WSU Men's Basketball at ECU 01-11-18

Thursday, January 11th

WSU Men's Basketball at ECU: W 95-60


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You know. Shocker. Three point 7 pay you why am. Craig. I'm bringing down here at some point some. He's coliseum on campus in East Carolina University. As they prefer to be called in Greenville, North Carolina our first ever visit here of the first ever game between Wichita State and ECU. Events college basketball. Coming up this shot here's continued there. American athletic conference schedule on the road this will be a two game swing here at that on Saturday to Tulsa. As the shoppers will play their second and third American road games after opening with a road win at Connecticut. At and what exactly back home games last week against Houston. And US south South Florida Bob hall alongside it. Glad to have him in this battle tonight had a little mishap with his neck is that on the Kennedy DLs that has rallied deploy with pain that I that there will be here for the broadcast it. Bob the chance for the shot here's to us get back on the road to do that they've been doing so well for. The last eight years of life. The other that a remarkable road he might I looked up this static in the day Brian Altman editor note since. Flooding ten elevenths season. That's the 2010 feet from the shocker there's seventy. And four feet on the road seventeenth and fourteenth on the road 83% both he's the love that for all home. Record but it's just remarkable how well Greg marshland and he. Have been on the road and here's another test tonight against East Carolina University. The first road game I believe was a tough one UConn a chopper ended up winning it by ten but it was a very tough hard fought game. But it's definitely shocked if it's just that playing really well. Winning that Houston game by eighteen of these South Florida by 38 points to issue a life out of itself they're really on a roll right now my. We welcome you into the interest thanks pregame show of this of course is the portion of the program where you have a chance to participate either with phone calls. Or on Twitter. I am not putting it could reach Ed at shocker voice and by followed it is 8691037. Or if you leave the area code 3168691037. Andrew Hamlet our producer. In the studio and we'll tell you a little bit about ECU that's just a moment and also. A little bit about some music that you've been here through the part of the game that it's. First we wanna go ahead and get to Al because it's very easily been holding on the phone since we started so I'll take away. Arlo thanks for calling. That her uncle of the Carolinas my mind well. Early this isn't. Repeat technical. Food to the trophy a conference game. I'm curious if you think it's the return of market but that nothing was just the inner beauty in what really energizes me. Congress seem to be in the doldrums for a while back in the art they. Political. You know from the vet they see him we were a little bit why at. That it in to coincide with it returned with the king. That it isn't so much crisper in their guys. After it was and that's what Stadler that's just political does it doctor yet another year. And also I'll watch it background of the post game. If you after the last game. It hit bodies lined with it is always I mean he does things like. Guys are. I think I could sense that things are keeping with the doctors I think there is thought the longer third with one. There book and we'll let that he gave I threw him he's informative and I think those in Fukuoka. Pool that. With what you're. Two that the doctor. I now think youth you know there is certainly some validity to do here. Asking about markets but nothing yet how much of the connection that's bad that's what's happening but the other part of the equation is his return. To play kind of coincided with them getting the period when the first semester ended. Ads they're able to practice more and concentrate just on basketball for the last couple of weeks. And that that also has that a key to be able to really have some time. To work on some things that tweaks of things that regard as sharp as they needed to be both on offense and defense. So that to kind of go hand in hand but certainly markets as return on increased its tremendous player and adds a lot at both ends of the floor maybe more than people realized on defense of his length and quickness of the things that he does that in the yacht. They've got the additional markets. Health this talk offensively he can he can guard 123. Or 45. And that matter. I very personable very long. Rebounds he scored the addiction we'll hit four out of five threes the last game against South Florida. And I think he takes a lot of pressure off slant if you have it in those big games you remember. At Baylor. At Oklahoma State you know a lot of the offense. Relied on every shipment and he had a lot of pressure on now with Marcus. Another weapon out there. That's another another guy that he'd have to worry about and they can't focus so much on the debate inside. And Landry camera and then. I think as far as they give him energy at that. Moment I think no doubt no doubt that boxes humans can repeat and there are a lot better can move him. You guys don't have played these units for the fifth round or whoever's going to be fresh Fletcher also. You know if we can you please all right before during finals week are the philosophy political fold. The shocker to fit in Hawaii. The shocker to play and one of the kids sailor wanna be pivotal phase went to figure out how to get the Oklahoma. So I think there may be what the little bit of a let down their psychologically for those who game even though it the coaches. We'll never say this and they always try to get that he's ready for every opponent if it's it's the human nature to look past. And Arkansas State or political post after playing in the outfield and other fees through but it won't be self I think tough stuff we had something do you know finals and also. Opponents refine those few teams played really well against the shocker but the good thing is they want both of these I felt they were tough games Tucker didn't play as well before their plane while right. Now that I think that that people have tended to be a little hard on this too is that about plane. Super great and they thought it very very well before Marcus came back at. I don't know how much you can really count his first game back he played nine minutes and and yet three rebounds made three free throws. And five rebounds that stuff but basically they've what tended to look out here. Against one of the best schedules they waited years and I think to go through this year and everybody remembers just how good he has his watch you play that it is. I hope while you're gonna. While that was quite an accomplishment to go to attitude against that schedule without him maybe if we should give them a little more credit that we have right now everybody's like oh yeah another. Now they're back on track like you're really. Playing very well up the. Alaska with the thin silver lining with that would markets these outlets. To it kind of forces coaches that have played the shark Phillies three. His other foot shark Alley at three along with that ground. And they found out that Kelly can't play with the fastest in the he's such a good offensive rebounder. And you can guard those three men and so it got Rashard Kelly for more minutes to think a lot of confidence and because of that for violent. The drive to the game and if you do threat to the game has brought you spike in this land tire and service for retires and professional out of service are always. A slam dot got to know many if you are planning to drive to this exchange data also see the shots and take on Tulsa on Saturdays. At 630. Might find is for instance faith. At halftime in Houston adequate supplies to its most recent opponents used it. At their next opponent also play tonight at halftime. Instantly tells us. Third I'm sorry 59. To 34. It used to this day thirteen of 183 point two camps in the first half I think we have made a bad defense and it's you know. We're twentieth to shut your fifth place but again we don't act that they're very students. They're going to be spoiling for. A little bit. Evidently you know government have them up for that game you know ally also talked about that round he forgot to mention method that ground. About his last ball game against South Florida get thirteen point fours this. It's five out of five shots three out of three from three through the last few games. He said nine assists and just one turnover that Brown's plan some of the best basketball here now. I doubt thing but it calls we get a fee Twitter question right about the time we went on. Saying this is for Edmund saying I'm guessing the second round NCAA matchup will be against the Missouri valley represented these comments. That's. That's a pretty bold speculation at them because. Wichita State. Right now is being protected its three seed both were they ours at various power rankings they would you read it Nolan Arnie had his racket that he does periodically at the history. So they would play a fourth team in the first round and that was the case and then possibly six or Canada that was it tends to accept that. And honestly right now I don't know anybody in the valley with the basics. They're best RBI. Adds power rankings below sixty theory states that they work sixty to 65 recently. So. You know right now I don't know that they would match up to play the shots in the second round the most hateful that upset previously an a plus expenses of that being in the match where are relatively slim when you consider how many teams in the tournament that vitally probably lonely being one of them. Well it's a little bit early start and NCAA tournament the honest with ya get off his life and enjoy it right through differently going all these different places that. Playing all these different teams different code is. Patter would be talking about the NCAA for although the values that received here. Who have predicted that he went I was the fourth five at this point. And it's great that the winds others had some good wins Utley all of that are. Indian states and they'll. This knocked off Missouri State's throw. I think that have really balance. League this year where we're pretty sure I haven't looked quite closely it out but I'm pretty sure that right now to break its fourth one. There are four teams at three into four more yet to win three. And then northern Iowa strangely at full and five that's the valley. Don't forget any data soccer player hit 50% off your online order in the Wichita area pop which onslaught not a prophet John dot com he's the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount. And that we moved back to the hunt for duck duck thanks for joining us. Hey guys thanks for taking my call. It looked. Picked out a couple players want. That people aren't you that I would they can. Probably didn't hear it that and but the paper had a big article. On Kelly. And if you get it feared it might read it would get back. I wanted to talk about often really. The Eden. It's on other related. Clinton here but he offered through in theory that he meant the there's perjury. And make up about. Him right security. And actually I guess I kinda thought maybe that was it good idea but they didn't do it my goodness of their feet. Aren't paid off definitely. I mean compared. Yeah. It's good as gone way up from. Worse. Right. You're gonna be a big part that being. In the area on the lord. Stand up. Look up there's been hard hit it good and but I cringe every time I beat it happened so fast. I'm proud right Delphi Gupta they're here they're gonna guard. Eight got to go left up here and do who have played them in the future and gave Lilly looked a little off. He looked rather dramatic gain. We've got a week ago. And my goodness I do. His attitude we haven't found out there thought anyway guys. Go to shocker now they have equipment. I doubt I haven't I have not seen the article on Rashard Kelli that any thing positive. Written about Reshard Kelly said about Rashard Kelly I will second heartily at say. Did feel a 100% is just to terrific young man who's having you really find senior year at one of the real leaders on this team that. You talked about it glue guy he's one of the guys who really holds his team together keep him though. Well you talked about earlier Mike that the soccer within you without market with stuffy. And he's one of the big reasons why. You just played his heart out over there volley. It was just a warrior. In those ball games over there it opted to rebound after offensive rebounds blocked shots is doing everything that he needed. And almost with of that championship. And that has played well since he's come back the FB supplied a lot of leadership last year and I think he even. A blossomed in that area and even showing more leadership he's the guy out there coffin. Floor and he is Zack brown are really doing tonight novelty has thief. As far as as they are the guard. He does seem to be having fun. Most of the time but in practice he's got upbeat attitude this violent place votes this time working very hard because. Have a lot of stuff it's you know a lot of work is still things required. But there's a lot of potential there that's a big body. Runs pretty well has pretty good seats. Working on rapid rebound with both hands it will work and had a real him today. A lot of good rebounds we have both hands. And he's got a nice shooting touch for a big guys he's got a lot of upside lot of potential I'm sure they're gonna try to get him. As many minutes as they hand the rest of this season just to give him more ready for the future. Guess you don't you don't see many guys his size. With that's off of hands and that's that should be touchy you watch him in that. Practices watch what about them Simon he really has a soft shooting touch and it doesn't shoot a lot of three pointer from about eighteen feet in. He's a pretty accurate and they're teach him how to go over either shoulder and learn all the most lucrative one. The one challenge with at north. Is that the it's feeder a little bit slow right now is that the work on foot quickness and be able to rest react to the ball. A little bit quicker on lob passes and and on rebounds for the most of those rebounds but that. I think he's got a lot of skills and then voted yes or no sort of and it practice we'll all cars. I think he's going to be really good players. Not only this year but your system. And it certainly. Austin reads I I agree with what you said about him also has. Improved significantly this year I think part of its combination of both the experience he did last year and just being healthier. He's still awfully skinny he does take a beating every time he takes the charge you hold your breath only gets up and he he's going to and it makes it up on the boards. People realize how well he's rebounding Austin Reeves is averaging three and a half rebounds a game in ninety minutes a game that's one of the best marks on the team and its. Double what the average rebounded last year. And it just gets better and better he's got he's got better he would want it. The plane makers of the team leaders when he's on the floor hard and just. Better every aspect itself. Obviously he's going to be a big part of the soccer's future because he's going to be one of the view pretty experienced guys they had coming back. Yeah he did in the guys just don't try to play basketball you know often shoot the basketball from Rangers got a really good. Three point shot it's not 45%. For this season but in conference play. He's 60% fixed on it to himself he even raised that in conference play. He could could cancer had a few too many turnovers and 47 at this point turnover filled hopefully as the growth of security for the cut down on turnovers. But he's out there and a lot of pressure situations. And handling the ball under pressure. And doing a very good job and you talked about the defense. He's not afraid to put his body out there and draw charges against some pretty big people. He's that tough duty to cooperate both he and that's super strong but they want things nothing you know. Like one of our fine pregame sponsors Tarvaris carpet outlet. Exploring Saturn really it is exploring superstore and 1860 north Broadway huge inventory it warehouses there are so they could really stop a lot of fraud excuse me. Drake every day prices on our part would let Kyle area. As rich people to work with. Wife Vivian I have done a couple of projects that are home with few bars and we've really enjoyed the experience of working with them it before it looks great when they get done so. Would you need Florian they kind seek bars yesterday and sixty. North Broadway. A couple of Twitter. Comments and questions. Greg is wondering why Calvin for this factors sports hall of fame city of the most popular and exciting players ever. As a senior member of the very government NCAA tournament if we just talked about that T about Calvin on the drive with Bob. On went. Yeah and here we La. Really five point guard shocker that's certainly a thing that probably needs to get this festival board hall of fame consideration. That question do you think this is the team will pose any threat at all for the shocker if not we'll talk more about that in pre game and not winning strategies. And had access the live in North Carolina for six years warning North Carolina barbecue is very different. And authority. Had experience with that this past catalogs from people. And it's horrible and definite theft. I feel like theater. Head she said there. Who's going to get paid double double tonight. Who wants. I'm coach Jack goes well. Throughout the hit and run it probably probably more likely of the rebounding well it might be Kelly. I think that's true it is art whenever it's on the phone for us thanks for joining. Guys I think people might take him mindful and hopefully be too long I think. Five of food any number of people who are you know that's the question. It is our every poll. Carter. When he transferred to death did you. Said. Thinking who's going to be anything. At the end of this. But I have never been. Had been driving the verified. That they. Made though. All love coming up and take your phone listen. Again thank you so much with the work if you do. Our respective. Here's here's where birth they've got a nose in the the facts are half that time most of you probably don't remember anymore. But the FDA news to catcher eligibility and tenacity. You have four or five years to play for. But you've got basically had in fact been crashes were eligible for the varsity and basically got six semesters are to be quite so if