03-07-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Figures It Out

Wednesday, March 7th

Mens Room Question: Good or Bad, What did you find out after the fact?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled by. Count our friends Joba Orleans classic rock 93 KGO. And and of course 99 Iraq in Kansas City, Kansas city's rock station and our friends are 1033 afford rocking and Fort Wayne in the and a big show for a return of who sucks last a positive dream story holding the key to a long life and they were talking about whether it was good weather was bad. What did you find out after the fact there is a story here about a Colorado family and I don't think that they paid any attention to the dates on the cereal they bop. But only what family bought a box of Quaker 100% natural granola Siri. From a wal mart's it was the Quaker cereal with O Tony and races Johnson got no it doesn't. It wasn't until the family sent down for the serving that any of them realize that something was terribly wrong. It looks like February 22 1990s. It. So the mom play into the boxes do best by dates. The box appears to date back some 21 years I had about two bites that was that she continued. Her husband Joe's I he ate up full bowl off I just started eating it thinking in Canada taste a little funny but it must be okay. Of course. She told miles like desire you're gonna be really sect fortunately he's feeling fine. Has plans to return the expired by expects a Wal-Mart. To put this into perspective here are a few things about life back in 1997 the same time this box of cereal was put out. The Spice Girls rule the world of pop music. Titanic came around was the biggest vote. Let's see here South Park premiere on Comedy Central. That's when this cereal was best buy and sign felled started its last season. The family went online to get fairly current Quaker box will look like today the new look is much different in the box they've purchased which his grab it off the shelf and gap who knew. 21 years old they are waiting on a response from both Wal-Mart and Pepsi company who owns the a product there. As soon as they update that lets you know I I can't believe. I cannot believe. The battle Wal-Mart voters to lead product. On the shelf that has been their for 21. Minute you yes. I well the fact it's even. Available to repurchase blows my mind before the cards as in like trading cards really got fancy really got to high dollar. It was baseball cards. Some people collected football cards baseball is at an Israeli air hockey and NBA nobody collected that there was a few Star Wars card's about to start of the cool cards series but for the most part. Baseball cards. So my buddies like the baseball cards I collected baseball cards at this point in time. I'm 1819 years old and definitely out of the window but I still have an interest in baseball cards are collected all of mine is still have my collection whatever. So. There's like no cards store them and I've tried it once or twice but at least once or twice a year they would be this card convention that would come through the mall. So you know these vendors would command from everywhere they're it's set up there and have all the cards well I mean nobody know it we would go every year. This year note and no different we go there but we have a different strategy because old newly than a year before he bought them unopened packs. And actually did pretty well as far as rookie cards and a writer so no he's got a theory I'm not really on the strain. I was gonna go take a look but because they were expensive depending on short game because your gambling on a year where. All right maybe one year had two very valuable cards. There might have been another year like 1969 making seven anywhere. Every single rookie worth a crap for a decade came out Johnny Bench Pete Rose all all of those guys Steve whoever the hell was it was just a monumental year. And that's where he went he went to the 1970 tops unopened. Pack of cards was time. I wanna say was a twenty dollar pack and that was a lot of money then to open this thing up you know and not knows. So the thing about the top set from that year was it had a black outline border which. In their. World of cards if you had a pristine car that a number decrease or a corner cracked hair anything like that. That was a harder year because it had a black border so to keep that corporate card pristine. They were hard to find anyway. So no way. He gives the gotta toy box. He kind of digs down into the box because he thinks you know whale may need you know packing glued to topple owner knows he reaches down and gets them. Newly opens up the cards. Any pops a gun in his mouth and misses from nineteen that is in 1989. That they can angry at the time. And you just hear this crunched the newly is Chu and rocks. Yeah I am my newly because that was the first thing you do when you open up a pack a day I think twice about his pop the gun right is now make knew that governments. The dumbest when he some years old man what are what are you doing that. You just hear Krantz you can just like he's trying to