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Wednesday, March 7th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Those standing by real thick collar 9844999. All you'll play profile that's coming up eight minutes. Address your headlines on the way one hour from now first which I get in my talk for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. At a two year old kid in Shanghai recently got his hands on his mom's iPhone. Punched in the wrong bass for too many times and locked it for 48 years. How do you lost its phone for 48 years just to punched into many times wrong and it and it will lock up and usually I like. Ten minutes or something like that. There is a CNET live cover out of your draw can keep short enough in my case. Feel like now for a minute man not life for as long as you've been alive that is how long the phones can be. Sometimes it glitches and a bloodied as they goofed up it was out there with my it would my eye. My iPod Touch back in the day or or an actual as my phone and it locked into like two days. 48 years and they don't mean imminent champion are not gonna work forty years well now going to be like okay. He's he's got a right you don't number latest update and it's gonna crash. It's the Utah State. I stand behind my main blood I know kids do things man and I tried to be reasonably cool by. I would be so pissed if you watch my phone for 48 for two years next. And do you just Dave Barr accidentally sent a photo of a topless woman to every lawyer in the states there are rare Ferrari. Why didn't they why they didn't all Borg salukis and have a picture of doubles woman at their disposal and are trying to raise the bar. And so they had it seemed don't think McNamara desktop or something and event and evidence taken another little bit. I was generals did the team as little as somebody on the on the bar association's flown you know there was some like his girlfriends until someone else. I can only hope I do you do not you wise for hopeful Opel pulled it off with fire if you if I'm I'll for Karzai and president Vicki from. Your pepperoni pizza for large enough I don't know a hired me about it. Some OJ case for breakfast for recovery are an important part is Lorena. Maybe cookies that's a way in Australia recently down the oldest message in the bottle that's ever been discovered where there was a from Spain Australia. Australia down iced earth researchers who were studying the ocean's currents toss it in the water way back. In 1886. And it. But Germany wasn't German both opinion no idea another religion model that is in the German navy didn't say Perth. Yeah okay Kenneth Starr think that's the first possession but it's funny if that's truth it's scientific. As the German broke was like Sam around Australia and they were trying to figure out some current and stuff so they patrolmen there does is he where those dollars and they end up pumped. They use diesels don't let them get unless I give it to get understands and I he goes farther than that aren't. I don't think they understood really what they have so they have this bottle and what they thought was like old cigarette because it was who's still moist inside the well. So. You I don't know that I were I don't know month. I don't almost as much about it collecting old historical things. They go home they opened up the bottled. And they put the little cigarette known and liked the oven or something threat they heat up and dried out in the unrolled it and read. They normally you'd take that to some kind of like down our guys I don't know historian whatever you may just yesterday in the bottle at that point wells just the idea of putting this note in an oven to warm up they can on a roll when you need elitist and read it but wouldn't you think the notes from white. An eight year old kid that can you know I think Leon back then you realize I would doubt you have a how did that method I would have duke I just would have never thought oh god I hope you like his is the real thing because the message in bop. Manson sent mount a designer at Paris fashion weeks in a bunch of models down the runway it was glitter completely covering their faces. And those models will be drawn to watching golf for the nights alone man SE glitters cover letter and I think a lot of the for its October body out now say he's not volt quite easily embers glow on the airline do you think. Those good putter just sticks to your body and you'll never been a strip club and a limb and say with a glitter look when you try to get rid of glitter. I'm saying. Now woman's phone won't unlock before they finally get all the literal about it I completely limited. And I like Al I might I can't think of this point I think you friend's house. The never even goes to illustrate how come on and come home around ten minutes we're daily news throughput obviously and a fairly a section afternoon. Damn it SI mean a lot of times the right next door to each other. OK I want to run about one by one today I don't exactly regarding the Weezer Buddy Holly played them like others make in the morning Mike here in las there is a sex shop next to Chucky cheese right now are. Trying to. We know we can no big bailout I'm for sale. I'm glad I made a matter of the day she didn't fit the mayor put on the east champs even in the ball hit. Let's let's put it from him now being don't have new job deemed the volume of media ball if that's the thing the you feet to go take a bit like the fact that pregnancies over judge he believes it can Roman. Some snake and it's dropped now between Google opal well that's a but I'm became a manager could call me let's drop this is