01-02-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gives It A Try

Tuesday, January 2nd

Mens Room Blank Question: The first time I tried ______, _____ happened​


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You what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to bend anymore. There's our. Lord and down in the invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Hello Leo look at this November 2730. Guy now. Along with Steve the throw deal. Sue Ted Smith and love one ball. Add to my car. And our enemy and Breaux a. It's on good charge Ryan castle is into its fifth day and spin it. Today ten songs Ryan thinks are about Clark's. Has Clemens. From his back get ready to play profile this plus headlines a midterm shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a class period in your heart you know shocking news as the Nigerian prince who Cindy emails turns out. Not a Nigerian prince little. We Wiley College coach jumps up and grabs the wheel of a bus after crashes into a barrier and the facts. We're in Florida where lady masturbating a bus stop then uses a cops arm for a little extra help. Meanwhile a Florida man calls 911 after getting a tiny plants instead of leaving a review on Yelp. And cubs pull over a Florida woman drunk on a horse and the horse is now sitting in the impound lot. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've made no load. They'd take you and yours all right there's a saying that if first you don't succeed try try again. And obviously that's the case a lot of times it's well behind every success story but that said sometimes in the first you don't succeed to stop. There's no better case in point the guy in London into the storm total turnstile type in the mid June the subway. And I think he attempted because instead of clearing the turnstile at the other twig and berries GM in. The other dimpled tight that he needed police assistance to get them were off and give a mind who's the front of hundreds of witnesses. So I don't know I got them next time he does face the fact there's a guy who wanted to sail down the coast of Africa. Long story short it was lost conceive for seven months the sages he and his death I don't know how we did not eat the cat. Personally I would have kitten creditors that's just me get one month in food it was law for seven months he did meet cat. Either way he alien drug sailed on the coast of Africa but when the first time for everything we go to California the recently legalize the purchase old. Marijuana. And that's doing like a lot of people league super law abiding types that say you know what I'm gonna try marijuana for the very first time. The difference for them no good gonna come back this is not selling them go to Africa this week so today we have about reasonable question for you regarding your first time. To bubble boy question. The first time I tried blank blank. Half and could probably show going 44999. Only you can Mike commands or month FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and send your emails to the men's room have been your mind dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Hello Gil de LA alum shot over 2739. Program we have for today other turner profile as we'll get that's Emporia for the new year I hear the return of handsome men's room. And today we welcome in the drawn to charge Ryan castle. And we will sit and spin it as Ryan says today we get ten songs that Ryan believes or things are bound parts. So those are gonna start out this year Omnia on the mature tip today on this and spend because I don't mind them in barrels and do our men's room like question today and where to start out with a double blank her and it was a pretty big deal that marijuana was legalized in the state of California show if you are listening to son and an Iraqi Sacramento. For the fox on San Jose. I am sure this is a very happy that I'm Gloria. Finally be able to try we'd for the first time yes that's gone way beyond California. We hear now so weak economy and thank you for saying that because. You read the story early so we people gonna try we for the first time I just I don't buy it shark I'd like you're saying that. And taser interviewed on TV but like look man. Everyone I know had a beer before they turn 21 right chart I mean it's like there's no question about this macabre there's a town very personally there's another car we'd California. And right and now there's no ball and they're known for we'd go to the reason they changed the whole article the emerald what triangle some delight as a dangerous area actually lot of growers a fairly craziness going Angel counting on trial for the first time I ensure they are come off well but but there's a difference you know you there's been this stigma if you're a weed smoker of babies and the fact that it's illegal. And so for a lot of people I don't think either illegals you know just comes down to the fact of and that's just the way they don't feel like I'm not doing anything illegal. You know I'm just glad that Saudi government some only thing yes well yes tons of 080 yeah backe Soledad really if you I'll draw it. Yes I remember right I don't know how to them credit or just as they say that all the time and we'll just it's illegal so I was it will come here and then you can try and. Oh no no no no no no. But yeah I don't even have that felt really dismantle legally guess what. Like if you start Dorn a legal thing to put you top subtle work right you want them to start a boy that's BCA. This is what I'm doing it's not that I'm trying to run any kind of criminal enterprise and simply tried to keep my friends and a police force employed by a wake up you're welcome. Yeah now that California as you know has one of the biggest economies. It's a moral and obviously the