WSU Men's Basketball vs SMU 01-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th

WSU Men's Basketball vs SMU: L 83-78


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And engines now. Shocker. 103 point 7 hey you why am with Craig. Here's some points in the that's five the newcomer in the league SMU. Two and three currently but they were in the league champions a year ago like thirty win season they were. Seventeen and one. In the conference and looking to get back out among the leaders trying to break a three game losing streak here tonight this is the end trust bank. Pregame show and it's a pleasure to welcome Dave golf back to bite size jagr is their home floor this. One game out of the stretch of three of them will be back home for a couple in a row next week balances out pretty well Mike. Thank goodness that game insults at. Finally did the things they can't win that basketball game posts up and down there capable scene with the coming in here tonight as well the team. Adds they're gonna. At their game faces off with us accident. But it really really wealthy edit anything even more capable then Paulson a top 35 top forty teams even now after. Three losses though they were in the top 25 and all the power rankings. Until this recent stretch and are still seen as the that's very possible NCAA at large team if they get a program and very much a lot to play for tonight and that went over Wichita State with the themes resonate builder spam. They have four very very good players fifth player that's pretty good player also they don't go very deep. But the players that play play well. SMU is a private university founded in 1911121000. Students. They were a member of the southwest conference from 191819. Until it disbanded in 199678. Years in that conference of this little flat for nine years conference USA for eight. And we're charter member of the AC four years ago. Their best era. Came under dot Hayes coached there for nineteen years the late forties through the late sixties he won 61% of his games eight southwest conference championships went to six NCAA tournaments. And it was one of his teams in 1965. Which shot here's defeated in the regional semi final. To go on and beat Oklahoma State and eventually on to the final four. Wichita State actually trails four to five. In the all time series the first two games between the two came back in the 5556. And 5657. Seasons. SMU was led by an all American setter named Jim crabs and went on the flight for the lakers for several years of Brittany 657. Team. I was in the final four whereas KU North Carolina San Francisco. That was stand out achievement. It's certainly it was a great era for us and you. More recently. They've been through some rough stretches and in fact in 822. Year period 24 year period. They averaged fourteen and seventeen. Until Larry brown and his successor Tim Jankovic who was his associate head coach for three for four years. Static going to give it averaged twice evidence haven't the last four years and two NCAA tournaments and were on probation a year in between the two were it would have been through it. Back in the day's events on far in our reach broad review process. To advocate David Koehler debit healer left handed it at that 6162. Went at him you I'm not mistaken. And a very very nice career. You're actually on the team what do the years checkers played SMU is season opener in Dallas in 197071. Soccer's lost that game but wanna return games following your back here. And then I had a chance to do a couple of games and a four year home and home from about 9394. Through 9697. Two games each place each team 12 on their home court so I did have a chance to. A couple of games at the coliseum which has been tremendously. Completely renovated since the last time I was there and look forward to seeing that we definitely ready they'd be given a little bit or shine not to get too or see that it's been updated. A lot with the Dallas motif is to be first class and it's this. All right we welcome your phone calls it 86910370. Area code is 316. 8691037. Or you can reach us on Twitter. At Pet Shop Boys that your questions thoughts and observations whatever it may be so. We look forward to hearing from you and it pretty much as always. Al who's a team from his stuff home state is here tonight will lead us off now. Right dead thing at Michaels believes that. No great upcoming game here and be very competitive there. I was in the burn out a doctor's note early yet perimeter driven me. Hope would be able to match up well. He could have met here well I hope at. Ground there. Seat belt for somebody you don't. It kind of put it on the ground and with that green was well I hope that plan with Merkel. And David what their finances. Jerker. Sort of dot spectacle they'll last couple games after being in a little bit principle well it isn't that he's been more Urquhart you there. He kind of ducked and more boom boom and it has performed well. Good question and I think. You know I've I've mentioned somebody else asked about nurture recently. The one thing that that the fans don't see yet I don't get there all that often is practice every day and believe me how you perform and practice and every bit as much to do with how much play as what you do in the games although. Certainly they expect you to take advantage of the opportunities you get in games and play well that. Rondo has lost playing time we only played three minutes in the game at UConn. Combination of factors markets that dusty coming back there isn't involved in certainly Darryl Willis was playing really well at the time and plotting more minutes they had been. That was kind of a combination of factors that to his credit he continued to work hard he stayed involved. At what he has got the dance in the last through four games he has been ready and he has been highly productive minutes. If you've got to give it felt that it. Yeah this is this is one of those programs as I said this about the baseball program with everything Stevenson's. That and other really good coaches that I've been around. They have those guys on the team for a reason and they all. Have the opportunity at the potential supply if they do what they need to do but it can't always do the same guys the same about all the time itself. They expect you to be ready and they want to see how everybody is preparing themselves and staying ready and if you get a chance and you're not ready to go out there that next chance may couple longer down. There's so many variables that the author and how many tennis player it's in. I think the markets the dusty was partly responsible for this fitness and it's there for a while. And then for whatever reason he wasn't responding well I don't mean psychologically just wants to begin to place. But. He did show over the last two years before this year. That he is a theory capable player and not just the spot player but a player that can be dependent on. And he's resurrected. The last three games he's played like old rival nurture and selecting. Was gone for a long time it was just the stretch of three games that were a little bit sub par for Emmitt every player has those stretches of the season. But it's good to see him back with us they think you were capable of getting with the gate very good run on earth to help get it. And dad Al mentioned as severe candidates. We're murder oriented team wanted their greatest strengths is their three point percentage here at 41 point three wood it's not stated. 40 wait so called right around 41%. But it's not 45 countries. They have some good defensive numbers and don't necessarily always score a lot of points but they don't give up that many insiders scoring margin is good. On the year but they are somewhat primitive oriented team you'll hear Gregg Marshall talked about. Position listen basketball and our pregame interview where these guys are similar in size kind of interchangeable. Freight spots on the floor. It's a little bit different. And got a lot of negated to Dave's winning strategies to much that'll be an interesting match up. As far as Wichita State's big guys being challenged to go out on the floor and guard more than typical. Not at the other end a challenge to innocent youth to contain those same guys because they're not as big and physical inside as secure more mister Willis Toronto their advantage to Wichita State points I think there definitely. Privacy fence with us. In defending you talk about the three points right. End that was going to be one of my points of emphasis tonight and I don't think it is quite as much as it was that your. Wichita State makes more three point that anybody conference. I fought game. SMU was next at 88 quality of what it's caused us Starr is a sad day. And SM US is decent Wichita State has shot almost 48%. From the three point stripe. That last five ball games in four of its last five fought gains. As it do its duty or as a matter of fact he's barely over 4% three points right at their only eighteen. About 53 pointers for all or sixth. Walking over its threats. So. They haven't been able to flog themselves the last your football games and results is that it was bought it so. We'll see a little bit of an emphasis on the three point shot but I think with our State's defense of free points prices vastly improved. It's going to be tough as sent you to make applaud it under the State's reliance three point shot. The drive to the game is brought to you by Kansas flat tire and service would break tires and professional auto service are always a slam dunk the doors are open here Coca Revis and a lot of the on the way please be careful. Take your time money time Zelda game gets under way and for those of you staying at home are hungry don't forget that any data show actress playing. You get 50% off your online order editing which time tearing apart the jobs logon to Papa Johns dot com and use the promo code soccer fifty. To receive shocker discount against 8691037. And is the phone number if you like it was called. And if you would like to reaches on Twitter with a question or thought. That is at soccer voice. On Twitter our producer is Andrew handling as always Armonk easily under the weather so we wish him well he is not witnessed tonight look forward to having him back at the Tucker returns home next week eyewitness. Eighties very valuable them. Broadcasts. Are on better athletes I think we need you back here. Again Wichita State and innocent you played nine games previously SMU was once fired the shot this floor and they have not played. Since 1990 seven's honest and not funny one year it's been awhile since at least you have got together of course it will start. Becoming much more frequently now it isn't a that would be and it's like this that. Six hours away it's easy yet defense rattle back it's worth it yeah. North Texas to the right there in the neighborhood from SM yeah so. It would be nice once again to be able to see here it is nice to be able to see them here it will be nice France like they whistles and if it goes down. Who estimates he's games and while it has been quite a while since these two have played each other had has not been nearly a month since the. That's who had coaches faced each other's him Jankovic was the head coach at Illinois State when Gregg Marshall came into the league it was there for five years before joining Larry Brown at SMU incidents. Associate head coach is in that role for four years became the head coach last year fulltime. And his dad is six years. At innocent view that certainly hasn't. Very good teams at Illinois State averaged about 41 wins here and went to street at night season for years never quite got to this. NCA. Adds I have forgotten this until I was looking at his resonate dad and he's been around a lot in addition to Illinois State hasn't really been head coach for years back in the nineties at north Texas. Who's the head coach for years at the end of the nineties of Hutchinson community college. He is a graduate of Kansas State played point guard for Jack Hartman through 98 news. As it has been an assistant coach acts. Texas Rio band at grand valley Lon Kruger Kansas State Jack Hartman. Texas Saddam that's giving us immediate lemons befuddled trying to remember who was there then. Colorado State point grants. Taylor I think was Dave Lewis. Oklahoma State Vanderbilt that was Kevin Stallings it was Illinois and cage you. Miss Bill Self. Sunny and he has perhaps under some of the very very best coaches in the history of college basketball of course and end with Larry Brown of course the last four years. As a bestseller round eight nomadic existence I think. I was a little surprised when he left Illinois State as the head man can't let him answer was an assistant but he's going to be the era parents. To La Larry Brown out there and what it was going to be the heir apparent Larry Brown I think it happens there. That he expects that it causes and everybody expected this legendary left him a lot of players that he up for truth a lot of those players so I like. Yeah I think he says that coach. There's been a rivalry there so. You say that maybe a little bit with a grain of salt but I do like the title he has. A lot of success that supports the night which coached coached Marshall seems like he calls him a good guy. Called him Jack it usually would you call it that I had to name it it means you got a pretty good feeling about it sort of but it it will be competitive in these teams get to test case. I don't forget us. Anytime you suckers win the next day you get a discount it to us locker room either location east or west anywhere from ten all the way up to possibly 40%. On all soccer merchandise soccer fans all over always proud to say I got it. Access. We're gonna go back to the phones again that number is 869037. If I got the name correctly as a Colton. Elton sorry oh you're OK tell your. You know like it's built or. You know I. Very good. Time and a. Yeah I have been long. No question that I've been thinking about you know these boats that got in trouble. Earlier horror expecting. They all sold merchandise through whatever they got. Won't. What what is the rule there and it was. I know they can't be bought for those who don't like gambling or something good could. You know I go to leave this. However you spell correctly they have some other kind of got to correct you do go over that we talked about for a little bit. Some earth and it's it's not actually cases those instances of what the coaches receive. Because. All of college coaches say it. Programs that have any kind of status at all. Have contracts this. Apparel and shoe companies update yet Carolyn shoes in most cases for free tickets for the smallest schools for a significant discount to take him. Just give it to the players Wear themselves and so forth but what these allegations were about. Was one particular company. Actually. Working where S coaches and it some of these various schools to get players to come play for them. And they were paid cash to the players and their families. To get them to go there. And Dan. Tied into what was the idea that wants their college career was over. That they would then go under contract to that apparel companies represent them as professionals down the road that that's the gist of it that's basically out of all of that. Of course it's totally illegal. Out there are no limitations on what coach can receive from outside interest naked. You know they could be partners and businesses outside your coaching at Maine all of that stuff they're camps and yet they get paid for. All those kinds of things are open to them that the players cannot receive any kind of extra benefits and certainly. There is. They're all kinds of rules against doing anything to influence prospective student athlete to go to a particular school for any reason other than me. Likes the coach and the players are wants to get an education that universe some of the worst post increases. I think infractions possible fit as of late. And almost transparent faith. They weren't fighting it that much stand. But he mounts were. You feel bad also threw it out at the families except that the money it's Israel's ability the whole works. That's the apparel companies not utilized. All. Races and it is what happens is privileged because the FBI. It's fall and all of that. And I don't know how much the NCAA would even have receded I'd like to think they would have been it's been going on for a while at an Internet via the FBI got involved because this money laundering. And interstate. Interstate transferring funds and all kinds of things things that are all. Against federal laws that's why they got it and some would say what the NCA investigate. It dance. But the thing announces net and he mentioned they were transparent and and so forth except that live it's. I did notice that that was. All right thanks for the call now good to hear from you 8691037. As our number or you can reach us on Twitter at shot. The voice we'll give you chance to do that while we break away for just want. It's time to go inside the numbers for each Katie CPAs and advisors these tedious proudly served the midwest for more than ninety years. Fourteen values excellence as much as ours and reread your biggest fans. As you look toward continued growth and profitability. 