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Monday, January 15th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. While three current hard rocks in Fort Wayne, Indiana loves her job and I'm also went to Iraq 100 point five Canada Oklahoma City and our friends no friends in ninety point three decayed. In Fayetteville Arkansas to a library a big show we like theory together do keg stands and that's credit question question your guess is going to be my categories today web sites in beer the return of Assam interview coming up guess we'll drink a toast with a shot of the day we just had a random question question about ever dating someone with the federation and the reason for that question as this. Some guy went on read it last week looking for advice on what to do about his girlfriend weird fetish. That involves beating him pre chewed food like a bird how about this say no in case it's not clear she likes to chew. He is food for him than either split into his mouth or onto a plate. Because he's not into what what does his stroke looked. There's a lot of things that you tolerate from someone because you want to be intimate November you George but the time with them but I feel very comfortable I. Hey Randy Noah. No I would keep my own and they've been together about seven months and she just moved in with him two months ago before the bird feeding stuff started. He says he turned to the Internet because he's too embarrassed to ask is France. But he thinks it started. When she made him so quote weird scrambled eggs the day before Christmas. Wrong. He did know that. But now we. Pretty sure they've been free choose they were boiled when I started so she might have done it's at least once without telling. Then she did it with a strawberry while they were getting an armed and ever since then it's been a regular thing it's not always sexual. She wants to do during meals to. He's older he doesn't like it though when he refuses she starts crying and claims he does not love her so yep pretty much everyone is telling him around like nobody doesn't wanna just throw all awake is. Perfect he's one weird thing in this one weird thing. Hey man I mean. Everybody got something but that that's a bit much on assists originally about a restaurant and it. But is apparently food drank what what no one else that is like an intimate it's a strawberry like look when nothing intimate. I get accepted that because were swapping a whole lot of stuff that a lot like if you just said hey. Here's a frosty mug of bought sweat I would turn you down but in the throes of passion I understand that these things happen but quite apart just want to eat my dinner. Emulate c'mon baby let me chew like listen I know what you confuse this for me not loving you I just I'm the one of the I have a federal student called chewing my own food even I know where your mouth has been in you know our mind's been there are still looking for a kiss. Brad you don't get the ending of battlers as it burned with fund revenue growth was just Barack and we domain tea and did so again it putt. But that's during sex. It's. Not a now that's a very strange thing I'd be upset if I thought you should do not tell me conservative and I'd be very inside well. That would make her happy in recent chewed through your Nanette as the guys. I don't see what she looks like put it out just how good looking bitchy need to be replaced him and we I don't know would go grab dinner when you grab mistaken she's an Auburn because they won't. Do you got a good Jews spits about Jonathan and I are would you get outta me out unanimously that she makes dinner for okay. But it's all treasured couple bites they're preaching. The couple bites I'm still it. She's making dinner. Trying to negotiate with you on for a minute now wouldn't like I apple sauce I'm trying to think no Americans as want to run you about. And you know every genuine man Michael Alec land soft coal that was close losing gold loved every kid's dumb of them comes back out it's a lot run merely a lot warmer maybe yogurt or cottage cheese is already sucks I wanna stay. Arts and puts a working on my mind are free to your meat ta see now a legal one thing that I worry right now. Yeah any random brands the brands Toyota forming Hannah and friends would insert a new place ads MySpace friend. Hello comrades welcome to the bedroom and off the job. Done around here you go on the read a question question. How did you cheats. And what's who word you cheating out of Iraq. It's more like being an honest person let me take a minute that they get a look we all wild times. It's seeing isn't everything. Through the day. Chemistry test. Adds that the chemistry test group. Yeah rolled up data and if you're sheep into a transparent. And it. You know looking at dangers of old time house to do the test. I'd act I'd actually go you got caught how to do a lot because he looked did you reading through your opinion spinning and yeah I think the teacher Ed Canada. I head up on the as the cheating program where are preaching that we were in itself. Using. Who does my good ninth grade. How you would behave in this class and he was pretty infamous in school what are reported out wasn't. In your