01-11-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Goes For The Money

Thursday, January 11th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Oh look there's John Welbourn 95 only CNN Rochester is classic rock station also 105 point three the beer out the barrier of fear the turn and our Blacksburg Virginia wanna give me a shout out on the bear 105 point three the bear Blacksburg. At all else that ninety point three they Kagan lovely fatal why do cats are okay. We get it gave me how I got today here we're back there were attacked that day I think you know affiliates we also have we also have the dog on board and that said he did the the bear. Now the dog is coming novelty that information coming next week we've got to get ready a new affiliate did your dog sound dreads joining also as I do we thought the dog sounds Oregon gets on Monday three days does physical big dog or your some big dog girl oh my god that's the reality it's a big ballrooms and then you don't you didn't it take of how this can be good sense of the other big dog girl big as sound a big guy big Joseph Torre today guys are once again where you have a game big Demi Ted's meat and potatoes is ahead shift goes to the world picky foods and only Sherlock is coming up. And the game is big dummy 844999. Old Olivia on line at the ground questionable clock. Yes flat out. Now at least it counts Olivia thank goodness for that. I hear is your question in what year did Paul McCartney announced that he was quitting The Beatles. I was glad I had. Ninety killed nine it's a. You can say what 97. Yeah 97 pounds. No doubt progressive. Asked if you are. Well he had the right sensors so don't feel. Sorry to hear is it wasn't completely. I've got to make you feel good made since I've had kids are assaulted C let's all work yeah kind of the desire to extremes things that are non nutritious. Is know as what. Start to deliver you. I doubted having. Any guesses from the peanut gallery here say it again. It is strange desire to a legitimate division to things that are non nutritional. Yeah. I doubt he's got a right guys see me to death and I got. Are you heard the question Arafat have a clear case I had hasn't traces. Who was the legendary limited to eighteen months who invented champagne. Trust me you've heard of the do. I expect it yeah. They're friends and thanks may have to. I don't know. Independent candidate and with plenty of things you drink wasn't that would brand name that you drink champagne right. I don't it's. I would. I mean yeah I can't regular kid a party and I. It's gotta be it's soccer mom is just shined down there at the moment you don't land there and don't owe them. Yes John he isn't closed for a time about the way. The list and not vintage champagne although I was a strong guess John Edwards. Can't bag yet still wet the jungle to pull him believe Olivia does not drink champagne habitable most of luckily I could I'm a good Isaiah call our very talkative they're driven by a turning your Lagardere. I don't teachings to alluded as a paper campaign. There's no idea Billy you're 100% correct because this he's doing you guys are moderates are good guys gonna pay for. Hey. Hey hey yeah. You wouldn't even waste your time while the dead there broke the good look at my ugly red says you'd make your all the champagne going and aboriginal gonna date for brunch you're never gonna run stand better. No big kid did the Bruins are not ready yet runs his friend for dozens of friends or she spent the night you take your front as classy a guy. Hey whatever yeah. Right we integrate like the bad for the scrap brunt of it has simply not our first day I now know. That's is on the wagon driver Leo. Let's start regular kid I had yeah. Well think about it I did a great first day I'll have increased just attributed today and do that there. Normally it is liberal excuse for brunch. You know what I've done it once and sporting event and that somebody like ten and we started drinking and there was a funding to add to say he's going to be pretty good time. Argued the question is located in the United States of America what does the lords is freshwater lake in the moral world. It acts as you're always trying. The great play third 2000 like you would. This volatility in Ontario small business owners to accept aid stuff here it and correct. They would have named Lake Ontario lake inferior but I thought you know that's that's the stewards of. All right we're would you far into this sea of tranquility. It is not located on the split. Between the cockpit and just how good he said. A key of tranquility. ZZZ. Is again being in yeah as the day having insulting that anyone as the agency he's dragoon. I don't quite get all you add to our great yeah does that Hammond. What's your guests. And let's go bad guy. The move rather landed. Oh the sea of tranquility enjoy it. The water left. Yet they never looked at Ford and prayers are loaded question nine you're on