WSU Men's Basketball vs Houston 01-04-18

Thursday, January 4th

WSU Men's Basketball vs Houston: W 81-63


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From. Engines now. Younger all on one of three point 7 pay you why am afraid. Came down here is some poisonous. Charles thuggery. Thanks pregame show at tonight's game when it dockers at Houston. Brought to you by some system suffer if your home comfort is your wallet suffered since this. They've gone along side our body language on this little bit later and it handling of the studio ready to take your phone calls at 869103. SATA also will take your tweets at shocker voice that he. Questions or thoughts you have so at shocker voice on Twitter at five followed 8691037. Very if 316 the shot is coming off say ten point win on the road at UConn on Saturday at their first ever America's athletic conference game. Now play their first ever any AC hum game. Taking on their old phone that pretty old one at this stage of the game against the cougars were members of the Israeli helicopter through that decade the fifties. That left. In the spring of 1960s. At what it's not stated is to have played only three times since then won the very next year's all college heard of it. And at two games here in which it's not one of the pre season at 198991. At the post season and I T you know for a flies and. Only at that meeting the last 5070s I thought phones votes of those games I think it's going to out. And it keeps up a couple of NBA players and it has an effect if I did pretty big time successful. The players that this. Then we wanted to talk a little bit of thought that that history with Houston Wichita State leads the all time series sixteen to die. Even though they have played very little. It is nice at the last almost sixty years. That is still the eighteenth most played opponent on which ties State's all time list or did he get this series feel it yet. And Houston. Even after they left the Missouri valley at no longer play Wichita State's. At a lot of history in this building. Because which it's not stand pat and Lawrence got him rotated hosting NCAA midwest regionals through the sixties and seventies. At Houston was always hear that they have because they weren't a powerhouse is dependent in this mid west area. And so I saw that here in 1966. Held at Hayes soft or next year. I started again at 1968. When he loses seniors want to go into the final four. They were here in 1970 allotment Dave and I were both students here at. At well she had to fight double. I host it's damp I was a freshman with us tonight. They end I was the hosts believe they'll replace Houston and that is the third game. And we were all of the tunnel waiting to go out on the floor and both teams were side by side they're parallels. And Houston was on the right legal on the left. Elton Hayes was a little bit ahead of where bonds was. Slowly the Big Easy looks over your shoulder makes eye contact Wes Johnson. And it's knotted it at each others do the battle's going to be on and it was a. You know we were really hope things you have to digging join us on the shelf for a few minutes and ideas of these radio. Color commentator or Houston broadcast he does all of their home games as many road games as he can still has other commitments and things such as schedule. And it wasn't able to make the trip here for this game's all look forward to actually beat him January 20 it Houston's. That one of the greatest players I ever saw it certainly one of my favorite players during that era that I was basically contemporary music the a couple of years I am. The numbers bear it out the number of points he scored enough rebounds. The end. The this success the team and yet the players around him beat UCLA at that feuds game. You know it. Football stadium that was and yes that was a great great game and I agree held at Hayes just ripped player I've always admired well it's an adventure and. This last night and I was not that drive was thought that Jeff lutes. That decision yet to think about Houston that I will never forget. Here's what they gave me and it never coached by a guy V Lewis for thirty years at that. But Nick Cave into the regional sites we saw that here a number of times. It was a shallow and I players all dressed in coats and ties and wore red blazers. The fans was always dressed as they're caught red white striped coats they had a great fan I think it gorgeous really good cheerleaders. That's it guys life coach the cheerleaders blood cells and they gave to regionals it was and look forward to see Houston for the whole show on and off. Then what they involved in the buys land it's Emma. They had NBA players on their roster that was showtime all the time so leave it. And the lakers still time on their level that would differentiated. Fight war. The lakers differentiate they're fun fun to watch very excited. Real quickly before we get to the phones I just wanted to mention is that he had names. There valley days right into their ballot here Gary Phillips theory that goes they'll listen to a lot if they don't go out onto the NBA guys and then of course in the sixties. Yes Elvis Hazen dot Cheney on this great teams. The seventies like Davis Dwight Jones and others hurt saga that Clyde Drexler penalize wind Cadillac Anderson thanks. Since guy Lewis retired. Houston's fortunes have been a little more ups and downs even since 1990. Carl Herrera. Randy Brown well outline Anthony cold water and demons you know the ball has long while successful let BA careers and Jonathan Symonds. Is currently in his sixth year in the league averaging about fifty negate the Orlando Magic and it hit. Continued at least sporadically to have a lot of outstanding players and not golf its stance is coming off back to back the Clinton years of his second third year as head coach. This looks like an NCA at large achievement Houston seems beyond its way back. Well let's talk about this little bit later he had a real fast and he's an excellent hosts are. As success now he's combined death with some very very good players. He was it is not just like if they're very good right now and I think that they couldn't make a run NCA tournament. All right we're going to get to the phones and instant Twitter 8691. Of those trees evident. Thought it was nice letter and how has patiently. Waited for the opportunity to start us off now. Saying now. I'm out you know going out there yes OK. The technical bit. A setback for taking my call was only. No big game pretty darn excited about it. On her you know everyone continues to speculate on how. Market Macbeth he's gonna get his minutes you know I had an opinion in periods that you speedway that I think it. On the half and at. Power forward. And with Austin reed getting more. I am in that regard line up. The possible that background has been probably been rumors that you know the greatest reduction of men it wants markets. Find this group. Well that's. I mean I don't know if it's gonna come down to ending Wanda. Players that wells has his minutes reduced the cause but I I think and I mentioned this before the evening died Saturday. This thing. It might make that one out then then we'll lose more minutes is that he has struggled offensively this year and obviously Marcus is going to be an impact the offensive player in my team scoring last year. Anything inside outside guy. Zach has seemed to lack of confidence this year he has been a better offensive players throughout his career that he's this so far this season. But he is also such a tremendous defensive player he's an even better rebounder than he's ever been and so. I don't think it's just that the Yankees reduction again assists Connecticut if it's scattered through several players and it's gonna depend on the night your vagueness of Iceland. Carol Willis gets an early foul trouble and made a couple of the big guys that Marcus might play more minutes of the floor it just gonna got to shake got them. Yeah. These situations going to dictate what's going to happen. Marcus fortunately for him is capable of playing several defenses. Played them well. We talk about sacks defensive prowess marxists and play as a matter of fact. Which is our state has been playing much better defensively the last games. I don't think it's coincidental that markets the stuff is back in the lineup for the last while it's not playing quite the minutes that he was before. But I thought played pretty hard playing pretty good defense. Some of those minutes are points and promise they rotate players ups and downs. That's the fight spot I think some guys at five spots like Ronald was probably have ministries which is. I do know that. One guys actually have is that it's business. If you start Delhi's artists play so well I stealing from him. Absolutely and it and it's not chest rebounding which is so obvious that he's he's applied mastery when it sweetly citizens. Score in the right situations. And he's one of the vocal leaders on the flow one of the things that's that's definitely not the that's it matters that it. Is one of the old school verbal leaguers on the court. Leading indicators ignited panic helpful things together yeah. Well as well. How to match point it's a lot of players. At it that way. One thing I want to be shared mansion early on that show is the fact that the coaches shared challenge is back on your way at once again this year rate partially participants. Once again here's designated. Children's. Ranch is scared this series so gently networks. It is US PN dot com. Forward slash. And it at the whole thing will come up goes through. Go through of the picture of the coach authentically him right after the coaches picture saint vote. Much on air registered. And 18. The highest stage it's obvious that it elimination process them the last four. Raise money wasn't without children don't agree. It isn't Atlantic started yesterday and now I think there are like they slept in his first time period. It marks here yesterday it was ninth usually it 45 so. Anchorage is an on line that you could do want to each day supplies inside enough. And I think because that's not where does. It really. Rapidly. If it. Imagine your drives it is not like Kansas flat tire at service were very tired and professional auto service are always. A slam. Pat listed on Twitter about. But if it about. Former soccer's not the Armstead. Not a lot of yes except that all our flag off proceedings and I'm not sure exactly work out that he has seen now on Slater right now he's playing here at. To keep up cotton producers back in Germany where he's got kind of big star and or off all right about the time with us agencies started. It planning. It professionally. And then. I think somewhere. In the Caribbean islands that it exactly where it's odd note on that but I. A piano players like Ashley. I am probably way off base I thought that now. While but I I went off. I have a question. If the players is there. And it affects his play the player let it now or hide it at risk that it's a step slow. You easily. It's gonna notice answers steps. But. I think it's better and I think coaches prefer a player is not right that they might now coaches also admire players. Planes. Maybe. Anke it's war or something of that tonight. As long as it doesn't keep them from playing at a fairly high level it that's his players an eighth. My ankle is bothering that I think I play through that scenario let's try it looks like really struggling to but I think it. It's always better to be honest and Atlanta coach now that would be kind of logic board usually also want something bothered. Player. That's thing is to let him now and let traders if he can do something about it it might make it matter. If. Lot of people don't realize this that. Yeah case and both players the way. It is not just they'll still a player what to do with the players it's not what it feels comfortable with the mountains. And part of that is the situation. And once again Mike you're right postage stamps to figure out right away. Whether or not the players at full strength for the player has telephones Heatley. And it lets the colts decide its policy decision. But that player has come thought that. It's really no different then. Coach marshall's. Philosophies leggy light Judy sounds a lot. Yes he always wants five guys on the floor who aren't as fresh as they can be ready to go as hard as they could possibly go. For a slot that they can't have that free minutes or seven that if whenever I think particularly. On the defensive end zone. He wants his players a lot of ballots that. Whatever they're tired if they've been up and down several times syndicate web cast signal. Let him out of his cabinet picks back into the that's the way they would rather approach it says that they you know you're always out there at pulls me. And if it's fought it off the day with players as it is thought that happened a little bit of tightness in my hamstring. Not go ahead seed its trainer. Find out later says I need to do but if you see anything you see it slowing it down. Let me know and we'll we'll work on that would. For a little bit more so we let the colts know that he feels he could go and it's the same time he's getting the help that he needs at least that he could be valuable. Edited it's not just play it 50% off your online order inning with a time area pop it's not like not a puppet giants not content. That is the problem with soccer fifty to receive your soccer this gap in the back of the politics or not I think it's. I game. And I and Mike. OK yeah now probably. I'd I'd. We all I've got. Warren who legitimately wrong UConn game. Was because that would mean. We will more fifth before and and I think we're more disciplined than a lot of you want. If you go out there might not comment on that and my question is. Well it's a foot wrong over last. Screen name he's. Like another long fat. And I'd like to have you comment on that when it. As far as that discipline thick at all comes in to what goes on in practice and kind of expectations the coaching staff has. Just days law. All it replay isn't it time and practice or and huddled there it's time now. That's just one to remember what he plays aren't met with the sequence is it. Lots of things like that so yeah I mean that's all part of the culture here that's discipline self discipline. Stay with the plan as you know hopefully that leads to making good decisions. Including you know at your past that you shot selection and so forth. Sometimes I have as a bit as evident in the passing this year as it has in years past. But I think that's sadly it would get ironed out because this is a veteran team and these guys know what. What good decisions are what good passes aren't so. And they always realized that basketball it's forty minutes and it has ups and downs throughout the game. And what's seen with us state this year it many years is the very self confident that if something happens for a if they have a bad run for about three minutes. They don't let it get them they insisted that there were no incidents out okay as long as they were parts. So the attitude the way they approach the quality is very significant and it looks like veterans that's why it's. One other area where that this was really shows is there's no chirping trash talking those kinds of things stay focused on. Let's let not him if somebody starts to show it too much concern it's actually starts talking. About officiating. Calls that's gonna get addressed because those are things that eighth. Can't put it a bad light with the officials and also can be a distraction but she's trying to do on the court it's almost makes up and that's. That overall disappointment to him on. And a part of it is after the game through those players it's about stats. Others and it relates to what the ball games and lost that they needed to he rebounds. He field goal percentage. Guys have maps that we are after the book it might take offense have no idea. But their numbers are they look at their. Faith but they're not concerned about this game. Gone are opportunistic. Gets addressed and things like that it is that got it lights on the trip to Connecticut because the end a plane. Malfunction. Gently while the second aircraft. And so and it was I. We'll let it snow we've got it ready for it will be justice of the punitive and it got to get to Baghdad rants that kind of thing. Coming back the message last night UC. Amateur night that's when people are out acting crazy Sanofi bought out of this event. Enjoy yourself you know yeah with the nature France whenever it. Out in middle of all the craziness with yourself at risk if he then you know also witnessed scenes like with great. They feel a sense of responsibility not so it's. And it's. They're not going to do anything. But slower because they're concerned about how other teams would be affected by the articles staff reacts. Time we have another calm but we do need to take a quick break so long asked artists to hang on for. Just a couple of minutes and we'll be back with more of your calls and your tweets. On the interest thanks pregame show off operators shoppers and Houston that night at eight C home office. 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Yes just reporting not months they just more for your thread three random book value passed for me Iron Mountain men injured dome or lose something with fellow fell 1800 new sound orcas or new songs which thought dot com with. With current and former 324. He on both sides must always display the number and can patents and patent. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Brad would be John Green rich Cutler dusty shelf for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Basketball is on 103 point seventy and. What about it. I I was arena and we just got word tonight to plot blacks would be a little bit earlier than usual at this. 601. Nadal at ESPN which is fine. But it gets sick so Iverson sixty seven's so once he takes it on tonight. Nobody can go that RJ was very patiently been holding him calls archaic things. Thank you and I yeah. Well I lived there fifty year first time caller. I'll I'll hand. I just wanted we were talking about memories. It. 1960. Was my break here which state. And prior. Well that Houston was in the valley. Employers. Later played for the which knickers victory on me and done but if that we are very few players. That it. I just thought I'd throw that in with all the other great players this area that used to. Absolutely and it. I want it I really was hoping we can get done well with not to be on this stuff off the jets yesterday. And talk a little in those days like Houston because he played at Houston last year's soccer is played it before and experts fear that they hope that this buildings and of course played here four years with Snickers used to percent of players. Let them through their first ever NCAA tournament appearance since 1966. Of outlaws on it. The great names they re bond was looked all right let the lakers are well. Played it well southwest Missouri State and Houston also played for the lakers got with years there was. There was a lot of connection effectiveness years schools then it's like as saying the city is instantly pathetic it along to see you rebirth of that I'd also like to say hello there are today. We go back a law against. Arts and relief that your voice that's well. I'm not a very good recognizes a propaganda and right now. Thank you for the car. I'll let cities. OK got it out there that if it. Carl isn't candid I thought inside the body last night maybe it's them they're still rehabbing after eight this out now there's. Thanks for those updates. Looking at the scheduled just realized it's not present no stretch of three games in five games the coach's thoughts. Your thoughts like can't speak for the coaches. I don't think there will be a problem today yet they play three games in three days in valley so they've been through that experience and that's. The only other time is going to accept it like at the top concern that if you make it only championship game so they've done that. I don't think there's there's any need to play three games in five days to make him that if the I think it. Accidentally the schedules worked out has been. Really fine for the coaches were there it was a full week between games twice around the holidays and at this plant on Saturday is that pretty good captain of this loud on Thursday and it's invasive to me before flying on Sunday I think nice the only coaches like to hand out. That accident rather than one day at the latest in a couple of basically. Games out of work on their own stuff and then work on the other team a little more expensive that's almost the perfect preparation. And it lets the players didn't see him at the front storefront space Scott. And it's fat it sticks with it sees it certainly going to be played three games three days probably. NCAA tournament that he's flanked. Two games three day period and what that the we've talked about them plain too many games and through most of the time period. He has waited and it caused what's at stake here all those minutes and with the status or. The that they are ideally suited for rod and he gains or not. It's a question from Greg is it going back to the NIT championship marshals W a few teams have always approved as the season and I'm. Apparently improved the most this year. Well I think we're the minute improved the most is what they've done over the last couple days games. That's doing a better job three point offensively it's also holding opponents down a little bit more in the points football games. In the last couple of games they held opponents to about 63 and a half points per game. And that's much better than the seventy point six points per game on the sees that they've been holding them if there's a weakness which it's not state of the fact that it's all very often. Consider that it weakens because they never bet. Really it's the basketball but it's the three point defense I think with Marcus Duffy back at three point defense is going to be a stronger. The other thing would need their turnover total is not real date that it's a little higher than it has yet and it appears. Boarded their opponents which has been really excellent recent years and I think that's something nugget. Correct it is it's a lot of it has to do with decision making it certainly not. And I get turned downward because people are more athletic they Arctic is taken away from like ants I think that's something that bulletproof. I agree with Dave but he said that the defense of the greatest areas for improvement and that's as good as this team has an offensively. Happening Marcus but nothing exactly he's a 100% at it and it really it just makes them almost devastating offensively on the left. Yeah the rhythm is going to be just that much better by the end what you're seeing is. They're starting to shoot the ball just a little bit better that are combinations are a little bit stronger thin that I just think. As the season progresses it's going to be like hey it's Greg Moore sixty does is it gets. I we have a phone call from Michael let's think that Michael. Hello I eat you know yeah. Pretty good hey I have a question and a comment my question is. Do you think the mighty canes Jones would have a Rodney. Charging out DC he seemed to be really quick on the opposite stance. But he doesn't mean be able to keep it and it brought in on the dribble penetration. And I am hoping that you'll improve and end and the other thing is my my new year resolution but these authors these huge debt. Is that I don't know authors and that were get remote joke back. And at this got its start playing better defense on the three lack thank you. Thought it's not Michael that's just as far as supplies faith. You know I want your. This requirements of the expectations on defense here a little higher that they aren't a lot of places it's certainly. Or is that what typically players are expected to do a high school junior college it's I think it's still an adjustment period for him. Yes I was just quickness with his athletic ability. I think certainly he will continue to get better at keeping an incredibly insensitive products of hot today. Yeah he's had some tremendous games they tended to be more here at home and on that's not Saturday. What a couple of good games and broaden its Saturday just like Hannity there. Service and I think this is something he's gonna have to fight through it well that's another place and his team which you know significant improvement in nineteen society it's getting better and better isn't yet. Or experience or use to create at this level it and it just more content. He is so talented so let's like let's. That he's been able to get by on his talent problems when Reynolds and bit. But he has had some relief work as hard as the next exit polls hasn't had to work as hard. The basics of defense because it reminds us that. And is this a he didn't have to lurk in the a little bit better in the C defense concept and Dan I think Michael is right I think that was certainly starts. Michael mentioned Ronald nurture and an editor earlier question about Toronto we didn't answer it less intense on this forgot addresses so. Wolf let's talk about that a little bit. The NC state is on it hasn't even been getting in as much and I don't think it's anything. He's done at that particular game he just hasn't placement and it's. I just think it's probably. It's something that's transpired at practice where he's not playing as well as somebody's. Bill passed it late it now has a lot to do play that there's as much excited about. Now they've looked at the last couple practices and how they played in the last eight. That's it may just be and I think part of it for a while I was in the fact that. You know Willis was playing better and better and playing more minutes and let us keep offers on those times south. It's just been a combination of things I think Iran is still going to theaters sports. Contributors are right now he's just not as they. Well he has such a nice history of being able to defeat in the very very high level. He's not getting the minutes he's only been averaging six minutes a game in his last three ball games on the city's average 62 games. That's even gone down the last two games where it's against. Part of that is because you've got up players that are played so well let me have a sixth Willis displayed arts arts. All the staff has played quite as well at some of those minutes that the available Toronto hopefully. Start to see you get a few more minutes and he'll recapture that confidence for the use of over the last year and a half itself. Is. 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I think that at all. He users and found. Are you going to be able to get a minority or the sort of opposite in. Not a lot of thought that might hear from them on capitol. You apply yankees. I have I am aware that they're supposed to be here I haven't had any contact with anybody or specifically about that myself and evil. Have a chance that he. Certainly had a fan of course I saw that interview on channel well that played this morning. That we'll look good. Will console did you know that thing. Stated view I think she spends a lot of time here and it even Eagles here tonight actually located here. I don't know what you. It was so confidently with our State's program that folks staff as you would expect it. We'll try to get she's on sometime this year because like I snapped a picture he's living here now and I think about your practices a couple of times things. And it would outlaw. On the phone. Can't thank you. One quick question. I've often wondered you would do with. That type travel that you can do that you were more fuel. We'll I don't know if in everything you know ideal pebble thank you. Virtually. Everything except for for instance that traveled to Hawaii something else that exists. Is charged at that's a great way to. Normally typical trip we will lead late after. The day before the game. So they get into whatever city he's practiced here for others it is the city. People have maybe some video wasn't that bad. We come back right after the game pants they're back here most nights. Going to be back home with your own bed but it's not what we now have a business conference that's gonna change stuff so but that's going to be some of the weeknight. Games on it's gonna be later getting back its failure that gave him an opportunity. Then you get up and go to class the next day. You're backed that's more of a full day at home he stated that is that it has today getting an awful lot of commercial flights or flights. So that's that's the way we travel virtually everywhere right now the only. Drive trips because trips these I think pretty shortly also will be a bus trip. The stunts they went to Missouri State for hours that was the bus trip that anything beyond that probably why not just. Tolerable as you would hope that it was back and stately were proudly work to take three days. But actually pleasurable with the people nice candidates. For flights. Well we are out of time we're gonna have a little earlier exit than expected so we need the movie not a secret martial brigade theater the days. Winning strategies that forces stay with us we will continue from Coker got interest bank pregame show us what to tell us state plays host it is. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorsed called the pros and comfort and they can tune up your old furnace for installing new clinic system. Heat your home now and pay overtime and with that month finance it. 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As CYT we're glad intercom cares talkers for has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post any underneath Angela Valentine in Augusta Dylan Hartnett or hazel for a pummel. Wichita university soccer. He's on one of the three point seven dreamliner and Wichita. It doesn't it message that this selling your plate with vegetables and lazy Greeks they helped fuel your body for better workouts that's today's healthy shocker it's just brought you by the United Healthcare. And the real deal program learn more real appeal dot com. And the coach's corner that coach Gregg Marshall was presented by express employment professionals on a mission to put a billion to work. Coach coming out to win it UConn having had a chance to really break everything. Would you say it was one of your best performances start to finish disease. I think just in terms of points allowed. What 62. I told us that we talked about right after the game like you wouldn't we give up 62 week music find a way to scratch out 63 with this group so. It was good you know we played pretty hard and we've rebounded well. Plus thirteen or fifteen something like that in in the head down on the road. And a tough environment sellout crowd in Hartford I thought we played very good defense. He's seen signs through that game even before at some distinction in working hard on communication things on defense are getting better today yeah we we you know you. He would be too complicated we we're we're we've got a pretty solid. Principles that are based in we get too complicated try to do too much that's when mistakes occur. We learned that America and then Oklahoma game it. You know every year you try to Richard because there's certain things that coach after making plays as well this will really help us if we can. If we can tweak this to him that you would hear of when this happens we can tweak that and in the interest confused everybody else. We've got to try to not do that happened. Just get everybody playing with their herald fire which were gonna need to do tonight related team from eastern Canadian and right now wolf late challenge that defense out there just. They play so hard and so they're so tough is a well coached him. I mean it got really good players mostly juniors and seniors so. It's gonna be very good challenge foursome and this is a great team this is what that American athletic conference. Joining that Lee has its brought to us a team that's about potential NCAA tournament at large teams to get beat that's. Crap out. Arkansas mean Arkansas was down thirty arkansas' really good that you're used to just and basically Arkansas should know mosque Houston was so good in that game and they've beaten Providence and on the road and just have. I'm very talented team doesn't beat itself we're gonna have to played played very well and in tonight is one of those nights that team that. Performs the best in this particular game were. You just faced a lot of really good guards this year gestured only capable of scoring. A sister teammates Alatas wellness rob great fall into the category yeah he's he's a really good player you know I hope he's not trade young. But I think he's a very very very talented player. I've heard somewhere by the time he's done this year. Assuming he's got injured. And everything stays the way it's been and he will be the all time leading scorer in the league history. So let me write that right there says got to put the ball in the basket let's get fouled drives hard especially right. Pretty good shooter. The guy that you know we have to be very cognizant of the they've got other guys David can really shoot both davis' guard Davis in the forward Davis. And then they bring Brooks off the bench who really shoots at those guys are troopers. The a team that lost the statistic. It's 58% of its rebounding from last year but there every vetting people by night game they've added some guys seem to really be helping them on the boards. Yes. Brady's really tough and they've got some other Davis is trade expert we mentioned from Indiana. They get some really talented players and they and they play hard they're well coached and coached Sampson I've known for many years. He just does a very good job coaching his team and they don't beat themselves. Well as you said this is what she joined the American four were challenged in absolutely should be a great game wonderful atmosphere and hopefully shocker play well. Check your coach Gregg Marshall what you tell us state and Houston coming up from cookery. Meet lauryn ask to know of that and he chocolate. 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Murray he's got her. 03 point seven in case you want him. Craig. On the back. He hauled up there for the soccer's first of all time best of soccer's host Houston interestingly enough first ever American conference own game but hardly the soccer's first home match up or. Our conference matchup. Whitney Houston cougars they were cult members that their economic conference. Six years 195051. And 195960. Played only three times since then over the last 57 years. They've done has the wedding strategies for tonight's game ratchet back capitol federal personal. Home dream home. Trust the strength behind simplified answers capitol federal equal housing lender members of. Yeah as soon but I think Michael with the strategy now on tonight's game it's fifty feet of paradise. Or at least the distance from the free throw line in the winner's circle. The cougars averaged just half a point more free throw line with SARS they thought. WS he was excellence and when their opponents cents or free throws late youth and the Sox are one its new. But makes it more fouls than their opponents in both their lawsuits the soccer's world outscored from the line. At least it was outscored six defeat at least from the line in both of their losses. So these teams it's worth the most free throws it seems to happen that's tonight when he spreads were to. There won't be any lol hey. Through exercise is not going to be any easy rebound so which efforts to beat most dominant on the instant win game WS news. Now the fourth leading rebounding team in the currency they outrebounded opponents by eleven point six game but that was aren't too far behind. They're plus nine rebounds per game. It is here flown recently it's cost him that his wealth they've outrebounded their opponents by three per game. Three of their last games last Saturday with our state breaks out and out recounts Connecticut fight the disease. Atkinson has been outrebounded only once this year and it's LSU and LS UV's vice city. Rebounding edge support. But we strategy number 31 of the three musketeers that's delighted rescued tonight. Ronald nurture easily reignite. Its last four games the last three yes the rebounds. Jack horses 930 in the field with 28 point 1% for the last five ball games. In his last four games only bounces 3.3 rebounds per game marks the stuff that the street let. Since the field at least one of them hasn't played well tonight and a policy that. Ugly here well what strategy now before us at the risk of repeating myself. Statements like sacks in twelve games and once again. Davis played exceptionally well for instance and that's not redundant because there are some states that played against us and they're both playing very well. Corey Davis is 61 suitor he's averaging fourteen point six points per game this evidence last eight ball games. And not to be outdone devastating news at six foot six senior is averaging seven point three points a game. It's evident in his last eight ball game. What you add our Bonnie Brooks is six weeks off the oath of that Davis sent its city's average. Over the last four games to understand what it starts out as. They're gonna have its eyes on him and pulled it operates that at all. Finally lifts ramps up revised. Which makes experience. As snow mouth with Clinton desire to win next companies rake marks that with us players that audience. That's dealt with Sampson hasn't aunts and now the players finally catching fire with Houston but also how does get its stance. They play 3000 want to. Seat facility as her thesis campus facilities renovated all the help it doesn't let states that. They have that offers the opportunity to play with our state. That's what you'll definitely not seek out 100 seats it would eat. 150000. Dollars. Diversity. Don't sense senate not to let it hasn't yet been since he puts thought statement. In the health because let's face facility that's how important and how competitive yes but nobody would have been great. Mark. You know we've talked a lot about this not yours recently this relationship with Houston late it was Cincinnati offense this is often. Part of this awkward position. At another kind conditional on my mind. Regain sponsors suppliers are not going senator David businesses which is not homo. Forty years family owned and operated at because it is an example of his. And so forth I think it's great service they really take pride in doing that I've had a couple of personal experiences. Suarez had it been that way you treated. Quality of the merchandise at prices yet for the quality recognized and start to finish it's great experience the eighties glory that it warrants to sixty. North Broadway the injury report is brought to fly off Eli your life. Your journey your optimal yeah it seems like it most recent gains would add somebody it's not a battle it's. For one scene or phones. But most of these scenes are healthy for instance at what about those three prisoners or six hands off or. This six of the first set against the footage greatly inflated the last five straight and hits him six upfront. It's got healthy recently. Also elicits us it was the big injury is there was markets got it coming back three days ago flying nine minutes. In the Florida Gulf Coast game. That set up but not fluently at Connecticut game so obviously it was editor. Hey readiness of resistance if he did that take it that is definitely not him. Twelfth. Marks an idiot to think that Mike and I think. Or rather than later beat out as long as he was out recuperating from that broken foot is very difficult to do. But what's it Huskies played much better defensively over the last two ball games that's due in part because of Marcus stuff. Tonight that's about how we expected to go to and it's starting lineups coming back coming up at this moment. And letters mind you it's not content and games at home this week Houston tonight and in the University of South Florida as an app on Sunday afternoon. 