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Friday, February 2nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. It's no sandy my collar 944999. A little play profile this got eleven minutes. The headlines on the way one hour from now first we check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on our. Erection at the start of the swing a little bit of an updated turns up at that loaded grenade launcher that told you guys at the other day that was donated to goodwill. Don't do a goodwill store Florida yes it was actually just toss. All right all right let's fair itself. Well that was played that's a metadata for Christmas CN. They no longer news stories that I the F. He felt let down Mike I'm just wondering how realistic is this grenade launcher to life. Story created national news that there was a loaded grenade launchers out of a goodwill and before somebody figured out that it was a toy. It's hard and homeland I don't know well look. It didn't look the assessment based on police or he's doesn't amaze on goodwill more it could be and all but I'm just thinking in Florida you know your way around again. It's Florida Mike yes. This is just given that men women that I usually don't ever be surprised. About anything it's that lower and again as well as anybody who would know if it was actually real grenade launcher that would Dolan is about it. That problem I don't know I don't know who else we have president does enjoy coming out there are making a replica toy grenade launcher that seems a little bit aggressive for a fighter. Well I think let you play when beyond as a kid I'm really my idea. We may get in this country stupid but that's on every other guy they've come command they get the African difference the cops get the difference. Kids play it would give the way you picture of that stupid outside new 2000 Don not understand I blamed guns not real ones forgo the moment but again I think as items I had. I actually had an arsenal and legit I had a gun that looked like an M sixteen with a grenade off you don't wanna deliver grilled about the kid that's what you want to play. And technology has only gotten better you know they they tried to cheat the system was we're gonna put an orange tip on the end of these these flights had added an M sixteen looks realistic. We're gonna put your stamp out there well anybody can go down the hardware target can a black spray paint. And I'll listen you've got their real and sixteen again. But I know president does not real good shot and can Baltimore got blown away from left field of paint guns blown away anything that looks like your guns. They're given those wanting them a net Tommy I had I had little cast champion revolvers when I was a kid. And you know I think at pointed it at somebody one time and he scolded me for. And I think I'm for almost positive that was the reason why don't he used appointing these guns at people looking at their faith. I mean. And their kids right click when I was a kid like. They have like orange guns that were like tax cuts pretty good deal while though I'm just assumed I was a little kid and he is it doesn't look real mom proud of on there of you actually flings projectiles of yeah the level such income and are all absolutely could have stuck right on their forehead I can ruin their life. Flynn never did I could never get those damn thing to stick he didn't make him the answer enough. Even then and its military stuff I could it always been originated or marked the moment couldn't get that thing direct and I didn't get enough. The tension on the strength there weren't necessarily the best Boehner urging about I don't know forty pound dark. It it it it it's a play with a kid. The bomb squad had to check out a suspicious object that was left outside a courthouse in New York. Turn up but it was a copier and left but left behind by hitters after a scene for law and order as the US film there. He coffee turn copy earned the new like a Tumblr. We'll go very that's that's where you can go to home to coffee out into the got Jeff. Really. We have again. And Ernie hasn't earned you what answers and Cuba call clearly give him on the earned itself which is the best. Can't I just feel like people are living with their hand on the panic button anymore collect a blonde school I went out into the coffee machines. Well admit you've seen those are the call he earns you like you know like five like aftermath or whatever in the factory cafeteria. Then it could be exploited big silver the end though with a stop at the bottom of yeah it does look like a no it doesn't have an account of their pressure cooker. You hope I Trojan and I agree with you should think there's something that I'd like I had them yet closest times we live not bad. And he's scared of everyone value out of things that were to look so right. Blame everyone else for your problem be scared of whoever they are and then kind. I just read the headline and just weird stuff that you get it. Here's a brilliant thing pulled cliff. Half the story in the headlines. That was regularly have to do this ranked and that's freaking out a study in Sweden down at pulling in all matters harder on women than it is on management. We'll kind of all night out drinking we only there's a pretty studying nearly like what it was. What's the definition allows us now Gary and I man and there never got the ball lands into the world. Defense they're normally I don't here not a work