the some snake oil salesman who used to be a mortician is trying to get senior citizens to pay upwards of 300000. Dollars a year to have young people's blood content of their body. And what. It's going to make him younger is this the sales pitch he's given he says it's gonna now work on it. People all of a I mean eyewitness got a new theory right right it sounds like evil villain stuff like I'm yeah. Is evil villains. Yeah direct any movie you've seen the person doing bad many hills and act the we'll check religiously do drink blood in general pitcher enough wasn't somebody who wanted to do to suck the blood and somebody to stay young. With my interview with the vampire. The weather that was always look evil queen with. Something like that man there's a different data video and album but like I need this person's blood specifically exactly that everybody deflate yours. A nineteen year old female blogger in China posted her hotel room number online last Thursday and joked that she was offering quote free sex. They were surprised when hundreds of people came banging on the door about 3000 actual miles flown me. Thousand people what does she think it's a ninety year old Chinese girl he's blogger. And gee I'll just he's just he's free sex she's a sex blogger. There you always she's got quite the following it be like. Whoever you follow that you know as your crush saying like come mastectomy. Right in his hotel room here's the actual number she really was in there. I now says your grandma's legendary pie recipe. Lives you gotta finish this sentence but your grandfather and legendary was eyes is a different story looks it's. This is not just didn't start because if left but okay and I'm a little bit that okay. Husband god damn I didn't zeroed it is you know mob there Dante is Paramount imaginary match. It's 5050 fish. No it couldn't get through there. If I hit. You're grip almost legendary virus we probably came from a cookbook good sense it's. Need a win in his sermon a majority of people say that they found and summon an old secret deadly recipe was plagiarized or came straight out of the box. Fill out from somebody that I mean at what point does become yourself. The point where you don't tell anybody where he got the rest and no hint all you want the exact thing I literally don't you call your what that buffalo chicken there to them bottle break bread hot man yeah like you pointed it out there was there are no one else would come off but I several with several people didn't hear that it well. Drill makes good buffalo chicken that that's not what I said. Yeah you porn had an artificial intelligence analyze their videos and searches to predict future trends and more now apparently it got weird it got a real weird what don't we couldn't we. Some of the future trends that came up with the standby I don't know what I can say IE Amare German mom hour. The fact that apple app. Yeah sixty minutes none involving your grandma's in a hand. I and in the mall. And then tang Hong. I don't know if that is true. Look at we're really have not done a I think it's a game of ping pong not using yeah. We're gonna show you don't we battled we think into the strip club to trim that out just yet again Amanda Illinois went on a massive crowds rebuts he has a good reason why is that a Zell about a one hour from now. I give my doctor airlines are no one hour from now first removed loan. Is true precepts. Yes throwing over to police general and how profile this is playing I Georgia and miles of the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'll planet earth. Are and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello JR welcome to the men's room. All caught on wow I JR you understand on this your name's blade. Yeah are fantastic. We go to Virginia. Were a man faces a slew of charges after police chased them. Last Sunday. And it ended. Shortly after he was meant by his own car now police say the odd turn of events began around. 1 o'clock in the morning with a guy ignored an officer Ron Paul mobile phone equipment violation I don't notable. But the guy continued drive hitting get too far though. He made a left turn and entered Starbucks parking lot then began heading north while at that point he continued before bailing out of its video. But whose car was still moving forward. It'd hit a drive to run away but he was caught and arrested after what they call a brief foot chase mostly because he was injured. By his own car. He was charged with DWY. Possession of marijuana driving on a remote license hit and run keep in mind he was the hitter and the runner didn't run. Disregarding the police signal to stop. Tend violation numbers windows and possession of an open contain raw operating motor vehicle. That's all the charged and at what point do you believe this genius is black white Maxi or June. So we waited until it happened at Alexandria Virginia with Jos south of the southern summer Washington DC. We'll so I have an idea but don't get any suggestions. I mean last time we did this now and standards and when his white blood cell and I do remember that you that was Alexander's right. I guess I was I would be recollection. I'm now doing it's on the office that can't. He now you download the container he ends up in Starbucks parking lot. Just to drive through her front and Orton he did not stop disarmament should struggle blows through but there is a lot of tents and a lot of charges. I'm gonna go Mexican on this at the cup. It's in the in my honest I don't know the. I'm I'm like my clinical black. Because it's the white guy they've just got him for whatever the most serious ones where they got him