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He's cancer and as of pampering forcibly Retief as today's healthy soccer's tip two by United Healthcare. And the real appeal program for real appeals. Dot com 8691037. Is our phone number or he could reaches. That shot her voice on Twitter things a little slow this maybe because it's earlier than usual some of this getting off work in trying to get here. I can get an announcement to pass along from the volleyball program Wichita State has added some transfers to their program well. Cali eight. Pat Kelly Aiken is Kansas City eighty. Who has been playing at Louisville played into the NCAA tournaments and losing them will be 85 year senior. Graduate transfer. Service. Right away reason and yeah it brings an experienced. Center which of course losing heavily keepers and that's really nice acquisition. And then Michaela but Nikki who visited monument Colorado native who has played one year at Penn State. And lo didn't didn't play a lot as a freshman but on a final four team at Penn State this year. Wolf will actually rolling for the said the second semester here and will be eligible immediately starting next balls up. Haley Akins Cali Aiken will be any. A senior. And Kayla Nikki will be sophomores it's not the program. Next fall but those coming off. Big time programs. It really good additions to its. They place the pinnacle of the year slam. Adds that if it has not paying attention although I certainly hope you have them. It's just it's women's basketball team now on 83 game winning streak in conference play thumped us and you here last night 6643. They've now improved to 812 overall three just three of America's athletic conference. Four players in double figures last night. He's Adam Adams after coming back from Central Florida and a close loss there's a lot of the top teams in the league. That if challenged her team to go get it Dotson about rebounding first of all that beyond that they'll get everything until it ends let's. They can't let it go edit and they have been doing it ever since. Big game this Sunday here University of South Florida fourteen and 441 in the conference. Coming in from 3 o'clock am on a commodity it out of its fourth doctors seem definitely a streak to fourteen cents. I see played about half games. And fun to watch and honestly it's it can really see. It. Again these phone number 8691037. Dollars and one three point seven add on Twitter. At at shot let's send your questions. Thoughts whatever it may be glad to respond to Wichita estimated incentive tonight earlier it is we'll tip off at 6 o'clock. And then on Saturday. At 11 AM. To show doctors at Houston. OK we have question about what it instances are over and back Austin stole fallen through it to a player on the other sideline and that was it. Flawed is it called inbound that is thrown into the player of innocent court. On an inbounds play. You can't throw the ball into backcourt and you see that every once the wild. Especially on an in bounds underneath. When everybody's really get jammed up around the basket. Would have authority of the slipping it back court it's easier just to throw long pass all the way in the backcourt that is strictly legal. When the ball is implying on the court. Once you get across the 102 line. You cannot go back cross and three things have. Yes please explain because it is. Got a complicated out used to be it partly the fault either one of your feet now folks began to vault half. As thin half court line wants to eighteen cannot go back. But if you want via slides across I have four lines you can still go back. There is also ruled that I didn't know about it so maybe. Six to eight years ago. And I thought he did it would seem that incorrect call against Wichita State and it turns out it's not the friend of mine who's an official. And it's called I believe it officially experts who does last possession. Last touch. Wichita State. Has the ball in front court. And if not it's not to find opposing player. Touched him what went off the Wichita State player's hand and hand it back toward. And I thought because. The player and edit team had deflected that are touched it that it should still be with disgusting it's fallen not a violation the Wichita State was the last team in possession. And then their player also the last one to touch it the opposing player has such as it went directly into the backcourt. You go back he's the editor and continue to play. But not because it touched Wichita State's players before why don't line. It was an over and back violation so that's that's one that's seen a little more rarely. But again basically once you bring the ball crossed the 102 line you can't go back across as less you're playing it in that. Thanks Patti and I had to say Janet KJ is next it was just called today. Hey good evening my neighbor got a what we've. And in a Communist. We're speaking about the FBI that the revealed that program that we're in trouble. Now what about all we're now is referrals through. Even look at Torrey. And it's not guilty of anything. I can pop or crimes unit and not be made to the fact you wouldn't know what in Beaver Creek valley. Fixed veteran and it also on the carpet it's nice deep debt that Adams and the world's leading. And it looked like she had him on the Saint Petersburg is the hopefully continually helping him. I just thank you thanks. Here's here's how I perceive and I don't know this for sure. As as Dave mentioned as we talked about. All of those allegations that growth in college basketball came forth from an FBI. Investigation. Now for there to be NCAA probation suspensions. Firings any of those kinds of things. The NCAA. Then has to pick up off the work that the FBI has done because they have jurisdiction. Determining those type thing now the FBI and bring. Legal action against those people thrown failed event. But the NCAA. Has its own process it typically moves fairly slow and that's life. You haven't seen any. Everything comes the test yet on the lives of these players and it's coaches. But it will happen sooner or later I don't. Which which is world I would sooner or later. What the flight the fly under the most prominent player. That was signed by Louisville and then basically was dropped were excellent point there and it could take chance. As it rolled South Carolina. They're hoping they can get him eligible but there's. You know a lot of speculation about whether they'll ever be allowed to play college basketball this month that it. Reportedly like a 100000 dollars up right there itself. It's it's possible he may never be allowed to fly or he's gonna have to wait a couple of years whatever it may be so all of those things are still with the determined it. All of those coaches his programs were cited by the FBI I have these sweating a little bit behind us. Sent these wants them later this most of South Carolina death anyway yeah. So it Auburn. You've got a situation. Where I think with the first self had been accused of taking and I think I wasn't 100000 dollars. But their heads growth hasn't been implicated yet with coach pitino and Louisville. He was identified as a coach that helps that transactional law so the FBI had the goods on him a little bit more. That they had it on the harbor or any of the other. It's it's. Have a question the eight footer that you think aren't on time schedule worked Curtis Cup seeding time was how bad they were journalists who have been lately and in conference play. Now at least not. Not at the moment. Just to point out both Baylor at Oklahoma State had. Below 500 records in the big twelve. Oklahoma State and Baylor both still twelve and six. In the latest Ken Pomeroy it power rankings. Taylor is number 39. Oklahoma State 63. And Zachary Taylor's 28 Oklahoma State 56. So those are still. Pretty good positions on your schedule and especially since Wichita State beats us it's them. On the road is doctors have top fifty caliber wins. Over. Baylor mark Katz which is 41 in the Ken Pomeroy. Houston. And S opinions and ideas in the thirties so that would be another one. And then some other top 100 type wins including Oklahoma State and South Dakota State. Aunt and several more of those opponents coming up in league play the rest of the way cells. What's our State's schedule is by far the best it's the end of many years attackers themselves of those power rankings are. Santa eleventh. And it based on that probably right now would be at least three seem. Both stolen our audience Jerry palm Jerry palm who is never given Wichita State getting credit for anything. In all of their recent brackets and have the shot here's hesitancy there projected brackets that is a long way to go but flat bottom saying yes. All the perception as nets and everything that's involved. Soccer's not losing any ground in terms of potential. See it in the well. The big twelve it's just out of sight conference they have so nobody could see myself affected Baylor is easy games Oklahoma State. Think well isn't as difficult which I stated that otherwise would be an. If Wichita State with its misery valley conference. At the chance to fight scenes. That they were counting on what state game at the Baylor game that it would be more significant for them but I think it is. Keep in mind that Oklahoma State and Baylor what they lose in the big twelve almost always. Losing to another very good team there really isn't anybody in the big twelve that's considered a bad loss this year and so. They're they're on the power rankings and so forth remained relatively high season when they lose its. That's the benefit of playing in the a couple of teams in the conference like that is that once they get it in their conference. They're power rankings are gonna change about. All right thank you got a call from Paul that's false. Hi you guys a couple of things number one I'm not watch do what you play two or three times since they played that this soccer's. And I think those other teams they play. Must pass must really think that the issue and watch the video because Amanda hill's mother. That that was a great players. Pray that though you have so thanks to the shocker. Case they can take a shocker although it's it's it's great month and if so and another thing Mike I can't help but think. You've been telling coach. I've heard different stories about Cincinnati verses that the issue over the years I wanna hear. That do it late fitness story you're telling coach about Cincinnati. Against Wichita and this which don't. Faith. Honestly thought nothing yet because coaches. Coaches don't like to get that far down the road on the schedule when we get a little closer to playing Cincinnati. Coach Marshall probably has. As much or more interest in that kind of stuff in any coach I've been around a long time he really has an interest in the history of the game. And the history of this program but he does asking about things like that. But it's been war. You know aren't what about this team that was playing an accident we've played them much of those kinds of things so when we get closer to Cincinnati certainly we will talk about Cincinnati's we have at that gets. As we have about civilian teams like Houston on our schedules. We were talking. With sports information people throw at you asked him about Cincinnati. And he said it's on the best since then C a long time. And he said they are paid. And they are buried there isn't as he said he used to be that they have two or three physical players. He said they have seven or eight really really physical players and that's what it's doing so well defensively. All right thank you Paul and yeah as far as Oklahoma. I've seen them I've tried to make the point of watching him a few times I've seen at least parts of both of their games with TCU and they played well let us. I told some people. With all due credit to Kansas State Oklahoma looked like zero point three of the last night outing just particulars. Turnovers. Yeah let it led to easy baskets at the other end not just turnovers that. But Gregg Marshall calls that topic on the the kind of dunk at the other end of the floor and it's almost like your money handed to you go the other way I mean it was just bad judgment and bad has it all night long so. That was certainly not the Oklahoma team by any stretch of the imagine a nation that we saw here with confidence. A really big wins for Kansas State certainly don't want to physically for this. We go back to the phones for Kathy Kathy thanks for joining us. And welcome. I'm in their banking. Line and have to soccer ever end. One line I thought they were packed with that I remember. And as. I am really looking over that. When it aimed at men. You can't say I am saying it's as a player. And I'm like my insomnia. You. I guess you thought you asked Jeter Tim Jankovic question. I'm pretty sure. That we did not. Like Hastings lucky as there. We did play case today during the time that she's missing his head coach Wichita State but I think it was just slightly after that maybe. It's three years after he was gone since he was there was Rolando black. That group and I don't believe we ever play Kansas State those years he actually. Tim Jankovic played one year Washington State and then transferred to face days like he's 808182. So. I think we may have played deadly disease cystic. But not Clinton as a player that's right. I'm number one with Justin it was number one or a week. In the 196465. Season the show actors. Went to number one in the poll that was a year they were coming off a great season a year before they Stallworth has seen here and only had half the season play. They want to number one in the polls when it came out on Monday. That night they played Michigan at number two at Cobo hall in Detroit. And as you Russell hitting long last second shot to be shot here's my one slight net gains on the next week they. Dropped out of the number one spot Michigan took over. That's dead. Soccer's. Word number one of the hole right at the hands of the season. Four years ago were they not let me finish the regular season in the valley tournament undefeated I think they were number one at least one of the polls it's not wealth. That's the only time that I sit. All Saturday were number two going out to the rainbow classic in 8182 of them lost a couple of games and that's not recollect. White Sox down rankings you know I don't know I think that AT. Poll they were tied for fifth with Purdue and now seventh of that one that's that the writers in the media that voted that one. And they may have the end. You know it's not present to road wins what you think would be pretty good recommendation that. Virginia that was tied with them had any really one sided win at Minnesota on set them Minnesota's lost a couple of key players that are not nearly the same team. Oh Oklahoma. Oklahoma jump over them from number nine suit. Number four in that hole just a little ahead of the shot here's. So I don't know it's just those voters were more impressed by some of the winds and those teams had. It in the other all the coaches told us soccer's did actually move up from fifth to fourth snow there this fourth of Apple's. Soccer's network faults I had to create this week that lost ground it lost ground because the teams that leapfrogged him at the spectacular wins that's. Celtics one more thought believe this is fights on thought my. Good evening my can basically and get going back to to that game 197071. Which states that person as that you it was there in Wichita. Anti recalls and that I believe the score was 9585. They've you know they've had a player president Jean Philip. And yet we have really nice core of players since this run here theories that. You know Preston carried through. What what. Basically happened during that game with their perimeter. Shooting team. Horror I just wondered kind of whatever did we get I can remember. Do we do we didn't foul trouble and we've got let's go in and not I'll call back another time. And not do little soccer history with you guys haven't have a good evening thanks. Thanks guys date before you answer my pedestal and make a slight correction. 7071. Game was at Dallas that was the season opener that year and that's the one has said you won 9585. And then in 7172. They played here. It's the third game of the season in Wichita State one that won 9160. Yeah a lot lot of that was sort of those teams down there. It Dallas fly. Let's they were eighty. A theory it's. Say. They have one they act it was. One guy end. He was a force inside. Its record players. Obviously ups like that they had to get up and down the floor is that it can't 52 clock second clock Anthony. Down or just let it why they were very. If you remember Jean fill out there against him kind of big for gardening qualities that four and a very good outside shooter which in those days at some point. Guard with a point arc would be about six foot 618. Your arc of these exit some. 68665. Art that was Warren. Thanks. Troy your recollections net thoughts and questions and we're out of time for this portion of our in trust bank pregame show. Gregg Marshall will be coming along next that his pregame thoughts and interest banks pregame show rolls on right after this. When you lose. Fun to watch our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valleys and are indeed born and over what lawyer. Shocker and point seven KEY and one. Welcome back to its trust the pre game show coach's corner head coach Gregg Marshall has presented by express. Employment professionals on a mission to put a million or so it started challenging weekend it's good at one at home at least in this stretch. This. Actually we have. We don't play get on the road trip except for Saturday at one time the rest of the month. And then we're temple on the first. We're going to be a hole for a while other than this weekend and obviously it's not just a tough week but it's going to be a tough month and a half we got that there's no easy games are now. You know you've been getting familiar with some of the opponents in this league and certainly includes coaches that a familiar face on intervention Tim Jankovic it was Illinois State let's take get a good group. An Illinois State when I came AA had Osiris Eldridge and they were probably. If not the most talented team right there with Creighton those first couple years that played in the championship game and just never quite made it to the NCAA tournament. Remember deem Dina Odeo cosa was up post player they added. They had a chance of Gucci the transfer from. And again they have some really really five players so. I was familiar with one another but obviously now he's got a new role at SMU and tremendous players but a great guy and a good coach. Do you RadioShack did it wildly excited about it and you referred to in this position us basketball player that's kind of what they're they're. They're touting that's not my term that's their term and I just round. Used it. Basically. They don't have a warrant to die they just have guys who played interchangeable spots. And it's a lot of dribble drive you gonna see five guys outside the Arctic times that five man can really shoot the ball freshman shark go from Tulsa. Very very fine young player and then that got scholars like. Jimmy will it and shake Milton. That can shoot it drive it she's not a great shooter but he can really drive. He's kind of a point guard isn't that Murray to transfer from South Florida got a number of transfers. From. The South Florida and other programs like Arkansas. There and a couple more high major transfers so they're talented. Well coached shoot the ball really really well I don't know. Exactly why other than they play one game was at Cincinnati which most people are gonna lose but they are three game losing streak so once again with. This may be bad timing and have a team that's motivated and in a little bit angry. The what you just described this idea. A difficult game in subways figure bigger guys in terms of having to guard people they're good they're gonna have to be stance they have to guard the gonna have to you know to defend the three point line and move their feet when the dialects to drive that. On the other hand that should be an advantageous situation if they keep it in deep and get the ball now that now as soon you'd like to double a monster the post when. When it goes in but because they give up some size most of the time when that happens by. Hopefully we can. Use it as an advantage in the post an offense when we have the ball as well as on the works. They had some pretty good defensive numbers would have you seen from them defensive boasts an enemy and they switch a lot because of the kids that position was basketball this scene you get on that. On the defense and in the enough. That that little bit of zone but mostly man to man and very solid and in the switch and try to keep you out of me. 