shifts. Some giving up. Yeah I only ever did all night and video games houses like difficult you are like dog leg and a big pile of Coker and knocks tonight. Say that for them. Who's the them affect my game embodies our fifth let them have I don't follow I didn't I didn't need all that stuff is and I can just make sure. I don't know why it's illegal I would pay money. To see you in your payment Buffy still illegal trip of a specific epithet but if I don't get my school dogleg so I was in the middle pilot coach in the middle of floor computers. Become movie Yule ball you got to put it on the back. Getting tired. Did I get tired why would women panel minor. I don't know why do why would women stay up. Well how good and when I don't and men and you know and I rank Ben Ali's house legit asking the question. Guys like they have stupid thing religious. Drink and play video games and what what would women do and all night. Tickle fight. And perform for a console now who sexist and a aftermath of I don't know I tell fights to each other males dostum Bob always Wear charcoal mass. If you could rip the market value like buddy that would cut the gap. I did the after the a lot of the women I hang out with I imagine a lot of champagne they just stayed up off of it as they Mosul with a mandatory on all letter there doing what we would do things and soldier on them. According to a new survey 36% of Americans have at least one of sexual fetish. Only 36 I want and only really one rule slow hired bulletin at least one what does this affect. Rice does have other people think it's weird randomly give everyone I know brought in more than one better and sometimes I like to be on bottom is that a fetish. Now will be right. Simple local local clown like you're really pushing it up gaffe that's. As traders betting man I don't know how many times this is insane he's tired no putting me completely under the bed yet exactly welcome you to grow older we proved. As a Clearwater. I. It began like you know I'd be like I was out on the menu when they were at six and a waterbed or they're getting popular they are men didn't know what I wouldn't I wouldn't be against that no thanks on one urban that would without any doubt you would Megan's face on the tactics we've I was pulling all its legs. I would. Candy sex on a catch the six foot who have agendas that spoof don't move too much. And any euros. In England has been banned from all farms in the UK goes down now. The ban from all farms in the UK after he was kind of pleasure himself pulse sexually assaulting a towel. They have to have it but the but the two other desert and I use that for any good food and I won't remove road rules they don't know. I Margo your RI Q how does sexually assaulting gig yeah. No pleasure pleasure himself all assault in the towel really wolf I mean I certainly is absolutely right now would that. I had. I'm feeling yeah that when I was drawn up Robin Meade artificially inseminated cattle. So I mean David yeah the result is that you don't give out you know. That's. I think this guy he's not doing anything medical or helping to count rises. Only open look at a lot of places are fed does help given his arms war medical mistakes in my lifetime or better than sixth. Really don't tell yeah couple steaks and my church. Is delayed enough. A flight bound for Charlotte ended with a passenger detained with duct tape. Taxi and it's and that's they know about a one hour from now that you might not headlines are annoy one hour from now oppose the not. True precepts. I struggled to please everyone out profile this is playing. Hulu a short dead miles at the symbol Gary or he shared with you a real life news stories something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are. And as it was into the story based on the stereotypes you don't need to be true people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what to do you think makes a story a story. Say hello do at home and welcome to the men's room. Our guy right out of you understand how this year gave us both. Good armory on my car was just talking about vis the hourly. Oddly enough that's horror story goes in this case a Cleveland man is believed to be the first person charged under Ohio's. Reasonably new anti BC alum law. He made his first court appearance earlier this week the 48 role pleaded not guilty to second degree misdemeanor charge of having sexual conduct with an animal. Now the new law went too effective march of last year and the charge carries a maximum penalty of ninety days in jail. He was apparently taking care of a woman stalled meanwhile cleanup. When he wins he gave the dog oral sex he even wrote a letter it live team that he did. Now he was released from prison to get my news release from prison about three years ago. After serving twelve years in eight months and decades even babysitting five boys and grenades six of twelve. When the pain nine year old boy at one dollar and fumble another boy while he watched it only gets a little bit worse format. But in all of those cases the into the pleaded guilty to sixteen. Counts. A child rape including six with sentencing enhancements for being a fine that's sensible friend anyway gotta do a little while ago. And man he was busted for leaving the dog have been admitted to it. In the letter. But he's still plead not guilty loans and court anyway long story short he is Ohio's. First person to finally be prosecuted under being the long awaited