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Tuesday, December 26th

It's Random Question Question Day!


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Categories an orgasm as good as mine that would be rude people in the United States and United States languages that is coming up but your guess is as good as mine in the meantime and as our random question quest friend. Random friend code yes welcome to the men's room. Hello and all in all of the top. I just it goes this would. Win nine when did you realize that you may be you messed with the wrong person. Good that if if it. Our own well. Until you look pretty even tempered people pursuing. I guess where he had been a civilian military here and all types and that the army and Afghanistan. He's stood pay arbiter of the mine and door number what I say but maybe you know also not syndrome and almost Matt good you don't remember what you said. I was about. Seven and a half a year ago. And it was one of those instances where just work something out. Arguably the wrong thing at the wrong time to me. Jack what was his response and it was the instantly into face like say it again I'll beat your as. Pretty much the big guy. Yes you lose them I'm about this blog Imus and sort it all in new used and iTunes is taller than me that it. Yeah yeah that's the Terrell plays it both literally angrier. Which is a fascism. Reason I asked felony to realize that you messed with the wrong person we go to Cleveland Ohio man was shot and killed by employees at a Cleveland area Taco Bell. In a botched robbery attempt in the morning shooting happened at fort mealtime just before 3 AM police say preliminary investigation indicates. Six employees were inside the Taco Bell went to mass suspects in her to try to rob the place. They order all the employees to the ground three of the employees were armed and and shot at the suspects the one suspect doable believed to be in his twenties was hit. Officers administered first aid until the EMS arrived the suspect was taken to a medical center where he was pronounced dead the other suspect fled on foot. No arrests have been made but yes do not mess with people and Taco Bell. I think it's the city like look at if you lived in whatever city you bit me and you kind of nova. The general pulse of the city and and and Baltimore like. People get mode in jumped in murdered there plenty but what you rarely do is try to rob some blogging convenience store to the guarantee he. As they guarantee the cashier has their hand on the trigger of Oregon as soon as you threaten them. Abdul got shot blown away all the time people stop robbing some of the new would you like to bash you are running grab samples don't run out militant Killian. But if you win an armed quite big mode. Just gonna shoot here's another one a guy walks into an MMA studio in Burbank California pulls out a gun and demands money as he tried to Robin anime studio was clearly labeled an MM Easter to you don't know. The in the main instructor named Jacob Powell walked up to the guy knocked again out of a sand rough the power ball. Down two counts arrives and they arrived and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon but first and taken to the hospital to get treatment for the beating he took the imitate to India alone. That's if you have marked in labeled clearly as an enemy studio I have zero sympathy like. If you have a governor of a million different places you can rob. Like enemies do you should always be at the bottom of your list along with like little police station right yeah I know why you Robin Egypt. When's the last laugh everyone in the gym from someone there can be your miles as long as I've known you both had a gym membership. We'll class anyway had paid that cash that never could pick has just got your eye hopefully they'll get up that night we don't have any money in their little girl. You know you brought any any GM what happened to me like somebody steals your locker. I can't allegedly pointed gun dealer and underground these gym time money and here's a novel under our credit card receipts. Would messing with the wrong person guy named Andrew Harris was at a hotel San Diego recently we started talking to three random people not to. And asked him either staying where there well what I'm joked that they had to leave their house after there cracked lab Lula. Which doesn't make sense because cracked labs don't explode meth labs who either way Henry he's not very good at making Andrew thought they were being serious and blurted out he was in the drug business to. Then the next night they were back in the odds up with six other people and Andrew showed up again. Eddie tried to sell them a bunch of cocaine when he did not realize what they were all off duty cops who were actually in town for a drug training seminar. Asset of this and over the next hour undercover cop bought drugs from him several times including cocaine and LSD. And also found a bunch of drugs in his apartment along with a digital scales now he's facing federal drug trafficking charges where was this was in San Diego California. And you know the hot. I. Hate what did you see him step in into and I mean better so the combination seems like an odd I'm so cocaine and Ellis did eat. That initiatives a hot tub salesman like he doesn't he's out I don't yeah I guess picture I don't know I can imagine talking about drugs sold it out though. I can't imagine being like unity so. I think the difference is this the right because you've already talked to these guys couple times and his perspective is more likely is at a hotel hot tub I think miles is right so it's like. Cocaine and nose gear or are things from one dealer but I think if he asked if he targets the tourist. Teller look have a little bit of everything that you need he clearly made a judgment call on who we met earlier thought. These cocaine and I was the gas we we never got a hotel room laughter. Nobody none of them go to San Diego drive abdomen like other drug ever sought so we've we've we've biggest drugs. Yeah we did it well now that love religious woman who sang a gospel music yes. Ran a blessing question 844999. Alone more of the random question question coming up. The shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network. This is dumb men's room. Listening to. All the talk coming up on the big show will review the men's room rolls. Your guess is as good as mine categories today rude people and language and today is the day we do our random question question 844999. Old now concluded they have friends Ankara carrying you welcome good amid group. Following jobs. I don't know James. I'm doing very well John this Bud Day in the sun is out after a dismal us after the police have still yet stereotypes. We've got we'll stay here let's go that's what would you say that you do. Based on like being a safety precaution. Maybe