a hell of girls for the city of tranquility are dead and injured peaking Brent. How many did they stretch before and how Lara I just remember Olivia if you all are really really really good looking but more as you indicated you want to be on the pole. Chances are you're not going to be very Smart. It'd be okay you get a tough thing I agree with it. Yeah good look at their core rap guy I don't care about being Smart love you and shirtless guy. Nobody expects to be Smart dad he's there for you know like a pro Israel believes that to impress the lady is. And the guys they guy. I know what is the other word for lexicon. Are. I know that Glenn. I don't believe I doubt. That I didn't see anybody I cannot believe me an idea. Oddly enough the other. Let's return. Question today and I'm just. He reminds nineteen is the record for the biggest area. Well I don't require your apple at all what you're doing a fantastic job of that to go. Partly what is someone's. Whose shoes horses what do you call someone whose shoes forces. And it I drink probably. Carrier. The area there reader. Never. Underestimate I talked. I think these questions the most vulnerable. My tablet because you don't because you often. All right here ego. Named this seventh planet from the sun. I didn't you Leonard. Davis went oh. No way it has been the seventh when a from the stuff. If I don't ever blame the government Sunday notice Taylor did I think you're rated. Well I got it took a look at it definitely has it or you're really in the doubles you guys it's do good round Robin doodles there's really attractive. All right east or west. Which goes African country of Mozambique locate. Oh come on but they're never gonna make him. But it didn't they can't go let's go eat gas. Larry a nice work our I'd gave his big dummy age you know or ice we're now 999 hole would you still on the line so who's our next contestant ready to play the big game. Hello Eric welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. At this moment I felt. So we're welcome the show where. There are garbage revolt today would you rather be rich and ugly are more and really really really good look at. Okay I thought about that and I agree with little if you have a lot of money you're ugly people dime but I also agree with head to. That you know I've been par and maybe I'm not the best looking guys so I would like. If you really really really really good looking people are yeah. That is good. Nothing wrong with the grants. Yeah I just can't tell I think we added a club called the show who is a really rich or be really really really good look I mean just to get their take. Jimmy vocal regularly where I don't look at me a lot. Because you know certainly I certainly Kurtz were connected to a million asked if I would have liked to be really really rich what's it like to be really really good looking that we could weigh the. Rose in cup play you're not so good looking that you found a way to make money it. Seeing the rich guy no matter how deadly heat illness. He still don't know okay. The good looking guy who's still broken it's like Mayo. We are not good looking they love to who's gotten that get out of jail free card and Willy Wonka Golden Tate. Feeling good looking broke guy. And you know this guy. He's always got something right on the edge off all the scouting is going to be huge deal there's a lot of money come in and like this and that he now is also day three different people there's there's a lot of it is a big company behind and just needs a hundred bucks. Yeah yeah yeah under budget all no no no no I'm gonna take you out. It's actually a good looking guy he which factors he'll take a look at a well rent money. Money in my cabinet. Innocent of that core group. Prabhakaran here is your question. Who invented the rabies vaccination it should be noted this person did that many other things that contribute to overall health. We know this person mostly from milk. Mill doctor so. There's Dr. Phil doctor Rick can. Yes Dr. Phil will. Who doesn't want a big old club to a royalty Dr. Phil I haven't. I'm milk is great but most I have doubles is under. Lou we passed over pasteurization for house movement. Are. You so I'm very impressed him. Sorry welcome back of your. Car which type of Costa is traditionally shaped like little wagon wheels. Well I am loyal season. And that wagon whale part. Well hello Mike Doyle frequent laughter I don't they've been homicides kids or I have to. I had to admit that he and I think here's a lagging well I don't know what they're headed to unlock more of memory and get back to import only shapes I've bought so far to get. How's that can't believe possible. You know lead nuggets. The McCain dinosaurs yet and I honestly don't work I would do it. The same thing thing but when you couldn't get rid like OK all man tasty Flintstones vitamins as those eating the floods. Well also it tasted better exactly gave his big dummy to make it designate