for like session and do radio I can think through the book this guy. I contend that if he was like you have been able to outrun his car. A. I'm just I don't do it I'm dissent. I would do to finally Sanjay our. It. Like final answer. Yeah I would fire deals black white Mexican or Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. How does exist to Virginia and guys pull over do you 1 AM by the instead of just do the right thing and Dana relies whenever he can't I'm proud yeah originally he was pulled over again and decided to make a run for a joint jumped out of his car. And in the car that he was driving ran him over eventually he was apprehended. JR we asked you did you believe this guy that was black and white makes eat or Jewish now. You went blank did you that what's next Maxi miles you also would next correct. And I. Maybe the only tell in my opinion was the fact that tend to lose to not that he was Ronald. Nobody run over with. If that's presidential I can. Now abroad maybe not that I'm trying to TV that would day. Yeah sure it's. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. People like music. Evil like Twitter. People like to be mean on Twitter. Jimmy Kimmel exit of buying all those things together. It's the musicians. To sit there and read me tweets about the south's. Asha seems like. He'll stop in the dead as a middle of sixth because he got chilly. He makes music for obnoxious way bridal parties that John can only walk into a Denny's rookie Patrick went to. I would have said Obama outspent. Watching Alice Cooper and all I can think of is that he looks like a ball sex with face paint on. It's fair. The blue hairs on the musical equivalent to a triple lending have sweetened iced caramel marked down up and and this. Common is the pottery barn of rappers. Honestly think wind blades you lose your favorite band is like saying I'm okay I'm having with her preschool. Waterfalls like TLC. Has to be the worst song about waterfalls ever. There. That says unlike natural Earth Day it's you know the thing. I'd rather be homeless than whites to catch to bang in Allen and go to a ludicrous concept. I don't mean. Is if a classic pianist could kind of saying. This is riddled with mistakes. My trainer looks like that girl my parents would force me to listen to live our life. If you're a guy and you're listening to Depeche Mode reach into your vagina until. It is good yeah. More talent in my toilet this morning in Green Day has ever had the green day's sex. I'm glad that you're thinking and that is played taken doubts. We do something rack we'll think about you our second and. That's this is a few more intimate affair that I. I think if we re edited out how to receive the full full clip of that unit mentioned FaceBook page now it's up there. How does he tweets are always very border is joined Porter. Yeah yeah it's another way don't you twitters while grant the wild west though disgrace and it's. Eight you know. I I don't know how to bring this up but sometimes you see something you just know it's wrong right in the U wanna put an end to it now these are two nice guys. But. That's a lot of why don't wait kinda hate action here actually it's pretty damn funny too Smart short make a Francona for being so pale. He'll look sensational. This conglomerate looking piece of music and that's. Don in your opinion yes you're about you I don't know what you can. Make Mike Pence look like a character black panther. I don't even sends me nine at night this yes tell us. Hill man very very well world's hippest tidy cat. It's a suit and a dearth lame line and yellows and less and less than hi hey Barbara Streisand would clone use. I think he large Georgia's Mohamed in a row you look at the pretty. Guess they know each other. Yeah I will fake earnest so pasty there was a while the comedian Jim gaffe again would come and his show way back in the day the late. What what comes on after tonight show club Doug did tonight while the current Bryant president used to come on right now it's late. Late I think he went out I know they aren't CBS for hate NBC is Seth Meyers. Said tonight show Jimmy Fallon later so far. Either way they showed McCain brought after the tonight's show what Colin was the host of it Jim gaffe again is also a pasty. Pasty comedian and they had a cartoon when he would come on that they were just like the pasty adventures assumptions with with the pro really long way to explain how they're Sudan and. You remember the name of the show it's the Tonight Show and then there. The late late show now let's CDS or the Leahy just as a winner shelves and in the late late show is on CBS CEO of the Tonight Show and then. Late night was an iron late nights apparently not cool. I don't know what are outside bird and a dozen TV thing when I did it ever ever ever detonate a deviation toward Cuba up. There's a lot of stuff going I don't know if the late show it's just it's always like is that a messy. And then you put your name to host the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon before that it was the Tonight Show with Jay Leno briefly the Tonight Show Conan O'Brien. Right so now it's. Both of late night would unilaterally the late show them it's late night was set Myers tracking its late night there is a darn well no but nobody MDC does they do the day parts of a of The Today Show. The Tonight Show. Do you late night show CBS does does the did a story Tom Snyder. Tom Snyder before Letterman I think most minor royal not a river really was before Letterman so the late show acting like LH. We'll told slaughter horses lost all those David Letterman also looked well reasonable