thought and I I like I heard that right aren't. But otherwise you'd use it goes in a fight regulate wall White House Jackie Jesus such and such an. Lou no no no illegitimate bit right now I'd never. Pretty back. I think the last three or four fights and I've seen have not involve the male species. Historian Elaine are getting more that's the case. Seemingly anywhere in other guys don't get involved but that's not how it starts in our enemy and maybe two guys they are not as they know they don't look out of this below the two ladies or scream at each other for something. She's never unified than usual. And engines and we look everyone see maybe some anthropologists in he's never seen the legitimate fistfight my yet. A throwing everybody. You just assume when he's just like you who your early twenties just you're in those kind of bars even think he's also got to find the right content breaks out right I saw probably a fights its least every month to a week. Yeah without question I cameras and high school or you heard about it I mean you know went down. You know went down we write your brother where he didn't see it in school that was a problem if you concede after school you ever saw it but. I mean. I think. I think the I think between eighteen and twenty I have. Oh every alleyway I'm I mean there was never a night where I went out reading go some place and some and somebody didn't throw doubt of course the places that I went it was just like I get out figure stuff out because people just when law places. They wanted to fight there was some guys go to places that wanna fight but also write about aids in places you go on May have a sore right price break I did my buddy a tie was of huge too few years older than me he was a bouncer he was a guy that would let me into the bars that he worked before I turned 21 short. And I mean argument of just taken it guys covenant it in dragging them both out as he was before Butler massively huge dude and squats silent did you. Bush did you rested color right like jalla to a particular us all eager November look a nearly editorial good all right should charismatic golf dress back and they're presented daily. Now days you get into a fight then you're you're just got your 86. Did you had a choice like even though you're fighting the bar knocked over a table right you you'll come back you can still get if you could just due to craft together be decent to each other income I did you know you enjoy your friends. Yeah but I think that's. Ultimate underdog now many dads on the bar to remember like to think about what you said this of the gab alleged reported 21. Right Michael laws look for lack of well let's rephrase and he now balls were about to say the enforcement of the most certainly a little more blacks are so right. But back then yeah I mean people get how I got a few fights with so many guys try to kick my ass I don't know why but either way it was significant enough that. Who overwork him the door had in being the weatherman to prevent someone from beating Mara as vice Versa moon right. But they always let me Beckett they didn't even occur to me that's a moment three out of a bar Friday because people just funneled to. Yet amid all the for concurrent maybe even a guy that you fall one by your semen on the next week in either it's just it's Armageddon. Or you just don't care what we're still good for. Yeah it's depend on the bars. They eat just right from College Park that there are certain bars he threw a punch out Jordan and there was the one that led in the underage people and you could get back into those ones yes exactly a man. Below is what I saw and I didn't see it. This is a few months you're down in Dallas I haven't talked to a guy had been LE PE swat team. But I gang unit for years right so I was already drunk and he was having fun. The last was like who really shot beat. And this and and I think it so I did appear whenever I come back dean in its us credits sports bar and hotel. And there's a girl to stand in there with like blood come out of her nose boy kinda crap and right side or back over to the to the ex cop obviously do what happened. It takes is supposed peer youth. If the girl grow Warner. Twice. I like somebody else was talking and again this is all these set of ideas that other girl did Warner. Twice. Okay subtle what did happen because when I got there the what grosses leading go to girls got to talking trash is getting pushed out of like Alitalia Scott was even at that he deserved. Guys do say like if if if he keeps emphasizing twice and I know once the it was so cool we did it to Google. Yeah twice she pointed. Well into the fight break out of public the reason for the question an argument over a missing cell phone that led to a brawl at a pizza place that involved at least twenty people. The fight broke out Saturday night at Johns incredible pizza company. At the newpark mall Johns incredible pizza company order pizzas. The charitable got to rewrite men video captured the patrons drunk plunges and yelling at each other staff members trial how great groups fighting. Nicole Davis she's the right thing I boarded the fight on her phone and confirm the police account of the events. As she told the severed Cisco gave at least twenty people took part in the fight and that pepper spray was deployed at one point the bear down for the horrible experience and there was no reason for a major protect my kids. Until they cleared the way swing detail out of here. But I just hated the fact that they did this and a family status but it makes me sick that my kids