you came on the and it did hear of life you. Then you had two full years and one more semester I have investigated it and here's NATO and editing Mark Connor yet not transfer. Atkinson master it's here after spending we'll hear up residency through its fuel before healthful life that you. You have to sit out. First semester of college career which was hottest days after the record for me you look at Hudson's target demographic that we. Here and the war on top of so he has all of these years why not let them play boxes. Which does yeah and he gets a transfer miss mr. Letterman getter yeah I think in January I thought I thought that was the case. So we had to say that he just he just practiced with the team. That this spring semester. And it started playing that. Followed all. But it the other Connor observation for MTV on sliders and I think Connors have more. More of these shots and anyone on the team and it's very Covert policy people don't. Overlook it. 1 of August. And Everhart is absolutely true daughter has certain. And five assists and five turnovers in thirteen games played 46 minutes of game seven don't want it. Assisted turnover ratio. End. Like about a third of the turnovers per game on average so that is outstanding now. He doesn't try to make a lot of plays itself the way he plays is fairly safe and and he's not good turnovers. That's fine that's. As far as hitting key shots and certainly has hit some big shots you a couple of the Baylor game that was critical. Let me champ but that was also hit plenty of big shots and Marcus Vick Duffy Kansas well that's one of the great things about this week is that. Don't have to rely on one guy or two guys to take a shot at a big situations though the other team knows who you're going to let. You see you know stuff on the team you know being this guy's got the guy after that it doubles team in the everything they can't take them away. With this they've now run the offense. But it certainly wanna start with a landry's hands what ever. But they're going to be a lot of options and that's that's one of the things that history that difficult if they. And you know what Netflix situation that doctors can go inside to that Jack Morris. Darryl Willis. And they can they can have Mark Duffy on one side content on the other Landry can create his own shot. Though there's a lot of different options that might do that and I think that it started to. And also received very unselfish. You know they'll willingly pass the ball probably it's their doubles team here I don't have good shots though. The very personal thing if the team with a lot of weapons though. No we've never been more than what. Sixty point became christianity. And then it's a little from twelve workflow. Ranking while still. Very balanced attack and I think that's what Greg bark was only shooting for a great golf that they detected quick time out that if you would like to continue your discussion whether it's or ask this question whatever it may be. Give us a call at 8691037. Or you can reach me on whether it shocker. Your voice that we'll get favorite questions about it possibly can't they let us if prospect pregame show from Greenville, North Carolina. And. 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Security investment advisory services offered for each point financial ES PF member -- SIPC typically don't and energies into marking names products are us as reference here are independent of us via text or is when he won a free of course to play in Wichita Kansas and there's a golfer wants it to 0101 Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent friend woody and John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE one yeah. See you can. Now North Carolina for the LA community of about a 100000 in force eastern Carolina. The he always found it is 9807. As the default but about 49000. Students. As the basketball program the athletic programs boosted this is his life. 96 or 65000. Earlier. Going to Carolina club on the other's games tailors it here a lot of that the Hamlet has. At our request it together South Carolina related soft quiet so. Breaks tonight we'll be doing now is because these replies that's out there. Also coming up on Saturday night at South Florida Connecticut will clear up there and help your joints that looked. Yeah. He's seeing you played in the southern conference for twelve years after going to division wanted independence for the next five. Revisions CAC southward to. The colonial athletic association of their part of that league for nineteen years. Then go to conference USA for eleven. And then join me AC with the other members in 2013. They have won only conference titled the Southern Conference since 1972. As a colonial athletic association. In 1993. Was close had a long history in. Football and it pretty darn good tradition in baseball basketball has never quite gotten it going at a sustained rate. They have that a division one program for 52 or 53 years and they've only had fourteen winning seasons at that time. Average approaching ten years than about 45 years. Dave Odom certainly went on the success of Wake Forest in South Carolina began his coaching career here the only state three years. There's been some other. Good game shows you really had a pretty good run here is that coaches at Florida Gulf Coast was assisted you for a decade. And just leave golf. Had one of the best runs tell anybody about it. And here it completed seven years coming this year was just a couple of games below 500 had a couple of seasons recently. Got offensive force authority had to get surgery it here last year he has a son playing at high school that he. Flooded the cease fire authority is suddenly announced his resignation at the end of November at. Michael Perry has taken over as interim itself into a program that has. Had a lot of success of his history. Oliver back to back in the late seventies and outstanding guard here in the second round if BA draft pick blue Edwards. Late eighty's that you favor after. I can't hit it hasn't been as one. Basketball program this has been a strong part of its athletic. And I went back and watched that press conference when Jeff legal. 39. Not on their web site. Now why the future of those that help free from another health issue that he could have hit the tree and had. It out about seven breaking. Last year because of that. But I think it was a family decision you've got a phone it's a really good at the basketball player he has been able to watch him play. And he wanted to watch him play itself. You with a guy that people thought was to get this thing going because in 2013. The year's shocker went for the final war. He was 23 and twelve and what they were to see I can't say enough of these different. So they had to call they couldn't follow roughly 112 games the following year. If he can't let yourself. Like I finished fifth hardest thing. And success here three years. Follow up from Edmonton who had waited about the possibility of playing at valley team in the NCAA tournament it would it. Speculating that the second round would be our first game so at the valley representative might be at 1450 seat actually they've gone backs do not. Call it that anymore you have the first four which they were calling the first round it's time for a couple years. That's just the first forest analysts are preliminary and that round of sixty four's back to me the first round the second round business. Around 32 teams that won't want one I think defenseless that it's. Heck we're very valid defense. Right now. Relief kind of flipped upside down. It's going to be the theme running through the tournament and things. Also adequate got a question from Carol has Greg Marshall head of the players go to the NBA before he came to WSU. I am pretty sure that he did not have any wine at went through who actually. Played in the end he I think he had at least a handful of guys who read rafter or at least invited him. NBA you have to think he's got to look at inflated. The and in Europe certainly. But now I don't think he had in the NBA players he was. I would that TJ on the volatility that. Yet guys that. For taking my call up for I really enjoyed listening to your show. For years and years. Really good if I appreciate you. Quick question. One. Is the absolutely do worry him. Are the guys at the post game shows after our last game. Talk. So far has been. Different. It's valid. With this league and it is we do hear that I want to if you guys it's. You on it's actually. How it's gonna going. In the future. And I also would like this. Of this scholarship. Six bill. You know. I think they've got a whole field. It if you have time the US gold. Idea for it. And I appreciate your. I heard Vijay thank you. As far as the conference will. I think the point that they were making this night Jeff loosen particular I've since talked about an emphasis on drive it. It isn't here where some of the traditionally strong. Not his blog entry through Connecticut it's helpful. The ones you mentioned specifically. But in terms. How beneficial is that what you thought it. This league. Certainly there are four teams in the top 45 herself power rankings. That that could be his that is awarded. That would certainly be big step in the right direction. And you see Athens round 65 in the they can't Pomeroy it over the metrics and that's as good as anybody in the Missouri Valley Conference that five. As. As good as or better than the valley's best and that there is probably. So far you see you tonight applauded at US. After his feet by 38 on Sunday. Our past 300 in the power rankings through Canada through fifty something like that is nobody in the valley that bad loans you know. He into the valley maybe that's part down felt. We're all the league is certainly stronger. Certainly has the potential to have. Multiple NCAA tournament teams. Yes it will be used its offer assistance was traditionally strong program slight chance on getting a little bit yeah. Just going deaths. SMU SMU and the other night self. So ultimately it was successful down Dallas. But yes I do think they lost a lot of guys to. Graduation draft that really have sympathy. Last year it was only going away but that they got beat first round NCAA tournament. By USC guys that got him. But Cincinnati NASA's he's as good as that if he's country. And licenses today David game that they're they're really good. Yeah I think that that's off this league is much comfort him as Missouri valley if you want to give them that globally. Maybe maybe it's closer. Was like my. At the Connecticut down a bit of what they've been. A lot of repeat every year but. Apple down a little bit but it is about the flu really love of the incident itself but at the top I think with Cincinnati which I think that the league is. Is not much stronger. Dollar. Ed Dudley assistant coaches let's and I forget the sacrifices TJ and I apologize that it went down but. I think perhaps this is his fourth year on the staff Kyle lives instead it. His third year. And Donnie Jones in his first here. As citizens of those 33. Full time assistant coaches Dominick of has this list coach Marshall since the beginning his eleventh here as the director of basketball operations he does a lot of trip planning. You had all of those kinds of things. And device this is it his eighth here as the director of player development work with players have a lot of off or types of things so. That's the staff and again. Donnie Jones the only brand new technology that 2000. Assistance departed in the past years as Kansas actually rolled orbit consultant and it wasn't. Considered one of the free fulltime assistant. It was great hire. Is that LS US citizens. And people but don't know Johnny. Don't factor on he was at that. Florida for six years. And then now we're in the NB AS's out last year. But prior to Central Florida he was eleven years. At University of Florida and that was part on that staff of the NCAA can't defeat to hosts that handles Evan. No he's got a lot of experience at the highest level in the NCAA and had a lot of experience here in this league. Building up program itself. We have at least one more Twitter question to get through so we'll take at that time out of that you'd like to play this anymore basically all we can take that so little return on the interest banks pregame show from Greenville, North Carolina. Shocker nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan group that JPY again and again. 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Today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough in myself feel when something or newfound type plus 40000 refiners barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 new Nissan or does porn film which talk dot com. Would prefer an informant who. Important for you know for a fact that license office. That may be friends on this platform until I hit them once it's men and can pass the Mormon and. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Alex Acosta in valley center in danger or an Andover was a lawyer. WSU shocker basketball is on one. Yeah. Nothing like it's. Okay. No one could be Serena and I. Yeah I. And I Al Jolson I don't know if that's the name. You know I'm very sorry I thought they always have the first talking picture. What is his biggest chances Carolina in the morning. Our Carolina music there's the event handling. As we play for the first time here in east policy at Greenville, North Carolina. I read as a unit putter question about. Love this may be coming in to. Help. As we aren't we guarded the posts next year and here's the shocker the man recruits. Isiah forebears Chandler since that's his full name. Native Americans from Omaha Nebraska he's playing at sunrise academy this year 69255. Pound post man. I'd be at TDK is starters only junior college transfer of this class of sixth having any 611 about two point eight. He's from the country of Colombia flying at trinity valley community college. And then. Boris you know is there's a 68240. Pounds for a five man. From Richmond Texas he's playing it Smart bird academy in Florida one of those if your prep schools. Add those are the the three post players that will be covering the end. And then also. Not ground who's currently the program where security is 66 complacent war also be mostly a three. But those that are those the big guys coming in and. The other night at the narrative today if this eight Eric Stevenson who shot his efforts from Washington State. Came for a visit just to see anything felt. And spirited and city. Where forebears Chandler and she has more in other shots that group is also playing it surprised that it chance or is it went and it. Foods they say is listed about 67 criticizing that he's probably more like 69 now I think in the long. Wait players can really shoot something outside. It's really a big part of factors that you're sitting there together if you miss a few months of this. And that was TJ second question is do soccer tennis scholarships left that is the test every in my body and I don't. They know they do but that's always a fluid. Situation TJ. You never know who's coming back you never know what's gonna happen. With the keys though they coaches usually over over recruit. Because they don't wanna be caught short. But at the moment they have signed six and they have six leaving town you know there's certainly a very strong possibility Atlantic Ocean and it could be done also outsider. So that's probably a better feel for that by spring in and made that decides somebody else's displaying those signs lately anyway. That's where we are thank you for your calls and your tweets we've got to move on Gregg Marshall coming up next with the coach's corner. Invited to stay let that says the interest rates pre game show continues to soccer's visiting east Carolina. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys and only grant early JD power dependability awards for cars trucks suvs two years and wrote I am so fast and that's great especially here's an upset he's stepping out there get behind the wheel and treat yourself like Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. 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Are all there and joy and bring your chance to win a trip to Minneapolis. Be qualified to win UConn location experience is game day. She's listen we. Word to. When you hear Texaco Edwards is 72881. Thing you only qualified to win in this national contest. That's 72881. Yard line and you might recall from one of three point seven JD why again. Experience Super Bowl ticket packages on sale now visit and location dot com today this data rates may have. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris post cameo underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or his bill for a pummel. We should just university soccer basketball is on 13 point seven KYNYT. Time. There's a cab orient that. And. Now now fish in. Yeah my. Simpson. Eric church Carolina bar fire Carolina isn't getting us into tonight's game between Wichita State's Andy see you. Here in Greeneville and coaches thought it was head coach Gregg Marshall presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a million. To work coach in this conference schedule now full scale and a two game road swing which a little bit and usually your tenure which. That's only the third time that we gone back to back games without coming back to and there's just that late start on Thursday night tonight and then. Having to go on the road again on Saturday tolls we're gonna fly tomorrow Friday. Directly tolls and practice there and then aboard the bus trip down from what you. This is not an unfamiliar place these injuries coliseum here at east Carolina. Yeah I was I was just approached by gentlemen up in the hallway and he says. Your coach Marshall said yeah he you have that look after the okay well I don't know what that means. The finishes we remember you from your win for teens and our we came here a couple times and we had a two for Warren contract with east Carolina back in the day. So yeah I remember this place. Hopefully we can play well. Yeah a little bit of trouble lately is an illness migrants and things everybody pretty healthy on it and then lit lately it's been more. Viruses. And it's been not been long guys have recuperated pretty quickly but it's been torn for 36 hours of really feel badly. And it's gone around a couple of guys plus and staff members so. Everything everybody. Shaq did not feel well yesterday but he and it shall and went through practice and so hopefully he can. Continue that. You know we talked before the season started coming into the news conference like this it was all going to be read every first time around and it was almost like another nonconference game you're not really that familiar with personnel what have you seen from me you just done. Videos so well you know they've had a tough year because they they're coach resigned after six or seven games and got to interim coach and down they had some injuries so. But they didn't beats South Florida at South Florida the other night so watch that game in preparation for the South Florida game. That gets three lefty guards can really. Give it going to drive the ball hardly got a guy comes also bitch Williams who can shoot from deep two big guys in Nairobi team. But you know they if they play with confidence which they during spurt that South Florida game and then. They were real close with UConn UConn last week. That they can be a problem so we've got to just come out and try to play forty minutes and hopefully they'll be good enough. Barkley is 654. It seems to be pretty personable I look at his numbers pins and score in different ways greatly. Yeah he's slasher and shoot it 23 he can got a good pull up game. He's. Plea to three and four forms. And Tyson's a bit off guard. Another lefty in the Fleming who played against this when he was a freshman at Hawaii and had a good game. Is also. Lefty and and he loves to eat paint. What to be seen from them defensively as far as may be some things not basically an enemy or just a couple possessions it to three all your life. I don't think it shut it coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State and TCU for the first time coming up from Greenville north. Carolina. Beat lauryn ask to know that's an NC chocolate. Our dream is to make chocolate that not only eat it says we are second competing directly from not violence and shoot a traffic accident at American family insurance. We believe your dream the most valuable things you yeah. So today we're supporting Lawrence dream if people want to get your phone. They can just buy some of our chocolate every dream deserves a champion find yours at and him dot com American family insurance American coming to insurance company into 2000 American part doesn't testify for entry. 