work his way through and heck I even moderate. A tight just find it may require an annuity does not hates the idea of a negative thing out a debt I think the one Gerhard. Ironically that he got ugly fall through it I did and I thought it really I don't bother they're the best part was was the one card that he got that had some value on it. If it had like eight imprints. On the back of a piece of gum. From that that one car leads it even looked into urban valued have you flipped it over you have the cards got to be pristine all the way across write it ruin the card to appease ago most of them if the government he ate. They're probably still had date that RBIs that's kind of been printed in the know call me Silly Putty. I'm bitter battle did you find out after the fact 844999. Cola. Hello just like now welcome to the men's room. Larry I thought OK. Well enough. Ole. Oh what are you grind out you know we got. OK perfect. Still dares you work at a large consumer electronics retail store and I am. Am I Palin went and that's polo shirt in my lights. Yeah. I can't accept what is your shirt red or blue he's in a copy sent a shiver up every East Coast listener we have a more holes are again. Dogs and an alert out of the out of burn inside yes blue and yellow but that's that's out of and a day I'd tell you. I don't lie and could you say you were at Soccer City I'm. OK anyway it fails to ignore the plane back and I don't Tellabs. Look a lot of midnight release should serve video game boy and little need to be comically people trying to entrap stat and. Bearing a sort of let's we remain blocked most pleased to lead to. I don't want them blockbuster. Makes. That's why I could be easier than it was the third and doesn't come. Okay well. Young panic down and like my second ever jab at cashier. People who come in for this black man movie that they just I can't remember the start at some bench. I've seen teenagers lemonade all day wearing you know that rancher out apps the sky came and older gentleman Helene late sixteenth meeting early and the how old are ranked. I learned that option patent and had a Oakland got to check it out by the Dark Knight now like. How I love it. And he did it is there's so this is. Sam is and he didn't act like it that I'm just I like your and so he cannot do blocked late I hit him though he has like has don't. Thinner actually I. And their light blue yeah that's kind of that man has its current terrible war. Where did you go to odorless apparel Graham yeah. We're cool. That's really original right is it that the ads well I am I safe cigarette. For the you learn to POW. You know I I kind of like act I really need I help punch shots early. Learning staff have been damaged late pop. All you ever ask him whose media. I think most do I really yards I think there's a lot of that the goes on our people our media is very memorable I've do you really Maceda so. Well I feel that runs like the idea that you even said Powell out loud began with dual band main TV show. That's cool man yeah how. Is it at the same name Larry you like what you did. I'm not. That is fantastic just let's look at sort of the right. Well done well yeah Andrea. If the paddles. Does picture in my file. Right as the picture did anything than we think back now at zero to a hundred prank and a three point oh or less ever. She in that this is not this is this is an unbelievable story. A grieving mother. Is trying to raise money after government funds were slashed first son. Who tragically became a paraplegic after a party stunt went wrong you have to remember this is in Australia. They have health care. Took out. Thank all the people right Reza just just keep that monitors stores understand why this is relevant in 2010. Sydney rugby player Sam Ballard who is now 28. Was in a party and they dare him to swallow a garden slug it just kind of happened to appear at a party somewhere right. All right so mr. Ballard I cannot explain how much I ate slugs he is it you know amount due to put over the belt laws in this kid was a very active socialites. You. He was described by as mothers are fun who wouldn't try to drink beer hang out played rugby right into chemists there's no set up immediately fell ill and was told by doctors that he had been infected with rats long war. The worm is commonly found in rats the snails and slugs can be effective when they eat rodent droppings. Is there rarely is a parasites. Problem but it's tragically mr. Ballard he contracted. When every contracted and lapse into a coma for 400 in twenty days. For eating a slog on a dare she's. Sailors doing well he's still the same always Sammy laughs a lot ill walk and talk again. Thank god under the time factor is was we just don't know she wrote that back in the day in 2011. And said the accident later changed his life forever. Mr. Ballard was released from the hospital wheelchair three years after he fell ill. He is 28 he is now tube fed suffers seizures and struggles to control his body temperature. So last year his mother applied to the national disability insurance. Portion of their planned where or some