02-05-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Keeps the Winning Streak Alive

Monday, February 5th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. That as a player profile says your racial consultant standing by color 9844999. Polo player profile this coming up in minutes. And a good headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Amanda and Iowa led cops on a high speed chase yesterday morning. And finally pulled over and that he did it because it was quote. And is bucket list. Third. I mean I don't gonna get arrested but it probably brings the cops on relieve flags like he's not a lot of go this is not gonna get ugly he's stupid. But he did the thing he wanted to honesty goes a long way. Right today I regret right today at the dilemma there is holding a briefing about like Arabs okay. You think it's any easier on him because he said it was dishonest by the listener wanted to unite feature I think is as far as how they treated them for sure I mean I believe the court will treat him like anyone else. Based on the chargers got your once they pull jewelry you didn't do anything aftermath. You didn't abate rescued and can brutal wife copper and you bad so I think the cubs stated easier to one a closer look. I would pick up by the cops arrived and when you are 100% on as a non confrontational but you admit that your role. Telegram way to do that you know we got to do it cigars you know that's cool also love formal white privilege and an enemy like no other person ever think well I wanna get involve the cops. And it'll work out in my favor for Fred I'm confident about this what I wouldn't give them high speed chase and still continue with my bucket list. And closes the last night my flight data that I go back and that's the final one maybe had most people don't try to stir up conversation with a counts for no reason to. Felices just FaceBook and it's a Graham briefly went down on Wednesday and police in Washington State had asked people to stop calling 911 about it. Come on come on ask hallmark it's not an emergency. Even 301 monopoly to do weights. Play the referring to. Do something else are we at that point now our guess is that what 2017 is. Oh my god FaceBook isn't working Bill O'Reilly I believe that if there's an avenue and 2014 same thing when I have. Geist played a lot to me like every tonight and I'm on his program. And every time I get on answer Randall always refer back to FaceBook. Illustrated do all these FaceBook different things like you can log into FaceBook you can do this stuff is also faced with a paternity and I'm unassuming FaceBook is married to in to Graham and some former fashion yet FaceBook so well they both went down like that uranium like. That's why everything they do is trying to troll me on FaceBook is trying to do my FaceBook information I keep telling them I don't have a FaceBook. Three Novak mr. Montgomery and now it's unbelievable and this plan would you not call your Internet provider why would you not called. Flew to would you know what yeah it's. They're not gonna dispatch fire and rescue round I would suspect to police right so you're right my play. There are severe we you can goal called your service providers and maybe they can help you David Campbell they're probably a better answer. Why is the law or you're going first oddly enough I call Verizon when I thought someone was breaking into my house yeah. Regularly does the same library exactly. Someone and England meant to spray paint the words quote the worst boss ever on their bosses Mercedes the other day. But spelled it the worst loss ever. Cuomo WR NC WOR SE MW OR SE worst mosque instead of the worst class if they're an English teacher I would agree. I think her otherwise write if if if if the a FF. Some company has been offering a 14100 dollar vacation to Colombia that includes free loose and unlimited sex with hookers. So what is the caveat it looks like the government they're setting the whole thing down the didn't know landfall around that. Just go out the middle of Atlantic and over the same thing. Wherever there is no government does do it that way until like twenty miles off the coast I live blog at you and I your money go to caimans wherever you go Panama. It was a love that people sort of do their third illicit activities like me no good get all of an arms about stuff left. Don't on the Colombian government like what we don't necessarily think that's the best idea but as far try to spark tourism here's the thing. Whoever it is that enjoyed this particular I tripped and they're not gonna give us a bad review. Like things like visit F in Columbia. Yeah if it ever being goal to epic global good group first championship that is what they're gonna say that they're not known for illicit activity now. Not Columbia I don't know if I'm on the 46% of workers say they occasionally check their work email on vacation. 