you have a first aid kid in the back of your car you keep water in here. Basement just in case he has hit the fan maybe we're like a huge market on a huge generator worry about saved you more than any other adults I know not quite big yes you do. You've got everything would do you take any precaution near the first person point out inherited from an. Who can it wouldn't do replica of and Phil and boy am I wrong about that are not about not. But do you actually take precautions. You know he'll sail and I can't think of many thing where you're. Receive overly prepared. You know what I do some pretty extreme things so like a month I might be just thinking about jumping on my scooter on the take we'll ride in the wind blow my hair at the 35 miles an hour. And I realize I have flip flops on and think boy if correct on this and flip flops have been republic goes off one Agilent impotence issues that. Seems reasonable low literally like you have like a stockpile like in a massive earthquake hits there's no new doomsday no looted forever now and held unit to bug out bag now without a government by a magazine which are supposed to have in the event of a doomsday scenario I want them Barca. A Kansas that was like thirty close close close. Close close close close at close remove batteries you know I think I'm. Right if you don't go go to look at Woodrow students and yet we're gonna through what does the food should. Janice and you can do is open company without being heated just one tan chin. Chili I've seen enough you want Shelley energy Kansas jail heated mix like chicken and assuming waters outside it's cold still. He did about a review peanut butter and jelly sandwiches granola bars power bars all like I think you wanna put bread. Well but I feel like he gets and westerners like. I mean he's buying up banks and the last for years oh well you need to I don't want to go referendum Reggie got him out of during my now he puts ladies and the current body bag and elegy James. I am always cautious when I hit a walk oblong slippery slopes circuit. For two reasons I want my late developer or six years. And I cannot tell you it doesn't matter what time oh. Clerical put what I. Now we're reboot sneakers or. I mean you really where a city kid you're sandals and I would always slip in the snow on the and then IMO he's conscious choice on the stairs. When it rains because we're in now when a bit straight I've built on the stairs and not when it rained and I brought Murdoch a look. Man there's there's there's a very fine line between falling down this as breaking somebody and polygamist out and killing yourself trust me got a survival are I'd I'd tumbled over the stairs before at night walking down it's one of those things where. I have carpet. I healed the front of the step run a mean and injured I was under the boom boom boom boom boom boom like both legs locked in on. And then when they locked at one point in time they like hit the step and basically launched me. Like head over heels like down the steps now I don't remember this because honestly blog. No that's the beauty of milestone this and I don't look up now for two days miles does that work on man. I cannot let my body hurt for so broke my house to isolate my guy hell out of this through days of restaurants I've figured hey man you're getting old like me committee on day three about. Hang around a break don't act and I wrote I'm staying at the right place I've never met so I was so happy to have fallen out there and I'm not. Like configure a lot of house burdensome. The reason we ask what did you what do you are you do as a safety percussionist in the story about Kenny Chesney cells in the Virgin Islands Kenny Chesney the other countries again right. So he has a house back in agent on sabotage somewhere I drag. He's I mean there they don't get anymore Nashville live in the virgin I address. Good to and you could be black people home stretch I do not like country music but I've been to a Kenny Chesney ship there. Thank you which do mr. Jensen on her background is amazing all of the black and red snapper. Jeff he's he's got a house down there it's probably very nice house is one of the nicest houses on the island obviously he's can HS he was not down there but when he people intend dogs were hunkered down side. And they survive back out our clubs our grad school on a brave Boland and our older my how he was being interviewed by Al Robin Meade on the HL in jail what is HL in whole yellow color in our home living network. So you got there yet like. They're fixing up houses paint okay Adam well his dog and attorneys in the whole deal is beyond frightening any told her about his house. Which is quote simply gone and not talking about a check here obviously this is getting chest so. Where they've built the home they built the home in an area of the Iowa that they thought would not get direct wind and does break some wind as it comes. It was built with stone and concrete bricks. Super reinforced. He even put in 200 mile an hour tested windows throughout the house and every single window in his home. 200 mile an hour tested windows. Every single one of them were completely blown out and destroyed along those concrete stone walls of canning you didn't get your money's worth. Case focuses our return away from his own problems like and what to do everything it can't help relieve some distress he and one of the nicest house is won most well marshaled more constructed houses on the island and it's completely gone so it. And ethical so you say you're one of protest about Jordan miles an hour that's great that's five obviously that's patently untrue because the winds won't ever brought in a hurricane windows and it's expensive stuff right people for almost fatal I feel bad skin each had some thirty to practical to contact. You say I can think wind up doing the miles an hour but. I bet it is one of broke when you have to consider the wind and pics of debris chart and moves that piece of debris at 180 miles darted turns out. It's not that well test against Iraq moving at a 180 miles I think. Some of those windows are built to withstand light. A strike from like a rock or 24. But they eat they think he got a 150 mile an hour to buck for a richer window of time and it's a break. Random friends come round by the seat windows that's the thing that's right. Hello Dave welcome to the bedroom. Door bench our jobs. I their rookie that's in the fourth. What is it first I can't picture red basketball I was sure I'd have a good time. I don't I don't until forty and who think they were and what was their points. Well you know I. Like. A giant too much should act out stacked up. That thanks Jeremy. Your. Many people who stood back there he's done with yeah. That. Gosh it's not worth it work. And then I don't know how. Later it was like she. 7730. Here I would exported to restore. These Megan