more park 9990. Lamar big dummy coming up you are listening to the beds are ready on network. Davis may dominate for a full. I 999. All I believe about most again non team that's overly still America Online doing playing for a team and so there are questions three marriages don't ever. Oh I thought I hope when you hung up miles and just beat us. It's a man how you doing. And cry nice Ted excitable yeah like I know I. Here is your question the holidays and just pass so maybe it's fresh in your mind but. The grinch heart was only name is too small in the grinch who stole Christmas. Our champion and the movie has heart grew three sizes. No and exercise. Small point gain error. Man you missed the whole thing thank the wonderful love Christmas and what are removed we're looking people were saying. His heart did girl three times thus making a full size bigger than it even needed to be. How with the McDonald's or try to do but yeah two sizes too small but he did in fact grow three times that the Edwards while the way. They never did the his heart was far too big. I haven't gone and I got an early death due to heart disease because as hard math that yeah I mean nobody wants this as well and who's killed LaGrange I still one year around Christmas of somebody like Hong send me your says you like. You know I had sort of look ambulance. Daniel Craig. That's rejoinder to Holland yeah I tell you read the holidays I am convinced yet that you want to insult so moments this and Lugar and out of gas around Christmas you can yell at you right. I'm out. An article number one point 6 PM may involve you get a chance to quote fully when you know smoking and we were sort it out on the deck and clean my ability you know everything that goes through smoking out here. That is looked batter and gave the hand and said Chris receipt. But I wish accident. There's the CEO. Grinch who could get damaged image can go back in class and another thing. If I multiple choice question corner. From what language did English borrow the words typhoons and Japanese Cantonese Vietnamese. Japanese. That's my phone number. I've proved its Anthony. They'll probably. Little more aware about there. Is that dialect I mean it is starting its dialect of title Sichuan Cantonese Mandarin. What about it grinch up say anything they can be followed allergic. Basically if you look Jane M Elliott evident to get yeah Friday. Well known filing with the where are your body would you find. Golf also put OC CIT. And T where are your body and different possible. Not all of our support to. I'm new on nearby. A real good night. Is someone else to go there are supposed. Our Dubai Qatar also puts a lot of facts on the books. I looked good in what famous Disney character is known as to the police know in Italy. Poll and hopefully you know we'll table it. Eight probably you know we did did you bring today would global legal. Same as Disney character doesn't need. And. It's called blue. Hopefully it's it's. My question number seven after. Obama and don't feel bad that you don't dump out. Any better and Olivia were related accused generalize against what a trailer. Are the question what three letter word it means small opening and it's also clothing company is sometimes used the word to. Our own. You're not a word all putting that's also clothing company in the sometimes use the word to him lots of stars. Correct yeah. We letters three letters that these drugs and they're both they got there. Everywhere it's what the governor you are everywhere every mall hey hey hey hey hey OK I got it when he got out of this. I'm somebody in the prime of my mouth that looked like it GAAP and on my duty. John you have to play absolutely. You have to get teeth. Yeah you might Q frontier and again we know it's how much they cost. Yeah that was the Big Easy nobody. How big is the gap. They're not it's not oh man you're. Not drag out of smaller America didn't do your close friends make fun of your death. You know it's not notable okay I see dead on California and no reports about him and. I made it damages be in the eyes I mean you never know. Do you want to is that dude he whistles released me I just saw the deadly errors in Davis big domino 844999. Ella. You know that's true I don't have a bunch cents a view I've ever does is camped about how relevant yet. I did make fun of get now from almost disappointed in myself I am in hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Liquor and lawyers all. Showed up over. And overhead in the head into the third period up. Sour mood for a bowl today. Would you rather be rich and ugly floor more and really really really good look at. You know I thought about it I think I would have to go live. Or a good looking okay flurry of the love being in the lead. Rod rather well what's your theory about why outpouring good looking. All 808. Years you've brought it out. Talking about. For me in diamond and so if you're marrying somebody that maybe