ultimately LA and I was a black I didn't Bryant. Yeah. That whoever got that cleared out. We're not old. Think what dobbs Soledad Allen Memphis. Now time Zaire like I mean really people talking about an athlete who isn't cash cars aren't aren't on par over Barry is just last month when you slack generally are got scratching its unusual zero laugh. Are hot hot hot mom just aren't as crazy character arc like the one late night show they had with the guy from Beethoven. A lot of rock. Our woes is the name. Rogers of it and he never played a nice guy because his face always looks like an anger again. Yeah that knows his name. Wrote Charles grows Charles road all of our broad naslund a reference a great dog movie of all time they got he's serious about dogma revolts Harry. It's what it's up there what about terror groups grow another great movie canine cop. As a bit. My will notice. Milo and Otis Smith yeah I do come on I've talked about this before and I don't I bet on dvd Ager bring in foreign my loan almost Ingram my kids I don't know the Milo and Otis got no way to say I get brother are here as I don't need. My lord of Jesus was story about a daughter Kathy got lost on a river that they find a rental covering it okay our primary and it was Marleau don't. No quotas had to be no I tried to look back letter sorry go our ballclub that perhaps the people are upset about the stuff short list fights just to recap humans haven't been watching it right and you haven't. You have been dead. So this Ari guy proposes. To back. But then at the very end and she accepts gets a ring and everything into real engagement you can marry somebody named back though I will get. I don't want to change his mind and desperation she's not a Rebecca tell us we're just because right right we're back as Africa. Back isn't known yet Miley news the ones who thought the best sample size. The moon. He bolstered Beckham and I think it's right there and cards and well it's it's got such beautiful blonde hair bloodied either root black that's baca. So who writes you back except it arias proposal but then he said. Like a pulled into a private room he was the hold the only polar to a private room had the cameras in there. To basically say I still like the lord girl that they know to private rooms and if there's a 52. VIP. Well I won't say in practice defense. I assume that means so much I'm not really known. About she could Rihanna she confronted Ari and basically she has got to starts out with placate lake. Why was the camera there. Bryant and I don't know that women. Are. The reason why do you know when today. It was because I want everyone in here. To know about this was on me. Art you have regrets yeah I mean I I do regret. Proposing that day because I wasn't. Fully ready and my did you. I think the pressure amidst the pressure being ambassador knowing that there's a time line. And having to make that decision. All my dad and you always have a choice and he didn't need to make that shot if I know I know enough about that's on me now is totally on me. I have no excuse. I am I apologize that. Yeah and it's a huge moment and your life well I think everyone's life and something that people dream of things. You robbed me of that. I'll never have that first engagement the first proposal again. Where you. Are you. Over at are you ready to move on yeah yeah I mean I'm always going to have love in my heart for you and you work. My fiance and I didn't fall in love with you for the method of doing W. Yeah I know Donna I'm ready for the next chapter of my life. Like where are you let output I think it's a question for her she is on her way to be aid star. In the reality TV show right she's you know the next bachelorette. Hey I don't think he liked it does is not set a bad president for the rest of for the way that everything else now needs to kinda down the that these other show all right get more weird and crazy and Mike by the bash is there will always had that it's the backs are right right so that always gonna help I think. Murmansk is right this will be legal minds it's gonna have to be because I look. Ratings wise. You know or did just the online presence of this whole thing is created as far as the barrel that's of the story and everything in people's reaction to it there's billboards up now on all kinds of crazy stuff. They're going to be sitting they're gonna like Lou we know this formula works how can we screw over someone else's life in public again and I really got down an enemy to Orlando and our players. Don't care a lot miles right as a state representative in Minnesota oh geez he was so mad. But he says that about this baca is Minnesota and then going out. That he's drafted a bill to pay and the dude are from the state. That he is he can make. I got him are he's gonna step foot in Minnesota I don't think of him and his Ari is that senator because of entourage and I think all Ariza is gonna A holes while I will save and Ari did that help. I think anytime you have a name that goes south like did you you're screwed up the whole group of people like Harvey. If you're Harvey Harvey had a bad year between the hurricane and Weinstein I mean that's I will I I have Harvey that the body he's a great deal to you that if I could with the members of those items such regular and his name was a bad you've bacteria Katrina went down right. When that name basically like paradise Serena I know pitino get T know very few sounds like she'd be fun. To us she was awesome. Kind of funny fact to before the bachelor. For the past couple I almost went barricade there that affect the actual fact it's horrible mess our once. At a race