home safely to get around I thought I'd try and split Jeremy let me alt okay calm. But that's an excellent. They actually deny it I thank apologetic anybody I've bump into those appear. Yeah. We've all had those days we've all had those debt off. I don't go this random question questions were what happened to you in the bathroom. And when that enemy and that actual depth what's the strangest thing that's ever heavily in the bath. I don't. Staying in the scratch your own Malcolm weird that revenue and about my public bathroom were reared this exists. Block out most everything. You do in the downtown about the writing I don't. You know lose the point that you never pass down the bathroom before somebody's house the party anything like that never. Oh yeah. I looked up it took a long time ago people I didn't really know. Let me doughnut. Guy and I really strong getting really hot it can. Ended up. In a fat count. And I think it was you know I don't know it would cold water running up and Iraq it would be odd. Doesn't bring that that answers the question what happened in a bathroom when you wake up and a stranger's house are falling asleep in about them and they're not happy to see you essar is Lance would have an you know about their rears and one woman named Tammy McCollum from battle wounds Louisiana I was arguing with her husband last week after he got home at what time. And I'd. 1:37 AM AM path and get it done. So in the middle of the argument you policies and listen I discovered a bathroom quick. And Timmy grabbed a knife and she went into the bathroom yelled quote I'm tired of your as in stabbed him three times in the chest while I was sitting on the toilet one. Now I'm thinking through what was pinging she used the F word metaphorically like I'm tired of your history of unpleasant behavior in the grief it's costly but since he was sitting on the toilet you could guess it was literal too like I'm tired address yeah so he's got to wonder about that because he's sitting on the toilet and she says I'm tired of your past he's survived the attack liars who open and she was arrested for domestic abuse battery and aggravated battery. I still believe in the rule that no person should ever any. It doesn't matter what the situation is if someone is sitting down and going number two you have to wait to their done before anything else in the. Not images people we have so like what I'm hunting expedition. In honors of bear this is your mark of the bearers who being back with McNabb just not gonna do and I feel like this goes beyond being a humanitarian this is for. For all living creatures. Look even without even won't even got routed in the act of war. I'm telling you I don't you got away. That comes out of the house and that is fair game but if he's sitting in their man. Just at least give him the piece in a given the quiet just for a second but I think Democrat blue dog your only shot it might be but then you can't take even dream you know don't let. A I don't know man I do like to be animal like. I don't know what the apostle but lives in my say that right now apostle and my dog they get along the bodies I don't understand. The relationship goes self policy groups in the yard it's his enemy you've got rabies and beat this thing with a shovel. If it's boom boom like Ali it'll look at how great players out there. Here's the best I saw mosquitoes out to prove the other day across appeared at different here's a litmus test okay. If not next time your your your dog sitting OK and I take the dog for a walk the dogs searched the squad in the sure you try to throw a tennis ball that run the best you can't look that dog in the eyes like get right normally and hardcore. And looking at guys and he will not looking. Now he's proven he will turn his head he just wants peace even though he's Philbin on a sidewalk people walking by you can not make our panel again yeah. It's so uncomfortable for the Dolly's college's group without you looking me square in the united. Trying to draw the dog poop in the practice. And things when you won't annoy the living relatively look at them in the eyes and your group. And the next time you see your dogs who have also imagine that they're an Olympic weight lifter. It's that stay it's very old barely begun to do to dead lift Alia. Every it doesn't matter what you owe it all about the blue write this your about to go to bed dad lived in the Olympics and it makes me get everything. And with stupid if you if you bought what normally is a huge underdog position no the other dog the proving dog position to. Credit question questioning for 4999. All of a lot we've got DeMarco all coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Did you. You don't have gentle men's room. Don't count out this that is on the way and your guess is as good as minor categories today rude people and languages across the great United States of America that's good enough with your guess is as good as random random tax credit RN wasn't questioning four or 999 o'clock. Hello Maria welcome to the manager. All die. Breathe bring your full name of the the whole first man. It's. Again it abbreviation. Bruise. Avery how old are you. If you don't mind me asking I just don't wanna ask an inappropriate question how old you. 37 okay fine nice. It again. We have thirteen year old college that I depth let me see I don't like the other thing whereas this I brain whereas the most unusual plays that you've sexually relieve yourself. I it's completely heat there in other words by yourself as a political moral I don't know in a minute what is gonna take care your own business and an elected you know what if the third two year old boy you're good at that question. Yeah doing everywhere man living that I have two teenage daughters that would probably inappropriate for me I get into the rent them via still. I nude together a puzzle. Resiliency is the one who called. Osce was very nice that it did you go to McDonald's basically a room. I was better than the other we tried you know what they need buyers and crappy food McDonald's and I gotta get to the fish filet another hamburger. So are would you say the most unusual place laws. I hopefully your daughters listening to this a visit to be run exactly you know you want your daughter to clean her room. Shared his story with the Buick every time you don't read room I got another story. Trust me simulates you will be spotless. It. It. On your breaking up on us and out. And out. The whole match and we don't. All I actually didn't and what we should all you are thirteen year old daughter this is the mother of the kid or senator rob Vietnam nikkei's Buckley in her room yet. We'll explain it's because obviously you're not cleaning your name room but if you do it did your mom to take you to mcdonalds and well this is Alice goes down the reason we asked him most than usual place you've sexually