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Thursday, March 8th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has the Most Famous Fast Food Flops! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Thank god and today for a hard 999 LA if you would like to be contesting America Online playing fourteen or not sober and Eric you are our question to our quick side note miles deep bass player is easy top. Is dusty hill dusty and people are killing me because Akins and they declared his wasn't illegal I should know this I thought I might ascendant. In a certain way but I did overall ranked I don't think convincing I didn't know who else was like three. All right here is your next question. If cats are feline and dogs are canine what are banners. Yeah it. And doctor. Its shares are known as bovine almost. They're there's are. Carnivores. Iraq are seeing her singing. Well I think like that had no idea that violently and her scene near you or SI any groups you barely. Like did I just can't Ursa I Ursa Major all right don't understand. I don't adopting their word. I don't question what is the name of the little dots over lower case I Georgia. It. Yeah me. Mean it. The best day in Iraq. After the database they do today we make fun. And dot all the lower case JT excuse me my name is Johnny on the starter in who. I couldn't settle sometimes a harder. Question for Eric. One of the world's most popular first name. It. Man nice word guarantee game is big Demi. 844999. Hole who's our next contest in red played a big game hello Shane welcome to the men's room. This rebounds to understand. All the PH. Men's room Paul Fagan universe remain a bald eagle mermaid from your pets or burger made from a person you have not met. We built a minute unit excellent excellent choice and assurance and that's not weird. And I'm regular with human. All right well a new wardrobe. Would you find an angle it. All the director and. The wife of Kevin. In the background check them shut up. And just dish there I guess is yet. Yeah don't tell that to death and a jump ball with a baseball I'd take care sharing. I'd say. What kind of alcohol to be used in thermometers instead of Mercury honestly seen hundreds. And it's all got shut up what kind of alcohol that they used inside of thermometers and federal Mercury in the 16100. Yet to boost. Whiskey. Writing and Coca he's got back in. An old lady and the question. Which he has the record for the quickest sexual intercourse it averages three seconds. I don't feel so bad anymore wow is an entity. Oil if it was a bitter they say the angry is eight out there now are definitely three seconds and so that's why there if your penis is off you know and done. They use that they won three seconds of take it came as they donate a 449990. Look who's our next contestant right to play the big game. Hello Carter welcome to the men drew. I know Carter won't. So we're. You gotta take one here he's earning a bald Eagles burger made here better affirming from a person that you have not met. They go to the first and of that person you never met now in the lead. Staggering. Proudly so. I do. Because you don't have any. Nothing cannibalism back I guess not well your Lackey and accountable for I mean I gotta get alerts without. Not do it if I like for people do know I'd like Iraq. Suggested that the all right paper money that's 45% linen fibers than 75%. Ones. Oh Roland. Trees. All right you're questioner. What does DHS stand for. Yeah. Out. Luther. Where did the search engine Google get its name from. The one before the. Later date on Google may never go. Are multiple choice. Which animal you go the longest without water. The cable Hawaiian or the direct. Well oh million lion. That was Dennis Moore thanked. Don't get along and mean like they're always running each other whatever that you got to get the idea that I could make good of the watering hole looks like were when girlfriends relate at least for a second minutes. They get their drinks as easily as they wander off their enemies again I don't know man I ain't lion thing to attack things down by the water hole. OK I was crying and allied crocodiles for sure yes but wait. Our romance in video for the elephants on the lines are side by side with a little bit. Put the clubs are playing baby elephants and essentially elements in forming out to defend themselves comes learning and hard. In the moments from Boca keeping a watchful eye but there's no. Like everyone's drinking at three will bring the baby to blame Barnum and stuff and like Kirkuk it's an uneasy truce. I think any use the word went out without beer. Aren't they see that today meet at a news right here is your question. What are the names of the two wars whose names do not end with the letter Y. All. Extraordinary. Change. Are donating or. Dock. Our starter question. Certain things. Don't be so true I mean it depends on the humidity epic. Loopy hit it. How hot his are slowing alone. So aren't. It's a line in the same and I thought there was no real groove created an edit so hot and humid logo and a a couple of them this. But what where when you found the smallest bone in your body. Off all depends on the truth pop group with community whoa what are your. Never got to announced earlier that the smallest Boehner about it yet I figure to be some are your foot guys is it emitted tedious task droopy. Jurors are pretty through these. Yeah