02-02-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Sees Too Much

Friday, February 2nd

Today's Mens Room Question: When did you NOT need to see that?​


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Hello hard nine the entire Zogby ninety point five gave boxes out based classic rock and San Jose 99 Iraqi Kansas City. The rock station in Casey 98 rock. And Sacramento California the way we've got more ninety eight's 98 point three decay in Fayetteville Arkansas thanks Gazprom and Randy goes out and big dog 97 point nine distinctly not another brazen and everything that racks absolutely look in the program fed jokes coming up ten vs the FCC. And today we'll talk about things that you wish you had not seen. A Nebraska man arrested for masturbating at a Burger King on Sunday night at maturity one of the restaurant employees witnessed the event told bullies. That beat Tony four year old Khalid cal holly. Kept entering and exiting the restaurants and when you get inside he would begin masturbating. They when there's also told police that Khalil genitals were fully exposed. When officers arrived on the Audi all ethical and try to speak with a subject they said he appeared to be intoxicated and what not talk to them. He was arrested taken to jail for indecent exposure police reported that the man has no priors and does not registered as a sex offender but yes. Right there and the Burger King when they do what is that about because the one thing they say about this guy wasn't kept walking into the walking back out but every time he won't do and that's when he was commenced at the darlings. If you're masturbating and Burger King what is the proper thing or. Onion rings she saw him once that's the first like movies you've got to remember and a good guy hearing also bring out a little sour. At Burger King well just like the Red Robin but if you're masturbating and I mean you can make your own and bring to our no way they're rings that tiny I think. How dudes dudes are. I'll. I'm sorry you're really good you don't think fresh cut onion rings or is that elegant the Robin there the real wood drill audience right and they get smaller she gets the top book to live Red Robin know that you know you guys that master Bateman degrees under the new event. But that was intentional. Lot of that to pull out about it and when did you not need to see that 844999. All downloads are welcome to the men's room. At a bit of about a year ago. Could defend our head down side by side you're gonna say eight K. And the off I I doubt whatever count it did they wait to Google gets a bit of doubt that I needed to go to the bathroom. I started yeah I headed back serve a lot of the dork. And that's now what appeared to beat I'm guessing really dug a hole looks and but it can't turn to beat him dates back 23 home egg he's not going number one. He's proven in the Ural. East opening here come on man home. A lie. Glad. I can you sit. And thank you it's good until that could also. Chicken and edit form and I I turned around and I walked back out. I'm pretty sure they don't get to got a couple minutes later I came back at the trail to edit out the door car. I am hey they're clearing it up. I've seen a woman. But at least it's four. Right now we have not put out that's the only weird thing I've oversee and she was justified she backed up to the journals she did a thing you could of the what are worry you that she was doing really NFL football OK sporting humans things go wrong yep yep and you start Abbott that is in your football game tolerance for content. Yeah well the thing is guys. There's not really at this point time I know scenario there's a huge line it's halftime the woman's bathroom obviously takes more time. The guys I think she was in mind hoping that it's a stall to open up moved offshore wind pushes for is just next next next next next next sex angle Modell the does take any crap. You know an insult G just let my talent and balked because it all she's gonna solve that one of OK good trio you know and you need to get it that nobody cared. The beyond for the nobody dead they're just Marley and Lego that's impressive. When you do not need to see that 844999. All hello Andre welcome to the men's room. All yeah it. So we ask you saw how about. Seven carried out by Mike Graham on the economic ouch what some random guy has courage to step mrs. Grammer. Yeah grandma if Allen's grandma. Ole. I don't know like forty some neat I've been out of a Google but it was and when it was these was your I guess you're most like the player. On the maybe you would do them all nasty period he did you got belong where. Are no way she's ever Zacks really over the Gardner. Well number I don't know. Oh yeah okay were doing well and making our way or another rat they were we just should kiss that that's about it. We just wanna say no arrests yet. Well let it out on Britain's old on the mound account data