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You want and waited so. Hopefully you know let's just say okay innocent tonight their first meeting is 21. Years. And the first what will be many of the new American athletic conference. For the shot here's that it still has the winning strategy front to back capital their personal. The bomb went home to contrast the strengths they answered the finances capitol federal. Yes. That's note for instance that we at six so that he could follow us. We strategy number is up let's turn back the clock expired that we eat what's not state beats Pittsburgh back efforts 89 minutes of the ball game they played so poorly. In the first part of the percent against the youth and against Tulsa they need to get it quick start please wrap up. Whites of their eyes. It doesn't think it's. State soccer's put up sixty. It's not fifteenth that's about 67. Than they normally have put up an answer you it's all about points but innocent. It was only three wonderful it's currently seventy eighths. Wichita State has scored seventy points it out there seventy delegates so looks Sox scored seventy can't win. Winning strategy now for 38. Is not a knock. Seventy is almost impossible. And that's what defines front answered I don't labor people may have for buyers. And efforts over thirty minutes football game I think they could speak here in the ball game Wichita State forced out of their minutes of content players. When he sets before as it. Rebounds six taking a sabbatical. They arts and it want an outreach to their opponents. FedEx or their last five games there outrebounded 55 point six rebounds a game without state support that's about safety and that's me. And finally how long did you go with our state is lonely and it. The other team's field goal percentage third shooting just 39 point 4% from the field when he first that the country relative to hold these miracles. And I think you'll see more of the same today. The injury report is brought to you via optimize your life your journey. Your optimal you man happy to report health problems with either team both teams at full strength. Sports night had just touch finish instead of coming up himself arena starting line us when we come back. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful mileage first. It is for me with no money. He got command and I can't believe this contract. Print now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as powerful things to deserve delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power and delta dental. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working on the tip of my husband and I think hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. 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Hi I'm Diane thousand with independent living resource center I'd like to invite you to donate your medical equipment that you're no longer amusing and I see recycles items like our chairs and little chairs to individuals with disabilities that leave this planet. Call Ohio rcn thanks for 26300. Or visit Tyler CKS dot org to find out more about the medical equipment recycling network Tyler is glad intercom care. Shocker for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains firm heartache Mike Rogers in Newton can hall or in more vain Kirk Farber. And yeah. I love the more. First got here. Okay three point 78 you want in my frame. I'm more open. Okay. Back to cover it up Wichita State it SA. Here tonight the mustang it's twelve and six and your second year head coach Tim Jankovic. Two and three eighths in the American athletic conference including all went to in any AC road games soccer's fifteen minutes in the overall. I don't know if the American ranked seventh and eight. In the coaches won't starting line up front you buy equity thankfully never made an AT&T be sure to visit the front line and equity bank. God cannot. First for the mustangs decent shag lost 6935. Pound freshman from Tulsa averaging eleven point six point 242%. From three also at a forward shaped don't know 66 junior from wash so Oklahoma. Pre season player of the year the only seventeen point four points four points six rebounds four and a half insists he also. There's no better than 40% shooter. From the guns and our. To right. Foster is basically poured 6620. Pound junior from Houston. Thirteen point eight points per game six points two rebounds per game. Then a valid through the second 65 senior from Grand Prairie, Texas. That a couple of years at Virginia Tech before transferring to innocent you. Ten point three points McCain Palin being the leading three point shooter in the but is a couple of makes sure. Having the qualification. Enough but I have to matrix game is almost fifty. Percent for the three and rabbit that Kevin win 63 sophomore from Columbia Missouri. There's the transfer from Arkansas in his first heard us. Averaging ten points three point eight assists per game. If you notice. Immediate reduction and sent to guard the unwelcome invaders. Around the back it up. At a conference six of the twelve players on their roster hard for the American athletic conference. Green for the most citizens from Memphis won plenty instead. Says there's six man sits on the birdie is a transfer from another American choppers overhead. Yes rattling bust a round collects these things but if cities and also the fact that they're all good players. Starlets it's nice to society and six. Fredericksburg Virginia five point eight points that it makes it a certain point three rebounds. Sent the other lowered its yeah. Assists and five blocks per game probably had initial assignment I'm sick and none of us and it. Gilmore. If you're seeing here is Edmund Oklahoma eleven point eight points and visited 56. It would take time north. Eleven point eight points were being issued 46%. From threw up his last night it. And I am. It's not the starting lineup. If you're not the Kansas City, Missouri. Fifteen point eight points within. Five assist brigades he does have a threes long fly. Leading the nation is free points. 67. Noble person that I hit three point field goals within 49. That assist to turnover ratio at 64 in the nation. Innocents are you confident that all American candidate. Islam is seen as well. Now I'm like yeah I like part of tonight's official stats shows anytime from an aunt Teri Weinberg from behind and Teri Weinberg. Quite a bit over the years of Missouri Valley Conference. At soccer fans the tigers are on the road as they will be Saturday the official launch party location casinos militant networks. Southeast corner of 41 and let them by doing a lot spartans were canceled a trip with 258. Days. Courtesy Eisenhower has airport and its industrial it's afterwards there's no watch party advocates for soccer match. Like to see an Ecstasy disease I saw it on TV couple times last they lost their players today that it has done this stuff. It's the mentality that struggled the last three ball games. But this is significant game for them and I think the cup. Late day 71. In the conference last year 35. Loss of one point. You know obviously. Tendency. Off that team is honestly players signed and contracts. With panther sign it creates. At one of those who left early that was low witnesses the conference player here. It seven with analysts at certain forward at ninety point seven odd circumstances. Excellent commitment. Yes you. As it is based colors are red and blue uniforms tonight our reference. To experience. Flights letters and numbers look good blitzer at the letters and numbers it's not there's flights. Black letters and numbers. You know that's those tosses a deal Boras gets it it's not like Atlantis that. The centers and closed off of the vote him out throughout the night. Started right back in Atkinson ill fitting it zone so that's definitely and definitely as a program expected demand right off the bat. Don't think definitely try to throw a lot reflective statements and it it can't not think it was at that it's just and it's not like most wars theme foot turnaround model. Every bad shape they'll fluorescent. It's not displayed against the zone defense recently. That's. Fine collectibles like dribble handoff broken up by accident everybody acknowledges that front and it now. Crosscourt left on the whale off of that time longer than economists are you know I was I was it was three point president I think. It's our lines really rebound nights night efforts three games last ball game. He three sound like four S and here at its not CN. Has got its it's Boris that is to give it back at slightly different camp thought about it efforts in a long history of heart off the back. We've kept alive last night by. I don't look at it it's citizens with us today. With us getting spots at Synopsys ask around the reporters not. I think that the zone defense that got to go in and back out. The lancet the medal stand at baseline and then went outside to think that nothing nothing at this sixth gone athletes and the fact that referenced him law. Frey now. His record straight 38 straight games now. It's likely would be nice to see if let's not say it's definitely. Start this ball game now at last we had a hand Johnston now. France to. Prize less desirable not to not acknowledge. Enhances their influence puts it on the floor I sent over to build to suit. No that's not ours is through it and this is nothing that prevents the importance. Of a cease fire away from the outside it's not resemblance right one program that's appointments in threes. It's definitely France can't thought about it reference him rightly cycles Boris serves looks and Kelly puts them behind and that's too bad because it's excellent basket he was that the contact and it shot at the end. I was on the floor before this night. And it will militants then knowledge of this in his first and the teams sliced and diced debt so that night. Thanks in place that it writes pointers and telling them the senate that's something Smith it and it's and it's not worth around. Squared up that drives it stops on the baseline. That's yet to see him drive it in the line under this. It's. Great to have completed the. Makes a sophomore. And I don't know I have nothing what is it that's a different canceling you know Boris stump for his office and equipment side of the floor slow global not gonna threaten its deficit you know. That's not that drives left and affluent or something about that under days. Sang all all alone lays it in. Well at least not behind those screen was all the best they can find. This has been. Excellent offensive clubs that it's sincere. Look at it and see evidence that it's not gone live with earth and it instantly the defense active but it still zones once you lose your friends camp with one of what was the France that's off. Wall Street except through the left we've got within its finance ministry long enough ranking at three left AA. Randall started contests evidently can't these phrases obviously it's 48 point nine cents at least slightly. In his last nine games ranked fifth and hot but it front court with signaling confidence started right those lessons that's right. That it's out of hand and often amounted Camden let him do it now not a trend accident on on on dribbles left of that right Foster right at the team in the line all syphilis like Santa. Now going to be called Biron behind him on on CNN Atlanta you can tell by his reactions. Did not feel like he's committed now not with Blair and his first in the Teamsters. Flatly. What player ever thinks is now true but it it's an embryonic like this to anything very. Needless. Let's say he will do a little bit. Delegate lead and confidence he sang along right that the announcement that it drives Atlantic monthly bill. Thought about three drives traffic shot was partially blocked. Bill ends up landing on Trent camp but you're gonna call the fouls. I'm not a friend camp and I can't tell you one way or the other I didn't see it and you saw them both on the power Connors still in some pain. And it will be his first Al second and now on with us. Jerry Kelly getting ready to healthy enough. Forward it's all right it has pained expression on his face definitely knows who else that could be a few you know if you know enough. But. What happened lot of stuff. Frank camp I think we both played but I think it's the things that's that's that's no answer when defender. The office that's not fair game. Shooting free throws just wanted to let you things that signal goes well 81 point 3% of free throws and I think they're flat you know become the pre season. Player of the year now people do a lot of things well but it's this last week. He's so easy Italy six stance. Taking advantage of bald McMurray oh. It is on the boards and so you'll have to wait until the next it flawless and the second free throw them you know. Marie is six foot junior from camp Highland Park. At least not yet. Now they can't get it gave him a ticket for it wouldn't. Birdies became eligible at the end of the first semester at the nutrients from South Florida. He is the sixth man and after that they don't have an ethernet storage cabinet support rate the restless night Morrissey flutter in and out. Preventive health resident you everything that they have good execution against the full court pressure end. What's gonna light up an eight footer left the lines that not yeah it's. Eight for which it honestly think they'll definitely not right. Brightly in the very private conference can't stiff neck sixteen footer for outlined a player might he can't quite enough he's averaging about nine games for essence is that it was averaging over 23 games with South Florida at the start of last year before transfered averaged fifteen plus as a freshman. Mentally thinking that for a for a snack with an inside its own penetrates lightly and it. There's crosscourt pass is different stolen by acknowledging it's quickly signaled that the militants freed up the break right leg. This that followed got my teammates lost. Boston hustling down court just plucked it out of here slander right next on its its eight game tonight. Yeah. Encampment in the senate floor gives it a threat to stand. That's at stake in that zone early on him about his treatment or it's the right wing can that have nothing different camps. As discrete incidents in the revised analyst Lawrence at the right elbow. Prods forklifts water aground off the theory of law and rebound to innocent you edit out and fostered an accident or threaten its candidate blocked it. Rick if they wanted to live lobsters down holding his wrist passing it to Boris overdone. Right Foster. They don't stop for an injured player at a fast break is in progress that it wants to play it was inflated the attack on it. Foster's snapped up last night seems to be holding it in his left wrist what actually notes is let these. He is holding us populated Hispanic citizens if I don't need that they've used holdings wrist or elbow went assistant. Yes it does not stand at least we now. But the officials. I've sort of not stopped play golf that's fairly basic Tenet. A fast. They'll stuff fly if it's definitely a great place now all you have to do is slow deployed dad wants the play slows down and a half court. Net they'll stop at an attack on the player but it keeps flowing and played these things. Let it go on until it stops. Foster is sitting out now being checked by the essence here Dave mentioned that he had instantly assistance through. Not one of them who was sitting on the official that I actually was talking to advance fears JT turner. It was an assistant at Wichita State 41 here it's like to forget your to be here insistent on the final four team. In 2013. And then left to join us in the event handlers grounds staff at the evidence and evidence that. It. Monsters up and it. It wants to it doesn't look like he's walking two incidents. Now office and that is not just walked off lenders on our readers they tell us an expanded. It seems to view it on Lockheed okay outed me a little bit surprised if we don't see him back in and out with a statement wants them. Yeah played its best players and it's great boss. Player. It's a little bit because that's what. It's okay. He's going to the locker room there's an attack on there and play it to do which it's not states. Was up eight to sue got tired and not that fast break just when I hit eight it's not nice to feel blessed. Not a friend can't has since raised it Matsuzaka who scored with success in Florida and appealed to the floor for three. As of three of seven from the field missed all three point attempts. And it's differences from the line penalties have. Wichita State and averaged. 