quiz what we've it was a tough wants a mother Barbara Libyans works but he said. I don't care to keep I don't care if you have every answer before him on the test but if you do it cost if you get caught. I'll give you zero for the quarter and you can still people want to take on this challenge and then he took about the next ten minutes of class in you writing on the blackboard in wrote down every. Possible weigh in as you write down nuclear engineer for kids in the class who. Dogs got ahead yeah I mean everything this dude knew every possible way to achieve some Mo wouldn't Stevens lives not only have good teachers aren't done. I mean they know if you know or not they Millwood students have the capability of applying themselves and doing well. They already know who they're good students are they know. Who has the capability of points and crap out of the bug because it probably don't know any of this is a vast pocket ten questions to this person before this test. They don't know craps is somehow mysteriously the night before make over the all the answers are you unity right and I regret admit that that's the red flowers from student to get mad like. I don't know what she doesn't believe me it's a cool aid your why your terrible why aren't normally write you averaging 56. Aren't aren't everything we do. You've just got to 98 image of reported out but also the kid that you sit next to. Who does study also got a Monday look I think the teacher figured out who goes on the. Pre US senate to cheat what did you cheat on though are you doing there are running a regular marathon that's for idiots it's a hell of an accomplishment but it's it's going to test now. Think about the lunatics who run ultra marathons which are even longer than that. There's a 45 year old guy named Kelly Agnew who's one of those lunatics he's an ultra marathon. And over the past few years he's had four wins in a race where everyone runs for. 48 hours to see how far they Congo which is insane you know. He's done over 200 miles and those races which means he ran the equivalent of almost eight regular marathons and a two day period. And if that doesn't sound you humanely possible or humanly possible it's does not. Kelly just got busted for cheating during its ultra marathons by hiding. In a Porta potty. Race officials began becoming suspicious of him when he won a 48 hour race by more than 55 miles. So they started looking into it and they found that he kept hiding out in the bathroom instead of actually running. To make his plan work he finished a lap immediately circled back to the start line and hide in the port of body. Then exits and complete another lap by passing the start line again. So last week he was stripped of a bunch of his titles he's won quite a few how much time with you spend in the port pot I don't nobody had a strategy in the barely do a lot of figured out. What is the benefit the cheating at the Jerusalem huge cash prizes are you are you the man in the I'm absolutely insane about how much are run world like what does once the true pay off. Food I like it was someone she needs him. Boxee it's like do they made fifteen win now for one of the fight I did you want you understand why this happens right about late. Ultra marathon runners are a little nuts. It you gotta be nuts but still my my what in the what did you get out of level of nothing he did a shoe endorsement. Does he have groupies are really what what are you gonna get out of who's going to be a barn Billick awaited and you know this guys the personal terms runner Clinton where is this ever important who have you possibly impressed by being on the best old marathoner on earth. A new car we could run there yeah it is another good day and random random round. Brian fellows include welcome to another right down random friend because all. But I think your name right. Hi I'm actually hero like he wrote an English okay or zero aren't. Charles and ray what are what nationality as tight as I diplomats say that my friend and colleague Ed I don't I don't look you don't you'll meet. Well below minus zero and I love you too absolutely than ever Evan Smith who cares what got a weird fetish reviewed fewer miles food form. Yeah yeah and news on Monday that much and it's not oblivious to them now that's a rumor mongers okay let's go this. What what fashion trend. Did you get on board would. What came around and you decided you know what I'm going with that. Now recently upon riding the bus I discovered that the new trend in hair fashion is to color different colors. What's been going on Anwar went on for a few years now my multiple cup you have blue haired green hair silver harassing women who actually dye their hair it would looks to be great now we're just silver gray in their brain and there's echoed her two year old who. Never verbal things you'd not see that you're Muslim Arab Muslim fashion trend is to Wear pants and other people owned in the soil them right into east to have and make sure they don't fit no matter what you do make sure that you clothes don't fit in and also too early topping off what you're familiar part of that trend. Just don't smell good in any compact and other have no redeeming value as a human being