WSU Men's Basketball at Tulsa 01-13-18

Saturday, January 13th

WSU Men's Basketball at Tulsa: W 72-69


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University of Tulsa in Tulsa Oklahoma this is the end trust bank. Pregame show. As the shot here's and it's also pay for the first time ever as though members of the American athletic conference that certainly. It is a loss and hot rivalry 125. Games in the books just leave all time actually 126. Obviously 6561. It's a series that have. Has been played as a non conference series in recent years. But to work cult members of the Missouri valley conference for 62 over sixty years Stosur joined me earlier that shocker it's. Left in 1996. Look at are stated as a 6561. Lead in the all time series and so it just seems kind of natural little way to get Tulsa and Wichita State Packers conference for the first time in 42 years. Yeah and from the looks of that we're gonna have a lot of soccer fans down here they say it's almost sold out. Which is about what death and 8008 858500. And here's more yellow black your dinner right now than there are a blue jerseys though a lot of soccer fans and they could drive down or have come from this area. Does he think he himself. A lot of excitement generator and a plan that felt. And certainly that's one of the reasons why this has always made Cianci and as a nonprofit seriousness. It's such a close drive the fans for both schools could go. Either direction if they choose to add. Also has struggled to draw in recent years so that's certainly created succeeded opportunities for shocker fans got. Yeah they haven't really I think they average of about three. Final 43 or 4000 so. Tonight will be by far the largest crowd of the season here at home though. I think the rivalry. Eyes start to get kind of you've stuff again soccer's came down here and got beat by ten points when not it can lead. Ron baker were seniors or juniors and seniors and out of the game Fred injured his not hamstring. In that ballgame and had to sit out the next 56 game itself they won by ten down here and then came a few Wichita last year in the shoppers jumped all over beat him by at what point seven. So. You know obviously think with the what happens tonight. And have. This was a series that Gregg Marshall. Said he heard about from the time we took the job with us days. All the games people want it on the schedule that was my first choice it's also tackles the schedule. It began in 2010. Left this season. With the gain the trust of Rita Stan they have played seven games there coach marshall's tenure that lost here three years ago. There's a shot there's only losses in series history and it's not 167. Under Gregg Marshall was head coach frank hates. Now in his fourth year as the head coach at Tulsa. And now he's fifteen fleet flying home but home every year again unless of course one or the other is. Out toward the bottom of the league ends and the not quite full round Robin schedule. Maybe not claim that this year they will play twice to also welcome back to which lately you know it. You know it which I talked about this was really really heated rivalry at one time when both were members through teleconference. It's lost a little bit about what they didn't play a couple of stretches overtime and then also. Not being in the same conference games not always the slightest meaningful. But I have a feeling you can really pick up again especially if both are comparable where the games will mean something when they get together conference. You know both programs. Seemed to recruit a lot of athletes. It's also always had really good guards and think back over the years of the number. A great guards that played here holes left. But this year. They've taken they're good shooting guards and combine them with. A couple of really talented big guys inside they got a couple 68 guys they're really gonna give the shocker some trouble of nights though. They're very athletic team that shoppers are very athletic teams to look for. A fast paced game with a lot of fast breaks a lot of dunks a lot of three point shot so it's got a basketball fans like to watch. And it's also stand a little up and down in recent years they had a stretch for. 23 years where they averaged 22 wins per year under several different head coaches Nolan Richardson started that it had Tubby Smith phils all Steve Robinson. Most Peterson. That all had success here than what you're a little dry spell and then Danny Manning got him back to the NCAA tournament for years ago frank cases take it up within the last couple of years. And during that stretch and hoses that name anybody Wichita remembers that George Clarkson. Look here at that 2014. He has now in his fourth year in the NBA averaging fourteen points per game for the lakers know they don't have very good players of this program at least softened on that very reason. I remember back when I was on the staff that that issue Keith Benjamin Shea seals. Just lit us up in the around the house it was an overtime game I think it had its tremendous crowd super loud in the round house and he made a couple of the pressure free throws. To win that game so. They've had a lot of good players got here felt that he was a local kid who stayed home at play here had offers to go to the conference's it. Got to the local heroes high school coach here at Dallas understaffed here Olson has been the last. Warriors and a good player and they've got to the former soccer player playing for now Cory Anderson junior. Have you shocker fans might remember him play for coach Marshall in the soccer's two years ago transferred. I sat out a year came down to Tulsa and now as one of their top three point shooters. On this this year's team and in doing really good job. And there is certainly some familiar faces guys that I've noted that it associates program for years and years going back in the eighties even though it's always great to see evidence. That's short court may choose they Wichita State graduate student. Grad assistant in this media relations department is now his first year as the media relations person for men's basketball here at. We understand there five or six Wichita State sports management graduates that are working in that that tells us what part who has the trainer and back that we just talked to Larry egging it was and it recognized state back in the seventies and eighties at that. Married for many years has worked out here for a what the hospitals are a medical. Clinic which provides trainers for a high schools in the city and also for also kind of penalizes you Christie relationship with state itself. Oh it's good to see Larry. A character guys solicit funds this year Alan park that would domestic program. Self edit life. Good to have all of that pulled back together we invite your calls at 8691037. Or you can reach me on Twitter at at shocker was that a question or thoughts you may have about tonight's game soccer season it is points whatever it may thief and you're drive of the game is right if I can't just landed tire and service Mercury tires professional auto service are always. A slam thought let's let's Al leaders off the phone call out. Well thanks particular well. Couple things was there. I would look at the timing of what you want somebody else come off the pretty spank. The red hot Houston. In we've had this open clutch free plane salt than copper so I hope. That the timing of this game shocker. The it early. That it is the out there looking but the question that at this. I know that the doctor pepper on it two game road swing here with a cool. You know where they don't go it pretty dale it correctly. It's good to walk me through what the doctors and the final edit the yen last game. When they left. Where they've been out. What's got them I'm that that the final then the world it now. Or other problems since then when they arrive. Sort of connect some doubt about it. And well it didn't work the way it was supposed to let it an interesting story. I originally they were going to fly. Right after the game from Greeneville here it's also that you're looking at a if we get that we would probably arrived at the hotel around 3 AM then it didn't really they could sleep there but it it really make that much sense to get here they had. And so they decided this was it before we left with just not decided we would stay over on Thursday night after the game. And fly out yesterday morning. So everything went very nicely we get to the airport the flight was supposed to leave at 10 o'clock charter flights. And as we're getting settled in doors seats the pilot came on and says you know it just got about five or ten minutes paperwork to finish up will be getting on the way of the little bit bumpy you know like first take office turbulence in the area that that should be as smooth flight that took a half hours. Had the leather what you is not what it was when he left there. A couple of days ago. Well we all look at each other like the ideas misspoke was that witch hunts and repulsive that Bob was sitting next in the incidents. Enough maybe I should that are they'll ask they'll let you take food out of. I went up to the cockpit that you products are sitting there with a flight attendants' eyes eyes that this gives the F. You do know that we're find it policy right. And that I looked at me with a puzzled look at that don't know where find a Wichita that there were supposed to be go that also thought thought with filled. By coach partially Dominic Makoni and it and employees who feel that pilots hit just drop if he knew he had a lot of paperwork through. To work out of that to a whole new flight plan they had to fuel off the plane. It took us about another hour and half two hours to get off the ground because you're kicking the flight. That a book which are going to filth. And and believe me Dominic I con does a fabulous job with attention to every little detail that didn't come from anybody it would not state that we are fluent which somehow that message got. Translated to the pilots incorrectly. And and I learned a lot of that I don't know apparently learned anything that I became aware of of a lot about. Those those types of flying smaller jets but. Because of wing balance on take off and landing in the late that the plane. That was the fuel issues and it burned off 2000 pounds of fuel there in. Greeneville. And then. To be at the proper fuel and wait and so forth. We acted after we took off the flu as far as Knoxville Tennessee Atlanta that it took on more fuel there and it hit the length of the runway here consulates around. All told it was out of two and a half three hours later as it was supposed to get in here yesterday after it. I got to the 3 o'clock and they close at 3 o'clock checked in the hotel. They were planning on practicing that afternoon but after that the long delay. Coach Marshall thought they were tired and we better off just to a couple of film sessions skipped yesterday's practice. Which is what state did itself had a couple of film sessions had a nice dinner got to bed early. Got this morning. And it came over and worked out this morning it had to work out and about with 1030 your eleventh. We did a shoot around here in this facility. And the players that look to more film at the pregame meal and everything else was just about the way it normally. And you'll hear from coach marshall's talking about that the pregame interview that it wasn't a real big field again because he hit it says. The plan was to go very long. Yesterday anyway once they got here. Because that gave it a late in the night before was 9 o'clock on the East Coast but thinking tipped off that itself. He was just gonna have run around a little bit runs through these things but not a hard practice it on isolated feel like it really lost a lot but not practicing yesterday and death. It's also also plays a a pretty basic 122 zone defense pretty much the entire game itself. They're not quite as complicated if prepare for at least not that in to the floor offensively they offer a lot of different. Things that they felt like also that they can cover what they needed that preparation and at that time. Well when you get the conference play and start playing two games we can sometimes. Sometimes three games the week when you have a multiple games every other day. It's probably better to keep fresh legs so. Practice becomes less important that you wanna cut your practices down. You know you go through two and a half hours early in the season but by this time this season you're down to an hour maybe hour twenty minutes at most and you can cut it down from path to get their. Woods adds I you know you're asking about these two games like it's only the third one. And Greg marshals a lot of years as head coach at Wichita State it's something that all of us have been around college basketball used to do a lot more. And at Wichita stated that their days in the valley for the first forty years or so that I was around here close to that. He always played two games swings on the road usually a Thursday Saturday Horry Saturday one day thing traveled on that day in between. But once more and more schools started chartering all the time. It may lot more sense to just come back after the game no farther than those valley cities apart especially your back fine. Did Snyder's knowing your own standard and then the student athletes in the class the next day without being too tired it. And so it has almost benefits. But yeah. In this particular case. Not because of the short turnaround and the fact that they're out of school right now we're gonna miss it in school and so it just made a lot more sense to do the old fashioned two games. Anyway thank you for the call and as far as the other observation that Al had. We certainly expect that also coming off a couple of back to back losses of which they have not played particularly well it really fat got drilled the other night at Houston by a hot shooting Houston team. We expect them to be playing angry tonight to borrow the shocker serve and status will be cannibals and drugs and attackers are gonna have to. Probably very much come out and match that playing angry and advance intensity especially early yeah. The other they're coming off of a thrashing out they won their first three conference games. Feet he's Carolina won at Tulane and beat UConn but then they've lost the last two and at Memphis a closer game nine point but at Houston got smoked. By 33. And Houston did to them what we did that Houston native shot the eyes out they were thirteen of eighteen. From three in the first half. After the game there roughly five and half after the game that may eighteenth three pointers though Houston really really shot wealth. Against the Tulsa is also expect also to be a bad mood. And wanna protect your home court and coach Marshall and the team are expecting a very very. Focused and energized. He's Paula tonight. All right we have a cough from friend which we will take next threat. Hello guys. I have a memory from a long time ago and flew with thoughtful game. Is that in the freshman game I think Rondo was coach as he got thrown out there Michael. That's so. Contessa do was put in the varsity game. I've listened to the game I was not down there was just listen in on the radio. And all of sudden. Leonard Hillary. Dipped a player late in the game and it was right off the game was right on the line. And got thrown out of the game and it really shocked me because the he was sister crew players no Russians. Ran the court played basketball. Never agree region matter to bed and you know Ian and I always wondered. Why he'd director. So many years later I'm talking to Philly and I asked him. And he says well. Oh it was a jet that it Ernie thank but he people back to your knees sort there's Steffi. I thought you guys would endure that is when my favorite story's salute to the polls which he thought. Constitutional and it was the. Thank you for and I I certainly second to let that set about Leonard got to go letters over the years and couldn't even nicer guys more mild mannered guy not the sort of guy you would ever expect you. Throw pontificating. Or anything like that that's also rivalry used to just do them to people on me it's just there were. So many things that happened over the years. I I can remember. My high school coach was him hear him during his playing days got an area a fight with a guy in England the only from Tulsa I've been reading about death. Punches through. Xavier McDaniel. Actually got. Somebody threw somebody for Tulsa through an elbow at acts. Hit their teammate Bruce badly instead of Bentley was down on the floor as the plane went the other handed Nolan Richardson was out on the court yelling index. You hit my players who hit my players excellent opportunities that don't sit down I'll hit it. Thank goodness this. You know stuff like that this happens all the time in this rivalry it's a little luck little calmer than that now and maybe that's a good thing that. That's that's stood out about that problem at. It's it's the same in every sport. But my wife Debbie was that he. CEO of the alumni associations he had a couple of football reunions that one of them. They had they had a whole bunch of guys they are different eras and they had it at breakfast. And they had a split up into three or four different rooms and it kind of hang with these guys don't errors. But the candlelight mingling and talking to the guys from different eras of one of the questions with a lot for the theater saint. Did you guys take sources such as we didn't have a tendency to start the conversation itself. Yeah that's that's the end you don't have that many rivalries and Eddie program's history that a lot of monitor couple of opponents where. It's it's heated competition and also program their fans just don't like each other very much if that's kind of the latest what was that. Well on the proximity helps with that academic gonna get big crowd. And yet either arena because. Each team could bring a number of people with themselves. That helps juice up the rivalry game you've got to have teams got to the fourth is good if if they're not good and it's hard to have a real. Serious rivalry and that this program is good again frank case you say what you want about but he recruits and fifth doesn't this job coaching. Got a little shaky record on following the NCAA rules let. At Miami in Missouri. He has won everywhere he goes in that he puts a really found the keys on the floor so. Expect that again tonight. I 8691037. Are on Twitter that shocker voice indicate attackers might get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area profit Johns log on to Papa Johns dot com. It used to from a coach soccer fifteenth to receive your shocker just cannot get to go to a Twitter with a couple of questions. One of from Deanna with all the excitement of the American do you find yourself still following valley teams or watching Bally games as he gets the chance I had no idea. I think yes all of this do in fact. Many discussions on the flights at the buses though is that if you see. He believes ordered I was allowed five in the conference that he sees those they'll be solid solid so yeah that's just natural directors didn't follow them and of course have a lot of friends around