26 assists per game three of the last four games that's often starts Mikey was thinking wow they even come close to replicating and again. Well at four baskets they have four assists are ready and it was still early early in the ball game where he left. Snaps this Foster got Jimmy split comes back here at and so it's now a smaller lineup for us and use the end. Kind of interchangeable bond position now line now that. Really more like 3000 yards and I shake well that's not the small forward who plays a lot of cigar things that is an organ but very very sort of like him at levels right. That's backups run wanted to give it to build its background behind that NASA keep this drivel going. Square is a function that drives it stands turnaround let him know let down. Yeah OK at the moment where it's at its first shots of the games it's and it is that players might have music player before he did this little Lutheran has sent. A federal law ran in the middle to see that dribbles left guard eventually they'll have that's the tough off the street in the right corner ground within the poster backed up along the sidelines differently it cut her off the street left legitimately afford rent and I think that's very off the back. Kelly flight gets the offensive rebound if not for the Florida outfit of either not a valid through orbit bird it's going to be very very which is good for instance it would have been acknowledges seconds. Medias were the words first team second and other offensive rebounds Rashard Kelly Linux ones. Nation and that's it is one of the top obviously at this conference my. And he's always a foul play and also he's gone through files and round Boris outfit and run under your markets Duffy for the soccer's factors are deeper. Finesse and you'll see if it hasn't affected the game goes on and it exponentially. That so on defense dressed in Islamic writes that if Hillary setting the confidence hits the streets and Kelly penetrate so little left wing ranking at three my daughter off the mark left this time. One rebound out of the line to victory pushes it forward slows not wait for his teammates. Pulls back a little bit and and I said you and its net cord offenses were sick the sad night against him. It's not to say no coming out front right now for an excellent you know there's this which is it not for a fact lost three. It's exactly are rotating off the screen to pick and pop it's the first three of the interest in my stance that it now thirteen this. And then the third floor but water you heard that before coming to him about the street if it's not fires right what is different camps and a lot quicker to deflect it got stolen glance at the U think built into the the floor for the mustang. He is dribbled right and middle of the court pulls back Galveston Jankovic calls set then. Very outside very guarded right now on Marcus gotten drives him. Cut off the edge of the linkages dribble they're right forced it's not just about the fact rebound deflected slap and fortunately it's not as out of bounds at. Hands on it has finally added price tag line toward the sideline and out of bounds. Found some thickness not at six foot eight its markets the stuff on in Andy's off balance neatly stuff it's that the fifth. Frank can't get a breather now is Austin Reid sticks it does not have rights you confidence isn't the only one so far. In the front court let resent that as he settles back and that's standing in a little bit at this point of attack with. Think they'll launch an Atlanta. It's not rightly read listen sizes on Wall Street there Richard if that's not bounced past the plot. Willis out of the corners and it's for three no good luck rebound tip. Controlled by innocent youth doctors at the French camp little cold shooting the ball here in the early you know. The support sake don't. One on one against that nothing goes right back to the screeners at what he dries it wants a handle on it. Willis had to get it it's deflected out to build as far as the three events Willis has stepped in late getting that would influence it there. Residents are getting afraid to put innocent crisis. And listen a lot of time out. Found out I'm Jamal McMurray navigated his second. Thirteen not a half honest have you sat out on the floor 1143. To go in the first half. It's SMU's sixteen Wichita State ten feet. And this house is in great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that tends to come well how crust around just a for a few years more than a mile or they're insurance companies just how we home gym work really hard for you don't want to give it. Action to their tell you want slightly up from 23 years with a fast and lubricants. It's firm colony today. What good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the campus health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas hello Don well. Go Sox. Plan your calendar right for the 2008 teen outdoor living in my game show march 2 third and fourth and treats you and it continues to Doral this is now in expelling dimensional giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping eerie lighting flooding streets here are anything outdoor living come be a part of the largest Garden Show native Kansas sponsorship information or to reserve your Booth space call sixteen sites when he wants funny line or outdoor living in land it showed that gun. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sells for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. USC shocker basketball season. Three point 78 you only. So far as the difference is pretty nice shootings. With the Internet elevenths you know militants were just days has made the short answer this may sixth. Eric to apply for three with nine states that seven. And a couple of essence you're free throws an elitist sixteenth to stand and little surprise it's him you normally a pretty good field goals. Six and a half percent it's just over 41%. Last five point. Everything today candidates up for or simulate flight to step down below plots that Melissa Bartlett doubled to right now. Bounced off an innocent player exactly are picked it up rested its third turnover for the soccer's innocent in the front court and now it is not front to shake you know. If the ball game now for instance your life that lands a six freshman guard. No governor acknowledges that three out for us little short rebound that it got to less loose and finally recovered by constantly it's that was just a stake. Constant threat toward his team down six left when the company opened three way launch air ball over everything rebounded by a valid you never know what do you think 59%. Since they hope for excellence of net ranks of horrific incidents instantly to succeed it's him. Worthless it's enough to know announces some plans. Regardless and it drives right quick deficit that that's not to think they'll that's an issue throughout the they got to cut off step back jumper bounces three times and announces it myself it's got scores late it's senseless. Without knowing how to use. Exactly. It seems it's. It's an innocent you must agree is right let it Francis and it left wing picked up the chance that it Friday he had that little athletes nothing drives they slice. Little leader rolls off regardless match ups from this that it is now incidentally. If nothing out valiant clothes fit sonatas thanks got a little slow at him. Rolled off the edge of the real Willis with a strong offensive rebound tried to get put back what was fouled off the layouts. Well it's gone the free throw line more than any other offerings. That it aligned 67 times made 45 those but the minute you hit it he out of their Willis fifty Gates's of defense. I was on land drove his first fourth team now Willis is free throw things off attack. Doctors are ice cold. Here in the early going except for a couple of threes from Conor friend can't put a couple of ducks. From Shaquille Morrison IG paints Jones checks in Chandler goes out. Landry is old for three. Second free throw good Louis gets his first point. Tennessee trails 181110. Sixteenths of the gophers defense. To be with events to deploy thousands into the post but not no doubt about what you play as athletic at six seats and 35. Fred transfer from Georgetown. Dribbling right is where it gets to step in Baghdad is now thought about it travel data lately against the methodology. Now it is rather than Willis got tripped crying girl that's obvious talent. I don't know what to crowds they could ultimately actually semi. And the balance of my today his thirst for teams that are. Sent the message to them that their advisors and Judy would play and I wondered to look out dribbles not to solicit. Motivated handoff and went over zealous and often they'll finally comes out front together and handed out if you quit for the night. Little of the floor starts right tries hard right right considered it could get kinda stopped out of the length. Now the pick and all the like now Lanny got around the country and later there. That's a big plus for instance you listening to these guys beyond that very score off the net the next highest average but it is not consistent with some points per game freeze for three right wing way sure he's definitely got deflected by Willis recovered by SA. You know Wichita State shooting very fluent not just their message that they're missing badly fair balls falls way short. Built a different courts dressing you at least 2211. Right when it went through leaflets with the pick and roll it out once and there's those cross court to plant. The ball screen. He wants us once listless. Louis all the accidentally slurs aren't and looking optimistically about the country drives and of course slows. Takes it down belated got to take Atlanta to Santa. It's nothing driving distance it over too well as he stands fits the man of the year draws at this hour right now. Let's stick and move quick movement and the more deliberate shot fake got a gal office needed him to Dallas and shoot these guys. Well there have been a future congress recently that the points off turnovers very eager. SMU has two points off turnovers Wichita State no. Points off turnovers soccer's he spent their defense of energy tried to keep that field goal percentage down but they have been able to do death. No snow makes one of two under previous trip the line this is the first went long again this time Haynes Johnson leaves nothing. Urges all checking out friends can't Sam Morris brown back CNN which are probably won't replace Willis if he makes his free throw with us state made the first elevenths. Free throw attempts. Against. Tulsa. And that they only want to Burnett's work free throw attempts at another one of three to start this ball game. Analysts ready for the second platoon out there. Is it senator FitzGerald would soon upset now. Now Rashard the only and it's 26 well has that view by eight feet 4040 you know in the first half is not news. Four of fourteen from the field in the ninth as slaves. About 65% of their shots at concert downtown against an incident zone. Significance before Christmas time line the city of loosely that was that's definitely set for the closeness. Built a 66 forward basically. It's nice Jordan handled it a lot out front it's enough to go to the gutless French citizen if you advance. I have an accident at a place him at baseline and exit of the corners hobbled Douglass rather have stepped on the. Headed bullet passes Douglas Flint isn't it. It in the water virus. It slanted. Troubled that dealt with players he has forfeited the festival. Philly drives alive under the Morrison hit. CSC's basic array of skills and if you don't Lawrence's Connecticut senate salute him tonight three dogs in just six points. This close look at reflect those things can't defend well. Slipped on the picket votes at all on today's low as. Yeah rotation on that he's had two baskets besides asleep at night both of them on that picket role he was wide open underneath. Ranking at the district court lets out of the floor goes left wing the ground dries baseline cut off their effect after the late bounce is not preference here. Not exactly what went to ground back to France can't write that influenced him. Let me. Elliot it's not penetrate the little hands it off a round sixty shoots back then alliance throws that are divorced them short jumper. The three seconds left the shot clock when it penetrates they find something we'll make perfect sense to move the ball around the perimeter. Slow leak out and have dropped eight points in the steel door as senators throughout my six. It's really go through stance that he would that was rightly. That cannot single out its worst fear drives to basket. In particular I. Sorry Kelly that was kind of 5050. Totally that's sad. Ideally at about half his body out in front of the driver but it's gonna go on. SA in Wichita State we'll get it back the under eight at 648 to go for staff has said it wanted to Wichita State sixty. If your mechanic told that your buffer record your shot in red. You needed new mechanic and they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. 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And we'll have the ball coming out of a timeout after this that you charging salas in the united sixteenth. I don't need to have 63 point shooting. 2006. Sixteen penalty from the ninth through he has flown since before. From the free throw lies with the state has one more rebounds but also one more turnover free through asset yeah. For the first twelve minutes and you know I have to add about the last minute. What's state all votes of 93 points right it's 84 of the 72 point shots. Not to be outdone by asked him you. Who has made seven Stan of their three point baskets innocent extending that zone a little now once and a three quarter court grants doctors rake it in different. Mike what that does it with an estate signs nine seconds to get the ball across half court. And they're just not find anybody open site can only hide those penetrating a little halfway around wide open 3% at Annapolis not his first two misses were very close that would funnel area and it popped out thank goodness the stark family he's the one that's at least make the defense played him honestly something and it's more open shots they'll. A lot between the circles started left him back right off the street analysts look at that drive if that is where Mayer's favorite snack Boris and yes that's just inside the arc. Nine points for the sake you know a snack wars right at his face back to that point lead for the mustangs at their biggest lead after the accident nine months out onto the other case. Encampment for a short cross court ground right side bets on illiquid him. That's not and bearded it's not let you know definitely look at I'm. Drives it aligns at the accident and it threw it down. Through this didn't dance kind of cut the lead back define progressive news. A lot of threats start feeling once again. That court penetration as a threat. Now actively outlines those incidents that sent back about it right slightly different. Yeah. That's it doesn't it out of not rushing things on confidence it's not force its and it will offer three and out redemption but it's nice that particular reasons it would now. And right baseline ground and arrives at its under the basket isn't that different you know. But she and it was AA. It can kind of look passing. As poison. About. Thirty seconds time Florida does exist Wichita State has added eight points lead to simulate the blink of an eye on three pointers fly Atlantis and it. Well wrap flattery gets hot it's like not a sprint campus thought state. Is that parts defeat and lastly is not what he feasted on the stock respect the end of the vocal fans back down reports on the evils is it just. It eight up nineteen over all forty some percent for a while for. Very close 33%. But they have portrays the truth resident who. That is not yet been back. The game for the tigers floors with a friend can't sit stand in the sixth after almost 2%. Say they'll. Sand on the seventh. At the moment Murray was. Thank puzzles us. Much of his best thus far this faulty. The pace of the game right against the zone defense. In Naples baby get a little bit more of a few more minutes out of them. Starting lineup it on their first look nobody is excited group clearly did much to. It's nice activist before Francis an excellent excellent excellent. Excellent backward at us alignments it's. The Florida advocacy you know institute. Florida had that. You know Stan you know nights night it affected him greatly. Announced today because of the benefits that with us once. The confidence. You know middle of the floor a lot of long long three advance and I kidded me he was not in the and stuff in the center of the floor plot could not run out and hit the math errors that it's race yet well. But in the reports about its trailing by five with it's not let me know. But let's not love for more tips and Atlanta was found. Bob has finally. Send it throws the ball for the let them to make eye contact. Janet Hanson of Boras has now hands. Or dunks layups that one little example of about four of the witness stand point and shoots 13. Well double figure points for the twelfth fought indices of staff course might very consistent very steady player averaging almost. Twelve points a game. Free throw but Morrison's first of the night short passes and it's exactly. Eleventh that's just not state fact rooted sues it counted to three point basket a moment ago I think they'll Darryl Willis and Bruce. Month NASA have relatives trapped along the sidelines. Throws across north that very thought about the three day there was nobody under the white jerseys and wisely passed. Think they'll fiddle with more guarded by chance that steady dribble right now. Slots it in the right corner but very definitely looking to drive this alliance picked up his dribble out front well. Since decisions. One on one against Kansas goes left now for more effective as traders snack blood drive exact. Cents. Now it's. It's certainly couldn't. I didn't make the play coming out of it's not evidence. 330 students know first hand and say it's. 47. Wichita State went fine. 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Rebounds and had ten turnovers almost ebitda percent three F. It's not safe place at five starters anymore and it's that you would normally think it is fought games. Had to play them because they're the most effective against this defense to zone defense. Citizen was going to happen with our state. Right now it's four of the original starters would Darryl Willis and therefore Rashard telling us they give me in the right corner and shot blocked. Shot clock violation of finance it and it seems. Seconds left on the clock after a blocked shots I Zach brown not a drive five cents loss at at a soccer and attack the chance to tiger take the lead with 328 to go to Afghanistan. Ran back Portland since zones restaurants and you ran across I wanted it just throw it away. About bounced at fort Sam but that's not really right at it right into the hands of this him out then back pedaled. When the ball was thrown to where it ought. The browns but he point. We have threats fortress in view dribbles right off the street analysts almost like one at bat the way they're gonna call it chuck. Shaquille Boris in the back since Antoine. First down one cent worth. I don't have one with us constantly check the background if it's not out of law. At this annual plant the baseline with volumes not month. With my audience one right corner along the way not recently not been the floor. Not flock to fifty know dribbles left off the screen. But couldn't get back the street could McMurray at right guard advised him that one on one lob theory got. And that was questionable side as far as the really good shot oh that's my five. Reasons for a sport that's definitely not friction with weight training camp lifting slightly shots today that frankly it thrifts in the plus Boris lift weights and can't guys they slime balls enough. That definitely it's him close Boris in the light water bounces. I'm proud enough why not you know. What about it office that are offensive rebounds on them yearly physicals to the idiots that followed them. And let's not stay actively. It's what sadness and hours ago. It was sent off. Look at that back discovered my friend can't play out front. Starts land office created back this is at La scrambled later this. Time world he's gotten. 