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Tuesday, March 6th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Listening to. So let's say violent take our money four point 999 hole you play profiled as did man. And we got your headlines on the way one hour from now first we check get a my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not work. Got a 39 year old man and England is convinced Pizza Hut has been using a photo of them on their pizza boxes. A photo of him a total of him it does look like him but they claim that someone else is did he take their picture. After the box before it was at its picture that you don't say which came first picture that he shows for the buck says I'm now working on. So I have no idea battery I didn't even on the pizza had a picture of somebody else. Sure I'm good guy mr. hunt oppose does that square were like the red out. He's the one in Europe I guess I've never seen either out or look for is to take a look at. Cleared them I don't know Obama look somebody's face from over pizzas right well you look at how low. Cost funds can move on an almost and holding. Well regularly about things like Taylor here here yelled at so this is the guy right. And that that's not my name be this could really come off maybe eighty not pizza. He's Steve this is a stretch. Yes so polarized that. It's. Thank you Donaldson and I think it's but it's agony for his service as users depend upon should be allowed as underage girls to send them photos. Yeah I am getting an MV critics what he's. Come on man think people. Think museum provides real loud at my own merits Mori who actually got a mockery through life. That's what we're asking that would be called a staying in my book play if I saw that in an interview like oh the police are setting up this thing here. That would be Mars somebody yeah I can't believe I would handle that question. Those ridiculous. That is absolutely ridiculous. Thanks FaceBook yep ESO of the UK recently got scratched by a dog ended up with a bacterial infection and had to have one of her hips replaced. After the infection spread. Now she's a hippie and a because they were gonna dog it. Says she was scratched by a Burmese I'm now working out and I. It's pretty bad that is not a good dogs. Now I didn't know it and done it too late scratch over fight. Well I won't really know leave the toxin we're poison known I she's as sweet so they gave their wrestler. I guess that's saying that mess with dogs put me. A paragraph a welcome the chance that just sounds bad. They never resolutely the dog's lonely you put medallion lawful Nelson's right I think rough house dropout dropouts running ideally an index there rust thousand. My thought I got scratched. According to a new report men with a bachelor's degree earned rather out earn women with a master's degree last year by an average of 4000 dollars. Jeff drum ladies. Snorted to move through he's done. It a new study found that the smartest and most talented people are literally never the ones who make the most money. Yeah FF FF FF. Africa. For that study from I don't know idea is because that's kind of the biggest key to achieving the most success is quote pure luck. The tea. And I would agree to that he has. Normal meals lost money to scams and their grandparents did last year 40% of Americans in their twenties hole for some kind of a fraud last year. Vs 18% of people over seventy cents a little surprises and it. Is it because I'm and is because maybe Ron has had a change over the years in and it. People over seventy aren't involved in years many things that people in their twenties are. I drove gonna say I would just say buy age difference balloon to more wrestler goes on computers right and remains you know people my. My grandmother has a FaceBook account and she'd been the start of felonious scam because she's over seven years old and she doesn't quite understand these things how did you vote on the Metafile thing to. I have a new friend he said my money in Nigerian parents read all 23 million dollars whereas they've had to get more creative with guys like me words like early here's a picture of says click on this and and they still your information or whatever it is you know from camp pool Mike there. No sir I'm too Smart. My dad's ever said anything got scammed the city folks and their new antenna they just they're less old school thought of all the folks there and oh my grandmother grandfather and my mother gave money to 700 club for 35 years he would get the online crap they've been lied to predict the price if I was right there are thrown on television. Prices according neuter similar survey the average eighteen to 25 year old stressed out for six hours a day. Yeah I would call my life right at the top things they stress about our money the their future and there appearance. Their weight their overall what their overall health which I called BS on and getting a job. I have followed all the things that several worries about a veteran IndyCar level in nearly adults that it's here. As professionals like the Celtics have what they call I'm pretty glad. You're eighteen K get to Africa and how he and the what's this a phone email. Yes some averages the mathematicians I can't talk today some mathematicians just ran a simulation to figure out which countries could survive is zombie apocalypse spreads are an important thing is very important is based on the number of soldiers. Plays out of a population. For 101000. Mean Dave they have some there's only one has a high enough ratios training military personnel to find out zombies the Oregon. And IBM power cannot North Korea growing its armies and North Korea. Is