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Monday, March 5th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Juan Diego and I sent a great machine Iraq so relentless news station WA AF from Boston rock station joining ism I Unita five points that. They're lovely New Orleans listeners jumping on there as well as 105 point three the mayor in Blacksburg Virginia welcome Michelle. Read a question question coming up your guess as good as mine men's room rules and are. Latest random question question. What do you make from scratch and anything in particular that you feel that you make better from scratch and anybody else. Anybody else I don't know I would be stupid guy makes you some sausage you're now known as Bubba I enjoy I'm perfecting the art of the oven baked chicken. Tournament you should be beer can and I'm gonna change my game a little bit make it held digital home made a few rewrote beer and raise your chicken files Robin you're gonna love this and you brought this up earlier guy named David Murphy. From New Jersey. He went full Asus and figured out how to make Y and with his instant pot. Really yes say it's anymore what did you what did you make it and lenders but they'll wasn't some got a little where you brag about how people Weiner has been struck him. I wasn't a Maine's it was a really got it was so attended I had as the pods he has don't use them when they're taken out of the box Uganda. May want to leave the Euro do they give the think if they do the recipe one of the three guys estimate why he writes I got to get other boxers dude all on the barge that's really what can you rewind yeah Greg who's holly and not using your daughter and I noticed were jailed oil anymore man veterinary a story let's forget their cash and on fired a mechanic it was a reside and open up that thing. He had a bad excuse but I tell myself that to protect the fact that there are busy the whole point is it safe and tired hot there obviously so this guy David Murphy from New Jersey figured out how to make line and it is instant but it's a good combination of wealth wealth is great Jews look out. Sugar red wine needs to end up patients so I kind of figured he would have to do like a great managers and think. He's just gone straight Greg just like you why in in an instant pop man I think you overestimate our IR and Aaron I'll get to put a memo Blatter browser and. It's a David 48 hours of cooking his Jews on the in the pots yogurt low heat setting scene. No it's does that my to assume that you can make yogurt. Oh yeah he says you got yogurt that aren't. I didn't make you I don't know that's what I had no idea about this I'll show you do or commercial break. How will attest I don't care if it on the low he's heading to keep that in the carbon dioxide build up every six to eight hours and then let the stuff sit for eight days to get rid of the dizziness. So does that mean he's basically making my guess partly Rosen David. If not honors is just citizen I don't know I think about make a month a Davis of the wind days like quote extremely pleasant table line. With tens of tart cherries and raw chocolate. You don't lose Welch's great views brother don't try to over a bellies and a compilation early can make one out of a missed about a spread. Us around like a random friend. Brian Krause speaking today Diego assailant and she Joseph welcome to the men's room and say god idea. Shoulder and. Please keep them working night. Have to minimize your emotions but yeah. Friends I'm friends I'm friends. Randolph friend hello Andre welcome to the ignorant. And ran it. On that and I'm right. Soda cards there. Pretty good outages. There and I now. Did you random question why did you hear what would you say I've got those. What would you say is your most valuable possessions. When you have its cherished able today to add to their money wise and outside in your body for it every excluding you'll need to lose. So we have car. It's a few men. Depends on. Would you value isn't a monetary thing is a more some in the short program replicate divide its nuclear car rob your home what is the thing that would've said you most of its mystery could be and Ruth Berlin her father's ashes it could be a gold bar in the safe. I'd be at a bad car Richard's. Yeah yeah oh a similar car. Category got. Oh. Dear Carol. I what year. All children. Okay I'm. Well model. Each year. I heard Dan Ronan yeah I'd still love. You to do it yeah. Yeah I mean I don't blame you but I I had a man of few words aren't. No. There has taught. And I do letters. To letters what kind of car you got a good view edit flooding soon letters and putting their 2007. Season as Cadillac a noble life. Other Israel and what is your most valuable possession US government became an accident rap mogul. As they one and order deceased too rare albums from the guy former bro remember him he's orange generally Martin's Crowley. In 2015. The pharmaceutical executive Bob the only known copy of blue tank clans once upon a time. And as a Chelan I don't know how to say Al Lynn I'm never heard the album before because there's only one copy of I bought for two million dollars. He later got into a public dispute with the