relieve yourself comes in Louisville, Kentucky got a call about a guy pleasure himself and abortions. It when they got there 53 year old Robert McCoy tried to get away. On a scooter. But the quickly Cottam. And that's a good thing because he gave one hell of an explanation for what happened Robert told them he was just being in the bushes when suddenly he was startled by groundhog. So is pants fell down and he accidentally turned around and exposed himself to other people in the park like yank it up. And even though right wow I'm thinking that alibi makes perfect sense the cops did not buy it he was arrested for sexual abuse and also turns out he is a registered sex offenders in the surprise and that's where he was doing is. We've all losers we've all been startled but my go to move is not to start masturbating and. Right and the food. Oh. That's what I do. Pillows and then now welcome to the bedroom. All. Rags are you today and I'll. Lend you guys stay large amount of business award. I go this one what was stolen from you. Would you have stability in the US. At 24 carat COLT next clip. Really you know who wait a quarter and now. So Tony now explain to me how does carrots work is at the higher the carrot is the more. The more valuable legally married chaired can't hardly any and made added it was not only here can you get higher tier gold and other countries in other areas of the world. Yeah other countries like Taiwan and stepped it can get twenty per carat gold but it scared the highest content to eighteen. Are. He's socially goes negative about a fourteen karat gold I don't know Nicklaus there will that be the best kind ever know. So would you want to hide it well hire them right okay you want a hi I'm not I just learned that a week ago. It doesn't now subdued and it really nice gold chain when got a really nice gold chain I think what is it he's like. I got an outside the country got it in India because you can get this many carrots for the same price ha. OK so when what's what's the value this necklace. Now today. I didn't let that quarter pound taking Lowell I haven't technical. Today I have. Well another look goes just say you're gonna go and try to replicate buying a necklace what would give us a ballpark figure how much money would anticipates that. Truck. Probably shoot. Green and herself Oca and I was that was is still not your neck did you lose it that's a look at your house you know now what happened was and it was on my very first Mother's Day and act. This gift shop called me and you work at night I had worked there or allow it basically. You know I I had and I can't let that they needed people think all of you I'm running and then it. Or 88 C and how they insisted that I Wear. This plastic beads to try to sell them and hear your and it could well be perfectly they can opt that's right here. In the store and when the ship just upper I went to edit and it was government it was just me in the ladies there. Well amid did you confront or Norma Heyman my eternal phone Booth at your car. Somebody far electoral laws that you need help me look or. Yeah I'm. Yeah yeah do you are deluded and knock them how how long ago let's. Only twenty electric time I was very. You know eight and and not assured that and I am very small. It's our way out and laughed a smaller you leaving your very small. Or I'm I'm biased. Killer on my account token let's see what. I'm handwritten. Seven. To your teeny tiny human being. If you're going get like one of those hamburgers and have look at onion ring onto that's mother stuff can you get your mouth around. You know. Now America is the status at that small error does make a dollar gap reached at four kidnapped he denied the legacy you leave behind a four the reason we asked what was stolen from you 37 year old guy name John Pierre Henderson. In New York City met a woman last month and quarterback is place why did he do that does his wife was out of town. I didn't do it right. And the woman used that opportunity to steal. 50000. Dollars worth of his wife's jewelry including her 30000. Dollar wedding ring who comes just released a few pictures a woman from surveillance cameras to see if anyone can identifier there is no word on how gene's wife took the news but I'm first argued that he's happy that had not well if she needs a 30000. Dollar wedding ring you know how she took the news imagine that conversation if you've ever had you got caught she. Now imagine that pact plus 30000 dollars for the jewelry that's no that's just the wedding. It was right 50000 dollars worth of the wife's jewelry including her 30000 dollar wedding ring so is. Her 30000 dollar letting wearing and 20000 dollars more of regular Jules to a degree he should be more upset than I heard of the no chance she bought in your bedroom. I agree but if you can buy your wife of 30000 dollars brain. You can afford a hotel room. You know strong point I like. Each not a played a home game now now. Herzog. And here's one more on just the on the even to have this is pretty good right here a group of thieves did this elaborate thing they broke into a department store and called back I. And the idealist was they were gonna go. To the suitcases were broken there and on that the suitcases they're gonna take around and rolled through the department store anything they wanted they'd fill up the suitcase marked a Motorola door and then they were taken put in the trucks that's exactly what they did. They Philip dozens of suitcases with hundreds of thousand dollars for the perfume. Jewelry beauty products clothes all that did they threw the suitcases in the back of their truck and they took the hell off. Only they forgot to secure the back door of the truck so when they spent on the parking lot. Every single one of the suitcases. Fell known in the parking lot and they didn't realize that they just kept on driving. To the cops found the suitcase is when they came to investigate their femininity arrests but yet they say they have several potential suspects but they pulled out. Peeled out. Inheriting security also gradually rolled out the part in my opinion is the only thing I'm really read I mean if they commit a crime that he still knows how hard if you look for them. Every at guns recovered. Right if I owned the place whatever love like what am I got my stuff back and Caron plus you don't umbrella brand. That's right Marty pulled up the rye grass you don't need to speed up the stronghold about. Why bring attention to yourself late at night by speeding when his bride. Good news we have three back I'm alive really welcome back to the show. Oh I die and brie and I'm glad to go back and smiled as Hewitt I think the very profound question. The most than usual place that you sexually relieved yourself. He never got there so now are put you on the spot. In the middle of a public park was a nice part of their ducks. Well