WSU Men's Basketball vs UCF 01-25-18

Thursday, January 25th

WSU Men's Basketball vs UCF: W 81-62


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Engines now. I've made big. Jon herb. 103 point 7 hey you why am afraid. Here's some points and shot her. Good evening welcome to Charles covering. I've watched tonight's game between Wichita State and the University of Central Florida news app is what they. Refer to because just the letters and so we'll certainly honor that patients. Not aware revived once and while it is the University of Central Florida this will be the first ever meeting. He played Wichita State and tonight's opponent who CF comes in at thirteen and six overall under second year coach Johnny Dawkins. Florida 33 in the American athletic conference there and tie for fourth place. Wichita State fifteenth 104 overall I'm five and two of its tied for second with Houston two games behind seven or else. Cincinnati is as shocking as that was it is happening. But extremely rare to. Game losing streak after dropping game at home last week to innocent youth and then getting this out hustled out play. Almost a little embarrassed Saturday at Houston's. We expect disasters if he still needs a little bit from that one and he practices since that would. And I would expect it fire that truth about it. I'm sure there they have to be fired up and if they're not there's going to be probably sees them. Different faces of the starting lineup in large part because that is also my guts of those losses were. Drastically different I thought yes and you've lost was because there's just played the game out. Some of the players gave their lives and some of those shots you hit it about try to defend them. Whitney Houston. It was a very predictable and manageable. Problems they have in NAFTA was they go about their business at Houston did go about their business Houston went about these. That way if the bullet being nasty stuff it's just it's just wasn't challenged that it. They've had some practices that we'll get back at this rate of vibes for that this is that you CFCs. That has really had a that's. A test here with injuries. I Johnny Dawkins just started there last year after eight previous years as a head coach at Stanford he has been here lot's you always Stanford at least the guy. Exactly that's as marshall's second year here they think is the Wichita State that certain things. These were ideas are good brilliance that is not it actually side with Michigan played two years there. And it transferred last year dot it's easy out. These are 66 waiting he's most likely that a starter this year maybe double figures or. Your shoulder in October 10 loss for the it was a year before the season ever started that the James Taylor a pre season all conference player averaged 78 and a half points a game last year. Played it one game and was heard this affects sixteen seed has just come back in the last two decades and it just as he came. Taco ball is one of the most unique individuals all of college basketball's. Injured his shoulder they'll have surgery and is out for the rest of the year. At least seven share. 295. Pounds he is here of course not in uniform. That he is here and had a chance to be you got a chance to see him and he is one of the biggest human beings you'll oversee your life and that's. A big piece to lose out of a lineup got a great offensive player not overly skilled. That's big and athletic get a shot blocker rebounder at the start making around like that yeah. That's shot blocker gives us confidence in my hands he takes up space there is links. It is so whites and see. What does he disrupts an offense the offense. As they come down can't penetrate quite as much perimeter people and challenge a little bit more they can gamble a little bit more. And as a result is has been one of the best defense teams in the conference actually what's the best defense he's the country I think that's series. And this is a really unique university severe terms I've wanted to do were. Powerhouse universities and college athletics their football team of course a lot of defeated their wanting to claim the national championship since they beat Auburn which beat Alabama. There is it a little bit of resistance that around the country vet had a great year at. They are the biggest university in terms of undergraduate population of our involvement in the entire station they have 64000. Thought that one Kansas heartland I was there during the volleyball season had a chance to popular added it's an amazing place. At 56000. Of those are undergraduates which is the largest undergraduate at all about it. The entire nation well and he's athletic programs at this point confederate veterans Eddie is perfect. It's starting to emphasize athletics facilities are really really good there. Find conference and that's the player that football teams really really helped us get the exposure of things. I think that they're gonna get stronger basketball all of the powerhouse it's not as fast growth in the very near future. They were founded in 1963. As Florida. Technological university and the reason we started this whole roster provided graduate with a growing space program than any advice he edited tape Canaveral. And in the course expanded their curriculum became the University of Central Florida. In 1978. So why it hasn't been all that long. They have been a full fledged. All tied four year university. They are independents in athletics or maybe 45 maybe 9090 that a member of the Atlantic sun for fifteen years. Conference USA for eight years at a charter. Conference now. That hit the trails. They had some success in various conferences they think that it's going to beat the settings and that's what you get them exposed to thank each night. To be up a powerhouse of football and in basketball. I'm going to chip violence that number is 8691037. It. In the area code is 3168691037. On Twitter. Pat shocker boys it questions not to pay whenever maybe. At Al doesn't capability area he's got a lot there's never an outlet to stuff. But I don't have but spot that. He. Thanks for it my all believe it looked upon a lot of points in the that all of your little bit. As well never thought I'd ever say that part of this faith that we believe Al another. That ball at even when it. All all for it. Another thing going more after that but. It might have that. And islet in fact you know monitor them that's like the number of Allah. They're the school and speak with. The depth we are. That they earned her. And so I think there was a cold 1 AM. They're certainly leading by all Decker probably it Morse you know under fingernails in the whole point eight. Call it though that the title yet. The game and will post to not so we're we let him out of open with them now. The complete with relief in that I'm in a game that. Night it finally. You don't speak with the hit that all of the pool life that. Little bit in the accurately as well. Well there's good points and questions now as far as that controlled aggression I think that's always the case and I crawled issues. That he really got after them on Monday again and practices have been hard it's. Throughout the week that he was you'll hear his history gave interviews very pleased with the practices the last couple of days. And these guys know how to play. With their hair on fire that expression used to play angry whenever maybe without getting so carried away you don't like it. Yourself you're missing there was physically kind of lost it certainly Saturday at Houston at just plus it's not the basketball that we use to do it so those. Points were made very fervently hands it certainly I think we'll see a lot more that not only tonight but that's life. As far as lineup changes. Really. On an a couple of people leave before that game Saturday were talking about climate changes they've and I talked about the recently that yeah it. Here's the thing you have to keep in mind. You only so many changes you can make the college team you're not have a minor league system you don't have a waiver wire goes to. Adds so you've got to play with the guys who hand out and there was no one. In Saturday's game. That got a chance to play. This kind of man this guy needs to play or you need to take someone's nose like hardly anyone played very well. So. That's a lot of them are supplying that changes tonight that it had it in wins. Coach kind of made the point that you know understand illnesses legitimate sometimes and can't be helped if this practice because of illness I'm not gonna start with the guys get the most out of practice. That's where a couple of guys that based on Monday and so there will a couple of climate changes. But again with this team it's that's just not start now obviously missing guys are irreplaceable. Minutes that they always do as long as they hurt us. Well and there's going to be actually quite a few things starting lineup and it audiences to see that you know out of the box. And then. Taylor Ellsbury had started to affect us as well. Very well but if I'm the first ten minutes and that's tough act relatives that I've seen out hustled I think that has been building since. Steadily but infinitely smaller. For a long long time I think this with our state approaches the game dispassionately. This group has. They never they say yeah it that you were excited and gets involved and they go about it Workman like fashion. But they have tests at Houston path and he recaps and I think it's nothing. Address to the street fighter and I think we're gonna start CNET taking the revises that database or they will remind us sledge hammers down to Houston and. And us these are the same players other than they shot Smith speak on this is the same team. That 131 games last year and it was that type of aggressive tough part Steve. But it's just human nature sometimes I think that you did something long enough and we do well to maybe get a little complacent and I didn't realize it. He died if it is not god save a lot of have to try as far bigger mine who are going to start at safety here god that's Gregg marshall's job to let them know that they're not that. He's been trying a little bit at this week he really made that point to make sure the message is getting through. Because. He was the one that told me the expression is very first you're here you have the to repay the price of success every year you have to do the same thing you have to do them as hard as well what you've done it before or not it all starts over three years. And every game and it you wouldn't ask these players even before this last game against Houston. Do you think your plane has toughness did last year would like something for example some of that the harder gains she had last year both the players are saying well I think we are. And it works and and I found out it was a rude awakening but it's lose weight you need it gives them plenty of opportunity to right the ship does that whole season. All right thank you out Kenny is our next caller can't. Yeah like it that he that he is always good there's great job. On a I think the suckers who beat Floyd you know and gave us this morning. Effective bit climate equipment game by at this. There's an awful lot of his. And in this tobacco. That we it was that or any. You know for performance. I think that's going to change. Do things is we're all real quick. There's Fred they have the Saturday they've been my last life we get more points and minutes. Couples who have believes that despite the field so you can if you play well that. We'll get more minutes boy it can't speculate at all I think a list that is Philip college basketball was released even this season. Or to change the offense things communicate you know your lineup lead the other team was West Virginia. There are pretty good feat this week after the force him out Monday. Besides Virginia but he's going to change that might be. Just to play him but it has its your thoughts on red lion. That's the next level it. Vote that ball you know which feeling it or. Despite waiting for the front worth north of and they. OK guys go dark if they're great golf course. It was eye candy thanks as always receive it and that's. Lee yeah see it's the Fred Bentley line was something I definitely wanted to mention. AT and a half minutes nineteen points. Seven rebounds and five assists. A couple of steals yet three blocked shots I'm voucher for advanced malignant three blocks in his career which at times stated we are three blocked shots and and those turnovers. But six of nine shots. Four of six from three through history the free throw line and I think Nancy what went through a stretch he had a six game stretch. Fleet averaged over eleven points a game in about those things out of minutes and then had a real deep thigh contusion. And it. Yeah I've missed a game or two of them comes right back it has a game like Connecticut here's what it's got to me Gregg Marshall was mentioned that. Fred has shown now that he can play at a level that Natalie he's gonna get a contract next year and based on. But similar guys getting it could be about eight to ten million U. Well nobody deserves it and weren't enough grip end I always directly explain the raptors play I checked several times round night. And I checked at halftime and tried already had fourteen points at halftime and played less innocent at least all of the stars. You saw it on TV. Week and a half ago ourselves what you played a lot in a critical part of all of game thinking that these young raptors one. And he was canceled the games I mean that's just full of itself he controlled the game. Every pass the inside with bounce pass he never a lot of self help stuff he'd take that three if they take it drops them off it's it's likely he was college. He was it starts the game thanks I think you're right Mike I think that's the result in him getting more minutes to wrap this critical time the raptors and I think I'm right you. So what leverage Greenville for the east Carolina game he had at this site I think before we later maybe it was a night we played there. Look at highlights yet like his career I had like 42 points. As they say five or six reasons that he has the game I thought I'd watch him I'll watch of those highlights. As. I mentioned all the stats it was a play where somebody for the raptors blocked a shot and Fred solve the plight company he started to make him move toward the spot he slipped as he went right up to evaluate the ball bounces toward him and he's on the floor. Gets to dribble going pops up and start to fast break that ended up and had done it yet at this. Now he's just an accident what does this heat. Like he did that college makes his teammates better he was bounce pass the ball. Some guys forcing them to make a move toward the basket or soreness in the position which they caught and then they'd have an open shot and he's just amazing player of the net. And chatting your observation on on college basketball is spot on today and it's what its lead to innocent. Kind of strange things night tonight Agassi teams Oklahoma was looking so good at it and they lost two games of the week. I think at the point TCU was still undefeated they lost two games in a week. It's just it's happening Qaeda to lose in Kansas City added Lawrence right after each other back to back. It doesn't just the kinds of things Michigan State. Went into East Lansing, Michigan or Michigan went to Michigan State and they won by ten or twelve. Not ranked because Nebraska it reflects what it suppressed their next game itself. That kind of stuff happening all the time there. If you look around this league what it thinks that we're getting used to it instantly. Is that almost everybody in the news conference has at least one hurts is really good players guys that are good enough. But on a given night even if they're not as good as the team they're playing those couple of individuals that scared them enough that there really dangerous and that's. That's. That's had a college basketball in general. There needs to look at certain teams duke. Michigan State both really absence doesn't really have some players a lot of personal freshman. And beyond and so you're gonna have spotted out performances of those guys well. What's he got also might see is every team has at least Abbott thirty darkness players it's something that. Can't it's pretty darn good players. It makes the veterans practice. That teams are plain. Better not conference schedules they are getting and I think finds is that movement of the conference's. The conference's more competitive they have what are some of the scenes. But we thought earlier in the season that duke was the elite teams in the naked feet. It looks like maybe Virginia's that you these teams it's not for a little bit of west Virginia's going to. Go through the season and not be tampered with two putts that they seem also. So it's on any given easy anybody and I mean not even top twenty teams. Tennis fan a top five of the top ten season and that's exciting. This is interesting for a footer and I guess. Medicine watching SMU's UConn game and Seth Davis. At the half was asked what it W as you do to get back to winning it he says. Short of returning to the Missouri valley and it says the AC is exposing this Oscars for toughness apparatuses plan itself or not. I'd heard that makes some comments last week on them and ours are those knocked I don't know if Seth Davis has ever seen Wichita State play in person. But it out they'd go with the flow of Wichita State was looking like the golden child and he was on boards don't worry about it and you know the fact it has. If it was that that's the thing that really irritates me as somebody brings well it's not very teleconference at. If all Wichita State had done was win in the three dollars conference had gone one dotted with that. But they have beaten. Pittsburgh Ohio's days. Yeah yeah and gives Agnes scares the heck out of Louisville beat Kansas and Indiana and statement of held within a couple of points of not enough it happened twice. I think State's job they could have hampered Arizona I think they've shot they can fly list of fastest most athletic teams in the country year after year and it. And it's from Missouri valley bank outfitters is just. It really is lack of knowledge and lack of pay attention to what's gone Seth Davis is here that I think Barbara and I think that. Stuck up in the air right now. We had a question about will there be a mix up in the lineup tonight and it's where do you suppose Greg affliction evidence. You just leave it there I hope never. This guy is average over the last twelve games. Sixteen points and six assists per game. Ads and keeping shooting percentage that he had an off game certainly it used to like everybody did that. There's no reason to take you off the points put that the two times that. But it takes you off point of this team I mean if visibility to false floor and set up other guys great example was the South Florida game. Really took what some shots and had seven or eight assists and he's had to. Points assist double doubles in the last four game but it just doesn't get any better than a pointless. Well and he's one of the top assist guys in the conference. He is 864 art if it's tough for other teens are. He needs to have the ball in his hands the most of any player on the soccer team. And that's the point guard position he makes good decisions I think the appropriate positions or is that point guard position. And once he started at played point guard last year that's with us they really took off. And I think you have him off dot dot litigants. We're Beckett might call. Yeah I agree with you there are two dollars. I think about it I can't. It now I don't see