there really North Korea based on the number of military personnel and population does lord well it's the job done well this is there enough. There is the bright side the North Korea any event of a zombie apocalypse to go NBA OK we've done there yeah. Yeah I mean. Families are real side of these are restrained take the time he's doubt. You know Arnold and and head to head distant common knowledge for decades shoes I mean headed dies yes. That's simple yes we have. Which I don't know how many people I get bitten taken over a disabling pop the thing and had to get there a mood fast now that. It's a home run I don't know how they run the data. Governor DeRozan kind of dead which humans we started to play good need to outlast him you and it's kind of thing with these zombie movies is that it doesn't always make sense. And I'd see the live with just think my head. It's a zombie movie yeah makes sense from the get go but at least she can keep it consistent and it's just brain function that they need that's not right. Why are they hungry then. We don't now with little or not are you stronger somebody to questions that he's someplace. A new study ranked all fifty states and the best place for women in 2018 to the worst based on everything from their average salaries to their quality of healthcare. What's number one where's the best place to live in your world it's I'm gonna work on this and it says look I'm Minnesota and Massachusetts are the best guys and Louisiana act. And Arkansas are the worst. Pro gun seed you know like West Virginia forum from our man. Some of those surveys just aren't kind of those states. Well what are it depends what you act learn enough. There Pacific gas and eight answer for me it's just 87% of 87% of people consider themselves busy. According to a news Newser every only 10% of people say they've almost never got a lot of stuff going up. They're a man's friend are you busy with your wife of federal what life is exactly. He delegated to a schedule mend. Do people mind is that. Being busy doing something that's important aren't always the same I don't know the enemy of my mind to be very busy not leave and you think it matters I think now the older you get to the more no comes out of your mouth. Right like you know at fair like I. Half I I now known and I don't want any plans as if I make money every else show of men but I don't know. We need it depends too I think everybody thinks they're busy to. You don't always think in the person of going right priority is there an idea what would it took me being in office five what are you doing. He'd decompress if we go to the skies and is Clint yeah. I knew I would say I am god this feels well about a one hour from now. Good times. Thank you my god headlines are loyal and our now first we go to non. Is room recess. Seem to throw targeted police are on how profile this is playing out on ten miles. It's a simple game where every Sherwood you real like news story something that happened right here. And planet earth. Or and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make well as stupid as you think makes the story. A story. Hello June welcome to the bedroom. A parent or Aaron are tied union than others your game play. Yesterday fantastic have not allowed to go on but here is the story police say that a may have robbed your blues robbed a Family Dollar store. And Nashville lives they live in the most of the usual way he into the store wearing a green sweatshirt in green hat. Employees say he then took office clothes and put on a red sweatshirt. And red hat's but he took it from store merchandise. They say they confronted them and hasn't returned merchandise. That's when they say he pulled a hatchet out of his hands and threatened them. Moment called the police that's when he grabbed beef jerky and can Vienna sausages. And ran out of the store now police got a nearby wearing the stolen clothes. Bills I had I had to Vienna sausages and beef jerky. They searched the store surveillance video there and they confirmed that went down exactly as employees and anyway he's been charged with shoplifting and aggravated assault. But do you believe that those enterprising criminal is likewise a Maxi or Asian. National city throughout the season. He made off with a beef jerky Vienna sausages the red sweater and and the rest first Obama says guys over the age fifty years. Rick he's not he's not do you view my role dean sausages is strange grant man for young person I would agree about 100% but faced 27. Now. Or as an engine trouble. If you want might. I tandem phones packed in bass and we know Williamstown is you really have enough for the guy. I walked in and agreed certainly agree that bribery and those all put on the read certain Red Hat. I think he was going to leave the store with the employees confronted him and as he made his escape. He took the time to read the beef jerky and in Vienna sausage. And in. They might pull out a hatchet and got to have a better view available that is good. I mean you're paying. He's. I have mixed implement that Ted and Flickr and like the reigning champ of that game. I mean look. Everybody eats Vienna sausages and he employed full yet but the sheer fact that he found on. Green he had on a matching shirt and hat when he came in them there was green and then you left. With I know what you're doing right that first of all good color Courtney to those kind of. Right different don't know what it means I'm yeah black. June I don't I don't think you can dispute this with said. We think final answer. Bold black final answer. That I went out of your black white Mexican and Asian next. Sat with his teeth you're listening to