you know and my and that other what it was a year ago. Why is during the day though or at night and it was the flag was the public park. Public at the time. Yeah I would public event. I mean I didn't find any ground and. And I'll ask you this if you're an apartment or someone around if he's with do you why do that like that's my opportunity and it did Obama have white tail like Arlen and therefore why are you involved in this abound there. Let me hold the door open right area but I would rather do all you have to do is ask I'm here for you or you know I mean my it is not that aren't sure I would love to absolutely did you did you ask him. Pretty he wanna watch you. In the bank. There. I guess some of somebody learned that I wanted to be in the action and on the bench but with the handling his action while he's watching you. I've ever an aerial you know how weird that people people walk and let bobbled once you guys just sense that yeah this is like what happens when people are single I mean if you're at home that's cool belatedly gonna be in a public park in and break out the naughty bits. You don't want to global problem plug amid evidence I have I just prefer facetime that we don't have a little part. I even know afterward. Galen a yellow that Matt Schiller I really. And maintenance and finish there whether it's that Brenda and her friend. I want to thank president but I don't think about it then and predator. Why you figure might have a sense to me yeah that's very self. Hello Shawn welcome to the manager of he accused the Iraq. Growth. You monitor I don't know that they're doing good now let's go this illness or do where have you. But never talk someone down on the price of something actual retail price that you pay this to gonna do decent deal. I did when I was in Hong Kong one time I was. MRU oh were you buying again. Today. Create any bold dragon he designed to rollback the standing market over there. I'd green and gold dragon design and roll so you look like it was Jack Trevor for a number of voters government. Literary I expect it to do district earlier thought compared to man like 1970s Playboy both the original price. Obviously I didn't. I can never dollars in lie age. And you were ten years old. Yeah wait you're absolutely right but my mom in Europe haggling and guy in ten years old. What looked yeah I'm I feel better explained your you love of that particular rowboat so much what grown ass man wants to where that road. But at least you were sent it. Yeah you know Bob I analog gladly did what did you Groban Japan Regis and travel Hong Kong oh Hong Kong China. Acknowledges there have spring break but my mom are we are out but the held at the ultra. Morales the idea like I got to go to Niagara Falls because it was close whirls the amount they did. We. Always lived in Seattle we flew to Tokyo. And then from Tokyo to Hong Kong. And we were in Hong Kong and we took aid boat over the Harvard how loon island. A couple of days later by crop arbor are so. Now it's only lovely trip. Oh yeah I would never try to get to some like that you know and and I just at home remedy is to give Norman has only gotten him through our opponent and yeah I never know where you can. In economy like opera tickets. Gavin dig our I can do just like to think played America just got done you don't really at a bridal in Mexico do you ever had already has by his eye you can add. You can't do it I mean it does not matter where you go you can for sure you paddle and it's fun 'cause I tried it and Victoria's Secret in the British Columbia and over some. I don't know the Victoria's Secret Agilent I played a funny rather ridiculous again April do we have to boot I'm gonna take up on the availability the Agilent a country. I'll go on it. Other investigators try to talk someone down a prize and there's a guy in not Oswego, New York wears us wealth and ego Oswego we're. Kind of in the middle of the if you're and everyone around just streaming exactly where it is by it has to be one of those native American names them but the other thing you'd have to eat Oswego. They think native American I am pronounce they don't care you know American name you guys got Andy that you know look out that he wears your English that might why do you expect. Don't know if I would run well US Lago. We don't tell you Rhode ain't so there's a guy there named Douglas Waterbury any owns and you won't Barrett and now the host of the Waterbury open and nobody owns an amusement park called Santa's workshop. Are in upstate New York he also owns a few of the parks and some apartment buildings and he was just sued by six of us tenants for telling them. They could have sex with him in exchange for a lower rent payment ash. Not a Santa's workshop at the apartments. So three of the six women say they took the deal. And had sex with them for the cheaper rent the other three women turned it down but they're the ones that actually. Turned and it. Yeah so once they decline elect I sees the police and fair housing department investigating but they started like at fifty trip through. Look he asked 63 took him up on the deal. It's worth ask him to ammo you're not going to know diplomats talk. Yeah I mean I've read this operated plate seems like this prostitution. Mostly just pretty upfront about it I okay local even if you're legal you're lately it is but why. Why would anyone care and relatives in the sense of like look. Your have a living Oregon based league rivalries everything I notorious jail. But I gotta stay there are there was 5000 dollar for what meaning made it reflected a dangerous and virtually no that's it. If you get a ticket for Sony all the two broke essentially if you just give the state money so that we care that you were speeding. Does give us money so what's the difference really between give us some money to someone sex if in their mind they accept it is paying it because. You could I don't know hell man you don't see some guys doll OK he's your neighbor our dog to my car units give it to. He might come over and give you 24 pack of beer and pizza right and you say wait until the Abu comfortable move. In theories into our labor right I should give you money but instead ice what is what I got beer pizza. That's okay. So why does that matter it's like yeah I hope you move by him at Hewitt mango you know a cool. Why does that matter what do your landlord came and Jesus states and I'll give you half off friends it's just wants a month view you know I could come over and which way you'd like that's on science actually didn't even less and Bernanke was good news at any given him a and so I smiled at. Some comments came up and this is a great question you're talking about a guy. As cheating on wife. And ovaries feud with steals his wife's what do you rate among some other good news just shoot it is wiped that town right and he just brought her back one night