became eligible. Butts they are questioning whether they wanna know pay the majority of it. Based on the fact that they believe that he did this disability to himself so whatever reason that they got that they don't wanna pay an up it's not there because he volunteered to do it I think so. Because he volunteered need to slog but I don't think in hindsight. Illegal fashion bug now only have a and you should see the picture this guy it's unreal man when he's twenty compared to the guy when he is still out if I would. I mean even at my age like I would give it to thoughts like all right it's that Darrell yes well we just made no he would ever as the oh yeah do you slow yellow. I'm there. I need a bug that he wants a little better bought it depends on baubles slug is absolutely and can I don't even believe mostly from early exit rugby trips or waste right more drunk but I. Men some of the manuals like I stop the slug. I don't even get a teacher says I stop a slide. Gonna rattle did you find out after the fact a 44999. Alone lime or your calls coming up you are listening to amend your radio networks. Count another turn up moose Sox last our question good or bad when did you find out after the fact man oh man is this an unbelievable story. Hey man. As they say says the story morbidly obese were they blood lust if you have rivaled. The man named Joseph the cannibal but Fini. Has admitted to at least eight murders dating back to. 1976. When your nicknames the Campbell is everybody surprised I guess knots but it was what he did with the victims after death. There will truly shocking when 1995 he lured prostitutes Kathy and magazine her. And Kimberly Spicer to his trailer before he stabbed and strangled them he had been dismembered their corpses and stored her flesh to eat later. He told the court at his trial I cut the meat up and put it in some of the Tupperware bowls and then put it in the freezer is there anything Tupperware can do. He then claimed he makes the woman's flesh with other animal meat. And sold its. To paying customers. And quote I opened up a little open pit beef stance ha I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches they're very good. Human body taste is similar to pork if you mix together and no it could tell the difference apparently aren't. Wind supplies of his special meet dried up he is invited another prostitute breeder gambler. To his Ballmer trailer within the compound of the Pallet company. In 96. Even attacked her he says I got her in there and started revolve around my yes you've been this guy's serious. I heard that before about him flush. Our. I heard the same thing it but please dissidents and I'll tell you why. This guy I believe all right you've heard the same things as little village pork. I have heard the same thing this is the first some of her that from an actual chemical yup I set ablaze from Okinawa he said their people refer to humans as long pig. That memories that don't settle this guy is a long period well again I'm gonna go. This guy is going to man so he opened a pit beef stand them all selling people people this woman who was atrocities that she was. Okay. And look taller. He says I she gets in there and a senator revolver close knocked the hell out of her she was screaming and I laugh better. I turnaround for a split second she ran out the door there was an eight foot chain link fence what barbed wire on top of it. There was a stack of one palace next to the fence about ten feet high. Quotes that B scale of those pallets like a monkey and jump the fence and ran down the main route that rich then she went to the cops that's how this guy got busted she escaped out there. You leave his or whatever and that energy is that reign of terror. By the way the other prostitute her remains were found buried under a trailer blah blah blah blah would you need to know is this guy had a a bit barbecue place in south Baltimore Maryland. And he was serving people are human plus. And I. People liked it I mean N have you all back them. Well see that's the thing how many people like all my dad. I ate Sheila you know whatever the case might be man that's antagonists and she roadside places but I. Never I never thought all of this is yeah yeah lover. And I would put like this that I think it's the thought even cross my mind I would say let's go somewhere a barber looked down on my plate of food ago. Something vaguely human about that what you normally I'm probably wrong bullets each summer for this not the first thought when some usually meet you don't know what it is and they don't just try it. Human no no I was never human and a moment as a bald eagle humans I'm always freaked out a little bit. But what what what what you've just been an up faster this and Jimenez is bald eagle. And what if they're just an absolute deuce or it's human. Orchard dog you or no my dog and your dog dog that you know it's a Tigger murder bald eagle Tigger nuggets. Our human flesh right so do you know being your dog bit you didn't know was missing that they're gonna make this being revealed reluctant to have about it. I love my dog a