12-25-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Mail, Birthdays, Shot of the Day

Tuesday, December 26th

You've Got Mail! Your Guess Is As Good As Mine, and The Shot of The Day!


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Pitches you. True. The other part of your guess is as good as minor categories today on the rude people in the United States America and our languages we have a lot of never languages in English is obviously very popular one to believe and I'm there are ten very prominent languages. Here in the United States so. Those are your two categories coming up with your guess is as good as mine at first we have time for a few emails here for the men's room and injure my back I'll. All I drove out loud noise my friend Melissa very happy birthday did you hear a little dirty German and a Melvin Ted thanks greatly appreciated that from Stevie. Aaron. They don't want to envision. She tell the name of the club attendance and. And that may have enhanced. Blown volcano from get awfully black state and I come down public yet nor do we get in the news. Diligent I probably on no one rare occasion you're gonna get three birthday request in one email. Sixteen years ago during school myself Dylan and my friends who boy is it the image. Did each did. Dvds and Laura found out that we all have the same birthday and haven't forgotten that day. I go get eternal life with a Joey chestnut in the applause cheers guys appreciated. Okay. Guys on our doors my French fresh job very awesome birthday here's to another amazing year if you go player a little kid faced sandwich I know that will make her giggle thank you guys rock on vigils at from Amanda. Does evolving at a birthday shout out my best friend Camby who's 42 today can you give a what the F is that role in the original fish sandwich thanks Iraq on from Chris yeah. Yeah. All told as you for always right by then I've just the old school just original for Sam yeah. As you four always brag much they love the work I'm pleased it's a dirty German talk from ISE birthday much love from your residence opera singer. Lady Heather. Opposite look I want you to match counts now so we will put you on one but she. And an above it would have been built this and if he hadn't. Now you can Eminem's didn't collect it and get back to the masters so the most. Until then my brother Eddie. Bird sales over you give a well deserved shot out as he is a long time listener Tim and original face Sam woods in the dirty as of Germans talking about the time he almost lost the ball. That from his as of a brother gave Alex the second. Fish sandwich and I remember the time you almost lost Obama descendant and overlooking bowl before you can. Yeah let's be honest with them anything that anybody can have fun. I've seen themselves. You lost one to keep trying to tighten its toes at all. However they shot up my boyfriend Houston he's Tony party would love turtle laxity like that in the boss thanks guys from navy and. Hi guys serial. Have you had a big to have yeah hurt OK I'm happy that I cannot thank you that you see you I'll. Okay. The way it is and. Oh my god all the law that responsibility for very special birthdays miles connect food. Also he has skills as valid purpose. A you do that on purpose authorities came and no subject was more of it I felt the bear and I told myself. Have a grand finale at the end of the birthplace novices. Subject is that she's powder. Just heard the top ten chips from Ted's meat and potatoes and the pattern t.'s comments are yet you can buy cheese powder. King Arthur flour cells Vermont cheese powder and it is delicious just like your finger stick it and then like and again love you guys have DD yeah not so easy on the distractions what. To think you're sitting in it and let get it and say it and thought that's noted that alleged terrorists are named best flower company and Arthur king Arthur and guarantees to this. Excalibur to g.'s best gentlemen she knows our popped corn meal just so you know as far as the cheese food circuits or is it crunchy corn Jesus the that is at a look a little approach via sales of popcorn mail. In rich score out around him. Who would've thought of them going to be read the ingredients on the bag the man figured it all up on why don't we need to get a contests and online for your guess is good as an analyst at nine right now color 9844999. A look at more. A dead was mentioning making fish food and someone made a joke about a salmon flavored fish food well one fact. Most if not all fish food is made using real thing. And this thing you know it's on Campbell Kia until we hear that fishery and fiction you'd think if I was so we only green thing adamantly resentment renewed fears that freak out. Oh really animal not each other. One album on any one of them I don't know is what what do Leslie ETH. Well I did I know these are young. You have a kid get londoners. At. Great. Guerrillas or something don't want to cannibalize each other chimpanzees. Chimpanzees amateur campaign are right right right but but only like in the time of war I understand and over affected birds are capitalistic. Birds birds. We're we're gonna beat us up aside group of birds just alcohol around I ran over assume it was a flop and there was they had same sized bird carcass laying on its back. Mike you attract weird stuff and look up to birds through these gorgeous little Tweety birds you know and it. Not the specific eulogized we'd I'm picturing Tweety from Warner Bros. cartoons are 800 bird rivalry that's eyes on an output again at eight but he. Malice here. Losing your segment when you guys started joking about Bahamas socks I'm from Bermuda. The socks and short thing is famously Bermuda Ian you. The