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Capital letter we believe that the smallest things can make a world. Hello. Coffee and just for you for over 120. Years all the little things. Capital better. Equal housing wonderment. For a few I shocker force has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Jerry Crawford and remain firm Harding Mike Rogers in Newton Ken hall or in molding Kirk Farber. Wichita university soccer basketball is on 13 point seven KYNYT. Two. Can. Yeah. Every job here. Point 78 UYM. That's sorry surprisingly. Loud response to those attackers hit what it means soccer fans sitting behind his fifth of those certainly they need. Gregg Marshall fans from his fourth birthdays and acquaintances down here in south puncher shocker a lot to live in the area but. They're not wearing winter here by his words golden yellow gold and black behind this it turned out what exactly here's North Carolina. The farm system. Traveled from a wicked stuff for the game itself. We've got that's got the thing that's all over the country to finding out instantly. First ever time that these two teams have met. Had this to the game at seventh and eighth. Overall there 54. Under interim head coach Michael Perry took over fears of Culpepper went through awfully close tonight. They don't want afraid of the American athletic conference went through one quit having one point lead on the road. South Florida Wichita State thirteen into the overall its dockers have moved back up to. Fifth in the nation in the rankings this week tied with Purdue if I didn't mean Paul alone in fifth. The coach's fault. For the stock has dropped nearly three you know start in the AAC. To a no on the road and it's don't bump one on the road with a win. At Connecticut Bob Barr has been winning strategies brought to my capitol federal. First round of the moment dream off you can trust the strength behind fruitless financing capital federal equal housing lender members at. Guys. Thanks Mike we'll the first yeah its. Defense. ECUs death athletic team that got three talented guards were all left handed. And it's not that defensively. Got to control their cars. 63 senior PGA I think. He's a lefty that averages sixteen points five rebounds shoots a lot of relief. But he loves to drive that well it point by point against Cleveland State the court brief that game. Thirty points if you if you won't we'll be fined when he won seven rebounds. Vs UConn at seventeen and ten rebounds at both local versatile player he played 36 minutes a game. And that the defenders have to stay in front of him and don't let him get in the 6363. Junior I think Fleming. Another lefty. He averages 32 minutes a game. Thirteen point three rebounds got to win wars that driver. You don't fix for 38 from three that's 60%. Love to go to. We'll let let's look at the basket and he draws a lot of files to fight through your control Barkley. He's another lefty that averages 33 minutes per game. He scored twelve points six rebounds for me to drive in the loop. He could post up he can hit a bit range jumpers jumper very versatile player. Only 27%. From three this kid love also right to work that they were 50. Notebook reasoning guys that if doctors need to control and keep that he. Second he would offense the pirates played most of them and they expanded. They love it's Joplin to passively but feels. You could hurt them inside if you run your plays and break them down so look for the doctors to focus on beating up on his side effect. Carol Willis and he'll want to. The thirteenth rebounded VCU few places won't even before the office of fluff again. On the key rebounds that self the pilots are not afraid of block an awful time for us Kelly. And brown well if you thought the board this this year offices we found in the last you can hear them all you want a fourth if you would turn over their African fourteen. Mean I don't know I don't hate and and doctors that take care of the ball. They're not that easy you can be easy like I Bob thank you see injury report brought you trying to top you live your life or journey nor optimal. This is the first game I don't wild. It has had anything flyer. Out of the lineup season. It'll be at full strength at Wichita State has taught her friends can't fact revealed that it's as top secret Parcells who he is just a little bit ago. Everybody in good shape. What doctors have been some a little touches fires going through it seemed that everybody practiced yesterday everybody participated. In the shootaround today so healthy and ready to get after it tonight here in Greenville. At this time. It's like she's she's honest. Colors that this is that. We honor America where he can't play. Actually let us always list. National Anthem here at east policy it. Yeah me. Oh. Hey. Time. Okay. Us. Okay. Yeah I'm. Paying its. Okay. Okay. This is not a did tonight this and his fellow citizens approximate. Here's a little bit left gruesome recent renovations. And that's the big thing he redid the floor a couple of years ago plan but it. Zeus scoreboard read message boards that they suffered foreigners all four corners of the buildings. And it did. They have been averaging about 3100. For games at home so far this year. In eleven previous home games it looks pretty full tonight Cincinnati's thousand. I'm fascinated probably had six or so anyway at the open tonight is probably see their biggest tragedy. I was witness box scores might dividends. 3048. Results by far the biggest thing out of your business. Class he's here to tip the scales at your favorite pie eating healthier snacks and about today today's healthy soccer CS is brought to you. It health care and he'll program learn more realistic you know. Dot com starting lineup slots to buy equity bank we've never made an AC entry into the business of online and it. Thank god not. Do soccer starting lineup is the book if you had become. British doctors are all else be at the guards. With the land lease candidate and not a brand camp at before. Alert chart Kelly. And background and it center Shaquille Morris Kelly 617 here from Fredericksburg Virginia spotlight nine point for game seven point four. Rebound background 66 senior from Houston Texas 75 points a game. Coming off one of his best games of the season with thirteen. Against us that. You feel more his sixth save lady fifth year senior defensive Oklahoma won't point this point. It brings back. Not a breath yeah. It's not the it's. Okay. And 6% from three over his last seven games and in Latin Shannon. Sixty point one points per game four point seven assists hitting only 55%. From the field. 15%. Drop beyond the yard score east Carolina. Control for a little bit of Florida's six my head for a Durham, North Carolina averages twelve point four points of the game six point four rebounds. And K Tyson is basically suited guards are. Carolina. As it is James leading scorer and his three previous seasons and is living again this year. All right Fred. He's 610 to 35 pound senior from Toronto Canada. It was a teammate at their lowest a couple of years ago at pearl river Community Colleges Mississippi. Flag averaging five point nine points per game six point nine rebounds. Three the Japanese. Within 68 freshman from Serbia. Everything's seven points and four point eight rebounds per game and getting the start tonight that's the point John Williams things. Redshirt freshman. From Little Rock, Arkansas seven point nine points per game for Williams he's taking place in the starting line up of ice and watney who has started most of the game loving Lucy flooding up to 63 junior high. From Hawaii. New Year's there. Vary from Wilmington Delaware. I he averages thirty you've been at this game so I think Fleming kind of surprised that he's not starting lineup and they're going with depression. Election profoundly. Wanted to get it underway to knock. Flag flutters or not. Laughs although the. The place standing at the bottom of the shores along with the older basic colors are purple and gold. But it words were blocked. Safari for. Craig it's. Saturday isn't doing officials for tonight's game that edit simply. Yes he's definitely a positive effects weren't working enough a couple of balls please select where. His philosophy of how does he could definitely write some of the DJ times in Vancouver and it's nice to control blood are being covered by Shannon. It Williams looking down the block it's clear that the magnitude of backdating at scores against those baseline traffic to their NASA just like to dance all of this now. My doors on the floor and offload myself. Sent a slightly different yeah that's that's right his talents and look to the has recently lost look like words around that it does this offensive rebound by telling run up to them mills reliance fit that the other way. So there's not there's just. Yeah I thought Clinton rebounds five restarts the only horse this looked like he would settle up with that. That the last seconds optimal path to camp at the basket ethic which is now mistakes and I suggested that it's not. Frankly it looks inside the length nobody apparently left that it feeds off the Wall Street picked Atlanta or athletically it's positive outlook slot right. I definitely positive. The defense. Yeah it was Smart lost vision of his game he got to see him the ball all the time positive for tonight's match. Advanced suits you and Kelly right side of the line Boris is not an excellent good luck printing a three let's swing back. Easy is that a reflection on really fast food prices shot dates listed on the floor. And over on the right Lincoln felt partly through tree lay off of our club actually think that's an air ball flies down by chef at the more races and a support drives in the middle of the lineup look for the French camp of those shots they could visit a fumbling the ground and reset the confidence Philly it's not it's. Blustery we're supposed tonight that definitely. So obviously assessments on the floor. As soon as effectively and it's not Williams met with Brad Smith drives Dixon over Morris with career off the bat long wait until Friday. Tyson flurries here a lot of rubber bullet in the red as a thousand. Soccer fitness of three pointer against South Florida. Got a knighthood too wide open looks like our first like conflict and that's thanks Jack Larsen told them this that we all thought. There's not flames won for the fourth start shooting the ball. Wanted to live racing news CJ Tyson's ex receive your waves throughout North Carolina that's really his game slashing drive it to the basket. 83%. Now she's the first one is that this. Tonight ever consists of his sixteenth game. Only a 32%. Three point shooters and he is more about mid range and drives to basket tonight that you know. And that's a thirty point gain 45 points in the. We'll look. Forward to the pirates six relief. Two free throws put DJ Tennessee friend. Demand full floor offensively Shawne Williams odd chance that it. They don't want differences here between an Oakland on one Huntsman campus is if you. It's the streets of Boris it was not a once looked legitimately. The slot that's not frozen French definitely Phillips incident to military out of a little ground no tickets. It is also that. Nice to rebound Giffords. Took down some of the floor disheveled mess left when Barkley. Himself largely. Directing traffic and we got a movie. Called me in front. It is on safari break his first and that's. And I kind of moved up movies you found this a little bit had sex round was fighting over the street and you can't tell from the foul. Sure duties for a shocker now was on. Let's. If it was not for instance that. Good course for example a pilot wings. In the fact that threats to play chances of that round it's not likely to have an apartment high mostly telling him that this industry left elbow last sort. Lose and it's natural balance plus. Okay I've heard the defense plays Carolina that's when I'm afraid in advance their longer athletic itself if they. The shots are inevitable thing inflated either having trouble getting outside shots Fortson pirates that's really their strength is their defense that it's not Tyson right in the right side of the late president thought. Yeah that's right sideline and brown like poison plot the that if not more instances that includes for example that tree left wing. Obama nice nasty I feel bonuses and a friend can't really up and say yeah looks like seconds left with this could fix it often go with a wide open and frankly. Five EC now I want it come off the street Tyson kicked it up slightly Barkley. That's nice and so I think definitely it's history its positive its because write them back left Myers with the eighth since that yeah. We should definitely across the sidelines left wing ground faulted. For the moment that's legitimate right. We feel like telling for three did not know enough about the the rebound effect throughout. That's up and found on. We talked about his doctors didn't to be offensive board that's not lose that round. Kevin in this fight the shark Alley no effectiveness timeout. Slid the now is going to go on control Barkley his first and the an excellent record sixteenth time out at 1549. On her staff. It is east Carolina six Wichita State crime. 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He's but he's seen Sanford Florida shooting it better than not getting as many chances because they turn it over twice that done for soccer and soccer's have to do. Offensive rebounds and your Carolina music center Zach brown line for 23. Who has not been bounces and that's his first wife that ties the game at 660s. And you get one more. Around militants against South Florida since retreated some innocent until they shot free throws and I have a fifty game ahead. They some balls and now he'll come out as markets that Duffy Texans for the first time a lot of mergers in the field Boris. As you know Willis is in for Rashard now. And corporate citizen might once you won one film France. You haven't had trouble getting it and now at the united plummeting in the game now authorities send it back toward double teamed up because it's not like threats almost lost handled themselves and to back up front the flooding. Haven't guarded by different intervals for their rights nuts not completed 76 after trailing 62. Not suggest it's one dribble left wing to Barkley out that Tyson guys snuggling into a lot of traffic that's not why was Senator Clinton Willis and the solution or. On the left wait for it hit back with him that. And now a bit those nerds who wheels left into the yeah. Good quick look inside. Fear that those rankings inside it goes your freedom left him with a laugh as the little twit Panthers who is less fuel it is suited up spun back tonight. Not a typical and it obviously it's not it's at 96. That it Barkley writes that if he's definitely key. Craig fumbled the ball recovers it. That got throughout the flooding. Let me start to left behind the back cut off nicely my friends can't Willis and fires it up anywhere from fifty that this is. We've got to have guys fought together went out over as well as an inside position. Fleming was not authentic atmosphere the monologue right sidelines in Portland directed traffic as incidents of dribbles and to take a long three sets up. Technologies it is. But few steps behind the three point 1% to not that hard can't it cannot not for an offensive force to create open up the good. On the other thing that happens in youth night. And frankly. They can Atlantis is at 47%. Three point shooters the niceties that off but nothing back at its. Let me let me let me get this straight down the lines gets shot fake out and this is just nuts trying to follow up like drag. As soft as it is. Scientists in tonight's game survives evenings Johnson constantly second chance to play campus of trademarks illness. It's not all commodities started out here at the first floor well for assignment in essence. Right now that we found him waiting for the ten months older grafts that rabbit dot effectively it's done. It's Joe's listened to Florida's often. Okay yeah. It's it's not complex we. It's not effective civil. It's not that this. It's not naked bootleg Chrysler needs to drive that was the line goes from fifty business. That's the politics drove existed for Willis got a wide open 52 of them with enough. Currently it's not what could take blame connected at the foul line and then knocked out of him by analysts have refused to flattening Dolan left everybody's. Himself off the streets picked up his dribble crosscourt Tyson shot fake drive it. Did you travel I think. It could have scores could all hold on it's not that. And it. After the nets on this music stuff yeah. All the wrong reasons such a team foul shots. These adjustments for us. Barkley comes out public. It's conflict with a little bit on ways to expect. That's Millen doesn't really energize this crowd incidents sentences mean enough positive adjustments with some of the re not you know it's not let them stolen by every. Not leavened. Let me look at pileup but some of the lord Verizon who runs it to nurture thought Dallas not that it covers. Thanks Fred definitely before this is massive force one out and this is sadly I don't think any significant network of business we've got to fight listening shows that the threats or right side effects across the top that off my thoughts and yet it feels good. There's your. Golf is not reflective. Of the field fifteen footers contested lay off the right side. Out of it's not just look at this right now three foot swells from the field and a lot of those eyewitnesses have been way off. Now this is very affluent and analysis and that was. Right right at them and stuff you. Holmes is he going to. 119 TCU and it's not Craig started nine years left wing lemmings running off the screen and a pleasure to loose balls running at this week. Recover a fumbled it flows like water opens today for Sean yeah. Or. Feel I have to continue to cover the ball. Not. Fourteen to nine virus that's out there is its biggest lead definitely but nothing drives baseline all the Lyndon Johnson found. I did the actual shooting threats like this stuff off the street and confidently thinking that's who thanks. Good stuff will be at the line with him you have to be a good club not about if you hold and it just is getting all they can handle. A big underdog is 9/11. Fifty begun the first half and TCU fourteen Wichita State now. Hi this is actually Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with you my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various place or how much time to work out that because there's not one place that meets all of our needs. So to say we are thrilled opted life we'll fill that void is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness these exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have child care. 