the league yet and so we're we are very much appreciated how things are going. Yeah we're we're definitely following a those teams are going and it can look at the standings. I confine myself I wrote a recording team like. Evansville Illinois State don't plan to watch it. And that's that's of the American athletic conference game for watching other games to watch. And I end up watching those personal get around to watch valley itself out pitch about five or ten minutes of one of the games but I haven't really sat down watched the whole. Valley game yet but I've been trying to get to know these American athletic teams don't watch as many of these schemes to thank him. Have a question from patty some odd case seems to hesitate before shots at times still adjusting to the Marshall plan are over thinking things. Some of the and I think it's a little bit of a combination but it could not get about the Gregg Marshall influence. Supply chain has a tendency. To wanted to take some shots that aren't really very good shots and he's got a lot of confidence in his ability to drive the ball and make plays not drive that he's. Up against the bigger more athletic people now than he's used to playing against dad. So that's that's not been a big issue but it's been something it's been brought to his attention sometimes he doesn't take a great shot that something they wanted to think about. It's I think sometimes now maybe is thinking a little too much about should I take that shot or not it. And that's a that's at least a little bit of hesitancy and maybe not exploiting his situation. There. And also I would add this that it that. When you learn point guard in this great martial system. You've got a lot on your plate they've got a very thick playbook they probably have 5060. Different set plays that they run in the bottom. For different options. And so at that point guard so much it's got to have a mastery of all of those plays you got to know where everybody else's both Vietnamese and Iraq five get a don't get it over the right spot before you run the life and the timing of the play is so important. The way to look at yourself and then and then run the place though he's thinking about all of that he's also thinking about it back on defense to the point guard has to check the break. And so that that can make it got a little hesitant on the opposite and no one would drive political hue. When he's relaxed. And when he's playing at full speed I mean he can really go up the heat at 27 points of it against Arkansas stadium for threes. Yet 31 points against Savannah State that were read so what he's relaxed he's not here just plain and he's as good as anybody else especially if it if that's the full court fast breaking game that he could really get that ball down the floor. Catholic. His hesitation I think it is due to. Trying to think about everything that he thought to be doing. All right thank you for the question we have more coming on footer at your welcome to call us of course as well 869. 1037. 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Op government quick answers to each voter thoughts Nancy thinking there might be sure to get on line book coach Gregg Marshall and the Infiniti coaches Charity Challenge it and anybody he generates goes to which it's not killed themselves it just shows that cared a great cause. And it's showing pride partially with us as well like getting on it. Forward slash infinity and a fine and I island car. And you can vote once on each device that. Question about Connors 36 game streak with a three point basket to that fares at the national level Frances or mass. And I I don't know girls that he tried to Google's commitment. Results on that. Lola at Bryant Holmgren on Nancy if we can maybe track something down on I have a feeling you know it's going to be hard line like that. Thankfully necessarily. Life. We'll try to work about it. I'll give a lot of these guys have been that they're going to be sitting in that one too cute zone that corner three it's going to be opens the market have a big night. Get onto it at shocker was that we can't right now a call from Doug today. Hey guys Eric Burke might call. About her of course we've electoral. And while I'm so happy about. We have back and it's very comfort with the but I. Going. On arrival. You know we have well. Greatly at a friendly rivalry it northern Ohio it. We had a pretty well with Illinois they don't want to be. Where army while we're good start. But might get a little room for the very good about it but I absolutely horrible and people up. Some heated rivalry ever but Bradley row over. Exit com. And debt you know we've got it or whether it that Eddie and he could well. They're the possibility because. I think it could prevent these. Depending on what happened on nick gave them but it rivalry. Tim Jankovic. We have some history with him and I. Might be wrong but I believed in me coconut Tim you. Denies denies that is oh okay well. I would say there are now all of these we could actually. Let. Different apartment it. These guys have pretty thought or get them. On where we. The way interfere in a robbery. In their conference with the growth they go to soccer. And I hang up but it. About it before I answer that I was just say might be. Made very probably. The only person in the city of what you well soccer rivalry it's very friendly way. In recent years this method and no love lost any Nevada there. I of this conference that we talked about this on the bus little bit today going to shoot around. You never know what's going to develop along those lines there's usually for it to be really good rivalry between teams snapped at me. Pretty comparable ability and playing for something legitimately and you know usually some little thing happens there's a client system kindness they start not like each other quite that would have been an analyst and karate kick in math and and they don't want that I could certainly see if rivalry and they distinctive competitive rivalry. Cincinnati. Really high level right now as. Great games this year it's not state Cincinnati it's favorites as the conference. And the crowd and coaches very much like Gregg Marshall like scenes that are part those top flight tough defense for and so those are going to be. Knock down drag out battles at least for about on the court competitive standpoint and that has a chance that he had an early arrival in the Tucker's case. Yeah I think it's really hard to predict. How rivalries developed but the end he deficit Cincinnati is going to be that he. A British doctor's defeat this year to win the league captured Cincinnati but then it probably things way now we can be surprised by Central Florida earth. Or another team but it looks like it's Cincinnati and which does they get to strongest. I think it's also which I think rivalries it's gonna get better and better each year now interestingly. All right we have a call from David in Vegas David thanks goodness. It's not Spock wrap. Abortion here and it. David you're really cutting out honest sadly enough I think I heard the question. Correctly match the number of seniors end it and you might have a chance to play professionally and particularly in the NCA. Not behind the scene years. Ireland seems to feel like the one that has the most immediate chance to play in the NBA is Landry chance that it that he might very well the first round draft pick this year as a redshirt sophomore. Marcus Vick got to. I think well at some point it's an interest from the NBA but I was a little behind this year because of an early injury ends. Probably not as. Ready to go right away I think he would go early if you had a chance but I kinda doubt that he didn't yet. Drafted or perhaps did well enough to make that worthwhile or even a consideration. Obviously here's. You know I don't know that. That anybody would be gone they've been real strong NBA prospect that the couple of those guys at least they have the opportunity to play overseas. She can Boris it is kind of right there on the border yeah that I would not rule out as a possibility to play and it is not that it that it would be a matter of how much he continues to push himself and this keeping his efforts more consistent in his work ethic a little more consistent and I think he's got the ability. And maybe at least it looks. I. Yeah I agree with all of my kids that I don't know if that is the seniors this year. We'll will be able to play in the NBA but there's a number of them I think revealed to make a living playing basketball with the guys that are out there are doing now nonfarm. Played over agrees that Iraq was playing him. And overseas. Carl hall likely here's deficit with China or Japan. He's the somewhere. It. Far he's playing it in doing really well also. You don't Jack Morris typically played basketball receive your lowest for sure Ronald nurture Fletcher you're fine. A key to play for war in Europe and and I wouldn't count out killing of ground those guys bring a lot to the team in. There's a lot of professional basketball South America. If you in the orient it. You're probably Europe. So there's a lot of opportunities that he's got to want to. I think you'll get nothing deflate especially the bigger guys bigger guys have an advantage to cure itself. I think if they shot for the Shaq and Caroline with I. Thanks for the question. David says they keep hearing the experts say the American easily into the at least at this point with the Nazis at Cincinnati he agreed with only through this. We'll right again. You don't know what the committee. Looks at exactly that for instance that the current can't pomeroys Cincinnati's eight Wichita State stand. SHU 36 in Houston 37. Teams in the mid thirties power rankings at least normally are at large teams and I would think he. Either or both of those if they can continue to play well and when most of their games and we certainly didn't get in a strong little. I would think most if not what they certainly to add up to. For the way things look right now I would certainly a lot either one of those teams based on those power program. Now they've got they've got the talent instead put together wins it's a road wins. And if there are you in palm ratings. As his ties that can get them close they get them. But throughout the united mention Connor frankness he's another guy you're gonna always. Shooter and I kind of guys who played overseas. That don't you have nearly the skills that Conner has this hard hitting. Paul Hanley so I think he's not a guy doesn't have enough to play overseas as if he wants to. We'll take one more Twitter question here tonight we've got to close it out the questionnaires as frat party as good as it looked at east Carolina game. Here it is Tennessee look she did that jump hook and as a potential scorer at the post he's got night shooting touch. He's got other things that you know kind of prevented from being as as. Good to fly here as we've seen you know diet or regular rotation of footwork and some things that just doesn't have as many natural yet system than it. The scholarship guys on this team that. Certainly guys that. Could play at a division two level very well or might it have you know a scholarship grants and other division one team he's just at a program and something he chose to do that. Got a lot of talented players ahead of itself. I don't see him ever playing a lot. In this program but certainly works hard every day makes a contribution to the overall strength in his statement. There's always been good capitalizing on those situations and game and inclusive. Well Brett Brett would definitely be a a starter at almost alternate route program. And a lot of lowered it one full of PP yup hope scholarship is playing a lot. Now it's Steve what your. Fifth ranked team in the country and as deep as the shoppers are at Hartford. Right it's time only get time. He can make the best of itself. It was three for three the other night at those jump hooks. Both Marshall was hit him on the bus throwing things like that you broke even Brett if you scored six points that you gave up six points though. Fred does a great job practices really give these guys that does look at what the other he's gonna do it you gotta have guys like. Great attitude the teammates guys love having him around so yeah certainly happy incidents. All right before we go to the break remember the day after having shot their way authority at jets' locker room depending on how many points to soccer stories if safety and flooding five even up to 40% I don't follow soccer merchandise soccer fans all over products and I thought it. At stansted locker room east and west that the head coach Gregg Marshall and his pregame scouting report we continue with the interest bank pregame show from. Also want to have a little fun to watch our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one my war. 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Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods carried long talent it costs us in valley center indeed born and over was lawyer. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven JE one yeah. John. Sea bed out. We'll let them make that happen. You need a wow yeah. Now this thing and you were. We'll I was okay. A lot of hours of songs. Not at large holes in music today as we get an active interest thing pregame show. With the coaches motivated pitched great martial presented by express employment professionals and addition to put it. Tour. It's going to be difficult travel day yesterday said it change at the routine a little bit as far as your preparation for this. Life on the road might think through adversity we talked about when we go on the road and things that you can't control and obviously I would most important thing is we made it here safely. So. We weren't able to go. Practice yesterday with you know in the in the end veteran that in a negative into a positive. I want we'll practice very long anyway because of the late all game on Thursday night a quick turnaround here Saturday but. So which uses a middle they would watch video of Tulsa twice and now we'll try to get some at least. Runner couple's own sets as we know we'll see about forty minutes is known here. And how we're gonna attack us forces. Defense as well as workarounds some of our offense dummy today here injury. That was kind of my next question it. Not that they're easy to play at his Tulsa. Maybe a little more easy to prepare for in terms of their little less complicated and some of the things it is. Well. Defensively it's a 122 zone you're gonna see you see a little bit of pressure. Two thirds court try to trap at half court offensively they're there they're not. They're they're not afford to a lot of stuff they're really good offensively they got a lot of talented players that can shoot it drive it may run some good stuff so. But we we didn't really needed to be running around him and getting tired breaking a sweat yesterday anyways so. It was a long trip and it was. Guys we can get there until 11 o'clock. Eastern standard time on Thursday night. Since 6:30 are now central time on Saturday. Will be fine we just restrict the mountain and make shots and try to pound them on the glass and defend their actions. Julie a couple of the better bigger guys in the conference junior to seems to have really kind of blossomed into one of the best player easily. He was good last year did great numbers didn't. Transfer from Rutgers very very skilled can shoot the three could put it on before it got great footwork and ball fakes. The kid it's really improved as if on the other thing sized players so they've got a 12 punch now inside. They've got to apple has a point guard that got some really talented wings including Corey Anderson who's had some big gains a year's senior. It Bonnie has been scoring at 27 against Houston he had a nice career hot but he's been scored mortal Lester for game. Before that seem to be guided they're looking for a little bit more. Well I mean that they do spread the wealth whoever's got the heart if he's one of the few that I played well offensively. Against Houston they got with the other night but. I'm battling heat he found his rhythm and way to score. On the watch that you know because that's the last in the played I'll watch that game this afternoon. They started three you know on the leg they've lost a couple in a row and eventually got beat pretty badly Houston the other night expecting candidate wounded animal type them. I you know it's. They got two days ago they can Waller in their misery you know they can get up off the bat and you know be angry and try to get a big win here tonight so. I'm anticipating that he latter and hopefully we can match their intensity and that's their toughness that. Make some shots get a couple calls and get out of here with a win and come back home it's so cold down here man are I much prefer the weathering it in North Carolina. OK coach thank you check it judge could Marshal a suckers in Tulsa coming up in just a little bit. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys the only branch and JD power dependability awards for cars trucks and suvs to yours wrote I am so fast and that's great especially here's an era Chevy stephanopolous. There get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability and Chevrolet and find new roads forces from searching questions. 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Wichita State University soccer basketball is on 13 point seven KE YM Wichita. And Honolulu. It's a wonderful place but it's also. Well you know it's city. Winning strategy that's if I capital first on the golf halls. This straight behind the finance capital federally not to let their. That's for FBI's say it again as Bob thanks Monica let's first talk about defense. Both of them are fifth and pulled his father founded thick and six they figured sugary food stamps and sixteen points seven rebounds. But he scored twenty plus point six different times here yet thirty against the wall Roberts. 