the men's or video networks. I. Top five faces do Nashville Tennessee and a guy knew rob day a dollar store Kamen wearing a would you agree now that a first. DNA green sweatshirt a green baseball cap walked into the store and try to return those I don't know he's an outdoor and heat pulled them all in the middle Arnold grabbed a red sweatshirt a red ball cap. I am about to leave the store please hold his ground ball club and Rumsfeld put on the new stove. He employs confront them try to get them to stop he pushes them on the way he grabbed some beef jerky in the ever deliver the Vienna sausages and all the guys I've got to find them. He has the rest of the do we ask you do you believe that this guy was black white makes his agent you referred to attend our reservations. And you said boy acted based on the matching up. Yeah yeah yeah. You Hawkeye. Only real clue who's got the guy happier happier with Arafat. The last person I saw you dance classes haven't you blocked in another map to. How broadly renewed love dad that he needs now a team. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Kevin Hart everybody knows him. Big time great comedian I just now. He called an active teen actors he's a comedian Z both Immelt writes movie star. You know that's your call let's goma movie star I've moved elect understandably and Eddie Murphy can win. Yeah I mean it's one of those things that he was such a good stand up for years I was sort of image just comedian and now he's in some Indian movies it's like. But at the bigger deal would need a statement through the money is yet. So everybody knows them if you know any back Kevin Hart he is from Philadelphia and I would also recommend if you like Kevin Hart way back in the day they're acting I really need the the couple excellent movies the Kevin Hart is in the interest. You tell they did not have all the fun they they probably have now Oceania says that are still classic movies. But he's from Philadelphia. Obviously he's one of the biggest stars in the plane he was real fired up at the Super Bowl and the Philadelphia Eagles win. You've probably seen some of the pictures and stuff of him trying to get down on the field. And any. It didn't go. Quite right so he was talking to Conan O'Brien about just getting drunken and then up on the field. So. We weighing in some that they my need. Said I need to go down there with fatigue. It's one of those things letting you know you get this thought. And nobody ever on the part of the thought but I had to look him as. That never having four mile wide is that what you don't know like we need to go down with the eight. Since I'm glad that we gauntlet today I'm like everybody that's out took everybody out this week. We have no passes we have no he doesn't. Nothing to get his Latin thing that we're getting back. I'm literally walking but he would like season these are around cat art. So much success. And getting my eyes subtle meaning it's not many people. They've played the message in a midnight. I'm moving dates all the way what's out there you can't move. I'm cannot. That's cool interview the full story. Is that the man who faced a page go check it out. Personal Kevin Hart tells an amazing story. But it's basically exactly what you think is like you know kind of hard if you follow him on any social media he works I'll locked right right seizures like luck. It's the Super Bowl we are having a real good time like little Spacey were getting drunk. It even goes as far as the just say it like select Dell and I'm Kevin Hart had a works for awhile. And then he's down there. And he's about to get laid near the trophy these two drugs and kind of walked the other way. An indirect and gets in trouble but you know I'm not doing it justice code good meant to face a page watch that video it's pretty funny and ease and he. It sounds. It sounds exactly like what you kind of expected. Oh or do you eat. Why do things each knowing that he does not have credentials when you just kind of maybe assume that he has credentials based molecular targeting Eagles fan has given art. But now you know does that credentials like always and I don't I am coming art. Yeah that's I mean if you say it to right I mean I don't know how much money you spend to get a suite at the Super Bowl what do you think you we have zero credentials to be on that you've got to remember. Hell man Chappelle he did as though it is stand up eroded his monologue. On SNL. And he's talking about he said you know it was one last party the White House. Obama so what of this party and it was all of these important blacks from all walks of life from actors and science Marlins who sort of avoid the blacks you know hauled off and Bradley Cooper. They don't want any Bradley Cooper if and when December vocal song on man you're watching and they go to the Eagles. Owner's box right and there's the owner of the Eagles in the right beside him. Bradley Cooper. He I just thought there was all right guys that they do Bradley could log and go like I'm Bradley Cooper you'll ever wanted to kimono and Bradley Cooper like I'm given our pizza ought to get on Mars. Yeah being proud to receive the gets a pass everybody Susan I don't mean he gets beat different languages if Kostis and so known yet. But it also you keep in mind as far as the Eagles stuff go I mean. That is not a whole movie silver linings playbook about anybody else Clinton out genome yet. What not to you know Robert oh Robert De Niro when there Simpson. Really had a primarily is the same. I think it is I think it yeah it can not way back through but now if you look at the Eagles have a great match I got. I did the narrows it. Machida does