love America. Let's. Can sense that after you if you look at let's would you don't know the par or else I felt the I don't wanna eat last season I want your you don't want to weigh you down with the heat in agony that you or your dog but Judy the person dead in one of the favorites yes because of freedom and my dog ticker you don't land. I think I'd agree with. Don't listen because here's a place you got three murders and is that you must each one of these one of these as your pet until the boy and your cat doll when they are in Japan and his iPod Belichick. That doesn't count you know always going to be a welcome so it is yours too my million pets. A bald eagle or someone you don't. One of these three murders. And order after the person I'm spitting out the person. Just another person valuation dog what you like you don't meddle in town now it's on the my cat obviously you know would you each goma's you'll Gomez burger you noticed much of pain as he's inflicted on me yeah I get him back I mean aren't around anymore than you would each of dead just because he's payment you also I know what iPhantom. Spoken like crazy like seven seas food is a really good kept like I know that cat is not like just some kind of stack tumbled Brad Christie folate you know it anyway and not eating lunch shreds he's eating like good craps at least I know that it. But this is a well fed cat. You're eating your cat yeah. I met a stranger outside Delhi distress thank you grain fed beef is fed that is that I know what I fed that they might with a person. Big beating crap their whole lives let's go to look no no but that's my argument aren't so. Basically exceed crap you like using credit laws for crappy crap while street grip. Sure I mean lately literally eat herds in the we boil them only eat them and are malicious. We generally agreed the worst animals' diet typically the better taste on your plate gap in Orange I am so you tell believe they look oh this was double this dude all right Dave barbecue every day. Good luck trying to even personal I had even a person outlook. I would it be the person who eat unhealthy before you VT. OK it's like. It's kind of like it right. I guess your right it's kind of like the Wendy's bacon Nader theory about Africa right now are. You've been in Africa and they're probably had a bacon those they wanted to specific you know I mean this is bliss say are we seeing all the effort okay Plano community I guarantee this is just say that there's a guy. He's from Mozambique grabbed. Where the same age sure. He's probably gonna weigh about a 145. Pounds why because. Easing real food. Probably going to be in better shape he doesn't have access to the bacon they'd like to tell you taste it exactly when the tiger attacks this guy okay g.'s Chrysler. Do we have our winner tiger attacks this guy I needs and he's gonna be like all right. Mozambique guy. You're okay your pretty tasty but it's this tiger gets a hold of my past short and Tate saw my delicious fat and crap he's gonna attack humans. From the get all the dark yet never does it if you are tiger developing a tiger in the same poll really do wanna go for Mozambique or got from America we want America avatars there are a lot of dead in and I hate to bring about the we have actually discussed this pathway toward a plane crash. We don't die both of that movie alive Breton and we found a 73 day we got to eat someone. And to and I hate to say my most horrible sleigh but it's just in the spirit of full disclosure. We are particularly you first. Only dead but desist you got. And crack. That plane I mean I think it's waterfront kill me if they're passengers and yeah yeah you have had a good it's about playing youth doubt it'll be a quick a violent death Google look paranoia. Oh look I'm just me and I looked at me and otherwise you'll not so that you've got a killer but I'm I didn't even many people not like Iran beyond out of right now I think it might I would do would what did you find out after the fact 844999. Cola. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. All or fat. I don't vote for you. And doing OK you're the man on the good news the what did you I had after. I found out after the fact valid actually at a house both both yeah. Ireland's you could tell somebody how often no plan to end up like that. And we ran and I outlined here upon them in my body kept women and women and women felt he wouldn't be upon you he planned. And now we ran out of fear but not alcohol police on a plane with alcohol and that would not the not a bad idea now. Yeah I don't like him that night and they don't act out there whenever and I woke up the next morning and I had no ideal I'm not a clue. That I might I got up and spent some amount of the Madden had another. And I walked out out the door and the turnout though than my friend walk in closet go to a I can prove that is my buddy you're room before it is not many New England. But how happy were you to realize you were already home. Manpower and now like you thought your car and got moved or you thought your dog gone out you know the biggest lead in the