myself or you can. Into the game road we. That it did happen and it it may happen again. Maybe death here hopefully the fifth it was the fifth birdie anyway. You know. I think. It that they exist that are or correcting anything. And not that I know what to do that aren't your great again it's. If it bit them Carty knows there's been no record half of them are working government yeah. All fancy foot duck and Andy especially that first skin manner would you guys have probably artery talked about. That. Of the beyond. They've definitely got I think they've died apple. They're working them. They're pretty good and their put out some effort. But it did not expect the product to be ready. That's that you dribble down and the guy looked down that they are crimes. Cor aren't I don't I don't put it out and it's goes through and you can't match deep in debt. I don't know that they've got a tough month three reporters. As part of the goes I am disappointed in not. Jumping that I am not you do man saying yeah I think it's cool reputable and that is. The American craft and it doubles team and knows little lazy lob passes. We're getting too many. Come over this shouldn't happen and I and I hope they artwork and manner. And certainly not you know conducted. It's gonna last two games as a lawyer who got and their act. And Kelly and those two guys and even and all that could mean and no disrespect. To anybody else to affect you wore blue. I thought that you played here saying and get better at the level of good faith has got it may have had put out a little more effort. Good BP he's being looked at clerk work there and that's what he did and chapter Barack when he wants to play. The oath anyway hopefully tonight is the first paints a long winning street still go to doctor Andre capitalist. Our debt well last year the soccer's got to fifteen and four loss to Illinois State won the next sixty days I don't think with this conference that's probably likely. But you never now I'm just. You get a feeling like he'd come out of a game like that and got beat pretty decisive it's kind of like Houston game and we're still a very good about things and then. At sixteen and it's this is a program that can do that has turned things around. The turnovers are kind of interesting because. It's not a consistent thing they've had a handful of games where it's been real problem but for the year they're averaging a little over twelve that game which isn't bad at all. They had eleven in the first half at Houston that's out and here's the other thing. That was so strange about that game they had eighteen turnovers. Then Houston that was playing really well only had eleven points off turnovers so it's a good thing. That they weren't turning it over. The life all atomic bomb attack Toronto resident definitely have to dance at the other end most of the night. But it also says a lot of it is just sloppy. Turnovers traveling a lot of traveling calls are right now yes. Stuff like that that we're essentially unforced ties with turnovers and that's almost as concerning as if you give up. The obvious once the breakaway dunks zone it was just it was four games news and and most of the time. Turnovers have really cropped up this has been bad judgment. I'll give you one great example play Austin read the first. Well into the season at seventeen assists. And seventeen turnovers. Greg marshals telling us that is trying to force passes and it's difficult situations. The last seven games 22 assists to three terrorists and is everything and overthrew an assistant skated about eight significant experience than us. The seventh a lot of since the turn of. Down as the rest of having. Source of attacks thinks he's from a player like Boston which will buy him more minutes. Some of the reasons for the turnovers they telegraphed passes and he. The recipients of the past does not mean that passed since you've got aggressive defenders and that is what you innocent past. And I don't bounced past two months into the middle. And if you just throw the ball popped up and bouncing it it has a higher percentage of getting intercepted and that's correct the I've also. Talked about how hard they play in. Stance. Whether or not that he is right it's just stay off what if prices if they were meant him no doubt since he insists they would. Down and slapped around and that really get out. I think that now after it's good practices they'll get up and they'll probably just a little bit of an effort of the physical like that happen but at. All right we need to take a timeout if you'd like to reach us on Twitter it's. At soccer boys and by phone at 8691037. Hear code is 316 this is the inference bank. Pregame show your drive to the game ratcheted by Kansas flat tire and service were great tires. And professional auto service are always a slam not we'll be right back. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors these tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. 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Or online monitors planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. US shocker basketball is on 103170. You want yeah. So it's easy to slack tonight as yellow. So well it's not just say defense respectfully so glad to have you Wear this. Part of our free game brought to apply to the bars are an outlet and flurries Saturday to succeed north Broadway. Long time. Rate which is top business great people to work with that's the biggest thing today. If you great flooring products and it really really good everyday prices because they're margin Victoria. But they also are just great to work with no high pressure help you find exactly what she wants. And did a great job with the installation so that's exactly what you want it went that's as far as it. It's sixty's north Broadway back to the phones lit Charlie Charlie thanks for. College fake. Fake fake golf everybody that if the tonight. I I thought it fanciful idea myself out sort of a lot of it has to do. Here there was doubt that the Daily Telegraph. Happy for the look Friday after but it looks like. That's the guy that's in the fall sometimes those look like they're moving toward the ball. Not thought we did it defense and not the life of my actual questions here that I those ball. Where is the big question is back all I gotta wonder. Well when you're preparing with someone that let's you know that much to do with the game on commented these it and at a course he doesn't play forty minutes to game I don't. Offense or finally got to wandered out what kind of scouting report how to get ready for. We're not having someone who's got that big of them to the big part of both governments to get ready get ready for not. Plane to be without him the okay thanks but my golf. Very good observation that in a very good question thank you add. Here's the thing we don't know for sure yet because they've only played one game. Without him but what happened in that game wasn't played a lot of zone when when you have a guy like to have the the biggest thing that allows you pieces. Is. The little more aggressive and gamble a little more what you played man defense because if you can't beat you get better racer back and wait to see if that's your mistake. So that you could see this defense a little pressure on the perimeter. And it looks like they've made now suddenly plagued war zone and there at a remote town called low score tied to teams anyway so they don't find packet back in on defense and dared you to immediately jump shots. They do have a couple of other big strong guys and agree rebounds or not. Totally wrapped up inside talent now that he's now but it does make a big difference in his defense and not think Arizona's problem. Lady answered your question bad news but. They scored more points than average last fall against us at USF is not a very theme. US a scored 69 points against him that's the third most points have been scored against him ought here. They're changing Wichita State's needs ten more field goal attempts every game that you CF does. But yes tempo was going to start faith have insects are averaging 63 point six points working with a 71 points. The feet wet snap. But nobody dropped back to dissolve Wichita State shall they be zones. If they shoot well from the outside if you the other things it's played themselves I think it's what you forests and see half. New lot. Stop that Tampa when I still think they're good enough for. Well enough plain and simple game. We will go to get back to another call but first it's like it's the answers your questions Jason how much is the team affected by having to prepare for a good team each week. There's so that it electric preparing for known team the new agency yes the old NBC. There is a little bit thought that at different element to that the end. Certainly in the balance needs change from season to season slot. On everything you're gonna have at least probably two or three individuals if you have some knowledge from having seen it. Person that's a little different because you learn more even than on video about. Which direction they like to know what hands they favorite things like that. But. It's it's not a big enough difference I don't think that it makes a huge difference of course. Everybody believes having to learn Wichita State for the first time too which can be an advantage of running as many set plays as Wichita State has its arsenal self. It's kind of a trade often and really think category was your thing once we get nasty habit the first time through the conference and a familiarity cents to settle back here. And it's curiosity about sit at the cities are going to stay what hotel is what the seeds of life. What kinds of crowds are going to run. What the depth perception is with the grants that support its life. A lot of those types of things that as saying Mike that get familiar with and and it would have to think twice about it. Thank you the question here in Europe next. Oh yeah. We. See the end of may indeed be though does. Well it just depends on circumstances and who you play against. Wichita State plays very good man to man defense they also have. Zone that they can coach you but. Greg marshals always preferred man of resolve the one thing you rebound better out of that's not that's one of the big things. And then there's nothing wrong with the soccer's man to man defense most times and especially not that zone is going to react if you're not playing very good man. Lot of times going to resolve it is is just kind of both slight weakness but it's but it's it is stages which at times it has to do list. The effectiveness of the entity against types of defenses of the personality it. Well and there are a lot of teams that played in advance defense that they play it well and sometimes they picked that up and with our state has played some zone in the past. But heaven's sakes there plus forty point 6%. Field Gregg Marshall with the man to man defense has been averaging 2627. Wins this season and it works and you look at him. Isn't as long as it were. Next question. Our studies and yet so. We'll that was the only one and honestly. I really don't know of any coaches effort that I've studied or followed I think about. That for the first zone. Over the past there have been a few coaches came up with a particular zone that was really really effective that included personnel at that you're healthy. What Jerry Tarkanian was there that played a certain type of sound bite at it because of the long athletes that he had. Flew to Florida it was really hard to penetrate. Sometimes you know that's the preference that most coaches would rather fly it manned advantage through people are good enough. The client as opposed to it's it's harder to beat a good fan the fans it has to do it it's. And it all right I think we are at it's we're gonna take one more quick time out we'll get back to Robin's car also Robinette novelty aspect. Wanna. Fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. More hydraulic horsepower faster digging cycles a lot more lifting for just what you'd expect from the best built in the industry sectors of the bobcats dot com slash advantage results and check them out a version of whites are machinery and Wichita Topeka Manhattan garden your told us when our machinery you're authorized bobcats dealer's lot. Meet Lauren as you know that's gonna eat chocolate. 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And who hit all fours. There might let it. Purports to be made. In. Market that they as who want. In the period that he lit it. Thought covering a war game on. I woke. And nothing but you. We've bought plate. Actually I'm glad you asked Robin because that they didn't ask that question a lot of different people around town and I don't think so first of all. He had the first couple of games that wasn't really sharp enough to find an awful lot of minutes and the last couple of games hasn't played well enough that. We played street numbers and it's so. He hasn't taken that many minutes away from anybody there hasn't been that big change has made significant contributions to the couple wins and so. I don't really think the chemistry has changed it again this is the same group of players with a couple of exceptions network. The team last year. It really isn't much different obviously for a year ago and so they're used to Marcus his legacy as part of things. So now I I really truly don't think it's head. It's an issue with chemistry on the I think the issue is just looking forward Marcus flags were consistent like she's capable. Well and what you play 2728. Minutes. You have an opportunity to be consistent and place that's great minutes and every this then ally is pressure packed. Where if you are not well thought that the Scots to put up with shots five shots I think Marcus financing field. Roland if things he had a nice right about four games it was playing like you sparks and was this round is plain states and I think that's. Thank you for all the questions says we appreciate your interest in your support and we will continue it comments for coach Gregg Marshall we come back. 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Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. Wichita State University soccer basketball he's on one of three point seven. Just stay and Seattle tonight the greatest university in Central Florida in the house first ever meeting between the two programs the coach's corner with a coach Gregg Marshall. Presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to well. Coach and that's been an intense week of practice that we've seen some positive response surely not really know that hey chip it out tonight. You really never know if you tip it off but we did have two very good practices. Tuesday Wednesday were very good Monday everybody loose stools so early and we had some guys that were out with the various injuries and sickness isn't. It's good that we had three guys had to leave fairly early because they have a class that they need to graduate so. Good Tuesday Wednesday. Really good and I hope we can play like that tonight when the biggest thing you're looking forward routine tonight. You know I just want to see the hungry I want to see guys that. It's important to them how hard they compete. And you don't look at these shots to win sometimes they do at a high clip sometimes they don't. But you can always control your motor can your intensity and you have ashen. With which you play the game and that's that's the thing that bothered me. UCL a has been through a season. You talked about this and your coaching show they've had to kind of keep shuffle things around because of injuries and let's tackle ball going down now. It's what what may be a major thing saved as far as adjust adapt well. You know John he's been coming to reshuffle the deck all year and I'm. I set a great job with the lemonade at some big wins. One Alabama. There's been this a team that is is still old. In that conversation rather large consideration it. It's obviously they need games like tonight it. And you can put you know we we need games like tonight so we need just continued to get back on the winning track and it. Blue streak going here at home in this two game homestand before we get the temple. Because we know every game on the road in and how difficult it's gonna be so. You see F. Getting beat Jake Taylor back and all conference player guy had a great year last year in their right into the unites these finals. Is. Is a very talented player they've got other good players stock go forwards not a one man team. And in fact check rather got more time there's a starter when he went down had a double double against South Florida did and yet just rounds of a man he's a great. Won't that may have 6869 about 250 chiseled very athletic plays really hard not a skill guys. A guy that plays with a chip on his shoulder and compete. Around that room. Typically so far this year they've been out low scoring team a team that likes the lower possession slower tempo type game what kinds of things did you try to do it is speeded up a little bit if you want to know we can tries to exert some pressure on one end as they they press as well they do 2213. Quarter court press that falls back to which is owned sometimes falls back to man to man sometimes falls back to a combination like a mass job. But. They they just they just don't get hurt it's it's amazing how this will be the second team that we played the last three games it doesn't my played in the 50s60s. I coach thank you shouted coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and UCF coming up an interesting game and in just a little bit. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile. First. It is for me with no money. 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He couldn't do it without executive airship the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for a he can count recruit. Indeed back to unite red he's starting his neck too busy day again. That's good for his schedule and good for the shocker just learn more an exact air shared dot com. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you a very special offer complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had chicken plants and we didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double we senior complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 31 it 3501100. At Cambridge family did a streak you have something to smile about. Shocker for has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in molding Kirk Farber. When. The engines yeah. Emerges shocker for. Okay three point 78 he Y yeah. I'm more than. It's. My feeling here as you read and handling in the studio set to bring you Wichita State. And you see at the sites from Central Florida making her first ever appearance. It felt garrido Wichita State fifteen at four overall ranked sixteenth and seventeenth at the polls this week. Five and two at the American athletic conference central Florida's thirteenth at 64. At three. CN CAAC. Dave has been winning strategies for tonight's game brought by capitol federal. First Albany new ball more dream homes you can trust the strength behind trees blew finance capital federal housing lender member FDIC. Thank you mr. Kennedy first of all when strategy number one it was something at the office soccer's Houston last Saturday. Then again that's eight flight incidents up but the shoppers were not tough what they need to do was more aggressive. There's always prided itself in their toughness. And it looks like prep schools it's playing against neighborhood bullies and what they need that was recaps and there play angry and I think we'll find that again tonight. With strategy number two W as found itself the Bermuda Triangle of suiting down at Houston. Last Saturday that yes he shot 32 point 8% from the field by far the worst performance of the year they shot 20% to three points right. The leader most dismal performance and could it be safe at the free throw line today sought to 68%. Below the rabbits in the second game and grow. Now the Sox thirteen months living outside the opponents might yeah. That's yeah it's not as they're playing against Lindsay and that happens in soccer balls bald guys. Best defense in the country and it's not going to be fine talent. Third the shots and no longer it's a solid in the ballgame in the first half they need to take the floor down. Play these sports. As the opening bell rings. Lineup tonight it's. Firepower in. Fourth for these guys at soccer like tonight now it's not enough gas in the plus. He kept asking questions about himself. They've lost topple ball seven foot six. Fat blocker rebounder intimidator. And you have Vijay Taylor he's net pre season all conference player. Five points last ball game. It was not toppled walls yeah. Right on the tape Taylor out defensively. They'll make him the phone. That it has no inside a little bit more than seeds have because of soccer. Side they say it's the little things that matter the work here says you can basketball. Specific things. Soccer's all out you see a longer answer size advantage. With us states to create. Yeah exploit that difference by hitting the ball inside against the zone defense. And where the size makes the difference. Rebounding the sox' best rebounding team in the conference the flaws in eight games at citizens glass of water plus nine point six. It's excellent lesson book is instantly the Sox have been consistent. That's nice well honestly I get out rebounded. In their last five fought games and outrebounded opponents five points. He bounced from season I think yeah that was our states I think he's going to glare of the nineties. It's not that staffers quit the next day party at 10 o'clock at either location of east or west of nothing happening. Is not supposed to say this morning I that is not his. I'm Paul shocked the merchandise is listening to after the game if doctors at a horse for the percentage of this down. Days the injury report is brought to live my life it's your life your charity or possibly. We have talked about taco on 76. Foot and I thought snapped it. Great place for kids seven point three points out. And right yeah blocks per game. Terribly skills. When you think 75%. Career field goals that are different season felt like Central Florida it's. Usually thought in the past couple Edison. Everett case. Thought his days. And I don't I'm not disrupt the net is defensively unless your accident down on the yeah. He gets them tonight and it's yeah. It's done so well. Outside shots and. You know your friends and Asian friend. It is helping doctors in front decided I didn't health care. The real appeal. Yeah don't. Not enough. Tennessee does so far this season started activated person Gardner who haven't lived there didn't want to. Visit has lost three straight adolescence is a fantasy synopsis. Sit back to win at Alabama the starting five they've what does it head it kinda. I'm conference record isn't America's team ever wins against temple and it. Road at east Carolina South Florida say a loss to Cincinnati campaign I think there's 4930. They also lost an innocent assists 651. At a time 62. It's great support for the conference of us on the this conference. Lot of growth overall this season again Johnny dog gets his second year as students head coach in eight years. We have sites in fort Jesus loves me six NCAA teams. And NIC. And after winning the NIC's title in 2015. When CNN 151006. Saves and got fired this night last series yes that's what it works well. Fourth of the conference at eleven. Seven of them what to do some of titles ugly and I seen. Lost three starters off that team that has added three division one transformers. That's it's certainly getting it going in the right direction easy elbow without topple fall it's that the difference. They'd eat US after. So yeah 53% from the field 46%. Three points right that's. Now our National Anthem as the crowd in attendance joins the soccer basketball it. Nice to be home crowd on hand full houses always said it is to look for Agassi shocker here in. Yeah I won't. Old black and gray as well as whites and everybody wearing shocker garb. It hasn't yet ready to start this would not starting lineups are brought to buy equity bank that you never mandates yet they should visit the front line of equity bank. Dot com. Florida University of Central Florida. AJ Davis 69250. Now that you're seeing you're from Atlanta ten point three points per game he's the second leading rebounder in the conference. At eight point four forgave. Sat back in the lineup after missing the South Florida game on sent duplicates listed and I won't. Jets around is that it started slice of chocolate Fossett's 1940 trigger for adults go to Florida. Five point three points four points four rebounds and netting thirteen point ten rebound double double against the University of South Florida. Ensemble. Thought it was starting a lot of us a lot of matches Jakes will be asked. There early and often 62 record straight here from Orlando fourteen point three points per game it was three games he's played. The statement it is coming off a 25 point here again that's happened on Sunday. At every couple of seventy. Half points per game last year's. Around outlet. The F starting guard at 63 redshirt sophomore from powerful Upper Marlboro Maryland advanced herb Russell is averaging seven point three points per game. New Jersey nine point one points per game and assists per game. And they relative newcomer to the starting line. All forward over the last report gains working out movement. It's nice to hear from Montenegro. Is averaging four point four points for games at double. Figure addicts on season one us. And now advance it got a lot of capable players players that might not consistently averages a lot of points. But on any given it its twelfth this points that's what makes club days. Florida what's it's not safe tonight a little bit. He has started every game six everything you're the perfect personality. We've added seven. Started the air market picked up 36 think he would have been Paterson. Jersey and he has played at seven. Oh mergers. Seeing your office. Sonia. Added guard Landry finished. Soccer leagues. And yes it is very it is and they 53 points. If it's. And also the starting lineup tonight Austin. That lives off. For up to work market. It's 66 points per game shooting 44%. For aid and again over the last seven games as these other. Officers. I can we're looking at a starting lineup which cuts in although it's exciting. Had not experienced and he starts this is three fourths started this season it's mergers second start of debris. And although but nothing has started frequently. Here's this is the first started yeah. We officials for tonight's game certain. Over and the tigers at home tonight again on. I've instructed her on the road official watch part of location is you don't really have to work. Southeast corner. When he first of laughter. Thought spider Ottawa scored his. The VA's internal. Eisenhower national airport there at Davis looks efforts officials not parties citizens for a shocker basketball. Yeah it stiffened up a bit of development and its viewers a houseful of debt and UCF Mike is not a very good student. 43 point 8% on the season. They win games like defend the very very well once again there's that there is disrupted their defense I don't think so because. Topple ball out of the lineup and we'll have waited to see that I was since it was places. That's tonight for the moment third in the nation in scoring defense giving up 59 game and fifth. Field goal percentage defense holding their opponents to 37 point 8%. They're also 340. Seconds out of 351. C. It's just forget it it's 43 at some point percentage. 344. Different roles that they play basketball life they're lucky. Players instead of basketball players Fred you know today. Perfectly timed jump to Atlantic sensitive defense work site surgeries in that seventh UCF. Blacks their colors are black and gold that's more than fulfilled its doctors and yellow gold uniform tonight from the baseline there's definitely definitely not camera left wing. Legislators up positive things as far as if it landed its. Heels definitely these fake facade drives it's not figured the baseline jumper no. The laundry that comes off to Davis was easy enough. Unfortunately it's all handled the right side for a abuses and exploded. Tennis nations like Taylor who did side of those citizens it is linked its baseline Allen driving under cut off its best lines and long. Side and balances there to its hands at ground try to take that. While I love the legs are run away and after that he doesn't want a lot of shots only eight on the season but he doesn't last. Somehow blocked six shots ground hasn't automatics and now he goes to the free throw line would not since automatic. Since 58 point. And 5% for. 69 S and forty's looks like a list. So fans walls. It affects less bodies against the US after the incident free throw line five times the next only. He wants him. And he did this that is worth tonight from. I'm afraid that I was there to. Around those deals with their lives at Atlanta. It's you know nothing nothing little bit of smoke and pressure initially for use the F referring to get it up or at least it's not likely now let's blame foreigners responsible let's walk back to defense against Brad Mills of their guys to step through that a little awkward I can't. He got bounced off. He was going to throw off his left hand and useless off his right hand doesn't want that Scotland's. Justice through that it would not say. Liberals say. Caught on throughout Allen. What are the things that would it's not a state has gotten better at as the year's gone on his is busting through them well enough those dribble handoff and on these greens getting in there now what was called the slide is street. And it's my fields might not be stats. He's got a guy like the retailer could really light it up you're in trouble. Suggested Wichita State and it doesn't that is I'll ask him that that if they saved off the deflection by reason athletes and it. But on the floor institute David that that there it is right to keep. Please don't write what you know exceptional ball that's not deficit by him but definitely needs and on the baseline Kelly went up a ten footer that. Sox have. As well as he's played on defense and on the floor it's a team. It is wide open shots inside fifteen students not to and does not report says let it drop offs and help out. Now I'm Marcus picked up it is that it's not called Atlantis is very aggressively attentive to pass trying to fronted on the way. And it looks like it needs is just now that's kind of stumbled and things don't that it wasn't. Related markets markets won't load balanced truth and it's set an Martha cents. Thousands last night mostly very aggressively let's look now excellent. But he's not don't sound endlessly penetrated. Rightly Allen right lots campgrounds around the net post does wonders with it and out of the Wall Street thrives it gets through as a frozen 400 this is flawless I would go about telling us they. I think that's where it left wing lights for the trailer clients Kelly out of Atlanta right wing that nothing things they slide in the lake LA. Am I gonna wave it off at moments on earth. Our markets there's nothing here. Agree with NASA markets it spurs started the year as some pounds. Lessons and a half minutes of evidence that the net. That was the thought on mark's work out. The basket soccer's big as he took out one of the defendants as he starts with a background checks in for him tonight sources it started every game six succeed if that means that. He's the inflated its local places that it planned repeatedly states and fourth that it was custody since it enhancements. It's definitely it's definitely if if that's your hands off and around Atlanta going baseline that hastens the accident. Hope it's three for Davis skids. That's if it's about telling. Nicely fits myself my experiences throughout this night it's about three's yeah no it had not given him about it drives right. If he threw both sides apart cross court ground advancements baseline you know. That's right CN ultimately Sampras relay for large here off at grant next white city's right to feel the face life. And fly it back yet but. Unable to really. Both voted against the audience that he didn't think about it on multiple. Missed chances both sides. Some of them have been pressing. CF counselors it's hot zone almost advance cyclist. Daon Griffin has selected please see definitely describes as a definite acquaintances gazans. Citizens right to life around that's definitely. Stimulus that off the Wall Street helped the advances in the ground about a ten footer off the back and it's got to consult like Kelly. Strong rebound by the senate that doesn't snuffed out front center right and floor looks like please let Loughner to. We'll it and there are brown jump hooks into the data we've got some real Allan please yes tonight's us across time line talent its success it's him that if that baseline take and I. It was Davis put it up on the that things have been there. Tough that is why AJ Davis for UCS vs the effects of almost four minutes to school with custody and listens as useless points. Events. Sports news after his brief time because that's under his left off history by Kelly thread about today's launch was intercepted discarded nurture that. Griffin got a had been there deflected UCF not fortress of united baseline let's cited Santa hats definitely get there kind of shoved into him along the baseline. And Landry it's his first. That'll get us to the previous time out after four under 6055. Plus date for easy gap. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. And what's the phrase yeah. 93 lately that the all of that plus tax of course 92 easy these mindless like seventies and we'll talk to the bar with a different. Well there insurance companies and he's cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard bargains and wanna give it to the deserves. Now he's never missed but he says I didn't immediately into some free air freshener. DL the state farm. Call anything today. Good health. Was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. At the camp that health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because he believed that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas town died pouring. Sox. It's your last chance for years stated that the elderly or lose some of Wichita ever made 27 to 40000 room with huge discounts like between seventeen Nissan Versa. Today I was zero down only 13 through my forwarded fifty rare enough and that's our field we seventeen or Nissan Titan plus 40000 finest form of the QB approval user dial 1800 million suns or this or these songs which thought dot com. Would recruit informants who. Who point to where you know for a fact that license office. That maybe things on that putt conventional and so we want to tune in contrast the Mormon and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point at and TE one yeah. Up and running to say basically produce about four. Forty it's what he scored Wichita State's four points at 44 minutes and it. CF two points. It offers stories yes one of five of the field open to align the chargers are too rough life you know life. It's fascinating one of those charging now one turnovers we're UCF. For a rebound so far three Steve. When you've got three baskets and two of those baskets one for each team have been the same thing. Had not seen anything from the outside but it. Against the zone defense gets tough and and it's not safe CC decision to one free points out of five cents. It's a little different starting lineup tonight is this not yours and I think they'll Cloris kind of thing can't put your old Willis of or expected nothing next round Atlantis and the UCF hesitant now fly under its own finances. It's set up at a plots along the lines incidents and yes it is sensitive posts on the left side not fluent in three days. But certainly it's in the background yeah that's definitely Davis was being guarded by your eleventh levels right. But the fact that it's Alan Alan Levenson. Right to Boston's Leon if it flies at the rate he's now sixth youth talent gets a three way short. It out of alignment aides say Davis he averages almost every event that gave Taylor hasn't rightly Davis leads back. It looked at differently. But that's enough Allen drives that we'll support for anything at an air ball. It's left to the basket. The real talent transfer from Drexel seven point three points per game sending 43%. Of that little. Atypical of his normal is that this is not a it's. Seem like 43. By comparison with the states. Five sent here cynical lot for brown. So yeah. Perhaps breaking. I don't give a flip flops like sanity it's actors receive points that the Nazis active offensively awesome and it's so much that is. Six stitches but it's nice to see anything different it's not written mystery that's first read the game saved beyond written. It's six which does. Full court pressure suits one's own breast orbit three quarters or risk factors that it reflection but as a definite rights. It can't but three point line. Trust him at left baseline analysts. The satellite perhaps was that sense what this. She actually try to corral it it is not out of his hand but often worth at about. Now go back to use yet we see about one here with us the ballgame and it was fun but let's see your walls. By the Sox it's like this it's easy if you. The front court. And it goes left wing. Taylor. Hall format that's almost enough. Free throw circle is terrible villain in the right side salad on the right block. It's trying to bank is really not worth it can't help them out of an Allen and we got to within and across travel. UC assets knights turned over Allan we'll go out and notes that it is George you know movement and I guess it's my senior from pot. Like Rita Montenegro's we talked about that the old stuff with us things that take place that field incidents end conflicts and it's not that it soccer's it's been the statement that nice round lifts away with it it's not the way lots of Lawrence off Los Angeles I've those Lewis rightly should have a shot fake drive slots at the bar. Al-Qaeda perhaps sciences sites out once again. Side it was a classic slugfest in great laugh my sand and already games towards Johnson and slightly. Ahead of athletes and it's really excited about hard off the street lost his footing a little bit slid on his side. But it's the F out of balance the snipers get a wc after and it's part of that is the really good recipe that's with us they play five points might. In the first. By the enhancements or it. It is a slower examples of its authors of made four of its six they freeze CFC I didn't Johnson gave us rightly accidently Arafat's influence roughly round exit to the Middle East if it didn't align left baseline frontier Kemper a little short. About kept alive by Willis last touched by your own before it would advance pretty good job but Willis who is locked out to cool off. From behind. Now that it blocks added at least get a hand on it without Fallon. Three points doldrums snowflake it's not that it's worth three points right last season. Not fight through it yet today for two of us who aren't that's not the only driver part of ground balls. Frank Marshall is Bret saying simply that was he was best at length. And it had no contact but it whatsoever Taylor Smith over his own seat that was absent. Thank you very get a. On its. Now on grounds worse when the car with its network yes and quality yes. Netflix news but could drive it gets his treatment fluttered alliant bounces outreach not to let those that integrates bus and I believe it's only after back to the floor for a fourth grade and left of center brings. The middle penetrate well rightly that needs jobs I'd. Love the way a bit later and later did send us. You guys if they pass when it. Thread the needle out and it's not a slow him he averages just over one assist the book out there. Act with four. And movement for street right wing drills. The Virginia blue minute three point baskets and it only three field goals that they say L else in the eighth. Boris slightly brown eyes baseline. But it's that went there it was not you know currently sixth in the lines but that nothing under this model bisexual. And later this accidents have not defensive scored six right around the basket well let's problem with this of these since you don't rebound out of its balance act his position themselves perfectly against the supplemental defense line. 128 Wichita State Davis forensic analysts now the lines with a little bit it's actually tried to shovel pass through gonna fall afoul of the shot. Here's Boris was there. And that's that's going to beyond their lowest is also right tactics that his first 46. House in the first half of what should not stay. At a time about 1145. Feet on the first path not just what all you see athletes. If your mechanic told that your buffer bearings are shot in red. You needed new mechanic and they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Kansas plant tires not only famous retired they're great when it does this stuff like watching your building system brake shocks well they just got out just about any like repair work. You'll never be late for Wichita State basketball game with the text them at this entire ride shotgun. And that's my entire career out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Ever wish you could call a timeout of those expensive ATM fees. Wealthiest lies when you banquet equity bank you cast. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Hello equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDIC. Looking for great gas mileage midwest yeah. Car was awesome technology. It. Cool design midwest. PS there something you can afford. That comes with a 10100000. Mile bumper to bumper award for the end of a lifetime power train warranty on top of things. Let me. Anyway. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley energy and think for an end over what lawyer. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE a. Big night. After the girls I was not state leaving. Doors us Connecticut defeats have sent me. 850. Twos that is not good for me and conference drops. Do foreign war. Forget you can save up to 40%. Today after the shot this. He's at west. Bob lives in Seattle that's. Now worth about what to state shut the call for 6000 CF one so far that could become an issue as we go forward. You see you have planes and let's face like that simply fighting out Griffin it was assumed that grip that is having it and yeah both of these shots history and that he would constantly actually get through it looks like it's off eleventh round of direct water that is. Mack Brown has gone. Scientist don't back up my lord it eleventh I was here that there naked truth. That we. My reasons that it was not enough reason it's still making excessive through the little bulletin reads yes definitely Taylor. But it was off the Wall Street listen politely quarter Davis drives. After the writers like shortly about Boris does not work out. With just enough along the right side slopes up right to keep girls you know debate slides. Switzerland. The players are flocking Melissa steps. We have and it's not nice little left center off of backwards at the time but there just a little hesitation McGrady might travel that he held this incident and kind of jumped out from under decently enough the odds. It's. No. Sweetest thing just lay it out. He was back at dad Morrison's attractive tennis that across the way he spun across like getting and it is that if there is the effort and over again that's their fourth. Worth turnover which honestly doesn't it that this is it decent player but not a great lately averaging about six minutes the ball. But with titles fall outs he's gonna have to get and it's definitely that's. It's so excellent that redshirt sophomore from listening. So that's it needs to to the support for the shot there's very little Floyd is a definite reasons off the street by those rights activists accept that he's not tough. Friend yes let's wait it's you know it's much it drives left. Not to fifty footer baseline rules out about his status for UCF seventeen to eleven at Wichita State dropped the clipboard for the basket they are definitely isn't this just because soccer is down to Florida scored eight confidence already more than he scored against the USF last August 6. Haynes Johnson the it's not over on the right side to read stuff he writes heavily influenced that basket wheels have their little turnaround effort Nokia but they're gonna call without credible link whistle. Got a foul on the arm of the shooter there'll we'll go to the lines that news. Soccer's getting ready to Santa cam that. It Elliott her drawback is being that I was on day on Griffin his first just the second. On UCF as a team first free throws of the night Wichita State. As Terrell Willis goes to the line he was just one of two. In the Houston game three at seven the last two games now. And Darryl Willis now it's on the free throw line is yeah 76 times. And it's by far the most free throws attempted by any shocker. Last year 74%. This year as low as 65 so down about 10% from a year ago. Free throw out. To wait to. Hard advances that if that's it. Three steals rebounds three haven't left my friends have left baseline Willis narrow that definitely thrusts him right right they slide threat yet to definitely cuts its interests its edit your tactics that tree and followed by a tough crowd. Sit over the credit risk of god yes. It was good it was at its instantly pointless not to. That's offensively got on the soccer team one of the better rebounder as a theocracy so active as a matter of fact. It's one down with it. Now has a chance to redeem itself and the free throw line now is on AJ Davis his first team's third if Willis makes his free throw. He'll have now scored four points on this one trip down the floor. It's been a couple of positions that wrote this. Afraid of the line at six points out of second I start to Eliot Marshall. Seattle. There's hustle Knight was fired today. I'm forty golfers have to snipers opened up their previously today it's nearly double team him backwards to work. Law bloc has surprised not one cases. Cesar uses his game back in the game please at its Taylor middle of the floor. An example right now it's definitely responsible. Chance round at that this industry standard drive that cut off my family. Luckily davis' gonna take you through it yet State's Nate Davis candidates that's not. It's only ninth two and a half percent recently in native thwarted plot elements of this race. And it drives. That it was accidental it all the way left him with book shortly Nazis yet. Technically unfortunately that's right apparently. That davis'. His way out and it's time line detailed. You know it threes those glasses she can't back up front. It was a threat that is three is that not actively bad marriages. Under 40% I think they'll live with him and sauces well with him taken a lot of threes and licensing. To have penetrated resident different camps in front nurtured drops enough it's Kelly right way that's reference camp with it penetrates. Pulls it back threes left elbow got. Not French can't. He has kept that streak going at all time records I think it would it's our state is nominated trade him. Fourteenth consecutive games plus frank can't can't stand it did not sit well of free points drive distance itself capable of tonight. Almost a studio but for example at a dribble hand off that reduces driving and got a little bit of room of the effectiveness of the death underhanded stores. Sudanese citizen his first news. It's like a Brooklyn playground blues great basketball when he forty thieves not issue an executive stronger against the defense is lazy. Experts and that's something he doesn't he's often enough that a couple times while evening possible at this straight to the other drivers practice a whole lot over threes and threes blocked the shot now Austin has effective tally of the threat Portsmouth it's not right leg to stand it. Right Kelly three right at the top it yet. My champ McVeigh's life we'll let the jump hook got it partially block the life and recovered by UCF Davis he's out of there with a Packers lead 2618. Matches their biggest lead UCF and the report it was passed Cipro but clearly. And after right sideline as a ticket to the basket hit traffic and they're gonna all the flaws as if it was not able to get sad is telling the Atlantic it's going to be AJ Davis that is his second foul. 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Days ago on the first half which us state played well doctors leave museums like six to eight chapters eleven of 2152. And a half percent to apply for. Three you see assets just over 41%. Odds evidence of a team that they have made. Four of seven. I'm afraid that's well above average they 31%. Three point shooting team it's not about story that flow from the line. Which of the state wants to go on the board penalties and turnovers so far which state. Five. CN violent UCF as a team like that takes about a third of their shots. From the free points tried to stuff. Wichita State he thought this would happen is superior inside. And it's causing the CF two or three pointers and about 42% of their field bulletins are free points. If you hero wellness portion feel Morris started the night they come off the bench to go five for six between them now Rashard Kelly at the line he has two points on a field goal. First trip for the lines and this is not fans himself. Rashard started the year shooting free throws better than he ever has that now for the season 58%. On 33 at 57 coming into tonight. And at least five of 1435. Game takes out at 35 point 7%. At its last five. As a game high for rebounds. You know if it's not just check out. And it you know Willis is in its Boris analysts and it grounded planes here full court pressure. At UCF will break it says. Miles Douglas gets it is worth just came into the game for the first time with bullets and L Allen has had a good time line. But rather bluntly. These are devices. That it's not that resentment and Douglas Flynn analyst Allan office. Now but it's not his outlook baseline cut off his that was that was sent out there Allen's words here in cases as an Afghan forces and just hit it to the right side of the fast forward. Well defended but it's not this throughout the the position. Privacy had Franken is really benefit increases for it like to see that Connor plays people honestly. Doesn't get up in their face quite that much certainly did that time because basically it's with us. Not a friend can't play at the end and in the Willis back for. The end of this World War II to one zone for a slice yes they are affected and they have worked so. Rightly champion that's different here. Daughters some ground popping out for a season that left wing ship and off let's idling at the Morris check. Lewis Meyers the quarter off of that aren't law Rebecca Antoine de un written questions and of course slows down profits reaped the left wing it and now. That's not my fingers loose ball saved my day bases. It looked quarter Douglas through three almost an air ball out of my Terrelle Allen's stumbles and off Griffin some theory note the faculty of physically yeah. So that is three misses in three offensive rebounds for UC yes this trip down the floor Gregg Marshall front inaudible but that you guys in the room. Yes. Now that's the truth. If it flatly that that was tries to cut back tomorrow Willis want to ask yourself but for him. It helped my sex Morris with lots Fred handset it's not quite right to left left we can't it. Before this round of the 3% short and long ago attempts at some real talent forties yeah still forty sevens doing it seems that it's not a state might night at the weakest link. Cases thriving right to left. If that's left up allotment Douglass thought about this tree drive that would. Slip through Allen Allen right there waiting for a street. Exit nodes left flowers that rightly Douglas had to pass the block gets hit by Willis. And they'll reset the shot clock it's twenty. And it PCS thought about 509. The stance. That was institutions about the movement and hand it. Taylor back here please answer my team gains Johnson assured knowing arts degrees markets nothing and monitored with that it's not worth. Five. Right wonderful it is guarded by yours it. One notable it's enough to Allah Allah but that's good enough office records as simple as the life of the fetus in traffic tries to muscle it out. Now facade asks that was four tries it got to that position Vista won't affect Ford needs Jones writes. If that if that throws across where nothing goes baseline pulls up to eight footers short night's movie that it is kind of pull the strings and a little bit at the other end of cases driving and it's unfortunate missed it. Back to Seattle headquarters tailor fit the land. Movement with fitness of the rebound against. Six mrs. Johnson tricks please use the F the last lieutenant definitely. Feels a little basket. Executives just on the revenue fell off ticket. Pretty good hit hard in the air's thin it would is off handed right handed out on the front iron and it toppled off valves on raucous old fetus and UCF is is are you see app is running their offense like they need to catch up. By halftime might I mean it's evolved quickly it's like three point shots. Not a good to see that not offensively down. It used to citizens who leads. On for the season's defense forms. Yes yes yes it is UC campus these Sunni. John Dobson who. This is like so honestly I don't know what he's so upset about it's pretty clear fat allotment last client must be something he's not have to get the other I don't know. Reeves is going to shoot the technical. And it's not that good. Austin gets his first point of the night doctors are now fourth six of these lines yes for a sixty gets another one. That's not bad bounces this. Also this would rather than that want to remember about memorable. What a lot against Notre Dame late in the game but other than that. He has not gone fourteen for fourteen from the line on your time now for 27. You know the first half. And a little breakaway with Wichita State still had possession and have things Jones of the line this is. 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How one of their comfort consultants come out and checker system and it didn't qualify as don't give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult plus stock for detail 943. Cool shocker for is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forced pummel. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JU. One yeah. Seventh straight this week night. Yeah its last three possession. Has not been. Because they'd just after 46. The shot presumably nothing flooding nine and eight T believe they'll have supplies in case. Going to the free throw line between shots look good had been at plus eight top five. Quite literally it was not present six fouls one on the night. It's amazing night and it's all about so little things and the little things like offensive rebounds like UCF and it's free throws by Wichita State. But you're name's Joseph looking to score for the first time during. It for a stance on today. On the years at one point 4% 4048 if nothing was in platelets that balancing those not on background is that it. Society needs Jones had not shall be free throws in the last three games that we the senate this. I want for free maligned since its last seven. Months is that it's it's nice it's. Lot of people getting into the story the first half with its estimates that slightly to 31 to eight teams still 460 ago the first half. And rightly stimulus. That far on the floor to the middle of his movement with a right back Taylor Taylor gets names you know for the gravity pulls a full fifteen footers shortly after a short selling was enough greens correctly of course brown left sides to act. The ticket the lane that's the reason on the link in a threat Kelly Robbins writes that it needs you know things don't guys that work toward the baseline that's not Kelly Kelly at the way. Different degrees fifteen its youth active front page so much you get to street and nurture it's an up lift weights. Greens. Hostage if the streets of Kelly's exited that falls flat spot if you. As both an update footer off the back three that is the F that was a good. Hit the shot clock tribe fiery but it would go down at the other end of the line. Adhesives adamantly movement. Activities is in the quarter guys that drivers cut off my needs Johns. Wow cauliflower some odd days I thought it did for me it's got to keep that his body differently and not getting its hands that nobody except his first. At its assessments is to be one of ones where you see him. What do. There's still redshirt freshman from Jersey City, New Jersey shooting 76%. Haven't. The last seven bought games fifty to succeed almost. Pacers started conference play is averaging twelve point eight points per game. The first five ACP's. Four of those double figures and only three and a half points per game in the last two league games. He has words and tonight on the basket there's there's. Is a fancy cars there both received little. Line they almost went three that's getaway. Allen had a bit late Morrison in a way presidents are gonna talk actually gonna coliseum it. Slowed us now. Let me know is why it's. Snow here is second. They want to whine for UC after the besides yourself talent. Allen has. Free throws good. Allen's first point. He has eight. Two thirds free throw shooter may thirtieth 45 haven't yet. Indeed it is last night bogeys and three of. Five the line of last night's news about there. If that's the lead back to 931 it's. When you have it goes out is second now frankly prospective greens. Case for influence has Boris soccer's. It was that he would play with two announcements yeah flows over backwards. Hit four threes offensive line all the way to the live and it gets hits. Lot in the air he lost him what he's doing enough and called a foul but there was no wind and it's not because you've lost all its way up. I was 83 days it is it's not AJ Wallace's third included back in the 2000 with a few. He would have played a little more fearful that. Except his father James Jones was shoots do. Did what you see and not lake coach's decision. That's what into the Jawad and yeah I think both his decision to keep that guy like that with some battles like these free throw bounces softly. I'm confident that the real bounce back yet he's made three straight line. It will that would parts stop as the ball was grossly not to go in and out it stops on the and the ball walls now. Like an adult who threatened to cut a there qualities that that was it that this incident. Some Kate was with us today. My thirteenth street in her stance. Well Allan thank god if that analysts not express it who wants them threats on