and to see that in all the kids that are in here are scared of their crime. Davis said that staff members had trouble containing the fight before police arrived. And didn't initially help other patrons got establishment win the fight broke out one step never jumped in by himself to stop the fight in them getting hurt. Large crowd prompted at least as of Fremont police department for citizens bringing a. The warm up blah blah blah blah blah blah. The reason for the fight. One party accused another party of stealing a cellphone now have correct and that's the cellphones there. Is there it's them also found. OK is up the phone and just put it in lost and found that they used to locate her to get back to the newly. At some point they actually simply PI is correct did you take our phonies that now is literate great literally that interaction is would starts. A brawl because they're like the phones here you're the group. Who's got the phone the phone was in the building it was it allows them found box because they'd left the fold their previously. So I believe what they are saying no way so we need okay they elected their previously. Had long. Phone in the establish a baby girl gone bad day you know and they thought will have a nice day to the point in the way they had left cannot be used with the tracker you know I guess that I told you find those of you back about Iraq is the same people who are still there the where their before. So being that. I would have to know that don't they usually ask me the group you want but it just didn't favor it also found but the photos in the building. But didn't look to the group. Start asking them or I guess demanding the throwback but either way it's starts emitted by the evidence you delegate when he on forty fight but boost up. Packing into account this is a dead numbering a perversely should have him back activity and that's my staff martyrs Enron handed to. She could not walk in Argo. I don't stole much talk and above everyone here. See the first thing she did what you realize where she left it instead of accusing everyone there possibly having over her scarf she asked the bartender whom immediately and to. Like who's thought processes. Affect on my phone it's at the restaurant that we just left my outburst thought would be payment is going to the most news or whatever frank. That's who also goes business solo follow them right so that's what I can tell you this story I can't tell. I can't tell if they keep me in real aggressive there like you guys got our phone. Or if they just knew it was in the buildings they went back he just said. Hey you guys seen our phone and a super what I think we still I think that people are sitting close to them in proximity when they went back to that group was still there the story to tell you access that filming. I don't imagine miles bachelor and I can't figure out where they too aggressive and asking. Over the other people just that offended. The way happy never asked the pizza people that he took place if anyone had turned in order on the phone that's everyone's first roof. By the way come a game at a thrill did you know you almost whistle and s.'s had to turn troubled. Just in the point. Maybe you have a very triple happy units that are different about sound Downey and turn your in mid zone and how little little with my Ethier is bottoms a little bit and sisters roll the top off just here. Just isn't as we travel anyhow. It's all about the base. And there's always a guy. I say it in the grand scheme of things trying to migrate to provoke opposition that's the settlements is a success. So elegant high end and them but you know it's his silicon area does dogs cry wanna grab the friend request request today for four. Or 99 or an old time friend Don hello Alex welcome to the member or friend. Thought wow. I did good Alex are doing great hunger and ask you about those times weren't so great Alex here's the question. What went wrong. How the accident happened. We'll. Both those things live pretty good. One of them report their building and evidently didn't need to put them there. Thumb almost almost three years daughter's birth and it but the editorial board both sides with my manager. We had some really good tonight so we are only two or three shots the couple Beers. Let's I have around eight including well comparable to drive home but. Well let them during licked even these guys on my trucker gonna put it down forty foot embankment and the long ways Simon I took out this. Flipped over the bad in my truck normal under the window the back window of my truck cab and could be in the back there at what you did you learn where it above my head. And I know you like you're lucky to be alive. Yeah but the fact of the wrong way of Leinart go like that nice little ironic joke there. Yeah I did now did people come down and climbed down to get you out of the forty foot embankment did they even know this happened I mean it's people stop pose a deal. Well I hope that the truck that was suppose people innovate and landed on the night scratchy did circuit didn't like really not sure about that water coming into my truck with a note number. I'll bet my children a little walking down upon my truck and put on my truck on. On the ground telling you and forty feet over an embankment into a river. Another notable Obama look deeper. Did you adopt a lot of I don't highway got. Married I mean you're just wet. Yeah outlawed by all my chart and a good start looking at them again like oh look for the bad actually in on the called a global only do. The good news. I