members of the rap group one point releasing a video in which she. Surrounded by masked men threatened to erased goes face killer from the album entirely. Yes. For a while I guess yet individual tracks on this thing Tuesday at a discount may know tax them right out of but it you wanted to did you sit like ghost face. So in late 2016. He claimed to have Bob acquired the only copy a little wanes and released the Carter five. Even playing what he said most part of the album's first track online. And then and August this rally was convicted of securities fraud. So he's been scamming people for a number of years he's both of these transactions he about his own money but as far as he investors and when he was doing without money. That is why he is in jail awaiting sentencing for that so. A judge revoked his bail in September after he publicly offered 5000 from Lockett Hillary Clinton's hair. That a knock overwhelm this guy is he's why. First of all. Why would you want anyone's hair and then why would you spend money on anyone's hair I think it doubling time he'd just did not care like his whole attitude was I'll just thrown in anyone's face but wait what happens when you make that much money do we talked a little bit last week you talk to appeal of the collect weird thing tried to people like Nicolas Cage moon and he had this then he had this he had this he had the and the only difference is like people that aren't super rich do things like collect stamps. Don't go right to us once you're rich. Paul Allen like he's a lunatic and as all kinds of weird crap the sisters off the rails she collects weird crap Nichols if this gap Hillary Clinton's hater. Governments in papers filed in federal court in Brooklyn said he wanted to it's early to forfeit about seven point four million in assets altogether. A federal judge granted the motion. Ordered more of forfeiture so basically. And not only does he have to get rid of these two albums which the government now owns but they also own a Picasso painting as well. And five million dollars which hopefully will be given to some of the victims of this camps they're gonna get some of the money back they're also going to auction off a lot of this and make money and you know what hopefully pay back the people that he screwed over. I have and I am people the government to leave you behind drive forever I say instead of that. And it killed the Smithsonian might be missing out of something like the Smithsonian asset museum so you all these rich people or wealthy people. Whatever was between the course of history here are the things have come into possession. Of the federal government which. Matt but your final born out of being. All of ours saw people I would go to the Smithsonian's like to be able to sample a bit of blue tank like look and act and heard anywhere else here's a three minute clip and I and the good scene arable behind glass case. Here's the Picasso. Should be some of the museum that. This was seized from the sky because of all kinds of but we know very producers to think about all the stuff Nicolas Cage had to give it doesn't I don't think they're good they are depriving collections of people that are really liked. And that's all right Paul allens of the world that you know have enough money to buy what a short while but. It was a Phil Collins and has all the is that the Alamo I wanted to give something the Alamo. But I don't want okay that almost pilot if Phil Collins got busted. And he had a giveaway that stuff that goes to me that's the store otherwise you'll start to leave that you took the time to collect this which is cool and that's great but. There's a story to your interest in this Medusa lug Phil Collins got busted that is receding hairline is so insulting to people. And he had to give all the stuff ability to Michael ROC the sorrow for Metallica has an impressive collection of art I don't wanna sit no but if you walked in the Marky Mark Wahlberg house and had a Picasso amyloid like. Mood like I got a Picasso wrecking it like no way. In check it out I would get out of stuff a strong performance exactly probably nuts yeah outside bet. Yes they like you would be some you'd be surprised who has won. I you cellphone seized Mayweather junior's. Dude. I got news story and I know my woes got a lot of money. And I don't think anyone can argue this. The man is not Smart aren't so more wall Borg Agassi having a Picasso Floyd Mayweather. Would have hired someone. And paid him 400000 dollars to recreate the bulldogs playing poker. Well today but this is an artist wind but it really is the guy that what I hired Leonardo Da Vinci if you rely out of time. To repaint the bulls would do it yeah it's Leonardo Da Vinci good you've got the bulldogs went. Don't think that's right because he's you're right that he's he's not the brightest guy in the world but you're right that he would like he just opened or like. This is the hall of hamsters in over the darted right now I may enhance yeah. Many people who owners don't often as not to resell just because I think he'd wanna say hey. That's the real cost of the difference to me it doesn't drink he keeps his house loaded with high end champagne and stuff but