witty and I'm above situation you reek to high him the other true and I've seen ray recently with the men the is not only do they do the not to haircut merit but they also do flip flops no socks but they're dressed up. Charlie is a human judge on the eve of the guy always weren't flip flops like flip flop Salter told us what trend or fashion thing did you do. I have two really good and raise doubts I grew up in Kenya and I came to me I think about eighteen but that trend back in the ninety's look. And. Called an. We Wear clothes backwards dog I have a valid and a friend and I text and energy that I grew up in Kenya and we actually wacko backwards but out passing of the little bit behind. I'm at the time. The result had little backwards. I think you. Lose so that I would literally go backwards that the lets you know. Yeah I I did the mall and in good hand and. And code Bakley had transcribed. Could you did you moon walk through the did you work clothes backwards in new wall Italian at all right. Going up at him and work your clothes backwards because then those like you're walking toward us. Feelings you've you've had we are closed backwards and you've got to get a jacket. That you only Wear like halfway to your shoulder. Oh yeah you're wearing the jacket but just kind of around your arm seeing. Well the even before though the hammer pants was breaking point oh yeah zippers and they were loose fitting an air base and it's been on the floor they like that no content involved. Ariza went on fashion trend that you get on board let apparently not treated several fashion shows around the world right now in. Is it. Skirts for men. How come a bunch of top designers who have made different men's skirts ranging from shorts type ones too ruffled ankle length ones. Skirts for men. Get ready is that a trend or are they trying to convince you to buy there's a difference between some things pay by this. And some say blew everyone's buying habits they say this now just because some biggest part of a high fashion Wren doesn't mean it's gonna catch all on Bartlett did. It can and one of the depths. Debacle is still some do very ago. Brad a question questioning for 4999. All hold a lot more your calls coming up you are listening to the manager radio network. Smiles. Are not buying as much of any mark your guesses because my coming right up after emails and mentored Edmonds or live dot com in the meantime it is our random question question. 8449990. Yeah hello Martin welcome to the drill hole. And block. I. I image you like your daughter Jackie Smart and I am yeah one million hard in the piano wire around you who won't pursue. You started about a yeah 37 years they're ready to zoom by the name but you're never learned you have plenty. I think I know dropped call please yeah on the on the bus. And eloquently and hard chalk that paralleled what brain scans were done Barry yeah I'm all better. And washed. Aren't Marty would ask you this question will this is I think ours is is a noon tomorrow miles you took the have you ever been busted masturbating. I it how it more than once. Know you'll want to and who got you. My daughter. Old time cold worry that that. I would yell oh gosh every reporter I didn't need some great great it would EC EO. Lose before and I'm Hassan. That's what he said mornings can be fun. Yeah he can go downstairs earlier in your pension. And yet there are no longer Playboy and other things. All right I gotta make sense though that I mean look at that Adrian and my mother ship most of my brother and I. Unbeknownst to us at the pact she vomit up porn stash is individually in a room. She'd in my mental stamina she's when the story when we got older she said you know I'm freaking out here's my two boys my brother's probably in. Eleventh grade which was really six straight whatever so she's freaking out about it calls my barber work and a follows like man. First of all what he wanted to do about sleazy he's talked of a sudden now obviously I don't. Isn't there nothing and it for a few bright age when bastard to do leave him alone leave the porn stash alone. Now I heard this as an adult so it's one of those things are you getting better for something that happened twenty years ago late I had no idea but I just found it startling solution. Only you knew I had on my porch is like what you have in your file suit me just leave Malone some lake. So every time I sit in a minute she's like yeah we knew your master in it was discovered a horrible moment as an adult deaths a man you know me god and he never knotted up about right now you have is conversation here to well to tell a new engine bringing a better reason mrs. Is story she told don't like almighty god and and she's right. Yeah this. I knew this is a true story. And I don't know how this happens because. If you really we're gonna break and homes and do that kind of thing. I know the people call right away in a way and let the Baltimore. There's a company called BGB Jeannie you have power company Baltimore gas electric now which you have to understand is is that on a lot of these homes in Baltimore. The gas meter that you read is not necessarily on the outside of the home team a lot of the times and in most