Beasley Allen law. Do you believe that does pioneer is black whites make senior Asian. Well it sounds really quite eat. What are you said he was from this is run as the Cleveland it's. Yeah that sounds like really like engaging wolf what do. When we get things. A lot of farms and an area for sure everything is really big you know miles. And it's flat they grow everything. Dairy cattle corn soybeans peanuts they grown up. He's already in jail. You guarded and it was ardently duke would twelve years and a moment you leave those users gradually been out or you're taking an early sexual predator absolutely and any. Amid have a sense of thought he wrote a letter admitting that he done it but still took the time to plead not guilty in court I I don't know why I just. And Billy white on BC reality. At that well don't tell. I'm yeah I'm from you black on. I think again filled mile on this one and I don't like violence. Yeah they're iron and we're gonna find these. Like why makes Eurasian next fat as a tease you are listening to the men's or radio networks all did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Faces Ohio and the first tried gays so BC reality happens when a guy in the voluble this dog he had a pretty good general good news though well somebody else. That's correct in a way hooked up with a dog in and Roland I guess it didn't do it within pled not killed. Witten which makes no sense but either way you use most of palladium dog he admitted to doing it in the letter pleads not guilty blog. The thing about this guy is Ohio's. Anti BC down in law is fairly new and so he's the first guy in state history to be tried under the new law congratulations to him Bubba looks a lot like a bomb pop you know practice and I offshore. Little weird to ballistic. As a little dust bunny on up what we ask you Adam. Did you believe this guy is black and white. That makes it outrageous lipstick coming to drill listen to not intended as if it. When they drop them in the cotton balls hello Keith. How did you believe that you could look back Quaid meg series in. And went wide. Biofuels well right now I'd affinity to Ohio as end it's about it I mean that's that's the way. And sorry you know rule. Ted. Yeah he is in fact and I am proud is that all moral way all right well first all right it's not a concern for black history mobile photos in black may have to be driver Beasley yeah on the growing I don't is David Scott turner. Quote without Florida. Tell me I'm doing great things returning to his turner who jeweler recent high pitch black is his it's close in the first of the month bone thugs and harmony song. Black dudes from Cleveland. That is what led you down the path yeah whatever works man. You write estimates it hasn't it was the call phone book now probably a news all the time is to Aberdeen need to I would say. Those hours in front of a talking head know. Presents. Yes the yourself it's good sports fans correct journalist media type do you the passive Quinn is that what miles sorry Uga played escape okay he played college football. Now I don't know that Osama sports knowledge though while they have to do with football I think you know most the rules. Phil do you think you could you could pass an NFL rules quiz I don't think so and that lake I don't mean might we sort of reproach because there is no right answer isn't there is no idea felt. Now so just he's got a basic stuff I watch because football you'd probably understand. A lot of people I assume they go in jeopardy our book Smart kind of people sure back in my day we got a book worms rethink how and heads. Then there it felt that a candy took that. You're. The court earnings oh no merits. Of the they have their religion book word if I think it. Yes do you think he's had a lot of time did you learn off them and him have a reading Bruno intellectually woke million not. Watch a football and a half their recent episode of jeopardy how to wreck himself who's intelligent man I don't think it was a big is football fan but even he seems pretty perturbed. But these people in the fact they can't answer questions right. Football 200. Your choice to do or don't name this play. In which the quarterback runs the ball and can choose to pitch it to another back they option. An option play. Front half. Football 400 I can tell you guys are big football fan. Tom Landry perfected the shotgun formation within this team cowboys them right. Dallas Cowboys I do think we should go to commercial. They get out of 600 okayed by signaling for one of these a returner can only imagine without fear of getting tackled. Fair catch. Took clues left front and 800. These penalties are simultaneous violations by the offense and defense of senate cancel each other out. They're called offsetting penalties. Let's look at the I've. For the fun of it there. Minneapolis is US bank stadium prepares to host Super Bowl 52. I'm looking at the ring of honor. With names for this defensive line they took the vikings before Super Bowls purple people who. If you guys are bringing in in get this one. Will die. The powerful people. Eaters we're gonna take a break. Yeah I knew I'm actually gonna category has ran into it and I'm in my life right. Even check the video that you FaceBook page and look at the double dealing timeouts and then we single is it that final it was 20406. Have yet. It's a promo I data right yes I know what they've done has started 200 it was is there was double jeopardy. Oh