3 o'clock fat on. Next week at east Carolina fans that tells us that it's not it's not an official watch part of the occasion isn't enough looks at words. South east corner athletic person went up but your normal life parties the chance to. For true. Is secretly in Orlando courtesy of Eisenhower national airport and it vetoes the network's official watch party location for soccer basketball. Doctors that part of the Philadelphia points tonight letters and numbers can walk through it you know it's definitely at this. As do letters and numbers of whites and at first appearance in this area for any cougars team. Since 200405. Tonight she is not yours because you're here on that occasion. Like its third straight that I team that. And on laws that as the western Kentucky and then lost an ethnic being at Vanderbilt that day that I had a chance to cover its us. The most incredible flies back to back it lasts. Five seconds of that if it's a legacy isn't as well a couple of the event is free throws it to understand that when the second free throws made. The game is over off practical purposes. And yet they have to go the full length of the fourth. Basically it what was that three seconds left what one point three seconds. Ian bonds played comes in that there are several rebels that are taken before all is lost. And euphoria that we all felt just took us right back down to earth than through the earth as widgets are statements quoted. No starter that went over Houston here that's the last time these two teams that flights have first right they didn't thirteen years only the third in the last 57. Here's. This team to play together again on January 20. Houston and so we look forward to getting this relationship thing as rivalry fun and deceit is not predicted to finish higher than it's worth this you're in this conference and at this is that he has rejected. Fourth this is a very very tough conference. As it is right now they they are the fourth ranked. AAC team in terms of can't pop right power rankings and those types of things that are top. 35 to 38 team it should make the evidence CA at large ticket maintained now. Our National Anthem played by the soccer basketball fan ants on about 101000 plus innocent. Okay. Okay. I'd Nashville at that its stuff. You know what it's not a state then that these senators about to get under way these second. AC game but the soccer's. Entered. For Houston Houston is not rates and those start in the league in those two ball games today defeated the snapped at home Saturday night sixty. At this afternoon. At first game home against apple Wichita state of course opens conference play Saturday at ten point win. Over Connecticut in Hartford. Poignancy tonight also is thing you know he's been an innocent youths and don't know what you tell us stayed at Cincinnati both want it now it's. In conference play starting lineups are presented. Fly equity bank read everything at AT&T and there's some on line and equity bank. Dot com first for the Houston cougars. Definite date that is 6625. Pound fifth year senior from Indianapolis eleven point nine points per game six point eight rebounds. Chris Harrison had mentioned earlier there's some games early residents are getting a start tonight only averaging seven minutes a game in seven games to point four. Points per game. Corey Davis the other day visit the starting line up. And third line center. Corey Davis is 861 junior from Lafayette Louisiana since his. College all American accent she's familiar he's eleven point one points for game 343%. From three. Damon Robinson has gone past 300 assists in his career is in his season is excellent here here. I'm not products from Houston I think score Florida half points per game. Whenever it is we want to. Sales at Padre. Returning all conference players. 61 this year's senior forest city where it Carolina. Played was here at Howard junior college season is they're here it is it. Sort of over a thousand points in the last few years and authorities seek your season average. Point 3.4 rebounds. Three point percent season 47. 38 plus three. 85%. From the free throw line and one of the best all around players instantly that yeah it's just. Our nightly news. It is it's amazing news that is double figures all but one game this year and at the last game out against him. And. It is pretty nice look. Mr. Milosevic years sorry you know little power. Five point nine points per game eight points and rebounds in his tenth. The nation's. Having confidence that this double doubles. Nice. I'm used to playing against his hometown. Four point three points for cable. We might seeing. Andrei patent on for a Davis surely as the ballgame was we have imagine not. Senators feel more at 66. This in your commitment Oklahoma eleven point eight points for games four point eight rebounds. That's guards are kind of brain cancer excellent if you're seeing what's inside north eleven and a half points a game and at last he says it's. And redshirt sophomores at Kansas City, Missouri six. Score seventeen points within four points seven assists. He's one of the top five things like suitors in the country. Students lives went to nine from beyond the and we understand that there is at least want to make a couple of BA scouts here. As they're concentrating don't lend lease candidate stands lobs grave doubts. Doctor's advice to theaters in France this Frist terrorists and it's not senators for instance. That's what it's nice eight field Boris next. If you guys and has control of the opening to. Has given up a few lately Doug shows Terry Oglesby Mike dance tonight's officials who isn't here. But homeowners have been excellent with a statement first nice day brought to you night of the existence. Since the five most left elbow was killing in the backfield with him. It went. And it's as excellent Davis did at the justice infinite campus in Lawrence credited in place yeah. Set play and it went so quickly Mike it's hard for the defense yeah it's not an unprecedented. Is it. News that yet but I'm out and pay a high close. Please let them like you I was definitely worried that the products. It's been it's made it. Pays to guarded innocent accident. Let's play that Robinson for three bounces out it's not worth it wants provinces and besides it's not quite exhaustive. Absolutely that's what's this ball club feel fairly it's. It's not the rest of the world can only say that the leg looks inside of that there a threat assessment of thank you Thursday's effort to free throws it. Rod Graves and his six guards at the Sonoma or not it's the three songs ranks into. Sound off about any problems father's. Network and offices. Don't wanted to get it to Kevin Davis to Santa thanks Kelly went left were exactly Robinson's. It's not it's not physically that's it that's not the end and golf balls please visit them right away Kevin Davis thanks go to Elaine Elliott blundered in that room not. But yet the Davis or use it if they're athletic they displayed. Basketball might affect the sixth. President it to more assists firstly it looked at all not down last night Houston was staying with the soccer is heated to thirty that like to but it's not with a statement. It brought forth to do with the ball underneath their basket that. Lot not. Rather then passed. Yeah it to it definitely is considered an act that left elbow. Holding let's get its yards this announcement rattled by it particularly with the way up the marquee par at an event that's that's my background. Kelly yeah no it's not. You've got to harm her that that's enough. Eastward to. Mike but that's not. The last. Robinson the threat toward. The Davis or is that. Right thing to. Credit credit rating system left baseline. Davis would sit out front Robinson tried to hit the facts. And yes. So it Robinson is listed as a forceful. Statements world. It's but here. It's massive blow my appetite for them to. Excited. About it go forward. He fights so if he weren't asked. For a picnic Van Morrison. It's not. Press slot that is feasible and it hit it and then let's act quite often turn him docket though that's. And bounce pass. Asset backed right around almost all accounts Natalie pace rightness that let the free throw line brightly in the eighth and it's not there yet glory glory days that I. Can honestly. But don't stuff like that. Gene Randall at Torrey Davis instantly to grow our selling sizes six appease that that's what. It feels like it that way. Glory for three outs right there. First three games it's not as. 396. He had been only wanted to date the points right in his last five ball games that with the way it. There's 33 seat opposite those luckily the great Rutgers grad pulls up floated like not the right center. It'd probably bound to feel stylistically it can't knock on the right sideline that accord that. The Florida Boris at the top of the art let's wait around definitely but sympathetic five cents Democrat and. And I could not script I thought it was going to go down to just letting. Was it the threats of NASA's. Gas sandwich and layoffs not nice to us soccer's elite eleven to six Robinson started right goes left pulls up to fifteen this is not connected on Helen. Look at let's disinvestment process sideline right side of the floor steps up and fires in three short. Rebound Robinson refused that you'll bring it back up quickly the other wealth. That's not right at Dickey back out front Devin Davis what could drive it does drive it runs it. A lot of traffic. This does not. Now may have been before the shots I was going to be taught her friend called for the loss and it will need two shots. Think of that timeout with 1530. Articulate the first half quick start for both teams Wichita State leads us to eleventh to sixth. Commitment makes Kansas workers among the destiny clear. Their commitment shows as they craft Hai precision tools to create customized energy saving windows and keep power flowing across Kansas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps companies support other employees went. Helping them stay healthy. Wilder engineering innovating and liking the way to our State's future Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Commitment compassionate community. 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If your business is landscaping eerie lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show native did that sponsorship information artery or your food they call 68521. Line or outdoor living landscapes showed that not. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. Shocker basketball is on 103 point seven GE Y and. The lodge is. Sort of outburst at different teams combined for eight of fourteen shooting no turnovers either way with Utah State. Shooting five of any of the field wanted to at the preakness that three for six from the field this there'll be three point attempts. And they will be going for the lines about the time actually the first free throws. Five assists with us today soccer's a number Ronald. Not for citizens and I see that the country in assists average. But seventeen point nine misses the ball game I can that's at least. Think it sounds off nice pants smacked around three assists already halfway in his career high. It's not a state. Have these same group out there it should have it except for sorry you know if it's at the end. For abortion act if it's dark line by line to be Willis only rounds but it ran him Kevin davis' free throw rules you know not a free throws it over 6%. Of the season. But it's evident last all of these athletes. One. Three for instance. I think that's. That was also affidavits before now they had three players points apiece. Just stay with the lead 118. On the front porch and it left wing to ground looks like those analysts discovered that separates him it's definitely tough apparently different. Rebels did not look slim fast fast behind those of us there and look after their hands off she and it's. And Landry goes back toward the baseline just fumbled it and it's not used to it coming up with the recovery was appearance on just hit it in the post season. Fifth year red transfer from allied Brooklyn. Out front with a debit Davis tripled and not worry Davis Davis back on the right wing Andre re up to screen youth streeters on. Writes that the line back it down only muscling his way in prices got through got stripped off his body out of town that. Very well defended virus you know and really no place but that's not the problem once he got the rebels and it. Oh. Yeah. Lost that race markets I think. It's. Definitely it is nice and that the it still has Robinson glory Davis and Davis and Andre and we have seen so far that. It there's one. Mark's stuff but nothing at all artistic thing right wing got. And that's not. Yeah after releasing got a chance of blood tests. Please please stop. It's Arctic Arctic gadgets that state it's law but released it quickly take. Shot like that he's gone to the free throw line what time this season it sees plate but he nailed. You know I was guns on its debt and a three pointer first now on Houston. Nothing it for a four point one. If not physically seven of course you probably default that. All of these options. It trades now for the shot does not yet for the cougars shoot 401. As a team from three point. Rate on its not the arc off the Wall Street. Guys that aren't that adapted defense my round when he got the credit goes to Bonnie Brooks. Rightly worry David Stratton aren't as a writer missed it. Likely to rebound Willis. Lost it off his fingertips not a band that it was just. Although that's what. It's worth. It if it out at all. Money that it is six what it is right wing flyers missed all of the backing of 47%. Three point stance that it rightly that nothing that he sent enough Wall Street. Louis. Shot thing with the drive it gives the quarterback got the treatment Marcus. That's gone fairly good today had to pay off at Princeton 6%. From beyond our centers like. It's it's now. You missed it thirty seconds night Florida. 