he just wants to brag about how. Puck he's got to got to doesn't need the lobster but he's in order more. I go to do an insisted he said the clay. And I'll make up a fight with when McGregor. Well over 200 million okay. Yeah I mean look the guy he fights and make like he's sick and it he says I know he's got a great car but I just feel like. The state you relate that to twenty Oklahoma's very old treaty but how long was that there was an assignment tower was in an hour. It's thirty minutes of fighting with renewed fighting government Richard Riley 140 minutes out of time so how much money did he make. To looms in regard to remain well 6065 and Oka and also trustee for mainly one of those five by far the highest paid athlete on the ready easily got to work like an hour off telling us with a lot of endorsements. I'm loving guy you want at the spokesperson but everyone else here's your contract ended with endorsements maybe you Lakewood he made. To go fight someone for thirty minutes you don't even even if you had stock in some. And you got a line on it and you've made a lot of money when that you would never be able to make that much money that quickly. Not really anybody else could legally make that much money. And that quick a time other than being like more than let alone inheriting it or you or IPO right right of those deals where you become an instant billionaire and a second I mean the actual time in our bowl. The millionaire powerball I'm already a hundred million. I mean you got to hit it right that's a powerball love the lottery powerball anybody else that's the place he's. He's got to fight need them thirty minutes ran a question question a four point 999 all all the lime articles coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you and gentle man newsroom. No job all girls I think you felt great throughout the years that man's remind dot com we'll review a few more and maybe put those in a lot coming up right before during a tells. With the shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 8449990. Well. Friends hello need welcome to enter Iraq. Or no laugh I don't know it. Hello C news. Oh. OK. Checks to see here I was goes. What a few blocks. On the east secondary markets. What have you maybe not on the level. Yeah what a few months on these secondary market. Or more room loved that I can't let my incriminating. Or does what you are we talking like a guy who just turned into a woman registered into a man. Well Alastair I've got a blower it's ours ours are OK I don't drives on the 100 miles one reason like a woman nice and we can do that's amazing. Hello I'm a former Reagan once I'm on the secondary market I thought an automatic weapon. The guy with an automatic weapon. Or LA. I'm the second or how secondary was this market. I'm Ali cash exchanged. Well it was shortly after I got back from Iraq. And they would lose a cute in the woods in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. Wow and don't answer your question is is the same type of a gun you used when you're. It's are in the service. It. Okay so the way I do you now when you say about from a dude in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. Did you pre arranged this deal did you bump into this guy start talking in the new religion gun you want to buy. Don't know my dog and I walked into a bar which was about. I don't 200 square foot and got to start a new guy. And you mentioned he had it. And use and I know all about those I would like to have that. But at any time you can shoot ninety round in thirty seconds also it's not a guy as who would normally cost. Oh well. Yeah and the sound in the background all you walked into the bore witness. I don't know he's since been at you just want to let him so much let us okay. Success is that had ninety around and of course. Don't how un weapons I want to the gun costs low back at me and Lance. Okay is that caused to a grand on the secondary market right yeah slowly that caused you do you think if you actually went and bought one new. I want new that spy grants okay parents and that is that that that's a hell of a savings well you know if anybody can. Operate this piece of machinery I want to assume that it's going to be you have and I'm also put an equal amount of money on the guy that lives in the middle of nowhere Colorado. Definitely a cancerous effect. I'm originally asked without my sort of and a firewall from that bar. You would have been not you would have been offered a gun. I don't know what god has been the other end of it. Touch it. And not for my god please. Truly believe how now I don't think that's safe frame may be gone in the woods by god it's. To sounds odd yeah yeah ad doesn't get physical and I get a lately you know the worst ago entered and put your mind gone on the secondary market low rent we came from the East Coast relive the Baltimore new. A lot of people I had a gun I knew one person at a gun legally and I hate to say but I'm probably. In the course of my time better a fifty people I knew that owned weapons did all my years one of them. Legally actually own a weapon all the relatives alike. But were they chose to purchase their weapons a morgue. That's the save he's