yeah they'll do it through yet so people can be attributed that good love them. And that's. I think you just say that nothing in Tupelo. I don't think that's where it. Blue beret who bats and name. And blue but it might do well that's I think the purple people leaders. I give Al did you get that mind that's fair but it. Like fair catch in. Offsetting. Jimenez of the difference in a nickel a dot I could be I'm 3000 books. I wanna got another goddamn thing in the entire game I'm sure but I could release linked to degrade them yeah. And you know we hear that here too speculative business like even from bank like I'm one of the smartest people in America Canada Canada Canada. So it lets us look at the last when for the the eight for you guys kind of dumb us. You doesn't watch at thirty for thirty specials yeah everyone might save a new one out called two bills. And it's about bill up telecheck. I built ourselves thank you guys out image I completely spaced and I think right there so terribly devoted jeopardy dads. Back. The crazy thing about the two bills I like I knew they coached together right and you always hear about those check going to Cleveland loot but I. For got that whole debacle they had with the jets. It was a desire out knows the whole point of the yeah weirdness that they do see the Bill Parcells and Robert Kraft obviously don't get. Break his Parcells was already coaching their craft shows up and even Purcell to this date just yet he should let the football people to the football stuff. Likes OK maybe he is now that. Good he's dead because he's still involved and at that he's done a pretty good job if my Cleveland football people get them sailing off their unity without doing batteries real good etiquette is still doing that are easy and trustee bill are Robert Kraft is involved. I say. You can tell the way Parcells was saying that he still the he still thinks owners have new business put in any conversation yet right if that was the famous quote he said. You know I got to go by the groceries and they craft cubs ears as we get stock recovered and then when he used in the press conference around Cuba that I was out running and she's way. But Robert Kraft. But Kobe he comes on right after that goes by the Ers are covered is great. Yeah that's out yes big power power move but it's very interesting it's also funny opting to crazies reason watches thirty for thirty special news yen. He's just because you'll see Billick checks might. It's weird when he's the assistant coach but he's at the head coach which he's had a little more fun and he's well he's younger but it's no slate. It still owes a debt a guy like that I think that the more you win the the harder it is form of the west he enjoys it. I think it's still challenge still is the use of those guys where it's it's all about the business at hand. And I think more so than anything you see him of these situations where the press is talking to him. He does doesn't he he's the Marshawn Lynch of the coaching world is not that he won't do it is just annoying a seldom. And he hates the same stupid questions and get some all the time and I think that I think he's got a proven himself to the point where yeah I think that the gap and not he's proven himself but Marshawn Lynch was always a player but do the right coach of a football team up sorry. You've got to step right now he can do what he does somebody but I obviously like east. He's expected to see more dude it's I'll play would be tough to be in and in Boston. And lets you have a personal relationship when I guess would be hard with them. But to be able to go to those press conferences and not ask a question or not do something that. You can just see the look of like cute too many like he judge and ask you good question but he knows everything. So what even data says that the special he's like look Bill Parcells was much better. But he could kind of play with the media Knight called out on this and give a lot to say he's that guy right there. And it's funny to these these shows of the old footage and you hear Parcells thing and some ruthless stuff to go check on the sideline. Didn't like the checks fine with that easily goggles and intense guy that you could tell Parcells like. Even says like. I don't remember saying that I'm sure I say that they're meaner harsher things to have you there like you could tell he was kind of. Chemistry there are new thing now specials of people screaming each other Kazan a Bobby Knight and coming out. Yeah exactly which is going to be the same things people yelling to open yeah I just don't know if there's gonna be as much and and love for body no probably not expect. It's Jimmy Kimmel that's the funny things are my favorite is the mean tweaks in this one features a bunch NFL our players. I never like Rashad Jeanty don't have good vision as a running back and he's slow. Because you sound like a kid I won't be polite and incursion. Stay in school. Durable cool as lazy. And she's bill McCoy him Z all awhile but I'm a lazy when you couldn't finish them Monday's brash. Joseph looks like someone who's going to lay Halloween party as Terry Bradshaw. How. Much my friend. Is your own wardrobe where it looks like the mascot of the team would you please. Fletcher Cox is it. Let them know my last name. More like a Marty Cooper. Your own. These are all you lose myself in my case. Long look at. Do you email senders and you catch the ball when he skin you damn