47%. Ticket frequently and another 27% don't check it and all jagged attorney and once or twice just to be sure the wanna come back I don't have 700 emails in my house. That's really on fire and run. This is bad but generally speaking it. As far as I go home yet when it emails about all kinds of things but I would check at the night before we come back in just like I don't I'm on vacation been. I don't I just don't need to Wear normally just get like you know like do you know that it's the that the biggest pollen season would you like rock fossil pollen expert. We have available for you pollen expert Nancy Johnson next Thursday in always you don't pull all right. They will get to look good for the self all the time I get listen to direct decision about. You get solicitor for the sick and when you read it like it's so blue in the after the think actual to talk to these people but we should portable pull it in the week and say look. We need anyone of these sub divisions come on until some dry as story about something no when asked about. Who should we pick correct just like let's stole a boat because we did this stuff. All the title that alzheimer's got forgotten golf. Crystal ball apple apple apple apple. Riding a new survey found that 59% of women wish they had someone else's what he thinks. Moves pair. Mile you guys don't do remember and women say they don't currently it is basically the same. Get short chip long long long has this that you know for me it's always been specific Tenet that I noticed they should say you know will be sitting there watching TV and all I wish I had her hair. Plus we'll stop them rich without it it. Felicia had it about killed two from the current default all Oklahoma target chip from parents rather are really well I wanna see your callous. There. A 68 year old and a New Jersey recently saw a news report about a big lottery jackpot that hadn't been claimed. So each of the mold tickets and realize that he had won the 44 million dollar test behind while one in four million. Was he too late I know he got like a day early. All right Steve before it it expired he got. You know I do appreciate it lotteries around the country were they will like. A few days before the window closes they make an announcement on the news like look at it before it goes away I just don't know them from a lottery official telling him. Assistant. Everybody who buys a lottery ticket is checking that thing after the numbers have been drawn not Baghdad right. You know I Disney did go check mate. Desk yard tonight whereas in that thick skull I actually won the 24 million dollar jackpot there was 44 million god named dollar check it twice rights. Tournament. A medical marijuana distributor and Arizona used the weather balloon to send a pound of pot in the space. Now they're calling at space weak growth and these we get physical space we broke yes space we grow. And they're selling it for 100 dollars a gram why are. I need better right now let's say content and it does the vacuum of space bring out the rich flavor of the pod you know the only way you could really tested his abuse and another it's just dank himself right he's just picked it off the life. So normally the curing process and beautiful almost vacuum things that just makes terrible doesn't take too much time if you actually drive the plan out. Takes a little while. So maybe the drying process would be a little bit different space that would be the only difference that I I do a lot of different information your bag there but I don't know but the good thing of and expand the bug tight in the it's tasteless FaceBook. And finally a woman has found the secret to amazing chocolate chip cookies and it involves violence. OK okay Lila I'm so hopefully whenever I doubt they might not way to program and I've coming up one hour from now of course the game bills on. True precepts. Cipro having to please everyone else how this is played. As George Dan miles that the symbol game where we share with you a real like news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Her and idealism to a story. Based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make LSU what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Cosmo welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah and it's. I cows no confidence. You understand how this here game play. Sir fan has since you've probably heard the saying that there was a customer's always right. Well and capable Florida woman who tossed hot not true cheese that is up eleven guard. The police could not disagree more about 1:15 in the morning when the suspect walked into southern Lebanon my sandwich. And a couple of nacho cheese and realize you could buy a cup of Argentine but it. Only cast your told her not to open the cheese dispenser. By the hungry woman ignored her record. You received adult admitted like an upgrade or items only to be denied service by the U boy. That's when she launched the sandwich in the hot not to geez across the counter at the Clark. But of the boot traveled through the air she yelled and I quote that cast Barack in our eyes right. Follow the warmer for the corps whose company the eulogies. Called police when deputies arrived the suspect was arrested. And booked into jail my question is do you believe that this not showed she's gone crazy woman is black white or Mexican or Asians. Whirls I don't really think. But do we do not defeated by death of 3COM. Volatility you don't. All right. You won't and OK or it looked