for the Mac but he's old but 30000 learning coloring in the 50000 dollar total fuel to make us more tough. Well a lot of people comment the net all at the same question. Why I want a wife not wearing her wedding ring when she was out of that all I ever thought about that well and unicenter that wracking is that at no. That's what I did agree with you like or don't worry about it I'm doing just it's OK it's strong point Komondor. And hello Wesley welcome to the men's room. Our guy. I Wesley this a random question question as yours what music artist you like to play when you're having sex or to get in the mood for sex. Which would go to a musical. You have go to music. Man I don't care what they can be album in the African chip monks if you do want leg let's go. It gets a small world after a while I I play in an on I don't know play the final countdown and then then. My advice to make an informed say does that keep that in mind. But McCain bothered and a bad. And actually did say hands and they made a joke on this on the story that said that so you shouldn't be doing it a mob by Hanson but what's so what do you Blondie or put on music it is go after. I only need a bit by bit. A man. I don't always play music but when I do I'm having sex play guitar auto. Unless it. John I know I had Ohio aren't I I prefer slayer but you know dethroned well this is all about science and which you play when you're getting it on whether it's Marvin gay year Color Me Badd a new study out of Germany found that listening to music while your having sex makes sex better. Researchers say it's because both music seems to change our perception of touch certain features seem to be transformed from both music to touch. Not only that. There is some rhythmic fortunes involved. In our way I always saying when I mean listen ladies the five section two it is like your putter ovarian karaoke I'm a single hold on. Just for the visit there this is sexier than music the better the sex. Well you well if you're looking for him up performance enhancing drug maybe just put on some tunes that would go to. He's probably done what did you at all like the artist. Get the name of his album Barbara feels the DCB. Tony Tony Tony. He's got where he's from a Nokia book I go I go black Jack Johnson. It is that is. And Harvard benchmarks to slow domain and now it's not my mind. Come home and those of you drove in the right format and not quite as best US open. What are you going to let him and done done done done done then got them at the venom. I don't want to do socially conscious you know you have and says wanted dead that dog bubbles morneau will the human slave trade like not right now. But on the hurricane that command to Marvin gay why you're you're trying to put all that. The epidemic on Oprah. Let's give her a lead on me this really beautiful tonight. Cats and a group of us with random question question a four point 999 all the more your calls on the way you are listening to read your radio network. Yeah. Well aware of use the men's room roles that you have central vision is an email humans are amendments or live that down and eggs and they men's room rules and we will share those with you coming on May put a couple in the law meantime it is our random question question 8449990. Hello buzz welcome to the Mandarin. Okay there's been no. And then their clothes. I'm doing good analogy guys. Doing good man I buzz is about your childhood. Those do does what's. What would you say your favorites. Book was as a child you're favored to child book. My favorite child book salute. Played valiantly Darth it doesn't matter. You know it you're not a great great if you had a would you would your five all the time where they could be good night moon it could be hell I don't know. Okay. I'd go with. Read this boosters want this to troops. Allowing anyone who has two fish red fish blue. You know if you're an acting career back front it's amazing how would Dr. Seuss you don't realize it runs there are some Dr. Seuss books that you can sit down you can read your kids at night and mr. brown can move it is just long enough and then. You'll go to the Dr. Seuss book now realize it's ninety pages long is gonna take like three nights to finish them and say they got there when I did not know RAM and. So you have to kid you want to give them books read to a multi crap so certainly doctor seuss' top of mind because when your. You know given that kids yet you have no idea what to drop two in army maybe have a did you go deal for so our members actually. My daughter wanted to meet three her the cat in the hat and I'm familiar with cabinet but I Beverly actually read it normally. Sure baby grabbed the book should like tree she grabs the book Ameristar read into this thing and realize. Oh my god. Are going to be your polygamous thirty minutes renew the store at the moment not all of them but I had this kind of law. Double what I hate was grenades and had. That's the problem is our food you know Sam I am I'm in a semi and we are connected him dude says no I want my target and amok cool. You start reading about the problem is they just keep repeating the statement. We try and how we travel for miles in in my man responds he responds to each and everything that. Problem I tried them and house with the house to do not like green eggs and ham probable salmon and I go to that we treat them with the goat we treat them both public OK but now he doesn't just say no problem it's. You know I want to eat them yeah I'm a boat are we might eat them with a goat I will not eat them get a house alum I eat them with a mountain gorillas only know. This book if this can Keebler so by the time you finally finally we don't. The amount of now where does by the end of bug of like. I was not in them while reading a book how nutty as them with the crook I would not even on the planet Venus I would endured in my head marketed as I would argue that there what I do their probable Evan and any of them anyway. Among the widening this thing that why can't the book does beat hey man you know what you're right I don't wanna try not marketed drugs pretty guy named alleged always. Era lawyer their book. As a kid I think corduroy. Quarter close about quarter write the story of a pair of that department store. A girl comes and if I am the monsters know he's missed the putt mean. So then he goes on eventually detonate some fairly naturally comes alive I don't I've read it to my true but it goes upstairs he sees a mattress futuristic but often act. Knocks over a lamp. The next at a county votes gets he got arrested now but then the next day no dropped Jack. The battle. I'll do you guys ready down and I'm neighborhood. But and then at their little girl buys them yet. I'll read that one off one or the wildly out of mind that is now without that I was later to put the word white woman that reasonable doubt things. The