hands. First law that a new nations because of its in my hands and got caught it. Mustaches like a young Burt Reynolds with the height and Sally Field so. Doesn't don't consume ever get tired of being a total. It looks like he should be playing bass players in the rest of the heat if I'm Larry is that it keeps me up at all hard. When the hardest thing he's ever done we sure this doesn't delay. Did go to Crabtree that was hit Michael Crabtree save at least loosely base the prince's they had the that a sweet it does get a dose. Yeah. Animal I'm not positive and it's that big enough to be a pro Mexico although would stall stall stall it's almost like flat top for backing it. NBA guys going for the tall moloch now man they're going to like the whole thing is and all the way back and now he knows that. Oh yeah yeah let's that's that's the news them yet and we'll looks cool. Yeah that blocked Eric Goodell back who's the guy we're watching the other day on the NBA many had a big wave good up front as. Was the mayor cops not on every day I care that tiger army it was only about everything they faced a living a lie again and again why do black dude like you. Tremendous tremendous Erica. We could authorize off now I don't like to do an admitted that he's Ramadan I didn't threes a relief or whatever whatever is an honor it is there. Any news good yeah it's pretty good man these it was a memo was so maybe half of the fourth quarter. And he was he was instrumental to his team up on that way but young dude. But we could take our eyes office areas. This did. That's great care of positive I think they're doing that either right I am as proud Beckham gets used to kind of stick up like that and then. And I think the big thing product man. You know you're I don't know what brought ado about like anybody users doing something that's a natural you just know a lot of problems. Everybody knows Ellen the generous. One of the bigger stars on daytime TV she is married to a woman in Portia de Rossi who. So they've been married for years and she Portia I got Alan very nice wedding gift weddings. Those free and birthday LA Monday I am bringing new scenario Diane together. Nice buildings the Ellen DeGeneres campus of the Diane Foster. That's kind of the best fit I have also set up a foundation in your name called the Ellen DeGeneres wildlife fund's. So this is the first initiative for the funds but you can take fifth and do it and do whatever you want whether. He's done amazing work elephant. And you can mom should continue and support for it. It's the best gift I've always said I when we got married. Pushes line Liz it's good to be loved it's been found to be understood. And she understands me because that is the best gift that anybody could have given me so yeah. Don't give sailor man there's plenty of people I understand deeply but I don't have the cash needed to going to get you where people who really okay two separate parallel and in a lot of hello I know are huge you know why huge I animal rights act of it like I know this about him our respect that about the matter appreciate that about mom loved it deserved a wonderful member of the may get a puppy but which you don't get. I'd I'd just dimple big heart reload I want I thought I walked by the gorilla sanctuary thing like seven times at target and you'd think twice about bigger and abide. I'm out there today and Shannon insists the academics. But she dial executed a sanctuary for guerrillas by. She also hooked up there might a it is also could mean in this I don't know what I. I measured affinity for great yeah you think growth in my mind it's going hunting ground delay miles I'm looking past that section too few they guerrillas are just around it. Just from you kidding me he only by crazy glue no growth nothing no no not really not right now my daddy so don't work now he rolls into the anger well. And true heroes of the monkeys were to Augusta out on the road to primus the monkeys and stop the ominous. Vienna. He's started no momentum early look at Mubarak. Environment Amazon Yemen and has led a big bonfire and anything grave because a guerrilla great. Some polish shade coming over here tracked. You're track record of taking her books. Yeah if she means despite the Asian buyers sanctuary there did she need to go find and or Nate what are you gonna do now. See that's a high bar man. A what is delegate her no no no period in general someone give someone a present like that you don't really like an arrow and finds out it ruins it for everyone else. There's no president is ever gonna you know and then Danica realistic yet so suddenly you Tammy Jerry can't trump act well nobody also coupled with two million an island in Italy you know and mile what do you do. I don't know man I got a real gorilla. But here's what it's got to go all the way to got the American take anti sanctuary. To guide their growth in your car does that encourage you to your new hall opened. You had fifteen guerrillas of the Berlin addressing. Honestly too if I got that gift I do like honey thank you. Why got a clean up guerrilla who now know you guys out of my ball maze like meanwhile message hey you or is it like. I'll do in the database stuff. I think the guerrilla war oh in my career I think they're it's more of a funding thing. Which is paid more power to if you get the kind of money do. Yeah I'm with you I think there's some kind of weird thing about at the end it's been like this the greatest