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Monday, February 5th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This means. Other than secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't know I don't log in Arizona our 2690. Along with Steve the thrill hill. To you Ted Smith and Glover and it's. In my car. As soon as higher and amends oh. Then today the return of the random question question. Your guess is as good as mine categories streets and fears. As the men's room is back get right to play profile list. We'll headlines events and shot of the day if I'm Melissa emails everyone's favorite TV time with the think equity and again I have a good news as huge hurricane Harvey donation of 56000. Dollars is raised. By inmates in a Texas jail. Meanwhile a flight crews screams and cries in horror as a plane dropped. Thousand feet with some turning pale. Should a family who loses canoes saved by the Harry Potter train at. Pay high school football team forfeits game after nine players take shots to the brain and an Australian man runs into a kangaroo who trains with Hugh Jackman. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All about good news. All of that business. Good day to you and your call wolf lawless nice if flawless. Are there is a politician in Sweden and are lobbying. To get schools to start playing music in the bathroom. That way they can cobra the thunderous sound the proof. That was politicians as the kids cannot call we've proven schools. Because and so that makes and who has not you know clinch a rational public bathroom waiting for everyone else to leave before releasing this squeaky brown how it's. Well whatever the case there's actually a vote on the measure coming up soon. So again did wrestle bears moved because of the horrible sound that makes she's a lot of Jamaica the law. If you play music. And Americans are not against the idea but as long as it's not Christmas music I cannot explain. How much I hate Christmas music site but I hate Christmas I just don't like Christmas music it's part of the reason that I take so much satisfaction. And Gary in Iowa. Who was arrested. He he thought to be a good idea to get drunk grab a bullhorn and the world but the street singing jingle bells. What turned out it was not a good idea and I think he deserves to going to jail. Simply for singing Christmas is. And I'm outside of Baghdad a metro marina on your parade I know that millions of people like Christmas tunes. It's just not one of those things that I have the ability to understand I don't understand what people want or like a lap. Garden vegetables cover real miles Montgomery. If you got a bit of pop my man as well you can call him like got him back Manson about the miles symbol dude chill but no report. But Arnold turns out you're not as gross or as crazies I've always believed to be. According to a psychologist popping does that give you the same thrill of riding a roller coast GAAP. How when rollercoaster of a pop since I'm saying I disagree but I'm not a scientist but did some of the stories that we saw. That inspired many to requests are met and held them. Novel that inspired many many questions questions we'd like to ask you in a form of all random question question here's how it works you call us we asked who questioned at completely random. After you've answered the question will share with you the story that inspired set question. Well they join a random question questioned by calling 844999. All you can like them intra month FaceBook follow us on tour events are live to answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com you are listening to the mantra radio network. Well I know I'm gonna tell number 2695. When a huge show we have today as it's funny to. Does is go to my categories today are of streets and Beers as we have for you. The ten the best of beer drinking states in the US today and not only that we have. The most common street names in the United States now we have a little bit of a twist today if you haven't a big category that is street names. We will count any of the top twenty. As a little bit more difficult but we want the ten states love the fear the most in the other category that's on the way with your guess is as good as mine. Ask the men's room is back and of course today is they would do a random question question yes let's get to go around. Friends I'm friends ran down friend you aren't welcome to the bedroom random hole laughter and I just float in the show Lauren question quest. Hold guys minister a few hours though the could be a good goal and they answer maybe not. Food did you accidentally called. Text. Or but died. She did you accidentally called text or but that maybe the intent was to taxable and you Texans who own troops that you're supposed to go also called the wrong person. Well I'm actually New Orleans all God's work or knows post feeds. At work. And then. I called in sick show us and they got Jeter and each child on both credited China got its own section so I'll man. How long how long. The message did they received for your buck. Pretty much. Truth be buddy show much. OK in the did you that's a lot of health lose the next day. Yeah it was so and it was pretty much played triple. Our fish so the day but it sounds like it if they're playing this through the authors they're they're