beaver some energy though they're trying to get where raw piece did you lose your grandma. None on my parents Saddam op Ed where. A break as he was sick yeah rally in the program are also getting jobs didn't get it don't get grandma's defense and were there to earn her normal booty saga. Usually you think gas oversell the seminars are too much prices rise got a dozen lunch how quick a quick nap. When you do not need to see at 844999. Obama. Hello Ed that welcome to the bedroom. All aboriginal. All the okay your go out there sort. Out I sent pictures to other guys of hot chicks well I sent this one picture of these two hot apes. Gordon naked and they were worried at all in a compromising position. So she sent me a picture of John. Which they did he think that may instead of the Big Three. Yes and I call the mob guys or rude. What you gonna be cheering me they walk I didn't haggard made him what the phone number I Ottawa somebody out Saturday. Was is a picture that you would actually taking yourself roses summing that you saw in this kind of snapped a picture of what your phone. It was. It was so then that you're here you go online and looked I. And our friend then the pro looking I'm guessing than two models right. Broadway above punching wage so to speak and you know what they're doing. He did this picture from clearly two models and his response as is so the picture of his pain as hoping he's immediately. Are not. Not just just didn't seal and pulled axed. Yeah I have I. Are there are all. You know I mean spirited practice it my all I never sentiment not a picture again goes did you compliment him on his job. Absolutely now are all right. Oca also in his defense began ascendant do you pick you've got to be at fault math. And we want to limit the complaint already put all not had a look I've I've surface what no Barbara and Jenna hang in I don't I don't do really look for men and form a deserted like limp. I knew that even be now a thing if you wanna they do not on the recommend candidates about there. Indeed after patient there's definitely category like that. The face of led be 100% no well thank you have old boot man eminently floppy fan girl to be called. I guess shall be among that they divide here and Noah and put the shirt today to have what I did go. Well there's Limp Bizkit that comes out right away I mean I I. I don't know literacy Betsy and yet they just there has to be category record and over ugly but it would probably like some lady yellen. It a secret of that at that. I mean the whole job. But it is not as bad as it could be. Now miles as a cartoon of a I'm PE here's a live latest in its crimes that I saw little noise LT doggie before you bet if you industries we hillsides you still question I'm about back. CNN San nude photos to reduce the debt even good enough friends it is is numbers saved. Probably blow up random woman he met at the bars and like that it normally you would say the name a few in number no you wouldn't know. Public just in general David de life. I think most of us can point out the difference between a model. I just an average weight if a woman since you would make a picture. You get one instance if a model buck could do they bought I just OK I have looked look like and see you there equally hot yeah doing whatever it is they're doing and this guy thought that somehow. To the Grayson I had. He has been selected by them to be receiving your Hamas we're the tree here let's let's Pia you get a text message from a number all right merit. And you don't know the numbers I'm really Somalia the answer it says like. Payments haven't talked in awhile how you bit. And you go. His suit who measures. And a decent bacteria they do blows my phone lost so much contact information who's this track was new blood that's a lesson. Two of the phone who did that thing about God's. A picture of me like. Oh wow. Is this right so real unity like now it's not just like that you know went instantly take a picture of your team is incidence of that number I don't think so. No you know enough but I still be excited that I it's a Muslim do you have to be your first let our guys whose number hang out mamiya. But he got a great big yeah yeah I think this guy gets laid a lot I think he just goes for everything that comes his way. I think Eagles drugs and goes his way but I think he's also an it. That might be true because again we're in love sleeping with stupid people are hope so you know Roosevelt and all of those are probably good looking. I don't know man I don't think begat I just I think he's just stupid to know why the other guys set an important they're not the France. I wouldn't objective and recently as a moderate right okay cool I believe I needed guy. Or like I work with a new guy right and then it thank work I don't that line to kill a man it take my number doubt she'd appear sometimes. If the next morning the first text I have from him as