have a little bit of money. Then you're gonna look at their hopes you know I think that's. Have you ever seen an ugly gold. Can you feel like you just take famous people for the most part that's who received the most of and you see this ugly do literally only brought you know someone who. Way way out of the class but the one thing you notice is that the people we Percy was legal bigger is never ugly. We do see this level dual solar and realize is while that's I'm gonna. Surprised that the gas get in my opinion all they've been together since they're in thirty years. I don't name anyone by name that data our summary I gathered in the debacle while about why they look like. Part of your question what do whales feed their young. Yeah. What do whales have been there done that. He low dollar. What we call our are you there. Oh my god he's dead that I held up up up out of that at all I got until I don't UN force think yes ma'am kind of those look better. I thought that happens our ratings go to then there's likely to be milk. Well milk yeah yes yes well melt they do not go to the grocery store by counseling I think I would be wholly animal big. Drink of whale milk how fit do you think I don't know I think you'll just be so manly don't mean like. I just come off the bottom of the ocean with a big glass of well look. Yeah I've I would be like the most interesting man in the world. But how does have live yeah. I could eat some of those voters I'm Americans without any whales that are you kidding me I love milk we have you again fish you've had a goal of milk. Now I think tough milk would be like tiger line milk. Drink it lies no way those huge yeah but but a PL OE mail each other at. I feel like this though I feel like a whale right if you decide which are glad award degrees to myrtle. I feel like a whale would be. He be cool with a stranger about you yeah million obese uncle went out but I think that that Ted dryly duel through tiger like Jimmy audit. What do I do like Doug go under a leg up a cost of us just latch on and to start socket and I think that I broke it like with the inundated with every other middle. And be a big but I don't think I've ever seen in a blown away like you see the picture of the Whalen never seen anything like that it was in in the doorway and now look for example on a way. No but I mean you know you look at a little bit like you would think I mean yes this I'm saying I so you usually I lose and it is that even a lion whatever you see where their feet he needs someone like it's cold and I'm looking for your doubles but the staring maniac get your dog girls over there's like ten spots I hate from a dog's belly animal I. You get our blog rub the blood of babies and ears but like me and you covered a nipple again and as recently my dog message in braille yeah I hated news items like a man here not known it. There is they've done a far far 999 all another Tyler's past on news or decimated by the big game. Hello Becky welcome to the men's room. He and I thank you. Oh yeah yeah yeah on the floor and I will let me. Becky. Jesus that he was. With a pair of cold by the use of Ryder Cup final is the thing is the best bet you didn't have the good news. Was epitomized America it was Becky I didn't see also from the big bucks. I'll have my home crowd that is about it just keeping it may yell fat day your feel bad already low ball well. It's yankees moved by the old lady beautiful number for the should well me and my cause and there's an oracle. You very faithful gracious double gave the number she's like if we weren't busy to let go back my flight Heyman called thank you go back rituals. No goddamn thing. Aren't Bud's drive. Colin hello Colin welcome to the red room. All oh it's. It's over a silver. So repelled look at the show. How miserable would drag religion ugly. Adding Leo rich deadly bridge an ugly how would you describe yourself now. He's an outside I did not marry me that's our guess I'll marry you so miserable. Oh in Australia is here now wired so whether. Hello Larry how are you. Montana. Montana as ten below. God that legally where they'll I don't know it was like thirty hello I do believe you have like five kids based on the circumstances and your families of the candidates. I have an FB MW yeah the BMW. Yeah I got called that network in North Dakota eighty million dollars. OK but that is negative ten isn't cold enough. By the way Donald goes a good question and it says who is the gold digger and Tom Brady relationship. Because she makes more yet Tom Brady's good looking guy clearly it's yeah. Told yet. Oh yeah she makes substantially more money there I mean at least in the career and he he gave curtain but she makes a lot more greatest player to ever play in the NFL does not gonna make nearly as much money is the hottest political world. How to our taste and talent. I'm just being good looking right now again if you're really good looking at your war you still might be