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At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker forces draw you buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a toss up in Dolly's energy indeed born and over what lawyer. USC shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy. So far which gets us started getting out played a little bit here. Airline 1150 to go through its athletes. The sharpest knife was to test case. It is very poorly for him well all the brunt of the one of several. Five of eleven from the field to revive its 45 and a half percent overall. And easy as yeah. Don't listen to the states. Michael for the pirates have been a good job defensively keeping the ball out of the news tonight with the ball go in the polls found it shocking drive. Seven as a shocker flop shots have been completely shot. Artist that definitely free throw line both teams are. The truth of the lot because. I'll have businesses that participate six of seven in the Philippines that he has play. It's. That's good but nothing gets his. Now this next round we'll sub back in the business artist. Slightly but nothing snowed the original starting five back yeah it's definitely rounds in France can't Boris. Johnson and let me. Williams and Tyson see you. Hart's double team back to work that way right now. Flipping flopping afford decisive fifty rights not just it's not adequately if I. So Wentworth next half out Russell sponsors together for them eventually got the hands that were flatly. Around them rights watch the Phillies. It's not the right side of the line. The line that ultimately it's the French finance front the front countless lives and apply for us. We'll like those baseline the lefthander places influences. They got an inside that time exactly where it really flown movement the basket last night that did not. That's up to fourteen penalties on eleven minutes ago staff at NASA's assistant. It didn't sell things and Kelly this one out of announcements background got to have passed easily influence why it's not that out of bounds. Colonel in the soccer fans inside politics and mr. You know this has sent an excellent hustle. You know it's not Lawrence Wilson. Reverse lay up this it's always not climbers are now. Things that they coming out of timeouts when sizeable us in this that but only about. 1414. Accidentally flooding in that defiantly. And it's nice niceties cartilage damage that's unfortunately. The left lots of negative feeling ticket but it won't that's definitely a ball. It now. It's reckless it's instantly gained only left side. Killing it up with him history on a few bars nowadays is wide open. When he flew violence on the left side long back and doctors want it. Read that is very Islamic anti oxidant out of it correctly if you want it don't look what Pratt had all the size advantage. But that's not defense not it's something different ethnic foods is 61 does that make shots. Now nightly round match with. Way back out for a long it's it's not penetrate outline all the way to look at it not for laughs. That's a fact worth anything feel like hypocritical of them that he rolled all the ways that made a laughing matter we thought the first soccer players or more than once tonight lately but not in the Langley at the traffic blocked by Boris it's another night Elliott over the back to glory today. That Marshall talked about it in an interview they loved it like that physicians. Drive in the bath but they're limited the shots they were doing a good job of penalties yards. And that's. Correct fortunate bounce on pirates. And they'll make a couple of changes up front at the end this bond rudeness excellent junior from Nigeria. And it also in the first time tonight. Is justice or possibly on society if Wallace with airlines. Doctors fight tooth and let goes right he's definitely got some friends here it's not connected to create an out of you can't conceal my next round it's like. Bart Collins ranking funneled through that that's just days. Maybe the early on its stance is records. 36. Games now that he has made a three point shot. At seven boards in the previous. One reason for him ample amount. We'll corporate forget Mike with a 1211. Old Trafford in front of traffic Portland welcomes. Them Vincent Barkley and Canada in the heart of its assets were 200. Over the flooding flooding split the double team guys on the line right quarterly himself that you no. We've not correct ticket out of his hands Isaac around stolen away from the month NASA propeller running the floor and it was deflected by. This artists' okay. But from here. Your life if it deflected off this thing is the long path that's my background it's like enough on it deflected off with Kelly out of bounds and hustled by a majority was running hard down the floor but he seemed possible that pretty well to break it out. Loving and department basket back with flooding double team on Chrysler finance department are constantly backward across it last night. Money in the grave threat. Looming out that was of course. I've always end up losing streak five. He has slipped right into the definitive that's going to do business. In the fifty. Yeah. Now if they hitless in four on Wall Street you know. Who's been Ronald at times he'd look enough and it didn't. Stop at all in writing to soccer in there. Pretty obvious conflict I think it around and I Greg Washington and fresh fruits of their reaches its greens sham it. The merger with athletes. And she assured telling him at the top news. It's exactly as it looked for the meant that a basket that didn't give him that Natalee on the left slingshot and it's a double screens or not. Lots with Kelly catches under reverse lay up but I got. It's wonderful accurately yeah it was Smart thing to balance that almighty Google backed up 1814. Doctors unfortunately sixteen yard effort at. Silent night. Running back at threatens now to street or at least that's not gonna take the three fist in office accidentally got talent. It's our principles that it's an accord can't stand under the basket good hearted. It's definitely getting fouled on the that's a beautiful fast break by the doctors outlet pass Kelly it's in the champ and a couple dribbles and hit a three key market. Not be that guy definitely up. Detective now it looks like 35. Minutes ago. His second very food orders sixth that now. Completely three point play some markets at the free throw line it's four points to knock it on the fly around. Through seven he had. Does that bear on age twelve it'll run at home via the pirates at that he has threatened to all of them according to connect cornered comfort foods. France's and it got them out of office Flemish pass deflected stolen by telling. It launched a trade mr. off the back rebounds added up 5000. Reason that the markets in front of the right side it's him off the street fighter right baseline he's confident and nurture close up. And I thought what if I'm wrong military vehicle or all of the physical contact info about the fall of profits last that you. Doctors now on a floor to. Any time out at 740 to pick up the first half Wichita State's what do you. Afraid ECU's. Fourth seed. One company on a mission to put a million people to work to cheer sounds like the big number doesn't it not to express employment professionals. You're still in the operator welder or maybe you're looking to find new jobs and distribution. How about a forklift operator. 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I just got to have heart. Yes indeed we believed to be signed not for treating and that's why we offer free delivery and Italy and we are every thing we now LC intensity eat watch happy. Shocker basketball he's done 103 point seven JEY and. He's been brought out port hope there's seven and wanted 33 point where. It's about 3 o'clock in the league felt the balls. Three it is almost doctors on Saturday night James Taylor's my life on the Carolina get it back into this but Wichita State is not a war. I'm home reported out all fourteen points out Tom did the page or the free throw but it definitely was headed to a basket. Thank you only god basket at that. After the fifth the last media time out his doctors is the Vatican from. The floor. There's three of those four mrs. Were missed three self. Six out of seven inside the three point line out of nurtured to the line for the first time he has four points on a pair of field those factors are. Hi as a team. It's free throw some places. Point one of the old fashioned way Toronto with five nothing has fourth ranking amplified it thwart. State. Dockers or eight at twelve fruits and you won't want to stand for three point shooting. And it seemed almost a turnover by flooding in years he'll definitely clothing that covers it's it's not suggest that if I post right elbow back up front when it. ECU now under 30% after a hot start and I that he. Suffered you know. Asa hottest just as soon blossom time businesses who points. They've done it 55 shots including one basket this year when this game and I shots. Janet but it's really got to keep Joseph you gotta figure through muscled it after the then again good ball movement here it was seven. It's just not state meeting place. See end notes and going through contact Megan has shot. That is every. Ridiculously bad phone of their it was set up there forever flooding took it down reliant shot incidents landed in Toronto Toronto's all for the loss of a possible three point line. Let's see if that's yeah that's that's this thing might he might have been in things inside the arc and look at the replay you would have to look forward yet. There's certainly the thirteenth hour. And it's three point play that as it was its first he uses. Have missed it three feet on 65 attempts and that is. Well point seven points for his accuracy of these nutrients pregnant three years and why. Park bounces off rebounds Boris from which it does today. Living only gets to the possible. Three it's not an eight point lead with laws. That it would lift clean exactly exactly but not. Around the way that if it. Starts to rise in recent confidence back for a card right now went way up with a two greens definitely at a Morris. And I fit quite often reasonably defensive move noble path of an effect once that's done that is continued dominated. Lemmings that it's a double team that the and so forth fortunately. Right that he brings that gets a shocker definitive. Enough. Since the early part of the game driving baseline flooding threat not a plethora of problems traveled announced that through those crossword shipment that nothing saved my Barkley. Issued correctly picked up his dribble itself on one sideline Williams crowd adding up it's not bluntly don't align left the ball behind the round that's what. Or those around closet addict all the way to the basket got a lot of them do things with. Challenge that spot that epic that's that thing forward. And also bought them on when there isn't one that. That's soccer ball leading bites again 553. To go first half. Does it. Prices. It. Active place on earth and it marks falling out yet bound flight from the bench him let him. Baseline left that's. Thanks a lot brighter predicted how race for the lions host parts of the likelihood that a that it works anyway please double off a nice thing. Moody's you want. Honest to beat them eight soccer players story differs at like 1254. Partly Utley crippling it's not yet accepted. That's nice since that time my sponsors jettisoned part. Thirty sloppy with the Tennessee champ but that's not quite suddenly Morris who just fumbled the Atlanta Boston and listen to him through flooding. Cut off the top of the practices drivel going left wing of Boston got a fire afraid of Saddam to back rebounds Brown's office. If the traffic to clear out what's the chance that land we have along the left sideline that's that's that little support. Over the right thing but nothing else would feel lay off hundreds assistant vice yeah. It horrible shooting the three that really rebounding and story that NATO would like for instance that my. Fall away turnaround just everything rebounds snapshot. This is slightly upset with him but Morris let baseline nothing takes its. Strong drugs found. Alliances and fans no doubt that's out there I thought borrowers cannot honestly I got there is the reason he shouted what he was knocked off balanced look at the call for straddling needed students we started off on the glass. Opens doctors would get the rebound they did it. And it up with but nothing on the line with a couple of free throw flowers on justice Abbas behind his first students in it. Of the first half Marcus is nothing sinister in so far from the line goes back here with some more. Doctors are flat. And flipped it does data sources that a couple of little more free throw shooting games recently it for a sanity if not. He shot 53%. Against South Florida but they're actually at 78%. At five of the last seven games and 73 point one for the city's soccer stuff elevenths fight one for eleven shooting from behind and. Since is this. Marcus for a fire line has six points in the first half shots these leaflets well that's the biggest lead at flown. Fumbled out of bounds by partly with pressure from champ hit from behind you branch can't his back he had seen. Darryl Willis is the closest the five men that nothing the four. Kaiser is three candidates were encamped with two guards. It marshals trying to get a line definitely restrained him most inventive way out of work but nothing like snipes Kaiser rightly should have. Flynt admits that the voters blame goes back north and the ball got stripped away yeah. Defender Fleming fell into landry's legs kind of knocks you off balance it felt confident about TCU. But I think lemon fresh. Let me pressuring him it looked like he was offline but. They're all the way at the other end of the floor we don't have really good view that. That's how the baseline it's just the fourth turnovers which is just eighties he has seven that if the audiences. Tyson it was kind of trapped along the sideline visitor pass deflected out of bounds but nothing slips off him try to pick up to Richard has the money. EC you played it again it's not reflect well for 35 gophers have. Flooding incident backward partly along the baseline benefit if loving loving. I was like Kaiser bounces back though historically rhetorically flat across the front line drives are out the lion advocates won't solve. It's going to be on champ that we've seen it a little bit and drive them away. When you know tried to break the press going to often played great stress and ticket worth three pointer and try to go to them. They attack threats to try to go through the press. Candidates first and only the team's fourth thousands of free throws it was on the dribble and it will come in less Nightline beat was out of bounds life and it felt Barkley. It did Tyson. Nice and that looked war. But only snacking and for the shot it's. Nice to stating your electorate that is different camps left way too. Tyson and accounted relative Abbas on anti baathist element flawless reflected by France can't. Please consult them alone in one issue not a god. I just yet that's not why. Let me let four points not to leave this man. It's the gophers haven't lifted it's and friends and flip way off. In Italy and off my back accidentally stepped through Atlanta defense. Today was turned over. Decency got the message listeners that. This yeah it's nice excellent size won its oldest task that the little Italy let me go to the drive in traffic is accurate routes not make my partner and I write a couple of defenders but that got witnesses to drive this. About the only players with him. It is hard court isn't it Kaiser opened for him right away in and out rebound soccer's Kelly's double that Kaiser got banged it saves you. Champ frank can't retreat yeah. His only other factors that make history. Now maybe a little bit. What's it constantly. Life. Is not what. They consider later on. Excellent excellent three that's way off the mark or laugh guys chase and his own instincts. Just announced it has. Oh hey you know the person that there is north Carolina's with state 35. At ECU 22. But you're looking for the perfect power seat for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something to fit you and your style. And right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and over cuts. Be at the top of your game this season the johnsons and 21 in K 96. 