46. Wolf is the first half say 40% the day after and it's not as candidates as well. It's definitely instances themselves that it is a little silly a lot of confidence and I think more than anything might. He's back to place it once again it's 45 minutes in his first game some efforts in the field open. Or for. Eighties Moses baskets they want it done for the lay up. Breaking the press at the end. Nine games Saturday. Last season 35 and a half percent from. West to let that person walking accidentally them. Yes it's baskets. Right at the end of the ball game at least one of them have done that maybe the second one of them also that you see that yeah it is written. And it even when he has this. Percent it. It really and it. Little streak beyond the arc completely mix it up like it is trouble for the opposition in the rest of the night while. He's never for any confidence but it looked like his day say I've backdating back Houston ball. The threat north Torrey Davis I posted Devin Davis faces and nothing not to block. Markets got the ball up mine from behind the dotted with the volume and it personality not that you. Second now with us days they gamble picked up the list or see it now. You know one block. Now it's just out now that's one outlaw that while. And say this as not only for us for. Instance not does not exist and how well it's definitely. Line. That Ford's. Incidents one point 47. Point one last. That is yet. Mental illness that. There. Davis was five with non state leads to CN but it effects work right wanted to read them the right life. Nothing deflected away and it's at that yet the Davis water and stuff and it as a line. The logic. Announced that it but it's not yours and we'll go out. But. Marshall get a few more people in early and now since it is it is likely to us victory. That's pretty consistent night and that's issues. Falcons got the right baseline definitely. Not a Wall Street it's not definitely the death your right side. It's estimated that right blockages on it and drop off of Kevin Davis stole it right at the board rather not grounds that the bosnians can't get it obviously foresters now. But that was really loud and mines act that's an excellent job on rate outlook. That maybe it. It's just it's not drives the lane throws a writer of this that it doesn't let the rebound out of bounds off Houston is not included pretty good drive I have not made that I think unexpectedly got a second it vendors which Ivins had just decided that they're really did. But that's. I. And Lewis writes I definitely aids does not reach heading into the light it delicate get enough it's it will still take three right wing. That's short rebounds and everything that's not right. It was not Myers over creative art that dire rebounds next round with us. Play half court theories that were left Nightline hostage pizzas dribble. At a fire three left elbow not. Yeah yeah. Constant rain. Hit the factors of our society really that's what I'm glad hated Sox desperately get free throw it's like 44 point 9%. It's like it's worth less it's 1245. Against the continent's added it's not quite yet but it is threatening that academic nothing turnaround misses three bad greens and Willis sliding floor Reid won't let it go out to its way to thwart. It is true width not the art not drive that spins out of respect nothing shot next. Alliance and try to make it ill advised passes fumbles and later Rod Graves. Probably should've taken the shot there and a little ones not that bad then you. Might. Yet blowing so hard. Snakes I think definitely and it's. Hey yeah. It's. Soccer actually instant turn over. And it got its slump time now with 1141. On the first what state went to. One. Eleven. Hi this is Ashley Hayes and I'm a full time working mom with my husband and I spent hundreds of dollars a month at various places around what father worked out that because there's not one place that needs all of Arnie. So to say we are thrilled opted Eiffel filled up Lloyd is an understatement. Osce like encompasses everything in one place functional fitness free exercise classes yoga heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have childcare. Visit opting like it when he first and whether online at top teeth I think in life dot com. Are you doing there beautiful cars and see. Let's appraised. Yeah 93 lately to the office for help us tax of course 9380. And I look like seventies little and talk to the bar would like to do from my insurance companies and do you cart weekly dancing you weren't really hard part of the Atlantic give it to protect. Deserves. Put out he's never missed but he says I didn't immediately stamps and free your freshness DO. State farm. Call anything today. You know the benefit of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars two hours from start to finish and I had planned Hillary didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family did streak you have something to smile about. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a toss up in valley and are indeed born and over west's lawyer. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point 78. Honestly what I'm Houston Atlanta and it's got this right now there see it. 61 half percent or six. Now it's horrible habit vote for him. It's not as it wants war on the boards and we've talked about shock up my. It is doubtful for instance dance ended up at the last four minutes which started out we have six of its one. Of the last five shots. Shocker basketball has refused to turn over this Friday night line is not so much news notes and Boris are telling her back yet. And markets picked up these days on me you know that means. That might Robinson that it used to beating down the last it and that's why yeah. Hit it right Lou that let's let it. Yeah it definitely casino crowd that's a tough very light. It definitely. Getting the ball at the witness not not a lot of media outlet asked. Beat Duffy anticipate he gets there gets the ball takes it to Lou. That's chances works but it's not the the free throw line was and that could just checked it refused to accept the balance. Your round wreath on the the offensive line has points that we both. Three point baskets that if the free throw line shot by a lot in the and a lot more. Really good definitely my eyes and just let layups and second. If nothing this time confident that it's not as it gets its eleventh of course pressure of Robinson gets a bit. Reluctant Nat Robinson that it is the pressure but it's not Robinson for that our minds. Then dribbled up the archive post left elbow and often then that they that three point shooters. Winners at white vote at all. Yeah dribble hand off and a critical time. Aspect has got trapped. Sideline. All the time about it wants to please. Not its weight in Houston players broke up the attempted handoff. Levin sixteenth pick up first half eleven seconds on this possession for thirty seconds of a second call timeout but it's good. How about this if there's a statistic toughness profound Austin reed has the right there you know he seems to me. Getting a little stronger yet here at netbooks. Continues to be addressed a lot going thing great get stronger could lift a little bored with it used to build up the field. I ever thought that he favored either shoulder right never thought that he played it. But he felt a lot of confidence in his physical abilities despite the fact yes slight rain deflates like them much at your player. Used to belong in their front court eleven on the shot on eight point 67 freshman. Checked in at them last night now he's limited Frontline guys along with parents Robinson bounces left wings definitely tempered by don't think it's not over read it as well guarded our money for his first U. At. It's right on here does not mean she does it. Of course not Writely is honest and off the street that the Boras shot it pulls up but well that. You know Morris off. It starts at seven points for facts and his teammates of four shots is building this was not reverse layup that left shortly after I sent it might be really hard to beat soccer since. After the landing accidentally then that opens three missed it and there about a Boris is nothing really strong defensive rebounds is that you know that's about it at press time lines quickly. That's inside out front Boris and actually the opposite stance not to you know ultimately create off the screen by Kelly double team that the screeners Kelly. He drives it's signaling a little bit active directory flow issues most wars that the bouncer. Not try to drop that it's not deflected picked up the flow it. He is still at it tonight tonight he looks like the markets guessing he's ever been away he's got a lot. It's the markets but definitely. A fly out stamp. This last summer got high high marks 4713. Soccer's reps contested three short. Dad's telling fighting for the sake but they have been accepted over to Brooks and drives it up with a router and floated over Boris is not threatening is that the best. Too bad Mike Woodson state so aggressive that the laws that. Paints Jones driving it draws a foul as Robinson didn't anticipate that extra gears switch deliberately. Have survived it draws Damon Robinson. That's the outskirts of towns big hands. It can't. All backed him with its but let's Marx's right balance out. Senator senate I don't why I thought it. Down one of the problems have had a hand in bounce passes very quick dump pass and it's marked as there. Right now has six and three of the staff this event that doubles last night it meant that the average stats let's. The Arctic. Opt my. President Clinton on this that that would rebound deflected covered by Robinson just a little underhand flip. Like the three bam bam bam that was it refused to play out of money for a that you get easy. It's not caught fire noticed out here actually written. About thirty feet off the glass that they had already wave that's the shot clock expired. They. I never get them out. And it never really lost the question about it. It was never sent officials reject. The red light was on it appeared before you let you know if he gets it that's it well saying it was way out there. There have cordoned it off laugh about it why does the dance fitness. Oddly enough itself but it this way. If it stays as is its 29 at three shots. And counting it's money team. Wichita State Hillary if they well they did six putts and so on there and I'm. It would go more beyond the arc and a couple of those exit if it was difficult shots. Longer over Lawrence looks at the up on. The ass are laugh. It looks like it was. Now I want violence. All right soccer basketball. On court 198. On the red light upon it looked like it was it's anti it's just like of the year. Doctors in the fourteen point lead and all of plant accident in that. Nightline right field or not right now let's wait to have a lot of medical boards while that reflect the life. It's not like salmon hit a pound on instant then act. Weis has got it in the wrong place wrong time while that deflected once they've gotten. Accepted it. Same thing happened is that it rates say one election and then that is deliberately stepped that it if it's dot net. That the walls that's not your friend that's definitely if if grant can't drive while also have yet. A lot right rather vote that got away forever friend can't but it's not as late night. 61. If we aren't the stuff. Let's wearing Armani it's dry spells that if it bounces off rebounds perhaps went there to get it existed and it compound one. Is that an. Aunt Nancy is footers. There's not a thousand seats you know what went with a statement. It's one instance and it's not that not that was it for now. I'm on the rate that. Night last night that rounds out rate the fifth. Hole. Let you know definitely. A thinking about it and writes that the lights this Saturday that Morris best. Let's not worry about Boris snapped up but it just looked at this tipped out to ground out to Santa three point land. Drake. Essence. It's an assistant. Incidentally got its visible only. Lori Davis that I. There's not harshly plot that's going to be a phone with us the story Davidson with the lines tonight. And Lawrence pick marks and congratulated as soon as they up on 759. The first half. And it's not mountains that is they witnessed it floating towards fifty. Right now. Finding the right employees to be demand from recruiting to interviews expressed when we're professionals does the work for. Did you know your business. You're looking for still linger or you're trying to fight administrative help. An executive. Find qualified people in support using expressed for all your staff and let us help express employment professionals on a mission to put a million people to work each year go to express rose dot com to find the location near you. Where it was built into the field after the black it has been grove this Kansas lottery g.'s instant ticket as a non winning ticket. And the. This ticket can be entered online bridge gets the win more than they jeeves prize packages including access to the penthouse suite during a two. In Kansas City Chiefs game. Stadium tomorrow. Plans are now you might for the 2008 he normally begin later gave a hard second third and fourth and treat you and it continues to ground Michel is now an X spelling to mention all giving you even more room to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers. If your business is landscaping eerie lighting lining streets here are anything outdoor living coming apart at the largest Garden Show native Kansas for sponsorship information or to reserve your food they call sixteen sites when he wants one line or outdoor living in land it should act out. US shocker basketball he's on 103 point seven KE YN. Our third C. She got what you want shooting 62%. Spotted a sadly for. Brief period three volleyed it held Houston to six at 1833%. To this prisoner over 43. They are offering a fourth line but it does it up on the boards well and only thing turnovers. Over its 82 it was just me. Zero assists for Houston obviously you have six athletes you're not going to and it is just with us date play great defense. Let guys act round vikings played superbly against rob right. Jack Morris is LA Atlanta standards act grants not different yet. And it matters you know Boris has done a really nice job. Working intimately with the offense and making passes from the perimeter that sort of thing he's really playing with. Awareness and treatment might worry Davis did reviews. Gray davis' free throw shooter. 22 out of thirty season outside the example played pretty well that never went 31 month. At night that was also as four or five of six from the line where Davis didn't double figures for the last five games averaging thirteen point eight. But that's fine chemistry enough. Not its. My seventy rubles to the right thing that's a lot Boris it in there double tape crosscourt pass deflected and then not advance last night's vice background. Check I think. Failed to see that double teams coming quickly enough that when he tried to pass out of that he was Netflix now while that. Deflected but with all of my thick enough you don't slant it's a problem. Right when it runs right side of the lane yet but dangerous to them like that got experience enough great while Wall Street and off but it warrants that back in April 7. Stands out about newborns Santa Landry at prices not life not it's a lot like seventies with the ball flight developers to have him out of the definitely Kelly right. Blank stops. Cross court ranking right side of the Wall Street threat to get rid of it it's like to say it. It's that net front talent that you aren't off and threw in some way out front. Quick what he can office freedom that's just a little. Bit of daylight it's impossible to get back on the clock that's not Landry is five of six from the field to a 33. Backdoor cuts. Out of it mayors almost lock my round fights back with Aniston in tonight. Fourth point operate while the plane over played ray at that time it cost him and it and it keeps telling. Friends differently not elected fortunately it's pointless way. Did you hold it in Atlanta writes I different can't get to three legs ready. Accredited news advance notice since news of record streak of 35 games. Frank is at seven point. It's not because there are fights on the first candidate best offensive captains as far as its office. Apparently Davis at baseline and Davis that this team yes Kevin Davis with the authorities got sent them. And of course it's not that we this year that's half that's my stuff. Janet I slipped off the streets and that's right you worth three pointer that's been. One of those nights for disasters everything is snowing and it's feeling forties. 361 in the. Three points. State forestry. Last time it is it is and it's nice to not let loose ends with the other night when you start casino. They can't listen to the floor looking into that love today. And missed it. Thirty seconds. Fiance is still. Whereas if it's it's played at age sixty. 8% of their flooded my son's nine of them look. They're afraid. They're related 46. To 21. At Houston at the darn good scene and there are good defense witnesses are stated that he weapons and I thought as large parties got started when markets thought he'd seen it. And ignited this. All public. But please this is taking us to see dad has been an art it's not see evidence that I had this weird flights went to. It says that now but there are some thoughts that handled pretty easily Oklahoma. I have thirty to go on the verge snapped this shot is already at 46 points on the floor. Diet how beloved it. The light up we'll have Darryl Willis Marcus Vick doesn't matter for example it exhibit. And they're. Lot of surgery for the is that Robinson's back yet why is it Corey Davis. A day and it does not. You don't have grave threat to earth. Are divided Duffy at the top flight. There's faces and it's about the Robinson Robinson's starts left them there would not back down the alliance boots listings voter rolls out. It's not a with the rebounds for Houston trying to clear that it looked like he traveled incident pointers. Corey Davis upfront the flight like try to get to grab it doesn't want to let it get blown out of hand off at Torrey Davis drive it on French camp. That's active fires and yet. That's not like Corey Davis hits in his six points at a tepid if way. You both students oh I see it here by the fans chanted opens created at this time it was wide open for the topic is rattled and now. The fan support Corey Davis is the issue of history in transition and dance all of a sudden that's five points at the benefits if the at the other end it's nothing for free let my hair long. Davis but it but it it's not that soccer still up nights money is it five straight points if the nation about the incident that evil. Right wing rant. I think it's not nothing does drive it cut off that line little shortly balances journalists it's not as well as the rent here. Well defended it tonight if you thought that there ought to raise rates yet goes left double I don't look the left hander. Only succeed. Lee flick my kids when they're expected him to look for it sets up for. He's just another year takes all the way to move for the left handed layup for suckers are in double figures in the first half including France can't it's well it's not sleep 48 point 6340. Acknowledgment camp Robinson left locked them. The point. Acted justly and Willis back out to Robinson for three that's yet. It is just too. Horde Galen Robinson he's got four senate run seventh run for. And it does lift off the street that drives it hard cut off my wife and I got a call to hold wife just got a little over aggressive behavior wise except. Freshman. Picking up the his first six obviously throws. After the after fourth time about 327. 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TV we not only on the high quality TV brand like LG but we do have one of the largest selections of real good entertainment furniture in city after TV we've got our group in which top notch our brain. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris pose any underneath Angela Valentine in Gaza Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. US shocker basketball yeah. He's on 103 point seven GE one yeah. The last couple of minutes. Credible. Stand up and markets not to vote this three point stance that at least it's not yours. At night a third scheme beyond the arc is that 70%. Eighteen of 28 overall for 60%. It's glass half shots and got that. 40%. For the and I want to find the tree if which does it has prevented him. Greens and force turnovers things. Fly at five of those are offensive rebounds with confidence not only made five of the last eight shots. In the last four minutes soccer basketball society needs you know honestly it's likely not a threat to nothing well it's the right edge closer look at that means to some its street views now. Those last night that nothing off the left sideline that was double team that that tells them to reach rightly picked up the eight to shoot markets a line stumbled and fell saved by atlas little short jumper broke it up the match. Picked up by nurture they're gonna Colorado for bush over the back of that person though by Iran sees that he's struggled a little bit. Lastly thought it out but I like aggressive went after that now that this verse now. The fourth now with just a realist if nothing here on out. Horace. Kelly at ground aren't back yet. Rio Florida go for staff doctors by twenty. Ask Kelly almost got to it and editing is deflected. My name's John say hi Devin Davis and is now fast doses that gravity Trent double dribbled out of it yeah rant. That's what he should just held on to for a moment gathered outside but it on the floor and ended up. Getting calls for the travel great defense but it's not just a couple of Beers steals and then finally on its statement that Mike Davis was stolen by ground affidavits right right before he gave up front Robinson. Lots iphones Kevin Davis for us right side right back to the middle. Cut off my Bora soft Wall Street. That's that's almost got away from Corey Davis definitely contested jumpers know that off exactly background good defense by Austin trees on for a day while heart's not what it's a good shots like that might see this already with our state global select chorus let's walk back to Kelli tell it the basket he has sound bite Devin Davis on the side of the line for two. Davis. Arguing that he blocked exactly the they have that the signals for. It shows was that the data but the arm bar on the body probably worth about. Just wish Eric Kelly seventy. Now refuse if there is any area of the hard fought game that could stand improvement it's this one should be free throws. And it was really good at the start of the sixth that. For his first point of the night. He had been five of thirteen 38 point 5% in his last five and fields and streets of last year he had enough really should be well from the free throw line. 50% eleven at 22 over the last seven games and he's still above sixty for the year 62 point three. Out there. That's right Kelly was just the fourth and fifth free throws but it's not as if it offline about that nearly 58. That is hard for Robinson it's not right side he would agree that got front. Fifteenth on the first man. Robinson dribbles right on Lauren Davis at Robinson just leveled. All net reads like that yeah just. He handed off advantages throughout our about that it shouldn't have Boston read this loudly on the sidelines Austin. Gives up a little gingerly and it's mine Louisiana's free throw line and actually just at the office that it player starts it said yeah. Now on Robinson industry players that would please me started might worry Davis. We will deploy Kelly let's night round not with walloped by winning here in the efforts yeah. Round. Crosscourt or is right here yeah look tonight at Kelly's eyes off you read steps that if it's not. It's gonna fire with contested shots short and they are now it used it right on line just short of the navy's support to bring it. Ray drive them round and it forces Belgrade this. So I would you know it can always recovers rebounds it was not safe and it's enough answer to that extent the defense might get up in the face the frequency. Elliott the top looks high low tries to Connecticut all the way to the basket at all not the life out of them. I like the Eagles the basket the odds on grounds out. Is it Lawrence surgery at a place treated on the first half it can't access that. Soccer's top 58. And it was all right. It's not like he goes sprint can't. Bookmarks and expect it like. The lead out Boris he does. Not that has won out 23 left why can't get that second now. It is. See and it it one against. Rights and I think it's the evil little British and the not today but it on the floor very. It definitely seventies. Are different hair salons. Three AA little sources I've stepped up ads are covered by Houston's almost tipped him by the death. Really tough shot there's very little time left and it frank campus. Robinson driving a bad pass away behind greatly able to catch it and once and once spotted late in six point atlantis'. It raised its stance fifteen to thirty which domestic merger three left album yeah. Since joining the three point 8 August 1 attempt. And I thought there's this trade happily. Married at thirty to 33 seconds since its residents of the players' faces. Doctors. At. And it sits in the first half of which it's not safety. Kevin Davis to raise rates at the middle drives it steps that keeps his dribble not fires it. And that is short. Devin Davis that now on the rebound violence like it's been on the nothing. That's all right because he was in sight dedicated to with 59 seconds left. They're not the ones who want to take the ball out of bounds third the second development I. Come back out at around 151000. Affluent with us today is it in down from in line Robinson is inflated it. Got a lot of growth in the newspapers mattered all that great activity at Robinson. Great right away. Fourteen seconds to go on an app looks like it's a play for on Friday night with it's not stated that it says it's not reflect my three. Re routed grounds that's nothing fires bounces Italy's got a couple of good bounces it's. I have not made that point and that's but at halftime what it's not safe is devastating beyond the arc. Yeah it means is that he. Three through 32. States slightly halftime shows haven't got fans. The number of votes show broadcasts are back. This coming Monday. Hot tonight it's evidence there to their innocence and everybody dies in the athletic season for ages we're thrilled. At the outfit and of American halftime show coming up next. Thanks Matt I'm standing in a neighborhood where the strangest thing is happening like that you're striking constantly yet there's no damage people are actually outside can't make. Buyers who make this phenomenon is pretty unit of America's lightning fast home loan from an online application defense decisions in closing three ways home loans come with low monthly payments are no BMI. It's just incredible settle in Sydney with. Let me ask Helen from credit union of America apply now at CU of America that come UEFA an equal housing lender. 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It was deliberate and this is predicated of America halftime show part of the halftime show here on the court. As the celebration at at that night. The eight billion person who's into soccer basketball game at marina has passed through styles. That's a pretty significant milestone. Credit to Bryan Holmgren wanted the things that he just happened to keep track he's added up all the evidence over the years. And yes. Here is that the neat thing it was going to be here tonight. Made a moment of it yes. Good and as a matter of fact might not only has the fans have been terrific to play deceive you is it just off the charts and I think it got started up. Started work his magic couple three point baskets. Shoppers often running. And they played so well dispersed have been used to catch its breath. Actors shooting lights out both overall and from the three point line and leave it that these green. 32 of its numbers that just at halftime show brought to you Black Friday. American history detective not small business news that America. I'm proud sponsor. I'm not an issue that's all that's outside the numbers look at halftime stats last night Kate needs its advisors every month. Trusted advisor. It's yours shot the shot tonight at 39. Point six. Edit they get it below 60%. It hit the path at sixteen. Six and a half percent at 55. For a line is that shot 41 point nine I'll just want to set it. 356. Rebounded almost. Fifties which does it shock but turnovers and 7-Eleven. To two points on turnovers seventeen to war. It's points or players scored in double it was already staff Canada made records earlier this afternoon. Continues to stand out it's not it's. Fourteen assists on nineteen passes one it would so state averages seven point nine assists per ball game might. As a matter of fact the second in the in this conference in the American athletic conference. Ninety in the country with that number does this and they're almost they're already in the first half with fourteen assists seven different players at least bonuses in the first half. Six different players made at least 13 point baskets early sixties nobody at fourth since it wasn't. One guy lighting it up that theory it was like everybody was red. But most yeah well in the three point accuracy was just demoralized and I thought he as a matter of fact they put together only one real run and that was a seven. Run later in the first half I really love the defense also. It's Zach brown asleep on rob great rob great test at any point but that's not even half his average. It took snapshots of their baskets. Nice points for Corey Davis is tied for justice Reyes statements that they debit Davis. Davis picked up sounds as if it was obvious point guard in less than that advanced. Art is definitely a soccer player now as planned Santa's not grant him at twelve points. Yes but yet the allotment sex residents and five rebounds. Zach brown its orbit at four rebounds four assists in addition that's it defense fund today. Lot of people making nice is it's an act. Let get out Sam Flores and rent inquiry combined. Sox' depth. Just overwhelmed is set the W that's advances outscored Houston spent seven before it's very interesting to note. Wichita State has four players in double figures already. Two of them are not even starters. And you've got to that he has had only five players that its board appointments. Obviously it'd have to I'm 5330s. And we will continue on me you know America at that show there. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important. And invite you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck driver are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatality that over 100 fellow kansans please do your part. Designated Oprah driver. And kids home safely. 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Take a look at other games that are going on nothing really getting under way yet but it's early start here at 6 o'clock central. Just under way at 630 was Arkansas State at Georgia southern are testing the former shocker not conferences. That night so far. Last night in the AFC. East Carolina TCU got its first. We have on the road at South Florida first with the conference 6765. Easy you don't want it to us at all afraid albeit weird place it's not yours on Sunday afternoon. That's dandy it's also last night content also went double. Overtime also finally won that one sided here 88 they remain I think it definitely get for developers to get the three. Canon five overall you can't optical. Conference start snow is Memphis after losing a close low scoring games at UCF last night 6556. Sentences yet. It bluntly. And eleven and four overall coming up later this evening at 8 o'clock PM central time. It Cincinnati ranked nineteenth in the eighteen this week one and now the league at all went to temple. SN it's well known and getting votes in both polls close to the top 45. At. Blame the length surprising that that so far tenth or over all want it want it believed to have an upset win over temple. That'll be an exit matchup tonight at New Orleans. And in the top 25. Number one Michigan State like Maryland that game getting underway right now. I'm getting underway at thirty minutes number four Arizona State. Colorado. I don't friend Steve Forbes seventh court justices cannot. At Sanford east Tennessee at Sanford is that what. They've really I thought this week to week of steam towards his team played on here's. At inflated that when it was a kid in the early seventies. He has to stay at this year's team was this program off. As they watch a ballgame as bad guy Lombardo and set her choice and. The incident here and he says I'm. Watching basketball on your seat sitting on a bus sadness and like that's rent that was it you retreat is that it's an idea yeah I'd say it was great. Well anyway it's obviously if you're at halftime 5332. A couple of reminders that anything it's not play. 50% off online order in Wichita area hop tonight. Not on the topic Jon Scott Scott is the problem shocker fifth day. Xavier shot at a discount and also remember that shot there's still want to win any days after his win the next day it was just can't can't slot. Last following up to 40%. If it's not just for a hundred. They are more than halfway there. For example if they could keep an athlete of that for the second half and half time itself that's been presented by threatening him. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament since 22 kids all chase in one ball arrest was overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game but united health care you can have better control your care. 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And 21 championship caliber sports we compete with. Make up Bob powers six no doubt across the country as. This just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in her forty years of business on Baxter in our whole team that's in challenging Financial Times in Europe for that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Dirty investment advisory services offered to put financial ES PF member Fenner SIPC asked if separately owned and energies into remarking names products services reference here are independent of us via faster as the when he went over north collectively in Wichita Kansas and users go 3162001. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Shocker sports is brought to buy American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry mark Allen a Karzai in valley center in danger for an end over what lawyer. WS shocker basketball he's done. 103 point seven KEY. It has battered Brett can't go three for. Three of the first half he has now made at least one tree 435. Consecutive. Games that's an ongoing record that he holds six more than that explosives they. And with those things raise the it's not an all time to assassinate him three pointers made it back and ask them retain its right very. Four away from the nice man on the list Bryant persons such as the forces. Talking about a half years flee that actually years have we still have a half season lap. Obviously they're at halftime that it's paid 38. Cents. Past keeps that momentum going. I said that Atlanta recent events Zach brown starts yelling about it. Stay right here my Comfort Systems comfort of your home comfort in your wallet and it's. Floor instead they left Robinson Torrey Davis at the Davis. Ross okay. Man there. It's like going to be there's terrorists. Lori Davis manifest as it's. Not yet Davis handoff. Okay let me. Kevin Davis. Acted and I definitely still active it has given us an outstanding notes bounces that Corey Davis driving past deflected bought. Got to the targeted didn't miss it plus minus of rebounds and Afghans goes on science. Since it's so. Please don't write it down the block Lawrence jump hook that up for. Well all right he still was only this let's not that was his first triumph for a layup. It's euros. It's a state news. And Kevin Davis right baseline neck is an Achilles steps away follow white jumper bounces off and a half behind don't hear us or is that it's not decision intercepted and that's it. Glad that we prisoners it is for us now. Difference maker might thesis now in play C plus eight late season like Duffy because. It's opt to rely on imports. Let's have a different court left wing throughout practice democratic the basket try to reverse what happened to us that it got knocked that actually got them alive today. You know it's been report I said they were telling these unity and there wasn't an. Everything on injured 44 Houston but it does not realize radius at stake here. Has been at the F I. I played him ninety just scored a season high 21 points against temple in his last game now in just eighteen minutes that he did leave the game with an ankle injury. And apparently that is on the bullet that he has not played. But at the line has not shot goes. Up and bounces but it is. About 89%. From the line at it. But it won't want for war at time. Still over 80% for the year but only at 84 after that we're. Only. This with it. But. His thirteenth in career free throw percentage. It's nice save about it and what percent he'd have moved out it was a tough. I've asked him that news story it is connected yet the Davis thing just leave it difficult massive. It's elements anything. Not looking at Florida's history if it's not going to street. Kelly's stuff. It's not that he is dribbled based upon that Davis fires over and setbacks. Edwards plus it's not it's my heart just wanted to race against secondhand. Snyder was fifteen points. And its its third straight night here at slightly. Marie Davis the life Kevin Davis. If things easily and Kelly did thank you. It's our sports older handled. These reversals on there. Fortress has not yet Davis yeah. That when it's. Wow but you. On Friday get back at the ball. It's quite frustrated here at the second half track the bank is weigh in on the offensive. If that's now. It's possible. Yeah so it's not soccer basketball there afflicts an eight. That's. Now away from all warrants held my parents in the post of prisoners. It's that this second yeah end of the fourth. Now. In less than two minutes. Well the laws that would give us. It's not five with us today that some. Things here rightly know that is right. An Atlanta strip with the team may find Santa can't. So it's not surprising. To see evidence makes a nice hot season at Florida layoffs at this is soccer's lead by 37. It's not good enough industry throughout this is such a grapefruit tree that's good not great for a little athletic. His first three in just his second of the night we use it. Soccer is the report ground right Liz looked to grant the post it is covered immensely because the French team Chrysler right elbow Boras accidentally or drives it. And it draws the foul play here. They don't want appearance against Shaq got it up for. Yeah actually it's going to be on the hill. I look at Magic Johnson taking the top of the all the way to the basket. Acting beta blue. Like that data not guy after the air freight that drive it and got fouled. The basket where it's not way the line for two for free throw attempts of the night. Harassment up. While this has been a really good sex for us tonight thirteen. Points at the company's. Five eight of the illness read them nothing like the perfect the free throw line which just announced its sports right. That's what it's not then it got that is. Snack before Ortiz ranking it fifteenth