25 points a person Iowa State and had 42 points against Casey and I think the reenact the five 83 pointers. He's an excellent posts when. If he's got a lot of folks lose an awful lot of follow his art he shot a 141 free throws. That's way more than. And doctors had a shot here. Anything 70% of them off he draws fouls he's also very good didn't we on the picket op play so after each street you can fix it next. Him and you'll knock down the three pointer. Also other big fan favorite bookmark to talk about how much to prove he is 68 sophomore Martin's bottles. In the last four games that averages thirty plus minutes and he scored in double figures in each of those four games Thursday night Houston. Yet 27 points thirteen rebounds. And hit eight out of thirteen shots on those two guys are the guys skeptical on it stopped with felt the not a thought gardens that went through here. Certainly have put the averages twelve point five rebounds at fifteen against Connecticut at 415 against lane. Their top shooter at the that if you transfer Corey Patterson junior he threw 36%. From three he hit 83. Thirty in a thirty point game against time in the last few games vs miss Mathis that you know we've only scored nine points. And four points from them a little bit of a slump right now. Offensively the shocker tackle what can you don't mostly tonight they have quick. Long athletes you have to think before you pass through there and deflect. Or intercept passes. The shocker we'll try to hit the ball to the high post once you get the ball there it really hurt and don't but you don't want to do. It could free the baseline her baseline jumper. Look for flip flop over the top film to beat but definitely there. Soccer team to move the ball that you could have better movie. The ball and cutter that they time it witnessed or don't think you don't look now they defeated it a decent percentage of them. Definition hit seven of 11313. Baylor so yeah. First pass selfless good side of the football through life death and that is statements to retrieve downing pills and flood relief. He's got it looks okay. Yeah are kept the water out of stocks and not to be coming back off it promptly. Three fourths of the crowd you'd shot it is. Felt like that one right there. If you move the body because that looked good at it that it out rebounded. Which I think was eleventh so don't often have trouble keeping teams off of the office of wards fill with doctor. Right the board and try to get the ball back against this one thief himself. He's with no real thought about five and older for the the hole or the whole crowd the key to future at all older than the other team goes down dunks. Or is that belief that really energize that and it energizes them all proud of that very critical that night. Shocker here the basketball. You don't have a lifelong struggle with against its own. Mike I'm not thinking the injury report brought to you by opting to live your life or journey though are. Topped the volume fortunately nothing to report for either team tonight both teams at full strength. Also had one of its key players out for a while want Jefferies. It was Jay junior for Edmond Oklahoma played his freshman year will argue that here at. Lester Texas community college last year averaged eleven point four points per game in the first eight games and it just six games. Let's say injured hand. He's got them back to play at the last three seemed to getting back for the eleven points in Houston. On Thursday night that the starting lineups in the opening tip off that shoppers visit us at the American conference right after this. Another mile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful mileage first. It is for me with no money. He got command and I can't believe things can crack. For it now with asthma Cuban community I can't believe this can grant. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your miles an hour with delta dental. 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Okay three point seven in case you wind. I'm always open. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah okay. Okay. OK. Okay. Yeah. And it's an accident here's some medals that are. Most this building thirty bucks loan and a half of the at least is with us and it's black and we'll throughout history and a little bit of loose scattered here and there that. This is going to have almost a home games a lot. With the Tennessee tonight I Kennedy launches tonight Bob well. Handling our producer. It's an. And it's quiet it's one thing. Not through sort of the center. Fredericksburg Virginia. Candidate Morgan Stanley. He's averaging five point nine points brigades seven point four. Sacked 66 in your clubs in Texas nine point one points for kids who is this not there's lots. Their fingers say to. Matches up wins in tonight's game early let attackers. At center Shaquille Boris. Native Oklahoman. Oklahoma city's. Shaq is six saves in the 85 year senior averages twelve point two points per game at four point eight rebounds and add up to stars redshirt sophomore Landry campus for a Kansas City, Missouri. Fifteen point eight points per game he has taken over the lead in the American conference in assists at five point one per game and he believes. The nation in three point shooting at 53 point 2%. And renting it out kind of French camp the six foot if you're seeing you're from Wichita north. On a school record 36 game streak with a at least 13 pointers shooting 48%. From three of his last eight games and averaging eleven and a half points per game and doctors are important to overall. Florida the American athletic conference committees but now it's true road games in the conference. Gregg Marshall yeah. It's not it's. Not students ranked fifth in the nation. Boat pulls this week salsa is standing at seven over all three hits and VA ABC this influence your business strengths name's Kate Smith Edwards. The hurricane season now in conference. Play at home sales on Sunday lineup for the moving to tale all right she answers my sophomore from. Little Rock ark it's not only averaging two point eight points per game has had a couple of is that story. Half. The other went forward six saves and 35 to see your from the Republic of Congo. And I think that's it is 48%. Margins at its products will be etc. since it's 44 pounds Sean. Five point one. Eighteen point three points per game over the last four games. And it guard sterling happiness excellent junior for East Amherst New York eleven and a half points for game three point eight assists. At scoring Henderson a former shocker six forcing here from Dallas who played as a freshman at Wichita State. 2015. Cent a year it Lindsey your talented Texas is now a necessity here. Lifted her game. Scoring averaging eight point six points per game this is a little over 36%. From beyond the card. Yeah he's and I for the shooter. We talked about the number three if you can hit that hit 33. Of night you won three already this year at a lot. Yeah 831. Game. Thirty points at the fifth Connecticut so obviously it's going to keep it felt. Tonight's assistants John victims like us and Chris these are your hopes that it is not eating healthier snacks. There is an levels. Steady throughout the day itself. I. Health care bills they'll program third floor of the Philippines will not. And also. It's not as if there's lots party location as you know Israel to have worked southeast quarter. That's what experts that way at the advisory once Hartford chance with a separate. Yeah it's true that in Atlanta march courtesy of Eisenhower. Air force and it. My location. Was not basketball. Tulsa is what's State's third most played opponent or not I don't. Bradley it is I certainly 6561. Point 6% to. That's not enough of it has about 83% of the time. Now it's clear that we should have a different work rightly different camps in Pakistan that it practice background posted at. You know boom that matchup that is out occasionally so well liked it matches but not campus driving and he flipped it round snack that's very good. It's dark side. Let's start the ball movement shocked at the one side. Reverse that to the other side living side effect that's next rounds with one definitely it's right to left parts of 58 weights are not exactly. We fondness but it. Could that the most influence of the year but enough so. Half the final and he few folks. To a lot of shot thinking before they shoot you gotta stay don't think. It's most Boris got it stripped away by closer to kick out of there with a quick message yet that's happening on the right wing hit this announcement definitely. Quick start for the suckers. And that's just like salsa a hit my history yet nobody thought definitely transition you know wide open shot at the top of the circle. Round left watching Boris at like Kelly of the left hand that it less they have got some of today's letters telling them all tied up. It's time and he got a great passes Jack Morton had the ball on the left or forwards that over the Galley of the bath. Pamphlet that's not the rebels left him circled him not to read at that tap the ticket obviously right elbow could. I'm not pose an opinion. That's not Kelly was on an incident which he gets to wide open three pointers only 32 point 7% of the year thing for athletes that he shot over 42%. Last year and used it for you tonight it's five Tulsa sand up off the left way laughter or aren't actually. Floors. I couldn't get him but he just has done rolled across the cylinders and event details yet but it passes the taxes went up a little bit late. Gloria Anderson pulls from seventeen misses there is an outlandish and it. Present himself across its on line chapters out streets and it makes the right guys together it's a conference if it's like that advance Neitzel said yeah that's the one. You don't salute you wouldn't panic you know once I got to watch your passes from the point swing because they'll try to intercept wells. Socket and down from the right sideline right that those events. Background play it and at practice and let's not flock is. At its estimates that yes definitely cranking it back with him. So that's not the ground. That's high post military bases they don't floors fifth with a little jump hook and it bounces outside. About it. Shortfalls in a good defense that's by the annals of big Mickey shark to a ticket both. Stephanopoulos. It bounces and all they want it. Yeah it's wrong side bottom had to protect the ball the way up from right. And then I'll glance at 5000 jobs that Lawrence. It's not over grounds to the left side of the outlets like Italy France can't write me here but I pose for his fifteenth letter bounces not to back. That's yes it's also. Good open jumpers that the alliance at forest and get it down that's going to be there all night for the shots and they've moved the ball around it gets up all the titles there. Apparently that's the right slot on wrestlers enough fun Lawrence let's take you wanted dribble slip through little left hander left way sword and out of bounds. Apparently off. Went off his foot acting and I got such bodies on tickets was pointing to look at soccer's gothic laden. And Jackie incidents not recently. I don't marriages. And Shaquille Forrest goes out for substitution treatment both goals at the guard front is that the one guard from him since students that upward their that if you want to get the gaps. Don't you think we need to defend it. And right away if that's not. Right next to him he writes I'd rate it looked up at baseline rules on it right now just Kelly I'd say that it stepped out of that's also yes. Ronald jumped up and went over the top of the defender tips the ball to tell you the delicate down out of bounds. Soccer's picking up full court man and now. Right now round started snapping at that point guard retreated to write that it's definitely suckers dropped back at him and that's ludicrous it's time line Tulsa beat him five. It's only forty gophers definitely read it on the floor of the Wall Street it's not on. Not a looks back at atlas data show it was a tablet three left sideline rolls it up this time. We've got hurt there almost lost it that's covered by Santa arrives at court that the Florida line at different camps left corner for. Three is those who aren't rebounds LA that's validly once holds up bush. It's. And I think it's not happen. Now months holster their first teens now. And suckers we'll play it underneath. You know something happens tonight. Certainly shows that. Soccer. That's reference camp started to go live there was a couple of cents now let's play him but I post Elliott left elbow that's best left Lofton. Here's your fact it is lay it on it's it's left to edit the rules not prevent sources doctors and not make it that your life. Yeah it's not always try to back it down but if you would not give ground you've got sensitive. White's little art Caplan lob it closet moderate traffic could blanket the the long flight to rebound and afoul of. Play Divx yeah. In his first team's second at Kansas City under sixteen time 1535. To go first half. Those attempt cold shooting Wichita State five. Are you doing beautiful cars into. What's the trend is now 93 lately to the office plus tax of course yeah he's. My budget like seventies and we'll talk to people are willing to do things. Well there insurance companies Jesse's car weekly hounding you weren't really hard aren't still wanna give it to the. Deserves to put out he's never done this sort of it he says I didn't immediately into some free air freshener. Deal with the state farm. Colony today. What. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live healthier happier life. At the tenth the health foundation and our mission. We invest in the idea that combat today's top health threats. Because you believe that every Kansan deserves the chance to be healthy we'll learn more at Kansas help dot pouring. Those shots. Yeah we kind of big not looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV and none of the hour back. There and over there by the hand real would Britney Paris what does that mean well the I like blink and it's going and. You're gonna Hefner had. TV we not only on the highest quality TV brands like LG but we have one of the largest selection of real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our group in which top notch. Branch shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an L the raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker. Basketball is on 103 point seven GE wants. Sosa then what. And why it suddenly shows up. But the eight revealed one of its retreat. Tulsa world nine. Field and we need them and they've got everything out of the shocker but 165. At both of those turnovers. Which is not safe but not. Not a big deal with the stats yet but ultimately it also has sent him Elijah cylinders victory record from Chicago and join. Incidents positive ones Jefferies sixth night it is commitment Oklahoma. Scientists have constantly it's you know we'll listen Marxist stuff the advocates haven't right wing on top three triples to left off the streets. Just accidental cross examined them the right way outside most innocent people in the right corner. You're definitely influenced him at left wing briefly on the way playoff to mark rebounds chased out by Richard he got. Got his hands and end the officials are gonna stop that. His left fingers sticking out and a funny looking angle and I grant is definitely. Sometimes dislocated. Finger to the the basketball it's that I don't mean it'll pop one of your bones over the top of the not so life. Not that you think it back a lot of that is that things straight now. It's field Lawrence Jackson's lower hints that Shaq Beckett and Nicholas in that reads and the Nazis Nazis. It's it gets us through accidentally killing of six on the shot clock and it liquidity to the top players that create no good short. That it out of Tulsa. Us Jefferies humanity but it's a minor it is a friend who are struggling along and right sides pounding it out their threat goes to the middle cannot see both. Jefferies on the wings drives it. Take stuff on address partially blocked my closest. Perhaps less horizontal sand. But I agree that the threat forthrightly Brees fumbled after recovers fat cat food stamp that looks at the high post over the left wing of itself. A quarterly spots and it's definitely throws and a threat to death the government the right way to Santa. If nothing radical Buffett sitting. Left right right around forty minutes of on the right baseline all the way to the basket and laid it in nice movement market but nothing. Where is averaging in double figures is last week that this. Anderson answers but nothing that's what one more hit a three pointer. That's not nothing drastically and it snapped their hard. And he went down the other baseline descent down the left side it was way out of control. And there was a secondary defender waiting for the truth arts first ballot with us today as a team. Also with a series definitely hand the ball fourteenth in the gophers stance. One Jeffries played it illegal Wheeler also objected to her it them less time out it now also in for the first time. Is currents Nazis or redshirt sophomore. Almost completely different unit in there with the exception. To spell out it's not your stance of the theories starters in Lawrence for him. The writer dribbles left. Keith is relentlessly pulls back analyst. Jeffrey apparently it's not it's not. Those stacked floor to show up not late. Productivity chart got away with it justice not factors that ignited trees came out ahead of Boris Friday but bank might suit. Shots on the floor before the shot if balance it is his first for those. Good job of Jack Moore running the court that time be the defense down for the Austin reed. Found him with a nice guy pants from the right side down the left a lot more things now. He too will go out check it you know partisan slant 69 here from Seattle. But those spots. Haven't played him at the Reeves it's not that way. Fortunately for the right to left him with a side finds its alliance spins that there are those of the left yeah. Sort of like Jeffries is about serious disorder it's an up and open interest is at Jefferies fifth sixth spot with 220000. Priests now from Jackson went out of my front runner up with him. Analysts on the attack yields Wheeler before. Slowly it is right that I could drive it ain't it that yet that's going not plot well it's rebels left. Make that a walk through. Six birdies and a half percent of. We are ready for close enough at the high post fluorescent rightly agrees that we dribbles. So I love it it is their efforts to. Jack let's examine closely the stuff. You know analysts back them but nothing nice industry but it market sort. Analysts a lot of golf. And what they get the ball it's not your little less influence going to. Now on. Well this is his first set it's oh with us today it is 69. Holes at. And basically anything else notice that it's out it's not right now that's about it is that my kid if you're going with that should be content right now Alison wouldn't it should not this. Hitting threes and with ease and Socrates or would you want so much on the ball replaced Atlantic beach and different sort. Kaplan back it even at Jefferies and announcement was not the last night to upset the light stuff. Police stopped him and privileged kind of slowly for the record can stop with the company did not only basket. It sounds writes that the alliance atlas since the baskets for instance of that yet read the high post Boris faces up outlined. It's about the floors down the line don't jump hook it up but he was banking on it's not a good lines. A shocker to get involved behind closed but the other polls and hasn't worked at baseline to think that a little things. That it down here in the short corner you can go high pulls the locals against its own. Let's do the fouls on 141000. Two shots. Is there sadness. Comfort soccer players to score one that wants Zach brown hit a three point basket on the soccer's first possession. Start telling businesses the second time then since then scores aren't a couple of their fouls on Jefferies and half my school. At least reflects his father's. And it's a war is that the free throws has four points which state trails. Eleven. Catholic in this report. Don't work right side did to her it's not that it that it's not the art from the school's backing up guarded titans Johnson Jefferies and that's not what's up the street foul line jumper. Got a little synopsis for me. A lot of it's not going to please mister Simpson. It's not enough pressure in his face that time you get wide open wheel base Iran's definitely jumper this week it's also it's a little Wheeler. Hit two. Snapped trees on the right thing to drive it. And the ball stripped and exactly what it was laying back waiting for the guys that it's Nancy Jones at the other end lifted key Willis looks way. Nothing Mars and out of the block Lewis slams his way into foul free agent packeting was one Jefferies and that's going to be his second foul with salsa. The first player on the ticket some south and we get to the twelfth time now. That's also. Atlanta. If your mechanic told that your buffer vary your shots and read you needed to mechanic. And they've got great ones at all six campus plan tire stores in the Wichita metro area. Kansas plain tired not only pay the retires they're great when it comes to stuff like pushing your building system brake shocks well they just enough out just about any like repair work. 