world would like thank god I did come back a minute cod despite laid back down a path back out there to try. Those shoppers like oh no I looked at. I know that's a good field now and then when you get older you start doing stuff like go to your bank you can receipts to see do you have anything like I have my wallet okay. I have this receive here I'm looking at guitarist Warren how I Helen I get there how to get there I had a nightmare and this is years ago and I. I was black out drunk and basically had to go from one side of the city to the other. And I had. No idea how I got home but a walk with a home on what console. Everyone's asking me did you seem pretty messed up when we left on my Alia I definitely was feel like crap today I'd get home. I really don't know wealthy the course of the day between two co workers and probably seven emails. The game guard Terrell. Hey man it was great seeing you last night at aren't so. I applaud this bar to the map like OK I was there and as I would do these emails essentially what Campbell was on stumbling from bar to bar. Powerball group feel closer to now go than to the next Albrecht kept moving closer to home and I have been between two separate coworkers are immutable the ride to my front. Yeah it was it was real interesting to spend today. Listening to everyone else's messages looking at a map and going home I actually like I started the report and I made a straight line toward my plays I just took about two. A half hour to get I took a taxi not to my home but to a place that I still knew was serving for news. And so this is gone down about 1 o'clock. It's late for me. I haven't eaten I have got to eat. I go to this place apparently that I don't remember going to I sat down I ordered quite the meal food I drank a few Beers. How to shots. Walked home. And then all the sudden I paid a bike hard but that's my card was gone it's it's missing all right I gotta I can see the transaction OK so. I like art. I had to leave the car that you know I normally do whatever they they just. If you leave your card some place sorry no that's what they'll say like ours can actually percent tier two and yeah I didn't have vowed shows con part of the deal he responded yet now. Next day I go there and I'm like. Heyman I was here last night like yeah yeah Emanuel everything was fine he just sat there and we all your food in. They gonna attempt and I did all that stuff like he took finally he just let your card in this thing you know like an awful thing in my. I you know not Al perfectly fine like you're nice you're it was very weird I was like. I'd I don't that was a relief well I think course I did I tip was a decent I don't remember anything I can remember eating. And anyway I remember India that I like your food right exactly it was a cool. Remember how good or bad no. What did you find out after the fact 8449990. When I read that then isolated. Your neighborhood that had a lot more bars on my street yet. Yeah and it was like. It was like oh yeah it was a good standard being on Sunday after means that you would see group like that groups who GT a couple of guys play and they're only three legs. Now it will not just that puts him because you like. Hey man you know the whatever bar his sleeve yeah where is it straight there are it. And you you just gave up their car drives some stage did clip clip I thought who you are putting leader Carty that drunk everybody had the same like. Hey thank hole oh god oh god yeah I think he's ready and a walk back into the barn like. Especially. It can never rule could you don't remember and I have had late miles your situation we walked him. In several smiles and goes OK so it's like all right and I don't know what I did I had that experience on the casino ones that. Well look the whole story but then soft opening one night. I went there and I. Completely blackout drunk I cannot tell you. Around for the continental breakfast and it's a bunch radio guys from around the from around the country and Randy wide former linebacker from a Dallas gavel and he's got the looks of minutes ago. Big grin right. Crazy man. That's pretty close look at. But this this is a guy who played maybe for the most of boxers and the team had ever existed keep that in mind he says. Crazy match just like that in all the other guys look like bill Gallagher with a salute when there Moses and Beers and and Randy wants to reconsider his stable and he started shaking his head easily man you're right I'm like Randy listen I honest to god I have absolutely no idea. What the hell happened last night life wasn't. You the last departed brother he's like just keep on keep him out somewhat. I cool so this match tonight is the big grand opening of this casino. And I feel like crap all day and I felt really really bad but the whole point of being members go to the stakes are go. Gonna get their man that the security it's like any major casino. These are big dudes. Wearing suits and have the CIA air pierce your pieces. So more walking up to before we would lead to India were walking up to the stairs I'll let the guy in charge