both though he does Italian MIT. Yeah yeah yeah yes there are personal grounds that the heroes sticks pretty much attack straightened Diane and stuff. Yeah would you miss about him now you know I wouldn't. You need to realize and take like would you read anything that he's had been delayed it after that mother efforts like him is Samuel L. Jackson seemed in real life to be the way they are movies guys they say you have road raging Beaulieu. He was legitimate. Yes did people write down. Good times at the back. They had somebody else does that. Stallone it's still love nightly you've got to take one real punchy. You if you told Iraqi movie ever want and this is one of these things to do so all of sykora weather's like and I was gonna gladly kill my character probably stuck taken might. Punches to the originals and then they knocked out Michael B Jordan I think he was actually yeah he got knocked out her don't miss a look at some point man. You gotta take a real shot rights are told to stop at some point you take so Michael B Jordan played what Adonis Kariya don't believe in the latest rocky installment. Don't thing is. Planned out slate Drago the Russian guy yes I different Mr. T I don't care hit like on a drug is big gathered to decide about mr. aren't gonna be different but every Estrada was on us to our rights to attract drop and there's a documentary about making of rocky movies aren't talking to Carl Weathers who was a paltry. Soviet Iraqi authorities and the one thing about Mr. T said man. He looked at times he was very much in real life the way he wasn't a movie so. In time is money production costs a lot of money in this dude liberal with an entourage ritual with three hours late you know and you wouldn't really important you don't we know we got it and at least he didn't care it was a straightaway. Did they were beautiful. So it's just a low walk sort comes to payment. He's based on the team did your time as I know he's like I'm not saying anything Baghdad. The guy will kill you yeah right I mean that's up eighteen there was that it dope amount gamma points. We don't know what we don't know very cool food here. High speed at Duke's. I don't often talk about the bachelor. The bachelors of massive and we thank you for them yes but the bachelor has been suffering now bachelor and bachelorette but not horrible what they they've had some ratings drop. What's more what's more bad as the bachelor. The bachelorette the more popular shows to. I believe the backs are still more pie okay are right maybe date I had to break I just know the people were really have a hard time on Twitter about what the hell happened there and I. Yes willow avenue well people live tweet this show and I don't from a familiar but I just don't know anything about it. Look I just got on Twitter and I'm Mike I don't know what happened on the bass about a big Samoan government. Basically what happened there it is. You know you get down to like the final right right there's two chicks left OK so he's got to pick one and the easily get engaged you and then they tried out jewelry guy. I forget his name and inflict on Shane. Here a year ago. I'm Donald got a little hat on if you like a whole new area can you talk you know and it's like years whatever here's the crazy ring in this and that rain make healed by this point you meet the families but it's still a bachelor right rats they've known each other short period of time. He's trying to decide between these two women's. Remains women I won't wanna use. Don't examine junior unity so I'll go for breast to pick from them taken theory. All right so the episode starts. With him. Telethon. Basically telling miss Lauren girl that hey. I'm gonna choose back. All right I'm out I know I'm gonna same person every time baca so he proposes. To duck. Right I say back just popped back as a that. I'm like dad I'm yeah pentagon. Rebecca. Would be happy go back out so you've already gone to the part you would sit there for a couple of hours now right you see the lord girl get kicked off the show you see Beckham be all happy but then. Curve ball the bachelors that we're gonna actually show you with some of the secret meetings are going on backstage between the between this RE guy. And backup and then he changed his mind again. This follow. And now. I think over the last. The reality of it is out. Being if you. Although it's been everything I want and I still. About her. Do you want the contract with her policies there's a possible. Usually you're really. They're perfect. Hey are you okay. Looks really into. It's. I am really bright future events from home. Come. Well. Aren't they were like you're going to be happy and in clout you better. I'm chair looking like it don't just believe him. No I pretty crappy thing to do visibility well they don't think different yeah it's time as he's known it'd be such a short amount of time. That this bowl game. Back as she gets caught a house you know she thinks is slate. This uses before the final after the rightly be bidding film that lash and I did she think she's going to the south Adelaide what's been romantic weekend with them without aria. Phil listen film that many think now I still like the Lauren girl. Basically Billy brought her out and you know the live audience the back of girls like you damn we're not really talking in front. So this is is a new low and it this far that's all right all right so I read an article supporting it you're right I I first wrote Elizabeth mam I don't care but. Seems really harsh these people's. Is the only silliness like that it seems is that it is somebody's life but all of you volunteered to go on about but I don't I get advice