even took a picture with the Hollywood can how he's thought this Lorne girls not for years right. Any minute rain and we meet so many injuries but let's get a picture data that is frankly to get a picture with a random girl you just minutes were adamantly you must think she's pretty hot. And then Beckham found out the hard way he still he still does the expert. You've probably heard about how bad the Oscars ratings were again. This is like football but their ratings are down and that is true there's still highest rated should couples who quit because of what these down. Well I mean don't do their ratings ardea did you see a bunch articles with whatever these awards shows happen it's kind of the same way they do with the NFL right they have a slight. Or even a big dip but there's so far ahead they dominate of everything else it's kind of late. I you know. It's like he had one drop of water in your boat like hourly news or be a hole and. Yeah if you have a brand new show and he'd like almighty god. Fox put on the highest rated show on Sunday night the debut went crazy you'll watch it there's no litmus test it's just that she'll. So we go back and you can measure a Super Bowl and award ceremony. All these things have kind of been. There for awhile like. This is the lowest rated sixty minutes ever well it's still number one by a mile ride exactly like it's just that the numbers it's been around so long that obviously others more efficient than in the water out of the hole. The thing was felt like you know sports to a lesser degree. Boats are in the war shows like look man all the grammys is one thing of this is about people slightly awards being nothing people watching dislodge rebels say a form right. A solidly recreate the movie for the Oscars so original watching it is a farmer who wins and you know god and Williamson makes your computer and find it. I mean that's not it's not really important Saddam bluntly you can find out real technical feature phone. And find out who won't mail out date thing all the time. Country music has like eight awards shows just further format game. Yeah I'm puzzled portraits are merely it's not the same as it used to be before it was like the Oscars the Tonys and the in the and the grammys and that. Communities in the MTV music awards game and eighteen and a short of the video that. Its shores to world yeah another reason why trashing the hotel the SP is my favorite Arnold is asked these in the billboard has some of those categories are just some simple regulate. But your billboard. You count the number of albums sold that's all it I think we got to go to the third no ill feelings you have an armored game right for pay a flight I remember with LS Dallas when they asked what would that's we started I've ever have to know how to skip. And it was like who's the tallest guy and the NB. Egg roll all right it's. New duo and yes speaking of athletes sometimes athletes could surprise you Deion Sanders recently was doing some commentary FB IN FL com binding and. He seemed shocked by how fast this one individual lives they. It'll be successful no matter what. The situation. Why are you surprised him oh no I was a brotherhood takes it on TV. You can track gotten you do the drug guy. Quoted as saying it wouldn't yeah it's much cynical time. 215. Now okay. Excuse me 200. For a it's. He hugged the attitude on the field with their running the fortieth he legit walked over that's where that lastly Doug had pretty good good Romo who normally he's legit I get the due to hook it talked to a so I mean. How brightly heated eagerly synagogues shocked at the white guy he's running away until. I don't know why can't they threw at you you know wired a shot so everything and everybody kind of pigs while all of us. Everybody's. I won't say this though I do think about it we've established is in front hey it's fast if it's like that we have to do it every time now time to me every time. Right in who's the quarterback in Indianapolis. A locker did what anybody's Andrew Luck is the one that is just again boost. They think he's been in the league for awhile and every time he runs that he seek current sneaky fact that we know he's not many spats now and everybody knows it. At the great athlete at any point thank you very average average headlines don't know what my cock in minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We've actually smiles. Now see what's happening in the real I don't go and I know Laura Mansfield for our random through the airport terminals and on the tarmac before hopping onto a plate. Meanwhile a Florida man is kayaking and river and attacked by an honor to even by our standards was insane. Lamar chambers thought the law and the law does not win at Utah looking to name highway after a man who looks for wife's pregnant porn actress gimmick it. There's Mike Cobb. Our top story in Illinois a man has been accused of stealing a car ramming it into an airport terminal brain out on the tarmac and boarded a bacon playing bugs. He has a good reason. He then build on all these things in an attempt to flee from the on coming zombie apocalypse. Ari on the North Korea that's exactly right miles. After he was president turns out that he was under the influence of narcotics shocking when he come when the zombie type of apocalypse so he now faces a ton of charges. Didn't. It's attitude it's. Yes I feel bad for the guy wanted to avoid zombies and I were arrested and this is on the himself draft because he was on drugs. Moving on that's how they are programmed to do you act like that it. Back. Around the world zoos around the country are facing a new threat to their