beating the guy alone in the woods or going to this corner Matt how I want you I'm distanced when turgeon student so the idea of going anywhere or deep in the woods to buy anything to me is like this a bad idea if I would as bad that if you were marine. And in that situation though he'd have a pretty good idea of dangerous surroundings and what would be OK what not you probably would bail pro what I obviously he lived in the area that you wandered into a ball or in rural. Color properly in the woods in the mountains or to dog I'm guessing you lived around. Two are accused. Of selling balloons fill laughing gas under a bridge on an interstate Orlando police arrested two men for selling nitrous oxide known as laughing gas under the interstate bridge. Police say Ramon cloudy L and Bryant demanding and face charges including illegal distribution of Niger is which they also known as kitty crack. According to police officers patrolling the area. Found Tuman selling balloons filled with laughing gas that is illegal now this might just we normally would just taken pictures are saddled with an elite. It illegal when I don't whether it's illegal yeah. Student a what is the core store yeah are you gonna buy a multi canister. But it'll tell you to do weapons they understand and academic fraud went green right they understood but that's what that's about Padilla flotilla of vessels moved to a free basis okay I mausoleum drug paraphernalia yeah I'll tell you on the spot even that he shaken and he says I need to spoon. The cook my Coke ads like. There aren't holding players over there right right so if you look at the Coke and it is but here's the thing I go to restaurants we use it to make with great. What we were done make you move cream we did with it and want email a case of do you have like a pressure like. Make an IBM visits if you've got a major whip cream that'll keep it so every time you who squirted is that I don't Riyadh what do we whisk it okay to take in America and you spray it out is what aerosol can tell Internet but try to apply that. Stuff. What you do is we're gonna restaurant and you don't buy that stuff but that's really keep it under like blocking key now got this and that because that's why it pays to Morgan restaurant because again. You don't with a whip cream and trust me before you would remember makes have been there everyone know this if you see them spray whipped cream in your dessert at any restaurant. The mouth of every Mark Kirk has been on my cancer because they all did witness these guys are great man. The offices in both men had earpieces and and warm and talkies to help them avoid being detected by police say look like bouncers. At a nightclub and they're like they're hooked up and here I must I don't know. Both start running on police approached him they used it to razor thin you are not our audio all they can't make. Bright balloons were still scattered all along a stretch of the street. As construction workers continue to make project is there on the tie dye whip it's which is eternal cause our idea from second I can come on man. They do say that you're a cool if you're a dentist you get that stuff yeah Abbott does what it does do is to do with kids. Ran a question question may fourth. Are 999 allies and friends know Dylan and welcome to the Missouri and brand and logo are there aren't. Don't think god does produce good man are you brother. You know not instead they obsessed I Dillon C here's how old are you man. Twice today. Swimming three you can you can do this please please don't do well in certain ages could be you've only been drilling for little you know oil you know I'm. I'm a longtime listener first time callers and I'm stoked OK let's go do you drink every once a while. Then again you don't give an alcoholic beverage every once a month. Everywhere until they understand it but yes okay. Have you ever. As you would drinking trend that. Have you jumped up and I'll explain. They're used to be a thing called Xena then came back. Drinks kind of come a cyclically. Is far pummeling the scene literally everything car bomb shell mule and that was there's all kinds of drinks at comic con man that. And then they go away like the guy next to me password got last week and I just I've never heard anyone actually order. In a Muslim mosque come Leo and I mean it's got started chatting you know goalmouth that would never end I get a mere shouts kilos it. I love another Moscow mule endlessly. You don't even know if you actually three other delicious are what is what he just what your beer I don't not a out of your candidate are there is the more the vessels like a copper Mogg he sees someone walking around with what looks to be like a copper coffee mug. Yeah more than likely go and I don't Galileo but what what's in the into cannot get a ginger beer you. Went in line where he didn't know already has or you're not gonna not like it's summertime like gee what is it's also a couple years ago when a camera with a drink I don't really ordered extra holes on the panel believes in it we don't know he'd look at that had a little run for little hour everybody had to have the most heal well part of the reason it's not as popular