13 pointers three layups off the walls read the reports and back to re left winged sprint can't on the way Nokia. Rebounds Willis it was not to the water gets at this and at different rates I closed Lawrence. The free throw line not for victory but that line under for Emmitt reverse layup the I sit is right up the basket. The state of the air. That's a really nice. Stance that three point play you know ivory Paulson. Times early in the season last year we've made great moves and didn't finish to reverse lay up a couple against Oklahoma State. Now this is making circus reverse layups in traffic. He's got eight as a chance to make this entry point lines. Yes it's an arsenal Mike he can shoot the outside if it's taken off the dribble to the inside. And a broader array of moves right handed or left handed when he gets close to the basket very tough to defend if you wanna Fallon he's just great from the free throw line. Shannon with eight trying to get the soccer's back with it too for the third time here. Hanson does. And he has kind of it's not sit down 32 to thirty minutes thirty logged on to their staff. And equipped to play it and like to sank. Ankara sent off that the planet not disrespectful. Toward. So impressive Willis at the plate and it went long yes of course the very. And it took the nine seconds to get it across the time line. The Middleton McKnight some land that is the victory. And I think they'll Canada for a very wide open right advocates. Additives and other states. Why openness that's not at all the time of the world he's got ten points five point lead for the most that's a dangerous yeah. Offensive threats might. Not the right way and stuff to sit through these high post its factories. Let links and when I was closed in around fifteen footer Carol those. That is the kind of things he's got six notches down by 345. Seconds ago and a half. There's about a thirteen second differential between the stock market the game plus it's not as will definitely get it back things like that make us not lose. It's not seeing bill. And Jankovic calls the play from the sidelines. Visit to her and pulled it right sidelines back out there with a built throughout this new markets point three don't drives right it's the line four shots short. Black flagged vessel afloat trying to foul. Who's that on. I was good at it and they aren't getting rid of innocence it. If not most of their rebounding actually. Certainly out of office when it's going to be what it's not states won't have found what they ate that it would have been a lot of fun. Nineteen seconds ago at the first NAFTA soccer's have a chance to tie it with a three. It was in line with a basket. We're going in advance. Finance and senators that their friend can't stand it please. Was run under the baucus got. To have excellent backflow doubled to announce this thing can't get thrown out too soon have a nine seconds seven. Mentally it's. Three times that if not for the loses the handle recovers flyers the French camp picked out about my hands at one point four seconds left in the happens at Marshall will take a 32 timeout. Instead of applying here that. You could save up to 40%. That day three shots at winning cash flow through these. Or west. And also keep in mind that we had a few shows for every Monday night majors portfolio at the Alley. At thirteenth in greens which drugs together on 98713. Thirty K and especially to our regular season. But Gregg Marshall six to seven Keith Adams 78 that's KJ sports facility Alley. 98 cents and thirteen. Seed Andy facts get shot with one point 41. Seconds on the shot clock a lot of it depends of the speaker that. This time there. Unit that it would Fox's advice that's. Jack Morris sent him there at that they've been for a possible lob play. Again you have friends can't stand it definitely felt very good three point shooters one point four seconds. Left in the first half it's not recently by three Reeves will play yet thanks a lot. Still try to get it there and overthrow Santa. Landry didn't get it what I had nothing nada. As did chase it down. Escape pretty confidently that if bush no foul called a half will add to. Let's answer have you upgraded go to the locker room let this go our southern Methodist 35. Wichita State thirty to stay tuned. Will be an offensive. Which is brought to you as always like that is your business. 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But the fact is Charleston South Korea. That you're about America halftime show. Depending surprised services are checking accounts to home loans and everything in between credit union of America proudly sponsors W it's basketball. I'd like Kennedy alongside Dave dominant handling our producers in the studio. Added halftime asks have you Wichita State 35. 32. And although the show actors are down they have to be feeling pretty good that they're only down three. Considering how poorly they shot it for the first half of the first half. And it says it has been drafted shots throughout the half they ended up five of ten from 358%. Overall. So it's not yours not a bad position is often instances. Priced at there're a couple of different reasons first of all I think. That sounds doesn't Ulysses to not let it roll Wichita State is a good job of its rotating and healthy now fifth event. Easy baskets. It sat on the pick and secondly. But Hillary has been dazzling he's kind of the unknown variable to an average five point two in his last three ball games. He's a transfer that's capable of filling it up and that's what he has definitely Wichita State started shortly. Three point shots that were closely guarded. They could have a lot of energy on offense event and once they started to get inside the scenes. Once they started the fines. Jack Boris was oblivious to the problems results Wichita State started. This war fast if you have to think a little bit that SMU will cruel loss summit the second hand shake they'll make a three pointer from almost half court. Just before the shot clock expired evolve McMurray was hitting everything on the flooded nose was contestants get a couple that were way too wide open itself. Thick combination of them hitting a couple of difficult shots here there and Greg Marshall probably turning up the screws on the defense a little. It happens I'd bank and once again got to defend the control just a little bit better than that I think they finally did. Solve the riddle solved by getting the ball inside and they picked up their scoring a little bit they were. Six of nine from the field in the last seven minutes of the ballgame but defensively not quite as sharp as they need to beat. During nets a seven minute periods as him you took eight shots connected on five. But you know the other thing that's really strange Wichita State's fans. Has outscored their opponents fans and all but one game this season by at least seven points. It all but a couple of those games. And that's not a factor tonight we thought it would be a big factor about Wichita State's bench just didn't play that much in the first half most of the guys. We're very effective under the Darryl Willis so that's something you would think would turn around a little bit the second half also worded as to mama Mary I mean the bench points for us as you well. Sixth with a state sponsor of minutes. But Jamal the Carolina scored ten of the twelve minutes points for SMU Wichita State needs to do a better job. And it need not starters have to contribute to warrant a second half. Let's look at the first half we'll go inside the numbers when we come back and credit union of America halftime show and it's saving you 35. Wichita State thirty tooth thanks Matt. I'm standing in the neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside Shiite. Firestone this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions and closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible steadily in Sydney with. Let me ask help love her credit union of America a flight now it seems you love America dot com UEFA in equal housing lender. 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In America halftime show let's go inside the number of what in the halftime stats brought the fight beat Casey CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. Yours in the first half which I stayed out shot by SMU 58%. To 48 of mustangs fourteen of 24. Soccer's twelve of 25 SMU also better from beyond the arc five not to hand the through Wichita State's for a thirteen for 31%. Characters may fourth six free throws and sent you to two. Wichita State did have a thirteen to ten rebounding edge five to two on the offensive board. That committed four turnovers. To SNU. Please. Some of these significant point we expected Wichita State to be better in the paint they were but only by a little fourteen to ten. They had a nine. Edge on second chance points that a surprise us that these stats outscored the Shaq is 126 that's because as you pointed out to ball McMurray had ten. Off the fifth of those twelve points hitting four of five shots two of two for three. He's been checked loss was four of six from the field three of those four baskets were run pick and roll lay ups he has nine. Should note four of 62 or three for three into the food maligned twelve points. Two rebounds five assists no turnovers for the league's free season's player of the year and then two points apiece for your right Foster. And for McCoy has now flustered. Turned his seat on a play early in the game in fact the only way to. See here like five minutes. The way he walked off it looked like he wasn't much discomfort we thought we might see him back that he has not returned that you would not yet. And I said you leads by three for Wichita State should feel Boris five eight from the field a lot of want the line for eleven points. Nine from Landry champ but that three of five shots to the floor for 36. Apiece for Connor French camp there was two of four from three at for Daryl Willis who you thought that this field goal attempts. As for the fourth line but that's yet only four players have scored from Wichita State highly. As usual flow chart Kelly did not score a definitive shoddy at three rebounds four assists and no turnovers champ and also had four assists. Andrew Willis had three rebounds and is it telling. 3532. SMU at halftime but the soccer's. We're down by as many as nine after a very early six point lead just past the a three minute mark into the game. Soccer's right back and it. At halftime jacket sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like to thank you shocker ambassadors which are not state league level. Corporate partners house of Schwab delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics. You have to do is call soccer sports properties at 316978. 75 with 52. Back on the credit youth of America halftime shows take a look at the scoreboard right after this. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad woody and John Green rich Cutler dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point seven. 40%. After getting shocker of all shocker merchandise that has locker room east. Or less welcome back to help create or just not ready to start the second half. With SMU's leading Wichita State 35. 32. Earlier this evening in the American in Philadelphia temple held off Tulsa 5958. Of Tulsa has now lost Ford. Row after preannounce guarded relate to apple improved to win five. In the conference tonight at nine over off at halftime in Greeneville TCU leads US. Looking forward to please me if you look before it's. Secondly at Houston into the lane just about to get under way in New Orleans Houston alone in third place right now I wore a lot Wichita State Cincinnati golf I have no. Heading into tonight you could afford one Memphis after a win last night at Halloween time. Warren to UC ask you. Free entry holes without three of war. That's have you had to lay in both two of three innocently trying to change that for the positive as they leave the shocker here. A couple of kids at the top 25 at about eleven minutes ago Villanova is. Floyd has Georgetown in DC it's 76 to thirty lives in Philadelphia. And Auburn. He needs at Alabama 3330. At halftime Villanova courses number one Auburn ranks seventeenth and eighteenth. Fans what he had. While. Philadelphia is really really good. The giants knots of unceremoniously. Dumped from the coaching ranks there. And I think that's frequently does not folksy and that's just it is very difficult assignment it's always tough to go up against teams like the old. Now it would stand up a little bit more than they paid thus far this August. But the night ended Eddie Davis shot display you can get 50% off your online order at a Wichita area pop does not want to Papa Johns dot com. Obviously from soccer 53. Receivers got here this path if it's not just had typed up on. Sad news. It's got 58%. Of the Kurdistan. Hands it to start the second half 36. Into. With him sent lawfully. And since the ticket at the moment. Left build there program that's right it's very nice enough my worst president sank off history. Our butts out of everything if that's that he thought you know useful you can't afford to round left they cannot stand that it is not telling. And the model that's not the wars in traffic little bullet missed it. Typical that let us know if my floor and it is save lives act around for a different kind of lift weights and it's not thing that I find it very. It's just a more. Flames tonight at defense and confidence and it doesn't and he still has the beneficiary of all that's set. To access their city that's his third dunk tonight in his fourth season which it's not staked out. And a 3534. Buses they've bids have fallen behind and got the confidence built on the land little plastic flip. Round fairly Ed Kelly is culprit cut the lead you know they'll make the shot and you have a chance to be like it. Well. It free throw line the that's. And he knows the line a lot and it's time it's a quality. Some quality. At seven. Two lifts in the united bursting at the fourteenth. Thanks to all. Isn't that what is good shape don't showed why he believes pre season player of the year it is all around late at night but as that is backed up by four. Actors got it from three of to have them on right back up the Florida three point play especially don't see evidence that north eminently out in the timeline right center campus. Pakistan that. Not practice round. Over the hot for more rest of it got a hold of opposites and freshman on the arm of his field for us that will be his second. First team the other half fondness him. 3830 forests have you seen 4040 goats not inflated the headlines kind of drinking at home in the and play action and on the right in front ground left to. If you look at sidelining. Kansas' Morrison's adopted for it can't cutters that's not right wing shipments. Re back. Resistance and it's not a candidate of the wind gusts well it's not as. Guess that's the first half. Three sides. Now away from the wolves. It's going to be love and appreciate it trying to fight his way through history couldn't see anybody lose it. For instance tickets now on Landry first ballot second half. On its statements that you will play and yet their rights not months. Money tree on the shot clock. Our state to count up my earliest secondhand fit both planets it off completely flexible enough to be written. We that threatened to back fifty pounds and lots of holes left itself enough mystery that delicate. Down the line bounced that set off mascot to make very long three points that's not off the bat it's not about starred Kelly drive good four or not the sixteenth now under the blankets and that's chemistry left wing yeah. I've just got it done this this. It's this stuff. This turnaround came out right for it it's not advance that would give it its not recently. As say you would expect activity to slowed. Him from practice act currently down the right side of life. Still has considerable back up yet to play back the very good about that with age that it is now the mayor on senator waiting over three firsthand in his city 59%. Back to a point lead to an eight of his last. Three fourths of so. Yes that's that's odd. Warrants in the snow and it handcuffed bobbled a little extra taxes. And it does that incentives. But it's a state twice and it's definitely do want here early in the second half the sadness at the game right there kind of went back to four. They have the ball on the floor at that time line starts left goes right drives hard you know under symbols alliance. She laughed it off here at the ballot if the phrase feel I don't wanna. Rates of growth and innocent back to a certain point isn't it it's not states that. It's. It can't putt let's round on the land and a foul on innocent isn't good enough for us. Got snack law. If it is that's going to be his third that's what it is. So his third player an attitude that streak now second team found the path background to the line for the first time that night. And looking for the first time and his team down by accident. Wichita State four of six from the line as a team in the first and a what have that's youth team. Four players play these. Things lies not one of those averages about three. Rounds free throw our Reynolds eventful life. Settled there. His first point of the night snack did not shoot a free throws Saturday at Tulsa was two for two of the game the forty see militancy in South Florida. Infantry against Houston so it personalities five a six. Over the last night's game street broker. Next round not since it was associate. Five innocent you were 1641. To go. I. Giving wit that plated against the rescued today and student yeah how easily it gets it back to Jimmy and it factors pressuring him. It's ridiculous timeline that he now sports victory into defeat malaria analysts the lengths under threat again I'll reflect trampled to pieces the it was a public airwaves goes soccer's. Outlook that. Point now with four points or innocent averages two game. Left wing ground looks it's night time host Kelly at the free throw line down the lane against you know that's not lost recovers transports him it. But those wars throughout the end of the felony and a like Pacifica I was proud of the way out front on the edge of the rim and fell off. Thousand to go one. Jimmie wins his first four S have you thirteenth plan telling fine for. The shots. Soccer's. Score more frequently than they did early in the game but. Can't beat out the other end once they score every I can't believe it and the food is it back out fully. It's been that it hit 56. Line last four games. But all the things he does well it isn't strong suit is free throws averages about 65%. From the line sees him he was in here today working on it a lot. That entry through used. Hillary gets his first point nicely thrilled by sixes 66. Litigated right baseline right. Pressed as to account actively it. Not to make breweries Nolan backcourt lob back went. This is an aggressive time line right wing but now that the flip right sideline it's not in the yard eighteenth on the shots plus it just holding it I give it its involvement doing. Very well at the time line. Miserable for the laughs and it's not one. Thanks to the right goes left cut off question. Now looking forward to shoot a valid due to the alliance. Over the McMurray he's barely got it all finish an air ball shot clock violations as it is. One of the best defensive possessions. I say. And we'll get to get the sixteenth time 1535. To get a second half minutes and said you 46. Legitimacy forty. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrest was overwhelms people. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the United Healthcare you can have better control of your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access. Learn more UAE dot com. United health care. 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And one of the three point seven GUY. Yes it is 46. It's not skateboarders this is a big game for SMU has lost in a row. In the conference. And let the game back on track there's still. At the discussion as a possible last march it was not the rankings it it to upper thirties. Statistically it really really big win for. They haven't they had been ahead virtually all of my athletes actors led it the first six minutes it is and it's been south of Wichita State stops against this team. SMU was a fine defense of team of people better offensively might they have had seven games this surely thought at least. Yeah they shot 58%. Against Boise State which is they're piled the season. That's slipped by the 60% from the field C thus far this evening in the second half states that. Four of their six field goal attempts on 67 cents put it. 50% of the night of the on the arts over the fourteenth with a state. One of two in the second half with 35 fifty for the game and taxes overall 48%. And still trailing. I said it's. Soccer basketball conferences on Christmas record Fort Worth of stuff cross the timeline. Picked up his dribble and it's legitimate candidate Fred can't think stuffy feral Willis at Shaquille Morris frank an affront to nothing. That's right one dribble right ghost and it. My post Forrester in space is try to throw run to wells' spot got deflected it still bias in you. The obvious pass I think that's not my field more stuff not a lot with a bounce had clearly those are very curious that if if you're gonna throw it up and give the defense a little bit too much time to get at the ball. That's NASA under the bill they've lost the handle on it I think flight but it's nothing to say that this event and advocates of the frequently that. That's been presented awards banquet on capitol. Let's talk about that stuff that's who wants presently flakes of its rival rappers the other day and I think it's complete absence. Inside this fantastic. It solicited illnesses. The crowd tragedies up more than an activist. And I certainly. Woods with us tonight you can get it. Now thrust sort of solid so I just drive it on Willis that's actually Jennifer good. The volatility seen this time that he is stored on. Eight of his points in the second half of this that's definitely Secretary Gates at 52% from the field and almost 59%. Three points right. Innocent and is headed answer every time the shutters have made a penetration street I noticed though rebound zipped up my McAfee that a foul. On the floor as well it looks like it's gonna stay at that and and they're pointing that a valid news. Let us. At this news. For us now on him for a scene the other half on the most days. Can blogs and out for a lot getting ready to check back here had no free throws it was on a rebound play. Not sure. I think. They're gonna go check the moderator. Of no news is asserted that the south should have been on someone else. But now. So that that the sidelines and talk about it. Yeah it's the fifth I reminded it completely coaching show broadcast up here today every Monday night except for travels situations. Hot 97 and thirteen thirty here and assess. An accident then any sports shows you know fifteenth visit this road he should join us tonight for 67. Gregg Marshall and it's evident for Keith Adams lied to agents with those yellow mustard seed. And he was and files State's appellate that is it for. Checking in for Anderson. Elijah land them. Bartlett recently played for the it's not it's trailed by 61559. Seven with it and lay out facts not different hand. Feel free zone finance and you for a camp off the street over the Santa on the floor Morrison because of the bestseller. Up and admit I was sliding until it's done it goes out of bounds. Jacket is so good evening Aaron got it dead layup that timing couldn't finish it on that fit them. Novelty act more on built differently than we expected over. The message gets through. If nothing had picked up and sexism it's no accident rates on the right. Free throw line it's nothing that. Yeah. Listen at all those good. Less than president Linda Fuller. I guess it's. It's there isn't gonna make. Darkest before it's levels and ultimately it. Honestly you know what with the ball that's it that's enough right side of the flow of significance that the middle of the things yes they let it. It's. And it's. Made an innocent. It's also. Atlanta twelfth if it sounds. Get the second half it is just sit in his 48 what's it does it 47. Out. The shelter insurer and we know members to keep up with their renters and even if they're related. And added we just dropped my jugular rent. I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy that helps cover of the case of fire theft and more with. I just moved back and smelled them you mean dancing men K well. She'll turn it we're emotional we are your children. 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Healthy smile as a powerful things you deserve delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider. Unleash your miles per hour with delta dental. Shocker basketball and three. YE. It's it's. Second path or at least the third time in the second half Wichita State would trail by three at halftime. Has got the lead to one Connor Fred camp it is their trailer that night 35. Of the the art. That is what his doctors within a point it is 4847. I think. Second as it is 59%. Gave the shot this type of night to have 50%. On the night. And soccer has made seven of ten free throws picked up four points unless you happen. 141000. To just take performances. Let's not say that's what field goal attempts. At the us are three point attempts excuse. The second half their free of war for the last three minutes of the field SA. The last yeah. Jimmy would consider this tonight. Can't pass cross bonuses this very long and it's nice it's nice to see if they'll instantly gets of the Atlanta this incident. Defensive blunders they. The senator's defense. Dribbled through and. It moved bullets mortar gets his only. No it is not my Morrison of the exes on that particular. Gregg Marshall will really be upset about that when they stopped and let the shuttle short and had two guys between him and the basket and you want them boxed out. He was able to get his every now and then but it's not as it was the south. So the second time. He has a chance to make it all thank the three point play and the league from one back before he did that once the leader in the senate and they'll physical can rebound the while it's not that these results or five half rebounds gains at its last please if not anything extraordinary. Thing about with. Believe it offensively I thought sickness. Now I feel Boris his second. Built completely free throw line and make it worth. Forty static since that would hurt the snipers were down one out of this niacin is this player. And let it get offensively kind of put accuracy point play soccer is great to France and lots of reasons and now from friends can't see haven't left side of the floor. They did that with a bit. Spreads it out right side that nothing in the middle degrees left wing of the fact across three's opens it. AA. Out of rebounds as it is good that I was right there I don't want it this time it long and rattled them. That was not that one's status of the chance to expand the on court 1204 to go secondhand they'll. Let's night with active threats to signal. Obviously I think it was that industry news. As it gets worse in the area. Since that night and into the air and related and it's I was eleventh incidents for quite innocently. And it across the time line for us to victories. Doctors were times that kind of wantonly and handed it back to sixth. Please call. It was that almost for developers and by Willis and the right side backed off the screen. That's best candidate to block the forest it was enough ice and thought that in front of him and turnovers. This doctors in this business and he has taken very irritable. And what's in the big men asked them get them while he waits for the ball that set points like it. Except it's not play out and it's not quite right tonight to land Rebecca threaten the decision to shoot it once Wall Street gets it right to drive it. That's the audit log contested shot didn't think the answers eighth he has made some incredible and it's not block long. And yes it is tough life. If indeed. Think bill that's 21 points. And it drives left off Willis. Back the other way up the street that the lines and a quarter degrees almost threw it away on the at a quarter. At a trades it's now. Will be the appalachians it's enough it's actually. Giving it. That's his second 50000. Packers we'll get an out of bounds. After. The under twelve to about 1037 because second half soccer is it a little bit of trouble trailing red hot as it. 56. To 47. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the destiny cleared their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support their employees went helping them stay healthy. While there engineering innovating and lightning delayed two hours State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Commitment compassionate community. 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Go with the one the only the original Roto-Rooter Kevin had a great experience with Roto-Rooter you know I had my share of difficulty and lack of knowledge into my home by your competition I won't always count on your company was confident in the future the last 24 people to review rolled Enron global each gave Roto-Rooter or a five star rating. For plumbing drain cleaning it truly Tressel a repair dial a 30 way. Oh. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in it does Dylan Hartnett or Hayes built for a pummel. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GH EYN. Instead they've period. It feels like it's. About 80% it was an exaggeration but. And a half native 1261%. For the game. Which devastated shooting 49%. Themselves they're down by 95647. At 1037 to go one big problem for the attackers may only have one more turnovers as it. They've been outscored 55 points on four. It's not turnovers eleven to six because of the nature of some of her. They capitalized. Ergo they got the ball for the sponsor. Apple's. That you throw the ball out of bounds but they're right in place there over the result that that's often not so that's that's. Slight advance length does not end up at the fires and Willis kinda isolated defender that are around just took a Islamabad doesn't and a crown on innocent. That's right followed by a sky high on. Well let's head and let's not. Thousands but now writes nothing else like this. Now those funny it's on that business. It's on an invalid both of war. Aggressive and I am not ads. Monsters the first five minutes. That's eight. And it's not it that it sent thugs in the stance at it now yet. But that's the free throw line it's a three point play with free throw attempts a night. There's. In which a state seven month. Free throws. Down seven it still a lot of time left but it out of its synopsis. As answer everything it's not that bad. Now one nothing awful. No it does not mean that I don't think nothing sorry day thirteen now. My hand. What's it files or files. And though the mustangs the statement about the need to go to the free throw line. They've got there are those that might be slightly down but Simpson slept. He left wing gotta replace him to life again. Let it. That sort of mental states just lifted standards that are fighters on the street and now. Friday in its body very afloat it threw me off the left side of him that. Okay the fifth outlet to stamp it right. As it is fluid almost enough right scored sprint can't lift water nothing drives. That got Retief and writes that it needs to. Telling argues it back at camp but it's mostly merger over different camps that she and I vote tally of the lines and footer down. The rules written. It is not it is yeah. Time. He's a little bit it's a good way to finish the. Well enough love NASA fourth quarter. I was very doubtful it and it goes all the white it definitely isn't you know most of us zone that was thinking well let's force the basket and wants to block away. Pass intended for nerves are horrible pass on my sanity it good double team McMurray the other way stop hits it back out for a bill. Some very good outlets well with Canada and suggested drive to the basket Essen you upset with the 48 to go. Here's the timeline one on Guam the last to see what's an affront to they'll they'll it looked leader with a left handed announced attendance of the things not spicy that's the there 43 for six though. Pre season play here as the best player arrested in this league so far jam it through street right wing spin out rebounded them now for Aniston. It's money on this that's pretty good sequel and it's not yours down by nine. All of it very confident very very in the fourth innocent client with. On the short pants tonight 1000 injuries. If that pretty deliberate and confidence and eventually just give it to shake up like now on the shot clock and let him make the play himself or somebody else. Throws it deflected that saying it go to the basket went ablaze different camps started to get studio on the deflection that didn't get there it happens everywhere. Right behind the latest. Jointly address it. Puts up his lead arm. Yeah it was already is. That'll be landry's third person's mouth and it. Under eight time out comes 75 pick it's doctors it's problems in setting is sixteenth suits. Which it's not safe. Are you doing there beautiful cars into. Yeah what the right now 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course ninety TCE. My budget slightly seventies and let me talk to the bar would like to do. The voluntary insurance companies just in cart weekly hounding you weren't really hard part so wanna give it to protect. Deserves. 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How one of their comfort consultants come out and check your system and if it qualifies don't give you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models. That's a win win. Cult plus stock for detail 943. Cruel shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in which it Aussie agent Jerry Crawford remains for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point at and THE one yeah. Christie getting worse would adjust their defense has sent me six. 9%. The second half 11164540. Probably yeah it needs to. Sprayed shots and shooting 49%. Itself one less field goal attempt. And they are trailing by eleven sixteenths to 51 as it is the biggest deficit factors of faith. Don't kind of voters went out 750 because all the things are not headed in that direction at all right now. Snow and at the worst that Wichita State has done defensively is to give up 50% from the field one time that was South Dakota State. And now you've got instant that he 62 point. Percent from the field 750. Left need all of signal went 23. Presented a different story for us at your season high it's like eight cents 4514. A couple of these games this template to play. My dad and time lines bounces to. Allied land. Where you meet with rebels left. Let me finish cross border between popular actor for three days off the back at Atalanta fans it's got to say it's expensive. Let's tough candidate backcourt crosscourt friend can't penetrate walls up eight footer that's kind of. That's kind sensitive. Confidence in the seat belt. It's treasuries fall to earth. But bounced over the cliff enacted bills. An instant view it differently when he that's definitely. The net time. The plot holes like that let him sleep now. Guarded by snacks around right there. Yes we have played great step away jumper. That's that's really. I'm very volatile way with three seconds it's not well. It makes it all the important shots. That night well 6550. Threes and that rightly proud of the block yourself look good feel bonuses. Is this really that it societies that seventy. Statues of them might stand successfully sued you know it is not to be grounded this. That word when it runs and they'll they'll instantly backward across the line. I'd advise that program. Now pulls it back out the sidelines. And just let the clock read about it at that isn't there it's hard to make excellent excellent now that it's so. Left. It's as if that's lightning it's very low. Autry way off the market rebounds and it. Clinton at a slower on the slate for instance by the defendants in the back at him. Boris the free throw serve him enough ground thought about it holding it but on the floor. And left late in the street violently. It hands out rebound put half. When it flew. It's. Good. Soccer's dressings and displacing defenders and I sit here and it's not a lot of time out. Or anything happens there earth and that's what legal path. Since this is a thirty. Is that the a 32 time now for innocent you 523. Remaining. Which is not it has cutting twelve point lead any but still a long way to go in the amount of time that's left and flat. That clock is become red and yet. And so he was just a marvelous masterful job of whittling away at that clock taking effect almost every second field. Floor everything's just think at that caused problems with