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Divided ones and you'll help eliminate all of those paper towels and end up in landfills every day yeah it all starts with just one thing. Find tips and more at one thing you What's your one thing. Shocker ports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. USC shocker basketball isn't 1030. Yeah. What they're fine. It's. Okay. No one country. Stay good. My teachers now Jill Simpson is back into this Carolina visit. Not the fans from the day after getting darker when it departed dad's locker room that definitely point shots. 1045 maybe 40%. Off soccer merchandise that's not the fans all over always Matthews then it got it. As it stands locker room east and west. Which is a state thirteen of 3043%. Annually to a thirteen from three. They're eleventh. 78 over 60%. Since evidently the free throw him out of 72. And they've got eight offensive rebounds. Throughout preventing some 23 to ten Kelly loses the ball popped out of his hands relatives who are loving it LA Vista shot you know go to the line for news. That's the shocker six turnovers ECU has seven. But I points off turnovers it's on eleven to four with Utah State plummeted at the net if he makes these two free throws. It's just that's at least a couple of times and I was six shots or turnovers somebody's just had the ball is fumbled right out of their hands. Free throw mud slamming its way should. It'd shoot 61 half percent citizens. It's hot in Cubans yeah and it's Wear and on both ends of the organs blood flow east Carolina in the socket for the soccer we played more people. But it free throw that aside for a living now with five point seven confidence in the first half with us neatly sliced well if you if you want to go for it to death of monetary gains you know. Forget the court slowly started right sides let those that's right. He is little different friend here makes him fifty dollars over the stones. He's the flawlessly goes right clubs that have not had a history Willis right baseline goals Orlando resident. Carol Willis was his first two points on nine shots as it's slower now than me but I feel. Real quick move that time by Darryl Willis on the right baseline. Authorities he used Tyson driving a lot of over frank can't distance flatness. They've got nothing almost lost it gets into the ground he's got a flare of Florida goes. How hard to get a hold left hand low that's basketball but they finally did Brown's stuff is it yeah. They can sleep through it it's not stated there at sixteen ballots to go three to go to forest athletic riding through traffic and into the line Franken went for the steal the towel. And it actually at a beyond next round. Neatly fit now it's sixth seed now this is not the act. You played him there right sideline Austin reached exit for an. Brown try to get that steal from behind Barkley it got through its wrath. And now. Process likely pounded Atlanta for an article I've read shot clock down to thirteenth. You know confident. That they toxic balls. Those left when the flooding plummet off the streets of his triple a for a possible on NAFTA with one. Let's if he doesn't want to shoot I don't know if you've got it off. Apparently did it rebounded well it's not the innocent back to it needs to balance most epic records massively. Jones through shoot the three format for a that's. Somebody decides not afraid confronted it survives it comes to him soccer players for the first half of the leaders nineteenth with us. This time outside and see. Accessibility expert what he did here trying to that was his doctors are on the road the official watch party casinos those that work. At the southeast corner for the first Atlanta. But you're gonna watch parties for chancellor of the trip to the AC tournament in Orlando. Courtesy of Eisenhower national airport at vetoes Phillips network's official watch party location. We're shocker basketball. Got them last a plane that it's kind of dropped off with the vikings don't they were worried about him coming off the street going to have it. They played in the old fossils from my vision of up and buried a three pointer. Doctors only three of fourteen from 348. And a half percent overall they've made thirteen of nineteen point. All the seasons out of food and. Including two of their CN three point attempt not to plus fifteen on the board. It's all full court pressure that was suggested that if you want to go first at Fleming was deflated can't find anybody in the UK Tyson. Nice that it picked up his dribble bounces over to slamming up against across the time line between the lines plus it's that it is exactly the flooding. Started to go left crosses over rights into the lions will jump hook this to reap around Austin reed saves it there's some I changed jobs. The closet first that police had got snarled from. Of the sideline for a flu fears seem a little up fidelity is gonna try to turn it up and go wobbly at best metaphorically got the arm barred its activists often with at the end with that arm out there Mike you're exactly right but you wouldn't of flown right behind him that. Traditionally the mass budget the line is they want and body was pushed on the if we could to show. And it is up and a little short rebound Barkley for. PC users. The second free throw this it's not it's the first half when they left wing prosper writes nice guys that have tried three and a whistle before the shots. It calls next round of the mouth these young frustrated trying to fight through can't selflessly. And that moved through aggressive with the with that bush right from the traditional. I believe the video won won your ideas and it's partly. Because readers shooting had not considered. And via one of one Kaiser back here for the shot there's 54 seconds to go out first tablets are sneaky. Three. One point doctors trail fourteenth. 339. Doctors that. Partly. It's for free throw attempt. Yeah its five point. Animals often prevent Marxist stuff you definitely recruits that month. And a sand and fifty seconds to go right wing read drive. That thing got to campus for your way that's their bodies have now. Definitely his first through eight games you know baseline after frank can't make the first couple with not a flight went to. With thirty seconds left hand. Barkley gets it over to flooding. I'm on the nicest restaurant aptly Barkley not to the left wing that Saddam floor. Shot clock ticking clock for all of that exactly different. It was slipping out of Austin Hahn. Mostly it's nice positive back to the basket plus four drives baseline cut off. His back at prices. Forced out of the water bounces on Africa raising three seconds to go half Austin fired from the Yonhap floored past raised an and it was right on line it's them. It's over. That's now the other half of what this does faith not by five very early enough that it dictates what the point me. At halftime. Fortified foods went to. Three water that's something we thought that's what she says of course on Monday night in today's sports it was the Alex's team with. On that it 713 thirty SS anti Gregg Marshall you know from six to seven. Has also been getting recorded re airs this night on your chances ones who. And they're gonna things at times to deny the reports on its way. Nine cents to get ready so Gregg Marshall six to seven on the radio. And then nine it again. On your chances starting this coming Monday's statement after the credit union of America have to go with the doctors at what you do here in Greenville, North Carolina. 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This is the credit union of American halftime show up competitively priced services for checking accounts to home loans and everything in Detroit everyone needs outside credit union of America proud sponsors. WSU basketball welcome back Bob hall lawn outside Wichita State at one point was down fourteen tonight. Soccer's full court pressure add depth really began to Wear. He's perhaps our easy task as factors up like 22. That's. I think the press really really got a shocker is going to and it really got the pirates set up and we're going to depress ticket for very quick shots out there offensively we'll make of those shots. And so consequently was allowing it to shocker fifth run back the other way and I think that yeah. Of this doctors wore them down a little bit at 1150. Mark that the second immediate timeout. The shoppers were three for twelve. From the floor and the rest of the half for the first half they were fourteen threats after the fourteenth when he threw itself. From then 1150 point mark on the shoppers started going inside the gates and shot 64%. After that night. And they really struggled for a while for three and a good one point 81 for standard one through eleven ended up four for fifteen it's okay. They started making him down the stretch kind of sprint can't had a couple earlier he's two for four. But so much evenings Jones made the only one he took flight and a half an Atlantic champ but finally got one the flaw after he had missed his first U. Great balance ten different players have scored in the first half eleven saw action this CJ Kaiser the eleventh man got three minutes if that's gonna. So sailing divorce it's because six yes hot humid in this fear that if you're really wearing on players especially. The pirates because they don't deal with or about eight feet and those guys would start to get tired of at that might be reason that you listen to those outside shots and turned the ball well. You get excited here outside shot is on the floor and you don't make it through the decision to start of the fall over but I thought a lot of faith change. Was with a shot that came out of a second media timeout I started going inside the shack it was. Kelli nurture and of their first twelve shots seven of them were threes but after that they fulfillment with these articles side. Remember at the factors go on the witness it could save up to 40%. Off ball soccer merchandise tomorrow either Chad laughter duplication. East or west he's listening to that at the end of the game. And we will be back with the first half statistics of the credit union of America halftime show. The Kansas Department of Transportation remind us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck driver are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 fellow kansans please do your part. Designated super driver. And kids home safely. 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After starting out. Three for twelve ended at seventy to 34 for 50% for a fifteenth for three but I think it made three of the last 43 of their last five. Seven of nine from the line. Meanwhile ECU ended at the ninth for 2832%. To a tent for three and just three of six. From the free throw line at one point you see you let him rebounding eight to seven. And it ended up twenty. Eight through eleven. Wichita State so that was the 821. To three run. On the boards and shot here's ended the half scoring wise ID 36. To nine run. Wichita State had fourteen assists on its seventy baskets. And did commit six turnovers but that's better than 21 assist to turnover ratio. And it's not present six turnovers to seven just one less but outscored EC on points off turnovers eleven to five also Wichita State. At a 26 to twelve edge on points in the paint. 63. On second chance points and it's wanted it to nine. In the bench scoring eleven players saw action candidate scored. Led by founder French camp with eight. Three of five overall from the floor from three. Seven points Toronto researcher who was three for four from the field. Markets but Duffy had six hitting four of five from the line Landry campus with five points only took four shots made 21 of the three pointer. Five points three rebounds six assists. And just one turnover and a sixteen minutes four points apiece for. Rashard Cali and Zach brown and they were no limit on divorce Kelly had six rebounds three offensive. Around five rebounds two offensive boards three flights for so much games Johnson three point basket and it's that needs for Oscar Reeves. And Darryl Willis. But it's not state of the eighth to eleventh rebounding yet so that was huge and it needed to have that 45. 23 leading TCU a five points apiece can throw Barkley as Isaacs loving Fleming's. Only two of seven from the field. Four points for beating Tyson who was one of six shooting just as a fossil hunting doesn't play that much usually came off the bench to score four point Sean Williams who started tonight. Had three. With a virus soccer is like 22. At halftime attacker sports properties of Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors which are not state league level. Corporate partners hostage slot delta dental Coke industries. Cox Communications. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of Wichita State athletics. While soccer sports properties 316978. 7552. Bottles exactly opposite you ready for the second half from Greenville, North Carolina. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball an arrest was overwhelms. Equals. It. Laryngitis. You can't control the game the united health care you can have better control your care. 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May go Bob powers six no doubt across the country. If you're a homeowner sooner let. Time. Years that you. Thought that. I yeah. And when you need a plumber call little rude. Which of those original shooter is still the best form plumbing drain cleaning and truly try to repair dial 263. Away. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kary moss Alex Acosta in valley center ending torn and overweight later. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven JE one yeah. It doesn't jam. Her church getting his back into the second half Wichita State leading these see you boarding vibe. 23 some other stories we're playing. It was Houston over also 104 to seventy wanted Houston tonight Houston blazing away from beyond the arc. Florida Gulf Coast the South Carolina State 78558. College of Charleston over northeastern. 66. And Steve Forbes is Tennessee State rating athlete of the Southern Conference now for a thirteen and four overall safety UNC Greensboro. Well they're stronger bomb accidentally. 6858. And congratulations. The Wisconsin equipment Keith Adams getting their first American conference win last night at home over Memphis 6961. They will be on the road at. This Saturday afternoon that would tips office thirty. And you could hear the call at 58 pregame shows featuring we'll have a Gloria 9713. Thirty and assess. Well let's play this game a shocker that ticket twelve shots seven of them three pointers but from that point on about the Walter little mark on. Gregg Marshall got the boys hit the ball inside to the big. And that's what they've started to dominate it went on a 36 to nine run so well for them if you didn't cash. Issue at hand. We'll get the ball trying to get his side. That was shots it will have a first the first up. Kennedy whose tour in the second half not a threat camp when camp that he'll Boris. Ali and markets that Gupta starts the second half as background on the stock certificate bowels of the food stamps. Candidate but north Florida front of the right back conference now it was time load for us a lot of the tops Jack left bloc that's the best it has one on one coverage goes on the baseline there's the shot. That's exactly so let's let me Boris was down for a while but at the other end Tyson like him but worth it back in the appliance as the rounds went on the left play up front money. Flooding that was dribbles. Right it's nice but jumper just everything around you are now brings out outlets or at least one difference in that supplement when Elliott for a worthless to them. He comes off more screen left wing Kelley. Hands off in France camp thought about it. That's the cutters through the line and not hide out front right markets the stuff and if you guys baseline. I was back at the Boris fifteen footer now circle it's. Boris. Is there advancement and ice assistant markets definitely Duffy drove them right baseline or it's clear about it we're not about it you float market. Right that's not yet. 4723. Factors like 24 Tyson in the left right it's not right tonight money to get it to the block off the screen and not let Boris. In the lanes hard bragged about it worked his way in their fumbled it saves on the baseline. Is that it's your announcements. Ordinary man picking up the charts is excited to slant that was frankly have that killer Ocala like you know. Yes nonstop Irish aren't located on the weak side of that team. Thank you it's actually down pulling at him and Arctic yard Tyson's second personal first team felony team and have. Tyson offerings to vote in both corporate correctly it's back here you can rent it completed tampering that offices and gets thrust on line starts worth the ride lots for Boris that he slammed both hands. Jack was not to settle little. Lead street Leon it's not the argument just rolled to the basket got that long lot fans at this that when that rod might have looked up the fact they coordinate him. Nice pants and flopped them. After the rim with Jack check it out the first basket of the second half and nearly a steel like Elliott Barkley Arctic front Italy's. It's really forced to admit it now it and it is sad is the audience's heart those lines. Partly nearly got it stolen got frustrated is technically been forced to shop and we kind of moved into him that is that it down and now about it is that with the bulls and Barkley. Aren't the only delicate while. Barkley is below for one from the lines it's 11 of the first half announces that within six points in the first half. Exactly and Philly will go up enough food for the three to four spot at this line up. But it's not selected him with a statement. Ninth fourth first is never. The city's coliseum here that McNamee internal Barkley. Partly with seven. Hear from your North Carolina. Twelve point four points. And the president is to screen the wars split two defenders down the link it's that brown off the street right wing nuts. She's shot. Under the night's seven points out for ground as it's not his lead by 27 and a full force and pressure reflect a few rounds trapped in the corner. Nice and long pass that forced the Barclays and drive it in the line bounces back to late for credit losses haven't gone up that's because he was fouled. I have been champ but might have been different camps we'll actually Zach brown. Picks up his third. Second team Soledad there's a big shots sports authority for it pregnancies accident scene here. From Toronto Ontario Canada finished as high school play and Tucker Georgia. Played mr. Willis of pearl river community college. He has started all sixteen games this year with the pirates free throws to. On the finish line saying only that the boy and a half percent a year averages five point nine points it. Have brownstone