and sixteenth it definitely has played yet the second half an eleventh obviously it's worth your time. The threat for Robinson. Terrible lipped it or body refs aren't quite right sidelines rate back to the middle exit that ultimately Robinson's. Circles back at the twelfth issue. Now looking for a variety Angela writes accurate are my ground eight to see if they have not been asked to give it up right. That's enough buyers should have a statistic just about the fact that there is not afford justice. It's not on the street team mate bounces your guys they cannot let Boris enacted it sells and sliding quickly. That's net records. Yeah its second. On the dried out and shoot at grace it's wonderful player like that. But based on a once again he does that flight that it not edible gold. And Robinson way out front. Enough Ausprey now back to the street you're down low quite yet rotation Mike Kelly to pick up quite a little uplifted that I called Kelly getting into it with the body underneath the fourth. The stars' personalities. That is trying to pound it down low. The way back. To drop out the clock stops the free throw line. Threats to speed up thinking it more turnovers and it worked possesses. The depth. Quite a 67 Frenchman. Attendance office at six free throws and things start treaty with Allstate all read it all readers use the area. 68 point 8% from the line that it made the effort as I've seen here. This the second one Gore's politically. Got an activist crowd on the floor saves it. It got frankly. Hustled my background theatrics between fourth and dribbles left right needs it right baseline it's telling that to work its way into the basket could. Crosscourt pass deflected save my grade. And recover I would not stakes in the hands of killing actress I haven't got it in thirty. I can't look authorities haven't left wing Kelley get left slot floors where it's not. Makes it baseline reverse layup roster of talent whites had white guys that were taken an elbow. Nearest aqueduct would. Now on why this is second sixth seed now already in the second half on things. After all of these years he stills rights fees shockingly mobile app with. Especially when he's really motivated like I did tonight again. Jack just made two of two from the line it's two more here first with his feet and. It's not yours for us this tonight. You know they played. So often. Times here. Dead beats they total absence of that. I think it's an old nets yeah yes. Worse with one more chapters. Of the line that what is it naturally just above the ground feels. The foul line why. I really love it you've got a player on the south. Now you've got sacked routes into the net read down with us today is not fights like eight points and stuff like that aren't. Assessment. Of brake marks its staff and all of the efforts. The players like food but it at this efforts exactly what they wanted to see him enough that they have to. Credit would have won this yet. It's not if it's three straight free throws after they first night at the opposite effect for Houston. 6436. State fifty. 5040 you know it's that steps up the virus seventies and yes. Robinson six. Accurately it's like six out of character Robinson I think that's very much better effective seat at its average. The average at point. He's only three of from that he would Elliott left elbow across rightwing candidates squared up on Robinson right blocked the only double team on hand out front brown opens three for Zack that's. He's seven soccer player. Is unselfish offensive. Fault niceties and net stuff that I am. Ripped through Robinson try to penetrate a little dishes at restaurants cut off at the thousands filled the bulls out of their way out front is not drink but fifteen minutes to go straight drive but it cannot fight and only. Stuff away it's not just hit it. That's radiation out there ray has made some difficult contested shots he's got thirteen. Once it's not lead by 27 out of luck nurtured but it struck out of his hands and let them I am. Faces stepping into the lineup after it's not about 1449. Gulf. For the second half what it does state media views his 67. At four. Don't always like to known and after insurance. Premiums when trying to distance now compete with. So if your car and screamed just call and will take care if you watch him take care what's most important. Fine yeah children try to dot com when you do when your own restrictions apply. He's operated Marion hall and it just Joseph audio CDs and hand over or grant Collins and Wichita. 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The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your mile per hour with delta dental. US shocker basketball is on 103 point Kevin JEY yeah. 1449. To god the second half here Charles. Thus greatly. Two sorties houses when it wanted halftime about. Six. For a second yeah his fitness to date we have six. Is the second half 43%. For the game for us that they all orbit of the militants and a half that's up to six. 4%. This is. Well I think it's roughly a fifth set on seventeen assists write about it there average. And the reason it's not statement. Scott's. Dad. It doesn't have snapped as they've gone to the free throw line seven times already and that's before it is that he didn't get the except for us out of date as the last. 33 it was a tell us Davis. Six points me. Points offers seventy. Buys into this story. Out of character Marcus there's nothing zero Willis all that stuff is honest these. And deaths have not changed you know it's like it and and it gets it backwards. Soccer basketball. Accidentally get up for a just picked up at the high post area at the top of the art Donovan middle lane either you're not baseline Willis gets blocked from behind by figured white. We covered by Houston that's perfectly great practice. And we ran it aids. Advocate equality or ethnic. I want it raised. Close to leave a lot definitely think charges. Disease I don't that was with Ralph Boston it was. Excellent that's when he was doing all that when he covered a lot of territory from the takeoff point. The point that ran into Reeves. Upgrades first personal now but that's. Now after. That were half its you know its hype most of those drives it takes it is on fourth I don't know. Just flip it or not that's his first points of the game on this story they're all sitting on the court for the first acrobatic moves. 69 to forty with us Robinson one on one. Baseline. Points like that yet it. Right that he thrives Arnold advocate for all ramp I don't I don't know about that one and lowered shoulder issues contact. It would lead shoulder. Well I think that's I call it is benefiting. Them by this. Personalities. You know its thirteenth Taliban. Let's look at the plane and let it matters and here's another right baseline jumper wire money referrals that rebound Willis. Wears away from them. Basically it's three. On the left sideline that there weren't of the floor analyst right side needs. My name but it's not yet. Now let's not trees off let's not let those things that it baseline double team the Atlanta. I didn't answer Robinson. Robinson grabbed a sports fan fans left wing what's driving those of the floated this this quick recount got deflected out these factors have numbers it's not on solar rays. Through an alliance trying to get to pick up idiots. Why is it the other end Robinson at the event next. Try to pull out its fifth straight victories. A lot of that is based on after recent. Shots getting a little sloppy might telegraphing passes even slow with the path started to drive it felt applicants it's not that fast then they act like seventy footer thousands aloft the factory that's that's Robinson. It was. It's got to be faced a lot of that was so essentially nothing with the rebounds for Houston fought goes out of bounds. Moorestown which tests. Basket as a chance for two plus one. It's going to be flight with the basket going the line Darryl Willis found us barrels first she's more than half. First field goal for Fabian winds get three points. Freshman averaging four point 83 games he has scored eight each of the last. Phoenix or Houston this particular that struck rebounded by those who benefits that. Like now one of three lines would not statements like 76942. Shields looks like nothing. There you're confident for a slightly green but it's most of the movement to students'. Skills of right wing theories drives it. That's yet to illicit trade right elbow in and out rebounds two terrorists were used. Players to our money growth to really trying to turn up the defense getting very aggressive physical defensively which are capable of doing that the intensity which does it just snaps Robinson variety and it's. And it's you know it's nice to slide over it right and went to the floor. It's not yeah. Thirteenth outlawed here us all that and a night now on views it. Miles while wanting to get some much knows a lot about his weight class in Atlanta errors six to end the war. I'd say bring it up shots. Thanks so luckily markets Kathy. That's shortcut that. I'm excited about that afterward at night that these three. 7140s. Here's licenses for product you're quite rightly that that to our bodies rest and that's right off the street roster Robinson. I could drive it forces without the delay this to rebound well that's next to get off it needs just. President mortar rounds they'd get Dwight Heath is dribbled down the lane got hammered as a call with Allan Houston soccer's. Now in the double bonus and it stands now is not is that we don't let him. Org six. Palestine gala Robinson penalty on him. And the after twelve times out 1146. To you know the second half Wichita State seventy watt. According to. So this house isn't great neighborhood and walking distance from one of the best schools and what are they asking the asking price is only 24 years of really really hard work cloud that sends a well the house across the road to hold for a few years more than a mile and companies just yet how many homes you work really hard or so in a different. Action to parents tell you why why do we offer 23 years with a fast and lubricants. Stay firm colony do today. What could help was infectious and what are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. 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Shocker sport has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal for a pummel. WSU shocker basketball is on 103 point seven KE YE. And yeah. After outscoring the might not want that person happens doctors or another plus eight in the second half we 71. The 42. What you just stated they six of eight shots in the second half six and a half percent. Is that slipped back four of eleven in the half 48 and a half percent and it went to state plus on the board. Only seven turnovers which to us they won't let that we. Posted at its that is not committed and now what does state visit the double bonus with a look at. Which star state went to the free throw line only five times that. First half one less that's Houston but they've made all five of them. They've made their first or the second half but they have missed the last reason you have so much joint. So it's going to. Do you want to make his first of three straight misses but he's got a comfort level because he has two opportunities. 75%. On a year crucified. Him when he workers left it short on that order this if nine players have played so far tonight which state eight steps towards. The only one who has not. Right here and this. It's not state we speak so well from the free throw line of 74%. With its 20%. It wouldn't last three ball games that seem to have righted the ship however. In tonight's ball at the dais rightly very graphic arts shows that the left corner where Davis opened. Three rattles in and out fight but the thing about it he's jumped up out of there with a deflection but could have scored as he drives it out rightly that nothing had helped it's not that drives molester got hammered no small rebound fought floor. Merger comes out to grieve Sinatra fans are great city. Thought I was up against him or things Houston players that live that life goes right wing in the stuff markets fires with bringing up the left side mystery bad. Bad neck for Houston clearest Corey Davis rested us a little bit tense. It was for standing doubled off the street starts right he threw. It you know get into their profits now honestly. It's analysts were valid time. Sent Giuliani. Nailed this much rain that they've laid down some pretty through screens that night stand fully on me. It is first now what that does Steve got. Because but it seems that you may. Grimacing a little bit has agreed to. Record is not like about dribbles right dose right point agrees underneath it snapping turnaround this it. And a revamp recovered by Houston I don't see if there's anything wrong with. Him taking a three point shots. He's that you get free points. That Beckett to three at credit drink it was spent the next. At this story plated 38 games into the season as a freshman and sophomore walk on. Averaged three points a game shot 43%. The things we've given a scholarship last year and that it's. Team's fourth leading scorer every seven and a half points per game is up eight point seven per game this year. That's good opportunity might have been some. Really interesting things and the other thing is he's playing with much better players at play with much better players I think increases your steals it increases your skill level. But it takes the attention often you would you have basketball at its world shots shot to be picked up his second. Now there. That would stop the entry point as it appears to have. It is that he's not worth the free throw line was he had no attempt to get the last day. Lastly it's this state. And yet not only five shots after missing four straight free throws out patriot browser while the sixty and 75%. Johnson full court pressure now then that it backcourt they backed it off after the initial pass got it 7445. With a statement Monday night. Kevin Davis back in the game like this fourth bounced left. Corey Davis but but it has to do not represent that fans that aren't memories cuts through the through traffic yet. After the rightly. Can't get active. Not remain at that rate outlines what. That was. Want to block right here. It's not fit slightly different sports it's not that. Had surgery looks Tyler let's nightly news outlets idling two of those guys baseline now responsibly out in the right but nothing's. Pulls up to pronounce the word itself were afraid to open I think that he's at a neighbor's NFL stuff. Marcus didn't get little frustrated a little over aggressive. That is there now it now it is it wrong. CJ hi here is the first night out at soccer player to see action tonight. 63 sophomore from Baltimore he's so athletic club with him. Haven't hopeful that moves and it's nice guys. So the confidence. And days driving it. Cut off it felt like here's your friends to advance to act to re create the article I've read says it right corner went back at the rate at Kaiser and it's a great drive at night. All comes back into lake drops it to the that was. That's actually on. Trying to roll off the street Anthony's golden rules of the conflict step. Well it's not as good at math on the third of 4000 fans. That were pulled that it would violate. Disciplined with. It is now almost twice as many turnovers as it's not it's deceptive means guns Kaiser. Three through life through its paces and I had a shot against. Now let's now let's wait to read flip flopped Willis. Coming after him aggressively out threatening ultimately I write it down below and I don't think. Next year if you real beast it's our state. Mike Tyson 7645. Doctors by 31 and 46. It's not yet it is likely then that. It definite threat. It fires of bringing this to rebound here at the disasters that needs not students a second efforts to. With the states but the ball spotted driving fortunately now I'm out of bounds off for instance if it's. And defend his responses. It's not a shot. It's nice it's. About at the freshman seven footer for him Arctic is sixth game as well as some applause Weller applause from Rutgers had a really good job. It's kind of growth this fellow the last several games was quite itself not hitting a lot of Netflix wants it's not for incidents and he played well responsive to its guns out front left wing threes left slot. Aren't double duty not to change Jones degrades over Kaiser author writes that relate to the public about connecting him to double team crosscourt name's John skies based Knight in traffic to. As a threat to Kaiser got a whistle away from the ball through seconds. Executive colonists. So it's not restricted over with just the eighth time. 813. You know. There Marshall who has done his tenth and eleventh players in the rotation here the second half. My third one only eight turnovers but fortunately only. Points offices. You. Yeah it does not threaten. Threats that mystery why people think it. Drives traffic accident rates right corner three no good by their bodies refs got Darryl Lewis it's just a credit score itself over the Haynes Johnson I think left wing greens. Austin. It's the streets of illustrates it's not pulls up at fifty hit and our little flat rebound. It is certainly not upfront to Brooks. Threats in different sports circles back. That's different than death let's Atlantis and the other my smoothly into the garden turnaround by the department. Slots and it's now all on instant and it's Kaiser got tripped actually make all of which does it threatens to push it guard. That's why do that the guys. Actually thought Darryl Willis sentencing yeah. Now. Sixteenth I'll ask the other eight cents a seventh what do you guys have made it would just not state 76. Houston. 45. Ever wish you could call a timeout as the prince of ATM fees. Wells just once when you're banquet equity bank you can us. Which your equity bank debit card you can block all ATM fees from any bank anywhere here it's true. Hello equity banks goodbye ATM fee it's a slam dunk. Started equity bank dot com member FDI. When unit for those shocker basketball games this glitter make sure your grip on the road that tires from Kansas land tire. Thank you don't wanna feel like there's where they had some other nicely to stop by your dearest Candice land tire stores let the professionals make sure you're ready for an old man winter. When it comes to tire service or life repair work you can count on the sixth with a top metro locations along with the other seventy Kansas my entire locations statewide. Find the store nearest you at the tire store dot dot Kansas plant tired you're out of there Ernie repair these guys care. Looking for great gas mileage midway skin. Car was awesome technology. Ate out cool design midwest. PS. There something you can afford. That comes with a 10100000. Mile bumper to bumper warranty. In a lifetime power train warranty on top of things. We can do. Let me. Anyway. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita seat agent Jerry Crawford grameen Bernhard thank Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. USC shocker basketball is on 103 point oh and in case you wanna yeah. I was not saying necessarily the. Love that they haven't. Why. And now it. I it's. Not very. Thousands thought the fan boy. Society is the end of late seventies into the eighty's it's not it's the only thing he. Yeah it's smoke and abilities. NBA caliber teams a lot of NBA players. Houston's ballplayers. That back left wing Corey Davis. Asked for a defense that's part of ICJ Kaiser starts right can't get by Kaiser keeps its triple play out practically Davis shot clock when he wants Davis writes that if I think that threatened their. Let flop white spaces Kelli thanks Leslie it just worked short. Read. Knocked out of bounds last night is that it bots at night. Dark Kelly that's. You know defended by killing of the injured one of the reasons that the seeds and that difference it's significantly different circumstances Wichita State does not make. Please because not student athletes. Isaac left wing hit the streets of the guard dribbles off that they did the light pulls up to fifty off the fact that I'm rebounds in Houston. It shots like this would go to fort Davis double save that stuff let's not delayed white. Why Fred posthumously at my feet aren't quick little jumper put the biscuit into zone rebounds loose ends that exit out. At play out for a few drugs reduced if not only days Davis righted things that it's in Middleton outside the dark test reflected at the governor Mike Kelly. I stayed at just stay and answer it yeah not. There is an honor that he pronouncements are countless. It's not a second now. You think we've seen the last snap his fault I don't know if frank can't. Possibly 633 to go very possible that he played about four minutes the second half. Elliott the lines were used to closers only points tonight that would. That. It is not at all. Diana did it hit the left side and in fact it did take responsibility Arizona. That is still acts well sentence. Yes. It's so basically it and him. It's yeah 57456. Points at you know. Rafts. Statements that are on drugs and now wait for the pool says that no one Kaiser. Now. It's thirds. Didn't want it bluntly it's a lot of three's yeah. The last accident yeah. Doctors now but one. The double bonus miles then back at high possibility of making that would the fact that last ball that the free throw line allotment that we like at times. Let's have that. Now use him last. And sent it after last. Let's stand back side. And refused it. Sports year round. Well I like to see that. Mark was not planes flying players very much all things that say that they got yeah its. Kelly down the block means Johnson. Goes out. Spinner around it came at that factory that refused to block animals that are driving. All allies praise that that's really not yet you re not. Consternation on base it all prisoners now. We were shots back with our state pretty consistently if you laugh now lie. While he just stalled out it's not that look like the atmosphere went. Through but then there. Let's send it now has six point seven. There's a statement didn't aid to hand. Out of six team. Three pointers in efforts to catch up to seventy. And it only taken five in the second half lives and that makes it's that it. And again what time they've been wide wide open it is that's not the answer yet but what's happened is Houston has put the defense out a little bit farther as a result of opens up some back doors to opens up things inside the Sox. Janet writes what it's about the heat can't write this. Top left wing Kelley. Aren't looked up front that Saddam it's. Lord did have a body that's Kaiser. Kaiser next Kelly looks like it baseline jumper and it asked why they've had a lot of tough this is that I now have an event called on the yard. On the rebound. If fairness to what it's not a state desperately are more shots that are really not in and out down the stretch here. Slowly got their fears here at the event that the staff. And free throw line. We'll be balanced nine shots and yummy 5240. Man you hear from Nigeria transfer from northern Oklahoma though it's one which. Here's. Since they wanted one. Thoughts. Nothing definite that makes it worse. I think that's his first went you have to hand that those two keys to still be down by this much planes are at their place. That. Effort confidently. And it's hard to do. Definitely part. I've missed a lot like twenty cents. The entire time. They ninth. Prophetic. After basketball let Shannon Briggs definitely actress. Works right it'll definitely be nice if. A traffic. Those left Italy and if frank can't. Not dribbles left guys based on it turns back up quarter clients Kyzer out of now but CJ elected to drive it three to play out front author of that fire or guard is saved my instant. And it goes to Lori Davis if that lord himself on the left way and it's. Drives it sidestep eliminated the traffic flood like it started out. Let's not hard instead of eighth. I think whoever it was that they're trying to take charge. They want to ask him. Basket interference was I didn't I didn't see that I don't want a crude way out size them. And it was. I was not start penalties that it. Ninth and now this is the active it gave. To the line momentum shifted a little bit toward Houston. The free throw line with great regular. Yeah. In eleven previous games. It's not. Nice it's. And round at Paris starting five back with us five minutes you know. Like it is now to prevent it might. It was a route that goes out the Lance. As. It. Lives and it and it's been coupled with the now run. Forest like props up if that's. Actually why I think he wants. Lori Davis. Is up. A lot of it relentlessly. That it was Marie or. Second three. Less. It's. Let's Knight Frank let one round. At the forests. Act that. Yeah. Definitely a guy throws the open three's Kelly note. With a statesman sports and the one. Last. Last. Not here's one of their last thirteen. From. Your excellent last seen once since the game strong wanna fits and starts that sentence about. It's called it. Then the next it's it's active it's fell by France can't data about that the areas of the line for two. Gregg Marshall. Threatened to the right there it was the lead up well with thirty points get some of these younger as a chance to play in the. Shots. What lousy 32 point lead his now 22 as to go to the end before it's not about 352 left with. Just eight. As well and handle it like to finish strongly 77545. Okay children are gonna be alphabet the next subject financial well being health can manage your money concerns of his side of your text plan. When it comes to money you can never start learning too early. That's why starting today state farm wants to give you the tools that support you need to take control of your financing. We sat behind my life in balance transfers pop quiz tomorrow find out more as let's start today's outcome. State farm here to help planes go right. Hello doc. Nation this is Andy card in hand with the Carnahan grouping JPY again in time for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell home helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven system to work for you whether big or small our service is the name. I promise. Welcome to big buck hi I'm ready to get an LG Forte and he delivered we've already started a core of every extra. Plug you plug up the TV hooked up that not part of the deliver the fuel are charged. Plus offer us any start the net watch my name my service fees extra depth charts and he gave him. I just got to have it. Eighty legally he. LC and cast you eat watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita. WSU shocker best news. It is averaging just under 81 points and shooting 48%. For the field factors that delta 250. Five point so far 38 and a half percent shooting less than Backstreet there was yet. Make this next month Wichita State. Outscored Houston by 21 points in the food stamps and now they have to eat. Stewart but he was once the second. And also good and execs received the line ninth points of soccer league is exactly plotting their biggest lead. Says fitness 32 news at 630 years ago but that's not his. Lost dry spell accidentally deflected out of bounds like Torrey Davis refused to soccer lined up is there original story five. Forest ground. Kelly three and a different camps that. None of those guys have played very much of the second half and a threat to get on Torrey Davis cut off because of that front of forests Shaq can't back to campus over the killing. French camp left wing throws them topped it off at the foul line take up his dribble over the ground floating three off the back rebound a Houston. Shot. Just can't make anything on does that make everything the first FDA grant for three days to prevent ground it's math prize necklace that forces him. Landry. Drive right to exit out. That's not groundless Knight Frank can't. You know let's not delaying divorce back to advance to pupils at a traffic kept cranking across Kelly right sides. Him not champ imminent threat vs those that right wing drives baseline and it gets shoved out of bounds that's going to be now leave on flights. We're used to it will be on previous flight. His fourth. Houston has not gone twelve to one run against soccer mostly against non starters. Now from Wichita State wants to finish this game strong existing health what you did. The next ball game picture probably go to Houston on January 20 but I wanna make sure they've got that confidence when he used to once again. And at Houston really believes it would stuff that is of course your creature by channel. Three for collide at seventeen and so he's right at his average. Ended the game right at exactly seventeen points per game. Back on track foul line after missing three of war at the content cam it's 21 point game five slaps its successes thirteen. It's a double figures yeah he's got eighteen now to check it out Austin created stuff actually yeah. CJ Kaiser also fact it game. Houston basketball we have to fit into the goats doctors at 7957. Or is it this way out front right wings fan tech defenders slip it's got to lay it makes it about a seventy put it. Then that would be less than very late points for instance not to sleep nights when. Reason the threat scored 23045. Right side background and a front CJ Kaiser. Kaiser over the reads left wing. Has the screen. Now uses it dribbles left. Into the Tebow cross court nicer for three right wing way up to mark your ball launches. Rebound a Houston. Lori Davis a board. Cuts that it'll. He is your blog rightly grifter and it's not thought about the street at the right to fix it. Point Corey Davis try to penetrate those are on board shovels volleyed incidentally I'm it was a little jump. We're points senate the other. Except the united 61. Forest off the ground ground drive and and I thought went up to traffic not a lot but it's now want Houston it's not that confident that if if he goes. It's just it really out of sorts of Mike about the last nine minutes. They're not starters on defense it's their fault but the momentum was allowed to use it. And that. But it's not Stater early in the second half and if you think back up over 62%. For the game next round three. First base of the line as the points. Doctors and now seven of 2330%. Second half 47. The game slump with 25 a very good 483. He's got fire if not there's. Kind of beyond the crowd goes out. There is backing into unsuspecting innocent smile Jane it was Reeves and her truth telling. Fancy Paris at 4040 you know. At the highest posting your wife rushed for a left wing fans act as the land they're gonna call it starts to push off threes. Going down. Charges now on then that's his third with our state gets the ball back feasted on sixteen to five run. From the 729. Months what 39 months. It's over about a six but the news. Fifteen turnovers against an eight that is not exactly that story is itself part 238. On points off turnovers that could add to that here recently and that's right Kelly it's. Is that over the news just left went left slot here how it. Kaiser for a rightly wreath at baseline now drives it cut off that the lions athletes. Get to street from Kelly drive right double teams that can only penetrate so little this accident records and open three dog nobody could make one of the rebound that is. Sent picking up shoppers at 8161. It is leads this 32 right baseline wife and twelve footer good idiot wife of his second basket as pie again. Mark it down to each team. Needs Johnson different floors on the left wing think if mr. holder that the lifted up my fifth yelling down the line having trouble ticket and now finally get to the Kaiser shot today. Drives it. Not hammered no small saves it out front to change jobs. May have swallowed there whistles with forty seconds ago Kelly hands off Reeves arrives it through the keyhole there is stuff let's night concert three. It didn't want are just completely you know pick it up was one handed save it. Just look at the game clock for a conference sentences if it's not his side is swollen wartime needs guns against Florida natives. Penetrated a little nuts drives its its baseline that nurtured but. Look like they're gonna try to score here that got to Kaiser they're gonna let the clock right. Right now that's it yes final score what it's not safe and and it means that 63. Discusses. No question. 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Okay Maytag amana for a kitchen aid energy. Warm hearts warm home. Congratulations to lower Tyler she won eight new train Chinese fishing deep gas burner. The only gonna do you think oh. Yeah faults I didn't get them really tight games that really nice guys he's always. Warm hearts warm home for Entercom communications. And heating and cooling KSN news series and train it's hard to stop the train. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Carey mark Alan Acosta in valley center endangered or an end over west's lawyer. Listen for all WS shocker a bucket on a 103 point Evan king. Wichita. Them. But an active girls who read this this these Johnson's post game show presented by Johnson to. When he first since he's six for you'll find some thoughts are. And then sent it just popped it right right on your drive home from the game. Brought you by Kansas flat tire and service were great dryers and professional auto service are always. A slam dunk. But it's not state what it tonight over Houston and 1638. Dominating performance by the shot here's. But after Gregg Marshall cleared his match with about six minutes you know Assad would likely not actually that. Doctors were still up by 32 with six and a half minutes to go. And the rest of the way Houston outscored them by fourteen shots is just like completely cold from the field. As the final season. Numbers while Freddie just aren't going to have not show how well soccer shots they were 59%. The first and only 20% in the second. Out of sixteen threes in the first half only two of eleven. In the second half just really want icicles. Doctors did make 77%. Of their free throws. And they held Houston to 41%. Overall 47%. The tree at 63 points receive averaging almost a lot of yeah well it's it's it's 48 point 3% from the field with doctors did its job both the first half and the second half. Holding them right around the 41%. Field goal percentage fitness that you want Wichita State also for the third consecutive game holds an opponent. Right at 6263. Point range that's what you see from Wichita State. The defense at least not if the plane about Wichita State. Just offensively in the second half at this point. Truckers also got outrebounded for the first time this season only about 13635. But that's a stat that you would dominate. One thing that was really good to see. Even those things got a little out of kilter only eight turnovers all night seven fewer. Then if you sit this actors were twenty streets of four points off turnovers. Those are more like the numbers we've been used to seat soccer teams over the last year where you Wichita State had four players in double figures in the first half. At the players in double figures Houston's high school it was rob great. He's six points under his average from Wichita State had no more fit for players in double figures you fireball. Shoppers flooded 8163. That's our game recap for a few but you know what if it nothing's coming September exit from little defensive line offered with target of equality 645048. Or visit the upcoming LLC dot haven't Cummings while we're your needs always comfort I guess we should add. Two that he recant. What does this all mean I I think for the most part. We've talked many times it's really hard to try to keep the intensity got actually thought the intensity was okay but the execution just wasn't as an effort that such a big lead. Houston was found to score a little bit more than they had been. So I don't think that this is one to be disappointed about that this doctors did win by thirty. But again just a little. Warning that things could slip a little bit if you're not careful I think the shocker certainly when they play Houston again can look back on what this team was like we're about. 3034 minutes and then you they can't but in a nutshell it's who was or was not things like that sept 29 mark. Wichita State had a 31 point lead. And then from that point on that 7645. Which states or five points and Houston. Scored 4563. Points I mean. It changed rapidly while one of the reasons things rapidly is because personnel wise different. Would you take your starters out of the game report slobs shipped out there was no reason not putting is not starters. All of the movement's shift to your energy and it's not usual for team. Like Houston kept their starters in for virtually the entire ball game. And that's why we sort of it it is one of the most bizarre games I've seen from the standpoint of the characters went through most of the first half just couldn't miss that one what they were nine of eleven for. Three. And then in the second half down the stretch just could not make any thing. They had several that went in and out. It was like they were always missing badly that. I don't know if I've seen it one game one team just be so unstoppable for a long stretch and then sliced cold for a stretch in the same game. What you have friends who was 56 in the first half of what do you vote to have second half you had checked more so it was 47 in the first half. Only one field goal attempt to the second half let lenders chabot was 57 in the first half tickled once field with him the second half. I mean to me that explains it very easily in a nutshell. The guys that were scoring in the first half to get the minutes they did to the pupil opportunities. And it's the field goal percentage goes down now. Was the team that played so well in the first half. Standard Wichita State team that put a little bit about their pets I thought. Was the team that played in the second half and to do very well typical Wichita State he felt a little bit. Lower but would you look at the game in itself Wichita State theater about what they normally do they shoot the ball pretty well they're capable of shooting a little bit better. Debate yet. The only disappointing thing is Wichita State got outrebounded him. It's. It doesn't happen very often thank goodness and ultimately it's an eighteen point win. Over eight top 35 caliber NCAA tournament caliber team so soccer's with a good win tonight 8163. Even though the ending wasn't quite as efficient as it real life we'll continue on the Johnston post game show from Coca reasonable. 