man everybody's asserted the old folks over justice drew videos. Drew be happier now the original board grandma's got a new boyfriend is true Billy Ashley. Pat I'm just look at YouTube's new ads and I come near Pasadena under very. I do is make donate 44999. All of those are next contestant ready play the big game trooper would have lotion on trashy talk again tomorrow as Julian pounded don't know where we also have a girls open source it looks like you don't like about both of the attachment it's you know so just open sore. I love Katie welcome to them. It's over now. In October. Our new group called each one of the burger made a bald eagle. Burger made familiar territory burger made from another person you haven't met yet. All they welfare and our ball Eagleburger. What they can on that. I absolutely okay if they know who'll let me go over and you're into question. Now I won't be is the capital. Well what country. I know us. Instantly made them go you know who did the wrote off. Desperados to. The left left left. No laughter I was not laugh weren't there are no bad thing we have to pick out his welcome pillows and realized I hope that. All right here is your question multiple choice for many swears him just scored 364964. Or 81. Don't purchase any. Exactly I tell you remember after. Now I got lucky to. I dictating your question what language has the most words has about one million words and. English. They Chinese know English get out of those that are there is an English so hard for other people learn is that we have so many words that mean the same thing. I know the battle for every word we have looked like five of words that mean exactly very until we didn't use that. I don't know that we all use that judgment for borrow a million available for us to use. Ladies and gentlemen we have a brand new biggest enemy of all time OB Johnson and Tony questions to get him right and he was playing for teams over in that honest about happened today. I don't know I Sherlock is gonna we've got the head Jeff in that announces weld says meat and potatoes as the most famous fast food flops. Of all time and yes we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day that's all on the way you are listening to the men's room video network. It's miles. I had Jeff coming on designated retain knows. The most famous fast food lobbed the ball climbs coming up the return. No as Sherlock is on the way as well first time for a few emails here in the men's room mad men's or my dot com. Hello guys my husband and I are big fans of the show I would love to wish my husband a happy 25 birthday holiday barbershop quartet fish sandwich thanks guys that from Sarah. Is it sooner we borrowed this and we had. She's done her own desire. Television cameras and he's still really gays in the morning and afternoon and. Hello fellows can you please give my husband's job on the birthday shout out on the show he is a big fan he is going to be a first time dad at the end of this month and I would really appreciated if you guys can please let him know he's gonna be an amazing dad and give a special shout out maybe even dolls and a little turner dirty German action. Thank you guys appreciate that from the lovely brandy. Yeah we will move them read the letters M and W in my. Two and a moment back it was so one hour. And I'm an affront to who say much. Yeah a Cogent haven't they. We'll give photographic memories remember who picks the team Houston looks like. The outcome of the Dizzy Gillespie spoke to blow the truth. It's. Shoots. June I wanna. Right now Jamie birthday is today please feel free to make fun of his girly name in German if you can just given some journal sexy if the if not all turtles thanks supper actually and it's a dirty German guys making fun of his name which is Jamie. Yeah Jamie I don't run the good living and to do very sticky. Now you have such early news. That road runner on both is too badly needed. Do you. Do you think women still with us like we're gonna go visit. Have them do the job. But the basic. Hope you guys to your birthday is just my boyfriend Dustin Erickson had a birthday money. Thanks for being a good friend could get a giant bong hit followed by a what the F is that row. Thanks guys keep up the great show of love you that from rise. All I just a lot of my beautiful Johnson needs April turns 28 and since he's only one hair ball away from becoming a crazy cat lady I would like to request the dirty dirty Germans talking about pets. You can disable proves to us posted on like the risk is. Yeah personal income to play as soon. Next on both ends of golf for the council to. Oh do audits my amazing husband Stephen thirtieth birthday he's artist working construction leading commercial fisherman I know. But it please givens of dirty Germans I love you handsome and husband and her I love you handsome husband man thank you guys that from the lovely Tara Tara some. Now for the most they were going to who lives in its day. That's events. We'll both take turns in for him to life. It involved pick. This is not a quiz your birthday shout out to my wonderful wife Kristen. Her 51 trip around the senate today didn't she get a huge big old bomb hits. And maybe some nasty nasty Germans it is national being nasty days so late on guys because I am mad from Steve. Yeah if I did change the order of the alphabet I would put you in front of the John Hudson fifty plus