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Outdoor living in my game show march 2 third and board and treat you any continue to ground is now in expelling convention all giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living come be a part of the largest Garden Show native Kansas sponsorship information or to reserve your Booth space off 65 when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes that gun. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alan Acosta in valley and are in danger for an Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 points and NG. You wanted. Yeah. Madonna zoning Molson Canadian. Audience and Arnold Oklahoma and salsa music presentation here. Felt satisfied with soccer's 211 shooting eight of fifteen from the field for a five. Very solid if not stated managed just four of fourteen. One five. Three at this is from the lines salsa I'll fight night that's significantly so far it appears to have. So a lot of time left 1145 become the first half of this without the point where Wichita State started making shots. I'm on Thursday. You know they're they're not playing badly other than shooting only huge turnovers felt I have one for over. Also one up in the ball on the board but the difference of the nine point differences from the. Three point line that's Olson the former soccer does it want. Suckers are going to be at the line here since Scotts Ford Harold Willis and it won't that he was it an act of shooting. There are yet to score indicates he's throwing is bounce again. Boris N analyst at that time now for three at street for of the lines much it means Johnson accidentally he should have been and its Kelly. It's going to replace Willis if he makes his free throws I don't have to but the next at wolf. Get it back to seven into. It's not just pick it up a little bit of ground at the line is Morris Louis that made four straight against Kelly in for Willis. Soccer's defending its partisan. He soon. Wheeler for salsa. Most of Corey Anderson Beckett instantly snapped off incidentally who ticket is because he could cut up glamorous now looking to backing down in the line. Still back at him turnaround forces mentally exact slots got a just kept active work entirely certain cities or other track is mentally. When it suited to check swatted it out of and they talked about then this guy before he likes to think we turned over his right shoulder the only shot fakes before he shouldn't answer. That's exactly what he considered deceptive headers and left water up to get found at three quarters ounces. Thought what a soft shot that that thankfully it is and that's his third three. Anderson with six state trails like stand distances they faced up around liquid. It's not think that is definitely not publicly if frank can't three the daughter yeah. At a stretch history. The 37 maintenance required that's the lead back to snap that's not as it was also not challenging the three point shooters. And it Snyder US advance from Boris Yeltsin looks like I'm slightly on its path. Called. John Higgins signifying an arm bars there at bat. All of no I want it. If you look at on the monitor I guess. John who doesn't want them to bonds you for a fifth of the ovals enough times that. Now it's definitely a foul on Shaq that's his first and the team's third. And the team's go to their respective benches talking over. Didn't get a chance to mention period the previous one of our 53 games sponsors. As far as current outlet in Florida Saturday he's six feet north Broadway it was time institution for well over thirty years. Family owned and operated it's important to them that you had a good experience I think it's great service help you find exactly what you're looking toward a high pressure. And the quality of your work it's just exceptional. And it flew there. You project status and our house fight Tavarez and it was tremendous to work with both times with these floors part lamp with a tough. Market. Authority to six. But if any got worse that is gonna blow it and you really fired. Worth got to the arm a fine if you can't then flipped up a lot of money to the end. Immunity to ninety retaliated and a little bit. Elbow forearm. If it. Double well one of the wealthy. Finally Ronald back out on the thinking that configured in the left hand and together. Hello. Looks like he's going to be on the plate right now players don't you know him. Truly don't leave now law exactly 52000. On the phone since forgotten Wichita State against it called a. Okay. He was fighting for local physicians Shaq was trying to prevent him. From going down and that locals tell locked horns. It's about it's not 45. Country is free throw attempts and shots ahead of more free throws four times this season. So it's also back to a nine point lead 25 sixteenths to 37 to go first and after what's happened. Let him right coordinators and a three short this time rebound kind of thing. Plus it's time line is it's not because I think your hands before restless nights can't it reportedly accidently. There is no way out front right side things yet the threat of definitive Apple's app shells at the lights up for the Democrats. It's not monitored a couple of hard dribbles through some defenders have been advisable it's rough has since Jackson that you defendant Jack was sixth hosted by seven against the inside team lessen the fluids deal with the delivery vehicle area. Right wanted artists applied its sights night that he threw off the Wall Street that its readers to write a lot of artisans and take the bomb. Kelly fighting floors and it was snubbed out of bounds. Two and it looked into town on. I was sure they're gonna catch that night but the referee did my experience. Solvent to listen to file felony few incidents off passes off. Substitutions salsa artists that comes out and it eats you also checks out what's going to stand on. Actually artisans that nonsense Wheeler that came out and it's like you're it's active for the hurricanes. Most of that zone. It's a statement said they haven't got closer than seven for a long time chance to do so here. For a look at piloted it over the top accidentally get a whistles. And it looks like a little street called possibly think it's nice it's acting side you know kind of threw clearer now. 35. Partisan in contact with woods sex activities fourth. At the bulk of that that would close that run under its activity after dislocated finger. It's safe again. You know it's. Like it's on earth. Not the right I think it has not it's definitely not my round of the television print can't profit out of business don't. Start up the floor if it's not typically picks it up. What did Ohio monitors that get it in the left wing for non profit Wall Street hits the ground thought about it back. Yeah bounces left corner. One of the wing Kelley at preference yeah. Right wing champ right water hazards shot fakes him but since this is planned over the grounds. Look different yet and I think it's that the content. Guys baseline little floater that's not. The shot clock was really lady could see it but he moves made him hit a beautiful floated on the left his side. This tape at a soccer. Soccer crowd really seemed to become offensive. Yeah. And sounds of the states we just got a little. Over aggressive close enough. Yeah innocent native strong brutal with the left handed the move Elaine have three shot crews converged on the exact. That ground has now moved through aggressive. Logic Joyner outlaws is effective for those first I want ground fifteenth out on the act of shooting. They reset the clock pulses ball on the line. Slightly hates them to go in the first half so it's not it's 520. There Qaeda had as much as eight point lead in the first targets are not to release that it that if they had three Snedeker John Higgins. Smoking now. Nosedived when there. The baseline. Yeah and others underneath. And outside sampling and other vibrant is the most recently fixing the funny slips that's what. Crossover penetrating defenses of the host and see that's it's definitely three. That's 33 pointers including captains. Quick release of the definitely it's definitely have pointed to programs. That that's about it ordinances of the most Kelly snapped that there needs. Heading into San stumble. Both fans and friends. And it's not deserted overtones. I've got fouled out on tap when you look pretty good shot that's why shelf yeah. Willis and think nothing is yet. And auspreys Texas. And I stayed fairly. It's shortsighted right its ability to recognize it goes right I. I think we'll clear out these new forms. He just flew with a slap him all the way to baskets at a driving at the other end but enough looked like he got out of buffalo tiger it's. Here tonight. That's like that's going on Torrey businesses. It's not a good attitude. There's I found. Afoul of the and we've got time had a great time out at 740 love to go to first and ask those facilities you can get better this not yours or leave it Wichita State thirty. This one. Hello shocker nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan grouping JPY Gannon and for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita Brian Sell home helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up for paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven this and to work for you whether big or small our service is the same. I promise. And this house is in great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sounds like well. The house across the road jostled for a few years more than a mile an energy companies just how we need homes and work really hard or don't give it. It's his parents tell you why why don't we offer 23 years with a fast and steenburgen in this. It turned. Colony do today. Looking for great gas mileage mid west yeah. Car was awesome technology. Eight at cool design midwest. PS. There something you can afford that comes with 10100000. Mile bumper to bumper warranty. Again it's a lifetime Howard trade warranty on top of things. We can do. Let me. It with the. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GE one yeah. Eric I'm. Brought back into tonight's big 740 love the gophers have told the thirteenth which is not state flooding there hurricane for the year shooting the three point 9% from eight they are double left so far six. It got dark leather definitely a lot of golf shots literally seven at night. It's 37%. To go six for free and it's also went deep ten point lead matches their biggest pleaded for example doctors. Doctors just can't consistently sustain any effective process. No it's not that shot 41% from three against east Carolina 6% from three against South Florida the night with a lot of thick so far. After a successful partnership made it tough varsity editing and let's take it back off Catholic some effectiveness. Right center blocked by age 55 playoff race. Let us all reason is that it's an option that will break and a snap it if fancy stuff that that can't mystery out front yeah. First basket of the night. That's the seventh and ninth Wall Street out front hi Darryl Willis to free up Sam accidental from three point. It's his first best goalies that are shot of the night that would try to drive that gets cut off slightly feels that way back out front. Athletes on the right wing the loss leader to guard about picked up secrets of a front office Wall Street picked up his dribble. It was a slightly partisan partisan look to the post has it in their handers that car's history and it stands out. And on the rebound fouled. Your answer was behind the. Itself bonuses at all. Yeah. It's going to be his first child sex scene. Thousand of our free throws so so we'll get another possession. Since it's 22 out of the streets already out of its athletes. Run with Monica mountain. That is if you wanted to artists writers writes that fluent. That is not it's happened recently busted him stuff that's fine it's it's it was right. I hit it straight back to retreat right weight off of active arts clueless as you get three bats out instantly appreciate it. Doctors seven with the off chance right side of the floor artistry that was picked is that there. And it's it's what's left side Reeves Austin obviously it's not over machine and three on a lagged a bit long rebound exactly. How to raise three by Austin that's. Let us president. Yeah. Yeah that's nothing with the rebound but quickly got to read your history. Guys like that is definitely does not this that is Ellis hit over. Just recently announced lists and influence after the incidents. We've raised nexus and it's very left elbow little sort green Ellis yeah. Oh. Closeness. We're excited. Darryl Willis slowly making his presence known on your had a nice three. Cardinals completely appreciate that that he almost blocked shots and he had. Her team player with a wide open shelters if not that a beautiful offensive rebounds with that. Donald his doctorate. This is a 32 time about ticket but it's also finds 49 the gophers staff members is up 40%. Today after. Soccer's a chance locker room he's. Not just looked like it offensively were more aggressive at my Brothers are heading. Ball screens on those. Thought guard on the one confused though defense of pulses and the guys are coming off those great little bit harder looking for the shots. Seven different players historic for Tulsa eight hits now. Doctors now with. Portrays Olson was sixth in the first half soccer's getting right back at this is now clearly thirty to 48 after being down by chance twice here first and it's full court press by the shock for the one who can look at the trap. Youth. Yet. Let's try to get it and finally ended. So is assisting the 52 count a couple of times. Sadly dribbles left the left the keys that gets us into this late it bothers matches air traffic snapped. Senator. It's classic. It's a club at which it's not state has attacked the chances Tyre particularly here. They worked on that play a lot through the walk through today they can do that high lord socks that his job defending Sampras in the fifth court. It is right that the autopsy agrees hospitals left off the street buffalo streets is suitable for accidentally hit its industry. Shannon. Instead they got a whistle away from the ball foul looks like it yeah Willis. We've written a third official coming over think them through. It is you know let's look at this is snapped some more seats now on the third and seventeenth now fluffy ones. But it's not written as well. Reshard Kelly Jackson. Italy will be in the fall of man here defiant and then nothing leaves and Shandi. Alliance offers up some nights ago if there's yeah. That's utterly hapless souls. It's on month inflammatory. Medicine it's not easy you. You have to dribbles to make it off Chapman and his senate colleagues of the case. No it's actually snapped what was it not to get forgotten history sincerely tapped his second thousand. Once you know freeze all of that 2000 these results. It's not effective foggy just down through the consistently you don't have consistently knocked in the three and three point line. This crowd erupt. If that happens half let's analyze it joined here in soccer's. The football Alex's second chance they've had too tired to get through it might end up front left slightly and now the plot to your right side. And on the floor trying to clear it incident nothing drives baseline epic traffic delays. Like president basket and Marcus. And it's all tied up at thirty thinks it is different sports like on that plane. I'd like to go back to Egypt yelling at its coverage. You can't it's not safe trying to drive and I'm so excited that he did not that good night Natalee that Henderson snapped. Golf lesson learned you applauded connected easily end two. Wheelers retreat Hitler. Tough and it's good defensive stops that kind of by the shock there were helping each other very well. The deathly rightwing gets event of the year throws it out front to stand at best of his shots is it got to fouls. It's going to be until suddenly the whole off the ball arm bar that is normal life. John Higgins I think logic Julien got that's well hopefully you're right his first. Eighth 2001. Wants a lot of mergers. With us today throttle has not yet scored tonight. Having not faced fourteen point. Effort against Carolina. Is free throws it's doctors have believed. It looked like he'd dislocated that third finger and left him but it got to figure skates together and he seemed to bother that free throws him right there. Backers it's not five free throws all by post yet Horace Willis and nurture their five for five. So obviously for the first time since it is wearing nothing on the first possession game. Second streets good urgent. Vs soccer league's 3630 fourths wealth counselors have a particular incident occurred Scott is active again is the fact that joined here. There's not we will allow the Republicans do that a lot of upfront Fritz Nelson Snyder has not worked hard to find reasonable right. Pulls back a little bit after an excellent front wheels off the street a little bit left to right right exactly. It was dribbles penetrate the little off your rights and Atlantic bonnet and I figured it sounds into it and cut off throws it out tonight Scott Downs we'll. He's cut off pulls up to clients. It's got his first points nice thirty a couple of shouldered his samba groups that effectively himself that's not. Reeves left wing against that something that hasn't been lowered its share of it. Holds the ball but that's about resets hits the streets of nurtured. It was a let's wait three well pilot Kelly it's the streets of its records about threats and issues let's sort of nothing three on the way and out of rebounds that's also excellent. But Duffy had a wide open look from the left side and I thought that was the 1000000. 