like there was a demand that you don't play for our case a few days. My money says that they came from the white population because cheese although it seems prevalent is not as typically prevalent the next include other than Casey declare her. The disease enchiladas there's a couple things like trigger is better and then what's that that doesn't please correct the nine units under on this on this on. It's on the cheeses and used just not government. Palm nacho cheese that has also not really prevalent in the Asian community prone I expect anyone of Asian descent to walk into a 7-Eleven and eat food there. There. He did this government cheese to meet just screams whites and that's basically what palm cheeses and the fact that she says the customer is always. Why this thing that could fly at a minimum amount. Some say based on the palm trees and what she said that she is is a nacho cheese angry white woman. So what I wanna eat it did a bush won the fifty rent from time to market chore us of Florida Florida Florida so it's going to be an American and Alomar drunk but. Yeah I'll make pretty good on. They're always fly made it. Oh yeah well I think we got chicken bra ugly and she's. Or did. He not only look sleep. Of course management. Times I think my final answer why finally it's all right we'll find now. He was black white makes your Asian banks that was the key you're listening to the men's or radio network. They joke. You know I'm gentle men's room. The Florida profile us not sure she's made more virulent and December 11 that's 2:3 o'clock in the morning go there get to sandwich but she gets her cup. Basically pulls a little off the bomb nacho cheese dips down there and just you know that makes a note Deron gases and many can't do that whoever worked there and she said you know customer's always right. Through the nacho cheese them. It's our students not only that as hot but when he says that he can be cooled and you're not wearing the united she's macondo well yes you did you believe. This woman was black and white makes you or Asian. He ruled out Asian instantly they decided to miles and settle land based on what she said and based on the fact that you want announcers geez probably. That's who you wince. Yeah. Okay. Okay. When. This is this is no cause I'm all my golf whose ears let my god. All my guys missed out pretty good for Mad Magazine really got them angry and bitter one angry dude look gives. It's one haggard man. Now Paula did it is volatile driver do anytime a tale. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. My login how's a guy cars are dual IE as an offensive. I thought the stuff off the field I'm just how are wondering why you texted me that I that you felt really really bad for me it has really venison. Really really really yeah really. Period it could well if everybody in the room wants to know my fantasy team. What are really good fight but they came about three points short of it this week undefeated they were undefeated breaking my oh my undefeated streak yeah. My Cleveland steamers and interact. Sure and then speaking grad Liz is in my in my memory thank you for your religion. Sergeant Matt Stafford. Doug had. Man you know he killed me all day it didn't get a lot of people. OK so who's been at the big talk of of TV recently he is he's the only wind seems an odd TV not movies. Urge all of you okay. So these are on TV he's on TV he's not really a featured character if you will but he's been sensational of the past I'm gonna say thirteen days. Thirteen to all the guys from jeopardy yes I I don't I'm okay so the man like us that he has been honored for thirteen days. Unfortunately on Friday he did not I got to be god and he got media be like five dollars or some Nadal who beat us at Rodman yeah he he even he won thirteen games you laws fourteenth when he laws and he had amassed about 4111000. Dollars and how that works for the tournament of champions and all that stuff they'll be back right they did today don't we will be back for the turn. Bad behave for three weeks where the war Brahma. I'm not shed many do you made almost half a million dollars for working three weeks essentially using the bar that he was that do I mean normally you just go when you play once or twice when you come Daniel think you're gonna win it. He's been ever so long he probably had to take off work. I'm sure so you don't against the bar you know they have on like they did you have to have an Austin viewing party every NASCAR right are we just hope that that bar also hosts trivia. Right devour those people why did you Fletcher good tribute to aim this dude has Noah your stupid from the day you. They married now he admitted to Alex that today he listens to big government so again most of us now I'll ask her we're educating theater that I that's what we do Mike and I think is the jeopardy is recorded in advance is not like he was gone wild the show was on another he's just sit and they're staring at the TV shaking his head just I should again but he also knows he's gone back. Ali it turns out there although today so he's gone of the thrift stores by its new duds you know there are however before his departure he did leave us