within. And that's one over The Who went to Princeton. It's about the month of apple thought this. So fruits. Software today. It is now my old dirty 36 billion plays the birthday song as well as may be a geez Louise and Europeans is too small. Hang in there bitches who made my day's worth wild. While Australian. There is a fire and totally not as a fire alarm Michael Young guy like do we have to leave when you how to we judge this we always ask the simple to well first of all the disbelief on skis he then showed enthusiasts continue just to reverse this process and really cling to that can be dirty Larry got carried out I think. Yuck it's hot the the funny OK business only he's got any urgency now if we die on the air just remember when they play this on the local news clearly want to election would go. This into the all of them did terrible client business they don't can't just listen to both face the real like the bad I looked I can man wheels here here ago. I'm not happy about it okay yeah I've been OK okay patent and I'd say I'm playing good you know. Big day yeah okay Germans brought by men's. Also available through the news world fame on men's night doesn't come another sign retailers. The shrine flat due. It's really got to sponsorship and Andy didn't even had a flames a brand. Silicon their turn and no I survive we'll break Intel's with a shot of the day one last time Brian Vaughn who hit my first hedge. So aren't studio arteries and not a very good looking concerned Barry announced today on the real Lisovicz on the fire in. And we're all here are very much like OK I'm just you're listening to us machine San Diego's for the short run we appreciate everyone leaving later this. On yeah. All of elegant out of there a lot together they lead and as they would your machine on what you oughta bring him when he wanted to and a lot of fire. Even though and now are good you're really are right and right. I know there are gonna win but it's not all I hear that only supposed to do or at least those catch on fire what. There is a fire that's above us. We are you sure we're safe. I'm leaving tomorrow night at an early favorite hey guys there's a fire on the twentieth floor for real you got to meet you. OK I have to admit other radio for a law that Jordan plays relentless got a virus or does that not not not in the regular route and there have been countless kind of fire. I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to do at. Now the next commercial break last moment hey John good guy I got the bill McCallum as we're gonna generate a little busy right now as bad timing on. And a bunker and I went really I find normally. Anyone didn't even get a likely to watch every co worker we have Lee. The last that I you're safe and comfortable in the big you can hear right before he died laughing about it he's. Always got today dead if it. Yeah go. Well I think whenever I thought that maybe they don't Obama talk about the food and everything you guys about life all right what did you learn about how. I'm gonna last. The last segment ever the pacers are welcome back you know you can. You can set this thing. This is nail biting you realize the ratings we are getting right. People who isn't anything when they think you're gonna die they just hope we really happened was I don't know it felt like campfire that the nervous laughter. Yeah. So. Sometimes it fast then there's. Who should I hate and eventually I really today. I. Yes but the fact affects student leaders of the pop stuff with its its ability. Do you back to fly off the ball I okay. This is. Important stuff first of all yeah I don't think I do think go to right now that you saw a nondescript as far reported for the fourth. Yes they probably even after. Civic Reynolds had one called gold wing grille Golding grill it's not a grill for your teeth made out of goals went for golden girls. No we meet is over 75 years Bloomberg remember that canceled wells gives them in the sixties okay that's what. But then I remember how to pitch pineapple on a cheeseburger I'll come off also just Amman it's why we didn't even think that's okay. This one was never in the states it was sold in Norway. But it was called the mic Africa. Hello I don't know if they cancel this in 2002. Pretty recent it was Peter prepared burger sold in Norway I don't know what you think you have read make it from Africa we'll make Africa yeah. Shifts. Its attention back to earth chicken sandwich. Yeah. Did you that you guys remembered for it to stop Vince the committee local mixed stuff but it basically got hot racquet. The thing you just think about the fire out of the back of your mind right now opened fire if he's so his mind. I listen don't worry folks who are reporting I yeah I know you're mix up and that's what this looks yeah. Think it was also important aim was canceled hypocritical that a bit stubborn. Ginobili is still gold got mixed up and yeah arms yeah Burgundy stuff but let you know both the idea. Yeah. The picks up for this kids books in 1993 it was French market ups Bert and some proof that we're currently teriyaki chicken. I'll know. Are. Call now we're really going Downey got downstairs that's good yeah I don't know what I know that is where look below us. Knowledge about the fire went on to a full. Excuse me. We've shown you this ticket buyer does hold on the closing of the fires. Everybody is gonna hear this so that now we