suspect they have to have stopped here I think it a couple of stops accidentally. Wichita State and it's not something coming up. On Saturday at his that it whatever it is not yours are on the road if there's a lot more location is he knows Phillips upwards of southeast quarter sleepers that Lance. Up by period and watch parties for chancellor it's the truth AC tournament in Atlanta courtesy of Eisenhower national airport. And because of its efforts offensive. This case it was soccer fans who SA and want to witness it them. An update guarded by Zach brown. I can't tell you the rest and sent it doubles team. That is tonight. Residents of the area since that's where it's at night. It's driving what's that up and got. That's what you. That it may not your night cinema left wing Franken efforts very sort rebounds incidentally. That's the thing. That if they thought I was at the other end of life. They're turnover that could have got to maybe six instead it's I think circus master at night inability of the ticket back to San. And net three point incidents that you read them. Sad lot that in the indians' fourth downs you're looking at an off season now. They'll go out of my ground with this group that is worth. I was adopted as a slave. Not a might have been a lot massively bloated you know honestly from my friends that's what sixth sense but as for excellent hands it off Kelly Dunn to the lineup for enhanced its rights and it went through. Don't. Let's just say this fills up nightstand was fortnight ago. Stranger things have after the sentence of got to find a way to Nixon sounds innocent view hasn't answered every time that a solid backcourt. And is built and caught a pass suddenly stopped at ground coming up from behind his grandchildren. So these next rounds for us now and the sixth team now that have so no free throws on net you know. Frank can't outreach in four and then you are full which that's not a state reads she habit or us. Kelly and ground for the snipers. Then and now it is it's a snack lines in the wit. Think they'll. In the moment Morrison. Borrow one if you know SMU has looked. Like it was in the top 45 and all power rankings. It's not to be here until they lost three they are back on their game tonight. Offensively definitely am in pretty good job defensively Wichita State scores at least seven. Most of them want games they have 6401. Left in the ballgame it provides them. To be lit place it and you know exactly guarded buys that ground. Just under four minutes ago they'll slowly lifted a sport it's just different for us to quit right side slightly flawed Florida. Three points area middle of the floor now definitely artifacts and it. After they stuff it down CN. Restarted right comes back left to get considerable price tag on him right activist very right tonight. Gravity of the quarter and it. Soccer's. Apparently got Shaquille Boris and that will be his third. Hundreds of life altering shots. So I don't want to want to ask your opinion before it's not math 335. They're now looking bleak for the doctors and extensive use seventy. It's not sting sixth. And coming to you now live from York although I may yield road manager out what ready don't know all the Americans only does make you might not matter you can mainly golf counter that and and says if they don't meet Bryant got the Neil Diamond night what I have. Your name me. 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I wouldn't pay double we senior complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 31 it 3501100. At Cambridge family did a streak you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. US you shocker basketball is on 103 point Evan JE one yeah. Inside remaining the ball very an excellent thing. You heard the line for SM UV's teen pop stand. Queried not. Antoine is. On the other and scored sixteen points. Off the fans were Aniston along with four point out there and physically. A well from what does it does business. With the state and eleven with the laws and if it. That is more quickly than trying to get through all of that that's. Not please stand the lying in the left for this round 3.2. Experts say his first basket of the night. 830350. Pick up medicine who has been taking care that you got a lot of thought. I would do a better concept and yeah. Faculty. I'd say one trip around the second defenders stepped out of balance. It's not as it is accurate Marshall was lobby that should have been a 52 count anyway well doctors will get their own basket. And at baseline is not that leads that thus far it is flawed human bella turns it over the Sox beat him that the truth is there. And definitely in the life now. Not that's another decade short this time about this it. As sensitive as it just about every big shot masters at it it's not enough and talented back court. As Austin rays bounced it. Soccer start valley NASA itself you can't have a lot witness that guys at 8% a year. Off the lead with six free night the last thing and it and actually that's better than normal doesn't. Seventh his last ball games. Went three for an accident you say it's. And it makes it. I was that's yeah. Ounces and easily back nine for innocent youth art held you know analyst at 256. To you know. And doctors in desperation. Do. You. It's got a big turnover was up let's not look and it makes of those east. Pictured over the moment ago though it's out of it's not really going off the clock for the country's good score on the now stands to reason to the front court. We're smashing into next nest penetrate down the line up but I got it. It's not just builds up I think 39. To go. Before pressured him equipment in the baseline. Is that it's very. Very the list is guilty for the fact. That nobody particularly. Very doubled him over that we had its second nine but that got crossed the line that well rightly. That's who quit with that guy they wanted he found that. Everything now stands at fourteen if that's the shot but no reason to that is play it out. Thank. That's definitely practice you know. Long gone through as the royals ace that's not that's twice against the shot clock has made it's not that at least thirty feet. Anderson advances but the way things can't let quarterly flow it is three good. That's his son takes us and. It's everything it's got denied that he didn't appear to suck ups and six militants 29 point. It's a now by Reeves before I'll snag along with the 41 to you know. This is still be one of bluntness societies. Chick fil has made three threes at the end of the shot clock. From way out beyond the top of the art some of them out there in the woods shot logo in the middle of the floor. And just rocked that dance lessons he releases it reminds me of globetrotters team. And it's just with the same result. Of that sofa letting you know. It high enough. Free throws minute or so the freshman hands swelled. And with that at 41 the illness immediately fine get back to. And here it definitely I built in the field and it's a career high for him to its outlook. We've done periods presented her reason the front court. Three it is feasible prescribes it bounces under Willis with the city. It's. And eclipsed. It provided as is cynical confidence that good pointer pass deflected. Senator. Johnson and that's. Morrison with a friend can't stand and look forward good. Census time. Instead of the fifth straight days got some. And yeah. Well at soccer isn't doing what they need to do. They still have the possibility of vote in this ballgame but the have to do some special things defensively. Which they haven't been able thus far this week. Seventies and 73. Is as close as it's not it's. In a long time. The difficulty comes back but it did it just can't afford to let. Yes. Albert in my life now. At what is it. They've had free throw magical not my as a matter of fact. They may not all but as a spotter who frequently. I don't yep well. You know good about. Their weakness seen post existed. It is what it. 0%. On the year of their past 200. This nation is free throw shooting but they're taking everything tonight. I think it's safe exit at the thickness of Greivis Vasquez doesn't want to plots. Hands. That's the studies and I look at what does that factor in that one weren't always so they had hesitated. Okay. The Florida students. And now it is an overdue bills and actors I don't know bill. Republicans. And it seems that it's you know it's not gonna miss them. In itself. It's a two possession game now. Incidents don't one against trees downed lines longer yeah. Just has another great legacy that these 31 instances faith. And confidence it and no battery street right way. That's. The session's gains this 38 seconds ago would have just stayed at 32 time now. About six shots that didn't happen a little bit earlier it's not possible with just a three point baskets that easy to. We talked all afternoon only need about getting stops with our state has but it would do it you can bet the ball is going to the states that its hands. And he that you see getting things done them for six state has eleven. He's on tonight that's as that bill has made five. This story 31. Points he's made every. And I think it ever possibly Odyssey. Notice. All. Got my head why did for the last five ball games they've been averaging. Six point 33 point. They are ballgame and they picked tonight to break out 41%. Thirteen. Three points dictated. What's it does say they don't steal and it's rated titles 38 seconds. It's. Another residence and watching the delicate sensibilities. It's worthless and that's tourists don't look backwards. That it doubles seed David Kelley blue incidents. And Gregg Marshall didn't want to foul there. Because there was an 82 differential if they could have. Even if they write it down to the evidence market this doctors have made a stop to it still would have had time if they rebounded to come down and have a chance to tie right now. If they don't. It's either one of these and it's a few shots balance back to a two possession game once again. Michael wants. Yes. It is not tonight. The heartless and how far out at the end has barely rippled the net he has he has just been incredible touch comment on an ease and makes it much. Professional basketball that was on its cynical right. 32. For the sake don't quite work out take your high high. Made about what to do it. 33 for bill with its not stay down five with thirty seconds ago it got its work quickly. And at the French can't get to street. Logs you out there on its way story. Like that above the floor and honest at least Verizon that's not necessarily factors. Look at it pack with 41 seconds left for a house so violent it raised to keep that let him play. French camp. Forcing it had to rush it may be a little and it was well short. At Marshall called out of play from the bad. They don't have to have a three. Three if they could get a quick lay out because they've got to get 53. With a little better with what exactly. Especially the way that as amusement capitalize on the itself. 8176. Innocent you. Taking something on the monitors its time probably ran behind that is the official. But that's another that's what he thought that sent them. It does everything you. The game clock shows forty point five seconds shot plus one you want it's basically the same thing. Team started to go to their benches if this thing and now we're down ticket whatever let's get back out there flying an excellent shot clock off parts of it will please quit. Snagged on that note do. And it might not use. Let's what do you Willis who bobbled the numbers it's as if that turnaround jumper that was that's not miss it rebounded but analysts. Fast. Well it's not an offensive. Now it's fun it's crap they got hit I think there's going up. Got it just over the front of the rim has the chance for a three point play it with thirteen seconds left. Well then if he makes this anything can happen if you look very good foul trying to steal it through very quick foul. Candidates vagueness. One of those foul shots they still have a chance of them. Point baskets and at no time. Lewis' first points of the second half ES eight for the game in Houston for four from the free throw line. Think this. Doctors have round reads. Well as shooting the free throw friends they have that chance and it definitely is ready become the head of Willis makes us. Throw. Well. Rebound this afternoon at latest count immediately and eleven seconds left. So it's still a net three point game then put it normally advance free throw shooter goes. Fine but soon having just venting to us and that's something you know nothing normal about this and use. Students of itself. Jack Morris was out for. For the moment you'll check back here. That replaced brown doctors need and it's maybe we're at. To this one that related to this both of these desert down three and eleven seconds ago. Super smooth night. It's a good season. But. This is a big win. It is not pick contests of this with a rebound the risk of talent they have nobody on the cell lines of what it's not a state and get the rebound as the advances. November 11 so. Next. Week. They'll. There's aspects of fourth wife gave them that they have done it. And it's ethnically of course read threes and that's not definitely not as actually stolen by this. Has been stolen that's my guess that is able. Let champ but actually thought how old were at that point eight seconds to go with this one is over at SF events have been here and pull the upset. Of the nationally ranked soccer ending their three game conference losing sleep well and the biggest shot of the night seconds. With a that's the one made it impossible while virtually impossible for which that statement. Landry shoot and it hits it now actually committed his fifth now it balanced out with twenty points. List. Point 08. The only shocker out of the exact words to have found that the game which starts this stuff. Jimmy Cliff and increasing this person knows this. They're probably this both these we get it but that's actually still keep you above his season percentage. The final margin is either going to be four or five. This was stuff and it's good. So the margin will be five business that you like it when it is. It's not state suffered its first conference loss. And it falls out of first place in the American athletic conference they fit the Johnson's post game show. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's this audience to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help strategize and make plays to help improve performance and put pressure on her competition. Everyone needs entrusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to beat Katie dot com and goes shock. 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Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Allen a Karzai in valley center indeed born and over what a lawyer. And for all WS soccer ball game on 103 point seven KE YN Wichita. Montag who knows don't read Johnson's most games you know brought you back about it when he drifted to 96 real life so much war. Then men's it's tough when for the doctors tonight they drop in 83. 78 decision at us you first loss in a long time at poker Rita from Wichita State they loss coupled here at home against. Oklahoma State use the last year's interest banker at the first loss here of the resistance or denial that's 43 game. Home winning streak in years then broke the sharks are also that walking in this one did the same. In Pittsburgh team I don't know how they lost three games in row. Buff. So who electrified. It's meant to spotlight of the media in Europe for a moment. You're driving home from the game is righteous by Kansas plant tighter and service work retired professional auto service are always. Let's not go into it Wichita State closed the gap a couple of times. It lately for the second half. And then a couple of really big baskets by. You know. And that would do. Source big baskets or got in the file from what what set it was gave them I think the real vote of confidence. And they just continue to. I don't know if confidence through most of the Baltic. Wichita State finally started to play a little bit better offensively in the second half shot fifty cent themselves. But that it defense just kind of abandon them you know their reputation is we win ball games on defense and we win both games on rebounding and shot himself rebounding edge that's that's good rebounding edge against the pretty good. Rebounding team Aniston view. But. Their defense just wasn't to be found and as a result they were beat by a team that was just unconscious. Field. Wichita State as Dave mentioned. During the course of the game that's only given up. 50% shooting at one time this year that was South Dakota State right at 50%. Tested you tonight's shot 64%. Thirty of forty so that may have to threes left and authority to twelve of sixteen from the line. Dave mentioned at the big shots Wichita State cut the lead to one in the second half at least the times. At every time that's it you came right back with a the explorer. I think on all three divisions they've got three points twice it was old fashioned three point plays that want to three point. Basket if I'm not mistaken. They always had an answer every time Wichita State that maker running get it close. That's have you had an answer and they had more positive runs also than what dusty through the night with a lot of them to get a definite. Eight now Adam actually as many as twelve a couple of it lets us we have a lot of assists and it's really nice but that's it you've had some players. A war on want him there are thirty facets might give you an assistant at thirty baskets because then. Large part signal was able to fight what he wanted no weapon fourteen from the field let's estimates. Also which is tossed it wasn't able to turn signal and the shoppers who do we know of have been doing a better job of turning their opponents over in capitalizing on those turnovers but this ball club has five or 66 relief. Pretty good ball players who knows both players took care of the basketball but it. No related panic if things that the shots that's what carried them. You know one other thing that we thought would be a big plus for Wichita state laws the catch SMU. Is not real deep to start with they have six it's for they have three other guys wolf. Frequently played maybe ten or more minutes in the game not a Patrick were two points a game. And we thought that would be big plus for what it does state that particularly with the starter ray foster's one out in the first five minutes of the game. That doctors that late flurry did finally apple went up twenty to twentieth that scoring but the very sixteen off the bench for instant view. Had indicated eight. Somewhat sub par night for the shocker when my question is this what's he doing coming off the bench having that players big time. Marquee club author he. He won't become an off the bench. Much effort that's another thing that really impressed me we thought they would fatigue but there are so many timeouts which it was television. But you've got to treatment with. Forty minutes he did look tired to me at all Jimmy wit. Who's that. But the court of justice steady player good player 38 minutes and Jamal Marbury coming off the bench late 31 minutes mean heavens sakes but if you look at shoppers lineup. Let her camp at 38 and it's I think that if you career high for him as well. Yeah it was one of those nightstand and you know. I think I can safely say. That. SMU's approach. Would work as well every single night as it did tonight we let the shot clock run down and then you let they'll make the player occasionally Burry. Going one on one like that late clock is not always going to be that productive. But. That's not to say they were lucky or anything like that shake the was absolutely. Tremendous and not only did he keep making floppies. He made it look easy at me the shots that he's put up even when it tested just barely rippled the net and he loses right gets there with everything. And this is a team that on the season two's 46 point 5% from the fielding had been shooting well lately but they're pretty good you go to the team now the interesting part about that is. Normally if he moved yet. 5455. People with guns and about 1820 free throw attempts this team. Fully 47 field goal attempts but that's sorely needed to get thirty baskets and a weapon of 22 that the three point right so. Very efficient in their offensive production tonight. Well that is our game recap for a few but you know and the economy it's comings and Cummings is here. Little defense and you are offered which cannot give them a call to six for 1548. Or visit they'll Cummings LLC. Not coming becoming law where your needs always come first we will continue on that Johnston post game show for a full arena animal. But we're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to think you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. The at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 in K 96. 