porn Lou I'll be like I'll know about this dude. Yeah Margaret that I don't I don't really have ever sit or not to in the loop. I think the big drops them a cent Robin picture of the guys but crank who sit now from one kimberlite. Do get a picture for me it's going to be something like son I find funny but I'm not gonna send more than I've looked bad to you. Let's say I'm only down one hooks me up when we do not need to see that 844999. Cola. Hello god damn it hello Max welcome to the man drew. All a bit since our. And a potential be a better than arsenals and get it back on line. Are you really see much these these. A I think you are recorded I wanna throughout call into you guys for a long time and I've never had the ability to sit in traffic on oral fired by a bigger what else. Eight to be a security guard in downtown Seattle. And we had that lady you would notorious urging propagation in the area and you're going to be going up and down don't I can find street and on the quarter and Glendale patrolling the stairwell. And it finder in the basement and she passed out as you would need on heroin. The bad part about that way this is she had her camp down. And when the paramedics told me later is the planes were blown so the only place she could issue up within her vagina. No I came down the stairs than that it's dark basement defiant 80 beat profit Q with a needle sticking ever. This should be implies usually get the prize whatever is literally one integrated data well I thought oh my god I yeah I hope he wins I knew I don't want whatever the hour. It's true that America today is his leg and use that as the last award of the night and you take home everything is I think that's what it is like best picture winner. On moment. What did you do not need to see that 844999. I'll hold lime or your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Israel wins my. A federal judge has ruled that a Florida man who robbed a bank strip naked and ran down the street drugs stole money is so severely mentally ill. That he cannot be held responsible for the crime the chief US district judge Michael Moore found 46 year old Alexander's Barbour not guilty. By reason of insanity following a twenty minute trial on Wednesday he'll remain jailed well he minutes 45 minute trial that screech. Prosecutors say dye pack exploded this Berber ran from the regions bank branch in Fort Lauderdale. I covered in red dye he shed his clothes and started tossing money into the air. Sperm were told investigators that a chip and instead compelled him to rob the bank naked so he could pursue his career as a all right hang out so that should it has had told the rob the bank so they could pursue career. Make him go make it. Porn star stand up comedian. OK that's that Dan wrote to be fairly economies we laugh when what did you just need to not see that a 44999. Olympic and make you pay to get on stage them on the outlook. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Group and boom. A long time listener first time caller all right welcome to the shoot and they cute. Moderation Orioles and desperately. Create a little damage and the in my childhood. We're all trip. All the Sheikh that. Everyone else should fall asleep the intellectuals. Who saw them on the floor and you can say. Our recruits mostly in my grandmother Israel launched the doors open. I turn illustrated why it's my grandmother. Overlooking. The Sheila live cheaper bend over nick. Failures all the. And. 84 years amend and read them. And that image is never left your head that all got little. It's always it did you remember the most was of the cheeks was the legs what was. Your. Well all hole in the wall who's the overall more I mean I horror this whole thing just makes it just like it really does lean toward the fact that when you get old you are just not attractive to anybody but I. It's unsafe levels right like I mean yeah the water level went to Joseph nobody even wants to see their parents make it in a lot of us is biologically we and our scenic. And every time you go up generation. Our need to see you and it is less and less so if grandma absolutely my great grandmother F no I mean so goes the people the new Ager care later on in life for the chances are you just might not to see them make a really hope not either to. But I I think throws for its other people that are related Tia. Absolute best place for whatever reason I would just rather see that your guys parents make it in mind yeah absolutely without question any day of the week when we're not only was booed every time you go open generation. It's worse let's face it meant that the bodies on old folks go and check your porno. Like old people or grandmother or whatever it's. It takes a turn for the different it down and us the body the body holds itself a little different when did you not need to see that a 44999. Lola. Hello Phil welcome to the bedroom. All our digital