United States well based on that. And as far as the cities are concerned. The amount of money we're talking about based on the population in California. Based on areas like San Diego Los Angeles, California the Bay Area. Sacramento California all these places with heavy populations they're gonna make a ton of money off of this deal now. One thing that has already been proven to be true. About the marijuana industry is it it's not the guys it's not the people that we know who were the ones that are like well. It. There are some of those guys who you don't wanna. Try we'd just based on whatever reason they have but the trend that that we keep reading about the we keep saying about in the states RD made illegal. Is that it's more of an older population for the first time. That's going in and trying we'd and that there's a growing number of seniors who that's okay been part of your life and dial I'm not trying to sound simple I think the way to stated his triumph for the first time. After a long time. Probably Corretja yes shore and it exactly in in more so what is your grandpa lied to you did because he know any growth of the sixties it and it first if you're not if you're not if you if you don't understand like like anybody else before. They legalize week here in Washington State you don't our idea was all right now it's. And guess what you did stowed that's true but there's a lot more to it and that includes an doubles and pain medication. And topical ointment that work and all these different things were like look man didn't start maybe you're 82 year old grandmother doesn't want to do love him I think she doesn't wanna get high but that the cream for her hands her her arthritis or her legs or. There was a vice episode not too long ago when they were here in Washington State in this woman's like no I don't wanna try the lead and she didn't try to weed but she takes that crap and she puts that. The look the lotion on her feet and she can fit into her shoes. Images that keeps the swelling down and all these different things you can do about bigger shoes he comes and yet well you know what that's I think Barack Obama why you buy those types you'd have corrected it. I don't really the bread whole life is not an airplane what's going on here you're just not dealing most well what did you buy get tied to her feet again a real cynic but I really eulogized by a bigger huge you revel weaned on your feet come on man there's a lot of medical benefits and I salute I still legal ball committed just like any smoke weed yesterday because I was in pain you can now let's face it I mean come off exhibit hours I was coming home. Well yeah pass and check if that's how I left but the good grades battered praying to Israel had a hired so bad it. Horror anti mankind cooperative in San Diego lines were long and there was a forty minute wait to get to the the newly legal Canada's. Buyers. From as far away as Iowa Kansas and Canada. Trek to California to get their hands on legal week. For twice central in Santa Ana opened at 7 AM there were dozens of people lined up for the shop opened it. By 9 AM those line of more than 100 people in San Jose have buddies. Buddies get anybody's which received very hey John Fox down there and that's San Jose on descendants of that blood from bodies yeah the buddies will take us achieve our indicates headwear alien needs days. Have a hybrid have a high I don't I don't I don't railroad that help you going to vote like a lighter bigger than the other two I think there's a lot of these places were obviously medical places both forehand show they just turned into. Just straight up B recreation recreational we. We have folks outside here. Held overnight looks to be around fifty or sixty they say. It urban leaf in golden hill. They rented a forty foot bus to bring customers from a bar Pacific beach to the store they didn't need to. Drivers are making deliveries in San Diego we can deliver marijuana in twenty minutes it's like Pete that. Said Wilson co-founder ordinarily the same time he says words such capacity inside we have 75 people in line lines getting longer might be better just get a delivered. He could get as many as a thousand people by the end of the day. I would say this too if you've never lived in state where marijuana is legal it's nothing gets any of the stores but. It's not a fast process sure well it's not like running and any ground a twelve pack of beer like it now it takes a minute we haven't violated. We need is the theme and things move and about that speeds very professional but like if you're hurry wait until we haven't heard too much about Nevada except for the fact that Iran we the first couple days insisted I haven't heard much more about there situation I'm sure they've opened up more stores are now losing money. But once they're not a loser wellness stuff those. You're gonna drop out of hops into beer and street five sixers back whatever what kind of and Reynolds fighting about cops and if you're smaller brewery that this. Getting the supply I was biblical Moses Sam Adams I believe yes look when we will provide hops to the masses will take care right we. Because we enjoy the competition and make it to the rep Abu Abbas so if Nevada's running out to be right just based on the sheer numbers of people come and I'll look. And I'm a California can I legally as that but I'm not old distributor I'm rob river does not mean running it like. In the trunk of my car would Andy say that you have a businesses and oh look man we can we can supply and Nevada and noted in the ideals they do I know you candidates can't cross state lines because the idea but he in the business like business yeah the business they are anaerobic in if you give Willie's reserve which is Willie Nelson's we are Willie Nelson has