not about ready to fire you there there are more just gonna go. No they haven't found what it sort of learn you know I didn't get shot eight and Seattle Milosevic Mladic it. They were having some phone with a bone you win in the next day did you get to a phone calls that are the Johnson's plane incident. I had some explaining to do you know how to how it is we're two. I was here which you're pulling your hands. Yeah you don't want to be fair and there's nothing to explain like why is that you're saying because deride if you called in Amman a boat into it and not. Just because nobody else there has the boat they would be jealous that he needed a person they are putting on them to come about like I am not. So everybody. Decided to punishing you have to get on the boat shot worked out OK. Everybody no wonder. Pitched well at a time yeah time. Yeah. Back at you play it Smart man I think Danica new. Another reason we ask who did you accidentally collar tags of as part of the story is the guy just didn't get himself into. And so he he did this but man a man is sort of a snowball downhill thing. A Tony five year old guy went to a bar near the town of random lake was cans and none Saturday night that's about forty miles north of Milwaukee yourself randomly. Randomly day and you know you live ablaze and a lot of lakes when they just run out of name randomly Brenda Brenda Brenda my any accidentally but dialed 911. Right before announcing to everyone that he was about to drive drunk of course he is dispatchers heard him say he was looking for his keys in that he was so drunk. He couldn't even see straight. He's saying this out loud people yes and he's now mammal so they sent out a unit to see rules going up while police officers got there it was three area. He still hadn't left the ball. So the good news is is that he did not get a DUYOK. All right all right but it turned out that he was on bail for a previous DUI charge and wasn't allowed direct you kidding now. He gets better his blood alcohol level was about three times a legal limit so they arrested and then they started talking to the six other people at the bar who was there with a one was a 61 year old guy who happened to be on parole. In connection with a cocaine charge he wasn't allowed to be there either so they arrested him do. And then before they left they sided and arrested the 33 year old bartender for serving alcohol after our law so this mud dial cost three people being hurt everybody that everybody that. Like what are the odds. Don't I understand people but dial I understand you hit like the wrong button and assault or they go straight to emergency I think I've done that by accident but. But at the time did you but now mama one you're also announcing to a group of people aren't going to drive drunk now. Yeah does say all of the stars align bring his ass to go to jail debts snuck brands now. Friends I'm friends on the RI specialist to look down like they do you've gone less than like on the card if you let go a little time ran nuclear code into Bangkok now. How do but now if you know what I mean by the ID done you do. This is a really good it's the usual you know I don't know and I'm Soledad well. Hello Matthew welcome to the bedroom. But they'll love it it's our job. I don't Matthew. Aren't seeing not sober I don't permit for this lesson Matthew perfect. Once you're great you're tired of black go yeah. Yeah Flacco listen. I want to thank god. Raven lead again I don't know how to explain what I saw but like I actually felt myself goad them. If you only way to deal with that stupid as loss to Chicago white. I have to suck away all the motion otherwise I think I'm one to take my TV sort out the window or fly to Baltimore punch him in the face. The problem that is he's a big dude abroad beat mass and I can bet I'm just I'm darn I'm Don is no league quarterback Matthew went out. Yeah I highly dealers say and I can't even wrote a letter this year additional bats he has. And is that breath that broke today it did I pass it like coach Tomlin from the Steelers calls that do not actually do about where you wouldn't necessarily. I let's go to some. Once or whom Matthew were you. Trying to get away from NY. Who were what were you trying to get away from NY. Kodiak well there. Well we don't look back a little while running right at me where were you at this point in time. I wouldn't zodiac okay now is it true because the saline if we had just Kodiak brown what I understand it. We had a listener called in into the they were in no wherever in the last in the morning Tony Madison they ran into a Kodiak bear. And as we do with corrections and comments everything else is certainly the flood in from Alaska. And they said hey just so you know a Kodiak bear only lives on Kodiak Island. Sure OK so all right so they were and so you were on Kodiak Island and they have a special kind of bear. This unique to only down one island in the entire world that would be the Kodak merit though it eight years old red. And how big would they get on our hind legs do they stand. I'd certainly be in nineteen key I think the record to eighteen or nineteen some Koppel thing like that. The boy in an animal to mourn your goddamn monster is I think you can all bring light you have Chris Libby got so. This things charging at you and of course they