guerrillas. Heart disease caused by the flu that they're giving them. How happy are you my time I ended brings while much has allowed I don't does kill you too. This killing only without a because you're the North American gorilla just like all of us are no limit Mercury in the same craft. But they re only in America like everyone needs stuff fear we all get family. Even the freaking guerrillas ma'am well it's. It says look like it started out way back in 1911 there were feeding you this gorilla like an all meat diet. Then figured out the what do you know they're they don't eat meat that's right so they like trying to move water like a more grain diet but now like you said they're just they're getting fat negating climb up another hit art. Z look where are you didn't know about a guerrillas this man it's a big Fuzzy hit it. Right on the spot paralyzing grain demand in order may have an eat meat then I don't let me just chill out and kill you fans. It's indeterminate 70% of the guerrillas in captivity are showing signs of heart disease and zoo keepers are now trying to figure out different diets triads counteract the issue of how about. The diet that they eat why do they actually well in the wild Dave Barry is okay and look I'm out of there while it was but I would say well how about we feed them berries. Right right if that's what they eat that would seem that's what they naturally choose to eat but zoo keepers can't figure out the back like feeding cool all those laid. Oates I don't know and I don't feel well I don't know that it might make him right okay well. Don't know the eucalyptus is poisonous for. If they seized power to them throughout the back. In Virginia stability and criminals strikes again we talked about this turn profiled as a man facing charges led police on a chase but didn't end well for us. They can avoid the jays restart the car get out to continue to run on foot boy when he got on front McCarty finally realized that he had made a massive mistake. You forgot to put the car in park. At the front and ended up running himself over with his own car which in at least judging him on foot you Israel relatively unharmed from the head and is now in custody. And again he was charged with hit and run in spite of being both the hitter and the run you at that than basic does everything right there like they're just trying to throw everything they can't disguise rice and I had Iraq. And then we know why after profiles. I've had that's the F a seventy year old tiger a Florida had quite an animal encounter. Fly out of the water with a tour group she son otters swimming in the water nearby nothing much of the human creatures she put down his cherry on some of the fine afternoon. Now wasn't really honored jump and were kayak and began to attack parents. He has been and bush and her balls started to batter the honor with their battle trying to get the animal Hummer. No. It wasn't until we vote actually turn over that the animal let go when she was able to get away from you Omar ought to this you don't let for the mom and almost. I brought she was in the hospital and give his stitches and rabies treatment now. I'm cute I did Nowak rabies I dare I guarantee you that's not rabies it's a river otter today it's not dumb to know good and right it's. We don't go well if you entertainment dollar so I've I've just sort it's a river otter they're doing what they're doing they're not rabid. If it was a squirrel they jumped off the tree attacked you in the face and started by you like flies this grow attacking me when your. In my liver where the otters live and have a best. They're gonna come by nature and read says two years ago I was gonna listeners actually and animal trapper knees and everybody thinks and honors are these nice cute cuddly and not they are basically their one overhead in the water rains there must then they're maids they're they're nasty and try and do you think you know allow corporate you've got around to really man. I got to keep below the holding hands when he sleeps we don't just. That is just I mean that's employee on a wake him up that's right there it's a trap you really don't don't believe it. Why he's only oddity when business into lake Murray did a lot of all right why it's really par I don't know why I'm await coming out of there is no easy walk but are we museums they sleep like this with their arms crossed their chests and they float. I was physically this'll cute little thing they need capital rock. Why what's happened why my animals you know. Got to tell you you can float up Tillman yeah daughters has started there's there's not go to the river to British or save it. All right in Japan until the goal is getting a new flavor they're now I believe they're spread out god if I. Our listeners yes let's have a good time where they are now all pro. And solid job from that man yeah. I don't know off remembered what Barbara Kellogg they are now offering a new beverage called ju are easy wedge. Let's call this. Julie heat. She knew he carbonated losing drink to be amenable carbonated water. Flavoring and a distilled Japanese alcohol culled so choose from managerial issue for the meadowlands new for the man who loves the caress of another man the fifth fifth fifth. Hsu he simply leave it isn't good basically console can't. Dad's a brand lines when that might not. Brazil the united Sandra turn a big dummy head Jim will be airport says meat and potatoes no pressure not Kenya will bring it to us again with a shot of the day yes indeed put on your thinking cap tomorrow is in fact big dummy until then. Please do what you do best in poorly for the sake let's. Do.