know how good that these are selling its on the nineteenth floor like you know they keep them from then we have a problem but did you shut the elevated about dad yeah they're a fiery kid yourself obviously wish you'd want folks know. Only Timothy all right Africa. Ontario when back to make this but I. Fisher bites and odds of that they're the folks just look at 2013. Exactly what you think they are the by dishing out hits. They don't want your fish and fish nuggets also I think coach Berger for their part now you don't need to imprison you nice triple. My best hitter the next big. Nick DLC. Didn't need to be an all you have indeed canceled in 1994 when I kept lettuce and Smith hit what does separate container to maximize freshness. Up front this freshman. There's a momentary freshness and Christmas yours freshness that's. Once mighty mouse over they remind you winks. I. Those are the incident in 2003. Basically they were just too spicy inexpensive low visibility there. And I still think a lot of places trying to but I think for chicken wings are generally in general Clark and I'm very OK I would see. All right to go about U member of the while both. While full flock of hope and doesn't break the thing with eggs and bacon an event and a Golf Channel was just a lawful right that was canceled. And 4013 replace my biscuit taco. The taco bells also back in twenty team. With egg shell. Okay I'll yes I'll commercial advantage is that they've won Friday. And yet. Talk about for awhile also. This is canceled in the eighties that they had the seafood salad. Taco salad when my initiative shrimp it's no grant and Tyrone. No offense a path by the way would you trust an egg that that retains a disables talk emotional. Right yeah entire time you eat I understand Friday does Bermuda bargain physically old Muslim and now down an entire taco. And aid kind of keeps its statement. I just what murder late that day. Mean I don't know up front and rubber chicken can I do think it fast foods there's some liberties with mistakes. There have to be yeah because there eggs do things that no good recreated home ever. Yes this actually sounds kind of also working better burger shots as it is six back a little mini sliders. I'm about there's an cancel bent yeah base of the flyers were as popular but it in their offense they kill the bad 2004. We all those sliders or super popular now and everybody loves a humans I think. Now if they maybe bring them back. I don't journalism uttering. That's what's fun to say it Burger King the egg enormous outlets and the discontinued due to a health concern electronic health concerns yeah I guess it impact 330 milligrams of cholesterol and 1940. Noted that the Soviets out of it's area. Health concern that we know what's going on holidays and know he's already gone. Weird. Dairy queen biggest Kenya and discontinued in 2003. B dairy queen breeze. Was a frozen yogurt I'll turn it. I right on them both Hoover like about DQ hysterical fit of military when multiple women named Marie and observe them as a cold Barca good. Oregon. Sarah go now or railway officials now are really official no it's. There is they finally know I was going to floor you use half two exits. You have these fears we are not being called out of the building poker tour funds Cupertino this fantastic show. Fully. Thank god going to behalf parent don't you think I was Greg de Beers like Villanova eyewitness yes exactly rather is gonna Diana big ball. And what these guys whoever the press contact. First discount on the samarra where our guys come out of I don't breast got a bench tap. UUUUUU. That I Italian companies if you don't I don't you know it was nice Italian deli style sandwich and get them home with sweat so he can kick it. Joba down by the gold chase if you run mobile would you commemorate and want snapped Wendy's also. Get to this in the late ninety's they had the super bark. The salad bar inside the restaurant I never know it's an open. If I know is there a big potato bar for awhile so makes sense but also I remember a place on the East Coast got Roy Rogers and they had a salad bar policy inside. I yeah. I don't know I like put my own stuff on top let me condiment bar is probably the best bar and things sound stupid engine and took the idea value so Bart equally though. This is a strange occasion for me where I'm walking in sitting and eating inside the restaurant I don't why it always happens when Perez and Mike. Is this real fast food yeah absolutely confident Arby's and some town a no go on like a never senator festive place is crazy look at all these offices. He didn't think it. Is also by Jack in the Box then they had offerings. They were canceled in 1979. It was the onion ring slash fry combo. I get out take I agree with this that might be the best idea on the list and I think Jack in the Box Burnett back and checked right now. I now am I think it's I don't know what I like onion rings that I like French Fries overall one I have verdicts. Friends for every white frames friends thank you had generally appreciated British are going to be right back 100 it tells jonbenet's coming up and the return of no as Sherlock is up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. This guy out today is moments away the first our own Steve the throw hill Colmes the globe takes it. The reverse stories and headlines the story. And show. Moving back and their parents basically ruins their lives. Right well no. Sure rock star to be so hard but that's him. Firing employees over sex orientation violates federal law yeah. Sat. More than one in fourteens are six. Well the monkey's uncle and Sherlock haven't met numbers load. Media Tony modular not admitting to doing now they're the phones again tomorrow. 