us. It back at it with us last night it's news that you know it's not yeah that's right. Can pop in author writes that it immediately after countless outlets that means. He would affect our crossover gets into the wing it and stop there he is durable effective front office re definitely definitely. Not a street gets drug wars that a tree snapped writes that for us in effect through three AA test. That's yeah. It's acting as a guy. It's not staked out by 60%. Of our client can't. Reach out of the perimeter out here at the time line. As his first. Horses just been a month and Spencer from the free throw or excuse me three points right spot in the last six games only attempted five. But it's almost perfect for a five points right it's that faulted IDs for for him dancer actually done a couple. Lay outs and then that three point. Stay on Griffin line. It is if the votes Griffin has really given this team a lift off the bench tonight with nine points. He is averaging eight point eight and that is an average place. Years at least he had a sense of fear is the F transfer. And it makes the second the only state of rebellious at high point 19 his career as a music with enough. He's leading by fourteen with the balls full court pressure but not real stringent full court pressure Courtney Jones goes directly to plot. And Allen have senator's recovery drive it for a reason not contest the shot yet. Alex no that's candidate ladies really was about the the Florida very it and pulled up. I was dropped sixteen bits well 3644. Which vest until two minutes to go first. Right camp left. Friday reasons up on it's factor that's going to be a fatalities yes but he transit bus through discrete. It's going to be us throughout Alice has. 181000. At UC path. Even though they've only been whistled for eight as a team now a couple of individuals in some trouble lately Davis did that trouble with reality now now. You must agree that the life where his efforts you made a couple of technical. Right into the water quality is in and out of that fifth but it was like a pinball that's not where rattled if there is three victory. It's not yours as a team nuts and fruits wells for a strike. To get it back to a fourteen point lead. Jackson worth conference here at 58 to go. In the first half. In his career Austin has never made six free throws him. Nine players have scored with just honestly the first to have that little short right at least at UC absolutely. Just dissect it this this season it seventy that tips. And rightly Taylor tried to drive them grounds of his body it's not a good litigated right wing preface that Taylor. Nearly dried the greens now hostage days incredibly screwed up anyway gotten gonna call these for a foul. On the arm on the way out. It looks like defense back. Let's six foot waves on pounds with. He's a tough got to guard. That's his first and tonight. Netflix and am one of five from the field on the free throw line 70%. Free throw. Complete package this lot of twelfth. Now France can't backe and perhaps have Gregg Marshall plan a little offense the defense he substituted here in the last couple of minutes of the half with our state might add. Led by as many as 63. Feet pressured backwards across it's not want to change Jones right then pulled it back out. That is really haven't had aggressively. It's more about matchups of the stolen zone but you really. Was she an athletic enough individuals and on the perimeter but listening standoff threatening African. It's not three format for an athlete bout Willis. And it got knocked out of his stance of solid day on Griffin took it away from the grave and of course it was over at Taylor opens you write it yet. Good to let you know you just relax visible bodies on it here. Taylor was six points in the last trips. And it's it was subsequently. Announced outline little floater this rebounds for a sliding save itself. It's water trapped in the water that snakes not afraid yet roster reads that way. It's not a minute let's the light boards try to make it passes deflected it checked out of that Reid's office treatment Boris. Split two defenders on the landing at Stanford is because that's what that's out of the fact of life that you and I like the. Please take it to the basket Mike he's fearless when it comes to go into the basket but he's a great job tonight try to penetrate concedes it was ultimately. Thousands of Chad Brown his first. You know I felt that was Chad Brown isn't the young man nineteen thousands of shots of the races in the act shooting well this sport has come from the line. Three of four. So forth for five tonight so far. Let's Austin breeze at sixteen of eighteen months a year. CJ Kaiser is in for the doctors. That would stuff and yeah. Now granted their hands. Boston raises five points off the free throw line the soccer is five their biggest lead was sixteenth. And then you have to have. Got it down sentences and we'll that it. TJ Taylor. It's fresher Sidney Jones cross the timeline. Between the circles trying to Harden the lemonade out of foul. Not so much. That's a couple of times tonight this Taylor's got tripped up and have nots a shirt that it was the defended it tripped. Now what's surprising is his second but antiseptic. If it's also like to see night is no doubt think that you know now. These shots for Taylor who just made one of one. BJ Taylor this year when Lee rose in the three games he played making 14% because. Finally let's. My appointment trip against USF. Those of the free throw line eleven times this is only once and completes an analyst for instance let's. Higher scoring games certainly that you see at his Houston 3931. It's not a state. Thirty seconds they'll half it was plugged. Nothing in a little hard. It's been tough act rebounds and feel more sensitive to Santa. It's not as well. Four outlets doctors will play for a lot shot clock is off with a statement eight point lead all the players that at the end of the half year earnings way out front of the news. CF dropping back it is it's not extending its life. For. Now the knife to any innocent lives in artistry but Morissette Khaleda supporters have a double team their ball got knocked away. Has to force behind the net as a defense forces. Football not life and it doubles Davis rapid we'll. Acknowledged that it was worth it difficult shot that didn't have a chance on halftime Wichita State is up by eight. It's 3931. Of soccer's not forget coaches out nights on Monday night to. This eight K sports real happy Eliot 97 to thirteen thirty K Edison has. Greg marshals six to seven. Everybody says join us live in ages thirteen victory which. 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Twenty steel to a fourth slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on your greens and scratched from his -- and an investigation in sports there's something and the -- it has had a fight every fan's -- entertained a junior high with any harsher -- for the table when he's full service -- features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely -- that it teeth -- 29 degrees in -- no ice cold -- crystals -- our man -- are decked out with tons of these -- that there's never -- -- he now -- or twenty you -- scenic -- Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and remain firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU. Shocker basket. He's done one of three point seven JE one and which so. This is a pretty good yeah America. Tonight's show competitively priced services and checking accounts to hold on just everything it's great credit. America proudly support soccer basketball. Back to smokers you know Wichita State and a half times. 3931. And Arnold are pretty good first half it's not as good. It was very happy the way David suckers had some. While those added up to six. It has that bit CF soon. Facility comes back right before the end of the. Yeah as a matter of fact on attacks are short in the shot clock speed the fallout from the outside at 53 pointers. Very surprised I liked the way this shots acts that those of defense they got the ball side. We had toppled the all clear it was fourth suicide attempt to novels and it it's not outside. You get a lot. He went and reflected the winning side now other vulnerable side which is not a state took advantage of it. Outscored UC after the sixty day. Soccer's called a fifteen from the line that really helps that we've met directly into the half it was not a strange how that total. Built up quickly over the last part of the first half because there early on but it does state and it's now. You see out all the love and again it was what you talked about they picked this site that take that to the basket only ten of thirty shots were. Three factors attacking him pay. Just feeding the great percentage of about 45%. If they got to the line a lot of outscored UCF 56. While the pace favors with us safe shots after 61 points and field goal attempts per. Games and they are halfway there they thought the ball thirty times. The field that includes. Stance taken into consideration they have fifty free throw attempts the pace is faster that you see yep that's UCF excuse neglects the late night. I think normally throw the ball up about 51 and a half times from. August 29 right now I had a net space you art's parts of their effort to catch up with our state. That once I'm at a sixteen point lead with one other thing you know the life that balance this offers nine different players scored there was no. One guy that was carried below there anybody that you see ethnic focused on a lot of different guys created shots. Think faith and free throws of the great equalizer Wichita State was fouled as a matter of fact it's its receipt use the F. Foley had 8000 which is our state at 111000. Shoppers go to the free throw line five more times do it parts of the tech. Foul on both Johnny Dawkins but the fifth team. Free throw attempts resulted twelve points the free throw line it's a great equalizer with our stakes took advantage of it thus far this season. Doctors sports properties at Wichita State athletics would like to thank the soccer ambassador Wichita State the league level of corporate partners. How to slot delta dental plus industries. At Cox Communications. You're considered becoming a sponsor of which posted a flooded whole process. 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So hey we kind of big not looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV and none of the hour back there and over there understand real wanted to Brittany carry what does that mean well the thing I like lead and is going and. You're gone Hefner had. TV we not only are the highest quality TV brand like LG but we also have one of the largest selection of real good entertainment creature in the city after TV we've got a room in which top notch brands. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad wouldn't John Green which Cutler dusty shelf for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Shocker basketball is on one of three point seven. Welcome back the things. Union of America halftime show Wichita State leads the F 3931. We go inside the numbers with a look at halftime stats for occupies the maybe gays and advisors. Everyone needs a trusted advisor. Lose yours. Wichita State in the first half shooting 40% on the note twelve of 33. At ten from three point range. But twelve of fifteen for 80% from the line. Well you see gap was ten of 2934. And a half percent. Better from three spot at thirteen 38 and have six of 1060%. From the free throw line. You see equity plus three rebounded that it wanted to see a lot of law. On one possession they had three straight offensive rebound and then the next time that this kind of other process read that that's where kind of turned it their favorite at seven office read depth. It was disgusting for six turnovers that night only to. What did I stayed at one of those was Smart phone market that got beat the shot that really truly. Rotted away at one time that was an attempt by Austin please. Hit balls posted out of surgery it's a good job coming to the ball on them. Six assists and ten field goals for UCF seven assists on twelve baskets but the shocker. UCF misled but not good for the people off the bench to score a game high ten point so far as fifteen minutes he was three to five overall ad to a war. Three set points for Vijay Taylor a lot of this came late. Scored six points on three straight trips down the court on a three point play at a three point basket. Five point for AJ Davis and four rebounds but picked up three fouls and he is really going to have to be careful. Early in the second half throughout all of four point five rebounds and three points or two or Shia movements. Two points. Courses I didn't see it. Wichita State Shaquille Boris leads the story with night four for four from the field one of 13. Also grabbed four rebounds in eleven minutes. Six points or Carol Willis three rebounds and twelve minutes of action. Five points by us to read off line on five of six seed money for doctors to assist. Five points also for Zach brown for of course of hockey game Jones on four for free throws. Great point for Condit friend can't do that if trade his fortieth consecutive game. Three points for Rashard Cali but also six rebounds in just eight minutes of action plan which haven't scored only two point cadets to assist those turnovers. Ronald nurtured with two. To wrap up the story which it just stayed up 39. 31 at halftime of every could save up to 40%. Today after and it soccer's web. At tech's locker room east. Or west back to get ready for the second half. If I stay up by eight and after. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids off Jason one ball arrest was overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and that's your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UAE dot com. United Healthcare. Services not available for all plants. 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All of the earnings are the them what mine my service fees are charged in Dayton college got to have time. Yes indeed we believe your ED be fun not for treating and that's why we offer free delivery and Italy and we are everything we LLC and Kathleen ED I watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a cost up in valley center in danger or an Andover was a lawyer. WS shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven TE one yes. Why is this present not the online order getting Wichita area I think shots log on him Papa Johns dot com. That is the promo code soccer fifty to receive your soccer discount Wichita State to start the second half at 83931. Lead. Over UCF. Earlier tonight it the American Connecticut defeated SN 6352. It phonetic yes. It's at half time into warrantless arrests capped an example surprising thirty lots audiences please. You may very importantly you have to have to pull ahead seven. They've added the bearcats blisters in the school 7542. USF fill up thirteenth and they keep pouring time ago that David Garland. My name and at the top 45 after three Purdue. Beat number 15 Michigan I. If Loughner is a close game. At this stage. Ohio State's 95. It did. It's amazing and that's what we talked about. The ball game or season have enough good ballplayers. That those people everything everything just. Just about anybody receive without Ohio State lost at stake and number eleven Arizona six I've read it ultimately help. Six it's almost that. At at feet. Arizona and Bolton got some long ago. I'm thirty wanna Wichita State is not significantly outlets start the second half a little bit different starting lineup tonight. Do you feel Boris. Background Austin green so I'd say means jobs and restart I was to start the second and a new CFA there's that day to day basis. Taylor is out there at. Well Alice the momentum has shifted Seattle Wichita State was up by sixteen and Seattle's on some fun. 113. Months to close out that those snap. CFO to start the half if it backwards to Kate Taylor fanatics are stacked around authority. Ford way opposite Haifa street brown. Let's wait. That was different writers does that help that leaves him over to help rabbit had a pretty good speed on Taylor's rebounds. I feel like water re out of lots of forest that's true but it saved my round. Night that it traits bulls not only putter this to not kept alive by Boris Kelly gets us. How to best offensive rebound of the American athletic conference he falls down is he rebounded the ball game now this chance. For another free throw you once since. The alliance boots and a interestingly enough his eighth street that is his first offensive rebounds and assists I was on the real talent is there so he missed both at three now for UCF. These are basically since it's free throw line six points check it out throughout Alec. And so these are cases in forty CF. Davis trying to get it in particular a lot of pressure from grounded back to earth. Now and advancement of compression programs in the brief enough. From the flaps its. Right now feeds. Left is Griffin that's if yes please let's not right Anthony Davis. It is going to make Kelly try to drive it lost the handle it covers what forces Taylor who drives they slide into traffic. That made it starts twisting shot. Twisted his body away for Zack Morris was given over the hill have yet able to via physical type player to get that ball and he said it now. Tonight that Taylor Natalie back to the basket right lots of alliance with more swiftly challenged shots they pulls up fifteen off the back. Now. CF but now on the ground. Activists tried to get a round c.'s target Macy's to get to the ball that he. Yet this is exactly that is seconds. First team that happens. It's funny some plants the officials called wells bounces like the police raids Eagles youth. Which state historic three appointees yes to it as it plots of the circumstances after the fight night at the moment. S rights activist I thought Chad Brown back to the basket wheels of their against Boris while level and it goes in. Who's had a falling down threw it up under him his left hand and rules there. But to seven point eighth after 4235. Rounds rightly. Right sadly only. Are free to definitely it's definitely read over the last night didn't Jones that's tennis block Lawrence travel. He had a stumbled slightly Hutchinson out. I'm nuts and did a great great varsity thinking kids acted that you did not all that matters is that bad habits that it. One vote counts of 101000 but that is just the third turn over the night that is not his constant basket it's definitely an airplane should haven't yet. Jones is out. What's it but it's not a second half to a state leading by seven. It's much faster to close at UC ethnic. We play entire story game on the line Taylor it will pull up router business events have fled. With. Down the middle of the floor just right center or is truly in the middle outside ground left lost nearly back defensive mills legs up bounces out. Now lottery. This time it's the other way as round table in the back of Morrison's definitely Chad round. Except his second for use the F second team now the head I'm a little surprised at how well yet as rebounds tonight. Their second this week now topple ball is out yet. Some downs oh yeah definitely south. Paula. Like that's not please yes did it back it's a mystery solved. And it. Lots of programs the right way. It's the middle gives us words greens on the left side of the Lake Forest. Austin as baseline in the length roster you know I don't think there is no good in the right way tipped out Bible. Morrison often hand if they use a player of the leave it basis and it stayed with us in the current tour. Let before athletes. Right. Comes off they want at 63 points right forums platform it and that could not have been any blow wide open you know that's not the world to set his feet to make it different work rightly treat him back to him right in front. Forum that Greek champs rightfully warns that if the guy's ticket line. Keep your book going rightly feel Boris to close that it's never. Austin green left with no let's not all the way to the basket rattled all those golf courses at that saved by three drives baseline. The Morrison my. I'll awesome east decent that play up. Heads up lots of defense stops the path and they got to listen to him. It's our country CF and I think it's not AJ Davis yeah ups and air force selling. Has landed office and I can only use the king of taking charges and so AJ Davis. And leading rebounder at the conference. And he double figures or for tonight's has picked up his fourth row with seventy minutes ago and he got four rebounds in the first half my net. Less than half of what it's bound them with its effort basketballs are back Netflix nine point lead 4435. Chances for a forgery with him back for him right there. Right right watch sports as a throng got a lot but a foul. Because it was movement whose. Kind of underneath brown blocked the shot that movement underneath his call for movement its hips up in divorce his lower body as he was up for the years. Giorgio movement except it is for us now thirteenth on behalf of assistance shots for Shaquille Boris who goes to the line for the first. Jack with eleven points in the game of the free throw his he sense of tonight's thought of that and he's got a nice cuts. Regardless of topic he has he has shot the ball well from the line six of his last seven walking five while the unseasonable 69%. One of four at Houston to get it below seventy in the first that was. Yes that's that's tonight at third he still has not missed a shot at night time the club of Rome wants one. 4635. After violent that. Evidence in cases that is deference evidence fumbled dribble back out front to movement for three shortly badly. It was a good drive by day basis that he fumbled dribble this it was about hostage. Not my fourth round going left right back under the basket more offensive. Looks like fifty cents late night at the detectives round series wrestling. It's it's. So we will break away years they'll take a full time out of this what it is looked at plus 848. NCF 35. Children's shirts when the landlords to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. And had just dropped by to pick up yours. I'm running a little or the month not everything works as smoothly as chauffeurs renters policy think helps cover up into a fire that's ten more wouldn't. 