Steve Barton got tired of modeling all the time I'm sure I get tired of masturbation but I still go that I do not threat so. And you don't want to act how about it could be a beer like I've you know good mattered. I DA's zoos are becoming very popular but if you've been through the IPA phase. Maybe scale like somebody gets about a little bit easier nowadays what would drink trend have you have you been a part of. During Chandler had been a part of it is. Yeah Oscar dollars a studio but I the big beard guy so you know anything cheap I silence the so far and. I tell right now your boy and four. You're going for volume. Not necessarily over quality. But apparently a lot of quality so it's more of you it's more you want more beer not a a decent amount of good beer but that's the age memory up to do when I was 23 came down of this. How much money do we have continued to but this was a man how much money do we have divide that by the number of cases of Milwaukee's best we combine them. In Internet and a very good beer but man. Gotta now it's like look I'm would you buy 16 pack of invented something actually right instead of buying a good stone IBA Arab good I feel like an allegiance based us we would buy a forty a malt liquor because exactly. There was enough you know what I'm on record just to get messed up now for the same reason that whole host yeah I didn't say it's cheap reckoning if you Massa but not very good because it's good look I think that should be in general lesson and I like economic point of which are gonna drink but. If almost people who drinking it's probably not get almost label drink mad dog lover mad dog. Yeah not good not good for him never read a good night because of mad dog all man that's our you know what I and that's we we cleaned up a those an area where they've done some homeless people have been relocated so there was this park. And we're gonna go there for a day and ended cleanup work. And I learn a lot that day. Ice house tall boys who they have probably the highest percentage of alcoholic and a similar though because those cans were ever. Honey there was no other option on beer it was almost like that was the only option you can get if you live in that but think about it if you do. They didn't produce this beer because this Beers commitments like you can reduce severe that the product in you take to the television airwaves. And you advertise beer and what you do Beers like that is. We kind of called it the homeless advertising which is win you get enough money to go into the store to buy something. The advertising is this is the cheapest thing crack pipe but what they do word of mouth they tell the bodies like hey man if you wanna get drunk. Ice house tall boys that's the way to and a bunny that's for my life. My house I south's that was all night to beer that was all eject. But why don't they make a jingle epidemic when you leave the knee in years then elegant because I multi alarm. Because the peace I think battling with the economic although advertised on television they don't have a top advertisement is the price revision to radiate it's the prize runs that are not radioactive enough that you need a malt liquor in it to end. I risen as wondering did you jump on there parallel breweries all over the country started making glitter beer. Come on don't ask the first operated newest three weavers in Inglewood doesn't ask you. Now breweries in Colorado North Carolina also got on board if you're wondering how they do the bears are made with an edible glitter. That sparkles in the light in the glitter is tasteless but it's. I guess does and the flavor. Glitter doesn't have flavor now apparently it's hell on the brewing equipment so they made enjoy the sacrifices they're making for the sake of here here is to Graham account but yeah. What does glitter not help. Glitter a challenge children winners out of the children Ulish Booker strippers. And I think they like it I think it is good spark. Why would you put glitter bear like you said you know I never met an adult who said the one thing I really wish I had more of my life is glitter please. Random random random crash. Friend those people are out there there's going to bring down and they don't they do not run. Friend Omar he glitter produce cars hit the liberty give Brad BR embryos. Hello Megan welcome to the man who. Well. All of our data there may have. You clean house. And you're helping to break him so what else is out nuclear left. Notes okay. Where is the worst room and towels. For you to play like what's the rule that you hate cleaning. Okay. Exactly my kids' bathroom or the weekend and I was the guy disappoint I thought they literally. Took the toilet seat off 200 over proved directly on it flipped it back over and reinstall I that the decedent almost period. And Jack like I was gonna lighten the bathroom on fire and to say it's it's a total loss. I haven't encountered anything about bad may you know you are you in a relationship every single. I'm Mary you're married okay. And did you have a pretty extensive single life there before he got married or did you married right away. Together allow hopefully I am very. Nine did you date for awhile for