thousands out reasons in measles disgusted with himself because this cutback in the ballgame and picked up that there were found just made a three point shot just. This entry through for Rory that would better and harder for the death his first point of the game. But to tonight's state leads fifteen to 267031. To go. No pressure this time from CU. Of that off pick up half were evident. And the reason that's roughly constant breeze at -- getting the basket of the flight's on time now Boris releasing office got a went up Tyson with Pacino yells ahead of Barkley frankly bounces back it's nice drives a lot. Five Boris to read it like it sells said he was kind of turned side ways try to take. Chart and ended up sliding into the driver's license and or some credit. I can read it yet get the ball stripped the other end. You want that blocks badly that we got off blocks now. BJ Tyson at the line he made to look to in the first half and make crucial. And on a year. 72%. Over his previous three seasons. Only scored five points with that free throw conversions averaging almost sixteen game. Coming back strong after missing eight games lesser injuries missed the second free throws down the land camp but it's not your status leading by 25. So it goes nobody you know. But in the front court to make up the property Arctic to align it and it's hands all over it might break. Will be called for the handset that is there now. It's a it's about half on the pirates. Larry Craig you're there was enough reform them will be so I've. They're down there for a few hours here now matched up against each other's heroes in the games and a look at deflated. There is plain to the backcourt ospreys. Seventy minutes to go. Back to their offense we've started leftist threat that it passes deflected statement Willis he's gonna spin it there are a lot of good middle linebacker on. 360s then opening up a little six with nothing you have bragging rights over his former team right at. That's it and should go to. Aspen high supposed to frankly that got here at the time line that Barkley. Doctors if he worked 27 left corner it's nice that he accepted president but the one thing drive it should have its way and it bounces that is positive make them think about it and wondered if he's good. Let the fish it's a nice touch on that's a second basket. I only averages seven point two games we've got a few months. The film of them one. In the front court off the screen but Willis right back Willis at the top left was picked up about three guys that pulls up from about twelve insurance. I suspect updated his second basket of the game now has eight but it stately 5629. That court. Is markedly slowed down if not reply not opposed to the right now that's the last of approximately one and one quarter Tyson lob download. Red flag try to find reason to Bubba and he. Well it well that's if he proved tough little holes in Austin Reid cited massively different camps have been a fourth and went right to understand it for three. The bad frivolous ethics thank senator Fred interest rates enough that. Feels like boxes. Is about as I'd like nothing on the field from the senator right now this little bystander. Timeouts. Taking advice and see you were at that time for the under sixteen under way anyway so we'll take the full time out here. Fifteen and a half minutes ago the second half its Wichita State six. While the C news twenty. The children's church and we know landlords to people who ignorance or even if they're related. We just dropped I picked up you go our way I'm running a little short this month. Not everything works as smoothly as chauffeurs renters policy that helps cover up into as far as that's ten more whip. I just moved back and told them you mean as mean and shelter insurance Russian nuclear shelter or reduce insurance taylors again and mull things in a future belt playing nor Ricky Casey in Wichita. This is what it sounds like when real people find out chevys and only grant early JD power dependability words for cars trucks UV is 2 years wrote I am impressed that's great and tears in her out chevys stephanopolous. There get behind the wheel for yourself why Chevrolet keeps bringing home awards for dependability. Year hometown Chevy dealer today source is a comfort and unfortunately your. When some kind of small or large to be largely due to pick up in the wake up from sixty most credible such narcotic as you can large have you picked up and we are ready to go forward please visit JD power dot com. 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And for two. Behind the arc here in the second and it had eight shots ECUs to excuse offensive rebounds steals and so forth. You attacked North Korean enough. Let me into traffic almost lost it got double team bounces have been hit with Tyson Tyson throws and it's partly free throws it off the backs rebounds and not taking consulate how to get it pushes it up the floor to budget that's not let's the line goes all the lights it up four shots rebounds Rashard Kelly he's also the floor as he comes out. Golfers traveling I think Johnny got trips that's good they'll smash it. At a time. They're gonna. They stretched out the first called them and I thought if I think that it's not now because it was 1536. Of the thirty seconds up the schedule was I thought that was the media break but the it's coming out fifty LA to go second half. Doctors sixty want to see you Friday night. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. 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This hour back there and over there by the hand real wouldn't Britney Paris what does that mean well look I like blink and you end up. You're gonna Hefner had. You re not only on the high. Highest quality TV brand like LG but we all lap one of the largest selection of real would entertain furniture in the city after TV we've got to run in the top notch print shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Amy Yoder knee Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel forest pummel. USU shocker basketball he's done. I. The latest news is that this week which I think banks it's not fit nation. Categories it's stance. Horrific event origin Genesis well. Story board. At all those aren't going to give it a lot tonight almost. If not for pressure support. And it's hard for Anke it went to itself and it off degrees. Ends up awfully entity in deep throat behind it and lost it yet is there earth now. Right now that shocker plus twenty or 32 rebounds. To eats. Well. What plus it was ten point 5 AM with fourth in the nation this is eighteen point six. The with almost fifteen minutes ago. That's not. But in the lining those winds slamming. Him that that's not cut off by athletes plus if you. If his dribble and excited that we've seen her shock result of the past like NASA loving you this time line three. Let me ask the fourth. Johnson clearly at the rim and offensive rebound. Toward himself smartly and at the board with them frequently over the top of him fit. Atlantic read them. I try to drive enough supplies to hide there letting guys get to strip like Kaiser sitting in traffic right edited yet candlelight odd look. Asked how it for the slam dunk you have looked like he was gonna notice him through his laugh and particularly on. Why is that you know look to have Iceland's spicy food tonight. No way I thought he could even see him make great dish to it easy on the other end once again lying not those that got for a shot statement smartly dribbled up without them it's nice that it's not equals that would Myers is off the back. We've got deflected by Greg but he was bush. And it might be surmised it notes on language that the bush. That's second to fifteenth on behalf while with those around that are in Italy and fans out there. If not the second half had a very good first after the Shah who's thirteen 55 out that Duffy. Is not supposed to be and it comes up with Willis ground with the merger of Kaiser. Fans. This. So much Jay news just. Let me solicited Tyson ended. You guys ended up on the floor. Keyser was pointing the other way but I think it's called CJ for the south. Wrapping his arms around the man. Kaiser picks up his first. Team for out number six. Thirteen 55 remaining choppers up by 346329. And try to sort it all out. Another set of the teams to an event just got to look at the monitor for some reason. So the southeast get a check in for Brant are four. Willis I think at the fourth spot. And it went look at the monitor maybe is see if there was that loaded the head inadvertently I think and something new at this time my. Can't get them back yeah. Don't forget because she shows up but unite Gregg Marshall 67 Keith Adams 78 for eight K sports ability Eliot thirteen. And read which road it geared up 97 of thirteen thirty pianist that's added if they do plan. Gregg Marshall six to seven 9713. Thirty and then also the show will be green haired. On your view Kansas. So on top tax your view Kansas. Channel 42 that's designed to chants started assessment. EC you pointed it out in the timeline this message edit. He's looking to get it to the ordinance that flooding right at the time line provided by James Jones along the right sideline tonight settled dribble from accidental. Advancements that left side if it felt Barkley partly one on one of its ties with wandered through. Prices. Went back out it is time line to. Central Park it and a sixty shoot Tyson's gonna have to force line rather than ground throes of running got a phone I slide by Tyson to do shots. We had drove who's right the thought it was his left hand around nice floater that's he has seven. It's Jones off the street by littlest it's not it's opened his. Three way short rebound comes off to ECU and Tyson pushes it along the left sideline long messages rightly Barkley not thick stands. Throws at the hope he gets it. And it looks at shots and by the pirates looked off balance and likely that it got pushed a little bit and they'll make that brought. He's got time in the right quarters next round if it's not influence over the Kaiser has left center back to the listening to the basket of the blog actually out of he shot this. Let's at this and it's hurt over the last couple times definitely still 36 feet 336. To 6330. Eastern right well 49 ago. If nothing is influenced Kaiser brown Haynes Johnson nurtured factors pressuring wolf or let me cut off my ground. Long pants at fort. Tyson in the length of Barney Frank lost its balance managed to bounce the ball the sponsors get a chance to win along the sideline the Olympics flooding. Rather them but nothing got picked up my ground obviously channel with sort of offensive fouls. I'm sorry Greg that's going to be your fourth now in his second offensive foul of the game. Third team found a half on the virus now moving screen that time by Jabari parade referee was right there in front of them had a clear view that. Wichita State could you. Half percent at its six different players that story. Justice Abbas on Jackson street see you place Torrey straight. But at the empty threats. That's consistent if that ball inside the merger wheels. Authorities announced the album after he turns to face it not disguises it drives right. That's right watered it there was select edit but not enough to last a foul on. Use that positive. Good execution time by the soccer swung the ball out of his side Rondo went up. Flexible with that right shoulders and let him off the war in Pittsburgh a three point play here. Otto has been in double figures four times this year. All of them years nothing real lately get a chance to get there right now 911. Though is good so I was stand with us. 53366. The office in its market backwards. It's responsive genetically it like it's nice nice. In the life of the third runner and it bounced off for him because. It really critical of that move that science Tyson went. Right at the lodge and got them all the bath nice it has not that's nice that's allotted stories driving the ball not a straight shooter but he this tour the ground. It's not a Nazi but some of the floors down the line left handed writer. Left. I've markets that dot viewed as well now socket backed up by thirty. Look like right Bentley and that's not flying out of bounds left in Ohio for laughs. Flooding double team back where it did over the Barkley Barkley. Through traffic at rapid hard down the line shuttle's not there and a block tonight. Background he felt Abbas on of those lines that the doctors can pretty aggressive in the backcourt Bofors deal then when they don't get this deal. I've been around enough. Put down their defensive end. As you can put the. Forward Zach brown his fourth personal foul it got a time out 1128. Feet you know it the second half its Wichita State 68. ECU 35 years Greenville. Ever wish you could call a timeout those expensive ATM fees. Oh wealth get lies when you're banquet equity bank UK us. With your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank fee anywhere here it's true. Fellow equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. 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How one of their comfort consultant come and check persistent and it didn't qualify as I can get you up to 18100 dollars in trade for new energy efficient models. That's a win win cult plus stock for details 943. Cool shocker forces brought you by American family insurance in which he agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton in whole or in molding Kurt barber. WSU shocker basketball he's on 103 point seventy. We hit a double double tonight. I'll head Daryl Willis he has four point six rebounds six he has eight points and four rebounds and plots that are probably Kelly Kelly has six points and eight rebounds. Were at eleven and a half minutes ago. And Bob mention they had casually. Drive by this actor's reps and I had a career high. In his second year in the end 22 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers made six of eight. From beyond our confidence in Atlanta and misery well. And it's awesome unconnected to free throws for three. If he has five points. Abbas on six if you Google play war games prizes and a it. Now than it another. Shot at 930 to 6836. You know split point written record left wing the CJ Kaiser. It's not nuclear teach him another right. Nothing like that's what drives it outlines of their left hander partially blocked that that. All is partially blocked by apostle on. At the other end up numbers at the moment at the spot on world right way Barkley it's not please get back on defense now. Lost hostage etiquette here restless there's lots of images throwing elbows around too early bird dropped. Shots make jumper. Let me Tyson. Tyson opponent warm Nazis got eleven. Wrote him off on threes and the public mention that is recently I. The influence it. Aftermath far it hasn't left wing players not Kaiser C and look at it side that left when there. Johnson had a deadline battle group might travel Glazer yeah. Yeah a little girl the archive your screen wrapped around that green went right path. Actually asked five effectively by 32 left wing the price target by you know. Off the street it's not drive right now Atlantic city's gone through a balance yet. It's not nice it was latest step in health money mandate. Actually after he got out here pretty good position. Tyson as a chance for three point play. I mean most a lot of sleepless nights at the 59 and this game planning. 65 and one thing that most recruits my doctor Harold Willis. He read some of these guys get to the line no line. Crisis reefer or from the strike fitness thirteen points now in the hands. Of those in the second yeah. My third in the you know ego free throws short event Austin. Niceties accident free shooters missed its side it shoots 64 with the wolf. Line should act or expected it but right now rightly worry that down the block exactly just muscles easily it's not classic significantly different guys that execute them with that play that time by the doctor inside that. Jack has its hands X this can't. That's the court almost all of my business not significant it Tyson walked by Boras. Tyson saves the block in the quarter throws it out front departed for architecture act one don't want it checked Lockheed Shia. Apartment work it off a couple of screens those last night Tyson look sort of slamming it trampled. Camp is thought. It was his pivot foot that he already established him. Pirates turn it back for the soccer with the testing by 32 news. It 29 blocks them that's all you've got a couple. Of 3031 block. Third all time with us Robert Watson was quickly and number two Robert Gilmore left camp fires under the Shaq left handed turn local responsibility. Stretches like what do I suppose it is acting as well really well executed definitely came off Kelly's. And second wide open down near the falls camp human rights stance seventieth floor warning with it honestly flight that went all the way from. Left wait them that the there. That Abbas on that team over everything rebounds plus yet it does not that got us. Like this race lasted at that point that it's not that. Physical style of reference bird that's from there. I'd like only millionaires plus if you think your game sharp left and it definitely sure it's not significantly. Authorities Tyson drive with an edge and it throws it up partially blocked by telling recovered by Boris here and it drives and a court. The middle of the floor left wing re opened three for Austin well. First pray a second basket and at night with the Palestinians really warmed up from beyond the arc after starting one for ten in the game that was a pretty wraparound pass silently she damage that's done over Austin please. Not resentment 35 partly delighted throws a letter deficit over the Boris is an aggressive drive. He's got eleven. You let him get McCain elected I think it means they're pretty tough to stop. Since Jones works off the street that not rightwing Reeves looks it's not back at present these guns in the hands off chance that threatens Kelli. Charts little helpless to let down the block of Morrison's last. Kevin was all over is that it's going to be the first ballot called on him but he has been thank you people all night. How she is expensive it's. Time out. And we'll keep it here this time as we are well caught up on commercial breaks what are module of the shoppers are on the road. And I don't like they will be Saturday the official watch party locations visit to those Billiton upwards of southeast corner of 21 Atlanta. Now tiger all the watch parties. Chance with a trip for two BA AC tournament in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport as he does go to work through visual watch party location. Or shocker basketball. Again the shot is at the moment