would look you know it's fun and I got there and I thought totally fun and they give them a quote the third thing they do. Our organ need to do it's Friday that the alms folks from did not my truck and out of the bike plan didn't fit in at. 3:30 in the morning on December 17 fell on the shiver and shaken generated birdied thirteen. They have boldly flew one night he didn't even Mikey in the Billy gave me a reckless driving. Let me let me get plenty there. Yeah I would definitely. We don't wait a minute there's Goodell wrote definitely the wrong way. The I'd struggle soloist doing yeah. I don't think that. There onto the wrong way he's free I don't when you hit the sun you don't know your guess is good money categories a BB ten most popular web sites of all times and the ten Beers that Americans are drinking anymore and coming up the return investment or let's all on the way next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. And Jill you don't have gentleman's room. John does as good as money Perez V web sites and a beer on the way first time for a few emails here for the men's room amends or live dot com. I'd like to give a birthday shout to my boyfriend haven for putting up with me all these years gonna get a big old they were all day again fans of super extra dirty German doc. Thanks guys lobby of that from Kendra and. Movie. Game. Young girl I want to go some suns to it's not a new. And it. I'm not I am and how by the etc. I won't put any glasses on but maybe we can blew a couple. Guys this morning you give a shout out to you on the boyfriend Steve now I can stop calling me a cougar. He's been an avid listener for years but this would be his first shot up please pray symbolism turtle wax. And the dirty nasty German talked thanks in cheers guys that from Jin. Overlook God's. Did yeah. I Julio both of them are going to go swimming WUP into the Simpson slow. Not this deep empathy mean it's safer for you in the shadow and. Until I marked my body Jeremy story there Jerry Brown the senate degraded you guys give a little big old LeRoy. And it got dead bitch off. Next collar that from your brother from another mother Dakota. Mean. Always and get down to money they have their loses and that was really got to get rid itself. Natco all of our guys here you know. I mean it's. Okay. To do this every time. Our guys hey Anthony good to see you made and I. Did you German run by men. Are available through these world fame on men's line doesn't come another fine retailers. And am trying to fly do. Your guess is as good as mine we'll take collar nine right now 449990. Look. Come lectures here are guys new joint in yell the name Dodgers bar and grill has meant for rent on tap. Does one put a shot out at them for the. Yeah a bomb. Doc are you and your staff rock rock on bitches that from a Eugene and you know very nice guy for doing that we appreciate. And movie nobody carries a beer citizen email Maria we'll get the word out there for sure sprint removed Aaron we got quite a few on the epic part story. Yeah because everybody fights back to late you don't for a unit kid's point remember something your mom forms tough first time writer terrible listen you guys daily my part story is about myself I have the worst gas ever. My husband calls it my superpower. To me it's incredibly embarrassing my husband is an elevator mechanic any wishes that he had my superpower and there's nothing more hilarious to him the when someone is suffering from his gas when they're stuck in the wind tunnel of an elevator shaft. When I was a teenager I was accepted and my boyfriend's family because I was torturing my boyfriend would buy gas and couldn't stop laughing. His mom came to see what was going on in she too was so impressed that she said OK your part of the family. The boyfriend's and my guess smell like dead bodies what I do other people they just made me feel disgusting I let one slip in the shower once and a boyfriend was pissed. Someone on that my husband if we just laugh about it now it if I knew he was the one thrill I've put you to shame though we have said the boys on air my husband finds it hilarious. Rock on that from Alison has her fans affiliation dances a 1001000 I like your house with him I thought formulated. I'm a citizen goes got up early go golfing with a money. Who came over to pick me up at like 6 AM on the weekend I love my clubs went back to my room to get the last few things I had apart. And being the funny boyfriend I decided to far to the rumored girlfriend was still sleeping and let's just say the part was not just a part. And woke her up but she didn't say anything I scrambled to the bathroom took a quick shower to get number two. Went back to change clothes and the girlfriend just says. Did you just as yourself trying to part in the bedroom before leaving the and I know laid on it at that data that is slipped and I didn't realize I had the group. She actually turnover look to me that I told my buddy and just says take that as underwear out of here make sure use but wipes to clean that up. By the time I'm out the car a body was like what took so long I'd a lied to my girlfriend wanted to quickie. Thanks guys love the show in Sacramento. From Steve O listening it ninety Iraq and over Sacramento man. Are you pulled yourself belied your friend about it. But once I'm up late look the one thing I know you're in the guide treatment and and I asked myself I don't know scope wherever he would feel bad about noted that says a lot about me. Well you don't feel bad about period no I don't it doesn't matter who your mom