given that. No he didn't volunteer level all the crap to drop the sun go on the interim make you look like this that the other it's like made you put yourself from the situation. You put your resolve and a competition to get married so like for me there's just no something it's an as he think happened. But you entered a competition. To try to marry a complete stranger on TV just. From my point of view don't be terribly shocked of things goes up. It's a nasty thing to do but it should be well open your realm of expectation. And the bachelor there popped. Of course the dinners and about the way they had a slightly. The F but it that people are pumped for this coming payments Obama the high school lord and it won't talk about a stupid she. Seize assets the well she wanted the ends noted that the girl without. I can. TriBeCa. You've gone. All right so they were getting dumped Jimmy Fallon knows that's the funny tweets in this once the loudest why I got dumped out. Share from my favorite how I got dumb stories from your answers for us is from it's not the phone. She says I was with my boyfriend at a restaurant when the waiter came and remove the other chair and place heading is that they receive a phone call and I know. Holland in the loan if that ever happened while while while this one's from that not blue. He says my girlfriend had a dream she was getting mugged I wasn't helping her to a thousand Revell was made for not defending here. Just one term at matador chick she says after a fight my boyfriend threw up his hands and well folks that's the ball game. Until just the volume relates. Business or that ask ten G. She says my boyfriend told me doesn't have do you work ethic to keep me happy. This lessons from that Qasim Amaechi says. My girlfriend asked me how to block someone on once asked after a center last easy instructions and as I was able to send a message here. That's pretty harsh thank Helm I will say I think sometimes with this to each you don't how long people can dating of course on trying to. Help out the so these. Feel I found out ended the restaurants pretty tough act heartland yet day you'll be needing to place them. Yeah we do wanna be able waived that won't go there to do that. No but it. I don't that would be all right. Would mean that will be all right. Additions compared to that poor girl and I left there. The in the community since the greater the secrets and apparent humor I got a that would be all right but sucked after you open it really works. Yes yes it's that he's not gonna show up. Yeah I do think there's a certain level of expectation right let him know I get hooked up for whatever like you probably don't have Luis put in a phone call here he did he go to restaurant. Lou last month Olindo place I'm not gonna mention but I've been a couple times we are not about it that they have great food sub. This pop general quit after workings of the barn it's done so a stop in the night sat down. Guy comes up in its place setting for enemy and then one to the side after SP goodie a mechanic was to play some things that. And now you can be that guy I'm Mike. I don't want anybody seeing morale you know not let it tablet war front. She is mean and created table the fire doesn't the bar like that's where you go through the your buyers they'll be sure right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it's nice that does that I was lenient academic come on man. Is still wanna make Dubai as well you know what can I did see a woman the BU he Giuliani at the top by herself. So when I first walked into the place I just assumed she was waiting from Britain took place was crowded. As she sit at a table Microsoft no big deal I just assumed she went from people. I Saddam of the bar a couple of drinks it aluminum food I'm leaving an arrow she's got quite a full play another few disease. And it was it was a really can't I don't know it's just weird looking like why would you decision to bar the rest hopefully you are radiating the loneliness. Without your real bad I had eight candelabra. On at the table. Can't allow what is can't handle clobber the very elaborately as they are holding Obama nor average German Economy in the event. That helps out in hallways they did and yet if you like ninety handles on fire in an examiner out on piano like Phantom of the Opera style. I think kind of pulled off to really like. And with the biggest he's good that we can then they would not they look and just see the single person sitting there at the table eating like. Maybe his mom died I don't know if you're trying to deploy people for noticing your love life to get my life he came a little crazy castle he says I can't. We must look Liberace. At at at yeah I would digital images mean on the go somewhere and eat I'm probably elicited the bar this door oh I mean. I remember when I found out I was actually graduate from high school I was still only eighteen right it's I went. I went to a restaurant by myself as a chicken fingers and this is out of. I think I thought it was going down below graduate look at it reads bad boy I don't think do I think eating. By yourself off the and they do it is fine tour but I still say. There's something damages to internally sad about watching somebody. But themselves eat pizza. This molded into focus really cutting with a knife garlic is enjoying a meal you Justin and Sydney peace and it's like okay. Have a slight if this terrible manual. Right what are you go to a restaurant that is an offer slice is value to sit the original beats him except yeah I haven't seen it and allow you to live near Italian restaurants like the at the time. The right idea why you're in year but man