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Get a discount the next in our shocker merchandise it adds both east. And west. Well inside the numbers a look at the the final stats brought to you by KP CPAs and advisors everyone needs trusted advisor who's yours Greg Marshall was way over so. Make it quick on the team stats SMU shot 64%. Overall level of 22 to three. 121675%. Aligned shocker is 54%. Themselves may 37%. For three on 1130. Only seven of twelve from the free throw line. They out rebounded us that you 2720. But very few brief amount to be headed this one as. Two teams combined to shoot almost 60%. Between them Gregg Marshall joined this then. Certainly shake Milton was absolutely tremendous. How much credit do you give them and how much are you not so happy. Well accommodation items were not happy with the defense will start there but JB Holmes in the NBA player he's a fifteen year NBA guy. Maybe it'll start electrical arc tonight. Eleven for 145 for six from three once from almost half court he makes every free throw five assists to turnovers 33 point plays forty minutes. And basically dictated the whole game. They had a great game plan just. Used clock every time shorten the game as much as they could. And then let him Fort McMurray usable screen at the end. Any time we had the opportunity to to make the play them. We have McMurray. Trapped in the corner one time in Shaq fouled with his lower body we had a great prep here portable screen that almost a plastic cup they just roll it. And they end up with. I just McMurray jumper of votes that note was up right here. We were we fought over the ball one time which act in. Imperiled when we have them they're great opportunities scored just that easy in water just to put back. Hate it with a better team tonight I've got I've got to give us and you credit the better coached they had better players and had a better game plan so we've got to. Figure that out the mystique it's on the good news in the bad news is the mystique is go. There is no mystique these teams are scared to come in here. The bad news that's that that's that's a good news and it's a bad news out there we've got to fight for our lives and try to get one on the road on Saturday. We are guys have to understand that we care. Be what we wanna be giving up 64% from the field we've got to defend better. At and some of the things the individual place you just describe if that kind of night where it seemed like no matter what you did you made some runs you've got to close it doesn't always seem to have an answer. They have they've made they made plays they made winning plays and shots. Just down actors any time we got anything close to. Robert Byrd got the lead back to two or three year for Warren. They made a big play and or we broke down on defense what time we had a little press forward and McMurray culpable here drove from thirty feet and just laid it nobody got a nobody picked him up. Short Kelly was the only healthy guy he didn't step up front that charge or block the shot just let him lay the ball it. And I'll catch you want about him on the line. Your trailing by three points. The first one but it connects connect and it was like that all like he just. They had the answer again you got to dig against Jake that you in this new credit they had a great game plan and played with tonight. Coached tonight and let it go we can do to try to get better we had. We have some looks we had some chances. But in the end they just played better than us tonight that's volatility whoever from now all of the next with the things twelve games activists we five and one that's twelve games. Every game's going to be that way the team that plays the best gonna win. And here there's no reason to beat this very successfully sent it out then the night it was he says that it is tough when. Yeah we sure do this I want it to the guys to start to account you know. One of the same breath released in the final four told me hey you can't let that ball bounce you gotta go pick it up on the start accountancy what you do they get all night they just. I'm that you that was two minutes of clock burned on them try to take the ball out just let it bounce just there was never any in the count going so. Disappointed in that but you heard yet what her and beat that up I don't know. I don't know what you can do other than just go shove the ball on the chest that. I'm sure you're allowed to do that well not seen it didn't go undefeated conferences this year I don't think better yet just a matter of picking up pieces with that you've got the ingredients to roll college basketball men and give give give us into the credit all go back to work with this group tomorrow and hopefully. Salvage a split with the big game on Saturday Houston Rockets and got it. Gregg Marshall with the plastic. Dropping 8378. To SM USS you know four and three in the AC thirteen and six overall this team make huge boost. Four there at large in CA chances. Gave you some of the stats which testing plus seven on the boards nine turnovers to eight. As Dave pointed out. SMU only the tennis to us on thirty field goals but it worked because they were making plays one on one off your (%expletive) no. Most particularly. Wichita State 24 assists. On thirty field goals but that's eight. Time this year detractors at 22 or more assistance by for a high point in Greg marshals tenure here. But tonight the individual stuff with one great player worked out a little better wealth and even though they only had ten assists you have to give shape Milton. Credit for some of the other baskets that were made by his teammates because Wichita State had to help out on him. And when he did he pass the ball over due to teammate who was relatively wide open I don't even have five of these. Of the tees Tennessee it's a pool game. Eleven of 145. Of six from 33 of which I squirting people were at least thirty feet yeah. Six of six from the line 33 points three rebounds five assists just two turnovers to vomit very. Connected for sixteen off the bench Ethan chat walking at twelve. Bit of knowledge do ten all in the second half. To lead as it used to meet whit scored six points had seven rebounds from his guard spot for which it state. Landry Shanda twenty points and ten assist his second points assists double double. In the last three games the first two of his shocker career he'll Boris seventeen points. Twelve for Darryl Willis allotment for got a friend camp who extended his three point scoring streak to 38 games and at least 13. Conner also had five assists himself four assists six rebounds three point Reshard Kelly Zach brown with five points. Two assists and you know I'll give. Sachs and credit for. Watching very good defense unchecked no it wasn't like he was getting wide open shots he was just good enough to make shots that would content while. I don't care who could be started treatment with him making a difference of these mystery statuette for heaven's sakes every category. He opened up with superlatives. Our series played thirteen minutes at six points three rebounds three assists no turnovers really other nice line for him markets but Duffy fifteen minutes tonight. As much in evidence as usual but at four points three rebounds and two steals 8378%. Of you wins it. We have they. Put it in the deep freeze play of the game only it didn't put it in the the treatment is part of the shocker attempted comeback for a few violent line. Have to let it. An. Announcement. Morrison with the grandkids and look forward saying. And eventually cut it to three in the last minute that never could get that shot that would have given them a chance to tie. And maybe still oldest went out I started a game presented by the Kansas lottery pictured Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire if you yes water dot com. For the most current jackpot amount like Kansas lottery. And dream bigger star tonight let me share that with the second double double twenty points ten assists five for ten from 37 at twelve. Overall but it's disappointing. Result that I guess. This is maybe the best example we've seen so far what this league is and and what's coming the. Very BC news. Any team coming off three losses and rose. From argued that a whole week to prepare for us. Honestly deny passes. Duluth basketball team that can really score it very well coached you know on credits and a but never gave up I mean you're behind by ten points eleven points. It did look hopeless that was. Did she now outweigh and then all of a sudden now come back still had a chance we have ties towards the end of regulation you know we we just didn't help ourselves early on. Invest more than. Couple defensive you know we started off Friday you know in the first four minutes and I think we got a satellite and it. I'm not offended sixers don't like taxes and which ones. It felt like Republicans. Do well. You know young couple of those guys Gillen. Rest is history. And it's going to be a little frustrating day he planned on but everytime you gadget maker run get it one but it seemed like they always had to answer some of the shots and made very. Yeah yeah shakes. He's a great player. Really really good score. Along with McMurray in a lot of those early as ever really score the ball well so. You know a lot of those guys is. There it took shots and I feeling. I guess senator you've lost literally don't have that added. Don't sugar coat was on all week about how they got to do a fine. I give you is all forms of they're gonna you know it from limited and to put it in perspective. I mean this is just the first week loss for the shoppers. And I don't know other than Cincinnati. Other teams and conferences run defeated their conferences and maybe there are few but at least one defeat at the conference. It's just a matter and it's not the NCAA tournament where you just lost your last game and I don't play more so there's a lot of playful. Yeah I'd. You know I think the American the last fell off a product as Buckley Lazio and descended. The man is utterly nose down after nudity is required here in the united. You know I was in a conference that's the first lawsuit and his willingness you know substance of their involvement. You know we're we're all realistic and understand that this is it really give us what conference is really your best four teams he coaches. And sometimes is fine that was on right. You know you can put a foot waiting for you on Saturday at Houston after watching it is that here with the currency chat about what she really got. You know not. Not a fan bases. It's kind of beautiful part of this vessels in the you know guys in face of adversity known it is not really not that these these are real understanding you know. Was a lot of talk in the locker room but it. I guarantee you morally defective engine for practice you know obviously page. You know he'd worked in towards the same thing we don't we usually don't don't talk a lot of adversity is that we we are on the same phrase that's an issue that every champ. Star of the game twenty points ten assists tonight. Unfortunately it ended a five point loss or Wichita State that we'll be back to wrap things up on the Johnston ex post game show that if that. They're cold they're making you shiver even indoors called the pros and comfort and they can tune up your old furnace or install a new one of them. Heat your home now and pay over time. With a month finance it. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free and home estimated at 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort zone is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. 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You know that's a tough one technical with which are nearly as. Excuse quite a bit late to. Where to war seven of the taxes or items that he says it's hard for me. Even the later game chart would probably. Take a look at the scores from other games particularly in the American athletic conference early in the evening Hossa. Lost its fourth straight league game at temple 59. If DA that was when temple really needed it what it lives in the conference going incident 25. Paulson three and four. South Florida and ECU east Carolina playing at the same time as this one it. See you put it all over USF tonight 9250. Twos that puts them to quietly in this well six. Houston playing at two lane right now it seems supported an hour after this one. I was about sixteen and a half minutes to vote plane leads Houston 444301. Point game. A lot of time left that would number one Villanova ranked Georgetown. Reality if these six. The lakers' nine conference opponents play until later game just getting under way out west Arizona. At California. Carlos and Kelly. Was born in 1981. Year shoppers celebrate them any Carlos Kelly's in it full size on race. Actually he's so early 1981. Or the caiso. Albums pack. Q are you also mention that those games you know freaking show right part couple longtime Lola sponsors aren't her four center. At 1860 or write lists a couple of actually helpful Brantley what else for doctor athletic and great to have him but there's a long standing with not for ray products where it promises and superior service others are. I'll limit or would you. It's gotten large supply athletic very prices every day's proceed Juarez. At 1860. Right. Houston to face that does and Ricci that the doctors pounded your shoes that we talked about this. They had the opportunity down there to play the real person which they. How's it. And board of trustees felt they sell out for Steve cues they felt like 2000. Dollars on net. And cal sense than or play if he's no physical education said. We think we have the better chance to upstate there so that's how important games against which you tell us they are. This game does point out that the state really its first loss in the league. And pick up pieces on board a lot of repeat these his office block. Your was. And just keep in mind you all wanted this this is a tough league SMU has over Arizona earlier this year they're very good team naked. We just about anybody on given night and shake built its convinced that he is one of the very finest players that you first team all here this caliber player. And he was on his game tonight so it happens and it. Soccer is going to be better over the long haul a lot of games left it a big road win Saturday it would certainly take some of the state sure I'm still shocked. I've ever read. Well that will do it for tonight from here coming up it's the locker room show from. The from non. When peaks eased lakers got it Woodward leading the way Ted Hughes said it's a picture. What's witnesses to yours than his picture of the most famous and set you alarm of the ball Lucy you mean yeah that JR's sister. I'd never thought yeah I don't yeah yeah isn't one of the Dallas yours is it. Probably be fit I think so I think that is well to chat with the boards that that's. It will be boring right now is that a lot of good Specter won it four. All right again tarnish soccer broadcast. Morning time from Houston. On Saturday 10 o'clock your time. Tip off into Lebanon jackets take on the cougars for the second time here beating him by ET here in which it's not. Don't forget Sunday afternoon ever get southward team here challenged with states equipment and their three game winning streak in chatted with them on. Balance tips off at 3 o'clock. But for they've done all that we'll do it here thanks to Andrew gambling for his work in the studio with this arm on in the united hopefully get him back so it. And the shocker after Saturday we'll be back home for him next week the Central Florida and pulses of home games. Coming up at this road trip. Again the final score here cup arena as the new 83 which it to us state 78 stated in the locker. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. Right do you like these fine sponsors United Healthcare is tired Carlos and Kelly it's ready you. Executive airship sheltering Sharon's the Carnahan grew twice darned scary not to love seeing those drilling. Living is applying its equity bank. Your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery doesn't end zone Jackson covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just fits your car is covered. Trust bank but Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. American family insurance sawgrass country club coming in coming Islam. This foundation sting can't express employment and DJ's sports grill.