minute or. You you do when you're at this question that you were gonna get a lot of two stories right. I'm more but those who have my my personal guess and every day before we do the show we all of our own ideas of what we think we hear I was guessing more along the lines of last caller. Which is old naked people barely I don't care who you are when you see an old person making it it it does stay in your brain. At that that's true of all here's the groups or in. I am I'm stuck. In traffic on the drawbridge on east marginal way. I have an otherwise pretty pretty boring uneventful days and local pyrite and there's a homeless guy yeah. And he'd start believed trans down. And just leave all outtakes. Take a dollar jet and little did come out. I would do it in medium and eight coming out of guy. And I'll never forget it was right or bike. Truck colors the she's been shot to lord none of the color of this story you rolled out the window that states are excuse me I think you need more vitamin B. The FL's. Adopt someone else Google AdWords. Often bid to shore up next to me and he get a big all the truck let out this hour. Out of Orange black and the guy it all into withdrawal. Ball. And can go and I don't watching him. He also who should actually get it it just all my lord I appreciate it did not beat dad. I was a do you laugh to use green with a little bit of both. It it would do little bit so I can't believe I just talk and oh my gosh this at a swimming at all or injury radioactive. I was you know. Do you call tiger. What do you remember most about it was of the color of the stool. Color color would definitely want me off I do it guys eating. To reduce. It's. I think golf and bridges but not or my guess is going to be flaming hot Tito's. Yeah. That yeah I. I don't know I don't even laymen you know it's not that aren't. Maybe arrogantly isn't much here utterly it's what do you recently eaten. We think it's culmination of a series of bad life choice is called me to do that in Orange group now. That's when you know you've made bad decisions when you do not need to see that 844999. Obama. Hello frank welcome to the man drove. I just don't today it or not. They all this is another dog naked dude story. Odds don't expect when I was my college days and seven so. Oddest quote chalk. Was my absent dealer used them like the best acid storage we get wild bit that's a great week. Anyway yeah grudge I'm not a girl next door in the dorm room on dirty. He came into our room myself but not my buddies are march. And Darren and air. Here is why I. I start to disrobe. And don't proceeded to wanna go crossed and try to convince scenario there's a lot better he knew he was thrown into it. Are eventually after about our ten minute so every two hours they took off in the room I knew chuck pretty well I try to restrain him and everything. Ended up finally trying to you to authority which nobody all they did so I just I don't know. Actually walked in the other room next Mary what about world liberals and everybody files all but bury the door slam and I know Claire saw chuck spectrum through disclosed aunt and they saw. I guess it worked out for. Sure you don't make it limited driver's best. Nude naked on Ellis. Yeah it probably not the best I don't know why some people do better get a lot of took an early. Don't want to take my clothes out the door. Yeah then I don't think it's a more miles where you're driven ISI in the woods know about money took off running naked through the woods and I had to go it was a mushroom of my butter jelly sandwich and had to go find is that his shrewd but the problem was he ran make him when I first got out there's only two people having sex. Like right into the woods driver couldn't get past and they were right on the trail and just like an ally gamma and even golf to the size of life GAAP. Arianna. Death life courage to change now when did you Illini need to see that a four part 999 Nolan what is that you raise our so. We're camping. You trip you get naked run into the woods is is my responsibility that I have to give Q well here's there with him I just waited out lately have you can't. But inherently. You need your partner in crime. Sometimes in that scenario instead of just being there all by yourself in a festival with a bunch of other people. Surely you don't wanna you don't wanna separate because you're not sure if you ever I don't know that we'll bring that is in the into the book this is before the knot that he could use a cell phone to want to open is before the ages of that in like once you get separated of that many people around site. Panic mode cents a I think it's different if you're sitting around like a cat and her art campfire. If somebody runs off in the village area that they I go well we'll get him back. But like miles a festival with that but as you coughs around your body count on him to announce he's just debating yet. Naked and