look we've all heard that their cases you don't run I'm guessing you ram. Right now wrenched they have to do it. Well it low rent forward and been straight out. Isn't that. Israel and against everything they suggest you do. It may be I don't know you know yeah can tackle whatever old side so underground you know aren't and what's the animal movie very. There it sat out. Lowe's wasn't too when you saw when you realize that this thing is charging you like. How many yards away once. All large. Ornate excise tax questions and he's the situationally where you walking home from a bar where you mount ever worry out for Iran result rule what was going on this point them in Iran into the matter. I don't know woods working. And Jack it's a did you have any tools with you anything that you could defend yourself. Chain saw bella you're trying to see I would think that would be all right man I totally think that cannot be run at Matt Haines saw a man. Like I'll. On song I relate to it takes that very close to what they're learning it was on the ground. You know you broad oversight which try to start to sign in with that barely but I doubt that right up near street. I know what are what are the Baird do would you climb the tree. Seated around built illusions that did you wonder hey what is he running from them because to me at the bare legs they an eighteen guy named feet tall keep running. The result the worst is behind. You and you say you just play united O'Leary and generally didn't like all annoyed he was here in north. It's opportunity this stuff out there you know we're building rodents and so really I I didn't yeah I didn't bother to ask him well. What other random animals did you run into your time there. Are lots auction is. Or is there any other friends or your the president says this is during the predatory animal on the Kodiak bear on the island. Saw tool range wolverines pretty nasty. Yeah I think you're close let initially distance in I've heard. Talk to your life capsule right that she is she got sued. While talks are right up to execute save the world and then on the head and again. No they don't get this convention will they tell us what to do that anymore oddball underdog. You're more about him what to jump on your head maybe you know try to do so do you more than I think he grew up you can. He doesn't all work they get a life people where you. I guess fox I never understood until I actually you know I had a wild ox shorty. Now what about the Wolverine Larry how are bigger than the size of a raccoon of the big all nobody wolverines that Hugh Jackman wears a white did when he plays like. We just saw the actual Lauren and has I don't know do guys. A little over a decade ago a guy and his early fifty's named Malcolm Applegate. Malcolm apple Malcolm Al Applegate he is from Hampshire England was finally over his wife giving them a hard time about it evening it was just he was he was have a difficult time. So he basically disappeared he goes did he literally one day event he was gone and no one heard from again for for an entire decade. For ten years Malcolm Applegate was dosing of his wife he literally she was magnesium any disappeared. But he recently turned up again and a senator called the and mosque grin much that helps homeless people get back on the feet. Okay and it turns out the Malcolm hated his marriage so much the he'd been living in the woods for ten years. It was right next to a community center for senior citizens and he worked there is a Gardiner and then at night you go back into the woods. So eventually Malcolm heard about this place in the side and head there to interview. He moved in and out the age of 62 he's putting his life back together which included getting back in touch with a sister. Who kind of figured that he was dead short but as far as we know he has not gotten back in touch whose wife still. Well if you're running into iTunes does that as the bad guy whom an amazing I would rather live in the woods only as radical as a question 844 or 999. Overlook random Randolph hello Melissa welcome to the men's room. How lap car. Top hello Melissa are you. Eight million very we're doing good and I let's say there. And you should get really nervous or miles face this much well I actually yeah I'd call before and I am no edit my parents and you know I don't know let's overlook some and I don't know if you before. Nah that 90% of the time we got a question ready to go and miles at the second question I don't know what he's gonna. So it down there from him in an on and this just a warning people just know in my get ugly but Myles is right what do we ask you in the past. Call. And should carrying. Well what you mean and George Washington or your personal foul bikers quite personal that sexual stuff fluent yes Alia I got a good do it again. If it does it take that might well apnea and. And a what was your Melissa would you say who has been your strangest encounter with a coworker someone you work with who just either how are worker videos outside of work but you were just like oh my god this this is insane. Stringent each on the with a coworker hopefully that that aren't listening right now all they need to know. Oh really you know way it'd look at its. Strange but it was just like the price thing when my old color and I don't work with him anymore. I am