Bahamas might do it but it's not something I'm aware of some say looks weird most Bermuda eons under the age of forty thinks so as well. But it's also genius the urban Bermuda it's not a sell no laws to Wear full suit to work in that kind of a wet. From Bermuda shorts that's what I'm thinking out. But they do you Wear that knee high dress me seven of the picture completely they look silly. I did not wearing pants you're wearing knee high dress socks and you're not Korean drug and it was a bold move. Guys as well let you know that your meat is fantastic that would be men's room original thoughts by the way you can order as a by the pound anywhere meant to live back down from iTunes world famous sausage and it is man I have an over the weekend at red festivals fantastic. I got my 21 birthday is in November so I'll look forward to try my first legal men's room rent. That from Conroy you're close because the beer is in the sausage yours uncles and good to have to have them there if you decide to Jewish right now that's exactly it and suck on it out Arnold it's far easier events from the other day guys when I was young had a series of odd cat starting with a siamese I had in the early years of elementary school this can't name whiskers. Was not a friendly capped by any stretch when I'll go to sleep and inner a rim state she would claws out trying to catch my eyes is they twitch back and forth. This didn't happen every night that happen enough to leave a lasting impression. We brought this cat among some others with a us when we moved to Saudi Arabia. While living there my sisters and I also rescued street cats in hopes of nursing them back to health. One get in particular I remember because I was very attached to it but it died not long after we brought it home. The time most going through a pretty serious obsession with ancient Egypt sought but the most fitting way to say good bye and vital that would be the mummified. And make it eighties sarcophagus. Yes. A little kid way of doing this was to wrap the kitten and paper 2000 tape and then put mummified and with body into a tissue paper box. The night fashion. My father and I went on to this dirt patch and from our home and monitored. Emotion one of the workers to follow my father handed him a hand made. Sarcophagus and the worker asked him what the hell was. In Arabic my father explained what had transpired and that I wish to have a little funeral. For my cats. The worker did understand the sentiment that I had for cats so ejected no shallow hole kicks the dirt over. And I stream having Adam and ran away crying. After we came back from Saudi Arabia I got another kept. Thanks here's just a few my favorite pet memories that from a the lead the lead out I got that right out of Baghdad on the or at least I've. These kids have said about the Seattle did and so whatever and a subject is red thus more guys thank you so much for putting on an awesome show bans were great cited tables cool as hell beer was awesome. All in all we had a great time. I got there one state to the end great venue as well luckily we had a room with a motel next door. My son in law and daughter and I spent 380. Dollars on beer. Thanks again that from war. Very clear about something it was a great event. A lot of people said thank you god for putting Osama I want to be as clear about this is McCain. Essentially we have nothing to do all we did it wasn't by. Hello to you that showed up if you thought it was a good time it's because you made and a good time the things that you got to enjoy we've had nothing to our promotions are like. Every play again we welcome do we invite did you use showed up you made at a good time and really we didn't do a damn thing so Olympic. And and I will say this is for anyone that was there does know those one small thing if it matched I thought our promotions department a little bit earlier today and just said thank you to them but not good show. And said to them basically what I'm saying now but our promotion department our public schools so that most of the people at red festival. Actually walked up to them and said thank you to them. Just for don't sit just north promotions barb today they took bad that very personally or very happy to hear that it's as good vibes all. Right now I'd everybody does them over Jabil is absolutely a great time to thank you so much you can at least it was my time is one of the best that we saw Larry. I tied for a little your guess is as good as mine is an easy game to play we get a contested on line there that we askew picked from the of one of two categories and from there. It is not yet if you get as many right in the category as you can. Before three strikes and you're out 8449990. That we have a contestant on line and play your guess is as much. Hello match welcome to them through. Let's turn our. I manually on your guess is as good as minor categories today. Here in the United States there are ten that popular languages. Believe it or not and ten most popular languages spoken in the homes in the United States of America and then we have for you. These states in the United States that have quotes the rude is people in the country. So our categories are native speaking language in the United States and US states with a rude is people. What's that category are you gonna pick on your guess is as good as mine. Oh I did it feel like we've. Survey says in this is done by the Census Bureau that there are ten languages that are smoking go to more than any other here in the United States. You have I get as many of these languages correct before three strikes you're out that is your guess is as good as mine. So I think we can get a couple of them. Fairly easily and after that it's going