what it Blake who wins and it's going to be hard to relax latest that they're going. What's he doing if you get arrested as our stuff gonna be here when I get back yes I find it in my eyes he may give in the woods how far I had to go and nobody buys a ticket yet. All these questions York. Why did he drive that when you do not need to see that 844999. Cola hello Walter welcome to the men's room. They probably don't got on and old lock. So I have a very similar sort of got a call about a couple called ago. And I think a lot of debate the little water remaining years. Good download it and they're incident RD nonstarter. And I it was eating my lunch some breakfast and I looked in my mirror and I homeless couple. Want you to drive it apart and put an open yet but. She'd pull them Japan and yet for that crazy. And then her boyfriend. Called and got him out of pocket and a white. It. We haven't but many sad to be something that everyone can do on their own you out of until you get us I age like being I don't know. Three years old four years old up until the time you're like 939. YRS maybe then he gets a little gray and iffy but I've got there you have probably never well but I guess that everyone should be able to do that all by themselves. Yeah she she needed help and you do the NAFTA ballot. And that they're getting a lot of the part where you stop and order your food. Did you think that a couple who proves outside and then again and Matt better. I mean I would assume that you're gonna take a deuce outside like I fully expect them to drop the napkins on the program. Thought it naturally but there are obligated to go the manager now that often wondered how good there was like ten minutes opening time. And a guilty plea of not you know I didn't say anything. Why women are told him and the look on his days just like you turned white like you thought goes. Nor does go in and out and you don't wanna unclear that stuff nobody wants to deal somebody else's excrement. And I'm sorry I thought that's why you people in the medical profession you know they've they've they've they see it all care giving profession they see at all and that's why no wants to do. What is your kid like it's a kid you'd expect this you've assumed the duty in you understand essentially. He kid as a living breathing eightieth they can't do anything they can do anything about it but. The recently well compared to conduct an age limit the sponge they looked like. I don't know now at that's different that's a whole different thing man you know me now that's. It's just a different thing and it's not something I could bring myself to do and have this conversation of my parent trying to my mother's always like. You know I was like your brother would spot me and home of a boatload. Like you that you're not liberals screaming and because of the liberal leave then I have them take care of you know they care view RNC make him an old folks I love it and I don't wanna do and I am not and maybe sounds petty. Maybe it sounds awful but our people they get paid to grab response and clean year old Carly as man and I do I wanna be like our. When did you not need to see that a 44999. A La does that mean. Now okay good god I really don't feel bad in my Harold that you understand the gravity when I'm Tonioli how little I actually ever want to have to do that. Mean if you buy time he got sponge bath somebody they'd be probably better off the home absolutely up hello take a lot welcome to the men's room. The time. I am saying I can't get Intel and act and they're. You're watching. Well I I can't. Hear people yelling at. It at people like her to get out eat. That eight. Electric. Outlet by. Eight completely air they eat. At the eight are gonna admit. It or play without the a lot yeah. Thank you are watching out. Only got. I'm out like it I app cannot get out. Bad day yeah. End the talk. Palin lady sure do it at. Any you know a well. It didn't turn you on and Alden. And no. I. Didn't. If Paul Gregg and I'm down try to get on the road and I got him to boobs or other Arab forklift bus stop and more blame than the left side you see all kinds of funds of the most of I had not yet to see any nudity. I'm not seeing that that I'm not on the bus so far so good knock on wood I've not seen anything like that I was in all my years taking public transportation I'm simply nudity but I've not seen people have sex. We've seen people master may ECB would just finishing up masturbating you see people attempt to do that subtly I don't know it's a solo baggage drugs. Two days ago on the floor other than that I do wanna grab it quick what is now out there again like I know for comes back on a baguette a secular I just don't know what it is. Okay summer drug you know any like I don't know whether I go every day I don't hear what how to define it but I just does matters not a drug I do. And one of my favorites is questionable plus drugs if you