reason we ask what was your favorite book is yeah where are the white blue and white women that the Mac there what what women act. If if if president Christopher you read that now they're like sports books. So on there's a book on the way called a die hard Christmas the illustrated holiday classic it's illustrate like a children's book but it's not it's more of an out of novelty item for grownups like. Gold at the slate one of my favorite books ever read it to your kids when it means and it was inspired by the bombs was the night before Christmas and instead of being about Santa's attempts deliver presents it tells a story of a New York police officer who single handedly takes down a gang of European affairs. It comes out in October it's mostly can be about seventeen dollars or Amazon. It's stupid but I'm gonna buy it yeah I don't know why I feel the need to own them but diehard Christmas the illustrated politics. Hundreds of kids ran a Questar Questar may 400 844999. All the state to get your guess is as good as my coming of the categories rude people and language that's on the way. I shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network. This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Bring a classic question hey. 44 at 999. Old ran down ran down brown hello Mike welcome tournament tournament it's all dotted all the top. And Michael's two oldest lesson that young. What did you just have to do. And why because of that we you never do it again. Yeah. These. I mean sometimes we've does do things take on the fairly mild heights drive you crazy vertigo and all Latin like you're the guy that needs to go step. Even if you don't do it again. On the round and round that is what's that from him and I can handle most everything but the round and round as the worst for me and then after that excites you and I thought about your double weeks ago I think it's a fair and you know. It's all based on height. My daughter could get on most brides except that dangerous would superfast Lamas are in I'll hit and miss but. One of the first things you wanted to do was get on the super stimulants and Ali to teach cubs let Lagarde of Enron circle and your individual singles and two yeah scramblers. I think at that and also I'm with my love those if what I could not help but think the miles and I'm laughing outlet when did the Latin word on why they're just thank them. Morals of the polling numbers I have etc. so I would be screaming to sort under Saddam uneven uneven that's. Skit but it's sad about a five and a six and a half bureau. And they thought it was also I bet they did fifty. So religion does have the drive little to do it again. Now at the top one arm but the food in Indonesia. How about how about late night with nothing else better to do go leaden it's money out at the casino. I did it out for all locked up so quickly it was ridiculous. So how much money did you pull out of a Tia. Well I wouldn't quite at helping how long did you did you blow through cash honestly less than now and we time ago. I that's the thing I'm just sitting around not that you gotta be between ten and eleven writes are you still that you're still in the sixties on the being able to use the ATM. Yeah correct this edition of went to sleep. Or you don't jump on QVC in order and right now didn't you either how much money did you lose a little. A couple of. What what what does QVC habits a couple of hundred. All I can bracelet and necklace man I mean I do not watch QVC. Of the day I'm flipping around and I see that it's awesome to check this out. In it was like the chief both wore jewelry that can turn your skin green kind of thing and this woman whose pitch in says he's going to open but that's the industry. You can't even tell them it's plastic I mean oh my god this is so view when she's got to be kids. So she goes the whole thing it's regarded as ugly stuff and procedures that women lately. Before he ordered just if you ordered him to get two of these Omar got app Orleans with only cure is selling plastic jewelry. You know anybody that really like that channel yes I know I do all they want to constantly order stuff in there shopping and so thank you get the weirdest gifts from them and not that there are always bad tips you'd finally got previously worded this exists that you. Fouled and neither artist but yet it's always just ultimately opted to use it. Break away though what did you have to do and and why want to do that again are we ended down the burning man here the Reno gazette journal has more on the man who died after remnants of the burning man festivals effigy. I guess that's the final night when they burn the the big burning man. Now they burn him Saturday that Vernon Saturday night via and then you have Britney was like those that this was and so they've been the big burning is on Sunday. Well the big burn like that's the main that you would see the man burn on Saturday but it's not only did that's okay our next David Burt and Hal crap how big is at the oh my god I think and it's begin to describe it it's it's it's insane as. It's it's got to stories fell 6070 feet tall the year I was there and then. There's ring a fireman there's ring. Like burning man black black rock city kinda cops then there's real cops. And then there's fires banners outside of when and how hot is that thing if you let them be met lord I mean. You can feel the heat right right. So there's fireworks they liked the main and they even put like some charges in on Sunday with with some of those things go off you feed them your good hundred. I think at least a hundred yards away not far how do you think this guy got closer he senators three while two rings of security for sure as well before all this stuff like all right all that stuff and then keep in mind and the thousands of people lined up right and then outside of that. Our rings of these art cars go. So how he got all the way into the inside in dodged everybody I don't know. The president Rosa Aaron Mitchell when he was 41 his first burning man he was attending according to those headlines. Consider some was originally from Oklahoma that have been living with his wife in Switzerland. Other co-founder burning man crimson rose says it's still not known whether Mitchell intentionally ran into the fire after breaking through two layers of security. Or whether he accidentally fell into it as security chased after him. Toxicology tests were pending but officials said the Mitchell was not drunk. Authorities are investigating his death we don't know probably don't drawn on his part Oracle's some kind of I think it was induced by drugs according to a statement. That is my debts and pivot theory I've heard is that right. He's like running around when they start chasing them maybe he didn't realize how close he was and fell over the respect in the do you omen. And our friends but this year burning