that's virtue but if I ask myself but the whole different story like starting shoulder and all the love from the flat always result though even. Even it it takes a little bit time to let out Arab man look. Certain coworker of ours you may may or may not be miles he won't do want to last week you were like man. I ask ourselves more Aardsma so blessed and we're gonna hope. As like the first story you told a surveillance and we don't like tell me more a winner well I laughed about it you relayed the story looks like right one foot in the door. Both a week is the first thing we talked about hey hey good morning good morning I pulled us off last night. This epic part story comes from the 50 wait region. NBS at least in Massachusetts a likely this is written to complete army right or military. So there I was in basic tree Fort Jackson weeks and it summer 2012. Or preparing for our first field exercise I was good friends of my bunk mates however being the youngest and smallest on the game it's harder the target of every. Near the end as we all grown quite close. It was all fun and games my buds and I were getting issued are sleeping bags fire drill sergeants. After the drill sergeants disappeared I was stuffed into my sleeping bag by by bug me. He zipped it up just enough for a small hole for me to breathe the doorstep and an unexpected fart snuck into said hole from equaled. Lawyers are now buddy of mine. All the zipper was enclosed and I'm never been so disgusted in my life if you if it breeding in straight onion through my nose and mouth would be better than this malicious lingering MO RE. I'm about as my pants gas cloud that was choking me out the next day I had pink gas Gabby out of DC you can't pick and pack. They have you've got pink I'm from afar it now boy that is that's made out here's one from our friends at the Florida Fort Wayne, Indiana many years ago wife and I ended getting these two White Sox game blow up with a brother went to the game had nose bleeds but they were free and the weather was perfect. Needless to say I and vibe in the old ballpark hot dogs and a few Beers at the top of the seventy raunchy is far rolled out of me. The three of us had to bail. We returned our seats the top of the ninth and even a stiff breeze coming in off the lake. We could still smell the farm linger a couple that I dropped one and placed it under my seat they'll forever be known as the ballpark part. Thanks for the last set from stinky from lovely four going to be how do forwards get that dense mix could it stick I don't know me but everyone knows what the far where I mean it it doesn't happen. Often boy you've partner betterment morning you know suck you handle your business you go to work you come home and there's still. There's still traits get to remind you that you far did you look all right got late. It's like a puppy greeting you at the doorway you've sat here all day waiting for me get home in stunk so bad I need to be remind. Do that. I had a hotel room like a wedding with a so I had one in my old yet citing camera morning business whatever far improved from. Simon downstairs and programs so he marijuana am Arabs is a few choice people see when you appear in the Cayman. And do not think yeah good solid down the hall what they like now forget the weak link what did you. I'm just awful. But because it was mine and I don't even care about why we hadn't really noticed straight I just left just elect Obama had streaks of Beers like I was so worried about them in a smell marijuana and they. I don't know we smokeless terrible flight why did you bring you're seeing here is like sorry to note that. Guys are your topic and friends or her job the other day about other parts stories they called me beg me share this with you. It was originally published as a FaceBook note a few years ago cubby face here you mark. These subject Steve being grossed so do not under any circumstances read this if you are queasy you have been war. Also titled the perfect husband who cut but I figure that would ultimate to its. So may wonderful gentleman that I am on obscenities on the special for the white tonight. She works so hard taking care of the baby doing chores and I don't do much in the way of thanking her partly because I don't wanna get her. To get used to it and expected partly because I am lacing. Tonight as I read it myself for my weekly shower I realized two things number one I had to fart a lot. Number two I and that anything special for my wife in way to law. Obviously I marched my naked sweaty ass in the kitchen where she was waving away making my dinner her back was to me so I turn mind her and grabbed my ankles. This was partly so I can see here parlayed it compressed my belly and abdomen and parlay to draw her attention to or the necessity. Majesty about to unfold. Which he turned toward me I at least three or four seconds of a juicy part blast. She shrieked I stood up and walked order. She yelled at me with a face hit the corner why did you do that all my guide don't even try to kiss me after that. Amidst howls curses garbled veterans of war and yelling where to delivered phrases that basically made the moment for me. Number one I can see it moving. I. And number two I couldn't look away if you. I could see it move as it goes talk often why even though wow. Noble has been out. I pray how little your guess is as good as mine as these again placing what we do we get a contested on the line now and that prevent. You get they get between two categories and I did try to get as many writings that category of before three