just look I think he is a good job join a Somalia during our luggage on geriatric yeah. Yeah tissue right. Another pre roll or whatever it was it was. What we eat is the only thing I can readily identify as could be churned up though you never bride's Israeli bus bus drugs assuming a bad idea buster it's. Do remember as a bus in Baltimore Aniston's. Mid eighties maybe or something but. It was a very very crowded bus and at this time these style shorts contributing back to back now that the higher short and only Jack Tripper short. And the most packed and it was a woman sitting in front of me and she is the aisle seat I have seen windows and she is enrolled in front. And there is as Big Brother look like Carl Weathers and got a pair of shorts on and he's basically standing. Right next heard Kim on her boyfriend. Is behind to correlate passion she's sitting there vendors Iowa Carlin uses them in Korolev was asked would be your board. So we're taking the bus runners as a woman sitting next to me she kind of nudge that we don't know which which kind of that is. And real subtle it's gonna jerks your head in the direction of Carl Levin and I'm looking man Eminem I don't see anything he's stored anywhere dozens and profitable moment. And she keeps like dropping merchandise and what is she doing it was hard to see at first but a real. The tip of his joke was hanging out of the form of the shorts. Are now I don't know but because the boss was crowded every time we stop people fight to get to the back and your natural proclivity is the lean forward a little bit. Any tip ball put it into this woman's cheek. I'll know me on it's. This goes on for late who I am an old. Reads. Can't take our guy's awful this is somewhat almighty god dude army man in this is straight skinny as can contact Eric. We get about five stops and you can see the woman in front of those has discovered. That this Caspian and to the buzz of our knowledge he's not doing this on purpose he literally does not now so we see her shoulder stiffened up. And instantly she jumps up. If she's been realized Carl Weathers went hey. Would you like to sit down he's trying to be gentlemen is on her own Motorola is accused Saddam's final buses trojans did not know. No don't you sit in any of weird because he's like warcraft I don't get it man you know there's a way you can and she's finally describe the state. I do stand up in ultimately tonight. Now she's coming off a crazy woman in he sits down responding to which he perceives to be insane what. And islam's boy from looking Natalie played with the help. And you see you're gonna whispered as a year he turned drain is not mad I don't know if I'm a smile whatever it is but clearly she displayed in the situation and so we're kind of chuckling behind them. But there's as a moment that we realize of the do realize is doc was saying about what all of this was about the the buses run he got a glances out the window. He's he's had dropped down a little bit but as head snapped back. And clearly he is focused on the fact that he can see his own penis committee he had a bad it was for Carroll's video back. But he's draped over his Lebanese what everything he can't suddenly in the slows you can't try to real penis back into assure. And I don't know reverend accomplishing I manage to get off the bus in forty days but obviously. His Venus is on the whole mystique and I couldn't meet the problem though it could help those raids that would also be like oh asked. Oh you don't need to be slick about I don't think a lot of people notice that he did after awhile it mile woman next to be noticed because you let me know and it was a Larry. All the platelets that when she noticed that it was touch and some like dude this is great rolled out Clinton's. When you do not need to see that 8449990. La hello Josh welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah oh okay. At. So I was probably like nine going on in and I was staying with my grandparents and at Halloween time. And they were known by every day ever ready news that in the afternoon and sounded go lay down and take their little afternoon nap. They were probably in their sixties. And they weren't my normal grandparent so I guess I mean they're both heavily arranged and they area. Both cheap tobacco remodeled to them and yeah so I'm getting antsy I wanna go trigger treating have been taken all day long I knew they'd been in their taking a nap tour ballot now worse so. And so I just casually walked back there to their room and without knocking out just open the door and good longer app or on the bed. Doing their thing and I don't remember everything. But I do know that they both looked at me at the same time and thome to get they have thousands. And then. I don't know if it's my memories distorted or not that I'm almost all its grip all they need to stop he just kept. Go I'm sure you don't that's my goodness are you remember