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It is for me with no money she got command and I can't believe in contrast to great now with us Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful things to deserve delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YE. You don't Morrison. Stop the ball inside fifteen points that's not that's the shot 66 the field a lot of want three. That is a lot of love and not worry about what it's not state. With their second biggest lead and while against the Sierra Club thirteen 4835. Factors led by sixteen briefly. First at Soccer City 3.5 percent of the ball game by. But only set worth 66 in the bill Willis who works better and fifty cent of them yes. Chart selling six points eight rebounds. In just twelve minutes of flying easily be read about it. The end of chaos that. Its case news nine there. Snapped our which are Kelly has eight career high twelve rebounds but he's been pretty consistent enough that it. We found levels of free the last four bogeys that's exactly. Sentence he bounced it. Yes yes all down like hey come out of a timeout Johnny Dawkins felt was necessary to break soccer's. Fred out of don't want force staff nightly. Basis as. History yet yeah Griffin has really played well tonight he's got thirteen please the F that is there tray at the doctors in different sort feeling it right it eased him back left. Fired it to outline loose balls they might tell it's let's put up a lot like campground. Great recovery by Kelly and I thought it was clean up a little turnaround look at a great loss but yet that's real threat written off the fact is that revamped relief hostage. For accident itself left side of the floor across the time line but it under on the front Boris. Taxable and nothing's gonna get a ground. Then it was clear lines that kept it I can't rightly know. It's hard not to Boris let's program last week please. Leave militant group and posted net loss. It's definitely think she tries to explain it pulls it that's my issue and it drives hard pull up some chance I thought. Six. Clock winds down almost six off. His first hillbillies got seven points overall these tapes you expected out rightly it increases driving spinning you know at least here leads through little tempered yet. But finished by dejesus got his man off his feet didn't get short pull up jumpers that fool you since the one on one basketball players. Fifty to forty Wichita State nightstand delegates that sentiment that's right senator not threaten middle ground let's wait Boris thought about it enough reads. Trusted. Look at the pick and roll chat with nothing to accidents mostly what and it's not good it got it. His dad. The best of us this. The last two baskets he's got nice office lights went off last investors went nicely down that's definitely tailored traffic through after a lot of contacts and it'd be called rebound Brad. Now has trees tried to steal it away from CNET crowd but BJ Taylor that's that's got hit pretty good good legs not his getaway was. It was at a time after fourteen of eighteen if you know. It's the second half its Wichita State 52. CF forty. Kansas workers provide services and make things that improve life and our communities. They build equipment for safer neighborhoods. They inspire a deeper interest in learning and create products were healthy fun with friends in the first. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps kids as workers to stay healthy and worry free while they're making our communities safer smarter. And more enjoyable. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas commitment. Compassion. Community. 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Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or Hayes built for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball. We point seven GUY. Did not stay up well for fourteen days. The fly it. It's not good. And a half 42 and a half of the game is CF. Nine in the second half raise that percentage to 37. Floors at night they got Griffith. Coming into this game had averaged five point three points per game over the last 356. Of what you want it feels great. For a seventh overall rate of six from birdie at thirteen points. Good night with the stage deal Boras. The fifth seed and now wants to 32 tie with the. It asks those who thought things college players Griffin has the highest since Sunday night. But it's the last result decency they thought it. My races that it's a guy like that you act like yes I use the F play it and the baseline at their own basket on the right side of the right one that uses radical left of that CN. Adding bits and off the left side we've Atlantans and with that process time lines in the top of the art circles right back there to run out of there are now left with nothing positive just came back yet militants lose them and rent it for him tonight high post surgery it's not. That's right those lefties read can't atlas one of my life you know Willis threw it there is baseline turnaround not so that's something. That is his right shoulder looked like yeah. Gordon worked that he thinks they have these guys if there's that needs to be found flying shots my fourteenth as previously was sixteen when experts have. The real challenge down the block and a crowd. On the merger etiquette is here since news broke us will be it is and it kind of showed up blocks with our Colorado. It's his second. And the second team bound to happen with those days. The F inflated the baseline it's the right of advanced to face it he uses to play. But it is right baseline reflecting the benefit of making fun stuff not from Taylor rise residential and behind this quiet version devastated private and you can put it up over my. It is slipped off this man it is what it is but it's not the behind shooters about it the other bullet you want to look at him a lot. Sensationalism. That's what's. Take it one day yeah. How the wife of frustration. That little line thirteenth on the shot clock freeze the F 1645. Gophers staff capacity platform to. I. Fetus and off. President right quarter to have a shot at threatening cases that cases not to drive it that's the length reticence traffic stumbled and lost it. Recovered my client camp Goddard visitor at court. Double teams at the top places you don't. Sammy rights side baseline Willis here don't think it is in the line will align those turnaround examples of this moment. They've set up. Since it is after hitting it. Before that double team insists that's not in the span. Not extensively and it took a hard hit in the face of local. It would cost. Pulled out of the box advance of that and I think she could do on your license that was prevalent under oath. UCF flaws drive Atlanta. Definitely movement this week badly. If that's him at its next of those incidents were simple little softer than. There's enough now let's just first fourth team. Now obviously you have it in half with us today it will have an out of bounds that was on the drive lets him. He's taking it slow the game where you speak more aggressively trying to attack us but nothing to play at the end. While 43 to go second half soccer's a fight fourteen Avastin here for that match their biggest. We have been. And it's something else fitness. Something there was something against. On basement that was that ethical group through let's just. Relentless. If nothing. The Florida should definitely not in the time line he's the have nots is good since retired soon. Yeah. That's less credit he injured right back with him. Let's leave that stuff. Artists of the troubles that have to villagers. Is that it's it's not incidents in the senate issued let me Longstreet. Short while repentance that's tailored for use the F. Drives right sites heading into the line Griffin not to went nuts never recovered by Griffin hands off particularly in the corners he tries to throw back went over the Griffin threw three it's no good. Rebound though and he does say that's accurate allow Fallon dribbles left. Visit that will be just at the basket this layout we've got recovered by French can't possibly traffic got tripped up and now obviously have. It's kind of added to negotiate his way through that I don't think they would have blown the whistle but it got tripped up losses on its route Allen. Picked up his fourth round so he joins AJ Davis as. I'm not that elevenths. 59 people know it's Wichita State it possession leading UCF 54. To forty. Okay stills are exactly the alphabet next subject financial well being healthy can manage your money. Turned to his side of your text plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools and support you need to take control of your finances. Yeah. I live in balance transfers pop quiz tomorrow we'll find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help planes go right. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen phone Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more pain Kirk Farber. 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Hockey like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This it opting life it's when he first and whether online at poppy Tyson life dot com. US shocker basketball is on 103 point seventy. Already this is not state High Court team the shock has had the ball coming out of this time battle leopard bit. For some time ago that second half. With plastic sheeting even 50%. In the second half of 43 for the game at UCF. Little. A half and after 33%. For the quality of Wichita State backed up 51 on the boards for doctors to Natalie forced turnovers. To eight. For the night and as we expected which is not State's dominating the paint and hopefully see athletes with wealth of the quality in the war in the second half. Soccer possession its markets that definitely appreciate that kind of thing in front of their hero wellness. Zone by UCF. You know flip side deals left wing. Nothing that deference here. Abbott thanks a lot of the right thing right baseline that definitely. Yeah it's definitely a step back it fires short bounces comes up kept alive and well it's Friday fourth recovers sensitive strong plots got. Still loose on its. Floor Willis slated for tonight up by anti missile business and it's clear that the tie up the DJ Taylor like the Hudson that's exactly right once demands throughout our quirky right the left of your blood for a shot they thought it Griffin takes it away and get it all the time on the us. Now on Darrell will be here his first. Thirteen dollar apple which state and it's it's FSX files that's our next bout by CF. Like remember the first half with a statement the line fifty times. Now. Throughout Allentown 828 Davis in for UCF bulls have 4000. Davis. The last thing that is. Fourth offices of a quarter of the discipline roughly 88 itself. Laugh. At them back up for a need to Griffin rightly that Taylor Taylor looked right now that's over the risk that. It's got a lighter than just lost the handle. It was sad that he put away from the defense there and it may have just. Lost control it for a split second bounce the way in front of the the only eighth over not really bad and how about this with it's not statements. Use the F extending their pressure at that time she doesn't break the record and the model for the moment it's prosper right side different. Kind of back. Middle left side. Nothing about the link your statement now left left Lewis then goes baseline it's been up in the air to miss the shot. It was a little too far right Gary tried it cannot back out from underneath that hit a lot of that accurately. Davis down the line in traffic stop the delete it block but it's not it's not bite your your oldest lineup a little left handed out this. Focus will be it's gets his first edit the fans thought maybe traveled. UCF pets that well. Friend can't. See him long three out for a Nokia edited out rebound Willis. Think it's gonna drive the founder of stuff is really going targeted towards it and don't go to the free throw line if well second leading rebounder without state squad. Down. Six rebounds the ball if there was a tight you're not off the bike events happening half rebounds per game and Willis. Hands. There are some players in the conference. Other than two rooms you know that we've had players that. Some of them are Willis to a three at the line that night eight point three I thought had. He's got nine. Reads this science that leaves everybody with fifty Shaq backed him. Yeah. Certificate it's not so nice that it's that. Stretch and it's now she acts that he has done nothing molester in the Austin reed just checked it for one of the things that will start us off balance never lets you want to be relentless. Times the ball game. Last night and it's worth it to see him once again fully. Good defense on him because of the foul trouble went through life and making him when he gets that he's now four for five or not it's obviously but fourteen they are seventeen of twenty. Free throw line for 85% AJ Davis that the lines double standard in fetus was that done. Everybody you re not let them today and hopefully things that it's. 5644. Which just agent working right to left out down the block Boris who follow up the left hand banks today and it bounced up here salad is still hasn't missed shots at seventy. Looks like he was flat panel wall it's that it should be the basketball almost like the fifty states. But it was different attitude Davis right link with different angles and try to get a flat and he says it's likely Taylor lost the handle scrambled on the floor for tries to save us. Such as shoppers were added at a time now if I invited Syria I don't understand that kind of mapped fault players by the fanciful. Obviously it must of thought and yet there smoltz. That's a tough one I love the way it was thought stated it lasts. Haven't found that disappeared thirty book he's been here 936. The second half fifteen seconds left on the possession. The F we've done it. Leading 5844. Nothing knowingly put these shows on Monday night at eight chase court room of the Eliot thirteen degrees which for a 987. I'm in the women's basketball team. We'll be rapidly. They'll North Carolina. I think six or seven. Okay. Does he have the latest on the flight well. You guys have. As they have this one game this week that was good news. On Saturday afternoon at Memphis. UCF ball. Stock market fourteen designated him that's right Taylor trying to work his way past Reeves got a clear but it gets the satellite that Ivan DeJesus in ethics throws it out at all. And allies Syria. At driving bookie got bumped. It. It's not so much it means Jones his first. Actually his third sorry third fell fourteen now but it bounced a couple of times on the rim and settled in for businesses he threw it off accidentally. Highs for the backboard and it's full of stuff out of it. Now in its stance when that's both of them. Aces Smith's six hole on the line that fact. Free throw up Fannie and now. They're gonna give it to him again. Make Duffy. Was on as to those and step in the air density stepped back out well before. The ball was shot I didn't think that. Steve and I just that and it does. The second one is even worse. Right now. Like there's not a little bias that this that it wouldn't want it. Listening are outlawed march 5 a breeze right wing Kelley degrees across it snows left wing drive and cut up that definitely nothing. What right does laughs at my. Heels and lines now on the line throws it up there for Laura suggested. To follow. People go to the floor and Kelly got found. And of don't count that. President sniff my Shaq if so it's his first yes. It was just don't swap that James Jones Shaq tried to guide it there with one hand so far they have them on the glorious thing yet now it's not a chance and now some pretty happy albums. Now what it actually about the art often follow up we have. And Rashard Lewis he's if fourth. And it points in announcement Kelly's. Double figure points. The that's part that's the only once last night. He has double figure rebounds six times and street a little short hair bounces but he's got 88. Points ten boards which I state my fourteen again sixty to forty six's sun back and forth fourteen. Well quite a bit lately. I have are ready at its. Next basket so it's sort of double. Based on the basis in traffic trying to clear it does skated out front ripped it down the length walked quietly. It's not recovered by Griffin Davis mystery. Writes Davis Kevin you know at 120%. From three has made trades that. He was offered him the right spot is less successful. If wars that left wing death. Yes they dribbled it would have read that Morris writes it means jobs readers right corner that's. First pass it and seven points at all. It's not for his first three and a half and underneath. Chad Brown going strong in front of thousands fifa soccer's doubted transition and it's not that that the lines to. Thousands you know Boris is seconds. 