66%. Below the holes have nothing saved for retirement. Not and they live at home when have we don't have that shot late. Brag a gift that even talent always get on him a whole lot emerged and one run this way it's through every generation at this point in the generation and oldest message in a bottle found. I'm beach gee you oil occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that knows Sherlock. World does anyone ever picture thought it you said I found a message in the bottle my Goodling would beach where you add. We don't expect confronted anywhere else. Trump's lawyers as payment of porn star was reported their suspicious by the bank. Oh and she cannot. Maybe taxi drivers don't need progress maybe they just don't want to be more flow. Chart odd. It is a member of list fewer employers testing for drugs as marijuana legalization strips yeah. So she shows or for anyone. Pumping millions of gallons of fluid in the bedrock causing them to shift resulting in earthquakes G oil workers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl kinda bragging Dana. I think that's got to be Franken. What else do you do that all right. The net profit was actually so it sounds bad to Margaret Warner and don't you and don't think there are helping with. Water supply either ma contingent I don't know someone anything. Pumped and pumped into your mother. Pujols. Africa what you want him a mother of an animal talking trash you've got to play. And it's now earthquakes and I don't know you people whom in my family member Wada and mile mile. Najaf Iraq. Not a blaze is focusing more and more on TV. Monkey's uncle. Joseph I could yeah. Media player making movies and stuff to write they weren't sure from the back of my favorite headlines. Parent now I have a cat miles you have dead and my podcast can. And I I have always been looked like we can't catch personal. Guess he's cool the tech it's a lovely kids but I've always maintained one thing I believe to be true. Here's a headline study says Ted would kill you they were bigger. Life well. And completely agree that I had 100%. Victory Chad's. How three you because you keep feeding them or might even like you to a degree but in the end the play they would have the reminder they can kill you remote rightly so if apple can't Musharraf class they are. You know you're an anchor I'm David fake but not quite a big bite yet they might you know that hurts a little bit but it is bluntly today and I'm telling me they were big you know they were junior S Anderson. Was that the opening daily pretty dead animals they think you can't get your own food and Derrek Lee's insulting you when you resent animal and you're slow and clumsy didn't want to let you know from a little bigger or your little smaller. Until you're. So you do a prisoner and a lot and have limited to very good. Bloody LNG zero severe ranking. Data that as usual way ahead delivering best chance even thrown vilified out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose to listen ginger short of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I believe Michael probably have the story a little bit later in the headlines but she deserves. A little special treatment here. Just know that she's currently on probation stemming from forgery charge as so. She hasn't had drug tested in she tested positive. For methamphetamine and she did not say I didn't do it the most grim state she said listen there is anathema system but believe it or not. It's actually medical. Methamphetamine. And then she produced the model that have been no as prescribed by the doctor of robot and admirably blunt fraud. And it and said to contain five milligram methamphetamine pills. Problem is she's on probation for forgery so. They were just the we've been suspicious and it turns out there is no such thing as medical methamphetamine so now. Food. Information out there by analogy facing more for drew charters in addition to the drugs are also charged with identity theft because she put a real doctor's name on the pole. Bob oh it. She's added a ball is about just another forgery charge she has identity theft charge and she has possession of master your credit for trying. I like the guys more effort involved there the most people just carrying around the bag place he was tile math which holly yeah well well one thing she did was she knows she's gonna get power. So she brought the bottle will go to the old you did was bring evidence that you still have drugs on right but even if I mean I think I brought your drugs to the source I think if you. Children nine out of ten people that bottles that here's my prescribed Mets look my Dockery and good I'll be dead those periods I don't know what to try harder when you know. Bug turns out they don't okay yet so. Drink and her. Report those boos and we drink this booze because we think it's yeah made IMAX over the tone and down the throat to party in our Tommy's. Now not a whole adage. This particular night line for low profile this 844999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room. On the radio network.