able to do OK looking. Because our talent is just being good luck she makes more than the greatest athlete also an all time greatest make of the Michael Phelps I mean if you look at medals water honor based understood that we can't he can't exactly. He's Jordan he's one of those off over he's in that category but gold digger. Here is your question Colin cook what's less fuel event happened that. Both today that Mark Twain was born David B guy that hits he was 79 years old. So Lester Jolie and the last you'll event it is. No I had no idea now now saying all day total eclipse of the sun. It's clearly John I don't lose everything you know. And another thought both. Look at the unit. The long time to waste haley's got to sounds like an adult and Palin like trump does an office. I don't know who had used comedy role beer meant. A by the way we were dogma will locals in a lot of people took time to Google will double miles in the car I want noting that way I don't know. Every were little all the data has responded bags that do not do it why can't do we. Global whale noble I don't know comes off it will Nichols weird you know I knew that no one is very the world around. And we'll look. Well it. Who would cry about. And try by the new lock in really. I thought Florida for the club looks like it. Oh see that's exactly how I would do it you guys think your face way up and it's kind of like I knew that I you don't yes Dick you know inside the home inside that thing out of my guess exposition looks like you fill level Dexter a marbles goldeneye oh I don't know enough hooligans and then. It looks like a plane refueled humidity does the trick and that's how I come up with a Wales bill yet. In the Dominican hold my breath for like an hour. All of it was something crazy would have. And if you. A rise on the surface of the water is about oil are now full well what I don't know yeah. It is that people are going to be like oh my god what a mail me about it I'll OK okay yeah on the well I think it is the problem we have brought a Newsweek and is you wouldn't. May have filed so ugly well known and so you'd end up in jail. Isn't illegal only I was talking a little nibble on as on the list. Risk medals. Reduce our brother solvable well would you rather soccer career is nipple and Wales at the moon why only look at the size of that will be. Our whole scholarly look at that it looks like Gene Simmons hunger regional war really. Well rolling stone's logo wow re a bunch of Kansas spam I actually don't feel bad for female wells you know somebody's Chad welcome. I'm sure. But then we'll talk about it yeah. Aren't here's a question what is the chemical symbol for so over. I am Nicole. Absolutely. Are there ethical and all the dead the member world. You would think. You'll probably mine four to Montana. You remind him a man. All of that old are all that's negative and or whatever the million dollar in my backyard I know and it. Taking the ball boy. I know it's one of two of these. You were eighteen. Eastern. You have to give the city. And I. Go any idea when that it like it very well or not vote. Our gadget okay American as big a Montessori. The fake milk is often referred to as having eight toothpaste like consistency. The Fannie mill provides a baby with lots of nutrients and energy which is required out the baby girl boy yet regarding the taste of whale milk. It is fully fatty and now more or less taste like butter thriller yet. What are they based missile food truck I wanna know who the sources. Quorum would you like to battery battery while those Google would do as well milk tastes like. Rule out the last election. We'll talk the second meeting new thing we'd put butter in your coffee now minutes well melt away and Obama told us and if you listen onto our show on Alexa Alexa turned off the men's room. I didn't get questioned. Him door is the capital city of what fictional planet. Mean. There are nerds screaming right now in unison the ball and I'll act and I don't attend are asked. Oh man I'm not use it okay there's only really know multiple cut. I'm an abdominal out of anger and it blew. They are telling me. Great job by the way. I'm in the middle of Montana wherever you are. I want to order pizza how many options do I have to. I asked. Anybody that all of our thoughts are there's an even keel you ignore you and ordered to different pizza from pizza governance. Yeah I mean you're dead air these and they're like the model pop Clijsters here I get out and Crowley OK I've checked three when you ought to get a bit to be great he'd like impossible or any go away. All I look at place up look legitimate edible got. All right now what you think about this to remember everyone was all about ego that much has changed. What an Egyptian city with established by Alexander the Great. And 331 BC. Did you say have a great library. News. All ego Alexander. The Great and establish the city. I don't know I am sure had to be somewhat