immediately. Com's ultimate puts a hand on my chest and arms like. I don't know in Armenia I have no idea is that payment. Anybody gives you any problems. You let them know the order like then sort of I was like you know nobody believes that you gave me VIP treatment in Merrill. As I walk and apparently one of the things I've done on the Friday night of style Saturday night is taught everyone. A secret handshake. The problem is I don't remember our reverend our soul like the guys welcomed by any of and a big tray of shrimp and whatever isn't on the serve and most people. Pan. Am ahead I know recollection. Like he's totals we're stuck in my here's what finally freed up the handshake from bowed to Pete but if you worked at this casino. Apparently had taught you handshake but no one seemed to ignored an assault me you'll remember. I don't remember unique thing but every employee of the solely my iMac and all right and older the stupid handshake and Mike. What the hell have a website and one guy come on buddy W Mann act I don't know how to splendidly. You were on fire. You were buried charm. People like you hear like OK all right than doing government they're gonna battle did you find out after the fact 844999. Ala. Hello princess welcome to the. Me oh Lola. So. Well. I was actually a leading the top. I'm gonna practice they were saying I Monty not over OK I you know we appreciate readies for your time to warn that we're ready for it. I eight standout day idea I have to share. And I. Yes but I don't have eight NASA I am so what like Gina what kind of cancer did you think you had. Pat well Jerry and did you have it in you beat horrors of misdiagnosis. I had beat war and then they got I had began. And Iran right. It's. It's okay so what's. How many hours ago did you get that let me ask you this how long did it take you to start drinking from the time you got the good news. And be quiet. Season and drinking before you guys there well about and Americans are Muslim reloaded with. Think back at it. And they gave me an. And a lot of belt learned that one thing you need a lot of because the pain from what yeah. Are Iraqi and pulled a lot since it was that made it clear non parent doesn't he told the doctor Perry yes swaps is this unless it's youth Olympic content I don't have cancer either the only I didn't want other adults. When he's. You know they do I beat. Some cheers and a poly and. OK so the procedure to check on this thing was painful now all let me ask you about you're asking local. At some point a time. Anything over six. He can eat Turkey and Brazil and Mozilla but what was the pain was the payment is you have like a sisters in the present against. I have backwards okay so that was the one that was the day of the real pain it's it's not cancer gas and David did hurting you Judy these drugs and it got hurt my. Okay about what our most of those what is your painful for real. Honestly. I'd probably honestly like six guys you're right around my ass I think it has zero right now on pain yes. Not only know we know we're in the tree branches Williams they've Ramadan where I don't believe what we're happy that your we're having that your cancer free does mystery no injury takes them some accidents tonight CN you know. Drop a solid tomorrow. You know. Yeah Joseph says that aren't so why I understand a thing about you for miles lovely little lax and you're agonizing Iran and Israel backed up on the on the met one woman will lose to one woman named friends this what's this incident conclude that this is that the threat as a parent under any garments are neighbors friends is just suggests this year and that is to compete Soledad thank you know BO series ever box on my list whom he could pop pop for you. Good or bad what did you what did you find out after the fact a 44999. A lot although I'm Maria Carles going up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you and should men's room. I'm afraid it's houses nowadays is on the way our question today good her man who did you find out about after the fact 844999. Hello hello Steve welcome to the Madeira. Or not. Oh look on top. What got our Steve so Steve I'm gonna good god guns what did you find out after the fact. Well I'd Bernanke did it by and don't think about forty years. And my the first failed everywhere you have to be and where Olympia right literate. And it was this big and they who actually don't let your group ET AE dot com and I heard that there are having an estate sale at their place the following day. And conservative I'm outlet belly cemetery and they knew exactly where it was. This guy that dialogue I scoped out gun that night. When I got there it goes that couple and it's been a bit. And ask him what he they're doing this and what we're here to the sale. I give my god that it does it operate a good night out they Goebel should probably be there is delighted. That his wonderful things in there. I thought well I'm having a victory tonight and so I would hope may get and we got we got disorders that they can definitely get my card that but it exporting. And still got little side they're