I want to drag show an hatred turned back your political former. All you had no idea I'm. And knowing he your idea but I thought I know that job lined an actor and Mikey are you remember me baby need to work together. Kurt I BID we worked together is an outdoor old. Late and he's he pretended like he did don't hurt and then went for most break Heatley cake. I I didn't know I don't know how to handle it all from work no what I really do it I. Unless you're doing digital age drag show you have to assume of their father and wit to it drag show Melissa this desire to got to about five years ago. Miles and I come I'm with the local paper and it's an advertisement for some festivals coming up kind of in the picture that they use an advertisement. We were like man I know this guy from somewhere in our glasses on and otherwise. It's fairly normal look at but he is a short often he has. Clothes pins stuck to his in the polls and some rope tied them. Animal Man where am I mean we are going crazy for weeks trying to figure out. Who the hell is this guy so one day we go on until the local corner store by some cigarettes and cash your looks up my life. That's him up that's the Dallara and that is the guy but he's the guy that he was very kind and very nice every time you Bonnie thanks so we didn't wanna call a map and Hillary about calling a marvelous won't say hey man. Great picture but I thought somehow he's devastated. Did you write another. His jaw line mostly guys and I know who have done or I've said they've done drag her all they all look like male models. You know I mean they're all adults and everything you know he can you talk to nobody wants our way we're good job did you do with them like what kind of industry were you. Legal. OK okay that it back yes OK I legal. Yet hard I know he's still doing it and he stole rack and it L tell me he's a lawyer and he tells. I'm not gonna pay. You asked I love it I don't know whether everything happen and we'll good reputable because it's good. Or I can't remember and Baltimore emerald but still like this a registry called Calvert street Andrews is notorious. There's a 7-Eleven there and Mike in between borrowers without ever one goes splat. I. All. Of the transporters and this is where they harm and it was just it was known that's neighborhood and they would score do the thing would be great you walk down the street it's a had made its dudes tall dark and it would have been which you do it's not my man I'm gonna give some to keep those to go home and there was a bullet. Barbara that reduction different look through casinos go to Google would she do anything which delay and our man on the hundreds of spoke a moment little Buddha and I'm here to do with the reason I ask the strangest encounter you ever have a co worker I've had quite a few Canada radio man miles an hour to talk about this earlier today. Probably a nice week. And a lot of ways radio does does not do itself a lot of favors well don't reputation is that the it's easiest people. That I met and both just they give you will these would you beat them in the so people and have a definitive record for having done so I am very bad things and Noah brewer to vote until we work with a Gary and I don't. One of his side gigs was. You play the role of an exceptionally popular mascot for a very large corporation. And an even entertain kids and all the same result like five in America at any given time with her officially sanctioned and garden and and he would do his thing and you go to disguise passers by are. Boston prevails but is this okay was just a. I love drug addict with cocaine in and covered Ronald that was probably the weirdest one I've ever had now told him I'd been I've been married for a number of years. I would through divorce. I was seeing someone else who is now my now wife moved. And we're taking our first vacation anywhere well you know I've been through all I've been through a lot you know I mean we were organ together were having good time when having sex you know like we were having that I learned I learned side does it looks a new relationship actually is always a pleasure to know really really Lovie jobless rate right. We on this plane has an ex coworker of mine is like models become like. Oh god I think that that's just who you call the company. He's. If same resorts same everything like I like it was like I seriously would open the door to my hotel room put my head out like let them see what he's saying it went both ways that run to the ice machine like. It iPhone got popular no matter what good. You geek does she was just it wasn't that it was a well most improbable name of our our our love. She was oblivious to the world are I guess you could say if you could say I'm going to go in spend. My ten year wedding anniversary. In a romantic dinner on a beach front to table restaurant tonight. Gonna do okay during my pillows instead it opens the pickings are the lucky because now both executed. They get anything in any legs and no matter what like we have truly don't know like our our. But there is three almost a week to week. With the most these. Would that without one of their personal work you know I got one bird rights. Anyway it's strange that in general to go order this is great so a man must. Into a KFC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And