with one fan. Test Exxon but I treat 2000 slang. For a detective. Austin what is it they're gonna deck no but the. I know nothing about a victory and there is a gum trees. Gums or gum shoe I think again I see 14. So the way to this category was supposed to work was like slang for trees known and it was begins or ends with a tree and and somewhere within the answer was supposed to be. DB name of Katrina one of the answer was soak in because it's okay as oak there and Arizona works and that don't discount that completely off the rails if you'd like to see the video we're gonna get get I get an up on the eve you mentioned FaceBook page. I'm assuming then he was thinking of private Dick which is a terror for a you have a private investigator which I never heard before bright soul when. I think when he does throw a day of the play. It's too late he's tracking the put those like they came off much worse than I believe he had representative Bud Day a man whereas this tree a giant isn't it is that I've. Largely I did type in. Shifting gears a week we talk about football little bit earlier but it is football season. Are you get do you ever remember the movie anchorman. Sure how are now on very have to order everything and Obama brought to you now now 01 thing that is true about all broadcasters as everything is scripted I mean almost you're reading out a teleprompters. It's overdue mine exactly and I saw back when I just that's what we do eventually put it on the teleprompter and say hey that's what we do might we we have the people that type almost keyboards and inside of court rooms and just get those things at their fast so. Do you guys remember what Ron Bergen knees fallacy was that he would read anything off the teleprompter no matter what unfortunately that happened over the weekend let's hear now. On the visa halftime report curt Terry Howie Michael Palin told you look on the graphic for the final two bullet points. Well sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there. I guess they have all my doing a football ever that's the first time someone that has ever happened and it also Monica spots. An organ on today sounds like. Today. Tomorrow all this week. Today and tomorrow. Tuesday released a white flag now and then you go on the you do the read you know I know might get a darn thing you have to do it again in the middle account but the Little League but at least on the copy. They make it a point gold chains like it'll be a towel size of say legal copies you know rear like a commercial real like. So enjoy those moves that you have the Muslim roadway legal copies bubble that you just don't let. This guy of course is Stewart out there and what they say it. Check your checked into bullet points for the last two images are somewhat out of they had you've just forgotten in parentheses are some like that you can see when he catches himself. Oh yeah he stops midway in the realizes that. I'm surprised you didn't dump but just then and just kind of try to roll lob that. But he's seen Charles Barkley now so although I do think he's one of those guys he will read whatever it is and that sometimes a dual lives but don't. Through the basketball game the go to commercial break and then they do quick commercial tees. Who include Charles Barkley comparable Q do your report all the dominance. And that is an old black and every day and I've seen him since I think you guys a little scarlet car. I. As you'll want him and I Hamas group outflows ball good football practice. I don't get him some minutes that might look at camera two and it's all a little bit of god are you here man are Mel if you wanna watch just under the pre and post game show because. Look a lot of it like anything's sports you know they give their opinion with a sore right politte. Your your speed what are your company garbage is that you have to do but you have it they make it a point when probably below. Also include full load holds up well then the result is they're entertaining when they're doing okay. T into their entertain the NBA broadcast urgent. College football broadcasts they talked for three or four hours about what's gonna happen and they break they talk about in the middle of it and tell you what you just saw the they talk some more it's like. Could you please guys to do show some highlights like spike I know you want to be four guys standing around in suits talking about strategy knowledge step of the most part. I don't need a strategy as much as I just wanna see what has transpired. During the day as far as college football goes you don't need to break down why. Jake Long not open on that play I don't give a flying out the true. I want you gotta look I don't care what technique you use I don't care what defense these all I don't care bill's own he recognized man he recognizes which I don't care show me the play that he got and either I'm not looking to learn chest I'm looking into action. On our watch football really OUD seven different camera angles to OK now how we did you say don't let's show you how they play you know what I call it a boring it's boring in meetings excellent I'm watching film. You did the read you've got to. You know the adjustment you