that is levels only cooling home to the doesn't look at a high rate there to drag it down laborers in there you go get your headlines gallon up enough minutes with my cock you are listening to the men's or may be on network. And Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. And off the table playbook 300 restorations in Chicago on a rival service just to make the rival service Labatt. Meanwhile woman screaming I am god over and over and tries to open an airplane door. Until he's tied up by a pastor named yes. To a daycare workers use special gummy bears do not be toddlers out. Two injured in a brawl and a New Jersey Chucky cheeses patrons did scream and shout at a dead men and India wakes up in a more. It is time for your headlines. It's time it's. It's bears might call. As jobs are unemployed from Sanford. It's gonna Boise a woman became the subject of a video circling online after she went hysterical and tried to open the planes Dora was shouting this. Yeah. Yeah she continued under the appraisals he was being detained by two passengers. Pleas for waiting for when the plane landed and she was taken in for a mental evaluation. I've tried good idea Dan just it's good start. And you know what month you know what happened after the month. Are they took her away November's service canceled all you all right Eric Snow all right all right that's all you're right you do don't go rag are not serving dried that you know what you're right. They thought I made. Think we've got to sleep apnea. It's just there it is roomy man that's right if I'm and mouth on that plane I'd like listen god you're freaking everybody out. It's come down and relax now and again don't do it that they scared yeah. Didn't any war is still an open the door on a play thing I am guy. Got. And now there. No beverage service and somebody goes from the door I'm. This can't it. I Martha's than mine I am I'd swear. Throughout the world the English if I reveal myself with like superhero got to get stops stuff with like. But the woman screaming out their guy I'd like an oversight over how are blaming other acts. Right of course York. Around Newark around the world Opentable has issued issued an apology after an employee pulled an interest intended to bring them more business. The employee told different restaurants in the area and made 300 fake reservations in order to back up the restaurants. As many as thirteen hundred people scheduled to show up at these restaurants were no shows and that included on Valentine's Day. Yeah I mean come on either have good food he writes. Granted a that's a statement but I give it a point since clever or whatever exit automatic fake profiles gift of there weren't yeah because normally under at least I'm pretty sure Opentable democratic ardent. Short lived out good I think they do man which is great is when they get hacked you know but I am pretty sure they have as far as reservation tool. Death or not I don't know alive that's one thing I'm an old man about. I'm an economic stress stress to make sure they get my reservation well it's only a Smart move to new arms paranoid. Police are investigating a scary situation at a local day care three daycare workers are facing some serious charges after they were tied giving the toddlers at the daycare gummy bears laced with melatonin before and after I'm okay now. Failed. You know I've heard of some parents giving their kids like whiskey if they were teething. Lead but that's an apparent choice rights you don't sailor and drugging these kids to go down her neck. I'll want to do that man tells my kid and I and I alana I mean like our man I'd know from an abdominal no no doubt about death rabid right would be hidden but you can do minister that the my kids went to the you know they said. I'm just slap them play they like taken credit like look at our daycare every child takes us now people will look but I quite. Yeah. Guys are the best baby sticker slogans of the buildings. Got it they get credits if elected even someone walking up usability like 12:31 o'clock one not time gravitas and I really good on its ability Canada and I have a guilty. I don't know I want to know that it doesn't know and and and I'm I'm I'm on the other side but you really yes. It's only down right when he says it's a lower at a time when I was a kid. Really I don't. I was all for it I could never quite get there we have room to sort cots. Follow him click of that it was good to get half of our balls blue note I couldn't do in New Jersey a brawl broke analytical. He has to places. Said he sees that four brawl in Jersey Chucky cheese. I mean that's it and if it's gonna be anywhere where the excitement is really going to be worthwhile. It's going to be a New Jersey Chucky cheese it's not clear what started the brawl there roughly twenty people were involved and that includes a couple employees trying to break out of I'm saying it wasn't three people it was twenty right what is it about Chucky cheese effect. We'll give you my kid hearing kids than do members fired right he noted I mean. Only could they see it appears that nobody wants somebody mentioned there you can answer I think it's just that simple. I'm surprised it doesn't go down more like you sporting events. Although iron onto and god iams pres rest is still coming just clean house. Had different headlines and out by I our personnel in a similar turn of whom Sox last what is out maids and a profile that's. And we'll during Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is old derivative meantime we've been told about Bloomberg and so until tomorrow please do what you do best. And for a leave for the sake. Started. And beautiful.