is a scientist humans to doubt now was there when when Willie's strain opens up in California it's going to be from California grower now he might have a string that he likes he might get the seeds like here's Willie's our intention. And yeah they've got a growth there and it's got to meet a certain standard of Willie's you know like you can't win and the same thing willingly allowed a lot of they had thrown out on but we doubt definitely really amateur and then if you're an organ Willie's got a guy. And Willie and more than Michael would get a guy in Hawaii too but every one of these states they need to grow their stuff that OK so it's not that it's all like if you took. One strain. The Willies weed and got them from all five states that they carry the weed and all gonna be from different growers and all gonna be different we can cut but they'll still get the Willie stamp of approval connected to a good for sure I guess yeah I mean is that the best way it it is. The stated I mean well it might be proud of how they are doing and others and they do it state by state is difference like Colorado to needed to correctly riches. They just kind of took the the medical stores that already had a bunch of wheat and like all right you can convert some of this into. Preparation OK where's the receipt of washing kind of separated them. And then at first it was tough to get the stores that's already happened Nevada. It's it's up to give the supply up because you gotta get out yet give out licenses to grow recreational we'd. How is how do you open the stores you need that depth few months I thought they does. You know what they probably did it just to get the legislation through my amendment no push back on this and on him a century years like drop all that nonsense. I can't abide by the order and caught up you know and I mean OK Bret yes I think that is that to do that to some people would vote for the people that from a to give you an idea Canada are when that would they're looking at their stuff because they're gonna go there though the entire country candidates gonna be legalized and I believe that the public they did through provinces well how console. But but still you couldn't. Unlike the United States if you can grow a BC and sell that in Nova Scotia so you can you can remember about it a doozy blow you across province lines but there. Like I wanna say in. In Calgary. There's the age two in bide his eighteen. Okay where if you go someplace else or might be nineteen or like they are no rules but other than that so so camera as opposed to make about three billion bucks off this deal and they expect Colorado. Colorado made about four billion. California they believe is gonna make five point two billion revenue in 2018. And by 2027. Billion. Annually. Yeah which is insane that's that's that's pretty that's a lot of that's a lot of the aid of our tax dollars. And let's face it if you're under the infrastructure all that stuff toward your guard unit there there's in my wrist some markets and two Froyo Biden as we've said before a lot of people who tried marijuana for the first time. They can't get hired because and I used to smoke and then on how to inhale awful memories and animals do not work well let me know well view bush. The people. Good to read a lot of people try to smoke they don't Immelt right or whatever and everybody's been no big deal but that edible you can't release out that. If you swallowed it then the highest common and the thing is it. Yeah people tightly and takes about fifty minutes hits like well maybe it took you fifteen to might take me 45 minutes but you the way I have learned the hard way I think we'll have. Just trust who led the high is coming soon before you say I meant giving anything you need that make him even now man we all know most of those venerable old habits every time. Just just wait times straight year that story a thousand Tylenol animals and the fungus. Don't like we did wait Annan we are gonna and have a debate senator controlled him and that they are Dell's third if you if you buy in the store their ten milligrams of of TH seedings qualities. Well considering how they don't work you know and and I handsome and well what's I don't know how to teach some of these animals animals are tough frank he's depends on body size mass and then your tolerance. I had forty milligrams. Of THC a few champagne. For new contract a nice it was OKI Lanka but I dealt with but you know like it doesn't worked out well for me for whatever reason is just not it's not worth me spending the money on because I don't. I'd rather buy sell the champagne and circumvent it. Eat you know what no it was because it gives you can't mix. Alcohol. And campus but sure enough there is usually you're not supposed to Wednesday so. They make it with like it's like a sparkling grape a sparkling apple like there's no alcohol and a black justice filing Bob believe it's filled with THC. OK so you're bubbling so I have a news there about and I mean I know people like Ozal grow into college not too long ago and she she discerning animals and she relented and she's now he says he gets dropped it I talked throughout just walking on the street I'm numbers Amanda Talladega and chaos college have seen a lot of it and as an 118 animal when the woods. And now my friends who lost my mind as I go good for you see it I see again and I liked that she won't do it then that's I think animals were more than you give him credit for. Well they they do the disorder for me no no no no no didn't you will you I've watched you loosen chains doctor. I don't know I don't know that was not an annual compatible it was a brownie was the Truman and we did it. Yeah well I think credible in the house with you pulled your knees appeared just pulled your shirt and does