he's got a ski mask on and he pulls a gun on the two people working their demands all the cash in registers aren't so one owns good money right. Sit into the registers in the oh look at that. Any as. He says. This is a man Cleveland. Is that you know. And Robert goes. Not now now now is not made these antibodies recognize in the former co worker 28 year old guy named Cleveland well it's been a guy gets in his car about six and about to take off. To the employees to all the cops in the city M and then Cleveland will this team and obviously but this one down those house arrest them for armed robbery is even though you love. No no no no I aiming. Radicalized in question 844999. No more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have did the men's room. You're Kansas goes by categories streets and Beers your guess is as good as mine right after the emails in men's or women's or live dugout we have the random question question Gilani for Ford 999 all of your own home there and got dropped the ball back rent. Meantime hello I'm rich welcome to the Missouri. Oh yeah. How much our guys are heroes. And eight straight game upside yeah. Not bad yeah. I'm glad to bring that up some Brazilians I'm looking through window helped. To be here and there under that I Reza tell us what. Why would you say the worst paying job is if you've ever had what was the worst thing Joba does the worst job in general. David Fay wasn't the issue sum up. Like black college chip out working at pizza. Talented Georgia the hunt. Our world. And Maryland are no good that's going to be. I just shook Jewish Olmert not as. Little or you may hear all out. I'd like you do enjoy Pizza Hut pizza this day rich. Are your idol upbeat just be OK but you did like working. Now. To may be done unless still has some of the best pizza haven't had little done little I think at three and I I. And a lot of years and I go pizzas seemed to be the thing I was making. Similar artisan beads of some of Pete's not style whatever the case and airborne always said man you're gonna get sick of pizza and I can honestly say. I never ever got sick pizza not even to this day but we do an old guy Donna was Thursday expected. He has also worked at pizza. And he like he does not eat pizza. Don't do that he will not do even work there his father worked there and actually turn tomorrow I thought for sure. Beads was the one food that you can make every day of your life and never did I actually like making a pizza I did well in filming a defeat. It holds rumors you know I mean like how about fired a number granted last amended like completely left and up everything did emerge impairment and we have to thank died from Penn waving you know we're gonna get to pay and I browser is terrible tragedy it was a pizza screen and I just completely messed it up. I'm the reason we ask what is the worst paying job he had as you know there's been some well wildfires down in California and as they say. I grumbled blow paid firefighters is now on the front lines. Inmates in California's department of corrections and rehabilitation have been fighting wildfires for. One dollar an hour and some of worked as long as 72 hours straight. We're Millen fighting the fire old file wildfires were throughout 43 adults. As they call them conservation camps in the state. And as part of their work there they clear hiking trails and flood channels and cut brush and trees both prevent fires and an emergency situations like we're seeing right now to stop them from spreading. Inmates are all doing some form of conservation work every day that they're not Don fire lines. According to bill Cecil there's a spokesman for the corrections department. Every inmates. We have right now is either on fire line a rest period from being on a fire line or providing backup to fire protection somewhere and ready to go to a fire. There are 3800. Inmates who participate and the minimum custody and stay at the camp year round of misinformation a supervisor vision of corrections officers who were actually there and fire captains teaching them what to do. A they apply for the program as an alternative to a more typical prison sentence and as much as half of California firefighter teams are made up of inmates blender or not. According to the New York Times on days when they're not actively fighting fires for one dollar an hour they give two dollars a day. They also get two days off from their sentences for each day of good behavior compared to one day in normal present circumstances. Is better pay and better living situation and other inmates are able to have a prison. But still it's yeah its it's bound. And that's a dollar now I believe the fire department does not hire felons that's one of the ironies up so you can do that. As they fight these blazes you know and Tony how long this is going to take and how much activity they get they're kinda getting be on the job training up. And don't get out of jail until we can't tired. Details see these lines work. 844999. All around did you bring your phone here. All right we know we're a two seasons no more time because I think we just dropped the more people in there. Tabor who are 9990. Let you like to be a part of the random question question. If the phone records you know. The show and many things continue I know men's room radio network.