limited oil I think at some of the mine like Cairo. I'm sure aussies there's no international let him quite good to tell you. What tropic passes through Australia. A. Yeah there's still. In its one of them. Both Lew also correlated to astrological sign of that don't you think of what they might do. At oracle. I had to wait lawyer Dan and other I don't know if not is that we're going to ask. And I heard their talent area that I missed that one I'm Australian and wherever they thought of as a cap core it's built for you can you all about James McDonough to big contest today for far 9990. Lamar big Demi coming up you are listening to the beds are radio network. Did you know and gentle men's room. Snap on the way sensitive details goes to the world of picky eaters. That's coming up right after emails in the men's room Evans or my dot com in the meantime the game is big dummy a 44999. Hole Steve is an ex contestant ready to play the game we called earlier he is back after being disconnected hello Tyler welcome back to the mid drew. Are you okay. Yeah. Yeah. Cola. All I was on. I don't talk about a contestant booted out they did but I was club questions warm and ready for you fresh out of the other. And here I wouldn't credit for the whale question. When you've got the entry correct. No I wouldn't have don't have meth don't feel bad about that. Think they are here's your question. What was the name and that I know is definitely dead at the moment if he thinks he knows the answer or he doesn't just has to think we're second you work like when a dog hears a seraguso live in the go ahead yeah. I'm tones about that what was the name of the middle favored daughter on full house. And I days. We show it would be. Robin you I don't know what it is. I do and only. Ted I don't feel when your man. I said there was morning a bold enough and my I have no idea that he personally I thought I was like ten minute. It is going to not belittled him in our. Let's go to our friends north of the border lovely and haven't Nevada. New Brunswick Nova Scotia in which other Canadian province make up the maritime provinces. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and what of the problems. It runs would know that tocchet said. New Brunswick Nova Scotia and one other Canadian province these three provinces make up what's called the maritime brought. Oh Debbie Albert you. Know it would just be a nuclear. That would've been my guess prince Edward I. But the very tough. Question number three. What is the colorful stage name for singer and he showed more. I. And ensure a more gentle Lady Gaga. It's rumored that they. I was feeling it. Made it but ultimately left side he avoided colorful state favorable for more was picked. Salt I've I'll add dollar to fall colorful adds the only item called for older quotes maybe at some point that out. I just yell at least ease some solution and I wanted to muffler. All right of course those go back to the world to geography which US state borders only one other state. You mean. It's not a government Labatt and not bad it'll. Wow. I'm so sorry I'm just back to react diplomat at the McAfee Arnold. They're all. Out of that infinity and beyond just let loose green with white typos and auntie misses you yeah there's always a good sign return game is up big dummy for parred 9990 lose our next contestant rated play the big game coach how rolling welcome to the men's room. It ought to. I have a yeah over nothing over. All local and didn't go to I loved the show tyra all of our miserable today. Would you rather be rich and ugly or more and really really really good look at. These little wherever it's an ugly this reach an ugly in the league I do believe that this. Or could be a funny sitcom with one good looking guy named Rifkind and didn't ugly I'm dog totally Richard I've played. But you know rich to give the guys somehow the unemployment and on the sofa and doctor ugly American bankers it's a all right here is your question in what state was Abraham Lincoln born. On the we. All you need. Mean the embryonic an eight floated as. Very good on his solidarity. Wild cat cat before he was in Niles at Frankfurt is over he was. No what's the name of the the the town is boarded. That I don't know is vornado log cabin in Kentucky well there really morning look down of course I mean that back. Back then I think log cabins pretty much whatever reason why did have a Condo in private weather so spouses waterlogged family he was born in the eighteen hundreds and it's cool to be boarded a lot guess it would be narrow the back then probably a hundred people relate gals do so why do you say log cabin meal tickets are. A big Lincoln logs. You know whenever there was good times. Here is big dummy for Florida 999 all of our contestants coming up and don't forget to head Jeff announced as we potatoes going to the world. I'll picky eaters and it's coming up. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.