that your memory correct I don't even know the man he did he died I got a good one here yeah it is ready. Slid zero not need to see that 844999. All we've got more your calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio networks. It's you. True. And it's another council looking for a subway group who bullet from downtown train after he was photographed by the wall and he was caught masturbating in front of police release involve all of the master Maynard taken by the 33 year old victim. While he pleasure himself aborted uptown train. Near chambers street around 9 o'clock in the evening all of whom are up after he knows the woman had caught red handed these suspects. Suspended his sex act and got off the train at Franklin avenue. He is described as being Hispanic twenty to 38 about five foot eight last seen wearing blue knit hat. Blue hooded sweatshirt black jacket I got a great picture of this guy except for they covered up his peers in the fact that he was master bid. Mark what why was he shocked that someone caught him masturbating when from this preacher he's standing in the middle of the sorry Wainwright masturbating and of course they. Teddy gets you say they're blacked out as his penis. I think that's a generous blacking out of that's a strange looked haven't faced to a mass release does so unimpressive this looks act as we look at people who look whenever looks that we knew master I don't do that Sanford relates angels cry don't crime amassed. They ride in on and that's I think that's let's affair moon Ferrell. When did you not need to see that a far far tied 990 I guess that as of last week movement. You know one of the other stories inspired today was the guy for whatever reason and walked into a Burger King I believe in Florida Bremer Nebraska Nebraska. Walked into burger king and just started masturbating. And miles you civil what did you order I said the onion ring state you said under institutional. Consider underpinned this bird. Yes go somewhere like Red Robin well lo and behold Red Robin has response oh great and says things for letting us that Red Robin know what are underwritten through good for. If you look down and our towers of an agrees it does look like you guys jumped. Keep rocking guys listen red Robin Hood honoring her also delicious oh yeah we do our glass ranch but should you know we're not going to eat them vignette good kids who Wear the monitor guarantee you sponsored a segment on this program we sell a nine entering Paris Thornton who leave it right off them and Brad and I knew ringer donut on there. I mean. The panic right now I'm mood for a new range to be brought about songs on the rings I could have been Georgia judge's knowledge fried food or down. Would that be the other person's. Take not yours Arnold they would want a lot of miles I know but they're the ones that are gonna well then. Picking them up but you are right if you want to be like if I added I got me to go don't know many Somalis in a greasy you're using if you got east of the off of Venus is going to be a done. Of the Opteron and these are donuts donuts. All day could get more room you have to touch him and more room man and it does feel better about it coming up pineapple slice you think it is cool I like their head thank you refresh drilled they drilled by Apple's like yeah yeah look at would you take federal onion rings and don't let. I'm one donut first annual Dora first obviously positive thing to be fun to have on on that can do a doughnut. There's no intelligence to. Now I've gone out to thousands and we don't corporation commented I now watch here's the blog. Clinton when they do not need to see got 844999. All hallows Shane welcome to the bedroom. Beloved original old Lola. And long shooting. All right so this was back in 2009 I was deployed to Middle East. And a buddy of mine and I were supposed to go to the gym and work out he says and then put me when my tank in about 2030 minutes went from Bradley will go. What sort of get a little impatient so I'd say that screw on the walk over and grab them. I don't just can't. Throw back a little curtain aren't as little cubicle area he went on a hot and I am I making strong eye contact with in this entire time. It got a laptop out I'm like hey hurry up let's go to the gym a lot of work out. And we carry on a conversation for about a solid thirty seconds before I looked down and I realize that not only is he watching porn on the laptop. But he is also. Masturbating. While talking to me. Truly good depth review were counted man these are OK with that man like us and it. Finish what you don't bro we can wait if you what furthermore I could not having conversational Samoa while on its wonder what turned him on there you know like what what what. How. When did do it not need to see that a 44999. Cola still to come down vs the FCC bad jokes still. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.