to be kind of topped up please guess English. Yeah. And those who apparently out spoken by Americans just don't know that shocked you. I believe it's 231. Million Americans have been you know the English flag out of about three and one in mind probably somewhere in there Dana I would think number two probably back me I know that. A it's. Shockingly enough here in the United States of America if you don't speak English U speak Spanish to bore you love. 37458000. You probably are violently as well for them to protect the gotten too out of the ten. This is where things all the tricky as far as the United States and language is concerned there are eight more in fact I don't know look grant coming from the East Coast originally been the mark first ball phenomenal immigrants are. German Italian and yet. But that's very eat in Amman and get would you like yet but that's very East Coast I don't know with the west of the Mississippi and that's the case. I didn't write in does it break it down because they're Chinese are like main during the Chinese as far as Cantonese Mandarin and other Chinese language is all fall under check of the older. It's just a little west and yes the Chinese. What do you think and it. It. Talk it is. Yeah most popular third most popular language in the United States of America is in fact Chinese Logan by three million people. You'd think Arabic with the caller was right stated I would think Arabic maybe. Would Lakewood used to be speaking along with them several weeks beginning. A India and and I believe it is in the Indian is in the lot of English and the lot lot lot English artist darn well I would connect yes. All of us. Coach and all. Old. Yeah. Japanese not on the spot there are. There are some other countries in that general area that's maybe show that China recently of the BC Arabic and number no I haven't. I don't know madame are not Meryl Gordon yeah they is that the amount people like I meet in the Middle East. There's one pretty blatantly obvious flooding here that's more colloquial I guess what we know from the area and why that area so unique. And a language that was spoken there you can barely understand Detroit. I've got to be creole and cajun ma'am carry out oh there's dialects in here to. Well Grilli didn't back fresh breath through prince is. Look let's go red planet is number four and for the most spoken language in the United States is across. With 2047000. It's household this week Frazier French real. OK now I have seen in the top four English Spanish Chinese and French or French creole there's six remaining you have one strike on your guess is as good as mine. You know man I I don't want a good fit in comics I agree with that probably not but I made an Arabic on talent alone you know. Arabic is no matter how are aspects air how this all. We were wrong on just doctor I just under a million homes in the United States being Arab content so you've gotten beyond five out of ten. There have played a home or five countries. Remaining five languages I think we think German Italian and then there. Levy Portuguese. I was gonna keep it. Eight Olympic area. Courage and number tomorrow at. They're good under 1000117. And household in the United States speak Korean. That is the seventh most popular language in the United States. I mean so far. You've got six out of the general one strike. Maybe do you have any. A strong. All. What about it yet it. Yet there's an Italian but that's. Sure and all are hardly a Mans now. Now tonight analyst nothing has not done what it is just not spoken anymore and homes. So these are the primary language spoken at home of the United States so far you've got number one English number two Spanish number three Chinese. Number four French in French creole number seven Korean and number nine Arabic. So there's four potential gas is remaining you have one strike left. All. Twelve billion. NB AV and. That irons aren't you gentlemen here they are. The primary language spoken and home of the United States according to households in number ten. Russian. Okay. And come on the. And number nine Arabic and number eight German. German Durham yeah number seven is Korean a number six Vietnamese that you're right I Robyn I keep butchering this what was number five million honey pronounce it's I'm not offending anybody or did you today is analog. I think it's Tagalog Tagalog and got bigs out at number five. Four for infringe real free Chinese do Spanish and the number one language here in the United States of America. English parents who didn't that. I don't know an orgasm is gonna maverick a break come back and do little men's room roll action yet into ruled issues an email to the manager of that and injure my back I'm gonna review submit your rules here. In just a moment you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room with smiles and thrill. There is no doubt they have made its way to first and. It's. Met him. We'll check your flight they complete. Most of roles is available the website image ligaments in my back on you'll see all the rules that you have created throughout the years and every once while it takes some time to put some new wins in two we don't. Guys my husband and I were listening to you guys when someone requested dirty German talk for the sixteen year old daughter. Or thriller and Ted uncomfortably laughed their way through that moment and my husband said he thought it was a men's room ruled the dirty German talk could not be requested for underage listeners yes no. I'm a woman I can't request the rule but he said if it isn't a rule and it should be thanks guys stayed beautiful that from the lovely Heidi. Well I don't rule and look man were. Long story short it's the parents and