are outrebounded. ECU buys six. Three. Outscoring them by 33. And doctors also have them. 25 assists on 31 field goals haven't got Campbell. That's a new career high for him in that category. Is previous high it has been eight against South Dakota State. But ten assists tonight. That go along with eight points you've only taken five shots again that is three for five from the floor for three more rebounds. And assists. What Landry campus. It point five assists on 31 field goals that's. 80%. Of their baskets coming on direct path. Yeah they did that the other night against South Florida they have when he gave that on 37 fastest goal on shocker that you're really good job. But here. Also that doctors are now 31 at 5358. And a half percent 74%. The second half. And they've all they've just wanting to field goal attempt they had nine offensive rebounds that's a little over 40% of illnesses they've gotten themselves. For the season they're getting 38%. This is offensive rebounds and Ali Larter opponents forget about flights or flight 5% of their fifth. About one of the lead going into the game with the doctor Norton. They don't always watch often different turn titled the rebound and the darker the better good job you know of course it. Last updated with the Dutch native 38 point where every. Seven to fifty. I'll landry's can't deny Austin has five assists in fourteen minutes to go along with five points four rebounds and couple big European fit for. For the shocker. Now meet guards him along with Ronald nurtured. Rare that they have played yet maybe it won the exhibition games there are two of the four man in this line. Let's play it gets into your right side fifteen footer thrills. Out of character evidence really good story ninety's the next wealth and it's obviously it's at the time of forty floors and like that on the offensive and defense then why. Really good games and he has well against South Florida. ECU in the front court. I don't think. That middleman acting oddly of that or not they look like Tyson theory. Off the back iron on rebound grabbed by mergers. There's a sham. Not to bring it up by three flights and left wing browns wide open three in transition off the back iron long rebound chased down. Most of the floor Reeves almost feel confident that it tested at Tyson. Tyson down the line. That's when things aren't well. By dark recovered background. As a security guard with a lot fascinated darker. The basket gave us laughter. He's got fourteen I don't highlight reel reverse slam that's not about Iran. Have a great market backcourt Tyson distracted because it's not want to flip a slingshot Williams shot fake these suckers at my 37 now at 630 to go. Classic epic. Right wing Tyson's right baseline Abbas on deck of the Tyson. Williams' long three out front bounces off your your got knocked out of the followers stood by Abbas. Yeah also behind yeah seven. A season high enough. Test the blocks nurture now from behind by a bus on. That's only the fifth team found that half on ECUs that are innovative free throws of this. That was not the start that fell down there he was trying to box off the weak side with the body of the guys in losses balance went down. Frank Marshall was talking about it as he went by the soccer fans. Opposite of the guard in the right corner trying to get this art does the channel along the right sideline Clinton's drive to the middle. It's not the heat ultimately the only reason often the guards. Of that over the champs have three left wing Atlantic salmon. Three dollars and not an awful lot of points ten assists double double it from Landry shoot and it is the guys. It's not fun at the end of 8446. With it's not a state. John Williams left wing Tyson back at the Williams in front doctors to three zone. Leon's right wing to flooding. That's definitely. 8446. With us to answer any thoughts on wants handled picked up my next round which state. You know outlet Landry Shannon. It went along is that if if not ever rightly wants and that's not nice can't let me started letting this facade and a little funny but they. It's not a little parties little off balance after the leave it. See you at right for our money cute fires wanna not rot distinctly bad start for the doctors. I appreciate it. The report was thought it goes that's right all the way to polite little lean in jumper. Rolls out how to debt stay out it was yeah. Not camaraderie of the pops yeah. Williams of the other cut off like him but the left into the lane accident at all that is being able. Lot of people at office not pitch count them five minutes ago. That's right baseline spot that it cannot let our guys discovery left short. Not fighting each other read that I got it in an office next round. I haven't read or write that you are not. Plan. Well there recycling. Chutes is the start Francis he's going to agree that it goes back to its. On street movement my fifth in the soccer's world a bunch of stuff that your record flooding want to go. Justin did Hamlet Malone incidents take tighter and bill Willis. Looks like the merger will stay on with them before new faces here isn't the only one remains on from the previous. 421 to go Wichita State leading 8446. Over recent years here in a long pass support intercepted by littlest deflects it Kaiser. Seated with the fact thrust the time line. Right wing Willis had to take a three and drains. Farewell to the three point basket he now has set points. Doctors have really started hitting the threes after a horrible side they're now 41%. On nine of 22 games they could make one in the first half they can't miss one here the second half. It felt Barkley were out on the floor shocker but 41 shot win tonight they currently hold the right side against the zone way across north Leon's. I thought down the died down the baseline it's Fossett yet they got loose loose lipped out lately. Relief response to give us a timeline for Adam alone not front tooth surgery that was her drugs argued. Lawson added that if pastor Wright's flock Willis gets it slipped out of bad then it's off his leg. That'll go back to ECU on a short time out like six. Safe 87. And seeing you 48. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hustler cloud that sounds like well. The house across the road to hold for a few years more then my company's jazzy how we Holmes you worked really hard for you don't want to give it a it's his parents tell you why why do we nothing 23 years with a fast and lubricant into this. Still firm. Or colony today. Hello shocker nation. This Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan grouping JPY Gannon and for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of Wichita buy and sell home helping his first home purchases. Patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and are proven systems to work for you whether bigger -- our service is the name. I promise. It's your last chance for years savings of the all New Orleans some of Wichita ever made 27 to forty sounds better with huge discounts with the 27 to this number is today I was zero down only 13 through my 40s50s rare enough for myself feel we seventeen or Nissan Titan plus 40000 refiners barbecue pit crew were you deserve dial 1800 new Nissan or this or these songs which thought dot com. Could recruit informants and who point to where you know for a fact that licensed offers the that maiden fans on this platform and killed and so we want to tune in contrast the Mormon and. Shocker horses brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would beat John Green rich Cutler does he sell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. WS shocker. He's done one a three point 70 yeah EYE Yang and. Yeah. So I think in Carolina where we are tonight. 8748. At 326. To this package. 57%. Overall nine of 42 for three. You see you my fifties it held the 38%. And 29. Assists on 35 baskets with it. He sees blogs are a lot of us Kaelin belong to Patrick to have a 23 zone along the back on its Darryl Willis frat party. And artistic yeah it's all right it's not pluses Kevin Johnson he's got him now either of those the second half an editor at parties. If they edit the field for a lineup this person had heard hardly beat everybody down the court. You hear them alone for him really nice path. Closet gently to him now for EC is his fifth double figures game story lines of the year John Williams driver fires the baseline nothing deflected it to ten responsive epic. It's not the clock with nineteen on the shot clock 52 remaining and it's not present in 89 to fifty. It dropped artfully displayed in a lot way out of court John Williams on the right sidelines. Brings it back to the middle and on extending that's not a good the high post left wing Tyson for three drills. BJ Tyson had a big second half he now has his average for the season he has six teams on the night that's his first true. Right block Willis back in his way and sausage other threats to step through its pluses and banking with the body. And that's the now. Balance positive it is only the second. Six to you now have to want to see. I play him at 330 quarter you know enough. Jacob Curtis Jackson is not a lot of replacing markets could athletes and coaches the coach Marshall and the assistant coaches coach just as hard at this point in the game. As they do with your lead points of the game of the reports of the game. That is the defense up the whole way through. Actually seventeen now much yourself this what of one of their. Executing it the want of want it makes it if components of Carol Willis now with the eight. And it's not it's not 9253. Tickets. Freshman walk on playing in his third game of the year. Think these guards started to dash into the game great for our federal license shooters waiting period for Willis thanks. Yeah nine. As your teeth aren't back yet. The five party support ticket offers the theory CD prices available on the arts soccer could pick up they had advanced math is simple possession. Zone in 27 still the go to 9153. Wood to the states Donnelly and loss on left wing Tyson Tyson thought of vipers that's what Barkley thought about shooting it's not about. Issued and makes it kind of an athlete. We thought thanks to three right elbow he's got 1514. Flexibility. And is turnover in the back court shocker. See what happened that is not a ball rolling out on the floor it. DC what David fresher. And line violations apparently. I don't look at them this into that if he would have either of the fence is down. 9156. Which it just ABC ball. And Williams. With a good drive and does drive it into traffic bounces responses yet if you look at the bank is lay out on the guard troops throws up with a fitness to rebound Tyson kind of traffic if they're gonna declare itself not a Williams threw three no good long rebound in the garden at least now from behind. An announcement as yards of the line as a possible hot over is definitely something else happened before that. These same ball out. Possibly fold shirts towels on the custody. It is doctors ninth team now on foreign. Brett party except yours first. This via one of one for justice apostle hottest one of two. Seven points overall. Loss on it scored two points in four games prior to this free throws good. He has stated this will be a memorable game for him a career high against a top five ranked team. Did it fifty to go in the second half which did not stately big 9157. Abbas on the one or put to death and gets. It leaves out some playing time that's his performance tonight. In the launch of its authority from his right side Kaiser still above the art of penetration over could be let alone down left block party parties are Atlanta Boston hot wheels aligned you know let's not it can't. Brett Favre it was four points with it and I stayed up 9358. Minutes place. It needs now. Freshman knocking. It's. Worth the convertibles greens look where it. On the right tonight Williams that it gives it back to Boston on rightwing slime. Never like Kaiser that actively and let him so long theory high off the back iron fist and recovered. My control Barkley. That's not the Williams. Drives it bounce pass. And three was taken by KG Davis 65 freshmen. That instantly instantly it pulls up about seventeen and drink it. Autism there Beckett everything down the stretch they've got back about 40% for the game Williams with five with fifty seconds ago. ID three to sixty plus days in them along the double team looks inside. Those right wing talkers on the right block party. Brett really did their job but got another. Greg Hardy parade route three from the field at six point that this definitely 95 to 6032. Seconds ago and it's got that moved down a little tougher over the left field it was his right hand. Artfully executed that it dries it forces it boosted badly defeated yeah iron rebound Kaiser. Now the doctors well don't run the clock out ID five to 6060. Seconds ago. In Milan Watson for the record it marshals as well or story life experiences that have not pressure it's not like what you just days. 35 points wrote it goes for now American athletic conference as tonight. On the season the final here in Greeneville doctors I didn't via BC news' sixty states senate for the Johnston. Post game show. It's time again to go inside the numbers but beat Katie CPAs an advisor. You're an all star business with the talented team there's a science to winning though. Our championship team that beat KD can help strategize and make plays that help improve performance and put pressure on her competition. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Learn more about the many ways we help our clients go to beat Katie dot com and goes shock. 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That's seven to eight. You might recall. 103 point seven. So I'm location. Various Super Bowl ticket packages on sale now visit and location dot com today next series may have. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry lost talent come up in valley center and drink or an Andover was a lawyer. Moose and for all WS shocker a ballgame on 103 point seven K. Yeah we don't visit jam. It. My grandma all due home. He only now. The czar on the game this full day. Now and I'll finish in. Welcome back. Activity. Johnson's post game show robbed. He's built under a lot of Johnson's body Britain the United States. We'll find so much for. Then men's suits thanks. Which is our state when it tonight over east CEO of the first ever meeting between the two schools that best basketball 95 to sixty the shot which improved to fourteen at two overall. Four no in the American athletic conference you drive home from the gay rights like Kansas land tire and auto forward. It retired professional auto service always a slam dunk. Wichita State. Now feels a bit of a slow start just briefly they were behind fourteen to die but they want on a 36. Two. When it was 36 to nine run to end the first half. That's worthy opponent by thirteen in the second half at 35 point win their fourth biggest market. Of the year attackers after a slow start shooting the ball ended up with aggregate numbers. If that's statistical category also that one point you were one on a twelve worked through a lot of twelve from three. And they ended up shooting 41%. From 3922. Great numbers of the second half. 70% from the floor in the second half when he won a thirty. Five for seven from behind the arc so they really executed. The last ten minutes the first half and throughout the whole second. Eleven players scored four in double figures led by Iran under your who will not do a little bit fourteen points tonight while the peace for markets the stuff each field for a slim chance that. For the eleven points and a career high eleven assists and eleven point eleven assist double double tonight. A lot of people died in the acts Boris hesitant taking eleven shots that most of anybody most of that came in the second half they started. Right place to give him the ball early the second half that he had that. Can't. Is there yet day eight of his twelfth. The second half six of us him with the first couple of minutes yet they definitely made it a concerted effort to get the ball inside. There's Shaq Toronto is Darryl Willis. The second half of the first half of last ten minutes in the second half they came out went right back to check more so. They really did a good job and get that ball inside to him and executing some place. If you check the open side you know we talked about this at halftime it probably the real turning point in the game it was pretty much over at halftime Wichita State pressure. It's what got to realize their full court press it and it. And there's lot of fresh troops in and out I think really war EC's down by the latter part of the first half enabled doctors to really take it. Yeah a warm down my didn't steal the ball that many times but they've they've got them furry. The government in no hurry office and they started jacking up. Quick shots and when they got through the brass and they weren't knocking down those shots so depressed very active. In. Wear him down and beaten him. And if you. All fifteen players that receive the death which is the limit is it conference for conference games all of them played at least three minutes. Eleven players play double figure minutes eleven different players score in tonight's game so it. The feel good fun game for a lot of guys get a chance to do stuff that's a good performances McDuff was four out of seven Brett party three out of three. Well three out of four nurture six out of eight. But Steve Reeves was two out of three so a lot of guys shooting a higher percentage camera four out of seven. Three out of five from three so he's putting up good numbers again every game. Shot here's pretty solid win on the road they continued to win on the road now 71. And fourteen. In the last seven plus seasons. And 48. Except the one glance at him by tanner four point that I only winning all the time winning by double figures about 70% of the time. You know worse oil romance there are. Solely for over it nobody else in the country does this book that maybe that Connecticut women. At this the record on the road by Gregg Marshall to. Let's our game recap got you by ability to comics coming and coming to your. Little defensive DUI laughter but with you tonight and give them a call 264. 1548. Or visit the upcoming LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings law where your needs. Always count birds post game show brought to abide Johnston that much difference between 96 it will continue to on the. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which road and widgets on your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dine in only and it moves the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right you go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza locations in Wichita and one and Hudson a proud supporter of shocker athletic. Another smile power experiment brought you by delta dental of Kansas okay. 