300 rubles rifles a flier lie off the bar three bats have a good plots out of some thicker soles of players that definitely the floor. Locally raised that point and if nothing else that it adds that what is in and out here that kept him alive it's. Tethered by popular with salsa things possibly nothing that that that transition but this thing distance on the left side in and out again. Most. Look side thirty to 47 to go through stance is counted and not the time line goes off the street to the left him back right. Nice to drive it throws and that's not shot missed an off exactly it's a statement. Nothing would Netflix announced it had numbers slows them late for his teammates trust lets site CNET. Let me bring it back it's not those liquid degrees Austin it's very it's not a time champ but again Landry artistry drives left cut off. That's not to say. And a threat to Nazi tendencies. Nothing drives off the streets cut off at that the other way because of this in Atlanta that if we live down the lane little floater and hard program. It is not Clive but it's not a state athletics and Landry looked optimistic for the shot clock when he found asleep but it's hit them right don't score. Different sorts of old way out front that it's not blindly person called. Those left them it's not. It's not lots of confidence gets back. Never thought it over and Landry in the front court bulls definitely it's not seen. Man suit. On network Tulsa all elements that you Mike I thought I was gonna go in. A shot at atlas. Stances on convert consistently. And it also once the thirty seconds. I'm not just look up with a bit of 36 to you know. And I think we still leading full timeout here in the first half. A theory could keep his. It's only going to be a thirty so we will keep it here. Soccer fans the weekly coach's show broadcast on 9713. Thirty K in essence every Monday night in the athletic season. Aging sports relive the Alley thirteenth at three which. But it's not be nice to Greg marshals why the agents were filthy Alley thirteen. And a privilege. He had our regular schedule one on it's but Marshall six to seven. Keith Adams 78 speaking of coach and it took her off the shot eleven. Their first American conference road win today at Tulane 6456. And improved to three in the conference evidence well. Overall solid let it roll back to back over Memphis had to lay some nice progress it made my net program period. Tulsa. This was supposed to be a third we'll see if that's what it is and it's still there should still be one more media time out Wichita State. Leave it 3432. I also have possession. Soccer there's still only four of thirteen from three. But it raised shooting twelve of 29 overall 41 point 4%. So they are 81650%. For the troops also was six of nine from three at one point that it missed it last for three pointers. And they are now daddy that was the soccer and overall percentage while the 49. Jacques is about scores of six to two from the line and that's where they have the lead Wichita State also now plus four on the boards at each team. It was five turnovers in the first half does significant edge in fact the specialist at second chance points points in the paint points on turnovers are pretty much hit these shots which have a slightly ahead that story. Thirteen to nine both teams have sub liberally yet. If Steve had at least seven players for us in the first death. I scorers sterling tablet sauces great for a fourth street scored nine points. Doctors are led by Shaquille Boris with six net him a water brand can't have five of these hero Willis and markets but nothing. Before he looks like this turn into a single thirty but turned it into a full so we're going to be short break. We'll catch up with the later would have been 36 ago the first half. Golf also put the possession. I'll have a chance to tie or take the lead on this session. They have less nights can't it twice in the first half of the doctors to come back and it kicked a couple of two point lead and then significant. Very much back. First had a chance to go into halftime with a late depending on what happens here over the next minute and a half most of the session. And bring it up. Will be cylinders aren't buys background now is active in those leaflet read Franklin if one announcement of artists that are visible hand off. It started leftists like ours and look at the plot to have a background that it is Laurie Anderson that the free throws the earth it's enough rightly artists and scientists who. And enough artisans are aware that test unfortunately that's not just an air ball shot clock violation of Wichita State and really good defense trying to shock and that's not Ronald nurture work really hard down the locals to keep the ball away from. And it. Sex and path and it's great job losses. On each athlete artists let's look at it and it's not it's gonna benefit chance at. That's slightly. Soccer events that what's the phrase is definitely. Stamp programs. All the plots wizards catches in traffic steps roadways and go ahead and nice that's nice finish by Ronald with a lot of contacts he was really gets back and it was strong enough to abilities that's for the conference lead by four fluent incidents in two. Obviously on the dribble against Kelly and it pulls back out of Corey Anderson. Anderson off the street working against him to the top and a little bit of space history is an air ball. He's got just a little bit SF. Look at you. And it can't try to close late. And of course not it under the rim for a terrible economy landry's which meant to Landry was on Henderson when they switched back left Anderson opened with a ball. That's what he's gonna make it's doctors need to keep up north soccer's a four point lead the golf's most extending that zone now or beyond its confidence three point arc looks like it's not yours. Article at the clock run down about 8584. Or five seconds differential that sweet shot clock thinking plus. It's not there's a lot of run it down so I'm not least Olson tonight. Around Lithwick what's it supposed to there's a threat to chant that drives market basket it's not exactly and a clinical travelers. Who went out. Connecticut caught the ball in his hands and it's called for the travel was eleven seconds twelve seconds to go with her stance with mark wants an explanation on that only thought let me get you on the arm with the references they got the ball clean. Deflated. President courts suit that crosses my mind. Nonetheless it all the way up there goes up 13 the left historically bad. Seconds ago and half crowd trying to get it up court flyers they don't that's not they are at best. It's not as a go to halftime with a four point in the even fans we're just not safe and slice it. Slice is. Flames at halftime Garrett Olson 3636. States if the threat of American half cents. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. 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Led by ten on different occasions in the first half of doctors come back actually out here also over all day force this is not there. Last 53 point attempt a shot as having 3632. To have that you feel like some lift soccer's got a ticket to start knocking down a few of those strains that it adds that it. Really confident that lies the other shocker guards have been market down the threes that are really high percentage for this season but tonight there's three out of. Nine from three. Landry's wanna live conflict at one of two Austin Reid wants to McCarthy both read their. You're getting pretty good look but definitely wide open look. From the left lane but fortunately. Also went cold on the street who they were six for nine at one point like you just mentioned they log in this the last 55 street. Part of that. See it's not like they were just wide wide open on time that they had to many open looks at the utterly answers humanities Gregg Marshall I thought it's not his defense. Really picked up over the last ten or eleven minutes at that almost really sets off more than anything they did not this. Yeah I think you're right my physical if I thought for Ronald coming in at about Darryl Darryl Willis gave them some really good minutes in the middle with half. And make something happen but the defense definitely tightened up. And they didn't get as many clean looks that last eight minutes or so as it did the previous twelve. This is seek credit union of America halftime show they should check out critic of America for small businesses. America proud sponsor. WSC basketball. Particularly had it going. Tonight the numbers would look at halftime stats that brought you Biden KG CPAs advisors everyone hates it trusted advisor does yours mention that. The shot has ended up with a better shooting percentage at the end of the half. Although they trailed most of the way they've made thirteen of thirty or 43%. At health posted twelve of 31 for 39%. He also had a couple more afraid city six of fourteen of the shots it really worth thirteen. The Wichita State with the history senators Willis Flores and her appreciate all the free throws made six of six. It's also has to go to avatar stayed at the depth plus six on the boards that he didn't turnovers. The Mike at one time thief with. A little over seven minutes ago three net media timeout holes it was eleven for 2152%. They finished twelve of 31 thought they were kids. One for the last stand with him philosophically it's really tight that last seven minutes. You know and two free throw attempts response. It's not as good a great job. With the static. It's not like it's not anything. A lot of analysts these suits Oxley classic country free for a chance Matthew. It's not an innocent of this. The last week. He did go to the line it always soccer's really get a good job of not fighting does not think certainly make him work it's it's kind of back yeah. Yes good point that's what it is nice job with sales for the shot place and not speak. And also helping each other. When they tried to back down to worry. A secondary defender and shot but it would trouble over sentinel Florida on this and double. And I thought that it good job thing on the floor. You can show a 121 free throws. Nobody in this game the shot with the most free throws up I think it's Willis with sixty lives. Almost twice as many as these (%expletive) like I thought a lot of golf. Did mention much about last year's game in the pre game show let's just stay out. Outrebounded salsa like 22 last year what you stuff a lot of the same person now. And the rebound for a body but it's also it was a bit but I wanted to for a good part of the first at its doctors and up. Plus sixes very established and folders. And the F five offensive rebounds and a couple of those officers rebound turned in the fastest or files though. They were getting active on the board Jason down from all of this. What should I stay down by ten flights at the first half up 54 or half that's it it's time. Listening to credit union of America have not so we'll continue from Tulsa rather have this. Thanks pat I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can make. Buyers holding this phenomenon is credit union of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions in closing see ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible settle in Sydney with. Let me ask help learn from credit union of America applied it seems you love America that comes UEFA an equal housing lender. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. 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Years savings at the all New Orleans some of Wichita ever maybe 27 to forty sounds better with huge discounts of between seventy Nissan Versa today I was zero down only 13 through my forwarded fifty rare enough and that's our field we seventeen or Nissan Titan plus 40000 refiners barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 million suns or this or this film which I thought dot com. Would recruit informants. Important for you know for a fact that lessons offered the maybe depends on the platform itself and so we wanted to and they can pass the Mormon and. Shocker forces brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford remains strong Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in more vain Kirk Farber. WSU. Shocker basketball season 103 point seven JE YN Wichita. These days ahead I'll loan you own opinion poll it was everything that happened. You mean he flat out there. Not this team. Hey you've moved well I was okay dean now. Okay. And there. Okay. Aren't tells us that he's yet. I didn't exactly this yeah Paulson at the Reynolds under the campus of the university of bills that would did not stay. Leading totals of 3632. At halftime of the factors trailed at one point. I can actually two different occasions when it hit the cup back to take a four point halftime lead. This Vegas Saturday that the soccer's slightly evening which doesn't seem like this happen too often lately we've got spot if he scores cover. At the AC today Connecticut won at too late 6757. And that's this one at temple 7572. In overtime. Good precedent there for the shocker to rotate through 2000 farmers could play today. It goes both Connecticut at Memphis two trillion accidentally dropped the link to a three. And it's helpful to modify at Cincinnati the other unbeaten team in conference play of the other top forty feet long shot here's. Playing at you know snap South Florida Netscape started that half hour before there's one. That no final there yet. Shocker opponents Iowa State beat Baylor 7565. It was now 116 South Dakota State beat Denver 9472. Seattle edged Casey in Seattle 7775. Washington State over now 7853. Oklahoma State Texas today 6564. In Stillwater Oklahoma State that's all the five. Number slightly North Carolina beat Notre Dame which is 1251. Of the wolf. 968. Hands out. Indicating winds of 7372. That fourteen. Three Kansas State while the five OT CU for the second time today a lot of these 97. Overtime. Very young matched his career high was 43. For Oklahoma another shocker opponent what it's not assistant coach Steve Forbes moves East Tennessee State the fourteenth floor an 8948. Win over and time again with the thus they haven't. The 64 fifth and sixth at two lane. Second straight win their first ever effort to. Actually from the field. Constantly since. Congratulations before they're great you're down their defense and state as is Chris stands at that sickness and the idea that yeah. Meetings yeah. 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The year font dog darted and trained HB a deep tackle conduit of diagnostic suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free men on any medium here. It's our new customer 1946. Special from Fahnestock and carry your turn to the expert kind of doctor called for acorn. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita he agent Brad will be John dream rich chocolate dusty shelf for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is. He's on 103 point seven TE one yeah. First possession of the sun is out now Atlantis and it kind of friends you have Toronto venture. And we start Kelly's. The second half and it sort salsa and we'll see you want to feed to foreign assistance early test. They set up to that once Souza soccer's platform's. Advanced seven. Hesitant now. Forthrightly thinking. That's him right that rounds practice and the publicity was looking for. Let him go for it and if not it's it's nice it's mystery finally Atlantic Canada sixty. Obviously he knows he doesn't go to market basket but also often. You know I think that hurt your tip it is himself might have been a good effort by nurtured nice pass from let me see him. There's enough mystery shoppers that its biggest leads a Florida eighth street in the night for shot blocked my friend to have. Beside the covered by Kelly yeah Franken has a surprise you he did pretty well he got the block that one. Penetrating ground to three right leg off the bat in the bottom line a little hard to rebound victory a personal self. Right in line with the end defensive it was right on target except it. Loss snapped whether it's not frivolous write him accidentally slipped slightly to flee to trusted. Read and then go through streets those precedent and it's about to snap snap when. Cut off off the street flyers a three way off the mark sore right Fred can't scientists say it's not a ban. Last night's high explosives. I did not. Let me should have that kind of Franken can you know fight for that all of the baseline with his succeed. The bottom. Soccer basketball leading by 63830. To instantly at the second half of the footwork ground right in Florida for at camp sites into the openness of the a little bit rank him right side. Of the street from the merger comes back through the middle with him but he's got to speak only if he wants. Lose ground but to begin this match on one side of the floor ground as definitely a lot of youth nights you definitely have logs. Creates both an office. Mark badly whistle and towels and as an economy. It's countless lives every time he gets all users. It is negativity it is. First of the senate yeah that was nice inside out acts that sign Ronald kick it back out to land him with her funeral. Not a prank yet you know why don't we stop them. They can't significantly. And handed to act on its players and held on active. Not yet threaten the fourth round but tonight let's I know it's only benefits the French camp for three. A little jumper off the dribble hand off that kind of hands it's. Not usually buys. Authorities suits have penetrated and not worried there's certainly not France where government can only threatens. Right it's a physical trust work reader. In the left corner in two. Some of the block it done not look at the benefits weigh in on him since on nurtured any travel. Hackett admitted hesitated slowed down and it's not often discarded. Yet and it's applicable laws are gone you know it's kind of backed down Ronald Gerson took a couple of dribbles and took up half and that's when he gets all the to travel. And it's an accident that form factors that night thing yeah I accidentally. Only benefits for example let's not cynical laughter Kelly it is their. It's just it's. It was a political. Would have been a chance. And it apparently suggests that Ohio is that yeah it was Charlotte it's a little bit late with his job for the has had a little more air under it but it was their life definitely rights activists of the middle deficit and a friend although. I hadn't done enough. And it's not and I don't know if perhaps you select to close that got his body it's and it's accepted now. As a first team now that happened with us and other mechanic all want to hear the cylinder. Where the defender could not only slightly offensive guys in the business with rounded that's an announcement on its. Read it blindsided its athletes are excellent stuff as street outs in the street here. If not at least not from behind by salaries that's got stuff behind chances a record has not French camp had. That's enough right side and let me for a fact not enough in the middle rounds out the length. It was that is perhaps a little out of control of this replica of an awkward. At half staff in his lead arm around. It's not meant exactly that is yeah I can I had in mind made up if you got that you don't there at the top third quarter was that Matthew Miller high water. Clinton rival there. Wouldn't want 32 which does state that it's gone the second half. It's Olsen but. 13 of its efforts to write him and he wanted him back. It's not laugh. At Anderson Kevin definitely honestly it fires and yet. And thankfully it. Yeah it's not that over the succeed Marcus looked up to nine shots but we're not reason enough that the enchantment. Let's put