of the older homes which are most of the homes. They were down in the basement ducked and the gas man that would come to your house once a month it was almost like he had a key. Everyone's home. The July he was in your baby was in your free care and how it's okay one day apparently you don't know solar remembered that he amid you do a lot of minutes and I'll tell you what you here's a bit in the open any door your mouth and acted then they would do this this is not a life. Can't imagine any bright they would be in your home near the voice coming from urban dance man I am yet to all I got it you. To have like EDT. If you could have a light and matter us. Ten foot fence you can be own bra living in Baltimore and somehow the gas man's gonna log ago. Oh Braganza man Greg battery demeanor walking Allah so you have adult if you go to guard are a matter it embargo video I have been our paranoia you unlock the door for it at a cell. One day I'm sitting there and and I have to go pick up my kids and I never have any time my kids are young. Will tell myself. And a house by a cell phone below that all of sudden I hear. You'll make gas and probably won't drive out by I'll tie. I'll your medicine I don't though we saw you saw I know he's been a long while I got and how did you get in my house again like every thought it was and gas man loses there. It was it's not it's amaze I still sorted out Boston bishop you're trying to punch what now we wait. And again estimate shows that it's almost like they gave the gas really key every door in India in the city. I mean he's got a door to your bedroom he's got a door to your garage like he just showed up. And you think yourself this insane this I swear to good on imitate right they arena I'm not kidding you loosening ride route. You never saw the truck I don't know where he started his rental because although I always read like ours is on the outside but there was definitely times relate. You never saw him coming anything and you just there it's like a penalty there ya did you dike by the window and just a neat thing with normal gas unit are mostly you can have. Like one of those video system set up an army everything like motion detection and even though you physically some of the house and received the bill and maybe give a couple coffee. You can review your video footage in Nazi from when you could be no witness protection program and I don't know you were your went past more people who are guarding Uga you're gonna get you crack gas man was a good enough if she can depend with so Karl if that's a the reason whereas since you've been no busted masturbating Allen McKinsey 54 years old. Took a plastic sheets. A porn magazine. Petroleum jelly Q he's a plug for his backside rubber rings and tissues to apart in Bristol England he needs that much to master being a father of nine has been jailed after it was spotted masturbating and apart for more than an hour. An office worker watched in horror as being performed solo act right there on the bench. The police are to MacKenzie was all the way before a judge two years ago for masturbating and apart wearing just women's Snickers. At a time given they can win in order nick goes placed only sex offenders list city pleading guilty to out raging in. It into plead guilty to outrageous public decency. Possessing canvas and intent to supply possessing a knife and indecent exposure. The judge says you know full well from a community order that socially unacceptable unlawful though engaged in masturbation in a public place. Whether you feel it's right or wrong is eternally irrelevant. Because the by god basically is set ansari. Please let me go I know I've done wrong I know that I have been that. Not today is saudis are Dante who. And I don't know aren't. Do you the baby boy in a public marketed like Ahmad and I mourn our. I knew this is an. All right now I put plastic sheet down. In a magazine had Jolie and applied yet rings here tissues in the holdings set up there on the bench I do I may have maybe it's just me and I do things on the and a lean budget so to speak but we're gonna masterly I really don't need a whole lot lets you be my guess again my hate right I don't have like breaking case of emergency like. A reasonable Wal-Mart petroleum Joseph it's like our mayor is is me and my penis from afar objects you know like that's it. This it's very specific right but is there anything you're into. Now I gotta be in public in a park with Marines in about the right hook committees like death a lot of the off nine kids yet friend. Randolph ran. Friends friends. Hello Zach welcome to the bedroom and Betty and what's up guys call time. Exact vote in the show comments. Let's go this one would did you steal Zach or once was stolen from you measure random questions questions. Actually you actually Cadillac talk stolen from my truck all man who's gonna work laptop for your personal. I'll work laptop that's why didn't mean no one here in danger. Cable companies ran in the area alone and I'm the contractor I have to pay for. How would you evaluate all. 1200. Am OK aren't so what does this jacket laptop and it's been stolen from you. Yeah first one was stolen from the office that I let it get any access to do not elevate even intonation accent the computer. So I left it in the Arctic dad or three months later and no one my coworkers dull it. They drank that person then. You know I had to pay for the entire day. So someone steals united front this time around like. I got my hands let's say I'm the guy who stole map and I'm tech savvy enough to even bother but if I did. Is there any sensitive information on their ability freak out about her in just a fact that it's it's their computer. 