strides in drought it's an easy game to play it is your best isn't good and I receive we have contessa Fred Leighton gave a one qualify one thing you say every week it's an easy game play how many people successfully got Fulton. Maybe one lone non. None that we. Do we want with. It felt like maybe one why Mike says one yeah we don't believe my turn to slip hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. All other guy Terry how are you welcome your guess is as good as mine now play the game. Out. Fantastic our carrier yup. The categories are going to be. Ten minutes the years Americans are drinking anymore for hurt you have the ten that most iconic web sites of all time. So the ten most influential web sites. I an iconic art or you want to Beers and Americans are drinking anymore. I'll give you a couple clues here number one as far as the ten Beers and Americans are drinking anymore. I don't know they just did this wave of alternative Beers are American brood. And as far as the ten most influential website of all time I get there right now that MySpace did not make the list of that helps you so you know present more problems and origins ridiculous. So what ranked LSI. This runs have been the most influential in the history of the interwebs you know basically which ones. Do the most good or provide the most change or change the way the week you know our online habits are concerned or change the way we buy things. There influence always that we can music and a good number of different ways. I don't you let it thank you wanna do out west and Jack. All right. We do have a list of the fifteen most influential website of all time we get those I'll give you know which are still get around bucks. The surprising part about this list is in fact was he was saying earlier the fact that no pornography makes a list however. This is learning how to get my parents and a major publication and they came up with the ten that. Most influential web sites of all times. It's up to YouTube gets as many of these web sites are scanned before three strikes and you're out and yes there are tests. Okay how about how old. Doorman got in the face like I move FaceBook and Amazon and they've got yeah. Okay. Which one you wanna get us Arab what's cool but FaceBook. Pretty bogus war did change social networking and has around two. Billion. Active users without question phase totally tomorrow then of the most influential outside of all time. That so that's crazy how much wetter. Twitter. As far as web sites go in the social aspect of it FaceBook is the only social media presence on the top ten list. So I don't know I am their pool until and Google I'm glad. If apple iTunes match for me and have you changed the game and have like Jews. It is hard to pick up the slack right. Well I hope. ITunes. I too. Not a do at. At this count as well to my house. Absurd on here there strictly saying that these are the ten the most influential web sites of all time I'm sure most of these web sites have been made in dance content will Google and Amazon have to be here we've spared you were after the I. Every one of these is an act. So yeah I mean yeah now I'm growing a business Google is what people say you know Google's got a beyond. Let's get off. The number one and obviously that is by far and away the most influential outside of alternate you really cool where. I never arrives it was website originally you were dot com but that's nonsense about after they're all Akamai Amazon. I was and his own. Do you ever I completely changed the way we buy things in the world absolutely. They're the most influence. And committed number two hi T got one strike. You've gotten three of the ten most influential website vaults and Gregor the repose of the top floor that would be Google Amazon FaceBook correct. What the hell's number three. Ole Ole Ole Ole ball. Or calm everyone uses it. I wondered if they Redick YouTube. You ready everybody eight about lay. What about the mapping will. Who ran the ball low without legal and everybody around them I don't know I look. I don't know I am not seamless remotely YouTube is wrong when people become stories because of jealousy can't you do number five at as correct as the number ten most influential web sites of all time include your score correct answers. Google Amazon FaceBook and YouTube. Sold those are all the top five there are six remaining you have one strike two strikes left on your guess is does matter which next guest. Most influence Volta people who suggesting. AOL eBay. Raddatz. Match for Yahoo!. Let. A dispute AOL that if they were like a curse. Like you've got mail. All. Aaron no bail out. She does so well until it wasn't the biggest search engine before Google believe it or not and I'm primarily why not right. Yahoo! was yes it would Yahoo! minimalist. You're asking an influential yeah. While we can't meet until I do strategy go to. Oh cool as you don't want oh I'll definitely do better Wafer thin young club damage okay William I dollar bundle up as. Comes at a number three straight giant. Crowd today I didn't strike when I ate out there is a new game plan OK they're they are that is according to time magazine. 