it. The wind drops enough with Kelly. It traffic stats through all knotted it up it's not that if it's not. Not good concentration by land through sand that they could have shot after the contact by Anderson. But a good decision by with archaeology that of course that's not enough. From the quotes but instead he took it back out to learn from second strain force him but he eight points. It's about 63. At the game goes to the free throw line for the first 93 games. The chance to completing four point play soccer is now might stand stamp to make them look. States' first double. Salmon they four point flying and it's Wichita State. Forty five thousand thirties war. Want Jefferies checks and for Tulsa money goes out. It's not usually pick up full court man to man at least initially. Definitely didn't Jeffries back for example it's not that that's not that death is a pamphlet and and it's happened for us it's not months ago. Confidence from the left. Cut off by seven at Fred Anderson a quick. Three AA rattles him. Hot stuff. Now has eleven. And that battle that could cost you can't leave him as an openly Duffy was lately and it's inevitable last. Tobacco Road rivalry that nothing. I was baseline cut off by Anderson kept active Atlantic definitely. Both sides of the force behind the next. It's create. That's your defense tonight Anderson that's not fourth of market. Thousands and fluffy kernel only as a high host yeah. Plane bounces and it's nothing. Listening to their camp fodder for three. Off the back largely about six out of control. Pieces put salsa. Doctors who just nothing in eleventh now the only a five. 4534. Bit back to back series titles that they have the possession is we definitely need to. It is definitely evidence of left her in some spots and that's. I read that you. Yeah. It's not an. Over the salmon and influence lives may have thought. No benefits off rebound it doesn't follow up time. Now wide open miss my plane can't put it that put them fight participants some thought that rebounding got a sense that. Stops the bleeding from the moment instantly that the fourth hapless driving a little thicker. Exactly who this person who. My message has stated that definitely got their rights not just got to delay it bounces off the bat tipped up like Kelly. It's got all the way to the front room but since this is now. Our development cannot sources it's not there's about 453 and fourth holes left but that's. Smith and announces. Aptly enough for us if my sense that it snapped when did this. Happen. Waiting on the Wall Street was threatening to snuff out once it's over. And distance but it's not sort can only help him. Out on line itself. Evidence that's what it's not for three AA. Trays of slow hard and came off Ronald mergers screamed as pulled up and carried it from a step behind the arc. A state by 550. To 45 their seats but he knows that advance Catholics vote of the right now tops of trees dribble hand off that make it to him is that it's definitely not Nightline. Anderson guided by the maker McAfee doubles off the street. Drives at an advocate called Kelly ethics Trafalis that ended Anderson is off street talents aren't these. It's earth and the thirteenth now half of what's. Gotta side. And Ellen the first half is Wichita State sorry in the second half its with its not state that holds 45. 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Student two point six million alumni. Their influence is. And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with the make up Bob powers six no doubt across the country. Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley dinner and drink or an end over what Sawyer. Shocker basketball is on 103 point things keep you want me. Not really pop up but on a confidant dot com and you. Doctor fifty receive your doctor discount they'll for the second. Because state by 1145. And a half percent for the three of seven. Please but also five nine from the field three of five. The better percentage. Wichita a stately ones belief is in the half and a five point eight game that's coming behind him. Dutch soccer field behind in the first half that we have to have been built that lead fifteen point lead up to an eleven point lead a full fifteen former right back. Three pointer by Nickerson a steal another bucket and all of a sudden they're they're only down 513. CN left. Right and it isn't it stolen by Santa out of sync it to market itself. It was a once along writes I cut off or not slower. And it was out of bounds Marcus is guys that out that it's not dribble bounce and obviously thought that I do moderate and ended up sliding. So soccer's. Thirds also over at turner right that you know that's internal routes for the shot. Against your basketball committee and thrifts. Yes that's not a threat camp that he has at this point three yards and the Reeves and bring him back at levels last there at pebble it's a friend of mr. Willis. And yet. All right. Please just got snookered by everything and it's three minutes now let's quarter Wheeler shots make driving it jumped up in the line bounces off. I think it Louis that was reflected the statement. That price it's not mindless Nightline. Lots of reckless and that but. You guys Bryant added that it kept the fourth race in the second and a good recognition by conflict in Miami's wide open when you might want them. If he 345. Doctors night in it yet writes that advocates and its history isn't the way. Guys that throw that cutter block it covers rabid sports content out of middle all the way to an eight footer or not. I can't less dependent slots not the coverage starts at. Not a Franken filled up a little bit of news that Levinson and that's way. Not it was sadness of his life span. And I thought like that left evidently is that it's definitely not a game. Great defense Johnson plays soccer with him politely. Offering camp right colors advocate for the it's not it's not exist and it's out of bounds last Netflix. That's not Connor is seemingly wide open in the right corner to corner. It's not an. Maybe shouted at him and not a kind of there's definitely. Reason I asked if not let's get together and it's under is Jeffrey it's warm up. 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Chevrolet and find new roads force is up from thirteen points and when some small or large dealers and you've got in his way up from sixteen most notable narcotic as you can larger even victims were current or you go forward please visit JD power dot com. Another mile power chairman brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a mile first. It is for me with no money he got command and I can't believe things can practice. For it now with a much Cuba committed I can't believe this can grant. Healthy smile as a powerful thing to do or delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power delta dental. WSU shocker basketball is. He's on 103 point seventy million. Okay. Although it also would not stay leading 5545113040. The second. All of its own baskets steals and us making news this is the second half I think if you first themselves. Also five of eleven the second half the field which it's not state seven of fourteen shots started to get our optic. Because they are telling an off the boards there now plus thirteenth green about 31 debate team handled the offensive rebounds. Reason you should have been out for a look at across the front of that sun sets things up. Dribbles left over the left wing of drinking a long three. Off the back a little hard for a sliding for entry about it but I kind of with Olson nobody rotated in this don't recover Connor he was wide open on that reported that sent. I suspect Africa relatively eighteenth out of the blocks are not nearly stole about Rick can't we bought it traffic horse horses now. Yeah I just got pushed back out of the way got the ball up on the glass of him and it's wrong move like bonds. Now as six's first points the second half with just by age 5547. Just under eleven minutes ago lastly is street starts right prosperous and I'm afraid that if it's in its most Willis Smith got a rounded it botnet that left it short pitches out that I can't account softly. Yeah good second effort that time but Darryl Willis missed the first but stayed with that got the second side. Aptly writes that it's. Floor for accidentally backed the Streeter each time politics of three bounces off systemic threat cancer accidentally after Natalie from Korea president Ford on left side of the floor still bounced down the lane lawless since banks put it up little support for a lot of contact there it was thank influenced there'll banked it off the blast left a little short at 230 banging against 2.5. Jacqueline driving runs up refrain campus had to call it an idea Connor a little late getting into position looks like that's going to be the flow you're right Mike he was late yet their try to draw the charge. Did you yours soon enough. And its going to be on the drive I think. Though the walls of the out of bounds underneath the basket. Spurs' fourth team now and it tells the planet for an eighth spot in the lift weights eat out threats either right me. And it goes in the water. Affluent and affluent that's pessimistic and probably 1 o'clock flat close at an off at least instead. Sounds great. Backside help defense like Daryl Willis who came over to help us Jack is Jack man was wide open on the pick and roll. Good job Willis we're Rudolph soccer basketball and a friend in an effort to it has little fluent fluid right. Active front fringe in ovals left left water -- look at it over the top to Boris but there back up to. Fred. Holton last night it's not as recent wars that deficit of Wall Street tonic I was left drives cut off of the border heats admirable. Back out front. Sixty shoots out it's gonna have to take one to parents got strategy recognizes. He gets it away and it's a little short but it hit the evidence about it by its results after the struggling that's. Passing the ball did move around that zone at all. Catholic girls left and right takes down the line on free throws at. Got hot off the glass of rockets and clearly it's definitely 68. Doctors are quickly Fred can't they rightwing historically accurate for most excellent good riddance to offer his transition dammit. The Franken Franken Franken could knock it down doctors by Tulsa with the ball administered on NASA's blocks. Their hands and they thought of that salmon could find that. That's not what they've done this though there. And my guys responded. Hang on one out of them stay with salsa. With us it is lit night and a beloved but thickness of the frightful night it double digit lead feels that a little bit right now. As in. Hang in there to muscle up well of course it's. It did not have tried to force the issue there tonight practically handed back to the defenders they've got a good job holding position if it's not that Johnson Johnson three snap. Only to those that think through thirty seasons that being a little muscle people on the way but to act that. About fifty pounds on him good moves that. Not good basketball upbeat. Please don't seem right that's right that would make up his game Beckett left corner Reeves left locked doors and try to make it past the balls slipped enthusiastic just got it got shot out that draws the stuff. Forrest just kind of left on that. That has his arm was moving but it's all just popped loose at that nothing within minutes it picked up off the announcement of the quixotic. Now. And it's a play about a definite but Jeffery might have got. You know that all the facts drive it past. Who played on the nothing. Some of them Marcus. I think it was seven minutes experts free throw attempt at the United States for a five east Carolina on Thursday. Yeah Marcus. Militants in the previous games of the debate over the last week. Political slap for rules this is definitely safe. Not a statement that ten point leads 5940. And 38 to you know. Certainly that would walk suited. The for a fourth policy in its players that are around here now Catholic dribbles left drives them lawlessness force that's not my feelings pizzas last night. Look at particularly one on one of the length lots that was allotted catch fly into the to me a lot and it's not yet reached back to catches up under the basket late there. Budget zones of different tours that quick reads doctors are 859 if you want Reeves. If you write what it meant nothing drives it goes back after Reid's not taking drives it had to hold on tolls on the drive. No free throws it. It's the fourth team foul ups also at the half. A lot of merger we'll check here at forest goes out through Wichita State soccer player from the baseline with the audience not fun. Sure that the foul was on for. For Paulson. It's not played in the Duffy. Lot of effort not to nurture not threatening incidents. Of notches to reach that again. In the left wing Kelly back up higher. Austin's had to shoot over to Jones rightly it's nothing baseline surgery. Seven to shoot high post Kelly spins. Jumps book little short rebound tip. It's all bikers out with north kind of a tough shot by Kelly that a thin who produced kind of behind the facts Portland shot. It's out of time and making it pretty good sense flock is about to expire it's not a bad effort so doctors up by eight playing defense against Catholic. Lay out on the floor rights nights where that's not reasonable let's get help from the merger happens they'll try to victories of the dribbled down the lane throws adopted daughters. I certainly tapping the second team that night that also has the latest on the sixth place you know the way backwards to open. Create doubt and it freaked out bad for the year but nothing funny floor it's not. Now it's awful. Florida second. I also have the possession after the after it's not that's what it's costing 59. Holes if it. At age 65 you can discover a new hobby and enjoy family adventures and more time with friends it's all good with good health plans sixty finally from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas makes better health simple it helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co face plus a proven support makes Medicare supplement insurance worry free plan 65 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas who cross and blue shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government the federal Medicare program. 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Also shooting 53%. For the half 44 that gave us actors now below 35%. And a half after. Fascinate plus eleven rebounds twelve feet with him turnovers. Also possession. Down six doctors pressures will force that you didn't Jeffries back particularly after the break it up. Definitely eighteen points has matched his season high two thirds of the charity drives and raid sent his army tonight not sit down throws related Jefferies but Sinatra. They have reasons had a hard time thinking thing that's happened try to draw that shark that's kind of know Coughlin ran for four point. Doctors but. Get a big lead gets cut down canceling Geithner. It's like to associate and it's going to commit fourteens Jones Landry Jones wants to threes which are definitely run out surgery markets the Nazi. 39 place I would imagine champ who wants half of them were briefed on from Rita. Right lately so it's. It's night at the Phillies let's not enough. Markets that's not the elements into it posted users out of the left wanted. Nobody thinks it gets a streak that they don't want to underneath Kelly don't look at it sounds. It's now bites you that was that the incident had flaws like Kelly if needed now is now the good fine by salmon Kelly was over the right mourners left behind the zone defense. Going to the basket and him that the path right from the defenders who hit purely coincidence. Sorry Kelly. Basket tonight free throws good. His first chance at the line. It's not yours as a team that stands for free throw line. Sorry Kelly. Did not should be free throws their cities Carolina and prior. Gave headaches career boasts Canada Sampson made for a significant South Florida. Beckett is six point. Anti death if votes don't make it's it's it's it's not physically perfect with a lot of confidence rising at least 6155670. Suits him to do a better job he could snap them out of them late. Afternoon starts left. That's an intelligent enough definitely cut off it not for the nuptials recently across Clinton cited it as it is. That's not its friend can't sit back and fire off that actually got picked up to its top. Sounds but nothing got knocked out they're gonna call this and I don't have bought Jefferies knocking stuff that is fluent in will be his fourth now. I have seen about a half. On the sixteenth on behalf of those that it does not want to everything in this over the top American. It is a foul call with John Higgins that the gulf soccer basketball 6554. Hours ago. Haven't restored the last night he is triple play out front that stuff it was right right water for it can't. That's definitely not president definitely snipe him. The middle drives down the lights pulls up dishes basement because he drew contact you go to the line at six for two of the fouls on Jefferies and it will sound a lot of good ball movement that time at a soccer looted from left side the right side back to the left side and musical score squeeze out front of three Atlantic Ocean coming down. It's. Jeffrey stars out of 538. To or three feet. Monica that it feels confident that the lines used to live soon and I'm sitting Scott's. And that was also the seventh 2000 soccer's European diplomacy not nice situation free throws the card balances. It's. With eight points tonight. Convert the Santa convicted of seven point it's not this. Fluently so. Nothing got a chance to us that don't close it down by six that the ball snapped. It's stick with it franks needs them. Up front rightly. NASA accidentally. Started by an Alley oops it. I sobriety back hitting third round went way up the market here yeah. They've added but nothing but is it and you thought about bringing it up with the quality was excellent. Can't wait for it yet that it's. I'm over rightly did nothing to write when you got it eloquently. Defense at the other end might finally got you. And that is in dispute that led to answer I don't know. Yeah that's nice little baskets not buy a bottle of merger and maybe it's late at beautiful passage through pretty easy bucket. I don't know with eight to pass up 86355. Definitely right wing cannot afford it it's. Adding that left side. I've. Had that a chaplain. Napoli. Bought off the street might mergers and outline for a fifty pounds with that states that no free throws Catholic Church that is that it you know that. Pulses through you and ultimately for the phones all of them all out right from their infamous night. State by eight with worth 33 remaining. Definitely not right to it it's not life expectancy confidence. Definitely definitely. That's right to. Shot making it Philly office think drives lands him. Relatively good job of staying on the floor where you can fake that at times. He can fix that path and Kelly let his feet and they did you know 211 against her. Toronto ahead for good position there except the third round at the bench warrants have an excellent. Shot 63. 