88 it's such a secure computer. There's literally nothing they can do it bet. And so what they would have to do and Dodd let me see here. You have to pick up the hard drive putting in new hard drive load more information on it scrape up all the speakers you got a brand new computer. So maybe he'd waited long enough they just bring the god damn thing back. I don't think of no use familiar and well originally asked what it just deal almost sold for view as a pretty good 126 year old man in Indian town was busted after he was caught shoplifting. At the rhymes market IGA. Is it called Indian to have it's called Indian town it just makes you sound insensitive Israel that it is good thing New Delhi. His name is Molly I you are Alvarez and he is from Indian town and he entered the IGA and about 615 which are bigger. Apparently someone stole him to offering certain things soul. The the security goes over until mr. Alvarez and they discover. Then he has a rack of ribs protruding from his waist. Both sides of his ways spend our full with two racks of ribs one of the front one on the back when it when it. Make the most sense that if you're gonna steal ribs. You know put him under your shirt it's unclear whether the ribs were of the beef report variety felt that he continues a further search yielded it. Two bags of hamburger buns with. Off nine pieces of fried chicken. And the mashed potato it's. They were potatoes and entertainer friends this is what it says he has on him if they saw initially the ribs coming out of his waist band but again. Upon further examination. Two racks of ribs two bags of hamburger buns nine pieces of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Damn man I mean if he get a just got to by the way the entire. A charge you. Guess what that was by the way in Indian town where that. Two racks of ribs. Two bags of hamburger is a misdemeanor nine pieces of chicken and mash didn't know the total on the bill that he had to pay. And I you must rinds market IGA. 32 dollars and 49 I dollar him until thirty chewed up two racks of ribs two packs a hamburger buns and Elizabeth 99 pieces of fried chicken you gotta keep in mind he probably could've bought the racks of ribs are really pre cooked installment of and those aren't that spent a guy and then if he's got nine pieces of random fried chicken and twelve bucks I'm assuming he just picked him terribly Brenda when you want. Yet or what fits the bill they did your ability to use a deli like you. As warm and I know you're behind us these gardening and you have access to touch the Sony made any the dogs may get soap and he's really pick out there had to go door to grab what you now but the idea that you put him in the little bowl thing they seem to grab him to editor in order pain you have it they don't look bad sign on the little about the things they show Hillary is no sign this is nobody's had to pay my real question man at the management taken. Right leg of all the late gotta be in a container and yet if I went to his house for dinner and he said look American lied to you everything in front of us has been in my pants today. I was still at the ribs they've been cooked a dog that the covered in plastic the fried chicken. I'm never bonds absolutely not the match why they heard about bonds of the either the buzzer I want. Yeah but there's something about it were I'm I'm I'm comfortable that the management salesman. Yeah I think I feel less comfortable the random check in just hanging out as I actually don't have taken from this jig with a pair a lot of photograph. I'm I'm guessing the I did something. These polls at a chicken wing with a few bonnet that we don't know I didn't crash within those from. And when you don't random friends friends friends hello Chad and welcome to the bedroom. Wow. I can. Let's talk for days here. Now. We know buildings about birthdays. Third most ever birthday parties when your kids that are adults. Yeah she didn't want to look at I'm trying to breakdown amass some of those once in a mistake. Through the birthday party every week for warmth of my two children to go to. Between the two of them they don't know 52 people. Did you even have ever wanted to do was born exactly weakest fart I cannot wrap my math around my head or on the map. This is the bus every gotten him week in suburban parked out it's sometimes like when your kid like you have friends they have everything they go all the new toys we don't have the have really cool birthday parties at different places Melissa. As a detonated a low blow would you say is the best birthday party did you ever been a part of whether the party was being thrown for you someone else. Maybe you went to McDonald's as a kid and have more of those