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The ultimate final stats after on the topic of the first half compared to second half which state. 44 point 8% overall 44 point war for three on twelve of 27. 77%. On seventeen of 42 lines even with the cold days those are good numbers 81 points nine times in fourteen. Shoppers scored eighty or. Held Houston 63 on 41%. Shooting. 26 point seven for a fifteen threes they were thirteen of nineteen from the line missed the lord shoppers get a read about it but want. 635 but only eight turnovers. Houston's fifteen and eighteen assists. And six basket and justice but it. Keep in mind he was averaging eighty point six points off ball game for them to be held that well and so. Speaks volumes about which does think he. Our start the game is brought to you by the Kansas lottery if you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire at lottery dot com for the most current bottom like it's. Lottery and drink maker gave the individual sports event to leave it to where yes language and with eighteen points three assists one turnover. Ranking up fifteen points at six of seven shots three of war three. A lot of points for Marcus gotten its highs since coming back in the lineup. Start the game Shaquille Boris fourteen points six rebounds in twenty minutes to play 58 from the field two to three. Four for a line. In general terms of the senses you guys were dominant for most of the game is on the regular line out there and then the it can't play a little bit scored yet closer that. Do you assess overall worth is that she's in Utley with the orbit that may be used it the next. Let's start defensively especially ones start with this. We actually wanted to hold. Growth to be so it with. We came on our defense immediately through games and you know you do that we get our office scored an insurance so we were. Was pretty hearty would be. She's not the way you're executing their offense and I confident you have the first half I thought this was as good as you've played for a while in terms of being acting with in the off and it's what you were doing outside the lane catching the ball kind of watching the movements the word go that simulate making good decisions. Yeah Leo look at my teammates. You know they look if you get involved with more from appliances use. So it's the ball teammates needed to do it. I want them to use this program. Maybe those that looks the interests of sort of partners group insurance. Google. Tougher defense again for the third straight game Houston very good offensive vote offensive team averaged eighty point six points per game. For a third straight game the team right around sixty to 63 point level which is very against this team Houston also. She's 48 point 2% on the season pretty consistently every game they should that in his ball Houston comes out and shoots 41 point 1%. Europe. Our defense was amazes this week rendered from our guards who do don't fit because this gave. And you know. Houston Izard agencies and coaches he's been you know our competitors you know this whole week and just get ready for Houston. And dome so that's why I believe we came oh so strong defensively. And and started you know execute them well. Jack a news conference play against. Prime types of teams every ball game start off with two really. Highly reputable themes that handles the vote pretty pretty if it's. You know you know once again we always have a soup commercials are we just wanna sort of we belonged. This being the first conference game home he's got a great stages you know. Have you we did threaten. Just birdied keyboard cubicles the united speaking up. Through. When joy here. These teams have played in this building. Before. Certainly it was. Prime time Coker. That's they know. Yes I don't read it 2500. You don't even know America's spirit I believe it's supposed to accidentally seventh out of the most. You defeated him order anybody in the country's or please please. And definitely get the problem. The hardest. Just to stuff. We know it is one of clout that practices deserve the first half we. First half you know got really really loud you know to me you can of course. That you separate page. Checks but he had a question are pre show and I'll I'll let you comment from the players standpoint it seems like. You had a little more time. Especially lately of course there was so we couple that life is set up that day and Father's Day. And that's not till Sunday with a couple of days when it you'd like that is players to have them let preparation time. Home. He Uga Uga Uga coach Marshall has done a great job of you know. Would that these last couple days hard the first two days and it fixed date. You know let us. Get our bodies are. Especially coming into this game body soul mates better well. But don't try to get used to it though beginnings beard. Different you know bill you know the belly was especially was scheduled it's hard. Collectively next week ago Thursday and Saturday. You know saw different and we've just got to stay ready you are coast of this great jobs. As the Americans so far been watching. Catapult for us to stand sort of play that you can't play at a Houston and the caliber players that your basic and so. You. So you can put those tease like that tourism is equally. Should refer to those years so there you go from our readers. We do. Record it. Boris I start the Packers when it over Houston won the 263. Yeah. Marshal all of those tees that they. Present it is always buy express it won a national action. But a billion. Were doctors when 163. Over temple by that is thirty in this one. You. Sort this all out after. Less than great finish but certainly all of very. My gut I thought done. I thought the first half we were just tremendous especially offensively that we were defending well we've we've we've blow wouldn't be for assignment I would rebounding pretty well. And you know a lot of them the lackluster. Laughed they hit that it is on me because the try to get some guys some minutes hadn't been getting minutes ago hoping to. Continue to extend that into it ready for prime time minutes. As you know you have to earn those minutes. If you're not played well when you get a chance certain. You probably don't give a good chance next time so kind of a look at the film and figure out. You know where we broke down and we were up thirty so that we and a plus eighteen I don't think the game was in doubt but. Again that was my decision to go really deep into the game. Try to get some guys good book but a few other track like markets. He certainly did. Shot the ball well that's what he does that mean he took a couple of bad shots after that it kind of force some things that. Heath it's good to have him get a little more rhythm and game now he chill a little war. Of the old Marcus Vick Duffy. And pretty soon we'll all hopefully have a back as long as he stays healthy so. We're gonna continue to do to give him. Ample opportunity and hopefully he'll continue to improve and play well. We thought terrorism you know maybe less noticed little things tonight that looked really good at what you read we talked Shaq and I thought he played well with your office and and it was. What has kept the ball outside delay kind of let things develop making good decisions he's the office and see it and it Cotter. Doing some of the things that he's really start to do more of little chicken baked get himself open contest. Yeah they were we our offense was terrible second half than the first half it was clicking. You know it's just. We didn't change anything you know what they changed the we've got to try to I thought we got 33. Route 33 positive minutes tonight and in the last that was just we book about. In the end. I hate that we got out rebounded but. We we certainly shot the ball well it got 23 to four turnovers in 2010 paint. I hate to think they'd be just a second chance points about the bounds of the end but. Again I gotta I gotta try to get those guys some minutes we can't this is the first time we've had that opportunity. And it and it seemed averaging 81 points a game shooting 48%. Killed and 63 it. It fairly for you Coach Brown had a great game plan. We talked about we try to as we mentioned. Pregame we would be too complicated and I thought our guys to wonderful job of hearing that you play. He's got a lot of experience on this or puck could really tell. Especially in the first half they played together so well they look for. So often that resulted fourteen assists in the first the F fourteen assists in the first set point for the second half again our it's was nearly as. Probably gives them some confidence we have to go back down here there without one of their their top post players believe he says he's very good players freezing cold lasting. You know we've been dealing with a couple years so. You know if you told me you know not happy with the last 67 minutes which went by eighteen I would take it in because I thought this is going to be a real fighter really. Have a great deal of respect for that team coach. You like to tightening. You had a few days since your last game to kind of get ready work on you as well as prepared here on it that I actually had two days in between games instead of just one which is kind of work. Yeah we've got to. The South Florida teams will wounded coming in here they definitely without their leading scorer I don't know if he'll be back. I was able to watch them a little bit because they just recently played Houston so when I watch the Houston game myself self wars got a Marty I head on on the scouting of self awarded if it happens many times in conference play. So. You know tomorrow will be a very light day and then now we'll get after it on Saturday and play with them. Coach congratulations great start to thanks that's nice pitch Gregg Marshall with domestic eighteenth point went over to the ballot the American conference will be that close. Thank but you're looking for the perfect power suit for just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game he need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style and right now you can save up to 50% on all outerwear. Including leather jackets top coats and overcoat. Be at the top of your game this season with Johnston and 21 NK 96. 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Listen zoo or download a podcast of WS shocker basketball. On TYN dot com or iTunes or Google last. And once again this. Giants this post game show Brad Levi Johnson playing first it K 96 for you'll find so much more. Then it suits. Carlos localities was born in 1981. Smithson was here tonight that was at least eight year for the chapters in the cuts listen and to celebrate. They're birthday. From the Carlos Achilles and get to the full size entrees and actually contains so for only 1981. Market it's really good deal when he ordered the case of tell them that. And JR's it you. Wichita State moving to twelve and two on the year to acknowledge the American athletic conference Houston at twelve and three overall two and one. In the Americans so that cuts to four. The number of teams that are still undefeated in conference play the only other one of those who only played one game prior to tonight Cincinnati. Is now. Just getting into action that game tipped off at 8 o'clock central time they are on the road Templeton is beginning to Apple's not allowed to leak started that a kind of hard team to figure little up and down but certainly dangerous especially when they're very capable just put it that way if that's good athletes that. And frustrated with the record some of the losses that they have the answer your capable. And heck they played a very good game at Houston just recently. They gave this team all 1154 to go first up innocent human to blame started the same time in New Orleans they are 88. That moment happens first all of those pretty early tonight. With our 6 o'clock start here. Georgia southern really Hamburg Arkansas State tonight eighty to 49. Number one Michigan State leads Maryland. Our church's team 4432. With a half while Steve Forbes at east Tennessee up ten at the half at Stamford they're trying to go to Lebanon for. And number four Arizona State a five at the half over tad Boyle Colorado. He would folder. Not coming up which testing equipment. At Central Florida on Saturday tip off is 1 o'clock your time 1245. 9713. Thirty in existing strain we'll have to call. And shocker then. Acura Sunday afternoon wore on that it just a moment. But we have not mention our defensive player of the game or our play of the game but added defensive player of the game rusty by got you covered. But he liked controlled the light in your living room create privacy your bedroom where they'd be transformed look at your kitchen. Got you covered has the right with the treatment solutions to do that call 3166127000. Or go to got you covered up which it. Dot com dot com that's GO TC HE got it covered. Mention the doctors and get 10% off any order got you covered serving. The Wichita area I don't think there's any question that night as well as a lot of guys what is the mister Zachary. Were all conference there rob great Natalie all conference with the pre season player the year the conference in the first half in particular for him from the field. He couldn't find shot and planning Zach brown would go out for brief they're great with snake here a couple of shots. For the body and scores went thirteen points here averages nineteen the year its cutting off the eight point. It's the only time he has scored in double figures but there's a reason he has such accolades that round was I thought very good it's nothing about those reasons. So he is our defensive player of the game and kind of hard to pick this one because the waiting game float but here it's our choice for the put it in the deep freeze play of the game brought do you pilot supply. And rightly know that right. An Atlanta strip I was. They finds democratic. The best. I. I do spot again that that's a nice call. It's good as it was the first sentence it says that is our play of the game and didn't want a reminder that our pre and post game shows brought you part like ours where an outlet lorries editors Laurence restored to sixty rightly that carpet area rugs also land and it tile. Hard wood you name it is that its large supplies of the great if we date prices always great. Helpful service with no pressure Morris. Sixty. Way. Coming up I saw Ted what we're here so I know he's hosting the locker room show from twin peaks he and I thought Bob field. We'll be one of the loses launchers Bob we Bob at Bob coming up and don't always if there was great fun that are. Form the better candidate for clever. And it's not so it's just great though so hopefully some defence on land. Have some fun with them featured tweet if you go back at that. Side of the fund and our next broadcast will be Sunday afternoon as chapters to the University of South Florida USF. For those just learning that it the new schools in the conference there are three of them really like to be known. Why they're at nationals University of Central Florida seat half. University of South Florida as a path and east Carolina fans opt. You for CU's that we try to do that there possible so it's USF here on Sunday afternoon to fear from the clock ticked off at three. Right now they are struck. A little loose as a partial match and usually scores out there 03 in the conference that everybody in this league has some players and you know everyone knows anything in case the bank to add even though he struggled a little bit that if there not a good team that just means that the I mean applicants very very few teams and I think. Wichita State should be able to handle this on me coming up on Sunday but that's what you have to through. You battle we've got a team that's struggling just a little bit. Much better than they are you have to these walls possibly they. Soccer's we're really good forest coach Parcells that probably about 33 minutes tonight in the resulted. Surprisingly easy eighteen point win over these yeah that's about it exactly as a matter of fact you can pinpoint if it was the seventh minute when he and I expect more chops were up by thirty odd. And the match is not quite clear that a lot of non starters go win and it was very difficult for them against the starters were highly motivated for Houston that doesn't mean. Of those players are good players that just means for some reason. Today they weren't as good as that they're capable of being in this season the season progresses. Jacques is we'll try to go three you know in the league on Sunday isn't it enough against USF at 3 o'clock again our broadcast at two. Thanks to Andrew handling for his work in the studio and Armonk Healy for his work here in theory intraday adults like Kennedy. Say goodnight from here stay tuned for Ted and Bob from. Twin peaks east on the locker show final Wichita State 81 is 63. You've been listening to shocker basketball and one of three point seven KEY and crunchy bite these fine sponsors United Healthcare can't let tire. I was at Kelly's. Executive airship and show us your insurance the current and improved quite start sharing not to love seeing I was grilling out. Living is applying its equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers comforts us tips via Christi but Kansas lottery delta Denzel. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas. State's Jamar has come out flat. The Kansas Department of Transportation. Around capitol federal pilot John as the American family insurance sawgrass country club. Coming in Cummings mom at Kansas health foundation stick. To express employment and PG sports grill.