57. Through your suit now in double figures with Levitt averages sixteen points. On the season sixteenth time double figures. Is bouncing you know. These suits well and it's also not within 56358. With its understated Ford's body it ago. I. It's not stupid stuff. It's like yeah I love. This is not the scene of the accident nothing opens. IA Nokia says there's no. Rebound get 6000 of us and let. We'll following influence not pick it up whenever you went down with dusty stacks of off the ground. Later this practiced with CN soccer's by 735. Against Catholic. Advocates and it drives it through a bad shot scrambled for a don't been horrible horrible golf kids traveled first it's awful horrible shot they're gonna call off now. On with it honestly if it is yeah you can their hands on videos out of control of them have been enough that. All might have actually yeah yeah whatever the case at a time 34040. You know it's all speculative align it with us the 65. Close at fifty. Okay children aren't gonna be alphabet next subject financial well being health can manage your money. Turns in spite of your expense. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to keep using tools that support you need to take control of your finances. We sat there is untidy. And balance transfers and pop quiz tomorrow I'll find out more as let's start today's outcome the state farm here to help planes go right. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled I'll do my fulfill that voice is an understatement. Ozzie I think compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and Spock. They even have child care. This it up to you like it when he person whether online or off deep Tyson life dot com. Plans are now under right for the 2008 teen. Normally begin landscape show march 2 third and fourth and street you can continue to Burrell to Charlotte Allen expelling conventional giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers if your business is landscaping exterior lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest garden gel in the state of Kansas sponsorship information or to reserve your food they call 68 sites when he wants one line or outdoor living landscapes showed that gun. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford and remain for Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven GGY. Now it's it was not save 44%. To forty want it at the same number of field goals on. Fourth weren't enough it also made. I definitely want threes to eight at 46. Eleven the free throw line soccer's plus thirteen on the fourth night confidence. Defiant. On second chance points is athletes in the league at the office at 6558344. That's not axis three out of their last twelve knots yeah. Now they gave Jackson. Don't want to want not suited and best of credit rebound with us today it's not yours still have a seven point lead with the ball evidence for a court rightly different camps that you know littlest things that lets not depict nothing connect war's complete the lineup definitely standard. Of most of its not what would have been. But nothing. My post Willis case that it's not nineties it and it doesn't it's not all of the vast right Santa dividends. That is called for the ball into the thrown into Shaq who lived and in the district of non confidence might distract him right Tuesday in the out of bounds. Marcus said was done some really really good things tonight but it also has made a couple of mistakes and it's actors get a or defensive line that's him there with grounded tele atlas restaurant if it can't create team to go to happen. At the top. Guarded by Kelly cutesy. Tapes of him as an elaborate. Scott Kelly down note called Chaplin with a jumper then. I definitely played in the ninth another good shot. Incidentally this is. At quarter. The senators backed up flights I don't know if you haven't solved and somebody's body around him but he did he got the whole thing drink it in the left water daughters there trades that went left to defeat civil rights it throws a floater Radisson. Now concepts. It's gonna play. Tonight take advice also this is the first call thirty of the second half that would be stretched the flow of little recollection's. 37 remaining. Wichita State 68. Tulsa 63. Coming to you live from your televised many old road manager up Floridians don't know all the Americans only just make do night. Doesn't matter if you didn't really thrilled to that and and says it is old big bright stop at any time and I whatever. Your name days. Your dreams are awaiting of Latino from the Kansas lottery pick your number of secure wagers and you could wind up to 300000. Dollars and here's lottery not comforting to you. One company. Need on a mission to put him there. Shear it sounds like the big number no reason not to bring employment professionals. Helped to engineer or Knight developer looking for the right for. More how about administrative positions we are committed to your success and never Churchill would be defined job. Express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people. Each year plus how we'll look. Who expressed grows dot com to find a location near you. Do one thing to protect the environment and it all starts we just one thing. Embracing New Year's resolution to. Cut back on paper towels if you're grabbing a paper towel for every little spill are drying your hands invest into the fabric coffee instead. Item one and you'll help eliminate all of those paper towels and end up in landfills every day yeah it all starts with just one thing. Trying kitchen or add one thing you What's your one thing. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would need John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker to. Basketball is on 103 point seven. Six UK England had not stayed home doctors will have the ball. I can hang on to this event sponsors clearly tapped winners carry him down the stretch is putting three points by. Five the most news for this year and what short of his career highs set against Tulane last season. Doctors getting big contributions offensively from lenders to have a lot of friends here at that mark if nothing. Happened with this philosophy on his back and give credit Gary about health on the offensive game. He's eager scored baskets or been involved which is about everything that it bought them laugh while fourteen point. He is really doing a great job looking off and then reflecting a long way to go to 37. Along the way it is static game. Don't. It. Five on. Is half way. And I stayed as. Little Alicia Flores markets that. That's not a slam him and let this. Soccer ball score here was convinced. It's enough with nothing but that's my right side globally if but it kind of a lot of contacts also with Hillary Clinton and negative trying to draw the falcons the slingbox that done by god. Absolutely right to left Mac right let's not spores on it at its agreement fires yeah. It's not as little as seventy footer no no I didn't. We'll have myself out of step outside the three point line rental around the room now Netflix. It's time particularly yours and it got clobbered him just yet well it's been stepping through Willis Group announces that prevent market if that's your defense like Darryl Willis pressure that's not nice. Down we excitement got some actors in this. If they can synthesis of flights. At. Night those words wheelers Brad Kassell okay. Besides. Really good pass by Jack. More it's not the thousands tiger's fourth straight snapped it on a lot of it and it driving into frozen quarter net is that everything that. Yeah it was. It can't happen penetrated a thousand medical help. And wide open. They definitely not please consider this. But most will. Nick Johnson. That's definitely a decision. 37 seconds left and the artistry government. The French camp August 8 on the back this time. I thought that the game clock aggressively even 17 seconds. And it its record close at most time. It's not a static at. Sprint can't make things fix things down the stretch snapping them off. Now it's also the situation down so that it's not a defense get particularly. A you know it's. Decades they've through the not too far down next game against gantt detective. Stuff that goes can't rebound. Because the horn calls for the ball's in flight they'll flip through that if you read if you would pick up. 07 seconds or so. Left on the shot clock but I think what I don't really want that ball right here he still looked as though we'll figure out the way on down the forward. And he called for the ball from. From Landry shoot 75. Three you really want. Shooting for the little bit longer than you normally do and that typically have. Soccer fans what a shocker then they could drift out here but whenever there's doctors around you wanna watch it with other fans. Officials watch body location history goes through its network and it's not these voters voted for Atlanta. Up migrate all the lost 43 kids. He sees it. Atlanta courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it it is gonna tap its official wants but it appears it was shot that's. Well Isuzu big guns at six they see your numbers here all he's got twelve points I've got the hot thing. There's a number of Ford's filling fast and he's got 26. And has hit three big shots in a row so look for them to love them out of a place for that. Apple it's 46 a career high for him he's got six trades. Doctors have greens out there let's Norris LA campus at ground. Story handers that is going to play it here from the sideline at the back courts at the. Yeah. This senseless but it's athlete right it dribbles right into the baseline accidentally hit it says he's gonna fire. And it's it's. Send us an evidence course. It's. They've brought Koreans and all the way around the perimeter of the offense and it caught the ball at the quick shots. Very quickly. He went halfway down it just rattled out and chlorine and its benefits. Three completely their fault it's the end. And it. Shooting one line. Eight point four seconds to. I was at 85%. Free throw shooting 4550. Coming into this game. Want a lot tonight fifteen points percent of its. Employees aren't. It is yeah. Ice water gets these kids homilies with them. But it's not a state of mind at twelve and fourteen. Not distance rate. Last thing used their mindless have been the only witnesses all night and it six. 300 yeah. It could almost put this. Yeah this has nothing to. AFC it's it's not it's not lies that crowded backcourt intentional like yeah yeah he can be found on her. If that was the plan. So he couldn't hit a three pointer tied the game marked play. By the Wichita State I think Marshall called for the advancement round with a 4000 this fourth ballots 181000. Don't want him one of where Tulsa and the best they can do at four point nine seconds it's not a one at let's say. Personally try to deliberately miss ago for the office agreed elite student body who are two big guys 68 to 368240. Civil. Kelly. And more so than have to box out strong you're going to get it if it. And did not state by 34 point nine seconds Lance sterling and affluent. Long hardly don't want nobody to say that it's evidence at night. You've got a really good look at it I. Did pull that Jersey donors and fitfully if that's not that's about the personalities it is in the last five or six and its just a little. Why I am not stay close at a fairly typical. Tonight accurate analysis 669. Remain undefeated. If it athletic conference that that. It's and. It's time again to go inside the numbers with beat Katie CPAs and advisors. You're an all star business with the talented team there's a science to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help you strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on your competition. 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And he won him. That's town residents over the phone felt Santa. Immediately and again say these facts. And you know mammy and he's back. I'm. And you know you then are we bringing our bags there's also Bob wells text equivalents at these actors also Wichita State. Winning at nail biter all the way here in Tulsa tonight final score 72. 269. At. Soccer's had to fight off the hurricanes all the way it's also coming up a couple of disappointing losses. Really played inspired tonight's through it tapped what was tremendous Laurie Anderson it's a big shots. That's also would just not go away they led by ten a couple of times in the first half. Wichita State led by eleven and then it's panic yet in the second half. But Tulsa stated one to two possession game down the stretch if it is very much in doubt that if the that if. And it was on the fact of sterling Kaplan and he was dead at seventy from the floor he was six out of ten from three he was almost. Seven out of Stanford three if you think that last month we've been talking with you get ready for overtime right now. But he played a fantastic game the second half. That's fifteenth he had seven assists with one turnovers you mentioned. Down the stretch there he was scoring or he was setting somebody else that he had handed pretty much every score they hand. You know he did a really good job in doubt with Nathan and the shocker stuff that last time they put background back in specifically to cover him. And he did it pretty good job. Keeping him from going. Shoppers got an outstanding performance from there to see your cards list campus and Cotter French camp sleep them. Sixteen points apiece that's eight of 23 point shooting Connor had several victories. Down the stretch. Their overall percentages were as good as usual but they've made big shots that they needed to markets but nothing was really active on the board several guys. Made big contributions but this was tough tough road win against a very determined philosophy. Haven't Duffy had some mistakes. It was out of bounds over here in front of us and had a couple. Drive careers out of control and charge that ten points nine rebounds got four offensive rebound one. It was a real big one lately with his own missed shot got its own rebound. You've got put it back in so markets got a lot done. Is that we've reviewed the play. And let's face it if you're gonna win a conference championship and get a good conference revisit teams candidate and it'll let it just past middle of the pack are. Good teams you're gonna have to win if you like this on. Fourth. That's absolutely right we look back at this game and say you know that was the key game for the shot herself because it was the first. Real hard test on the road. In league play in all of Connecticut was a really tough game but that's what here tonight was definitely in doubt in the shocker really pulled together. Knocked out the big shots that's a big defensive stance and won the game this is the game recap. Brought to you by Philip baker Cummings Cummings of Cummings if you're criminal defense and DUI laughter but with just not give them a call at 2645048. Or visit the company's LLC that Scott Cummings of Cummings laugh we are these. Always comfort in this is Johnson's. Post game show brought to you might Johnson's case at their 21 at K 96. We applied so much more of advances to test it now seven and one against most of your Greg marshals can't hear this was. Certainly one of the toughest of those listed a series of factors that at times dominated in victory. And they needed every last point tonight. Checkers end up winning it by a score of 72. 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In the league let's go inside the numbers with a look at the final stats try to fight the KG CPAs and advisors everyone needs to trusted advisor. The shores Wichita State tonight shooting 25 up 6141%. 229. From three for 34 and a half. And it 80% from the line on twelve of fifteen. Also almost 46%. On 27 at 59 and just over 46 for three. On twelve of 26 that's by far the best shooting percentages against each doctors in six games. And it's also just three of five from the free Carolina Wichita State plus twelve rebounds 42 to thirty. Sockets at eleven turnovers pulses to Tulsa chant shop as Natalie one. In the last month seven minutes of yeah yeah they had ten turnovers witness that minister go for the only committed one turnover. In those last seven minutes. Tulsa in dropping the ball in the basket late ended up not scoring the shoppers thirty to 24. Odd points in the paint slight edge thirteen to ten points off turnovers. The Japanese had big edges sixteen to five on second chance points at 27 to eleven. It bench scoring this doctors had twelve offensive rebounds that told his war. Ford also sterling tap with ten of seventeen overall six of ten from three for a career high 26. And seven assists one turnover Corey Anderson had fourteen hitting four of nine threes and junior to. Twelve points seven rebounds for the hurricanes nobody else with more than six for Wichita State sixteen apiece for Condit friend camp Atlanta reach cam at. Not it was six of fifteen overall four of eleven for three couple of those big down the stretch late at four rebounds. Two assists two blocked shots and no turnovers. Reach him at five of twelve overall with four of nine from three and two of three from the line sixteen points three rebounds. Three assists ten points nine rebounds for Marcus but nothing included four offensive rebounds. Not a good night Toronto and nurture eight points six rebounds even though it got its finger dislocated early in the game. Six apiece for Shaquille Boris and Darryl Willis Willis also pulled down six rebounds. Four points five boards for Rashard Kelly three points for Zach brown and 34 Austin reefs and much Haynes Johnson went one of the ten players who saw action. Who did not score. He put it in the deep freeze play of the game is brought to you via live appliance. Doctors students and make its position being applied to. That. Night those words colored friends and thought okay. But tonight it. Really good can't find Jack Moore it's not the kind of voters fourth straight. And the shock president five point lead ticket home from their winning seventy to sixty that was classic on offense they're Mike Landry she and it hit more suited cut up into the high post Shaq. But now the core resigned from. Up front Conor Franken at wide open in the right corner Conor was sat up and Shaq gave a really nice pass right through right now shooting pocket. And Connor knocked it down as a pickpocket. Soccer's a historic 72 points tonight and winning if you 815%. Discount off shocker merchandise to borrow it either chancellor patient nets locker room. East or west so the bike for 15% off tomorrow only always be happy to say. I got it at two ads. The defensive player of the game has brought to you by got you covered whether you want to control the light of your living room create privacy your veteran was transformed the look at your kitchen. Got you covered as the right when that treatment solutions for you call 3166127000. But it got you covered at which it's not dot com that's the shocker to get 10% off any order. Got you covered. Serving the Wichita area. It's kind of a strange night to choose a defensive players drilling template was just so good Torre Henderson hit some big shots and not all of that was the result of chuck is not playing well defensively on the throw one out he would not. That's because you mentioned this several times during the game. Darryl Willis did a really nice job with some help defense in this game alters shots and and it was really a factor there board that. Maybe he usually yeah I think I think I'd give it to a big guys today because enough. They made this YouTube had twelve points but yet they can't shots to get it in the deep on you only six self. I think Morse is a good job I think Kelly did a good job in there and I think Willis was probably the most active guy in the air. Healthy blocking shots. Health and off from the weak side enough. Caroline Smith got a lot done. We'll give it to him did I gets the big guys play it well it's nice also leading the shoppers to 42 to thirty edge on the boards only giving up four. Offensive rebounds to Tulsa. For many years. People with two top government of the slogan every day's a savings day it Tarvaris carpet outlet as far as carpet out letters round the virtual floor superstore with few supplies and limited Hardwoods tile carpet area rugs and still give you those great every day prices because of that inventory your ability to. Pulled on the large stocks of stuff for their work cut the price down on an everyday basis they'll have occasional sales that you're gonna find better prices every single day saint quality of materials. At two varsity teams sixteen north Broadway plays to go for all of your floor. Pataki with Gregg Marshall or star of the game Connor French camp coming up. As we wrap things up here from Tulsa on the Johnson's post game show remember Johnson's at age 96 and 41 street. 