have to make that's it it's that basic there's only two different changes like guys guys guys. Shut up and show some violence but he don't mean at halftime I don't want stuff there's twenty teams playing right now there all the talk to a show mall you know show they show the stuff that's going wrong. That's why people love red zone no one gets it right if there's action that you could watch. People choose to watch that action when it's four dudes and nice suits talking it's like I'm out. Boot down anomaly or whether it's fox NBC ESPN you're going to another gamers are likely on right I just wanna see some. Actually knew you Lorenzo and Scott Hanson. And here's judge separate boy that was a weird play. Yeah and then he's going to be enough I don't go to Minnesota yeah but don't really know what they cleared things I like you know who is your quarterback completes a well as we can who would you just never masks can't include these play again in 240 delete. And we don't teach old Angel he decided he was little walking in he was going to flip dive. There's just I just show us the highlights of experts now to punch is a guy rolls around scores touchdowns touchdowns. You don't have to tell you about it. All right miles you know how I like a good top ten last yes you do and I don't have one I do. I'm also a movie buff so I kind of decided to tie the two of them ended in due you know he's a very old are you did you need the twentieth century singers. All you know what it's. These are any ten of the eleven shows turned into terrible movies at number ten. Land of the Lost. I had to no man now is when I get back to a parent that was welfare I never saw them I didn't I think a solid twenty minutes of about a plane and and bailed out like I would rather be bored on the flight. The watches and a promise I know it was not a good show but as a kid when that show came out that was the scariest greatest. Almost everything about the show him. You're back in dinosaur times and amid this Fuzzy road dude named Chaka Chaka act so when they meet Shaka. Don't like Bernie and broke a loser. Where are we remove look although it doesn't matter which candidate Shaka day Newsnight. So why the does can't understand is what's your name good charges. And Neil I think those trying to get Somoza slow mode moving rep the could not walk plus we it seems. Well. My dad for the moment 126% number nine on the top ten beloved shows turn at a terrible movies bewitched another will Farrell movie. We don't have the wrestling in my in the movie I thought it was actually pretty decent really will Farrell for me is gonna like Adam salmon every other movies actually good. Yeah into the restaurant I eat out when I go back and watch them I find him to be more entertaining like Talladega nights of stem Brothers Lamar seal them like all right live a good those are different because those were more or. A ridge original suit who he is where we're at the you know he's trying to wow we sort of mimic some character you know but it's causes the death of these the words that Ted adaptations them so for our good is our beloved shows turn in the terrible movies also so they're turned in a terrible right. There at number eight with 23% approval rating be Beverly Hillbillies. I'd never sought nor is a man in easy neither of them remote interest and sing it when that time there's an actress. In quotes name Erica Libya accuses hotter than death. And you know that because you know my boys you know the name exactly the global terrorism and that was the I was doing that she was so imagine. A recent movie that just came out and win in 19% approval rating Baywatch babe I want got married ten beloved shows turned his terrible movies. A terrible show is just so happened we like so. OK with 70% approval rating a movie starring will Smith and Kevin Kline whose withdrawn. Star ski and hunt wild wild west phone died there was a TV show and well the mile an entire time now where you could not turn on the TV without watching western dude. But wild wild west was great bonanza out as wildlife haven F Troop have a way out west with gotta go little sigh fine. You know McConnell made an interest and so that's like a modern day were old school was world. In any different kettle and its own times lets you know area. Hey yeah okay. Of the beloved shows turned in a terrible movies with a 15% approval rating another fairly new movie are released your point seven series champs buddy who's starting chips. Oh lord what was his name. He'd run all over yet she's got this next shepherd upload our action ever I was trying to figure out who it whose partner was all gosh. Cameraman guys and they had to be fair we're chips aren't growing golf. If you if you're generous show was on Ridley you love the show but like a lot of those if you were to go back and watch it now you'll like this is the dumbest thing I said with a different. Top of the and they jump produce some good in their car they act is a classic. It's a nice place to with a 15% approval rating ice spy. So yeah you guys remember that movie at all. I do when they come out we came out in 02 we actually got when I was a kid and I watched the movie I'd done it I thought