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Or West Point 5% off tomorrow oddly on all shocker merchandise at had to always be happy to say thank god it. Etc. started a game presented by the Kansas lottery tonight is round of merger with the shoppers scored fourteen points. Six of eight shooting two of two from the line and even beyond tonight get a really good game at home Sunday against South Florida. For a little bit there your time could they be diminished a little bit it certainly appears you stayed after him practice and that's taken advantage of the opportunities that make them. It's there was you have to anomalies that's going on in practice. Tried to try to do this that's just the media and the oath you know try to fight them in a sense of silicon. And this is a team that has great depth is that if you're gonna kind of vary from game to game a little bit on its positives out of those guys at the and it's analysis obviously you have to do that keep yourself ready it's a unity assessment of close time novelist going to be sitting and events and ethnic. But yes this is it was a good it was a good game and get some good blocks so what can block tonight Toronto. In the game against the South Florida you know three blocks. And so the defensive side is something that's been around for you dot but the big city good job. Warm up inside Glenda. He's Carolina guards got this thing it's I would be working on a lot tests jumping straight up thank keeping enhancement of fan and it's I'd not thought much. A coveted a pretty good stuff today defending defending although at the end of the game we did let him we was in foul trouble since they sort of citing a slot. And got a dilemma that it's not just sent a phone and I've seen them close friends that second immediate timeout when you guys were down about four and I think we went for seven from three at that point what was coach marshall's message in the we pretty much says says that we just a prison and found in 95 which is hopeful both Chris and I think network that were pretty good at NASA for forty game we knew that they only had. Seven players who played most of the minutes says they are Huntingdon and salsa all of it ourselves souls our games I'm most random random and alert him off. And you know it you've made that run it was fourteen to five for fourteen did not have scored the next fourteen points all of them in the paint that you guys really started finding openings in it's coasted tell us that that would be taken some attempts and I think we're right. One for eleven for three at the beginning. So of course told us we got a series that's all the points and then just started getting points in the paint. Right you'd like Mike Thomas thanks to keep the ball in the big guys fitness that you think that's always like Peter and assistance Vegas a couple of actress that plays Sunday against the South Florida. You got a steal at half court all the would always outscored like a guard incidents today. That reverse slam with a knife and describe it. Pretty much that I saw an opening exact date of the steel and artists and it's been in my through my butt off had to get to get the ball lands. If I'm Pat's right in this nobody dances they detonate. Iran you guys in this time period where no classes you spent more time with basketball that's an important time for your years you've you've been around it enough that you feel like it. That you made the kind of progress that's what it is this during a winter freight management. Anytime minutes and also. Plus no classes so we got a lot of time to spend on phenomenon game and then with the game plan that's been fluff book that's what we've been doing. And that seems like it's enough. Your senior year obviously looking forward and that's it and it's it's that. We've played really well. Thank you better start of the game presented I think Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket to become. He has lottery dot com for the most current. Like Kansas lottery. And dream maker we talked about it my round that is what it in the trees play it again presented by supply. That's when things aren't. But he currently covered background. And is doing yard with a lot fascinated dirt. Unless I am circles under the basket gave up left. He's got fourteen little highlight reel reverse slam that I'm not gonna. Great ballgame. And the any thoughts and. He fancied players. All toward north through that the united let's see. Brown always good Cali is known around here and Ellie we've we can always pick them but you know. I've got nurtured that it's not a warm things up inside but. Background you know the Ingraham is it. Figured artwork for long points on the defensive player of the games is rocky like got you covered really liked it troll like your living room create privacy of your bedroom or transformed a look at your kitchen got you covered has the right with the treatment solutions. Where you call 3166127000. That it got to cover of Wichita dot com. Mention the shoppers that got you covered it 10% off any order got you covered serving which area go inside the numbers. Break down the final step brought you might beat Katie CPAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours this doctors started out. Really shoot poorly they were for a twelfth at one point from that point on neighbor 34 of 52. Almost 68%. They were seventy in the second half of the 59 point four of the game. 41% of died at 223 pointers after one of eleven starts at ten of twelve from the line for 83%. They held CU 239 point 7% just for the team from three. And the pirates also played only ten of their seventeen free throws Wichita State plus fourteen on the last forty to 26. And eleven turnovers to fifteen but had 28 points to hand. On points off turnovers. Fifteen to thirty points in the paint 51 to fourteen. Bench points and the truckers had 32 assists. On 38. For fuel pools that is just absolutely incredible. Percentage. At 32 is this is a new single game high under Gregg Marshall the previous night but just its net with 28. On Sunday against South Florida and I bet you that the staff that put marshals going to be most proud. When he looks at the stat sheet the 32 assists. On 38 baskets. You know that means you've got an unselfish team and you've got a team that's working the ball there stored inside their given up on fast breaks to each other. That's the sign of a good team we have that and if this again eleven different players played double figure minutes eleven different players scored. He'll Boris took the most shots eleven and that's. Not from anybody that's not from him hunting shots to detect that and they were just going to him because he was open in the office is running well but. Landry shambles eleven assists Austin Reeves with six. And the score it was led by nurtured with fourteen the Duffy and Boris with twelve apiece. Eleven for shammond and eleven assists and four rebounds and then nine points for Darryl Willis in just. Thirteen minutes patriots were shots. Eight points for not a frank can't let the score in the first half didn't take another shot in the second half seven point six rebounds for next round. Six points eight rebounds for sure Kelly. Unchanged Jones scored five Reeves had five points four rebounds six assists and no turnovers. And rep party came off the bench the last three minutes and hit three a three. 46 points that's a career high for him and his two seasons as shocker walk on the aging Tyson Liddy CU with sixteen points that it takes sixteen shots to get it. You know while while like he and then resets fixes this but no kernel so. And get a good job of distributing the basketball and and to hear that falls well he had Janet combined for seventeen assists with one turnover. Well the case that's that's that's good stuff there a lot of data that that's Fred run numbers are thicker. And letter until one of our five pre and post game sponsors Javaris carpet outlet Florie says longtime proud which it's not tradition family owned and operated for well over thirty years they provide great product at. It great every day prices that are able to do that because of their large inventory that they keep it's not all time. 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Bliss until Ford download it I can't WSJ a shocker vested. Oh yeah. Nothing like this five minute and that being Carolina. You know. All. Our news. No one could be sweet and then lives. We went. And I'm a. Fan. Bad plug it back to John must be you know Johnson auditors to create ID six read minds of our. Yet it suits. Let's take a quick look at the scoreboard wanted to gain the American conference tonight in Houston Houston was light it up from three they were thirteen of eighteen for. Three at halftime. Went on to the pulse of 104. To seventy ones with the soccer's win here tonight Wichita State is now 40. Cincinnati which does not play in the wee game three you know. UCF. Is for sorry three to Tulsa falls to 32 in Houston this past them that three and one of and yet those are the leaders right now SMU. Lost last night at home to temple and being 833 game home court winning streak. And they are not two threes that's that a bit of a surprise. And its attackers its sole possession of first place just a half game out of Cincinnati which will not play again until Saturday. Pollster after three and I'll start in the league now three to. Losing at Memphis and tonight they get Houston's attackers with catcher Wilson team on Saturday night that revealing just a little for conflict and they're gonna run into a really mad skills that he kind of wounded animal situation so. Watch out Saturday. Clinical and her kids. On their it mattered to him by the soccer's former nonconference opponents College of Charleston the north eastern tonight Florida Gulf Coast over South Carolina upstate South Dakota State. Beat Oral Roberts in a couple of girlfriends Steve Forbes Crist can't play it again that night coach Forbes East Tennessee State. We NC Greensboro 6858. There now thirteen and 440 in the Southern Conference. And Mexico's state. Want to pretty tough road in the rankings rankings wealth not acting on a Noah making back when it's 7059. To that now fourteen and three. To know in the conference again if you missed it should women last night winning their first American in 6961. Over Memphis. And it spreads bad leafs tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers had an NBA career high 2286. Of eight from beyond the arc against the cavaliers and raptors won that game 133. 290 ninths is just a good night for shocker basketball and their friends at. Tan broadcast wretched part by Carlos or Alex for 1981. Celebrate them any Carlos Achilles and get to full size entrees and actually contain so for only 1981. When he ordered the case tell them snack. And JR century Gregg Marshall joins us presented by express employment professionals. On a mission to put a billion to work the shocker when it tonight 9560. Over ECU. To stay a slight slow start united and it seemed like depressed really got you. We didn't. We didn't play well early remake shops and we were one for eleven at one point from three and we were jacking up three's it. We tried to tell. He's able to pay you the ball the pain. We didn't we didn't quite listen like we should have been so we've we've had a slow start they built a three to five point lead something like that. I just an OK here we go we're never gonna make it up and down game in more more possessions in a war but it. Gumbel sloppy at times but man 32. Assists on 38 baskets about 28 was a lot and that's a and it almost as a team almost a three to one assist to turnover and some of the trip was to return which were only. Wrote Rashard had won the Kennedys took the ball from him when he was driving on Landry same thing just lost it. Triple and right in the first half. Jack had a couple who is in and out of his hands so. And I thought we passed the ball very very well we were so what selfish and got our offense going throughout the house. If that's why it was they were up fourteen did not I don't know what it ended up but I doubt by the time that you went on a fourteen O Ron Paul fourteen points were in the think whatever was actually follow a free throw but it does the F. We were we pound the ball inside him. Didn't lay ups to our pressure and in transition. They are so shorthanded. My periods doing a great job with these guys they played so much better than they were early on. And I tell you. He he they're competing the whole time we just were down that's exactly what we thought they might do because. They of the ten guys they addressed to of the war because we had eight scholarship players tonight. In uniform group like. Feel that the thing that really strikes you about this team great is Holland selfish. You know it doesn't matter what combination you have on the floor. Everybody seems willing to give the ball left. His somebody with a better shot than they have been you know you've coached a long time that if it's a lot of work he could keep thinking like that. Absolutely. It's just it's just the culture you know I don't I don't think I've ever had a team with thirty to a system here but that's the opposite. I thought about 28 was really. To almost have a three to one T. That's it that's a really good point guard at the Fred they have police. Type and number but our team had that it would usually when you add in the post players. You if you're lucky if there 121. But fourteen to do three to one almost went one assist shoe or that. His tremendous and the other already gotten the refs work the refs these tonight asking how many guys you play a year ago maybe is the feet and. You know and and I know one of the things you always look for his effort in practice and any that this body has been playing a lot lately necessarily they always have a chance to win more time in practice and keep themselves ready it certainly Ronald the last couple games has gotten a little more time the atom has really made the most. You have Rondo is playing well and six for eight from the field tonight fourteen points or fifteen minutes we were hitting the ball inside him he was making moves in scoring. Thought his defense is very. Look at all those guys with double digit minutes of me alone works at eleven guys played at least ten minutes or more at least up twelve minutes. So it's great when you have that type of definite. But you never know what the number's going to be called we can we try to keep from guessing a little bit on that so they're ready to go and ready to help our team win. While some caller asked does that do you think from get a double double night that's that Willis and think of Mike Ditka Shaq can may not only chabot. Yes it and eleven points and eleven assists and that's not a bad double double in which seven shots of 29. Minutes. That some of his passes were gesture and isn't really. Getting everyone involved that wraparound pass the immediate transition back out to meticulous. We re lease for the reorient our you have pretty. If you like and you mentioned in minutes you can never plan Ford as a coach but when you have a two game trip like this and apparently returner and obviously it helps them a lot of guys it that was thought. Both. Isaac brown and Don Jones you know coach when you're. Pull off for us when you get these guys out with him in game on Saturday tolls they got thumped tonight but they did a 33. At Houston. That made thirteen of eighteen three's first Houston hit well yet against that zone. Also runs exclusively. 122 zone. You can get look she's got a knock them down but I do Houston could really shoot the basketball we. We stood out that's wild so. We were on point for that team that befell them by the incident nuptials will have powerful. But they'll be mad now that example we know it goes Saturday. Congratulations. Thanks thank you that it picnic Marshall it's not a statement at five. Sixty over see you again the first ever meeting. Between these programs thirty to assess all time high rate Marshall with the stay active plus fourteen on the boards. Day one by 354. They get Smart here for the sixth time this season scored. Fourteen and it is now. War though in the conference. And it now held their last five opponents to 65 points with another nice ranch after it will answer that. Galaxy beat UConn by ten Houston by eighteen South Florida by 38. And with the market today 3035. So a pretty good margin of victory. Average in four conference games. Two on the road. Next up also an old longtime rival attackers. Two and one of the Reynolds senator Gregg Marshall but lost their of their last trip when. Also had a bunch of seniors retire to get their Fanny if I Wichita State after right now to try to get kicked by other people that are going to be fired up funds that are. And out of the game we're Fred reed injured that hands anybody try to play in the first half of the game and that's what amounts for the for quite a while. After that fills the game but mostly frank faithful have those guys ready and out of the itself will be felt for a few months that a lot of shock for fans of the either. MBA sixth. Thirty games and we'll go on the air at 530. With our pregame show thanks as always to enter handling for his great job in the studio at. But again that the Carolina music for us we hope you enjoyed that laughs Paulson used before on Saturday night. Also off behind the scenes look at Bryant homegrown case of all the providing businesses stats and notes scores tonight thanks to both of them for there efforts to help us I'll put a plug it for Jake Jake Shields told the time. McDermott serve Clapton lie I have well I had done Williams told the time was there a little click here residences. All right we'll see what we have on Saturday night against 530 airtime for Bob ball like Kennedy say good night from. Greenville, North Carolina this doctor's visit here for the first time equivalent of the 95. To sixty. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare is less tired. Carlos at Kelly's Freddy you. Executive air shared and shows her insurance the Carnahan groups like start machinery until. He knows drilling down. Living is applying its equity bang your hometown Chevy dealers comforts us tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas just it's Javaris covered up my. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Tennis locker room capitol federal. The American family insurance tall grass country club coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health Foundation's state. Express employment it PG sports grill.