you know our adult dead McDonnell land playroom parties maybe you. Rated out of room someplace they go to Vegas with friends Roosevelt's birthday. A large group Haluska my birthday is in the middle of December so my mom used to Rendell. Entire Rex Sanders or the terrorists un cool area in the room to have parties where it. And not pretty cool though it otherwise know as pretty. You know BA. My brother went and too cute nine. We get jello boot scoot by like movie called an ex date the other next day old bunch of people would call then Judy Paul because he's. There was random callers all over the beach open down the beach or a model they couldn't explain what to go to work. Tenet finish what you know what town did you go often. Just go why do I know the basic the last I don't want there to visit yup that's a fishing down rent. Sit them and not know until then the big the big cruise ships going to sick up that's what it is. Eat not a whole lot but every once in a while the political sit out the ocean in both their trust. And billions that the government signals specifically because if you do the Alaskan cruise I believe right. It's just one of the places based stop. Did you there was how hard was immediately drawn out. Didn't happen until I moved to literally played did you move here. Up thirteen third solo score I don't know man the incursion Avago printer only thirteen year old birthday when he isn't you know losing your virginity. And volley. Match wow wow what a way literally have you learned the man that has nothing to do of the west like when I was thirteen I lived in a well populated area I stood tonight delayed because I was third tee and it really had nothing to do well. Bad in my remarkable charm but it had nothing to do with where I was act. I can and we've got lead to thirteen to what you what transferred schools and middle year messenger go would you schools who gave an up do you know. I I actually got sent out here for about five Summers in a row to be Arjuna my grandfather and I met a couple kids in the area so when I moved down you know they get all excited and can't. Good for you I think I would never look back on the road back to last again. Well the other end a little alien and not have like if I have moved in. My dad says look I work in nine and larnaca. And where those scientists and live in an igloo for you know six months turn knobs and stuff and read temperatures and you gotta go with me if I went down there goes another thirteen year old fourteen year old my age we started ergonomic. I'm here I love and I'm never limit our stay here on this ice desert just just hang out and as my spot. So happy even do that now yeah exactly I'm still I'm Pat Riley do another tour they are there for like twelve hours into the bays. I don't look good for the jugular a limb here and that's right it's a it's automatically going to be able to another event you can grow food to agree it's coop. There isn't hasn't the best birthday party ever well here we go get a Woodbridge Virginia Kabul now and a shooting outside of a Chucky cheese and would bridges on my investigation after birthday party according to Prince William county police. Investigators say it happened at the shopper's best way shopping center. Near the tolling bells which is a pretty of fluid during a game can be AJ it cost. Fight broke out inside the restaurant before making an ounce argue our a lot of people involved shot and get in the air flood scene. Detectives say no injuries have been reported they also say goes off duty officer who's there who's done involved why. Because he was starting Chucky cheese does the other day started with in the chuck Currie. And chuck Ernie there's this bill looks like God's entities that Tucker Tucker is a pizzeria and then it does build a Dario lives and then I'll boil boil whatever that part of come on man. Friend request or question 844999. Alomar and golf coming up you are listening to the midterm radio network. I know I am got a question for any of us here in the men's room to shoot us an email to the men's or amendments or might not come of mass Simmons are right before we drink a toast. With the shot of the day can be done and as RN a question question people. Bulls are 999 old friend hello hello and welcome to the bedroom and hold off or. And their Dylan. You know just got off work. This game so. Do we have always we've that I kind of an unwritten rule that we wish would be a kind of a written rule and hear about dumb movies that show up penis. Oh absolutely knew when you least expected boom there. Have penis and he had no warnings are. So are our ratings just Zimbabwe just LP in a reason why I believe more that was movie that inspired us and it was simply that they. I watched it on demand industry go wrong because when you noose on the government and they tell you hey the movie coming up. Mature I go okay cool cool cool and is as strong sexual content or new brief nudity breakaway you know our goal is brief liberals I know for. In May be business sexes may be this is wrong but I I think both men and women would agree on this when you see that you just assumed can be a lot of tea and we don't know I think it'll put you right. That's what you