it was awesome but maybe it's because I was a twelve year old little prize fight there was a diaper bag gonna get Smart get Smart data and image it was Steve Corel and and yeah John I'm just not been as Tina Fey. That's sounds right but not all they were married or my I think you know a different note that date night unless I might I don't the number one it's untried. Yeah I drive thanks in the city and number three of the ten beloved shows turn into a terrible movies with a 14% approval rating. Starring Seann William Scott. And I don't know as a Dukes of Hazzard I liked that movie do how I want slowly lowered our television show ever and we alone lives. Because we watched as adults and it was terrible. So I was greatest kid than you watching now and like I just doesn't hold a news does this sound if they were like our old dude and just make it official that we just don't you know all we weren't mentally kids stay ready to watch do that we got real high some accounts image is. Each religion and we're like man we surveillance like we've been in this we could even hold on to have America. She now fortunately and I have never seen any of the rest of these couple horrible mentioned the 5% the avengers came out 98 is not a superhero avengers brandy I know exactly guy out secret agent talent and with 3% the Mod Squad came out 99 those articles you got to remember the number two of the top ten. Beloved children. When they 3% approval rating. Seven make tales maybe yep materials that went to bed come 1997. Do we know who was in that. I have no idea I don't ever heard of anybody in the movie who can wasn't wasn't a great show you show quite why would you think that I think that's why we're getting closer to number one on the worst TV shows minutes of imaginary so I love my. 0%. Approval rating while car 54 where are you. I know I watched a dozen New Year's show had the I don't know the name vaguely. It had a guy who who was in scrubs he played bit parts in whatever he does he's got a really square looking head they. Never heard or gas I can they was names on the show the middleman and bridal clothes you're looking dude. I don't. How you have easy roll percent for owing to think about that were certain there. Just think about this person can you can rattle off ETV show or any movie Intel hole. A thousand people how bad you take a loss and feel very validated why you explain you know and it but somebody says. I don't think it was that bad lovers I think means everyone agrees there's nothing redeeming about the steaming pile of us I think the only way. They can actually working theory. You go back you try to remake something it's never going to be the same it's going to be an updated version. That's the deal I mean it's easy either going to be a good script or it's not. Eighth eighth but if you were to do it successfully eye in and you don't take too much time like sex in the security these other shows like. In game of thrown surrender one last season then and then for the grand finale. We're gonna do a two hour movie. And we're gonna close it out in movie theater. Now basically all the idealistic two episodes and just bought back demand to right put him in the movie theater now they can console what are they couldn't before what I don't know that whole deal is I made three days ago you want that's a good players wherever they I'd put it they did it three months later right. For the last one that they aired and it feels like those same characters and all that stuff than most of those he would go them we Peter wants see the final. Right on the map like I don't wanna see a news Jethro and a new you know Ellen may what did you think what was dynasty chips tallest object. Yes I did you highway bridge and there you go get headlines are coming of Korea in the minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I you know good news and huge hurricane Harvey donation of 56000 dollars is raised by inmates and a Texas jail. Meanwhile a flight crew screams and cries his plane dropped 20000 feet with some passengers turning tail. Straight family who loses canoes saved by Harry Potter train the high school football team forfeits game after nine players take shots to the brain. Australian man runs and a kangaroo trains with Hugh Jackman in his time here headlines. It's Sunday it. Here's might call are John. Don't ask to what the secret was in the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies Sarah keepers did not say that it was tough chocolate instead of chips for the chief chills her dough balls. It was is that what's all in bucks bucks a side do you need panned bang. It's hard pan and what it takes these these cookies out when they start getting hot and starting to initially melt down to bangs him on the counter couples. I'm now okay it is all right. Circumference I blame me exactly what it does it in the result is a funny looking cookie that is quote flat as a floundering and has faded a salad place so when I'm guessing is a kind of helps it. Expand out as opposed to mouth. Resented him banged up vouchers having sex with a man I was happy go did. Off off off off Paul I may have different you know they have managed and ham bang I think