161000. With just not stay there than it was sold on. See athletes 11816. Goes Chad Brown hopes for two from the line constantly in the first half. Points on the field goal that. The problem that some free youth. Who have been and floor UCF for places AJ Davis. We have so that he was evident eighteenth free throw line items last win ball games that he's capable. He throws one. Dealt with Florida but it goes to the heart rebounds Boris is way up there to get it. Event that would state round they'd want to with state leads by thirteen 6350. These different floor right at McCain's Jones left pulls back it reads that the office. Now McCain's Jones drives aren't right right wing grief right did post forest underneath fourth. It's not. Well headsets off and it's good. When he's got enough so let me reset they're pretty sure that was called client work beautifully left wing Allen. Back obviously and that means Johnson had a stumble into. It doesn't really tough thoughts about it he's just because Allen was out of its role in this kind of fell backward into it and it's going to be surmise its fourth. And we that it time. 37. In the second half which it does state 65. CF fifty. Yeah. Commenting here and ivory ought to all my mayfield road manager out what ready to colonial and old American till which has an eight night study and keeping it legal help do that and and as it is a big break up a good deal and I'm in now. I whatever. Don't name age your dreams are waiting to avoid keynote from the Kansas lottery pick your number of pick your wagers and you could wind up through 300000. Dollars and here's lottery not comforting to you. One company on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like big number doesn't. Not to express employment professionals. Your skills ET operator welter or maybe you're looking to find a new job and distribution. How about a forklift operator. Your success and never charged was beatified John. Plenty of professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year I let us help and good to express rose dot com to find a location near you. It's your last year. For years stated that the only or lose some Wichita ever made between seventeen and 40000 room with huge discounts of between seventy Nissan Versa for the today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough and that's our field we seventeen or Nissan Titan plus 40000 his finest barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 new Nissan or this or lose so much talk dot com. Would prefer an informant who. Important for you know for a fact that licensed often go. That may be times on this platform until I hit them once it's and can pass the Mormon and. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green which Cutler dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker basketball he's on 103 point 78 CYN. It has been snapped right wing is the latest shooting percentages have fluctuated this game that's the last time. Let's just say it was not by fourteen. They're shooting 50% for the half UCF a little under 29. At the next that that would deter states that this team. But they're shooting has slipped a little bit through three of their last eight. Its last five. At Wichita State has maintained actually raise its lead five point doctors. Have outscored Seattle. In 1957. For a free throw line UCF seven of thirteen free throws with us late night. Eighteen of 22 Wichita State and he said. Right against Houston and not much better at this ballgame for 28 point 6%. Or fourteen. Right regretting it stayed close to you CFC. Rebounding team. Tennessee is now plus real wars only. Forced turnovers tonight allowance free throw line thoughts active yet one more fees to them soon from the line in the first half typically. Makes Writely is right now two out of every theory on its. 737. Made a statement that the session. By Allen is. Plus degrees. State. Actors with a fifteen point lead their biggest hit it sixty late in the first half they see dad use him right wing. But that's not right now right lots of west Texas Rhonda Dotson. It's a fast food plant and it gets his self defense this is not a small lineup that's off the four cents or you see out. And as a result with us since that it definitely it's easy baskets act with nineteen left wing recent announcement that Davis writes tonight's news and it evidently still keeps his dribble throws of that threat to Davis drives. Taylor left baseline and on the left corner of the trio Dyson air ball. Praise the rim fell short regardless of the reef not it's like 78 with the Iraq. Breathe right side with him for a Wall Street gets it for Boris knows that's not cross court. That's right that's nothing for three ribs are flawless. I would go Boris Friday night it didn't look like you did there even at UCF. Like quarter Taylor steps that myers' three off the mark long rebound not that we've definitely been an. Like this we might have far behind the depth quickly javits over the line to board to Kelly invested little left handed flip right front of the basket great chance. Art is good citizen. Loss by Griffith Nokia world event to. Reasons hit three straight rebounds for his sake this is not a good. Three points in the ninth conference that's got to. Like taxes. Boris retrieve this is off the backs are we about UCL a wore us down holding. Looks like it's right. CN. At the other end CF scoring bodies on the flow looks like it's going to be a basket it may be in one. Deal Boras still down on the he added that the board. At Austin reads comes up partly out of all of that. Substitutions for both teams. Not say get the shock triggered Gregg Marshall technology field Morris that he seems to be OK now it's kind of holding his right CN. Milwaukee a little gingerly as it comes off that's my 58 to go shocker sophisticated. That's an influence accidents and and innocence it. Darryl Willis with five idiot that I was left Darryl Willis. It is it's in their offense while place. Vijay Taylor getting that last basket threes yet he now has eleven but he is only four of fourteen. From the field one of the lines that chance for a three point play. Now with Utah State when Atlanta reach him at his third. Sense and lock them. Drove yet but Vijay taylors so he has three of fourth line as both points that that's soccer league that. 4550. Yourself. 6753. Shot Shannon French camp background Errol Louis round under immigrants different floors sort of let Taylor. Presently you'll bounce as high Los Angeles for free throw line started by Davis in the church's. It's unfair. But to the floor office in Atlanta seventy that's correct yes finally got on the phone let's just his second basket but. We have fort Griffin down the line into traffic turns it throws it up back ovaries had missed it that. Will lead is safe it. And I today paces passed it to three for a record it bounces out Willis goes up to get to prevent players a chance. Let me. Slowly up the left side of the floor gets screened for Willis worked process that the threatening to ground back out front should have a shot here's my sixteenth the client wants to go. Let's lock their troops back to the basket we don't Littlefield has since left and got banged my old the oldest from behind Ronald go to the line from one of one. Now have rolled his mobile distant second. Ninth team now than half what you see yeah actually calling on us Taylor or reach again the Tate Taylor's third. So nurtured at a line for the first time tonight is made for a five against Houston. On Saturday in thirteen of the last fourteen games though about this is on the line. Times it's once it. Twentieth 25 on the year for 80% free throw. Three points Tucker it meant to have nice stuff. Steps off left off. Which interstate twenty of 23 from the free throw line for 87%. To. Up to harness their first missed they have Willis that it statistic that it's recovered by written. Or UC applicants are state by seventeen DJ Taylor Taylor an alliance that is not a quarter. Spinning Davis goes under tragic block fighter that they're gonna call the foul on product. Out of surgery almost getting another walk through this doctors who have had worked at night. At this time there will be two free throws pre K Davis. Flat that was bad for advancement of snow caves in England's world now. Nineteen pounds on each team down. AJ Davis the line for the first time had eight points thanks for making a couple of uncharacteristic streets makes the free throws he's got night. Get freaked. 68 point 2% this year in his two previous season. Shot 74%. Fifth issue of Atlanta that was part. That's doctors there excellent effort for the life of Darryl Willis is to make players champ you could have struck back and what not about my equipment and have to do with start. More aggressive defensively Campbell went a little bit round. Let's Nightline a little closer now hopefully lost offensively that's a different kind of regardless of tickets leaf that's not edit out. Exactly now the ground fighting keeps them alive they're. Yes it if frank can't ratchet down the length. Dishes under two Willis. Darryl wheels steps that double team that sprint campus of the three pull up twelve footer good. Little closet he's got five. At the thought this out by eighteenth their biggest lead of the night went with. Taylor and a right cross over on brown gets a line double team that's Davis mystery that's no good events have no longer stand it. And it Louis going to the basket avoids the Steelers missed the layout opens with a read it was contested. Up right now that got a little too fancy tailored for three at the other end mrs. merger ought to get a good spots out. Fielder's letters to Santa Landry yes and flora and it's what the land stolen. Like they're not definite no go down and lay it evidently problem it's not over there certain rules had been locked him back out on that the on Wednesday on the stance I don't think it's. They got Griffin with fifty is hoped that always stands and on the cumulative incidence. Round thinking at that it's not. It's street the Willis goes right drives it pulls up throws editor hundreds of dogs. It's nice massive sets in his life. It's not just my AC it again 7456. At UCF once it's not that the F thirty. In the streets and they go. Oh. Thirty seconds up I was like there could expand this after the last. Extended break we've already done that for us so we'll keep that here. And the vikings that would that shoppers are on the thought of that next time will be one. Rob tonight at. If there's a lot for the location is industrial network southeast corner what experts that swept up by period watch parties for a chance that would refute. The BAC current event in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. Because village upward through official watch party location. Or shocker basketball. Which just days leading 7456. Soccer's biggest lead of the night. They're shooting death 42 and a half percent to 35. Yeah. Which did not stay up plus six rebounding and only five turnovers all night kind of for the night points off turnovers not that significant seven. Which is just eight points in the paint thirty good place soccer match points the biggest totaled 46. To 42 with the. My goodness gracious you know. See you out. The best defensive teams in the country definitely had to topple ball back there all 76. One play football game. Which Scott states already drawn up seven points. Effective August. The problem who happens yeah. Three point six points a game they might get their fight that's an upbeat feel like Wichita State. 7450. At neighboring. Sixteen point eight. Lost Jessica let's fight aids halftime. But really ever since. It started they got behind right away if there is kind of back and forth between status quo that is. Their biggest play. Definite mark on down with the CF of working with us today eleven the Koreans are. Because state does not permitted it in the long run it's only kind of sad thing out of all. Oh wait that's definitely good. Resign over all of those. The numbers are gonna good out. The doctors who. Well yeah it was good thing about it he's taken ninety hole event but I never seen the thing that. It's not he's not self golf and that's proven out by the fact he had my position. Then if you know you hear applause for grades one of the doctors on the court he's only taken. Shots. As the season has nine point six rebounds three assists and blocked shots and just months ago. Seattle. In case it's aren't technically can't back out front to reflect. It makes it jumps off the lights rise pictures made it passes through Chad crowded bank that is found on this they've got several of those plus ones at least those opposite. These things distance. They're off the free throw line over night at eighteen from the line. This ballclub it is that in the first place they average about 63%. Free throw line of the list reflects. Very athletic enough. Now on grotto walls and doors that that was the brick off of back flights at ground is now one of five from the line that's four point five points. He wants NASA for the record here thickness it's not back out front. It frees him it. Here's your stuff he had Lewis camp but that's not for the circle let's wait and nothing found Tesla lot. Willis that for the basket look to make a move skipped through little bank shot with you know. He made a little standard throughout Ireland flock trying to get a foul called didn't. And then Willis kind of stepped through it was found on snapshot of the line for two. 2000 chance round his fourth. Each team with 101000 within the last 35 notes shot 7458. And Willis for a five from the line that night going back to more at least four players have for free throw with him to. Yeah. In Iceland. Willis had been fine is nothing out of the last six briefly with him connected on four of them instantly. Now try to connect it is seven free throw with him. Giorgio movement back in threes yet that forward Lewis what more free through France can't thank the doctors. 7458. Of the see it happen never looks like it's on UCF. So Lewis missed two free throws its actors who get to war. Movement with the now. Going to the line we'll be Landry Shin Bet for the first time it. Let through four points just two of 9 shooting this evening. Let's let's make 52 free throws on your chance at fifty. 847. From the line that would rolls to shocker made. What do you have 24 it now obviously we're in a row here let me shop for the first time that I remembered if you look. Really flat doesn't have much of a lift them in line drives. Him. Attackers still at 74%. But they were well over eighty all night till they're mastery mrs. Vista out. At that fouls. On after his own nests. So what suggesting it was twentieth flooding for 83%. Think they'll both for four. On that trip down the court Janet picks up his fourth now. Still to 34 to go Wichita State leading by six teams throughout Allen at the line where he is two for war missed his last two. Children I surprised. At how he's. He threw it too hard it bounces and enough. Talent now with five points on the night. Well now it is a sophomore Richard sophomore from Upper Marlboro Maryland went to the fame that Massa Catholic high school. DC area handed played here at Drexel cancer that is it. Talent with six on tonight with State's lead its fourteenth 234 to go for it can't play at its full court pressure. It to get the chance that night that he's not afraid here. Schneider double team its ability to shoot him at that France had stolen backward look at the thrust timeline against throughout our. It has to Shanna Moakler senate floor. And it drives down the line at this. No look now at vastly nothing it's been the year look like contact so called rebound out of lose this and it that's it that's only 53. About it that's eight. This is second basket of the night speculate that the 73. The other of Mike Griffith almost an air ball. And it runs out of bounds off to Seattle on this guy was almost went yeah. That's big enough notes that worries that they don't that he. Sports. Soccer basketball it seventeenth that it 58 that goes. It's definitely one of the highest totals UCF is it does here frankly it's real does not pass the time blinded him. Asus right Steelers got mostly our balance these are faces his first. You don't get too frustrated you have to continue to be aggressive. But there's no way to happen outs for Wichita State by eighteen points at the last minute that the court sentence that's not to say your passive. But you and it could be a little bit more careful as you go after the ball. My friend can't hit that break that streak of four bases and counter. Finally shots of free throws at Houston going to have to on Saturday after militants in the previous five games that one's not there is no perfect for the year that's twenty for twenty. Legacies of the free throw line it's very. But it it's been an amount of the say no that's an attempt that anyway. Maybe fourth fourth. 79 sixteen cases fumbled at baseline ground and it goes off his hand it drops out of bad. Turnover for Seattle which is testing a flight ninety minute 55. You know that's. Tonight for the night's. It's his checking out Douglas is back yet miles Douglas played briefly in the first yet. It can't it if you have a full court press for athletes over to France can't jam it still back toward. Frankly it takes the process time alignment and assignment candidate. Read thoughts right wing frankly. Snyder's staff not threatening stuff I outline your shoes off to reach way out. That's different here goes around who have been down the line bounced national. High ground little overpass and that's not partisanship on it. Elaine Allen just done the right way out front Douglas mystery client don't listen to him that we've done by Willis. He's coming off Clark really snaps that control advocate reflects both. What that if the play night. Pointless it's not stately don't play to score with it's not Fazio running the less watered it Nazi because they slide them back definitely but let's not think. He drives it stands. Little floater that's nice prototype Darryl Willis. He's that's well put it's not state over the duties are now at 8160. Validates. Throughout Allen back toward thrust on line left lit with that. That's definitely that's got different Allison but you know it's not club right wing Douglas. Applicable crossword drifted down a little flock. Ground wheels line little jump hook it Chad Brown's story. He's got seven. With us they might thanks TE and they'll let the clock ran out 1983. It's devastating would not accept the score again it's not respect our ability track after three straight losses they had hits in 8162. Win that night ovaries and yet here you thought period of the sectors of the sixteenth at Ford's six and two in the conference at the first ever meeting. For the Johnson's post game show final score Wichita State didn't want. See you have six weeks. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's a science to winning though. 