excited at some understanding that I didn't. Well let me ask you saw there how many people who won the sale started how many other people Rivera will still beat you any other couple. The language of article about long game OK and aren't. Amid the drawn it up pretty prominent Stanley lifted early and late note in their area over a hundred some years and it would become the sale by the note are diamond district diluted business and so much traveled by by simply by it paying you know what to expect to paint could be. And some other items in one of the things are sitting on the cable. What this photo album. And I opened up I looked in every budget that could determine didn't go to make a beer and an interesting and and no more they've got good but I would imagine instead it says third largest tried to get better but that's occurred. Although the back of the photo album there was to be small. Postage stamp site. I guess your photographs of that because he he he he's accused of Bridgeport and the respect to indict the arc in and I'd be Indian chiefs. And it looked like spoiled sidekick Ed got those interested in this religion I put the book down. I didn't buyer to back to try to do whatever I left it there. Well about forty years later I'm not. An opinion or whatever praised Abigail and come over and being the guy did give great joy and pride every it is still bad that you. And we talk a decade well you do all the great native Americans don't let this a series of primary focus. He goes yeah I got everything on this they'll get the one point. But I said well what would that instead will unbeknownst to me wanna be older Brothers the data filled started a photo album. A golden Rebecca that they would be used to be eating meat. And union chiefs. And now I'm starting had a kidney appealing. I bought one to 151000. Slow though I'd taken it yet but it didn't record 5000. And the third one you're not a movie at any gripes. Why our man and do you know how much you agree okay do you have any of these stories if you've been an anti get that he's in those early job. Now's twice and here's later have you. Surely this has happened more than you think it has. We need yeah I had a listing agent and it. Go get a degree sure yet because like when I want to antiques roadshow like I'm a martial law he watches they rice roads and around some base or whatever MI got to appease crack. In enemy aliens bring up the piece of crap I CR ED thousand dollars like I don't walk by the adamantly. And as you do the investigation how would you even know. Well well and if we didn't have it here at the very bad guy what got demand that local bookstore I did let baseball bat for a dollar that he died. Baggage elsewhere another 1500 dollars. Did you so why was this bat worth 111000. There's a 55%. Chad says dude beard that you didn't negate. Wait a fifth inning he thought IR person that says so you can get 111000. Dollars resulting I don't know you may or may not have used in baseball but he definitely used it just we're not turning games so maybe heated batting practice with a he cracked as good. Or maybe was never in his van. Well that similar to mine actually almost identical with the liberal restored I didn't. Maybe there's about I was six gently in the nation that I didn't hit it spot. So I'm done deliberately you know a bad example to my and so he must be tired of mine the Purdue but I doubt. She's a good result by Charlie Sheen. Out of my for Major League it. Yeah you know that meant to bury him. Think about Charlie and I got back there right now let me give you the Merrill does that man has seen things that most of us pay money for online as interest ago. Really he said well the only five people but authenticate baseball about what do we need more than that I guarantee you walk in this place and just from the floor to the ceiling it is just full of stuff. Short full staff editor Charlie Sheen that that guys both bug could Beecher. I'm Lester but I think you feel more comfortable with the caller didn't go over Charlie Sheen. Yeah I think teachers are little different than. What is in the Callaway the collectors don't really get rid of things that's the wonder what every they don't actually like to do that he would like. I know some orders OK Brett like these keep a lot of crap around the border when you keep everything. You're collector when you keep one thing right rattle on and I know they hoarded baseball cards roaring up. Yet more need be but. But to collect them you have an interest in the new interacted with in a gorgeous every wall today. Rush orders to go at him and you you've just kept everything you've ever owned Bruno got him re split when you go to the grocery store. If you don't have bags these charges for like the badgers are one of those plastic ones but my mom has one of those plastic ones still replace fifteen to two or any other plastic ones. Never uses them. The Sunnis about it. That in order you sound like you're gonna matter what is it you love five down after the fact 84 full turn 999 elements of an at bat. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.