it's nonstick boot loop. Fear and the nasty look and say leader I think I think Sam Allen gets you going Hebrew. You keep it could. The family of six was staying at a vacations club the require them to commute to the location paso respond well to death. My loser can no yeah you think of they would tie the thing off because three miles through difficult area minutes in the river rose I guess in a storm yeah I would do well there the next morning Illinois they walk out there when they get out there the canoes gonzo like LAL gonna get back so. Two days they've done they're committed to wants to win a victim we stranding them at the location when they told authorities the authorities scheduled the next train out that way to make an unexpected stop to pick up the family. What they didn't know was that the train that they were sending was the hot warts express hey why not you got kids my iPod. I mean then. Even today man I would need to wait to cited the fact that Osama hogwarts express them take me out. There right now as a parent I would I would never let my kids know that I didn't know that was hi I do okay. You guys a word you've all the good news wants to read that he's got it under control welcomed Harry Potter lamb little mother I feel how would milked them for that for years I do I get on a trade though menacing note these are contrary and I got to try. Also on our call but. On that thing was rotten know when I did not and no real and how that train could it could get to where only can music you know I'm guessing that there was some sort of the Braves had when I was mad. Frank dye link. It goes normally blow through a magic play and you're totally again. Can only happen I threw the brick wall to get to where it's at it doesn't go through anything magically come up bad okay yeah I had to realize that might you don't bring a good question and I don't know and for that matter if they can just got on the train wide and they just want. You know blocked the tracks to get out island so they say did you have to commute to get to this place right where there's entering the room. Right you don't have you can knew too that play. Maybe I will know there's a trade Russell bridge is just the way the yeah his friend afraid you'll think hereafter not this happened I mean that's what I could Newton as severe flu like god they're very good that we have learned. What the whole were to experience a one little trolley with the frogs it's about the window. They attacked my giants miners rescued the conduct of the governor and our manages. MSU stroke to your dirty bastards chased or be fooled. Thirty to play golf with. The beat him by three strokes out with significant for the for the fifth that's some measure had good though lost like five. Brad moving on if bush still dug into what donating what they can and an effort to give relief to the victims of hurricane Harvey Houston. Also including a sizable donation for the most unlikely of places. Nearly 54000. Dollars was donated by 6600. Texas inmates. The prisoners pulled together the money that they had obtained through some of the other prison job that they were given loans are straight and. Mixed doubles and have you build a wall and pay for that in them. They raised the money thank you so much I just. Who brought that up. Whereas they had to and I they had to get it done and I ended their from the state. Nothing writing done it's like. Basically what happen to Galveston back in the day and then Neil Diamond about other people tried to step up they just that they don't have any hurricane relief. But I heard it just blew through Biloxi Mississippi and ripping apart in the one even knows about. Strategy they didn't even report the damn thing like all miss New Orleans is not a bad news tropical storm if no Biloxi Gulfport was was pretty well tore up famine on Hannity and check it out yet. You know you obviously Puerto Rico's number one on the list but just a poorly done right it should be the apparently does not number one unload. You can go back somebody lied Linda's a fifth. Somebody is proving once again that we can't have nice things semantic question was flying his drone breaking all kinds of rules such as flying higher than 300 foot bed. Restriction there and within three miles of an airport and Hamas actually managed. To fly his drawn into a commercial plane that was making a landing are great they need to beat that guy I worked really gonna rescuing her beat though living Massa it sounds a little bit and damaged the planned course things could have been a whole lot worse but they weren't thank god that the guy was flying at 15100. Feet. Look bad when you use a drone properly you've seen the footage of how effective it can be a disaster relief and everything else you get the idea of them being a good thing when you don't use it properly the good things are able Barbara. As every headlines that my guy. They are neighbors you don't see an exam for the return of sit and spin the word is back profile has some wondering Intel's who shot of the day yes indeed it's all this room right now than ten arbiters route here to begin tomorrow until then would you do best and thoroughly for the sake. Stand here.