rock I had that the media rock that doesn't leave him alone that was the reason was that what he gave me in the match and had no idea what about all drove a Spokane you drinking. Hundred blog I think I'm. Animals equitable global slightly more of the but I was like come on some crap you're like that word that I'm working for him the next day Iraq's I passed out I I'm fed up. How about ninth. Tackle so I think they robbed a gas. Maybe they do I just don't feel I don't I'm gonna do have a trouble Wiki he's. Since you've by the time it worked I don't think you think do work yes but don't guard him. Compatible with a different kinds and smoking totally doom again as the thing and I'm like you've never done anything to be so Babineaux and don't know now mushrooms have taken me don't placed before Micah. I don't know. Look I'm out through I think I'm done of them OK I think I don't know I mean I don't you know I shouldn't say that everyone has an orgasm that puts America. Oh my there aren't airline. Are there off but we would do mouthful right now not how you handle a lot better than I do you think I did you know you do and I do I do not handle a very well I definitely just if you are all up and both think they don't tell people what you cease to be able to talk until a third phase is melting off but I had. And that's all I can see you and it in my brain in my. I know what's not but the look ridiculous to right now but I don't of the hour to tell them and I'm just learn to shut up. Let them simply got to say man just be cool after we interviewed solely from god smacked and from a mushroom and he shirtless and angry and all remember is as he says badly isn't the bulls were melting off of I eat comes into my head I don't think that he had all that's normal. Yeah. Yeah that's just hours after all. But normally I can't say anything we're doing an interview but I can I say Heyman and are your knuckles melt that's also seems like you're handling it but is it basically just be quiet down and not. But everything that took a look at it with that excuse me. Apple's melting why why don't you think when you're tripping that's what what is said colonel Lawrence Gordon. Bulls took during the side to it. Yeah I'm Lauren Manning low it was very weird very well first I tried blank blank happened 844999. Alone cannot deploy now by the way out Alessio I got. From Brian castle but he said made him. What ever you do because he did not want them okay he was partying ways that should have been an indication that maybe these rooms were retarded he did not want them he did not want to do is we just take tomorrow I'm. Then he says man promised to want to work event where we can be gotten. This is Jimmy from men do not take them during the event and if you do just don't take them to ensure surgeon turned bank had to go through it distorts Brenda house and they are losing rose at a concerts at a place called organ ridge which is north of Baltimore and it's on a hillside and this just bridges woods around and maybe some horse farm decrepit that I don't know. But nobody. At the time that I did this before this. He had a peanut butter he got us into peanut butter jelly sandwich and it actually was pretty impressed of this technique he's like look what you do business. You make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you put your mushrooms in the middle of it and basically by the time you transport this thing where you wanna go. The mushrooms have some what's taken in. Some of the jelly some of the peanut butter they're not as brutal they're not hard to their liberal voice in it's a little bit easier eat the Mike is a great ID. So I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich they're putting the candy as a piece has been about enjoy sounds as well we're sitting on the side of the ridge and George Clinton is about ready to come out. The next thing I know I turned to the side in my buddy's got paid ripped his shirt off and here to defend someone that anything is running into the look past. And I'm like god. Dammit. You know I mean like if he can't Affleck wears clothes still there. Down the blanket unrest and yes good golf it really took off and running and he's just got his underwear as Ron and in his boxers he's got to shoot he's got issues off the entire. They just runs over the. How much are now on god. Oh not so okay. So I you'll often goes on my guy got to find magnifying clicked and ten minutes goes by which seems to me like four hours of course you don't mean like an option and well. So I take off and I go around in the woods after a while walking slowly in the first thing I come up on his two people having sex is he one little know but the woods on disliked. All right they're kind of right near right the trail is right there brother got to walk by them see if I can like see my body related find him. And I know that's not him in a good to see him and you see her and wanna stare but I like. OK when I do I turn back around and I got told the girl whose with a blank in my Heyman. You don't want by the scholastic define these guys just feel we're back I think that path that this is how do don't do stupid. She takes off it goes unfair she's back in 36 figure did do it again along by the book make eye contact with it yeah. Hopefully we'll be done soon you know worried about public image they understood that Daniel as so do your comeback he came back later on yeah night. You Waterloo eroded he goes forever yeah what did you guys moved twos like we haven't moved or if we visiting in the same place in there to. First dodge a blank blank Gavin 844999. All your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Drive drive drive drive gasoline has since they tends logs Ryan things are about thoughts that should be entertaining as we