man of little. Hello with a weird things about it is pertinent run yeah that are badly. Adjusted. It was different a fifth and just get a little through commercializing of that commercial with too many people that shouldn't be either innocents are going that was the feeling like okay which I don't know people like me really help. But yeah there with the field a lot of people I know the to a lot like it was just. Down from there hello Franklin welcome to the men's room. All our Iraq. I cry goes go this random question Korea what's what what bothers you the people do restaurants would hate the people do when your arrest Johnny would drive you nuts. I hate when people. Why all their food off their phase and then put their NAFTA and light. On the table it's just nasty to me can you see all the stuff that we're gonna phase and then just. But the stuff goes on her face was armor plate before that. Right and individual what are your faith is something different than what you eat is under on the map and I would see that's huge yeah but I mean if you wheat grass and into wipe your face because inevitably you need to Eddy Curry and Afghan. Nothing I mean to be fair I'll put my napkin under or on my own plate had not sort of on the table but. But still odds and the Napa looks growth but I know it's just that he's sweet and sour sauce to Japan and Sweden some wings that you just they. Well all grown up my parents always but that napkin Latin. And to me like. Looking at it's just like put it on your laps that we don't have to stare at it I think. Okay. Yeah to raise your parents got you down by and they got to pass the bounty. Yeah exactly what about out like when you go to replace the man of the cloth napkins does that bother. Yet still like you act. Yeah who can balance Diane McDermott. Yeah you how bad how badly injured homophobia. It like I mean. What did you out like what is the one thing your leg Oregon and let's go I wouldn't you pull the sleeve over your hand like when you open a public buys a restroom door you've got to. Note photo editor edit that Babbitt but liked. If I keep somebody like it's. There are actors they're behind their ears summoning got to shake my hand back and aggressively. Well. Yeah yeah I will stand miles and I used to work with with a emitted follow and you and I believe. He is our friend. Today we are threatened to put a monkey involved with all the stuff but the guy was a drug problem. We can only see we've got a wall would you assess the best way. Indian milder bickering about something renew refuses to follow but the guy was standing right outside of his office and I don't remember what he's remarkable pistons. More irritated Lopez. We know it's done before open of one of those things where when we caught him in conversation. Again he's standing outside results reveals that his right hand is not quick ala doorknob but he's about Walter's office but resourceful and ultimately he stays frozen in that position. Hold conversations maybe fortify a second while I guess that it would leaving on bad terms of miles as soon as his finishing salvo to loosen quote durable slope. Squat down and links the god or can prove that it. And we'll look on this didn't fake and I thought he would not go into evolved and this is pulled the sandbags. Honestly but what did you do that man Williams Aaron it's. All this is off a little survey here that they did in the UK about rude things people do it restaurants things it just annoy people in the there. And a lot of them are very. I guess English asking for ketchup and a fancy restaurant literally have catch on the Daimler anyway right now. You know maybe that potatoes are a little over like 25 years ago but just I got a hamburger. As for ketchup and it was an the restaurants in the lobby of the hotel essentially. And the waitress real weird you know I'm American antsy look at them like an handled by. Yeah and I don't care Buehrle got. Seven star hotel Michelin rated drip for ketchup they had your parents about this woman inflict as weird and she's home. Okay yeah hold on my Jesus cries for ketchup so. She comes my attempt to get back right now Weber told it's just it's great moment with the help jump back. And it's a sterling silver bowl which as answerable. It is full look at. It is on top of an actual baseball league which is then on top of the sterling silver plate don't go as she sets and what told us that Heyman took the words excessive. That another yanked as you. We're catch up but some believe me just hand him a bottle. These are things that annoy people restaurants people take pictures of their food. And you should do that at a different cat next to me like your arteries open up that roast beef sound and picture you know I think you know. Tune plays like Danny's wrote an article pictures of food moment that you really only and do it at a fancy. Take pictures of there. Well we know offensively they're the only place it's really taking the time depleted in make it look Akron taught what. But if you don't think that the people at Denny's. Put a lot of time to consideration in the low to make sure that one piece of partially put out word play partially any cellular please go ahead at what I don't get we didn't think it just you politicking winks at NATO need to be perfect now he says pasta like aside a partially eaten. Putting a phony different I guess yes it is but are thrown out on the table next. That route I don't care if that's what you gonna interact with the phone yet is that it's just there I'm voted out at the eight now it just tough getting Beers to. I'm about letting the kids just. Don't wander around walking around again up to walk around the table that old deal they're never sitting down to playing in the day. In the area where I was at a restaurant yes well then now I think that's rude because observers trying to work instead Texans can take root of the same. But at the place of business of people that's more inconsiderate and what about blowing your nose at the table. Come up with a credible look a little administered it nobody wants to blow the nose the table so blond and a table that its bottom of the needs of being too loud or rowdy and why snapping their fingers at the server Jesus. I would throw my glass to you with us through that demand that your dad I just got to saint mine too especially in a crowded restaurant or whatever. If you don't know what you're gonna order let the waiter go to people that you sit there. This look like let him know welcomed me well he's he's he's more press and you don't get one shot but I thought. Very ought to read a question quest is still look up more of you cement her roles in your guess is as good as my coming of the categories today being rude people. And language that's on the way as well as her emails the men's room and then July dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network.