gift everything yet you mean that that's the media got a growth sanctuary we get it you don't those sort of study did you go when you were seven that trumps those of that do you expect. I got there at that great Corvette Barbie when I was seven I got gold BB gun. When I was like fourteen house predate this also seems like a grossly short but whatever he's silent quiet gifted you give these significant other in your life when your across the table from them and you wanna do something very personal instead of like. Thanks. Yeah. Materially add that to me that. On truly is a special little debt that. Yeah but they're both public figures I would have done a whole thing words like. You know like I would take her on a trip. Would have been added debt Greece. To Iraq don't he has spoken to him out job but his left and right yup and at the end be like gorilla sanctuary that watch planet of the apes like 45 times all of June oh yeah monies are young I don't know what I'm ready to play very nice piece of jewelry. Put it in a kind of box put inside of a shoe box inside of a bag it's out of a brown bag and she was surprised there's jury and the question was surprisingly little resident like the whole thing was the victim of fact I you know. I think generally you're supposed to wrap all the boxes than just a brown bag with the boxes in there that she was legit like what that elicits. To my point is the united nobody give a good gift itself that way. Hello I could Russian doll among others a tiny remote. Malware might that tell you not use a Smartphone goes might have guerrilla groups in replaced. How did you mug US also then. Yeah I don't person ever to guerrilla or color is he guerrilla hooks. What are the books yet guerrilla hooks a critical Mubarak of late there's one there's one of those products that as the name bright lights stayed out. Some races yes which one. Each each other you zoom box and what do guerrilla hook with that if I cure events hookers or like eight books or something. There's another brick I don't know why did you lose one brand once or went to the hardware sort of the union room on this because allegedly took was in talks are gonna put. Hang somebody got a call after an acrylic caulk for the bathroom yeah I think it's tough over here vanity and I leave I didn't put that up to act if if if it. Faggot dead there's no way bridge irrigate your headlines governor of without my god in minutes you're listening to amends or radio network finally. Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real. Are you go off former pizza boy tries to rob Bolden player with a gun and the current employees just beat his ass. What do you dictate your airport seats probably you're not sitting in first class. Missing climber gave her she was against a person who was not there. Something fishy is going on with historical mask in Hawaii and some are not getting air. And 45000 dollar units cycle stolen from the red panda. Is time for your headlines. It's time it's. Yes there's might call. Kind of jobs story while landing. Charlotte a passenger on a plane from Dallas suddenly got up from her seat and sprinted for the front of the flames. She was eventually detained by attended the first class but not before biting one and kicking another the flight and in with her zip tied and duct taped it's awkward way to travel. But hey she finished in first class. That's your job isn't her life probably got a hot you know you resume direct hit go all the movies she wanted to furry feet hit from actual silverware they give you salt pepper affairs crisis. That bed. Meals I should warm. Don't throw one of the best things that I got about first class that didn't go ahead on the way back the bug was actually warms. And you can look at it can identify what a world without leaving the thing warm. Didn't have to take a fresh sheet of plastic before redundant. As members. So my flu first class significant fact ravioli. Tony he's much. It FF FF it's as or better than the other option and obviously. Yeah if it however I did get an opera look that's when I ordered a third jacket because from my flight attendants fly. I don't know why. That's the problem I admit that this is what I would detained fourteen hours I got on the plane like I wanna get drunk because I had a terrible day. And so I think I slammed on the second one and he comes out anything else for this again and again another day go please only 31. Yes yes man Karl especially in first class the front loaded big bad Brad you can count sheets. A third Jack and Coke without a sign of attitude think Uga might almost straight seventeen Jackie coaching first class. You know analyze I know it's the diversity you guys but I defense that's why I'm a little bit angry it's like yes third. If it among a late night life after a long delay Denny Denny you've got warmed to the right to remain. Around the world we go to Massachusetts were amassed a man walked into a pizza sub carrying a gun miles do you have any dramatic. Weird music area. He climbed over the counter and fourth and employ to help them opened the register. That's what employees moved in and wrestled him to the floor unmasking the assailant and finding him to be. Barack. Yeah yeah I. The former employee claimed that it was all a joke but he was still arrested news. Until now baskets or stop everybody money they're ruled Kokomo. Joseph and I stole your car this is really a very Scooby Doo extent as crime. I don't know