Campbell premature husband another word three out there to get boyfriends had to go out. Okay who came. I should ask you this question as you probably a bad one but it depends on the situation. And there's a study that that not go to a second here but do you or have you ever before enjoyed enjoyed is the keyword here mean. A one nightstick. Enjoy enjoy it is the keyword not had one of the blog and I'll say we've had a one night stand tour. The keyword is here did you enjoy most of them. Well that's part of the study. I think in a moment let me let me. Let's bring me calling the experience now. Well yeah but that's like drinking a meal like hey I had a great night last night man we got stuck half a they hang over sucks there is no regrets there there stuff the comes later but at the time. I made. It's still a good thing. Yeah I think the weirdest part about a one nightstand just in theory. Is the fact that. Some one that such a few that that was really weird the other part about it was the worst so in contact with everybody now through social media and everything like. If we were together. And have a good time and had great sex and I had no one ever. I can't imagine me pinging myself like. Hey I'm not calling you tomorrow we can there be like if I might go like hey. You got some time this week wanna go to dinner earlier on Friday exactly like an act as an early analog at all play I don't care what you look like. That would be the hard part for me he would be like you sir I can't have that again I don't recollect the sun does being honest. Yeah and anyway one night stand it's just it's kind of understood. All of them OK I think you know morning are you are you established rules give it only needs to be said I think she's just kinda know like look this is happening this is great for both of us and what ever thought we did that they gonna come comedy club years ago years and years and years ago and we won't then and now. Armor and leads them to the comics and there's a one woman was pretty funny is I remember about I think she was a comedian jaws down and out but so. We're kind of in the back room talking and brands can look at matter like. Where do I know we're province driving me crazy dude like outscored their master miles to shoo she's there like I know aren't known from I do not know some locals like I don't know man what do we. An anonymous and finally so we made an hour goes by and I'm like. All crap do remember Larry we had sites part three years reporting on something but I'm like. I'm trying to remember her book like is this moment we're now sums in reducing costs but I am it is not quite so. She's got an indicates she remembers you know how we met I have only recently come to this conclusion. And I reels it was weird glad to know now the US dollar mega you know. Isn't the content are you know we're all old let us all what person that I don't know you'll see that's something I'm merely as a person over the. Can that they've that I see two or three times a week who works in the copy Spybot my house and when I saw them in this different environment I have initially I didn't recognize. You know like I see them all day today I didn't say I didn't say anything this weekend I saw somebody a sporting event that I used to seeing a specific part. And I enemy we're like staring at a show like I know I know you have not thought about it you'd be that Bardot yeah. It would militant I would say the best when it's and I had was and I have not had many but it was a do girl out of my league but it allowed me. To call one of my better looking for a in the sense terrible. I was so excited column B lack alcohol the okay. What's the word eskimo brother Galilee were all Brothers and he's like what of the event bubble pops if they are cool as he's excited for you as you are now now yeah I was really more excitement he's a much better looking person that I am so it was a breach the triumph for me. But Jolson totals with the one night stand and where you didn't even recall that it had happened. Yes and rolled over and say depict them to pennies and it was just like they were there rove enormity. And it's like all know what she'll likely to baffle the result of what the hell was that you're like oh god she's my dad she. A world. Well how how quick was the regret. And it wasn't just instant like what have I done. Trees grass do but did you enjoy a one night stay another some conventional wisdom that says so women usually regret having a one night stand that and that's coming out dated and according to a new study it it is outdated. Researchers at the Norwegian university of science and technology found that women like one night stands. As long as two conditions are met. I did not number one the items they are the ones who initiates the one night stay out Oprah okay number to bring an. The other person was good at and having sex. Well that's bad condition is definitely more important the researchers found that even if the woman initiated it if the sex wasn't neck photos and just mediocre is bad and bad. Then there was regret because I went through all this process. And in the end it wasn't worth it. Well now if you're good and bad and you could take