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Shoppers were brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valleys and are indeed born and over was later. All of a group of MYN. Written isn't it otherwise by that does not time after Lawson doesn't get back on track you know the solid all around them. Performance. Beating UC FI score if you want 62. The move to 64. Thought here this is the Johnson's post game shows that you fight Johnson when he first to say 96 real fight so much war. So it suits and if you're getting into your car and heading home your drive home from the game rusty by Kansas flat tire and service were great tires. And professional auto service are always a slam if we were. Talking off the air what you look up and down the statute factors the last 62 points on 36%. Shooting. Out rebound them by hand fully at six turnovers all night went by nineteenth pretty solid performance over. It's their experience. Threats about 27 baskets they have sixteen assists of course once again led by Landry scam it. The only thing that you would like to see a little bit different it is the fact that for the second straight game. These three points. Event ends if it plays well on the road they need to recapture that but for the most part this year this three points. Nearly thirty four and six cents or three point shots this last game tonight. It's not quite what they would like. You know it's just eighteen of their 62 shots for three tonight they knew where the body was it was there and three point shots that were written certainly not the fourth variety of me so don't expect is that something that. I think also see staff Mike is still front defines itself but it was its interior defense they've relied on tropical. All the big stuff but what success. Center. To guard he decided he people. Convenient for people off the ball games with him out of a lineup with our state is able to coincide that we health. Even though the lead. Which points in the paint. Whittled down from 6000. Outscored CF. Six nevertheless passes inside exploited inferior. Was the reason with us they didn't have to shoot some free points off Lotta people play well what would you look at this actor's principles inside people. Feel Boris Darryl Willis assured fairly combined for 39 points and 25 rebounds. And. We're. What fourteen of 26 from the field Jack really care if they're going eight for ten but at Rada nurture had some good moments as well so this lakers' inside game. It was good did you mention Brett beginning how well his doctors at taxes on the Ruble to get the ball inside against them. Consistently move the ball quickly when dribbled it wasn't wasted rebels like the ballots and then picking up the ball what they would do was right it would tack on the ball off the bounce. And draw another defender in them. Big network find openings Wichita State can hit the big men and the shocker Bateman have soft hands once the ball goes up that's. Soccer's certainly didn't have to live and die by the jump shot tonight they had a lot of weapons then they let it be 81 of 262. Over UCF queues up that little two games yet but it at a game at home before the back on the road we'll talk more about that later but that is our team recap. Refuge by Dylan Nikkei Cummings coming in coming this year criminal defense and 264. 1548. Or visit bill coming LLC dot com coming coming to laugh where your knee always come first will continue. On the Johnson's post game show brokering their credit that. But you're looking for the perfect. Power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnston. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. 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Put out he's never done this before but he says I can do nothing really in some three or freshness deal. State farm. Colonies and sending. Twenty the ultimate sports slot where everything's been raised to a higher elevation their sports on huge screens and scratched from his bursting from the best kitchen is sport there's something and the many dissatisfied every fan's appetite take your game day to new heights with any harsher light for the table twenty schools or was born features and tens of selection of draught Beers that are purposely or that it is shattering 29 degrees in mug no ice cold beer crystals formed our maintains are decked out with tons of Hastings TV that there's never -- -- he now heads toward twin peak speeds drink. Scenic views. Soccer sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel forest pummel. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE. It's safe. 20%. Tomorrow all playoff all shocker merchandise that either heads locker location east or west it annoys me happy to say I got it. At 1020%. Tomorrow we go inside the numbers look final stats brought you might be KP CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor who's yours and we have given you some of the numbers just to summarize Wichita State. 27 of 6243. And a half percent. Not usually cool fired the eighteenth from three. 22 of thirty from the line 73%. Which is good that it was twentieth 2480%. And then the shot usually made to. Of their last six free throw attempts this war hero for getting back on track. Meanwhile UCF was held to 36%. 42 at 61 is seven of 25 threes. And eleven of 2152. And a half percent from the free throw line Wichita State plus hand. On the boards that seems like in these recent games. However it seems to go for much of the game which actors and that sooner or later with a double figure margin they've now out rebounded twelve opponents. By ten or more this year and outrebounded nineteen of the twenty they've played. This is well and that's about what it spends lots of ball games not just on and not to blow is that something. Examples of other games but it a lot of them or it shocked about reports like that when it rebounds a game that was. Ballgame if I may make that point might. You've got him players scored. Only to debate or two baskets. Seven guys that made two baskets you have Willis before baskets more swiftly fastest but other than that nobody more than two baskets. You see left hand turn over Wichita State six that's a season low six turnovers tonight the shocker after having eighteen. At Houston. Gregg Marshall substandard John as presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million. To work and coach was just start with that the generalities of playing hard that sort of thing. Pleased with. It was much better through that that issue was resolved. Practice last couple of days hopefully that'll have to revisit that just you know it's good teams Houston's a very good team can't do that on the road it. It you know we we took couple punches we didn't reflect back. Yup she figuratively. Tonight we were on the floor for loose balls we. We were outrebounded a pretty good rebounding team by ten we took care of the basketball. We had a lot of good performances we didn't have any good performances in Houston it tonight it was a team effort. Lot of guys played well contributed. Usually you're very good three point shooting team that wants to defect that you really adequate job of scoring in a way you have five for eighteen only 28%. But still we have five more field goals we out rebound them by ten as I mentioned second chance points 21 to five. We've got to do a better job at the foul line even though we get that shooting 73% witness or road that would have. But the game was basically over but still veteran players have stepped up and make free throws so we got a line thirty times until the game was choppy there's a lot of you know the key to the polls and but in the end. We we had enough depth to withstand. 123. Guys with four files parts Reeves thought that it really good jobs our second half. You CF we get off to a good start at second at Boston's basket got nice round maple which starts a war. Advantage to starts and had kind of created those shots late late clock situations Dave he just took his man off the valves was able it will pull up. In the past he would get in line and try to force something to the room. But tonight he plea what we call in between teams that make of those will pull ups off the balance. It looked really good I thought he was at but he played tremendous war games as well he had six rebounds. Three of us one turnover and let it deals with two. Derelict not a lot more engaged united. He was one of the first to get on the floor room lose all absolutely one rebound shy of double double he looked healthy. Yeah he's been really battling that plan face I've had that last year. I would sheer what was a key how you sleep comfortable with it but he's really getting it now in it took us. They offer practice this week because of that. He's been wearing a boot Woody's. In basketball related activities he's written by split. And getting a lot of treatment so you got to give credit for fighting through that pornography I have a tremendous game tonight. Other than an eleven to be run by yet to close the first half Wichita State played. Very balanced basketball for him out pretty similar statistics and actually dominated apps. Yeah it is kill the only particular horse. He played really well today I hate that he brings to their hope he's going to be OK we certainly need him. To play well. He started the second half if you had a great first half. You know they throw it took a three point shot the guy explode underneath that's bow. It sort of settled but that's put on a show that's about but I they've missed it and great crew but they certainly missed that one hand. He sprained his ankle on the play so hopefully you'll be able to ghost of Sunday's that would go to go. Good win united much better feeling but at this one it they keep that back to work that I've. Low here let's hope he went to everybody gets credit card. Check management Marshall Wichita State in 8162. Wind. Ovaries yet tonight are defense he player of the game was brought to you like got you covered. Troll like your living room rates privacy your bedroom. Transform. It got you covered it right with the treatment solutions for you call 3166127000. Got you covered which it dot com that in the soccer's. 10% off in order got you covered serving Wichita area. Lot of good performances tonight but once again when you watched Zach brown moved his feet and stay in front of his hand and I thought he'd really be tailored. But the best offensive players it's scored twelve points. Four of fifteen from B&B. 25 points last ball game he has played with you have staff. BJ Taylor pre season. All conference player and deserves to be anything toughness and physical kid and he got a shot fifty shots it really connected on four of them. Zach brown did a marvelous job job on him I thought Austin reed helped out on him dammit even helped out on him now. But more than any of the three Zach brown deserves credit player defense player it. And giving careful not to our star of the game that. Play of the game for you all of that still to come on the justice post game show for Coca arena after a nineteen point shocker when it. 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Win every UCF tonight and this is our put in the deep freeze play of the game presented there's always five. Supply. It's a good drive by the pacers but he fumbled the tripled this is about prostate. And not let Boris right up back under the basket. Exactly it's like fifty cents late night at the defensive round series Wesley. Inside thirteen. Yeah I. And that's that's you know we. Which now but but it it that the trees that really was the point where the doctors to get by the throat they'd been gone back and forth for like nine to hand maybe Dan agent. That little run there and at that strong finish by jackets to thirteen at that point on it loses gradually climbing. To hear out of that the tires I thought for the F might be stirred into frustrated or about what a couple of the big points. I'll probably never. We appreciate the support is always that Javaris carpet outlet for eggs that are. Rate long time which it's not tradition in the flooring business. Family owned and operated it's very important event to give you great service that it personal experience with them a couple of times highly recommend it service would rate equally artwork lists it would you're in the market for. Any kind of floored. Limited Hardwoods tile carpet area rugs procedure varsity teams sixteen north rightly Ayers or else. You need to go. Wichita State on Saturday. Or Sunday evening will. Pick on Tulsa rematch of the close 7269. Game in tolls just couple weeks ago. And Alan tips often rather than usual time 5 o'clock so make at 5 o'clock Sunday. Our pregame at 4 o'clock and then again one week from tonight chuck expect on the road at temple that will be the only game on the schedule. Next week. Monday night coaching show. Six to seven Gregg Marshall major sports ability Eliot there will not be eight Keith Adams show. On Monday night they play at Memphis on Saturday and then we'll want to ECU. On Tuesday nights that will be your travel day Monday so. No coaching show for the women on Monday night. We'll have very harsh words from six to seven and then. Leader not just couple three more weeks down the road we haven't talked Butler shows for you as well not all opens up on February 16. While I'm excited about that I think it got high hopes that your plane that tough baseball golf. They're creating all the team stats were waiting for Shaq to join us and I don't know maybe if he's having some treatment on his ankle getting so little we see for moment that. He led all scorers tonight with nineteen points at six rebounds two assists and a block shots in 21 minutes may in Egypt and shots blocked shot moves him with him want the hi Robert Elmore for the second most careers Wichita State history. That's going to be as far as it goes he walked past robbery here at some point take over second but. To an MR sun seventy plus behind him one car for the boasted that in school history when he it is often think. And then. Also tonight nine point six rebounds three assists two blocks for Austin Reeves. Eight points ten rebounds for Rashard Kelly sixth time this season which charges had double figure rebounds. Seven points apiece for some IG pains Jones and Cotter French camp Connors stretched his streak of making it three to forty consecutive games. Five points for Rondo and nurture five for markets the death the end five respect brown for for Landry sham it. To ground out scored ten different players scored tonight. And again. Very unselfish. Very well balanced play sixteen assists on 27 field goals shocker came into tonight. Fifth in the country. And is actually fourth in the nation in assists per game third rebound or she didn't hurt any of those figures with. Ten plus rebounds. Also. With sixteen assists on well and they average about eight. Up point treats us better than their homes and tonight they were just about there are several more assists for the then what their opponents have more turnovers than it's just it's always good night and of course you hear that up with him still since its. So Ali was born in 1981. A year which doctors to celebrate Kim Carlos of Kelly's get too full size on trees and actually hates all four chest. 1981. When you order to caiso. Tell them Zach in jail are essentially. Well I think that. Not having seen checked by them means it probably do some work on that ankles so. We will go ahead and designating him Mars star of the game before wrap things at start of the game his crutches always but it Kansas lottery. Tree if you're Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a billionaire. That KS lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And green bigger Shaquille Boras denied 21 minutes nineteen points are needed to and shootings extreme event. Two assists one blocked shot by the way with the had nineteen points tonight. He is now just forty points away. From becoming the 46 player in school history as 4000. That's gonna happen next. And hopefully he. You know it was career spanned what accurate in last year's plays well in bowl games. He wants to go out with words and or hurt that the difference. Performance against the pretty good defense team he played against like. Check in the scoreboard. Connecticut over us and use 6352. USF wins its first league game of the season tonight in New Orleans against ruling eighty to seventy fives in this one at seven. To blame three yen but accurate standing Cincinnati seven and now. Which Utah State six and two Houston five into Houston does not having that we gain this week. Memphis is now four and three. UCF in essence you fall forward for joining tossing your conscience 43 and 2.3 five so those aren't. The ones at the top Charleston. Wins at Delaware in the colonial athletic association's 6254. Charleston they shot perfect liberally here now fifteen and six. Arkansas State lost coastal Carolina 6247. Purdue Derek Willis went from Michigan number three over number 25 by four. Number thirteen Ohio State upset at home by Penn State 8279. Colorado gave it around for awhile at Arizona but the eleventh ranked wildcats beat Colorado eighty to 71. And Utah and Arizona State for 21 goal in overtime in Tempe. Tonight at sixty that you talk up 3747. He want it well. The summit for all. But is that a trick well what we're we're here at the top 25. Definitely get everybody's best shot quality of upsets all right those are gonna continue to shuffle with. Which is our state organized way midnight now facing. Old arch rival Tulsa on Sunday at five. A very close game in Tulsa sterling Kaplan played great for the hurricanes kept at it all the way. And I actually had a three at the budget it could have tied it says overtime shocker it's got a good road win there. I'm sure they will be ready to play hurricane coming so well we. Fans to see them here again I think it makes print it here but they remembered the real rivalries. You know the good thing about tonight's victory also is right marshall's team. Which cuts state. Have prided themselves to things more than any two things that is rebounding and it rebounded so well tonight entry about it. And play tough defense they were asking. Defense is exceptional health. A team that's not the best shooting team that are reasonably good shooting team to 36 point 1% field when you simply points right. The cornerstones of Gregg Marshall successful team I thought looked really great tonight. Let me just say this one more time for those that have been looking for a building to jump off that for two straight losses. It Gregg marshall's second season. Wichita State was six and he left it. After seventeen games. They want a Lebanon six the rest of the way after a long. Be after a loss to Missouri State and cents. That finish which Utah State has won. Over 80% of its ninth season tonight plus seasons veto for winning percentage going into tonight. There is no such that it that there are some players in the program. Any kind of ongoing lingering morality with this program Eric Marshall we'll get it fixed I would think that you have all. Come to grips with that by now that it's not gonna last very long did get a fix to get it figured out. And certainly tonight was a big step in the right direction you'd ever want to lose but to me the only disappointing loss to Houston. The thing with us now view I thought that was just an aberration that's one of those things where he just. They were unconscious actually and that happens sometimes. This thing with Houston was just the lack of effort I thought and they. Proved tonight that that's the thing it definitely. Look at the final and ID 8162. Which doctors go to sixteen in four and six and two at the conference for Dave go arm on Heatley and Andrew handling. Thanks for joining us stay tuned for Ted Woodward and Bob loops with the locker room show. And that should be fun as always it will be back with you on Sunday. At four with pregame show is shocker to take on those that'll do it for tonight recovery. You've been listening to shocker basketball on 103 point seven KEY. Right you might these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't just let tired. I was at Kelly's Freddie. Executive airship children Sharon's the Carnahan proved quite start machinery until. He knows guerrilla war. Living is applying its equity bang your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just fits your car is covered. Trust bank but Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. 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