assume because that's 99 members of the movies that Laura Bush does like you know the Bruins brief breasts brief you may also was brief nudity this don't notice I was stunned and I would penis kept popping up but we thought just doesn't morning when you do these will be issued to say LP for a lot of people. There's who's rated LP that's all you need to know. So are are in question question when did you. C accidental penis. Oh. He. All. I mean I lived in two year old White House. In college. And so I had there's two wars and world order guys who have close girls each other art. Fifteen or sixteen guys that shared the big like big like a locker room bathroom. And just remember a time there that you watch it and see. You know you feel the diabetes. You know 300000. And. I'll pour over diamond came out of the water out my and they know the matter remains you walk in doing that helicopter and laughed a little money than walkout continued drive themselves all Elizabeth of funny you just pointed out those guys that are fifteen or sixteen dude but all the Daria is the team if you made museum miles I mean that's what I get out of that lies that. Well I think. I think it would play you know like Keds brand that was that's just sit at the top of the stairs and just. Hey everything out either he didn't like I do a whole area stand but he would decide block captain. Now and all this. Are you be on your shoulder where he would do that you know how my body too he was physically just bigger than everybody. In both departments say you can't source nah nah no big guys who are big guys don't care about snowman my roommate Joseph Ruth. Big dude he just walked around naked all the time like it would matter what he was good he and he was really really hairy but I think he'd walk out just like really. And his. Completely you know naked. Brushing hair off is Johnson fell all overly shaved his chest is that he just didn't care if anything we need to do to do shock and all you with a time. He's a big living with him just in a more evil ridiculous and it was those tells kind of part of his bag of tricks you know. How long they deliver them again a year year. We're blessed and you saw unexpected things he walked out of the bedroom one night less than you saw on the straight defeats. From him upon their arms and Motorola as loose and real life okay but here's the deal we have to. King size water beds in one bedroom I don't know how the entire Florida and just collapse because he was a big guy anyway. But they are side by side. Ruth he's got his girlfriend in from out of town she is from shenandoah Pennsylvania which is lovely place in Verba their you know exactly how horrific you look. He's going to town and I'm living room and I'm like when it's going to be over and I mean he opened the door and you could feel the heat and sweat the snow. From you know from Ruthie if he can he's fully exposed he's fully ready still write ago book but things in there got a little dropped so he's just gonna walk across the living room and go get some Lugar lotion or something out of the bathroom. And he did say you hear their opponent like 120 yeah it was. He's just fire starting himself room log back and I got Barack isn't just over the door she doesn't talk about it and it had gone back. For a year I mean any agendas and go like oh my god duty the Jesus and he did that anything that he can do you easy thing that he can do to just make you go all of my god this is going to be like. Great Guile of the death those. Crowded and act exactly like he does there and alligators login like. With his speed is saying you know they only make it men who go to a big breakfast group out there deteriorate. Those really respects the fiddler I now remember my exclusive so Sandra it exactly is this guy still alive miles. All I'm sure he has god don't ask him I don't I don't believe that now yeah now that you said that I am and don't died of appeal was injured I hope not. When did you the ice and hoping as a reason we asked a Palmer township man. Took his dog to a local pet store. But he left his pants at home according to the township police on the morning of November the 25 Kevin Steele walked into the pad go up love the Nazareth rode it in nothing but a long Kansas City Chiefs T shirt and that was it. Steele took his dog to the shot clinic in where was received a radiation. Didn't steal walked to the registers to pay for the service. Police noted the T shirt was long. But the employees could see steals genitals and they were exposed and called police. He got into his car and drove wave for the officers arrive and employees provide the caps the license plate number. Police said the when they got to steals home he answered the door wearing nothing but the same T shirt. Charges were filed was Steele who turned 55 and he was arraigned in the morning they basically said this. My dog doesn't have to work and why should I. Fair point to evening news out of work for steel lawyer up visa free on 2500. Unsecured bail but yet. Want to note that go get his daughter rabies shot without wearing anything. That's impressive stuff that Brad it was a question 844999. Hole up. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.