Jeremy they're like no problem without going out to dinner I don't regret it looks good meals yeah I'm like I'll make the best out yeah exactly how about that you know. Ran a question question a 44999. Allow hall the library golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network it's. Your guess is good money categories population around the world and a military power we'll do your guess is as good as mine read for. We drink it tells with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question questioning for 4999. Old I'm. Randolph. And he's welcome to the men's room and all other girl. Okay. I barely bigger man poured a good setting are you. They'll allow I've got to count for something okay yeah Sam and ask you this but what generation of do you identify with. The Europe part simulate what generation did you grow up. That's their growth then both voted in 19933. That probably be as far as. Early 2000 generation that millennial. I don't know you were born is now nineteen Y 93 Lou yeah. You would be a millennial I'm surprised with a name like Sonny you're now like 99 years old. No huddles the indictment come back man coconut Miranda. My commitment I don't know there there responders on the villains in the face it there all the names that describe an occupation right this is piled that this is country this is tanner. And as of the zapper reverend gone back to all the eight lanes of I love my kids like all afraid of like. This is don't work like really down day I'm sorry Dover. Yeah may slow your technically sunny your millennial. Did do you feel that you do you fit the mold of the stereotype of the millennial. Armed. I'm not look at a lot of the people two from. My age and most of all meet cliches. Me I've grown not I have my long hair and the beard I got a bunch of pirated Renaissance of. Fares and the ripple rhythm I don't know apparent. I would edit okay yeah Google the highway Renaissance of Barron's and you actually giving dressed up and if you do are you part of the entertainment or use their just as a science. I'm not I'm actually dead minutes and I do bunch who bomb. Firefox almost like I have really fired staff fired deadly. Look at what I'm determined that you wanna fire relate. At what age do you you don't may have fired my thing I think I can make some amount of dislike how old do you the first I'd be tried two. To breathe fire and what did you use in your mouth to try to breathe. All right so. I originally had an yeah and then decide everything about a year or two ago. And as one of these Renaissance of events that what is called old spare. And bye to the guys to I would camp and where they were the main I have almost looked like state would you like yeah this shot. Like all right that sounds pretty well certainly given the bond they can give a gunfire every. Not not program or show you how this is great here's a blown out of a trumpet. And you want a mixed to come out the most news in the words he years where this new the new car or the yeah and it's. There's like a war exceed liquid diet when you created out acrylic beaten nights when it by. Do you think that's the same thing the Gene Simmons uses in Cannes. On how it obviously one universal I think they you know they are never say that so how far wade you have to hold your ignition source. From your mouth to blow the stuff up. Are you today in the corner where about it period. My half you've peaked I'd definitely get any close says the blue fluid could catch fire back org or my. Out there are drug and at any stage of long hair and I know that Gene Simmons during their heyday. I'll probably three times the tour at some point. Would say The Herald or to burn the tip of the snow right I mean he did donors recognize that I get a but I have you have you heard anything on your face yet. I'm not yet most of time. We'll have argued. Performance photo exhibit like equipment staged down what might beer whip my hair but might have packed and on there and I didn't expect mature. I'm I'm once you're gonna lie out of pillows just assume that the maybe I've got to. But to thirteen year old kids run around having a party birthday party next door neighbors my house whatever bonus prize kid I hire you how much are gonna cost you blow fire like what Sony if I want to hire you to come over to blow fire helmets are gonna cost. So I'd do appropriate just got Amaechi yeah it's loud and and and I mean I know. But I go to cost terrorism trials on let's therefore eligible at a meeting Cashmere don't fire did you hate me I want to do for the kids' sake how about we tied Ted that you tell them they're Dak. We had had good shape her shirtless. You both fired then and how quickly all the here it's it's better than waxing that I mean it's just one quick money I don't know that I can breathe fire that short I really great data via I knew I would not manager Terry NN Sunday common like the bonfire. You mean for the big party electorate festival of some like any illegal bonfire on your campground or whatever like did you shows of he Jimmie blew that lights the kids candles on the case. Right after us by the keg now lifted that. The. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.