where to do the fate if you had to resonate to the ground and unmasked man it's always an inside job all of walks into some random play I mean it happens with almost far life. Yeah you know something the clever part was getting somebody else opened the register if he knew that and do it that is known earlier. And this guy knows that open up our register. Boy where is your vote for the food is put this huge domain and feel good deed that you underneath the mess with the yeah for hey. Kristin my last thing I know if you think you know they close you know they're gonna take the money the banks you know every single thing about the operation that's why you and uncertain times like you've been chasing the place though you weren't there in the manager did you hold the gun on man come on. Why can't receive this cinematic masterpiece called white men can't jump no sir. There's a famous scene we're plenty good surrounds the core of the Anaheim Dallas and think man is that you can take that math golf popular connector. Do pull them do you do you'll want to let Rondo is that you may have been. Yes against every Cisco's someone at the international airports toll seven foot 25000. Dollar units cycle from performer known as the red panda at. Acrobats we talked about this in the office all right let's just assume that I had this 25000. Dollar you know site. I've successfully stolen it and now. Brutalized sell this thing it. The red and acrobat even I definitely I think gonna give me a hundred bucks I mean what can I get out of the seven foot you know site. Exactly right you view over Yugoslavia and how we're do you fenced front where does this work on the market right. He had put that up I put that listing up as soon as possible so that when the red an acrobat is now serving Amazon or eBay for her. A brand new funny 5000 dollar you know as idol. Vote and for what you just yeah I mean. It couldn't be hard to track down listen guys I'm just even if it's seven treats all manner I got. Like everybody you want there's gonna go then that's a really told you this cycle is that we're the mad at what what a vibrant. If if if you see when she doesn't that they. I don't know if you've been to like an NBA game. Think you've seen this moment. We'll go with the red paint which is famously for a ride on sale which is stacks polls and stuff on her head and everything in his first nobody ever heard you woman yeah yeah. I have seen it's it's a pretty cool thing to see. Red planet got to get that back. Right. You've got a good read play and prepare there's also a side note with a cute animal. Gotcha yeah that's our defense can't come home that you could still sense stuff for different sense then you know defense something Michael watch shades. Again I don't like is never noticed fencing batteries facts to back Galley via an owner of a few new liver. And hear a story out of the back out of Pakistan from a climate that was trapped on top of killer mountains. While waiting for rescue team a climber says that people up on the mountain brought her some hot tea to drink while she waited. Move by the gesture she decided that she would give the one of her shoes in return for whatever reason and it turns out that she was suffering from altitude induced hallucinations. Oh boy the climbers now recovering in a French hospital this actually I read more into the story she got separated from her climbing partner they is they still have not found the partner. Yet they they assume that that she's dead. He and these are out yeah yeah. You know if they're just would have been some kind of warning or something killer mountain if Joseph and they have put it in the name it's like Chillicothe you know I mean. When I got a senator go swimming with silicon. The devil wears bright that they just put up put something in the name that would let you know this might be a dangerous situation that would if they could call it killer mountain. They could've called him a killer whale eventually they gonna just said right there in the title of things live like this is probably a dangerous thing but they don't. Do that and then people get hurt. Right you're such a sad thing you died on killer mound but still climb no I was guilt or crap. You went to a was a killer map and you died on killer mount let's go swimming the Dead Sea you got drowned by a killer whale. No one cares now if you learn killer whales and lit bit. You know you're only big name now it's called an orca you learned a good facilities that Mary and Greg go to work earned here and again the dolphins right in the big ass double that gave Australia. That doesn't Garrett. In rally a string of nine men have died off the coast of the island within the last two weeks while snorkeling follows crazy dude like nine people have died recently they have a bubble. Type of mask thing that you vita store where now is a full face snorkel Matt get things that they say contract a lot of carbon dioxide incited it. Eat eat it makes sense in principle all right you have contacts you have glasses right. You wanna be able to see when you go down get this bubble mass grave carbon monoxide poisoning you die you flotilla that's a very headlines that might I. The and bad guys for your guess is good as mine ran a quest in question and the return of the work it has indeed it is all true we're out of here enjoy those those bridges until we meet begin with. Please do what you do best and more leaflets that. Stale. Beautiful.