kick off the new year here with their right castle and has since been coming up. Our question today amends or double blacker first time I tried blank blank cap an 8449990. Hello Gary welcome to amend drew. Low it's. Hey guys. Yes so the first time I tried sure rooms yeah. There. I know went to a blockbuster video. And I saw the movie titles fast yeah circa. And I could not out loud thanks out of college class and so loud and solo on the demand came over threw me out of the block but it is relaxing at the time. The collapse under the title berth that's all shaft that I made me laugh quite a bit and I thought shaft in Africa and I lost. The truth is I do it at itself and how long were you there laughing root for the guy Daewoo. I mean it is five minutes. Sir I thought well what some call it earlier yeah when you met I mean week when you wake up the next day after that you're you're you're face hurts from smiling. Oh sure no laughing all night it's just like you're all types like you know like you're just like Iraq and all tired boom as your says that you've taken the time to watch shaft and Africa. You know. You owe it to yourself to do it in my ovals is to the movie right isn't really Isaac Hayes go order. Who's not as a day until round three as you can I really go to Africa and what do you know about shaft from Africa or did you not make you pass the name. Are related Pasadena like Ernest goes to camp like I didn't know hey I'm Kathy. And it. Capacity exists right guard skills to detail the sound goes that gas goes to Africa south I looked and I a year ago Jeff goes to Africa and Leon good viewing area goes down. 1973. What you know humans aren't alone and hundreds of Richard round three million Muslims here. Let's just see the art. You know here's user reviews. Only half a look at all of it bad with these flowing in that man can hop veteran that has done it if if if if it takes time Google. Okay you have to Africa IN Johnny paid a four times. Sense that there's a movie called Jeff goes to Africa doesn't yet why does the average death in Africa. He's at home the highest New York City apartment I've been he's a drug with a tranquilizer dart. Could kidnapped logo for the rural poor and if it epic epic if so and then ease. These kidnapped in persuaded by the threats of physical force the promise of money and the lure of had to eat tutor. I don't know travel Africa. I felt they got tricked into going on now one name on this Cassel is did you recognize it and Richard Roundtree on Martha. Frank Finley on know who's not. The net and McGhee. And and a Manny may blend. Jacques curling yeah I've never heard of any of these we need Mike Terry part of the description which says that the brother man in the motherland. Yeah connect it all away. My brother and you don't need to be on mushrooms divide that it. Yeah the man who learned anything father in law owns the only talent and if that Natal is kind of funny there too like for people like Natalie. Big guy would have never known he was basically altered until just like after couple minutes of like something's wrong out environment allows for from doubled over in a little distorted point you at Atlanta we already know the flip side like I've been to concerts and had conversations with people. And like you kind of think they're a little strange if you don't notice them notice that sideman mushrooms Nadal. All right and as a ton more sense now. That's why is so much about you let the worst Truman as an excellent library was among laughing was with Stephen he was even on true we're in this place and angers LaMarcus and ammo because if you listen goes up there in the morning. Out he's probably still there. I'm sure you know he's I know he's stove and either way we go to this guy does since 1978. I go to this place Amanda and there's this guy made changed a thing he's worked in the Barney's got OP corduroy shorts off. And their purple. Now I don't know if you remember Opie ocean Pacific corduroy shorts but you know they're the definitely dated it says nineteen never battery out of my right on them okay that's nor is a must that but as you know at the time you're up there everybody is doing a magazine and he you know perfected its its not a lot of light disguised his legs his legs look like just in the white glow sticks you Jefferson into the night. And he had like a dog Obama shirt on this stuff and I mean this is not what you think about his late he should had a surf clickserve shirt or something that's kind of how we look he look like what Magnum PI look like it Magnum PI we're castaway shore was it like warm for Alaska when you're there no are on loan baby so may you know you might he write him off and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well we dragged outside right but as soon as you look down and that you could not stop laughing and we just got our stakes. And I mean it was he couldn't stop I can. I always point them like all of our guys including getting kicked out here it's like this day just arrived it's physically you know and you don't think it's gonna get kicked out of here with leading to keep doing tickets we pick I just had to get up and leave permit just so I can catch our breath. If it for a out of a guy due to head images I loved him. He's still there I dared on notice at the Paris first on my drive blank blank tab and 844999. Cola should we need Adam takes that next rival Honda I was kind of out of bounds on the man. Oh man how. I mean I'm if you did you did Jeremy I don't remember a Philly guy was I think you're a gamer wrong now let's not just through the summer I think. Exactly sure what this I. The shark. First by John blank blank tab and 844 at 999 polo lounge a warrior tells an appearance acts. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.