after the stuff. But we tried and miles wouldn't pass it no I didn't allow I think it's though the look on his parents collegiate dirty Germans we want this to be able. This we know I got to know everybody out after the girl. Hello guys are live on. Late Chilean and every summer we get tourists in every summer summer polite. Others on the other hand just don't care how they act on vacation. Whether it's on their way are how they driver act socially so my question is basically for you guys and should be a men's room rule. I as far as acting on vacation in a new town or city do you guys have anything with pissing off the locals or any rules you try to live by thanks guys that from Austin. You don't man here's a sensible to what people go on vacation that there gonna let loose. There's a good chance you gonna nor the local look I'm a guy where in my old hometown fired the walk through the tourist trap I know that. I'm already annoyed tourists are going to annoy you no matter what tried to be polite and all that but you're never gonna win. You're never gonna now Tora annoy everyone. Yeah and you live there than tourist annoyance to our current and he's right I mean I get it but it just sectoral sadly people are on vacation like they'll have to work tomorrow. They're probably eat more and drink it more than they normally do what does everybody say I'm Margaret students people in and what is he like I think it's the right way to do things but it's how most of was and a bill. Why does it seem like wherever a lock on the owlen going to work and everyone else is on vacation. No I wanna. Like dialogue must have like 11 o'clock Baylor having to be hearing lots of god. Well that looks great the national average robbery on vacation and they were the overnight that they have ever threatening to throw out. There's guys have not been for many liberals stop it appeared next time you'll that I want to go out there. Guys when one needs and uses a wing man's help to score what is required to reimburse said wait man within the next week of their efforts were successful. Or basically if the wing man helps you get laid the wing man should be repaired repay a mess in the storm from the wing man yes it does tears from my Jeremiah the wing man is that about that when one uses one needs wanna get scored about a reimbursement for the wing man next week or so I think you get a reimbursement of some kind of weather pace of the Lexmark tab but I think is far Ager timeframe you need to establish that with your guys. I honestly. Like you say thank you or you might I am appear but I've never actually thought I got paid his dues back. Don't just let it be a good friend right which are not like Olympic you look wing man you don't know you're gonna get in that scenario when you go out yet that's I'm gonna create planting like I'll be going meant to. Now it's gonna happens with a hot chick isn't hitting on you and is sitting on your frat brat that's when you go that's what I've been calling the main man you become a you don't plan to be that would amity you know being in the wing man you know. Just got to situationally I have beer or something but I note demanding repay. Just sounds again it's weird wind and I gonna pass on that Mozart. If you are sentimental prohibition is an email to the men's room amends or live dot com and make the subject men's room rules are ideal admitted to bring attack. It's just a few rich. Men's room knows just. Our shots. It's evident then as usual way ahead to the during desk and Steve withdraw vilified outdoor toasted units indeed today we told them. Unidentified nineteen year old woman from Ontario Canada. Outlets located in the Ontario area of camp and now last week she was given a ticket for distracted driving. Now the police did not say what was distracting or bunt and candid up like America but they have those pesky idea that maybe you should keep your eyes on rolled into driving. But anyway eleven minutes. After he got a ticket for distracted driving our honorees crashed into another car. And if you're wondering why she crashed into another car it's because she was distracted. Does she was a rummaging around and or call are looking for the distracted driving take it that she had just gone. As a result of that they pretty much did away the distracted driver delegates she was charged with careless driving. Which is a whole different ball away dissidents so I don't know what she would go on but obviously enough for the cops pulled girl she's distracted Brack right. Eight to be texting be food what do whom they didn't they give the ticket I don't know if she dropped to eight. Forgot were you put the ticket but you start looking around in her car while driving under the strike gravitated. And slams into an AMOCO and then what was the second ticket they gave her. I'll bet I'm delivered on the delegate treasure going to arrest you for carols for a solution got a ticket. But when you only go eleven ministry slammed into another car if you were distracted again looking for the ticket they gave you for being distracted the way. We're going to take you to jail because clearly you did not understand what we're telling you. Eleven with a few minutes later yet so if you look at for the tickets that shuttle depressive that she even lost that Aqua apparently everything about. Broader appeal like the fact that you lost a ticket in all the cost. Our and eleven Busch got out Carter to. It has to be there. Right it you still lost. You could call the consulate today to give them that they're they average love story. We've pulled the smoke drink this booze because when they get Yani got back over the tongue and down the throats of party in hard Tommy. Down now and I have a job.