310 most influential web sites of all time and she did big correct number one Google. Number two Amazon on this number three that would be Wikipedia. You do music basically like Joseph. Are even though it's not 100% accurate FaceBook at number four YouTube a number five and number six. Craig's list. As no news I'm guy to newspapers now we use Craig's list seven is Yahoo! because before Google was the surgeon in at number eight beleaguered us. The Drudge Report. Hope it's got a big after it broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal a scandal of 1998. Number nine is eBay. The first worldwide marketplace anyone can access and or number ten is info dot CER in the dot CH dot. What is now as the very first website. A guy named Jim burn happily trade at an eighteen at the 98818. Canadian I. At that now ninety and 89 by the way this type of team are the Pirate Bay WikiLeaks pandora read it and match that got hooked as a Jane I have managed. Why don't Hillary doesn't sound and able come back with a return of as the men's or that's coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Thrill comparable drink it closes down there is moments away about first kids considered that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Oh yeah this guy. Best CD. It's. It's my mama. More questions that need answers and yes. This is as good. This applies to press him as your dishes and emails lemons are moments remind our comic subject as a measurement away and away we go. How we have that new men's room map very excited about that Youkilis and our show anywhere previous episodes you can order the men's room sausage right to your door there's women drummer is read here finder honor. Blogs rules and yes you finally get to play yourself vs the FCC was few verses the FCC if you download the app itself. Couple questions regarding. Hi guys I'm don't about the New Bedford mass. This is awesome out of curiosity whatever happened to the go fun herself segment anyway love a show keep on racquet. That from doctor Iraq doctor rocket exist we beloved mid July dot com and also beloved do you like the midterm on our FaceBook page. Bottom line is we got so many submissions for go fund yourself it was just hard to get the ball on the air in all fairness we want to get as many as we could self. We just took it online so if you still wanna submit something to go find yourself really do feel there and you can go and check it out Edmonds who live back up. Here is another question. All the jokes I just downloaded the men's room map and I know that's the only issue that I have visited seems to be censored. Is a nap now the radio so why. You know beyond center of the word cancer in the radio should not apply the have just my opinion love show. That from rack rack the reason for that is and I'm assuming you're talking about a vs the FCC yet basically the feed that you're gonna get on that app is the same feed the goes out of the air. We don't have the raw feed the disputed that feed goes this feed them right it's just basically won the transmission. And that's what you get so that's. They if we could we would we believe amount playback where does affect. I have a more guys amount currently single. But there's a girl worked I'm interested and I'm considering broaching the subject weather but we're currently working on a project together in our apartment. I'm concerned that should go poorly would make work more stressful what do you guys think love the show been listening ever since I first learned about you guys. Keep it real keep it also Matt from Mike my suggestion would be. Don't do any thing. Get the project overall I think oh yeah right good project to project done been done to her project done and should do the project is done and you realize that maybe. There will be a Percy able project with you and her in the future. Then maybe you see subtly he's got to be pretty sure. You gotta be real real real real shoot our car brought a new admitted to bring down somebody else ends this air security. Men's room. Just who it is. Cabinet and as usual we had visit during to Afghan Steve throw hill to find out nortel's yes indeed and today well morals you talked about this pillar of humanity earlier on today's program. Today we chose mr. Kenneth steel. One hallmark township Pennsylvania. Now smothered his location in Pennsylvania and Kevin in the Kansas City Chiefs say. Which he displayed when he war's chief Jersey to local pet coach seat he had to give his doll to a clinic there are sold in the dog could get a rabies shot. And other people couldn't help but notices did the city chiefs Jersey now what made his Jersey so memorable quite honestly absolutely nothing. Witnesses only remember his Jersey because from the time they Kevin entered Banco. Set the result shot. Walt to register. Pay for the service walked back to the parking lot got in his car and drove off the only thing. That he was wearing what is Kansas City Chiefs Jersey no witnesses admit that the Jersey was blown. But not long enough to cover genitalia with for gloom view clear view. The entire time that began he walked end waited for a dog to get the shot walked into register. Paid for said service walked out of the store through a parking lot. Got to score until police arrived he darted weapon managed tracked him down because someone remembered his license plate number. When the police knock on the door. Into Dorn always has Kansas City Chiefs Jersey. Still no pants genitalia. And full view of miles as you pointed out his quote to the police was. My dog doesn't know where parents why should learn a flea and tick collared another whose Jersey. You know I don't know how public her back. For ball is going to Madrid this ruse because sleep they get ya me how to act all of the tongue down the throat do Barney in our Tommy's. Now now oh I'm a young guy. Ticket does a lot for profiled as we'll take color 984499. I don't love. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.