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But chapters of this view that at Houston thinks that this was accused of music for get them. City taxes Eminem reflect that with him a couple times to count three times in concert and then just passed away this year real talented musician you played piano on a lot of Frank Sinatra songs. Thanks again entry handling Purdue and all the work on with that stuff together. We're back on the Johnson's post game show which it's gusting to 72 to 69 win. Over Tulsa tonight one of four games today at this evening in the American athletic conference earlier. Connecticut won at two lane 6757. Memphis won at temple in overtime 7572. And Cincinnati ranked fourteenth and thirteenth this week wins at South Florida's 7855. So all four road teams victorious in today's games in the American. Coming out of these games Wichita State is now five and no Cincinnati forgo. Houston three and one in Houston. Will be at east Carolina tomorrow in the only sent the vehemently trying to get to four at one stage you right within striking distance of the shoppers and Cincinnati. UCF is three and two Tulsa and you can't join them 3202. Tosses 332 lane two litre unison you. Two or three months the next closest teams in the race. Looking at the top 25. Number four Michigan State lost at home to Michigan today. 82 to 72 and number two West Virginia. Lost at number eight Texas Tech 7271. So that's two of the teams ranked above the shoppers who were fifth in both polls this week. So it appears chances shocker to maybe move up the spotters I would think. West Virginia ranked second and losing by Juan edit the eighth ranked probably not a drop Harry about Michigan State losing at home than not ranked team might not them down at least that's not your pupils which doctor's Wichita State we look at it number four next week. I. You know it's nice to in the top candidate really nice being in the top five but I think what we view our. He got a huge target on you and everybody plays their best game against it you can Ike I'd like to see if the other gave a fiftieth. Also played a better game they played in night out through their effort was tremendous. And I course one and you know a lot of interest fan which tires KUK state today is not mentioned tasting it and it. Unfulfilled last possession and number twelve he went to 7372. There now fourteenth street Kansas State. At twelve and five star of the game kind of France can't join us presented by the Kansas lottery. If you're Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire KS lottery dot com but the most current jackpot about like Kansas lottery. Entry bigger Conner shared scoring honors today with sixteen points but a couple of big threes. Down the stretch especially stood out in our selection of him meant. This was a tough game and luxury probably didn't expect otherwise I would never have enough a couple of us. It was tough coast and preach in the last 3036. Hours about. They're gonna come out playing really hard after going down Houston it'd be pretty good and it's we knew that we if you can not kind of slowed so. I'm lucky enough you in the face of the stretched. Whether that storm. You know you got up to it a bad start shooting as a team event and this was and so on that you have to make some shots eventually do open it up a little bit. How much did it. Mean to comfort and dad and actually be up at halftime and it made me feel like your little board back in this thought that was really big for us some celebrities have in the media room that we of them for only two field goals. If it lasts eleven. Eleven minutes of the first half so effective defense. I'm with really good it would take the lead going in the went. Walk us through that that last bucket. It's Landry had an up front. And it. Check wars broke up through the middle. You can set that up ahead of time with that system that happened in the flow of the offense they kind of just happened in the flow of severe emotion right then checked my degree flashes that view was there with a fine and the palace of I don't want to. Quarter and shipment if they pass you know now I thought his pants with right on the money hit to right here your audience yeah that was that was perfect Nazi. Fields have passed. I know there was one more he would like to have had to got a pretty good look out here on the way that a a couple of big blitz from the corners and that seems to be just thought you'd like you hit some big shots that court a couple of debate and yeah I feel like that's not unable to get open. There are some sometimes stand out and have practiced him. Although false false floor. Stuff. I think one of the plays of the game could have been that one plant where you've blocked the shot on one hand went coast of coordinated the other describe that. We do that guy with drivers not have an off a little bit and it was able to get it if that's what you have to block it and then. We ask so we've had numbers of transitions that's fortunate and concentrating. Land experts believe that it may not have it's open for us a couple of Bob was just talking about you guys are top five in the nation you're gonna get everybody's best shot you've got that target it and they played well today it was that he considers seeking re just hit it the answer or determined that they were negated. Yeah I think so I think the rapper is kind of re read news now so that's fine. And we do is going to be hard fought game but yet it was worth it to him travel so well ultimately sealed them out here. There was some of awkward and it's so. House off for a and you seem to be. So comfortable now this transition you made as a transfer it settling into this team and now your third year. That you want the ball those situations of those shots you Nader are sensing it yeah absolutely wanna take if you're in the open yeah exactly I've I've had to have that mentality my entire life had high school with time and starting in the background stuff that's. Congratulations listen to it if you think you guys got friends here as far as the game sixteen points big threes down the stretch. As Wichita State went 7269. Over Tulsa remain undefeated. In the American athletic conference Gregg Marshall will be joining us. Imagine that Carlos and Kelly was born in 1981 in the league eight years that the chapters. Right now they're celebrating by inviting and when it comes to Carlos pellets to get to full size entrees and mutually countries though for only nineteen. 81 and when he ordered the case of children snack edgy art since you. Which state now seven and wanting it still said Greg marshals Tenet of their activity things will make shocker fans happier than. Yeah and that's that's the nice run and it's a really nice run. And I think Connor was right I think that if the the rivalry is renewed because. He just felt a little extra electricity electric buzz and whenever you give people. I don't know what we have 445000. I think that's the end there's 8300 in the house and their shoppers had about a half of them so over 4000 people. Came down here from Wichita so that judges have the right there. Yeah I think that was one of the things that fans were excited about getting tells of that club schedules that they can't travel and come out here it'll be instinct to see. I I think Houston's probably a little far but. I was shoppers go to innocent you later that's about five hours I don't think we'll see you pretty good representation then there's. The outfit that's little. Tougher ticket to get down there if that was the blue the duty in Alice in moody coliseum only thief about. Six or 7000 but that'll be a raucous game and now I hope so people get down to Houston. That might get a shock for fans that Texas that'll knuckleball games. We'll wait for Gregg Marshall to come across it. Next week is really interesting we essence view it count on Wednesday night here that the team that. There's still about a top 35 team and power rankings that they were off with two auto start at a rate non conference all of a sudden lost three in her on the links that are going to be. Feel like this is a must win game for them. The shoppers have to return that game in Houston it's going to be like it. An angry animal again Tuesday after the Packers beat them by eighteen in Wichita you can bet you can pet she got bottom dollar that uses going to be hot when we go down there but then that is that you first two for it coach great ball game. Coach great coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion. The work and he said before the game there's only two ways tells it you know they can roll over they're gonna come back angry at fighting it they were angry fighting inspired today. Absolutely coach ate that wonderful job with his team. Getting them. Off the Mac that was an out that would had to be a tough one to go down it. You get beaten in that regard give up that many points to the Houston it's capable of doing that we knew that when they came to our place they can really really. Score the ball that we did it to Houston what Houston did tolls and we just don't want. So what to do that to us also looked like they were gonna do that the first eight minutes of the game we have not your average stops we I think the big miss one shot. It is Jack in the Box out they got the rebound and scored again so. And at some point we had his stopped we finally got. We get the right combination really change anything we just. We just pedal board commitment to the defense of and in. In the end that I think I told him it was over a 120 point pace they were on at some point but. Our guys they play their guys made some plays it was held the ball and it really was I thought it was a wonderfully played. College basketball game that was active force. Punch counterpunch and I'm just excited that we were able to come out of here with a win it you know hopefully yeah. The big week coming up but we'll have we'll try to move up in the polls will be. Lot of runs both ways. Soccer run off the current. But their last 89 minutes in the first half you guys from the Clinton defense them they had a lot of trips them lefty percent. Yeah we did that that was that was what we can. Turn the ten point deficit into a four point advantage. What about the doctors made the trip here I'm really have never seen anything quite like this it was at least 50% doctors I thought maybe. X this is an unbiased guy from the mine works for the NBA was here watching guys. Some of their guys. He said to me because I I texted my boss who like who must be at him. When I got your centers like this that this was his old and the young man for a written he played at that interview since I've been in here. I've been played in this building and I can't remember the last and it was sold out it looked to be sold out but the crazy thing was it was. More than half shocker for its head that just amazing how. They rallied our team. Maybe we thought our players thought that job because of the great crowd support that they were gonna. I'm just curious to have we get if you got to play we can compete we've got to. We're gonna defeat and rebound in which already deeply and I was so proud Rondo. His finger was terribly dislocated hopefully there's no fracture but he comes factors that go read details product as. It hurts but I go eat ice that we the game and then. I'm make huge basket with the and slipped. Screen. Landry found him a lot markets also had a big time offensive rebound right here for you right across you guys that was a big play. We've got to play smarter. But not a whole lot of guys didn't play quite up to their potential we've got to play smarter we've got to defend better. But mentally out rebounded by twelve. And in the end the one more play what you think about this now in the three point shooter with that with the way they were shooting all. Yeah. Like that's gonna get the defensive rebound out of three relies. Absolute wrong guy Lance was that -- yeah staff that apple and everybody else out what this the three got the offensive rebounds amount market without zero got the rebound kicked out of town not news on guys you but he did finally missed one anti with with the these experts did you have six for these ladies Bible or not at that point of almost five he was fit them either produced 55 for what else. So he was expert not me. He was 67%. Before missing that yeah and so he's always 70% foul shooter and got a foul shooting from three almost the way shop from the balance. Yeah you just mentioned something. He played well you made a lot of big plays but not as well as you can and it was funny your very best teams and it's your top five guys that target on your back end. And you're gonna have some games like this if you're gonna have an outstanding season and win a championship definitely like this we've got to do is find a way to win it. I told the guys in the pregame you know after after we got back from North Carolina is actually it was in the locker room for the game those those four over. You've got seven weeks count starting today seven weeks fourteen games and there won't be easy it's going to be like that the whole time. He's gonna have to play you have to and a and so we got a taste of it. So that's what you have to do that because in the end. It's not gonna say. Which in the record books in the NCA seductress a which tossed the only one back three holes it's gonna have a big double. By that but that game and if you don't have a big W have a big bill so that's all that matters especially on the road find a way. To score one more point it's not a perfect science. You know we've requested I hate how do you. What you have to do to win that game we have to score more important just I think that answers obviously I guess that immediate release once a week we had to do to win this thing. But I don't think you have to revamp here to defend you have to get much people come from Wichita to support McCain you're gonna have to make pretty plays and get big stops. And ultimately. They do. Congratulations greatly today makes a shocker it's not a martial Wichita State 7269. Over Tulsa. Fifteen in two on the year I don't know with the American athletic conference. Get SMU our first look at them coming in on Wednesday that of the 8:6 o'clock tip off at poker Rita. And again two and three of the league which is a surprise that this is one of the most capable teams in the conference they have. Five guys that can make plays and various sizes that means the team that it. Really make him look bad there on fire there on their particular. The guys I've just watch him on television and see them live yet that they are athletic. They remind me a lot of Houston not quite as big as Houston they play more guards and forwards who don't have the big Phoenix. Other guys who played multiple positions they run a real. Motion offense. And they'd they'd know how to play basketball they drive issues it knocked down threes. He says he's got a real good team got there has to view they lost a couple key players. Awful last year's team. But there as have you had a lot of self. And as coach Marshall says it's not a cynic about what the market was also. But it was by three points third which doctors are now 72. At fourteen on the it collapsed and policies yes that 2010. 72 at fourteen. Now. You know everybody would love to have that at home multiples but I haven't liked to have them at home with them to fourteen on road games. It's better than any other team in the country in the duke and north for a bit and Kansas. Any of any of this estate it's it's it's it's it's just that it's a number that it's kind of mind boggling movement it's partly. These the kind of games that are fun when you win them they're there racquet entity gets their attackers again they want more play if you. Look at it that way it's told that you don't have the reward for all of you who drove down for the game it was a great ball game like with marshall's. A lot of runs a lot of fans rate them three point shooting. Both teams have played their hearts out. Swings back and forth so. It was a very entertaining college basketball game I'm glad of that places pact to watch. Well thank you again to all of you who joined us thanks to Andrew Hamlet for his always excellent work in the studio hope you enjoyed it Wichita State went by three over Tulsa. Next up they'll forget coach shows Monday night six to seven Gregg Marshall 78 Keith Adams that your team comes off two wins this week. And it that's come your way for a case were yelling on 87 and I've got Wednesday's game at 6 o'clock crap that's correct yes 6 o'clock start for the Winston game against us and you. We'll see event for game five that night. And above all. Like Kennedy which gave pleasant good evening from Tulsa town we live until such time and living not a threat read it to the at this soccer sweated over the barricades 7260. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY. Front you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't let tiger Carlos at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive air here sheltering assurance that Carnahan drew quite start machinery until love Tina was guerrilla. Living is applying its equity bank. Your hometown Chevy dealers Comfort Systems via Christi but Kansas lottery doesn't end zone Jackson covered. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas justice John Harris covering up lack. Trust bank good Kansas Department of Transportation. Task locker room capitol federal. It's the American family insurance sawgrass country club. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health Foundation's state can't express employment and DJ's sports grill.